How To Make A Free Chatbot For Your Website And Facebook Page

How To Make A Free Chatbot For Your Website And Facebook Page

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In this video I'm going to teach you how to make a free, chat bot that, will connect, to your business's, Facebook, page and then you could take that and integrate, it with your website, no matter what platform you're using if, you're using WordPress, or, Shopify. Or a Squarespace, it doesn't, matter you can even use it on some, of the landing, page funnel, builders like click funnels or leadpages, it doesn't matter you're gonna be able to take this chat bot and plug, it in wherever, your, website, is if that interests, you keep, watching hi my name is Adam from WP, crafter comm, where I make wordpress tutorial, videos for non-techies, if you're new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and to. Not miss a video click on the bell alright, a chat bot is is. Useful. For a lot of different things and we're. Going to use a free, chat, bot service, now there's lots of different free, chat bot services. The one we're going to use is called mobile monkey, and you could visit their page right, now go, to WP, crafter calm, slash, Mobile, monkey one word and it's gonna take you right on over to their website and. So, here it is, their. Service, you can actually use for a lot of really, cool things but in this video we're gonna just specifically. Focus, on the, chat bot portion. And I, think a chat bot is very, relevant for every, type of business because what happens, is people, are going to ask you questions with, it, way through your website and over time you start to see a pattern of questions. That people ask, and they'll, ask you via Facebook messenger, they'll email you there's, all sorts of ways they'll contact. You and typically, will ask you the same questions, and you can use a chat bot to answer a lot of those even. For me on my website I have a frequently. Asked and a Help section but, yet I still, get asked those questions via. Live chat via. Facebook, Messenger, and all of that and so, that's. Where, a chat, bot comes in if you're a local business if, someone wants to say, hey are you open on Saturday, a chat, bot can answer that for you all are you answer, are you open on Christmas. Eve a, chat, bot can answer that for you there's all sorts of things that you can use a chat, about four and I'm specifically. Going to, do the tutorial, on this service, because it has live, operator. Takeover, and what that means is you, or someone, in your business, can have Facebook, message or open on their computer and see. When people are interacting with your chatbox, and easily, jump in and take over the chat if they wanted, to all. Right so here it is it's a mobile monkey, now here's their pricing, page we're gonna just use the free plan there, is a tiny bit of branding, that is so obscure. With it and I'll show you in this video, so, we're gonna mainly be using this chat bot, builder. Right here but there's other things you can do there's like a chat blaster, that's, where all the people that have interacted, with your bot you can send a message to all of them so if your business and you sell things you might say hey do you want a 20%, off coupon it's. Good for the next 24 hours there's all kinds of things you can do with that probably, want to use it sparingly there's, also a Q&A trigger so people are asking your bot things that you don't have answers for it collects, all of those questions so that you can go and create an answer for it it's very, neat post comment, card we're not going to go over that the live chat takeover though that is the really cool thing and then of course the, website, chat. Widget where we're gonna integrate, this with our website you can see they're actually using it right, here on their a website, if, you did want one of their paid plans, it adds, some additional things like scheduled, the blasts of drip blasts. Or drip. Campaigns, where you can send a message on the first day they reach out to you the fifth day seventh day stuff, like that there's some deeper, analytics. And you get integrations. That might be useful for you, in this video though we're just going to use the free version however. Everything, we go over applies, if you want to have one of their paid options, as well so getting an account setup is really easy you're gonna go ahead and click, on anywhere. On this site where it says get a free account and it's just like integrating. Anything, else with Facebook you click on it it says do you want to use Facebook to login and, then it pops up your, profile. And you authorize. It it'll take you two seconds I'm sure you've already done it before just make sure you're logged into Facebook. On the, same browser that you're doing this on and you'll.

Get Set up really quick and then it's going to end up taking you right here. And once you go through that process now, mobile, monkey will be aware of all of the Facebook, pages that you're an administrator on, and so the way this works is simple we're, gonna create one chat, bot and connected, to one, of your Facebook pages you can only have one bot, connected. At a single, time to one of your Facebook, pages and we're, gonna build that all out right now so, the first thing I want to do is click on create, a blank chat bot and then, we're gonna get this option, to use one of our other chat. BOTS that, we have already built out or just start with a clean slate for this tutorial we're gonna just create a new one clean slate just like this and then, it's going to take us right here and we, have a new one that says untitled. Chat, bot we're gonna click on edit and the, first thing we're going to do is actually give this chat bot a title, and the, way we do that is we click right here on settings, now in the settings this is where we're gonna name, this chat bot and we're also going to choose the Facebook, page that we managed, to link, it up to so, I'm gonna go ahead and add, a name right now okay, so I named, this, bot tutorial. Keeping, it simple and then when you scroll down the page a little bit you're gonna see a list of the Facebook pages that you manage, and all, you have to do is click on the connect button to now connect, this but which doesn't have anything in it but we're going to connect this but to, that Facebook, page and what's. Nice is if you ever want to disconnect. This bot with that Facebook page you're gonna go here and this button is gonna go from saying, connect to disconnect, so I'm gonna click on connect and it's, going to connect it and you see now it says disconnect, so if I ever want to say I don't want to do this but thing anymore you, can easily disconnect. It or you can maybe disconnect. It create a whole new bot with a whole new flow and then. Connect, that and kind of go back and forth with the bots you can do that as well so, now. This. Is basically, the interface, now, everything's, going to be pretty much done, here where it says pages, and, I'll explain what that means in a moment Q&A, is where we're gonna see a list of the things that people might be entering. Into, the but that you don't have an answer for so it keeps like a catalogue, of that so, you can go in there and you can add automatic. Responses, once you see these common, threads that, people, start, asking. HTML. Elements, this is what we're going to use to integrate it to our website we will be doing that in this video, FB, comment, guard what this does is if someone leaves a comment on a particular. Facebook. Post that you made to your page you can automate, sending, them a message back this, is when you say oh if. You want to save 20%, today just, leave a comment, in the comment, section, and then, people say oh I want that coupon. And then this will automatically, send it to those, people, then down here we have chat blaster, this. Is a feature that you get access to and, drip, campaigns, is something, that you need a paid plan for you, can see a list of your contexts your, contacts, etc, etc now, when we're ready to test the bot that we're about to build there's. A button in the top right that says test this bot you click on that and then we'll actually be able to to, test this bot ok, so let's click on the pages, so, the, basic.

Way A, a, bot. Works it's a lot like or kind of think about it like one of those auto. Attendants. When you call a business you call a business and they say thank you for calling and if. You want this department, press one this department press to this department press three and then you you. You you click on say one and then it gives you the information maybe, to, hear the address you press one and then it gives you the address and then at the end it says to, go back to the main menu press. This or do this and, that's, pretty much what we're creating with a bot and but. What's also nice is you, know when you've called those IVRS, nowadays. You don't even have to put, a button in for those auto attendants, now it says just, say what you want just say, your card number just say, I want to know the office address and all that and so that kind of same kind of technology you're, now actually, able to you in about so, your buck can get smarter over time understanding. What people are, asking and then, giving them what they're asking without, having, it to be press 1 or click here or do that kind of stuff so that's kind of what we're doing when, we're creating a bot now, it this is a very powerful bot, builder. So, there's all of these elements you see here at the top text. Images. Galleries. You, can create a form, this is where you're asking, questions, the, person's. Answering, those questions and, then, with this email. Element. Right here then you can take all that info and email, it to someone that is a very powerful video, this is actually great for me my channel and my channel someone could say hey how do I migrate, a website, I can have a butt that says oh here's the video for that and just give, them the YouTube video BAM right there problem. Solved, so there's all of these powerful. Elements. That you can use when you're building out this but now, the way it works is, when someone first jumps, into your facebook Messenger or when this is integrated. On your website on the, messenger, on your, website, the, first thing they're gonna get is this welcome page right, here and we can put anything we want by, default it's just showing, some text here but, say we might want it to also show, our logo, well it's super, easy all we would have to do is click right here where it says image, we're just clicking on the image element and then, we probably don't want the message and then the image we'd probably want our logo at the top so.

We Can click right here and just drag, that up BAM. We, now have our logo, and a message it's looking super branded, and personalized. For you you just click in here and then put your logo file, in so. You can do, that whatever you want with this and if you put an element, in that you want to get rid of just click on the little trash can and it's, gone, so, the, way this works is, for, each of these options. That, we're gonna give someone say, when someone wants. To know what. Your office, address, is so. We would create a page, and right here it says right. Here create. A page we would click on this and we'd, create a page oh here is, our address. And so, you would create these syriza's, of pages, and essentially. Your, bot is just giving people options to, jump in and out of these pages just, like how a website is you have all of your content separated. In these pages and you give people the ability to jump, around those. Pages, and that's, what we're doing here with a bot so what I'm gonna do right now is build a basic. But and, I. Will then connect in one of the more complicated, BOTS, that I have built so, that you can see how that works as well so, here's the first message I think with about you want to try to make it sound as personable. As possible, so it says thanks for your message. Someone. Will be right with you, that's. Probably not what we want to communicate so, I'm gonna go ahead and change that now all right I changed my message to say hey and then pull in their first name from their Facebook account how, can we help you today so, what, is nice, about using, a messenger, bot is someone doesn't have to necessarily give, you some of the basic information it's. Just being relayed, through Facebook, so you can know you, can relay someone's first name and someone's last name in some basic details like that and so, these I just like to refer to them as buckets. So, there's a buckets where you'll put information, in these buckets and this. One happens to already be prefilled, out and so, at any point in, the bot builder, where you're entering, text you, can easily pull up the list of buckets.

That You can use in your messages, by, putting, in or by entering two of those brackets so. For me it's shift, practic, bracket, and then boom there, is my list of values that I can use throughout, these various, messages, and what's. Also nice, about this, is when we're using the form, element, we're going to be able to create these buckets, and we. Could use those throughout the bot experience, as well so, you just go down if I wanted it to show their last name right there hit enter and that will show them the last name so I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of that okay. So the next thing we want to do is give. Them some options and, the best and easiest way probably to do that is to add a button so, you'll click right here at a button you'll give the button a label this is what's going to show when, someone actually, has offered, this as an option and then, you can choose three, different things that's going to happen when someone clicks that button number. One you can have it go to a different, page so, in that example where, you had a page setup with all of your contact, information. We. Can create that page and then we can make a button show, that and we, can also have a button place, a phone, call so. This is great if someone's doing this communication, on their mobile device they can tap that button and it's, gonna call you right away and then we can also have it go straight to a URL, so, someone, says, what are your. Pricing. For, XYZ. You can actually have, a button that takes them straight to your pricing, page or you can have the bot respond, with, something specific so there's lots of things you could also do with this URL, option, right here so I'm gonna go ahead and add two button, options, right now okay, I've created two buttons one says call now the other one says business, hours and this is going to be linked, to a page that we're gonna create right, now now, you can delete these buttons at any time or you can actually reorder them, you see these little arrows on the top right that's, gonna allow you to reorder these. Buttons, and so, this is what's going to show when someone first visits. This bot now, what we need to do now is create a new page that we're gonna link to this business, hours, button, that we just created, so I'm, gonna click on create page so we're gonna give it a name and you can also enter a note if you want so I'm just gonna go ahead and enter business, hours, now, I'm going to click on create page, so I have this new page here and you can create groups, to put these pages in together with so, say you wanted, a new group of frequently, asked questions, you, can do that and you can create a page for each of these various, frequently, asked questions. So, they can stay nice and tidy, all linked together so now, I have, this new page and I can start dragging, and/or start, adding, my different, but, builder, elements, but what I want to do first so I don't forget is now I want to go and link that actual, button to, this page that I created so, I'm gonna go back here click on welcome page. Right here where it says business, hours I'm going to click on that and make sure right, here it says welcome page I'm actually gonna change this to be linked, to this new business. Hours page click, on update button ok so let's, go ahead and add some simple. Information here. I'm gonna click on text, because, I just want to have some text to let them know the, business, hours, and then we'll add a button to allow, people to go other places in, this bot ok I just put in we're open Monday through Friday, from. This, time to that time ok, so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to add a button and remember you could use those a button, bucket containers, that I was talking about in there so if you want to add the person's first name to, give it more of a personalized, experience you, could easily do that ok, so I'm gonna go ahead and, add, an. Option, here for the visitor to go someplace else in this bot so, I can, send them back to the welcome page if they want, maybe I'll just enter create a button and call it main menu, ok, I've created that and I'm. Gonna have it taken back to the Welcome page there's, obviously smoother. And slicker ways of doing all this kind of stuff ok, so if you wanted to also trigger. This without a button, so someone can just enter in, business. Hours or what are your business hours you can enter. All of those various, phrases right.

Here Where it says add trigger, so, for here I can enter in the question what. Time are you open, ok I've entered that and I'll click on enter and now, I have, a keyword phrase that will also trigger. The business, hours to be shown so this is when someone just enters, in the question, doesn't, necessarily, click on a button that we haven't made available to. Them so that will also jump someone, on into, here ok, so I, think this is OK for starters. So, let's go ahead and test this but now, on the top right there's the button now, when we click on this it's going to take us over to messenger. Comm, and it's going to take you into your Facebook, Messenger account and, it's. Going, to start this chat button I think we're ready for this, right now so, I'm going to go ahead and click on test the spot and then click on open messenger. It's, taking, me into the. New, tab and here, is my bot someone joins my bot this is what they're gonna see and you can see it's personalized. It with the first name it, says hey Adam how can I help you today and so. I can click on business hours or call, now so, when I click on business hours it says, that and then, right here it says we are open, what. I what I put in it's just showing and then it gives me an option to main, menu probably, want to make this instead, of saying main, menu take, me back to the main menu or something like that so, I'm gonna go ahead and click on it and now it's gonna take me back up to the main menu so, let's go ahead and test that phrase, that, I entered in I think it is when. Are you open, so we have to actually enter it exactly, as we entered, it on, the. Trigger, so, I think it was what, time are you open there. It is what time you open I might have that wrong I don't remember let's see what happens i clicked on enter and oh. There, it is I actually did enter, it right what. Time are you open and, it, just went ahead and showed, me those hours, so, now, let me actually ask, that question, a little differently so, I entered when, do, you open today, and so, what it's gonna do is it's going to give me this response, that says sorry I'm just a but but someone real will be right with you now you can actually customize that, because right here where it says default, page when I click on this this, is the response that is going to be given to someone when, the bot does not know what to do okay. So you can change this maybe. Add their first name sorry Adam, I don't have, the answer for that right now but we'll get right back to you maybe something more personal you, might want to put it right there now. Check this out when I click on Q a we. See, right. Here on the right unanswered. Questions, and it took that question that I ant entered, and it didn't know the answer for and it's showing me this right here and what, that's allowing, me to do is, create. An answer, or link that to an answer page, that I've already, created so. It's really nice to be able to use this to know how. People ask, questions. Ok, so you could just click on that and then link that or set that all up I think I would just go ahead and cop, it pasted, it right there. And hit. On enter just. Like that and now. We have, an answer for that so now someone, asks, that question it's. Gonna go right here to, the business, hours, okay. So let me go back here to my, pages, so, this is the basics, of a bot and let. Me just show you now how to connect it in to your website and then I'm going to show you real quick how to do a form and send an email and all of that because, I've already created a bot for that okay. So if we want to connect this to our website, any website, could be Shopify. Or anything, like that, typically, all your website platforms, are gonna have an option of where you can enter in some. Kind of Google Analytics or, something like that and it's the same thing with, Facebook messenger. Of this messenger bot we created, so, we need to click on HTML elements. Right here we need to click on add HTML, element, in the right click on customer.

Chat Widget now what we need to do is a few things we need to give this a name and then we need to enter the domain name the. Website, address, where we're gonna actually put. This so I'm gonna go ahead and do this now okay, I've gone ahead and done that and what's, really neat is you can, choose when you're embedding, this onto, your website where. It picks up in the chat bot so by default it's that same welcome page but, we can choose to maybe have it pick up straight at the business hours or some other page. That we created in the bud and this way you can kind of have a little bit more control over what happens on your website, now you can actually, embed. This in all. Kinds of web sites as many websites, as you want if you want to have that continuity, so, if you have a website, one place and then you might have your check out someplace else, you can embed it in both of those locations. Okay. So now what I like to do is I like to click back on HTML, elements, click, right here it says copy code, it took that little snippet of code that I need to enter and it put it into my, clipboard so. Now I'm going to jump on over to a wordpress website right. Here and if, you don't know if you're not using WordPress and you don't know how, to get. This working I'm sure whatever. Form you can ask their support hey where do I add an analytic, script or a live chat script it's usually pretty easy to find but if you're unsure you, can ask those two support channels but I'm going to show you how to do this on WordPress, right now now, your. WordPress. Theme probably. Already has an option, to have. A spot, for putting this and the team that I use, does and it doesn't really really, tricked out and you can do some neat things I'm going to show you that in a moment but first I want to show everybody. Else that might not be using the theme that I'm using I use the Astro theme I want to show everyone else how to do it so there's a free plug-in called insert, header, what's a cult Arnott insert, header and footers, so essentially. You can go to plugins add new do, a search for insert, headers and footers it's, a simple free plug-in that allows you to easily, add, Google. Analytics type scripts, and live, chat scripts, so once you install and. Activate that you're gonna have this new option here that says insert headers and footers so, for. This I'm gonna go ahead and put, it where it says scripts, in footer, I'm, just going to paste it I'm gonna go ahead and click on save, and then, I'm gonna go to the front end of the website we, can see I don't have it, here now, but if I click on refresh you're, gonna see this new messenger, bot in the bottom, right-hand corner. Of the page there it is now, because. I've already been interacting. With, the bot when I click on it it shows me a history, of all, of my interactions. With this. Particular, bot and it's as simple as that now it's gonna appear on every single page now, I actually, don't. Implement, it that way and that's, because, my theme, has. Integration. For, these scripts but it doesn't in a really, advanced, way, and gives, me total control of EV where, this. Facebook. Messenger. Bot appears. On my web site and I kind of like having that extra bit of control so, in the Astra theme there's a feature, called custom, layout so I'm gonna go to it right now it's under appearance and then custom, layouts, right here so I'm gonna create this new custom layout and it's going to give me display, control, so, I'll click on add new and then I'm just going to go ahead and give this a name okay, facebook Messenger, bot I'm gonna click right here it says enable code editor, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna paste my code in, there. Now where it says custom layout settings, I'm gonna go here and choose hooks, and then. Where it says action, I'm gonna choose this option down, here at the bottom that says WP.

Footer, So it says WP, footer right there and now, I get to choose when. To have, this code be triggered, or more, specifically. Aware so. I can choose the entire website, if I want it or I can choose just, blog, posts, or certain pages I can, choose whatever, combination, that, I actually want, to show this so. I'm gonna show it on a specific, page and that's, gonna be my pricing, page so, I'm gonna scroll down to the bottom here you don't see it but there's an option that says specific. Pages and then right here I'm gonna start entering in the title, of my pricing, page which is just pricing. And there it is pricing, so I can click on that and so, now when, I save, this this. Facebook. Messenger, bot is only, going to show on, the, pricing, page okay. So I'll click on publish, and now, when. I do a refresh. You're gonna see since I'm not on the pricing page my messenger, bought went away but, if I click on pricing, here in the menu we're, gonna see the, facebook messenger, bot is only, running, on that. Page, this is a very, powerful feature that you, get with the Astra theme I haven't seen any other platform. Theme or whatever, implement, it like this I love, this control, here and what's, also nice is I didn't show you you. Can have it be, based upon whether. Someone's logged in or logged out of your website there's some really neat, uses, for, this for sure okay. So now I want, to do what I said and show you that, a little bit more advanced, bots that I created, that has a forum and sends an email and does some really neat things like that so, what I first need to do is since I can only have one bot, connected. To one, Facebook page at a time I'm gonna go ahead and. Disable. Or, disconnect. The bots that we just created and then I'm going to connect, the more advanced BOTS that I built, so, I'm just gonna go to settings, I'm gonna scroll down I'm gonna click on disconnect, and so, now this bot is disconnected. I'll click on the mobile monkey, on the top left and it's showing me all of my bots and then. Right here it says WP, crafter chat, bot I'm gonna click on edit, I'm gonna click on settings, I'm gonna scroll down and, then I'm going to connect this. Bot to. My, page. That, I am using, everything on I think I might have to change that. Facebook. The, the code that we use to integrate it with the website we'll find that out in a moment alright, so I'm gonna click on pages now, this, is a different, pot that, I configured. To ask, a few questions, for. Scheduling, an appointment and, it just happens all automatically. So, on the main menu it says this message gives them an option to click on scheduled, appointment, and when, they do that it shows this and what this is right here is this. Forms. Option, and what this allows you to do is ask. A question, and then, when someone answers that, question you can take their answer, put. It in a bucket. That you can choose the name so I chose the name day gives you that put, that info in a bucket and then you can use that info, and send, it off in an email so, what I did here is I asked a question what, day would you like this for scheduling. An appointment and, then. I save. This response, ok great. Then, the buckets gonna show the day. So if they said Monday Monday it is and then, right here I asked if they prefer morning evening, or afternoon and, then I create a bucket for that and here's my response and then, I ask them their email, then I ask them their phone number, and then, I give them this response, and then what I have this, configured, to do then I use the email. Element. Right here and so. I put. In the email address of where I want to send this information. Then. I put, my email subject and then I put each of those buckets in here so when I receive. An email, from. This but it's gonna give me all of that info those responses, that someone gave it's, gonna give those to me and and, send it via email and then, this, right, here they're not even gonna see this actually, happen, and then. Right here it's going to go, ahead and then give them this option, if they want to go back to the main menu, and so. This is a bot, where we're, asking, questions and getting answers it's not about buttons, and all of that kind of stuff there's just so, much that you can do with. This platform it, is very. Very, impressive now, I want to show you the one area where you have, some.

Branding. And that's, where it says main menu, now there, is, whenever, you're interacting, with the bot on the left, of where the person would enter an info there's a little hamburger icon, when, someone clicks on that it will show them whatever, we've put here in our main menu, so. By, default it's going to show this powered by the only way to remove this is the signup for a paid plan which, is fine you, also get other things other than this but you can add additional menu. Items here, so let me show you how, someone actually sees this, branding, or whatever you would also want, to add to, the main menu so, I'm back in my messenger, bot right here here's, that hamburger, icon I click on it and here, is the only place you really see that branding. And you, see you have the option of putting additional, menu items now, today. I don't find that super intuitive. For, people meaning, when, I've used interacted. With BOTS number, one I didn't realize that number two I didn't even realize I could click on that and there's some menu, there so. That, is where you see the branding, this, chat. Bot platform, has the most, minimal, branding, that I've seen from some of the other platforms. Okay. So this, is setting. Up a bot with mobile monkey like, I said if you want to go here and set up a free account visit, WP, crafter calm, slash Mobile monkey, now, there are some benefits to getting a paid plan number, one you don't have that bit of branding. Number, two you, get some. Sequences. Drip, campaigns, you. Get analytics. And the one big thing that people are gonna probably want, that would make something like that worth it you get integrations. So what that means is you can use, zapier. To instead, of you saw me show you that this can send an email well, instead of sending an email just, immediately. Put that information into, your CRM or. Your. Email, marketing platform or. Something like, that now there's one thing you've probably noticed in this whole video I never once basically. Talked about a, chatbot in the, framework of, marketing. And in message, blasts, and stuff like that and that's because I don't think I would personally do, these liked message. Blasts, because I don't think I would probably want to receive, message, blasts, like that but you can do it and one. Thing I didn't also cover, you can also segment. So there is that forum where you're asking questions and people, can have responses. You, can segment, the, people that are interacting, with your bot that, way in case you, wanted to send marketing, messages, you, could do it based on various, segments. Anyways, guys mobile, monkeys a really neat platform I think messenger, bots are, actually, very, practical, and, applicable, to. Most. Businesses. Out there where people just have an, extra question and the. The. The, good idea for you to do is to make it as easy as possible for. Someone to get an answer to their question, whether, it be what are your holiday, hours, what. You know all these basic questions that people, are gonna have of your business, so, anyways, that's, all that I have for you in this video if you enjoyed, and found value out of the video give, it a thumbs up if you. Are not subscribed, consider clicking on the subscribe button turn, on the bell for, notifications. If you're, using chat, bots in any ways that I'm not covering that you think would be helpful to everyone I'd really appreciate it, if you added, that information. To the comment section down below as well if you have any questions you can answer asked them. And answer, other people in the comment section down below, hey thank you for spending your time with me today watching, this video and I'll, see you in the next one.

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José Gil Dieguez Neto Botletter is for broadcast subscription blasting, not custom bot building.

The appsumo plan has branding?

The AppSumo plan removes the branding. The free plan that I was using in this video has branding, but it's so minor.

Don't know if you mentioned it in your video (multitasking...), but do we have the choice between FB account and page? I'd like to have my business page and personnal accout separated... I see in your video as well that you use Adam Preiser, and not WPCrafter... Do you know if there is a way to use our business page instead of personal account? Maybe I missed something with FB... Another tutorial, haha!

You can only have a "personal account" with Facebook. Then you can add business pages to it. So for example, I can't have a WPCrafter Facebook account, but I can have a WPCrafter Facebook page that is linked to a Facebook account.

Hi Adam, Will surely buy through your link... But here's my problem: I have on one or two site, Convert Fox on one, and now might change them for MobileMonkey... The reason? Though these are good chat program and offer mobile apps ( also offers desktop app), it's always a pain to have to have a browser window or app open, or think of putting myself away when I'm not there and back online when I'm back... So, since my Facebook (and Messenger) is always open and the notifications on tablets seem to be better, that could by itself solve my issue... BUT, if it's possible, do you know any application that could link ALL of my chat together...? I know it exists for other services, so maybe a software that links all of them together, without needing me to change my others, could be a good solution... Because, for example, I've had a couple of persons writing to me on Convert Fox (chat like "Hello") and simply leave because I don't answer right away and see they've written to me only a couple hours later...

I do have chat, just not sitewide. I had to limit it to just those pages on my website where I need it. But if convertFox had chatbots I would have at least that sitewide.

No more chat on Switching to MobileMonkey? Or just still struggling to find the right one? ;)

I have the same dilemma in my mind. In a perfect world, ConvertFox would add bots and the same bot would connect to your Facebook page and the Live Chat on your website. I do know ConvertFox has 4 new apps coming, they announced this in their FB group, I just don't know what they are.

but the user must have be singned up for the Facebook? what id the user who is want to interact with ChatBot does not have the Facebook Account... yes, such people exist...

Yes for a Facebook chatbot you are correct.

well done

Thank you Blox Page Builder & thanks for watching.

Awesome Adam! This was on my list of things to work out for our companies new website, and here you are to the rescue just in time!!

I'm glad this was helpful Grant Derridge and thanks for watching.

ManyChat has many many more options in the FREE plan, I recommend it

None of Ur Business indeed!

Awesome video sir, Thank you! :)

You're welcome bikramjit sarkar! Thanks for watching.

Message received!

Thanks for watching Chad B!

Which other chatbots did you checked Adam? Thanks for this video.


You're welcome Neeraj Pandey! Thanks for watching.

Thanks Adam. A very helpful video. Very much Appreciated

You're welcome carlo dimatulac! Thanks for watching.

Thank you Adam. Much appreciated!

You're welcome Marilyn Devonish! Thanks for watching.

I'm the first, again. Awesome!

LOL! Thanks for watching Online

Adam, I don't understand why you are not promoting the MobileMonkey LTD currently on AppSumo?

You know what, YouTube was broken last week. No notifications went out for a lot of creators. Stinks. It finally started working again on Sunday. For any AppSumo deal is

What is your WPCrafter aff link as I'm about to grab it!

Sorry mate, I didn't get a notification for that Ha!

Well I do have a full review video on it.

Good article on chat bots

Thanks a lot for another amazing video!!!!

I'm using astra theme, but built the header and footer with elementor. No matter where I add this script, it will not fire on my website. Any ideas?

Hey Adam...Two questions: To use it from the website, the user would have to be logged into their FB account? Would this replace a chat plugin?

You're welcome Assortus! Thanks for watching.

Another great and informative video!

Thanks for watching cbasmadjian!

Thanks For This Video Adam, Please Make A Video For SEO Press Setup.

Thanks for watching QUADXTECH!

Really good video Adam. Do you know of any chatbots that are standalone and do NOT use Facebook?

Thanks for your reply Adam. Actually I found quite a good one called 'SnatchBot'. I set it up to work with plain HTML pages n 5 minutes. It also does Facebook and other messaging platforms too. Is pretty good and it's totally free. You can pay to remove the branding and get support. I have found some bugs in it (like not being able to delete a bot!) and have had not response from the developers or via their Twitter which I see the main downside.

You think that would be a thing, but there really are no big companies doing that. There are some up and comers like Landbot and ConvertFox, but they are not ready for prime time.

Thank you Adam, and how may I contact you in private? thank you!

Thanks for this help I love It all information that you will put on this tutorial

Thank you Jamruddin & thanks for watching.

Hi Adam. Nice video as always. I've been using for my website ( for a while now and i really can't complain but after seeing this video, I now plan to make a switch to mobile monkey since i already have a robust Facebook fan base... My only problem now is: there is no "Custom Layouts" option on my entire Astra menu... Do I have to be on the Astra Pro plan to have that ?

Yea the custom layouts are a Pro feature.

Adam does chatbot get more subscribers for people who has a blog or website?

Since this is a Facebook bot, this would depend on if you have people interacting with your Facebook page.

Its not free anymore. WordPress For Non-Techies says its $49 and sold out.

Are you sure about that? It because I just checked their website and it still shows free forever.


Are you looking at a different website then me because its right there on their website the Free Forever plan.

good morning ! for word press you guys can search for "tidio chat" that one looks good, it is free, easy to program and also provides a client download for Windows pc and smartphones so if a user uses it you can answer from your PC or phone. Cheers! Thanks.

I didn't like MobileMonkey much. I have been making been trying a lot of other tools in the last 6 months. I learned that there are more than 140 bot platforms. phew! The following two are in my fav list. They are worth spending your time and dime. 1. Landbot (for a full landing page option) 2. (for a widget experience) Drift bots and intercom bots are also good, but very expensive. Then there is also Hubspot Bots which they say are free, but not really free..LOL.

Yea I hear ya. There is also Quriobot which I am in the process of implementing.

Hey Adam, When I click on the link you listed... Im getting a page that states that MobileMonkey is no longer available

Hey. Great video, is it possible to change the messenger icon while integrating with wordpress website? If yes, how do we do it?

Hi, I'm looking for an application where users that visit my website can have a chat with an AI and determine a solution. Do you have any suggestions?

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