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Hello. Everyone, I hope you're having a splendid. Christmas. Over the past two, months I've been sent this language of packages. Donations. I'm. In front of a Christmas tree so, we could do sort of a festive, unboxing. Session, because that's what Christmas is about isn't, it materialism. Let's. Big. I'm just looking at you now but yeah because, there's a flapjack in this leg. Browning. Octavius. Is here to help me mainly because she gets incredibly. Excited, about these things and also, because she lives in the cupboard down there so I thought it would be best to bring her in so, what should we start with some of this yeah, sure thank you phonetic, of it. Was. Christmas, okay. This. Is. Really cute this, is um this is from numbskull, designs, and. I send it to me. Dog. Okay. And. This. Time. Shut. Up. John. Glenn bill thanks. John. Sega. XS, are a sega, power from. May 1994. And, from. We've. Got letter as well it says it says dear nostalgia, nerd I have no use of these two old Sega magazines, anymore so, I thought I'd give them to somebody who can make more use for them aka, you big. Fan of YouTube channel, I'm getting a copy of your book for Christmas good I hope. You enjoy it ah revenge. Of manga, for. The Mega scene 1 he's wallet. Is read shots. I can look at these later next. One um. This. One I don't. What this is. This. Is yeah, amazing. This is one I've actually ordered, so it's awesome burger if you are not aware is amazingly telling, text artist, isn't he yes, this, is an e zero, sized, poster. Oh. Many. Many Teddy, Dex pieces, of art look at where, those. Regulations, are these all the ones that he drew across a year because he was he was drawing one every day I wasn't even if, it is from the last year but for. This Horace there is, the kind of thing that I would spend hours just staring, up just. So exciting. This. Is from the Metro bench thank you for your purchase which may upset me a cap. Kit come on me get five hundred which I got the other day oh, it's. So Kathy oh. This. Is from files form this is also even than what I bought this. Is. A monkey islands Mouse map oh that's. Pretty awesome isn't it first of all she's seen that amazing artist isn't she yes time. To sip some tea. It's. A special bazoo. Pays. A special, reserve catalog. You don't remember Special, Reserve no, I special, reserve was in like more PC magazines, and stuff like that this. Look. At this. Look. At this. There's. A whole pamphlet about Special, Reserve stuff. Also. Got the note hey, Peter as promised, here is the Special Reserve catalog, from 1994. Can you believe a 3d joypad, would set you back $37.99. Olli, cards. That. Was from Ross at, the, Xbox of vision thanks Ross oh. Don't. You see yes. Yes. Thank. You that's. Not how you use yes it is how you use them but it's how you used scissors do. You know I've only been that's probably for the best. So. I've been sent, this by the. Team the people who made it this is a, team. Tebow, smart. Picks a lot Bluetooth. Speaker. You can like display. All sorts of different pixel on there so I'll be reviewing that at some point in a good exciting. It's. Got a very snuggly box yeah, it used to be a boxer Kotori Lebanese maybe, it still is this, is I don't understand why this isn't over adequate, speed for you. Too. Bad and. Lightning. Shh. So. Here we have. From. Like when just, this would be like one of the last ones of course Simpsons, to me be Kate. Pretty good, oh yes. Original. Click videos. Remember. Click it's. Like a computer. Program. Gaining. Program these. Are the, original episodes, on VHS, at December 1991. What's. This this is, Space. Wars. By. Tobias, J Richter. This. Is from the Sega shop.

Sega. Shoppers, sent me a, Christmas. Jumper, with tails, on, that's. Pretty cool and. These. Pins as well sonic. Shadow. Slightly. Concerned, I mean unless this is your sex play order oh. Isleta. CDs oh well, see these here we go, PC. Xone. These. Are all cover this CDs. This. Is an excellent, CD, holder. This. Is brilliant. This. Is from, 2019. 99, we've got 93. The. 2003. Collector's edition DVD, pretty. Cool next. This, one in, Australia, ah Jesus. Christ it's fine. This. Is a sleeping, by the bubble, wrap oh I look around just get it I. Need. That much. I'm. So sweet now. Sports. Driving. Oh yes, I remember this, is like hygienic Lucille, this is oh because it's in mint condition. Yes. Let, it says here, is for D Sports driving, stands for the amigas promised a paperwork's as I have never had a chance to test it I look forward to your review from, Marxist, Otto this, is like hard driving, isn't it it's like a hard-driving. Monkey, you, know you can really do with some chocolate scissors to open things with if. I did that you do precisely think Renault, are these your children scissors. He. Sent me a box, of grenade, bars. Any. Particular reason because. They're not grenade bars this, is. This. Is like a backup. Driver it's a PC backup guys thought. You might like this for. Christmas, misty, 3x, + 96, booklet, booklet you, can circle what you want to see I like a TC the. C3, Christmas. Gadget, book look. At that mom, are you Rover fully, this few G disposable, camera a toaster. Always. Change a phone. That's. That's, really saying, I would phone people up and be like I hope the, tape drives work so I can force the video yeah this is like a backup, tape drive, for PC. And he's got his original, cartridge. Here with active. Soccer lettings, 3d, rise of the Triad. Noise. Thank. You King, monkey. This. Was from Greece. Cool. All, the stamps. Suspect. Later, should, I give them a cup of tea - no. Right. You're being cheeky. It's. Fine. You. Are there is a lot of same focus to cutting your finger. This. Is a PC. MIDI. Okay. Cool Oh Coco, I think I know what this is for this is to test a, wave. Table, board probably. In here as well, oh this, one's for me okay. Thank. You, who is, one of my first-ever, fans when I have 50 subscribers he, recognized, me of Expo that's, quite impressive with just, 50 subscribers. Yeah. Go. Ahead. It's actually a proper prison but you should probably keep oh. It's. Because I've got a new home card. This. Is from 8-bit boutique who are well who is it's just what woke and, it was just these amazing, pieces. So thank you so much Matthew I'm. Getting him to make me an API chase HQ one oh really yeah. I think, that'll be tremendous. Nice feeling right. That's not that's not yours, no it's.

Peter. Right, get all this crap bad way right. This, one's kind of flappy. License. Number not working but still sealed from my parents, defunct. I friend left off I tried to tasting a motherboard matching but the laptop had. Been riveted together. Jesus. Christ, Oh shallow. CD. To. Miss Turner Congrats, on your YouTube, success good. Use of them tip, X here. YouTube. Disgrace, ready to. Xanthine. Alan. Longs Dale thank you and then. Xanthine. There's, definitely, like a see what operating system you're. A sister. Look. At these are from early, nineties other old late mid mid. Noises, the. Stop wedge Jedi, Knight Dungeon. Keeper hexan to, crack. Legends, of the gobos. Mine. This. Is bitmap books, there. We go send me a book to read a couple, of books review this, isn't actually but what I asked for words oh. This. Is I asked for the. Spectrum. Visual, history yeah, and. Soup. In $10 fee but, still. This. Is, so exciting, to this. Year doesn't look very good, it's very substantial, and I'm. Really looking forward to their master system. So. This is this is from Chris Wilkins these are the latest, crash annuals, 2019. Calendar. And the. Latest Christmas edition of, fusion. Magazine. Everything. Was always very. Good photos. Well oh. Saberwolf. Map. Party. So. Christmas in there so. Festive. So. Festive. I mean, this must be something you ordered no I know what that is it's, from cyber dinner. You. Need to be more careful, oh you. Done my. Dance. I'm. Opening these from now on Jesus, Christ. You. Owe me 50 pounds, ready to. Leave. A. Few. Computers down. But. Anyway this is from, cyber din something, which. Isn't Cyberdyne. Systems it's, similar but. It is a Playstation input/output. Device, is it's a pay station SD, card reader which, will allow you to play games on your original PlayStation, using, an SD card so, two of them. To. Make a video coming. Up - sue. No. I would. Fix. This desk, I like. Obviously. Something else I ordered this is a Kickstarter, campaign I, packed for. One. Of these, which. Is like what. These are cause it's. Basically like a retro. Emulator. You. Need to put a Raspberry. Pi zero in there. Maybe. Get a nice because, let's. Give you a bloody knife Susan. Gonna give me a knife because it's not really sharp enough to get in there. Yes. It's. A. Thing. Don't, kill anyone anyone. So, this is a Moran, and. Wave. Fable card I think service, can interface, with the. Other cars via MIDI, I think and then we, can listen to beautiful, beautiful, sounds beautiful, MIDI, sounds. Cat studios, it's. Fine. Though. Go see nobody dies. Creepy. Crawlers, log. Jammers and we got a Mega Drive game little a juicer, it's. Pretty good it's not yours. Anything. That I touch like this definitely. Either. Be a guitarist, ebooks, from these three song, st and be. Creative people, these are pretty good. Micros. Each site, publishing. To. Peter here are your review copies have a good read, I will, thank you very much and these will be future. Episodes. Ever. Dreamed, of creating your own team, of Sega characters, from different games and errors well this is your chance Sega, heroes launched globally on, iOS, and Android, firstly. The 15th of November, that's. Be. How. Do we got if they hear all different pins there mate so we've got is that it's a blaze. Blaze. Gerard, my. Big. Big. Interesting. Got. The what's. The woman can go next cold she's, called. Necks. You, sure yeah. She's definitely hundred. Percent. Oh and, besides. Mine. This is a Russian system. Which, runs, dots and Famicom. Sticker. The carburetor, cop, slash, macabre. But. These are, Russian, systems. It's. Like, I've. Got no response no oh. Yeah, oh nice teeth drawn this new sir Oh. Lovely. A. Plus. And a key. Barbara, arcade in, watercolor, paper from voyages, to Japan special. Little paintings in our storage in there by, Mikhail Baqarah special, little paying for Octavius kitten that's, awesome, it's cats in a Camaro.

Stereo, Sign like that Bo's mine I'm. Having. That Bo I. Was. Going over scene here is what 1090. Rubles. Merry. Christmas Peter, from Kevin aka, hosam postman Biggs. Really. Happy sara has a friends, like you in her life looking out for her yeah. Me. So. This is this must have been something else was it yeah I don't know, okay well match for a blazer in post-edit, no, one will notice anything. If. It's this. Is obviously a personal package which I see, how I didn't mean to open. Why. Why. Got. Various cards. Oh this is from a, task. I think, this is from tez has. Failed. But. Concern. We've. Got memory, six of a motherboard and, why we're gonna kick off three, zip. This there are various processes, Rock. Pentium, 4 processors, here or DVDs, right various. Cards, and various. NES table it look like they've been not. In a fire but quite, close to a fire maybe the house next door, so. Where a house burned down later charge to go through as well expanding, card there's a TV card. Tape. Okay my, battery's dying on my camera so we will look at this later. Oh, Cesare the pac-man, fresh, fresh. There's. Got badges in. The. Quarter, arcade. At. Lania, Hut but it's got a. USB. Draw because you miss the USB drive I presume that pops, out. That's. The USB, stick right, that's. Cool pops of badges pins. Right. Next, yes, service, goes. Like. It was speaking a. Small. Child inside. Those. Boys shot so. This is the number. School I kept, an arcade cabinet I'll put this aside for a second because I've got video of this but, this had been fixed, since. Four previous one. It's. Shiny and. DVDs. I just made that's what we can do make, a massive structure, this. Is different. So. This is focus one yeah. It's. A separate box I think, this is from a chap I met the little. Kid. I met at play Expo in. Manchester. In blackboard Manchester, London. Control. No. No. Wait the way around. Basic. Principles of gaming leave me, someone, had one of these on Twitter, the other day it. Was a hideously, deformed, keeping. This one's not too bad this one looks pretty decent. This. Is an original PlayStation, 1. Just. Laugh reverse risky. Game. Boy games aster, oh my oh. Metroid. Dragons, in there. This. Is amazing. Thanks dude I appreciate that I'll put your name, down here hopefully, I've been doing that throughout the video because I haven't said thank you to most of the people because most. Of them are from I remember, II cannot hold this information for more than a day, at a time. This. Friends. Is a. Pandora's. Box. You've. Got my baby I do this, is a Pandora's, box from. The present, to me from. The. Shop which I'll link down below because, I appreciate, him lobbies if I don't ever owned, one of these I have, played them and they are very good okay we can wrap up okay over, here get, back here with that. That. Is all the boxes. Done, for. This festive, okay stop looking at people like besties. These. Are hope of boxes done for EM be festive. Unboxing. Good. Charlotte's snickering over this, because I keep looking at the cup yeah. So. Thanks for watching thanks for joining, I hope. You've had a nice Christmas, I hope you have a continue, to have a nice Christmas, and I hope you've got lots of nice. Material. Objects as well. So. Bye. See, ya. My. Name on it scout.

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Thanks to everyone who donated this time around. Some fabulous items here, which I will either treasure or use to make a future video. Likely both. Apart from the DVDs obviously, which I'll use to make an archway of glory, leading into the studio.

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Just wanted to say that you are so adorable! And your content is awesome. You have got yourself a sub. Cheers from Sweden. ^^,

Octav1us Happy new year ... we will get to the bottom of this debacle....

Not feeling the "chemistry" that people are mentioning here.......the whole thing is awkwardly forced and cringe-inducing and the girl seems genuinely offended at some points, and quite rightly so, while putting a brave face on it. Seeing a groan man acting like an 8 year old who doesn't know how to interact with the opposite sex, so just keeps saying "f***-off", isn't humour, it's kind of embarrassing all round. Add to this the poor camera angles so you can't really see any of the items properly, and the fact that about half of the 'donations' are tedious promotional stuff that is quickly brushed aside anyway. LGR / 8-Bit Guy this most certainly ain't.

Is that yo bird Nostalgia Nerd? She's well porkable mate!

NEVER give women sharp or pointy tools !! they will just cut n hurt themselfs by using their tummy rather than brain.

you two are funny together. like that robot video

Sell that stuff and buy yourself better sound equipment. This vid sounds quite awful. Putting pointless music over it does not make it better unfortunately.

Looks like you had a nice Holiday Nerd. Cheers!

I hope the joystick on that 1/4 size Pacman game is not cheaply done - it's just that I remember seeing something on the cinemassacre site recently whereby a lot of these things - not just Pacman, but Missile Command, Galaga etc had some dodgy buttons, joysticks and trackballs...although to be fair, these things are not exclusively aimed at hardcore retro arcade gamers necessarily. Anyroad this video is absolutely amazing and hilarious and...I didn't know it was possible to donate anything to your HQ. I do have a ZX81 I got in 1983, and also it has a rubber keyboard membrane (Techtronics ? long time ago). The 16k ram pack up and died though. Also have got a power supply that is not yet connected to a plug. Very happy new year indeed to you and those close to you.

This woman is really annoying

Yup, totally platonic.

So you're saying Nerd trusts you with his blunt object?

darknessviking it’s free advertising for the companies that sent him stuff.

Fun banter guys, this was a good laugh.

Why nostalgia?

“You can never have enough demo discs”. So true

Not feeling the "chemistry" that people are mentioning here.......the whole thing is awkwardly forced and cringe-inducing and the girl seems genuinely offended at some points, and quite rightly so, while putting a brave face on it. Seeing a grown man acting like an 8 year old who doesn't know how to interact with the opposite sex, so just keeps saying "f***-off", isn't humour, it's kind of embarrassing all round. Add to this the poor camera angles so you can't really see any of the items properly, and the fact that about half of the 'donations' are tedious promotional stuff that is quickly brushed aside anyway. LGR / 8-Bit Guy this most certainly ain't.

+Colin Johnston Welsh ?

I should have sent the 20 floppy disc version of Lotus Smart Suite. I copied in the early 90s

Lame joke, Did u unbox her for Christmas, Is she a Go'a you know what I mean, You know what I mean?. Probably yes ok good... Carry on....:-)

A fantastic haul! Apologies for the tippex. I think the same word is below, it's just that my hand writing is really bad :p

Was Chase HQ hidden inside Excel 2000? you know Open Excel 2000 Save as web page with interactivity turned on Close Excel 2000 Open web page Goto WC2000 Hi-light whole row and making sure curser is on WC2000 While holding Shift+Ctrl+Alt double click Microsoft Office logo to access Chase HQ.

Please keep a eye on Sarah thank you

There's a definite R2D2/Yoda dynamic going on here

0:32 - Shagadelic my man!

So are you two shagging or what?

yay ! I love donation openings. Happy new year dude

Love your channel but had to give you my first thumbs down I'm afraid. That women is getting a little long in the tooth for her cutesy girly act and her constant preening and hair adjusting really got on my nerves. Oh and the obnoxiousness was off the charts.

9:13 I pissed myself laughing when that card launched out of the box. Hope it still works. Octav1us your a natural crack up. I just subbed to your channel.

Seriously, people need to grow up in the comments section. Men and women can be good friends together without there having to be some kind of romance in the middle, and I think these 2 are a great example of that. Any relationship that may develop between any 2 of the general UK youtuber gang is bwetween them 2 and should be respected... and those dirty comments are childish to say the least. I love the chemistry they have together, you can tell they really love each other in a good way, and you could see this also with Octav1us with Larry in that Spectrum Vega episode, which maybe they should have borrowed that sorry excuse of a console for opening these boxes, BTW!!

Man, that 4D Sports Driving aka Stunts is in mint condition! Love that game! :) So many awesome stuff there, Pete! Thanks for sharing! All the best!

This was posted the day after I rushed my wife to the hospital for a stroke. She got better and was going to leave then died Jan 3. So not fair.

Wow! 4D Driving - wasn't that called Stunts? A boxed copy is awesome!!!

FGM? Nasty.

+Pingu McPing With the way she handles sharp things?.... It more than possible lol

You think she cut some of her toes off now?

+Pingu McPing Ha!... Yeah, I should have said digits.

How many people do you know with more than 8 fingers?

you two are sooo british omg I love this so much

You are so very very cute : )

I want your hoodie.

lol she looks kinda jealous xD

holy shit! did somebody just send you a fucking PSIO! :o that's awesome man!

Shame you didn't have a Spectrum Vega+ to hand, would have made quick work of cutting open those boxes


He definitely is.

All that British chatter is just charming. "You're being cheeky!"

"You're a sealed operating system"

dendy with keyboard...

Monkey Island!

I did, after watching this video. ;)

13 minutes in and I am sitting here, constantly screaming: "GET A BLOODY KNIFE!!!" :)

Man you two remind me of my siblings and myself when we were young, very entertaining lol

need more videos with you both...clarkson/hammond style banter

@Octav1us Aren't you both about about the same age?

@Pingu McPing With the way she handles sharp things?.... It more than possible lol

@Pingu McPing Ha!... Yeah, I should have said digits.

@betamax80 yeah ofcourse PCMIDI like all dedicated mpus is supposed to accompany a soundcard and add a proper midi interface for that mt-32 goodness... the wavetable header can either add this to a system with a SBPRO for example or replace completely a bugged wt header like on some SB16s ... or run 2 wavetable boards in the same system :D the possibilities are endless LOL

@keropi666 Thats true! I just feel that in that instance an ISA sound card is better value.

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