How to Consistently LIST & Sell FSBO's Every Week in 30 minutes or less with Mike Stott

How to Consistently LIST & Sell FSBO's Every Week in 30 minutes or less with Mike Stott

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All. Right welcome to the. Webinar, you guys I'm super excited to. Share with you this. Awesome, webinar, I have Mike, Scott who's been in real estate for 30. Plus years, and. It's such a really. Pleasure to have Mike because it's, really literally, a small small. World, Mike, actually and I were featured, in the senior books together that's, how we met actually. Called. Manifest she's totally. Non real estate-related, but, come to find out my, husband's. Best friend also, went to school. So. I've. Been in the industry for, about 10 years on, the marketing, side. You. Know we should really do webinar. Together and, I want you to teach all of my real estate friends, how to do, what you do. Many. Many years probably, longer, than. I've been alive. Great. I really appreciate, it this. He is busy she's, in a. Chronic. Place she's going to mute herself and if you could mute. The participants, and we're, doing this a little bit differently this time on Facebook, live. So, the people are watching it and, we're getting the recording off to our our various friends that are involved in real estate but I want to start off by saying thank. You all for being here I want, you to get, a pencil and paper a pound, of paper you're, gonna take some notes you're gonna get it you stay down to the end you'll get a copy of the PDF so, you don't have to worry about the details but. You're going to want to pay attention you're, gonna want to put your cell phone on mute. You're gonna want to mute yourself, if. You have a question, at any time just feel free to chime in we're, a small enough group but I think we have about 25, or 30 people on the group we're, a small enough group that you're able to ask me a question live. Because. I get really excited, about this stuff and I speak quickly, I speak, loudly and sometimes, I don't finished my sentences. So, if I get that and I'm confusing, you just, let me know and we'll spend a little bit more time. Yes. Stacy, I mentioned, I've been in real estate I was licensed, in 1980, five. Days after I turned 18 I did graduate from high school that, year, and, I, did go to high. School with Ray hironaka, who's mr., Kennedy's. One. Of his I think dearest, friends in the whole world and he. Married the much younger Stasia. I mean, she's I don't know if she's old enough to drink yet so there's the old man coming getting you back and. We've. Known. About each, other for three or four years now and it's been this is the first opportunity to, share, and play together so I really appreciate. It I appreciate each, and every one of you we're, gonna spend about an hour together and hopefully, you'll learn some sales techniques, not just with for sale by owners but with you, know everything, that you can you, know you, can work with and make some money a lot, of us think that working. With for sale by owners, it's mind-numbing. Cold. Colleague, we were trained that way in the 90s, we. Were trained, like, we were life insurance, salesman or car, salesman, where our job was to spend three four five six hours a day on the. Phone there, is you, know we were we were, talked if you don't want to talk in the phone fine go knock on doors four five six hours a day and if, you've got a lot of money just do a lot of direct mail to, people and it, created a lot of unbearable, stress, for us as agents now I've, been involved in coaching now since 2006. I'm an accredited, coach by, the International. Coach Federation Inman. Recognized, me as one of the top 25 coaches, I know, the last thing that any real estate agent wakes up with every day is a. Desire, to not, make any money I mean we all make up saying we want to contribute we, want to help people buy and sell but gosh darn how do we find them and our, business can be depressing because so many people come in thinking, it's easier, than it is and then get back. Out but, what I have is you, know my personal, story is I. Sold a lot of real estate in Hawaii from 1980. Oh really, 1983. When I graduated, from college till. 2006. And in fact my, wife Donna and I from 1992. To 2006. We, had a coach and we increased our business from, $400,000. A year gross Commission, income to, 2.6. Million a year, at gross Commission, income amazingly. Enough I didn't work for sale by owners at, that point in time we, had kids that had settled on the mainland which is I'm in Atlanta Georgia now and we.

Knew That they weren't going to be able to live in Hawaii. It's. Just too, expensive the, house they grew up in just resold for 1.6, million. Dollars. And I have great kids but they're nurses, doctors, that work in real estate with me. They computer. Programmers. It's just it's hard to. Live, in Hawaii the, job opportunities. Are limited, for bright young people of the pay scale is much less so we, backed up in 2006. I went to work for a large. International. Real, estate training company, as a speaker, and a coach my wife was a coach also and in. 2009. The, market had been crashing, the coach let. You know seventy of his 88 coaches, go and for. The first time in my life I had lost my house to a short sale I had invested. In a bunch of properties, they were all gone I could. Give you the sob story but, I woke up in 2010. Broke, I had three kids in college I had gone, through my my. Retirement. Accounts, I had run up visas, to six-figure. Visa, debt and I needed to make money now. Here's, what's interesting the, three years I had lived in Georgia since then I knew. Nobody I worked, with a Boy Scouts troop and I. Worked at our church and my Boy Scout troop, of about 90, families, there, were 16 real estate agents, and in my church of about 600 families there, were over 80 real estate agents, so I couldn't get them so I started working for sale by owners and a lot of what you're going to see today came. Out of me desperately, needing to make money, and I, know some of you listening on this call desperately. Need to make money so I know this works what. We'll be covering today, are to, email scripts you can use today and you, can start getting appointments, with for sale by owners using these email, scripts we're, going to show you the seven step process to, take a for sale by owner who's never heard of you before and turn it into multiple transaction. Sites in fact just today I, was doing a follow up with the person I met on Tuesday and she, was interviewing, five agents, she said she's picked us and the, nice thing is is we're gonna list her house and they're, going to be buying another house with that house sale so it is a multiple, transaction. Business. We're gonna show you a lot of statistics, I'm a big fan of the numbers to, help fiz Bo's realize. The value that we or you as an agent, can bring and, we're going to talk about some third party and celebrity, endorsements, to do the heavy lifting selling. For you and, we're going to talk about an account on a penalty plan that, will guarantee you, put this into action I'm doing something I've never, done before is, I'm. Selling, this course and if you buy it today or over the next couple of days I'm going, to include what I call my Fizbo, intensive, in the, cost of this course so that's really exciting. Cuts. Down to the end will. Send you a copy of the ultimate Fizbo cheat sheet pdf, of today's slides we're gonna give you that special offer and you, know just to be clear how's that for a blatant bride. Realize. There's there's a little bit of coaching right there if you can say something with a smile that gets them to smile it's. A good sales technique, so. Are you willing to have a new thought. About. Lead, generation and. Fizzbuzz. Is. Specific. Is 40. To, 50 percent of the for sale by owners will list even, in this hot market, now, I realize, that some of the coasts California, and Virginia and DC area the, market is slowed down but, the rest of the company country is still going like gangbusters and, we're, still seeing four, to, five out of ten for sale by owners list with the real estate agent and here's, the thought they just don't know when and they, don't know why they should list, you so, we're gonna spend the next 50 minutes or so is going over how. You can do your job to stay in touch with them and let, them know the value that you bring while. They see some, value in their conversations. With you so. Don't be like everyone else I mean I love this picture, don't, be dragging, on the for sale by owner saying please please please. Use. Me as an agent, or you. Know be condescending. And say you can't sell on your own that we all know those scripts.

From, Bold and from Mike Ferry and and they're out there you know when do you plan on listening, with the right agent for the job and getting your home sold it's condescending, it's. It's implying, that they can't do it on their own so be different, show, them for sale by owner you respect, them and offer, them more service, than anybody else I mean they see is muted, but you, know just think about this yourself you guys when, you went out with somebody you were interested in on the first date or the second date and you, knew you were interested in them in the long term relationship, so. They say yeah let's just say if it was you and you, were going out with with, mr. Kennedy at the time and on, the first day he says I want, to marry him. How. Many times did you have to ask him before he said yes. I'm. Going to tonight. So. The for sale by owners trying to protect themselves they've. Told themselves hey. I can, sell, the house and save you. Know three four five six percent, whatever the listing site Commission, is and so, imagine it this way I'm. Married, and I lose my job and my wife gets a promotion and, we're moving from Atlanta, to Dallas, and she. Says honey you, can contribute to the family by selling the house ourselves, and let's say our house is worth, $400,000. And I. Crump in it I get it ready I post. It on Zillow I posted, on Craigslist, I posted on gisbert, and it's, all out there you know Wednesday, night Thursday. Night at 10:00 and on Friday morning, if she leaves for work she says you've, done a great job I, know you could sell this house just don't talk to any real estate agents, and what. Happens, eight nine ten twenty. Real estate agents call that morning and they're all saying when do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home or, they, lie I may have a buyer and then, we call or, we email, to, them and we. Want to be different we want to start building that relationship and. We're going to show you how I mean, really when. We talk about it it's awkward, and this is any sales situation is. As. You're trying to find the lead you, have to have that small talk and that awkwardness, and you have to have the initiative and courage to ask good, questions, that. Will get you into a meaningful dialogue, and you're, going to connect so, you might start with our first you, know email, is are you offering a commission for real estate agent brings you a buyer they. Say yes no we're maybe or I don't know you, get into the meaningful, dialogue, you say thanks, for that you, know I notice you're out on Zillow here's, some ways you can make it better so you can connect. And they, begin to appreciate, and accept what you're doing and then you bond and then, they're going to trust you so over, time with. A lot of follow-up. You're. Going to find the lead you're going to attract them you're going to get into the conversation. You're. Going to do what we call a preview, appointment. You're, going to follow through after the preview appointment, you're gonna actually do a listing. Appointment then. You're gonna secure the listing and then you're going to leverage it you're, gonna leverage using Stacy as Facebook, you, know knowledge and, brilliance, and you're gonna get other sales through, it you're gonna do just list of just old postcards, all those good things so. The question is yeah, Mike but you're a fast talker, you're, a born salesperson. Let me tell you nobody. Was more of an introvert, in high, school than I was okay. And my, mother was the greatest sales, person, I ever met but, she couldn't tell you how she did it so it. Doesn't matter what I do it matters what you can do so throughout. Throughout. This presentation, I'm going to give you some quotes or, some tests from, agents that have taken Dave Jackson says so, far this week I've set two appointments, and taken one listing, it's, less direct, softer, and more effective, than bold hmm. Jim, Steele says letting you know I got a $350,000, listing, following, the program and using the emails this, is, awesome.

And Then Eleanor, says. This well let me know if I I started, contacting fizzbuzz, this morning I reached, out the five home heard doctrine, for one has a major monkey mind not gonna list not going to do it one, said she's got a list I asked for the opportunity interview, for the job one, is getting listened by another agent, next week but I'm still going to preview it tomorrow meeting, here at 10:30 I've appointment, to walk through one of the properties, tomorrow - by, the way texting, got the fastest response, from all of them three. Ordinary, great. Agents. Just like you getting results from it since, last year, since for one here's, my Fizbo, production, these are the actual, closings. One, of them was the lease purchase now another 12,000. Coming this summer from, it but it's a hundred and thirty two thousand. In listings. For sale by owners in the last 12 or 13 months does, this work yes, doesn't work for everybody if. You're, willing to do the work so, why, do I think it's time to polish up or learn, how to work with for sale by owners is winter. Is coming everybody's, all you, know ready for the new game of Thrones the final season coming up to, me and I sort of like you to but. Even if it isn't coming even, in our market, even in Atlanta, which is the market I know best where, we have every, discount, broker in the history of the universe, is here four. Or five out of ten for sale by owners are still listing, and, not only that the, five or six that are selling excuse. Me I need, to turn on my phone, cuz, on, four. Or five out of ten the. Other five, or six four. Or five of that five or six. Are. Getting, offers. From real estate agents the mic market, is cycling, downward we've been going up since 2011. Were seven to eight years in an upward moving cycle, and if it doesn't it, will my next this time I've seen reports of Northern. California, Southern California, Seattle their markets off by 10 to 20%. They. Generally let, us know what's going to happen in the rest of the country so the. Good news is is that inventory, is growing, and it makes it harder, to sell on your own let's, face a fact many real estate agents would never show up for sale by owner if there, were other homes listed in their multiple listing services, I don't, think they're doing the best service by doing that but, it's going to be harder for the for sale by owner to sell on their own interest. Rates were up now they're back down they'll go up again making, it harder for the for sale by owner to. Find the right buyer and I, know and, you're gonna get in just a couple of minutes, statistics. That prove it's always, better to use the great agent than the sell for sale by owner so, it's time we're, really close to a really, freaking great at working, with this type of sellers, ok. So here's, some some numbers, for, you I held, what I call the Fizbo intensive. And that was where people, who have taken the Fizbo course I offered. Them at $500. Play, with me for, another three weeks and we're. Gonna hold each other accountable and, you're, gonna get weekly, call where, I'm gonna answer any of your questions I'll, actually call, some for sale by owners live for.

You, You. Know people on the on the call and I, had 20 people take advantage of it and it. Was two different groups of 10 well actually one was a group of 11 was a group of 9 and they, worked for 22, days we kept track of the numbers for 22 days that, equals, 360. Workdays which is about a year and a half everybody. We, contacted. 1297. For sale by owners which, was three attempts, a day three. Emails, a day three, texts, a day or, three calls a day we, talked to, 423. For sale by owners out of the 1,300 that's, about one out of every three I, personally. Get a higher number than that but these were the numbers, from the 20 people that we were working with we, were able to go and visit, 179. Of them. Remember. Half of the 423. Were selling on their own, real quickly we. Were able to visit 179. Of them we, went on 48. Second. Appointments, which, is one out of every four that we visited, and they, listed 30 to welcome. One. Out of every six they visited, initially, listed. Went. For over eight million dollars in volume and I'd like you to chat in if you, would if. You. A chat in well. What does an additional, 15, houses, sold. Because. If you did that this if you worked 220. Days and you, did half of this or. You, know a little more than that half of this that. Would be 15, additional, listings, how. Much money would you make. Okay. In my market, that, would, be a hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty thousand, dollars in. Some people's market that's going to be a hundred and fifty to two hundred fifty, thousand, dollars okay, it's a lot of money I'm really. Serious. You, know I'm loud I'm quick I'm funny I laugh, a lot but, I know that, this will be the difference, between some, of you staying in real estate, versus, going out and getting a real job and you, know what when. You learn these techniques you'll, be able to list any home with, less struggle, and more confidence, because of what you learned today and in the course in fact. While. You're taking the course you'll have my 38, years of experience, with over 3200, homes sold and over, 10,000. Coaching, calls accredited, at, your service, and Inman made, me one of the top 25 best real estate coaches. In the business and over sixteen hundred and fifty agents have taken this course and are taking listings, every day you. Can too and i'm, International. Coach Federation accredited. I went, through the Academy or coaching excellence. I'm. A good coach my, wife Donna is a great coach and you're, going to learn and you're going to be able to get beyond whatever. Is limiting, you if you. Take advantage of this offer today, so. Here's an email i received from, palo, diaz I finally, heard from our contract, contact, yesterday we won't have the flexibility, sell on our own we're, going to have to move early. I must, hire realtor this week and schedule an open house as soon as possible why.

I Don't, know she wanted, to be in charge so she wanted to know me all, my statistics, I responded, I went I got the listing how, many you know she ran her first out in December, she originally. Said she tried on her home for three months and then list with the discount broker in January. I got the listing, okay. So realize, that for sale by owners were they saying no today. That. Doesn't mean no forever, because, things change they, think it's going to be easy and, it. Is it in fact one of my favorite questions those, of you taking notes one. Of my favorite, questions is what's, your plan B if, your. House doesn't sell. Who. They've never thought about that, and, that's a great question to get them thinking and then saying I'd like to be your plan B D what. We should do now is simply get together 15. Minutes I promise you no, high-pressure sales techniques, you'll, just get to know me a little bit I'll know the house a little bit and if you get to that Plan B we'll, have started the process already, okay. So, here's the email that, we send initially, or you can text initially, or you can call initially. If. I brought you a buyer would you be willing to pay me a 3%, Commission now, I'm not promising, that I have a buyer I'm. Just. Saying if I brought you a buyer would you be willing to pay me a commission a, 3%. Commission in my market, wishing, me success, now, in Atlanta we have to put company. My license, number and all that other sort of stuff when, it's a quick email it's a quick text I don't. Even have it saved. In my text some of my other texts I have the floor mats that I copy and paste it it's so quick it's easy for me to type it up if. A real estate agent brought me a buyer that was well qualified would you be willing to pay them a commission great. Period, that's it the, whole goal is to get them to respond. To. Get you into that conversation, so. The next question is where do you find the. For sale by owners and what, I've done in this for sale my other course is, I've put a bunch of videos together and a bunch of written things and I have a 15. Minute video on, how, to find for sale by owners to contact, it, goes through Craigslist, which, believe it or not is still a decent source, and, it shows you how to go to the real estate for sale in your city and to, do just the by owners, and find, the by owners we also talked about how to use Zillow, Zillow just changed, last, week or the week before making. It even harder for, a buyer to contact. A for sale by owner directly, so, we actually show, you how. To contact, the for sale by owner and Zillow, how, to get. To. Them a video. That I will say hey, here's some ideas to make your Zillow ad better and you might want to hire this agent, who, sent you this video because. I'm I'm not shy about asking for business, for you but, you can find on Zillow a lot of ads and what, we're going to teach you to do that is after you get into the initial conversation.

So. We're going to teach you how to find it for sale by owners we're going to teach you how to get into the conversation, and then we're going to teach you how to continue, the conversation and. We actually have a whole email or text, system 17, Fizbo. Number one if you receive the response immediately, said email. Number two it's a long list of marketing, ideas if, you don't get a response in two to four days go. Ahead and send them Fizbo, number two anyways, if you've already gotten a response you're going on an appointment, if they respond, at all close and to. See the home and on you know no response, go to day seven, send Fizbo number three that's economic, news we, have a whole list of over 28, for sale by owners, or, 28. For sale by owner texts, or email that, you can copy that you can make yours, that, you can make very powerful. You can make very personal. And send. It on and it, covers, you well beyond 30 days if, you want to do a 30 day. Email. I don't. Recommend, drip campaigns, although. Some of people are setting them up as drip campaigns, it's. Just a matter of getting. Into a real conversation, with a human being so, we recommend email, for sale by owner every twenty to four days for, a 30 to 45, days cycle. You'll, want to bury your email scripts and mix up your messages. Now what I've discovered this, year, is. What Eleanor gave, the testimonial. Is I've, been texting as much as I email, so, if I have an email address I send an email and, if I have the phone number I send the text if, I have both I send both and I'm getting about twice the response, rate through, the text as I am through the email only, disadvantage. The text is many, programs, have a limitation. On how, many characters you can have this. Sounds, like a lot but it. Becomes a very easy to manage system, and in, general, if you're you're emailing, three. New Fizbo, a day and you're following up with fifteen fizzbuzz, or three a day, over the course of a week it's. Easily done in under 30 minutes a day or less and that's. What I'm ago she ate that's, what I spent I budget, my first hour of each day before. I start coaching my clients, before, I start doing any of the webinars or anything else, 7:45. To 8:45, I'm, in the office contacting. My fifteen to twenty two people that, my database, says I'm supposed to contact today. So. I'm. Doing a lot more than just physical as I have my past clients, I have a lot of other follow-up, but the phys bows are they expired to take about a half an hour of that hour so. They're, short and sweet that's. The reason why the emails, or the text work they're not long. Whiny, diatribes. That. Just hit right to the point they, convey a potential, benefit or solution, to the reader and there's. An expectation, of, a response, you, always, ask a question, so. Rex hunter says you're the best this is the greatest response, rate I've ever experienced, with any training, program and then, Adam, in. Duncan. British Columbia. People. Often ask does this work in Canada yes we have many Canadian, clients, taking, this course I just, got off the phone the lovely lady it looks like she may be listening with me I just wanted to thank you guys over, at your coaching matters for help you might build my real estate career I'm, doing a happy dance. I love, the happy dance this is my happy dance okay. I do this, because. I love, to see real estate agents, succeed and when. You succeed you're, able to afford a coach I mean obviously I like to coach I love, to teach I love to Train and you. Know this is training but, coaching, is what we're really good at and we find that clients, that have success, with. This are, then able to hire us as coaches so there's an ulterior, motive towards, us providing, the courses we provide so. Why is it so vital, to get into the conversation. Okay. We want to get into the conversation, we want you to meet face, to face because, we're all better salespeople, face-to-face. We're, able to convey things with. Our body, language with our tonality okay, I'm pretty good at teaching, some tonality, and how, you're not threatening, when you do it so when I ask a question I'll, tell myself palms. Up I really. Want to know is, what goes through my head and. When you do that so if I were to say you, know Mike on the call Mike. What's. The real reason why you're selling the house what's the most important, thing I really. Want to know because. We know every. Year the National Association of Realtors publishes. The the, back, years profile. Of home buyers and sellers and every. Year for the last eight or nine years the. Percentage, of people that interview, one agent, in one agent only, before. They pick an agent you. Know before they pick who. They work with has gone up and it's now at, 75%. 75%. Of. The people list.

With. One agent, and where, do they find that agent, generally. It's a personal, referral, from, somebody they, like you trust the ward somebody they've already done business with now. If, they were going for Sale By Owner they, generally. Don't have. That personal. Other. Person. So you want to make sure you're, the first one in there although we do here fairly often for sale by owners they have a friend in the business and you, need to go and show them when you meet why, you might, be a superior, agent, to that friend but. We used a for sale by owners own belief that all agents, are the same to. Work in favor because. Once we show them that we are a little bit different that. We're not all the same they're. Gonna think you're a rock star, I literally. Have when, I call like this morning I called I think I talked to 13 out of 23, people I had, nine people say thank you for calling, when. I have nine people and the other people I emailed when, I have nine people say thank you I'm. Energized. I'm actually thrilled. I'm not tired at the, end of the prospecting. System, so, here's some other numbers, eighty nine percent of all the sales were made with the real-estate agent. Listing. The home in, America. I'm, going to ask you when was the last time you all used the travel agent in the 80s and 90s I lived and, I had to have my travel, agent because they saved me money they added real value, with. The internet they don't add value any more or. As much value all, banks. Banks, are in the business of, making. Money and managing, money and they list all their re owes and short. Sales with, a real estate agent banks. Return the business of managing money see. The value that real estate agents bring in pay us advance the full three percent commission now. Here's what's really interesting, is, the number of people who went for Sale By Owner in, 2018. Were, only 7%. And. I know this study's not perfect, and that these, numbers have gone up and the number of for sale by owners have gone down because of the discount, brokers, and we can talk, about that but, when you're talking to a for sale by owner and you. Say look. Nine out of ten, Americans. When. They sell a house happily. Pay a real estate agent, and only. 7% go, for sale by owner do. You think we might add value. Especially. When the banks add value, and then. We show you you. Know how to continue, the conversation and, then when you meet with them face to face we. Give you two PowerPoint templates. That I don't have to use them but it's useful to watch them so you can see how to get into a conversation with, them on the, preview, appointment, and then when you're invited back for the actual listing appointment, see, we show you how to use documents. Like this I've, been keeping track since. 2006. Of the National Association of, Realtors profile. Of home buyers and sellers that, shows year. After year that. For sale by owners on average, sell for less than homes that are listed with a real estate agent, now I don't believe that listing with us magically. Makes the home more 22 percent, more I do. Know that people with money are more likely to hire a real estate agent, and a large percentage, of the for sale by owners. That. Are mobile homes you. Know are mobile homes or they are the lower priced properties, as you go up in value, you see fewer and fewer for sale by owners okay, here's, an interesting statistic. Fizz, Bo's who tried to sell on their own then gave up and listed. With the real estate agent sold for an average of, 13%, more. Than. This, $200,000. Figure that for sale by owners have so. Consider. This more. Expensive homes are less likely to go Fizbo, people, with money and the bank's know. That listing with the real estate agent adds values, only, 3%, of all sales are by owner to a buyer not known previously, see.

That Previous, statistic, is 7%, includes. All the divorce cases all the inheritance, cases, all, the people that the neighbor says if you ever want to sell I'd like to buy your house yeah. That. Three, and a half to four percent of, the 7% the. Seller already knew the buyer they never put it on the market so, that 7%, actually, goes down to 3% of all the sales there's, worried, there's expense, and there's time involved, if, you're listening to this you. Know that 60%, of our work begins when we get an offer on a listing, and the. For sale by owner thinks that's all we do is find a buyer for the property, okay. And 91. Percent of all sellers sell using an agent in, America, in our economy, if we don't add value you. Go away now. Collateral, analytics. Is. A great. Economics. Firm and they found they did a report and they, said assuming, that both buyers and sellers pay the commission what, one, might expect is something less than this average, that, 5%, itself. It appears that many sellers aren't winning commissions, while, netting, home prices less than they would an agent represented. MLS sell they're, avoiding commissions in any price even. One that exceeds a commission rate hmm. Perhaps, buyers, do make lowball, offers to physical. Sellers deducting, the entire Commission not, just the sellers portion, in their offers that, would explain the results here, which. It says using. Three different sorts of the data and methodologies. We, find that the differential, and selling prices for fizz most when, compared to MLS, sells is remarkably, close to, the average commission rates, here. We find an average difference, of about five point five percent lower, prices, achieved, for physical sales compared. To MLS sales for similar properties. Best. Report I've ever seen you. Guys you know got this you can look it up if you if you don't take the course we have it there Dave, Ramsey, noted cheapskate, but, I won't read the whole letter and interest of time but. He says they between basic, pricing mistakes pricing, errors and lack, of negotiation. Skills your, cost yourself more, than the agents Commission by trying to sell it yourself so. You, can take the course to give this letter and it can search Dave Ramsey, for, Sale By Owner and you'll find it on the Internet if. There was ever anybody, in the history of the universe, that. Was gonna sell for Sale By Owner it would be Colby Subroto who started, for Sale By Owner calm. He. Had a one, excuse. Me a two point five or two point zero, five million house for sale in New York City, couldn't. Sell it for six months gave up listening. With an agent who raised the price they got it sold and then paid the standard six percent commission I mean, if I was his friend I was, teasing him every time I saw it especially if I was his friend and real estate for, sale by owner, dot-com.

Founder, Uses. A real estate broker Wow. And, then USA. Today. Says. For sale by owner can be a hard sale agents, often worth their weight in commission we, didn't know what we were doing we thought it would be easier I go through a broker again not a question after, she took over it was such a relief can, you see how, you're. Kind you're contributing, you're, making their ad better you're getting into the conversation. And you're sending them some of these pieces can, you see how that might create some interest, on their part about. What you're doing, no this also our good friend Steve Arnie over keeping current matters if. You don't subscribe to this you, should it's relatively. Cheap he, gives you great graphics. He says the percentage of home selling is a Fizbo, has decreased, from 19% to. 9%. Through. 2012. In the last 28 years, now, it's down to 7%. With. The internet out there from 1991. Until today and all the knowledge and all the, discount brokers, and all the ways people can now advertise, not, on the MLS. Why. Is the percentage of you so my learners dropped so much and then, he shows the typical, sales. Price and then, home gain did, a big survey, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it but, they said you're twice as likely to sell their homes. Usually. The realtor is going through for sale by owner now this report was done in 2012. Which. Was just at the tail end of our real, estate crash and even. Then this is the lowest number I've ever seen. 22%. Of for sale by owners eventually, decided, to enlist the aid of a real key to help sell their home I'm. Seeing, double that number double. To triple that number but. The report sold but, even if it was one out of five and that was your experience, you could plan on that, so. Obviously. I'm excited, I think every, agent should be working for sale by owners but, I'm happy that most don't because. It makes my job easier, when I go out to make some, money so here's what you're gonna get first, you're going to get my guarantee. 100%, money-back. Guarantee. That if. You, don't like the course you. Don't think it's working for you you can't find for sale by owners 30. Day unconditional money. Back guarantee, now I might ask you how I can make the course better because, I'm constantly. Upgrading. The course constantly. Adding materials, to it but, I stand behind it 100% you. Email me you say I want my money back we'll, give you your money back okay. But it's 30 days so, we have the course it's called FISMA, course, calm I know it's a brilliant name I actually, hired, marketers, to, come, up with a name and I, ended up with the name that I would have started with it's, divided, into six sections. It's. Actually got a seventh section now new getting, started, the email series what to say on the presentation. The scripts a. Million, dollar mindset. And how to handle any, objection. That they might have and. So it's a step by step and click my click training module, there's a lot of videos there's.

A Lot of there's over 2,000, pages. Powerpoints. And Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets, it's. All there for you, but, it's done step by step how do you get started because I don't want you to be overwhelmed. Then. It's. The exact, process that over 1,650. Agents, who list itself for, sale by owners every, day they. Go through it they refer to it constantly. To, see what's new it's laid out for you it's an easy to follow model, okay. Hmm, Yoda will say mmm. Success you will have success. Have you will I guess would be the better way for you say what, his friend David said your, system works like a champ I sent. Out eight emails, I received four replies that are two appointments much. Easier than what I usually do by either cold calling or knocking, on their door. So. When. You buy this course there's a one time charge it's not a monthly, fee we don't charge $39. A month or anything like that and you get unlimited, lifetime, access, to this' bow doors course, calm, and all all upgrades, and updates I first started this in. 2011. So it's at seven years of improvements. In additions, to it it's really good, now the latest edition whereas a bunch of video, texts. That. Or a bunch, of videos that you can send in text, or email, to, show people exactly. How. You can benefit, by working with them we, have all sorts of research material, six reasons, why these are all Word documents. There's a, some. PDFs, there's, some Excel spreadsheets. If you don't have a database we have a lead tracker for, you we, have a calendar for you we have a rent versus buy analysis. I mean just, tons of pages. That's. All included and, I'm going to show, you a walk, through it a little bit with. You you, get unlimited an exclusive, support, you, can get expert, help with any question, you may have fast. We're. On call, I have two assistants, in my office normal. Working hours East Coast time you can get an answer we, also have, a Facebook, page that. You can use so, here's. An example of, the. Pre listing presentation. It's, three. These. Are three, pages in the PowerPoint, document, so, you've gone through the house and. You've, seen, the house the for sale by owner knows the sales pitch is coming so, they're holding the front door open, we've, got their other hand behind you, sort of like they're trying to show you will fly out the door and. I want you to turn around like Columbo, if you're old enough, Stacy. This is like scooby-doo Columbo. Was a detective. Okay. So, and, you turn around say there's just one thing what's the biggest advantage, to you it's selling on your own and they're, going to be honest then they're gonna say saving the Commission or it's a lot of money and you, say I agree, with you 100% it is but, what's the biggest advantage, of buyer would happen buying directly, from you.

Well. You, know they, come, through it they're, gonna say well maybe, they. Could save some of the Commission and I could save some of the Commission yeah great except for most of the buyers are going on a real estate agent, and is there any possible, this to you and trying to continue. To sell on your own and they. Go they. Look like a deer-in-the-headlight because, they've never thought it you just go into this question who. Has the advantage of negotiating. You. With one home to sell or a buyer, with 10 to 20 choices, or more. And the, money and a, real estate agent, and. Then. You've turned up the pressure and the rest of this is much, lighter but, you'd let them know that you're a good salesperson see. One of the biggest disadvantages I, see is, people. That are working with for sale by owners get in and then they never show the for sale by owner that they're a good salesperson, this. Free listing. PowerPoint. Our conversation. Shows. The sellers that you are a good, salesperson, back. The lady who hired you, know who hired us today to. Sell her house for 575. Actually. Said you're. Annoying, you. Work so hard and then she laughs I know that that's what I want the salesperson, is somebody who doesn't give up and you didn't give up on me okay. But I was always I said I prefer, to be pleasant, and she says oh you were always Pleasant you always made me think which. Is exactly what I want and then, you, know when you go back to the second appointment we have a highly you, know polished, PowerPoint. Presentation. I mean, granted this was built in 2011, and, 12 and nowadays. PowerPoint, doesn't have the same. Disaster. But for those as you're learning it it's useful to have it as a crutch. I far prefer to, just get into a conversation with, people and you'll, eventually, memorize. The, presentation. So that you can get into good conversations. With people you'll. Also get the Fizbo Diaries and this, is a sample, you know of 70. Pages. Of emails, back and forth with. Every, conversation that, you could possibly, get into and. You'll. Be able to respond, with it without calling, me up you'll, have it right there for you and you know it's in a Word document you, can copy and paste we're. Also going to give you the exclusive ownership rights for the physical handbook, this is about a 60, page book that, I wrote and, that. You can have in a Word document you, have to customize, it I mean I have Atlanta, in there, I have my name on it but it's weird, document, you can change it you can make it your own and you. Can take. Things out you can add things to it but, you're able to print this up or give a PDF, to, sale by owners that differentiates. You in the eye of the Paseo my honor because there, is not another agent, in your marketplace and. If. There is there's only one other agent, that has a book, that. Shows a for sale by owner how to sell on their own that isn't, a commercial, for just listing with them this, is what I would do to sell my house on my. Own okay. And it, shows that I'm looking to serve and be a contribution. And if. They're not able to sell on their own and they. Decide to work with an agent they might want to give me a call now, there is another for sale by owner program, out there that charges. 995. To. Do this nine hundred ninety five dollars plus, the per book cost I figure, you can print it up yourself, most of you are just going to send it in a PDF so an S zero cost and you're, going to adapt it make it your own okay. So, we also have a private online mastermind. Group, face. Book it's a closed group you're, able to ask a question and I thought I'd show you a couple, of things because I'm going so fast if we go to face book once. You remember and you join there's zero resistance. V. Bows that expired, and people. Get on it all the time there's, two posts that I haven't read. Here's. A by T inviting. This and, you. Know so here's the mean says. I met with a physical yesterday, she had been in contact with she actually had me meet with her husband while she was out with her kids and, she. Said, that they were doing on the Fizbo site and she. Had one. Two, three, four, five. Comments, on. It from people that were in the group. So. They can get this that means a frickin contributor, but you can see lots of different people contribute. To. The Facebook group you get them to have that included. The, Fizbo, course calm. It is. You. Know. It, pops right up and you log. In. Log. Me in but we'll see if that logs in so, here's, the newest Fizbo videos and Doc's we. Have a bunch of downloads, these are all texts, and. Things. That you can do but, the thing that the. People are getting most excited, about is. Texting. Now, and what I discovered is, in, texting.

People. Are no longer. Let's. See if I have it in the tools here, we, have all active, marketing plans all, the different support. Materials, how, to handle the different. Objection. Handlers, but, I actually did a series of videos, for. You and these. Are Zillow links, and so. Imagine. In. Zillow, we show you how to get a video link in and you won't understand, how hard, that is to do because. Zillow, if you do it in the comments, scrubs, anything, that has a We. Show you how to do that and I'll just show you this little video for a second. More. Effective, so. That you could actually increase. Your odds of your home selling on your own, congratulations. For trying we're, certainly finding, that 4 to 5 on a 10 in, our marketplace, are selling. On their, own so could it block if you, don't sell on your own then we'd. Really like you to consider us, for, helping get your home sold, so. Typical. Zoom allowed looks like this this isn't in your your area of the country just, trying to protect some some. Details but still. Exists for one reason and one reason only that's to sell real estate agents. Advertising. And what they do is they take all the listings from across the country and they make up listings, would make me move and then get your for sale by owners that they allow you to advertise on free so, that they can sell teams. Are three agents, and in our area there's probably 18, to 28 real, estate agents, that pay bearing. Amounts of money for hundred to two thousand, dollars a month to, get the zero leads incivil is pretty tricky how, they do it what they actually do, is if, a buyer was interested, in your house if, they don't skip this blue contact, button and, if they don't unclick, the I want financing, information, and if they don't click the property, owner and if, they don't come back down below and, unclick. The financing, information, and contact, the property, owner also you. Will never get that lead that, lead goes direct, to one of those 28 real estate agents, or to two or three of them and even. More they're using Trulia and other, sites and those. Agents, because they're paying tend to be pretty good about following, up so, I'm not gonna watch the whole video we're just going to stop it now because, it's four minutes but. Imagine, if you sent that video by the way I recommend, if. You're capable creating. Your own video cuz, you're gonna be more effective, than me and also, you're better looking same. Shirt I think I'm wearing. It. But I shaved this morning and, I grow my beard really quickly, no but imagine. If you set this video do it for sale my owner in a text link or through the Zillow email, is it going to differentiate, you from the. Other agents, you bet you you've met you because I'm.

Telling, Them the facts and. I'm. Showing them how to make their ad better and I'm showing them how to get better response, which is they're going to be happy, with so you get the private online mastermind. Group you, know so who will this course up if you have no listings, or you have double a dozens, of listings this, will help if you're a brand new agent looking for dependable, source of listings without having to spend thousands, to get them by, the way I don't buy any Zilla leads in my area, that zip, code twelve. Hundred eighty dollars a month to get twelve to fourteen buyer leads. Twelve. Eighteen, hundred dollars a month if. You're an experienced, agent looking, for just dependable. Source of listings without having to beg for the business and what. I show you is if, you'd like to leverage your personal, or virtual, assistant so. That they can more to pay for themselves because. Right now I have my assistant nice. Guy by the name of Josh he's. Doing. The initial, email, entering. The information into, the database. Before. I come into the office each day so. He's saving, me time beginning. The process and, because. He, then makes me call. Them or stay in touch with him I'm making, more money so, he's paying for himself, so you. Know what would one closing, a month be worth to you is that going to be three thousand a month five thousand a month ten thousand, a month more, how. Much would you pay to get everything you need to do that closed at least twelve, deals in the next 12 months and the, cool thing about percent, of my owners is there's, not a lot along a lot of lead time you. Can get on today and within, 30 days you should be taking, for Sale By Owner listings, how. Much would that be worth to you so. You can get started now it's. One, payment of six hundred and forty seven dollars, and you. Can do Fizbo. 647. Or, you can go to Fizbo, course comm forward, slash, Stasia. Or you can opt for three payments, of 240, and again it comes with the money-back, guarantee. And. Here's what you're going to get that nobody, has, ever gotten included, with the for sale by owner course before is the. Next, three Thursday's, the. 18th, the 25th, and I believe it's May 2nd, at. 2:30, Eastern, Standard Time I'm. Gonna have everybody who buys this course, get. Together and, I'm, going to have, it actually, implementing. The course I will go through week, by week what, I would do if I was starting with the course of course, you can use. The course and get going faster, than that and we're, going to partner you up and hold, each, other accountable. And. I will actually call on your behalf during, these situations, or. During these sessions. And I'll, show you how, I'm able to get appointments on your behalf so if, if Todd stroke was. On the call I would, I would call, you, know we look up some for sale by owners I show you how I find, them I tell you what I use wise agent, is a database, how, do we put it in and then how I call, and text him and I'll actually say hey it's Mike Stein I'm the personal assistant for Todd and he, saw your ad on Zillow and he'd really like to stop by to see the house if you're offering a commission, to the real estate agent brings you a buyer they.

Say Yes and we say great Todd has some availability, tomorrow. At 2:00 or, Saturday. At 9 which works better for you and I, promise, you I will be able to get an appointment with three, or four. Conversations. For. Everybody that's on the course normally, this course costs, an, extra. Five, hundred dollars. I'd. Be including, it up to 647. If you've already bought, the physical course you. Can get into the Fizbo intensive, for the deeply, discounted, price of a hundred and fifty dollars I want, to have twenty five to thirty people taking, the Fizbo intensive, this time just. Email me at Mike dot start at If, you want to get into this now I will. Have to say. Infusionsoft. Which is my billing, software company. Is having, problems, the last three days if, you're having any problems. Getting into paid, for the course. Just. Email me or email my assistant, and I'll put it into the chat. Well. I can't see the chat where did it go I, buried. It somewhere. Oh here's the chat you, can email my my, assistant, Kayla let me get her email address for you and we. Will get you into the course. And. I. Don't know why Infusionsoft. It was supposed to be fixed yesterday it's still not fixed and sometimes. When, people are trying to to, get in it's, just giving them a blank, field so if you experienced that just. Go ahead email. Me at Mike that's not at matcom. Or, email Kayla, my assistant, at KDOT, Corvino, 20:19. At, we'll, get you in, so. The, options, again are. You. Know you have the 30 day guarantee it's. A one-time, charge once, only. $647. Or three payments of $240. If you already own the course and you want to get into Fizbo. Intensive. Which, are the next three thursdays the 18th the 25th, of the second, by the way they'll be recorded, also with, the idea that we're going to keep tracking in numbers you're going to be reporting, every day it's, going to be you, know not a boot camp because it's more fun than that but, it's going to be, serious. No, crap you need to make this work for yourself we're. Gonna get you working in the next 30 days and making some money so. Another testimonial. Ryan Smith i Beautif Isabelle over two years ago when I first moved to the area he was selling a 350, condo privately, he sold it on his own but. We stayed in contact and. Two years later he called me to list his 520, home is leasing, a property for, a year then by the nine hundred thousand dollar house I'd. Like those all day long, get started now go to Pismo, course comp or slash stay, SIA Tracey. Lester's, that I can testify that it works I've listed five properties taking, the class and the lowest listing I've taken is 370. This has been a major game changer for me by the way Tracey, lester. Is in, Atlanta she's, in my area I, don't. Mind the competition. And in fact it's still dig I've, never competed, against, her and Mike, Redman this is my favorite testimonial, a long time says. I'm not setting, the world on fire with, this class but, it has changed the way we do some, business the. Email signature, is a great idea by the way we show you how to do email signatures, in Gmail in the Mac mail I used, to send letters to apartments, and expired to twelve, to fifteen hundred dollars a month and, about a dollar each that gets expensive, I started. Using spunkier to find email addresses, and started sending emails instead using your method two. Weeks ago I only mail 240, and since 60 emails letters. Gave me an 11 response to the emails gave me 21, responses, thanks for that tip by, the way I've sent 239, fizz bows and I've had seven appointments, got five listings, one is already sold in clothes it's, a cash deal, one, more is under contract class, has great ideas at work but. He's not setting the world on fire everybody. First. Month we just took five listings. Get. Started now and I'm, gonna go back if you don't, go to Stacy, accom. Visible. Course Stacy donk Lancome, I wanted to end on this which, shows the payment options, and again, if you want to take just the physical intensive, because you've already bought the course contact. Me directly if Mike doubts that Mac comm. Any. Questions, comments, concerns allusions. Delusions. And Mike. Says how to Stacy a fitting here she, fits in because she's exposed, this to her list of you. Know five thousand, real estate agents, or so so, hopefully we have some of them buying it and she's, marketed, it to them and I'm for, for some of you you, just sort of piggybacked along because you've been a member. Of the group for a long time. Any. Other questions, they see what do you think this. Is amazing I have. Been in the real estate industry for, a long time and actually. You. Know my mentor, he's actually a real.

Estate Coach and you. Guys this, is this. Is huge the the. Guys. That I work with they, paid thousands, of dollars for coaching per month so for you to get this kind of attention is amazing, yeah, it's one payment only the. Other thing I'll do is I do have. What's. Called the Tuesday coaches, in and beyond, the physical intensive. For. Another three months I'll let you come to the Tuesday coaches, in which is a webinar I hold, it on Tuesdays, at 11:00, Eastern, Standard Time you, can call in and ask me any real, estate related question, you want doesn't. Have to be physical related. You, can ask me any question, you want I have some weird answers, for you know people, ask me what should I eat for lunch today, Mexican, okay, it's whatever I will. Give you an answer you may not agree but that's okay so here's, here's what I want to end with today guys it's. A good course what. Have you got to lose you can try it out for 30 days no, risk I'll read fun here 647. If you don't like it I'll refund, no, questions asked. Go, ahead and sign up go, to Fizbo, you know tinyurl, calm Fizbo, - 647. Or if you want to pay it over three months do. Fizbo, course, - 43, times or, you can find the same lengths at physical course talk on for its last stay SIA for those of you that are watching this on, Facebook or. You're, watching the replays, or you know we send it out to you again if you have any questions. My, cell phone number is 6 7 8 - 3 - 0 9, - 7, I will. Return, calls I am, fairly busy so, I might not get to you right away but I will return to call I promise. There. We go I have one really quick question because, I know a lot of people who are. Actually, real estate investors. That are looking for fizzbuzz but they also have the real estate 8 you know license right, what, would you what. Would you say to those people who might use this course to be, able to find houses to flip it, will teach you how to get involved. With. The for sale by owner in a manner that's different, than any other investor, is doing so. I mean. Just the tip on how to make their Zillow add more effective. They're. Gonna love you for it because here's what I tell them and I didn't tell you guys this but you, guys you're on at the end so, you guys, are great is. At. The end of that little Fizbo video or what I'm talking to them I say hey look in order to avoid it in the first line of your ad on Zillow save, for best information and easy is showing contact, the owner directly, set. Up a gmail account, with, just your property, address or give, them your phone number and they're, going to about half of the people will skip the agent and call you directly you're, going to be more likely to sell the house on your own they love that tip so much and it, gets me back, again. And again and again, it lets me call it and then I'm going to teach you one last technique it's. Called the I owe you a favor so at the end of the conversation, if, you if you're talking to them you could say look you've been so whatever. It is honest, brutally, honest, I'm not. Whatever it is so, helpful today I owe you a favor so if you ever have any questions if. You need any forms, just let me know and I'll be happy to repay that favor now, that allows you to next week call them back and say hey did, you want to cash in that favor. Just. A really neat little technique, to do, awesome. Thank you so much for your time Mike this is awesome. I we've, gotten to look into the course too, and I. Mean the, value is just if there's I mean this is ten times the value here guys, so get, in right now I'm looking forward to seeing all of your successes I know you mentioned, your, client, is you know I mean. It's not mind-blowing. Stuff or he's not changed he's I mean some. Of the people that I work with they just want one pill a day this is actually, would, be life-changing for them to just have one one. Deal a month I'm sorry not one deal one, deal would. Be like the. Average agent does underneat transactions. A year if you look at all the reports of Keller Williams and, Remax and everybody, else when. You add all the large franchises. It's about eight and a half transactions. Per agent, per year so even if you're really good and you're triple that you're at 25. You. Know you're you're winning awards, at 25 if you can bump that up to 36, you're changing your life and I know that and I respect, that and I promise you everything, we teach comes from contribution. Everything. We teach comes from a spirit. Of generosity.

And, You, get a lot of thanks when you're coming from that contribution. And that intention. Rather than I need a deal so. Think about it yeah that's, what I really, love about it too because that's. Been, ingrained. In me too with my mentors, all about colic coming from contribution. Guys. Call. Me with any questions let. Me know and we'll be in touch thank you everybody. Thanks again.

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