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Rather. Than making is just a nobility a question, of a of a, moral. Commitment. Or a feeling of guilt or a political. Priority if it's, simply, a better design, it's. Gonna win. All. Over the world coal, plants, are being replaced, by wind turbines, and solar panels, with. Prices, dropping the, proportion, of our energy, generated, by Sun and wind is expected to grow quickly in the coming decades. There. Are growing ambitions, of bidding fossil fuels farewell, and not, just in the Netherlands, by. About thirty years from now it is predicted, that two-thirds, of our global electricity. Will come from sustainable sources. What. Will this world running, largely, on renewable, energy look. Like yeah, it's good it's. Good question explained I you're. Testing my imagination, Martine. Exactly. There's. So much more that we have to think about what. Effects, will the energy transition, have on the economy, politics. On how we live and move around. Surprisingly. Little thought has been given to this but, luckily there are people who have an idea of what might be to come you, can't see that much, they. Can to some extent envisage. What will change when we start using a lot less coal, oil and, gas. The. No toxins, coming out of the chimney we. Could actually turn the roof of this power plant into the, first alpine, ski slope of Denmark other, opportunities. Will present themselves, but. Who will be prepared, for them Chinese, people really think about things in much much longer terms, we think about things in like 50 60 a hundred years 10, 20 years I worry the United States could lose its pole position, and that's. Our last advantage we. Lose that advantage we. Will be in structural, and irreversible, decline. China. Is. Just like this. Works we're. Going for it right the. Entire country, boom, this. Is backlight, welcome. To a sustainable, future. In, recent years we. Have become used to houses, with solar panels on the roof and electric. Cars are no exception, anymore people. Everywhere, are realizing. That we are moving towards a radically, different looking. World. The. Business stops from, labor. Believe. An offset, the. Name offsets from Allah or perhaps a needle in me impossible. Blood. Blazer open. Buzina multitude, yeah the, Bosnian. He too comes and hospitals, all. The things that after they make undershirt lasts. The book on the upper half of a dunker for reveille CDs. In. The, coming decades, the proportion. Of our energy, generated. Renewably, will continue, to grow. We. Will move closer to the end of coal oil and gas. But. This shift from fossil fuels, to renewable energy. Sources will, lead to radical, changes, outside of, the energy sector as well. I. Think. By mid-century 2050. We'll see two-thirds. Of the world's electricity, generated. By renewable sources my. Hope is that we will accomplish, a majority, of the world's electricity from just two renewable sources wind. And solar electricity. Varun. Sivaram. Is a researcher. At the US Council, on Foreign Relations. He's. Seen huge, developments. In renewable, energy from up close. I've. Been in the solar industry for over a decade now if you told me a decade ago in 2008, that solar, electricity, would. Have fallen in price by over a factor of 10 over. 90% I would have told you you're crazy, there's no way that it's gonna happen right and here we are solar, electricity has in fact gotten so cheap you know around the world you're seeing bids, for solar electricity that are less than three cents or two cents, per, kilowatt hour it's the basic unit of electricity generation. That. Was unheard of just five years ago ten years ago but. Here we are right I. Think. A lot of us focus, primarily, on, the coming changes to the energy sector we stopped our analysis, there but. There are so many other knock-on, effects to the rest of the economy because, the, energy is the foundation, of how the global economy runs, so. In addition to, you. Know the the energy sector becoming less carbon intensive more. Digital, possibly. More decentralized. The. Rest of the global economy could. Change the way it functions as well. If energy. Is the cornerstone, of global, society and if, its sources, change, what. Else will change. Danish. Architect beocca, Engels, has spent a lot of time thinking about this. He. Sees the outward appearances, of cities, and buildings changing. Vastly, in a world powered mainly, by renewable, energy. Maybe. We are somewhat, living in a constructively. Optimistic, time lately. This, kind of 60s belief in the, future has, maybe come back and. I. Think the. Next the next many decades will see an explosive, development.

In. The physical and the built environment, I. Think maybe people have started, daring. Imagining. That we can actually make meaningful change, again. Technological. Change climate change no. Matter where the change is coming from that change. Means, that the, framework we created, for our lives, and our society, suddenly. Doesn't fit anymore because people doing things differently now and if, we as architects, can look and listen. And learn from this change we. Have an amazing, opportunity, to. Accommodate. What. Is changing. To. Solve these new problems explore, these new possibilities and actually give form, to, the future, to. Give form to the future that we would like to live in. The. Swedish city of Malmo is a testing. Ground for sustainable. Living, the. City boasts many projects. And districts, that prioritize. Sustainability. Like. The greenhouse flats where, sustainable, living is encouraged. That's. A really cool Chili's here before so, had a big really really. Hot chilli plant with, just call the Jolokia chocolate and we, thought it was, one. Of the hundreds but we didn't know that so we. Thought it's chocolates you know the name didn't, sound actually look at the the, scale. Luckily. When we pick the first one they decide it's just taking a little bit and, then we realized, Akshat - when, I tasted it to the so hot I said, I have to go online and see what this is all about. Then. We realized is one of the hottest where to give give, away because it was too much it was really big. Plant. What's. The difference between living in a problem. Building like this and a regular, apartment, building, difference. Well. You have to sign that green contract, that's. One difference. What's. A green contract. It. Stipulates, that you're going to try. To have as much green, or. Plants, growing for, as the, majority of the year as possible. And. You. Have to recycle, I. Don't. Know what happens if you break the green contract, actually, but. Yes. You need to take part in the communal, growing. Areas as well and did you both have stuff, like an interest for gardening. Also before you came here. Well. In. Theory yes. The. Idea of it and the, actual work involved is also that's. That's. The other science that we. Have quite a lot of food, growing like tomatoes, and sugar. Snacks and, squashes, question. A lot, of things so. That we sometimes, can take I mean here tomatoes. Grow till, November, here in this in, this area llosir. It did, we. Had a lot of tomatoes, we, have a few, tomato plants, last, years every year we're learning and learning, and we've changed what, we're doing, kale. We had a lot of kale. So. We're being a little bit more diverse this, year trying trying a different approach. The. Things that are in the building make you think about your. Behavior as an individual, and then make you reassess. What you're doing for, example the taps when you push on the taps, the. Hot water if you want to get really hot water you have to press a button to actually a dagger to the heart or, to get the high pressure so, you're consciously, making that decision otherwise, you have to question what do I really really need hot water for this washing. Or whatever it is I'm doing and, then.

The The plugs. Away. And home button, that you press when, you're leaving that switches off everything. So. You're conserving, electricity and, that's in that way but, you it, makes it easy for you to, in, this way you, become more conscious and aware definitely. With, time it becomes, a bit more automatically. In, the beginning. Raven not it's. Not just individual. Buildings, like this that are sustainable in, malmo, entire. Districts. Are being designed to run on renewable. Energy, like. The Western, Harbor sustainable, district, designed. Ten years ago. 20. Years ago there. Was nothing, here more than shipyard, industry, that has gone. Broke, then the city of malmö, fighting. For survival more, or less and has gone from once. Being, this huge, shipyard. In industry, with 10,000. Employees here. To rather. Living. City with, more, than 250. Different companies, and plus. 12,000. Workplaces. So. What kind of place is this where did you take us here you can't see that much but this. Is like the. One. Of the two hearts, of the energy, solution, here in the Western harbour beneath. Us 100. Meters we. Have a limestone, aquifer. So storage, of water we. Used that for the, purposes, of heating, and cooling just. Like a thermos, we, cool down the. Aquifer, wintertime. To be used summertime. And we. Use. Heating. From summertime, to, be brought up wintertime. It. Works, quite. Well. The. Discussion, about sustainability, was dominated. By a kind of gloomy worldview. Like Al, Gore's, Inconvenient, Truth and, the whole story was about how much of our existing, quality of life are we willing to sacrifice in. Order, to afford being, sustainable, and, we thought that's not a very attractive. Standpoint. Or viewpoint. So. Rather than making sustainability. A question, of a moral commitment, or a feeling of guilt or a political. Priority if it's, simply, a better design, it's, gonna win, do. You think that the inhabitants are they aware that this is climate, neutral, area on, a daily, basis no I think one key component. Of really. Being. Successful. With that is that it should be easy, it. Should be automated. It should be seamless. Be. Erica Ingels would like to take things one step further, he. Shows how energy, efficient, designs can make buildings, more varied, and attractive, than they are now I think, when you look at the. Developments, in architecture, that brought us here, or that contributed, to bringing. Us to the situation is that, when. Modernism. Arrived. And the international, style of modernism, it. Was called the International style, because buildings started, looking the same everywhere. And of course the climate, is very different in the north of Finland than it is from the north of Africa so. At. The same time as the, advent of modern architecture was. The advent of modern building, services, and building. Services were new technologies, that, came with new freedoms, we. Had suddenly electric, lights so. We could make really deep flow plates with abundance of light we weren't dependent on daylight for for, being able to see so buildings, got deeper and deeper, we, had mechanical ventilation, so. We didn't have to be able to open. The window so so. We could like just pump. Fresh. Air through, the building and. We had suddenly air-conditioning, and central heating so. We weren't dependent on the thickness of the walls or the orientation of the windows so. All of these free, meant, that the architecture. Of the building did. Less and less it. Became just a container of space, and. Then what, made the building inhabitable, was. This, gas guzzling machinery, that. Was pumping, electricity. And air and temperature, through, the building so, we had big boring boxes, the architecture, didn't do anything it became more and more generic, and we, had a basement, full of gas casting machinery that, that sort of kept the. Patient alive. And, you, can say building. Services, is a, mechanical. Compensation. For the fact that the building is bad at what, it's designed for namely. Human. Occupants. So. I think part of part of what we are thinking, about now because we work in a lot of different countries and. A lot of different climates is to. Return. To this idea where the building, responds. To, its environment. A. Building. We're just finishing now in China in, Shenzhen. Is. For, the main energy. Company of Chan Chan it's, in a humid, subtropical climate. So. If, you're making a big office building, in the tropical climate. You. Want to of course maximise, views and daylight, but, you also want to minimize glare. And, thermal. Exposure. You. Know using air conditioning so. We, designed the facade. If, you imagine like a son of a zigzaggy. Facade. So the. Sides that are facing against, the prevailing Sun direction to, the south for instance are, always closed and the other side is always entirely, open so, that means that when you're standing inside, and.

You Look away, from the Sun it's all glass but when you turn around and, look in the direction of the Sun its bamboo, walls, washed, in daylight it. Has like a very feminine, elegant, appearance but. It also reduces, energy consumption, with 30% a, greater. Proportion, of sustainable, energy being, used will, also not just the appearance of buildings, but of entire cities, power. Plants, will no longer need to be hidden away in the outskirts of the city when. We look over there, this. Is our the. Brick building over there is, our energy. Central, so is this like a power, plant yeah, it's like a power plant with. The two rather big heat pumps, but, normally, you wouldn't place a power plant in the middle of a neighborhood I suppose no, but when, it's chimney. Free and, completely. Silent, it's. Not a problem, it's. Kind of interesting it the fact that you can introduce. Energy. Infrastructure, in, the middle of a city rather than you, know somewhere, where the. Smokestacks don't cause. Too much trouble no exactly like you can say the traditional zoning. Of the, city has to do with certain, certain, things are simply so noisy or so, nasty, that we have to put them very far away and. In, that sense but, then we can also see that you know once the power plant shuts down it's, an amazing building so, with, clean, technology. You, don't have to wait until the power plant shuts down we. Can reinvent it. We're. Just finishing this power. Plant here in Copenhagen that, turns waste into energy. So. A bag. Of like three kilos of household, waste turns into four hours of electricity. And five hours of district heating. But, it's also the cleanest, waste-to-energy, power plant in the world so that no toxins, coming out of the chimney so. Not only is it a better technology it's, completely, different you don't have to be far away from a sort, of a polluting power plant we, could actually turn the roof of this power plant into the first alpine, ski slope of Denmark. It's, gonna open in October. Children. That are born in. Copenhagen. This year they, will not know of a world where. You can't ski on the, roof of the power plant so. Imagine, if that's your baseline, how. Much higher, these. These children can imagine like how much further they're, gonna be able to imagine. Things because they, just start on a completely different level than what we did. It's. Not only our direct, environment. That will change in a future sustainable. World. The. Increase, in the use of solar and wind energy, will. Really shake up international, relations. Energy. Is one of the top if not the top issues. In geopolitics you can explain a whole lot of international, relations, by, looking at global. Flows of energy and the, distribution, of energy, resources and to, date energy. Geopolitics, has been dominated, by the geopolitics of fossil, fuels going. Forward though we may enter a world where. Clean energy becomes. A, dominant. Or at, least larger. Share. Of the. World's energy system, and so, we ought to stop looking just at the geopolitics of fossil fuels and more at the geopolitics of clean energy. The, White House has a long history with solar panels on the roof in 1979. They, first went on the roof Jimmy Carter put him on and. In the 80s Republican. President Ronald Reagan, took the solar panels off the roof of the White House Barack. Obama in 2010, put panels back on now. We have President Trump now, who knows President, Trump you. Know may very well keep him on but. He hasn't been great to solar recently, there's a whole range of things that President Trump is doing to rollback President, Obama's environmental, policies, I bet. You solar. Panels, may. Very well not stay on that roof I. Don't. Think you could see him the only thing you can see from here the snipers. You. May have been blessed as a country to have had fossil fuel deposits in the past and that, largely determined, whether you were going to be an energy exporter or an energy importer, no, longer most, countries, have some endowment, of Sun, and wind. Or, hydroelectric. Resources, or geothermal resources, and so, suddenly many. Countries can. Become energy. Producers, maybe even energy exporters. It. All depends, on how. Enthusiastic, a country is going to be to exploit its clean. Energy endowment. Be, surprised, you. Wouldn't believe how, fast China is going, green. Is. Going. Green and Giga scale and Giga picks. One. Country, is particularly, enthusiastic. About, a future greener, world, China. It's. The world's biggest investor. In wind turbines, and solar panels and.

There's, A clear plan behind it, you. Have to realize that China doesn't, really want to be dependent on other countries, it, knows that if, its factories, go down right, then it won't produce products, and then GDP, won't go up and so, to produce products, guess what you need you need energy right. So if you if you, can have renewable energy which is you. Know pretty much free right, and then you become independent. Then, you, have energy security, which, is economic security, which, is national, security in some sense right so I think that, the very beginning, of our drive for renewable, energy actually started from, that point of view in. 2007. Peggy, and you founded. Uture, an, organization. That aims to make China more sustainable. Her. Ideas, on the role of sustainability. In China are regularly. Adopted, by Chinese, leader Xi Jinping in. Particular. Her, vision of the China dream. The. China dream you, know to me is really about everybody. Has some moderate, form of prosperity, together. And that, china together. We, thrive right, this this collective. Consciousness is very important to China so. Helping. Fill, the gap between urban and rural rich and poor, to. To. Make sure that all of us are going, on, this really, really really fast journey, together right we're leaping, right at. Giga scale at Giga pace but we want to leave together. The. China, dream, a collective. Push for greater prosperity, has. Increasingly, turned into a green dream. Like. In this coal region, to the north of hefei where. The sustain of future is being built literally. Over the remains, of the damaging, past. Send. Our men. Today. Attend, our Sangha, apologies, event today attend and emails and ah you, gotta know to. Take action. Jessie. J. Jenna. Wanted us we live with sahaja yoga, hi Gemma, hi. Angela. Canidius. Mika, tibia. Yeah duty tada, Mucha me one, second. MA, Sega's Kahala. Hanukkah. No, mention to pancha, graha. She, kageyoshi. Panache. Rajaraja. Chola, CBS. At our channel hang, on she Janet, ingenue yang-gon was a lazy bear, kogai-sama. Just. Said oh yeah, Jujubee. Alumina, let. Satoko. Toda. Yeah not, so much I am to sleep in your son Solomon. A. Total. Today usme. Tankette a quad on total divas yoga, Timmy, and I shot, a knocko, Cincinnati. Andre Agassi my otaku mode agafia auntie, Cosima un, testigo miss hande, hoche he0, Samia. Samia negotiate, Reyes, accountant. For children. Hobie. Artigue want, a yahoo, tiga see me enjoy, a sentry. Salalah Oman Concord, rotator, summation, EEOC Safari. And Sigma so, vienna yahushua. Yada. Yada, yada kasi mention. Moment. A virgin fertility, nurse educator, for Taniya, evaluate. Our nigga Jenna yeah. You. Got the kingdom, feel you a woman so that the agenda, to focus your finger. You could see the you co young with Hollywood.

Him Back. Chingy. Scintillant van thio dr., Joseph, a confrontation. Artificial. Efficienty, Harlingen. Savannah muchas de towhead shigekuni. 'no happened, Ania. Community. Media Zambia or magenta Tutsi author you are warranted, for figure PG, art and social potential, Vienna too volatile, to assume. Was. Maha, de cinéma. Para. Jana. Wooden, a piano. Taken. A nominal, senti. Was. A hello. China. Has huge, ambitions. For. Solar energy, in particular, but. Varun sivaram, believes, that simply building even more solar, panels won't, be enough. In. Our current, system with, our current technologies. We're. Headed for a wall. It. Seems just so, compelling we ought to buy this solar panel and generate, this very cheap electricity the problem is all those electrons, get produced at the wrong time and if. You produce them all at the wrong time right in the middle of the day when nobody wants them anymore we've already met all of our demands we've met all the air conditioners, and what we really need is dinner, time power when, people come home from work and turn on their lights but there's no Sun at that point it's set the. Next solar panel will do nothing for you so, the idea is from. A peer economics, point of view it. May not make sense to build new solar and wind farms. Just because, their cost has fallen because, if their value Falls even faster, the value may be below the cost. Solar. And wind it's going to hit, a wall if we don't find ways to flexibly. Use it lithium-ion, batteries are too expensive they'll continue to be too expensive and they, frankly are only good for storing energy for a few hours at a time not, the days or even weeks or months or seasons, that these intermittent, renewable energy sources, we're. Gonna need new battery designs we, even need new battery designs for electric vehicles in order for them to really compete against. Fossil fuel petroleum, fueled vehicles and unless. We invest right, now in those technologies, they're, going to come from China China, as it is wrapping, up its investment, and it's, Chinese authors. That are being increasingly published. In top-tier. Scientific. Journals in solar innovation, and wind innovation, and battery innovation, so. I think. The signal is loud and clear we are focusing, on the wrong things. The. Attitudes, of Chinese people the, policies. That the Chinese government have laid down the amount, of infrastructure. That. We've put in place over the last decade, is tremendous, I mean you you really can't recognize. It between, 2007. And 2008. Een. So. All, of these colorful, bikes are basically, free. For anybody to rent for, almost. Nothing and. These. Are the closest bikes to, me right. So I can find the closest bike but of course I've got a bike right in front of me and I'm, gonna unlock, it, simply. By scanning the. QR code right there. And. It. Just unlocked, did you hear that right. So. This basically solves the last mile problem I, have three subway lines right, here underneath. My feet underneath my. Twenty ninth floor apartment, and I, can go to line to line twelve like thirteen and then I can unlock a bike I can go to the. Bar or the grocery. Store that I want to go to and, I just lock it right there, and I'm. Done there's, no. Need for cars, whatsoever. In a transit, centered life. One, of the things that I've realized is that it's, not enough to just have really, cool with Z technology, right, to just, invest, in technology, and this is something a little bit of a blasphemy from somebody, who graduated from MIT as, an, electrical, engineer and. So. This is very complex it's not there's no one single, bullet, like solar, or nuclear. Or wind, or anything that's, going to save the day. China. Is looking, beyond wind, and solar energy. Dutchman, Yost when the hook has lived and worked in Shanghai, for years an urban. Planner he, develops, new towns and, neighborhoods all. Over China. Urban. Design plays a major role in a sustainable, future. But. In Shanghai, America, sees dr. Emerson, Motorola on a new stadium or or Navy, accolades in over crackles, electricity, at salt or skin on Saddam been annexed. Even buzina from Homer. Of scooter for Beckham and Phil Alliance tank then. Call that heavy, stuff you know. Denk. Tateshina, stated, organ hadith tight and in an anti-fog, excellent, open bar for system. That. The the do some height of volunteer, that see the energy, consumed see african. And him all. But pair to the jehovah, nissi autos, and auto kilometres, north health. At. Element air of skill to snail on Tichina is the, male on phone octopus, alien housemate damn and machine around Alec doctor, percent, in an apartment. About and host part mental about in. A by head from Virginia, and where and Agnes it's an enormous initiative. The Duke she needed am NOT an apartment. Mean that and she knows haste on the forum and coolly said that. My. Oak on the hill is two billion repairs, is a clerk is, the hall to stand there in their.

Lawn Thought we're having doers Armas emulating Seco state about goodness but is it house let it down. Optional. Fact, she, bounced up started out or destined bedrock supernovae, found the energy tone city and. Then kicked out the chief a district, been, installed Shanghai Tyrell annoyed for bills finish a brief. 2008, elope from the black happy via metro stations trivial. In the liner and not, held in worm and. Stop. Raven. Auto kill emerged not have whom. Tacoma. Revealed. The, values of a operative of a low hum of the vehicle tequila matrix s. Will not kill you made made our language or. Decisions. That. We are click itís become as well as futuristic. F unique, staring. Off a clock, have, even indicated replicate just opened by a foolish, need merely dr. Alfred at abduct not, active backbone is the basis on Florida, for the turns, from at since understands thought my Magnum Oakley. For. New Scottsdale. At. All opposite and zcorum Hiller's offered him the number boards before would cost, 18 - revolver, from petryís 15 fear - Wow, and the. Be taken and. Of the answer - an autotroph, or holy or Numa board that coyote show markup when we hear, Naidu, none allotted a new. Word engine, amount how does some students really are for the human key, didn't. Ya. Years even is foreign scientists, ejaculated. Same from the BLA attacks the commercial. Acknowledges, on the stock control of owner for Gina, malls. Contour tours. Experience. Entertainments, not mere controller this year, she. React a lot, of open bar vu can be taken over this table even had an aesthetic dynamic. But. Also and for odors of years in of set, David up laments, of the own Club they, ride the year relationship, and hotels. What's, really interesting about China's is that, the. Thinking, of China is moving much faster than, the infrastructure, development of China what's. Very dangerous, for people is to judge. China at any, one point in time what China looks like with its infrastructure, or air quality, today. Right, because China is moving so, quickly what you need to do is understand, the motivations, of, the. Chinese government and the Chinese people and the, policies. That are driving the, next five years of the future and then. Just. Realizing. That things that they say will happen will happen very quickly China. Is. Just like this. Works we're. Going for it right the. Entire country, boom. China. Really does act in a very I think much more efficient, way when it comes to large-scale. Change, is because. It it says, this is the change that we want right. It might be healthy. China 2030, right. It could be a, climate, change plan the, first one that came out in 2007. This is what we're going to accomplish it could be carbon. Emissions it could be really, anything. It could be 500, billion dollars into. High-speed. Rail over the next few years and. Then. It and then it makes it happen because all, all of the people underneath it know that their job is on the line if they don't reach it. You. Think about every, single sustainability. Solution. China's. Got somebody who's thinking about, how to scale it China's, got a city or 25, cities piloting, it and, one. Of those models one, of those darts is going to hit the, bull's eye right, and as long as we can figure out that one model that works boom it'll scale and when it scales its kills it in like one, two three years across. The country of a billion. 1.3. Billion people right so that that's the magic of China. It's. Not just about the technology it's, about the.

People Who are thinking in systems in a connected, way. Out. You're. Pushing it to the ground right, one. More time yes. Perfect, that's the Qi going, through your body so, what you want to do is when. She gets good enough she'll be able to actually project, the, Chi through. Different. Parts of your body don't go so close do you see how she's like oh hey. You guys. You. Have to step back and think about the way that Chinese think. About history in the future we think about things in like 5060. Hundred, years right, and so you know if you're only thinking, about let's. Say the next three months quarterly. Reports, or you're thinking about the next four years your election, term then you might not be concerned, about things, like climate change but, in China, I think it was Mazda dome who first thought, up this aqueduct, that would bring water from one part, of China all the way to the other end of China is now just being built right and so Chinese. People really think about things in much much longer terms. China's. Long term mindset. Influences. Not only its plans for its own clean energy, but, also its, plans to become a global leader of, the growing sustainable. Technology. Market. China. Is. Basically. Saying hey let's work, with all these countries, from Kazakhstan. To Spain. Right. Down, to Pakistan, to, Kenya and let's. Economically. Shake hands right and. Build. This, cross-border, logistics, network and from. There you can have cultural. Connections. And communication, and soft, power you. Can have, increased. Economy. I think. That as the belton, road becomes. Built. Along, you, know China to Russia to Spain, and down, through maritime routes to Africa, what, you'll see is is that hopefully, these. Types of sustainable, solutions. Will then go into the infrastructure, that's built in, the, cross-border logistics. All along. This, belton Road that will reach 3/4, of humanity. I. Think. By 2030. That there's, a good chance that China, will. Not, only be able to meet the Paris agreements, but it will be, able to showcase to the world, what. Kind of solutions. Can, be exported. Outside of China to reduce. Emissions at scale. If. China, views, sustainable. Technology. Is the ideal, motor for, the economy, while, the US is slamming, on the brakes what. Does this mean for America's. Future. 10. Or 20 years we will no longer be the largest funder of energy innovation, we. Will no longer be the source of many of the exciting, new, technologies. Both. In you know the production, generation, of electricity as well as the digital use, of electricity you. Know digital innovations, are where we shine we. Have been developing the Smart Grid technologies of, the future the, smart thermostats, of the future the. Autonomous, vehicles, of the future, China. Is going to overtake us in all of these technologies. If we do not keep a laser focus on innovation, so 10, 20 years I worried the United States could lose its pole position, and that's. Our last advantage we. Lose that advantage we. Will be in structural, and irreversible, decline. In. About, 30 years from now two-thirds, of our global electricity, will, be from sustainable. Sources this. Will have huge effect on other parts of the economy but. Architect, Erica, Ingels, is confident. About the future I think. Maybe people have started, daring. Imagining. That we can actually make meaningful change, again and I, think from the point of view of the architect, the last 20 years. Innovation. And resources, has been so, obsessed. With. The. Immaterial of the virtual the digital. Also. Because of the. Scalability. Of things you can scale things in the virtual environment or, in the digital environment almost. At no cost. I think, lately that ingenuity, has. Come back to the real world, electric. Cars driverless, cars. Robotic. Manufacturing. The. Internet of Things, suddenly. All. The all the technological innovation, there was like somehow happening. In its own little bubble has. Actually started spreading into the into, the physical environment. I. Do. Believe, that the rise of cheap renewable. Energy is going, to reduce the, cost and the price of electricity I believe. For example we're already seeing signs of these cheap electrons, being. Generated, for example in Abu. Dhabi Chile. Mexico, Saudi. Arabia India, all. Of these are signs that these technologies, are going to bring down the cost of electricity. Very.

Cheap Electricity could. Turn out to have as much of a transformative, impact on the world as the. Internet did it because. It allows the economy to use electricity in ways that never thought it would use it before that's. A powerful concept, so when we think about the, future of renewables we should stop just thinking about will, renewables, displace, fossil fuels for this use instead. We should think about what new uses can renewables, open up. Let. Me give you a few examples, desalination. Could be a new way of generating, fresh water rather. Than relying on increasingly, scarce fresh water as climate change takes its toll, vertical. Farming can harness LED. Lighting that, uses virtually, free electricity in order, to produce agricultural products. That we didn't, think that we could produce at scale, and sustainably, using. Conventional processes. I. Think. We can get there and I am optimistic we can get there and if we do get there all kinds of good things will happen just, as we've been talking about it'll transform not just the energy sector but also adjacent, sectors the whole global economy will, shift to take advantage, of this, new abundant, energy source. Alright, I definitely, read a lot of science fiction science. Fiction is a story, where. The narrative has, been triggered. By some, form of innovation so. You, see a world that is like the world you know it but. There's one new invention, and that invention. Can be a social invention a political, invention a cultural invention or often, it's a technological, invention, so. The whole story it becomes a narrative exploration. Of the, potential, consequences of, this. One invention, but. By changing this one thing it. Has, these sort of cascading consequences, and, the. Design becomes, a design exploration. Of the, potential consequences, good. And bad problems. We need to solve and the possibilities, we can explore of making. That one change so. Suddenly rather than you, as the designer having, to come up with all kinds of things. All. You have to do is. Follow. The consequences. Of this one change, and. And and, you'll discover a whole world that you didn't even know existed. We. Need folks at every you, know, every. Level policy, business academia. Science, thinking. About this extraordinarily.

Important. Challenge, unfortunately. We do not have enough folks doing that and I, my, plea is. For more people to think about how we, might enter a world that runs. Off of a, majority, of solar power by. The end of the century. Thank. You for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you, can also watch this recommended, video don't. Forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on, our documentaries.

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I love the sustainable city,as the world population grows more people will need to live in city's.Plants should be grow every were,green walls,green houses on roofs and balconies and parks,plants in doors.Would be great if you had food clubs to share with your neighbours,grow your own. I have experimented with plants and grow my own tomatoes, lemons and runner beans,some veg will only be available seasonally the rest of the time use preserved (frozen or caned)I only have a small space but could do much more that's the way to go.

2050 there will be no one left.

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Unfortunately, Chinese people can not watch this video.

Enjoyed the program. Only problem that no summary of Chinese comments

A big part of the problem right now is that we have become part of this machine that is the fossil fuel industry. It has come to dictate much of the way we live. Too few people realise how much of our time in this life is currently still spent purely on making the fossil fuel energy paradigm possible. Logistically and economically. Follow the money. It is the breadcrumbs of our efforts, needs and aspirations. So easily we consider the direct energy margins involved with extraction, 'this' many barrels of energy to extract 'that' many, but fail to consider the human effort implicit in those margins. Society is like a patient trying to point out where it hurts, and it hurts everywhere it is pointing, but it turns out it is the finger used which is injured. We have not yet been able to sufficiently imagine what living in a world where energy is cheaper than the cost to transport it might look like. Which is exactly where the renewable energy revolution is taking us. I can tell you that every logical avenue I have explored indicates to me that the renewable revolution will not just be an energy revolution, but also a revolution in humane standards of living. Humane ways of living. Energy is power. Sustainable distributed energy will empower everybody on this planet to improve their lives. Not only that, but in an environmental sense the transition will be akin to sucking the poison out of a snake bite. Many look at the way things are now and are convinced that this is the only sensible way to live. Prominently the titans of this fading industry. So they vociferously oppose change. I can even sympathise. They understand that paradigm better than anybody. Their relatively good fortune is underpinned by a certain status quo. Their peace of mind by a whole hearted acceptance of it. But it is not the only way to live. A better way to live is possible. You see it more and more. Individuals, couples and whole families living full, rich, rewarding, healthy and happy lives on barely anything. Simply because technology is starting to make it possible.

There is no future. 2 degrees and more are already locked in. Agriculture will fail within years. Chaos, anarchy, the collapse of civilization. Not much later: the meltdown of nuke power plants...the end.

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Me encantan esta clase de documentales, y agradezco al equipo encargado de permitir que este contenido llege a otras lenguas. Realmente innovador, visionario e inspirador. Bien lo dice Varun Sivaram e interpreto un paradigma dentro del paradigma de las renovables ... El metabolismo social sostenible y la innovacion e inversion tanto como en infraestructura, tecnologia y nuevos modelos de negocios permitiran el exito del empuje que hace China y otros paises para hacer frente a los desafios que enfretamos como civilizacion.

BS nothing can replace oil nothing can you put that in your head Its a fact .

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WTF are you talking about that make no sense , china are country who pollute the most , educate yourself JC first how much energy you use > energy you collect is a dead end .

learn english, then. we will stop burning oil as fuel. we will not stop using oil for other things, like plastics and pharma feedstock. Energy can be got in myriad ways, more cheaply than burning oil or coal or natural gas. 2c / kWh in China last year.

What are you talking about make no sense

garbage. oil burning will go. oil using will not.

Chinese thinks in long term, is that why they built ghost cities?

those ghost cities are gradually filling

it is concept in general asians believe in long term survival. is what she meant. Having said, money and greed can lead to mistakes. And these are done by corrupt few individuals, not a society as a whole. And these mistakes are common all around the world, it is driven by greed by few rich, powerful individuals often.

This is a no brainier, and decentralization is the key. That is the very thing loathed by the current titans of dirty energy.

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We have to,we cant grove on fossiel energy couse the earth will become poisones.

Pumped air on the ocean floor would be a great way to store energy

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...." seems need some changes!!

It seems the VPRO that produced "Quants: the Alchemists of Wall Street" has overdosed on 'hopium' and is now floating in a permanent, vegetative state induced fantasy world.

There is no such thing as "green energy" ... and c h e a p "green energy" is certainly a prime candidate for bad math, creative accounting and just plain outstanding bullshit of the year award. This doc is badly sourced and it fails to address large parts of the predicaments were facing. It's sloppy 'fake news' with a contrived happy face.

So how long will it be SUBSIDIZED with tax dollars? Wake up, the Chinese wont go along. Look at their pollution...Beijing. As for being dependent on fossil fuels every house should have solar now if it werent for Utility companies gouging Americans. To make this transition Leftist politicians want Carbon Taxes to screw Americans even more. Already shot down in Washington state

We don’t have that much time.

Great doc just wish there was translation in the parts that spoke other languages

There is translation! Just press (c) on your keyboard or click on the wheel in the lower left corner on the video to choose the language of your choice.

why does it seem like putting a giant source of energy in the OCEAN why? the ocean will always win in the end

The fossil fuel executives and their buddies must have a plan for leaving the planet once they've trashed it completely. I don't know where they'll go, but personally, I think that they should go to hell.

They have a plan to pop an EMP in higher atmosphere once we all convert to decentralized and cheep energy. Once they don't need us, because we are not buyers, we are good as dead. If you think about it, most wars are fought over energy resources nowdays - oil, gas pipelines... So you know they are able to kill to get what they want.

Love your documentaries❤️

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Giga Factories are the Prime Solution, to decentralize Energy via Alternates, Innovation in Storage devices(Batteries) are the key. And then surely there are deep impacts, only for the deep minds to understand and find greater applications.

we can and we are going green

Overpopulation by people that cant Afford children too...

Oceangoing vessels, airplanes, agriculture machinery, fertilizer plastics, et all will use carbonfuels. Our artificial created reality prevents the big change.

+Serge Fournier In 14.5 secs the sun delivers enough clean energy to power the world for the rest of the day. We just need to collect it and store it. What's this bull shit you are trying to spread? The mind is like a parachute, it must be open to work. I suggest you pull your rip cord, and fast.

+Kiran Kankipati - The Linux Channel one child policy seems was also "long term policy". Not that successful however. Now China will get older very soon. On top of this huge surplus of men over women results in even bigger issues in demographics. Going for the reduction of fossil fuel looks correct but this is mainly effect of the previous problems (industrialisation and enormous smog).

Those ghost cities are the products of (over) speculation and money printing from the government, it is not from a long term mindset. The developers built the apartments just like factories making their products but without enough demands.

The ghost cities are mostly based on market speculation and bought as investments. A good portion of these houses have been built super cheaply to take advantage of this and become rundown very quickly.

lol alot of the "ghost cities" are for the future and some of them now are very busy and bustling urban areas. Take for example shanghai, it was once known as a ghost city but look at it now, it is one of the most vibrant and richest cities in the world.

I agree and believe that technology organizations that utilize blockchain will increase the competition against the current Titans

Don't you need gas turbine power plants running intermittently and inefficiently when the sun isn't shining and wind isn't blowing? Oh I know, wood stoves and batteries.

Forget wind and solar. Liquid Salt Thorium reactors out perform at less cost and produce virtually no weapons grade bipoducts or radioactive waste. No vast fields of solar panels, no huge transmission lines, just container sized unites in each village town and city.

Sorry but I'm not getting anything out of this video I don't speak any other language but English

nickolas teslar free eneger for all magnets and cooper pip but thay know is never see nuck waste from power stations ?

This kind of faux green propaganda does far more harm to the environment than fossil fuels. Wind and solar will never replace fossil fuels and the reason is simple. Wind and solar are very low density, intermittent electricity sources, no amount of technology can overcome this. Also remember, electricity is only about a third of total energy consumption, wind and solar do not address the actual majority of energy use.

Yeah, cause sunlight and wind cost money, right! Do your research before you start blabbing. Green energy already is much cheaper than coal. The problem is the storage of that energy. That is the next phase we need to overcome, but slowly we are getting there technologically. It's just a matter of time. The Fossil fuel industry by 20 to 25 years time will be done. Live with it.


+dmith smith Yeah see... There's a problem with your argument. Coal mining and the fossil fuel industry release truly vast quantities of toxic waste. Prominently heavy metal and metalloid pollution. Including lead, mercury and arsenic. Compare this with silicon panels which typically only release a variety of acids and a few types of solvents: "The PV cell manufacturing process includes a number of hazardous materials, most of which are used to clean and purify the semiconductor surface. These chemicals, similar to those used in the general semiconductor industry, include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and acetone. The amount and type of chemicals used depends on the type of cell, the amount of cleaning that is needed, and the size of silicon wafer". So A: The type of pollution from solar panel production is significantly more benign and manageable. And B: Not all panels are equal. Some types produce hardly any significant pollution compared to say... The world vacuum cleaner industry. And the tech and it's environmental credential are improving all the time. With increases in efficiency you effectively get more bang for your buck. Be that the financial buck or the environmental buck. And then there's the CO2 emissions which by any reasonable metric is our greatest current concern. Wind has a basically negligible impact. Batteries are still fairly heavy polluters (again nothing near the levels of the fossil fuel industry), but improving all the time due to significant ongoing material science research all over the the world. For example soon Tesla might not even use cobalt in their batteries anymore. Negating the entire environmental consequence of sourcing and using that element. Basically any and all pollution generated by all renewable power hardware manufacture is vastly overshadowed and outclassed completely by the effects of the fossil fuel industry. In my book renewable power is the better option. I'll rather go with a better option than no option. It is utterly critical that the renewable power industry proliferates.

90% of solar panels are made in enviornmentally unregulated countries and the amount of toxic waste and chemicals that go into the air and water directly from the production of the panels just about 100% negates the "Green" aspect of the entire panel itself before it is even sold... as of now Clean Coal is environmentally more friendly then solar.

+dmith smith Well actually... In a way it's better than free. You get more energy than you put into making solar panels and the return is worth more than it costs to make them. You can take some of the returns and reinvest in new solar panels with equally beneficial results. With relatively low, low environmental impact. Same for wind. All win. It is also about $$$ as you put it, but that is most definitely true for fossil fuels as well. So I don't see how that is even relevant to the conversation. It is actually cheaper than even coal. Energy infrastructure that pays for itself and then some. The only difference. Energy independence is possible for every nation on earth. Solar and wind can be assembled anywhere and the materials needed to build them can be sourced from anywhere. Far, far better.

All energy is a environmental trade off. There is no such thing as "Free Energy" "Green Energy" is about one thing and one thing only and that's $$.. period.. It is not about saving the planet and never was and never will be. To think otherwise makes us Green Sucker's.. It's all a huge marketing racket.

+Ben Johnstone how is that related to the points stated above ._.

+Serge Fournier have you looked at the state of china have you looked at the amount of inhabitants they have ? at the moment china is tansitioning from a second to a first world country. Every first world country had high pollution while being in the second phase. and if u look at the per head Co2 emition then china is way below the US China 2014: 7,2 Metric tons US 2016: 15 metric tons (i was unable to find a measurement for the same year because the US didnt state their Pullution back then) and what he is saying is the we can replace oil in many places for example cars, bags, heating or energy production, which is very reasonable. but we wont be able to replace it when it´s used for medicin, Airplanes and few other things Conclusion: it can be reduced and will be since it is not neccesary to use it for all the things we are using it for

So many places already have

Always there is a stupid saying that

Good luck fighting the fossil fuel industry it's all lip service. We're going to die and we have very little power to stop the ones responsible. Its violent revolution or bye bye. Ps 11000000000000 tons of carbon removed to reach 300m ppm and stabalize the climate. For those of you who cant count that high its 11 trillion tons.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. All these talks about how China is sooo great. They don't mention it's a fascist country and it is one of the heaviest polluters in the world. They can't even breathe their own air without getting sick, Their lands are turning into desert, and the water is full of heavy metals. Green energy gonna save the world and China gonna lead the way ?? You joking right ??

China propaganda?

Disappointing to see VPRO regressing to bashing the United States and cheerleading for the Chinese Communist Party. China achieves change at such a rate because it eschews those decadent western ideas such as 'human rights' and 'liberal democracy' in favour of avoiding any kind of accountability to the populace by keeping the economy growing with large infrastructure projects that only minute percentages of the population have the means to utilise. The only reason the CCP has any interest in climate breakdown is because it has realised how difficult it is to remain in power when the workers are breathing, bathing and eating in the filth that unfettered industrialisation has created. VPRO usually avoids such leftist hucksterism, and I hope this documentary will prove to be exceptional in its overt distaste for democracy.

+Lucas Xiao Yes, you can. But your friends in china can't. If you are in China, you are breaking the law of China. It means you are a potential criminal in your country.

I like to bake kale until it's crisp and eat it as a snack food. Unfortunately I also have a serious truffle addiction and will eat rich chocolate balls until it's absolutely ridiculous. I make my own since I only eat European chocolate, preferably Swiss chocolate, which is expensive in the US but less expensive if I buy it in quantity and make the candies myself. I've become pretty good at it.

how come there were no subtitles where that Chinese guy was speaking (23:30). Would have been nice to know what they were saying about renewables.

Battery technology is the future of green technology.

well if you cancel individual rights like china does, change it easy. but what off a life would that be in a western world were we have the freedom of induvidual choice

+Lee Alexander Where do you think the Majority of the Solar panels and wind turbines are manufactured, and for cheap ?? They could've gone green 10 or 20 years ago, but they can't and they won't.  It's the same reason why the US won't go green either. It's called profits...... The only way to force these countries to go green is for individuals like you and me to unplug from the grid and use renewable sources, but that's not an option for a country who won't even allow their own citizens Free Speech.

They can see not only the necessity but the economic benefit. For everything that is obviously wrong in their country they are a growth economy. I can't say the same for the US at this time unfortunately.

+Aj Battle How unfortunate. It seems that's true of a lot of newer housing in large parts of the world.

Yes it is. They not only have available domestic housing but investment housing. They have forward looking leaders at this time.

Sure is weird how all you climate freaks are still behind Elon Musk. It really is insane. Sure, he owns Tesla, that makes your prized electric cars that you want to force everyone to drive, but guess what, he also owns Space X who has been launching shit loads of of rockets recently. Is that not seriously hypocritical? And dont even try to tell me that that use a clean fuel or some bull shit. Global warming is bullshit!!!

29:40 The Dutch urban planner frankly appalls me. Most people are not going to prefer living in high-rises. What they want is much more like that Dutch house with a garden. Some will prefer life in a high-rise; it depends a lot on what your favored and necessary activities are. Building up rather than out is good, up to a point, but it's subject to diminishing returns. And indeed, land used for residences isn't even the real problem. It's the sprawling transportation system, caused by long commutes, that is the main trouble. So the challenge is to arrange things so that people don't have so far to go to work, school, shopping, and other activities. A lot of it has to do with zoning that is too restrictive. But I'll never favor making efficiency, or sustainability, the SOLE criterion for planning. Even in China, I don't see that such a thing is necessary.

Would you ski across the roof of a skyscraper?

Varun Sivaram admits that events have far outrun what he imagined ten years ago. And yet, he thinks it will take until 2050 to get 2/3 of global electricity from wind and solar. And he thinks solar will be 2/3 of that part. How is it that, having been outrun by the price drops, he is STILL so timid and conservative in how he thinks the next few decades will go?

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So much of this video is about predicting the future in 5, 10, 20, even 50 years into the future and presenting these predictions as though they are going to be fulfilled. If they're so good at predicting they should apply their predictive tallents to investion in stocks. They'll most likely discover just how impotent their tallents are.

The lady unlocks the bike then pushes it, never rides, even when it's not crowded. She could just carry her purse or ride a boosted board like Casey Neistat, I would trust her more then'. There is way too much Libtard, Communist, Green Nazi, propaganda in this documentary. If China ever finds the winning formula, and I hope they do. We should just steal the Tech from them the way they have stolen everything from us and the rest of the world.

China is already trying to fool people that they are "green". Things like street lights that are supposedly wind powered. They have small wind turbine that looks like it powers the light, but it was discovered that the turbines are fake, and actually has a battery that is what is used to turn the turbine. It was discovered due to the fact that the turbines would be turning when there was absolutely zero wind, and also not even moving at all durring times of high wind....oops! The only green aspect of the system that is actually "green", is the fact that the battery that powers the fake turbines is recharged by a solar pannel.

+Lee Alexander and then what do you do when all the lithium is gone? It's already being used up pretty fucking fast.

WTF BBQ Capitalism relies on a Growth Economy, which is obviously unsustainable, you can’t keep growing with finite resources,. The future will see a move to more regenerative practices and a ‘Steady State Economy’. Also the future is going to be decentralised, renewables are helping us to move that direction. Eventually all the mega monoculture farms will break up releasing land for small sustainable settlements etc.

Lee Alexander But the low tech solutions are coming from new small businesses, big business are also getting on the renewable energy market cos they can see it’s either do that or become obsolete!.

+WTF BBQ No. The corporations won't do it to save the world. They will do it for profit. They have no national loyalty. They function in the international market.

+WTF BBQ Green energy is a field of financial opportunity and to be left behind the curve, which we already are, will also leave us behind economically. The Pentagon does a lot of energy research and even the big fossil fuel companies are looking in that direction although they're late in doing so. If we don't start getting ahead of the game China will be the next leader of the world economy leaving the U.S. to become a third world country. If you'd been around as long as I have you would clearly see the deterioration of the country and understand how badly we are already failing. If we lose the status of being the world currency we are done. Game over. That status is currently propped up by the oil based world economy, but that is rapidly changing.

+WTF BBQ It's the flip side of the U.S. in which the capitalist class run the state. China is state run capitalism. Not because it works, but because it's a capitalist economy. Capitalism, communism and socialism are only economic models with most countries, including the U.S. using a mixed economic model. The U.S. runs more on a capitalist model than most European countries with China using a very capitalist model as well.

+WTF BBQ I am already off the grid on 100% renewable energy including my transportation and my water comes from my well which is far cleaner than any public water supply. I've spent a lot of my life that way including my childhood since my grandfather who raised me lived off grid. It may not be a beautiful property like my grandfather's place was but large parts of it are covered with trees and I can grow much better food than I can buy in the store. I make trades with small local farmers for much of what I don't grow myself. It could be a decent place but needs work. The hay storage and one barn need work on the roofs, I need to improve the drainage in several areas and several bags of 5/8 gravel along with a load of larger pieces would be helpful. The stallion stall needs rebuilt and I need to make some repairs to his fence since he's a little rough on it when he gets bored. Solid welded steel rails don't hold up to the beating he gives them. There's more needing done than I can probably finish in the remainder of my life and I find myself wishing for the strength and energy I had years ago.

+WTF BBQ China, but we wouldn't even be having this conversation if solar panels were the entirety of green energy development. Even if you put aside the goal avoiding a failed economy on a failed planet I see hope for fields of shared opportunity and prosperity in learning to live more harmoniously with our environment. If you follow this stuff you see developments on an almost daily basis, although it takes time to test for safety, improve upon them and bring the costs onto line. A startup in Sweden has come up with a way to bring back the ice caps and they have reached the point where they only need to find a way to bring down coat in order to profit. Carbon capture is much newer than solar panels and could certainly be improved on. There is still work to be done on improving storage batteries. Some last resort measures are far into the development stage although we hope not to have to use this largely untested technology which is based on the affect of volcanoes on cooling the climate. There are sure to be technologies we haven't even thought of. It's a pretty wide open field even at this late stage. With factory jobs having been automated out of existence I see a great deal of opportunity for workers society no longer has much need for. When the supply exceeds the demand workers and their families are the ones who suffer. Another great benefit would be an end of the oil wars and a vast reduction in the power of the arms industry Eisenhower warned us about all those years ago in a speech I still remember clearly.

+Kiyarose3999 News flash: China's economy is Capitalism. You know why ?? Cuz it works. The computer you use to watch youtube, the electricity you consume, the vehicles you ride to work, the internet, the food you eat, and every technological advancement in recent history exists because of Capitalism. Who runs these Capitalistic economy ?? Big corporations like google, microsoft, USA, Russia, China, and etc...... Yes, governments are corporations too if you haven't noticed. They care about people like farmers care about their cows. Liberals who think these "corporations" will give up their addiction to profits and CHEAP fossil fuel to save the world are either insane or naive. This Green New Deal that the LEFT are pushing will cost us 93 Trillion dollars (That's with a capital letter 'T'). A debt that high will crash the economy, start WW3, and kill billions of people. So, can you tell me again who's the "enemy" of the people ??

WTF BBQ What’s‘mental’ about caring?, unlike Capitalism and the Right who ONLY care about big business and is why the right exist to represent the interests of big businesses over people!. You have politics upside, it’s the right wing establishment that is the enemy of the people, not Liberal/Social/Green politics!

WTF BBQ Which is why they are reforesting the desert lands, even using the army to plant the Trees, they also are building Green cities with Trees, Shrubs etc integrated into architecture, plus they are moving to renewables faster than any other ‘developed’ country. They obviously realise the smog from Coal and car fumes isn’t sustainable which is why they are going through the above transitions!

The reason that no one builds them, is because they are very unstable. Look at the videos on ITER which is what is the newest thing being built in France.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is depicted as a tangle of spaghetti with many Noodly Appendages, flanked by two delicious meatballs, and with a pair of googly eyes upon stalks. Such a depiction is merely a guess, of course, as the FSM is understandably invisible to all known forms of scientific detection. Although the exact airspeed velocity of an unladen Flying Spaghetti Monster is unknown, it is widely believed that it is more than likely to be faster than a cheetah. However, this is not the answer you are looking for. You need to think for yourselves! Whether or not the FSM is actually made of pasta is the subject of intense theological debate, with many claiming that the FSM is not made of pasta, but just appears to be, while others believe that to be a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the FSM must be made of pasta. The FSM is neither male nor female, but completely genderless, as the idea of a Monotheistic deity needing a gender or genitals is pretty silly when you really think about it. The genderless term Pastafarians refer to FSM as is ‘Quob’ – as in – ‘May you be Touched by Quob’s Noodly Appendage’ instead of referring to our deity’s Noodly Appendages as ‘his’ or ‘her’ Noodly Appendages All followers of the FSM hold that pirates are sacred and were the first Pastafarians. Climate change, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are directly linked to the declining number of pirates worldwide. Many Pastafarians therefore choose to wear full pirate regalia as a means to help the environment and belay natural disasters. Other Pastafarians just like wearing colanders on their heads. I think you should be part of this group. Are you a colander wearer, or do you make your hats out of aluminum foil?

+B. Rippy Blah.. blah... Plants need water too and you don't see plants thriving in a lake of boiling water. If the climate gets too hot then it'll make no difference whether plants like the CO2 or not. Half the species of animal on earth or more will not be able to adapt quickly enough and just die out. Sure plants will survive wherever the climate still suits them. If there's more CO2 then they will thrive in climates suitable to them. But I'm not a plant sir, and neither are you. We're ultimately talking about our own survival here. I'm happy that Las Vegas got a bit of snow for the first time, but my city reached 50C in places for the first time ever a few years ago. Climate "change". "average" heating. If you don't get those concepts then I assure you. You do not have the mental capacity to be part of the discussion. Or at the very least need to go back to school for a while. Just stick to what you are good at. There is no shame in it.

+Joe Black guess what, we live on a planet with these things called trees & plants that require Co2, and it has been proven that in historic times of higher Co2 levels, vegetation was thriving. Yep, there were times when the Co2 levels were astronomically high, but the ozone wasn't destroyed. Are you aware that last month Las Vegas recieved the first recorded snowfall there ever? Global warming?

Sjef Hoefs You misunderstand anarchy for chaos, whenever things are or look like they are breaking down people say ‘anarchy reigns’ or whatever. But that is just the system’s propaganda also connecting Anarchy with disorder and chaos. BUT if people informed themselves by reading some actual anarchist literature they would realise that anarchy is simply a way of organising without government or leaders.

+Nomnom Nomnom and how exactly do you think those Co2 emissions were measured? That's bullshit and you know it. All the numbers are faked and have been tampered with to make it seem like the end is near. And you have gone right along with it. Your just like all the rest who latch on to one talking point and think that is somehow gonna save the world. The largest emitters of Co2 are Oceans Forests Volcanoes Not humans.

Ok back to your trailer house.

6.5 GDP growth rate is considered a recession in china. lol. most those cities will fill up eventually. china's GDP doubles in ten years at 6.5%. so those apartments will be filled eventually.

They are not gradually filling faster than they are falling appart. I've seen videos on actually showing the reality about tgese ghost cities from people who actually been there. So unless you seen them first hand or got your information from one that has don't believe what you think is actually true.

​+Lee Alexander yeh true its not a china only problem its the same in the UK and America. The phrase "new build" where im from is synonymous with houses that get tired and worn out after about 5years.

B. Rippy The Current Global Warming is not ‘natural’ but man made, to go on about monsters then throw climate change in with a load of natural events is a silly attempt at covering the misinformation you are spreading!. Or it was all meant to be bs, either way it seems you have nothing intelligent to say.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is depicted as a tangle of spaghetti with many Noodly Appendages, flanked by two delicious meatballs, and with a pair of googly eyes upon stalks. Such a depiction is merely a guess, of course, as the FSM is understandably invisible to all known forms of scientific detection. Although the exact airspeed velocity of an unladen Flying Spaghetti Monster is unknown, it is widely believed that it is more than likely to be faster than a cheetah. However, this is not the answer you are looking for. You need to think for yourselves! Whether or not the FSM is actually made of pasta is the subject of intense theological debate, with many claiming that the FSM is not made of pasta, but just appears to be, while others believe that to be a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the FSM must be made of pasta. The FSM is neither male nor female, but completely genderless, as the idea of a Monotheistic deity needing a gender or genitals is pretty silly when you really think about it. The genderless term Pastafarians refer to FSM as is ‘Quob’ – as in – ‘May you be Touched by Quob’s Noodly Appendage’ instead of referring to our deity’s Noodly Appendages as ‘his’ or ‘her’ Noodly Appendages All followers of the FSM hold that pirates are sacred and were the first Pastafarians. Climate change, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are directly linked to the declining number of pirates worldwide. Many Pastafarians therefore choose to wear full pirate regalia as a means to help the environment and belay natural disasters. Other Pastafarians just like wearing colanders on their heads

Anonymous Hippopotamus Absolutely, and not just with energy, the future will be a decentralised one, which means the end of all the current power bases!

Wind and solar will change our world all right. They work 1/3, and 1/5 of the time, and the best batteries are 12 times less than required for a cloudy week or a windless month. Wind and solar are energy diffuse. You have to collect it over vast stretches of land. Why does it not matter that they cover hundreds and hundreds of square miles landscape with panels and pinwheels? And you call this being green? That's crazy. What does work at the macro scale is nuclear and hydro power, which powers the grids of France, Sweden, and Ontario to near 100%. They are energy dense, and 400 acres can cleanly power whole mega-cities. And yes, they come is all sizes also from the small scale to the largest scale. Millions of people in the developing world are not going to want to pay for panels which provide unreliable electricity, when they can have a low carbon wire coming into their neighborhood. Simple, and a lot cheaper than you think, all things considered! What relying only on wind and solar means, is the world will be locked into fossil fuel backup forever. That is not a solution to climate change. That's being defeated by carbon emissions. Wind and solar are a delusion.

this documentary basically praised China , did not provide raw scientific data to back up the china's growth, comparison with USA was wrong and incorrect.

China may be going fast in adopting green energy , the infrastructure they are developing quality will suffer and long term goal will deem short term, danger of poor quality will not be long term fix. China is copying American technology to design their society, which is copycat, not innovative. China is good at copying not so much in developing and innovating sad but that is the reality.

Killing people is costefficient

green new hoax is a lie to public that all the ice caps will melt in ten years and the costal cities will flood. actually the opposite is happening as we enter a new mini ice age because of the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM. Good news, burn as much fossil fuel as possible to offset the coming cooling trend. the solar panels and wind turbines are a waste of money and will not work in a cooling earth with less solar output. instead we need to invest in mega sized heated greenhouses to protect our food supply from frost and wet weather.

Solar and batteries are technologies ....we understand the cost declines in technologies because we have been doing it with computers for 40 years......the cost declines in solar have been predicted for some while, it was just having to wait for the economies of scale .....but some people wont believe it until they see it

+Joe Black and you are obviously dead set on believing unproven "science". Don't you have a cow fart protest or something to be at right now? I'll burn a stack of old tires tonight and think of you while watching them burn.

+B. Rippy Dude your head is stuck so firmly up the conspiracy theory industry's butt you couldn't separate fact from fiction if it was labelled.

+Joe BlackI get it, you feel extremely virtuous with your assertions (in a very narcissistic way), but how is it that someone that thinks they know everything as you obviously do, doesn't even realize what temperature water boils @? Do you seriously have some kind of scientific evidence that the tepurature is somehow gonna increase (more than double) to end up @ over 200° F. Regardless, the mainstream science morons are claiming what they do based off of computer models which they controll all the paramaters. Somehow none of them have shown the same things... Why?...because they are computer programs can only do what they are told to do, and guess what its a fucking computer, not the environment. Now, the real question is why there is no oversight on "scientists" that know they are being paid by government grants which were approved on the basis of climate change. They will tweak their study to show the outcome they know gurantees future grants.

+B. Rippy lol Funny you should mention that. Based on the views you've put forward I would expect that you are the type of person who believes in fringe meta-science such as intelligent design. If so then I bet you've waited 14 years and two months for your chance to throw that drivel back at somebody. But of course it's not relevant since I'm the one taking my cues from mainstream science backed up by actual research and data, while YOU are in fact the one coming to the pitch with meta-science. Putting YOU firmly into the category of people supporting FSM'esque beliefs. Fail.

+Joe Black damn man, you could be the new leader of this group ⬇️ The Flying Spaghetti Monster is depicted as a tangle of spaghetti with many Noodly Appendages, flanked by two delicious meatballs, and with a pair of googly eyes upon stalks. Such a depiction is merely a guess, of course, as the FSM is understandably invisible to all known forms of scientific detection. Although the exact airspeed velocity of an unladen Flying Spaghetti Monster is unknown, it is widely believed that it is more than likely to be faster than a cheetah. However, this is not the answer you are looking for. You need to think for yourselves! Whether or not the FSM is actually made of pasta is the subject of intense theological debate, with many claiming that the FSM is not made of pasta, but just appears to be, while others believe that to be a Flying Spaghetti Monster, the FSM must be made of pasta. The FSM is neither male nor female, but completely genderless, as the idea of a Monotheistic deity needing a gender or genitals is pretty silly when you really think about it. The genderless term Pastafarians refer to FSM as is ‘Quob’ – as in – ‘May you be Touched by Quob’s Noodly Appendage’ instead of referring to our deity’s Noodly Appendages as ‘his’ or ‘her’ Noodly Appendages All followers of the FSM hold that pirates are sacred and were the first Pastafarians. Climate change, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are directly linked to the declining number of pirates worldwide. Many Pastafarians therefore choose to wear full pirate regalia as a means to help the environment and belay natural disasters. Other Pastafarians just like wearing colanders on their heads

Great documentary! Save climate change! Resist ✊

I used to be totally down with renewables, but apparantly nuclear is by far the least worst option we have. It doesn't sound as good as "green" energy but it's better overall for the environment. look into it if you don't believe me

Solar electricity only works well on a clear day with no clouds and not that well in the winter.Wind does not always work well in some areas. Batteries are one way of storing energy. However, water is another type of energy storage. You can pump water into a tank or a reservoir and then make Hydro Power at night or on cloudy days. It can also supplement Wind Power.

Caucasian Simp shills for MBS Aramco, Putin-Rosneft.

Translations would have been nice?

How about a Free market and not a Forced Market? Solar is expensive garbage because the sun doesn't always shine and shines less the farther from the equator. Batteries are expensive garbage, expensive exotic metals, acids and horrible toxic waste, explosive and dangerous themselves and put off explosive hydrogen gas when charging..

Donald Trump and his followers doesn't believe climate change.

Did your parents never explain to you how doomsday cults work? I mean if you see someone fear mongering saying "DOOM!" in 12 years its kind of a tell.

Climate change or not yellowvests in france want to drive their cars to work instead of being forced to pay carbon taxes on the poor.

Governments can’t control their economies never mind the weather. Getting rid of fossil fuels is going to make it even harder to control their debt. It’s not going to end well. Renewables need much more land than the cities you are trying to power and the energy is intermittent. If you really want to reduce co2 global nuclear power and vast tracts of new forest are the answer.

Land destruction and massive waste compared to gen 4 nuclear.

Very adroitly put that first 17 seconds, ^oo^

I keep informed on Green Energy - but this was surprising info. Very well done.

+Michelangelo Buonarroti The thing about wind and solar though is that they need way more material to build, and they need way more land to be constructed on, and they're only effective 30% of the time so you need tons of batteries. So in the long run nuclear is "the least worst" for the environment overall. But i'm not against wind and solar, just saying focus should be on nuclear, especially in Europe where we have no deserts. Not too sure about the cost though.

It's far too expensive. And "the least worst"? Easily solar or wind.

Nope. What's really crazy is handing our grandkids huge problems and costs with coastal flooding and millions of island refugees who will need somewhere to live, and not having done all we could to spare them those problems.

China has copied a lot, but is now in the process of leapfrogging the US. It doesn't help that the US has a President who is so scientifically and technologically backward.

I'm just pointing out that the electrical grid has to be balanced to cover shortages from alternate energy.

Ocean power

Wonderful and imagination filled approach - with harm to none!

Watch China Uncensored or ADVChina ... that girl is talking bullS :)

Hi Gert Wolmarans, did you switch on the subs in CC?

Green energy will dominate in about 20 years, maybe much sooner.........but it will NOT be solar or wind. LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) is here now. A LENR reactor emits no radiation beyond normal ambient levels. Currently LENR is allowed only for industrial use. After a few years of safe industrial use, it's predicted that home use will be allowed. A LENR reactor only needs refueling once per year. The internal plasma in the reactor reaches 20,000° F. Currently, ownership of LENR remains with the manufacturer and only the heat or steam is sold. The customer is not required to invest. The industrial customer contracts to buy a minimum quantity of energy at a guaranteed minimum 20% savings vs his previous energy cost. Once in mass production, LENR energy will likely cost a tiny fraction of current energy costs. The manufacturer is now trying to perfect direct production of electricity, without the need for mechanical turbines or dynamos.

Yes -- it was surprising that they made no mention of flow batteries, or gravity-based storage (tower/crane).

I fully agree. But you fail to realize that wind and solar, without nuclear and hydro, will not do the job of bringing the planet to zero emissions. It's delusional to think they can do that job. Germany, which is failing to meet its own emission standards, now writes new, easier ones. Nuclear France, Sweden, and Ontario have eliminated nearly 100% carbon from their grids. That's the first step. Germany's grid, after 480 billion, is still at nearly 60% fossil fuels. Energiewende has failed. If we wish to save our coastal cities we need to eliminate carbon emissions as soon as possible. Atoms for Peace.

"you want to force everyone to drive"....... thats the real bullshit

2/3’s of the world electricity by 2050 is way too late!. We are facing imminent climate crisis, we need a net zero emissions by 2030 or were fucked!

What the fuck are you talking about?

`Hopium`? We are trying to inform and explain complex topics. Let´s say `Informium´!

+fireson23 your a brainwashed idiot. Live with it.

+fireson23 Watch the video on my channel and educate yourself before parroting out a PR campaign. Peak fossil fuels has more or less been reached .... but the storage problem, technologically, and cost wise -- getting there -- that's fucking bullshit. If you knew anything about energy you would know that it's not be cause you have a 2-3-5-7 ..10 ....15 or even 25 % market penetration that the thing can get seamlessly scaled up g l o b a l l y to 100% while also maintaining BAU of infinite growth on a finite planet. Don't be a tool, don't be a useful idiot and do p r o p e r research. You're welcome.

A Fuel translation could cause the collapse of governments,destroy the economy even cause millions of people to starve to death and would most likely cause a skyrocketing of prices of product,unemployment and transportation at least and the biggest challenges is to replace the fuel that the nation revolves around with a fuel source and technology that is as cheap and all have failed and this includes artificial oils/gasoline and sugar fuels that would skyrocket the prices of food and electrics car resources are more limited and more expensive and this not even counting all the downsides of the technology and this may mean trying to dig deeper to find new sources or manufacturing a artificial version of the needed resources and would also effect other industries and products and prices other then cars , oil is a renewable fuel the resources for technology is not. The math makes it a bad ideal.

Wind and solar generation for grid use is vastly over rated and the problems that it introduces seems to not be generally known. It is ineffective, disruptive and very expensive. It is not a solution and does litlle to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

People with panels on their roof need to organize into a business. It's the only way to get past the PUC regulations set up against green energy and in favor of fossil fuels. As long as people rely on a club, society, network or even a union they will not be equals and their voice will be as individuals, not as a power generating entity. The Distributed Network must speak with one voice and speak as an energy producing entity. It is the only way to gain equality in the war for clean energy, because it's being waged at the household level Without that grassroots, the top-down efforts will not meet demand and be held as example of failure.

​+vpro documentary The topic is complex enough and important enough that it warrants starting at the beginning. To do so would require a thorough enough explanation of what energy IS and why it has been the g r e a t e s t enabler of ALL that we see around us and the ONLY reason the planet got to be populated by over 7 billion humans. The work all this entails would take SEVERAL episodes to properly expose the entanglement of energy with economics and industrial processes. You will have to resort to interviewing multiple scientists and engineer in the relevant fields. The more you dig, the more you'll appreciate the complexity and the more you'll realize that what we are facing is not a problem, but a predicament. Yes, if you're diligent enough, you'll come across experts that disagree on important points; and you'd be well advise to go out of your way to show an unbiased representation of the debate; but make no mistake, scientist and engineers are not immune to 'Silo Thinking' even though the worst offenders are still the finance and economics professions. If you really care to give your audience a proper perspective, you have to deal with the fundamentals ...and the taboo. I take great care not to waste ones time, I have nothing to sell and I'm not particularly sold to any "solution". Should you wish to see the lens through which the [S]ituation is b e s t exposed, I'd point you to these sources: #1. J-M Jancovici 's video's on YouTube -- his english is not perfect but no one gives a better glimpse of the physics - energy entanglement. Since you can't post links in comments here are a few titles: a. Jancovici : Can the economy become fossil free ? Shangaï China, 26/10/2015 b. Jancovici : Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time ? 08/01/2018 c. French engineer schools politicians on the physics of energy and resulting incidences on economics. (That last one was translated by yours truly -- read the description if you want interesting gems) #2. Have a look at Gail Tveberg's blog "Our finite World". #3. YouTube surely contains a few conferences or interviews of Nicole Foss. She's probably one of the most engaging speaker you'll get to explain where we are. #4. Slightly diverging opinion could be had by interviewing Ugo Bardi, Physical Chemistry professor at Florence University in Italy... He has a very sunshiny disposition and will not miss the occasion to talk to you about the Seneca Cliff ! #5. Mark Z. Jacobson's 100% Renewables (100% WWS) Roadmap to Nowhere by Conley & Maloney @ TEAC8 (read the description for this one as well) You have enough here to follow the trail if you are competent journalists. Hope you'll give Netherlands citizens and your worldwide audience a broader horizon, even if it's really unpalatable. Truth is best, ...always.

Tesla already has batteries for large wind and solar

+Roger Starkey We could abandon our oil interest in the middle-east and share the knowledge resulting in one of their biggest source of wealth being close to worthless resulting in such inferior countries becoming even poorer resulting in more starvation and death. The possibility of such death and suffering of such inferior peoples fills me with amusement but is it really the wisest approach?

A "Fuel translation" COULD cause a literal "power shift" worldwide. However It could feed many poor people, predominantly in "underdeveloped" but forward thinking countries. It could provide power to remote, underutilized areas of those same countries, unleashing the potential for clean water, agriculture, education, etc. It could allow energy independence from the traditional power (oil) suppliers (you know who!) thus diminishing *their* global influence, calling into question their requirement for global "defense" assets. No doubt this will be frowned upon by certain interested parties. THAT'S where you see the problem! "THE" nation (USA?) had better "get with the program" and wholeheartedly convert to the new technologies, or risk being isolated by those countries (substantially, the world) who do so. "Electric car resources" are neither "expensive" nor "limited. Please detail "the downsides of the technology"? Oil and fossil fuels in general are not "renewable fuels", they are finite, even and outdated. You need to research more.

+Roger Starkey, what would you like? Wind is unstable because the output is very variable with little change of input,. i.e. wind speed, as it works on a cube law. Dispatchable power plants not only have to balance the normally varying load but with the addition of wind output varying also they have to work harder. The greater the proportion of wind generation to grid demand thae harder it becomes. Grids are kept stable by these plants and their  inertia due to the large mass of their turbo alternators. Not only that this increases the CO2 emitted by these plants a sthey are ramping up and down but theer are other running plants which are not feeding into the grid but soley there as back up, emitting more CO2. So it makes wind far less useful than would appear as to CO2 reduction. Solar, in the U.K is useless in winter as it produces zero power when demand is highest as it's dark. If you want more, let me know as there a huge expense for little return with renewables. I'll try and explain why.

Grand statement, nothing to back it up?

My thoughts exactly. Mike drop!

+Joe Black Joe, A few points regarding your posts. 1) You forgot to mention that "conventional" power stations also have to be built, using a *lot* of energy, creating a *lot* of pollution. 2) Once built, they pollute *every day* they are operational, no doubt becoming *more* polluting and inefficient as they age. 3) Regarding the Tesla batteries, you didn't mention the prospect of the "Maxwell battery" (Others *will* be available!) This would allow production at many times the speed and therefore quantity, removing not only the toxic wet process chemicals (currently recycled) but also the requirement (energy!) to dry the cells. MUCH more efficient! 4) I would also champion the increasingly large offshore wind turbines which actually turn in much lighter winds(!), With slower rotation speeds, so negating the "OMG they kill birds" argument. These can of course be towed back to shore and have the generation equipment replaced at the eventual end of life, making them even *more* environmentally friendly. Otherwise, GREAT ANSWER!

+B. Rippy Oceans and forests don't emit CO2, they absorb it. Human activities generate about 60 times more CO2 than volcanoes. It's easy enough to check out if you can be bothered...or maybe you think facts that don't fit your narrative must be faked

@27:00 I'm sure he wowed himself yet again in 2019 when he looked at the impressive Tesla line-up of vehicles. Not only do they compete they blow the Internal combustion engine vehicles out of the water. And this is still with a battery that can get better and cheaper. @28:50 Hear that Canada? 3 subway lines under an apartment building. It is possible. @39:40 he US is already in severe decline. Not just in innovation but also in health, recycling, education, finance and mass transportation.

Pumped air on the ocean floor in oil well would be a great way to store energy

Macio Luko Yep, that’s what I was saying, and is why I’m a decentralist!.

+Kiyarose3999 Centralization of power always leads to tyranny.

Macio Luko What do you mean by that?, and going by your ‘theory’ centralisation has led to a society that is massively undemocratic and so has put all the power to a few people who are trashing the earth. The US being probably the most obvious example!!. These Centralised ‘Democracies’ have been responsible for Colonialism and more recently Neo-Colonialism, and resource wars, Coups in South American countries such as El Salvador etc, NOW the highly Centralised US is attempting to pull a Coup in Venezuela to get their hands on the Oil, Gold, Diamonds etc.

Yes. Centralization leads to Venezuela.

cool beans, part old school was, idea's was a 10k kg gyro, for storing power to be use between summer/winter times, I always like Geothermal as the best. maybe Plasma 4 th state of matter, will be Next...

I want to be part of the solution

The future of energy is wind and water these 2 can connect and make real electric plants to carry us to our future.


How about 20+ years to BUILD that nuclear, by which time the site may be threatened by rising oceans?

+kilen9me5skilen Two constructors have just pulled out of nuclear in the UK mid project because they can't make money on it. Another project (French! So they're "experts"!) is at least *5 years* late, billions over budget and has a power "strike price" that is already, at *today's* rates, 20% more expensive than offshore wind. Land and material? nuclear requires a big site, not only for reactors but for peripheral buildings. Furthermore, unless you want it in populated areas, there is effectively an exclusion zone around nuclear (also requiring security!) The first phase of the largest wind farm in the world using absolutely huge turbines has just been switched on in the North Sea! No land involved! When the generator pods on those turbines finally reach end of life in decades from now, they can be removed, recycled and replaced on the same mast saving tons of material with a high proportion of recycling. New nuclear can take 20 years to propose, legislate, design, build and test. Similar money spent on wind power could produce a comparable output in 5 years, meaning 15 years(!) of clean power rather than fossil fuel generation, which would also be cheaper than the nuclear option as previously mentioned. These projects would also be making *profit* over that 15 year period, effectively paying for themselves by the time and nuclear station was even starting to produced power(!) Wind power is the "most *best* solution"!

Macio Luko Centralisation does indeed lead to Tyranny Neo-Colonial blood for Oil (and other resource) wars such as in Iraq, Libya etc.

Well Centralisation( in UK) first started with the Land Enclosures of the 1600’s, when the Monarchy ruled the country. That, was centralised power, that like today’s centralised power, had their mercenaries to take and keep what they wanted from the people.

What's the idea behind having an English speaking documentary, but including large segments of Dutch or Chinese, etc language that is completely unintelligible and without subtitles or any further explanation of those particular long and involved discourses? I feel I'm missing out on important details those individuals are sharing at length. Informative doco anyway, but very frustrating for me in that regard.

"Green" is a lie. It is a capitalism plot. "Green" is still very cost ineffective, any engineers can tell you that. To build solar and wind, you need resources and lands. For every solar or wind farm you made, just how much resources you gotta dig up from the earth? Just how much are destroyed to produce just that much energy? For every huge amount of lands you took to build them, just how much trees, plants and species did you killed to get those land? For every wind farms you made, just how much flying species die to it? Solar and wind are costly because of those, not because is niche as claimed by brainwashed green activists. The real "green" here is nuclear related technology and any high cost efficient plant. You don't need as many lands and resources to build a nuclear plant to produce equivalent energy. As for the nuclear waste, it is just a matter of research. There are a lot of different nuclear technologies. Why nuclear isn't popular? The public are still afraid of the known failure of nuclear plants in history. The capitalists are not interested in putting money to research a cost efficient technology, it doesn't earn them much money you know? The superpower want nuclear weapons and advanced nuclear technology is not gonna make them nuclear weapons. Lastly, there are organisations or independent researchers around the world working on solid state batteries which basically store more, last longer and charge faster. However, that will only benefit the electric cars, it will not stop solar or wind to be cost ineffective.

+Dov Struzer Yes. I agree. And I believe someone like Elon Musk is aware of what you said also. This is why the personal car will be a thing of the past in the near future. I am simply waiting for an on call car service that is coming down the pipe. It will be much cheaper and more convenient to simply hail a vehicle to your current location and then let it go to pick someone else up as your trip finishes. The moment this service comes in at under $250/month, it is over for private car ownership.

+Sarah Hess "Fills you with amusement..."? REALLY? Anyway, you have if back to front. Those "inferior countries" (in the middle East..... again , really?) Are transitioning now. I wasn't talking about them, but the poorer sub tropical / tropical countries that will break the stranglehold of the current "superpowers". Their best resource? People. Especially people willing to work hard and educate themselves. As I said They will use the opportunity to feed and educate the population. THEY will become the economic powerhouses of the 21st century, while the self-righteous and lazy will decline. From what you said, that's where you are.... Watch your back!

+Richard Bono and meanwhile construction companies are pulling out of nuclear projects because they can't make money on them, while green power projects in the same locations are cheaper to build, faster to build and produce cheaper energy.

+Sangria sparkle spritz mule barrel Tin foil hat tin foil hat tin foil hat.

+B. Rippy 1) You assume "Lithium" is the only solution. Absolutely not. Lithium is used now, for transport, due to its energy density. That's not important for static storage. 2) where do you think the lithium that's being "mined" now came from? Clue? Much is in brine........ Seawater! Somehow I don't think we're running short of that?

Mmmmm....... Subsidies! All I want is the 6.5% of global GDP used to subsidise the oil industry removed! Give 1% of that to green energy and it's a done deal! The rest? Use it to sort out the global healthcare system! Easy!

Humans will not change anything. Egotistical people...the atmosphere and earth as a whole...has been changing for MILLIONS OF YEARS BEFORE US!!!!

The greed of the American Republican Party and it's members will be America's down fall...... R.I.P. America!!!

Mack Dickerson LOL

It's an important notion that we should embrace mass energy consumption and stop seeing it as a problem and look at it as a challenge instead. Solar dropping 10x in price in the past 10 years means 10x more energy for the same money. The next decades look like that there will be some more drops. So that brings the question to the table what we would do if we could use 100-1000X more energy personally and collectively with absolutely no negative consequences. What are we going to do with that energy? Well, if you look at most structural problems in this world, having a lot of energy helps solve them. Food production is a great example. It requires light and water to grow stuff. You can produce both with energy. Making clean energy cheaper, means making food production cheaper. Also, it makes transport and logistics cheaper and cleaner. People are worried about their carbon footprints when they are flying. What if you could fly electrically and the electricity costs next to nothing, the planes don't make a lot of noise, and they fly themselves? Suddenly it goes from a wasteful and expensive way to get around to being the most convenient way to get from A to B. Often overlooked is fuel production. Fuel is simply stored energy. One use of excess solar is simply producing fuel that can be stored and burned at a later time. We are rapidly approaching the point where that is both feasible and cheaper than mining it from fossil deposits. Converting C02 and H2O into more complicated carbohydrates is not rocket science but it can power them. All it takes is energy and a bit of ingenuity.


Hi Chris Wood, we understand your frustration but we are Dutch broadcaster and we are not dubbing our documentaries. However, you should be possible to see it with English subtitles if you put it on in CC.

The only thing to save us is LFTR technology. Look it up. Get your heads out of yours asses.

+Roger Starkey lol You are saying the limited resources are unlimited that are needed to build electronic cars that are more expensive then normal cars and would cause a greater strain on the nuclear power plants requiring us to build more?and what of the other technology that would be effected by the use of those resources including computers and robots maids and fossil fuel is the inaccurate description of oil being made more from plants then dinosaurs and can be manufactured in a lab using plants making it a renewable fuel source and the USA being isolated sounds very pleasant and peaceful.

+Roger Starkey lol

First, it's not cheaper energy. Wind is subsdized the USA by a factor 17X over nuclear. Second the cost of wind omits the necessary backup power for when there's a two week wind lull. On energy produced for dollar invested, wind has a terrible record; only better than solar. Nuclear is saddled with unnecessary regulations, but still there are three plants under construction in the USA; and globally there's a nuclear renaissance in China and South Korea. Already France and Sweden grid is 100% emissions free thanks to nuclear power. Wind will never come remotely close to this record. Nuclear is a steady baseload which is available more than 90% of the time, and the next generation of reactors will be at 100% reliability. +Roger Starkey

solar panels are black and heat up crazy .. the more solar panels you place in a city the higher the city temp .. solar panels realy heat up the earth .. and wind is also not the solution !!!!!!

live underground ... much better as above in the sky

China moves all together. yeah, because they all WANT to move together, right? they all love and respect eachother so much that no1 is protesting against anything, right? full of nice people, but a F dictatorship. speaking of Chinese things, have they ever seen broken ice on a lake in a storm? that stuff breaks into smaller peices. just sayin'

Time to start community meetings to control purchase of ICE vehicles. All hands on deck is the call since our politicians are on the nipples of "dirty energy".

oil, even in the best possible green future, will be a major concern for many decades, possibly centuries to come. waging a war (if need be) would suck without jets and those birds won't turn into e-planes anytime soon. other than that, f.e. the fuel in cars, will be and has to be replaced crazy soon

fantastic doc! The architect lays down a really amazing insight. The amazing new thinking of today will be normal for the children of tomorrow. The world is moving forward, while in america, the fearful, the ignorant cling to the past systems. That will be their loss and the world will not look back.

The facts of this video appear to not agree with what countries are doing when it comes to green energy. If solar could compete with fossil fuels you would see utility companies moving to solar. When companies have to consider the availability of sunlight, the cost of solar goes way up. Solar panel are not very efficient in Europe, why do you think Germany is building a pipeline from Russia to Germany to carry natural gas versus a solar farm? What you will soon find out in the coming years is the fact we have entered a cooling period of the planet. NASA has reported the glaciers in Greenland have increased in size these past two years. NOAA shows 2016 as being the warmest year on record, 2017, 2nd warmest, and 2018, the 4th warmest. Notice the trend? WE are entering solar cycle 25 and a reduction in sunspots, similar to what the planet experienced during the Little Ice Age. Next winter (2019-2020) is expected to be as cold as this last winter and the winter 2020-2021 is going to be even worse. Just a heads up for those of you who believe in this man caused global warming, CO2 has played very little in the past 140 years of warming.

We should all be using electric vehicles charged from the excess power generated from our home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays making nearly everything we do 100% solar powered. The cost per distance driven is ridiculously cheap when you are your own solar fuel station (less than $0.01 USD per mile)! #nobrainer We cannot afford to continue to burn fossil fuels!

Nuclear is the present and future. I'm all for alternative green energy but nuclear will dominate. Yes, even recycling nuclear waste (green nuclear) for power by Terrapower Bill Gates and Thorium.

If renewable energy sources are so cheap why are they being subsidised? The free market isn't stupid. If it was actually cheaper energy companies would be on top of this in a heartbeat. The simple fact of the matter is that whole of life cycle for energy generation requires systems which have adequate energy recovery - sufficient for the recovery of manufacturing energy input, and which operate reliably, long service life, and environmentally friendly disposal after decommissioning. Solar and wind generators aren't there yet. Solar panels break, and wind turbines fail. There's a huge investment of exotic materials and no thought into the recycling of these components. The payback time for these systems is much longer, and in some scenarios these systems might never repay their manufacturing cost. Additionally, solar panels don't supply electricity without sunlight, and windfarms don't operate when the wind isn't blowing. These sources cannot provide on-demand power. To be useful they must be coupled with energy storage - and we don't have readily available and environmentally friendly forms of energy storage. The simple fact of the matter is that the technology isn't there yet. So why do we build these massive renewable projects? It's for people to feel good, and politicians and companies to virtue signal. I'd say stop polarizing this argument. It's time for environmental advocates to stop dictating solutions and let the engineers and scientists do their jobs. Renewable technology should be implemented when it's good and ready. Not before.

It was alot of Solerpanel just to make 150 Megawatt energy, when you can make the same enrgy with only 19 windmill's 1 windturbine make 8 Megawatt, so you only need 19 of them, and the space all the solar panels take, and all the metal they use just to keep the panel flot on the river, then i'm more in to wind turbine like we use in Denmark, in year 2030 we will have only wind turbine energy in all our contry, clean energy for all the contry only with windturbine, we already have 50-60% now, so soon we will be up on 100% wind turbine energy for all our contry and even sell to Sweden or Germany clean energy..Vestas wind turbine in Denmark made in Denmark.

We only have 12 years so f u ck it

Im in florida and we have the only solar farms in the country besides california (which only has one!!) we need to invest and fund R&D here in the US to invent the most efficient and least polluting production methods for solar!!! we need to store the huge farms in cali (they have the most sunlight AND the most physical extra space) and send the power out to the rest of the country!

+Xtra Moist I concur. We need modern infrastructure on nuclear facilities. Especially in recycling nuclear waste and Thorium invested research. The efficiency is too obvious.

I can't believe nuclear never gets mentioned when talking about sustainable energy. With current technology, nuclear power emissions is comparable to or even less than that of solar and wind - including spent energy storage when considering kWh generated by nuclear compared to solar and wind. And as far as I know we haven't even commercially used Thorium which solves some problems Uranium reactors have. At least compared to coal, nuclear is much safer and more sustainable. In my opinion, we shouldn't keep all our eggs in one basket. I think the future is renewables AND nuclear. Especially nuclear if we keep making progress with nuclear fission.

Hi Benjamin, Did you watch this documentary? If you did then watch it again. If you didn’t then watch it. All your points are valid and answered. The solution offered here are not the only options but the problems stated are real and need immediate action.

"Liberalism is a mental disorder" yeh ok buddy, are you fucking 12 years old? You sound like another angry little American, fearful of change. Is renewable energy going to change your life style? At all? No fucking way, if anything you might have cleaner air, you dont want that? Whoever said renewables will save the planet? Its not just about the environment you dick talk about "mental disorders" you're trolling videos just to disagree with other viewers who dont think like is you.with thr MENTAL DISORDER you angry little turd!

This India guy here is quite Arrogant. He must be the new American. In a way, if America shut it's door on Immigrants like people like that, America's talents will be cease. China has more than a million Graduate working on all phases of innovations. America won't be able to catch up. Not to mention all the Bureaucrats and Corruptions that will disrupt progress along the way. Europe might stay on track with the future if Europe stay working with the Chinese. One good thing that will put the Chinese ahead of everyone is : They have the right political mandate and the right people in Power. America is in a Self Destruct Political Termoy, America is down for the count.

Too bad we elected a moron for president. So close....

We need to start competing with China fairy in all the fields specially in energy field.

I can never be convinced economy war against China is good thing. We need to compete with China not drag them down forcefully to balance out the national deficit. That is very wrong. That's like saying "Ok you made more money than us by selling us more things than what we sell to you so you need to pay more." That's what normally bully does to you in real life.

I so enjoy the forward thinking ingenuity of the collective Chinese clean energy community design ethos.

This is from Holland and Sweden, not the same thing. Wind power in Denmark has hit a roadblock. Nobody wants their ocean view spoiled by turbines. So even if the Danish government have goals for getting more EVs on the road, no plan for renewable energy exists to match that demand. That's why it isn't featured in this video.

about Trump and solar panels on the white house roof 19:00, I bet he doesn't know they even exist

Decentralized: big money doesn't like this word. The guy talking about batteries should update his knowledge since he sounds like someone living in the past. Besides, I am pretty sure that wind can produce energy at night.

GOVERNMENTS are inherently INEFFICIENT, and are the world's largest polluters. Expecting legislation to fix the problem is like asking a bully to come help your timid child gain self confidence. Or a pedophile to babysit for you. Good ideas don't require force. And government laws and regulations are all backed by force, threats, and guns. The free market runs on natural principles like all ecosystems do. Governments do not have the same built in response system, and are therefore unsustainable.

TOO LATE, VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

diversification and unsubsidized competition are needed. Technologies need to be judged on their merits, not on their ability to arrange crony government deals. Are you familiar with the #NonAggressionPrinciple?

yey We have a chance of surviving I just need to convince mom :)

Renewables will NEVER be enough if we are not ready to decrease our energy consumption. Not enough of everything that is constituent of renewables.

Yet there's 80 million additional people on this planet every single year. It is unlikely that consumption will ever decrease until population stops growing and every person on earth gets middle-class lifestyle. Renewables simply won't be enough. Maybe nuclear if people stop thinking irrationally.

+Greg White LOL Of course you don't. LOL

+first Impression Yeah, I'm one of those people who don't live in fairy land powered by unicorn farts. You'll figure it out one day, good luck to you.

+Greg White Oh, now I got it. Why didn't you say you are one of these people before ? Now I feel stupid trying to have a normal conversation with you. LOL.

+first Impression Solar was too expensive 10 years ago and it's too expensive today and it will be too expensive in 10 more years. It's simple, solar is a very low density, intermittent source of energy that will never replace fossil fuels, regardless of technology breakthroughs. In Germany, the capacity factor for solar is 10%, how could they possibly run their country on that. If you are interested in the future of global energy, look up molten salt reactors, lots of information available.

+Greg White LOL you are so funny. Did you invent this terminology yourself ? That battery was made as big as needed. The goal was to help during pick times. That doesn't mean you can't create a bigger battery if necessary. Prices for batteries are going down just like for solar energy itself. You saying batteries are to expensive sound exactly like people saying solar is to expensive 10 years ago.

+first Impression Sorry to be the one to tell you, but that battery is not a storage battery, it's a buffering battery. It smooths out the always fluctuating voltages coming in from wind and solar. It has about 8-11 minutes of total capacity. With it they don't have to keep as many diesel generators idling.

+Greg White There are no grid level batteries? You mean except that one Tesla created in Australia ? I love how people don't know what they are talking about...

There are no grid level batteries, and if they get invented, they will just make wind and solar unaffordable.

+Greg White governments own ocean fronts and land where to build these systems.

That future assures global poverty

No, they don't, there are no grid level storage batteries.

Dustin Hill Absolutely! But central gov are never going to willingly put more funding in local hands. I think we will need to create our own local/regional economies, and the low tech Green solutions are all localised so that is the way things are going, short circuit the central system!.

decentralizing the funding of energy funding and development is also important. Instead of stealing the money through taxation and then letting politicians and bureaucrats give it to their friends who have invested in "green" companies.

This documentary shows perfectly clear that solid state batteries is where the next energy revolution will happen. The new "fracking" so to speak...

How Green Energy has 47 years to do it.... BP

Nuclear power is carbon free and capable of base load power. why do we believe that covering our planet in toxic solar panels is a good idea when the alternatives just make so much more sense

I worry about the lack of resources to build the power storage batteries to give the power when the wind/sun isn't there. These need lots of metals and minerals that are running out.

What if the western powers have a long term game plan, and they are just playing dumb at the moment? Wouldn't that be an ultimate gotcha moment long term....

This channel is incredible. Dear Netherlands, thank you for putting such excellent content into the world.

When he finds out he'll take em down, but somd coal generators up there lol

Before you purchase a vehicle powered by electricity ask yourself - What is the source of the electricity your vehicle will use? I am in favor of moving away from fossil fuel, however, once again people are being sold on the idea by switching to automobiles. Very few talk about rapid transportation without fossil fuel. Wind is being sold as a green energy when in fact it uses tremendous amounts of non-renewable resources to build and maintain.

+Dennis Cambly soooo what did you say? Your comment sure looked like a status quo stance on fossil fuel usage. Oh and by the way...fossil fuels cost huge dollars to get from the mine to the polluting power plant to ultimately your electrical appliance...spare a thought here thanks.

+Hit Reset Button I did not say so

Maintain the status quo right???

Baseload is an obsolete concept where a decentralized grid is being discussed. Apply a bit more imagination before commenting next time.

Anyone have summary of this?

One solution to. the intermitent energy supply is to pump water into a reservoir using surplus energy then release it through a turbine when energy is needed

+Hit Reset Button As we move to an environmentally friendly world we need to ask questions. I pointed to one example of something being sold as green when it requires non-renewable energy and non-renewable resources.

+Hit Reset Button your renewables always need natural gas backup and I actually dream of a world of energy richness not energy poverty... have you seen the state Germany is in because they doubled down on renewables? Compare them to France who have plenty of nuclear Edit... that being said, nuclear only makes sense for cities etc and renewables will have their place where the energy needs are less and storage solutions are adequate in a small decentralised grids out in the sticks as it were

Here in America. I have been telling my friends about China's progress. Unfortunately their brains run on oil.

What a feel good load of nothing I hope you get the grant or what ever you did this for, time wasters

When do people think by themselves ? WHAT do plants live off ? WHAT is everything created by ? What is fossil fuel made of ? IF YOU CAN ANSWER THE 3 LATEST QUESTIONS DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO.

I’m Canadian and I think about 2050-2100

I hear a whole lot of unwarranted left-leaning helter skelter in this documentary. Listen people, we can produce large amounts of carbon-free energy beginning this year if society would simply muster the collective political will to do so. In fact we can produce so much energy that we will not have to alter our personal habits, adopt hideous architectural designs, or otherwise be inconvenienced. How, you say? Its called modern nuclear energy. Now, I know what your thinking? I don't want to glow in the dark, I am scared about a Fukushima and Chernobyl style meltdown. You might have even thought about the problem of nuclear waste. While you arguably have legitimate concerns, if you are not embracing this technology you are simply foolish or you are not truly serious about curbing carbon emissions. First, it is simply a fact that you are exposed to more radiation while you are sitting on a plane or eating a banana than the miniscule amount of radiation that you escape into the outside environment from a modern nuclear power generation station. Second, Fukushima was a fifty year old reactor that was built in an area near a major fault line that was known to be prone to tsunamis. Similarly, Chernobyl was an inherently flawed reactor design that had no containment dome! Third, nuclear waste does not neatly fit into the definition of waste, much of what we currently call nuclear waste is perfectly reusable. In fact, if the US could build a series of breeder reactors like France has we could have a closed nuclear fuel cycle. Breeder reactors, unlike conventional reactors, make more nuclear fuel than they consume. This fissile material (nuclear fuel) can be recycled and reused to generate more power in the future. What little byproducts that remain are generally radioactive for a few hundred years, not thousands or millions of years. This makes underground disposal much more simpler, a underground salt dome would probably suffice. Additionally, we can easily build and design fourth generation nuclear power plants that are not only safer and more efficient than their predecessors, but are virtually devoid of proliferation risk and in some cases are designed to be inherently incapable of melting down . Thorium and molten salt reactors are reactor types that hold special promise. Thorium is many more times abundant than uranium and gram per gram holds hundreds of more energy potential than coal. If that was not exciting enough new modular systems (nuclear batterys the size of a hot tub) have been patented that can cheaply power a small city or a series of small towns. This is an excellent choice for power generation for remote parts of the United States and elsewhere. Such units are passive (they don't require a manned crew for power generation) and can not be tampered with once they are encased in their subterranean concrete housing.

sure, china is lead the pack, they did the e-bike ahead of everybody, and now they are suffering for it because they can't recycle batteries...........they DID it without thinking long term

Renewable energy has it's cost. It is not completely environmental friendly. It may be better than coal and oil, but it takes a lot of material to build something that breaks very easily. Solar and wind energy does do damage to wild life. And solar panels uses materials that are not bio degradable and also contains materials that are harmful if not disposed properly. I applaud China for taking steps towards renewable energy over coal. Their cities are in horrible conditions. So are the cities in India. Someone said Trump has taken steps to put renewable energy progress backwards. I think so far all he has done is undo regulations that limit carbon fuel energy usage. He has done nothing to reverse the progress of renewable energy. If renewable energy's progress requires a handicap on any other kind of energy, than i think more research is needed to improve it. But i am a strong supporter of Nuclear energy, just like the way France is doing it. Compared to Germany who is going strong on renewable energy, France has done more to reduce carbon emissions as well as provide cheaper energy compared to Germany. Nuclear waste disposal? Not a problem. Just ask the French. Someone once mentioned ... the future of our energy is Solar. That is 200 years time. We still don't have the tech to manage solar perfectly yet. Among the many pit fall of solar is irregular out put of energy and the mass amount of batteries needed to store it's energy which again ... pollution. Perhaps in 100-200 years time, we will reach the tech to be able to harness the solar power perfectly without having any environmental damage. But right now, nuclear is the answer. Less regulation and politics will allow nuclear energy to be the cheapest and most efficient energy we can have. And if managed properly ... it is safe. 3 nuclear power plant melt down in the history of man kind. 2 had fatalities and or environmental damage. Both were due to human error which were completely preventable. And even with that said ... it is still the safest for of energy we have based on statistics.

While young, that chap is certainly stupid...on a micro scale this is a very easy problem to solve through V2G (vehicle to grid) and V2H (vehicle to house) technology. I for one am already set-up for this next step in the renewables revolution.

Stick with fossil fuels right??? Good one Dino the dinosaur.

It was a good programme, but it would have been better with some English subtitles. I speak neither Dutch or Mandarin.

Hi Michael Ginever, if you put them on in CC then you can watch it with English subtitles!

Stop with the climate bull schitt... such a load... it's getting so played out.

I wish America was doing more of the same America is failing in technology and renewable resources all to please the oil industry

@19:06 i can tell this guy is a liberal. Making up facts about Donald Trump!! He is just ass burnt because Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Accord because he didn't believe this was fair that India and China would be allowed to build coal powered factories paid for by the United states. This agreement was going to. Be in effect for years to come. Trump believes all countries should contribute their fair share, and the American worker and their families should not be on the hook. I for one can no longer carry the worlds burdon, i am overworked, underpaid, and stressed out. Trump 2020

China lies!!! They are a short sighted greedy people. The only reason manufacturing moved to china is because of their lax enforcement of energy, pollution, and human rights. Google how many coal powered power plants they start up every year!! You are the brainwashed one if you believe these feel good documentaries and their small impact stories.

The world is going too need Nuclear power too keep up with demand of energy but wind and solar will definitely have there roll as well

Nice documentary. Just one comment: China is not a free market country. "Magic of China" is based on a three whales: 1. Huge flow of cash coming from production of literally everything; 2. Cheap labor offered by China; 3. China uses (both legally and illegally) oversea technologies. China has no future as soon as two out of three of these whales will disappear.

Storage costs are falling on a similar cost curve to solar and storage also increases the value of renewables. I think the grid will ultimately be a combination of nuclear, renewables, and storage. Storage and nuclear is where investment should be directed

Climate change is a natural thing with minimal input from Humans. Everything coming from Europe is not always the best, it's always about money.

HardWarUK We aren’t in danger of running out of metals and minerals and they can be recycled from products at the end of their life. Not to mention, increasing prices of less common metals and minerals spurs investment in the development of new mining sites and investment in technology to limit the use of that metal or mineral in products

The "transition to green energy" is a BS meme. Its destructive, costly and a negative drain on any 1st world economy.

Talk to us about China's plan for clearing up the annual smog and air pollution as well as building islands and destroying artificial reef. Why is china eager to secure the entire swaths of sea and claim it as there own if it was not for oil and gas resources underneath? Are you even aware there are other countries in Asia and not just China or this video sponsored?

+Greg White Yes, they do. Look up their Powerpack series of batteries.

Sooner or later the grownups are going to get tired of listening to this rubbish and set things straight. Not sure how the brainwashed are going to come to their senses but it will occur, no doubt. First of all, fossil fuels are as natural a burning trees as firewood. All fossil fuels were once plants and micro organism. It's stored energy from the sun. The real problem with burning fossil fuels is pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. CO2 is not only natural but an important component of air. The amount of CO2 in the air is not only at normal levels but is actually lower than than ideal. Remember plants use the carbon to grow. Greenhouses pump in CO2 to accelerate plant growth. That pot you have been smoking, the veggies you have been eating are a direct result of CO2. Despite what Al Gore says, CO2 is a good thing. Al Gore is wrong when he says that CO2 is causing global warming. It's not, for no other reason than because the earth has been slowing warming since the ice age. It's been colder, it's been hotter. It's no big deal. Now... with that said. The future will likely see a trend towards fracking and natural gas. It burns cleaner, as-in there isn't as much of that nasty SO2 AND NO2 which causes people to have asthma and other health issues. It's also cheap and there are gobs of it under every land mass in the free world. For example, England could become energy independent if only it would allow fracking for natural gas. Global warming is a ruse. Yes it is. Young people for several decades have been used as pawns in what is really a progressive power struggle for political control of the world. They are lying and have lied for several decades now. The good news, everything is going to be ok. In North America more and more power plants are switching to natural gas. This trend will likely carry across the world. The future, you will likely see more electric cars because they are simply better than gas and diesel. Wind turbines are doomed. They are an eye sore, maintenance nighmare and really not economical. Solar panels will be meh. They will be used in remote locations along with mobile vehicles like RVs. Right now in American you can buy electricity from the power company from $0.10 to $0.16 cents per kilowatt. That is cheaper than solar power and doesn't require any capital investment. Conclusion, sooner or later people are going to learn these truths and come to their senses. They will be exposed to the lies. They will know that Al Gore is a fraud. If you don't believe my rant, study up on geology. A chemistry refresher couldn't hurt anyone either.

U.S.!! LETS UTILIZE 10% OF GDP / 10% OF MILITARY EXPENDATURE & CREAT " 03. % on electric long term STORAGE " if we did this simultaneously apply these group of ideas into most efficient agriculture, energy apply savings to eliminate taxation. And " WE tHE PEOPLE " will spend & invest in our own financial 4 generations to restore growth whare we left off.We would surpass Passed economies on behalf OF WE THE PEOPLE We will spend more wisely. Thank you for listening. An actual miracle of our life. In the PRESENT. Let us once again be the economic modern financial trail blazers since the Industrial revolution. Once again Leading the world trailblazing into the foreseeable future." Let us be free "to the" WORLD."

Nothing in this can be taken too seriously. for example, the so called expert proclaiming, that cars are not necessary. When her hired bicycle is banned from certain areas of Chinese cities, because they jam up public access areas, because they are just left anywhere. Also, try moving the double bed out of your house, in the rain on one of them. Yes, we don't need cars.... whatever, this is propaganda.

The question no one is asking and no one cares to answer is: When people do develop a renewable energy infrastructure, what will stop governments of developing weapons which run on renewable energy? Oil controls war and the reason there hasn't been a war on a global scale in 70 years. Oil controls war.

CHANGING CLIMATE'S going to do in us Primates. Also the birds, though they can't read these words. The dodo was doodoo we flushed down the loo, too. And the trees and the seas and the bugs and the pugs. And not just the plants and the animal zoo ..... the tiniest planktons that make the O2. It's so terribly sad when ONE species ..... just ..... ceases. You'd think we'd had a special plot, "Exterminate the bloody lot!" Deniers and liars and industry hires, weave and deceive us, their gullible buyers. So now we have the great distinction of bringing on our own extinction. And know what's really, really funny? We're FOSSIL FOOLS in love with money." The End??????

Green means nothing. Extremely cheap or free means everything. If you want to be green then you can send everyone back to the stone age and make people live like the animals.

It may be underway but it is painfully slow. Btw employment in Sweden isn't all that brilliant. They love LGBT out there. The people are too liberal and have no real values. Nothing new in this video. Just a load of European quacks.

You are going to need a LOT of batteries.

Ogre MGTOW That’s what the gigafactories are for.

You're out of your mind.

Renewables made from oil products. Brilliant.

They forget that the reason China can run so fast is that the communist DICTATE to everyone without any recourse. You either play ball or come up missing in a labor camp. People are pushed from behind (for these energy policies) and if they turn around get punched in the face(Tiananmen square anyone)?

ENERGY CHANGE? YES! FOR POWER GRIDS ONLY, NOT TO TRANSPORTATION FUELS.2019 and beyond Internal Combustion Engines still to reckon with … Internal combustion engine has been around more than a century and it should be around beyond decades to come. This is for the motorists not to slow down their travel mode, changing lifestyle, more so to the business economy. There’s no substitute to liquid fuels for transportation vehicles in terms of Robotic Functioning and Molecular Alchemy. Liquid fuels are combustible or energy-generating molecules that can be harnessed to create MECHANICAL ENERGY, usually producing KINETIC ENERGY, It’s the fumes of liquid fuels that are flammable instead of the fluid. Most liquid fuels in widespread use are derived from fossil fuels; however, there are several types, such as hydrogen fuel (for automotive uses), ethanol, and biodiesel, which are also categorized as a liquid fuel. Many liquid fuels play a primary role in transportation and the economy. Efficiency --- YES! Pricey --- Yes, because it’s the price of an environment-friendly fuel ... not to be a hypocrite about nature.What is direct injection and indirect injection? Indirect injection in an internal combustion engine is fuel injection where fuel is not directly injected into the combustion chamber. ... Direct injection allows the fuel to be precisely metered into the combustion chamber under high pressure which can lead to greater power, fuel efficiency with added feature of a … Catalytic Converter to address the Gas emission.

What utter bollocks, like watching a communist propaganda film. Save yourself 44.52 minutes and go read up on nuclear power and vertical farming

Made by someone who never lived next door to a wind generator. The constant noise pollution from it is enough to drive a person insane.

We cannot continue to grow. Growth is the problem. Humans will need to go to plant based foods. Of course politics is no way to govern. Governance will have to based on the science, facts, and evidence. Capitalism will have to be replace by resource based economies. Having a money-less society will solve most of the social stratification issues.

We lost. China builds bridges and we build walls

Or just better ones maybe


Unfortunately our politicians only think 4 years ahead and any progress makes Albertans pissy.

Producing batteries is as much if not more polluting than fossil energy

....2/3 of energy will be renewable by 2050? That is 31 years away. Look at the advancements in just the last 10 years. As long as the storage problem is solved, wind and energy will be viable. Don't forget nuclear. Nuclear currently provides 20% of the US electrical supply. New nuclear technologies the size the power nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers could be distributed reducing the concentration of energy sources.

The middle part of the doc is all in Chinese. Make sure you have subtitles turned on.

Thankyou for a fascinating documentry, what amazed me was that I had not subscribed to the channel before something thankfully can rectify. Thanks again for the all the curators whose work this represents!!

Great video. Thanks for the upload. Unfortunately, reading the comments makes me lose hope in humanity again. How are we going to deal with so much stupidity.

I was under the impression that Kiwis were environmentally aware and open-minded, apparently not. If you think that your isolation will protect you from the effects of climate change, I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken.

Well, quite honestly, I'm happy it's working that way in China. Over a billion people living on less land mass than the US, imagine they were as back warded as the US, which is moving in snail speed because a huge part of the population wants to reinstate the 50ies.

IKR our politicians are one dimensional and short term thinkers

Whooo....Green Energy! I imagine a future where every man, woman and child on Earth has their very own Power Ring and Lantern, energized by the Pure Holy, Mystic Power of our Collective Will! "In Brightest Day! In Darkest Night! No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight!"

IF they seriously wanted to go green, they should have looked at gravity fed generators. Cheap, clean energy, could use to fuel a hydrogen based economy and could produce clean water where ever you have a source of dirty water. But no one wants it for 40 years.

in the future we all eat vegetables and drive gay electric cars what cant go further than mile fuck off

China is also building coal fired power plants.

A two minute search on Google would show how wrong this statement is. Over 250,000 people are currently employed in the US solar industry, and it is increasing rapidly. Although it is true that California has the greatest number of solar farms, other states such as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Hawaii have all started building plants. Texas, which has the greatest potential for solar is, unfortunately, slow to take advantage due to resistance from the powerful fossil fuel lobby in that state.

If u don’t think about nuclear u don’t get what it is about, u don’t understand the system and u don’t understand numbers. Don’t go bla bla bla don’t feel good about some story try to deeply understand!!!

Go nuclear!

This is socialism at work. Only a shithead would believe man can change the earth’s climate

Thanks for letting everyone know... I faced the same issue :)

Ogre MGTOW with intermittent power sources energy storage is not a waste even if it’s inefficient. When you have more wind or sun energy than you can use at the time the energy is wasted if it is not stored.

+Nathan Lewis Pumped Hydro is a Net Waste of generation because it takes 3 times as much juice to pump water up as you get from the drop . We monitored one of those as well. Only used it for Temporary Peak Load conditions.

Ogre MGTOW I am aware you will need a LOT of batteries. Also other solutions like pumped hydro will also be needed in addition to demand management.

+Nathan Lewis I don't believe you understand the size of the problem. I use to help run the Eastern Interconnect in one of the Main Control Rooms . One power station I am am aware of generates 2400 Mega Watts of electricity every hour and there are several hundred generating stations I am aware of with a total generating capacity of around 3 million Mega Watts an hour. I hope you now see the sheer number of batteries you are going to need.

Juris Cervenaks You’re not making sense. You also seem to be completely unaware of the giant battery Tesla provided to Australia.

+Nathan Lewis Tesla batteries only hold energy for hours. It needs thousands of miles to provide storage for 24 hours, not even talking about week, month, or year. When scientists will make better batteries, then real breakthrough will come, and thorium energy, free energy, and other technologies will help.

Nathan Lewis yes, CNN reports China is known for their high standards on human rights and pollution. Let me guess, you are unemployed, up to your ears in debt, don't have two nickels to rub together, but support illegals crossing into the USA

David James Quit watching Fox news

Trump is a greedy person who only cares about himself. That's why he doesn't care about renewable energy. He doesn't care about our planet's future cause he knows he will be long dead. We need to change now.

Speed up China! We're counting on you! Our politicians are totally useless hahaha.

Innovation will continue in all countries, some might move slightly ahead but basically the world will move forward together.


Do you grasp that oil builds landscape-wrecking industrial wind turbines and all the rest? Study the scale of the problem and you'll see that "renewables" are a net-energy farce, but rooftop solar is worth trying more of.

BS. Poor ordinary people s nightmare paying for Wealthy people s dream

To listen to these green energy experts fawn over China you'd think it was like the freest cleanest most virtuous country on the planent rather than the largest totaliterian polluter that it really is..

Solar is going to the bible

I Love this!

Nathan Lewis go support Joe Biden, because your support for Hillary Clinton failed. She would have made an excellent President. Afterall, look at how she helped the people of Haiti after the Hurricane. The Chinese are sneaky people who steal USA copyrights. What don't you get?

+Nathan Lewis You should conversely not be swayed by left wing green propagnda.

+Nathan Lewis Then you should know well enough to see China in realistic terms not with rose tinted glasses..

Garden City Btw who were you asking that to? I have traveled to several third world countries.

David James You were wrong. You need to escape from the grip the right wing propaganda machine has on on you.

Have you ever travelled to a 3rd world country?

possibly more decentralized. HHHAHHAHAH this is all a pipe dream. Folks it is over you cant grow your way out of what is about to happen! You cant cut, conserve, recycle your way to the future. Need proof if you live near a major city head on over to a highway in the morning. Watch, now imagine this goes on twice a day every day. Cut that? in 13 years there will be 9 Billion people conserve that! Man is done its over our species is about to go extinct!

How do you build windmill farms and solar plants without using fossil energy? Each plant must be renewed at least every 30 - 35 years.

Cheapest electric ever is upon us, a factor of ten drop in PV price in a decade and continuing on same trajectory.

Solar panels must be installed on every roof. It must be compulsory for every new building and for every renovation.

Garden City I would never want to live in China but there is no denying they have achieved a lot. Where do you think most things are made?

David James I hate the Clintons. You keep making ridiculous statements without any basis.

Garden City have you ever lived outside of America? Speaking as an American most Americans don’t even know what the left is.

+Stefan Marxmeier Osaka has 4 distinct seasons. Either way, that might be the case but the original point was that Tesla didn't have large-scale battery storage which is false.

getsnoopy5f Those aren’t grids those are islands with hardly any seasons Look I’m not against solar but you can’t rely on it without a massive fleet of EVs

+Stefan Marxmeier They're for both. You can see examples of this on Ta‘u and in Osaka

getsnoopy5f Those are grid stabilization not grid storage

+Nathan Lewis Have never lived in America. Is Bernie Sanders not left enough for you?

Nathan Lewis most things are made in China because of their lax environmental and human rights laws and policies. I for one am all about the practic of reuse, and utilizing what is already available, rather than throwing out, and manufacturing new. What i think here on youtube matters none, but there is no denying that the Chinese, and Indian populations grew too quickly, and neither their land, or the planet can sustain their growth. They permanently spoiled both their land, and their culture with their greedy ways. Like I said, these feel good documentaries change my mind none, as it is too late to change the ways of billions of people.

The US is in decline. Have you been on a 400 kph train in the US. I've been on one in China. They are leaps and bounds beyond the US.

Aren't you glossing over the fact that the earth can't sustain 7 billion people and capitalist growth. All of our resources are finite and we don't have a planet B to expand into. Not just energy. We have to learn to live with much less junk and a much smaller footprint.

green energy can create much bigger problems we don't know yet. you disrupt the nature with those wind turbines by killing birds and insects. they produce noise which cause problems and they are expensive too. and if sh*t really hits the fan for the global climate we need reliable energy to be able to survive. its not as simple as they want you to believe.

Economy is balanced system based on inventories.

China is "getting green" but they still wants that GDP goes up? What a nonsense. How stupid can you be?

Everyday we have to dump manufacturer garbage (make with cheaper materials) from China. Do they will come a recycle all that waste of energy and resources?

Humanity must live in accordance with the Earth can provide, that requires inventories, global planning and a culture based on nature values.

Solexx X Do you live in China?....if not, why not? Think maybe you should!

best solution for energy is to reduce birth rate , every day 360,000 baby is born

I don't want to be an American idiot. Since a tiny cabal of special interests (oil barons, health insurance peddlers, for profit education, etc) usurped control of our government and media, America has become ignorant and corrupt. These special interests are trying to seize as much money and power as they can, oil barons own our military, stage coups based on public deceptions, and make a grab for more oil and cash. We will not be leaders of anything, our country is poised for a devastating crash both economically and in the world of innovation, nobody in government cares because they're all too busy getting rich from the bribes they fully legalized via an appointed (by them) 'Supreme Court', more like Sleaze Court. Corruption is our end, farewell America, prepare for a bumpy ride!

I won't see any changes worth wild in the 30 years I have left to live.

This is just a long line of shallow arguments, for stupid ideas, that uninformed people want to hear. Ofcourse people like it. Liberal/Socialist bubble alert.

Earth Recovery is within reach, my solution to climate change, fuel and food security for everyone on Earth for the next 1000 years. @t @t

The US don't want any of these innovations, they need to keep the killer petrol dollar alive,

Big talk by small boys, all dreams, the world will still be a shit hole next year, the year after, the year after that how many years have we had this technology for now already

Freight trains, freight ships, airplanes and large trucks are not being transitioned to renewables. Our entire transportation system relies on fossil fuels. That will not change. All the cars in the world may transition to batteries. Those batteries will be charged by burning fossil fuels.

Yes probably stave us all I expect and for why

It is so "funny" that Exxon and other in Texas use wind energie for their refineries and boring rigs. Because it is cheaper..

You can think about you're children or other younger family members and the generations after that.

In Western Europe and other first world countries we already have a negative birth rate. That is all thanks to good education, affordable healthcare(USA does not participate here) etc. That is how the world population will stop to grow. And vaccinate! Because of all that children will have a 96% chance of living into adulthood.

How many insects/birds are getting killed by cars-Buildings-farming- cats.. etc? hundred times more. Other researchers claim they see no increase in death's of birds near wind turbines. And have you seen the new more silent wind turbines? Yes if you are directly near them you will hear them but if you are half a km away you don't hear them. And no they don't cause cancer/autism or whatever it was Trump claims. And no, you can build quite a few of those for one coal plant. The price of the energie they produce is also cheaper. That is why Exxon and others use wind energie in Texas to power their refineries.

+mgammeren Trump panders for votes in Apalachia whilst coal steadily declines. Why kill a dying goose when you can act it's benefactor for gain?

Partly right. In Shenzen they have absurd amounts of electric busses around. They do want to change but it costs time meanwhile USA under Trump digs for "clean coal" except some states that ignore the White House on that regard.

+Praque Forqsk So what is perversion? If you aren't in thé relationship between agreeing adults just shut it and look away. Of don't you see how much thé hetero agenda is being Portrait all those years

+mgammeren Equality and rights? I have little problem with that. Perversion no.

+Praque Forqsk so equality and rights is a bad thing? I see many People that fear that the rising of Nazi sympathie and denying of other things like climate change are the biggest reasons. And many other things. Bit liberal is one of the least. Trump and his administration are a reason.

+mgammeren Probably yes. Many people I deal with now feel that liberalism is destroying the world. LGBTQ being a good example.

+Praque Forqsk just thé same as in thé US.

+mgammeren Whoops. Suicide is high out there and always has been. As I said European liberals. Roll on Brexit.

No real vallues?! one of the happiest people in the world. One of the best education systems etc etc. On every positive ranking they are much higher up the list than the USA. Except for gang violence and yes rape. But if you look into how that comes it makes total sense because they have a climate where woman can and will go to the police. And every case is a case not a "gangtape" but every person involved is also registered not as "the gang". Europe is on many fronts more open minded, positive than the USA. You may want to look out for the car industrie you have you may fall very much behind on China too.

+Garden City He is what we in Europe call centre left. Or put it this way, he wants America to take a few steps and get on the same line Western Europe is. Is that a bad thing? Paid vacation, good affordable healthcare for everyone etc...But that has nothing to do with climate change. China is the industrie of the world. And yes they do some bad stuff but also good stuff. Look at Shenzen for example. They know they have to get the air pollution back so electric transport is a must. Meanwhile Trump advocates "clean coal" which does NOT exist.

I'm planning to build a small apartment building and I want it to be net positive energy (generate more energy than it uses) and make it as sustainable as possible. These videos have given me some good ideas. I want it to be 100% electric, no gas.

First of all, trains outside the US are almost entirely powered by overhead powerlines. Second of all, ships ARE transitioning to cleaner fuels: natural gas. Thirdly, all new semi trucks will be BEVs by about 2040 just because of the massive cost savings. Fourthly, 1/3 of US power is ultra low emissions (nuclear + renewables) and 1/3 is natural gas. ~28% coal, which is as clean as burning oil in an efficient engine. Finally, self-driving cars will kill regional flights. Who will fly when you can call up a nice RV or SUV and ride destination to destination in less or about the same amount of time? Short range planes are going electric and Airbus even believes they can have a BEV or PHEV plan for regional flights within 30 years. We could use natural gas or ethanol in planes, but oil is too cheap at the moment.

The EROI on these sources is very high, so even when produced from coal power, they reduce emissions by a massive amount. You can then use these source to power the factors as well.

Sorry clean energy does not exist.....Solar Panels -made with parts from oil-made with electricity from oil,Gas and Nuclear. Wind Turbines-Parts made from oil and some hazardous materials-Requires oil to lubricate moving parts-Uses electricity from oil,coal,gas and Nuclear to make the whole thing. Distribution Power lines-made at steel mills burning coal and iron ore together-Takes Large trucks and cranes to move and to put in place burning tons of fuel-requires helicopters to do maintenance Show me a green source of energy that does not require oil or gas or Nuclear to,dig up ores and materials,manufacturer said materials,install said products and dispose of when worn out- GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.....(even bio-fuel needs it to be made)

even though they just finished building 40 coal powered plants?

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