How to Make PASSIVE Income ($100/DAY) : 10 Ways to Make PASSIVE INCOME Online

How to Make PASSIVE Income ($100/DAY) : 10 Ways to Make PASSIVE INCOME Online

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In. 2016. I made one most popular videos on YouTube 10 ways to make passive income online and a lot of you have asked me to do an updated, video to that because a lot of you are interested in ways that you can make money online and. How you can actually build some kind of passive, income for yourself and this, is not a video for those of you who are lazy or into, get-rich-quick, schemes, because this is gonna require actual. Work but, I'm gonna tell you exactly, how, to do it, hey. Everybody this is roberto blake of helping. You create something awesome today welcome to my, update video 10 ways to make passive income online for. Those of you who might be new to the channel or just stumbled across this video my name is roberto blake I'm creative entrepreneur, I'm a public speaker, and I'm, the founder of awesome creator now. The purpose of this video is not to sell you a course, on internet marketing or passive, income or any of those things it's to show you the, way that I've used passive, income to make thousands, of dollars a month and to give you some insights into how you can do that this, is not for those of you who are not willing to put in hard work now to reap the benefit later if you're looking for videos about different, topics other than this like investing in real estate I highly, suggest that you move on to another video what, I'm gonna be focusing on is the things that I've actually done, to, make money online or the things that I'm actively, doing right, now as of this moment to make money online and they're, the kind of things that have helped me like. Grow, a very, substantial. Revenue, stream from, different, things we're gonna be talking about e-commerce we're, gonna be talking about email marketing we're gonna be talking about using social media and content platforms.

Like YouTube, and Instagram to build an audience and set up a marketing funnel so you can build something around either a product based business, whether that's your own products, or others, so like I said if you have no interest, in making legitimate. Passive income, and doing. It what I consider to be the hard, way then, it feel free to click off of this video it may not be for you if you, are struggling, right now and you need money in the next 30 days I would actually recommend watching, my video on start. Freelancing if you're broke and watch the videos in my how to become a freelancer, series that is completely free and it will actually help you make, money by, either. Leveraging a skill that you already have or, providing. Something, through an online platform such. As up work or something in terms of data entry there are ways to make money right now if you, need to do that I highly, recommend you watch those videos this. Video is, not that this video is about building a system that, you're going to benefit from in the long term so now we've got that out of the way I want to talk to you about the ways that I've made money online obviously, you guys probably realize that made money online from, YouTube, both, in passive, income and active. Income, there are videos on YouTube that make me hundreds, of dollars a month that I shot, a year, ago two, years ago maybe. Longer and I still make over a hundred dollars a day from. Individual. Videos here on YouTube that I did a while back in addition to all the money that I made upfront on those, videos whether they had sponsors, there, are affiliate, links in nearly every, single video that I make so they have the ability to make me money. No matter what regardless of what YouTube's policies, are and I also leverage, the Instagram, platform, I grew over 10,000, followers there I have the swipe up feature so, that I can sell my merchandise, I can sell products, that I've developed I can do any number of things I also have, enough of a platform to, be able to work directly with sponsors, that's active, income so there are a lot of options, for you making money online and, there are a lot of diverse ways to approach it and to do it I'm gonna walk you through the. Ways that I did I'm gonna walk you through ten ways that I did it and what, you need to actually pull, this off both in terms of resources, skills. Knowledge. And again. Access. To the ability to build an audience I'm. Not very blunt there's. Very little chance of you building consistent. Powerful. Passive income and making over a hundred dollars a day if you are not willing to build, an audience or. Leverage. Advertising. Or do. Content, marketing and if, you don't either have a skill, a trade. Knowledge. Or the ability, to develop a product or the, salesperson, ship to sell an existing, product as an, affiliate, then, making.

Passive Income online may. Not be for you yet or if you need to develop those skills I've made other videos on this channel they're completely free so, you can get a skill like video editing or, Photoshop. Or any number of things that would put you a position, to, make passive, income one of the best ways you can make passive, income online is your, own direct. Product. Sales and why I talk about this in this case I'm talking about digital, products, you know why digital products are amazing well one I make a lot of money every month off of digital products, and I'm very happy about that because it keeps me independent. By, making a digital product a very, little overhead, the platform, that I use for my digital products, whether they're digital download, products, or online, courses which we'll talk about in a minute and other things is I use a platform called kajabi, you can use other online, platforms you don't have to use kajabi I'm actually building something out on teachable, as well and you can also use think if ik and there, are things like Clickbank, there are so many different places where you can make digital products if you are on a budget you can use a website called Gumroad there's also self. I those. Are platforms, that allow you to sell digital download products I sell. A graphics. Pack because I had a backgrounds a graphic designer, hold, the You Tube starter, kit I've recently branched out and I'm launching a new product around Instagram, templates, as well and it's, cuz I had the background skills of graphic designer Peter, McKinnon, someone else who's very large here on YouTube is a photographer, and filmmaker and he sells. Nuts. Which are you know something that you would need for color. Grading in video and he also sells Lightroom. Presets for. Adobe Lightroom and he does that through self I so there are plenty of people that are actually making passive, income with their digital products they're based in a skill, or an expertise, that they had so, like I said if you don't want to use a platform, that, focuses. On things. Like digital courses, per se um and. Things of that nature then you can use something like Gumroad or self I or, II junkie, and you could sell like any digital, download product if you're doing templates, like website, templates, or. Graphics. Packs and things of that nature illustrations. Then if, things like graphic river comm and websites, in the Envato network and those are all really great opportunities, for you but there's, other things you can do like I said digital. Downloads, are just, one, source, of revenue if you, want to go and you want to do something just a little bit more tangible let's, say then, I would say you could do print on demand products. That's something I've done in the past with, websites like. Oh calm, and, CafePress. Calm, and even deviantART, and you. Know there could be ok. Money there the reason I like digital download, products a little bit more is the, margins, are better when, I make a digital download product. I keep, more than 95%, of, all the money on that, product because I have cheap it is to, host it on that. Other platform. Ok but. If you want to do something else and you want to do like posters, and other print-on-demand products. Then, you should look into that the margins, will not be as good on that but, it is something that you can do and a lot of you will say well Roberto you know I need to build an audience, to accomplish, that but you.

Should Be doing that no, matter what anyway in the age of social media building, an audience is free, and that's free, website, traffic and back, in the old days a lot of us had to buy ads and for some of my product sales I still buy ads. Now. If you don't feel you have the skills to, do print on demand products, as maybe you don't have a background in design. Or illustration, or you don't feel like you have the knowledge to, sell with like you know doing a digital product you have another option you can actually do what's called affiliate, marketing, and this, is actually gonna go beyond, like the third way and also into the fourth way cuz I'm gonna explain something really cool to you guys so with affiliate marketing you can sell someone, else's, product, and you can get a commission, so you can get these sales and it's really, convenient, because you can use a website like Amazon, and you can get affiliate, revenue commissions, their problem, with something like Amazon though is you're gonna only get like two to, four percent, usually. On average on that, affiliate program but there are better programs, out there directly. With companies Amazon. Just has the most robust. Offering. Of diverse, products, for whatever John or niche or hobby or expertise, that you're dealing with or whatever audience you're dealing with that's why so many people go to it but if you go into very, specific categories. For example if you're somebody that's either in websites. Web, hosting, web, design, or online. Business, or e-commerce you, can do stuff with web hosting companies, I do affiliate, marketing with Wix and Bluehost, and I, can make anywhere from 85, to 100, dollar plus commissions. On every, one of those sales so in terms of making $100, a day that's, really straightforward because it translates to a single. Transaction, or at least two transactions. To accomplish, that but also for. People that are saying to the YouTube niche I have another affiliate program that I use called epidemic, sound it's for the background music it's for the like royalty stock music that I'm able to use as an online content, creator and that's, $30. Per sale for, a 30, day free trial, so, if people sign for a 30 day free trial, I still, get a commission on that and it's a pretty nice, Commission for what it is so if three people use. Any of the links and be literally, over, 1,000. Videos that I've made I have, the opportunity, to make a $30 sale there, so, again if, you find the right affiliate, program for your niche it can be a lucrative opportunity, and it may not be that challenging, even with a small audience, if it is the right audience, to, do $100, a day now. Here's where that gets into an interesting and forth way to Bank passive income because we talked about affiliate, sales but. Let's talk about referral, sales you might be thinking Roberto, aren't those the same thing, the way that I'm phrasing, this they're, not because.

You See the way that I'm talking about this is if you have your own digital download, product you, can have your own affiliates, and so you're making referral, sales so. The way that that would look is let's, say that somebody. Was an affiliate for me then, I give a 30%, commission on a $100. Product, if that product is sold at full price no coupons, and it's, $100, and somebody. Is getting a 30%. Referral. Commission, on that then, guess what happens without me, doing, the work of making the sale ivory made the product, but, I get $70. And they, get 30 so, if you, build a digital, product and you do referral, commissions with your own affiliates, you're, making the majority. Of the money on their sales they're, still getting something you, own the product you own the brand they're. Just operating, as a sales force for you and it's, not like you're paying them hourly for that you're paying them only on the sales they make so, again. Referral. Sales are, very lucrative, to you as someone, who owns a product, and so, this, kind of leads into the fifth way of making passive. Income is an addition have your own digital download products if you are skilled, at something you, can make a course, for it and that's, another. Passive. Income stream that you can make so that's number five, but ties directly to number four because the more products, you have between. You know make, a digital product make, an online course that's a product that you own and having, those. Referral. Sales, puts. Money back in your pocket for. Somebody, else making, the sale for you and reaching, an audience that you may not have so. Again if you, are struggling to build an audience or you. Would like to, access someone, else's audience, those. Referral, sales are a good. Way for, you to make more money that's how you can scale your business. Speaking. Of building an audience building. An audience on YouTube gives. You access to, the YouTube Partner, Program where. You can make passive, income through advertising. So, usually. I say, that passive income means building a product based business, but it could also be building, a content, based business if you're gonna leverage, advertising. Placements, and spots now, there, are a couple of ways to think about this you can also do this with a podcast, by the way it's just easier. In general, to do it with YouTube, because, it's, all handled, for you but. From, a passive income standpoint, YouTube. Places ads before the. Top potentially, after or, in, between, your videos they could do banner ads on your videos there, could be pre-roll, and postural, ads if you do a very long piece of content there can be mid-roll ads that are just like the ads in between television shows so, you could do that, and it, can be lucrative there. Are some creators that don't make a lot of money per view with it and there are others that make an extraordinary amount, of money per, thousand, views with it and what. I will tell you about this and I've done dedicated. Videos on this that you can check out on the channel is one I can tell you how through, those videos to build an audience on YouTube but the thing that I want to caution you on is if you want to go there and you want to make money you have to consider whether the genre, and niche that you're playing in is one. That has money to back it in the, form of the advert, so, you want to do some research there you won't watch the other videos I've done covering this but it is a valid way to make passive income and I make a couple thousand dollars a month directly, off the advertisers. That's not counting active, income in terms of sponsorships. Live.

Donations. Via chats, that happen through what YouTube called super chat etc. Etc there, are so many ways to make money on YouTube and I've covered a lot of them here on the channel the, other great thing about YouTube, is that YouTube, could be a distribution. And marketing funnel, for you to sell your other digital products whether that's your, print-on-demand products. Whether it's your online courses, whether, it's the, digital products, you, can sell all of that whether it's the affiliate, marketing, the, referral. Sales, there's so many ways to leverage that through YouTube and through podcasting. Vlogging, or Instagram, that is ridiculous. Which actually brings us to number six. Number. Six is. Merchandise. By. Selling your own merchandise your, own t-shirts. Or hats or whatever you, can actually make substantial, you know revenue, from, your existing audience and the thing is I like Instagram, for this almost, as much if not more than YouTube, and yes. I'm aware to make real money with this you will have to build an audience once again I think you should be doing that anyway I don't think that should be a barrier for you and I've done free content to help you build an audience the great thing is with, merchandise, though is people. Don't, even have to be so insanely. Enamored, of the content, if the shirts, are cool, enough so just. Make a dope t-shirt, and you're. Good to go and like, I said you can put marketing, behind this I think Instagram, is undervalued. Not only as a content, marketing platform. That can result in real sales but, also people. Refuse. To do even a modest, advertising spend, in order to put money in and make more money on the back end so I really think that that's something you should look into so, far we've covered making your own digital products, we've talked about making print on demand products, we talked about merchandise, we've talked about YouTube. We've talked about affiliate, sales and we've, talked about referral, sales let's. Talk about. Royalties. Number. Seven, royalties. So in my case there, are a lot of ways you could make royalties but the main way that I'm focusing, on royalties were now is that actually. Licensed. A course, of mine to, And LinkedIn, so they have, exclusive. Publishing rights for that but, I and, getting, royalty. Checks from that so that's something you can think about is where you can license content and the thing is it doesn't have to be a course you can do this with music there are so many ways to, do licensed, content and here's, another thing that that could tie into let's talk about number eight let's talk about stock. Media, by doing stock, media licenses, in terms of stock photography images. Illustrations. Video, audio. You, have the ability to go, to all these different platforms. That those things are distributed on and marketers, and advertisers and, creators, could buy those things and you will get a commission, you will get a cut of that so, you, know you're paying for the distribution on the back end of you, know them taking, some of the money upfront but you're making sales, you'd never make on your own because as we pointed out building an audience is hard getting traffic is hard I'm gonna recommend black, box I'm gonna link to that down below in fact everything I'm talking about I'll have detailed, stuff, and I have links they'll probably be affiliate links to, those things down below for you guys to use as a resource but with black box it automatically. Distributes, you to multiple, stock websites so you don't have to re-up load, the same assets, over, and over and over again so this is a very, good way for, you guys to make passive income off of things you might already have sitting on your hard drive you my array have images.

Graphics Photos, video, that, are going to waste that somebody could take advantage of and you could make money off of let's, talk about number nine number nine is a really interesting one because it's something that I'm working, on right this moment but a lot of my friends have benefited from this and they've inspired me, to tackle this one and that. Is going, into ebooks. And, audiobooks. And, again I've talked about some of these things but not as in-depth, I think in previous, videos but with ebooks and audiobooks the thing that intrigues me is that, with, an e-book there's the opportunity to. Link out to, resources, and to tie it to number 10 which is email marketing which I'm gonna go deeper into but, with your ebook, you can link out to, the, opportunity, for email marketing by, offering, free, downloads, in the e-book or the audiobook. And resources. That go to that and in, exchange someone, has to give you their email address now, you've captured that email address you can give them the free things that they signed up for but, you can also put them into an automated, email sequence, that could mark it to them in other ways and through this email marketing, you have the ability passively, through a system, to. Potentially. Sell them your existing, digital download products your print-on-demand product, your merchandise, your, online course. Affiliate. Links. To things that fit, the, thing that they asked for in terms of the value proposition so, every, other form of passive income for the most part that we discussed, is now, accessible, through, the distribution of email marketing because we're talking about building, a system here so, by, building this system by being within this ecosystem of. Having. All these diverse revenue streams or a few of them are the ones that fit you and then being able to tie that to content, marketing email marketing or even online advertising, you, have the ability to grow this even, bigger and so, that's how people really, make a living, off a passive, income it's, not something they do overnight it's not something they do in 30 days it's not something they do in 60 days this, is a long haul, incremental. Process and I wanted to walk you through, that and I wanted to give, you a little bit more insight and depth into. How, it actually works. Something. That I won't cover in future videos so if you found this helpful and you want me to give more details, about this or you want me to break down these things individually, I'm happy to do that in other videos and there's actually a couple of videos now linked down below and, I'll link in the info, card where, I've actually covered. Some of these topics I think I've actually touched on quite a few of them so there we go ten ways ten legitimate. Ways you.

Can Make passive, income online. This. Is something that I feel is accessible, to more of you than you might be thinking there are a lot of you who already have a skill there are a lot of you already have knowledge, and thing. Is building. An audience is something, that you can do, it's not something, that isn't. On the, table I've done, so many videos on the shell to help you build an audience whether it's in YouTube, or grow that email list or even. Build your own website or start, a podcast and, I'll link to those resources, as well because they're totally free, and like I said I don't need to sell you a course on any of this anybody, selling you a course on this this is fine and it might help you might be the person who learns and benefits from that and there are people who are gonna learn and benefit from your online course, I want you to stop thinking I want people to stop having this conversation that, passive income is somehow a scam, or its scummy or, it's a daydreamer it's for the people who are lazy it's for people who are smart, and for people who respect and value their time it's, for people who want to start a family it's for people who want to spend more time for their family or is for people who don't feel they've been respected, and earned what, their knowledge is worth in. Traditional. And conventional means. And jobs so, if that's someone like you then I hope that this video was helpful and, I hope it helps you take your first steps toward. Either some, extra money on the side or real financial, freedom if you, have questions please feel free to drop those in the comment section down below I'm gonna answer as many of them as I can especially, the first day, in the first hour this video is out that's why I'm most active, on the, video so you'll want to get in on that early if there's a question that you really want an answer from me, on I'll, try and tackle it liked this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe hit, the notifications, if you want to actually catch the rest of my videos because YouTube. Is YouTube as always. You guys thanks so much for watching and don't forget create, something awesome today you, can work hard now and reap the benefits later take. Care. You.

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Sparkle. I think I get one of your issues for sure. It's so much work for me to edit up great content, but I don't stop recording great content. This slows down the work I do to edit and I often wonder if I should try to "catch up" on editing instead of recording more. But something I discovered on the way may help both of us now that I thin about it. Some of what I shoot, turns out to be not that great when I try to make it a video. Having different projects which I can edit up makes me able to cherry pick what matters to me most. Usually what matters to me most isn't what most people care about. Knowing that much of what I do is a deeper niche, I realize that income outside of AdSense, but still in my world of creation is truly key. At the same time, I do make content which the relative masses rage over and I do get a peace of that pie, but when I know a video is a piece of that pie, I try to release it as my best work ever...and it may not even make a difference. You see, the right psychology on a thumbnail or title, or what not matters more than the content and we really need to come up with a term other than click bait for legitimately great thumbnails which aren't bait, but just great at representing the right part of our work to both catch a viewer and KEEP the viewer. A few of my top ten were stinkers until I rethought thumbnails and titles. Some of it sparks a stronger negative reaction from the community, but you know what? That's what I was actually trying to do. Change the world. Realize, that I rethought tons of my lesser "loved" content in titles and thumbnails. If it's already doing poorly what could it hurt? YouTube says that and meta keyword changes can hurt people finding your content if you change how it's represented, but if it's already under performing, again, what can it really hurt?

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robrerto , How can I protect my course if someone steals my course and upload it on youtube ? can you talk about this point thanks u so much sir

Look into Digital Rights Management and uploading it as unlisted could help with the new Copyright Match Tool

Thank you, Roberto, for the video. Lots of good information here.

Already watched this multiple times. Thank you for this video.

I need to watch it again to know what was the most helpful part. Content which can be sold outside of YouTube hit be big as I have a lot of articles which could perform better in front of another audience better than in front of my own. Still. I need to rewatch, make notes and make plans to truly take advantage of your video Roberto. Forgive me for responding to almost's just that your content has me THAT excited. :)


What was the most helpful part?

Thanks Roberto! We can always count on you to drop some knowledge, challenge us, and share tangible ways to implement the process. You are appreciated bro!

More tangible ways. That's exactly why I needed this video!

Would you be willing to make a check list on this with the appropriate links? That would be awesome. All great info and I would love to hang it above my desk. Maybe just your cliff notes for the video.

I already am but hay I would sign up again haha

If I do it would be a good way to get people on my email list...

im try man

No more slacking or giving lame excuses for delaying success. Really would like another video where you expand in your experience in this 10 different ways of making something great. Just would like to thank you. You are giving people a way to build something, with a real approach and has a profound effect in me, because you are giving a lot of people tools to be independent. Thank you for that.

Come back to the video and click on the i on the top right if you're on a computer. I'm not sure how or if it shows up on a mobile device, but surely whatever is available under the "i" would also wisely be in the description by Roberto. You'll find he has already made videos specific to individual parts of these lists. Some is all new, but especially if we need a deeper look, I'm sure he'll be listening for requests for what to dig deeper into. I personally have to re-watch it to be sure of my strategy for what new avenues to money, which I need to make in-roads on.

Great video Robert, keep up your hard work.

Just want to say roberto, you're changing my life bud!

Thanks man! How?

Did you cut your hair? Why Brother?!

Would love to see a video 2018 specifically on how to make passive income for Graphic Designers. Also tips on how to manage, a 9 to 5, You Tube, Blog, etc. I also enjoy your motivational rants, one helped me get started and now i got my first real job using my degree. I just need motivation and a realistic plan on how to make passive income to get extra money.

Like you said, not everything will work for my particular brand, but now I know what to do. The only thing holding me back is the time to go where I need to. Sucks working 2 jobs, but also as you said, anything worthwhile won't come easy. Thanks, Roberto!

Thank you for this video. Honestly, content and delivery wise it is probably the best video you have done in the past month or two. Keep it up.

This is an amazing video Roberto! Thank you for this! It is amazingly useful!!! Will be taking action on this ❤️

Glad to hear it!!!

This came right on Time!!! I was hoping youd make a new one and here it is and even better OMG Thank you-thank you thank you-Signing up as a sponsor because you give so much information and ask for so little in return man! Thank you thank you thnk you!!!

A lot of you were asking for this! So I delivered!!!

Great suggestions! Learned something new. Baby steps. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing this, bro.

Appreciate you!

I'm thinking of creating digital illustrations of sneaker stencils and using Blackbox to distribute them. Do you think I could face some legality issues with that since certain stencils might have the brand name or logo such as the nike swoosh or Jordan jump man symbol? Great video btw!!

Avoid brand names

Great video and info thanks

The timing on this is spot on! We just created a Roadschoolin' Homeschool Planner and Travel Journal that we will be marketing to our audience next week! Did a soft launch at an RV rally outside our target market that was a flop but gave us lots of insight. It took A Lot of work but now that it's done we can start the ball rolling and learn from the experience on to the next which is an ebook/print on demand book. We're also doing a film project that will be entered into a small film festival for digital nomads that will correspond with the content of that book. We love the way you put this into reality. We've been working on YT for a year and a half and still feel like babies when it comes to building a business that links with our channel. But we love it and we know the opportunities are there for the taking. I have so many ideas...I wish I could get them out done well and fast enough to keep up with my! Please do more on email marketing. I'd love to see more on that topic!

Yes, I totally need to generate an email list. You never know if your next great idea fits on YouTube, or if you need to reach your audience and bring them to another platform for what you created.

As always, a very helpful video Roberto, thank you.

Roberto: Thanks for the video. So many systems are pitched or perceived as get rich quick. Sometimes you just have to be blunt on some subjects.

That is exactly why I take that approach when covering this

So much good info. Thanks for sharing!

Great content as usual Roberto.

I would say recommending UpWork. I've been trying to find some way to make some money for a while now. It's been hard not having a job. But overall I've been trying to find ways to make passive income so i'm not so reliant on a conventional job.

What helped most?

Great video, as usual. I especially appreciate that you include the links to what you are talking about.

I make it a point and I’m working on more articles about these things

We now how have the info, time to do something with it! This videos was like a best-of featuring everything you probably heard but in plain English and from someone who actually has done it from the ground up. Will be taking action on this man!

Thanks Victor! Exactly what I was going for!

Good stuff Roberto! Could you make a video about creating an ebook?

Dam Bro you got my head on Fire with Ideas I cant Sit the Fk Down by Pacing thru these Ideas...Thanks a Mill for the Vid


Great info! I've been looking into this. In the very beginning stages, but this is great! Thanks Roberto!

I appreciate you, Roberto. I've grown my channel to just over 300 subs. I know Gary Vee talks about really putting out as much value as possible. Giving as much away as possible. At what point do you feel like making a course, or making something that your audience should pay for is a good move?

Roberto is proof that with enough hard work, dedication and willingness to learn you can make anything happen. I have watched Roberto's videos for 5+ years and have been working freelance for 3+ years from home thanks to his advice. I continue to learn and grow my client my base and revenue streams all because of his very honest and candid insights!


Appreciate it man!

Awesome content as always, and yes please make in dept videos about each system you talked about

Which one interest you the most?

This what I’m talking about man you’re definitely an inspiration and just captured my heart man thanks for keeping it real and putting it out there like that

Thanks man. What about this video connected with you?

Really good lighting on this video, Roberto! It creates a very cool and comfortable tone. I may be into audio but I like a lot of your tips on YouTube and business.

Thanks for sharing. Very informative! Erica :)

The referrals from affiliate partners. Which I am doing now. Can you also make money if you refer friends under your affiliate program and make a small % off what they sell as well?

What was the most helpful thing you got from this video?

Hey I want create a mens fashion blog and a channel for mens image consultant do you think I can make passive income doing that thank you

thank you can you send me link so i can pay for a one to one with roberto cheers pal btw I am from Ireland LOve your work mate

I think if you position it correctly and put together the right business model you can. A podcast around men’s issues like confidence and service and fatherhood could help build the brand ... you can expand beyond fashion via the podcast while drawing people into the brand

Can you do affiliate marketing on Medium? Then once you get enough traction take it to WordPress?

You could do both just disclose your links

Roberto, Please add a link to the Black Box website and/or FAQ page. Your affiliate link to the landing page doesn't explain what Black Box is about (website design fail!). I'm not going to sign up for something without knowing what it is first. Black Box looks very promising for selling b-roll footage. Thx!

That was bad design on their part... I’ll probably make a dedicated video about that for context and incorporate it into some videos I’m planning around B Roll Footage

Great tips! I would love if you could do a video based on ways to effectively promote your affiiate link regularly on Instagram/YouTube to make more sales?

I'm looking forward to watching this man! I've given the vid a like etc. already because I already know it's going to be good!

Man, Roberto, you hit so many of the things I have on my list to build into. I know none of this comes fast. it takes time, but I'm excited to get there and keep adding more diversification to my income streams. Way to share some of the specifics to help everyone out!

Glad you got something from it! What are you most excited about?

Gr8 video packed with useful information!

What was most useful?

I've been wanting to put my artwork on things mugs and t-shirts and sell these. I even made a couple mockups and showed them to my email list, asking if they would be interested, but I didn't get a response. I need to figure out how much money I can afford to risk in case things don't pan out.

DeepForest I was looking at sites that charge you to have things made with your art on them.

Sara Makes Art What money do you think you will be risking doing POD ( Print On Demand) when putting your designs on merch? Is $ 0 too much for you to risk? Because it costs zero dollars to do POD. And don't worry about not getting responses. Just upload the designs on merch and go from there.

Thanks for the updated video!!!

Thanks Bro you are helping me open my mind$ keep up the Good work!

this was sooooooooooo valuable thank you!!!!

I am just starting to build an audience with my channel. Thanks to your videos I have a good guidance. I appreciate your work, thank you!

Great video bro . Building passive income is the secret to financial freedom !

It’s just the truth!!! What stood out for you in this video?

Great Video Roberto! I will be applying these now that I took your advice from a previous video about having your own website. I am so slow to the process (which I dislike) but I am getting there. Thanks for being awesome!

_Your awesome did my first e book over 10 years ago, podcasting for past 2 years, did not know about the @ server marketing. Wow! thanks i have people suscribed to my patreon and had many @ and had no clue what to do with them. Im currently working on my second book now. bro you are amazing!!!!!!This is why i love your page __#respect_

always great videos thank you

Roberto Blake honestly I like the way you put everything together and presented everything I knew a lot of these Concepts and ideas and ways to make income we're out there but it's not really consolidated into one space and a lot of the times people that go into debt with these things they don't cover everything. and that's one of the things that I like about your channel and that's why I've been following you for what feels like forever now is that you go in depth and you consolidate things and make it easy to find by putting it all in one space. Keep up the great work I'll catch you on the next one.

Thanks, what stood out to you in this video?

Great tips roberto thanks

What was the best tip for you?

I hope this video helps me. I’ll update my post when I’m done watching.

I wonder how successful this video might become. It will definitely get a lot of views from your older video about this topic.

My main hope is that because of how detailed it is and how much better my delivery is ... that people use this as a resource and actually DO SOMETHING... it’s more accessible than they think...

Hey Roberto,I am dabbling in starting a YouTube channel I have a good starting camera canon g7x mark ii but now I'm on the hunt for a laptop capable of editing videos my current netbook has 4gb ram not enough I saw your video on editing laptops and most were out of my budget.Could you recommend a good editing laptop anywhere from or between 200$ to 400$.Im looking at many but it's hard to choose I watch all your videos keep at it man you teach us valuable information about online creating.Hope you see this!

ok thanks

I recommend saving up for something more robust

Always love it when a new video of yours pops up in the notifications thingy!

Thanks for the tip! I will be doing that!

Use the eBook to also grow your email list by linking to free Downloads... it’s super important...

This is right on point!

Roberto Blake Definitely liked the objective to build and leverage skills and knowledge base for revenue-generating goals. Too many just follow the crowd. Most helpful was the tie-in with IG, of note, given it's versatility and broad reach. Looking forward to more vids, and maybe an ebook from you, on the breakout topics from the 10-item list! ☺

Thanks! What hit home for you?


I do a technology channel, do you think including affiliate links for the gear I use, or some recommendations of products I recommend would be acceptable? Or would that be unethical? Also, at my size, do you think it’s too early to try selling some merch? Thank you.

Roberto Blake Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try it out. ✌️

Yes especially what you use to make your videos. It’s not unethical. Just disclose it. It’s never too early to provide a resource ppl might buy anyway...

The subtitle of this video should be called. "A million views coming soon". Great work Roberto! #likenumber45

Love the channel! Waiting for 400,000 subs!

Roberto Blake thanks for liking! I will try!

Need people sharing the videos and being active in comments and we will get there!!!

so kids if u are not active.. u are lazy... see what i did there? active.. passive.. k sorry

Thanks! What stood out for you in the video?

Roberto Blake ya man

Lol I obviously believe in both ...


What did you get from the video?

Loving your background and new hairstyle. You're a badass bro.

LOVE THE NEW GLASSES!!! Thanks for this video as well.

The new glasses have been awesome! Thanks!

I'm at the beginning of my passive income journey. Thanks for the advice. If you created an up to date video that discusses online course, that would really help!

You are a true champion Roberto, always leading with massive value.

Robert, one, if not the best video I have watched on the earning money subject. Thanks.

Very inspiring, useful and Meaningful! Thank you

Great video! Quick question. So I have a kids channel. Does any of these apply to children's videos?

Timing on this is perfect! Have watched this 3 times and still taking notes. I will say from personal experience that Affiliate Marketing does work. But it's a process and it does take time.

Thank you for giving as much as you do.

Another great digital product is digital book renting on your actual site. Advertisement can be on the same page your book is displayed. Digital downloading can be "behind the book" information. Digital download books in the format of a workbook, maybe character background stories for fictional books.

Yo Berto! You knocked this one out of the park bro. Good stuff!

Good stuff as always. Keep it up.

Please break things down individually!!! Loved it

Fantastic video Roberto. And for those people who want money right now, well maybe work for a Temp agency. This is what I do right now it's hard work but you get payed daily.

Mr. Blake, DAM!!! You dropped so much nuggets in this video that it is not even funny. Thank you for dropping knowledge. Those who call this information a scam is either financially illiterate, just employee minded, and does not really understand the transformation of money and how it is being made today. Now I gotta go take some notes and review what you just shared. And I don't mind that you have affiliate links in there because nothing is free. Only those who are stuck in a 20th century mindset think free means free. Meanwhile those who understand how business is done in the 21st century have figured out how to charge for free. And that's some free info if you did not know that already.

I think you would do very well with audiobooks, great voice for it. nice video

Passive income is the holy grail of making money on the internet. I love it!

Great video Roberto! Thanks for all the knowledge!

Very Good! Lets break it down further, each one! Deeper! Great info!

Thanks Roberto. How to sale digital products

I’m liking this new trend of the 20 second summary at the beginning of videos

Roberto, I think I have been on this road for some time. I'm a freelance graphic designer myself. I'm captivated by great content. Selling is a skill that I will have to develop. I do like the email funnel idea, since I'm sure I can put together some kind of course from what I currently know. That said, I would love to see a video that gives your take on how an entrepreneur can put together funnels like this by him/herself, and the best platforms that move the needle, that would be awesome! btw, I already have 60 subscribers to my email list, so I'm ahead of the game!

I don't need passive income, but I like hearing your experiences.

HI Roberto. Love your content, I have been watching you for about 3 years (not all videos ;) and you helped me in starting up my freelancing graphic design business. I have a question regarding design mockups "digital product" and selling them. Do you think the market is oversaturated with this content?

Anything I could with photography? Content marketing maybe?

Great video, but would be better if you would expand on eBooks and Online Courses.

Thanks Roberto, been a fairly long time subscriber. You're giving a lot of good value there and motivation. I just noticed the video had a very blue tint - could just be me, was that intentional?

That white balance was on point. Lol

Roberto! I've been wanting to make an E-Book. Where should I start? Do you recommend putting money into some good graphics, or just getting the content together? I'm not a great writer, so should I hire someone? Let me know!

Great informative video, Roberto!!! Can’t wait to see you at video marketing world in Dallas next month!

Hey Roberto thank you for sharing. Awesome video! Which one do you recomend teespring or printful? I now YouTube will intergrate teespring but printful seems to offer more like logo on packaging and stickers etc.

I’ve actually used these tips from Roberto to grow a steady income stream from YouTube which only keeps growing DAILY. It has nothing to do with your sub count or channel size, I always tell my subscribers that waiting to make money from ad revenue is the wrong strategy, start treating your youtube as a business from day 1 and you can stop being the starving artist.

Thanks for the video Roberto. Can you give me a specific example of a digital product? I am a buiilding designer by trade, currently unemployed and found your video message very interesting.

This is nice. I started making money with stock photography and videoclips. Didnt even think i could make anything but now its actually started generating a bit of money every month not much but its rolling :D Im so happy. I have even made my own Lut for Lightroom and photoshop that's on sellfy :D

What a shame I wish I commented right away as I hope for your feedback. Perhaps your totally awesome audience will help. I was the 32nd viewer and 5th like here, but that was this morning. I couldn't finish watching until late this night. I have to say, I have tried a few of your list. Tons of your list intrigued me. Some of it I need to better on as I'm doing it already. Other parts of your list are things I didn't even know were out there for skills and gifts which I don't have the audience yet to make money on, but through working with other established organizations and trying to get in front of their audience, I can increase my opportunities for passive income. There are a few of your strategies that fit more specifically your gifts I think than mine. Photography and art aren't a push of mine beyond working for good thumbnails. Perhaps I just need to rethink what I bring online which may fit those few things of your video, which don't seem to apply to this mechanic or just leave those alone as I attack other parts of your list which I'm already more able to take advantage of. I was a SEO mentor and teacher for quite some time before I delved deeper as a Surgical Technologist and then traded that in for being a mechanic. This is my skill and it's surprising how much that skill really can be represented online. Individual videos of mine take off, but the channel itself...I can't seem to really help it grow, you know? But then, you say that you never focused on growing your audience, but as you kept uploading, the sheer volume of things which people could find still put you in front of other people making you multiple streams of income. I wrote articles for ten years chasing an AdSense dream. At the beginning I tried affiliate marketing, but I could never make their minimum income brackets so they always stole all the money I helped them make - thus chasing the AdSense dream which didn't take away from my channel. As you know, the more you link away the more they aren't with YOU anymore. Affiliate marketing when you aren't big enough is super disappointing. You know when I coupldn't ever get enough followers for affiliate marketing to work. Do you think my audience is still too small for internet marketing? Followers are "few". 1k sounds awesome, but mostly that has nothing to do with how many watch. Just how hot I can get the algorithm working for me.

Passive income is on my checklist for 2018. Gonna get started soon!

Ralph Mickey on the same boat...and i bought the mind mapping course as well from brian mapp and still just as lost with prioritizing time for setting up a passive income vs the heavy workload i have now in my ratrace job

Thank you. .....Always enjoy your videos.

Thanks for the video

Great, great , great video Roberto! I love your honesty and your insight. Thank you for another top notch contribution to YouTube.

I have a digital product. I have a children ebook on amazon. Any tips on marketing that works around selling ebooks? I am also a illustrator and artist that’s trying to see what works.

The video is very helpful thank you but it is overwhelming but one step at a time. Thank you.

Always creating awesome. Great video

What a wealth of information! Thanks!

Having a marketable product also goes a long way. You wouldn't believe the roadblocks I've had to deal with trying to market crypto currency on youtube, google ads, and facebook. Three strikes and I struck out! This makes marketing more of a challenge and this has lead to more "innovative" ways of "guerilla" marketing. Outside of restructuring, my White Hat Marketing Tactics will soon begin to take on 50 shades of gray.

Great info. What mic are you using? Great sound.

Love the diversification strategy, Roberto! Time to start implementing!

hello, what you have to say for someone who starts in freelancer ??

Great video! Yes, yes, please expand on this topic. I'm ready to do this but need a good structure to follow!

Without good marketing, a business is like a tree falling in the forest with know one around. Does it make a sound?

thanks Blake good stuff!

Thanks Roberto. Cheers from Brazil.

"Create something awesome today..." VERY inspiring words. Thanks.

I was about to watch this video, but when I saw those numbers I had to take a rain check and come to watch when I have a pen and a notepad.

Hello Roberto, About affiliate marketing. Is there a video that You recommend watching for a beginner on how to start affiliate marketing?

money really is just behind a mental wall if people are creative we can all have multiple streams of income just got to put in the work


Fantastic video Roberto! Content is on fire! Really loving your stuff!!

great advice!

Good vid! Subscribed!

Hey Roberto I'm a gamer and I'm going start my channel soon. And is it fine that I play 2 main games on my channel. I remember you said on one of your vcheideos to establish a ni

You just earned my Sub! Genuine stuff man! Keep growing

I want to grow more but I have only just started you tube and only have 103 subscribers

This has nothing to do with that...

Roberto I'm really learning a lot from your videos. I'm in a situation where I need to make cash fast but I also want to get into this industry for the long term. Please let me know if you have a personal email where I can email some personal questions I have on where to start.

This is so helpful! I have been working on publishing courses on Skillshare as an additional income. I love Youtube and have the equipment and skills to make videos so it has been great!

Man...this is some life-changing information. Thank you for not having bullshit content. This is that uncut! Practical and to the point

First of all, thank you for asking! In general, I highly appreciate the concise approach in your delivery of the information. There is no fluff and everything you speak of is practical. Specifically, your take on the importance of content marketing in building an audience and funneling leads towards products was very lucid. I'm a recording artist but I'm also building a site on Wix with a target market of African-Americans and Latinos between 21-55 who have an interest in holistic health. Super micro-niche but very neglected territory online. You just opened my mind up on a more focused approach on how to monetize the site through multiple streams. And reminding me of the importance of content marketing. I hadn't really considered using my music to funnel leads but I think that combining that specific content with instructional videos on various elements of holistic health will serve me well. I hesitate what I would like to see in the future because I want to explore your channel more to see if you have already answered any questions I may have.

I’m glad you appreciate it. What was the most helpful thing for you and what else can I make that would help you or someone like you? This feedback is super important in getting out quality content!

Video starts at 4:45

Very useful video. You talked about referral programs for our own products. could you please make a video on which platform offer some good referral programs. Thank you.

Roberto Blake What's holding me back is that I feel i don't have any skills or enough smarts to really understand how do any of this. The only thing i can understand is affiliate marketing yet I have no social media accounts and don't want any so I don't have the audience. I'm pretty bummed about this and worried about my financial future

Amazing video brotha

I'm predominantly a writer/creative. I make my own videos, have blogged (and I will continue to do so) but it's hard finding a niche or a way to monetize those skills. Any ideas??

If you’re a writer I think building a service based business for active income while writing books yourself for passive income is practical. Doing a blog on niche subjects and using affiliate marketing is also smart

Nice vid. Discovered your channel today. Subbed.

Thanks, what made you subscribe?

Roberto I want to throw a quick tip your way, this is not hate or trolling. You should try out using color gels in your videos, darker skinned individuals reflect light, the colored gels should compliment your skin better. :)


My recommendation for quicker money is to freelance, passive income is not fast...

Any reason you’re not publishing courses on your own website

What stuck out the most to you?

Appreciate you, what stood out most for you personally?

This exactly!!!

What did you think?

Great video as usual. I would love your opinion on how to grow my business. I'm a life coach and I'm currently working on several ebooks and workbooks. I like your idea of Email marketing and referral program but was wondering if you think I should use YouTube or Instagram to build an audience? Which one, why and any tips?

Both platforms for sure and you need to expand your product offerings to scale the business.

Great tips. Your videos helped me grow my YouTube channel now I'm earning passive income. #PartnerWithVinnie

This was a great video I'm not in a place right now to start earning a big passive income because I still need to get more skills and build my audience.(I'm learning 3d modeling) I have more than enough time. I think it's awesome that you also linked to your other videos for people who need to make money online soon. As well as being honest with what your offering here and giving us a reasonable expectation and emphasizing hard work here. I did add this to my watch later so I don't forget about your advice here. I'l be pushing myself to get a bigger channel and doing better on YouTube first. That alone takes a lot of time.

How do you land affiliate sales ? Talk about your first time approaching a small local business vs a bigger company..

I used platforms that have instant approval and made niche content to support those sales

Solid Information.

This guy's the best. No bullshit, just straight to the point.

Appreciate that. What was the most actionable thing in this video for you?

Thanks, bro. Very helpful. And hey, if you need or know anyone who is seeking a writing service, feel free to hit me up :)

Roberto Blake Thank You. I’m new to this so which of your programs should I invest in. I’ve got $150 until I get paid at the end of the month.

I have thought about that as something in the future but right now I don't feel like I have a large enough following on either Skillshare or Youtube to direct traffic to the website.

Roberto Blake You tips about optimizing the videos in the right way helped me the most despite i was not at all clear and consistent with my content i kept changing but now i have learnt to stay a bit consistent and i'll continue to go with it.

ok great. When you say expand my product offerings what would you suggest? Beyond books and coaching sessions, not sure what products I could sell.

Sennhieser MKE 600

It’s a game changer!

Thanks for watching !

You could if you also figured out targeting the parents ...

I think a combination of active and passive income can benefit anyone to be honest. The extra money can funnel into investments or savings... money grows money...

Consider licensing stock photography or selling a digital product based in photography

Not having any audience

Enjoyed. Will apply/am applying.

The fact that you’ve shared digital enabler platforms and also highlighted affiliate marketing options

What about iTunes?

Thanks a lot. Love your channel

Dope vid, man. Thanks!

Thank you, Roberto.

It's helping me write more regularly poems & songwriting ect. Getting back to my first love of writing. Next, I will be releasing more of it not waiting for perfection.looking into scriptwriting. It's also Reminding me of several ways to make money online. Stock Photo I tried awhile ago but didn't understand how to make corrections they wanted . would love a video on it. Still learning this technology stuff. Used phone for pics. I love taking pics of nature.

What about it is helping you?

This dude is dropping non-stop knowledge bombs!! Non-stop!

I got a really good idea for selling digital products while watching this. Your content is excellent and so underrated dude. Keep it up!

Awesome info. I've been trying to build an audience for several years but it feels like I'm creating in a void.

As always very inspiring. Thank you for the video. You are really helping me in the YouTube section of my business. Really Thank you for these video's

The thing that stops me is the lack of time as I'm a student and I'm just 17

Thank you for helping people.

Are you using any ein numbers or LLC? or are you able to do all this without them?

Man... thanks for this (((extremely valuable))) information, this is gold!!! Almost ran outta ink taking notes.

I have both but you can start without them

Good video mate.

Great video, Roberto! Love how you broke down different ways to earn income online legitimately. Online creators need to come together to spread the message that when you build a business online that truly helps people with something, there's an audience who will become your perfect customers. We learned about you from Tim Schmoyer! Loved the interview we watched with you & him! Keep rocking it, dude! - Brian + Erin

WishedUpon AVlog Weary? Not sure it makes sense, don't we all pay taxes regardless of how we make money?

Great video Roberto. Could you please tell us in the comments about the names of the platforms you are using for referral sales?

I made my own to get referral sales on my own products

I like your energy Roberto. I've always felt like I can relate to you somehow, because we come from a similar area of expertise.

YouTube isn't kind to foreigners like Caribbean folk I don't think they payout to us as we aren't from the states or elsewhere. But these ideas are great! Especially the t-shirt one

Every time I run into one of your videos I always leave inspired at the end. Thank you sir.

can you make a video on passive incomes for web and software developpers please ?

lol no problem bro i understand . but in my very humble opinion, there will be always some bunch of what you have mentionned anyway !!! so do what you want or have to do and that's it ! anyway thanks for sharing all this for tons of other people (like me) and for whom your videos are really helpfull more than you can imagine . please accept my best regards .

Unfortunately because I’m not an active web and software developer that video would draw to much criticism from those folks for me to be interested in making it... Even when I make videos about my experiences getting started with web design and how that helped me, I have to deal with a bunch of crap for it

Dog i love you, you keep it real without being a snotty asshole.

Do you have a video on how to use blackbox? I find the form they want me to fill out a little confusing.

Roberto. Thanks for your latest videos on passive income. I'm going to do even more book reviews in my niche!

I want to start selling T Shirts

Are URL Shorteners legit?

Bitly is

That was a lot of information. I'm gonna be on this channel for a while. Thanks for doing this.

You can get paid for making videos about how to make money to!

Always great content

I’ve had a course on thinkific for over 6 months and a planner on amazon but somehow I can’t get it to sell. Have any videos that touch on actually marketing? Because my email list isn’t latching but I get great reviews on those who’ve test trialed the courses and books

I was once a partner then stopped with my videos and I am no longer a partner

Awesome video. I’m gonna try the Wix Affiliate program; and I will do more with my audio book of poems. Thank you.

I am a Have a Network Admin Deg. what platform do you recommend for me

Yo, in all honesty, is blackbox working well for you?

Is this a beauty makeup channel or 10 ways to make passive income? Your comment was unnecessary.

You're right!

hi,you are trothful,helpful and useful thank you

A good video will you be doing a video on how a newbie can start to get traffic to my website

LOVE THIS. thank you!

Ik wil optreden

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invested 10k in his miners last month now i have i made 25k as pure profit, fast miners indeed

Have worked with him for years now ,hope I get to meet him someday

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how to contact him?

Thank you Roberto

Great video...

This is definitely a video I am going to have to watch multiple times and take notes. There's so many things to go over, but you put it out there in categories and make it easier. What an awesome video! Thank you!

Great video! Also love your hair bro

Is purple your favorite color? Have to say it seems like you chose it for your background color. Hasta otra día

hey, Peter also sells coffee. hahaha.

I've recently learned about your channel. I'm using it to get going with personal branding. You're only as old as you feel, plus I was 13 when you were born.

Ummm, you are AWESOME, and just gained a new subscriber!!! Excellent video!!!

Another excellent video. Many thanks.

I would love to see some content about 'salespersonship' as you mentioned in this video, and how people who don't have it naturally could learn it. Thank you for your very helpful videos!


I dont think you know what "passive" income means... ebooks? Podcasts? Streaming? That all requires work, not just upfront work, but maintenance as well. Sigh

Please change the way of making a video. As no one wants to listen for continuous 20 minutes without literally ANYTHING.

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