How to Dominate Your #RealEstate Market Using Predictive Analytics, Data, and Technology

How to Dominate Your #RealEstate Market Using Predictive Analytics, Data, and Technology

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We're in Sacramento, California yesterday. We had a, friend. Of mine somebody I've known for over a decade a very, successful, real estate person come in and they thought about hiring. A virtual assistant they're like we need help in marketing, and I said okay well let's look at your what's, your marketing program what kind of emails are you doing what are you doing to your sphere, you know what have you captured, and what your SEO look like and we started going, down that path and, ultimately. I put the brakes on them because they, didn't have a system. Or a process, to. Generate, high-caliber. Leads so it's. It's great timing that you're here with us today James because I think this is one of the biggest areas where you can add value to our audience, the. Conversation. Though is big data and how to leverage technology to, help drive leads so let's, let's dive right into that topic, um and let's, let's get started, in educating. Our folks about you, know what you guys do right, so, when, it comes to big, data and predictive. Analytics and, AI and machine learning you. Know they're, they're great buzzwords in obviously, Silicon Valley but yeah. There's. The. Data, and, informations. Always been out there right it's. Just now it's a little bit more. Advanced. And we. Want to be able to educate, the, marketplace, about the different information that's available to. Them and how, they can act on it right, okay so for. Instance I get a lot of real estate agents coming to me and then when I asked Oh what. Is your farm you know who's your farming and how big is your farm. You. Know what how's, your turnover, rate and, a. Lot. Of these questions. I get answers that are not satisfactory, for. Instance so I'm just forming you know a couple zip code around where, I live or around my office oh you, know I formed, a little bit and it didn't work so I stopped so it's, just like almost these answers that okay well, let. Me let me first tell you the first step, about. Starting. A farm right yeah you you could go and do, the traditional, farm and send. Out you. Know mailers, to five hundred home, or a thousand, homes and, hope. Somebody will call or somebody somebody, will go to your website and but you know the information so you can capture Lily that's what most agents, do yep, the first step I would say, figure. Out what your turnover, rate in, whichever. Inventory. Or farm, you want to go after don't. Just go after anything, because I've also have real estate agents say I want to go after Newport. Beach because it's on the beach or Laguna, Beach well you know I mean first of all how. Is the invar to inventory, looking, out there right is there enough inventory for you to go after yes there's multi-million homes down there but are. They selling how, is the turnover rate endowment, in that farm well and I would I would want to add something to I was just reading I think it was in The Wall Street Journal, you, know how people used to move every. Seven years and, now, the trend, is every 13, to 15, years I don't know if anybody's you, know in that read that article I think it was just last weekend actually and so, what, happened, is you know if you want to know you. Know the the Great Recession kind, of slapped, all of us in the face a bit and now, what's happening is people you. Know the inventory is so tight there's. Not a lot of homes. Out there to buy so, people who would normally trade. Up or trade down just. Aren't doing it so that's. Why I think, it's so valuable what you're sharing here is one get get get get your farm figure out what, your area is and how many people are in it how big should have farm be James, if effectively. Go after I'll get, to that but it should it shouldn't be 500, it should be a thousand, plus okay. It should be a thousand plus but I'm gonna get into that in a second, so that's where I'm trying to get to so first of all figured out your farm figure out your turnover, rate so the turnover, rate must be over seven percent that's the first equation, so you want to go after a farm where, the turnover, rate is over seven percent every, year yes. Annual. Turnover rate, is seven percent plus when, if I what if my farm doesn't isn't, that high what if it only turns over three or four times, then. Look, for a wider farm, looking for a wider geographical.

Area Okay. Turnover. Rate will start increasing got. It okay so, and then the next thing is you got to look at the, competition. How many risk agents, are in, that form right, and out. Of those agents. How many of them are actually dominating. Like 20. 30 40, 50 percent of this is there one agent, taking 50%, of the inventory. If that's the case then, obviously. You're, competing with one agent plus all the other ones that try to take that 50% share, yep. So. Those. Two, metrics. Are very important, so that's the first thing I tell my agents, when they call me okay find, out your farm. Turnover. Rate and then, find out your competitors that's, the first thing once, you find out your competitor, is you need to spy on your competitors okay. What, is this person taking the 50%. Out. Of that market doing right, right so, that's when I say sit. Down figure, out what they're doing daily, if you don't want to do this hire someone like a virtual assistant you, know hey John. Smith in this, zip code is, a top producer, I want you to figure out what he does every single day where does he post does he post on social media what kind of content, does he post how's, the engagement rates, on those content, and the content that seems to be. Trending. Tell, me about them yeah then this way we can go and do a better job at this content and share is this, person sharing videos. Let's. Do that is this, person sending out direct mail let's do that what is this person doing since flying on the competitor, is highly, critical and oftentimes, you'll see like they're, either doing like a Yelp, advertisement. Zillow advertisement, so they they. Always. Do, multiple. Things right. In the combination, the first so, some people will farm consistently. Like. All the time and, then also. Do like Facebook ads and those the two channels like the work best for them that's fine other, people, are actually doing paid, ads on, social, media and Google and Zillow. And so on and then, they're also like doing email marketing so. Subscribe, go to their site subscribe to their newsletter see, what they're sending out as emails. Are they sending out like direct, drip. Campaigns, to their customers, so figure, out, your competitors. Are, doing in, terms of marketing. And. Hold. On I want to slow you down I want to slow you down because you're an expert and and, I know I, it. Is good what, you're sharing is good but I want to I want to help our audience really, understand. This because this. Is such a big need in our industry. Is understanding, how to effectively, leverage. Big Data and generate listing, you. Know it needs right so, what, are the categories what. Are the four or five categories. That, I need to spy on my competition, and effectively. Measure. What they're doing so just give us the four or five categories. So, the first step when you're going to MLS and you're pulling you know the, sales. That happen in last year yep, you can like sort, by the. Restate, agent yeah yeah it's something agent yet so you're gonna find out that some real estate agent clothes 5, out of 20. Sales yeah, whatever the collaborates you're, gonna say oh this real estate agent is doing, really well ok, well the first thing you're gonna do is go to google and, google the, name ok, so the, first category is, like, how they're showing up in Google like. Search. Contactors. At a threshold buyer or potential seller that's the first thing they're gonna do okay you, know they're gonna get a flier they're gonna see an ad I'm gonna Google, John Smith's realtor, in my area right and the first thing you're gonna see is their. Google. My business listing. And then, they're gonna see like their, website, their LinkedIn their yell their Zillow right, and that's, that's usually the first page of Google tells you so much about the real estate agent, that's actually competing, with you perfectly. Perfect, you don't have Google my business you, must have that you, don't have a Yelp with five-star review you must have that right, you'll have a LinkedIn, that's super, optimized, and actually asking for business and sharing, some articles, zero directing, back to blog like there's this other, optimization. That happens on all your, you know listings. Like Yelp Zillow LinkedIn. Technically. You want to optimize your online presence, right, so, you do that by looking, at the successful people and you learn what they're doing and you you, you do emulate, then you model, them your, mom, okay. So category, one is, SEO. Presence, online presence. In all the important, kind, of portals, what's the next place to look at what they're doing their, website what's, happening, on their website so I, like.

Similar, Web calm, or spyfu. Calm. Yeah, you, put their URL, and, it tells you like. The. The ranking of their site, who's, mentioning, them who's linking to them how, how, how the website is is optimized, what. What articles, are you, know ranking. Better than others yet on their blog so you go to basically. Spy on their website look at their website what they're doing and I. Often teach. My my real estate agents hey look if, I'm a home buyer or home seller and I'm googling, your name and you did all this optimization, the website comes up yeah, I go to your website the, first thing I'm gonna do is, look. For your, about you page I wanna know why right, yeah and I and I go to, the about page and it's just the reuler, phase you, know about, the. Company oh we are a risk that company well for a reason and services blah blah blah blah okay yeah that's not really personal and it doesn't tell me anything separate. Yourself I always, tell them look create. Their biography, like. Tell, them who you are tell them your history why you're in the business why, are you so passionate about real estate write. An executive. Summary you know your profession, what, kind of success. You had who did you work for, how, how long you've been in the business why, should I work with you executive, summary where you specialize. In what your secret, sauce is yeah. I love that okay so, so, the number two so, number, two is use, a tool like spyfu I like spyfu right, or something. Similar to spy, on their website, okay, so one. Is SEO to his, website. You said subscribe, to email is that the third one so. When. You're actually going. To Google and googling, their name there was come, up right. So, John Smith realtor, top producers site comes up I go to his website yep. Subscribe. To newsletter I put my email address doesn't, have to be my real state email or theirs could be any right. You know hotmail. Or Gmail whatever, email whatever want, you better to know who you are, right, so you subscribe. To their, newsletter, and. Then, they're going to be putting, you on a weekly monthly some. Type of a drip campaign okay, that's, content, right. Right they're, sending me content right to my inbox so if anything stands out to me I can, go hire, a virtual assistant to, rewrite the content for me and, put it on my website, right, right, right okay so that's good so all, right we got three what's the other category, to kind of look at so. What's the competitive, analysis. Of who's, in the marketplace. So, once, you have your. Inventory. And you have your. Spying. On the competitors you, want to build your online presence so we talked about online, presence, right and, so now you. Want to set up your. Technical. Or technology, infrastructure, and this is really where where. It comes into the, success comes into play okay, so in. Chapter six in my book I think, it's like 36 pages about all the different technologies that you need to set up yep. So, first, of all you know part, of what we talked about, make sure you websites, are correctly putting all your bio. Your executive summary itself, what's a yep that helps you ranking but, then you know when people go to the site okay. For instance have a chat box on your site okay. I have a Facebook pixel installed, LinkedIn pixel install YouTube, Google, all these pixels, need to be installed so you can track people and show them ads if you right, decide to do paid ads. Have. Like, session. Recordings. So. You can see videos of what people are doing this is that helps in conversion, rate optimization, make, sure you know you have have.

All Your. Like. A like. What else can you have on there so, you've got you've got your, your, tracking, pixels, you've got your chat. For, messenger. You've got your session recordings, so, these. Are different technologies that you gotta happen place also you, want to make sure you have your forms, you, know connected, with your CRM you, wanna make sure you think everything, that so, let's say I'm gonna I'm gonna slow you down again, okay so let's dive into paid real quick because you said some stuff that like drop, a pixel, and do paid what. We found is we we hired an actual, agency, to help us with paid because. Even. Though you, know we have a lot of folks who are really great at real estate we have we have a marketing, team like, that wasn't a skill set that we had internal do you how. Would you help or what would you say the, real. Estate person, ought to do in the paid piece. Of their business okay, so the. Wristed agent doesn't really have to do this because some type of programmer, or someone, that knows code needs install, those different, pixels yep, so, if. I understand, the question what. Does a real estate agent, need to do in order to accomplish a, successful. Paid ad study, so, in our world and I'm just asking you for your advice around. This but you, know what I mean everybody talks about oh I I generated, a hundred leads on Facebook you know and every time I hear that I'm like ah I, don't know like so, let's break that down break. That down okay so. The. Step, that we're talking about right now setting, up, technology. Infrastructure, okay. So. You. Have to have your. Entire. Technology, in place like, the entire system, and this is really the, the, merit of this book yeah, you have to build some type of a growth, system, that makes. You risk a firm thrive, and succeed without, you having to be a huge, part of the system right right so, having. Your, your. Serums. In place or email marketing your SMS, the. Pixels, in place all that needs. To be in, place and. Installed. On your site because at the end of the day everybody.

Is Gonna be directed to your website because that's, what technology is all about you want to funnel all your, awareness. Efforts. To. Go to, your website awareness, efforts like SEO. Paid. Ads. Social. Media sharing, logging. Like all these other efforts that you're trying to do like, brand, awareness and, try to generate leads they do need to go some type of a landing page or your website I know so what I'm hearing is everything. That I do in, marketing should, pull, people back to, my website right. Why, because. You, need to be able to track conversions. And, you can't track that unless somebody, goes to somewhere where you can actually measure. Registering. And who's converting, right, and you can't do that unless you have your Google you. Know, analytics. You, have all the, different technologies that I mentioned I mean I can't go through the 200. Technologies. That I've mentioned here but at. The very least you should have Google. Analytics, installed yeah. You should have your website. Connected. To Google Webmaster to. Rank. It real well and then, you should have Facebook. Pixel you should have Google. Pixel and Linkedin, pixel, Twitter whichever platform you, decide to mark it on but, let, me let me tell you let, me answer your question yeah, okay, so this, is the next step let's suppose, you. Set up your Google pixel your Facebook's pixel, let's make it very simple yep, from, the technology, infrastructure, do, set up Google and Facebook okay. And make, sure you have a CRM, in place and somehow, some, type of email marketing system in place that's, the bare minimum that's, the bare minimum you must have Google, and Facebook pixels, and you must have a CRM, an email, marketing system in place that's the bare minimum bare minimum got it yeah out of this stuff you don't get anything yet, just make sure those four pieces are in place cool. The next thing you want to do okay, is where. Big data comes, in yes. Often. Real, estate agents, will, go and say you, know I'm gonna source some some, phone numbers from red X or Berkman so I'm just gonna die yep. Or I'm gonna farm. This area, I'm just gonna hit, 500. Pieces, to all these 500 homes and I'm, gonna farm this area yeah, oh I'm gonna do some paid ads on Facebook or so. You get all these sporadic, different, ideas. Or tactics, in place yeah, and then a real estate agent runs it in for a, week or two or a month or two and, they. Say oh this, not work infrared. Okay, well I know why one. Your. Source. Of data, is not, very targeted right. You know you can go and say in my farm there are there, are 1,000 homes I'm. Just gonna go ahead and mail to $1,000, now you're actually spending money on whatever, the cost of 1,000 fliers or mailers whatever right, so that's not really the, best way to approach this mmm-hmm. In. Predictive. Analytics, there, is something. Called you know a false.

Positive, And false negative and, then the probability, I don't, want to get too technical but, in. Laymen, terms you could say hey if I assume, all these 1,000. Homes in my farm our potential, sellers yep, obviously, that's. Not 100%, accurate and I'm. Gonna say I'm assuming. All these 1,000 homes none. Of them is a potential seller that, right also not accurate, so, big data and, predictive. Analytics with the machine learning comes into place they, try to get away from the false positive, they're all true and the false negative, they're all negative meaning that they're all sellers, or their own lawn sellers or towards. The positive. Probability of, how many of those 1,000, are actually potential, selves right, so they're they're getting rid of the errors, if, you will right, and, they're giving you out of this 1,000, homes, in this farm there, could potentially be. 100. Sellers. In the next 12 months right, so. This, is really the secret sauce you, don't want to market to 1,000, you, just want to go pick that 100. So, how do we get that that's the question that's why you're here today exactly, so, I always, advise my. My. Clients, to go to remind or, prospect. Now prospect. Now and remind I've already taken, all these data, and they. They, they did all these analytics, on it and the machine learning and they're, already gotten narrow. So instead of you marketing, on Facebook. To 1,000, homes or instead of you farming, 1,000, homes or instead of you calling 1,000. People they're. Already telling you who's potentially, to be a seller and whose potential would be a buyer so. You go to remind, which is part of this remind. Is a client, of ours the, the CEO and Founder is a brilliant, guy yeah, Leo Pereira he's. A good dude and and not, only is he probably. One of the sharpest minds in real estate but. His tool is, typically. Something, that we get for, free or it's, a very low cost because all the MLS is pay for its part of your dues yet, I never, ever ever hear, of anybody actually using, that platform I don't know why and it's, such a great platform so, if you were into so I want to bring it down for the audience because if you don't know how, it works like Leo actually, personally, gave me an a tour, of it several years ago when he was building, it and, what. You can do is you can sort by all the houses by. How long they've been there what the mortgage is you, know who owns it whether it's a you. Know residence, that the owner actually lives in it or it's an investor, home so, I mean you can get all the data that is like secret. Sauce stuff, and then. Specifically. Target, those people so I James, your your shot on talking about yeah, so your, export, de. Likely, to be a seller, or the likely, to be a buyer or both of them yep, right and you take that data now, remind. Also, you can pay extra money, to, get the contact information, right the the, list so you. Can get the emails and phone numbers for, those. Potential, buyers and sellers. Obviously. The real estate agents instant. Instant. Thoughts like oh cool I'm gonna start, emailing these people or I'm gonna say, hold. On don't do that because you.

Don't Want to do that, they're. Not ready right now already, and also there could be some legal legal, issues with that you, know you want to make sure you take that data first, so, step. Number one when it comes to big data is collecting. The right data and, that's, really what I what I what I give. My message to the audience is like don't, just go and advertise to, everyone under, the Sun make, sure you know who, you're targeting so, I'll remind made. It super easy for you go, pull the, people that are going to be likely sellers, and buyers or. Prospect now both both, both platforms, give, you the same data you, pull that data okay, and you take that data it collect and I always advise my my, clients to pull about 6,000, contacts actually, 6,000. You, because, your audience you, want to be able to dump them into facebook, youtube linkedin, instagram. And, you need a big enough audience in, order to do that so, after, a while I figured out the numbers and when. You when, you actually take out less than six thousand you your closing ratio wouldn't, be as satisfactory, so agents want to close four to six sometimes a transactions. A month and in order to get that number I mean depends on the area but, I figured, the sweet spot is about six thousand contacts, yep and you take six thousand contacts, yep, the next step is to. Enrich. The data like. A pen like so you. May. Remain, remind, to give you phone, numbers in and and, email addresses forty. To sixty percent usually, has, the information and the rest doesn't, so about fifty percent don't have information so, you don't want to just like ignore them obviously we, want to target, those people too so you hire a virtual assistant your. Company, you know my oldest would be perfect, you hired virtual assistant, they go and append the data for you it, was a pen I'm. I'm, a real estate broker what, does a pen the data mean it, you. Know first name last name in an address, has, no phone number and email addresses, by, finding the phone numbers and email addresses and, adding, them to the last to, the list that's called the pending data, to, your list would you use a system to do that or would you do you, can use data finder, calm, to a model list, in bulk and they. Will they will find or match your the your records, all you, need to give them first name last name and an address and remind.

Even. A title bribe, would give you that information if you don't use your mind but obviously remind the. Point is because they do predictive. Analytics, on that data can't. Do that then you would have to manual say hey give me everybody, that but. Six, years ago at, five, percent interest rate with. Equity, this much then, you have to manually tell. Them what you want to give you that list but even though there's, no. Predictive. Analytics done on that list so the success, ratio with the title company giving, you the list is less, than what remind or prospect, now with. With, you. Okay, so we're. We. We've gotten, the, basic infrastructure, we've, upgraded our, SEO, we. Have an email system we, went after the, data with remind, we've, appended that list with a virtual assistant it's, all loaded into you. Know our website has pixels, now for all the social media stuff, give, us now the, plan, of attack James, was. Before. Before you get to see that's why you. Can't not yet. But. We only have ten more minutes to get we only have ten more minutes so I'm gonna make sure there but. Once you get that you validate, the data so phone numbers and email addresses you got to go to like zero bounce and validate the data they have they're also validated data so you get all the emails and phone numbers, validated. And then after that you normalize, the data so a person, could have two emails, or two, phone numbers yep. When you put it in the CRM they usually send an email to the first email, as. A primary, and they ignore the second one so normalizing, the data is saying John, Smith with the email one John, Smith email, two then you have two records for. John Smith two emails then this way when you upload the data into. A custom, audience you're uploading John Smith twice because he has two emails because you don't know which one is usually right, so, that's from data validation. To data normalization. And then data sanitization. Sanitization. Anodization that's, when you go upload your list to. Like data 24/7.

To, Make sure you remove all that do not call phone. Numbers, off the list as. We go upload you, know the data into zero balance and you remove all the. Invalid. Email, addresses, from your list okay hold, on because this is really important, because we have clients all the time who hire us to prospect, for them and that. Is one, of the biggest honor, contract. And I'm if you're listening right now and if you have one of our virtual assistants I wanna James is giving you gold right, here but. You, you have to make sure that the list that you're calling, is not on the Do Not Call list. I think, it's a $10,000. Violation. Every single yeah. It's huge and guess, what we don't pay it my out test will not pay it you will as the agent so what, are the two systems, to, remove. Tennis, we, call it scrub, people. Off from the Do Not Call list and and and scrub, them what are the two systems that you named data. Finder, calm, okay. The scrubs. It's probably that one of the best out there okay, perfect finder, and data. 24/7. 24/7. Okay cool so this is the part that's Big Data guys honestly. Not. Very many people understand, this whole process to. Effectively. Do what I call an air sea, and land, like, that's, what you're talking about James is is you're attacking these, potential. Sellers, from, all angles and I think it's it's lovely it's brilliant, can, we get into the plan now. That's. The thing success, is about setting up the right foundation. Because. It makes the action plan super, easy once, you have the data once you have it clean once you have it validated and, actually, now, you have that data with, accuracy. Like almost almost 80% accuracy. Now, you go and sync it so for instance your, mobile phone right. I want, those six thousand people on your mobile phone how do you do that use iCloud or Google, contacts, it's free you upload that up there on Google contacts or iCloud all, these six thousand pound contacts. Come to your phone because your. Phone has your Gmail or iCloud right, yep if then. You, need to sync it all across platforms. Meaning your CRM your social media, channels. I need. Any other different. Platform, that you have like you know channels. Are your like. Your web your Google contacts, your social, media. The. The. Device is - so your your your mobile, phone this. Is how this, is how you you. Take a list of people you don't know and get. Connected, with them on LinkedIn and, connected, with them in Facebook, what I'm getting to yes. Once you have that contact. Information all these contacts, 6,000, in, your Google contacts and in your phone you go on LinkedIn all, these people get suggest to you as friends you go on Instagram, all these people get suggest to you as friends right you're. Connecting, your liking, you're engaging, with potential, sellers and buyers for, free yeah, soon any paid ads and. What, we're doing we're tricking, all the, social media platforms by, saying all these 6,000 people are my friends right. And they're on my phone so when I go to these platforms Instagram. Say you may also know John, Smith sellers down the road and. They will give you their LinkedIn or their. Instagram. Or their Facebook so you start seeing your potential buyers and sellers if everywhere. You turn and that's why this, data, is so critical to be clean and when, you put it in your phone on it's there so when a potential star calls you their name comes up you don't need to say hello anymore oh hi, John they're. Like oh wow yeah, thank, you very much you know I've been. Following you I've been engaging with you I know you are, impressed. No, agent. Ever called the. Potential seller by name just, by them calling them for the first time so, the seller will feel special. When you call them by name the next thing I want to talk about is pie sing so use pricing, to sync all your platforms, all your channel with, your CRM with your email marketing it's highly. Critical, you have all these 6,000, contacts, in. Your CRM and your email marketing all social, media everywhere, because, then this is your forum this is this is what you want to turn into clients these, all appear saying, here's, my list this is what I want clients and you go after it not like I don't know who my clients are I'm just gonna go ahead and spend a lot of money on marketing and hopefully, get to clients, you've taken your clients, ahead of time you're you're, basically fast-forwarding.

Figuring. Out who your potential clients are and then, you're back tracking the. Process, does this make sense yeah no it does how, would I sync, all that, up I mean is that a virtual, assistant job, or is there technology, platform. That would help because that, syncing, is such a big it, can be a big job is. Real. Estate agents don't have to do any of this the. Real estate agent need only to. Talk, to people that are fight so once you have let's let's I'm gonna speed up just a little bit so once, you have the. Data right, and you put it on Google contacts and sinks into your phone yeah, you go to social media and. They. Start suggesting to you, that I, mean on LinkedIn, you can upload your contacts, on Facebook you, can sync your contacts, on Instagram, you don't go to the settings and also, sync, your contacts, so there, are a little bit of different, steps to sync your contacts across all channels devices. And platforms right but that's a virtual assistant. Because. All this information I can't cover it over one hours is for. The rest an agent that's why it's highly critical, for people to read the book I mean 20 years of experience in here yeah, and and the tactics, are not like everyday, things you see on YouTube or social. Media these are original, information. That I've learned, over the years right. So, you have everything saying hi, sync calm pi, sync hi, sync aha, this is this is the platform that syncs everything together now you have everything sunk. Together right right you have the data now you can do anything you want you can go do direct mail you'll, have a success with it right because the data is is, clear. And verified, and their, potential buyers ourselves you can do dialer, if you want you want why because all the phone numbers are valid. Well. What. I want, you guys to do is not just call these people I want you to have a reason, to call them you, know community, parties, you, know music, in the park charity.

Events, Garage, sales. Pie giveaways, you. Know like all the good things that you can call, you. Know folks in your database in your community, so you, you. Can call them just have great reasons, to call them yes, and to be honest with you I personally. Tell my clients Paul don't sell say, hey my, name is James Tyler I'm a real estate agent in your area I came across your information, I just wanted to troduce myself and leave my information, should you need anything yes, I please leave my information, with you sure. Can I follow up with you next week or next month yeah that's it yeah, very very smooth, introduction. You, just introduce yourself and that's it you're not selling it's, not, to call somewhere introduce yourself you, know you just say hey I'm a wristed agent they came across your information online I saw you on Facebook saw you on LinkedIn just can't introduce myself and leave my phone number should you need anything oh and. By the way and, by the way there's this awesome community event, could I add your email, list or could I add you to my from. Time to time I come across great deals there's a lot of opportunity, when you're having intro. Calls just, don't start qualifying. Don't. Ask them nuts that's, what I tell my you know you want to qualify you want to close deals but don't do that don't start qualifying, in people on the first call so, once you have the information you. Can do so many things with it because the data is accurate, right right, the one thing that I always tell, my clients to do is actually go and use like. The, demand base or, chisel-like. Paid, advertisement. Platforms, where you upload. Because right now Facebook doesn't let you upload custom, audience if you're arrested or mortgage because yep you know the privacy. Issue. That they had but either way you. Can you don't, have to stop there there are other platforms, where you can actually do display, ads and native ads and video ads where you upload those, six thousand people, - yep. All you need to upload is an email and phone number either, word or both and, that, platform will will match the, email or phone number to, these people's, devices. So. Paid like a large. Publishers, or large advertising, firms they. Have all that data they have the emails and phone numbers but for security purposes, and legal issues they don't they, don't you, know they don't keep that data so they match emails, into like a device, ID so.

They Need to advertise to advise ID dot an email right, once, you upload the email and phone number they, match, those information, with device IDs and now you have all these 6,000 people phone. Number, phones, devices. Desktops. MacBooks, whatever their devices they're on you. Can display ads all over that's why when you visit. Like what, page or whatever now you see ads everywhere, that's how they do it people are always asking how did they do it that's how they do it I love, you take the right information you upload it to a company, like choose Oh calm and then, it's called CRM targeting, or. No. Interest-based. Advertising. So. That's, where you go and you start advertising, to those 6000 people only well. Okay, James i we you, are this, is why I wanted to have you on our show, and, we might have to have you back, guys. If if, you haven't got this book I got, it killed, it I read the whole freaking thing in like, a day cuz it was so good and I. Know that's weird but, I'm just a nut and I love this kind of stuff James. If somebody wanted to learn more or go deeper, with you or find out you, know how, to reek, of you, know hearing, you talk about it you've done it so many times sometimes, it's good just go out and pay, a guy to help you, know so, what do you think you. The best, next steps for somebody would, be to take and how, would somebody get in touch with you um. Dominate. That real estate. WWWE. They can you know there's a text James on there that can get ahold of me they, can text me at 9 for 9 do. Two nine two, six three six they, can call me they. Can go to my other website Jamestown Ofcom. They. Can just google James Tyler done the real estate I'm all over the web so, yeah. I'd. Love to help what. Do you what do you think that, when people come in do. This with you like go through this step-by-step process. How, long does. It take them to see, result you'll. Start seeing results in 90 days yeah, yes. If everything, goes well ninety, days you should see results because the this entire process, takes about thirty days, to six to 45 days and by, the time you start qualifying, and getting the leads in the door it takes about 90 days to start closing gates and that, and and and basically once you get in a contract, and it's another sixty days to close so, you're looking at a ramp-up period of five to six months before your next, 45. Days to set up everything and then you start getting leads so you start closing deals in 90 days to start making Commission, checks within 90 days okay. I love that and what I'm and. We're, only got a couple more minutes and I know people are loving this and and, it's great topic, but, what. Are some of this takes people would make if if, they try to do this themselves that, you'd like them to avoid so.

Avoid. Doing this, yourself, hire a professional, and virtual, assistant this is a step by step you don't need me to do it for you that's why I wrote this but somebody can literally follow the tactics, that I'm about to give you in in, this session the. What why you don't want to do you don't want to do everything, yourself as a real estate agent, right you, want to know like, read the book know what, somebody is going to do for you if you're gonna hire someone make, sure that you understand, what they're doing make, sure you understand, how the data process, works all the data collection verification. Validation, sanitization. Normalization, like know what that means know, how long it takes so you have the right expectation, and don't, try to do everything yourself, you know prospecting, you don't even need to do that yourself Ryan is a hire you know a virtual. Assistant to do the, prospecting, do it for you make sure somebody sets up your funnel, make sure if somebody sets up your email drip campaigns, make, sure if somebody sets up all these different things for, you right hire a virtual assistant to, do that, hire. A virtual assistant to do the qualification, for you as a real estate agent all I want you to do is you, know take, the lead that's really, that's, ready to actually sit. Down with you so a virtual assistant should do all this plus. Setting up the appointment, for you like. You should be like, hey. John realtor. I'm your eyes say I have an appointment set up for you tomorrow, you, know at 10:00 a.m. with this potential buyer of this potential seller yep boom you should be out on appointments. Taking, care of business closing. Deals and the, helping people you shouldn't really dabble. With Facebook, ads and data and, analytics, and all this will. Leave, the professionals, to do that hire. Two, or three virtual assistant, to do all this work for you, and just be out on appointments, that's the best advice I can give we have to we have to drop the mic right there James, cuz you're, kicking butt if, you're listening right now and you wanted to go deeper we've put links, in, for. James's, book dominate. Real estate and I feel like we only scratched, the surface so. We're, gonna have to have you back I'm sure there's a lot of topics we can talk about really. The free gift is the tactics, on the, dominate. Diarrhea state, sixty, some pages, long. I think you've seen it Daniel I I, downloaded, it cuz I wanted the, book and I was like okay I need that and I was and I thought it was great yeah. 360. Pages, on the book so I had to. Make it's a literally, an another book of, strategies. And tactics that you can literally, start executing. Now it's, right on. The website this is why, I want, to help I want to show you I wanna help people charge tons of money for this stuff trust me I'm giving, to, them for free go to the website download it's literally free and I'm not going to call you or sell or anything and I won't put you on a annoying.

Day, By day. Just. Go, download it execute. And, nine. Four nine two two nine two six three six call me if you have any questions would love to help alright James thanks for having a you know coming on this show and sharing all this knowledge guys, if you're listening and you need help you need a virtual assistant jump, on our website my, and, James. You are dominating. Real estate so I appreciate, you brother my. Pleasure thanks for having me on then alright brother.

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This is a very helpful webinar! Remine is great for collecting viable real estate data. Making sure data is authentic and clean prior to launching marketing and sales strategies is crucial to success. Thank you!

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