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Would you like to have a beautiful custom website in under 30 minutes without having to touch a single line of code no. Matter if you want to start a blog or even create. A whole online business, your, own website, is one of the best investments, you can make today and to, our luck the, process, is easier than ever before in this, video I'll show you everything step-by-step. So. That you can start your beautiful website today, have, fun I. Created. This free workshop, so that you can build your first WordPress, website easy, and professionally. I'm, Tim and I'm active in online marketing since, a few years if, you take a look at my channel you'll also see that I was able to help thousands. And thousands of viewers to, build their first websites, and this, is also what I'm trying to do for you before. We start with the step-by-step tutorial, I'll just show you some examples of how you could use your, website to your advantage, first. Of all web sites are extremely, versatile. You could start a blog to share your experiences. Ideas, and thoughts you, could also create a personal, branding page or port for you to get the dream job that you always wanted you, could build out your business website to, gain more customers and you could also create, an whole online store, that will generate a passive income every single, month and second, of all building, your website is so easy and cheap in today's, day and age that you can find a real reason to not do it if you ask yourself how you can build a website without, having to touch a single line of code the. Metrical, answer is a platform, named pro press you've, probably heard, of word press before but, I'm just going to give you some brief details, about it word press is known as a content, management system or CMS basically. Raw press is a platform, with. Which you can build your website using, different designs so-called. Themes, and plugins. This. Way you can practically build, and design your website the. Way you imagine it and you don't have to touch the single line of code WordPress. Makes building websites easy and even a little fun just. As a side note over, 30%, of all, web sites on the Internet are built using WordPress. A few. Of the companies and celebrities, using, WordPress include, ariana. Grande Alanis. Morrissette ellajay, cool Snoop. Dogg user bold and many, many, more so. Now that we are ready to build our first website I'll give you a short list of things that, we'll need to build our website first, we'll need a domain name this, is simply the name of your website for. Example Facebook's, domain is, YouTube's. Domain is And my, domain is two methods dotnet, domain names. Are usually paid, in annual, installments, and are pretty cheap with around fifteen bucks per year second. You'll need to buy web hosting riches. Where you pay a company, to use their servers, so you can saw your website's data online, and have your website live on the Internet, web, hosting is advertised, at a monthly price of about, four to fifteen bucks, what. Is also usually paid, in annual installments, so instead of paying every single month you pay once for one for a year and the. Last thing we'll need is a copy of WordPress which, is totally, free from Now. There, is also, We, want Because, it offers the free open-source, version of the WordPress platform with. Which we can design and, create a page the way that we want to work. Restore come a sort of a lite version that. Is much more limited in, its functionality. So, just remember don't, use repressed, or calm with, only these three, things you'll, be able to build your website and now, comes the best part in the past you would have to get all of those separately. And then connect, them all together now. The process, got a lot more beginner, friendly and all you really have to do is getting web hosting and the domain and WordPress, will automatically, be, included it couldn't. Get much easier than, this and now. We go into the real step-by-step. Tutorial. From, getting reposting, to, installing WordPress and customizing. Your site if you need help with any step, along the way ask, your question, in the comments and I give my best to help you out I answer. To every single comment so don't be shy the, first step or should I say only step is choosing, the right, in this, video I'm going to use cycloned for multiple reasons first. Off it's my go to Xhosa, which I've been using for a few years now currently. I'm using it for nine out of my 11, own projects, and because, cyclones, in my experience, has a lot of advantages, in comparison, to other horses the main reason why I chose a grande when I first started was, that the official, WordPress, website, recommends.

A Grande as the web host for WordPress they are also very beginner, friendly because. They have a great customer support and the simple interface, plus a one-click WordPress install there, are multiple more reasons where I would recommend second like the speed safety, uptime. Etc. But, this video shouldn't be a web hosting advertisement, I will link my whole cyclone, review in the comments so if you want to take a look into that check, it out and convince, yourself you, can also do, some more research and find a good report that fits your needs and in, case you choose another web host or already have a web host that's no problem at all you can still follow this tutorial all you have to do is skip, the signup process and, the WordPress installation figure. It out for your web host and then you can still follow this tutorial, let's start with the first step to your successful, website by clicking the very first link in the video description now. Why, do I want you to click that link and not go to a cyclone directly there's, two great reasons the, first reason is that working with SAC round because, of that you will get a 60, or 70 percent discount, it just depends on what promotion, they are currently running and the second reason is that this race icons, recognizes. That I sent you and I get another Commission in return now, this is at no extra cost for you cyclone pays for all that but, it just helps me creating, these free tutorials that I do in my spare time next. To university so, if you decide on cycloned I would, really appreciate if, you use that link it's a win-win situation and if, not that's also no problem at all so. I'll just click on this link and then, I get redirected to this page as you, can see here once again Recommends. Cyclones, as a repost and, a. Free scroll down here, we. Can decide between eco geek grow, big and set up if you, want to create an online shop or online business I would recommend using the go geek plan as you, can see here it has a lot of premium features which. Are I. Wouldn't say necessary, but very helpful, when having an online business you, can look into them when you're on the page and see for yourself rather the go get plan would be necessary. But. If you ever looked at to having an online store or ever had one you, will probably know that, the extra five bucks aren't, that much for example for Shopify, I paid, $29. Per month so if you're making money with your website you get the money back pretty, quickly, but if you simply want to create a website I would recommend, choosing either the grow big or sell a plan I obviously, want to keep this part of the video relatively.

Short Because, there shouldn't be a cyclone or reprocessing advertisement. But reposing, is the foundation, for your website so, that's why I cannot go into detail here the. Main difference, between the Quebec and the salaah plan is the, amount of websites you can host where, the grow big plan you can host unlimited websites, so. That means as many domains and, websites, as, you want with. The Estela plan you can host one, website so. In case you already know that you're going to have multiple, websites then, I would recommend using, the equal big account because. You have all your websites and all your domains in one account which. Is one cheaper, and two easier, to handle in addition, to that the grow big account has some premium features in comparison, to the static account for example dear pistou / Ke$ha riches, basically. Is software, that allows the browser to save. Some data and make, your website load faster and you, also have some other space so your website is going to be even a little faster, than this dollar plan this. Other plan is still very fast you can also google it and check out some statistics. Cyclones. Rinse most of the time in this price range but, like I said in the Quebec and go get plan your website is even a little faster there are also two more features that I liked a lot in the Quebec account the first being that you have a priority, technical. Support so. Especially. As a beginner if you have any questions, you can just shut them up 24/7. And they, will help you out and the second point that I, especially, if you already maybe have a web hosting account which, you are not happy with there's a free repressed. Friends fear so, if, you have a web host that you don't like or, you already, have a WordPress website they, will transfer, your website from, there to. Cycloned which can save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches now, that doesn't mean that this data plan is bad at all I would definitely recommend that, you go onto this page compare. The different plans and then. See for yourself which, one makes the most sense I, personally. Use the grow big account because I have multiple projects, on cyclones, but in this case I will actually click on the startup account because, I'm just buying this one for, the tutorial, and later on I will cancel so I click on get plan in this step you can choose your domain in, case, you haven't brought the domain already you, can go to register, a new domain and, then, type it in here maybe. You have to get a little creative because, a lot of domains are already taken, so maybe you have to change it up a little bit you, can also change, the domain extension, on the right-hand side but, I would stay with the most popular ones so the comment or code or net org, or your, country's extension, and in, case you already have a domain you, can choose this checkbox and then fill it in here and I, will link a video on how to connect your domain to cyclones in the video description and, probably, also in the info box for this tutorial I'm going to bio domain so I click on register and your domain, choose the domain I want and by, the way I would also recommend buying. Your domain at cyclone, because it saves a lot of trouble, and it's very easier so then I click on proceed. Here. You simply have to fill in your account information so. You have to choose your email password and confirm your password for. This and for you will later on login to your cyclone, account and then. You have to add some information about you so your country first name last name in. Case you have a company and the vet you can fill it in here then. You have city street address zip code and phone number and down. Here is the, payment information there. You simply your credit card information in. Case you don't have a credit card and want to pay by a paper you can also do that just, scroll up. With the support and they will do it for you so after you filled in your payment information we, can check our purchase information so. Plan is the startup plan that's right in case you want to choose another one you, can click on the symbol on the right and choose one of these three, then. There is the data center, there you can simply decide where you want your service to be located, sacré knows that I'm located in Germany that's, why they chose Amsterdam, but, you can choose another one by going on this symbol on the right side and then choose one of these other options that's, actually, pretty cool because a lot of times you don't really know where your servers, are located and, in, this case you know and you can even decide then.

You Can decide what payment period you want to have I always, choose 12 months but you could also choose 24, 36. This. Way you will save some money and if you already know that you're going to use your website for a longer time why, not do that whatever, just not recommend, is choosing the one-month. Trial, because, you. Have a 30 day money-back guarantee anyways. So I would rather use that than, any one month try I, will. Just choose 12 months and then. We can scroll down a little bit here, we can see again domain registration, astrov 95, I would, not recommend using the SG site scanner because that's, not really necessary you can use plugins for that and then, there's the end price and if we scroll down a little bit we. Can check the first checkbox saying that we confirm to the Terms, of Service and Privacy Policy which. We obviously read, it like we always do and if, you want to get advertisements. From cyclones you can also check the second checkbox which, I'm not going to do now but. What I'm going to do is scroll up fill. It in my own information and, then I click on Pay Now now. Your account is getting set up and when. You see this page you can click on proceed to custom area then. This page will probably, appear in. Case you want to transfer your site you can click on transfer our website but. Otherwise I will click on toad need help now we, also don't want the ESG site scanner so make sure that this is unchecked and then, you can click on confirm, and after. We click on confirm we have to, click on this check box saying. That we confirm to the Terms. Of Service and Privacy Policy and, then we on complete, setup and now. We are locked in to our second, account congratulations. After you signed up for sack road you should also check your email you will probably receive three emails one. Of them requires. A confirmation, for the domain, so go on there and click the link that is in the email now. That we are locked into cyclones, we can actually start and begin installing, wrappers in order. To do that click, on my accounts. Then. Click on go, to cPanel, and on. Proceed, and, then. You can simply click on WordPress, and. Here. You can click on the blue install, button in. This software setup our first point is to choose a protocol, as you. Can see here it's set to, HTTPS. If we. Look up here for example it's, also HTTPS. And there's, a lock right next to the domain that means that, your domain has, installed an SSL, certificate which. Is really important for the safety of your website and Google. Will block your site if you don't have an SSL certificate, so. What I would do is check, here if it's set to HTTPS. If it, isn't and this. Is very important, you. Need to have HTTPS, in here what. I will do is link. A tutorial on how to install an SSL, certificate on your, domain with, sycron, a lot, of times it's already. Installed but, sometimes, it isn't so. If it automatically, sets HTTPS. Perfect. You can continue, and otherwise. Watch, the video which I linked. In the description comments. And probably, also in the info box check that out and then we continue here but since I've got an SSL certificate we, can also continue, here, we can choose the domain we want to install WordPress on it's, set to my. Domain that's, right, directory. We leave that blank site, name you can change it in here you. Also don't have to do that now we can also change that later on in our, WordPress, dashboard but. If you want to you can already change the site name and site description then, make sure that this checkbox, is unchecked and then, we can go to the admin account here. You can either keep, the admin, login data so your admin user and admin password or you can change it up whatever just do then is not using, the, word admin, itself, as we admin username because, it will make hacking your website a lot easier and, the. Admin password should obviously also be set to strong, so make sure that this is right, then. There's the admin email I will just change that to your personal, email just, for now later, on we can change that too and you can also create business emails with sycron, so for example at man at your domain. Info. At your domain go calm and whatever else this, is pretty easy inside, grande then, we can choose your language here you can simply decide. What language you want to install WordPress, on I would. Just choose English now but, as you can see you have got a pretty big selection.

We. Don't need these plugins and we also don't want the repressed Allah so I uncheck that box, and then I click on Install, Now, WordPress. Is installing this, may take a few minutes and by, the way this is an very, important point if you just signed up as a ground and just cut, your domain it may, be possible that, you install. WordPress but if you visit your, site it won't automatically, work if that's. The case that's, no problem at all that's perfectly normal that's. Just you through your domain getting, registered and that takes a few hours so, I would recommend just looking into that after, like four to five hours and if it still doesn't work then just write me a comment and I will help you out so, WordPress is now installed and as you can see here that's. Our URL, and that's our administrative. URL, we. Can just open that up. And, congratulations. We are in our wordpress dashboard if you, ever want to come back in here all, you have to do is open up your domain, /, WP, -. Admin, and then, you simply have to log in with your admin data that we just set, up we. Can actually close, this, window your, admin data will also be sent to your in an email and then. I would just clear, that up a little bit so. I just go. On these little arrows click, on dismiss and now, it looks like Lena so. The, first thing you see each time after logging into WordPress, is the dashboard, this. Page just summarizes, your website and also includes the latest updates and news from WordPress at the. Top we had the admin bar which, we won't use too often except. To view our website by, hovering over, the name and clicking, on visit site now the, sidebar the left is going to be your main navigation for. Customizing, our website and its appearance, adding. Separate, web pages and blog posts and changing. Our account settings I'm going to start by showing you some minor, account, settings which I think are really important, go. Through users, your. Profile. As. You. Can see here your display name publicly. Ass is, set, to. Yv. E IQ. Or, whatever, else this, is basically your admin login data as you can see here - so. What I would recommend is, changing your nickname for example to your personal name and. Then. Choosing, display, name, your. Personal, name and, updating. The profile. This. Basically, makes, a website a lot safer. Here. You could also change your admin, email once again that's, all we have to do in here then. We can go to. Settings. And. General. You, could add your site title and tagline if you haven't done it in your installation. Before I already, did it so I don't have to change anything but. You could do it if you want to. Then. There's the WordPress address inside address in. Case you run your website to, have www. Dot in, front, of your domain so it, would be W. Wwwp. Tutorial. 2.0, instead. Of just our up-2 target 2:30, you, okay. I chose, a not so easy domain but, basically if you want www. In front of your domain you. Can do it in here all you have to do for. That is go, into WordPress address and after. The second, slash you, have to fill in www. Dot and, you. Have to do the same thing at site. Address so. Www. It's. Really important, that you don't change anything else don't. Change up the URL no. Uppercases. Nothing. Else and it has to be exactly, after the second slash because, if you change something else you will crash your website, and then, you would have to uninstall and, install WordPress. Once again and we don't want that so make, sure that this is right and then, you could save, the changes then, you will have to login once again and everything's, saved, I would. Just undo that and since. I didn't change anything in here I don't have to go to Save Changes then. We can go through, permalinks. Here. We have to choose post, name this, is better for SEO then. We click on Save Changes and these. Were already some, of the settings we'll have to do then, we can really start going into the design and customization. In order to do that hover over appearance and, then click on themes. Themes. Determine, the, overall look of your website from layout to color scheme to fonts and more. WordPress. Does come with some, free default themes so if you click into live preview, you, can see how your website would look like with, each theme.

Now. The beauty, of WordPress is that there are thousands, of other themes you, can choose from to really spice up your website and make it unique to add a new theme click, on add new to be taken to a page where you can browse and search for, virtually, any theme you can, think of, some. Themes are free some. May have a small one-time cost and others. Are freemium which, means you can use a limited, version of the theme for free so, go ahead and choose a theme you like and then, click install if you'd like to use the theme featured in the intro of this video search. For ocean, WP, in the search bar if you, found it click on install and after. The installation click on activate, to, make it your current theme, to. See how our website would look like hover, over your website's name on the, admin bar up top and then, click visit, site, you. Can customize the theme by, going back into the dashboard and choosing, customize, from, the appearance section. Here you can really make reps of unique biding a logo or header image at the top and also changing your site title and tagline now. There's a ton of other settings but. In each theme, those. Settings, are different most. Of them are really self-explaining so I would suggest just, going through them testing. Them out and keeping. Those that, you like as you, can see the default homepage shows, the sample post, this. Is known as a block front page, every. Time you create a new blog post this, front page will automatically, update with, your latest posts at the top so. If your website is mainly going to be a block then. You're pretty much set already at this point, now. If you want to make a more traditional business, website I'll show you how to make a regular home page in a second, but. First let's talk about posts, vs. pages. Two. Of the most important, functions on the sidebar posts, and pages. Posts. Simply, refer to blog posts which, are usually in the news article, format and have a title and the date pages. Refers, to an individual, page on your website that, is usually part of the core website such, as a home page or about, Us page you. Can add a new post or page by, hovering over it and clicking add, new this. Will reveal the Guttenberg text editor where, you can draft up your post or page by clicking in, it and then adding your content now, this, is read with your pages and blog posts that in my opinion is a little outdated and, not. That useful I would suggest using page builders but we'll get to that at the end of the video if. You. Want, to create a lot of blog posts, this. May be good I would then suggest. Searching. Up the Gutenberg text, editor and watching, like one or two tutorials and then, you'll be good to go to edit everything you, want if, you're happy with your work you can click on publish and then. Click. On publish once again now, if you want to make a traditional, home page that isn't a blog you can add a new page and make this your home page put. Whatever information, and pictures you want into, the text editor. And then. Do to publish and publish, once again after, we have a home page ready we need to jump into settings, on the sidebar and go into reading at the. Top it says front. Page displays, and by, default it's set to your latest post Rich's.

Ready Block shows up instead. Click a static page and choose the home page we just created from, the drop down menu and then, hit Save Changes at, the bottom now. That we have the basics down we can start building out the website further by, adding more pages of hosts for, example just like we did with making a home page we can make an about Us page the, same way and any, other page you can think of. Once. We have multiple pages it's time to make a navigation, bar so people can access the pages from the homepage or whatever, page they are on go. To the appearance section once, again and click menus, here. We can create our navigation. Bar first. Give it a name like navigation, for example. Then. Simply choose the pages, you want to include in your navigation by, checking the boxes on the side and clicking, Add to menu, you, can rearrange the, order in which the pages will appear and you can even direct them to the right to, create rub down menus. Then. Under theme location, check, the primary, menu box so. Your navigation, bar shows up for your website once you're done click Save menu and you should be set. The, last thing I want to introduce to, you guys when building your website is the Rondo of plugins we've. Already seen how simple it can be to change the look of your website using, themes but. Plugins are what really can take your website to the next level. Plugins. Expand, the functionality, of your website to, allow you to make virtually, any kind of website you can think of, plugins. Are coded by professional, developers, then, packaged up so the average user can use these functions without having to mess with the code for, example you can download an e-commerce plugin to completely, transform your website into webstore, that accept customer, orders online payments, and customer. Info the. Best part is that most of these plugins are completely, free to install and use now. I'm going to show you an example of how to install a plugin and implement, it into your website the. Example we're going to do now is to make a Contact Us page with, the simple contact form first. Go to plugins and then. Click on add new, there. You can click on the popular, tab and scroll, down to find a plug-in called contact form, 7 which. Is the most popular contact, form plugin with over 1 million thoughts. Then. Click install now. After. The plugin installed click. Activate, this. Will take you to your installed plugins page now. Click settings. Underneath contact, form 7 where you can view and customize your contact form there's. Already a basic contact form in here so what we can do is implement it onto. A page using what is known as shortcode, shortcode. As the name implies is a shortened, version of code that you can copy and paste into a page to implement the plugin so. Go, ahead and copy that chocolate, from the settings page and. Then. Either create, a Contact Us page or go to any page you already created I already. Created a contact page so I go to pages and click on, contact us and then. I just paste in the short code into, the text editor entered. Publish. Page updated click. On the link to see the finished, result as you can see here now, we have a Contact, Us page with the simple form it's, that, simple after you make a new page also, make sure to edit to your navigation bar in, case you want to have it in your navigation now. That's, all the basics I want to show you for, WordPress I know. That.

This Isn't as detailed. As you may, wish but, that has a few reasons first. Of all WordPress. Is such a big platform with, so, many facets, that, I simply can't show you everything you need in 30, minutes but what I did here is show, you all the basics you need to build your first website and then by continuing, to learn you. Can build, your first website in a few hours you're. Probably testing it out now and it, may seem a little overwhelming. But believe me if you follow everything, you've just seen in the last 25, minutes you'll be good to start well. After now is create, a second, tutorial that, goes into much more detail in there, I show you how to use a page builder to really build beautiful, pages from, scratch I linked, this video in the info box in the description, and in the comments, and, it. Will probably also appear at the end of the video it's a one and a half hour video but you can skip the first 20 minutes but. After watching this. Video you, really be good to go and know everything that's necessary for your website so. I would definitely recommend checking that out otherwise. Remember, WordPress, is the biggest platform for, building websites on the internet so whenever you have a problem or question, just. Google it you will find at least, 20, tutorials, for every problem and you, will always find an answer otherwise. You can also comment under this video I would gladly help you out I hope, you enjoyed this video if you did please leave a like, so YouTube also knows that this video was good you, can also subscribe I will publish, a lot more tutorials, I hope you have a great day, remember, the second in depth tutorial, and, have, fun.

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➤ Questions? Ask them in the comments and I'll help you ! ➤ Siteground Hosting: (60% Discount + you support the channel :) ) ➤ How to install a SSL Certificate : ➤ In depth Tutorial : ➤ Timestamps are in the description ➤ Good Luck!

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➤ Questions? Ask them in the comments and I'll help you ! ➤ Siteground Hosting: (60% Discount + you support the channel :) ) ➤ How to install a SSL Certificate : ➤ In depth Tutorial : ➤ Siteground Review : ➤ Timestamps are in the description ➤ Good Luck!

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➤ Questions? Ask them in the comments and I'll help you ! ➤ Siteground Hosting: (60% Discount + you support the channel :) ) ➤ How to install a SSL Certificate : ➤ In depth Tutorial : ➤ Siteground Review : ➤ Need a Logo ? : ➤ Timestamps are in the description ➤ Good Luck!

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