How to Have the Most Fun with Money

How to Have the Most Fun with Money

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I'm so excited about this episode because it is about one of my favorite topics in life giving. So keep watching. You. Guys can, you believe it Christmas, is eight days. Away uh, and, here's the deal I really, want you to make the most out of this holiday season, so this episode we're gonna talk all about, giving, and generosity, so. Amy Brown for the Bobby bones show is going to be here today and I'm also going to bring out a couple who is taking giving, to the next level so, keep watching to hear their awesome story you, know it's so interesting during, this time of the year it's usually about which, we just, did a show on this you guys but budgeting, for, your, Christmas gifts and what you're gonna buy people, and gift lists and go all this stuff which is so great and so fun but, ultimately. When you're thinking about the holiday season, what is going to give you the most joy is, going. To be giving. Because, giving is the most, fun, you can have with money because. When you think about this all, we're talking about on the show mostly. Is getting, you guys in a place financially where, you're not stressed or you're not freaked out and you're in control right you're, living on a plan you're getting out of debt you're funding retirement you're. Doing all these incredible, things because. Ultimately I want you to live and give, like, no one else cuz I want you to be able to win with money but, there's only so, much that, money is going to buy right, so when you get down to this place and you're winning financially. I want, you to get some stuff have some fun with money absolutely, but. There's only so much, stuff, that you can continue to buy even. If you had you know five million dollars right now I just gave it to you you, have some fun with it like it's great but. After a while it's just like okay you just keep accumulating stuff and that's not my goal for you one, of my big goals is for you to live and give. Like. No one else because, giving, changes. You giving, moves you on the spectrum of being selfish. To. Self less. And. I'm telling you when you live your life in the perspective of being selfless, of, what you can do for other people the, happiness, and the, joy that comes with that is unparalleled, like it is it, changes who you are it changes, your life and it can't be really hard to, have that perspective.

If You will because our culture tells. Us the opposite, right our culture is all about me me me me like my, happiness, my job, my, life and I want you to fight against, that and I want you to start saying you know what life isn't always about me it's about other people. That, is where joy is going to be there was a recent study done that showed you. Only have momentary. Happiness when, you are the recipient of a good deed but, you have long-term happiness. When you are the. Giver and this. Is key because I don't want you to miss out on that when you are giving, that is where the joy comes in and I don't want you to, miss out on that joy no matter where you are in the process that's why I always talk about you need to be giving, no, matter what baby step you are on and in my book love your life not theirs I talk about giving. A little until. You can give a lot you want to start that habit early on because money is like, a magnifying, glass it makes you more of what you already are so. If you're a jerk and you. Win financially. You get a lot of money you're, gonna just be a huge jerk but. If you're the opposite, of that and you. Are a giver, and you're selfless, and you help people that. Is what's gonna be magnified when, you get more money john. D rockefeller, has one of my favorite quotes of all time he said I never would have been able to tithe which. Is giving 10% of your money away I never would have been able to tie the first million dollars I, ever made if, I did not tithe my first salary which, was a dollar and fifty a week and. I love that so you guys start, where, you are make, this habit. In your life again give a little, until. You can give a lot and there's a lot that you can give right you can give your money like we've been talking about you. Can give your time I know for me one of the biggest gifts as a new mom wasn't, having friends and family come over and they would make meals, and then, so my friends would come and they would just like hold him yell yet we're Caroline, and I would go take a nap, like it's just there's just something about people giving, their time because time is I would say even more precious than money these days and for, people to be there and to or to volunteer somewhere.

I Mean giving your time it's very difficult, especially if you're in a busy season but. The out, of what you're gonna receive and that is just immense, you, can also give your talents, I've had some really cool, opportunities to see my friends do this like one of them's a photographer, and she took, Christmas, pictures, with, families. That were underprivileged, like they didn't have a lot of money to go you know buy, this package for a photographer, and get a Christmas card and she went and did it for free for two full days I have, another friend who's a hair and makeup artist and she would go into homeless shelters three times a year and give, makeovers to the women they're like that is just so cool having that talent, that, you have and being able to give that away, and, another thing that I personally, love about giving is that it can be creative, right kid you can really think outside the box and when you find something that is, in your heart that you love whether it's a cause or something going on in the world that you just feel this like office need for dig, into that seriously, google, it figure out like whether it's building, wells, in Africa or, you, know fostering, kids or sex trafficking like all these things going on in our world and able to partner with organizations and. Help, fund that with your money but also your time is one, of the greatest gifts ever it is so so, fun you guys but, I could tell you I had, one of my all-time, favorite. Giving stories actually happened to me when I was a teenager. My. Parents, they are huge supporters of a ministry called mercy, ministries, they, have homes all over the world for girls teenage, girls who are struggling, in life whether it's they've, been kicked out of their homes they have eating disorders they had an unplanned pregnancy you. Know some really really sad hard situations, so they get in this program they live in this home and they, get counseling, they get what they needed to walk through that season and I remember being gosh. I was probably 13 my. Sister was 16 because Denise was just driving at the time and I, remember dad came in on a Saturday morning we were watching TV and he was like all right girls you're gonna do something a little different today but you're gonna do it which, means in the Ramsey household when the parent says you're gonna do it you're, gonna do it there's, like no debating and we were like okay what and he, gave us this envelope, full, of cash, full. Of cash I don't know how much it was as. A 13 year old as probably a million dollars in my head it was like oh my gosh there's so much money and, he was like okay I want you to, go down to Mercy Ministries because, they had a home in Nashville and he said I've called ahead and there's two girls waiting, on you and you're gonna go pick them up you're gonna take them to the mall you're gonna buy them new clothes and, Denise. And I were like what. Dad. That's weird like we really did we were like oh gosh, I wish I could say we were angels and were like yes of course we'd love to volunteer Saturday. Father that sounds fantastic but. We were like wait, no we were gonna go to the mall or like you know that's it we don't know these girls like it was like kind of this awkward conversation, of like we, don't really want to do it and he made us do it he was a goat and so I worked driving there with Denise and the news was like Rachel it's, gonna be fun you know they really need this and it's gonna be great and everything and you're right you're right so we kind of got our attitudes, in check and our, hearts in place we, went and picked up these two girls and they were both 15 years old so they're a little bit older than me a little, younger than Denise at the time and I, remember that Saturday, I'll never forget it I wrote I really won't because we started. Chatting in the car we were talking about boys we're talking about movies we got to the mall and it, was like we got to give these a little mini, makeovers, like I were like we're running through the store grabbing shirts they're in the dressing room we were giving them stuff getting sizes, and we've had some all these, new clothes and we were up at the cash register and one of them just started crying she was like I just cannot.

Believe This is my life right now I cannot believe this, is what it was and, it. Was so, impactful. Because number one it opened my eyes. And to have an experience, that wasn't comfortable it wasn't you know extremely, like oh this is a very natural thing for me at the time but, as you like to as we got to know them it was like yes this is it's incredible, and so I think about that story, I've had really cool giving experiences, since then but that, one specifically, I loved it because when. Mom and dad did is they took really. Their, resources, it was their money and then, they, made us take our time, and, it was such a creative, way to do it and it really took, us where, we were in life and expanded. Our world and so find those things in your life whether it's with your family, with your kids with your spouse but, find the things in life that you are passionate about and find ways to give. Because, again you guys giving. Changes. You it, impacts, you in a deeper, way than you could ever ever imagine, and, I want you to experience that so again no matter where you are give. A little until. You can give a lot all. Right next up I'm going to give you guys ten, different. Ways that you can start giving with, your family. Feeling. Safe at home for me is a top priority especially, since having kids it's always on the forefront of my mind simply. Safe home security has given, me the peace of mind that no matter where I am the, things most precious, to me are safe simply. Safe is a smart and affordable, way to secure, your home and protect your family there are no contracts. Or, long-term commitments, and you can even customize it, for your home specifically. And guys it is so easy, to install you can do it yourself and have your whole house set up within an hour and, when. Some favorite feature is checking, it on our phones while we're on the go start. Monitoring your home around, the clock was simply safe for just under fifteen dollars a month go to simply safecom. Slash Rachel right now to, get peace of mind without. Breaking, the bank. Hey. Guys George Campbell here in downtown Nashville to find stories of generosity and, giving back this holiday season, let's go talk to some people tell me how are you giving back this holiday season we adopt a family we, bring, them Christmas, dinner we do a lot of stuff, with Habitat. For Humanity we. Just got done building a house I coordinate. And organize Christmas. Cookie bake sale and then we use the money to donate, to a local. Ministry. Or charity. All. Right what I love about the top 10 lessons all things that you can do with, your family so, number one sponsor. A family, every year find the family in need and let your kids pick out gifts for them if they have other kids number, two donate, toys and clothes this is a great way to minimize, the. Clutter, in your house parents, so have your kids extra give away some of their toys we did this with Amelia it's fantastic, number, three elf on, the shelf, I love this the elf can actually bring a note of encouragement, for. Acts of kindness for your kids so, little, elf comes with a note I love it number, four send Christmas cards to people in the military thanking, them for their service number. Five choose, a day to actually serve each other inside, your home number, six leave a note on a stranger's. Car encouraging. Them to have a good day that's, fun number, seven deliver cards, and cookies to a nursing home number.

Eight Donate, canned goods to a food pantry number. Nine take, your kids to the dollar store you can just give them a couple of bucks and they can go actually pick up presents, for their siblings, and for, number ten I want to know your, ideas, below so I'm gonna be giving away something, really, fun to three of you who comment, below so find out later what that fun something will be so. Coming up next I'm going to talk to a couple who's been giving back for years they have been coordinating, our Financial, Peace University classes. For a while now Financial. Peace University is, our proven, program, that will teach you how to never, worry, about money again and the, reason why they started, coordinating classes. Is because, how it affected, their lives so they want to actually give back to others so, let's hear more about their store we. Had to shut the business down in 2011. We suddenly in when we just, went to a situation where, there we didn't know where you know our next income was going to come from, there were sequence of events that happened one, of them was. A financial. Crisis. At the bank we didn't have the money they. We, just we, didn't have it we had finally got to the point we just didn't, have it. We, had bought a business in 2002. After moving to Chicago actually, done quite well in the first four and a half years but then shortly after that we got into a partnership and that partnership just, fell, apart in within a year we, were, spending. All of our time all, of our resources all of our energy in the business we, were giving it everything, we had to. Keep, it going it was to a point where that we, had no idea that we were gonna shut the business down really, going up until that week we shut the business down and then Sunday night we had to call all, the employees, and it was a very cheerful night. And. It was. There. Was a lot it, we. Were unemployed, people, as well as ourselves at that point you can't even see what's on the other side you. Can only see the hole that you're in two gentlemen came into our lives during, that summer and the, one of the second one of the two actually. Was the one that invited us to the church a few weeks later the church actually. They. Were advertising that the class was gonna start and, so. We're all when we need that because now the businesses, closed were unemployed and, we. Need word. Crisis, mode and then we took the class and had two amazing, leaders, who, walked. With us through. Some pretty major. Decisions. That we had to make when. We let that go for, the first time and said, the business has to go the. Piece that defies all understanding. Which is only. Describable. Once. You feel it. Descended. On us and, I remember very distinctly. You. Know Cindy we were sitting in the car of a parking lot, or, in the parking lot for dinner and you. Know she said this, is gonna get used somehow and it was just a passing statement, it wasn't a plan it wasn't something rather that we foresaw it, was just it was just a statement that she had made but, immediately, as soon as that class was over it was like you. You know we want to be a coordinator we want to be a facilitator. And, so we just got into the next class the very next you know semester, been doing it ever since, give it a hoop cuz y'all gonna be debt-free. I'm. So thankful that you guys are, here on the show because of this whole episode talking about giving you guys are giving in such a unique way by, being, Financial, Peace University coordinators.

So I love. Just like getting to sit down and talk to you guys about that because it's been seven. Years is, that right yeah. Time, flies yes, I know I know so in how many classes total, I think we kind of lost track 16, 17, 17. Classes. So you have like story after story of, like families. And situations. Going. Through people going through their journeys, and you get a front-row seat is what we like to say into that so I want to know first, and foremost what even caused you to start coordinating classes, it, was it was kind of one of those things where it, just felt very natural there was an invitation, you know from leadership. And, in. That invitation we just we just kinda jumped on it you know some of the reason we do it is it does keep us accountable to, you know the process and its ever-changing we've, gone through some life changes moving here to Nashville yeah so what, is your, what's your favorite part about being. A financial university, coordinator the. Hope. So. Many people come and. Whether. They're, in crisis or not. There's, a point that it's, different, for everyone at which. They go through the process that. The. Lightbulb of hope comes on and for me it's always like seeing the Sun after a really bad storm it. It. Just lights up the room and it lights up them and. And. We get to share in that and it's it's it's. Not anything that we did, we. Just walk through it with them we didn't have to guide them anywhere we we. Just walk. With, them and then they share that hope with, us so, for, you guys as you're sitting back and you're looking back after. You know years. Of classes is there that one couple, or that one person, your mind that you always think about when you say okay we're gonna recommit, and teach another financial university, class because. There's that one that, one person that one couple in your mind there, was a particular. Group that we had and it seemed like it was all single mothers or you. Know people that were God there was a lady that was going through divorce and there. Was just some difficulty, you know, and. About, week three for all of a sudden this guy was gonna have to move out of a house and everybody, in the group collectively. At some point over about a two or three day period just showed, up and helped him move and. You. Know it's stuff like that it, just it blows you away it's amazing so when you're coordinating something, like Financial, Peace University there. Are some, intimidating, topics, right I mean you're talking about everything, for paying off debt to insurance. To. Buying a home and mortgages, all of it and having Grenadiers like you all to walk people through those, because you, know to be a coordinator you don't have to you know have a PhD, and I have a master's, degree you know and all of these things by any means. But. You're able to help people walk through okay, this is what this means and you're, given the tools I know equipped, to help that as, a coordinator, a lot. Of it is just listening, um. Sometimes.

People Have an emotional, issue, they. Don't feel that they can do something something, something, is too big yes. So they just need to talk it out and once they talk it out then now. No, it's it's. Small yes, totally, the big scary thing ends. Up being oh it's, just this once, it's verbalize and there's a plan in place all of that yeah and, one of our favorite things to do is. Kind. Of run week, two or three Michael. Asked if, you're out of debt, what. Could you do today that. You're not doing in what way, could. You serve hmm, I love that cuz it totally. Hones in on the point that debts a thief right just steals your money so you're not financially, able to do things but it stills your time it steals your emotional, capacity, and when that when, you're out of that there's so many factors other than is just money does, that come into play and I love that you paint that picture that's such a great question to ask right you live like no one else later you get to live and give no, one else and you, guys are the perfect example, of that seriously you're incredible, coordinators, you've walked with so many families, so from my heart to yours again just thank you thank you so much you, think for the class it's. Been wonderful, for our own life but yeah. We get we get to meet, a whole lot of really cool people yeah so. You guys what, you're gonna realize is once you, start to get control over your money every other, area of your life starts to be transformed, and I've seen it time and time again and, one, thing that Financial, Peace University will. Teach you is about, life insurance again, kind of an intimidating topic. But something, that you need to know about because, it might feel weird to talk about life insurance but, everyone, needs it so that you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is taken care of you're gonna need 10 to 12 times your income with, a 15, to 20 year term policy, or if, you already have life insurance, then you should re-evaluate, to, see if you can save money trust. Me it is worth getting, an updated, quotes Winston. And I use the under insurance because they make it so, easy they, will shop around to make sure you're getting the best rates, possible and then, re shopping, like we talked about all your insurance options, will create extra. Margin in your budget trust me so, go to Xandar com, or click the link below all, right coming up next as someone who is really passionate, about giving and has, given back in some really unique ways that are sure to inspire, you. Lisa. How are you giving back this holiday season Panama City was devastated, by a hurricane and we are sending supplies and, most, especially toys, and things for kids this year we started a shoe. Drive we go to a homeless shelter in our hometown we actually get more from them I think than they get from us you know we get to hear their story and sometimes we can give them a little hope. Of our own. All. Right I am so excited, about the next guest on the show you, are here Amy brown oh, thank, you for being oh thank you for having me it's awesome this is I've already told so many people I was like I'm gonna go be on the Rachael Cruz show I. Have. A list of questions about no yeah yeah what's up my convict, oh yeah, okay. So you, came to mind as we were doing this whole episode on giving because I, listened, to you on, the radio every morning on my way home or my way to work, Amy is one of the hosts of the Bobby bones show so people aren't familiar with, that whole thing explain, kind of what the show, well we are a syndicated, country, Morning Show based here in Nashville and we're heard all.

Over The place how many how many stations do you guys have now. 110. Or something I don't know it could be more I really, try like not to think about it because it's just oh, yeah oh yeah so, the, two organizations, that you've started, kind, of these movements yeah well, not it's not me I know I'm here representing, it but the the pimp and joy movement, started on our show which Bobby. Even came up with the hashtag but, Tim and joy came from my mom's cancer, journey. My, mom was. Diagnosed with cancer and, she made, it her motto from the beginning like I'm going to choose. Joy like, this is and she knew heard her joy came from and that was from the Lord and. She. Knew it was two choice and that he would help her but and not every day was like super joyful to me wrong and if you've been through cancer you know it's not yeah that was our overall theme and attitude, so my sister and I adopted it with her we got joy tattooed, on her wrists and her handwriting, and then from that we. Were encouraging others to choose joy spread joy be joy and then Bobbi was like we need a way to track this online so let's use the hashtag, pimp and joy yes, and then it just it took off and so from that, we, started to think oh wow, maybe we could come up with a pimp and joy line so, we did the simple black hat but the hashtag pimp and joy and my mom actually got to see the prototype, um, two weeks before she passed away but she gave her stamp of approval and. You, know she, was about 90, pounds at that time and you, know kind of at the house always in pajamas, and she. Was I've got the cutest picture of her that I'll always cherish and she has on the pitman Joy hat with her leopard pajamas and she's. Kind of just in, it and she looks so frail and time but it's one of my favorite pictures of her because what, she doesn't know and. She didn't live to see is we weren't that, picture was probably taken, early. October. And, then she passed away October, 27th, and then we put the first hat, up for sale November. 2nd, hmm and and, the first round we sold out in 60 seconds and all the money went to st. Jude and. Then. A week later we made another batch of hats sold, out again in 60 seconds all, to st. Jude and so they were like okay, um. This. Is crazy we might be onto something listeners, they're with us they're passionate they want to give back hey so you guys be on the lookout oh yeah this is our brand new no this is how our fun little beanie every Christmas we'll put out like a different beanie yeah and it's going to our, medical. Fund okay so that. Means sometimes it might be st. Jude or sometimes it might be a listener, that we hear about and so we, get to do fun stuff like that to overhear of stories and we have we. Have the, bucket that we can dip into and, then, we're just able to, like send. A check and it's crazy and it gives me all the feels because my mom she worked, hard she was. A single mom works. Everyday like. Left. Left, is the giver like, left, us with everything yo. You and your dad would be proud everything. Paid off as and, she didn't that wasn't easy for her no but she made a choice to do that to where when she died we were able, to give her car to another single mom that needed a car because it's not like we had to worry about her.

Desert Normally yeah yep and, so she would freak out to know that to this day we were like about to hit the two million yeah, million. Times about their joy, yeah just through Pip and joy like it's like a I don't know the exact number but we're if you round up a little bit we're, close to there yeah it's, amazing and all because of her, one decision when, she was given cancer and her battle was not pretty, hmm, but. She maintained, that positive. Dude. Yeah and yeah, she, went like I think her fourth diagnosis, we went straight to the chapel, and her prayer was um. It. Wasn't a lord like heal, me from this which. I think, probably. I'm like gosh that's what I'd be praying for yeah, but I think at that point she was just like okay this the fourth time like she, was like Lord just, find a way to use this cancer, for good so, for me, every. Time I see a pimp enjoy item I'm like that's. An answer to my mom's prayer because that money was used to go do. Something good so. So sometimes. When I even I get reminded what it's really about I'm like okay. This is actually pretty cool huh yeah and you can see it now right likes yes she is. Seeing it and knows but like if she were here should be freaking out like what what is happening yes because, what's, incredible but I think that entire story is obviously your, mom and. Her choice to choosing joy which I love that and then the fact they me that you took all of that that she was that she was embodying and going. Like so, creative, and so many, steps forward of doing things like this to keep continue to pass it on right like yeah that's amazing and the Bobby bones show having that platform and to get that message out there in our listeners, be responsive. And amazing has been awesome and then Mary, with this shot Ford has been great and then threw that under, her umbrella is how we got the spa brand yes. Area, may be used to support Haiti, so, new bags I'm like literally. Obsessed with before things that yeah so so, this point was customized, just for you you guys young get ready for the Rachael Cruz show audience, okay look here we go we. Got budgeting. Mmm-hmm. Free, spirits because I'm a free spirit, baby, steps and love your, life yes, it's like the Rachael Cruz show tote. I can't believe it so, we're going to keep spreading the joy to, three of you so we're actually gonna be giving away three, of these I selfishly want one of them yes but I would. Give it I will give everybody know I think there's just absolutely adorable so we. Said earlier in the show that you could comment below on one, of the ways that you and your family give remember, the 10th thing is for you guys to comment well we're gonna choose, three, of you that are coming below to, win one. Of these cute totes yeah third and you can feel good I mean they're adorable, I love hearing it it's a conversation, starter, that's a I love it so many people all get to mean they're like wait what's what's, this on your tote yes mine had it mine has Enneagram, Beach.

Chai. Lattes yeah chai lattes and cocktails yeah I. Mean but you they're super cute but then also you can feel good about carrying home knowing that they go towards support when you buy it so that's it so when you purchase these bags yes, Maga, is the. Line that it's under, ESP. W a which that means hope in Haitian Creole, which is what my children speak I adopted I do have two kids they're, from Haiti and how was that how was that process for you guys um Haiti was difficult, because we entered when the country was going through some law changes, yeah, and as Jurgis fight so, it. Was sort. Of quite. The journey and yeah. Taxing. Emotionally, yeah, financially, all the things but you're like you get locked in on these are my kids it was like I knew their face I knew the name I went to the orphanage five. Times a year to see them and every time it. Was harder and harder to leave them because I didn't know I was like I. Can't say next time I come see you like, we would pull back up to the orphanage and my son would just start screaming, like he didn't want to go back in and I was like, okay. Like. Only a few more trips and then I think even after that I took another year so. Right. Now we're working with my life speaks which is a special-needs, orphanage, and eppley Haiti they do Family Care so it's like the orphans are put into little homes like Wow or, five kids for hummuses yeah they're doing because, when, you're married you have a lot of things. That need to be attended to so giving, on that element I would say as a mom like it is so much more of a giving, and a, serving, than I ever thought yes, ever like, in my whole life like I know trying, to raise little, people to be like respectable. Members, of society, yes totally in so sure and I think that there's even a step further that. You guys have done with giving because you're. Not only providing a home for our children your children that we not have that but. The time and the money that it puts in through that process it's, just like it's so admirable it really is so yeah when you buy the bags you guys just. Incredible. Incredible, cause and necklaces, right but that's we just starting, right by breaking it I'm like yeah I wanna see I know all the things so this is called our star necklace which were super pumped about this, has a local and a global impact, because it's made locally, here handmade, through a company, called Abel, which, offers, an economic. Opportunity to, women that are transitioning, out of the, homeless lifestyle, this provides work for them and then, it. We, give, to Haiti through it so it's got local and global okay, so this whole episode we're talking about you know I've said that sometimes but you're like the queen of giving, everything, that you've done and all all, the incredible opportunities, so I just want to know like on a personal level for you like when you look at your life and all the things you're involved in, besides. Obviously like kids and family and work, like this specifically, like what, emotions, do, you get when you think, through okay all these people that are getting helped, like what how do you feel about all this I'm I'm thankful, the, opportunity I'm grateful, like I'm also you. Know faking it till I make it sometimes totally, um I, had that feeling the way I feel like what how why am I do like I don't know what I'm doing like I just stop this we got the breaks all right yeah those, fears but then also the.

Gratitude Part, like I want to recognize like wow I mean this is really really cool. And um, I feel, a lot of thankfulness, for people that trust us mmm, like a Bobby and Mary and I when we make decisions on who to donate to like, we vet you, don't just like pick something, they're fully vetted cuz we want to make sure that you know we're not just jiving it's 70, that's such a good point because even on a personal, of you guys as you're giving like that's something my, husband and I have taken on like we take our giving almost. As seriously as our investments, and how much you dig into your investment, part of your life and where, your money's going they're giving. Is the exact same way so like when you're giving to these organizations dig. It like things are on their website you can check out like you, know their tax records you can check out their budgets, especially, if they're a 501c3, and. So do that and so we look to see what are these company, what are these companies or these organizations, what are they doing because it is it's so key don't just flip it like give because sometimes your, money isn't being used, in the proper way so being. Very intentional so I love I love that point I think that's so good and the organizations, that you guys partner with are just amazing. Where can ever whatever was fine okay I want a tote I want the best place to go is the shop. Forward, comm and the best way to remember it is everything, you're shopping for pays it forward okay guys make sure to check it out and check out everything that Amy's, doing where can everyone find you oh um. You. Know on Instagram. I'm radio Amy okay. Check you out on Instagram, and then how will they find the show cancer Bobby bones calm I love it Amy thanks for being on seriously, and all the amazing stuff you're doing and how you're giving, back and the joy that you have just, so appreciate it Thanks, thank you. Alright, guys it is time for she, works hard saving money and it's a fun special edition, because both these quotes came from people going through the 14-day money finder, and, this came on a day where we challenged, people to give back Angela. Said when I saw this I asked huh I'm literally, down to my last dollar until payday, however, I have been blessed, beyond, more than I can deserve and material things a young, single mother and her child recently moved to our town and have nothing, not, even money. The, mother is dying of cancer and has not yet been approved for benefits the. Family has been setting up their new apartment and have nothing. I was able to give them a rug some wall arts, candles, and, a small cleaning sets paper. Towels Windex, etcetera, it was small but it made me feel great, I will continue to pray for opportunities. Like this that's amazing, yeah well that's not small girl like what that's so fun Stephanie. Said purchase, a $5, Starbucks gift, card and wrote a note with it that said random, acts of kindness for. You ah so. Fun you guys okay, with the 14 day money fines our people are finding on average. $2,000, throughout the year going, through the spun two week series now. If you've been inspired by Angela, and Stephanie, and you want to learn more make sure to click the link below. What. A fun, episode I, love talking, about giving I love encouraging, you guys to give and I can't wait to see how giving changes. Your life, so. I wanna say thank you so much for Amy Brown for being on and all the amazing things that she's doing and for, our great, FPU. Coordinators. And the time that they're giving back into their community absolutely, fantastic and thank, you guys for watching and, remember to take control of your money and create, a life you love.

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I received a VISA gift card for Christmas from a student I tutor. A family in my town had their house burn down a few days ago. I saw the woman in the bank parking lot today and I immediately had the urge to donate the gift card to her to help her in time of need. She needed it a lot more than I did.

I work for a family medicine office. We donate to a women's shelter. We then place their "wish list" in the lobby and our patients also love to get in the Christmas spirit of giving. It makes everyone feel great to help with hats, gloves, toiletries and toys for this shelter. We will deliver our collection this Friday. This year is our biggest year yet.

What a fun episode! Each month I budget a little until I can give a lot. Usually it is tips, but Christmas has been fun ( I saved both November and December's)

Instead of giving gifts to each other, our family donates in each other’s names. My favorite memory of this was letting our littlest cousins picking the items to donate to an orphanage in Swaziland, Africa.

Last week at church we met a man who was living in his car in the Walmart parking lot. We invited him to come and live with us temporarily. He had employment, a car and a phone, just no where to live at that moment. During his 9 days with us, we helped him to apply for a better job, helped him find an apartment. I also helped him download the Every Dollar app, helped him create his first budget, and helped him download the Dave Ramsey Show app. He was so excited about these changes, but WE were so blessed to help him!!

10. We give with our church and together we've filled up 4 Salvation Army trucks. It's amazing to see our church come together to help out our community. Our baby has been a part of it since she was born, and I cannot wait until she's older and can contribute too. ♥️

In honor of my friend who passed away at age 24 in 2009, while actively serving in the army due to PTSD. His family started a non profit called Eric’s Angel’s. I always sponsor a military family in need, even before we became debt free this yr, we made sure we had enough funds. This year 52 families will have presents under the tree. God is good ☺️

The way my husband and I have started giving more is not only tithe we’ve always given but now we’re committing to give $20 specifically to missions. So this $20 is on top of our tithe and is our budget and our hope is to give more and more towards furthering the Gospel.

We help decorate our church for pictures with Santa outreach to reach lost souls for Jesus❤️❤️❤️

I am on BS2 so I don't spend alot. Crazy weeks like this, I bring a coffee to daycare provider and teachers.

We donate all year long. But the kids step it up at Christmas. They choose presents for each other out of their personal toys. They get to wrap them and tell why they chose those. Our Boy in boy scouts write cards and caroling to our local nursing home. The Girls - Girl scouts troop gave our blessing bags (chapstick, hankies, lotion, etc) and also caroled the another nursing home. We adopted our neighbor which is a Grandma that has taken in her grandchild to help with Christmas presents and dinner.

One time we gathered all of the jackets and blankets that we hadn’t been using and took them to a homeless couple that we would pass everyday on our way home from work.

This year we have provided snowballs for our neighboorhood christmas party, joined a giving opportunity at work for orphans and heard about a need some friends had and did something about it! All were fulfilling, fun and heart warming to be a part of.

I just recently donated to north valley animal disaster to help fund the recent camp fire and for people who saved animals during the fires and to help cover expenses for fuel, food, and first aid.

Every Christmas we adopt a family and make sure their kids have Christmas gifts to open up. This year we have a little boy who is 9 months old. We got him a winter coat, an outfit, and a box of diapers.

This episode made me cry and inspired me so much! We give 10% but I decided to start giving 10% of my fun money as well! Way more fun and fulfilling than my other fun money ideas. Thank you Rachel Cruze show

I give my time. Watch my friend's elderly mother playing dominoes while she goes to the store and take a break from her caregiver duties.

I love what you said about money being a microscope. I'm not naturally a giver but as I've been walking through BS2, I've challenged myself to start small with my giving so that I can strengthen my giving 'muscles' and give more as I get more. I recently adopted a child through compassion international and I'm loving it!

This is so inspiring. My husband and I recently started a homemade cookies for the homeless project. Giving feels good especially when we are living in a new city and still getting our lives settled.

We always take several ornaments from Our church or work Christmas trees for kids the same age as our and give them each $20 per gift and let them loose in Target to shop for their new friends. They also help label or wrap depending on instruction and deliver them back to the tree we got the request from The boys love it!

Great episode! That tote bag is SO cute. My favorite way to give during the holiday season is random acts of kindness - leave an envelope with $20 on someone's windshield and a note to pay it forward (they'll be so glad to see that it's not a parking ticket!) or pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. It doesn't have to be huge to make a huge impact on someone's day and Christmas spirit :)

We used to have a sinking fund for giving (separate from tithe) - for those unplanned occasions when you hear about a need or want to support a friend who is participating in a charity walk. A few years ago we had to remove it from our budget, but it looks like we are going to be able to bring it back in 2019!


Mske home baked goods and give to neighbors mail person, dentist, people who you appreciate to show them an act of kindness

Our close friends had a sister and father pass away in a horrific car wreck on Thanksgiving so I organized a way for my coworkers to donate food, money, gift cards or anything they wanted to help our friends through the holidays. It’s amazing the ways people were willing to help someone they never met. I have great coworkers.

Excellent episode Rachel

My husband and I make it a point to serve as a family at church throughout the year but especially during the Holidays in hopes that other families with children can just enjoy services. This year I made homemade treats to send to the military, and as part of de-cluttering I donated our Christmas decorations to a local organization! This year we asked all of our family that instead of Christmas gifts we sit down and decide to spend time together on specific dates throughout the year! Love this episode!

My work has a program where we can wear jeans on certain days only if we bring in a can to donate. My boss and I sent all of it from the semester to the local women’s shelter for their holiday meal.

I need to be rich, so I can give more, that makes sense.

I love this video. I am 24 and just started sharing the money and life tips from Dave's and your book with my family a little over a month ago and we are all now working towards getting debt free so we can give more. Thank you for being such a positive influence!

Go sing some Christmas song to a neighbor! Merry Christmas Cruzes!

I would love to have the tote bag

The Giving Manger! I found it through Instagram - it's a story book, along with a baby Jesus figurine, his manger, and pieces of straw to fill the manger with - each straw is an act of service, or way of giving through the Christmas season. :)

We gave each child $25 in ones to pay it forward this holiday. Then we are having a family meeting to discuss what each chose to do with the money and how this made them feel. One child bought items for the pet shelter, donated toys, and gave to the Salvation Army bell ringer. We are excited to hear about the other amazing things are other boys experience.

Loved this episode! We have been giving a little through our baby steps and are about to pay off our house this next year. We decided to up our giving this season and did sub for Santa for a family with 4 kids. It was amazing! I’m excited to see how much we can do this next year once our house is paid off. Thanks for the encouragement!

My husband and I just started getting into giving in the monetary sense, and I like to have a little fun with it. We budget in giving for the month and I like to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to give that speak to us. In November we flew to Maryland to visit family. We sat next to this woman on the flight who runs a nonprofit called Dancing with the Spirit which brings the joy of music and culture to remote villages in Alaska, decreasing suicide rates and increasing cultural stability. They don't take online donations, so I called our bank and had them mail a check to the organization. We love music and I was so excited that the opportunity to give came straight to us. I've noticed this more and more now that we've created the space for giving. Giving is becoming an addiction, in all the right ways :)

We have multiple services at church on Christmas Eve - usually 2, 4 and 6. I dont have family outside my two kids. My son and his girlfriend do their Christmas with her Dad on the Eve. So its just my daughter and I on Christmas Eve. I cover the coffee service for all services to allow my team members time with family. My son joined us in the past. We just do for others as any need arises.

My 8 year old daughter, Brynna, adores animals and came up with the idea to hold a bake sale to raise money for a local animal shelter that is building a new "Angel Wing" which will enable them to help many more animals. My husband and I own a small business in the area, so we agreed to help her hold the bake sale there to encourage her spirit of giving. To our surprise, she raised over $1,000! That was 2 years ago and the bake sale has now become an annual tradition our family and customers look forward to. It was especially exciting for us last summer when construction on the new building finally began. We are currently in Baby Steps 4, 5 & 6 and cannot wait to give even more generously when we hit step 7 in approximately 2 more years!

For the past 2 years, my mom has invited the families of our foster siblings to our Thanksgiving dinner. Our new tradition is to rent out the local community center and cook a big meal to share with all of our families. The kids are able to visit with their parents, grandparents, and other siblings on a day that can be sad/strained for foster kids.

I think a really good way to give back during the holidays or really anytime of the year is paying for the persons bill behind you in a fast food line or grocery line somewhere if affordable. I’ve had it happen to me & it’s makes me feel so good & then passing my payment to the person behind me! It’s like a chain reaction! I love it

I love it .. love your shows... thanks for everything

I like the Highway To Heaven model.... The TV show..... Going on various adventures to help people.

Every year, we work with my children to pick a cause or charity to give money to. We let our children work together to figure out where they feel Jesus asking them to sacrifice and we give money to that charity as some of the kid's Christmas presents. Our kids are so excited every year, I hope and pray it teaches them to give as they get older.

Donate to food banks

1. Donate time to a ministry. 2. Look for homeless people listen to them and pray over them. Buy them a meal. 3.Make dinner for a family who is overlooked.

Love this episode Rachel! My husband just left for a year long tour in Korea. We went on one date night (kid free!) to our favorite place, Cheesecake Factory. Our waiter was AMAZING and we had such a good time so while signing the check, I told my husband to give him a FIFTY DOLLAR tip (about 60% of the total bill). We didn't stick around to see his reaction but I've been giddy ever since. I can't wait until we're debt free and can do this all the time!

We bought and packed backpacks for kiddos entering fostercare while we wait to be matched in our own adoption. We did this for the Christmas season but are thinking of doing it year round...foster the Love MN!

I make blessing bags with my kids to hand out with our local organization for the homeless. They get so excited about what we put in them and it warms my heart to see the gratitude from the people they give them to

fantastic Episode . Happy Holidays!!Give Give Give.

Rachel and team, this is the best episode you've done yet. Thank you for your inspiration. I pray we all get the oppurtunity and resources to give generously.

We leave 4 big (over $100) each year! We usually try to feel out if the waiter is having a bad day or not and then we decide on the spot to use one of the 4!

invite a family who is in a housing transition situation to your home to share holiday dinner with your family

I love your channel and I share it with my friends often! My girls (8, 6 and 1) have (3) mason jars: Give To Others, Save for Something Big, and Just For Me. Throughout the year when opportunities come up to help someone else, they can thoughtfully decide to give without hesitation. For Christmas, we shop for and fill a Shoe Box through Samaritan’s Purse.

Wow! I can't believe I'm here this early.

I like to give with tips. I'll take my cash envelope for dates and outings and while I'm out having a good time I will tip well especially around the holidays. I also have a envelope for giving and donations. My husband picked to give to toys for tots this year and next year is my turn to pick who we give to around the holidays. It does fill your heart with love and makes me feel totally in the Christmas spirit!

My husband and I church has connect groups on Wednesday and this Christmas we sponsored a family. The family listed their needs and we all pitched in and each family in the group bought an item the family requested on the list. Monthly year round my husband and I sponsor a child through Operation Compassion. We have loved what a connection it has made with someone across the country, we get to exchange letters between us and our child we sponsor. Not only do we get to help this child financially but we get to intercede for them in pray everyday.

I'm always donating to different charities/stores such as Savers, Goodwill, Food services each month and The UN Refugee Agency.

We give to our church - not yet a tithe, but increased significantly from when we were getting out of debt. I've given back by leading FPU in my church as well as Foundations in Personal Finance for the homeschool co-op in my church. We give to a child in need during Christmas through the Salvation Army as well as to members of our church with the Angel Tree at Christmas. It really is the best to give back - I'm having the most fun with the Foundations group!

We take our 3 daughters out to buy gifts for kids their age, currently in foster care for Christmas. As a former foster youth, this is our way to give back & teach our children to do so as well.

My family and I will bake cookies and decorate them then give them our neighbors. Kids always have fun and love sharing the Christmas joy. Thank you for all that you do; love your show

Do the "Angel on the tree". That's one of my favorites. Some parents can't afford to buy their kids gifts and this will be a great way to help them out and be able to give their kids a merrier Christmas with some presents under the tree.

We like to give diapers and baby care products to a food pantry on our local community college. Having a baby and going to college is hard, especially if money is tight, so we try to help with that- even if it's just a little bit. I am also hoping to make it a point to visit with my elderly neighbor one a week. I think she's a little lonely and it will be good for both of us to have someone to talk to.

Invite someone who might not have a place to go for Christmas (university students, immigrant families, widows) to have Christmas dinner with your family.


Visual effing perfection.....

My company works with the local homeless shelter to package welcome toiletry bags during our community cares event

We are still trying to pay off our debt so we don't have extra to give above our tithe, but we do what we can! We share homemade cookies with everyone on our street and just let them know we care. Thanking the mail man with a warm cookie is the best thing in the world!

Fantastic episode!!!

Our church serves to the community on the 5th Thursday of every month. We also give to the women's shelter, as well as just help when we hear of needs.

Can't wait to all of Rachel's cool and practical ideas!!! Yay

Go shopping with your children, have them pick out activities for other children (who are in hospitals) to do, and then take your children to donate the things (ie crafts, art, toys, etc) to Ronald McDonald House and/or Children's Hospitals.

This episode was our favorite yet. Thank you for sharing.... I'm not crying, you're crying...

We gave flowers from my daughter's wedding to the local assisted living home. The women were so thrilled and loved them.

Ooohhhh I would love that bag! We give back by hosting children through a Christian ministry called “Safe Families for Children”, we’ve now had a 1yr old, 6 and 7yr old stay with us for a few weeks while their mamas needed some extra help. They’ve taught our 3sons so much about sharing their toys but also understanding what it’s like not to have access to beds, clean bathrooms and food whenever you want. We are so thankful the opportunity to teach our children how to be the hands and feet of Jesus at such young ages (our sons are only 3,4 and 5), and to help these mamas and keep their babies safe.

We build homes in Mexico with our church through 1Mission each year on Presidents’ Day weekend! We also are leaders on putting the trip together. Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do to give back!

I appreciate the giving episode, but no to the leaving notes on the windshield. Major pet peeve of mine to get into the car and realize there is a piece of paper (usually a flyer) stuck in my wiper.

We have started doing the 12 days of Christmas for those who need a little extra love in their life.

That tote is so cute!

Every year, my daughter and I bake cookies and make nuts-n-bolts for her house (she lives in a supported living home with her roommates). We spend the day baking and cooking and at the end of the day she has a big box of treats to take home and share with her roommates and staff that work so hard. It is our tradition and we love it!

I'm a 3 year veteran of my company's charity committee. Each year my company runs a United Way Campaign to raise money for local human-services charities. I help brainstorm, plan and organize events which support this campaign. In the past we've raised near $40K/year for this group to distribute to local charities. Inspired by my involvement in this group, I have also organized and administered employee run campaigns to support individual coworkers (one family who lost their father due to heart disease, another who fell ill to brain cancer) in which we have raised nearly $8,000. I am currently working with our HR department to become a mentor in our Juniors to Jobs Program which we implement each summer with High School Student internships. Prior to beginning our debt free journey, my favorite part of the holiday was the toys-for-tots campaign. I would go on a shopping spree to local stores and fill up the boxes at my workplace with gifts. My husband and I finished Baby Step 2 and 3 in November and I am looking forward to being able to donate more than time and talent again in the near future.

We save for Christmas all year. We have begun to use ten percent of our Christmas budget to bless others.

This episode was our favorite yet. Thank you for sharing.... I'm not crying, you're crying... I work at a school. We find ways to support families through our school social worker. She knows where the needs are. Last year we sponsored a family to buy gifts, this year we bought grocery gift cards. If you're not sure where to give, find a school social worker!!!

My idea of giving would be to secretly give a food or any gift card to people in church that you know are in the most need.

We invite widows and orphans over for Christmas festivities to brighten their holiday season and it blesses us more than it does them I think.

This year I did 12 days of Givemas... 12 days of looking for ways to give. We volunteered at volunteers of America, donated to Denver Rescue mission, paid for someone’s coffee, bought an extra meal at McDonald’s to give to homeless, wrote a thank you for being you note, gave someone free admission to a movie, moving on public transport for lady with a baby to sit, held the door open, brought someone a treat,...still going til Christmas.

Always LOVE your advice! You are an inspiration Rachel! We started our own youtube channel with some of the content focusing on finances! We are excited to see our community and channel grow in 2019! Thankful others value budgeting and reap such great benefits from it too!

My wife and I ride to work together every morning and listen to the Bobby Bones show and love it. We also listen to Dave when we travel which is about once a month. When I learned that Amy was going to be on the Rachel Cruze show I was excited to see what they were talking about. After getting through Baby steps 1-3 we felt as though we had to figure out a way to give more because of the gift that we have of being debt free. It's a little after the holiday season, but starting January 2nd my wife and I are announcing the start of our 501c3 company that we started called Archers Helping Archers. We are going to give away scholarships, help families in need along with veterans in need. My wife and I will continue to donate to it through our life time, but we hope that others will also do so. Great segment Rachel and Amy.

I'm 25 and me and my parents no longer buy Christmas gift for each other. Instead we each take $100 (that we would have spent on each other) and we give it to a charity of our choice.

My favorite way to give is to tip cash - 50% of the bill each time I eat out/get coffee. I've limited my spending in this budget so that I can increase my giving portion of my budget and give back to others who are working hard!

I realize that this is now after Christmas, but I handwrote my parents, brother, and sister in-law letters of gratitude for Christmas. I tailored each letter to the person (or people) I was addressing. I actually found it quite cathartic as it made me think about what (and why) I'm thankful for that they did for me. I didn't do this for my niece and nephew though (4 1/2 and almost 2, respectively) because I knew that they wouldn't get the concept behind it. Additionally, I played 3 songs for them (on my guitar). I bought my niece Candyland and my nephew a Spiderman bath towel set.

For the past couple of years we have given anonymously to a neighbour who has struggled. I love that it’s completely anonymous and we can brighten their day.

I give to the associated churches which uses the money to help families at Christmas. I also give to make a wish which allows the organization to fulfill children's wishes.

I totally agree with you on this! I think that buying stuff really doesn't fulfill any of our dreams. I was in debt before till I found out that I need to be more responsible for my financial life too. These things are always there but at the end of the day what matters is that you have helped the people in need and that you are out of debt. That is why I decided to come up with this YT account so to spread the strategies and tips on how to save money.

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