How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth

How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth

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Fear is. It really just a big ball floating, in space. Spinning. On its axis at a thousand miles per hour hurtling. Around the Sun at 67,000. Miles per whizzing. Through the Milky Way at a milk curdling speed of over half a million miles per hour and you work driving, through the heaven at over half billion miles per hour and what. About the Sun is, it really 93, million miles away and close. To a million miles in diameter with. A circumference, of nearly, three million miles and it's, constantly, illuminating. Half of our entire Earth's surface with the rotation, of the earth creating. Our 24-hour days our night days, or. Shh. And, maybe it's completely, still, just like we experienced, and. Maybe the Sun isn't big but, is very small and very close and not, illuminating. The earth from 93, million miles but. Is illuminating, locally, and maybe. Everything, the Sun Moon and stars are, not far away but our, circling, overhead relatively, close in. This video we're going to explore the, latter option and at the end we're going to reveal startling. Evidence through, the use of time-lapse, photography that. The Sun cannot. Possibly, be 93 million miles away but, is in fact very. Close and is. Illuminating. Locally, as it. Traverses our, Flat Earth oh man. And watch how this Sun, comes at you. Mmm. I mean. Come on. And. That's all perspective, if, you look at jet trails Google, images you'll see them they start out low with the horizon they come up overhead look at that thing they, come up overhead and then they go down to the horizon, perfectly. Explains, what the Sun would do here it is going overhead, I. Love. Time-lapse, look at this you can't go out and look at the Sun you can't see this stuff except. That it's on you, know time-lapse like this it's incredible and, watch this thing it's. Sweeping, you know the Sun over flat earth is doing a big circle all right look. At this thing see it sweep into the rights like a lefty bowler just toss that down the alley and there it goes hooking, into the pocket. You can see how the clouds angle, down to the horizon. Shot. There. That's. Exactly how the Sun would do. Unclutter. Okay. Back to the Copernican, principle and, this is what they tell us the Sun is 93 million, miles, away now. I'm gonna show you evidence, through, sunsets, that shows the Sun light. Following, the Sun over the horizon and it shrinks, as it goes over now, there's no way it would do that if the Sun is 93 million, miles away, okay, personally, show you some footage from the ISS. Okay, now watch this animation, watch this sunset, now, this is exactly if they came to me and said do an animation this, is how I would do it if, the Sun were 93 million miles away just like that have the whole horizon fade, evenly.

But, That's not what we see. Okay. Wow look at that look how the light lifts, off the ground like a big wedge or like, lifting up a sheet of paper that's. Incredible, footage. Definitely. The lights following, the Sun right okay. Next I'm going to show you how. A, son. That is circling over the earth that creates the horizontal, aspect of the Sun if, you combine that with perspective. Which creates the up and down of the Sun the rising in the setting you get the twenty-three point five degrees tilt. That, they talk about it's, nothing but perspective, and the circle inside. Here's. Another Sun sweeping, out a big circle. Okay. Here's a phenomenon, that you might be wondering how in the heck do you explain this on a flat earth well. This, footage is taken from Alaska, during the summer and. The. Sun does look like it's going up and down the, reason it's doing that is that this town in Alaska is not in, the center of the, sun's circular. Circuit, in, other words the Sun is making a big circle and the, town is not in the center of that circle so. The Sun will be closer and further, from, the viewer with the camera that will cause it to go higher, and lower and also maybe even bigger. And. Smaller. Look. At the high altitude airplane remember this is from the high altitude balloon so, that airplane is probably at cruising altitude notice. How it looks like it's going up from the horizon that's. Exactly how the Sun will, rise because. That plane is staying parallel to the ground and now watch it will go down to the other horizon, alright, again perspective, that's how the Sun will set and forget the big ball that's just a do to a GoPro camera but. See, how the Sun that's the point of this and then, also look, at the size of the Sun man look at that thing I mean. There is something to it to say that we're the higher higher, up our view and the Sun looks bigger and it looks like it's not as high in the sky as it does when we're on the ground something. To that. Let's, explore, this notion a bit further that the Sun looks bigger when filmed from higher up, the next three slides I'm going to do a comparison a side-by-side the one on the left the cameras above the clouds the camera on the right is ground level. And the point for the side-by-side, comparison, from the ground level and the level above the clouds is that, above, the clouds we're only maybe a mile or so up and if the Sun, appears to be closer to. The camera well. That, means it's probably much, closer because if the Sun were 93, million miles away a mile, closer, wouldn't, make any difference at all to its visual appearance. Okay, here's a little. Illustrator. Or a little cartoon from a website. Called time and date comm it's, really funny that they would have a perfect, illustration of, a. Sun, rising, and setting on a flat earth due, to perspective you'll, notice that it rises, from. Below the horizon and. Sets below the horizon now you might be saying well, how, is that possible I can see now you're saying that it rises and lowers due to perspective but how does it disappear, below, the horizon well. I got a theory about that because, of the fact that all parallel. Lines and planes converge. At, your eye level horizon, this is according to the perspective. I'm not making this up if in, fact and they do they, converge at your eye level horizon, visually, then, it makes sense that after that, point they diverge, meaning, they then separate. So the, Sun would continue, on a downward track as. You can see from my illustration, here the lines, would go to your horizon, and then afterwards, they, would spread, out and separate, kind of like a starburst, and the, starburst being at your horizon, at your focal. Plane. Anyway. Without further ado we're going to start talking about and I'm gonna start showing you the time-lapse of the sunsets.

That I'm talking about that clearly show the Sun is close and. Illuminating. Locally, here, we go alright, and here are a couple of time-lapse. Sunsets, and just, like the Sun rises at the beginning of this video where you could see the Sun coming at you not maintaining. Any 93, million mile distance. Here you can also see the Sun moving away and it's, clearly, not due to the rotation, of the earth and a son that's maintaining, 93, million miles away but the Sun is moving over the earth and moving away from him. Okay, these next three slides the. Sun is almost set, already behind the horizon but. Watches, the sunlight, shrinks. And follows, the Sun it's, definitely. A locally, illuminating. Sun not. Far away not very big and definitely, not. 93, million miles away. Okay. Remember this video from the beginning at. The video I showed you this one and how it's circling over the earth and watch it sweep to the right like, a bowler bowling, it in there for a strike okay. Now I want you to pay attention to. The. Way the light follows, the Sun the Sun light is going to shrink, right, as it follows the locally. Illuminating. Sun. Functions. See. A drinking, problem is on you, do not get that if the Sun is 93, million, miles away the entire horizon should, fade evenly, just like this supposed shot, taken from space of the earth you can clearly see the way they depict it they depict the demarcation, between day, and night or light, and dark as a long, straight, line and, you can see the long straight line moving is one solid piece that means that, the sunset. Should all fade, the entire horizon should fade evenly, but that's not what we observe as we will see and as we've seen in the footage so far the sunlight shrinks, and follows the Sun over the horizon. So. These. Time-lapse, sunsets, are definitely, the nail in the coffin for. Heliocentrism. But, this particular one here shot from above the clouds from this Observatory, is the. Final, nail in the coffin, look. At how the Sun, just. Shrinks. And the light shrinks, to nothing that. Cannot. Happen as I showed you in the when, the Sun illuminates the entire earth which. It does from, 93 million miles away it, has to. You. Don't get this isolated. Look. At the, sunlight trailing, the Sun, that's. Only, possible, with. A small Sun close, not. Very high, illuminating. Locally, I mean. If, this, isn't proof to you then. You. Gotta take the blinders off. Okay, and finally I want to show you some, examples, of local information or. A city, in the background. This. Is from Grand Canyon National Park. You. Can see Las, Vegas is, one of them. See. The star is going down so you know that's not the Sun that's the glow of Las Vegas it says you can see that's local, illumination I'm just making an example, showing you that there's Tuba City and a, little bit of Flagstaff, now. And, this. One here you see two lights obviously, we don't have two sons but, these are two cities lit, up and it's. Just to show it looks just like the Sun going over the horizon, that's the point but we're showing that. That's. Local, illumination at, work, the, Sun is not 93, million miles away because if it was the entire horizon, would fade evenly. And the. Entire horizon would paid at the same time not. What we see here which. Is the small. Sun cruising, over the earth and the light is following, case. Closed.

2019-04-12 13:16

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the moon is round every planet we can see is round the sun is round every star we can see is round but we are flat? it's a shame because at lot of your posts are very interesting. But this is lunacy

All wrong guys. The Earth is squared! A-ha-ha p.s. - see ya around the corner...

P-brane has pulled a lot of idiotic ideas from his pea brain that have become foundations for the flat Earth nonsense. How high is the sun above this flat Earth? A couple of miles up "in the clouds"? "About 3,000 miles", is a common estimate. The father of modern flat Earth, Samuel Rowbotham said it was absolutely 700 miles, *"which admits of no uncertainty and requires no modification or allowance for probable influences."* Flat Earth "researchers" can't agree on a distance, because no single distance will work with what we see in the real world, from our spherical rotating Earth. Stay skeptical, that's good. Just apply that same skepticism to flat Earth videos.


This case has been closed since 2000 years. A simple observation of the sun from different locations shows that the sun is far away and earth is not flat:

Must have taken some time to dig up all this nonsense! And it is all wrong! Actually observations of the sun that anyone can do debunk flat Earth beautifully! Look at the vids on my channel!

Jos Leys has some great videos that demonstrate the Earth - sun geometry. Even if you don't believe the heliocentric model, it won't hurt you to take a look outside of the flat Earth echo chamber. Don't be afraid.


There were times when I've noticed the light of the moon, in some mornings, is in a different direction of the rising of the sun....

More proofs about the Flat Earth: You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball History of Flat Earth - International Research The Earth is not what we have been trained to believe Stars are not what we have been told - Depicting stars in real time You can't avoid this Documentary with Scientific Proofs about the Flat Earth Full Interview of Admiral Byrd Talking about Antarctica Secrets - Flat, Globe or Hollow Earth?

Been there! Saw that! Even bigger nonsense than this vid!

At 30 seconds clouds lit from below, you proved the globe earth. You killed flat earth in 30 seconds!

Lol, stupid fucking Flerfers never let me down on the comedy of dumb asses.

You take to long too get to the point.

Erm, spoiler. _It doesn't._

Thanks for the video. The earth is a stationary circle created by God and closed by the firmament's dome. The space is a lie. Nobody will stop the truth about our world. Glory to God and Jesus Christ forever and ever. Amen. Greetings.

I see you neglected to use a filter on your camera in order to remove the sun's glare. This is important, as it gives you a more accurate size of the sun. Using a filter shows that the sun's size doesn't change throughout the day, proving that the sun must be very far away. This has been demonstrated many times. This is only one of many proofs that the sun can't possibly be close.

+NaTuber Tv Anyone who post Eric's 200 proofs of a FE... as proof of anything other than supreme ignorance... does not understand the arguments they are trying to make.

+NaTuber Tv What is a shame is your ignoring evidence and then claiming there is no evidence. Unless you can find a way for the Moon to be 240k miles away on a FE... then all your observations are invalid.

Is not shame to search for the truth because what we have learned it seems that does not match with reality. Do they ??? Stars also are not what we have been told... But again, because we see many other round shapes, it does not mean that also the earth is round... More proofs about the flat earth: Stars are not what we have been told - Depicting stars in real time How the Sun Works on the Flat Earth part 1 - Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Flatness of the Earth You Need to Come Into This With an Open Mind - Learning Curve - Unveiling the flat earth The Biggest Deception of all Time With 200 Proofs - Earth is Not a Spinning Ball History of Flat Earth - International Research The Earth is not what we have been trained to believe You can't avoid these Scientific Proofs about the Flat Earth Full Interview of Admiral Byrd Talking about Antarctica Secrets - Flat, Globe or Hollow Earth?

+Xaverdon Bloody hell, why do I always run in to idiots like you?

The Holy Grail of Everlasting Life is at the center of the flat earth plane. Everlasting Life is your birthright. Take a piece of paper and write "I intend to bring forth Heaven On earth & release all from bondage," place a drop of your blood over these words and upload it onto your channel on youtube labeled "blood over intent." You could also write "I intend to Bring Heaven on Earth, release all from bondage, get all eternal life, forgiveness for our filthy souls, and passage into Eden." Blood Over Intent lays your blood beside Satan's, removing your name from the book of Death, and adding it into the Book of Life. Take a drop of your blood, which is your spiritual currency, and place it over those words and post into the ether on youtube to bring forth Heaven on Earth. This is proof of life to the Creator and makes you blood thick with Satan. II Corinthians 4 : 4 Satan Owns this World. This is the good news~ let your heart's be full of cheer as we bring forth Heaven on Earth to release everyone from bondage. Lev. 17 : 11 Your blood makes the atonement. Satan's channel Our Holographic Bodies, Saturn-Moon Matrix & Blood Over Intent Explanation MatrixBreak This is how you escape the matrix Blood Over Intent Flat Earth SunGazing Master Class & Blood Over Intent By MatrixBreak Cross the Frostbridge. What is it? By Matrixbreak You've Been Uploaded Into A Computer Simulation...Weather Modification Machines In Plain Sight !!! 144,000 Are Going Back To Their Body's !!! The Flat Earth Exodus Matrixbreak Blood Over Intent Your Hologram Body Flat earth by MATRIXBREAK Nobody Is Coming 2 Save You But Satan And His Sealed Elect...Blood Thick !!! Zombie Apocalypse HAPPENING NOW!!! IMPORTANT!!! Your Soul Was Taken at Birth QuasiLuminous Channel Satan is the good guy Jesus is the bad guy Prof.Dr. W.Veith FACT | Your God Is Saturn 100%- QuasiLuminous Full set flat earth science truth Bobby Hemmitt Jesus Christ IS The Devil and His Followers are Dammed Religion Is a Virus Explained [2018]

The Sun and Moon do NOT get bigger and smaller as they rise and is just the glare , so that debunks your idea. FILM THE MOON ( which has no glare ) AND YOU WILL SEE IT STAYS THE SAME SIZE ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY.

Great vid. Possible experiment. Can you ask all your viewers all up and down North and South America to send footage of sunset, and preferably living on the same lines of longitude. Then play them all the same time. That would interesting and proof.

Omg. Roflmao

Then why does sun stay same size as it approaches and retreats from prospective?

You are right. Regardless of the details it looks bigger when it's above you. Obviously it's closer. Plus with the eclipse it's the same size as the moon and on and on.

+Ray Whitson you lie, you can't see it looks like a sphere. It just looks ROUND.

+Ray Whitson why does it have to go at an angle? The moon is almost evenly lit across the surface, especially on full moon. A sphere can't do this. Hold up a reflective ball then shine a light on it. You get hotspot the face from centre to edge. Never see this on moon.

+Ran Niz Get a nice telescope and put it on Jupiter. Watch a sliver appear on the side the turns into the eye of Jupiter that then becomes a sliver on the other side. Time it and confirm it is gone for just as long as it is visible and jumps sides... So yes, we know for a fact planets are spheres

+Ran Niz A flat circle becomes an oval at any angle which never happens with the moon. We mapped 59% of the moon surface more than 400 years ago. So yes, we know for a fact the moon is a sphere... and that fact ALSO proves the earth is a sphere

Yes key word you are using is round not sphere, so continue your logic with earth, ROUND and flat. Are you saying you can tell all want we observe in sky are SPHERES, they are just lights. Even the moon doesn't look like a sphere, it looks like a slightly curved disc looking at us. You also can't tell if any of the planets are spinning, the moon isn't spinning so again continue your logic , the earth isn't spinning. Really think about it, from a child if no one discussed the earth to you as you know it and then when your say 25yr old, had to describe what you live on, what would you say? Especially if someone said we are spinning the spreadsheet the scientists tells us. You would laugh at then, and they never be able to convince you.

Nice try, and I was really looking for something convincing, but no, nothing in this video even comes close to half convincing. Time to give this away.

maybe maybe maybe... but well... unfortunatly there is no doubt, no maybe. maybe the sun is not close maybe the sun is really big.

heloo there i almost seen this kind of video and makes me think of it day by day .. i have no question about the flatness or a globeness. .what i want to ask is about the bible. and what it says that the sun will rise to the far east. how can u Prove that is going like that ...thank you godbless

Lovely video, but complete nonsense, in fact, bonkers.

For those interested, I just published proof that the Sun is about 3,000 miles high :

because. mm... yep just because. no? well... I dont know... maybe its the wrong distance ? ;-)

And, my thumb covers up the sun and moon when I hold it at arm's length and look down my arm at the thumb. You're an idiot.

what a surprise!!! :) do you think he is another troll?

Hahahahahahaha thats so sweet to read , when your flat rainbow will fall i wanna be there fucking laughting out loug in yo stupid faces

+Dennis Kenny Sorry buddy, the moon and the earth are spheres... your ignorance does not change that

+NaTuber Tv I admire your quest for truth mate and enjoy your channel immensely. Thank you for everything you have shown me. I just struggle to follow this theory but your still a thumbs up for me.

+NaTuber Tv totally agree with you on stars not being what we are told . With the electric universe theories they are totally different make up and the accuracy of the sacred geometry predictions of where to find points of activity, we have to be a just off sphericaly round. I had telescopes since i was ten and maped movements watched plants and gone to observatories and not every thing I've looked at could have been at the right angle to make it look like a sphere . They where spheres.

+Ray Whitson reflective balls do not have an atmosphere like the moon does . Cover your reflective ball with a layer of glass and you get the effect we see when we look at the moon

+Ran Niz Hold up a reflective ball... cool. Is a rock on the ground a reflective rock?? No Then why are you pretending the moon is some how specially reflective ALSO the surface of the moon is not flat... that proves you wrong twice over. 1. It means that any one part is not flat so there are multiple angles in any one section allowing reflection to even out. 2. The shadows in craters move with the phases of the moon perfectly in synch with the movement of the sun

+Ran Niz Your joking. We know when the moon rises, we know when the moon sets... over land the distance between those two points is 12k miles... Please explain how EVERYONE is viewing it dead on, at NO ANGLE

+Ran Niz The sun can be tracks by rotating only one axis where as a sun spiraling above a disc would have to use two axis to track. Also, check the craters on the moon out. The ones near the center are very circular and then they become more oval as you move towards the edge, exactly as they would on a sphere.

not able to see in 3D , the earth is a 3D sphere, case closed.

+Xaverdon Says religion is a virus after telling us to perform satanic religious rituals. Idiot.

I've never seen people more paranoid and delusional in all my 57 years.

I can literally see the Sun rising from below the horizon 0:33 which proves the flat Earth model does not work.

00:05-> you brutally murdered the old "see how close the sun is because these rays..." argument. Very goo footage to demonstrate stupidity of flat earth close sun claim. 01:50-> funny that dogcam that shows the curvature is still in use in flat earth video

Pictorial History of Earth from Space. Project Apollo Photo Archive. National Geographic - Moon 101. National Geographic - Lunar Eclipse 101. History Channel The Universe: The Phases of the Moon. National Geographic - Sun 101. National Geographic - Solar Eclipse 101. How to spot the Space Station. Capturing the ISS through a Telescope. How does the International Space Station work?

If the Sun was circling as you say, why does it rises and sets from east to west?

If the earth was flat, the sun would shine 24/7

1 video full of lies

I think you Globe heads get the sky and clouds mixed up with Earth, aka the ground ignorance is bliss, smh distinguish the difference morons

Its easy to understand that its flat... Its common sense

The fact that the sun substantially changes size when you zoom in on it with a cheap camera tells you that it cannot be 93 million miles away.

A light source like the sun would not arbitrarily light up half the world like that even if it was flat. What these idiots are trying to infer is completely impossible and ridiculously implausible. The sun literally would never set if earth was flat. There would always be light that would be seen all across earth at all times of day. Not really understanding why these flattards don't understand that.

+Essene Gnostic yep completely bonkers, that's my view, other eccentrics, please feel free to reply with another nonsensical comment!!

Speaking of bonkers ......... :-D

Don't mix Jesus with flat earth deception. Jesus and pals + early church never rejected sphere as satanic lie.

+Ran Niz So place a golf ball in front of a search light... Tell me how far that shadows goes My God how can you be this fucking stupid!!!

+Ran Niz Wow, you really are dumb... that is exactly what I didn't say... Hahahahahahaha Asteroids explode on contact Plenty on nonr circular craters Lol

+Ray Whitson also explain the size of the shadow of the moon on earth during eclipse. Only 70ml, what a joke. Do a simple experiment with torch and your hand. See if you can ever make shadow 50 times smaller than you hand.

+Ray Whitson you explained nothing. Are you still say you believe that every single meteor hit almost dead on , no one hit come in at a acute angle. And you didn't explain why there are crators facing earth directly. Also didn't clarify your other post of moon is rock that doesn't shine. Lastly, it very convenient you are staying evidence and fact when we have never ever seen a meteor hit the moon. Or one that ever hit the earth for that matter. You just make things up and blindly believe the scientists.

+Ran Niz Really... impact craters. Have you tried googling it. Been explained a million times... let's go for a million and one. The asteroid when it hits has a tremendous amount of energy that is realised on impact... do you know what we call things that do that... an bomb... you know what bombs do when they explode... they create circular craters AND if that is not bad enough... there are plenty of impact craters that are NOT circular. Like I said, you are not smart enough to be having this conversation

+Ran Niz You're confused... you see the difference YOU claimed how a reflective sphere behaves..then pretended that the moon should behave the same way. Letd be clear. You are too stupid to know the earth is not flat... and too stupid to understand the people telling you the earth was a sphere were correct. You clearly are not smart enough for this conversation

+Ray Whitson what did you just say! You are the ones saying the moon is a special reflective rock. Your and idiot. Don't you get it we all believed the same things you did . Then we woke and realised how stupid they are and how stupid we were to believe. Back to the point YOU are supposed to explain the highly receive rack you call a moon. Then explain anomalies of the reflection. Don't start on the crators. How are a round and no side impact marks. And all facing earth as if we shit rocks at the moon.

Yes key word you are using is round not sphere, so continue your logic with earth, ROUND and flat. Are you saying you can tell all want we observe in sky are SPHERES, they are just lights. Even the moon doesn't look like a sphere, it looks like a slightly curved disc looking at us. You also can't tell if any of the planets are spinning, the moon isn't spinning so again continue your logic , the earth isn't spinning. Really think about it, from a child if no one discussed the earth to you as you know it and then when your say 25yr old, had to describe what you live on, what would you say? Especially if someone said we are spinning the speeds the scientists tells us. You would laugh at then, and they never be able to convince you.

+Ken G.Thanks for idiot! This is your way! Reset Cities & Ghost Towns Waiting For The Next Wave of Civilization Fake History: Invented 5000+ Years, No Tombstones Earlier Than i625

+Ken G. Are you a robot?

Are you flat earth IDIOTS ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional? Ask mommy to change your diaper you pathetic morons, you absolutely STINK of stupid.

The earth is NOT A PIZZA..!! It's concave and the light curves.. should research I bit more


You will not be left to educate yourself.

Most people cannot breath unless they are lying

you are not a speck of dust

we have all been dooped

I’ve watched a drone leave the completely ‘round’ earth and return which was filmed all the way

One of the early ones by Pbrane. I love it!

In trying to prove his nonsense, he shows you a perfect shot of earths curvature from the ISS. THANKS FOR PROVING THE CURVATURE.

If this IS proof to you, then you have been wearing the stupid helmet for too long already

I cant believe people are stupid enough to believe such obvious bullshit

lol . typical . you mistake glare for the size of the sun .. attach an actual solar filter to your camera . the sun does not change size . And no . parallel lines "converge" at infinity .. not "at your horizon" lol .. nice theory though ..

If you centered the Sun on North America , Europe would be on the far side of the curvature apex and thus be in darkness, but this simply does not happen.

I mean, even the comparison to the city lights?? I mean seriously all of you who speak condescendingly about this GFOH. At least show some respect. You don't even have to admit it 100 yet. Just stop the condescending tone because in LIGHT of evidence like this you only make yourself look stupid and arrogant.

The "Global" temperature variations make no sense given a sun that is supposedly 93 million miles away with a diameter of 864,938 miles ............ total nonsense, but many have fallen prey to Jesuit hocus pocus /power of suggestion.

How can you refute the evidence in this video? You CAN'T. So of course "globe earthers" instead of actually addressing the evidence such as the horizon CLEARLY NOT DISAPPEARING EVENLY, you in typical fashion resort to ad hominems "such as p brain" (what are you 7?) and asking YOUR OWN RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS. Let's make a rule my fellow people who know the earth is fixed, stationary, and immovable. Let's not answer any more "globe earthers" condescending questions until they learn to speak with respect, and answer our EXCELLENT questions that we first postulate. Please and thank you.

Why do you think we can see forever. How long before a plane leaves you sight. Or when you let a party heleum balloon go, how far can you see go up. Same for the sun. Your assuming light travels for ever. In that case, continue the logic and that means at night time the whole sky should be white light from all the billions of stars. No black at all, well no where near the amount we see, if light does travel for ever.

+Space ain't fake what , ha, ha,.its a massive difference if we are not a center. Someone at outer edge looking back in, will see many more stars. And your example only works if the universe is very young as to not have enough stars to fill the sky. Google can open the mind of a critical thinker but closes that of globers.domyou not notice your reasoning that you have say SUPER, and MUST be a star that hasn't reached us. We should be discovering new stars literally every day in your theory.

+Ran Niz Yes it does matter, because those light sources that are farther away than there has been time for the light to reach us we dont see. where on earth did I say a finite number of stars .. the universe is finite but incredibly large, why does the big bang model have to be infinite? It actually implies finite space . with a begining . and and end . Stars are born and die all the time. the sky is not blazining white at night because the stars that are super distant away from us have their light shifted out of the visible spectrum, or the light has just not reached us yet. For and example of the shifting out of the visible . think CMBR ... that is the remnant of the "first light" of the big bang. What are we expanding into? Good question . some theorize the multiverse is like a swiss cheese and the universe is one of those bubbles . and no . expanding does not imply a container (technically expanding is not exactly correct . every object is getting further apart from every other object at a rate relative to how far apart those objects are.).. and lol .. ok this is a standard FE'r proof we are at the center of everything . so tell me, you are in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean you look around you as far as you can see and its all ocean .. so obviously you are at the center of the ocean, right ? lol .. but to a point . you are correct . we are at the center of OUR visible universe .. some one on alpha centuri would have a different visible universe . tough to wrap those brain cells around, but I know you can do it .. and actually .. I have some studies in astronomy and cosmology under my belt . but why on earth are you knocking google .. you lot get ALL your info from other nutters you tube videos . and we cant see forever . but the hubble can see about 13.5 billion years out .

+Space ain't fake NO, it doesn't matter how big its getting. Expanding is means new stars are forming as well. Are you seriously saying at the big bang theory was a finite amount of stars. In your model the universe has to be infinite. You can't have it both ways. By definition, expanding into what? Expanding inffers a container. So earth can't have a dome but space can? Your reasoning only can make sense if earth is at the centre. Anywhere else in an expanding universe other than centre , my question is still valid. See you can't do research without critical Thinking. When you say research, you mean google an answer that sounds like it fits your narrative. When you stop thinking, we continue, that's the difference. If expanding, then is only ONE layer of space is doing this? Infinite starts at infinite distances at infinite angles to earth, therefore entire night sky should be white.

Actually . that was a vexxing scientific problem for over 200 years . it wasn't until the discovery of an expanding universe that the answer became clear .. you know . like all you nutters say .. do your research ..

+Ran Niz Except that neither the sun or the moon change in apparent size from when they rise to when they set, which the law of perspective tell us is only possible for objects that are really big and really far...

If a plane was flying a straight, but a low altitude, it too would look like it went behind the horizon, when if in fact it is a globe it would be much further before it "curved" out of sight.

Don’t forget the sun shining on the underside of the clouds during the first 30 seconds.

Assuming that the sun is circling around the north pole on a 6000 miles radius circle, 3000 miles up over the flat earth, basic geometry tell us that its elevation should never drop below 14 degrees (at midnight) for an observer at the equator. Atmospheric refraction accounts for a max of +/- 1 degrees of variation of the observed elevation of object close to the horizon. How can the sun reach the horizon on the FE, without ever changing size, then gradually disappear bottom first, while simple basic geometry tell us that it should never drop below 14 degrees above the FE plane???

Sigh !!

+claudbase LOL!!! You are one dumb Mo'f*ker . The closer the object the more it will increase in size, because you are closer to it ............ what the hell !!! ROTFL !!!

+Essene Gnostic God damn you're thick, the fact that a zoom can increase the apparent size of any object has nothing to do with the distance to the object, but only with the "ANGULAR SIZE" of the object. Talking about stupid, you are way up their with the best!

+claudbase Where did I say you can't zoom in on objects? What I am saying is that the amount you can zoom in / increase the size of the Sun is far too great for an object that is supposedly 93 million miles away ....... sheeeeesh you globeheads are stupid !!!!

+Essene Gnostic Why do you believe that we can't zoom on objects that are far away? A zoom simply increase the angular size of any object. The sun and the moon and any object that have a 0.5 degree angular size, when looked at with a 10x zoom, increase to 5 degree in angular size... It's not a question of distance but of angular size.

+Mike Mental You would require a mind to have one blown ........... Take the class. Seriously. Educate yourself and understand the difference between a captured zoom and a live zoom. Thus endeth the lesson.

+Essene Gnostic wow. Mind blown. Take the class. Seriously.

+Mike Mental I would suggest you take one. Zooming capability is only as effective given the proximity of the subject. If you stand 20 feet from an object and move ten feet closer to it that object should appear 50% closer, if there ia a similar object 10 feet behind the original object that one will appear approximately 33% closer. Again, use your head for once in your life. Might I suggest " Mental Case" in lieu of "Mental" ? ...... :-D

+Essene Gnostic That is how zooming works. Zoom zooms as much as it has capacity to zoom. Zoom zoom. The problem with sun and you zooming starts if you think it is some small unidentified circleling object above imaginary plate. Sun is actually pretty huge. Enormous if i may say. Zoom zoom. Zooming is basically magnifying. Zoom zoom. Take photograhy class. It is fun.

+Mike Mental Obviously you don't. What do you think I should be able to zoom in 93 million miles and see flames coming off the surface ? Use your head Einstein.

So no understanding about how zooming works?

+Rob Stammers How can I possibly top your nonsensical comments !! :-D

Smh. I meant the theory of which was initially postulated. The whole problem was redshifts in infrared in the wrong direction. In steps gravitational lensing. Not even going to explain that to you. In your arrogance you should know what I mean, but I'm sure you don't. And this "..." is an ellipses since you like to insult the intelligence of others. And I said redshifts IN the infrared spectrum, there is a difference. "REAL science does not need a truck load of buts, whatabouts and special cases" Exactly. And you have made it abundantly clear that you don't even understand just how many branches of heliocentric science contradict each other, or why. How did they come up with the theory of dark matter and dark energy, and why? If you can answer that you may actually begin to understand what I'm saying. But I'm done kiddo. Since you want to gloss over things like salar de uyuni like they don't matter even though you have yet to wrap your fragile mind even around that, that is all I will respond to you with until you can answer that simple question. Won't even ask you to solve the mystery of the cosmic microwave background radiation, and what it means.

+Nunya Business right . heavenly shells .. no I dont have to assume they are idiots .. they prove it every day . Yes . there are many things modern physics (and cosmology , and particle physics etc etc) are trying to explain, the shape of the earth is not one of them. lol . I like the way you say "redshifts and the infrared spectrum" .. gravitational lensing has nothing to do with either of those . and the infrared spectrum is just part of the electomagnetic spectrum, redshift is when certain absorption lines are shifted towards the red end of the spectrum .. one has nothing to do with the other. See .. you prove it every day

And before you google search and parrot some "science" you don't even understand. I am referring to WHAT CAUSES RADIATION.WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? ON A MOLECULAR LEVEL? Is what I meant. Same w gravity, dark energy, or many other of their BS THEORIES.

Yes I can. Because the galaxies are light sources on another heavenly shell. You should study ptolemy's cosmogony. That is closer to the truth than the modern heliocentric nonsense. "And another thing . with you lot its always have you seen it , have you yourself been there/done that pfft . then its fake .. yet the telescope test is trivial to do .but you have no desire to look into it and accept all those flying pig videos as gospel" never said that. Matter of fact even said I would. Three words for you. SALAR DE UYUNI. Guess science is yet to explain that too huh? If you actually understood modern physics, and the heliocentric model, you would understand that there are many, many, many things they are yet to explain. I understand gravitation lensing, and how the theory of dark matter was originally postulated perfectly. Don't think you do. It has to do with redshifts in the infrared spectrum. That's your problem, you assume all "flat earthers" are idiots that don't know what they are talking about bc that's how you were programmed to think. You continue to insult my intelligence instead of accurately addressing the things I'm saying. The fact that you think man knows what radiation "is" shows your infancy. Man can calculate it somewhat close to accurately as they can the effects of "gravity" and "dark matter" but don't know what it is. I assure you. I haven't said one thing is fake. And I have addressed you accurately, respectfully, and scientifically, so please don't compare me to anyone else bc I'm probably not even familiar w half of them.

+Nunya Business Lol . I have seen many convincing videos of pigs flying, yet I am pretty sure they cant. And wait . refraction, and light scattering are ridiculous theories??? .. but that is exactly what you lot try to use with your "selective prespective(tm)" and why things vanish from the bottom up! As for dark matter (and dark energy) . while we don't know what it is . we can observe its presence through gravitational lensing. And the theories fit the observations .. can YOU give ANY reason why distant (and yes even not so distant) galaxies dont fly apart . other than its fake ? For the longest time science did not know "what" radiation was . and then we did .. was it fake that entire time we couldn't explain it? And while you scream . but videos, and it would not be possible to happen on a globe thats why globers need ridiculous theories (that mind you have been tested and shown correct over and over and over again) I notice you failed to even try to explain how on a flat earth . once the sun is "to far for us to see its light" .. we still see its light (dusk or dawn) whats your ridiculous theory then .. And another thing . with you lot its always have you seen it , have you yourself been there/done that pfft . then its fake .. yet the telescope test is trivial to do .but you have no desire to look into it and accept all those flying pig videos as gospel. .. thats the whole problem with you lot . you really have no desire to actually learn anything . you just want to feel special and be part of a elite group that knows all about "The Conspiracy" .. lmfao .. One final word . I dont expect you to believe me, everything I have mentioned can be looked up and or done yourself Even the gravitation lensing around dark mater, while the math is beyond most of us I would guess, the explanations .. and yes even videos .. make sense and are repeatable and it all fits together.. its you lot that consider research to be looking at each others videos and misrepresenting shady results from questionable "experiments" , As jerenism said "hmmm . interesting" and then blamed it on weeds .. OMFG .. I'm done .. let me know when you discover fire ..

Exactly friend again proving my points. They need ridiculous theories like the light being scattered for their theory to work. You shouldn't be able to see light once the sun sets on a globe or more accurately an ellipsoid. PERIOD. But they need theories like the light scattering back to you. And if it's so grade school what's the theory called? I would watch that condescending tone. Just like distance galaxies should rip apart based on their theories so they pull one out of their ass such as dark energy to explain how they stay together. You are right, I have not done the experiment myself. See how easy that is to admit when I mean it? You were right. Wish globe earthers would give us the same respect and actually admit many things don't make sense on a "globe earth" instead of just moving on to another topic when it's convenient to them. That being said, I have seen many convincing videos of exactly what I stated via YouTube and other sources. Have I been out on a boat and done it myself yet? NO. I have however, seen enough evidence (not that that matters this is spiritual believe it or not) such as the horizon line setting with the sun as opposed to the whole horizon line setting at once as this video shows. Also, depending on the timing, not sure how much a difference 3 in would make vs 8 in unless we're talking about women ;-). To your point, if I don't believe them without doing it myself, why should I believe you? At least they have video evidence.

+Nunya Business nop . not true .. if I watch a ship go over the horzion with my 3 inch scope . and then look for it with my 8 inch scope . it is still gone . really . stop parroting other youtube vids and go try it yourself . And here is some science for grade schoolers: "When the sun is below the horizon its light doesn't reach you directly because the earth is in the way. But some of the light passing through the atmosphere above you gets scattered back to you, so it's not completely dark. As the sun goes further below the horizon, the scattering decreases (there's more earth in the way, so the light has to be scattered higher up in the atmosphere where the air is thinner) and it gets darker. The same thing happens in reverse before the sun rises." How do YOU explain dawn and dusk on a flat earth .. when the sun is "to far away to see" that means you cant see any of the suns light . but yet its still dusk . twilight ..

+Nunya Business shrugs . .then how does a proper solar filter make it appear to never change size . is it made of some magical material that knows how much to reduce or increase the size to keep it at ~30 arc minutes ? or is it pre programed to just show any light as 30 arch minutes in size . which can be easily shown not to be the case .. REAL science does not need a truck load of buts, whatabouts and special cases

Same way a ship does. Then it disappears. Then you get a bigger telescope. And it will come back. Do the same thing on top of a mountain look towards the sun where you still see the light AFTER THE SUN SETS look in that direction. Bet you see the ball of the sun again. Why don't you tell me why one would still see the sun's light after he sets on a globe? There is a name for this affect, but of course they blame it on "cosmic dust".

Did you ever see me say the sun was a lightbulb? Or I guess all heliocentric scientists have the exact same theories about everything huh? And yes FACTORS SUCH AS. THE CASING as I stated is one factor. The AIR and it's density and humidity between you and "task" are others. Even if you are wearing glasses or not are another factor that would determine the "glare" one sees. Again one of the reasons the "filter" theory doesn't hold water. Pun intended. I think that's how we started talking about that anyway? lol

The biggest 'why' question concerning the Flawed Erf should be: "How is it possible that a just rising/setting sun has 1 half above and 1 half below the horizon?"

+Nunya Business hmmm . 30 seconds of research .. "Glare is caused by a significant ratio of luminance between the task (that which is being looked at) and the glare source. Factors such as the angle between the task and the glare source and eye adaptation have significant impacts on the experience of glare. " so even your lightbulb example is wrong. (and I thought the sun was a lightbulb?)

Dude. Address all POINTS. Not one golden goose laying egg you THINK you've found. That's what all of you do. Ignore 80 good points and focus on one obscure debatable one. No time for that. The science is too deep for you to understand, for the sun itself cannot be exactly replicated on this earth. So why don't you focus on all the examples we gave that can?

Question. What causes the "glare" the atmosphere? In a lightbulb, it's the casing. CITY LIGHTS LOOK JUST LIKE THE SUN SETTING. ROFLMAO, you condescending troll.

+Essene Gnostic lol yes all those little magnifiers floating around up there .. no it is not .. the sun, when viewed through a proper solar filter remains ~30 arcminutes in size for the entire time it is visible . PS . i thought so .. after a grand total of 30 seconds of research . I did confirm that under certain circumstances the atmosphere can appear to SHRINK the sun vertically

+Space ain't fake You do understand that the sun is in fact magnified over distances as a result of particles in the air ....... don't you ? ........ good lord !!

+Nunya Business filtering out glare .. you can do the same thing (show glare) with a lightbulb .. Ohhh .. thats right .. the sun IS a lightbulb .. roflmao

+Nunya Business good lord cant ONE of you nutters invest in an actual solar filter for you camera and use it . I think they might be like $25US for a standard size lense .. the sun does not change size

+Essene Gnostic good lord cant ONE of you nutters invest in an actual solar filter for you camera and use it . I think they might be like $25US for a standard size lense .. the sun does not change size

But but, there's no filter! They'll say. Lmao. Because filtering out light is good for any scientific experiment.

Exactly friend, exactly.

+Nunya Business One problem, globers don't think, they are programmed not to.

Here's a thought. Why don't you actually address all the VERY GOOD points he brought up in his own video before you come on his page asking your own questions? And FYI. Watch it again. Pretty sure you see the sun start small at horizon and bigger as it approaches.

It actually doesn't .........

+Nunya Business No mater how you try to redefine what is east and west on a flat earth, we all agree that they are in opposite direction from each other (180 degrees). On a flat earth the sunrise and sunset would not be in opposite direction for the observer at the equator. Simply draw a circle that represent the sun travel in 24 hours, select an "observer" point anywhere on the circle, at noon the sun is over the observer, 6 hours earlier the sun was 1/4 of a turn in the NE direction of the observer an 12 hours later, the sun would set NW direction.

+Nunya Business For an observer at the equator, where would the sun rise and set during the equinox on a flat earth? In most if not all FE models, the sun rotates around the north pole in 24 hours not to far above the earth plane. The sun would thus rise in the NE direction and set in the NW direction 12 hours later. Now that's not what is observed in reality. During the equinox, the sun rises exactly due east and set exactly due west, and this simple fact is true anywhere on earth.

+Nunya Business the sun doesnt set in straight line^ but you just take the example of the equinox when the sun is perfectly aligned in the east-west direction. and you also said that the eas tand west are where the sunrise and sunset are.. so, at the equinox, when the sun isperfectly aligned at the equator with the east-west axis, where the sun is doing a curve??? and the rest of the year, when the sun is more in the south, what is the circular path followed??? I think you are lost in your geometry and dont know what a circular movement is. did you need some help?

+Colin Parkinson nnnnooo way aphrodite for all !!! peace and love !!! well... more love than peace ;-) with good curve... oohhh... yeah... aphrodite!!! ;-)

Well, Yahweh is my God. And He is the One True God. Btw, Thursday get's it's name from "thor" just a fun fact.

+Nunya Business which god? I like Thor as a preference.

+Nunya Business mmm... how its possible to have west matching the sunset? if the movement is a circular one causing the sun to go to the north to be able to go on top of the next country which is at this position??? or are you saying that a country west from my position is really at the west (90deg from the north/south axis) which mean I'm at the west of the country too... so... like 2 countries on a globe each one at the west of the other. in this case its working, the sunset is correctly setup. but the circular movement is not the sun, its the rotation of the earth. in this condition its working. else the path of the sun cant be the one we are seeing. if a friend go away from me, I cant see him only if an obstacle is between him and me. else there is no reason to not see him. did you notice how far you can see the clouds? and how the cloudsare hidden by the ground? so... conclusion??? its the ground which hide them from my eyes. and how its possible to have the ground hiding stuf.... ???? because the ground is curved and the objects are following this curve, at some point, the ground will hide them from my eyes. you understand how a simple logic can help you understanding the wolrd?

And also, the sun does not set in a straight line in reality. Watch a sunset.

That's the problem friend. Understanding physics and geometry. Whether or not the earth is a flat circle. On a flat circle (which it is) E to W is Clock-wise. W to E is counter clockwise. It is not a linear motion. "if you have nothing between you and the sun, what is causing this?" Gee idk friend, when you have a friend of yours walking away from you on a plateau or uphill and they eventually disappear, what causes that? And that is where you are wrong. West is exactly the motion of sunset. Again, depends on what type of 3D object we are speaking. Over a cylinder like object, or a spherical like object. The effects you are referencing are called procession. Now picture that it is the sun that is processing, and not the wobble of the earth's axis.

+Nunya Business beyond eyesight... interesting. what is causing the limit of the eyesight? if you have nothing between you and the sun, what is causing this? and like you say, if the sun is traight to the West, how he can be to the west while you said its a circular movement ???? how its possible to keep a straight line in a circular movement? remember, west is at 90deg from the north/south direction. west is not the sunset direction. so with a globe, its working perfectly. but with a flat earth and a circular movement, the sun , at sunset, should be north west on top of the next country. or for you the west direction changes and west is not at 90deg from the north/south axis?

I see what you were thinking though young grasshoppa. Keep thinking like that, with actual logic, and you will eventually see it. Then God can take you to seeing the Whole thing.

Well in the manner in which you are putting it. Beyond the horizon would be beyond eyesight, and at an angle. And what you said about the sun setting is not true. The sun would be overhead at the equator during the equinox (as that is from where both words derive meaning equal), therefore it would set due W. Now during the summer solstice you would see a NW setting orientation. And during the winter solstice you would see a setting of SW orientation.

+Nunya Business If the sun was moving in a circular path above a FE, it would rise NE and set NW during the equinox for an observer at the equator and significantly change size throughout the day. In reality, the sun rises due east and set due west and doesn't change in size. Further more their is no "beyond the horizon" on a flat earth plane, unless you are talking of imaginary Antarctica ice wall limit...

+Nunya Business Yes it is obvious that you have no idea what I am talking about, and that is the problem. The sun has an angular size of about 0.5 degrees, which means that the rays coming from the right edge of the sun are not parallel to the rays coming from the left edge of the sun. These rays are 0.5 degrees apart... If all the rays coming from the sun where perfectly parallel, the sun would look like a single point in the sky (like a stars)

+Nunya Business how, which angle? which angle are you expecting? and the angle on which axis? what are you expecting when you see the rays from the top? something like this... mmm... well... the sun is not close! come on say it: perspective !!!! :)

No idea what you're talking about friend. What I do know, if the sun were 93 million mi away the rays of the sunlight would come straight in, and break at a far more acute angle than we see. Again, also no sunspots over water.

Beyond the horizon means E to W in a circular trajectory.

+Nunya Business "that is you still seeing the sun's light as it is gone beyond the horizon" What does "beyond the horizon" even mean on a FE??? Objects above a flat plane gradually shrink in apparent size as they get farther from an observer (which the sun and moon do not do...), and never end up disappearing bottom first below the plane (as the sun and moon do...).

+Nunya Business lol you dont know the perspective? the rays in the clouds are exactly this. for 1 time you can use the word : perspective without doing a mistake, you dont use it. lol

You think about that Einstein. Why would you be able to see clouds lit up from "below" on a globe once the sun was beyond the horizon? Hmmmm? Refraction?

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? This lack of understanding science is getting RIDICULOUS. 30 SEC MARK PROVES "FLAT EARTH" That is not clouds being lit up that is you still seeing the sun's light as it is gone beyond the horizon. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE ON A GLOBE. Not to mention if you watch everything around the 30 sec mark you see the light breaking through the clouds at angles which WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF THE SUN WERE OVER 90 MILL mi away, even if THE SUN WAS 1 MILL MI AWAY THAT WOULDN'T HAPPEN. It's like you just watched the video looking for the two secs that would prove your point, AND YOU STILL FAILED.

I think that FE video makers are leaving mistakes, like a serial killer would purposely leave clues, because they secretly want to get caught and treated for their illness.

EXACTLY. The light is not 93 mill mi away from the billiard or you wouldn't see it. If it were a large ball of gas it would engulf in light, not create a spot. And I'm talking either from space, or sea level, they look relatively the same.

+Nunya Business Sun spots are darker features observed on the surface of the sun. You are talking about a bright spot that can be seen on the ocean in pictures taken from space... This simple phenomena is true for any relatively smooth sphere light by some small angular size light source (Example the reflection of a ceiling light on a billiard ball...)

That's a good point about the .5 degree angular degree size. Finally a " globe earther" that can somewhat look at things from down here. Which proves my point you will learn soon enough. The point is. A ball of gas 93 mill mi away would not produce a small sunspot over the earth's water. Don't believe me? Replicate it in an experiment.

+Nunya Business How do you know the sun is not a physical object? Solar filter are not only used to protect from the "harmful effects of direct gazing" they are also used to avoid saturating the sensor and enable a reliable way to measure the angular size of the sun. What does the sun spots have to do with the sun being 93 million miles away? The sun like the moon are about 0.5 degrees in angular size and both have easily visible features on their surface. What's you point?

Your statement shows you don't understand how light works. The sun isn't a "physical object" so to speak but a light source. And fyi the only reason a filter is used is due to the alleged harmful effects of direct gazing. Not to get a more accurate "size" reading. Why are there small sunspots under a sun that is 93 mill mi away?

+Ran Niz "Remember the moon is a sphere" Let me put a nail in your fucking stupid FE coffin... The Moon is visible at any given time by half the Earth at a time... that is someone seeing it rise and someone seeing it set are more than 12k miles apart... even on an FE. On any given night ALL observers see a slightly different angle to that sphere... to were you get about a 2% variation for all observers... MEANING we see about 52% of the Moon surface on a night... and due to variations in it orbit more than 400 years ago we mapped 59% in total... Guess what buttercup... if the Earth was flat then the moon MUST be close... less that 4k miles above the surface... so PLEASE EXPLAIN how we ALL see only 52% on a given night when it being that close it should be closer to 85% Good luck!!! I know you will be wrong but I will laugh my ass off at the answer :D

+Ran Niz "Go outside and observe! Your eyes have focal point of 238k? Go on, go back to you computer model, draw a ball 3.4k km wide and move it back 238k miles, you believe you can see it that big in sky." Fuck oh dear the dumbshittery keeps on coming... Angular size... the amount of "real estate" an object will take up your field of vision... the moon is about half a degree... It is half a degree if it is its actual size and actual distance... or 100 times smaller and a 100 times closer... it would the be SAME ANGULAR SIZE... My God the fact you think you are smart is so hilarious as to be dishabilitating!!!

+Ran Niz "Remember the moon is a sphere, you cant bounce waves of it. It will never come back to you" Thank you for that... the simple FACT that you accept it is a sphere PROVES the Earth is not flat... but besides that MORON... you do not get a 100% return... you do not need it... so once again thank you for proving you are a fucking idiot!!

+Ran Niz "he, ha, ha, radio waves. You just bring up shit. Where can you buy this radio wave machine that can bounce of the sun. " I never said Sun... I said Moon... fuck you are dumb. You NEVER heard of a HAM Radio... you just need to get a signal booster and there you go... they have been doing it for as long as HAM Radios have been around... Millions of everyday people have done it... and once again you prove you are a fucking idiot :D

+Ray Whitson he, ha, ha, radio waves. You just bring up shit. Where can you buy this radio wave machine that can bounce of the sun. Again avoiding the question, and turning to insults. Remember the moon is a sphere, you cant bounce waves of it. It will never come back to you. Again you show your lack of critical thinking. Only bounce of if it's flat. Even in your theory, you should be saying that there is only one point on SPHERE earth that can bounce wave off, and tat has to be exactly perpendicular to moon. Anywhere else, the distances you state, the radio wave will bounce of into space. So I'm doing the thinking for you again. Go outside and observe! Your eyes have focal point of 238k? Go on, go back to you computer model, draw a ball 3.4k km wide and move it back 238k miles, you believe you can see it that big in sky.

+Ran Niz " Go on halve every value it works, time every value by 100, it works. Go outside observe reality." My God how do you even breath being this stupid... So PLEASE... go outside and observe reality and tell me if the Moon is 6k miles away of 6 million or 6 billion??? How would we EVER be able to figure that all out... OH WAIT... we have radio waves that we can bounce off the Moon and measure how long it takes for them to come back... Guess what retard it is around 238k miles away... SO... You don't get to just decide on what the scale is... we know what the scale is and you are too fucking dumb to know how fucking dumb you are.

+Ran Niz "continue not to answer anything again. It's a computer simulation, off course they are going to make it work you idiot" OMFG you are so dumb... seriously!! First off retard... you SAID "To scale it will never work , which is why no ballers ever draw it to scale."" BUILDING A COMPUTER MODEL IS DRAWING IT TO SCALE!!!! So ya.. you are dumb as fuck and you just love to let everyone know :D

+Ray Whitson continue not to answer anything again. It's a computer simulation, off course they are going to make it work you idiot. Go on halve every value it works, time every value by 100, it works. Go outside observe reality. 93mil miles away, what a joke.

+Ran Niz "To scale it will never work , which is why no ballers ever draw it to scale." This is what I find particularly interesting about your claim... There are dozens of programs out there right now who have it all mapped out to fine detail... where it shows real lighting mechanics and places everything where it belongs and SHOWS the umbra and penumbra going across the earth exactly how it is done in reality... No FE idiot has ever debunked it... you just simply deny it... with no proof.

+Ran Niz Simply put. Place a sun and moon as large as they are, at the distance from each other, as they are... with the earth being as far from the moon as we are... And you will PERFECTLY map out the movement of the heavens but also predict the exact size of the umbra and penumbra to within inches of their location on earth. I know this confuses you... but it is still reality!

+Ran Niz "love how you just ignore all light except the days that fit your calcs." "no only larger if you keep thinking of your presupposition." Try and quote what you are replying too...these make ZERO sense in relation to anything... so try again.

+Ran Niz "why make both larger? " Because they are... DUH... " To scale it will never work , which is why no ballers ever draw it to scale." Been done a BILLION times and works perfectly every time... just because you are too stupid to understand what you are shown don't blame that one on me. "The umbra and penumbra is just min and max shadows. It doesn't represent the actual size of object" No shit... "At your claimed distances the light would be so defused " Defused by what??? LOL! You do know for 93 million miles it only has less than 60 miles of relatively dense atmosphere to go through... GOD DAMN you are dumb!!!

+Ray Whitson no only larger if you keep thinking of your presupposition.

+Ray Whitson love how you just ignore all light except the days that fit your calcs.

+Ray Whitson why make both larger? Again to make your example work. To scale it will never work , which is why no ballers ever draw it to scale. No one has ever drawn up an eclipse to size and made the Moonshadow 70ml wide on Earth. Again you google what suits you and don't note any sizes. The umbra and penumbra is just min and max shadows. It doesn't represent the actual size of object. At your claimed distances the light would be so defused that you should never see shadow of moon unless it was very close to Earth along with the sun.

+Ran Niz "The moon shadowing earth during eclipse is 40x smaller. Not a little a lot. Draw it up any way you like, it never works." Thanks AGAIN for proving me right... You know if the Moon was closer the "dot" would be larger... and if the "dot" was smaller the Moon would be further away... so the SIMPLE FACT that there is a dot, the umbra... and we also have a penumbra... Proves you are a fucking idiot :D

+Ran Niz "Now to make this even clearer, because you are now obviously a troll, the shadow won't be a sharp and dark but also have blurred larger shadow." You mean the penumbra... as we see in reality... thanks for proving me right!!! Again!!!

+Ran Niz "the light from sun rays are comming in almost directly straigh" Yep... ALMOST... which proves me right.

+Ran Niz " Large search light against a ball? Move that light millions of miles back, your example fails." And make them BOTH millions of times larger than they work perfectly. If you build it ALL to scale then the light works EXACTLY as we see in REALITY with an umbra and penumbra... Seriously how can you be this stupid!!

+Ray Whitson keep pretending not to understand. You tried to make point by misrepresenting the eclipse. Large search light against a ball? Move that light millions of miles back, your example fails. 99%, what a joke, you know what I meant. When you see an eclipse, the light from sun rays are comming in almost directly straight. Even with your stupid example, if you draw it up, you don't just draw a ray line from top and bottom of light source to the object in front. You would also have rays from the centre of the light source hitting the object Infront, which is why a shadow is always BIGGER,. Now to make this even clearer, because you are now obviously a troll, the shadow won't be a sharp and dark but also have blurred larger shadow. The moon shadowing earth during eclipse is 40x smaller. Not a little a lot. Draw it up any way you like, it never works. Which is why you used the large search light.

+Ran Niz "again you avoid the question, how are there crators directly inline with earth." FUCK DUDE... you do realize not getting the answer you like is DIFFERENT then not getting an answer at all. I explained it to you... CRATERS being circular does NOT require them to be "inline" with the Earth... There are PLENTY of craters on the Moon that are NOT circular, to begin with, and some that are clearly on the sides of the Moon... assuming you are not ALSO crazy as well as stupid and claim the Moon is flat.

+Ray Whitson again you avoid the question, how are there crators directly inline with earth. There literally hundreds of them. What, all just missed the earth and went on to hit the moon. You would see the entire Earth also have the same land scape then. Google is your religion, it's stops your critical thinking. You stop your logic when it suits your theory. all I'm doing is continuing your theory and digging deeper, I haven't come up with new theories.

+Ran Niz " In an eclipse, the sun is the same size as the moon" Fuck OH DEAR... how can you be SO STUPID!!! NO... it is RARELY the same size... its 99% of the Time either larger or smaller than the Sun... so what do you think that means??? So you are so fucking stupid that you PRETEND the Sun and Moon are the same size... then when observations PROVE they are not. That the Sun is MUCH larger and very far away BECAUSE of the Shadow the Moon throws... So if the Moon and Sun are the Same size... why is the Penumbra thousands of miles across... You want to complain about someone else posting too fast.... LOL!

+Ray Whitson ha,ha,ha, put a search light again a ball. In an eclipse the sun is the same size as the moon. This is why it's an eclipse, idiot. You rush to respond because you think you catch me out, but your just digging yourself ba bigger hole. Don't just make up experiment or re hash pics from you school book that are made to look like it works.

+Ran Niz "Crators via meteors comming in as you say tromendous speed, at any angle, always make round crator?" Try to read retard... there a PLENTY of craters on the moon that are not round... God damn... TRY to read just once... it may help you. Google it... fuck of dear... there are plenty of pictures of the Moon craters that match your stupid claim... must mean you don't know how to look shit up on the internet... If you can't then ask an adult for help.

+Ran Niz " I asked if you can make any shadow smaller than the object itself." Thank you for ONCE AGAIN proving how stupid you are... If the golf ball in front of the searchlight has NO SHADOW... that's because with a LARGE light source (the sun) will make a smaller shadow to with a smaller object (the Moon). The distance between them will determine the SHADOW LENGTH... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Keep on losing I find your stupidity hilarious!!

+Ran Niz God damn dude... you know we can just scroll down and see what I wrote... "Hold up a reflective ball... cool. Is a rock on the ground a reflective rock?? N0!" You do not call a rock a reflective rock... because ITS NOT... Damn... thank you for PROVING how stupid you are...

+Ray Whitson see you rely on stupid people not to keep catching you out in lies. Then typically resort to name calling. Fact, you said look at a rock it doesnt reflect. You keep pretending that you don't understand the question, and Cleary avoiding the difficult ones. Shadow of moon, what should the size be on earth during eclipse, not how far it can reach. I asked if you can make any shadow smaller than the object itself. Crators via meteors comming in as you say tromendous speed, at any angle, always make round crator? Not slightly oval, I mean should be a massive entry trench then onto a crator.

+Ray Whitson what did you just say! You are the ones saying the moon is a special reflective rock. Your and idiot. Don't you get it we all believed the same things you did . Then we woke and realised how stupid they are and how stupid we were to believe. Back to the point YOU are supposed to explain the highly reflective rock you call a moon. Then explain anomalies of the reflection. Don't start on the crators. How are a round and no side impact marks. And all facing earth as if we shot rocks at the moon.

+Essene Gnostic, *Nunya Business* *Claudbase* summed it up pretty well. Surveyors have been able to accurately determine features, like mountains, they've never been to by parallax. Everybody with two healthy eyes uses parallax every day, without even thinking about it. It's how you're able to get that piece of pie on that fork in your mouth instead of smearing it on your shirt. You're brain has learned how far apart your eyes are, and can calculate the distance to that piece of pie by how they cross as you watch it while guiding it into your mouth. That crossing of your eyes is called parallax. A distance and two angles can tell you everything you need to know about the rest of a triangle, *if* those two angles are different enough, provide enough parallax, to be measured. There is plenty of parallax to accurately measure a distance from a flat Earth to an object two miles or 3,000 miles above by using two teams of surveyors separated by a couple of miles, or a thousand miles. So there's no excuse for flat Earth "researcher's" inability to determine the distance to the sun and moon. Except that the Earth isn't flat. The parallax when viewing a sun 93 million miles away from a spherical Earth has been too small to measure using parallax with the equipment available hundreds of years ago. This is how the distance from the Earth to the sun is measured today. I heard a slightly different story, that the distance to Venus is measured by bouncing radio waves off of it. If we now have instruments sensitive enough to measure parallax, that works too. *Essene Gnostic,* you're displaying a typical flat Earther's ignorance with that *"8 inch per mile squared."* . *"Well, actually no 8 inch per mile squared curvature has ever been physically proven."* That's a rough estimate for short distances. Do you know that formula describes a parabola, not a circle? Anyway, here's a video showing the horizon rolling down and away with the curve of the Earth: See it *not* rising to eye level? So, as Claudbase said, scientists of hundreds and thousands of years ago lacked the techniques and technologies that we have today. It's amusing watching flat Earthers refuse to take advantage of what we've learned.

+Essene Gnostic The people you sited lived many centuries or even millennia ago had no scientific instruments capable of measuring the distance to the sun. Today, we have these instruments and all that have measured this distance with modern instruments come up with the same answer. On the other hand, if the sun was a couple of thousands miles above a flat plane, it would have been easy even for Aristarchus or Ptolemy to use simple parallax to measure the distance to the sun and moon. In reality, every time this was tried, the measured distance varied in function of the latitude on earth where the measurement was made. Which is why, even today, with all the precision instruments available, the FE community cannot agrees with any specific number.

+Nunya Business Most globe Earthers are very very ignorant. It's obvious that the Jesuits created equations to match the heliocentric model.

THANK YOU! HalleluYAH! Not to mention Kepler that murderer who killed Tycho Brahe and stole all his notes and changed his geocentric earth model to a heliocentric one. And the confusion about size and distance are only because of the phases of perihelion and aphelion, something I don't think a lot take into account.

Aristarchus , Ptolemy, Cassini , Kepler , all quoted different distances to the sun. " Flat Earth "researchers" can't agree on a distance, because no single distance will work with what we see in the real world" Well, actually no 8 inch per mile squared curvature has ever been physically proven.

Sigh... Your same argument applies to the heliocentric model and the modern 93 mill mi estimate. Has it always been that?

Did you get left in a car on a hot day when you were a baby or something? Mate stop wasting whats left of your life on this insane crap.

Your ridiculous flat Earth conclusion ist not even worth intelligent argument any more. No one really cares if you mind-f*ck yourself with such non-sense. Have at it. Disprove this simple video "Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel". :-) Watch the whole video. :-) So... The Earth's curvature ist roughly a drop of 6 feet at 3 miles, using a level laser, und it ist roughly a drop of 24 feet at 6 miles, using a telescope und a helicopter's known altitude above sea level. The farther the distance away from a fixed point, the larger the drop in the Earth's curvature of the circumference at a constant ratio,...or simply the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The mathematical ratio of "Pi" (π) really ist a factual constant...Isn't it? Water really does curve around the Earth...Doesn't it? There goes the very ignorant flat Earth claim into the abyss...smiles Your conclusion about a flat Earth ist a reflection of your own biased, self-important, "Disordered Phobias" affecting your dementia of conspiracy. I can conclude that you think most everything ist a conspiracy. YouTube ist infested with CGI, Photoshop, Cults, Cons, und Idiots now who will believe almost anything that just anyone wants to show them it seems. You should fit right in...smiles

What willful ignorance! They need a different map to demonstrate different claims. But none of those maps agree with each other on all of these stupid ideas.

April 1st passed 18 days ago.

how about you go shoot yourself?

Może jak już wyjaśniamy sobie jak działa słońce na płaskiej ziemi to ktoś odpowie na podstawowe pytanie jak wysoko jest to słońce?

Okay not interesting but stupid.


Flat Moon

what if the World is flat then should we make the ww1 and ww2 again for this is another type now. nolcakki düzse düz yani eliptikken sana bi faydası mı yoktuda şimdi kar etcen

My balls are flat

Thanks for proving how shamefully idiotic flat earthers are, keep it up.

Also, WRONG about Alaskas Sun! If the Earth were flat that's NOT what we would see at all! We would not see the Sun dip up & down! The reason the Sun dips up & down IS because Earth IS a sphere! If Alaska were center of orbit we would see the Sun in a perfect circular orib without dipping. If Alaska were "off center" we would only see the sun get further away & closer again & no dipping. You mental views are way off & made up - not correct in what we would see if Earth were flat!

A real idiot! Even if the Sun were real close (we would burn up!) it would be impossible for it not to elimunate the rest of Earth. Also it would be impossible for the "non elimunated areas" to be pitch dark like they are at night! Also, if the sun is a sphere, why is it so hard to believe that the Earth is not a sphere?

For the love of God, I hope you don’t vote... or breed.

did anyone check size of the Sun in a Telescope , should be very obvious change as obvious as a slap in the face also there should be a difference in angular size over the year for the Earths orbit is not a circle is ellipse , at least we are told so . Imp reaty sure Sun wobbles in all kind of strange ways including on its surface , should be visible but over long time periods not over a day

+Ran Niz nop . they wont . they will see roughly 13.5 billion years worth of stars . about the same as us . And no (all though given the estimated time until the heat death of the universe it is currently very young) . the main reason is distance . and the fact that space is not infinite. And we do actually discover new stars .. The Orion nebula is a "hotbed" of star birth .. (on a cosmic time scale) . Every time the hubble (or any of the others) looks deep back into time, they discover something new .. so yea . maybe not every day but we do discover them . (if a star is further away than the universe is old .. we will never see it .. do those exist .. we dont know . but that does not invalidate everything else )

+Essene Gnostic Like you already know, this is the most popular model proposed by FEers. Others like you simply refuse to put any numbers or hypothesis on the table. All you're doing is repeating:" this or this is not what we are told it is (without presenting any facts for the assertion) then assert the baseless idea that nobody knows. The problem is that, if it is true that YOU are ignorant about what the sun is for example, scientists have observed the sun for many centuries and continue every single day to accumulate more and more data on it, using more and more sophisticated instruments.

+claudbase "Assuming that the sun is circling around the north pole on a 6000 miles radius circle, 3000 miles up over the flat earth" why assume this ?

+Nunya Business OHHHHH .. that debunked video about what you should not be able to see when looking across those salt flats you mean .. sorry old news . And again . if the earth is flat .. the sun "sets" because you cant see its light anymore . which raises a whole slew of other questions . but the one I have been trying to get an answer to is . if you cant see the suns light anymore . why is it still light?

+Nunya Business Ok, I will bite, since its obvious you are waiting to spring some 'trap' .. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, nor do I have any idea what you mean by "looking in the infrared spectrum toward the celestial sphere" since to get an astronomical spectrum you normally use a point source (thus the term slit-spectroscopy) . I suspect you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about either (at least in a scientific view . if you insists on layers of celestial spheres . so be it ) . so go for it . prove me wrong. And , if my other "answers I gave are incorrect please enlighten me on the source of the CMBR, what I am missing about some salt flat in the mountains, or even some of the many conflicts you mention in modern science. Convince me all of modern science has it wrong and you lot have realized the "TRUTH" .

+Space ain't fake" the entire set of spectral lines will shift towards the red (lower frequency) if the object is moving away and towards the blue if it is moving closer. " My point exactly. And being that scientists usually gather info one spectrum at a time, again you prove my point friend. You still do not understand what I asked. Not how they actually came up with the theories. The answers you gave are incorrect. I will give you a hint. Again, when LOOKING IN THE INFRARED SPECTRUM TOWARD THE CELESTIAL SPHERE what do scientists notice? Is it red shifts, or shifts towards the blue. What do you see, and what does it imply? THAT is how they came up with the theory. And btw. SALAR DE UYUNI.

+Essene Gnostic Nice .. good answer .. I find it laughable too that the sun sets because its to far away to see

+Nunya Business I wasnt going to answer , but hey one more for old time sake. RedShift has nothing to do with the infrared spectrum, and actually, absorption lines in the lower end of the spectrum are typically used . and btw the entire spectrum shifts . not just the infrared. (it is impossible to only shift part of a spectrum for any particular object) What on earth do you mean by in infrared in the wrong direction .. the entire set of spectral lines will shift towards the red (lower frequency) if the object is moving away and towards the blue if it is moving closer. just like a train whistle gets higher in pitch as it approaches and lower as it gets further away. Or is that wrong too ? WFT does in steps gravitation lensing mean .. lol gravitational lensing is light being bent by the gravity wells of massive gravity wells . and actually . its not being bent , its going in a straight line but following the curve of space time. This was proven by Dyson and Eddigton during the eclipse of 1919. Name some conflicts in the current scientific model . that are not at the cutting edge of research? (for example . quantum entanglement appears to be able to send information at greater than the speed of light ) That is how science grows . the cutting edge points out flaws in current understanding, and we then try and figure out why and move our knowledge base forward. Even in Galileo Galileis time, the shape of the earth was not the cutting edge, I will grant the relation between the sun and earth was . he showed we orbited the sun . not the other way around. Again . the shape of the earth and who orbits who has not been the cutting edge of science for a very long time. How did they come up with dark energy . they said hmmmm . something with a lot of gravity seems to be affecting these galaxies, and we cant seem to see it . lets call it dark matter . and then do some tests to see if it behaves as a massive amount of matter would behave, even though we cant see it .. and lo and behold .. it does .. that is what science is. And dark energy is completely different from dark matter, and causes a different effect.. you do know the difference .. right? Whats to gloss over about a salt flat in the mountains . plate tectonics and the passage of time on the earth seem to do a pretty good job of explaining it. There is no mystery around the CMBR .. it is the initial "flash" of light from the instant when the early universe cooled enough for photons to exist. It pretty much proves the big bang. And even more interesting . more detailed mapping of this radiation tend to support the theories of why galaxies and clusters of galaxies form .. you can read up on it your self if you like. Seriously . you throw out a bunch of words as questions, offer no explanations . just get all mysterious about me understanding and move on to the next question. I have explained, with perfectly reasonable and accepted explanations for everything you have asked , and all you can do is throw word salad at me , and when you try and show how smart you are (redshift in the infrared spectrum lol . that is meaningless) you screw it up. I would be happy with an answer to the first question I asked you. If my explanation explains why there is a dusk (light after the sun sets ) and you say its complete bollox .. but yet . on a flat world .. the sun "sets" when it is to far to see its light (lol yeah 3000 miles or so) but yet . there is still light . where is that coming from?

+Space ain't fake LOL !!

+Essene Gnostic Actually, I have .. was a merchant sailor for 6 years .. and if your talking about some of those lovely nights where the sun seems to swell into a lovely orange ball that colors everything .. on a flat earth . shouldnt it be fading to a pinpoint at that time instead. And as I asked someone else . if on the flat earth .. the sun going below the horizion means its to far to see its light . why is its still light after sunset ? where is that light coming from ?

+Space ain't fake LOL!! you have obviously never experienced a large sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

+Nunya Business First , radiation does not happen on a "molecular" level .. it happens on an atomic level, and is caused by unstable isotopes of an element collapsing to a different , lower energy element or isotope, and releasing energy in the process.

Yes, I much agree...He could have simply said "hi everyone, watch this video I made und see how ignorantly stupid I am", done, und he accomplishes the same thing...smiles

+Ran Niz

+Ran Niz Radio waves bounce off the ionosphere at an ANGLE... when the moon is above you... there is no angle or not much of one... And if you need to know the strength of the signal needed... just look it up moron... it's been done ever since HAM radios have been a thing. Thank you for writing down some of the stupidest arguments ever... Lol

+Ran Niz Fuck me you are dumb. You said the moon was a reflective sphere. You never get 100% back when electromagnetic waves bounce back. It takes a couple seconds for the waves to come back from the moon, the spin of the earth has nothing to do with it. Seriously... you are really, really dumb.

+Ray Whitson how many times do I have to catch you out. You think it's a sphere that has a very reflective surface. Throughout your post you keep just saying shit that only support me. So now you add the not 100% return. Every post you just add things that science says works. Use your models for radio wave, it doesn't work. Your in a globe spinning, you will never get signal back. And are these the same waves you say say bounce of the ionosphere, but conveniently pass through to moon when you need them to?? What transmitter has the power to travel 250k ml and hack. Use you brain and think a bit, past whats presented to you. You will realise that all you do is give up thinking deeper and just blindly accept scientists just because they said so.

+Leonie Or... you are either moving too fast or you're dead - a fox said

Ok,...smiles...but remember...Where ever you go? There you are. If you aren't there? You're some place else.

the only reason a flat earth matters is that it would burn quicker than a round earth. The heavens and earth are reserved for fire.

+Essene Gnostic And what are the measurements and data that confirms this "indisputable" fact?

+PDX Dragon It's flat ....... deal with it. " That's a rough estimate for short distances. Do you know that formula describes a parabola, not a circle? " Well actually I recreated it on a graphics system and it works out perfectly ........ sorry agent Smith.

+claudbase Typical glober, who said anything about a couple of thousand miles ? I'm saying there is no doubt it is not 93 million miles.

Easily debunked.....idiot! Go to a beach or flat horizon during sunset, watch it go below the horizon then proceed to stand on, say, 15 foot ladder, and BAM, the sun sets again for you. #roundearth

Seasons prove round. The suns movement proves round. Sunsets prove rounds this video is incest

so mister brilliance if the earth is a flat plate then tell me why EVERY other planetary body in our solar system (things that can be veiwed from your own backyard) are spheres and orbit the freaking sun or is the earth just that special that it doesnt have to follow and of the laws of physics wait dont answer that

0:30 - 1:10 Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes, yes!!

Why isn't flat science taught in schools? Is that fair that the government is biased towards curvy science? If the globe enthusiasts are so secure in their rounded fantasies then what do they sphere? I love my flat science.

FErs, always conveniently forgeting to use the solar filter. Get a clue, already.

Holy fuck. What special-Ed’s believe this moron?

Just a camera with a solar filter debunk your video. the Sun does not change in size even in a sunset. Therefore, it is not moving away, it is going behind the curvature of the earth

+If you laugh you sub! Nor it's angular velocity.

Correct. The suns angular size does not change at all.

Also if the earth were flat I would be able to use my VHF Ham radio to talk to Japan from California. But I can't because it's blocked by the curvature.

This flat earth idea is such a terrible waste of time. Let's learn more about the amazing gravity. It works everywhere, yet we can't really figure out why.

Hihihi, and no - Life is too short for that. Let us step onward instead of stopping every 5 minutes to convince those unconvincibles who never pay attention of allready thousend fold proven facts. Very nice pics... but weird funny interpretation, creative fiction, not anyhow substantial though.

Best vide so far abouth local is nail in coffin for globe earth ...its so simple...sheep or goat...see it or be blind ...may Lord God Father AlMighty bless you all so that you can see ❤

Another sheep that can't think for himself! Or get a globe a map & a bright light bulb & see that what he says is not only impossible its asinine! A true moron who just follows someone because you are rebellion against the government/science & main stream! The whole reason the sun bobs up/down in Alaska Is because we live on a sphere! If Earth were flat you would just see the Sun go around in a straight line. If Alaska were not centered on the Suns orbit, it would still go round in a straight line but get farther away & close again! Duh! But you ppl believe anything some idiot tells you!

excellent video!! thanks man!

what a crock of shit

What a dumb ass, you could at least come up with something original. Not just mimic every other mentally damaged Clown on YouTube. Nothing to see here folks, just another tragic waste of space

Hahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... haha... HAHAHAHAhahahaha.... oh man... stop it, please.

You can tell this channel owner is a newbie flat earther because the video he is presenting above is just a mirror of an old P-BRANE flattard video which has been debunked so many times it isn't even funny anymore. Sorry NaTuber TV, what you have posted is pure regurgitated flat earth nonsense. OR, it could be that this is a P-BRANE youtube channel and he is reposting his crap under another channel name.

Nah dawg, stop trying to corrupt dumb people's minds with your dumb videos. Its 2019 and round earthers won get over it.

It appears to be moving to the right because you're not directly under it. Again, you're deliberately lying

That's not perspective, you don't know what the f*** perspective is, flat tires never use perspective properly. You deliberately altered the focal length of the frame as of sun come up to make it flare, so don't give us this b******* you're a lying sack of s***

The Earth is flat just like your IQ dumbass

+Felipe Oyarzun no, I'm not. Just get a flash light & a globe

no....!!!!! you are WRONG....sorry, explanation of the video is correct

you are wright, very good observation!....any way we have to admit that the heliocentris cosmology is not working at all

A real idiot! Even if the Sun were real close (we would burn up!) it would be impossible for it not to illuminate the rest of Earth. Also it would be impossible for the "non illuminated areas" to be pitch dark like they are at night! Also, if the sun is a sphere, why is it so hard to believe that the Earth is not a sphere?

Nunya Business—you can continue to lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to the world. We are far more intelligent than you are clearly capable of being and you are a fool who lives a fool’s life. You are an embarrassment to the human species. You are the reason God Will no longer speak with us.

And yes. I understand that was a poorly used turn of phrase you chose to spew. Again you ppl are so butthurt. And the vitriol comes from you making their sciences your religion, and realizing how sad and pathetic it all is. I just hope you also see how deceptive it is. You know who I hope doesn't breed? Your pedophile, drug smuggling, genocidal, oligarchal, oppressive, land jobbing, manipulative, deceitful at every turn, politicians and families that run the whole matrix you have had the misfortune to ascribe to. Fact is. You're special. There is a God. And He actually Loves you. But you can continue to believe a world that tells you you ain't shit, and you evolved from shit. Besides their lack of evidence and many many many theories they need to make it sound even remotely plausible. Have a nice evening.

If your the genius deliberately spouting lies, then I am talking to you and you are no friend of God, for He is not a god that lies.

I hope you're not talking to me. Especially talking about Loving God. People really should watch how they speak to ppl. Never know who you may be speaking to. Even online.

But you're "good" because you accepted a belief without questioning it. Sure.

Yeah...nice CGI from CGI ISS

+If you laugh you sub! But it's on a curved path over a flat earth. On equinox, from the equator, we see the sun set due west. That means a straight line from the observer for the 6-12k miles to the terminator, directly under the sun. That doesn't; work for a flat Earth, obviously.

Because of rotation

+Essene Gnostic You say that you tend not to hypothesize , yet you refuse to accept hundred of years of accumulated scientific and navigation data simply because your eyes cannot see a curve? Do you understand that, on a globe as huge as the earth, the human vision is incapable of perceiving this curve? If you want to verify whether or not this curve really exist, use an instrument that we know is precise enough to measure it (like a theodolite) or simply install a theodolite application on your cell phone next time you take a commercial flight. At 32000 feet, the horizon visible outside the window will be about 3 degrees below what the theodolite application indicates as the horizontal plane. The correct reasoning is not to say: I can't see it therefore it doesn't exist. We know for a fact that, unless you are a few hundred kilometers above the earth, this curve is simply undetectable visually. Nobody can't see radio waves, so is this an indication that they do not exist? Of course not, we know that they do exist and how to detect and measure them, with the proper measurement instruments...

+Essene Gnostic You can see the sun rise and set bottom first every sunny day. I told you that, assuming the most popular FE model, this would be geometrically impossible. Do you then agree that this FE model is totally wrong?

+claudbase I tend not to hypothesize ....... The Earth is in fact observably flat, and there is absolutely zero physical evidence of an 8 inch per mile squared curvature. I tend to accept my own senses more than a freemason scientist.

junlinar padon The thing is that the Bible actually does not teach flat earth as most of these guys will want you to believe. Bible teaches spherical earth. The point of all of this is just another bone for people to chew on instead of thinking about their sins that separate them from God. Even christians get engulfed in this flat nonsense and fighting battles over it instead of fighting battles for gospel to be preached all over the world. So, so sad...

It's mentally retarded white trash nonsense lmao. Stupid people pretending to be intellectuals bahahahah

+Rare Portal ya, so he could have made this video with just 1 picture!

+Essene Gnostic " How can I possibly top your nonsensical comments !! :-D" You're dong fine. No principle outlined in this video works. Choose one and I'll explain. For starters, a close sun would have to obey conservation of angular momentum and so would speed up and slow down in relative angular terms to you. We see a CONSTANT motion. Also at 3-4000 miles high it wouldn't be able to illuminate clouds whilst you are in shadow at sunset or cast upwards shadows when you can see the sun lower than the clouds. Perspective can't do it, because the clouds are at a plane only a few miles high compared to your thousands. Skibas lens wont do it, because his fresnel lens refracts light UPWARDS when atmosphere refracts downwards. None of the sun models are illuminating HALF of your circle. Half of a circle isn't another circle, or an ellipse that magically stops shining at different distances as you see at 3:09 The list is endless. his video is a set of claims that cannot work.

+Nunya Business "Same way a ship does. Then it disappears. Then you get a bigger telescope. And it will come back. " Please: Show us a single video demonstrating a boat, clear half-obscured by a hard edged horizon being brought back into view by zooming alone. You obviously have many, or you wouldn't be making a claim for something you had never actually seen for yourself. - right? 10 seconds to find the link to destroy us and make yourself and the belief look noble, honest and knowledgable. I'm guaranteeing of you don' decide to ignore this, you will make excuses as to why you fail, or tell me to go find your evidence for you, etc. But you won't produce a suitable video: Watch

+Nunya Business "Dude. Address all POINTS. Not one golden goose laying egg you THINK you've found. " You don't get logic then? In formal science and other disciplines, we are FORCED to address single point of evidence because of their connotations. You can destroy an entire model using a SINGLE article of evidence. The Gish gallup, and act of trying to hide behind volumes of points is VERY well known to be a dumb and dishonest trick. " So why don't you focus on all the examples we gave that can?" Bring one up and personally argue it using evidence if you are confident of your understanding. If you need excuses as to why you won't... that will reveal that you cannot.

+Nunya Business "But but, there's no filter! They'll say. Lmao. Because filtering out light is good for any scientific experiment." Yeah, because CLARITY is bad, right? You're showing images of the sun with atmospheric glare, whilst trying to make a claim about the width of the edges of the sun. Then you're trying to defend the fact you can't see the edges you are making the claim about. Filters help remove glare. Now, have a think about why ZERO glare free, clear, measurable images of the sun are used by FEs.

+Essene Gnostic "It actually doesn't ........." Yep. It does. The variation in your video is a few pixels. Maybe

it doesnt tho?

+Mary Samsonite what an offensive term. Ad hominems because of your ridiculous faulty system with more contradictions than a child molesting Catholic "priest" .

+Mary Samsonite SALAR DE UYUNI

Nunya Business there’s literally nothing any flattard that can’t be debunked. Irony is you calling anyone programmed.

+Space ain't fake if you wish. You still haven't addressed salar de uyuni. It shouldn't exist on a globe or ellupsoid. And key points of relatively, quantum mechanics, and laws of thermodynamics all greatly contradict each other. But that's fine as you stated, stick with that until actual science is revealed.

+Nunya Business Ahh mysterious woo magic that only the special few know about .. lol . thats ok .. when this incredible fact comes to light I will read up on it .. for now .. all the explanations and observations in astronomy and cosmology pretty much hang together . I will stick with those thanks ..

+Space ain't fake didn't see this one. Glad you admit you don't know what I'm talking about. I know you don't as not many do because it is one of the best kept secrets in astronomy. They know their whole model crumbles unless someone finds an answer for it. Which they won't because we are at the end now. No trap. I already gave you a hint. It's the real reason they decided there must me these things called dark matter and dark energy. Don't gloss over that. I will give you one last bigger hint. Why do they say the universe is expanding? The two are connected. I will not reveal it directly via this forum. Why I speak in vagueness.

+Space ain't fake SALAR DE UYUNI BEING

+David Phillips a sign is not the sun. If you walk down a long straight road and a person's legs go below the road from your perspective did a warlord cut them off? Either way. Your point is moot because you ALWAYS SEE A LOT MORE OF A LIGHTHOUSE OR ANY OBJECT THAN YOU SHOULD BASED ON THE CURVATURE. Putting a filter on a lense and Iooking at an object that produces light is not measuring it.

+Nunya Business confusing theory or belief with facts. The fact is the earth was measured thousands of years ago. This corresponds to the distance the daylight travels over time. Go one hour west and the sun comes up and goes down an hour later. The sun can be measured at any time throughout the day at any time it is the same size. Try that with any object where the distance changes and the relative size changes. From sun up to noon is 6000 miles. At 9:00 3000 miles the sun would be twice the size as 6:00. At 12:00 it would be four times the size of 6:00. A road sign can be measured at one mile. It appears twice the size at a half mile and four times the size at a quarter mile. The sun is the same size. The top of a ship, lighthouse, etc at sea can be seen behind the waters edge. Where is the rest of the water? Where is the rest of the lighthouse?

Yeah lol only possible on a spherical earth

Reading these comments is like reading the transcript from the Short Bus Debate Team versus normal people. GO Nunya! (Aw, come on, who doesn't like an underdog. Besides it's hilarious seeing him use big person words as if he understood the meanings.)

+Nunya Business just for you, because I know that you dont know how to conduct any single research correctly... what we can see from a plane... where is the sun here? :) I know ... you'll refute this or change to another subject because you know you cant explain this. like you have not answer any of my question and point (what a surprise !!!)

+Nunya Business lol ok... you are confused becaudse you realize that you are 100% wrong in your thinking and statement. ok... this video... what do you see with rays of light through clouds? the position of the sun on 2 axis, missing the information for the 3rd dimension... so, we can see that the sun above the horizon is X, Y or Z, this depends the time of the day (what a surprise) but what about the 3rd dimension? mmm... to be able to get this 3rd dimension we have to see these rays from the top... like from planes... and wha are we seeing there? parallel rays ! holy c.... what? parallel rays? what's the point of convergence when 2 rays are parallels? far far away !!! so to resume: the sun appear above the horizon and far away in distance. is it what'S your expect?

+willgart why don't you first address the things in the actual video you chose to click and watch? You still haven't done that. And I addressed every question you asked me... Stumped you than you chose to ask me specifics about size and numbers like we're in a f'n science class. I am debating like 10 of you MFs at once right now you do realize? Alex Gleason's map is a good one to check out. Closer to reality than any globe you will find.

+Nunya Business you have addresseed nothing at all buddy. still waiting to know the altitude of the sun. still waiting for the size of the circular movement you talk about still waiting to know what we are supposed to see vs what we really see. for now you have answer nothing at all. so I supposed that you are disappointed by some simple facts. like... the apparent movement of the sun around you which is a movement working only with a spherical earth. I know, its hard to recognize this, but well... its the reality man.


+Nunya Business lol and you are still unable to tell me where is the sun !!! and you think you can tell me what simple geometry is??? lol come on, another chance guy. where is the sun???? and the circular movement ???? center where during the equinox (to make it simple for you, as your knowledge of geometry is very limited) I have a hint for you.... at the equinox the sun travel EXACTLY 12h between sunrise and sunset. which mean your are seeing half of its travel in the sky... and another guy 6h from you will see it 12h too etc... so... this also means that if you follows the path of the sun in the sky with your hand and continue this circular movement YOU will be the center of this circular movement NOT the north pole, oups... a circular movement mean : circle, so if you continue the rotation following the path of the sun... and where it goes? mmm... on the other side of the spherical world... you said is correctly, its an apparent circular movement. but wait... I'm at the center too... everybody on earth will be the center of this movement ... at the same time??? how its possible ? what if... we are living on a spherical earth and its the earth which spin? let do validate this theory a second... hey... it works !!!! with a sun far away and a spinning earth, its working perfectly !!! what a chance !

+willgart Smh you still don't understand simple geometry, geodetics, and physics. You are picturing the land masses staying straight, and but curving also in an east to west orientation. It's why you have so many diff maps, and globes, that have incorrect sizes and shapes.

+Nunya Business yes I saw the sunset at the equinox, who never saw it? same things every day. the equinox is just a special case. if your question, did I get some picture of it using a camera, no. now I'm waiting to know the exact position of the sun, and if you'll persist with your circular stuff based on the north pole :-) I'll give you a simple experiment to do by yourself about this circular movement.

+Nunya Business ok... rollback guy. forgot the seasons. (and by the way, did you notice the sun is more in the south the rest of the year? ;) I'm talking about a single day sun movement. take the equinox day as a reference. where is the center of your circular movement of the sun? where the sunset and sunrise occurs? what'S the altitude of the sun? what's the distance travel by the sun? remember that at the equinox, everybody on earth see the sun rising east to west, and the sun takes 12h to travel in the sky.... so your circular movement as to works with everybody on earth.... finally... at the equator, the sun gos in a straight line , no curved movement at all... good luck! :-)

+claudbase also, I will ask you as I asked wilgart. Have you ever seen a sunset at the equinox? If not we can all wait until this fall and do it together. Set up equipment to see the sun's path. Can even give you live play by play as to how it works and explain to you what your are seeing. Also. SALAR DE UYUNI SHOULD NOT EXIST ON THEIR GLOBE/ ELLIPSOID MODEL.

+willgart and you never answered my question about ever actually watching a sunset at the equinox?

+claudbase A lot of you don't understand what North is on a circle I realize. You assume it goes "N" as it circles. It does not. Again E to W is counter clockwise and works globe or "flat" circle. By the time the sun is out of your sight the sun's light is going down. It's like walking in a circle. A lot of times if you did it without landmarks you would not even realize you did it. Why ppl get lost in the woods. Kind of like what happens to blindfolded ppl that end up walking in a circle or spirals but think they were going straight the whole time. If you followed the sun as it set you wouldn't realize you're going in a "circle" but you are. And that is what E to W is again whether globe or flat plane, it ends up being a curved circle.

+willgart what are you talking about the sun doesn't move north? That is literally what precession is. Sun above head solar noon at summer solstice at the tropic of cancer which is 23.4 degrees NORTH of the equator. Seriously, what are you talkin about friend?

+Nunya Business  Elevation angles and sun height assuming a flat Earth using data from timeandate. Pontianak Indonesia zero miles from equator. 90º sun angle. Minneapolis USA 44.9º * 69.16 =3105.28 miles from equator Solar noon at sep equinox sun is at: 45.1º Gives 3094.45 mile sun height Oulu Finland 65.01º * 69.16 = 4496.09 miles from equator Solar noon at sep equinox sun is at: 25.2º Gives 2115.69 mile sun height Hammerfest Norway 70.65º * 69.16 = 4886.15 miles from equator Solar noon at sep equinox sun is at: 19.3º Gives 1711.1 mile sun height Eureka Canada 79.98º * 69.16 = 5531.42 miles from equator Solar noon at sep equinox sun is at: 10.1º Gives 985.29 mile sun height

+Nunya Business Perspective has nothing to do with the cardinal direction. Once again, no matter how you try to redefine what is due east and due west, we all know that they are by definition in opposite direction. A the equinox, the sun rises and sets in exactly opposite direction anywhere on earth (due east and west respectively). This cannot append on a flat earth with a close sun rotating around the north pole.

+Nunya Business well... sorry, but no, the sun is NOT moving northward. I think I know your problem, you never travel to the south. so this summer, go in australia or south africa or south america. this will help you seeing by yourself what the rest of the world is seeing. you'll see by yourself that the sun is not moving north at all. did you ever see that the sun is not so at the north vs what you think it should be compared to your circular idea? do some thinking about this... where the sun is soppused to be va where the sun is in the reality... and try to match both things, without searching for complicated explanation, just common sense :)

+willgart and I was actually studying the rising and setting of the sun this past vernal equinox, I'm in US. It did what I expected it to. Again West is never a straight line because even a globe is curved. And the sun is constantly moving northward until the summer solstice even on the day of the equinox, but that's kind of a different story. Have you ever watched a sunset on an equinox?

+willgart if you are serious about this, this could be interesting. I will get back to you on that...

+Nunya Business except at the equator where W is a straight line... (true north used) and its why at the quinox the sun follows this straight line. the only time of the year when the earth is perfectly aligned with the sun. mm.... far away from a circular movement... so still waiting to know where is the center of the circle and the size... sorry, I dont put the right question, you mention that the center of the circle is the north (certainly the true one, not magnetic one) and the size of the circle and the altitude of the sun? because I want to call a friend wich is in australia and ask him if he can confirm the position of the sun vs what I'm seeing. so I want to know where we are suppose to look at for this. as your West is not our west, it will be hard ...

+willgart the center of the circle. Any circle is N. You are right. W is 90 from N. Last time I checked 90 degrees is not a straight line.

+Nunya Business ok, you switch from movement of the sun to the seasons, and still dont know where the west is. ok, 1 at a time. the sun movement, please explain to me excatly the movement of the sun today. its a circular movement, so, where is the center of this circle? what's the diameter of the circle? and what is the position of the sun vs this diameter? (altitude) then... we'll compare with the reality :) forget the seasons and direction for now. 1 small step...

+willgart smh. Again. Where you are wrong. You don't understand what E N S and W mean. Concentric throughout seasons as I gathered that's what you were asking since you kept referencing the equinox. I think you are confusing yourself. That or you have no idea the concept of geometry in a circle or flat plane. Why don't you do some studying of azimuthal maps or the one I already told you to look at.

+Nunya Business West on a circle ???? no a circle dont have a west concept. its a geographic concept not a geometry one. west indicates the direction at 90degrees from the north / south axis. the north / south axis is based on ever the magnetic axis or the true axis.

+Nunya Business what'S the relation between concentric circleS with circular movement? are you suggesting that the sun follows different circular movements at the same time ???? :-) or jumping from 1 circular movement to another one ? (from an outer circle to inner circle or opposite) did you need some help to know what a circular movement is??? by the way... what'S the size of your circle?

+claudbase nope not NW. You don't understand what due W is on a circle. Would look straight from your perspective.

+claudbase exactly. Due to the sun being directly overhead. Sun moves in concentric circles. Don't care about other's models. Most of them are also wrong. Look up Michael Gleason's. His is best that's released.

+willgart did you need some help as to understanding what concentric circles are?

blah blah blah But muh holy boook

+Ivan Perak The distance to the Moon is approximately 240k miles away... I have personally done the experiments that prove that distance... this distance is impossible on a FE... period. Thank you for playing!

+Ivan Perak Use MY brain when you pretend "We are under dome and waters are above and below dome" and how do you know that... oh right... you read it in a book... AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

+Ray Whitson asteroids from where?We are under dome and waters are above and below dome

+Ran Niz You're Welcome

Sacred texts is such a fucking retarded dumbass website. $100 dollars for a wooden flash drive filled with horse shit.

Agree...closed and reopened for goats( sleepers in satan hands)...i know what is going on and why they can not see flat earth... 2 Thessalonians 2:11  11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie That is allready in act

Moon has her own ligh

I love a good science comedy. Please produce more. Here is my favorite so far:

or maybe your an idiot

Unknown if the earth is a ball, hollow, flat or a square, settling on a turtle, a tree, or something else. I know the Nasa ball didnt exist the way they shown us, knowing the NASA lies. Earth must not be flat — imagine she is much more bigger than you suspect, than there seems to be no curvature. Why are they hiding the Northpole! The whole Universum seems also to be a lie. Why? Only to gather all the money with amounts we not even can imagine? We are living in a Matrix, nothing is real. This Life is a scavenger Hunt, finding the lies to protect all Biological Life and mother Earth our HOME. Like children we know nothing about real Science, real Life, even our Home is a mystery. Restarting our brain and our Heart is the only way to discover the TRUTH. Thank you for sharing

You guys really are stupid.

Yup definitive PROOF. Also, there are only FOUR elements. The Easter Bunny is DEFINITELY coming in TWO days. And I had a bigfoot and Nessie over for dinner last night.

For your claims to be true, the Sun and Moon would have to change width drastically during the day, if they are close and small and moving across different parts of the sky. Metabunk made a .gif animation, simulating what it would look like. Since this is not what we observe, a good scientist abandons the Flat Earth theory _immediately_ .

I made it 14 minutes into the video and then had to stop. My brain started to trickle out of my left ear and I had to stop before I lost any more IQ points that I already had.

We live in a time that mothers dress their boys in drag , men think they are women and women think they are men and IDIOTS THINK THE EARTH IS FLAT ! Humanity is is a fast state of mental regression.

Some much effort put into this, why ??? Why do folks believe this stuff ??? whilst our masters fleece us, and sell our birthright in the name of the multiculturalist god

Fine, but the rich don't spend their day tormenting the 99%. If you have skills which are useful to one of them, they pay you, but otherwise they are not and should not be concerned with you.


Have you ever heard of a solar filter? No! then go buy one before you say the sun shrinks. The angular size of the sun stays the same for the whole day so completely debunking you your near sun nonsense. Also we all know that at any one time half the earth is in day light and half is night. How can that work on you model? Does the sun light just stop in mid air half way across the flat earth, and if that is the case why would'nt the people on the night side still see the light hanging in the air??????

You're serious aren't you?

what a muppet

Talking to flat earther, so all the 1960s and 1970s films of rockets going in to orbit and space are fake, flat earther, yes

We've had space rockets since 1948, and they took pictures of the Earth's curvature. 70 YEARS of photos and videos and livestreams from space saying it's round, by every country, versus Cletus Sisterbanger-Smith who is a devotee of the Reverend Billy Joe-Bob's Full Gospel Temple and Snake-Handling Arena located off the I-95 north of Armpit, Nebraska (go past the Chick-Fil-A and follow the signs) saying it's Flat, but he has no pix at all. Place your bets!

Prespective here matters and in mathematics. He has not provided any math to prove his examples. Yet the sun is round as is the moon as are other visible What we are a mathematical anomaly? And you've provided no proof with your eagle example, meaningless.

Bam! Perspective! Even eagles seek higher ground when seeking prey. Your point? Does the rodent the

They will tell you a story of false equivalence about a pool table etc.  Learned by rote from the chief FE "thinkers". And you have to pretend we don't see weather systems, day night phases, moons etc like we have on earth on the other planets.

In Surat Al-Hijr: (And the earth extended it) He said: "When the Almighty said: (And the earth extended it), we spread it .. Shed any land ?? No .. Did not specify a specific land .. But said the land to launch .. That means that if you get to any place called land you see in front of you If you are in the South Pole or the Arctic, or in America, Europe, Africa or Asia, or in any part of the Earth, you can see it in front of you flat. This can only happen if it is The earth is spherical. If the earth is square, triangular, hexagonal, or any other geometric shape, you reach the edge. You do not see the ground in front of you, but you see the edge of the earth and then the space. But the only geometrical shape in which the earth can be stretched in every spot is the earth being spherical. Even if you start from any point on the surface of the globe and then you walk until you get back to the starting point, You will see it in front of you always flat .. And as long as that you do not walk in any spot on the ground, but you see it in front of you flat and so was the verse: (and the Earth extended) Some people understood it is flat and not spherical - End -

+Dracopol I never measured the sun's thickness in elementary particle school

Because the Flat Earth theory will immediately clash with the first elementary school science measurement project of measuring the Sun's thickness?

Because it is science fiction? Entertainment?

Metabunk made a .gif animation of how the Sun would change size, if Flat Earth were true. We don't see a change in the width of the Sun during the day. We don't see much change with the Moon either, there is a small change based on its known elliptical orbit and distances.

It's about them, not knowledge.

+Saul Goode "you ever notice how COMPLETELY UNRAVELED people become when the 'programming of the globe' (for however long they have been alive), comes into question?" You mean, not like the calm and collected way you guys respond to simple evidence you cannot refute? "It's CLEARLY not 25,000 miles in circumference, proven time and time again." Sure. You stating something means it's true! Just don't ever produce an evidence supported explanations for any of the claims, like Nunya. You don't think we know the equators length? That's hilarious. Show us one simple way its been "proven". "We all wake at our own pace. GOD bless you and yours. They will figure it out, eventually" You are too late to the party by over 2,300 years. We have been using the evidence and resulting calculative systems in navigation and now industry and aerospace. Your belief is simply a matter of you trying to ignore that evidence and using a group consensus to prop it up. BTW: The FASTEST way to fail, is to try to link FE to emotional appeals like the cowardly dross in your video. We can use simple observations to personally falsify flat Earth. Trying to distract by using snide accusations against people "them" who don't share the belief is a NEON giveaway showing you don't like to use the actual evidence... In fact those videos discredit FE faster than ANY other ones. Yep: EVEN Phuket Words stupidity. I just listed these for someone else: The sun's position moves at a constant angular rate from all vantages on earth. The sun's plane of rotation intersects the horizon depending upon latitude. It's observed going behind the true horizon and appearing from it at a time that matches the model's predictions. Shadows move upwards around you at sunset. You can't see the sun at night. The true horizon has an easily measured height proportional angular dip. Your excuses aren't good enough. You need to have supported explanations. Good luck.

The truth about you flatards is you know what you are preaching is total BS, but you revel in your own ignorance so vehemently you’re determined to prove yourself right even though you know you are wrong. You know well in fact that these conclusions you have discerned are nonsense based on 0 fact and logic and it directly insults everything civilized humanity has thrived to accomplish as a species. You, sir, are a troll and a coward spreading lies because you’re too ashamed to admit your own insecurities about your lack of understanding of applied science. You seek to undermine education and corrupt youthful minds with your own ignorance. You are a cancer with an agenda. You are a blight.

+Corion2121 You say NOTHING except throw insults and derogatory comments! And that's intelligence is it!

Mick Taylor... IT IS FLAT, MAN.

Nunya ever notice how COMPLETELY UNRAVELED people become when the 'programming of the globe' (for however long they have been alive), comes into question?  It's CLEARLY not 25,000 miles in circumference, proven time and time again.  We all wake at our own pace.  GOD bless you and yours.  They will figure it out, eventually.

+Corion2121 *yawn. Wake me up when you want to have an adult conversation instead of engaging in sophmoric ad hominems. "Flatard". Boy with insults like that it's no wonder you think we're orbiting the sun. *Facepalm.

You’re a flatard, therefore your judgment and logic is questionable.

+Nunya Business and you are one to talk when you are telling little children about this Flat Earth bulshit. Now that's f****** irony. You have a good f****** day

+Corion2121 Exactly, and if you know My God, I suggest you study His Word where He repeatedly Calls the erets FIXED AND IMMOVABLE. Unless you are one of those who in vain says that must mean in it's "orbit"?

Nunya All anyone needs to see is you fail to actually support your belief using real falsifiable evidence. Your observations aren't explanations. And whilst you scream about baby eating pedophiles AND tell people how angry they are (ROFL)... Because you think your belief is somehow relevant, you simply showcase your inability.

But FEs are "good" because they accepted a belief without questioning it.

Scientists from every nation are in agreement with it no matter what their religion is. Those measurements are the fact, not a Jesuit plot. Look at your ID card. The government doesn't put your religion on it, do they? No. And why not? Because in a Western democracy, the religion you're assigned at birth is absolutely UNIMPORTANT.

We see the light from the Andromeda Galaxy with the naked eye and that's 2.5 million light-years away. The Sun is a magnitude -27 star on the magnitude scale and that's super bright, blindingly so. If stars hundreds of light-years away haven't dimmed to nothing, why would the Sun? You have NO sense of measurements or reasoning. You toss out ad hoc excuses without examining their consequences. Don't science without a license.

+Ran Niz "continue the logic and that means at night time the whole sky should be white light from all the billions of stars. No black at all, well no where near the amount we see, if light does travel for ever." Light doesn't "fill" space. It needs a source or reflection. The distance of MOST stars is way further than the time it would take to reach us. "In your model the universe has to be infinite. You can't have it both ways. " Nope. Wrong again. Infinite things don't expand, because they are infinite.

+C00ltronix Oh, yes, how silly of me. I's so obvious. ;-D

+Gra Ra5 Wrong. On flat earth the sun is just a bulb. What you think a sun eclipse is? That's when they change the bulb, dummy.

+claudbase I don't really study any of the flat Earth models ......... I simply can observe on my own that there is absolutely no curvature, nor are there any actual photographs of the so called oblate spheroid.

+Dave Hart And, there in lies the problem, Dave, you clearly have have no trust in the educational system or the sciences. You need to experience everything first hand. How do we know that no human thought there may be a higher intelligence, other than themselves, somewhere in time. It sounds as if you need proof of everything before you believe, good luck.

Dave Hart "Nobody would ever think the world is round if never told by schools and authorities" The Greeks and undocumented others figured it out without ANY precision tools. You cannot navigate long distance without accounting for curvature. There are many simple observations you can make that all point to the geometrical truth. The sun's position moves at a constant angular rate from all vantages on earth. The sun's plane of rotation intersects the horizon depending upon latitude. It's observed going behind the true horizon and appearing from it at a time that matches the model's predictions. Shadows move upwards around you at sunset. You can't see the sun at night. The true horizon has an easily measured height proportional angular dip. ... ... An endless list. All measurable and supported by observation. All falsify the claims of flat Earth. Effortlessly. The usual set of whining protestations are never presented with real any evidence-supported arguments. Just claims and appeals that we "go research" or watch asinine videos with more circular claims to get lost in.

Dave Hart The fact you are this clueless about the method of examination we call science is shocking in an adult who can type. You understand we USE science, yes? And innovation or creation of new ideas and explanations is the mission goal, right? As it's a method for testing ideas, people are taught to test all propositions and use evidence for their conclusions. That means, someone using science MUST. understand WHY it is working to explain something. You simply cannot innovate using faith, trust nor belief in existing ideas. Science's use of evidence means even when we are told things, we can test them so they we have first hand personal VALIDATION of ideas as opposed to the use of trust. That's why we use science in industry. It works. You may describe your own understanding and the people around you, but you literally got it backwards with regards to people who actually use scientific understanding in their professions.

Nobody would ever think the world is round if never told by schools and authorities .. But then again, the word *GOD* also would not be in anyones mind had it not been put there by religious leaders ... *THE POINT IS* ... Everything is we know is just what is *Told* to us .. and not from direct first hand experience ... Most people would not like to admit it .. But 99% of our knowledge comes from somebody who *Said* something and not from what we have actually seen or experienced ... I don't think the world is flat, but it isn't what we were told .. *I truly believe there is a lie somewhere in the whole story* ... And until I get a space tour, I'll stand on that .. lol ..

+Essene Gnostic you just did!!!

+Essene Gnostic Sure. That's why when you are challenged to refute any item of simple evidence, you sit there gibbering promises instead of demonstrating your intellect. Totally convincing! You must be a total genius. Haha.

+Gra Ra5 "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Methinks" .... :-D I could "skate circles around you" intellectually mate.

+Essene Gnostic Here's the image again of something "Observably flat", constituting the same level of proof as your claim. Don't forget other people can click it, and they get to see your ignorance of arguments:

+Essene Gnostic "Flat Earth isn't a "belief", it is an observable fact," Don't like to read in case you learn something? I just told you an observation isn't an explanation. This is base logic, You need to try at least. "globe Earth on the other hand is a "belief" since there is no actual physical evidence of it." Your ignorance of evidence isn't important - it only tells us about your ignorance. Your inability to competently test evidence is a sad thing. Shadows cant raise UP objects during a sunset on a flat earth... EVERYTHING you see refutes FE. It's EFFORTLESS to refute it because its so stup!d. Your inability to address the simple geometrical and logical refutations in my post tell everyone about your belief. Saying stuff doesn't make it true, you're not a 14 year old child or cultist are you?  Haha. Really, you guys...

+Gra Ra5 Flat Earth isn't a "belief", it is an observable fact, globe Earth on the other hand is a "belief" since there is no actual physical evidence of it.

+Essene Gnostic "It's observably flat ...... what else do you require ? :-D" So is this: imgur.***com/gallery/a5Iziy1 Ah - so "I'm right so why do I need to have or demonstrate understanding"? That's so cute. That's why you guys aren't a part of our tech, science and advancement of human knowledge. You don't understand the normal responsibilities of thinkers to support their claims: Therefore the Earth is flat. Observations aren't explanation, Ess. My points are refutations of your belief. You can't refute them. Thats' FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT. I'm showing everyone who may read this that you have a belief you can't actually show real evidence for and you don't understand how. You simply make claims like your posts so far, and then evade when people challenge you - jus as we challenge ourselves in science. Your evidence is consistent with the sphere. Oops. It's not hard to understand - that's wha makes it so funny.

+Gra Ra5 It's observably flat ...... what else do you require ? :-D

+Essene Gnostic See, Ess. what people see repeatedly is you FE's inability to respond to simple evidence and arguments. All REAL knowledge and understanding of nature is a question of evidence, explanation and refutation. NOTIHNG else. Yet you insist you have a better idea of reality. That means FE is about you and nothing to do with understanding, or else you would be able to explain yourself. All you guys do is tell people to go look at other stuff when you're challenged. And that's Kinda sad. Who the hell believes anyone who can't explain simple stuff about their claimed field of understanding? Even YOU would laugh if it were about anything other than this FE excuse for selfish indulgence.

+Gra Ra5 LOL !!!!!!!!!

You have to avoid or ignore any experiment that might show proof of the globe. Look at Jeran, FEH, Knodel etc.

Nunya Business Holy fuck, do you twist words to fit your agenda. Just like all the flattards out there. You have a serious comprehension problem. You're giving the other morons who subscribe to this easily disproven flat idea even more to be laughed at about. Jesus Christ, it's scary my kids have to share the planet with you. I fear for their future.

Nunya Business "Wow. What you mean like water ALWAYS BEING FLAT AND STAYING LEVEL? What is your major malfunction soldier! Did you read that nonsense before you typed it?" Nope water isn't always flat and level, dumbas$. How flat are clouds? The tidal shape of the oceans? Waves? Water reacts to force. Durp. Do you ever actually look at things for yourself? "Boy what a brilliant piece of science and geography "due to closer average proximity to the land mass containing them" . LMAO. Yea you got me. I'm done. Anything for you all to escape reality. Wow. I mean wow" So, appeal to incredulity fallacy is the best you can ever do.? That's how you prop your crappy layman"s belief up? You think expressing ignorance makes it somehow important to other people? Poor little you. Try looking up geoidal separation, it's a scientific principle in geodesy. Geodetic surveyors measure the planet do we can use the data in industry and navigation etc Unlike you. The planet is natural and curvature varies. Shallow basin water has more of its mass closer to the attractive mass it's contained in than in deep water. This affects distribution shape. No need to cower behind your fear of learning all your life. It makes you look insane. Couldnt use any evidence to debunk the curvature image.? Couldn't find a video from Eric Dumbay or Skibatshit that would help you pretend you had an answer? Noted. So. Third respond to me and zero actual measurements. Like all your posts here. Just claim after claim... And a totally weak atrempt at a "gotcha", where you make a claim and then pretend other people need to disprove it. Lol.

+Nunya Business The Salar de Uyuni story was specifically debunked here:

+Nunya Business You're talking nonsense. Every place curves if it is locally level, but local "down" varies slightly as you move somewhere else, all pointing to the center of the Earth and therefore going round. You are IGNORING everything else I said, and think that blurting a place-name in Spanish is some magic amulet that will somehow make you right about the _fundamental shape of the planet_ ? Are you nutso? What about 70 years of photos showing its round versus NO photos from you proving it's Flat? Not only do you have no evidence, ANY Flat Earther story was amply debunked in the past:

+Gra Ra5 "salt flats can be flatter than the geoid as can shallow shallow basin water due to closer average proximity to the land mass containing them" . Wow. What you mean like water ALWAYS BEING FLAT AND STAYING LEVEL? What is your major malfunction soldier! Did you read that nonsense before you typed it? Boy what a brilliant piece of science and geography "due to closer average proximity to the land mass containing them" . LMAO. Yea you got me. I'm done. Anything for you all to escape reality. Wow. I mean wow.

Nunya Business "What picture did you post friend?" This is the internet. Try clicking in it. "Show me one picture of " What part of me telling you to support your claim didn't you understand? "what are you talking about dude? The stated circumference at the equator is 24901 mi, polar 24860 mi. Salar de uyuni is 4086 sq mi AND FLAT. Don't even draw me, draw yourself a model to scale of how that works. And when your done embarrassing yourself trying to do that, you can come back and apologize" Show me your measurements and your source. Don't you read well or something?

+Gra Ra5 what are you talking about dude? The stated circumference at the equator is 24901 mi, polar 24860 mi. Salar de uyuni is 4086 sq mi AND FLAT. Don't even draw me, draw yourself a model to scale of how that works. And when your done embarrassing yourself trying to do that, you can come back and apologize.

+Gra Ra5 Cletus. Lmao. What picture did you post friend? Show me one picture of Salar De Uyuni curving and not flat. Math of it. Anything. Anywhere. I will gladly look up any nonsensical theory you try to explain your non working model with which with I am not already familiar.

Nunya Business "No you don't change the subject." You are the one deflecting from the angular size of the sun. That's so obvious, your intellectual competence must be brought into question. "You just told a lie you naughty little boy." The fact you're calling people liars without establishing your points is making you look like a dishonest coward. "SALAR DE UYUNI DOES NOT CURVE. AT ALL." Here are your problems. You don't have ANY measurements. The people who do have measurements, show us curvature. Salt flats can be flatter than the geoid, as can shallow basin water due to closer average proximity to the land mass containing them. "So again explain that to me. Show me ANY remotely solid evidence of it curving. Or go way from me den boy" You now seem mentally ill. YOU are making a claim about something and demanding other people prove you wrong. So yes - "intellectual coward" seems to be accurate. If I was trying to claim knowledge and stated: "The moon is made of cheese, prove me wrong" anyone with a functioning brain would dismiss me as an critically incompetent as$hole. Can you really not understand why? Why don't you continue by dropping the cowardly liar accusations and actually presenting your first item of supporting evidence like an adult, little whiny guy?

Nunya Read about Poe's law. And your appeal is pretty stup!d as you are obviously indeed trying to discredit the use of filters. "The horizon never curves downward" Once more: barrel distortion will raise the outer ends of any line UNDER the focal center of a lens and it will lower the ends of lines running above it. It's simple. If you get a flat line below the center, then it was convex to begin with. Do you need me to go and find the shots for you? And don't call people liars when you have no supported refutation, Cletus. It makes you look ridiculous. Yep, you can say the name of a salt flat whilst having no falsifiable evidence to reject the image of curvature of a salt flat I posted. You're a hero.

+Dracopol No you don't change the subject. You just told a lie you naughty little boy. SALAR DE UYUNI DOES NOT CURVE. AT ALL. So again explain that to me. Show me ANY remotely solid evidence of it curving. Or go way from me den boy.

+Nunya Business How does a salt flat disprove the round Earth? Each part of the salt flat is flat compared to local down, but collectively it curves like the Earth. Don't change the subject. Why is the Sun the same thickness all day, contrary to Flat Earth theory? Why does it rise in the East for everyone in the world at the dates of the Spring and fall equinoxes, regardless of their latitude? Why does a swinging heavy pendulum change the angle of its swing at a rate of 15° x sin L where L is your latitude? None of this should happen on a flat Earth.

+Dracopol sigh. None of that is true. And you are right about kooks. That being said the subject of conversation at hand is THE EARTH. So why do you keep talking about the sun? You do realize that is astronomy and not geodetics, geometrics, or geography right? Lmao. Boy you all show more and more the failure of their lying "education" systems. Could it possibly be you're trying to avoid SALAR DE UYUNI? Again, being that the subject actually is THE EARTH and you want to be a smart ass I won't even address any of that nonsense or wrong numbers you stated about ASTRONOMY. Again ON EARTH. Explain SALAR DE UYUNI.

+Mary Samsonite LMAO. So let me get this straight. Your evidence of it existing on a globe. Is it existing in a globe. Boy that is heliocentric ellipsoid logic for you. And in classical " globe earther" fashion ends with a supercilious ad hominem "please don't have kids". Lol. Sigh. Boy this is almost getting boring. ALMOST. You see sweetie, the problem is salt flats that large shouldn't be on your precious globe based on the simple math. So again, SALAR DE UYUNI, any takers?

+Nunya Business The mark of a kook is to dissemble into other issues when we were supposed to be discussing the Sun in the sky. If Flat Earth were true, the Sun would be 7 times as wide when observed directly overhead (3,000 miles?) as when it is at its furthest: from the South, sorry, I mean the invisible Antarctic Ice the Sun on the Tropic of Capricorn (Southern summer) at midnight on the opposite side of the disk is over 20,000 miles away. But we just don't see that, do we? So we must abandon Flat Earth ideas _immediately_ . Only round Earth and Heliocentrism gives consistent angles, widths and distances to all astronomical bodies at all times.

Nunya Business there’s no ad hominem. You’ll learn what that means in high school. I stated a simple fact—that every piece of flat earth “evidence” has been debunked, and all evidence supporting the globe can and has been repeatedly demonstrated and measured. There’s no reason why a salt flat cannot exist on the globe. As evident by it existing on a globe. Please have no kids.

+Gra Ra5 Missed this one. The filter and magic was clearly facetiousness as you'll see when you read my other posts in regards to that. And that's a lie. The horizon never curves downward. And there is no curvature. Boy speaking of elephants in the room. SALAR DE UYUNI.

+Nunya Business "they are talking about with one of their magic filters," Look, appealing that a simple band-limiting filter is magic doesn't;t cast you in a very intelligent light. Children understand what a filter is. " Rare. Kind of like the magic fish eye that creates curvature on an always flat horizon." Nope, Its pretty much never flat in high altitude images. And if the flatness is "below" the focal center of the Lens, that means the edge were bent upwards from an original shape. Otherwise your VAST elephant in the room is that the model itself predicts that you won't perceive a 0.02º dip at the edges of a 60º view angle. You will need something that ISN'T predicted and calculated by the model - or else you are simple confirming it in front of everyone.

+Nunya Business "I don't ignore anything friend, unlike the heliocentric model does." The one that successfully predicts ALL moon and aspect of the solar system using one cohesive model, whilst you don't have one? Hmmm. he same cohesive model that use in industry, design, construction, aerospace.......... "I will do you even one better. Will post for ya some videos of you seeing things you shouldn't below the curvature. Although I do see why others get frustrated and say "do your own research!". You lot are ANNOYING lol." No you won't. Well in that case. Maybe you will be the first one here to address a SINGLE POINT I've been bringing up since what feels like antiquity. SALAR DE UYUNI. Or you gonna change the subject now like all the rest of em? You can check the thread and see if I'm lying. Literally have been addressing everything that I can at the moment, and haven't gotten one single honest or logical response to that ONE SINGLE POINT since. Also many other points I've brought up but we can start with that ONE." Most likely, you don't understand how to frame your argument using actual falsifiable evidence. It's a salt flat. Like this one: c1.staticflickr.***com/8/7199/6780533836_71e0f564cf_b.jpg "My point is. You are assuming reducing glare gives you a better understanding of the nature of the sun." No. I KNOW that filtering glare allows us to see and measure the edges of the sun. "You do not know that for you do not know the nature of the sun." The argument is about geometrical LAW. We can make logical proposals about geometry according to the evidence we use for ALL other aspects of nature. Your fallacy is called appeal to ignorance. Unless you have evidence for wha the sun is, or why it should violate physics, or the fact that ALL other descriptive science form multiple fields corroborate our understanding - you have not produced a sound logical appeal. "Name anything else you put a filter on before measuring?" Light, sound, radar, audio samples/PCM, MRI, CAT, PET, Electron microscope samples, seismic impulses, your eyeball's view of light... Pretty much everything you perceive is band-limited in some way and limited so as to be meaningful. "I mean the sun is a light source?" Yep. It makes shadows. I has quantifiable luminescence. Do you understand what you are saying? Do you understand what an appeal to ignorance fallacy is? "You don't know how that may affect the filter." Look, don't speak for people who's technology and methods you cannot explain for yourself. Yep, we do. We also have decades worth of ever more accurate spectral analysis of all significant points of light in the visible sky. A few tens of thousands of professionals and amateur astronomers, meany with decades of experience have studied this and developed predictive theory that we can use. Do you have any understanding we can use for anything? That's one of the main definitions of real science. "Have you tried looking at other moving points of light with a filter for comparison?" Yes. Have you? "Or are you simply assuming what you should see when looking at the sun with a filter?" Edges. That's all. The things that you cannot detect without a filer, that we use to measure an angular diameter.

+Rare Portal they are talking about with one of their magic filters, Rare. Kind of like the magic fish eye that creates curvature on an always flat horizon.

+Gra Ra5 My point is. You are assuming reducing glare gives you a better understanding of the nature of the sun. You do not know that for you do not know the nature of the sun. Name anything else you put a filter on before measuring? I mean the sun is a light source? You don't know how that may affect the filter. Have you tried looking at other moving points of light with a filter for comparison? Or are you simply assuming what you should see when looking at the sun with a filter?

+Gra Ra5 Well in that case. Maybe you will be the first one here to address a SINGLE POINT I've been bringing up since what feels like antiquity. SALAR DE UYUNI. Or you gonna change the subject now like all the rest of em? You can check the thread and see if I'm lying. Literally have been addressing everything that I can at the moment, and haven't gotten one single honest or logical response to that ONE SINGLE POINT since. Also many other points I've brought up but we can start with that ONE.

+Gra Ra5 I don't ignore anything friend, unlike the heliocentric model does. I will do you even one better. Will post for ya some videos of you seeing things you shouldn't below the curvature. Although I do see why others get frustrated and say "do your own research!". You lot are ANNOYING lol.

+Essene Gnostic "You do understand that the sun is in fact magnified over distances as a result of particles in the air ....... don't you ? ........ good lord !!" A claim? But unsupported? So, why not show us how particles can magnify things as in - like a single lens. And please show us how this lens happens to be in between each of us and the sun at all times - because you know lenses have a single focal point, right? Use the science or a practical demonstration. Don't just post someone else links without understanding how to explain. Im asking you for a short, concise personal explanation. Don't worry. If you cannot because you don; know how you can just make some excuse.

+Essene Gnostic "You do understand that the sun is in fact magnified over distances as a result of particles in the air ....... don't you ? ........ good lord !!" So, why not show us how particles can magnify things as in - like a single lens. And please show us how this lens happens to be in between each of us and the sun at all times - because you know lenses have a single focal point, right? Use the science or a practical demonstration.

Aw come on. The short bus is leaving Nunya. You can claim your victory on the bus; while everyone else laughs at you, feels sorry for you, or both. You need something more suitable to your intellect, like trying to get the square shapes in the square holes, the round shapes in the round holes, etc.

+Colin Parkinson LMAO. You sound like a girl with a flat ass saying it's not flat it's perpendicular to gravity. There is no such thing as gravity. That is easily proven when one actually understands physics. You can't pretend something that has no curvature isn't flat it's just perpendicular to gravity. What you said makes no sense and I think you know it. Just sit back and read your comment again slowly. You may start laughing. If not try to put that nonsense you just said in an equation using 9.8 m/s 2 you should really start laughing then. Again. Salar. De Uyuni. None of you can give one ans that makes sense. And if you want to talk about the sun why don't you first address what this video shows as in the light of the sun setting not with the whole horizon but following the small ball of/ bean if the sun itself.

+Nunya Business level means perpendicular to the force of gravity. As the earth is a sphere the level water also follows the curve. Flat does not equal level. Please do some basic research, you are making a fool of your self.

+Colin ParkinsonWHERE IS THE CURVE? THERE IS NOOOO CUUUURVE THE WHOOOOLE WAY. Stop spreading lies. There is less than one meter difference in elevation the whole way. And it's on a plateau. Which is flat. There is nothing else to discuss until you, or any one else accurately addresses, and moves beyond this simple point.

+Nunya Business no, I prove the evolution. you are the result of the hasard. and we are not lucky for your level of stupidity, a life lost for no added value. sorry , but its the reality. imagine how smart you could be but how stupid you really are!!! and SSSOOOO predeictible. I said that you'll focus on NASA if God has created you, then you are not unique, there is a small group of stupid people still thinking the earth is flat. if its not a demonstration of the god's failure!!! a god which has created sphrical planets all around us, making everything around us spherical, turning around each other etc... so your god has demonstrated to you that he can create spherical worlds, and you think the earth is flat???? if its not a pure demonstration of stupidity, I dont know what else can be. sorry, but its so true.

+Nunya Business it is a salt flat. With a low relief. What is there to explain? It still has a horizon, it is no different than a large lake still has a curve.

+willgart Smh. You prove my point with every word you utter. The need for God is IMMENSE in case you haven't looked at the world around you. But you see that's the problem. Guys like you can just shy away into your world of fantasy sciences funded by these governments while REAL poverty affects kids in Africa, India, Nepal, South America and even here in good ol U S of A. You see my problem now? Every Astronot should be arrested for fraud and embezzlement. Space programs trashed and that money given to the hungry. And God Created everyone special that was my point. And the very points you make show why people need God. You know what the current divorce rates are? It's because people insist on meeting by "chance" and trusting this world's wisdom and dating apps instead of God. You have a lot to learn kid. I hope you do soon because time is short.

+Nunya Business lol you are so funny. so its terminated with your salar uyuni place? switching to god stuff now? we travel a lot with you !!! will you give us all the perfect sheep comments you learn? after god you'll start saying nasa is lying? or what's your next point to not recognize your mistakes? :) God has not created me special. everybody is special. the chance you are here now are incredible low! but you are here! did you ever estimated the chance you had to be here now? the chance for your parent to meet each over, the chance for the ovule meeting the specific spermatosoid, go back to your grand parents etc... the chance that you are here is incredible low. everybody is unique and had a single chance to be here. so no need for a god on top of this.

+willgart Do you dislike that God Created you special? That every hair on your head is numbered? That we actually have dominion over animals which is why we have Uber eats and apes are still eating ticks off each other's bodies? Do you have a problem being created in the image of God as opposed to ape? And ships crash in the South using globe geodetics. Anyone that knows anything knows that. Problem is most know nothing but useless nonsense and lies. Yahweh is God. His Son Jesus is King. And this world is going to bow down sooner than later.

+Nunya Business explaining what exactly??? what'S your problem with this place? you dislike anything in the south because the movement of the stars matches the heliocentric model? you dilike seeing the position of the illuminated section of the moon which confirms we are living on a globe? you dislike seeing the curvature over long distances? you dislike seeing the clouds going below the horizon only possible over a globe earth?

+Colin Parkinson I'm not explaining shit until someone explains SALAR DE UYUNI to me using ellipsoid math.

+Nunya Business can you explain how on the flat earth world does something above the horizon goes below the horizon to light the clouds from underneath. Go to a a long flat street at night. Notice that in the distance the streetlights are always above the cars and the road .

+Nunya Business mmm.... let me ask you another question then... if you go on the moon, will you say that the moon is orbiting around the earth? or the earth is spinning alone? or is the earth orbiting around the moon? and why? :-) hints: relativity baby... relativity... and smple logic. you still have logic issues. I know you are noy alone thinking geocentric. but your community is shrinking every day. as the reality is not the geocintrism but the heliocentrism. nobody cant go against the reality, expect the persons who dont want to learn and understand, and, for sure, without an open mind.

+Nunya Business what I'm syupposed to understand with just : salar de uyuni. what's the point here? you talked about sun circular movement, then you talked about crepuscular rays. I asked you clear questions and you only say: salar de uyuni. ok, let me do a try: start with ISS.

+willgart and no not just me saying everything is orbiting the earth, KNOWN ASTRONOMY TODAY. You tell me the name of that and I'll send you $100 by next Month. You solve it using heliocentric physics $1000. No BS. Talk it or walk it. We play for keeps round here buddy.

And since you're so curious, I'll post a link to a guy who does close to what I think you're asking for. If not it is still interesting.

+willgart well as I told you. You can start with salar de uyuni. No idea why you're asking me about altitude. According to Newton it doesn't matter whether we imagine the sun to be 10 mill mi away or 90. LMAO

+If you laugh you sub! That's not true. It wouldn't look like that on a 7.9k mi marble from a gas ball 864 k mi away. *Yawn. Not the way lights, shadows, and physics works except for the spheroid model you all love so much. Again just like this video shows you like the light of the horizon setting with the sun as opposed to a 180 degree simultaneous sunset. You only see that on their cgi. That alone disproves your point. Keep trying though. Oh yea. SALAR DE UYUNI.

+willgart Smh. You poor poor boy. Lesson? You couldn't teach shit how to stink. Your reality probably could though. The Bibles are the most SCIENTIFIC BOOKS EVER WRITTEN. You will learn one day child. What your "scientists" and "theoretical physicists" tell you is sci fi. Which is why they so often go hand in hand. Maybe you should study Matthew Maury from VA what he discovered and how. Since "the Bible" is so unscientific. You have no grasp of reality or the world around you whatsoever. Everything you believe is an illusion. Those thoughts you have late at night when you're alone, wondering (in your case wandering) why? What does it all mean? The matrix you have fallen for is the reason. Your scientists to this day are just beginning to understand many things that were written in Scripture thousands of years ago. But, you can start with Matthew Maury the father of oceanography as he is called. That can be your lesson for the day. Because again, you couldn't teach water to be wet.

+Nunya Business oohhh you think the bible and other books like this one are scientific books??? I have a scoop for you: they are SF books, not science books. now I know why you cant answer my questions, SF books are not real worlds, so you think the earth is not a real world. maybe you have to read historical books to learn how the humanity has changed over the time. and you'll understand where we are realy living on. its my lesson of the day.

Nunya Business the clouds, if sun was perspective it wouldn’t light up the clouds like that because the sunlight will fill the air. A sunset though is below the clouds as earth rotates away from it. It wouldn’t look like this on flat earth.

+willgart Lol keep twisting my words friend. And btw last time I checked there are mountains, and PLATEAUS. Like the one SALAR DE UYUNI IS ON. Therefore the erets cannot not be completely "flat". I don't like that term I use it because it is most familiar to others. Like the Name of the Messiah. Most call Him Jesus. Though His Name is Best Translated to english as Joshua. But that's a lesson for another day.

+Nunya Business oh... interesting , you confirms at least the shape of the earth. for you everything is orbiting the earth. so the earth is a globe. good starting point. so you are a geocentric guy, not a flat earther. few... we advance finally!!!

+If you laugh you sub! What's only possible on a spherical earth please let me know??

+Nunya Business lol I did no math at all, just asking you about logic sutff and few data (ie: altitude of the sun....) you did not answer I asking you about the crepuscular rays from a plane not pointing to a close sun, no answer. you did not answer anything at all. I dont know where you think you answer something and where I did some maths. so, let me try a reboot... what is for you the best proof that the earth is flat, that you have validated yourself (so you can debate on it), and you have measured it. which is not based on assumptions allready debunked (like a crepuscular ray doesn't give us the position of the sun; the lens of a camera is saturated and the visual apprence of the sun is not the size of the sun; horizon raise to the eye level etc...) I will ask you what is your test protocol, so I'll be able to replicate your findings and validate it. try to become a scientist for few minutes :-) can you do this?

Although I think you might have reached yours when you pull a nasa trick and start pulling random pictures of nothing out of your flat arse. Pun intended.

+willgart No Limit baby. Master P.

+willgart SALAR DE UYUNI

All of you all's mocking, yet lack of understanding would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Again why did they come up with the theory the universe is expanding. And why do they need dark energy and dark matter to make their model work. Because they do. If anyone can accurately answer that f'n question, you might actually be worthy of entering this conversation. But just like many things in this world, most of you have no idea the origins of your very "science" and on what they are based.

+willgart you show me some random picture of nothing and ask me where is the sun. LMAO. You want to be play that game. Why do you still see the sun's light after sunset? Oh yea right, more "theories".

+willgart and WTH do you mean where is the sun here? I don't even know wtf you're showing me or from where that picture originates. Why don't you focus on the angular crepuscular rays in this actual video? You know the one you're actually watching.

+willgart you're


+willgart Salar de uyuni. Since apparently many of you lack reading comprehension. And comprehension in general. You keep asking me dumb questions like where the sun is. Doesn't even make sense is you understood what I said. Look at Alex Gleason's map. More accurate than any of your globes or maps your scientists and cartographers put out.

+Nunya Business mmm... well... apparently I pushed you to your limit. you dont know how to do simple logic and geometry. and instead of recognizing your mistakes you prefer to not answer. which is the same. so, thanks to confirms the globe earth buddy!!! took lot of time for you to understand. but with the proper information you now know they lied to you. the earth is not flat.

+Greg R lol big person words. What a condescending ignorant person you are. Maybe because you don't understand the words I'm saying? More ad hominems. No actual science. SALAR DE UYUNI. ALTIPLANO PLATEEAAUUU. LESS THAN A METER.

+willgart speaking of changing subjects. SALAR DE UYUNI

Who taught you the earth is rotating around the

If you are located in the southern hemisphere, say in southern Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania, Argentina, Chile etc and it's around November to February, you'll see the sun rise south of due east and set south of due west. This is impossible on a flat earth. If the earth is flat, you should never see the sun rise or set south of due east and west from those locations. You shouldn't even see the sun rise and set due east and west from those locations. During the two equinoxes (March 21 and Sept 21) the sun can be seen rising and setting due east and west from all locations on the earth. Yahweh is real. Yeshua is real. The Bible is the Word of God, but the earth is NOT flat.

if you knew that the atmosphere acts like a lense. It causes a "curved lens effect" & this also proves the earth

+Nunya Business can't disagree there. A substantial curvature, not exaggerated but enough that debunks flat earth. And yes some say it's got a slight curve as a disk but wouldn't water then fall from the center, creating more land mass at its center, the artic. And why ice in the artic if its centered and at, in what a disk setting would bring, warmth at the middle. I've seen it from a plane, mountain hiking and from some building tops. Not always significant but enough.

+Hothman Misane God's the only expert friend and He is Very Very Real. What curvature have you seen?

+Nunya Business as opposed to this video. And it's not about visuals but concept. Anyhow you should look further in the pyramids of Giza's non celestial positioning. But you are entitled to your knowledge, I'll stick to mine. And perhaps it's prespective, but how does one explain the fact that I've seen the Earth's curvature in a manner that contradicts many flat earthers ideology (not all). And I stated I'm no expert, are you?

+Hothman Misane sure I'll check him out. You should check out Salar de Uyuni and explain to me how is perfectly flat.

+Hothman Misane some of that footage in the video is some of the most laughable I've seen. They use a lot of cgi. Worse than nasa. The serpent deceiveth the whole world.

+Nunya Business check out Graham Hancock (non mainstream)

+Nunya Business

+Nunya Business there is always one

+Hothman Misane lies. Giza used flat earth math. And was built using the cubit. Probably the Egyptian Royal cubit. Which is why the there pyramids are aligned to Orion's belt. But of course your scientists will say they were just stupid ancient folk who knew nothing.

+Hothman Misane Sigh. That's like a third grade globe earth question. At least spend some time studying both or several models before running off at the finger tips online. Last time I checked round was a circle. Then I'll say well why do we only see one side of the moon if it's a "sphere" as I gather that's what you meant by "round". Your scientists will then respond with some BS they can't prove like tidally locked. Then all their globe earth cronies will come and say of course there's proof it's tidally locked then go on to parrot bias "science" to fit their model, usually without even realizing it. And the cycle continues. Pun intended. See how it works now. Man once. Just once I wish a "globe earther" stopped. STFU for the first time in their lives and just thought. "Why do they need so many THEORIES to make their model work when our observations can easily be explained if we imagine earth as the focal point and everything orbiting us" just ONCE. Are you understanding the dilemma now Hothman?? If not it's ok.

+Nunya Business and way to skip over the fact that everything else, including the sun and moon are round. Or is that perspective.

+Hothman Misane says the person who didn't even address the very points in the video they decided to click on and hopefully watched? Because right now you don't sound like you watched the whole thing. Why don't you first TRY to explain why the light sets with the sun as opposed to with the whole horizon as your space agencies show you? THAT IS LITERALLY IN THIS VIDEO. YOU KNOW. THE ONE YOU CLICKED ON WATCHED, THEN MOCKED? So the onus isn't on me or anyone else, but on you until YOU PROPERLY ADDRESS THE POINTS BROUGHT UP IN THE VIDEO YOOOOUUU CLICKED.

+Nunya Business there is plenty of math confirming the sphere type earth, math that goes back to Pyramids of Giza. You can look that up with ease, and it makes sense. The burden of proof otherwise lies with you, or the video maker. Conveniently flat earthers provide sensible arguements but math and always provide arguement without debunking the sphere science.

+Hothman Misane And where the TF is your math? I'm not your teacher Christ is. But, if you want me to take time out of my frickin day to post you some "math" or "evidence" I will. Man, I see why flat earthers have a tendency to yell DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

+Gra Ra5 there's only one video that made me question it all.

+Gra Ra5 I did learn about it. Primary, secondary, college, university and it's still a theory.

+Lukasz Wojtalski "gravity still a theory …. no way to measure it." Why don't you learn about it? Then you won't have to express ideas of ignorance and gullibility online: You'l be able to say things that are insightful and intelligent!

gravity still a theory …. no way to measure it.

+Corey Scott hahaha yeah thank you.My native language is croatian and i am little rusty on grammar and google translate allso has errors

+Ivan Perak it's obvious you haven't ever "red" a book! It's not "red" it's "read"! If you had any education at all beyond 1st grade you would know how to spell "read". I thing we all know who we're dealing with now. Thank you!

+Ivan Perak actually my common sense is very good! I always rebutted the standard systems. &my common sense tells me having gone out of my house & flown all over the world & seen how things work that the Earth, is a sphere & you are a blubbering home grown idiot!

Correy thank you for an effort to explain me stuff you claim to know but end result will be same as i would try to eplain you stuff i supposedly know.Call it simple that we do not agree on each other opinion and knowledge

And no Correy i didnt read that in book...i used common sence and imagination but result was not globe earth like in your case...oh wait!!You read in a book that earth is globe?Better use some spiritual gifts brother and dont trust anyone except Lord God Almighty Father Creator...especially dont trust your evil twin within yourself mate ☺...but if you dont believe in Lord God AlMighty Father Creator (YHWH) then i can only pray for you dear brother...may YHWH lay His gifts of Holy Spirit on you so you can take blindfold out of your spiritial eyes

Thank you Scott brother i forgive you because as usual goat people dont realise nor know what are they doing ☺ and that is ok but in the end it will not be ok for you,sorry need change of heart and a little love to get you back on your spiritual feets

+Saul Goode " all 'evidence' based on math can and has been refuted." Haha. Evidence that we use in industry isn; "refuted" because you can recite the term. "Do some research if you dare to question the Masters that have 'framed' your mind." That's just an appeal to emotion fallacy. Evidence in physics must be falsifiable under scientific method - or it doesn't work. The physics we use in industry works. If we use that physics to innovate, that means we HAVE to understand it for ourselves. "It does you no service to keep repeating the same phrases such as 'duh, earf is round, umm, 'cuz physics'.

+Gra Ra5 all 'evidence' based on math can and has been refuted. Do some research if you dare to question the Masters that have 'framed' your mind. It does you no service to keep repeating the same phrases such as 'duh, earf is round, umm, 'cuz physics'.

+Corion2121 is your brain made up of corion?

+Essene Gnostic You are full of Conspiracy nonsense. How many black robes do you see in government? You've been filled with bigotries that are over 300 years old. The Round Earth and heliocentric model accurately predicts every distance, every angle and every width of every planetary body (all round), and our spring tides and neap tides. The Flat Earthers never talk numbers because they are dumbfucks who refuse reality.

+Dracopol Obviously you do not understand what the Jesuits are all about, they are the government.

+Ran Niz " so eventually the entire night sky will be white." Possibly. You'll need billions of years, right? The main point is: "so what?" "Why do you think we can see forever." Your eyes are sensors. Sensors themselves don't have limits - the energy activating them is either enough or not enough. So a point source that's incredibly luminescent on a black backdrop radiating through [almost] vacuum can be seen FAR further than objects in other conditions. "well no where near the amount we see," Show us your calculations.

+Ran Niz right . you dont propose valid questions . just say nuh uhhh . cos reasons . I have given you answers . you refuse to beleive / understand them .. thats really not my problem. .. you say you know they lie .. how ? do you have any evidence? The big bang and expanding universe are very well supported .. and the FE response is "fake" . then explain the red shift of galaxies .. and why it gets larger the further away they are? explaing the CMBR, really think about what the 2cnd law of thermodynamics actually says . not your weird application of it to ideal gas laws. If you truly understand the 2cnd . law . you will see how profound it really is .. and how it extends far beyond the physics of heat and heat transfer, and corroborates both a big bang AND an expanding universe. Again . you have not provided any actual answers . just more "what abouts" .. until you can show my "facts" are wrong AND provide ones that explain the world around us better . I will stick with modern science thank you. And its a point because the reason you dismiss modern science is because they "lie" or "fake it", there are Millions of photos of earth . you just refuse to believe they are real . again not my problem, Yes . modern science is able to design things that can thrive in extreme environments . its quite amazing . why do you think its impossible? Yes . remote controlled for years .. even though there were a couple of tune ups for the hubble. Did you ever think that instead of sitting around thinking up new ways to pull the wool over all the "woke" peoples eyes, they are actually earning their pay and solving these problems ?

+Gra Ra5 so eventually the entire night sky will be white. And not because it needs surface to reflect, I mean direct light from the stars reaching our eye.

+Space ain't fake here we go with the name calling and straw man arguments. I haven't proposed any theory, all I've done is present very valid questions to your statements, that you say are FACT. Or how your statements/comments/thoughts stop when it suits you. No one knows why they lie, why does anyone lie, or cheat, or kill, etc. Why is that even a point for that matter. The questions are still valid.

+Ran Niz Two Questions: 1) are you one of those nutters that thinks the second law of thermodynamics proves no space (it doesn't but that is not where i am going with this question) and 2) If, as you say , its a coverup to hide the flat earth from us .. why do all those fake scientists and such make up such complicated stories that they cant prove .. why did they fake the Hubble when it would have been so much easier to just not do it at all, or the ISS, why bother even bring it up rather than having to project an image onto the dome in a predictable and changing orbit that even you can photograph , and that changes from a projection to a dark spot transiting the moon or the sun ??. Why did they fake any of it . would have been so much easier to just leave the state of that science where it was in the 60's .. or as you nutters would prefer, the 1600's

+Space ain't fake your whole comment is just fantasy and theory. Can't you see that you ( and scientists) are just making things up. If universe isn't infinite, then it must have and end, a dome perhaps! Look back in time, what joke, Hubble, what a joke! Made of material that can withstand the space cold!, Can't take images of earth? Being remote controlled for decades?

+Dave Hart  "I get it Rob, I truly do, you don't like people to question anything." Scince is a method that "questions" ideas to a strict level: It results in usable understanding. The GOAL of science its to produce value in ideas. "And when they do, it is dismissed as ridiculous." Why are you being dishonest? You have been shown evidence and arguments on this page. YOU aren't "questioning" anything. You are protecting ideas that are not sound that are being used to prop up a belief. Questioning means seeking answers, NO selecting and rejecting them based on how you feel. What is being ridiculed is your refusal to reason and your inability to address that evidence. "Don't question anything or I'll call you a fool. If you don't want to be called a fool you must go along with what we say and question nothing" Totally dishonest. But a great demonstration for everyone reading of how the flat head attempts manipulation. "I call that coercive language .. " It's YOUR language. It's called misrepresenting - a base straw man. You pretend that's all there is to someone's proposition so you can FEEL like you made a sound argument. "Well, Rob that mentality may work with other weak minded people who care about others opinions, but not so much with me .. I always say, what does it hurt to question?? Why are people so threatened by questioning??" Here are MY points that you ignored because you cannot address them: You cannot navigate long distance without accounting for curvature. There are many simple observations you can make that all point to the geometrical truth. The sun's position moves at a constant angular rate from all vantages on earth. The sun's plane of rotation intersects the horizon depending upon latitude. It's observed going behind the true horizon and appearing from it at a time that matches the model's predictions. Shadows move upwards around you at sunset. You can't see the sun at night. The true horizon has an easily measured height proportional angular dip. ... You cannot and will not, just like the other flat head, who also dishonestly pretended I was asking to "learn" how someone else has debunked my points in the thread, rather than challenging him to be a man to think and explain things for himself. THAT is why you are all mocked. That is what everyone sees in all FE threads. You have ZERO answers and cry at people, and when challenged to reason you tell people to "go research" because you cannot think for yourselves.

+Essene Gnostic I'm surprised you know what three is!! Well no, not surprised really...

+Essene Gnostic  "" And that's what important ..... " , " perdict ", " ad-hpominem " .......... " over a decade of formal physics education " ........... LOL !!! I would suggest you return to grammar school , you buffoon. " I also LOVE that you f*cked-up your punctuation marks by putting spaces before them in a post about typos, buffoon. Where did you "learn" that? Homeschool? Otherwise, thank God for spelling correct, heh? You most probably type like a 12 year old.

+Rob Stammers I get it Rob, I truly do, you don't like people to question anything. And when they do, it is dismissed as ridiculous. *Don't question anything or I'll call you a fool. If you don't want to be called a fool you must go along with what we say and question nothing* I call that *coercive language* .. Well, Rob that mentality may work with other weak minded people who care about others opinions, but not so much with me .. I always say, what does it hurt to question?? Why are people so threatened by questioning??

Hey ASSENE. Are you really desperate enough to be pointing out typos and making your usual vapid promises? And you think I need to go back to school for challenging you, when you have zero physics education? Stateschool chip on the shoulder, huh? You're just pure mensa material, Cletus. HAHAHA.

+Dave Hart To be fair Dave, I just wouldn't like to say, what ever data/technology they 'lost' from '69, the NASA of today are completely different, paranoia surrounding NASA, seems conspiratorial, the images I've recently seen of the earth in BBC's' The Earth From Space', are truly stunning. To be truthful with you, all these conspiracies are beginning to look more and more ridiculous to me, apart from the UFO phenomenon!!

See? ANOTHER FAIL. I'm challenging you to explain. Not cry that I need to leave you alone and go somewhere else, like I predicted you would. You can't tell me HOW because you're too dumb to explain for yourself. Same with all of you. Totally incapable. What a coward.

+Gra Ra5 " And that's what important ..... " , " perdict ", " ad-hpominem " .......... " over a decade of formal physics education " ........... LOL !!! I would suggest you return to grammar school , you buffoon. Everything you have asked has already been answered, try doing some research instead of trolling flat earth videos, you pathetic excuse for a human being. Go and view some Neil Degrasse Mason videos or something ........ know what I'm saying ? or would you prefer I write it in braille so a blind moron like you might actually comprehend ?

+Essene Gnostic Haha. Sure. See? Totally paralysed with fear. Everyone watching the thread sees. And that's what important, not you. But thanks.

+Gra Ra5 It's flat, you are a brainwashed ignorant fool ................ deal with it Junior.

+Rob Stammers NASA even admitted they supposedly lost the technology they had in 1969 to go back to the moon .. So I guess they lose technology similar to how I would lose car keys ... No Moon walk, just all talk ... about how they can't pass the Van Allen Belts. Think about it... Are these people really credible?? I never said the Earth was Flat, that's what you all like to assume every time someone doesn't agree with you. I'm just saying that there is more to the story, and even with all the math, the fact that most humans have never been to space, means that there can be other details that are hidden that we cannot see ... Nobody has any direct experience or direct first hand proof .. I'm not going to argue the numbers, I'm arguing that there is more to the story, and as I always say .. *it's the things you do not know, that matter more than what you already know* .. So the unknown, is the part I'm interested in and even with math we can't thoroughly see the whole picture from down here on the ground .. all we have is their footage ..

+Essene Gnostic Seems you're a regular genius as long as you don't have to actually explain yourself, right? Adhoms, demands and circular claims.... Haha. Same story every time. Great of you to demonstrate it so clearly in front of everyone!

+Essene Gnostic "Your ignorance is astounding." haha. See how easy this is? Yep: You think me asking you questions can make me ignorant to anyone watching. LOL Im here to show the public what a pointless, useless spastic you are. A self obsessed waste of space. But YOU are the imbecile here. I have over a decade of formal physics education and well over a decade after that of looking into FE and other hoaxtard subjects. That's why you are stumped by simple arguments, and I can answer ANYTHING you throw up using a supported argument, LOL. Your posts are ALL about how you feel. cupcake.  You ACTUALLY think telling people you think you're smart is impressive. Hahaha. You can't insert a single intelligent proposition. You are literally one of the stupidest and inept at discussion examples of belief-tardism I have seen yet. You have no ability do assert yourself like a man, so you cry at people. Look at you run. It's hilarious. You cant do ANYTHING to make yourself or you belief look even slightly intelligent. RUN AWAY AGAIN, little Mary. Tell me how you feel again.

+Gra Ra5 Your ignorance is astounding.

+Essene Gnostic "You are embarrassing yourself. Do you even remotely understand what the sun actually is ?" You are the guy who is too much of a coward to answer. LOL Look at you throwing questions at me desperately. The wimp who simply uses ad-hpominem fallacy as if it's a cool thing. The sun in THESE tests is a reference point that we are using to determine geometrical facts about the surface we are on. So, we have no need to know WHAT the sun is - just where it is seen to be using observation and measurement. You can't run away using that excuse, Haha.

+Gra Ra5 You are embarrassing yourself. Do you even remotely understand what the sun actually is ?

+Essene Gnostic See? "I could "skate circles around you" intellectually mate." So, you are unable. You're not very smart as you keep showing us. Hence the stup!d belief. See how terrified you are of committing to any argument because you know what happens next? LOL Here are the points you are too scared to answer. 1) For starters, a close sun would have to obey conservation of angular momentum and so would speed up and slow down in relative angular terms to you. We see a CONSTANT motion. 2) Also at 3-4000 miles high it wouldn't be able to illuminate clouds whilst you are in shadow at sunset or cast upwards shadows when you can see the sun lower than the clouds. Perspective can't do it, because the clouds are at a plane only a few miles high compared to your thousands. Skibas lens wont do it, because his fresnel lens refracts light UPWARDS when atmosphere refracts downwards. 3) None of the sun models are illuminating HALF of your circle. Half of a circle isn't another circle, or an ellipse that magically stops shining at different distances as you see at 3:09 Let's demonstrate we can predict your actions based on your ignorance: Let's show everyone you run, pis$ing your shorts - but run the big mouth about how cool you think you are. Are you "not here to cast pearls" etc? LOL Why don't you promise us how smart you would be if you tried, again. It's hilarious.

+Rob Stammers You strung three words together !! ......... pretty good for a globetard.

+Gra Ra5 Try a bit harder ....... your ignorance is obvious. :-D

+Corey Scott see now that one was for me. Honest about being stupid? How old are you 11? Apparently you don't grasp the knowledge of the topic to have an intellectual dialogue. Which is ok. Just remember to shut up when grown folks are talking. Rule # 1 they teach ya!

+Nunya Business someone else made a comment I was mostly talking to them

+Nunya Business honest about being stupid!

+Corey Scott Not true. And if it were that would actually prove MY point. Smh. At least hopefully now you see I'm being honest. Unlike your "scientists".

+Corey Scott and I don't even remember what I said to you nor to I even need to check to know you didn't even slightly grasp what I was saying about the atmosphere because I am yet to mention anything optic about the "atmosphere". What do

+Corey Scott or it proves there is a curved dome above you. Question. If this curvature is due to the earth being a spheroid, why then does Salar de Uyuni not give off a curved or convex mirror effect. Instead it reflects the images perfectly flat and symmetrical. Just like water. Or your lot could ans the question in this video or at least acknowledge the light of the horizon setting w the sun. I mean seriously now ppl.

They even mention the mirror effect. What would it look like were it a curved mirror? Hmm.

+Dracopol and is that ridiculous article supposed to prove something? Even the topographical image in it shows a flat circular plane. Still don't see any CURVES ANYWHERE. Bet you have a flat ass woman you see curves on to. Yea they told you in some dam article OBVIOUSLY meant to poorly ATTEMPT to debunk what I'm saying that basically it's flat because it curves with the earth. Yea just like the atmosphere behaves the way they want it to when it's convenient for them to fit their model. Or the stars. Dark matter! Dark energy! That explains why it SEEMS... GTFOH. YOUR IDEA OF SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY IS A MOCKERY. 4000 K MI SALT COMPLETELY FLAT. WHERE'S THE CURVE IN THE ARTICLE? OHHH IT'S FLAT BUT CURVES. gtfo. Kindly. Gtfo.

+Nunya Business actually the sun & moon are very large at the horizon & get bigger as they get higher in the sky! Just watch the moon as it comes up.

+Nunya Business if you knew that the atmosphere acts like a lense. It causes a "curved lens effect" & this also proves the earth

+Nunya Business ok when you say curvature. what are you expectations??? because you have one in front of you. and you have not look at what I said to you. measure the image of the guy + car in the front vs its mirrored image, same size for both. do the same with a mountain in the distance you'll see that this image is NOT mirrored completly. but the mirrored image is only 2/3 of the original part. so, no, its not a perfect mirror, why? because of an angle. what is causing this angle? and because of an angle, this mean its not flat... by the way, dont try to find excuses. you can confirms the curvature by watching closely the mirror image of the big cloud. the front mirrored point is at the same distance of the horizon, while you follows the mirrored image you'll see a shrink with the distance... following a perfect curve. I said it to you you got the perfect place to confirm the curvature. I'm sure I can calculate the size of the earth with this single image. so let me know if you really validate what you saw or not. because if you are looking for a confirmation bias only, I cant help you

+willgart Thanks for actually answering somewhat coherently. And that picture had absolutely no curvature and proves my point. And curving didn't make anything smaller, distance did. The reflected image in the flat is the same size as the object. All the objects in the picture even the man walking, same size. As above, so below. Take a closer look at the reflections in the salt flats themselves. They are not bent or refracted, but completely mirrored. You ever see a funhouse mirror? It's because THEY ARE CURVED. Either concave or convex. If the earth were curved that would be reflected. See what I did there? Thanks Will you should get a flat earth medal for helping me prove my point. Think I'm going to use that picture you sent me and the plane mirror reflection as further evidence of flat earth. Not even going to insult you like your lot likes to do. Just gonna tell you I love you. It's been... Interesting. And God Bless.

+Nunya Business oohh... ok I see ... but... no sorry its even worst with the rain. are you sure you see correctly the images from this place??? we can clearly see the limit caused by the curvature of the earth so perfectly instead of a huge flat mirror. we can also see that distant mountains are not reflected perfectly like you claim, but the mirror image is smaller because of the curvature again. check this image: are you seeing that the reflected mountains are smaller caused by a curved mirror like I said to you, a perfect place to demonstrate the curvature of the earth. you have everything at the same place. but you still refuses the reality.

+Nunya Business please go play with your imaginary friend and piss off. P

+willgart This guy just spouted off numbers to me. Then when I was ready to address them said me focusing on them demonstrates I don't understand at all what I am seeing. LMAO. Ok we'll try this one last time. Can you please. Tell me what I am supposed to be focused on? Some simple coordinates would be great as you know, we're not physically together so it would great to know where you want me to look for these mountains. Or do you think the whole plateau is surrounded 360 degrees by mountains? Since you don't like numbers all of a sudden I will give you one last chance to properly articulate what you are trying to say, and if it comes out equally incoherent I will end this convo and you will have proven in front of God and everyone the attention seeking misguided child that you are. Your court.

+willgart I mean aside from sitting beside you and grabbing you on the back of the f'ing head and placing a ruler in your hand and making you level it in the picture to see it's flat I mean idk. Again that stupid article I think it was you that sent me, they even mention the mirror effect. It is a property of the SALAR especially when it rains. Becomes a PERFECTLY FLAT MIRROR. THAT REFLECTS THE IMAGE AT A PERFECT 180 DEGREE ANGLE, NOT A CURVED REFRACTED ONE, BECAUSE IT IS FLAT. I think you all mistake it's undulations for "curvature" again if there's globe curvature show me the 8 in per sq mi math or something close to it. You won't. And you can't. Because it doesn't exist. The fact of the matter is Salar de uyuni SLIGHTLY dips AND RISES. Over the whole sheet. Like a less exaggerated version of the whole rest of the earth's surface. But to globe earthers even a simple hill is proof of curvature. With of course no math to back it up.

+Nunya Business by the way I really dont know where you see the plateau as flat. can you explain to me how did you validate this? because I see the curvature you say its flat. I prove to you its curved you prove nothing, expect your lack of knowledge and logic.

+Nunya Business no matter the number baby the clouds are higher than the mountains and the plateau. its all the key point. focusing on numbers demonstrate that you dont understand at all what you are seeing and you dont have any logic. So for me you just dont know how to recognize your mistakes and try to find a way to quit the game without recognizing your defeat. and because you dont have any explanation, I think you are just a troll. a normal person knows that the heliocentric model and the globe earth works, after a person with a real brain may have some hypothesis to offer with different shaps etc... so you are just a troll here to demonstrate that flattards are just stupid. can you prove that I'm wrong and you can have some alternative? (which are not just a demonstration of your lack of knownledge)

+willgart uh huh just like I thought. When pushed NOTHING. You came with some BS numbers mentioning the height of clouds. First of all there are several different types of clouds that vary in height and other properties. You couldn't even properly articulate a distance 8000 m? I can tell you don't ever work with distances or you would have simple said 8 km. Unless you meant miles then we have bigger problems. Amazing to me how condescending you are yet how little you know. You BROUGHT YOUR NUMBERS. THEN WHEN YOU REALIZED I WAS ABOUT TO DRAW THAT SHIT OUT TO YOOOUR SCALE YOU SAID USE MY OWN UNITS, NUMBERS AND IT'S JUST PURE LOGIC. What a joke you are. AGAIN SALAR DE UYUNI IS FLAT WITH SLIGHT UNDULATIONS I'M GUESSING THAT'S WHAT YOU PPL MEAN BY CURVATURE? THAT'S HILARIOUS. And nothing works on your model. If you think it does. Tell me how they came up w dark matter and dark energy and why. *Yawn. Again I'm sure you'll tell me it doesn't matter and it's common sense. LMAO. Hey didn't I offer one of you

+Nunya Business put the numbers you want and the unit of measure you want. here there is no matter like I said: its just pure logic. objects are hiddens by the curvature of the plateau. its just a simple logic and fact. did you ever ask yourself where are the clouds in the distance? if these clouds stay far away above the heads of the people living in this area and you seeing them touching the horizon, and going below mountains. and the answer is simple : earth's curvature. if you cant recognize this simple logic, thn you demonstrating you dont know the globe at all. after, if you have some theory and repeatable demonstration which can explain this reality differently. excellent. you'll demonstrate that you agree its working with a globe, but could also works with something different. and this is the point I'm looking from guys like you for years. stop denying a working model, start working to demonstrate another working one. can you do this?

+willgart No no no. This guy just said a plateau is not flat. Didn't see that. Just for that nonsense I'm going to debunk every piece of BS you just said. SALAR DE UYUNI is big. Again approx lat and long for the Mt range your ref please. Also let me know which side of Salar you are referencing. E W N S.

+willgart Way to ask a question then answer it you narcissist. Since you chose to answer for me because you are obviously scared I will look deeper into that nonsense and debunk it too, I'll let you have it... For now. Question was your m supposed to be meters?

+Nunya Business wow, did you really try to understand??? I cant believe it!!!! ok buddy, clouds are at about 8000m in altitude, the plateau is at 3000m , there are mountains around the plateau, in ALL the directions, up to 5000m. now question: what is hidding the clouds? whats is hidding the mountains around the plateau? how its possible that couds higher than a mountain can go below the mountain and below the eye level ? simple: we are on spherical earth, the earth is hidding these objects from our eyes. nothing complicated! and no, the plateau is not flat, the plateau itself hides these objects , because the plateau follows the earth curvature. no you understand how the world works? or will you looking for something else and go to another story not related to the plateau because you dont want to recognize tour mistakes. everything here is simple logic, no need for maths, just observation and logics. start with the logic, then you can go to the next step...

+Colin Parkinson Lmao I could use pizza in my equation doesn't mean I need it there. And I thank GOD for Creating the AIR I breath. Not your mythical 9.8 m/s2 pull of "gravity".

+willgart I'm not even going to insult you. But if my messages looked like that you would have globe earthers coming out the ass telling me I sound like I have tourettes. You keep switching from using m to km are you trying to say miles, or km? And the 8000 just has no units you mean 8000 clouds? Pretty much your whole message/ comment makes no sense. Here are some numbers for you. Salar de uyuni 4000 sq mi salt flat. On an even larger flatter plateau. Earth 24.9 k mi in circumference. Doesn't add up buddy. Period.

+willgart My God is not easily mocked. And what mountains are you talking about. I feel like I'm talking to toddlers throwing tantrums more than I am having any type of meaningful conversation. Again what mountains. Give me lat and long and I will show you they are still seen far above your alleged curvature. Just like lighthouses and everything else. *Yawn you all are boring me. Who comes discrediting someone's video, and doesn't even address half the things in the video. Sad.

+Greg R yawn more ad hominems? Dam would be sad if all your "jokes" weren't so dam repetitive, lame, and obvious deflection and diversion tactics. You're literally not even worth the time it would take to scrape gum off the bottom of my shoe. Or to wipe the shit from your little bitch pomeranian ass from the bottom of my old Adidas. You are lower than the asthenosphere and more dense than the alleged iron core in your fake model of earth. If you don't believe it. Or don't want to have an adult conversation. Fuck off and go spend your Friday afternoon jacking your little pecker to photo shopped images of Newton pipin Avogadro like you usually do. Sure Neil wants in on that. Switch it up go bbd today. Fucking embarrassment to humanity.

Nunya Business "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? This lack of understanding science is getting RIDICULOUS. 30 SEC MARK PROVES "FLAT EARTH" That is not clouds being lit up that is you still seeing the sun's light as it is gone beyond the horizon. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE ON A GLOBE. You think about that Einstein. Why would you be able to see clouds lit up from "below" on a globe once the sun was beyond the horizon? Hmmmm? Refraction" Just AWESOME. It's like the funniest entertainment ever. You are convinced you "know stuff" even though you fail to grasp ideas we were testing at 14.

+Nunya Business gravity is proven. Be thankful that you car building and air planes are constructed using the gravitational force in their equations.

+Nunya Business where are the mountains???? mountains which are all other the salar disappearing. why can we see only the biggest ones??? is it your god which stolen them? why the clouds are disappearing below the ground level in the distance? at about 200km and behind the mountains too!!! wow !!! what??? 5000m high mountains are higher than 8000 clouds ??? your god is a crazy man!!!! hey... funny... image from space and what??? crepuscular rays which are parallels ???? what??? does your salar de uyuni alone prove without any doubt the curvature of the earth and its spinning movement??? nnnoooo.... you failed so hard!!!!! why ? how it was possible? just because the reality is simple, we are living on a ball, why its a problem for you this simple fact? without this spinning ball you cant be alive today. so accept it and say thank you to your god if you want to have created this perfect world. the right size, right place, right events causing the life to emerge etc...


why maybe???? :-)

even worst for them... the moon's apparent size changes by about 1.7% during the night, and what is this 1.7% the radius of the earth! you are 6500km closer to the moon. easy way to validate the rotation of the earth and its size at the same time

Saul Goode—yup! What do you have in your brain besides air?

+Saul Goode And Saul, the more noise you guys make, the more you attract people who originally weren't too "fussed" about examining the their presumption that the earth was a sphere... And who ARE prepared to examine the evidence. FE is actually bringing the REAL arguments and evidence to the attentions of more people than ever. A belief system proposed by people who cannot personally explain themselves is doomed to obscurity. All the tricks of language and the proposals to ignore people and sources, and the use of logic - like math... They all damn the belief in the eyes of real thinkers. And the ACCUSATIONS of lies and gullibility CREATE and motive your detractors, just as in all belief systems. We KNOW your belief is false because we understand the evidence and explanations. Telling yourself your belief in god makes your appeals valid and honest is also false.

+AGENT X SECURITYI have no questions I am self educated. Unlike the Globe Earth who were not left to educate themselves.


+Dracopol LOL !! The " G " in the Freemason symbol stands for " Gesu " ....... yikes !! dude you are either seriously naive or a shill/troll.

+Essene Gnostic You don't even have the beginning of any proof of Jesuit conspiracies. Your old bigotries are out of place anyway. You use the Gregorian Calendar like anyone else, because the Julian Calendar was falling behind. The Pope Gregory proposed and required this calendar and moved Catholic countries 11 days ahead. Other countries resisted often for hundreds of years but now all people use this calendar. A Catholic calendar. I hope you're not biased against Catholics because if you are it's April 7th for you. Now you're 13 days behind! Go ahead, go convince your landlord you don't have to pay rent for 13 more days. You'll be thrown out on your useless ass and believe it's a Jesuit conspiracy.

+Dracopol You fail to understand that the Jesuit Conspiracy has been going on for centuries, and the recruitment of mathematicians into the fraternity to create equations to match specific axioms has as well. Of course I would not expect any globetard to understand this.

+Essene Gnostic I KNOW! Let's demonstrate how much of a gormless pussy you are in clearer terms: The first of my points was this: The sun's position moves at a constant angular rate from all vantages on earth. You can't understand why this falsifies flat Earth. Haha. The viewed POSITION of your local sun gets closer and further. You won't understand this, but I'll put it here for people who can: You think it's 3-4000 miles high (lets say 4k, to give you the full advantage) lets assume a flat Earth and you are at the equator on an equinox for simplicity - and as it moves 15º per hour, (equivalent distance of rotation ~1037.5 miles) if its above you at noon, it will be about 7,539 miles distance from your eye at 8 o clock. (6391 miles measured from your point to under the sun on a circular path of 8293.8, radius 3,960) So it goes from 4,000 miles to 7,539.  So ALMOST doubling it's distance. The law of the conservation of angular momentum means the observed point of reference of the sun's position relative angular speed should speed up and slow down. It HAS to. Just as a street sign next to you zips past your car at 90º a second - and a distant mountain crawl pas you at 1º per minute. Even YOU can understand that, heh, Dr Dumbf*ck? There is no way a local sun could be seen to move at a constant angular rate of motion. Unfortunately, when we observe it it does. As a bonus - we can also easily see he sun's observed angular diameter, being measurable at ~0.5º, should be 0.26º Nearly a 50% change in angular diameter! Unfortunately, we measure it at 0.5º. See how easy it I to make you look the daft c*nt you are? So, lets see you cry again and tell me how "evRythinGz beEn deBunkeD!!!" somewhere else by other people. Tell us how smart you are and naughty I am. It won't change a thing. You aren't capable of making your won arguments and you're a self obsessed coward. LOL

+Rob Stammers "what a load of unprovable baseless nonsense." Check your recipient.

+Essene Gnostic "You know, there is a very good chance that if you pulled your head out of your ass, you may actually see a bit more clearly. Simply ask your boyfriend to step aside for a moment. :-O "Here endeth the lesson"." Are you still here raging your feminine ad-hominems after I demonstrated you there too much of a coward and too stupid to answers basic questions? You're one of those demented narcissists who cannot imagine your own limitations. You keep thinking telling us how clever you think you are is a "lesson". The obvious reality is you have no education nor basic critical skills. Mommy overpampered you. Haha. You must be SO butthurt to be wanting to draw more attention to your intellectual failures, little guy. It's hilarious.

+Gra Ra5 what a load of unprovable baseless nonsense.

+Rob Stammers 13 ...... wow !!!

+Gra Ra5 You know, there is a very good chance that if you pulled your head out of your ass, you may actually see a bit more clearly. Simply ask your boyfriend to step aside for a moment. :-O "Here endeth the lesson".

+willgart What I noticed is that they tend to "borrow" the existing terms and apply those on whatever apparent phenomena and then simply claim it as "FE". Their "Master Jedi" Eric Dubai does it all the time. It's remarkable to see this drive in some people to belie in something what is so obviously outlandish just for the sake of obtaining the sense of exclusivity in this world. Hence so many cults of all creeds and colors. I just watched the full Moon last night, raising up behind the horizon, top first, in its full angular size and brightness that would keep just same all the night while moving across the sky till it sets down, bottom first and full in brightness and size... And yet, they will claim "Look! The infinite plane horizon perspective, the localized Moon moving above the FE!". But how would then the spherical earth horizon perspective look like? Ah, just the same. ;)

+Miro Mato more than this, he said the sun is in orbit around the earth!!!! he even dont know what an orbit is!!! because turning around a pole dancing centered on the north pole is not an orbit around the earth.... they are so funny to reinvent the definition of words. :-) and after they think they know something apparently he finally check closely the images from the salar de uyuni and realized the curvature is here and confirmed by the mirror after a rain.

+Nunya Business And one more.. You spoke about the sun moving in the concentric circles over the FE. It means that all those circles, the pathways of the sun, would all be *different* in size. The biggest one is Capricorn, it would be almost double in size than the smallest, Cancer. Yet, everywhere and anywhere on Earth, at any given date, the duration of one day (night part + day part) is all *same*... 24 hours. It would mean that on the Dec 22 the sun is moving across the sky at almost double speed than on the Jun 21, in order to complete the circle in these 24 H. Which of course is a never observed absurd. Plus, the Northern Hemisphere *mirrors* the Southern Hemisphere in terms of sunrises and sunsets and the divisions between the day part and night part of 24h day, during 1 year time. Absolutely not possible with the FE model where the parallels are all different in size, the smallest parallel on the Southern Hemisphere being bigger than the biggest parallel on the Northern Hemisphere. But in reality you have the situation that the places on say 45 N mirror the places on 45 S - because those parallels are indeed same in size.

+Nunya Business Ok, one simple question more. The winter solstice, the sun is in its zenith over Brisbane, Au. It can still be observed from Ushuaia, South Argentina (it's sunset there). But at that same time, the North Pole which is a half way in between these two places on the FE model, is all dark 24/7. How's that?

+Nunya Business And the last one for you (there could be plenty more, but one got to do other things in life). And here I will offer you $10,000, if you put in only $100 of yours. A simple task for you (and you may consult any and all FE gurus if you wish). The simple task: Sigma Octantis. Place that star anywhere on your FE model, so that it still would fulfill the same purpose as it has been fulfilling in thousands of years of navigation: to determine the direction of South. Good luck.

+Nunya Business Talking about W and E. The winter solstice. The sun rises to the places in Southern Hemisphere from... ah, *South* of East (the direction of Antarctica). And after having made apparent *anti* clock-wise movement across the sky, it sets down to the *South* of West (the direction of Antarctica). Just as doctor prescribed... on the Globe model. Now look at your FE model. Look where your "localized" sun is moving, in the circle of Capricorn.... how do you explain that everything is just opposite in the real life than what your FE model suggests?

+Nunya Business _"you have no idea the concept of geometry in a circle or flat plane."_ Really? Here is what the concept of most basic geometry tells us: On the day of equinox, on the circle of equator. The total form of the 12 hours shadow being cast by a stick, is a straight line. That is only possible with the geometry where the circle of the equator and the circle of the (apparent) movement of the sun are *concentric* to each other and on the same infinite plane. The globe model. Such is never ever possible on the FE model where the circle of the sun is above the circle of the equator on different separate infinite planes. In that case, the form of the 12 h shadow would have to be an ellipse. That simple, isn't it?

+Nunya Business _"as it is gone beyond the horizon"_ Which is exactly what the curvature is all about. You stand on the shore of the ocean, the sunset, and the sun falls behind the curvature, the water line that is perhaps some 7 miles ahead of you, it *physically* blocks your view of the sun. And you can take a powerful telescope with some 500 million times sensitivity of a human eye.. and you still won't see the sun. Gone, babe, gone. Hidden away. But that half-blind dude on the top of a hill 10 miles back further away from you (and from your "localized" sun above the "flat Earth"), will still see it. With his half-blind eye. Why? Because he still can see beyond that physical line of Earth's curvature, and you who is standing on the beech can't. That is the SPHERICAL perspective. Not the infinite flat plane.

+Nunya Business sorry to have hurt your short bus feelings. Generally I don't believe anyone should mock the mentally handicapped but I do make an exception for flat earthers. And they are just so funny when you get them riled.

Know ye, that formlessness is all there is of form. Thoth Emerald Tablets.

So how do you explain on your flat earth why the sun is setting on mexico but is still shinning on Washington State. That does not happen

you are dummer then a retarded dog. out of all of the retarded claims you are trying to make, im just going to point out 1 retarded claim. "THE SUN". your maps that you made show the sun's light can go in one direction for thousands of mile while the other direction it only goes for hundreds of miles. what kind of bullshit are you going to use to explain how the suns bright rays go more then twice as far in some directions then it does in other directions? thats all, just answer one question. i feel bad for your parents. i can just see them now at parties."Hey Bob. how is your son doing" bob - "He is doing fantastic, he graduates med scholl in a few months, and how is your son doing?" your ashamed parents answer " My son is trying to proof the world is flat" bob - " excuse me" ashamed parents " Yes, my son is trying to proof the world is really flat" bob - "Im truly sorry to hear that. you and the Mrs. have always been good friends. i do not know of a good psychologist to recommend but i can ask around if you like?". ashamed parents - "its ok bob, we have come to terms that our son has the intelligence of a retarded dog"

Therefore repent and believe the good news of the gospel! Good news that you have a Savior who paid for your failures and wants to reconcile you with your heavenly Father, free of charge! Everything was charged to Jesus on the cross, you have free access to God through repentance.

+junlinar padon Jesus is building His church, that does not recognize denominational boundaries. The gospel message is the the good news that is being preached into all the world and it is the power of God to change lives. This change is manifested through changed behavior, changed life. You should not be worried about many churches because God allows this to happen, and it is by his sovereign will allowed. What you and I need to do is to align our lives to the truth we see written in the word of God. Jesus calls us to repent and believe that he only can save us from the wrath of God. Wrath that is poured on all sin. The Easter behind us reminds us of great sacrifice Jesus did for the sinners of the world. He lived his life perfectly and when he was to receive perfect reward for his life, he took mine and your sins and carried them to the cross. At the same time, reward for perfect life he lived is offered to you and me.

+Miroslav Rybar thanks but there is something in my mind that actualy i have understand that is the Lord God said and told that we are going to build his temple or his church .but when jesus christ came in he tells us that he is going to build his church so the fact is there is only one church .who build Jesus Christ..and that church is the true church come there are lots of people establish lots of foundation being declared there church name. and how can we all be a flock when there is so many churches now a days so worried about these .

+junlinar padon Dear Junlinar, there is only one true church that belongs to the Lord. God does not see church the way we look at it. The church is fellowship of the people who put their trust in the saving work of Christ on the cross. So that people who are true church will have radically changed lives (radically not fanatically). These people can come from all denominations, baptists, methodists, presbiterian... Groups of believers were formed on different practices and understanding of the scriptures, however, a lot of bad theology came out of that also. Now if you are asking me where the clearest and most biblical teaching is I would not like to go there like this, but I can tell you there are many good bible teachers that will show you where the truth is. You may want to note just a few like Steven Lawson, Paul Washer, John name just a few. Listen to these and you will not go stranded. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask...

+Miroslav Rybar what is the true church in this last days? there are many church founded and everyone says that they are the true and there are also said that there is no true. instead all you have to do is having faith to the lord. which is correct also but what about the church .the real church in the propecy in the bible that is choosen church .. beacuse you said that instead of debating globe or flat why we shouldnt debate for the truth which can save us from the disaster in the day of judgement

+Greg R I think he realize his mistakes and prefer to disconnect instead of recognizing it.

+junlinar padon I would suggest you to take your bible and read the gospel of John, carefully and slowly. After this a good one is 1st epistle of John and James. As you do this, pray so that God would show you how you need to react. I already told you that you must repent of your sins and reject them. Having faith for the sake of having faith is believing that your faith is the accomplishment that saves you. But it is Jesus who saves you, cry out to Jesus in repentance, reject your sinful life and cling to God. Hear this message from Paul Washer It made me understand just how big of a change God will do in your life when you really repent and forsake your sins.

+Miroslav Rybar so what should i do . with my faith .i have this faith but its lacking and making me no sense maybe i should select a good church can you recommend me a good one ....

I love the appeal for the "open mind"... Which means you want people to ignore existing evidence and replace it with a belief based on sets of claims that have no actual evidence.

Your mind only absorbes 1/2 of everything. Then you take that half & twist it with fake math, fake geometry, & made-up ideas based of not knowing how things work. You make them up but nothing works the way you say they do. Like saying this message is carried to you by a little bird

The reason the Sun appears to get bigger as it rises, or smaller as it sets, is the light of the sun is being defused by the shadow of the earth at the horizon. I watch these videos in hopes to understand this theory, but they always leave me scratching my head wondering who would buy into this.

Corion2121 Whatever it is, it's not genuine curiosity nor knowledge. Curious people get MORE interested when they are challenged, they don't run away. The incurious serve only thselves.

+Gra Ra5 blah blah blah. All talk. PUOSO. Lmao. It's obvious you don't even understand my question. Or how stars move. At all. And I already told you. I will answer any ridiculous question you ask. The numbers you posted were not my own. But I already told you I will post some things that are close. Sheesh relax. And where do you get the idea the sun should shrink by 50 % I never said that. Again not my numbers. Have you seen what I have said? And why don't you FIRST ADDRESS THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE VERY VIDEO ON WHICH YOU ARE POSTING. Lmao. But then you want to ask questions. Then ask me why I'm asking questions. You sound like a cheating desperate housewife.

Haha. You're promising me you can't understand how to address some simple evidence I presented originally, so you'll post some bullsh!t you can't understand enough to explain for yourself?? When that was exactly the point I was making! How will evading by posting claims about other topics explain the SPECIFIC point about the differing sun height measurements or the FACT the sun doesn't shrink by 50% from noon to horizon, Billy-Bob? And you still couldn't support any of your claim to this point in ANY of the threads? At this point I can only assume mental illness.

+Gra Ra5 wow the name calling. You sound very angry Copernicus Jr. What about the stars that move approx 50 arcseconds per year and the others that don't move at all from our perspective? What I meant by dark matter and dark energy btw wink wink. And that's your problem I don't know half the ppl you mention. Who is Skiba Rob Skiba? It does sound familiar but vaguely familiar with him at best. And as far as dubay I read some of his stuff and watched some of his videos as I do with all things. But stopped, and also take for a grain of salt every thing he says when I found out he was gnostic. Man you are so stereotypical stereotyping. You don't get it. Yahweh is my God. His Son is my teacher. I follow no man. Thanks for leaving me with that. I will look into your ridiculous numbers and post some of mine. You know if I fell like it. Since you've offered me nothing for my time and effort and I offered you 1 k. Hmm I wonder who's playing games and who's serious?

+Gra Ra5 lol only God has full knowledge of the erets. Why they call it a GEOID. OR EARTH SHAPED. YOU SHOULD LOOK THAT UP, AND WHY THEY CALL IT THAT. Little guy? What are you 7? Lmao. Dude you're a joke. I don't think you have the competence. Nor comprehension. I have already disproven the heliocentric model with what I have said. Several times. If you understood it. Just gave you a map to reference and everything that's more accurate than any globe you'll find. But at this point I'm pretty sure you're just a troll so it's ok. I understand it.

+Nunya Business  I have to do some things - but ill leave his with you till later: "where do you get 4000 and 7000" I SAID "rounghly" Your imbecile priests, like Skiba, think the sun is 3-4000 miles high (lets say 4k, to give you the full advantage). They derived this using the equinox (sun 90º above the equator, and a position at or half way from the equator to the n pole. That gives rounghly 3-4. You can deny that, and cry some more sh!t about "not knowing" stuff, domes, reflections and other garbage, but hat is an appeal o ignorance fallacy and can the be ignored. My argument is about the MEASURED POSITIONS during observation, not ANY OTHER ASPECTS. lets assume a flat Earth and you are at the equator on an equinox for simplicity - and as it moves 15º per hour, (equivalent distance of rotation ~1037.5 miles) if its above you at noon, it will be about 7,539 miles distance from your eye at 8 o' clock. (6391 miles measured from your point to under the sun on a circular path of 8293.8, radius 3,960). so 4 and 7 K are rough, but are perfect to show that numbers varying widely each way also require ~50% of angular reduction. Jackass.

+Gra Ra5 lol ok you ignore me and the evidence in this video as far as the light of the horizon setting with the sun, and I'll ignore you. Have a nice heliocentric life.

+Nunya Business See how you are apparently too incompetent to have measured or known the measurements of an object's position that you can see plainly (almost) EVERY day? The most crucial and SIMPLE to derive evidence pertaining to the geometry of the world around you. You cant seem to answer ANYHING little guy. And YET you you want to claim you have knowledge of the shape of the Earth? Can YOU not see how hilarious that is?

+Gra Ra5 lol. You should watch who you call a liar. You keep focusing on the sun and it's height. Yet ignoring everything I said about dark matter, dark energy, and the movement of every star and light including the sun from our perspective. That is truly laughable. But with Ra in your name I can see why you like to focus in the sun. LMAO. Just like Copernicus. Ok you want some numbers for the sun's exact height at certain times apparently. Don't have time for that I'm not your teacher but I will post some of the works of others. First you can look at Alex Gleason's map provides very good numbers. It's funny even your scientists have said the heights ie distances of the sun doesn't matter but I digress. Before you say I'm changing the subject for again daring to ask about the heliocentric model. LMAO.

+Nunya Business "and since you wouldn't take my original offer " I am here making you demonstrate you don't understand how to support any claims you make even at the MOST base level - and so your belief is based on total ignorance, ineptitude and self-indulgence. Let's also temporarily ignore the FACT you have no explanation for the obscuration by a horizon you observe in all your fantasies of measuring things, nor he height proportional dip to the horizon... I am ignoring ALL your attempts to try to derail - including all the hilarious promises and stories.

Nunya Business 4 minutes ago "I can support any claim I make. " Nope. You can't. As I am making you demonstrate. Again - for multiple posts, I have asked you to DO so, not insist you can and to change topics and prevaricate, like some clown. "What would you like to know. - What is it what logical question have you asked me I haven't answered. " I asked you o support ONE of your claims. That challenge is written in multiple posts including the one you just responded to. You seem oblivious to whats happening around you.

+Gra Ra5 and since you wouldn't take my original offer (guess it's over your head). We can even meet up at a lake. We can show up with video cameras binoculars telescopes square and compasses and you can show me the curvature and the math behind it. Or I can show you mine and the lack thereof.

+Nunya Business "And where do you get 4000 and 7000? Please explain that nonsense since apparently you understand "flat earth" math so well?" Haha. So, you are claiming you UNDERSTAND that the heliocentric model is incorrect. Now les see you lie again: Notice how you didn't CORRECT my numbers - but cried about them? This is a point about geometry and references. MEASUERMENT. The POSITION the sun is at can be measured using variety of tools. So as you are pretending yours is a position baed on KNOWLEDGE: Tell us the numbers for the sun height above the earth, and sunset, lets say at 8 o'clock, it's ground-distance, according to MEASUREMENT. So just give the two numbers. Don't talk about knowing what the sun is, or any reflections or other lies you can;t support with evidence. Lets see you FAIL to give the numbers you would get when a few of you in various positions MEASURE the sun as flat Earthers - because you are a liar.

+Gra Ra5 I can support any claim I make. Can you friend? Starting with what I said about dark matter and dark energy? Ok since you won't answer my question I'll answer yours if I'm able. What question, what is it. What. What would you like to know. The fact that you wouldn't take my offer I could call you so many things. So what. What is it what logical question have you asked me I haven't answered. I'm waiting. And btw I have many educations. The ultimate is from God.

Nunya You don't get to change topic, imbecile. I am challenging you to support YOUR OWN claims, in order to show people you are a liar with no evidence. EVERY post you confirm it, by evading. You are THAT stupid. The "sophomoric" comment is hilarious in light of this and the fact you demonstrate you have no education. Try again : Can you support any claim you made or are you lying and needing to change the topic under discussion: YOUR HONESTY.

And where do you get 4000 and 7000? Please explain that nonsense since apparently you understand "flat earth" math so well?

+Gra Ra5 I just told you or are you lacking reading comprehension. Lmao you are embarrassing yourself at this point. "Wimp". Your insults are as sophomoric as your "science". Again if you even comprehend what I said, put up or shut up. Answer the questions I asked you which you all never do because your can't, or I'm ending the convo. $100. $1000. Dark matter. Dark energy. Needed. Period. Stop wasting my time. PUOSU.

Nunya You have already been challenged, wimp. Still need to dodge offering up evidence for a single claim, by ranting out a new question? And you didn't forget to try your faggy little ad-hominems. What a great demonstration again: You don't and can't offer anything, therefore you are a dishonest liar. Try again. Where is your evidence or are you a liar?

+Gra Ra5 you know what Gra Ra's high priest evil grand wizard 3rd degree law of five fake master. Since you want to talk a big game. And obviously ignore all the things I and others say. You know, the very things you accuse me of... Let's put up or shut up. I'm going to offer your the same offer I offered another gentleman who's been

Nunya And if you really are that excessively dim witted to understand, saying the name of an object isn't an argument. You seem too stupid to realise you chose to accept your sh!t belief because you don't understand how adults use evidence to verify arguments and explanations to derive personal understanding. ...Demonstrated by your pitiful attempts to divert when you are asked to explain yourself. (Your last dodge about "revealing numbers" was too hilarious, what an imbecile) You very probably were brought up believing in magic and talking snakes... So think you can chise your reality like a child in a toy store. What you can support using evidence is an argument. Nothing else. That's why you are beaten so effortlessly.

Nunya See? Even when I point out the lack of supported argument you cant help but stoop to shovelling more of the same unsupported bullsh!t. All we have to do with you FEs is point this out, then sit back and watch you gibber you excuses and diversions. That's what you get for not having any technical education, base critical ability nor knowledge of any aspect you choose to lie about: garbage. Try again: the evidence for just ONE of your claims: Let's see you fail EVERY TIME you are challenged, Just to make sure there's no doubt.

+Gra Ra5 sigh dude. Salar de uyuni is game over. And your numbers are all off, sounds like bait to get me to reveal the real numbers. Which I'm not nor anyone else via a frickin YouTube comment section. So you all can stop asking. Enough holes have been poked in your heliocentric nonsense. I think you should address those. Take the plank out of your own eye before you try to take the speck of dust out of your brother's. Who am I quoting there, can you tell me without a Google search? But I bet you know just about every "law of Newton". And that, that is one of the primary problems with world today.

Corey Scott "It actually don't stay the" The 10 pixel change shots are less than one percent and consistent with minor atmospheric optical effects and measurement error. Other footage shows sun glare effects, hiding the edges of the sun. Other shots show this effect fluctuating. Your flat earth sun has to go from ~4000 miles overhead at noon to about 7000 at sunset... And that means you need nearly 50% angular diameter reduction. Actual measurements of the sun don't significantly change. That's why you can't produce any evidence. Game over.

+Corey Scott changes during it's stages in orbit about the earth?

+Corey Scott Love you bro. But don't bother Corey they will always come up with something to fit their philosophy if they so choose. When one understands what this is about, it's deeper than science. Quite frankly it's about turning Orthodox science into a religion. Which unfortunately they have quite successfully done. Unfortunately for them they will fail. Cuz God ain't dead. And He ain't Sleep like they like to pretend.

It actually don't stay the same size at all if you measure the diameter across! You can't look at it but if you use a special filter you could measure it when it is far & near..... & yes, the measurements do change when the Sun's distance changes!

Nunya See? Nothing. Just post after post of you crying about your feelings as an unskilled, undereducated layman, with some ad hominem distractions. Try again: Can you support a single claim you made in the thread with actual testable evidence or are you an ignorant, self obsessed liar promoting a dishonest belief system? (It's ok nunya, we know the answer, I'm just making you demonstrate the reality yourself for all reading)

+Gra Ra5 blah blah. Again the only one who can't support any of the claims they make are your lying embezzling scientists. Dark matter anyone? Lol mmm maybe dark energy. By the way why is ra in your name, is that who you serve?

Nunya Business I still don't see any measurements. This is another thread where you made claims and were unable to actually support any of them when challenged. And YOU are the one who keeps trying to turn the discourse towards people instead of the topic. What do you think that tells us about your belief?

+Greg R Don't flatter yourself child. The only thing you hurt is your perception as a decent human being capable of having intelligent conversations. And stop liking your own corny ass comments.

CHRON DOG805 You simply don't understand any of it, Chron. The earth doesn't move (It's roughly 1034mph, not 12,000) under you when you jump, because you were moving with it before you jumped. So that motion will carry on during your jump. It's called conservation of momentum. We learned this law at about 12 at my school and did experiments, tests and essays so we understood it for ourselves. The real giveaway that flat earthers dont understand anything is because their posts contain no usable information nor answers... Just stories, lists of questions and claims.

do not just take his word for get out there find out for your self. go on an airplane flight during the day. like I have for my self pay attention why you can see far out and see the groud. why is when you jump and the earth is pose to be roughly from 10,000 to 12,000 per hour. why do I not land in another spot hmmm. just my observations. oh yes when your on an airplane during the day. thee "earth cruve" does not allow see far with the "earth cruve". when I study architecture in college instructor giggle. he said there no earth formula for the earth cruve when planning some rail road track. instructor said silly fools. that just math work for an circle. bottom line get out there your self and prove us wrong. have fun an explore for your self. go to the south pole for your self and then to the north pole. tell us how it is like. do not forget to have today new paper to prove your your findings. no hard feeling y'all folks wink wink.

The prospective is all yours. Truth hurt is part of the denial. Well we can tell who paid attention in class. In theory if you shot an ball out of an cannon from an 9,000 feet plus in elevation. Ball is pose to go around thee earth in an circle for ever. I have shot an riffle at the elevation. bullet went down. Well here is another one what happens when you spin an wet ball? If you notice water spin off the wet ball. These are just first grade experiments from elementary school. Well all depends on your real world experiences and you preced the world around you. It is nothing to strain your brain on. no hard feelings. Well travel around the south pole for your self. then I want to see you hold uo an today new paper when you you find your discovery. then compare the north pole distance of thee circumference. look up up an general from the US from WWII what he has to say about the south pole. Yes I alway sat in front of the class to hear my teacher and instructor to hear them well-n-clear. to challenge them because most of the time I had to keep them on check. I would spend my times in the school library at lunch time. after school spend my time at the public library feeding my pea brain with info. This was the time when being outdoors riding your bicycle. not being inside playing video games. do not get me wrong I had videos games my self. just was boring to me since it was not real. so I would rather make an ramp an learn about something called gravity. what ever goes up an ramp must come down. or shut out into outer space if I was in an mountain. like the theory of the flying ball that go around the earth. send that one to mythbusters. peace outy y'all (you all) folks. no hard feelings wink wink. my teachers love for me to prove them wrong. just from another generation. we were taught about flat earth and the globe theory came around a one thousand years ago or so two. we were allowed to accept either one. follow the sun on an airplane. you find out like Emilia Earnheart flight, that why she was maybe to disappear. she found out the world is really like. the same thing happen to Charles Limberg, why you think his baby disappear? he knew something about thee earth some people did not want to know. No hard feelings wink wink.

Nunya Business "Yahweh is God. And He is not easily mocked" See? You're totally incapable of adult reasoning. You were told that crying about your superstitions makes you look like you have no real arguments, yet here you are. You, little mindless idiot, ARE very easily mocked. As I said, there was nothing you could do, because of your wilful ignorance. That blind arrogance and self obsession will always make you look cowardly and stupid. And I have to say, you yourself are an exceptionally good argument against flat earth, because of how awfully you portray the stupidity of the followers.

Nunya Still no personally confirmed numbers nor support of a single claim? Too funny. You have no idea what happened so you're back to cry. Nope: there are no measurements of the angular diameter in the video supporting your position. Remember? You were told. Flat Earth Math is a glober, who sets you guys up with methods that falsify flat earth. You were told. "AND BY HIS OWN WORDS HE NEVER SAYS..." Someone with a brain, after my hint, would have simply looked at his channel or his comments below that video. But rather than trying to problem solve, you decided to use the shit deduction based on ignorance of thar evidence. Another great demonstration. What you idiots do is look at ANYTHING and pretend it must support your batshit, but you cannot use understanding, because you're too craven to challenge your own beliefs. Intellectually, you are not men. I predicted you wouldn't manage a straight answer about YOUR "known" sun's height and distance at sunset because you have never examined the matter. I predicted you would throw links at me instead of demonstrating your own understanding. Look how you offered someone ELSE'S claim. Nope. 3,000 miles makes the numbers a little WORSE for your case. Trust you to f*ck that up too. You would not be able to explain your argument supporting ANY of your claims using actual knowledge and evidence. Look at the entire thread. A WALL of crying bullshit and you using change-topic fallacy to pretend you can ask a post-hoc question to dodge. Not ONE ANSWER. And you know it. You cowards are too scared to examine the arguments presented and to try to understand your own responses. That's a religious mechanism. Poor little baby.

Yahweh is God. And He is not easily mocked.

+Gra Ra5 With your incoherent typing ass.


Flat Earth Math is a Glober you fucking incompetent cretin. Trust you, Billy-Bob. Incest is BAD. So here you are, again, totally clueless and raging that your shitty dumb belief is right because you tell yourselves and each other ludicrous bullshit... "Knocked the fuck out?" I doubt you could figure how to knock one of your own three teeth out, you degenerate hog. His video is designed to help you poor uneducated freaks learn how the evidence falsifies FE. And others to see what gullible idiots you all are. And your "but ahm right because gahd!" Total entertainment. You're not right about ANYTHING because you can cry about you invisible beat-all superstitions. What a clown. But thanks. You couldn't possibly look more brain damaged than right now. And this will happen to you EVERY time. Dross like you don't offer ANYTHING to design, industry, human advancement, NOTHING... Parasites who need to lie to feel good. Because your sh!t belief is about your little insignificant dick! Hahaha.

+Gra Ra5 what are you talking about you liar? The video I sent you is called FLAT EARTH EXPERIMENTS. And that is your last time calling me out of my name because if you were in my face you'd get knocked the fuck out. You've proven you don't want to have a civil conversation about anything. Have a nice day.

+Gra Ra5 lol I looked up words. Your arrogance is amazing. God is the ultimate educator. You keep calling me things like liars this and uneducated that and still haven't made one coherent point. I feel like I'm arguing with a pmsing women over the seat being up. Watch the video I sent you. And have a nice day. If you are married I feel sorry for your wife. Always making the conversation about what you want to talk about. WATCH THE VIDEO I POSTED. AND OH YEA DARK MATTER. DARK ENERGY. 50 ARCSECONDS PER YEAR. GUESS I HAD TO LOOK THAT UP TOO HUH YOU CONDESCENDING TROLL. MAYBE I DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH. MAYBE I'M HAVING SOMEONE TRANSLATE FOR ME. LMAO. AND THIS GUY WANTS TO TALK AD HOMINEMS. *YAWN. YOU WILL LEARN ONE DAY. AGAIN VIDEO. DARK MATTER DARK ENERGY WHY ARE THEY NEEDED? $100. $1000 to solve it. The video I sent you enough addresses all your pathetic questions.

+Nunya Business "And here ya go little buddy. Since you're so obsessed with the sun." And here we have the imbecile's piece de resistance. You're here insisting you understand something yes? So you watched the video to it' conclusion, right? You offer the video to me because you KNOW it mathematically supports flat Earth? Yet: In it there are precisely ZERO comparisons of the sun's angular diameter... ONLY an explanation for measurement. Flat Earth Math - a normal evidence based heliocentrism accepter, states: at 16:58 "If your sun diameter is about the same, regardless of time of day - this supports the globe earth model." Yep: You posted an ANTI FE CHANNEL'S ANTI FE VIDEO. What a CRETIN. He knows when it is measured, it falsifies FE. Now, lets look at people measuring it: /watch?v=L5cuydmEFsE /watch?v=CFYT5nWI6_U Let's corroborate this and learn about the sun's position: /watch?v=5HgFT9Yu0JY You idiot.

+Nunya Business "I don't think you understand your own numbers." See how you had to say "THINK" instead of showing us? That's because you don't understand them - I actually showed how they are derived. We use math, because its TESTABLE evidence by all parties. Look how you revealed how dumb you are AGAIN by not simply testing them and showing us your method to reveal any flaw. LOL "You ppl are obsessed with the equinox and it's the end of April." LOL. There are two equinoxes. Your posts literally get funnier and funnier. "Why don't focus on what the sun is doing right now." Because as YOU WERE TOLD in the thread, equinoxes are when the sun is above the equator 90º. So you have a ready made right angle triangle for triangulation purposes. HAHAHA. So, MORE admission that you are a total fool. "I already told you I would look into your ridiculous numbers and compare them with my own. But since you not only didn't take my offer, didn't address anything in the video, and continue to be the little dick that you are. You're not even worth my time and can f off." Remember - I told you OVER AND OVER: I am here to make you show people you will refuse to answer because you cannot. I don't know how many times I can tell you thins without your mindlblowingly inept mind finally managing to understand this. Each time you tell me you won't answer - you CONFIRM my original post DAYS ago - that you are a liar. And here you are proudly doing it again. Maybe the 20th time. HAHAHAHA "And again if you want a working model of what I'm talking about LOOK AT ALEX GLEASON'S MAP. FOR THE LAST TIME. YOU ILLITERATE TROLL." HAHA. Telling me to look at a map isn;t an argument. You don't understand HOW to make an argument. "geometry, or angular momentum." Unfortunately, my decade plus of math and physics allow me to make a total imbecile out of you. "And btw you haven't mentioned anything about either yet." Wait... HAHAHAHA. You didn't realise the calculation results I showed you would require them? You SERIOUSLY made that post? "Just asking non sense about the sun at the equinox and filters. Which is astronomy" HAHAHAHA. "no idea how to respond. Says the guy who had admitted to NOT RESPONDING TO ANYTHING I SAID OR THE EVIDENCE IN THE VIDEO HE CHOOOOSE TO CLICK ON." Again: Im here humiliating you for your claims in the thread. I cant say it any clearer. LOOK HERE BUDDY, LEMME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU. EVERY DAY I WALK OUTSIDE I SEE NO MOVEMENT. THE BIRDS DON'T TELL ME, THE BEES DON'T TELL ME. THE ONUS IS ON YOOOOUUU" That's right. Crybaby can't answer - so for the 20th post he will try to pretend he asked me something so he can try to evade. "AND YOOOOOOOUUR SCIENTISTS TO LOGICALLY PROVE TO ME WITHOUT A BUNCH OF RIDICULOUS THEORIES WHY I SHOULD DENY MY SENSES" HAHAHA You don't deny them you imbecile. You make sure they are supported by measurements because like ALL humans, you cannot measure things with your eyes, and you make the same perception errors as all people. You UTTER mor0n. "AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT GOD CLEARLY TELLS ME IN HIS WORD." We STILL don't care how you feel about your mental illness, snowflake. "AGAIN PUOSU. WHICH YOU HAVEN'T. NOR CAN. YOUR SESQUIPEDALIAN LOQUACIOUSNESS IS SHOWING." You have angular propositions to address. You haven't even managed to tell me how high your sun is, nor how distant a sunset you blithering, snivelling coward. And AWESOME, that because you relies I am educated, you went on google to look up words you are unfamiliar with to make yourself look as if you know something.

And here ya go little buddy. Since you're so obsessed with the sun.


+Gra Ra5 lmao you sound like someone starved for attention. You don't know a thing about geometry, or angular momentum. And btw you haven't mentioned anything about either yet. Just asking non sense about the sun at the equinox and filters. Which is astronomy. Which again you have ducked my questions about. And please stop using that word. You ppl are funny. You couldn't teach a whore to give an STD.

+Gra Ra5 sure buddy. Way to try to make yourself look smart. I don't think you understand your own numbers. You ppl are obsessed with the equinox and it's the end of April. Why don't focus on what the sun is doing right now. I already told you I would look into your ridiculous numbers and compare them with my own. But since you not only didn't take my offer, didn't address anything in the video, and continue to be the little dick that you are. You're not even worth my time and can f off. And again if you want a working model of what I'm talking about LOOK AT ALEX GLEASON'S MAP. FOR THE LAST TIME. YOU ILLITERATE TROLL.

"And why don't you FIRST ADDRESS THE THINGS THAT ARE IN THE VERY VIDEO ON WHICH YOU ARE POSTING. Lmao. Bu" Because YOU made claims in a thread that you can't support nor explain. I'm now teaching you about the conservation of angular momentum, and deriving geometrical, logical proofs using trigonometry. Here's the spoiler: You have no clue how to respond, and I am exposing you in public for making claims you cant even understand JUST because you got conned that accepting the belief made you a good guy you are going to continue to cry about ANYTHING else you can think of to try to distract us. There's NOTHING you can do to change how you look, because I understand the evidence and you don't. So - either get used to how easily people can humiliate you for bullsh!tting, (and this is going to happen to you more and more) or try to learn about evidence and being honest.

Humpty "And where do you get the idea the sun should shrink by 50 % I never said that" Hilarious. You have no clue what an ignoramus you look at all, right? You have no clue what's going on, haha.

Numpty Another fail then. Yes, haha you think "blah blah" allows you discard arguments, what a child. I told you I was ignoring your prevarication, another example of your cognitive disability. You must work for mom and pop, right? I can't imagine you holding down A real job.

+Nunya Business  Here, out of pure chance I saw this, which is a fairy good demonstration, using geometrical evidence, of why FE sun explanations are utter, moronic sh!t. /watch?v=yrsaP7nBWt0 ENJOY! And don't forget, everyone reading can potentially see it and your laughable inability to refute it. But feel free to cry some more. ;-)

+Nunya Business "And everything I said about perihelion and aphelion proving your model doesn't work" LOL "Their globe defies everything about the known way lights, shadowing and physics works." Yet the model is derived from the physics. Duuuuhhhhrrrrp. "The lighting on a flat earth model works perfectly." Wow, can you CLAIM stuff you cannot support with any explanations nor evidence? AMAZING!!! I cant tell you how impressive that is. The moon is made of cheese, so the earth is flat. We can verify that EXACTLY, geometrically half of the earth is in light and darkness at any time. Your flat Earth sun would cast a circular propagation light. Half of a circle is a semicircle, not another circle. Your claims are so stupid it's breathtaking. "Unlike a globe. Light can only travel so far." Photons have no mass, and travel in one direction until they strike or are deflected by something. But the IMPORTANT thing is, you cannot quantify anything - and so we see your claim isn;t based on knowledge. " Asks your scientists how far the sun's light travels why we would have nighttime looking the exact same at perihelion and aphelion (the distance)." Hahaha. State that its the distance TO THE SUN on an elliptical orbit, retard. Like a grown up explaining terms. And DO EXPLAIN why you didn't bother to do the simple math that shows us the difference is 3.3%. Would doing the math make your claim look asinine and therefore you purposely don't? Can't you even describe what aspect of night you are claiming SHOULDN'T look the same? You cant even form ANY question coherently? See how in the entire thread there is no expressed UNDERSTANDING? You have make any supported arguments for anything - you just ASK why things aren't a certain way that you cannot even frame intelligently. We MODEL the orbits and make 100% successful predictions about position, speeds, vectors and angular measurements. What are the chances it "doesn't work" with a 100% observed match, f*ckwit?  Why do you think saying you "proved something" means you proved something?

+Nunya Business "Should we start talking about the ANGULAR DIAMETER of how far the sun and various stars move every year" I said your posts get more and more desperate and stupid... and you don't disappoint. HAHAHA. That sentence shows just how totally full of asinine shit you are. The "angular diameter of how far"... I mean... words fail. I'll just say it again: In your link as a "response" to me telling you the angular diameter of the sun doesn't change, there are ZERO measurements of angular diameter. So the link doesn't support your ignorant belief. Each time you cry, I will remind you. " IF YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE IS SAYING YOU WOULD REALIZE HE IS DEBUNKING THE GLOBE. " Funny how you make claim as if you actually understand, or can explain why for yourself, no? This is from the comments below your video: //Flat Earth Math If you don't know math or physics, and aren't willing to do the legwork on the 200 proofs, then many do, at first blush, kinda make sense. But they simply don't withstand scrutiny. But you can see how the less-educated and the more-susceptible to conspiracy you are, you'll latch onto those suckers like they're gold. FE gold! :-)// There: FEM talking about you dishonest, stupid c*nts. I guess you will pretend to yourself it means the opposite to protect your snowflake feelings, right? He is a VERY well known globe evidence presenter. ALL FEs who interact with him know this. The fact you haven't got the balls to accept this FACT, even though it's not arguable is simply more evidence of your demented cowardice. You have no idea what logic is. Not a clue. Go and at LEAST look up what a diameter is you uneducated f*cking imbecile. You are a total cretin and its hilarious.

Blah blah blah you rattle off posts that have nothing but childish lame name calling then want to talk about numbers when someone threatens to beat that ass. And then you call every rebuttal “crying”. How mature. Fuck off dude. I guess THE EXCELLENT OVER YOUR HEAD POINTS I BROUGHT UP ABOUT DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY IS CRYING. Again, you are a pussy to the tenth power. A pussy with no actual knowledge at that. A sad way to go through life. No balls. And no Wisdom. And I USED FLAT EARTH MATH'S OWN COMMENT FROM ANOTHER VIDEO. AND IF YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE IS SAYING YOU WOULD REALIZE HE IS DEBUNKING THE GLOBE. OBVIOUSLY. OR DID YOU NOT READ THE COMMENTS, OR FURTHER INVESTIGATE? I USED HIS LINK BECAUSE THAT SEEMED TO BEST ADDRESS WHAT YOU WERE ASKING ME? I DON'T HAVE NOTES ON ALL THAT YET. MAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT THAT UNLIKE YOU. YOU DIDN'T ASK ME WHAT I DO HAVE NOTES ON AND IGNORED EVERY POINT I MADE ADMITTEDLY SO TO ATTEMPT TO PROVE YOUR WEAK BIASED POINT. *Yawn to you too. The fact that you ppl think you are making points is beyond laughable. It's sad really. And fyi I argue with fellow Christians probably more than anyone else about the "flat earth". Shows how deep the deception goes. Just another one of your ridiculous theories debunked. As I did with dark matter. Dark energy. And everything I said about perihelion and aphelion proving your model doesn't work. Not to mention salar de uyuni who will gart is still over there trying to wrap his... "special" mind around. And you keep talking angular diameter this angular diameter that. ANGULAR DIAMETER does not matter as much as you seem to think it does for what you think it does unless we are assuming the sun is 93 mill miles away. Funny you want to focus on ANGULAR DIAMETER but continuously ignore my very points about the way stars move and their “angular distance” per year from the first point of Ares. Earth’s eccentricity again 50 arcseconds per year. Should we start talking about the ANGULAR DIAMETER of how far the sun and various stars move every year after the equinox and the sun’s return to the “first point of ares”?

CHRON DOG805 - I did not understand a single word of that gibberish. Would you please translate it into English.

Is incredulity, ignorance and a small closed, uneducated mind a good reason to believe anything? So let’s have some real science and measurements shall we? How about telling us the angular size of the sun throughout the day? You need a sun filter and a proper device to measure the sun’s angular size. You do have one, don’t you? And how far away were the most distance aircraft? You did measure that didn’t you? You have made one ignorant, duplicitous asserting after another. If you were charging money for this I would be seeing you in court.

The sun's angular size remains the same no matter where it is in the sky. Case closed. The end.

Only a programmed fool could still believe the earth is a rock wrapped in water spinning through a vacuum traveling millions of miles an hour.

Its flat. And it's gorgeous.

When you show the sun on the horizon from space ; if the world were flat you would see the horizon fade from one side to the other as the sun traversed the edge. This you do not see. However, it is curious if the sun changes in size..... Perhaps because you are looking at the sun through a greater or lesser degree of atmosphere, I.e, look straight up on a clear day and the sky is blue, but look across and it is hazey. Please could you explain why at the equator your shadow is almost nonexistent? In my mind for this to happen you would have to be at the edge of the disk.

You belong in a mental institute.......

Come on ! Put a bloody filter and you will notice no change in size.

Of course we don’t see the sun set like it does from the ISS you moron! We’re looking through miles of atmosphere.

The observed suns motion, vector and velocity across our sky DOES NOT work on your imaginary flat earth. The sun rising is NOT perspective. The sun does NOT change its angular size. And the sun moves 15 degrees per hour on our spherical CANNOT do this on a flat earth. You fail miserably.

Several scientist did a thorough 7 year experiment test to prove if the earth is a globe or flat, they were dumbfounded to discover it is stationary there is no gravity and there is no curvature - check it out before it is removed, I had trouble finding it.

You need a frontal lobotomy......

+Big Dog I do use my brain and that is why there is no such thing as this myth of a flat earth

Dude. Usw your brain for once instead of referring to the brain wash files.

Lol. Ignorance is bliss I know.

Big Dog "Do you realize the size of the circuit the sun follows." Yes. Using trig and geometry we can calculate angles to create logical evidence we can use to test and falsify claims. "It sets in the west because that's the direction it goes." A circular path is west according to the position of the object moving to the origin of the circle. But not to someone observing from a fixed point. The position of the sun would be seen to move to the north as it recedes. "I have no idea what you're supposed issue with that is." That's because you won't calculate and examine evidence in case you endanger your belief.

Do you realize the size of the circuit the sun follows. It sets in the west because that's the direction it goes. I have no idea what you're supposed issue with that is.

Funny. They are responding less and less to evidence and argument...

Are you new to this topic? If so watch flat earth debate it’s on daily they do a good job of explaining it with science not the pseudoscience bull shit the ballers use! I don’t know if you ever heard of this but look in to how you can have gas pressure without a container next to a vacuum??

I think the movement of the sun in your own video proves that we live on a globe.. you just debunked your own theory... hilarious....

If you can't see the sun with the naked eye then zooming in won't help one shitty itty bitty. Light is light.

My God, 19 minutes of utter nonsense! Showing ALL numerous sunsets without using a solar filter. Quite obviously trying to hide the undeniable fact that the sun's angular size never changes during the day, as that would debunk this whole video's "proof". And... "the sun's circular circuit"?!?! Hilarious!

Actually, I see the sun seems to be bigger when setting ot rising. And it looks really red, not white bright as at noon. I live in south east Asia and next to ocean.

You actually dumb.. if you think that's how people think or your paid to say the dumbest things either way go back to you hole were you arnt lied too.. or maybe you know it's a lie but dont mind looking thicker than yogurt either way go suck a big loads of ass

Everyone please stop. Every natural phenomenon can be explained, every optical illusion can be explained. Smart people can't answer every question in the YouTube comments. Research and use a scientific method not someone's opinion on YouTube who drops a few $5 words. If you REALLY have done some research, you can see how this flat earth stuff is crazy. It's just a poor understanding of how the world works..... literally. Let's see the intelligent argument below.....

This dude is an idiot


Great info! Flat earth is the biggest conspiracy

Ha ha, I like your graphic of the Sun moving in a circle above the flat Earth. First off, it can be easily demonstrated that at any given time half the Earth is in the light and the other half is in the dark. There's not just a circle of light like this. Further, the Sun's path moves North in the Summer. So even if your spotlight Sun could light half the Earth (there's no way it can), it would have to change during different Seasons. Moreover, what forces are making the Sun move this way? You know, in the standard model, the only forces required to explain the movement are gravity and inertia, both of which can easily be demonstrated right here on the surface of Earth. So what test can I do to prove the forces for your model are real? On top of that, I can easily see the Sun fall below the horizon when it sets. This was most visible when I lived in Southern California and watched the Sun set over the ocean. One could clearly see it fall below the horizon, just as you can easily see this as ships move off in the distance. I've heard flat Earthers say if you could zoom in, you'd see that it's still all there. But this only shows they don't understand what zooming in means. There is no instance where zooming in changes a half circle to a full circle. And why can't I see mount Everest with a telescope? And why do the stars rotate in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? And that's not even getting into the absurdity of this grand conspiracy going on for thousands of years, involved tens of thousands of people. There are no possible gains that could outweigh the cost of maintaining this secret. It makes absolutely no sense. Finally, your explanation of perspective lines diverging after the vanishing point only shows that you don't understand what the vanishing point is. As the name suggests, it is the point at which you cannot see any more even with a clear line of site. Perhaps read a book or something? And in addition, oh, sorry, I forgot I was talking to a flat Earther. All of this will either go over their head or will just run so counter to their paranoid fantasies about those in power trying to deceive them that they just can't bring themselves to see what science sees. Just sayin'.

Very nice videos and narrative.

The amount of globe folks in here with nothing better to do than troll lol.....some lives are needed, what a waste of ur time people!

Not even close to providing a shred of evidence, or anything near a functional model of a flat earth that would explain all of what we see in reality. But good luck selling your t-shirts. If I ever see anyone wearing one, I'll know not to stand too close.

Once the sun has “set” you should be able to still see it with a telescope or the flerfs favourite tool, the amazing P1000. But you can’t!!

...or literally 99% + of the human population, including every scientist on earth. You know, the people who do all the experiments and observations and have to submit their findings so that other scientists can try to prove them wrong. They spend their entire professional lives doing that work. Science isn't programming. It produces actual results, unlike every flerfer.

Who told you the earth was flat? YouTube idiots and conmen.

Goddamnit how many times do I have to tell you dumbass people?, The Earth is a sphere Get over it


This is a repost i watched 2 yrs ago.

How are you people still buying this crap? The earth is round you tards. The cia is stupid.

If the Earth is flat then why does the sun go below the horizon when it sets why doesn't it continue off into the distance above the Horizon until we can't see it. Why do land masses such as Antarctica and Iceland get different amounts of sunlight during different parts of the year how is it at the North Pole they receive 23 hours of daylight or 23 hours of Darkness during summer or winter while the rest of us still get approximately 11 hours

To all the flat Earthers out there, you wanna believe the Earth is flat that's your individual business, I just ask that you never misrepresent the Bible as it absolutely does not preach a flat Earth but rather is silent on the issue.

+Freddie Kinkton a circle is a theoretical 2 dimensional object that doesn't exist in our non 2D reality. Whether the verse is referencing a sphere, a disc, or something else is purposely not definitive and to claim it is definitive is to misrepresent the Bible.

Oh but you must know what I’m talking about or have you not researched for yourself? Isaiah 40:22. Don’t tell me how to interpret my bible and I won’t tell you .

+Freddie Kinkton I never said the Bible says globe, try reading comments before you reply to them.

Mr. Smetch The Bible is up for interpretation and don’t go acting all holier than thou cause you think the Bible says globe when it really says circle.

Can you prove you video with maths? Or you relied on what you see only?

If the sun was over flat earth, it will illuminate the entire planet at de time. Light doesn't stop by an imaginary line. It doesn't have an humbrela above it like a lamp to focus light.

Summary: How the sun works on the flat earth = It doesn't, because the Earth isn't F-ing FLAT!

Stupidity has none cure

Nice videos of the sun but they prove nothing. If those cameras had solar filters you would see that the sun never changes its angular size. The sun's glare is hidden by the dense atmosphere at the horizon. So, the higher it rises over the less dense atmosphere, the more glare we see and the lower it sets over the dense atmosphere, the less glare we see. From the ground, the atmosphere scatters the light which is why it looks different from space where there is no discernible atmosphere.

What's the difference between a flattard and a downy?

So how do you explain tides? A tiny sun and moon held up god knows how couldn't provide the gravitational attraction to give us our tides, including of course the spring tides. Your interpretation of the time lapse video is also a pile of piggy poo. Clouds and PARALLEL sun beams are what you see, it's your favourite Perspective, but this time real perspective, that's why you didn't think of it, you didn't need it for a fiddle factor.

Türkiye adana dan izlendi merhaba teşekkürler

Just here for the sub 50 iq comments of the flatearthers xD

Jet trails?... Lol keep researching truth. they are spraying us in this enclosed system and they are called CHEMtrails

Sure! Your unsupported belief is so important. Tell us how important you and the belief are.

so how far away is the sun ? , and how fast does it move when its closer to alaska , it would have to increase to almost twice as fast when closer to antartica ( wintertime in north america )according to your images at 4:38

+GamerTamer I was honestly asking , in flat earth theory , how far is it , and in his model the earth sped up to cover more distance in north american winter time , just asking for his data

nice globe debunk

once the son has set you should still be able to see it? hahahahahah are you retarded?

Everyhing he shows proves the earth is a globe, yet he still says the Opposite. It's like listening to the Jostiband...

Ik hou van de flattards, je lacht je kapot van binnen. Het is dezelfde intelligentie als een hond die zijn eigen staart aanvalt, omdat hij niet snapt dat die aan hem vast zit...

Is incredulity, ignorance and a small closed, uneducated mind a good reason to believe anything? So let’s have some real science and measurements shall we? How about telling us the angular size of the sun throughout the day? You need a sun filter and a proper device to measure the sun’s angular size. You do have one, don’t you? And how far away were the most distance aircraft? You did measure that didn’t you? You have made one ignorant, duplicitous assertion after another. If you were charging money for this I would be seeing you in court.

+utube4use " I IS not an illusion to me at all." Of course. That's why its an illusion. Illusions are the result of perception errors. Escher's stairs look like they start where they end. That doesn't matter to anyone. Your inability to back the claim with evidence like measurement is all that matters. Look how you didn't even try. You obviously like to belief in stuff, rather than use evidence.

+Gra Ra5 yes, It seems/looks bigger than I see it at some time near noon ... and it DOES piece by piece (part by part: I see the tip, then the top then a quarter, then a half, then three quarter, the whole, exactly the way you pull a dish out of a drawer and you see part by part of the dish appear to you) appear from the ocean line (horizon). I IS not an illusion to me at all.

+utube4use "Seems". This is a well known illusion. Let's use the FEs evidence, as in the end it ALL falsifies FE:" Videos from Skiba etc. show us they can only find size changes of a few pixels at extreme zoom as the sun approaches the horizon. And these can be attributed to measurement error, fuzzy edges etc.

GamerTamer to whom are you referring?

you just got schooled and can't admit it hahahahaha

and there was a time you actually believed in those things and more retarded claims like the globe because you're retarded

+Dirkardo StEvergreen have your mind so open the wind can blow between your ears.. that's when you know you're woke enough for flat earth.

+sammmas And without a solar filter.

Notice how every video of the sun getting larger as it approaches is filmed when there is heavy fog or moisture in the air blocking the sun? How do you explain footage from a clear day where the sun is clearly the same size as it is cut in half by the horizon?

Everything you show links for are false. It's all a lie. The earth is not flat. The claim is rediculous.

Open your mind all the way until your brain falls out ...

Fuck the open mind shit,you should have stayed in class and LEARNED the reality of our WORLD

This video is easy to debunk. You almost do it yourself.

Your observations of a sunset from space are laughable. You cannot compare direct, unfiltered rays to those that are diffused as they pass through the Earth's atmosphere. I also very much enjoyed the shots where the setting sun illuminates the UNDERSIDE of the clouds. Thanks for proving the curve.

I remember how the sun used to act. This is a very strange place. (Mandela Effect)

Ahhh I get it now. As the sun goes over the horizon, it SHOULD illuminate the ENTIRE horizon equally across the ENTIRE horizon, but it DOES NOT! It shrinks as the light closes inward. The more I see, the more things make sense. Oh and for those still thinking the towers at Ponchatrain show a curved earth, then my granite table top is curved too...nope - but perspective and vanishing point make you see a curve.

How do seasons happen on a FE? It makes sense with the tilted globe and the Earth's movement around the sun, it's a beautiful ballet. Dosent make any sense on a FE model. #showtheedge

It doesn't work

The conditioning is too powerful to overcome for most people

At 4 min see the curve

There is no one who can show the sun on a flat earth. It does not work guys, t sun rises and sets, goes up and goes down

A question for the author of this video. What keeps the sun afloat in the sky ? What force drives in its alledged circular path ?? And the moon ?

Bottom line: Flat Earthers are not interested in the truth nor the methods used to obtain the truth. They are only interested in feeling special with their delusions of denying something that the rest of civilized society has already known as fact for thousands of years.

For all you balltards who trust your goverment, they are the ones who told you that you live on a ball, it wasn't anyone else. Enjoy↓

Flat earth era are just retards

1, How do you explain the 6 months in constant darkness or sunlight for some parts of the planet? 2, When the super battleships of WW2 were built, one of the problems they had was how to hit another ship that they couldn't see due to it being "over" the horizon? 3, All of the video shows horizons, how do you have horizons on a flat plain? 4, The plane trails you show were fake just to try an prove a point, when in reality, planes do not travel constantly in a direct path! 5, Stars do change position slightly in the night sky, who does this for you on your flat earth? 6, If the earth was the size of a billiard ball, it would smoother than an actual billiard ball. So how big is the flat earth in your reality? That'll do for now I think......

+BadGoy A simple happy birthday would've done instead of shit for brains! Instead of insults, why not answer my questions. Surely that could be easier. All I'm asking for are answers, not debate. I'll agree with anyone who can actually prove the flat earth.

Eds Bike & Camping Shed Shit for brains, show us some real pictures of Earth from space, good luck. There should be hundreds of thousands of them by now, so let's see what you can find. Have you ever seen the curve, or only been told about it?

How do you explain winter over the north pole when it is in darkness?

The only thing it proves is you are a retard. Plain and simple.

Flat earthers are fucking idiots

Ooo guess what happens when I put my fucking hand in front of a fucking flashlight.. ooo the light disappears.. ooo guess what happens when I put that smae flashlight on the other side of a fucking ball.. the light disappears.. ooo and guess what happened on a frisbee .. nothing the whole disk is always lit. You're a total dumb mother fucking idiot.

Wow is this dude a total cum guzzling total idiot? Jesus H... man how can people be this fucking dumb.

As you said perspective the sun is not where we see it. We just see a reflection off of the firmament and the same action that causes gravity also produces the energy for the Sun. Northern Lights also caused from that same energy. I believe that they're spraying of the Skies has interfere with the operation. Good evidence is air pressure impossible to have a vacuum next to air pressure without an exchange. Another good evidence is personal watercraft anti-collision radar can see over 70 miles six feet off the water. Other good information such as Doppler radar lot more powerful can see a hundred fifty miles 50 feet above the land. This can be checked on the website for an island Bermuda was the one I used they have a 250 kilowatt burst Doppler radar system that measures moving between 50 and 100 above sea level.

Right off the bat you said the sun was almost a billion miles in diameter and 3 million miles in circumference.........well idk how math works on a flat earth but here on this planet the circumference of a sphere or a circle is greater than the diameter so I don’t understand how you went from almost a billion to only 3 million. Must be that flat earth math?

I never noticed the suns angular size changing, not once so how does that work with your perspective analogy?

This pretty much sums up my thoughts on this video.. :)

Thanks new sub dont know how you do it so many peoppe with that low globe energy

Why doesn't the sun change in angular size throughout the day?

Stupidity doesn't make it so.

You're completely wrong. The sun is not close or a spot light. To believe in a flat earth you must close your eyes to the observations we make every day. Flat earth has very many problems that will never be overcome. The suns angular size is the same all day long. This would not happen on a flat earth. The sun cannot set on a flat earth. It could be seen from everywhere on earth all the time. Flat earth is a delusion for the gullible .

It’s a conspiracy theory tailor made for uneducated morons

how come people in china cant see the sun when its high noon here in the usa?

Lol.the fact that people really believe this shit saddens me.the pure ignorance is insanity.

Michael James Keating I _do_ agree with you - this silly crap is symptomatic of a wider trend in anti-science paranoia. I suspect on one hand it’s a knee jerk reaction to fear of climate change but also due to a growing world wide disillusionment with government authority.

+Dirkardo StEvergreen Nonsense it certainly is, but I can't help seeing a bigger darker picture!

Michael James Keating or, in a perfect world, we would all just treat it like the ignorant nonsense that it is, ignore it and stop giving these people attention!

I think this highlights a bigger problem, the increasing anti science, anti intelectual movement that is systematically dumbing down the world. The world of Idiocracy will soon be upon quicker than we realize if this nonsense remains unchecked.

The heroes of the globers ........... LOL !!! ............

Also, if the sun were moving around us, the light would blue and red shift based on time of day.

Dude, the sun wouldn't "set" if you're model were correct. It would just get smaller as it got further away. It most certainly would NOT stay the same size to the horizon.

Jayk Roach on a scale of 9 to 10, how much of an idiot would you say you are?

Did you even watch? There’s multiple clips of its size Changing and you can find more

Ha ha ha.... Oh wait, you're serious? HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No , you’re wrong and you’re stupid. You can’t just apply your space ball loving logic you were told when looking into a different paradigm. You aren’t even looking into it. You just wanna say ‘No!!!!!’. You also probably think you can debunk it but you won’t actually pay attention to the proofs and you’re likely not even mentally prepared or skilled enough to understand. If the globe was real and so easily proven, this debate would have died long ago...It’s only been silenced since the 80’s until 5 years ago. Before the 80’s it was silenced in the 60’s. Before then, the 30’s. Before then, all of 1800’s. It so happens that the globe paradigm evolution explosion from nothing that created everything in infinite space is a rather new thing which has made men very rich with power and sources, controlled social values and enslaved everyone because most don’t know what they are therefore won’t stand for anything of value in this realm. ‘Me me me yolo I’m a monkey man mmm McDonald’s and baaaaahhhh trumppppp CNN, “Science “!(when most of you don’t even know what science actually is),NASA! Woooo! ‘ Like a bunch of bud drinking rednecks praising cars going in a circle.

Well flerfs are alot smarter than a carrot but not quite as smart as a chicken. I surprised they don't cluck.

+BadGoy you are part of the club too I believe

gallido Enjoy, globetard

+69NOMAN69 noman ie trolling. Lmao

its not trolling its pointing out you flateathers are retarded

SpaceGhost 4k that’s an assumption on your part whilst using your indoctrinated ideas behind it. You have to drop the space fantasy .

Dog Gonnit that’s a just show of shit understanding of light, atmospheric conditions and perspective.

+SpaceGhost 4k because clearly there are no water molecules or dirt molecules in the air we see through. Please do some research before you spout ignorant statements

A light as bright as the sun several thousand miles in altitude could easily be seen anywhere on a flat earth. Perspective has nothing to do with it. Light doesn't just stop for no reason and the sun doesn't have a lampshade.

It's called perspective. You're eyes and cameras can only see so far. You can see this by going under water with the sun directly above you. You will get to a point where you can no longer see the sun.

Jayk Roach more word salad... that’s all you flattards can do... word salad... Hahahaha.. I’m done with you now... away and find more conspiracy theories... hahaha...

Terry Dray Here you are trying to maintain the mainstream laugh at “flattards” while you complained about me using names?? You are a surely a dipshit, you even had to edit that piece of shit child blabber! Bahaha! Get real FOOOOHL!

Terry Dray That’s all you got? There plenty of evidence, you’re just to dull to see past your trained mind. You are a joke dude. You can’t debate, you have no debate, and that is why your last comment was a weak white flag.What a joke. Star Wars will never be real. Sorry. Go learn what real science is and how to debate. Semantics only go so far in covering the lack of depth you hold.

+Jayk Roach hahahahahaha..... and the world is flat... hahahahahaha.... I don't have to defend anything... it's all you flattards that are making the "argument" but you have no evidence = no proof... hahahaha... you just don't get it, you are all a laughing stock thoughout the world, or should I say, around the world... hahahahahaha

Your “argument” was complaining about my name, about what I said and trying to label me. Actually you didn’t even have an argument, all you did was complain and try to defend your fragile ego. You didn’t mention anything about the actual subject. Go figure.

Terry Dray First off space ball loving mainstream consensus following turd, This guy said flattards, so shut up about that shit.What are you? A whiny SJW college kid? So... I will use your very own cult tactics against you fools yes. Grow some balls. So many of you space ball lovers act like people looking into flat earth and giving proofs are retarded and use ad hominem attacks constantly. It’s truly quite STUPID to believe you are stuck to a ball that is spinning and orbiting in many directions at speeds no man can even fathom. It’s pronounced Jayk(Jake) Roach(Roach) , is that really hard? I mean, it’s less syllables than yours...? Word salad? I got some word salad for you, got your moms dressing on it too...(wonder if you’ll even get the joke here-?) Ooof... To understand conspiracies you must have critical faculties to work with. MOST simply do not. They are completely indoctrinated and trained by the Carnies at NASA and Hollywood, they are told by talking heads on news channels and ‘Science’ priests like NDT and Bill Nye what their observations mean. They’ve never contemplated their reality before it was a thing on YouTube and now they think they have a place in the debate without actually fucking researching or having any mental experience on the matters. Sure, anyone can be a “conspiracy theorist” that watches history channel alien videos and goes “wooooaaahhh trippy” , that’s what most people think of people that research actual conspiracies. The term “conspiracy theorist “ was coined by the CIA after the JFK assassination to be parroted by the media and public to silence independent researchers. Now it’s about 90% of the population doesn’t believe the mainstream narrative of the incident. So where does that leave that term? On everyone? You cannot properly research with the common programmed mind of the masses. No I do not believe in any religion or false idols, I have created and own my own experience. Ya turd. Frail attempts to stand ground and make a laugh. But sometimes people think I’m Jesus.. Do you actually believe you came from monkeys that came from retarded fish and gay cells that came from water for no reason that somehow came from an explosion, yes, a creationary explosion from nothing????? Explosions can create? You believe in a model based off two unproven theories. 1-The Big Bang 2-Gravity You ACTUALLY BELIEVE in a model based off of theories and calculations made to account faulty observations. Hey guess what guys, we have new technology that allows for more TRUE observations.Time to progress humanity folks. Because of the sleeping sheeples like you, the world is enslaved and humanity is being brought down. You’ve been trained to believe flat earth is such a stupid idea and only stupid people and ignorant natives a long time ago thought the earth was flat. When in reality , it’s rather complex and perfect. Most of you people have no experience with philosophy so you do not know how to actually ‘think’. Most of you do not understand perspective so you do not actually understand what you are observing, they don’t teach it in science even though it governs our observations. Most of yous peeeepelllls do not understand how magnetism works or how light works, or electricity for that matter. Unlike you just commenting and complaining, I have dropped proof and perspective. So, what do you want to debate?

Jayk Roach, and there you have it... when people don’t have the answer they revert to insults... and this guy Jayk (how the hell do you pronounce that word salad of a name) reverts to insults... so his argument (I use the word loosely) is gone... hey Jayk, try debating without insults mate... You see.. these people are desperate to stand out of the crowd. They don’t realise that they are insignificant, they mean nothing in the universe. So they try and be different, but they have no expertise or talent in anything, but then you don’t have to be an expert or talented to be a conspiracist... I bet that Jayk beliefs in god and the saviour Jesus?!?!?

SpaceGhost 4k Also, you silly sleeping sheeple, you were given a model based off calculations. You BELIEVE that, but a different ‘model’ based of actual scientific observations, measurements and calculations is a no go? You turds always say we don’t have a working model. Science isn’t about a fucking working model. It’s about empirical measurable evidence, which the globe has not. You’ve been trained by Freemasons FOOOOH.

SpaceGhost 4k Here you go you silly idiot space ball defender. Btw, Star Wars will never be real. You are going by what you were told observations are. You see, on a spherical earth with a huge sun far away, the sunset light(terminator line) would be all across the western horizon, not just around the sun. Most people DO NOT understand perspective or how light actually works. But here ya go bud. Can you give a REAL video showing curvature? Real aka no NASA, no fisheye....We will wait. We have loads of videos with no curvature.

+BadGoy No...they observed reality.

Terry Dray Every high level freemason and president from kennedy going back posed with globes in the back ground, know why? They were programming the masses

+Jayk Roach All observations show a spherical earth. Sunsets and a horizon alone prove the earth is not flat. I'm waiting for flatards to show their evidence and why they have no working model for what they believe. Guess it will be a long wait.

SpaceGhost 4k Still waiting

+Jayk Roach I think we can

Terry Dray Yet you turds can’t note the observations to prove what you ‘think’.

Flatards often debunk themselves.

Mike Jansen All you know is what your goverment taught you

+GamerTamer Schooled ? Flatards can't school anyone.

Go to a beach and look at the flat water and horizontal horizon

Frank Williams "Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned physics. I’m operating in the world of natural science" OK. So you have a term you call your belief. Real science doesn't state in any theory based on a few centuries of investigation, that "water lies flat". " and real world observations. Water always lies flat and takes the shape of its container." What it will tell you, and the principles of fluids dynamics are applied in industry... Water is subject to force like all matter. Clouds aren't flat for instance. And dynamic maps of the tides are observed to show the sea deviates from the geoid always. "Horizons are horizontal and it’s called an airplane not an air sphere. Sometimes we get lost trying to prove false axioms with complicated equations when the truth is simple and obvious" Everything requires evidence in science. That's why we don't use semantic fallacy. Many terms were created before modern science educated us to the real nature of many things. It's also why we don't need to trust people when we apply personal testing to the evidence to derive understanding. And whilst Occam's razor is a valid principle, we need a grown up explanation using science before we apply it. Real science has a product. A use and a value to others. Ideas that only serve a belief can never earn the designation, and that's a great way to appraise any claims. Can we use your claimed knowledge to improve any existing intellectual or industrial process? Can you improve our calculations?

Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned physics. I’m operating in the world of natural science and real world observations. Water always lies flat and takes the shape of its container. Horizons are horizontal and it’s called an airplane not an air sphere. Sometimes we get lost trying to prove false axioms with complicated equations when the truth is simple and obvious. ✌️

+Frank Williams "The laws of physics says water lays flat" Now find us the formulas and show it's part of theory. That's a challenge. I studied physics so dont tell me to go look or tha you're not here to teach. You can support your claims like an adult, right?

The laws of physics says water lays flat

Sure it's easier to cover your flat earth sun argument lie with the sun's glare, apart from EVERYTHING being wrong with your claims. Try to do same video with the full moon.

It start down and arcs up ... but whatever

1:19 first problem. In the real world exactly half the earth is lit at all times (you said that yourself). Your animation has something like two - thirds in darkness all the time. Secondly the day-night dividing line in the real world is a straight line. Yours is curved into a circle. Didn’t make it very far before contradicting reality did you? 1:45 you claim the sun follows a curved path above the earth. For those who have the sun directly overhead (e.g. twice a year at the equator during the equinox, also twice a year for everyone between the tropics) the sun goes in a straight line. Exactly straight. Impossible on your model. 2:50 I see the area illuminated by your “local” sun has changed shape. Not a circle, now it’s more or less a semi-circle. Except according to your animation it keeps changing shape - sometimes a straight edge, sometimes concave, sometimes convex. Of course it would need to do this to explain seasons. In the immortal words of CHL, does your sun have a lampshade that changes shape? 5:35 notice the sunlight illuminating the underside of the clouds? You can argue all the perspective you like, but how does sunlight coming from 3000 miles up, end up angled upwards like that? 6:20 - the sun doesn’t go below the horizon because Alaska isn’t at the centre of the circle? On your map NO-ONE is at the centre of the circle unless they are at the North Pole. And guess what? For much of the year the sun doesn’t set at the North Pole either. So that doesn’t work. Look at your map at 7:13. Everyone in the contiguous US is much closer to the sun than Alaska. In South Florida and Texas it’s almost directly overhead in summer. The sun still disappears over the horizon in the continental US all year round due to distance/perspective, so why does it never set in Alaska, which is so much further away from the sun? 7:00 onwards - put a solar filter on the camera so the glare doesn’t distort the size. It’s exactly the same angular size all day. If it was 3000 miles up the sun would appear 3 times bigger at midday than sunset.

Case're wrong.

The earth is demonstrably a globe. Any other questions?

​ I cant adress your first claim unless you explain exactly what you mean with "Nasa need to resort to cgi" So? A vacuum doesnt work the way you think it works. If you have a pressurized container in a vacuum and you poke a hole in it the pressure is gonna equalize and the air seeps out. If you have a container of vacuum surrounded by a pressure of air the air is gonna seep in. Buuut earth is not a pressurized container. Earth has a gradient pressure. So at the edge of space there really isnt any pressure to speak of. I will look that up. Thank you for giving me something to learn about. What exactly do you mean with "Expect symmetry"?

+Qawser Why would NASA need to resort to CGI? Not only for the moon landing, but for images of stars, planets, and footage from the ISS as well. Us being surrounded by a vacuum, yet gravity being able to overcome that negative-pressure force such that we actually maintain our atmosphere. Planes that fly north/south considerable distances (if you begin at the equator, for example, your "resting" velocity is actually 1025 miles per hour, and by the time you're halfway to either pole, the ground will be - relative to you - 500 miles per hour discrepant east to west). When the sun sets and rises, the way the lighting behaves isn't what you'd expect on a globe. You would expect symmetry going out orthogonally from the sun as it sets/rises on the horizon, yet we see this gradient between the two extremes on either side of the sun (to the north/south of). What issues do you have with the globe model?

Matter is demonstrably never in a superposition of states... until we realized that not everything is as it appears to demonstrate itself from our, often over-simplified, perspective. People and NASA and movies and all that have been demonstrating that the Earth is a globe. That's what's been demonstrated by these not-an-arbiter-of-truth individuals. What is demonstrated when you do tests *yourself* is not so simple. I don't know what the Earth is for certain, but there are many issues with the globe model. Issues with any alternatives model I've encountered? Of course. But imagine what the various people who discovered aspects of quantum mechanics thought when they made their discoveries - I'm sure they considered it an issue that a particle can be in a superposition of states, or that retrocausality is a thing. Doesn't make their findings invalid just because it didn't jive with the mainstream paradigm of that time.


please explain seasons

You guys should learn how to use lasar range finding equipment .Better yet just learn how to find distances using a common compass. I also hav to assume none of u guys are pilots. nor surveyors. nor construction workers. does gravity exist or not. please explain.

What about the seasons?

Your theory of perspective makes no sense. Parallel lines do converge at one point, but what does that have to do with the sun rising and setting? There are no parallel lines involved. And why do you have two vantage points?

Youtube has Recommended this video several times and I ignored it because most they are suggesting are Anti Flat Earth videos. Congrats, somehow you beat the censors.

Lol. I've come to learn that if you want authenticity, then scroll down past the first 50 or so videos that are suggested for you. Hopefully by then, you have made it past most of the BS that gets reiterated by all the channels that... well... reiterate. I hate that what has become the new standard for truth by most people is "what has been reiterated the most by authorities?" instead of "what is provably true from firsthand experiences?"

The sun does not get smaller when it sets, not does the moon (your videos were a joke, obviously not taking into account the bright shine masking the diameter of the sun until it got near the horizon. Also, if the earth is flat, why can't you continue to see the sun at night? It would be especially visible over the water since there are not trees or mountains to hide it. Hmmm. Dude, wake up.

Flat Earth debunks itself... AGAIN!!!!

Iss shows a the contention that the moon&sun are yes very close,none the less if earth was flat then would all the planets also be flat&happen to be facing the same direction?? So if earth is flat why has no ship fallen off the edge. Bro your convincing yourself more than your haha video proves nothing.✌einstien

There is absolutely zero utility for FE theory other then as channel content. Explain how the geometry of this sundial works with the geometry of a flat model and you will win a nobel prize for everything.

Sheeple obey. Sheeple believe the lies they have been told. We're hurling through space?! Wake the f!#k up, read the bible and wrap your mind around flat earth. You're welcome!

Notice how no one will even try to grapple with this? 16:38

Here you go buddy

Grapple with what? Overexposure of the Sun? Whoopty doo. Learn something about photography.

That really is a coffin nail of an observation. Great work.

what was the name of the music you were using in the video? it sounded nice

It's flat folks..great video

Stupid fuck love to believe fantasies, and NOT use their mind. Emotionally programmed into spinning ball will fight with emotional outbursts and attacks, always on Flat Earth channels, demonstrating their confidence in their intelligence

This is hilarious

The moon does the same thing but more obvious!!!

For all the reasons you are wrong the one you messes up and kept showing was the sun lighting the clouds from below as it went over the horizon! If the sun is some flashlight floating overhead somehow it would not show sunlight on the bottom of clouds!

it's TRUE guys, I conducted an experiment with my balls and a flashlight

Wow, you are a liar!

+AZMATIK You don't honestly think that video proves anything, do you? Earth's atmosphere cannot be equated to a plastic lens on a table. FE should start practicing what they preach and trust their senses, instead of relying on YouTube echo chambers.


Sounds like you need a new top.

AZMATIK traditional science knows what the sun and moons. You FE just choose to not believe and science as it doesn’t fit your FE model. Perspective doesn’t explain sunset . The ISS is visible by the naked eye but you don’t believe it exists. You drive everyday using GPS but don’t believe satellites exist . How can you be so nieve that every space agency in the world is is on this ? I have seen a video where some FE used a $20,000 gyroscope to prove the earth is not moving and found it is moving at 15 degrees per hour exactly as per the globe earth model. FE believers have just been sucked into a cult !

Ian Wharton Your guess is as good as mine. Seeing how modern scientism doesn’t truly know what the sun, moon and stars actually are. Possibly some sort of quantum locking could be responsible for keeping them afloat. Gravity has been disproven a thousand times over so I know it’s nothing to do with that pseudo science theory.

The sun circles over different parts of the plane at different times. Google the question and I'll be able to see a model, with the sun and moon circling the flat plane. That's a stupid off the wall comment which has nothing to do with light. Try to stay coherent. I love it when flatards think they have found something no one else has noticed and shout eureka. It just makes them look more stupid. Every thing flat earth gas brought to the table has been debunked. Now it's just the same old stuff on a continuous loop. You are dead wrong. Light diffusion here on earth in the upper atmosphere begins long before actual sunrise. The sun illuminates the upper layers and works it's way down. Light diffusion is a thing here along with refraction. A view from 240 miles up will not see this. That's a fact.

+SpaceGhost 4k You brought up diffusion again, however, *you never addressed what I said earlier about diffusion:* Diffusion is not the same as one half of the sky being clearly brighter than the other half. With diffusion, everything is diffused evenly. Not gradient between two extremes.

+SpaceGhost 4k Dropping a bowling ball from 20 meters directly onto your head will kill you. Dropping a piano from 40 meters directly onto your head is not the same as dropping a bowling ball directly onto your head from 20 meters, therefore it is ridiculous to claim that the piano would also kill you. If you're going to have an issue, make it one that is legitimate Edit: if I was unclear - you can use an example that is different so long as what you're using the example for is held in common. It's of no concern that this and that thing are different if the relevant bits are congruent. The behavior of light from vantage point like the ISS cannot match what we see here on earth when you are talking about diffusion through a thick atmosphere. To make that claim is ludicrous. Evidently you believe comparing a view from outer space to a small fragment of sky evidence for something . That defies any logic.

+SpaceGhost 4k That was less than halfass. Diffusion is not the same as one half of the sky being clearly brighter than the other half. With diffusion, everything is diffused evenly. Not gradient between two extremes. The ISS in space and looking down and there is no atmosphere to diffuse the sunlight. From here on earth you only see a small fraction of sky. Its compairing apples to oranges. Something flatards love to do while pushing a narrative.

+SpaceGhost 4k So why do we see symmetrical behavior of light in the footage of the sun setting from the perspective of the ISS, yet not when people shoot the footage themselves? Or do you think *they're* the ones faking it? I watched the video. That's not how the sun would work on a flat earth. I think that was my point. Can you comprehend English ? This video is complete BS.

How much of the video did you watch? If you watched the whole video, then you weren't actually watching. Or, if you were actually watching, then you clearly didn't grasp what is being discussed.

Yeah, you're talking about SLIGHT variation in the light halo, not perspective size of the sun. And, even if it was perspective size, it would gradually disappear to nothing, not reduce in size by 2% and vanish over the horizon.

Seeing is believing.

What a honky


+Andybluebeld Hahaha..No understanding of perspective? No, I understand perspective very well and it doesn't explain why I can watch the sunset over the (Pacific) ocean and it doesn't change size as it goes below the horizon. If the sun were simply moving away from us (as flat-earthers claim), then it would get smaller, just like everything else does. I actually feel for (you?) reality-deniers who think "perspective" explains everything. One day, in the not-so-distant future, when commercial space travel becomes a reality, I hope you can afford a passage up there to see for yourself. The "Flat-earther movement's" days are numbered, it's only a matter of time.

Clearly no understanding of perspective. If this video isn’t clear enough for I feel sorry for you.

+AZMATIK There has to be? What do you base this claim on?

Analisa Reynolds Space is faked and unproven. You can’t have a pressurized system (the air we breathe) next to a vacuum. A gradient does not work either. There has to be a physical barrier.

J M Well I don’t think there are any molecules or even air for that matter. I mean I haven’t seen any have you? I think NASA just wants us to think that because they like to control our minds. The sun in a little bright balloon floating overhead with magic light that it only has as it slides along the dome!

+Jayk Roach You say the sun will never shrink on a spherical earth ? For once you're correct. Flatards claim the opposite.

+Jayk Roach Bwahahahaha High quality cameras and with operators who don't know how to use it. Flatards can buy the good equipment (like the 20K ring laser gyroscope that GlobeBusters used to prove rotation )but they don't know how to focus an image. Flatards have more shit photos of celestial objects than anyone on the Internet. The cost of the equipment doesn't matter if the user is a retard.

+Jayk Roach you bring up Freemasonry Next you will be referring to your Hooly Bouk for proof. When you come to a gunfight at least load your gun. You got nothing.

+Jayk Roach I don't have to show proof. You're the one with the challenge to the science. The burden of proof is yours. This is settled science. Any challenge to a scientific law or theory has the burden of proof to disprove it. The ball is always in your court bubba. Bring it on.

SpaceGhost 4k Funny how you turds will take the ‘observations’ of Freemasons with shitty telescopes hundreds of years ago and Freemason nasa CGI, but won’t look at the people with high quality zoom lenses and camera telescopes. You’re a dipshit grasping for any bit of ridicule you can apply without showing your ass. But you failed.

SpaceGhost 4k You’re actually the one that’s all talk, you think you setup authority by ‘calling’ it first. You haven’t dropped evidence or proof. You’ve got years of brainwashing on your breath.

SpaceGhost 4k If your jackass was actually trying to look into it without the mainstream bias, you would acknowledge the evidence. Sun will never shrink On globe space ball paradigm. Period. Quit playin.

+Jayk Roach make a lot of noise but you're a paper tiger. You have no evidence that will survive scrutiny. The shape of the earth was settled long ago and we can make ACCURATE predictions. If you have evidence to the contrary it or STFU.

+Jayk Roach Well then the evidence and stop waffling.

+Jayk Roach What independent research ? Youtube videos? Let's see some of that research.

SpaceGhost 4k You globetards deny independent research with proper tools but eat up mainstream pixelated cgi photoshop. Way to go you critical thinker you

SpaceGhost 4k I’ve only mentioned my eyesight because your dumbass apparently cant see the link or this video for that matter. You don’t understand what you are seeing due to programming. You can keep fighting this, but the globe is coming to and end whether you love the space fantasy or not. You refuse to see the evidence. That’s a personal issue.

+Jayk Roach First of all....Flat earth is an ideal without evidence. Nothing works on a flat earth model. Yes...the sun is plasma. It is very large because it must be to support fusion. The stars are working on the same principle as the sun....but some have different makeups. The spectrum of the sun and stars reveal what they consist of. You should already be aware that the sun is monitored constantly and measurement taken. So far I have heard nothing but rhetoric and zero facts from your dissociative comments. Show me this " independent " research and not some flatards on YT with an out of focus camera.

+Jayk Roach I would rather be blind than delusional. I really don't care about your eyesight. I'm more interested in in what your evidence is of a flat earth. So far all you have done is make noise.

SpaceGhost 4k All you can do is project? Math has always been a strong point for me. I also have eyesight better than 20/20 according to doctors. I’m starting to think maybe most of you turds are just actually blind as well as metaphorically blind

SpaceGhost 4k You don’t even understand the flat earth that’s been presented. You are functioning from a biased mind and you have shown your idiocy plenty. Math denier? I’d use you to wipe the board. You just can’t comprehend the electromagnetic and plasma components of our realm. We shouldn’t even be able to magnify the sun from such a distance and if you’ve looked, it’s not a giant fireball. Same goes for the stars. You fools refuse to accept independent research , experiments and observations. Perhaps it’s because you cannot even comprehend the evidence that is being presented because you just want answers. You need the news or nasa to tell you.

+Jayk Roach We're not talking about biology here.....try to stay coherent.

+Jayk Roach Obviously you believe we would need a measuring tape to wrap around the planet to accurately measure it. That's just ignorance on your part. You're obviously a math denier but you still use things every day that were designed and built using math calculations. Your argument has no merit since even the device you are now using depends on math. We know how large the earth is and have for centuries. Just because you don't have the knowledge to understand it doesn't disqualify it. When it comes to science you are very lacking.

+Jayk Roach It is measurable and observable. But......the sun would definitely shrink on a flat earth because it would be moving away from you before it disappeared. The sun could never set on a flat earth. It would still be seen no matter where it was because light doesn't just stop without reason.

SpaceGhost 4k You fools are working with trained minds about physical reality. If you understood how a cell functions you might actually have a chance here.

SpaceGhost 4k The sun WOULD NOT shrink away on a globe period. The curvature WOULD be measurable and actually observable

SpaceGhost 4k Do you know how to measure the earth? Do you understand the difference between pseudoscience and science? The globe model uses pseudoscience to account for shortcomings. There’s no way around it. Calculations do not and will never suffice for where actual measurements are needed. You need to scrub up on science. Anyone could make a working model using calculations. The difference is flat earth is being scientific. Your Freemason “Science” priests give you a working model based off calculations and theories and you idiots BELIEVE in it. And you have the idiocy to call other people stupid while you just parrot parrot parrot. Ha!

+Jayk Roach don't have a model. ...working or otherwise. Nothing we observe would work on a flat earth. The calculations you refer to are accurate and reflect what we observe. Math is a thing. Measurements of the spherical earth have been made over the centuries at ever increasing accuracy. You do realize we have tools to do this right ? The only people asleep here are the deniers of REALITY.

Terry Dray You’re a little pussy bitch with a weak shallow mind. You don’t have the intellect to contend here. You’ve been busted, called out and you’re pussing out now. Next time you call someone a tard of any kind, slap your face

+BadGoy And the government taught me that the sun's size DOES change during the day even though I observe it doesn't? What's your point?

​+Kevin James Very lame attempt Kevin. Video claims to have proof and uses the term "flat" while I NEVER used the term "globe". You have to do better so I can't wait to see if you still have guts to continue this...... Still would like someone to answer why sun's angular size never changes during the day.

Explain how exactly the sun not changing size would prove a globe. Oh thats right, you cant! Debunked!!

You need to open up your mind so tremendously that your common sense drops on the ground....

+CHRON DOG805 what a dumbass

Video stopped. In the first few minutes of the video you show two different animations of the sun that are casting light onto a flat earth in two different ways - 1:17 and 2:57. You can't even stay consistent with your claims. I have seen you flat Earth supporters claim things do not disappear over the horizon, because the Earth is flat, but now you want people to believe the sun does? You guys consistently make an argument for one thing that conflicts with an argument for another. You guys have not shown one model that explains everything, yet there is a model that explains everything if the Earth is a globe. I'll make it easy for you. Just show one model that explains seasons, how the sun moves and illuminates the Earth, tides and eclipses. One model! Not 4 separate models that conflict with each other.

Answers please. The Earth Is enormous. It turns once in 24 hours. Therefore in a demonstration with the ball you should only spin it slowly so it also does one revolution in 24 hours. We don't feel the movement because we are part of the Earth's environment. If the Earth suddenly came to a shuddering halt we would feel that right enough. If the Earth is flat and constantly moving upwards, as some claim to create a downward thrust, which some claim is what keeps us all on the ground, why can't we feel that movement? The stars in the Southern Hemisphere rotate in a different direction to stars in the Northern Hemisphere. The constellations are different. Gravity pulls towards the centre of mass, there is no 'down'. Gravity is a relatively weak force but because the Earth is so huge its pull is massive. There is no agreed working model for a flat earth that works on all levels. For instance measure the angle of the sun in Los Angeles and New York at the same time then they will give you two different answers. If the sun were just rotating around in a circle it would be the same. NASA employs around 17,000 people. Over the period of time from the early sixties until today, allowing for even a moderate turn over of the workforce, that must mean that hundreds of thousands of people have been employed by them. Add to that the number of other countries and private companies that have a a space program? Yet not one has ever come forward as a whistle blower to say that everything they do is fake. If NASA hoaxed us all with the Apollo Moon landings why repeat the hoax several times; a bit risky don't you think? China and Russia were monitoring Apollo 11. If it never went I'm fairly sure they would have exposed the fraud. Stars can't be seen in pictures taken on the Moon and of the Earth from space. Quite right. Now go outside and take a picture of the street light outside your house with your camera pointing upwards and look to see if there are any stars in the photograph. Why can we bounce lasers off reflectors on the Moon placed there by astronauts if they never went? Why does the Moon appear 'upside down' in the Southern Hemisphere compared to the Northern Hemisphere? If the Sun is simply rotating in a circle, explain solar and lunar eclipses and why does it not get smaller as it sets but clearly goes below the horizon? Why do objects weigh less at the equator than at the pole?

The sun should be bigger when its directly overhead, but its not. FAIL!

lol... The sun pretty much proves a flat earth could never work.. It remains the same size and speed throughout the day... Never shrinks as it moves away... goes UNDER the horizon... and nice edited video there... too bad nobody actually sees that in reality :D come on.... Did you see the how it looked like the sun speeded up as it came closer?? that is what we should see... but go outside and film a timelapse of the sun.. ANYWHERE... please tell me you are trolling? using a video that someone can disprove by simply... walking outside... really?

More flat earth ridiculous nonsense hahahahaha all you have done is prove 2 valuable points. A: your a retard. B: the earth is round. You talk about a horizon...on a flat earth there is no horizon dipshit. Every one of your flat earth models work on a fixed rotational sun theory so it would never set or rise from or into a nonexistent horizon!!! What complete mindless dribble.

The solar glare makes it look bigger than it is to our eyes. I’ve seen, in middle school, looking through goggles how different it looks. So if you actually reduced that you’ll see it’s the solar glare intensity and the Earth rotation that assigns it movement.

People are doing this kind of observations for thousands of years and you think that you found something new and debunked all scientific world with it :( Stupidity is not a virtue and i am sorry but i must tell how it is. You flat earthers, with todays technology (thanks to science that you hate), can do millions of experiments that would prove the globe earth, but you always choose the observations with no measurements at all. That tells me that you are bad in physics and math...

you idiot!

Sighs it doesnt work AT ALL . How come the sun drops when even idiots like you say its 3000 miles up ! then fuck me comes up 180 degrees upwards . The fact that you rely on imperfect senses really says it all !

Did you consider that the paths of the sun and the jet streams are similar because they are both going around the to speak. And wouldn't the angle of the sun be drastically different if viewed far above the clouds? Do you not have any reading comprehension? The atmosphere in the frame of reference is both force or drag depending on the direction of travel. For fucks sake. Do i need to get out crayons to draw this out for you or are you just going to eat them? I assume I am dealing with a normal adult and I guess that is my fault. No one that falls for the flattard scam is a normal adult. I'm done trying to educate you. Fuck off you pathetic idiot. Sure dumbass. The frame of reference is perpendicular to the direction of the plane, so just like the river, the plane is floating along with the frame of reference. It is doing nothing to counteract a motion perpendicular to its direction of travel. It is neither accelerating or decelerating. The river is analogous to the atmosphere. Depending on which direction you are traveling it can be either force or drag to keep you in sync with the frame of reference which is changing at no more than 0.083mph per mile.

+thetlwaller Newton's first law of motion. Do you know what that is? In your mind, what is reducing/increasing the relative speed of the plane? An object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force. Air resistance is already being counteracted, so it can't be that. You yourself claim the pilot isn't slowing it down or speeding it up to account for that. I'm not thinking of anything else. Care to enlighten me, Exalted One?

+thetlwaller Not according to one definition of suck. What don't you understand about me using the word suck in a different way than you are assuming? Here, this will help me clear things up. What is your definition for "suck?" I don't doubt that when I hear your definition, I will agree with you that vacuums don't "suck" according to that definition. With my definition for "suck," vacuums absolutely do suck. But I know what you are getting at. I'm not the idiot you paint me as. In no way, shape or form does a vacuum suck. Do i really have to repeat my explanation again? It seems there is no educating you. No wonder you fell for the flattard scam. The relative speed of the airplane is forward. The frame of reference is perpendicular to that. The plane is using no fuel whatsoever to maintain with the frame of reference. Exactly like the river analogy and the air is moving in sync with the river. Jesus christ, it's like talking to a slow child!

+thetlwaller "You're a fucking idiot." Now I certainly want to spend my time trying to have a mature, respectful conversation with you. Thanks for being so respectful. By the way, if you want to define "suck" in a specific way that precludes it from being applied to a vacuum, go right ahead. It's no different than people bickering over using the term centripetal force over centrifugal force. Two different sides of the same coin, so don't assume that the way I used the word "suck" was the way in which it is inherently different from pushing. I am aware that sucking through a straw is *not* the reverse of blowing through a straw, by the way. I get that sucking isn't simply the opposite of blowing, but the way I used "suck" in the comment you are referring to is only inaccurate if you assume how I'm using that word. Words don't just have "one official definition."

+thetlwaller The reason your example works without the guy in the boat having to do anything is all the resistance provided by the water. Yes, air resistance is also a thing, but since the plane is already cancelling out that resistance by using fuel to remain at the same relative speed, as the plane approaches the equator/poles, it does not remain consistent relative to the ground. Your example is perfect in every way except for that the plane is accounting for air resistance, whereas the guy in the boat isn't (that is, accounting for water resistance in that case, by rowing). If the guy in the boat was, he would hit the bank of the river at the speed of the current in the middle, and that would not be pleasant. Listen dumbass. Lower pressure does not suck! Higher pressure pushes! If there is a force that can keep the higher pressure at sea level from not pushing up into the lower pressure above and create the gradient atmosphere in the first place, how is it different from the force that keeps the minuscule atmospheric pressure at the edge of space from pushing out into the vacuum? You're a fucking idiot! "It would have to account for a discrepancy of 1025 mph". No it wouldn't. That speed is the frame of reference that it is traveling in. It has nothing to do with the planes ground speed. The fact that you don't understand is not my problem. Think of it as paddling across a river. At the banks of the river the current is slower, but as you near the center of the river the current is faster. What action do you have to take to speed up to stay with that current? None. Now as you paddle to the far bank the current is less. What action did you take to move along with the slower current? None. You're welcome.

+thetlwaller You call me stupid, yet when I bring attention to an issue with what you are claiming is a sufficient explanation, rather than address the issue, you *reiterate* what you said initially that I already addressed the issue in. "What would the plane have to do? Nothing." You didn't satisfy the discrepancy. If you took the kind of flight you are describing, by the time the plane had gone one fourth around the circumference of the globe north-south/south-north, it would need to account for a discrepancy of 1,025 miles per hour. So it has to add 1,025 miles per hour to its speed by the time it has gone that far, or going the other direction, has to decrease its speed by 1,025 miles per hour. Doing "nothing" as you said doesn't account for that discrepancy. For example, 5+5 does not equal 15. To account for that discrepancy, you need to add another +5. You can add it in 5 +1s, 500 +.001s, 2 +2.5s, whatever you would like, but there's no getting away from mathematical logic no matter how badly you want to make the model internally consistent.

+thetlwaller Will you for once not misconstrue my words? It's really really really really really annoying having to address your misconceptions of what I am conveying every single time you comment back. I was saying that even .000000000000000000000001 PSI is a higher pressure than the vacuum, therefore, even such a small pressure would be sucked by the even lower pressure of the surrounding vacuum. "There is no such thing as being a vacuum and simultaneously not having a higher pressure than the vacuum". Wouldn't that be true for any differential in pressure in our gradient atmosphere? There can't be a slightly less than 14.7psi atmospheric pressure next to a 14.7psi atmospheric pressure, yet we measure that variation every single day. You just can't think logically, can you? Or are you one of those conmen trying to fool the gullible and delusional into thinking your earth is flat? You still haven't come close to explaining what you think is different about the sun's rays north or south of the sun, but considering all the other flattard bullshit you've posted it really doesn't matter. Let's be clear. A vacuum exerts no force. A positive pressure pushes into a lesser pressure. The exact same force that keeps the 14.7psi atmospheric pressure at sea level from exploding upward to find equilibrium with the 0.147 psi at 110,000 feet altitude and creates our gradient atmosphere in the first place, also keeps every gradient of pressure from passing into the lesser pressure above. That would include a vacuum. This is another of those moronic flattard gotchas that simply indicates either how ignorant or dishonest you are. Kinda like the moronic assertion that planes have to nose down to keep from flying off into space, because flattards don't understand aeronautics. So let's analyze your stupidity. An airliner is moving in the same reference frame as the earth and atmosphere and that reference frame changes ever so slightly (0.083mph per mile) with the airplane as it gets closer to the equator. What action would the pilot have to take to remain with the reference frame? None. Would the movement of the reference frame affect the aircraft's ground speed? Of course not. The entire reference frame is moving perpendicular to the aircraft's ground speed.

+Qawser I would begin with ISS footage. It is laughable, and I mean absolutely laughable, how many issues have been discovered and pointed out, yet people still believe their BS. It is sad. You seem very mature and intelligent. I'm in no way implying you are foolish if you think space is real, but what I am implying is that anyone who has seen these errors for themselves and still wants to pass it off as anything but what it really is, is, well... that's just a very laughable thing except for the part about how frustrating it is to live in a world with such... individuals.

+Qawser "Expect symmetry" Imagine the sun setting on the horizon. Light is emitted from every direction going out from the Sun (in this sentence, I'm not talking about how it's mostly parallel, but rather talking about how when you look at the sun, it isn't a bright light surrounded by blackness - you see light "coming out from every direction" even though the light is mostly parallel, if you know what I'm trying to convey). Two such directions are to the left of and to the right of the sun (relative to your perspective, so perhaps I could say north and south of, but the 23.5 degree tilt means that left and right are more accurate). What I would expect: the behavior of light on the left of the sun to align with the behavior of light on the right of the sun (it's not like either side is brighter), yet what we see is a gradient between two extremes on either side. And this isn't simply due to a cloud blocking out half of the sun or any such explanation. This can be seen on a perfectly clear morning/evening. Edit: rereading this made me realize I must address something. I'm talking about discrepancies across time, as in a timelapse. One frame won't depict this discrepancy very noticeably, but when you watch a timelapse of it, it is very apparent that one side does its thing *before* the other side.

+Qawser Here's my thoughts on the vacuum of space being right next to a gradiently thinner and thinner (therefore less and less pressurized) atmosphere: There is no such thing as not being a vacuum and simultaneously not having a higher pressure than the vacuum. So no matter how thin you are (how low your pressure is), it's still going to be a lower pressure in the vacuum. So what is preventing that exchange from occurring? Gravity? That still doesn't add up in my mind. Why? Because being thinner doesn't *only* make the pressure differential less (i.e., lessen the extent to which the atmosphere wants to be sucked into the vacuum) - it *also* makes gravity's relative affect weaker. I'm yet to see the numbers that convey "gravity would be weaker, yes, but the extent to which the pressure differential weakens outweighs the extent to which gravity is relatively weaker." At that point, the concerns I can think of at the moment would be resolved.

+Qawser Grab an image of, let's just think of an example, Pluto from NASA's official website. Put it in Photoshop. Invert the colors. Bump up the levels all the way. Oh look! The artifacts of editing! Especially around the edge of planets and stars. People often say it's because they touch up photos to enhance details, and they are open about this, but when I look at these images with their levels jacked up, I see more than the kinds of things expected from an image touched up for enhancement - I see an image that was manipulated to appear as what it is intended to be. The moon landing has quite a bit of evidence of CGI - things like anomalous lighting (stage lighting) and discrepant camera angles. There are pictures of Earth from space where exact replicas of clouds have been superimposed over other parts of the image. In most cases, even the size and orientation are exactly the same.

+thetlwaller So what you are saying is that these flights *do* account for the discrepency, no matter how insignificant it is on such a short scale as one mile? Because the pilots don't do that, so what part of the mechanics of the plane accounts for it? Edit: if you don't account for it the whole time, then you're going to be 1,025 miles per hour discrepant by the time you've flown across one fourth of the circumference of the Earth if your flight path is north-south or south-north.

+thetlwaller I never said the rays are coming in orthogonal. When did I say whatever I said that made you think I said that? Also, according to the globe model, it shouldn't be 100% parallel but rather 98-99% parallel when you take into account that the sun is so wide. Edit: you must be referring to when I said "you would expect symmetry going out orthogonally from the sun as it sets/rises on the horizon." What I meant was that if you look at the sun on the horizon, you see light emitting out in every direction from the sun. Two such directions are, relative to your perspective, to the left and right of the sun. You can refer to that as orthogonal without implying that the rays themselves are coming in orthogonally. I mean, you jumped to conclusions about what I was conveying with negative pressure, so might as well be consistent and jump to conclusions about everything I've typed so far.

+thetlwaller You can call it negative pressure. If you're speaking relative to Earth, then the vacuum is a negative pressure *relatively.* Just because *absolute* pressure can't be negative doesn't mean that's what I was referring to. You've been making more inaccurate assumptions about my words and concepts than accurate assumptions, so please stop assuming and instead ask me "did you mean gauge pressure when you said that?" *before* you accuse me of being an idiot. The sun's light is essentially parallel. You would never expect it to be orthogonal. With all the other ignorant bullshit you post. I would wager you don't even know what it means. There is no such thing as a "negative pressure force". You blab about quantum mechanics, which you undoubtedly know nothing about, but you don't know that a vacuum does not supply negative pressure. Seriously? A relative difference in speed of 0.083 mph per mile traveled. How is that an issue? Thanks for the irrelevant word salad.

Learn Hebrew the firmament isn't a dome only in Yiddish which is bastardized language is it a crystallized covering which refers to the firmament over a flying chariot in Ezekiel the others are the force that protects us from space the magnetic and radiation shielding. if we had a dome we wouldn't even be here right now.Think about it we were given the stars and planets for signs and wonders correct?Why would God show us millions of globe planets and stars and put us on a flat planet especially since they have found water planets capable of life that are round stop putting this non sense on the scriptures God did this to show us his power just because some knuckleheads can't explain or understand how he made our planet doesn't mean it's flat plus these dudes don't ever use real science his little cartoon debunked itself in 30 seconds and that sun model doesn't explain eclipses if the moon is an image on the dome how do you get solar eclipses and a dumb flat earther spent 20k on a gyro to prove flat earth live on tv and and saw the earth moved 15 degrees per hour as in a globe model of a spinning earth he even tried several different dishonest attempts to save face and had same results and he and about 1,500 flat earthers who were planning a victory party left with their heads between their legs and still claim flat earth after the damning results they couldn't explain and went into straight denial and the only thing they did was FLAT out lie. This is a weed head argument that is not in scriptures the bible tells you that stars are round but stupid people put points on them 5 or 6 but they are round. The protective covering we have from space is the rotation of the earth with the rotation of magma creating electromagnetic field that repels deadly radiation a dome of crystallized material would kill us instantly where would all our green house gases go on a flat planet?

The diffusion in the earth's atmosphere is hardly ever uniform. Anyone who has watched the sky would know this. There are too many things going on to permit uniformity.

Why does the sun, which is clearly an area light according to his video, act like a wide angle spotlight?

Adam Moore forgive your father and love your mother little kid. The problem is not the video (wich is cristal clear), they problem is your brain being infected by Ritalin. Go back to your heliocentric priest who molested you. Go to rehab for taking to much pharmaceuticals lmao

+AZMATIK So we don't need to pressurize planes at 35000 feet. We don't need oxygen tanks when we scale Mount Everest. And, we can go to the bottom of the Marianas Trench in a submarine without getting crushed. In a container, the pressure would be the same from top to bottom. But that's not what we see in reality.

This is hardly proof at all

At 00:30 and 05:48 you screwed up!! You showed the underside of the clouds being illuminated from a SETTING sun. Not a sun that is going out of view. Try harder next time you are making up bullshit lies, you didn't do anything but shoot yourself in the foot with this one enjoy!

Your parents must be very disappointed.

mais quel beau ramassis de conneries... enfin bon, ce n'est pas une surprise venant des platistes, la connerie est leur fond de commerce...

Are we still on this ?! Get over it you dumb fucks you are all frauds.

Your video shows clouds lit from below: Explain this using your FE model.

Flat Earth has gotten to the point where I can't tell if they're being serious, or just being overtly ridiculous.

Team Skeptic fans repeat after me: All flat earthers are fuckin idiots!

What about the SEASONS??? WOW!!!

I live near the Rockies. At 3 pm in winter the sun is close to setting. As I looked at the sun one evening it was huge. I mean huge. And it looked as though it was right over the close foot hills. It was glaring also. Now my question about this is legit. If the sun at 93 million miles away heats the earth so effectively, why did it not scorch or cause the temp to rise when it was 5 times its normal size that day at that time.

Wow! If you can't see it....

By far the best analysis I've seen. Game changing info and insight! Cheers

Seek help Now

Yep another nutcase.I do like a goog laugh though.

Clouds look like waves of water in those high altitude shots

The fact that the clouds are sometimes lit from underneath proves the sun is far away and not circling right above them! Unless it’s just reflected light we’re seeing bouncing off objects and reflecting onto the underside of the clouds? In art the concept of reflected light is something you must consider and be aware of in order to render a subject realistically. Depending on the strength of the light source as well as what the light is reflecting off of you can have some very strong areas of reflected light on an object or objects.

The only startling evidence in this video is the incredible ignorant the person who made. Except it's not all that startling considering the person is a flerfer and doesn't understand a single subject mentioned in the video. For n's trance, the poor person doesn't know a thing about how perspective works.

The Earth is flat and the moon is made out of CHEESE!! HAHAHA!!

Flat Earthers hahaha this is so funny!! Made up your own theory's on stuff... Your way of thinking doesn't exist at all!! Wonder if you believe nobody is on the ISS?? cause there are some that think that there isn't.. just like one tried to all photos or stuff in videos only use a fisheye...yet on a photo this person sent me screen shot...was actually from a video I watched his screenshot pic he said it wasn't a fisheye....well when I watched in fact was...then his comments doesn't matter, that isn't important...well it is...because fisheye or not...the Earth is sphere!!

A solar filter will show you that the size of the sun is not changing.☀️☀️☀️

What a moron. Its mind blowing that its 2019 and we have people arguing about the fuckin shape of the Earth. Get a life.

I swear i see the sun go into a giant door in the clouds

Than how do moon cycles work genius and you are an idiot. Keep denying science. It helps disprove flat Earth everyday. Maybe I'll just call flat earthers Egyptians because you're all in Da Nile (denial)

AZMATIK Gravity has been disproven a thousand times? That’s a bold statement! I challenge you to provide ONE scientific paper in support. Youtube videos made by dishonest morons who cannot tell their left from right, don’t count. And what the bloody heck is quantum locking? Can you explain it further?

+BadGoy There are hundreds of thousands. And more on a regular basis. Your inability to accept reality does not change reality.

+aa311 he ate a box of cracker Jack's,and the toy surprise was a diploma

If they were truly curious and interested in "truth" and understanding they would be doing what all scientifically minded intellectuals do: They would be engaging people in the common sections, using evidence and supported argument. Not just the same old dump and run. Farting out the weak propaganda that they don't understand and cannot explain nor argue for themselves. First, effortless destruction of 200 proofs? The model helps us explain things. To refute a model you then have to use it's explanations and find the errors. Yet Dubai has to DISCARD the "radiating gravitation" of the model to make 60% of his false claims about it. So, he makes a FAILED model and then "refutes" it by observation. Did you FEs notice such an imbecilic mistake? The explanation of gravity on the standard model DOES NOT show that rivers should run uphill, nor that water should stick to basketballs.

NaTuber Tv - I came with an open mind. I reviewed your evidence - it’s bollocks. The earth is not flat.

The only things flat here are flat earthers' brains.

+CHRON DOG805 jump inside a bus, jump in a car why don't you end in another stop?... Where did you study architecture? Trump's "University" ? Please ask your money back you just got scammed.

How come the sun moves from east to west, and goes below the horizon? Shouldn't it just get smaller as he goes to the other side and we should be able to see it north, at night? How does the moon gets under the sun to create an eclipse? How come there is no shadows at noon at the same time along the entire longitude of the earth? Shouldn't this only happen to wthe point where the sun is directly on top of? .... Why is the sun not leaving a trail of water vepor in the atmosphere?, how do you explain seasons? You see I can explain it, flat earth is just the stupidest thought with no scientific evidence whatsoever.

Dead Wave Brain dead gibberish

CHRON DOG805 The term you’re looking for is inertia.

There is no flat earth model!

Dude the sun is like a heat lamp to a Turtle...Yes the sun is close i mean it's local it's in our ATMOSPHERE .The sun feels like my arm ran under a heat lamp..And I believe the sun and the moon are almost identical if not the same size plus when you stand in the moonlight gives off a cooler light..

How do you explain the midnight sun in Barrow Alaska. Thats when the earth changes axis.

Fucking hell even your time lapse video proves you wrong .... by definition of your model the suns size should change through the day, it doesn’t ..

If the earth was flat, the sun and moon would look smaller as they vanish into the horizon. This has never happened. At the highest point on earth, the moon and sun will always be in view if they themselves are round. If the moon and sun were not round then the further away they get, the more of an oblong shape it will take on. Using simple visual perspective debunks flat earth. I have been opened minded but flat earth makes no sense as much as I try. Plus when the sun and moon are low in the horizon, they look huge. In flat earth this is when the sun and moon are furthest away, but they appear larger.

BTW. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW THIS YET... FLAT EARTH "SCIENCE" WAS INSTIGATED BY THE cia. (i don't know why i was yelling.) Part of the reason was to see how gullible 'mericans have become after almost a century of dumbing us down deliberately... but don't believe me, read the book titled THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA by Charlotte Iserbyt... she offers it free from her website. Sad thing is, most people who don't know even somewhat proper English won't be able to understand fully formed sentences with little to no errors. Wish I knew Ebonics... hmm I wonder if that is an option for Google Translate... but whew... good thing there are plenty of sites that offer translation services... here is the above transmission translated: Yo BTW. fo' THOSE o' YOU WHO don' KNOW dis here YET... FLAT EARf "SCIENCE" wuz INSTIGATED BY da cia. (ah don' know why ah wuz yelling.) Part o' da reason wuz ta see how gullible 'mericans gots become afta almost uh century o' dumbing us down deliberately... but don' believe me, read da book titled da DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN o' AMERICA by Charlotte Iserbyt... she offers it free from her website what the fuck sup now? Yo Sad thin` iz, most niggas who don' know even somewhat proper cracker ass english won't be able ta dig' fully formed sentences wif little ta nahh errors. Wish ah knew ebonix... hmm ah wonder if dat iz an option fo' Google transmalate.. in the hood Yo but whew... pimp-tight thin` dere is plenty o' sites dat offer translation services... here iz da above transmission un-whitey-fied: slap mah fro!

Great video. I already knew all this. This is REAL education.

Psalms 104:5.


There WAS a time when people were embarrassed to show their own ignorance - now they display it on YouTube by posting Flat Earth videos.

Nah, it’s the first thing you said.. No need to watch beyond 1:20.

Sweet. Another flat earther using an argument from personal incredulity.

Agreed… And the moon as well as not far away

Correct, the moon is only 240.000 miles away

Lol this so stupid it makes Trump's negation of climate change look brilliant.

Thank you for proof that America needs more funding in education.

This video by far is the best video to show and prove how FLAT EARTH is reality. All you close minded people need to just step out of your own brain for a second and truly think about what your being told on this video. And what other "Flat Earther's" are telling you. Just look at our perspective and consider it just for a moment even if you dont mean it. Most people believe what they find in there own research and not by what someone tells them to be true. All school is is just that. People telling you whats "true". They invented fake resources aka school books to make you think YOU are researching. All thats in them is predetermined aswers.

Your pleading won't work on intelligent. critical people. We don't get "told" things, in the scientific world. We learn o test them for ourselves. The people who told you that we can use belief to do scientific things had no idea what they were saying. You HAVE to understand science to innovate and create new things and ideas using it. We use explanations and evidence to understand not to be told - like and FE video. YOU accept things you don't understand. So - The explanation we have enables problem solving in industry and science. NONE of your claims result in problem solving capability on any field whatsoever: Therefore the claims are designed to make YOU feel as if you have something important to say. But without any USE in the real world, these appeals have no value to anyone except you. THAT is why nobody is listening. You cannot support your claims with any actual supported explanations. That why you have to tell us about you and your beliefs, and how naughty people who don; automatically accept your beliefs are... and why you have to tell us to go somewhere to find your arguments when you get challenged. Who would ever belief any expert who can't explain even the basic aspects of his belief using real evidence? EVERYONE knows this except for you guys.

93 million mails away,93 ,39, 36, 666

Wow, oh man how could I have been soo stupid and not seen this. And your a FUCKING IDIOT. DING.


Then please explain this to me I'm confused how this is possible on a flat earth

Simple, it doesn't. If you truly think its flat your dumber than the rock u live on

Ok this is absolutely ridiculous !

Go fund me to space...I'll answer the ? once and for all

No. Space travel is beginning. I's over for the FEs. Only the hardcore mentally ill FE will "survive" having friends who see undeniable curvature with their own eyes.

At 251 the clouds prove you are retarded.. if the earth was flat the clouds would not be illuminated from the bottom.. you are retarded.

I know that you probably is a troll, but at the clip at 2:06 we can clearly see that the exposure is changing and when the exposure is changing the hot-spot around any light source will change size, when you do a time-lapse like that you try to get the mid-range exposed nicely, in that clip we can see that the camera start to move when the exposure is changing, a clear indication that the photographer do this manually by lowering the F-stops. To see the true size of the sun you need to use a sun-filter, but if you do so you will not be able to see the landscape, but if you film with two cameras there is posible to composite the videos, but trolls like you will then say that composite is CGI and therefore not a real representation of what we can observe.

So if gravity is fake and down is an absolute direction, what could possibly be at the bottom of the ground that keeps the ground stable? Why isn’t the ground falling out from under our feet??? You will not find a logical hypothesis to answer this question...but if you think you have one I’d love to hear it!

Everything planetary body wecan see in the universe is spherical but earth is flat..... moronic conclusion when the answer is right in front of you. I have a question for you flat earthers. Why is the sun not flat?

If the earth is flat please answer these two simple questions....1., why hasn't anyone fallen off of it....if your answer is because we are under a dome, then where are the ends of it when it comes down to touch the earth so we can actually see the glass?

You won't see any FE answering questions for themselves using evidence.

Did he really use the word horizon in this video?? BUHAHAHAAAAA!!! In this demonstration the sun must act like a spot light or else it would be visible from anywhere on the "flat" earth. If the sun acts like a spot light, then the sun would appear crescent shaped depending on the angle you would be viewing it.

Sun workss on Flat Earth

I can't believe flat earth is still a thing. I thought most conspiracy idiots had moved on to 5G or the end times garbage. Eventually they'll have to run out of material and end up going back to bigfoot or ancient aliens bullshit.

if you do a time lapse with a filter to dim the sun, it wont appear to get smaller.

Thay no now is flat

Um wait so gravity isn't real meaning in this model either the sun has little mass or is held up by some apparatus....


Pay no attention to that obvious curve ... oh brother

Everyone who thinks the earth is flat has a flat brain.

Ok, it's not millions of miles away, sure. As per flat earth the sun andoon is i side the dome yes? What keeps them from falling?


Every claim shown in this video has been debunked in the last three or four years like a hundred times.

I’m laughing AT you, not WITH you.

Please refrain from posting nonsense. Get an education so you understand how things really work.

its not easy proving such things i know. most of the time it feels like you are convincing us. but definitely the sun is not 93000000 miles away and earth over 1000 miles rotating . we just need to find a good and clear way of proving and less words. that will work. I know how the earth is but i can't get to graphically build it and make a video unfortunately.

Light can shine through vapor. And the light would be more concentrated if the Sun were closer than we think. Same can be done in a dark room with smoke and a flash light.

@Lisa.. The sun does not change in size, it can appear larger because it is viewed through the atmosphere, same with the moon.

Nope. Next is the Taco takeover

just tell me how lunar eclipse happens i will listen to you open minded

The Holy Spirit led me to the flat earth.

No other evidence need for globe... Your video is more and more enough proof that the earth is not flat. From your stupid video shows that sun is rotates on (circle) flate earth from a constant height. What will happen if the sun rounding like this?? The light fall on earth in same strength.. From the moring to evening... But what really we are watching... Early morning sun light will be mild ..noon its high.. evening it will be mild again. Also sun going upward and downward ..rise and set... Extreame foolishness from the flat earth mental disorder persons. Dont use Bible for your stupid discoveries. Bible very clearly says about the earth is sphere.

If i punch you you'd go straight to the moon and see the truth about the earth just hope i don't punch you straight to the sun

Omg! You watched some videos of the sun and have worked out how the universe works! NOT! Are we supposed to be convinced by a presentation that would not even pass a grade 6 project?

How does the sun light up the bottom of the clouds of both your sunrise videos at the start if the sun is always higher on a flat earth

Idiots, if Earth is flat all people around the world can able to the sun...

Flat Earth, this people are totally idiot...

13:15 proves its a curved surface. If light can bounce off the atmosphere and reach the viewers eye it can travel directly a lot easier, but it's blocked by the curvature of the land. So obvious people, give it up.

Where do yo get these crazy looking sunsets from, any idiot can see that's not real footage. The sun goes down... Then it gets dark... Every time.

Guyyss Iff the sun is all around of the world how the other planets recieved light and how the mercury is hot

If the earth is flat


You are an absolute moron, if it's all about perspective and the Sun is close, then it would get smaller as it is moving away but NO it doesn't, it stays the same size and disappears over the horizon as if the Earth was actually rotating, LIKE IT DOES! And explain a lunar eclipse? When the Earth is directly between the Sun and Moon casting a ball shaped shadow on the moons surface? That is impossible under your moronic flat Earth theory. No but you have to have your "special" theory that is all about you, don't you? Because without it you are just another minute, insignificant speck in an endless universe.

its obvious

good video

There is something very obvious known as GLARE FACTOR because the sun is extremely BRIGHT. To get an accurate view of the size of the solar disc you have to look through a special solar filter much like a welding mask glass.

Why you globe deniers cannot use solar filter before optics? Because their believe would collapse. Why they cannot use perspective as it work in REAL LIFE? Because their believe would collapse. Why globe deniers cannot show any accurate map of their world? Because they cannot make it........... Make more research of your fantasy world.

The sun doesn't change in angular size. Try use solar filter

How world midnight sun be possible in December solstice. Can u explain that?

This is simply Brilliant .. I've been a flat earther for 5 months , this explanation of the sun is by far the most informative. Thanks for investigative work sir..

step 1 : find a friend in south america (it can be another retard) step 2 : take pictures of full moon at the same time (while you're in north America). Zoomed in with your there-is-no-way-ships-go-over-the-horizon camera's step 3: put those big brains of your special kinda people to work. Not a lot of variables left... (i'll give you a clue: the amount of overlap is kind of a way to to know how far the moon is) step 4: get treatment for your disease

Not this shit again. When will you ever learn.

When will you flatearthers get it? If the sun were permanently circling above the earth then it would be absolutely impossible for it to set. Plus, if it's small and close then how come it stays the same size in the sky all day. Surely it would be tiny in the morning, get bigger til noon and then shrink to a speck in the sky before disappearing? It doesn't which kind of screws up a close sun. Crepuscular rays are all parallel which again ruins your theory. The final nail in the FE coffin? Lunar eclipses. 100%, totally, undeniably impossible on a flat earth.

Moron. You don't understand basic trigonometry.

If it was perspective the Sun would get smaller the closer it got to the horizon, but it doesn’t. Please explain??

This just makes sense, and it’s that simple... ❤️

Phil Monk we shall see one day hopefully in our lifetime!!

It really doesn't, though.

You flat earthers , lol no actual data . You can’t , haven’t and won’t ever be able to explain why the angular size of the sun doesn’t change throughout the day . Then there’s the setting sun shining up on the underside of clouds , illuminating the tops of mountains . Your fe sun never has the angles to do this it would have to be clear off your pancake earth . Oh and what new fundamental force are you postulating that manages to spiral the sun in and out between the tropics and it would have to speed up and slow down which we’ve never observed . You said waow look at the size of that local sun . Use a solar filter dumbass cut out that atmospheric glare . Do you ever learn anything .

I do not know if Mr.Sun is working for FE or GE. But I know that it looks very big during sunrise and sunset.

The simple fact that the sun rises at 14.4 degrees, regardless where you stand on earth, proves a spinning ball. If it circled above a flat plane, the degree where the sun rises and sets would change and simply get smaller as it got farther away. Essentially, it would never rise or set.

So much wrong. So much bad information. So many downright lies and misunderstandings. If it wasn’t so sad it’d be funny!

How the sun works on a flat earth... Hmm how u would now when our earth isnt flat? Bring some proof all i ever saw, see and will see is arguments. Not a single evidence or experiment, u guys are lame as fuck. Most stupid hypothesis i ever heard of.. And ofc also most disproved of all time. Snowflake behaviorism is strong in you.

The sun dont shrink ! And the Earth is globe !!

Beautifull demonstration that the Earth is a spinning ball.

Λογος ✍

Wow!! You do know that if the sun was directly above the earth, based on your model, you would be able to see it all day, no matter what position it was over earth.

They don't know this, because they are dumb. You can ask a flat-earther this question and they'll chalk it up to refraction, another thing they do not understand.

Nice try but this doesn't explain why the world has different climates or it cant explain the timezones correctly.

+Reon Eade I read the title. I watched the video. None of it makes sense, scientifically or mathematically. You can't have a standalone _model_ for how the sun works, and then a completely different _model_ for the seasons and weather. They have to be one coherent model to make any sort of sense. This video alone doesn't prove anything. The fundamental basis of this video is that the sun gets bigger as it gets higher in the sky. This is simply not true. You'd need to use a sun filter to show the true size of the sun. Otherwise you're just getting a blown out image from the camera. You sir, have been fooled.

+Phil Monk read the tile of the clip fool .. there simply is no helping some people.. As the old saying goes ; " Its easier to fool someone than inform them they've been fooled .. read the title !!!

+Reon Eade The weather shouldn't be an entirely different study base. It should all be related. If the theories don't work together, then you have nothing.

This video is about the sun & how it works on a flat plane... Give time the weather conditions would be an entirely different clip & study base... We have been lied too all in the name of science.. Albert Einstein was nothing more than a patents clerc.. His works were stollen from the likes of Nicolov Tesla to fit the current official Narrative... If you're close minded , u don't stand a chance of understanding this...

why when you are at the ground the sun same size on hemisphere??? anywhere you go why the sun same size??? esphere earth clearly explained 101%

no curvature...platos...

Good evidence ,, great picture e

Towards the horizon....not going beyond the does the sun

This is dumb. Your are an idiot

Can you explain a solar and/or a lunar eclipse??

How far away is the sun? You seem to have an answer to everything else but not that very important question. Your video and theories are garbage from start to finish. Flatties are a dying cult, there seems to be far less of the lying cranks these days, truth is winning out as always.

+Swedish Marcus Viking jwo? Also what would the "jwo" want a shilling for they are no longer used in the U.K. ( their were 20 in a £) so whatever you are going on about you are way behind the times...

Globe Forever shilling for the jwo

William Amato If earth was flat?:) We cant find any curvature and we are still waiting for real videos of ”the spinning ball”

I wouldn’t doubt the cia doing that.

+Gra Ra5 your not intelligent if you cant see whats in front of you. Science is fake. So you believe the Earth was created out of nothing? That sounds so ridiculous. Nothing exploded into this? If we evolved from monkeys why after all this time have we not seen a monkey evolve into a human? Seriously. Wy would "evolution" just stop?

+Swedish Marcus Viking There is an overwhelming amount of real evidence that the earth is roughly spherical, it rotates, and there actually is a place called Sweden on it, even though I have not witnessed any of those things directly. I have met Swedish people, even though I have never been to Sweden. I've never met a Zionist, but I have been to a place called Zion in Utah.

Chris Leaver Stop shilling for the zionists... We dont live on a spinning ball and you know it

Just disregard the blatantly obvious proof of a spherical earth that I am showing you.......... REFRACTION.

We'll see who's laughing soon enough... Close minded folk will not progress anywhere

+naughty thougts yet you chose to reply on my comment. that says a lot about u

Another fact resistant troll, gg wp!


If the sun is that small how can it give us so much energy to support life on earth,,, if the sun is small how can it sustain its nuclear fussion,, the one is talking is a mentally ill person who is a leech to our society,, your so stupid

why dont you try it,,, do itt after a few minuites after the sun disappear on the horizon,,, buy a powerful telescope that can reach jupiter,, because some telescope that you can buy can reach jupiter why not it cant reach the sun,,, in fact your claiming that the sun is just 3 thousand miles away from earth why not you can bring the sun back in view that the telescope can reach jupiter that is much further than the sun,, go to the beach and zoom your telescope on tha horizon,, i you can bring the sun back in view you won if not go find a high bridge without waterr and jump,, you talk to much just do it,,, by the way show a video that you bring the sun back in view

did you drink your medecine for your abnormal flat brain,,, get a powerful telescope first and bring the sun back in view in the horizon,, explain how come weather in saudi is different from weather in alaska if the sun is a merry go round

Dr. Zack aka DecimalZ the flat earther debunked half of your video proving that the sun can't be circling above a flat disc earth. And my countless video describing and predicting the sun's motion by stunning accuracy using the globe model debunks the other half

Yeah.....lets face it NaTuber, you are just a bit of a prize cunt really ain't ya?? Go on mate, face up to that and own it, there's a good lad.

I’m 5 minutes in and still it’s just the same nonsense that every flat earther bangs on about. It’s laughable. I don’t get how people believe this rubbish. For one, the sun isn’t changing size at the horizon, the sunlight is blocked by pollutants and atmospheric conditions which based on line of sight from the earths surface, are far more dense at the horizon. Therefore less light = a sun that appears smaller. That’s easy. Go repeat that observation on a perfectly clear day and what do you know, the sun doesn’t appear to change size. There’s even clips in this video where the sun appears to get smaller as it approaches the horizon (due to the clouds), then it gets bigger again as it gets even closer to the horizon!! (once it’s passed the clouds) Explain THAT flattards!

8:14 The plane has drive round the sun, look at the curve on the trail it left.

Heeeere clicky clicky clicky clicky. (clicker approaches) CLICK

Lol these fucking idiots...The title should be Timelapse of the Sun Proves the Largeness of the Earth...just pray this moron doesnt have children....actually scratch that. I know he doesnt.

This is sad... how does ur sun light up half the earth wen the light stretches further towards the left and right but shorter towards the north and south? Light makes a circle, not an oval.... How much flat earthers are there applying to b an astronaut? 0, u know y? Ur I.Qs ran FLAT

Clouds arent flat sheets of papper, they are 3D. But im not surprised if a flatbeliever also mentally lives in a world where Clouds are flat aswell. I like how you managed to put chemtrails claim in the same video aswell that has nothing to do with Flat Earth claim at all rofl haha

All conspiracy theories lead to a small group of men who, generation after generation, are deceiving the whole world. This is why conspiracy theories are BS.

Flattards are the missing link beetween apes and mankind.

The phenomena of midnight sun and polar night which exist only at the poles isn't compatible with flat Earth theory and I have witnessed it myself with my own eyes the sun doesn't set

Explain this:

This video is classified as EDUCATION. Well now , there's the joke right there !

The side by side was hilarious

It doesn't

If the Earth is flat, then how could somebody take a plane across it's borders and magically come out the other side? Is the entire aviation industry a fraud?

Holy Sh*t !

:), you found the clue of the globe. This video debunks flat earth by itself.

K Muller how do you mean? Lol too far.

+Richard Driveways If you don't know now then you are way to far down the rabbit hole.

The argument there is that the sun illuminates in a cone. But that raises more questions. If that were true, then the sun would only appear round while you stand directly in the cone. However, when the sun moves farther away, you would see the circle gradually being cut off by its own edge. However, the sun appears round 24/7.

+Reon Eade - That's not a grammar or spelling issue that's lack of attention to basic detail if you can't pick that up what else are you missing it speaks to credibility

+Pablo Gonzalez Ahh , the grammar Nazi. Ok perhaps I'll pull over next time. I often do this while on the tractor ( gets a little boring when you're behind the wheel all day )

+Reon Eade - Nikola Tesla not Nicolov it's hard to take you seriously when you can't get a simple name right

+Phil Monk the fool is you pal....

You should have worked it out by now.. Shitty attitudes , get you no where & gives you nothing...

+Reon Eade Really? How exciting. Please enlighten us as to what's going to happen 'soon' that reveals that Earth is flat. Genuinely intrigued.

+wolfan you forgot to remind him to drink drink his mental medecine

You forget on important thing the hot spots on the clouds and on the surface of the seas and water like this one in the video 12:23 if the sun was so far away from us 93 as they lie there won't be any hot spots and will be impossible and you can try it by yourself bring a flashlight in a big dark room and turn on the flashlight tow feet from the wall on the wall you will see a a spot of light on the wall with some light around it but when you walk back to the end of the room the light spot will fade completely and won't be there.

Facts 1- the earth is motionless and stationary.we can't feel any motion. 2- no real photos or videos of the ball there's only cgi photos and videos. 3- there's no curveture from anywhere from the ground and from the tallest building or from an airplane or even from a high altitude balloons. You can only see the fake curveture in the fish eye lenses. 4- helium balloons and butterflies debunk the made up theory of the magical glue gravity. 5-Airplanes don't dip their fronts with the fake curveture . 6- Jets Don't work in the vacuum space because there's no air to push against. 7- NASA can't go back to the moon for more than 50 years because they claim that they destroyed the data of that old junk technology from the past and that they can't build like it again now when the technology now became more developed and in the nano size.because they are lying and faked all the moon landings and they don't wanna be exposed. even if someone coverd you with duck tapes from head to toe in a seat of spinning around car you still can feel the motion of the car.

Great job. It must have taken you so long to put this video together. But it's still round! Get a life and a hobby!

Ok buddy use the way where people calculate the size of objects like a car as it drives away and then use the same method on the son and the u can calculate the size and distance from earth to sun once u have got real proof earth is flat tell me lol like u just showed me a video without seasons like then your hole system would change right sun moving up and down right and gravity how would your sun move up and down and in a circle and then your sun set video Does not add up calculate all the facts before u just make a video and wat would happen if your hole community finds out the earth is a sphere because I think u have noticed the earth is a sphere but u are so trying to prove NASA is lying and not proving the earth is flat this I like one of the 10 videos I found where u are trying to prove earth is flat now why could everyone not just get together and talk because I watched the globe busters discord and all of them in the debates are being so mean with sphere earth people and all of them are wasting the time to think out lyes of how the flat earth works but not going to NASA or going to a star observation center and trying to look at the stars and the sun in fact built your own telescope then u know it is not a hack and then try to make out the distance of the sun don't make n video of just u and a friend tell every one to come look how u build it and then tell every one to look and then u can many tell us the sun is close but by all the videos I have watched so far all of them is not working out I am just a 17 year old kid that just want the truth so make a project with a lot of spectators and there should be sphere earth people as well I mean like at least 100 people to see u can make a video but then u should not be alone in the video let's say 10 flat earth people and 10 sphere earth people get together and then just work out because u can tell a lie over a video but not face to face with science OK Just would like the truth that's all

Another flattard idiot who educated himself from youtube. Well done

To all kids watching this: Listen to your educated teachers and not these dropout tools!

Great video

Quote "watch this sunset. Ha look it curves just like chemtrails see perspective" he has no idea what perspective is. You flat earthers need new material because this is just old already debunked embarrassing claims but you won't do anything that hurts your delusional fantasy.

The one circling sun 3000 miles up is a controlled opposition psy-opp. There are multiple suns all over the world and they are way closer than 3000 miles.

If the earth was flat the sun would stay above us so would never appear to go down under the horizon. It would be visible no matter what time it is. This video just shows us you don't understand perspective or anything else you are talking about.

So why in dubai can you observe a sunset below the horizon at ground level take a elevator to the highest buildings in the world and view it again, did you get closer by going up ? Or did you just have a higher view of a sun that set below the curve !!

K Muller thank you I will

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