HUGE Q&A: Patreon! Sexy French accent? Different personality in French? LBGT life in France?

HUGE Q&A: Patreon! Sexy French accent? Different personality in French? LBGT life in France?

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Celer youtube welcome to my much Q&A. Where i answer your questions that you sent me using my ask me anything form down below. Before I get started I just want to say a very, very big thank you to my very first patrons. I've got Kim Sasha, and aurally, thank, you so much for supporting not even finished, in case you guys didn't know I actually recently, launched, my patreon. Site which. Is the site where you can support creators, and it's kind of like the community can crowd fund projects, together so. You. Join the club in exchange for exclusive. Rewards so that may be private. Live streams, advance. Screening, of videos. Photos. Polls, messages. Things, that are kind of behind the scenes so your pledge gives you access to the. Club which I've called the Francophiles, and in, exchange you get lots of rewards and the reason you do this kind of thing as a creator, is so that you can fund, really. Exciting, projects, so for example at the moment I'm aiming to get enough money so that I can subtitle, all of my videos and French either, for my French speakers watching me or for people who want to learn French as they go watching my videos so it starts with or something as simple as that and then it goes up to opening. My own merch door launching, a website, having. Enough. So that I can travel to different regions, of France and do regional travel vlogs I've got lots and lots of dreams for the channel and your, support on patreon, helps with that so thank you so much for my very first patrons. If you, guys are interested in joining the Francophiles, i'll leave the link down below but. Without further ado let's get into this month's Q & A so, my first question is from Sarah and Sarah is going to be studying and stress look at the summer and wants. To know if I've been and if so what I think about it and also, wants to know what, parts of France you should travel to and you're in general, and also, says it's a very first time moving, abroad or living abroad so do I have any advice for that so um I haven't actually been too stressed burger unfortunately, it's definitely, on the list but I've seen photos of it and it looks beautiful. In, terms of places in France to go to I'm guessing that as you're just coming to study abroad for a semester or so you're not going to be investing, in a car so, I'm trying think about places that you can access easily, via. Train so I love Leon, I love Bordeaux, Greenock it's a really good one as well that's a nice mountain. City and I would have recommend Marseille. But. Only in, either June or September, otherwise there's way too many people there I think in Europe in general you can't really go wrong although, I have to say that my favorite, in terms of cost. Equality ratio and just, overall good food, culture. And beautiful scenery as, Italy, I did. A tour around Tuscany. In Italy and, of course you've got the cities like Florence but you've also got the surrounds, like Siena, and Luca, terms of advice on living abroad I'd say two things so first find, your people so it's. A really good idea I think to, find people, via groups on Facebook who are in the same situation, as you student, clubs expense, living abroad look, on Instagram, look on Twitter or later - that is all they say yes, so if anyone, ever asks you out to, have a coffee to go to a party to do, whatever it is to go away for a weekend yes yes yes always say yes and this is when the best adventures, happen and that's how you're gonna eventually meet, more and more people the, next question is from Marek and he's a French guy asking, me what. Is it about the French accent, that's so sexy, so why is it rated as the sexiest, accent, in the world so hmm. This is a good question I think that in general all accents. Are sexy because as soon as anyone's speaking, to you in an accent, it sends signals like ok they're exotic the foreign, it sparks a curiosity, you.

Want To know more about this person so accents, are already a sexy, and then. In terms of the French accent being sexy, I'm not sure it's because of the way it actually. Sounds. As such but, I think it's because of the associations. That we have with it through French stereotypes. Movies. Etc which. Is that. French people are very romantic, very, seductive. Very sexy, this is a little bit of the cliche, about French, people and French lovers so I think, because of that Association that we've been told we hear that French accent, and it sparks, those kinds, of oceans for us the, next Christian I want to squish two Christians together because they're quite similar so the first is from Emma, who's a Kiwi who's moving to France she saves in two weeks which means she's probably here now so welcome to France and she wants to know in a lot more detail how I actually managed, to stay. In France, I guess this is from a practical kind of visa perspective, and an obviously, related question coming in from Caitlyn, from the USA, who's, asking, how I went about from transitioning, from school to, the workplace are there any particular schools, that are better than others in order to do this and how, I managed to stay in France after, studying I'm gonna squish these questions together and recap my story a little bit so in order, to get to France for, a long period of time as in more than three months when, you are not an EU, citizen you. Need what's called a long stay, visa, and this long stay visa can come through a variety of different means it can come through marrying. A French person abroad, for example and, wanting to move. To France with them or it, can come through getting, sponsored. By, a company you know perhaps you're in a really highly. Sought after skills. Area like IT and, the French company has sponsored you to come and work so you'd, get the long stay visa that's related to working. Or being a salaried employee or. There's another category which is the one that I went for which, is the student, category and this is the one you get into if you want to study in France so because I got into a French University I, was able to come to Paris on a student. Visa after fulfilling all the requirements and. I guess after studying, there's kind of two main, options the first option is that you are already or have found yourself to be in a serious relationship with, a French partner, and, you. Are text, which is a sort of civil union, or married. With this person, and you've been living together for at least one year and can prove it as in both of your names are on all the bills etc and, then, you can apply for what's called a CAD V private familial, which, means a private. Family life card, the other option, is if you have studied to at least the, first year of a master's degree so, either the first year masters of the second year of your masters in a French, institution. You. Can actually apply, for a special visa that allows you to stay in France and job. Hunt which is called the RPS Jean, de plume M and then if you get a job offer while, your job hunting on this visa you're, able to change your status to what's called a talent, passport, so, a talent passport, is great it means that you've studied in France you've got a job offer and, you. Know you're able to stay here in France and work, and live for. Four, years, and then you can of course renew. It if you want to stay for even longer than that there, are some caveats for example you need to be offered I think at least 35,000. Euros per year speaking. Of good schools yes Kaitlyn there are good. Schools you, know depending, on your. Field you didn't specify what you're, studying so I don't know how helpful I can be but, what I would recommend searching, is grande, Ecole, and then what you're studying so for example if I searched rond Ecole, Human. Resources. English. Paris, my, school comes up these, grande, Ecole. Schools. Are very, very well seen so I hope that's enough details for you guys for now if you still need more information I, can do my best please just comment down below in this video and I. Will try and get back to you as soon as I can the next question is from Donna Kay who's asking, if couples get pecs and France do they call each other husband, and wife or is it only for married couples so. For those of you who don't know a pecs or a pact civil, to Silla da da da it's kind.

Of The French equivalent of a civil union and a lot of couples. Are getting texts, these days so no I don't think they do I mean I've never heard someone whose pecs called, their partner, their husband, or wife. You. Usually say the equivalent of my partner. There's still a status. Difference, in packs versus, marriage marriages still that one step up with, the official husband. Wife. And there. Are legal differences, which I kind of outlined in my how-to packs video, next question is from John who's, asking a French woman would be interested, in dating expect, men and also. How bicultural, relationships, are viewed, in my area, so um, I. Think like most modern, Western, countries I mean by cultural relationships, I just on the rise they're, becoming more, and more normal with, the generation, that's troubled the most out of any generation, and sometimes, that means that we bring home a little souvenir which, in the form of a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend so I think it's just, becoming. The new normal really and so it's, a positive thing and, there's nothing weird about it as for, the French woman yes I think that you'd be just as open-minded to dating a foreign. Man as, Italian. Woman Spanish, woman British woman so. I, don't see, why there'd be any barriers. From the French woman in particular and, if anything maybe being from a different part of the world could play in your favor the. Next question is from Nicola, Murray who's. Asking, me if I, change. As a person when I'm speaking French, compared, to when I'm speaking English because, she's, heard and she was right that in some. Languages when you're speaking a second language it, allows you to be more direct, or much more lighthearted or, more funny or whatever, it is and basically she's asking if my personality. Changes, when. I'm speaking in French and the answer, is yes I can definitely be more sassy and be more bossy, in French, let's, take the example of a situation that's happened to me quite. A few times now actually, where. You've, been left a card to call because the postman, has tried to deliver a package to you and you weren't at home and they've dropped it at your local post office but, when you get to the post office I like sorry. Can't, find it no idea where it is it's not here, so. In English, I'd probably, be like oh sorry. Could you please, look again I, I mean I'd really, appreciate, it, if you looked again because I've got the card, it says it's here it I'd be really grateful thank you so much. Whereas. In French, I'm like, what. Do you mean it's not hair please go and look again I'm able to be a lot more pushy in French and also because I've worked this muscle maybe a little bit more in French I can definitely complain.

A Lot more why don't speak in French I find it so much easier and it feels so good just to be like Oh Fetty, Galya so, it's, something that I can definitely do more in French for sure the next question was from Jean who's asking me if I've thought about signing, up for a theater, course or, playing some theater joining a theater club as. A way to improve my French and that is. Actually a really good idea I love. Doing, drama and theater I used to do quite a lot growing up I was, the head of drama at school, which meant that I was the student kind, of lead for the, drama section at our school and I. Wrote, and produced our school production, for example which, is a play for, the school community and the parents and everything so I am a fan of drama, and theatre for sure but it's honestly just a question of time I I work full time I've. Got YouTube going on the side friends. Families, you know how it is I just. Unfortunately. Don't have the time at the moment the next question is from Ben and it's question again about French, racism. So he's, saying he's from Singapore but an Eastern, Asian kind of look to him and he wonders if he'll have any kind of troubles when he's landing, in Paris, and I actually, just answered a question about this funnily enough in yesterday's, Q&A I don't think you'll have any problems, especially in Paris Ben honestly, no more than anywhere, else I, don't find the French to be more. Racist, than anyone, else of course when, you've got a population of millions, and millions and millions of people there's. Bound to be a handful, of douchebags, this happens, everywhere, but, I don't think that you've got anything to worry about on that front the next question is from Bella who's considering. Coming to France on a working holiday visa, or, to do their masters here, and they're. Asking for a little bit more insight, and to the process to get to France or the paperwork, and if, I can explain a little bit more about the text system here, though in terms of paperwork because I'm not really an immigration, specialist. And just. Advised to consult the embassy site of your home country for all of the paperwork all I know is that you're going to need a long stay these are of some kind and you'll find on your embassy site all the paperwork, that you need to get this visa but. In terms of the. Taxes, so it. Really, depends, but if you're going to be on a working, holiday visa, or, doing. Your masters it means that you're not going to be earning a huge, amount and when you're in France that means that you, have, a much lower tax rate than I, do for example as, a full-time working professionals. In general when you're working, in France I was quite surprised at how many taxes, we need to pay so next year actually for the very first time they're finally, going to merge your taxes. And your social, charges, together and it's, going to come direct. From the source of your pay so that gets taken out of your pay before even comes into, your bank account and I'm.

Expecting, To lose roughly, 40, percent of what I earn the next question is from Ashley who's asked me about my hair, care routine Oh. I've, never been asked, a question like that this. Is a good moment actually to say don't feel like you guys always have to ask me questions about expat. Life in France studying, in France and working in France I know about some other stuff too so you can feel free to ask me about anything. That comes to mind and I'll do my best to answer so Ashley has actually asked me about my hair care routine because, I mentioned in my 20 18 goals video that. I'm on a huge budget, lockdown, this year as I'm trying to get my student loan paid off and one of the expenses, I've cut, is going, to the hairdresser, so this means that I only go to get my hair cut maybe once every six months or so so the first thing I try to do is use really high quality shampoo, and conditioner, so I like to use the botanicals, range by L'Oreal Paris or, there's another brand called Bo lush that I really like and both, of them have no silicone no parabens, raw, natural, ingredients. So these, are the kinds, of high, quality, Shampoo and Conditioner products, that I'd like to use then. I try, not to wash my hair every single day because by washing, it every day it's a little friction that can cause actually a lot of breakage so I usually, just wash my hair once every two or three days and in between I use a dry shampoo if, I need to just to keep things fresh, and then I like to use the mythic hair oil by L'Oreal Paris as well I use that every single day from about here, down just, to infuse some nice natural. Oils into, the, ends of my hair. If. I do feel, like my hair's looking scraggly, and it really needs a trim between. Sessions. At the hairdresser, I just do it myself, so I've got some sharp cutting scissors specially. For here and I literally just look on YouTube but how to do it this is only if I want to cut a tiny tiny little bit though if I need a full style and cut I will go to the hairdresser, and yes, so I will link those products, down and the description, box below if you want to go check them out the next question is from event. Who's asking, me if I have done, DNA. Or heritage, test because, she thinks that I look quite European, and especially German. And she wants to know if I actually have a little bit of French in me so. No, I haven't, actually I don't know and it's really complicated, in my family because on both, sides my mum and my dad there were adoptions, and my grandparents, liberal hood we don't necessarily know. The, family heritage etc. So that, could be really interesting to, check out actually so I have, been looking at those kits, online you know that DNA. Tests and everything what, do you guys think should I do it the next question is from Imogen, who's asking, me if it's, always, been one of my goals and one of my ambitions in life to move to Paris and is. It really possible to do if you're really trained and going for it don't know it wasn't actually, I wasn't, one of those people that was obsessed, with Paris, and had the Eiffel Tower keyring. I did get to a point where I really, really wanted to move overseas I did, my high school I went straight into university. I, was at university, for four years I, working and I felt like I just went non-stop, without ever traveling. Or ever seeing the world and the thing about New Zealand is that it's really, far away from anything, and so I was really curious and really, keen, to go travelling and and go overseas, I didn't, necessarily think, that I would live overseas, especially not for five years like I found myself now, but hey. That's life that's part of the adventure and I think you know if I hadn't, met my French boyfriend in New Zealand maybe, I would have never ended up here in particular maybe I would have landed. In London or New York and yes of course it's possible anything's, possible and. I'm not saying that it's easy you have to do a lot, of planning a lot of research and put in a lot of hard work to get here especially if you're not an EU citizen but if you've got all the ingredients and you really want it yes it definitely is possible, the next question from Nico is why I came to France and what city I live in so as touched on a little bit just before I wanted, to move overseas and I met my French boyfriend in New Zealand the, main reason, I came to, Paris in particular is because I got into a really good master's program here so of, course it's an absolute, bonus, that my boyfriend, is French but I mean I would have gone to London, I would have gone to Amsterdam, like my I was very open-minded the thing that drove me first and foremost was, my, study program, or a continuation, of my career, and, I'm, living in Paris the next question is from Julien's, asking, me if I've ever been to Rouen, I've seen photos of it on the internet in Normandy, and.

Unfortunately. No I heaven it's on the list but this is what I'm hoping to achieve with the patreon, site actually, is being. Able to identify, places. That I should go to and, I should create videos, about so I can show off other areas, of France to the world so if you, guys are keen and supporting that journey please, check out my patreon, site down below and we, can work up towards those kinds of goals together the next question is from dinners who's asking me if I follow French politics, and everything that's going on in the EU if or, if I'm more so focused, on New, Zealand politics, still and what's happening over there so I would say that I follow what's, going on in France I've got my piñon about it obviously and. My opinion about what's going on in the au. But. I'm obviously more attached and passionate, about what's happening in New Zealand because I actually can. Vote, there, and I've got a voice there and so I think once I have the right to vote in front I'll feel a lot more passionate, engaged about it because I'll actually be able to you. Know speak. Up and and. Kind of do something about it the, next question is from rizz who wants to know about MBA, programs. Preferably, in HR, in front so, I. Would, say you know the, program, that I did which is the international. Human, resources management, program, at CFR, that's C I if, if Opie, that. Was really, well done but I won't put a few websites down below so campus France and master's portal, which will allow you to search through different masters programs, I would say that Google is your friend Google is how I found, my program, I was, searching. International, Human Resources Management, Master's English, Europe, upon't, Asajj or internship. And I, was just google, searching a whole heap of different things and it, came up for me so Google. Is your friend the next question is from Raphael, who's asking, me is it easier to live as an LGBT, in. New. Zealand or France and so. For those who of you who don't know LGBT. Is lesbian, gay bi transgender, I've got no, idea on, this one to be honest I think all that I can say is that in general New. Zealand is quite, an open-minded, young modern society, I know that, they've started opening, gender-neutral. Bathrooms. Or toilets, for example, in some places which I haven't seen in France and so there may be like a slight, progression. A hit of France, obviously, in both countries gay, marriage is legal, I. Think. In both countries that, would be quite the same there'll be the undercurrent. Of society, that don't. Really, like it so I'm thinking in New Zealand of like that really blokey, father or, or the big buff rugby, players who, had kind of maybe teased, homosexuals. For example, but generally. In New Zealand's like just, don't care I mean you. Do you but I think like in most places if you go to the city so if you're in Paris or if you're an Auckland or Wellington, and New Zealand I mean, you'll be fine you'll find your people, I mean you'll be able to be yourself like, and so. These generally, people are a lot more mercs, demographically. Speaking, they. Tend to be a higher, proportion, of the population in, big cities who are highly educated, so. I mean I don't think it would really be a problem in either place the, next question is from Bailey and it's a really good one actually it's, about having. Kids and having, kids in a bicultural, relationship. So if I were to have kids with a French, person, which. Parts of the New Zealand culture would I like to pass on and which, part of the French culture, would I hope that my partner, passes, on to my kids so I think the thing that comes to mind about what, I hope gets. Passed on from a Kiwi, perspective, is, really. Like that collective. Mindset, that team spirit like everyone, looking out for each other because, I've, noticed, in the French education system. The. Schooling, model is very individualistic. And it's quite competitive and even from a very very young age you, are doing exams, I'm, talking, like six, seven eight years olds, they're doing exams and. Their. Results are being published in front of the whole class so you can see who's getting which grades I remember, the biggest focus. Was on playing sports, having, friends. It's more. Community. Focused, I don't know there's just something more. Around being a team player. Which. I think is really nice and also just being, able to be a kid and not taking things too seriously, and also from what I've seen of the French education system, for younger kids I do think, that people become, quite scared, of failing and scared of making mistakes because they it's. There's a real focus, when you make mistakes and you know, you hear, about it if you make mistakes and.

I. Would, just want my kids to know it's okay to try things and fail, and, it's not work and, and that, they shouldn't be scared of taking, risks, and making mistakes and if you make a mistake it's not a big deal, as you, know you you, should focus on your strengths, focus on what you're good at everyone's, bringing a different, thing. To the table there's, literally no. One on this planet who's like you never has been never will be again so, like you do you you know from the French perspective I'd like my partner to really bring that kind of kadosh. As, we can say maybe, which. Is the structure, so it's it's, really passing on those, French. Values, of respect so, really respecting, that others. Around you always saying hello. You. Know you've got your your, rules that you follow in society, at the table, all. Of these kinds of things I think that French. Children, do. Learn a really, important, set of, rules. To follow because. In New Zealand we don't really have a lot of long, histories. Or traditions, and that kind of thing I would, really like that to be passed on to my kids so an appreciation, for tradition. So we do this at Easter we do this at Christmas and, this. Dish, is really important. The recipes been passed down through generations and, generations of, my family because, it comes from the, region, that my great grandmother, was from like all of these things to do with the past, and, the traditions, and the culture I'd, really, like that to be passed on as well the next questions from Gautier, who's asking me what I think about French art French, cinema, and French music. So I have to admit I'm a little bit of an art novice, um going. To art galleries and museums isn't. Huge. In New Zealand it's definitely not a regular, pastime, of people I think like every culture we've just got different interests, like for example our, country, on average is a lot more interested, I think in adventure. Sports and, adrenaline sports and and, nature, maybe then, the. Most part of Parisians, for example, so it's a really different population, so I didn't, really grow up getting. Really, fascinated, about art so it would be hard for me to comment on that one in terms, of French cinema I really. Enjoy, it it's frustrating because. This, never seems to be a clear, and obvious ending. But I love it because it's very deep and conflicts, and often makes you think, so. You often, get very moved, and, you there kind of passes, on huge. Lessons, about life a, philosophical. But then in a very kind of entertaining, and subtle, way and you. Often, have to create the endings, for yourself and although, that kind of drives me crazy sometimes I do really, like that um, and, in. Terms of French music I have actually answered this one before in another Q&A, so I'll again leave my Spotify, playlist, to my French music which I'm currently listened to in the description box below the, next question is from axel who's asked again about French politics, when I think about it and if, this kind of anything strange. About, it um, so. I would say the biggest difference is, how, your, president, gets elected, so for us it's actually proportionate. The voting so it means that 30 percent can vote for party green 40, percent for party blue and. 30. Percent for party red for example, and so. Even though blue, got. 40 percent, they. Don't necessarily, win. They don't have over half the votes so so, the 30 percent of green and the 30 percent of red can actually come together to, build 60, percent and they can be the leading government as a coalition, together whereas. In France I found it quite interesting how, you do the first round of voting for a president for example and you. Get the top two winners and, then, all the rest are out of the game and then, you have to vote a second round and vote for who, out of the two you're, going to vote for and, the second part of EXO's question is asking me if I like French media, or. If I watch any French youtubers, so I don't actually have TV, so I only watch either Netflix, or YouTube um, a, French youtuber that I'm really enjoying at the moment is. Kiku. Johnsy who does the bless series, I find him funny the next question is from Elena who asks about updating, a French boyfriend it's really frustrating only, speaking an English, and not really being able to understand, each other fully, etc, and we've, never had that problem because, my. Boyfriend, very luckily speaks, perfect, English so it's quite easy for us to communicate, I mean, sometimes I think he gets frustrated because he can't find the perfect, word.

But. In these kinds of situations usually, poutin, suffice, is just fine oh that. Is it guys that's all the questions for this session I think that's gonna be a really, long video so sorry. About it but, I do like to try and answer everyone's, questions and, if you're still watching this and you haven't yet subscribed, to my channel please hit the subscribe button I come up with new videos every, single week I do QA zai do content. I do travel vlogs I'm always listening, to my subscribers, so if you suggest a video idea for me it automatically. Goes on my list of video ideas I do try and get through those so anyway that's all for now guys I hope to see you next time in the next video. A bientot.

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UPDATE // VIDEO GUIDE 1. Have you been to Strasbourg? Places in France/Europe to visit? Advice for living abroad? (1:37) 2. Why is the French accent seen as being so sexy? (3:23) 3. How did you get to France? How do you stay after your studies? Are there any schools better than others? (4:27) 4. Do PACS couples call each other husband and wife? (7:51) 5. Are French women interested in expat men? How are bicultural relationships seen in your area? (8.35) 6. Does your personality change when you’re speaking French? (9.31) 7. Have you thought about doing theatre to improve your French? (11:00) 8. Are French people racist? Will I have an trouble as an eastern Asian looking person? (11:50) 9. Paperwork to get to France? How many taxes do you pay in France? (12:29) 10. You mentioned you very rarely get your hair cut. What’s your hair care routine? (13:48) 11. Have you done a DNA test? You look a bit northern European/German. Any French in you? (15:43) 12. Was it always your life dream to move to Paris? (16:23) 13. Why did you come to France? What city do you live in? (17:43) 14. Have you ever been to Rouen? (18:16) 15. Do you follow France/EU politics or more NZ politics? (18:46) 16. Good MBA programmes in HR? (19:25) 17. Is it easier to live as an LGBT in France or New Zealand? (20:12) 18. If you were to have kids with a French person, what parts of the NZ culture would you like to pass on and what parts of the French culture would you pass on? (21:41) 19. What do you think about French art, cinema and music? (24:47) 20. Do you find anything strange about French politics? (26:13) 21. Do you like any particular French media/Youtubers? (27:16) 22. Is dating a French boyfriend really frustrating only being able to speak English? (27:33)

You're amazing!

I've submitted french subtitles! ;)

Merci pour les conseils cheveux. Ma femme a des problemes (dans sa tete?) avec ses cheveux et notre champoing actuel achete sur Iherb pue, mais pue, on est desepere !

You look more and more beautiful

I recommend Rouen. I spent a week there last year and enjoyed it a lot. There’s plenty to see, and it’s a nice sized city, big enough to be interesting but small enough to get to know. There are plenty of good day trips to do in Normandy as well. Get the DNA test, especially since you don’t know your ancestry.

Girl you need to start picking and choosing your questions! Or at least don't answer questions that you've already answered.

About French cinema, do you know Louis de Funes and Audiard ?

Whooo your channel project looks amazing ! I wish you all the best with this ! Love your video

You don't have TV, good for you, never watch it as it is so stupid (can be even more stupid in other countries) but don't lose your precious time wtching TV, it is better for your mental and emotional health not to watch it.

I'd love to borrow a native English speaker's ears to understand what's sexy about the French accent - when my husband speaks English with his strong French accent, to me it sounds like fingernails screeching a blackboard. As far as I'm concerned, people think I'm foreign but can't put their finger on a particular country, and some even told me I'm starting to catch the Aussie accent which I'm taking as a compliment. And, I do have to say, you do sound sexy yourself when you say "Je suis fatiguee" hehe When you said "putain" it made me think of this funny video, here's the link in case you hadn't seen it before

What is and has been your (and/or your boyfriend/friends) relationship with games ? How has it influenced your life ? What do you think the French culture can bring to the modern games ? I'm not necessarily talking about video games but any game really ( even if as a growing media video games are really a unique way to engage with product compared to standard games). Do you know anything about French games vs Kiwi games ?

Oh no trust me being LGBT in France is by no means easy in any way shape or form. I can only speak for the dude side of things given I'm a bisexual man. But contrary to what you said in fact Paris is just about the WORST city in all of france to be an LGBT person. I'm from Lille (northern france) and though it still sucks over here there is a reason why the inter-LGBT association asssemblies are taking place in my city every year rather than in Paris To top it all of LGBT sub cultures in France are a whole bloody mess because from one region to another the influences of the neighboring countries are not the same Raphaël even if you are French if one day you move fom one region to another be prepared to have your "gaydar" confused as all fuck and having to relearn just about everything. Especially code words , and even hookup and hangout habits ...

Do 23andme ancestry and health!

Kia ora Rosie! The French accent is very charming! In English at least. For me this has little association with 'cultural appeal'. Theres an intonation and lilt in the accent also present in the French language which sounds quite sensual. I'm quite impressed with your dilligence on this channel, and the time you take to ingratiate yourself with/help out your fellow community!

Thanks for answering my question Rosie :)

i loved that q&a !

You should try to go to an overseas French region.

Hi Rosie. I'm South African and I was contemplating coming to Paris to teach English as a foreign language. Is there a big market/demand for this in Paris? Do you have any expat friends that are ESL teachers in Paris? Thanks, Reva :)

Which university and course did you study again? I'm interested in studying the course next year. :)

I live and study in Strasbourg, it's really a wonderful city :)

Pk ya pas des soutitres fr?

Super vidéo com d'hab. Trés intéressant.#Q&A Est ce que tu lis des livres en français ? Plein de bisous

Hi, Rosie :) I wanted to ask when we will get to meet your boyfriend? Will y'all make a video together? :) Greetings from Texas!

Getting bossy and impatient at the post-office... you are sooooo french !!! Don’t overdo it though.

To be honest post employees can really be unfriendly as well, majorly due to the fact that the direction the company goes (getting more and more private and less public) leads to cuts in budgets and brings post employees morale to shreds... But once you find a nice one who does the job nicely, try encourage him/her by being nice yourself.

Hey, unless you are making a HUGE stack of money (in which case, good for you!), you are NOT gonna be taxed 40% of your net income. I am in the 90th percentile of income in France, single, no children (worse case scenario) and my taxes are less than 25% of my net income. You should be just fine :)

I am not sure I am following: are you talking about the sum of income taxes and payroll taxes? I never think about gross salaray because it does not make sense: it is neither the amount of money your employer has to pay for you (because of the additional taxes they have to pay) nor the amount of money you find on your bank account at the end of the month. Therefore my comment was about net income and income tax.

Florian M. Are you calculating net income plus impôts ?

France is completely vassalized ! For 30 years social engineering has taken the social culture of the US and its racial conflicts Ignoring how happy jazzmen were to find refuge with us. Remember that Lady Josephine Baker, star adulated in Paris, was forced to take the staircase of service in a hotel in New York NY not the South redneck ! Returning love to her adopted country by risking her life during the Occupation Decorated as Chevalier of the Legion of Honor as a fighter. Now, what the propaganda media at the hands of 9 billionaires want to hide, It is that the first vicitmes of aggressions, rapes and racist murders are the French ! The deep state of the banksters who control the West wants the destruction of our culture and our disappearance, hence the ongoing invasion of unassimilable peoples !

Hello. I was wondering if you knew what's the best "mutuelle" for someone wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses? Thanks!

OMG! I didn't see it! uggh Youtube!! Thanks!! Turned on Notification! I'm a new subscriber ^^

Hello! I answered in yesterday's Q&A :)

You should do Instagram Live where everyone can talk and ask questions real-time. It would be so fun!

That's a good idea! I am such a technology noob but I will try to suss it out!

Please do the DNA testing. It will be so interesting.

Eeek I just contacted some companies, let's see!

#Q&A What are you favorites French movies/series/books ? ;)

Je pense qu'à ce niveau là ça va, ahah XD C'était juste une question par simple curiosité car généralement les étrangers connaissent/aiment tous les mêmes films français (autrement dit les plus connus, comme Intouchables ou Bienvenue chez les Chtis), aucune série française (j'ai été étonnée que tu connaisse Bref! super série pour voir the real French life et pour apprendre du daily life vocabulary ;) et côté livres seulement ceux de la veille littérature française/ de philosophie (je ne dis pas que ce n'est pas bien, seulement que des auteurs français ont écrit plein de livres intéressants au cours du XXIe siècle). Bref, ta réponse intéresserait surement autant les français que les non-français :)

I will tell you in an upcoming video on how to learn French ;)

Definitely do the DNA test! I'd love to do one at some point.

Yes! I want to do this test too

Not Even French Amazing! See if they'll hook your loyal viewers up with a discount code too hey? ;)

I've contacted some companies, fingers crossed they'll send me a kit!

Bonjour, cette vidéo va-t-elle être sous-titrée en français ? (french subtitles ?) Les sujets m'intéressent et j'ai un peu de mal avec l'anglais, me concentrer pour comprendre pendant presque trente minutes est difficile. >

Si tu cherches une traductrice tiens-moi au courant, j'ai mon translation business on the side et je cherche a le developer ;-)

Apparemment dans la soirée, les sous titres sont arrivés ;-)

Avec les sous-titres générés automatiquement en anglais j'ai à peu près pu comprendre, merci.

Désolée pas cette fois, c'est impossible de prendre le temps de le faire pour chaque video toute seule en tant que travailleuse - mais avec mon site Patreon j'espere payer quelqu'un pour le faire systematiquement! Merci

Ofc Strasbourg is lovely ! !

Nantes is a very beautiful city too, I'm living there since 10 years. It's a great place with a lot of students and bars ^^ Everyone there is super open minded, peaceful and friendly so you should check it out too :3

Well glad you like this city... indeed it's a nice one, when there are no strick going on. However you shall take care of you because Nantes isn't very well rated when it come to minor crime and stuff like that... just be carefull ;)

I've heard good things about Nantes!

FYI if you ever want to watch some TV shows, and the Molotov apps are your friends.

oooo merci!

Haha you work in HR in Paris? That’s what I wanna do as a job later too. Funny coincidence. I also love how you always lend a helping hand

Not Even French wow that sounds super smart and cool haha. Congratulations, gives me hope

Yes I'm in Learning in Development, currently developing an internal Leadership Academy (leadership upskilling programmes both online and offline) for a French multinational. Masters degrees are usually required, yes. Check out the school I did - CIFFOP international human resources master in English in Paris, it was awesome!

Not Even French may I ask what you do in HR? Glad to hear that haha. Do you think a master’s degree is usually required to land a job? Ohh and where I live it’s very common for academics to work longer hours than labours, about 45+ hours, what is it like there? I‘m currently studying business psychology in Germany :)

Yes I do :) it's awesome!

Ho you forgot substitiles so sad

btw i think you def should get dna test cos it'll probably surprise your parents too :)

Okay I am going to look into it today!

40% of your income??? gosh i will go bankrupt there

Putting my question below (QnA link didnt seem to work): I am looking to travel solo in France but am worried about the dangers in France such as pickpockets. What should I be weary of in France and what should I do to protect myself when travelling?

Erm, it's also in the south of France. My hometown Marseille in particular, is horrible for this. I heard Nice is quite terrible too.

Thanks! This is helpful.

Hello! I just updated it , sorry about the broken link! Yes you should be weary, keep bags and backpacks closed and in front of you, never have you phone out just casually texting with one hand if standing my the doors of the metro and apply common sense. I have never had anything stolen in almost 5 years but it doesn't mean you shouldn't be a little cautious!

Good to hear that it's mainly in Paris. Will take note, thanks!

Pickpockets are mainly in the highly touristic areas of Paris and in the metro (subway). The best thing to do if you go there is to put your bag in front of you at all time and also get one that is difficult to open. That's it. Then if you decide to go out of Paris, in the more rural areas of France you should be fine.

Whoa! I like the answer to "do you change your personality" when you speak French. I have watched a YouTube Polyglot talk on that question and I guess the answer to that question along with your response it YES!! (Late addition) Your response to another question on DNA testing at 16.20 on your video, is YES go for it. I am sure that you will be surprised!

I have contacted a few companies asking if they'll send me a kit, let's see!

Regarding the question of racism or discrimination.. It is a very complicated question to answer because it is very hard, even for anthropologists, sociologists or ethnologists. It is hard to define racism/discrimination as an absolute as it is more a felt event than a objective event. It is also important to note that difference of cultures are very important regarding these subjects. One thing that might be deemed as racist in the USA won't be in France, and vice-versa.

That's very true!

Also, i wanted to ask what your boyfriend does for work. Also, i was having a discussion w my french friend about how his gf who is learning french has a hard time at outings bc lots of french people, especially well educated ones, love talking about politics and philosophy instead of lighter subjects that americans tend to talk about . I was wondering if you’ve encountered the same problem and how you’ve solved it? Did you have to educate yourself on these topics to participate in these dicussions?

Your Q and A form is no longer working. I'm wondering if this is only me or is anyone else getting this?

I'm so sorry, apparently the link expired!! I hope it is working now

I did have a few stories to share regarding 2 of your questions. The first is in response to the question about asian people receiving racism in france: ive heard a number of stories from my asian friends about how rude some people in the street are to asians. One of my friends said a stranger came up to him, ruffled his hair and called him “jackie chan.” Another one said that in the metro a group of french teenagers looked at her and went “hauuu” in a really chinese sounding way with their hands put together. Im from the US so we don’t ever see behavior like this, maybe its different in nz. The second story was about the LGBT one: we actually had one of my bfs friend who is a gay french guy come over for dinner and he splits his time between new york and paris, and he said its definitely easier to date in new york than in paris if you’re gay. He was saying its much harder to meet gay people in paris than in new york, even w the help of grindr.

I'm asian in Paris, and honestly asians are ok here. The only thing is that of course when you're a kid you'll get teased and kids will ALWAYS find something to get you down if they want to. It is not acceptable for an adult to insult you based on your race, maybe some dark humour but I don't think it is a concern. If you are asian you will have the same stereotypes as other western countries : nerdy, workaholic, competitive, shy etc. However, the only thing that is very different, is exactly like how French people are, what "laïcité" is too, is that you have to blend in. Blending in will ensure that you are interested in French culture, you know about the food/towns/shows/films etc. and that you are part of the "fraternité" kind of thing in "liberté, égalité, fraternité" the motto. If you stay in France and you only listen to Asian music, eat Asian food and watch Asian films you will be seen as a stranger (while in the US it is quite common in the west coast). Blending in is crucial.


what does that even mean ?

Great video, like usual!!!

I am a German who watches English speaking YouTubers for language practicing. I have started to watch expats who have lived in my country to see how they see the difference between their home country and Germany. Now I really appreciate that YouTube also really enables me to learn the cultural differences of my neighboring countries although I don't speak their language. You have really learned me a lot about the French culture. You also have made me able to pick up the differences between the English language speaking in different parts on earth. I really appreciate this.

Hi Gerd, can totally relate! I'm a German expat and living abroad I came across all those expat Youtubers and now I follow so many of them, even if they don't relate to Germany or any of the countries I've lived in

Hey, what differences have you noticed between thé french and thé german? Coconuts as well right ?

Thanks so much for watching Gerd - your English looks pretty darn perfect to me but glad I can help in any way :)

Gerd Papenburg beigebracht ist taught, nicht learned :)

Mistake: the English language spoken ... ;-)

I am going to be moving across the Atlantic Ocean (from the USA to France) soon and even though I have lived there before (because my mom is from France) we are moving to an entirely different town and I am going to 5ieme (or 7th grade), meaning that I have to go to an entirely new school and meet new friends. Does anyone have any advice about ‘college’ in France? I speak & understand French so if you have any advice you can answer in French.

In college in France, 5ème I think is a pretty smooth grade I mean its usually easy, but as you'll be new it will be really important for you to be indépendant, work on your own (even though homework is almost inexistant) and realy handle your college life as an adult. For you the timing may be tiring coz we work all day here from 8am to like 5 or 6 pm in the evening. Try to make friends and socialise, if you're well integrated and make friends your college life shall be a party.

Mes souvenirs de collège remonte au siècle dernier donc je vais rester très général. Rapporter (dénoncer) est en soi une très mauvaise idée, les concours de boulettes de papiers une façon ludique de faire passer les cours les plus soporifique, profite des cours de sports et des récréations pour te faire des potes. La base.

Well, as long as you're not in third rate part of city, you shouldn't have much more problem than what all french kids get when they go to middle school. What I should say is that, we can't really tell you any advice without knowing where you'll end up. But for starter remember that you've got one more year of middle school at the end of which you'll get a country wide exam. I think you should try and be friendly but not reveal too much about yourselves at first. Also, if someone try starting trouble with you, don't answer and just remain polite. Try and make friend like you would in the usa but think carefully because the other kids will have had the previous year to form friendship. But you shouldn't have too much problems. New kids from other countries are generally popular in school. Hope it'll help you at least a little.

Philippe Wrangel Lorsque l'on parle d'expatriés étrangers les nationalistes sont rarement sympas je t'assure :)

Concernant le dernier paragraphe on peut aussi dire exactement le contraire. Les gauchistes sont hyper chiants et jamais constructifs, et pas souples d'esprit du tout. Par contre les nationalistes peuvent avoir beaucoup plus de fond.

En dehors du scolaire le plus important c'est sans doute de ne pas commencer à fumer. Même si on te le propose 3 fois par jour refuse. Pour les joints et autres récréatifs attends le lycée aussi :) Ah et évite aussi de fréquenter les mecs d'extrême droite. En 5eme tu es un peu épargné mais ça va vite parler politique à partir de la 4eme. Par contre tu verra les communistes/anar sont hyper sympas en France

Of course, it depends on the school you go. But college, I find, can be quite stressfull if you're not used to working alone or with your parents, teamwork and presentations are not a thing here. However, you'll learn a lot from French and the world's history, science teaching is great it could be improved for students that give up (due to the fear of failing), the level is not exactly easy but is not hard at all. A lot of collégiens already have their brevet before even passing the exam (it is a weird points system). But overall, if you ever have an issue, ask an adult, a teacher, the nurse about personal issues etc. Because teamwork is not a thing here, asking the teacher is the best way to go.

I am adopted and took an Ancestry DNA test. I found my biological mother prior to the test and from taking the test I found my paternal bio family

That's awesome! Must be so nice to have that clarity!

Je n'avais jamais vraiment réalisé mais il est vrai que en tant que français j'ai absolument aucune idée des visas qui existent en France mise à part la carte de séjour! alors que je suis devenu un expert des visas américains par ex!

I just realize how much you look like Kristen Dunst (I'm saying that in a flattery way) Has anyone told you that before?

I was going to say the same and then I read your comment. I think Rosie and Kirsten are so pretty and definitely I think they share some dna in any part of the généalogie

One person has told me that before in my life! Well done on picking it up even though I have brown eyes and brown hair!

And also just realized that you have a Ukulele? Can you play it for us PLEASE! Can you play some french songs?

Salut! Ça va? As always, looking forward to reading the comments! And if you are interested in helping us make some Not Even French dreams happen (merch, website, France travel vlogs and more), you can join the Francophiles here:

Ahah J'aime bien tes vidéos ! Grâce à toi, j'entraîne ma compréhension de l'anglais en écoutant tes vidéos et en m'étant les sous-titres en anglais. Tous les moyens sont bons pour apprendre l'anglais ! :p Continue ainsi ! Un plaisir d'avoir trouvé ta chaîne. :D

Where do you buy biologe in France? I’ll be there for 3 months this summer in the Paris area.. last year I came and brought a suitcase full of beauty products because I was scared I wouldn’t find what I needed in Paris. This year I’m trying to pack lighter... so actually if you have any beauty product brand recommendations for hair/makeup/etc that you can find in the Paris area that’s be amazing!

Hello Rosie, encore une excellente vidéo de questions/réponses et vraiment j'adore ça. J'ai regardé un peu le site "" et je trouve un peu dommage qu'il ne soit pas possible de payer en euro mais je vais tout de même examiner cela. En te souhaitant toujours le meilleur. Amicalement.

Je vis à Strasbourg depuis 11 ans et pour moi c'est la meilleure ville du monde lol ;) J'avais le choix entre Paris et Strasbourg, j'ai pas hésité 1 seconde parce que je n'aime pas du tout Paris (sorry) !!! Pour ce qui est du racisme en France c'est un sujet difficile à aborder... C'est presque un sujet tabou en France... Pour moi, les français en général, ne sont pas racistes, ils ont plutôt du mal à "accepter" les étrangers s'ils ne s'adaptent pas à la culture et à la façon de faire des gens en France... Par exemple, j'avais un collègue marocain dont les parents sont en France depuis plus de 40 ans et qui n'ont jamais fait l'effort d'apprendre le Français... ça c'est hyper mal vu par les français !! Ça donne l'impression qu'ils n'ont pas envie de s'intégrer... C'est pour ça, hélas, que certains étrangers sont vus comme des profiteurs qui viennent en France pour profiter des aides sociales... Mais comme pour TOUS les autres sujets, il ne s'agit que d'un échantillon de personnes qui ont fait naitre ce stéréotype, comme l'idée que les français sont tous malpolis, qu'ils râlent tout le temps (même si c'est un peu vrai lol) ou qu'ils sont de très bons amants...

Alsace forever :D

Funny to see this Q&A video with the DNA test question when I seen a lot of videos about this subject just yesterday night. If you are really interested in the process, I can suggest you to look at the “2 3 and me” website. It’s an American company and their test cost around 99,00 $ US. For what I seen in all these videos, in comparison among others tests, it’s probably the most complete and informative DNA results you can found so far. I think I will probably buy one of their kit soon.

Alors je ne suis pas d'origine asiatique et je ne ressemble en rien à un asiatique mais je n'ai pas connaissance de racisme envers les asiatiques. Et je ne vois même pas pourquoi il y en aurait. Alors oui je dois avouer que même moi je fais les blagues sur les yeux bridés, l'accent forcé ou la langue mais je ne pense pas que ça tourne au racisme faut pas abuser.

40% for free scholar system, free healthcare, roads, social works... Tell me, how many do you think an American end up playing when they pay for all of that to private companies ? In the long run, I don't think we are the worst out of it.

how old are you?


40% if your income holy shit that’s a lot

What a fun channel! When I have a little more time I'll be sending you questions so I can learn more about the French culture and surprise some of my local friends who are from France or is/ when I travel abroad. New subscriber, hope you can support my channel the same, saludos!

Hello - for subtitles have a look at Amara. Ted talks use this system and I subtitle for free on it :)

Merci. Deja je trouve que la majorité de tes vidéos sont sous titrés en francais et c'est cool

Do the ancestry test for sure!!!

You’re asking a girl’s opinion most likely, but here’s my two cents anyway. French accent is sexy for girls who grew up watching American movies mostly. It’s interesting how powerful movies are in shaping tasted and stereotypes. As a guy, I definitely appreciate a light accent of any kind. I do not like heavy accents in general, especially when it’s obvious that no effort is made on the part of the speaker.

I wish you lots of luck and i am a supporter of Patreon, Jerome from Florida

I tend to feel more confident as well when I speak english)) It's a true fact that learning a new language modifies the way you think. Speaking Romanian while I was dreaming was a huge discovery!

Rosie since you won't marry me , Still how can i not love you?, when i move to Zurich, i'll have them send you an invitation to my wedding, Jerome from Florida

Rosie since you won't marry me , Still how can i not love you?, when i move to Zurich, i'll have them send you an invitation to my wedding, Jerome from Florida My Rosie i have a German resident permit, so i can live and i can prove income and live anywhere now i waiting for my movers to give me a price to move me to Zurich, if its not crazy they move me, if its crazy they eat it, and i sell my car and have a big cushion and move myself and furnish with IKEA bye bye Jerome from Florida

Where can you learn French in France on a reasonable budget ? Par exemple il y a community colleges or adult education centres ?

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