How I Made my First Event, OfferMind

How I Made my First Event, OfferMind

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Whoa hello what's going on one Steve Lars from sales for a radio today I'm gonna teach you guys how, I was able to pull off off her mind so, grandly, as my very first event. I've. Swept the last four years learning, from the most brilliant, marketers, today and. Now I've left my nine-to-five to. Take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely. From scratch this. Podcast is here to give you the answer, join, me and follow along as I learn apply and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's, best internet sales funnels my. Name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up hey I'm excited for this episode I'm excited for today all this so. Just know that what I wanted to do is I had offer mine happen just very recently offer mind, was my event. That, signified, me moving, into the. Offer creation, category, okay no one has become the category. King of offer creation, I am, trying to make my stand there as being the, best and the first in that area as. The solution, provider for that area yeah I'm talking about so anyways I'm really excited about it and all of it offer mine is signified a lot what, this episode right here is not about is the, content, about offer mind what, I wanted to do is take instead, kind of an objective, look at how, I pulled, off offer mine so. Grandly. As my, very first event okay. Well which is really, really anyway it'll be fun I'll be really really cool I, I love events events. Are very special, if you guys think about it right there are seven phases of a funnel we learned that from the book dot-com secrets there are seven phases of a funnel the, seventh phase, right. Of a, funnel is to change somebody's, environment, that's. Why events are so powerful if somebody. Is agreeing, to come to an event they've. Gone through the first six, phases. Of a funnel and I'm not gonna go through all those right now but you can look them up inside a Dom secrets okay the seventh phase, of a funnel the last phase of the funnels to change somebody's, actual, physical, environment, and that's, why it's so awesome when they show up but it's also why it's so hard to get them to the event and so, if you're about to throw an event you're like it is super. Hard to get people to event like yeah we I totally, get it actually completely understand and so, I was at I was at this inner circle meeting a little while ago it's. Probably six months ago I think. I don't know my timetable slowly, messed up now there's. A while ago and I was at this inner circle meeting and I learned from some of these other people who were there what, they've been doing is in in of, some of their products, they've, been giving away a free ticket to their event and so, when you buy the. Book or the program, or whatever included. In that is a ticket, to the event, that's. Clever now. Let me ask you a question though do you think the person who shows up right. With. A free ticket has the same mentality as, the person who shows up with a paid ticket no. Totally, different right and in fact if you give, away like a thousand, free tickets, I would, I would guess maybe two hundred would actually show up that, much of a drop-off Kay huge, drop-off, and very, different mentality you, will attract a broke room a poor room, if you're gonna be selling something not, to offend anybody just being honest okay if, you pay to get to an event what. Do you think the attendance rate is gonna be a lot higher it's. Pretty standard inside, of events to have a ten percent drop off rate okay. Where people just don't 10 percent no-show rate they just don't show up baffles. Me blows, my mind have no idea why it's that way but it is okay, even with high ticket events paid events whatever when. I was running a lot of fat events a fun hackathon events guys that was a 15,000. To, 25,000. Dollar event for people to show up that's how much they paid and still. We'd, have people who would not show up after paying that, much money yes, I'm serious okay okay, it's, like holy crap are you serious yeah, I am okay and that's what's interesting about this there's. Always a no-show, rate understand. The difference between there's gonna be you're a different. Mentality, of person that shows up when it you gave away free tickets, versus, a mentality person showed up with paid tickets so I was like well I, need.

Validation To even move forward on this idea how can I validate, throwing. My own event I mean I've always wanted to throw my own event and so, what, happened was about. Four months ago when I knew that Russell was gonna be doing wait it's. November isn't, it November. December by the time you see this episode it'll be December okay but, right, now recording this because I batch my content practice what I preach here right. It. Was back in. February. When, Russell first started talking about doing. This. Book right the 30 days book when. He first start talking about that he started reaching out to all the people for it I was like sweet this is gonna be so cool and I went in I had to work I got to write my chapter and be in here and be featured in it was really exciting and awesome and what. Was cool is when. He, wrote this book when the idea came up for this book I thought. To myself that's. It that. Is how I can fill a room that is, the vehicle, that I can give a free ticket away with when I sell it okay, and, so so that those super-exciting. I knew that offer mind was going to coming up. Sometime. In the future I don't know when but. I did I knew it was there, okay and most people will stop because they don't see all the details yet don't stop kay if you got a sweet idea just know that clarity. Will happen as you move not before you move and so, I am a. Little. Nugget there okay. Sure though and so when I saw him go out and say you know what we're gonna give away for everyone who promotes the book we're gonna give a hundred percent Commission's he's like I'm not gonna take any Commission's on that book I was like you kidding oh my, gosh this is actually really really big okay okay, dude can, I interview on my podcast right and he was on the podcast little while ago dude, can I get this can I do that alright. And I started structuring, a campaign, around. This, book knowing. That when I drop, out a free, ticket. With. The book right. I'm, gonna get more sales because, the perceived, value my offer is gonna go through the roof and I, also knew that people were gonna be like oh my gosh and, he's gonna be more talkable, and, so I sold 375, books, and I was like I bet a third of those people will actually show up and that's about what happened okay about, a hundred twenty RSVP'd. But I think about a hundred showed up which, is pretty, standard for a free ticket you know I mean it's not as much you, know there's not as much fear of loss if you don't show up for a free event that you didn't pay for right and so. What. I did is I piggybacked. The event on. Russell's. Event Russell's, event of the 30 day book launch right i piggy died back to my physical event, off of the digital event of the, Russell's 30-day book. Launch going on okay, that's how I filled it up so much anyway I did. It that way now, I also knew though that a lot of people are not going to be able to or didn't hear about or just. Were like hey I already bought the books of somebody else so I didn't want to leave out all those other people so. What I did is I built a. Funnel, an event funnel is a very fast, funnel, to, go in and sell right. People. Who wanted to actually dive on in and actually join the event so, that's what I did and it worked really really well also and then I sold a VIP upgrade and then I sold one. Of one-on-one. Session, with me afterwards, on the third day and I started selling different areas around it but the biggest mistake I will tell you guys right now that, people make with throwing events is they tried to they try, to make money on the, event, tickets, hey. I don't take any profit, on people just getting to the event okay, I'm there's not as much story this episode I just want to hit if several things right here what I did is I ran a little ass campaign, inside the group gay, science is selling a line and I asked a lot of you guys like hey what questions do you guys have about how I ran, offer. Mind and so I'm answering a lot of guys questions right now as you guys had them so so. You guys see how I did it, the, event, room in the, hotel, was. Seventy-five hundred dollars I believe, I was like I don't want to pay for that like, holy crap he's serious was like well what. If I just did like a really long one-on-one, session with somebody, on the third day so the event was two days but where there was actually a third day where, I, left it open for people if they wanted to do one-on-one sessions with me that's, exactly what happened right and somebody came in and they, paid and I. Charged almost, the exact amount as the room was so, sweet alright somebody else paid for the room okay. Please don't get offended by this I'm just telling you guys what's going through my head and I, was like okay okay I, need, I, know I knew, that I was gonna is gonna be around $20,000. For the a/v team to come in, it. Was significantly. More though is, $35,000, and. For. The a/v team to come on in it's why it looks so pro and so amazing is like man I want to pay for that so, I was like okay what, if I just push a little bit harder on this book and I did and we sold 375 books, that's, the equivalent of thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars well sweet okay that paid for the AV we, have some, sessions that paid for the, room, alright now how do I pay for swag, and, like to make it like awesome and get a photographer.

There And get someone just filming b-roll, write all those things together with probably another ten grand right and. So what I did is, more, than that. Anyway. What I did is I sold a VIP upgrade, through. That VIP upgrade I think there was like fourteen. Thousand dollars that came in through the VIP upgrade like suite guests get how I did this I mean, out, of pocket there was a few other expenses, things around does not remember remembering, off the top my head but, you have to understand like like get. Resourceful, okay. And it doesn't matter what level you're at okay I've watched Russell do this when we do, he's been planning funnel hacking live there. Will be these you know big people Tony Robbins alright let's get in this person or that person he's like crap, cool. Seriously, yeah like. That's. How much money they want or it costs that much to do that or the event rooms this mount of money or the sweat holy crap, rather than go well maybe we won't he says how can i okay. Says how can i and how, can I do that and then multiple, times I've watched him go through and structure, a way to, liquidate, his costs on that that's, exactly, one hundred percent how, I pulled off off her mind okay, structurally. I'm talking about right how, I actually pulled it all together and and. Pull up pull his pieces together so in total I don't, I think is around. $65,000. To pull it off is that about how much it was sixty. Five grand for off for mine I just. Check in with Colton, my. Alter ego now. Sixty. Five thousand dollars to. Pull off off her mind and I. Think. Out. Of my pocket, to actually pull off the event about, thirty seven thousand dollars for. Selling. The book another, seven thousand, four plus. The 15. Inch plus twenty I think I shelled out maybe personally. About, maybe. Like six or seven grand, which, guys in hindsight really. Awesome I wanted, sweet swag I wanted, an amazing, visually. Impressive experience. I want, it right if if, step. Seven, of a, funnel right, phase seven, of funnels the. Final phase of the funnel is a new, environment, I cannot. Just have you walk into a normal room I must. Put you in an environment, I must. Put does that make sense you you have got to enter a different, sphere a different, place and so, like, like. I I'm. Willing to go in the hole over that you understand it so I did. Sort. Of like structurally, that's how I pulled off the event like three days before offer, mine happen I asked. One of the AV guys which they're freaking amazing by the way valiant, it was the name of the a/v team that the same ones that do final, hacking live the, same AV team that does all the two comical X events they do everything for Russell, they'd.

Like They set up the stage. Brilliant brilliant room right all that stuff that's why it looks so great and they, came to me and they they had this cool pitch they're like what if we had we, love your light bulb logo, we're, thinking like what if we dangled light bulbs upside down from the ceiling and like this cool way with like your logo floating in the back I was like that's. Amazing yes. Sounds. Good okay, so. Like as far as like structurally, pulling off the event logistically, that's, how it happened is I'm looking for ways to liquidate. Cost on the, cool thing rather than sacrifice experience. How can I afford how, can I create experience. And and so the event was pretty much like a. The. Event was like a. It's. Completely, liquidated, almost. Almost I did go and fold us a little bit with it but that you know whatever, I mean you guys didn't came I mean. If you, didn't come there's, no way you did not see someone posting that offer mind right, social. Proof was all over the place I know the psychology of sharing, a post on social media someone. Shares, the. Reason we share is because we think it's funny or. Invokes. A lot of emotion. It. Makes somebody, laugh or it makes somebody feel important. Okay, when. When I share, something funny I'm doing it because I'm saying I'm funny when. I share, something that makes me angry I'm sharing it because I'm saying it makes me angry when it writes that makes sense we share stuff to to. Say who we are it. Actually is a reflection, of the essence of the individual sharing it has, less to do with what you're sharing and more about how the sharer feels. And, so knowing, that guys, those are like the things like knowing, understanding that, piece of it what, I was trying to do is give. People content, to share that's. Why the room needed to be amazing, that's, why all the stuff in there need to be like visually, so, impressive. You understand, it it, was not just about me teaching it was, not just about me practicing. Stuff about my book that's coming out about it right right your core offer is gonna be the book and, the content, itself, from. The event was, like, on a high level the stuff that's coming out in the book and I needed to test it in one final phase I've been testing it for months and months like eight nine months right and, I needed to go in and do but, yeah, you have to understand like that. Was what the event was for content. Was but. I needed, it to be so, visually. Impressive it needed to be an experience, when you walked in right I, needed those doors to close right. You're not allowed inside the event no one's allowed in there no no inter no one's leaking pictures, right I know a few people didn't I wish they hadn't okay okay because. What I'm doing is I'm creating, anticipation. Events. Right, event throwing, is when a marketer, does whether. Online or offline part. Of the event is anticipation.

For The event can, you imagine, right. And I need to invoke that emotion, imagine. What it'd be like imagine. What the feelings gonna be what, is it gonna be like when I sit there and I have this major epiphany, on why I've not made it work yet what's it gonna be like and and and that, game, in the person's head is what, I'm trying to cause, so. That when they're behind, closed, doors and their registration, table is on the outside, of the, event and the doors are closed but. They hear the music. And. They hear the music and they feel the ground Rumble and they start they're seeing some streaming lights coming through but they can't quite see, what's going on and for the first time those. Doors open. There's. Literally new doors in their life opening, you understand it is a symbol. Okay. It is a symbol events, throwing is an art there's a science, behind it but there is an art piece to it as well I am, NOT just having people show up in a room and me. Speak, at them in my, mind like no matter the content what I would say, huge. Huge, huge opportunity, failure. If that was the case that, is not why I threw the event okay I threw the event yes for the content pieces I'm gonna be using as other places as well okay book, other cool stuff that's coming but, I needed it's, more about the experience. Of the individual showing up okay, is it. A symbol of new. Opportunity. In the individuals life am I breaking and rebuilding so, many beliefs inside the person's head that, they are literally. Doing. Things that they had never thought they could do they have, new capacities. For, their own life that they never thought were possible that's. What I'm trying to do that, so that's why the event is such a big deal all right all the stuff laid out in perfect, matching order on the tables the swag the way they walk up why the doors, are closed right the way they open up the music that's playing music you guys hear me play on my. On my live funnel bill it's okay they're there there's so, much freaking psychology, behind it it is important, that I'm not in the room when you actually open the door I should not be in the room all, right I should have somebody else introduce, me and their whole role is to raise the energy level of the room whoa. Whoa, and then welcome. Mr., Stephen. Right. And I, need that right. It elevates, as I. Walk up to the stage and and. The person that was M seeing which was James Friel which I'm very thankful for right, he did that and he got him riled up and there's a cool videos played Marley, and my amazing video person made this incredible, walk-up video like, whoa lots of credibility, stuff stuff today it feels I'm a little bit uncomfortable you know I mean like I don't. Never to be like me me me but that's important, for the psychology, of the event and when. I walk up I need to physically, make contact, with the emcee okay, that is the transfer of authority and, power onstage, it needs to be visual in front of the people this is very important I'm not making this up you guys okay, go watch 10 X secret straining he's gonna talk about this that psychology.

Is Massive, so when I walk up my, role is to not raise the energy of the room my. Role is to come in with an already high level energy room and then, I can do my thing otherwise I got to raise the energy of the room and then I can do my thing I don't want to do that role okay, there's. A lot to throwing the event there's a lot of psychology behind it you think I'm joking, go watch people, who actually do this professionally as well all the time I've, been exposed, to a lot of that that's why I know a lot of this and I've been doing it that's why we pulled it off well so. It's, there's, there is an orchestration, behind, your actual event how it runs the, way it's it the way it happens I know that. That as the, event goes up I need to build pressure and excitement, and then release it and then, build pressure and excitement, higher than last time and then release it and then build pressure and last time higher than the other two times and then release it and the build pressure and then. Sail. That's. Exactly what I did okay, so I'm like boom, cool nugget drop release it let's take a break, and I could tell when, people were exhausted, mentally or, physically. I put, caffeine, on the tablescape, prove it that's the MLM I'm in right you guys all know that right, and, a lot of guys ask me about it and I drink prove it every single day and I do you guys know that and you know that about the orange Bob right, this is the orange bottle there's always orange, juice in there right let you guys comments, about that what, did I do I need you mentally, checked in I'm gonna drop some stuff that no one ever taught before so, because of that we, made sure to get literally. Two thousand dollars worth of prove it on the tables okay. And lace, it all and keep it on the tables right. It wasn't so much about me I'm not trying to sell it I need. Their brains checked. Boosh. Are they with me okay, cuz I'm gonna go long I'm gonna go hard and there's gonna be. Very. I'm gonna go late into the evening I'm gonna, over deliver day one all, right over, the liver to the hilt blow, people's brains brains. On the wall right the and the reason is because I'm doing everything that I can. Everything. That I can to, orchestrate. And experience. Not. Just drop cool content, okay. They got caffeine I'm giving, them notebooks, so they can take notes I'm not gonna expect him to come with a pen and a notepad but, I need them to take notes mentally. They're checking in when. They do that when they and they open up that notebook and they start taking notes they are with me then. When they're taking a little bit caffeine still, like one of the best nootropics that's ever been out there right they are with me they can go further, and longer than they normally can physically, on their own more discipline, more focus more attention than they would ever do at their own homes very, fascinating by the way okay okay and, then, they go to sleep and they're spending time with each other than evening they're like holy, crap, that was freaking nuts cheese. Right, and then the next day what, did you learn what'd you learn what'd you learn and part of what I'm doing is as, i'm taking breaks you guys all notice that we're there I'm going, in and I'm saying I'm, there, was those catch Bach mics right I'm like hey if you have questions, throughout ask me I need, us to be interactive, that's not just for questions that's to keep you engaged right, me throwing around the catch box all over, the place right that the microphone, that you can throw it's. So that I know what was the coolest pieces and I'm hearing it I'm hearing where people's WoW is like, Oh for, me that why I was over here you you thought the Wild's over there okay cool and, you guys were guiding, me more than you realized, when I was on stage I was extremely prepared but, I'm making sure that I'm spot checking based on your feedback right, and when brakes are over keep, that energy high by, throwing around that cash box who'd you learn and if, I'm just standing on stage in the one spot. Bad. Dumb. Failure. Okay. You. Guys know the, photographer that was there she's like you move more than anybody I've ever seen on stage and like yeah it's because I am trying to keep you with me right. You. Should be freakin, exhausted after. One 90-minute, presentation, okay. Russell taught me once he said one, 90-minute, presentation, is the, equivalent, of an eight-hour workday in energy, expenditure, okay.

90. Minutes, I don't, even how long I went I went from 9 a.m. to. 9. P.m. I think I'm at 12 hours there was a there. Was a one-and-a-half hour lunch break, we. Took. Our. Dinner. I think we take an hour dinner yeah something, like that so, I went for. 8. Hours, it's. Freakin exhausted guys, like don't don't don't plan on sleeping, when you do this kind of stuff like like, you should be you should be exhausted I'm running around the room I am responsible for the energy tone that is set in the room I am, responsible not the audience, guys. Watch when. People stand up and they beg for comments, it's, the presenter, that's losing not the audience okay, I know that and. When I was doing these like super high-level fat events stuff like that like they're deep complex. Concepts, sometimes right it's not up to them it's up to me so, run around like an animal, my feet were freakin on fire. After day, one all, right a lot of people Stephen how do you do what you do it, hurts that's the answer man hi it hurts I was laying down in the hotel room even though I live here way easier to, just stay in mind prep zone try, and stay in state right, while I'm staying in a hotel room at the hotel that it's happening so I can just go right to the room right back up lunches, go detox. Drop. The pressure and noise like Alex are often talks about right, relax, for a second listen to some meditation, music chill, the freak out and then, go back in the state Braham. Right, the break is for me is just as much it is for the people right boom boom. And in multiple times someone will walk up can I ask you a question I'd be like I'm sorry no because. I need to make sure I protect my break I need make sure I protect my time so, that's guys I want to walk through like how actually structured my first six figure day because that's what happened there but not on this episode though I want to do that on the next one actually need to know how I threw the event okay, and what, was all involved with it and we're. Getting swag and we're getting net 30 terms so, I can make sure I can get right the actual affiliate cash coming in on this one so that it pays for that let's get it over here so it pays for that let's get it here pays for that and guys that's how you throw a sweet amazing event okay, you don't have all those things in places not, usually, most of us right not usually, you, don't have a stuff in place instead. It's all about building the pressure just like you would a product build. The pressure right tickets go go go go go we're gonna close we're gonna close we're gonna close right, who can pay for what who's can do what Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam right and it's more about right, it has a lot to do with anticipation energy. Output, expectations. Right, and experience an, environment. That's how, you throw a good event I could have stood up and said things that were not actually, that prolific, and it, would still been a great event because of the experience, that we provided, that. Makes sense it's that big of a deal now. I understand. That you guys that the content was epic and that's ever been taught anywhere and I've never had a platform to teach all that it was really really cool but, I know I've talked about like the content, that came from the event and like, how I write the book slowly and why the event was throwing us stuff like that but I'm not talking about of content I'm talking with the event itself and throwing it what, I'd like to do in a few episodes from now as well is walk through how I was able to structure, a six figure day my first one ever and as, all as almost.

Multi Six which is really cool. And I want to teach you guys how I was able to go do that and pull that apart as well so again I know these episodes a little bit more in depth they're not a little more intense than I normally would make them but a lot of guys ask so I thought it'd be a cool place to do that somebody. Asks what's the biggest takeaway you've, had from your first live event Thank, You Pat Phelps appreciate it. What's. The first biggest takeaway. They. Were challenging, but Colt and I were even talking they're not as challenging as people, said. That it was and I know that's because we had great help there's a full-out team there's no way you can do that on your own by the way you need you need people. People. Were all over the place helping, so appreciate, that I have clearly. Understand and realize that it's not me me me and. Biggest. Takeaway, yeah definitely, it was in liquidating, cost through other things. How, much did all a V cost stuff. How. Much did all the AV stuff cost using. All the other crew. $35,000. For the crew, they're completely worth it hire them they're amazing for the total event 65, grand. And. As. Far as roles and positions is. Actually Dave Woodward that taught me that one person on your, team should be dedicated to you solely the entire vent there's a lot of pressure going into your head so, you need to have somebody with you all the time I need this I need water I need like a protein, bar something like that back and forth and understand. Like it's just cold and I like pull this stuff off guys he's so crazy a lot, of people helped swoop down in just some so appreciative. There's. A lot of pee and so anyway, it really really means a lot as far as like setting it up getting stuff on the table really. And it's just so so helpful Cole's. Wife came in for a little bit Tara burst right you actually came she came in and a lot Ryan. Rhyme. Jones right, Scott. Taylor you came and there's there's a anyway, I just wanted I'm trying to give kudos, and thanks to where it where it's deserved a lot of people involved and pieces, of set up stuff like that as, far as roles though. Anyway. What. The biggest thing I learned you know what I'm not gonna I'm not gonna answer that what now biggest thing I learned I want to talk about it on the way I structured, the six figure day which. Would be really really cool so anyways, appreciate, it guys thank you so much very excited, about this hopefully you guys learn more about throwing, events I'm, not saying it's got to be that massive scale all the time you're like crap sweeping on 65 grand to go through an event okay whatever fine but just know like like. It's. More about providing an experience and. Changing. The environment it is the final, phase in the funnel and because of that you're. Gonna lose a lot of people the, six. Steps. On the way to the seventh right. Yeah I think about it Russell's. Got a freaking, giant list a lot. Of people that show up to following live are not using clickfunnels yet they want to write. But still his, event is only four thousand people when there's seventy thousand. Active monthly users when there's four thousand, people coming to this next event 4500. All right think, about the numbers of that and he has such a huge list and. So some people be like Stephen I'm gonna go through this shoot when we go through a massive event it's real easy events, are like the hardest thing to fill ever way. Harder than webinar, way harder than anything else because they gotta go set up who's, the babysitter, right what are my flights when my hotels can I get off time for work can I have time for this but right there's so much stuff events. Like that appeal, to hot audiences, when you have a very hot audience, who are on the seventh phase of the funnel so it's a small group all, right very small group and I'm, excited for the next offer mind there certainly will be one probably at least, it's. Gonna be a yearly event. And, next year I'm actually already bringing in some really cool speakers as well this is I can't, tell you who but what, okay. So anyways if, you guys want a ticket though we. Do have discounted, tickets for a little while and the price is definitely going out because it's a sick event and we got I got some cool people coming you guys as well this first event I needed the content to be more about the content next.

Event, Though I'm actually gonna bring in some more people about here's how you create offers around that industry that, industry, that industry, that industry and here's the expert I'm the person that did it that did it that did it that did it so really cool people. Coming on in about specifically. Offer creation will be really really cool so you guys can go to offer mine calm and go get your thing so it's. Exciting really really pumped for you really excited for all this stuff and it'll. Be it'd, be really cool so go to a forum on calm you guys can grab tickets if it's off just put your name in the waiting list if it's up you then the tickets are there and he able actually dive on in and grab a. Ticket. At the price that it was at now we're gonna have to raise the price a little bit but anyway, excited. Screaming. Success a lot of people involved and, definitely. Was a Hail Mary, it's. Just tons of fun but. It's. A Colton I think a solid, three, days just to cover physically, probably, like a solid, week to recover mentally I mean I was like I was, wrecked you were wrecked, we. Were wrecked. Man that was like I've. Sung a lot of events there's only one of the time my life have been that tired and it was during basic training. Seriously. That. Doesn't say man but. Anyways, cool stuff guys appreciate it you're all awesome I appreciate, you guys coming I know buddy has wanted to come and they're, definitely the others would love to have you the future ones to see you guys later bye. Bolla, home if you're just starting out you're probably studying a lot that's, good you're, probably geeking, out on all the strategies, also right that's also good but. The hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you, should sell it to them right that's, also what I struggled, with for a while until I learned the formula so, I created a special mastermind. Called, an offer mine to get you on track with the right offer and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it want, to come the, small groups on purpose so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days you.

Can Hold your spot by going to offer mine calm, again that's offer mind, calm.

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