How Did Philippe Gilbert Win Paris-Roubaix? | GCN Show Ep. 327

How Did Philippe Gilbert Win Paris-Roubaix? | GCN Show Ep. 327

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Welcome. To the gcn, show brought to you by wiggle, coming, up this, week how exactly. It did Philip Jill bear win Perry we pay apart, from being really, really blooming, stroke apart from that yeah we're gonna pick about the key points of this year's race plus we've got a cursed, pair of white shorts a new what is bazooka, and another. Reason why you should ride your bike instead, of driving your car yeah Jeremy Carson losing, to stone riding a bike and. Another two reasons, why you should ride your bike instead, of driving your car. This. Week in recycling. We learned that bigger tires aren't, enough if you really want to smooth out rough roads full, suspension is back 25. Years after Bianchi, unveiled their full suspension monster, in 23 years after it quietly disappeared, Pinarello, have now unveiled, their version, which thankfully looks, a bit more like a road bike it's called the dogma FS and, we also learned this week, that if at first you, don't succeed try. Again because, last year eval de syska vicious finished, so far back at pyruvate. Had to ask for the gates to the velodrome be, unlocked so that he could get round and do his final, lap this, year however he. Finished ninth amazing. He's been a sex pissed as well yeah. Anyway write his name down for next year's preview, show I must mention him we've mentioned in this year I know here we did in their editors left it out in, all seriousness much like they did poor Chris Opie's prediction, offer Niels Paulette and who went on to finish second of course my prediction for parry Bay is Niels, Pollack so apologies. Chris yeah that one that genuinely, was shot before parable, yeah generally finally. This week we learned that Philippe's your bear has become the best classics, rider since, Sean Kelly who is the previous persons win for monuments in winning Perry Bay he added to an already envy, bull list of results in his career which include latest, on liege in Lombardy and the Tour of Flanders yeah not to mention a world, title to, boot so, the question is then how on earth did he win Piru bay at just his third attempt. First, up we, didn't really see him I told you before the first 180. Kilometers. Of the race I mean I'm sure if you were his biggest fan you could have picked him out on occasion but, he. Was pretty much in disguise with that little hatch, gotico, recognizing. The no I didn't know he, did a great job of hiding over that first hundred and eighty k's staying. Away from bad luck and staying out of trouble, yeah I mean he was even towards the back of that lead group wasn't he going into the forest of Arenberg which is often considered. To be one of the first key moments, of the race yeah we're not sure whether that was a deliberate, move or not though because, when I tell you Fisher was here on Sunday and he was saying that if he knew it wasn't gonna be in the top ten coming into the torrid Ehrenburg that he would deliberately sit up and go towards the back of the group where it was somewhat safer yeah that was absolutely fascinating wasn't it and you'd think that having finished top eight on eight occasions at. Higher bay he probably knows what he's talking about the Nick whatever, it was certainly is your bear saved a heck of a lot of energy compared, to Marvin, our weight. Certainly. Compared to pour avoir now us cursed. Wow Bernard but also any of his rivals, any of them at all. In. Fact the first time that I was properly, aware that your bear was somewhere towards the front was when he made that move with 71, km/h get. Across through, through. The feed zone that.

It Was yeah breaking, when I cytokines unwritten rules oh yes well I think all of the unwritten rules go out the window don't they they've pretty much gone anyway all night to be fair regardless he. Went after Niels Poli and those to form the new group and although it wasn't until 20, kilometers, later that, they were joined by sugan and the other three that was, the move of the race on Sunday yes so basically your bare complete, with dodgy. Disguise. With moustache and beard hid for 180, characters then made one, big move and that was it simply, a hindsight in there yes probably. Easier said and done that yeah. It's. Almost certain. That that move would not have worked without. Your. Bears team back, in your mouth cuz it, can't be chance that the kerning quick step in its various different guises have, 1:13. At, the last 25. Editions, of pyruvate, so without wishing to take anything away from your best strength or speed you've. Got to say that, team playing more than a helping hand in its victory yeah in more ways than one, - I would say first, up, he had an ally in the front in the form of evil and part which must have surely helps in, that regard, yeah how happy did Lampard look on a podium we fished there that was great to see wasn't it right oh that was son a and her podium, faces for sheer joviality brilliant. Well you could say he was stonyface. Yeah. Secondly, they, had demux t-bar, for anesthesia and the group behind which certainly wouldn't have sped up the chase if anything it would have been a hindrance for the chases and thirdly, and I think most importantly, he, had the benefit, of all the tactical experience that his team have built up from those previous 12 wins at the race yeah so despite the fact that as we said at the beginning this, was just your Bears third, participation. In Pirate Bay you'd, think that the information coming to him from his team car would be absolutely. Priceless. However. Even with all the help from the team it was down to him to steal the deal wasn't it once they got into the rube a velodrome but I for one was never in doubt as to who would cross the line first despite Pollack being a very fast finish year on paper I mean I know they're 11 years apart in age but. Pilots got one win to his name as a pro and your bear now has 75. Wins 37. Of which almost half have come in one-day races he's a proven winner isn't it with a winner's mentality and, we saw that when, he maneuvered, himself into that crucial second, place coming into the Roubaix velodrome, you guys it helped a little bit perhaps by his teammate lamp up closing, that gap from behind putting a bit of extra pressure on polit, but, he had him exactly, where he wants and he's your bear called the shots is your bear chose went to make his move and in the end that, was a comfortable, margin of victory yeah you're right about Lampard, but hope that's you up front actually. Think it was your bed it was more nervous about another quick. Stay Rider join them at that final you can see the wind going out the window yeah he was looking behind in one knee. And. Finally, was, it his bike last week, specialized unveiled the latest version. Of their Roubaix model in my word how pleased must the marketing part have been on Sunday after the race not only was that a second year in succession that, that bike has won at Perry babe but they also filled, five of the top eight places on the day that's quite remarkable isn't, it so specialized definitely, win the Constructors, Championship but.

This Isn't Formula, One is it this is by tracing and so did that by actually win. Piru Bay for Jill bear no. Would, it helped him that's. Actually, hard, question to answer given. There the week before Betty, are won the Tour of Flanders on, a, bike with rim brakes and that is resolutely. On aerodynamic. And then, even in the finale of Peru Bay in that breakaway, you've got two riders on like, chalk and cheese bikes how many you've got the canyon arrow and, then you've got the specialized Roubaix both. Of them that's equally at home on the palate there wasn't interesting facts though very, impressive one at that to come out from specialise in that, neither of their two teams bore a hands go to Kernan quickstep had a single puncture, between, their total of 14, riders, is. That that is remarkably, impressive in there I guess the question is it was your bear lucky that, the likes of van Ark Chris Dolph and vanmarcke, were resolutely, riddled. With bad luck or was, it a smart equipment, choice. That's. Another difficult question isn't it I mean you gotta say, that, a hundred percent success rate for, tires going through eBay is pretty, impressive but, then equally I can't, imagine what kind of secret, tech they'd have that would prevent punctures, at Paraguay so, I'm. Gonna say maybe it was just luck. But anyway, get rolled in the comments section down below what. You can definitely say with smart choice though was specialized Roubaix. Promo. Video where, you've got three riders absolutely, smashing, through the, Ehrenburg trench and it's only at the end that. You actually see that it's two three top female pros, you of course don't normally, get to race through, Ehrenberg so you had an Evander Breggin christine, madras, and shantel. Black long-overdue, isn't, it a woman's power ooh baby let's feel like we're now finally getting enough momentum behind that idea to make it reality in, the very near future alright. Before we finished with Peru Bay we are going to hand out a very well-deserved. What, is bazooka. When, Vanna ah what a ride, from, him despite, the curse of GCN which time placed. On him during our pyruvate preview, show and he. Did have to fight a whole load of bad luck Denis what was it a puncture, mechanical. Bite change, chase. Bite. Change, crash. Kind. Of mechanical, chase, it, was really incredible yes, quite, understandably, the lights did eventually go out for him unfortunately towards. The end but what a ride a thoroughly deserved what if Zuka and more one our power news coming up later in the show comes, tears well man this is the first wattage bazooka, we've ever given. Out for someone that was actually stuck, in their little chain ring it is although. That. Little Cheney was a 48 apparently, yes, as. A mighty, big little, ring. Next. Up it's your weekly, GCN, inspiration. And this of course your chance to win one a spree wiggle, voucher, mounts third place is 50 pounds second is 75, top, prize each and every week a hundred pounds of wiggle voucher to spend on anything you want on their online shop, right coming up there and starting with third place we, have this. Photo, here, sent, in by Neil. From. Neil Sam Vincent, in Wallonia. This is his comeback, he said racing. His second race the season after taking a year off due, to University. I managed, to spend the whole race in the break I'm the rider third from the back with the white shoulders, that. Makes me quite wistful, about bike racing again yeah great photos, super, cool I'm not being picky but isn't a University, kind of a year off anyway. Maybe. Comments below five maybe quickly, on second, place this week. Seventy. Five pounds of vouchers going to Laura or lares exploring. Slovakia, and Austria, with a beautiful, sunset and well, we are as you very well know suckers, for sunrises, and sunsets and, that is another beautiful, example yeah. That's very cool, isn't it sweet. Ganks. Of sunsets now are we ah summers, just around, the corner, and they're sitting later as well they are deep right finally.

Then Our winner, the week is this one from Gunther, Rho sent. In from the top of Port Hills Summit. Road Christchurch. New Zealand look, at that beautiful, however. Not to pick holes in this one either but we are gonna get so many comments about the, noncentral, mountain, or our head unit I'll be honest I did think twice about it but then this this isn't the bike fault is it we're not commenting, on bikes here even though I kind of a placement, know these computer. It leaves a bit to be desired but, it's that anyway well I did that once in the video and, never did it again I couldn't, read any comments apart from where my head unit was place regardless. If you were lighter into this next, week or in the next seven days all you've got to do is use the upload as a link to that in the description below or use, the hashtag GSN inspiration. Over an Instagram. It's. Now time for cycling, shorts will, start cycling shorts are weekly look at the hottest, topics. In the world of cycling with. Perhaps the, biggest story of them all still. Matti van der pol and his white cycling, shorts now as we all know or anyone who's ever had the misfortune of. Seeing, that photo of Dan wearing. White lycra, it is a bold, choice it is following. On from sign hangers discussion, of this photo topic on the show last week it's worthy of two weeks on the bounce the, Dutch website, benifits went one step further and conducted some scientific, research on, this very topic and concluded, that the public are 50/50. On this one much like other major issues going on right now breakfast. Yes, fair, enough they also actually, went. On to. Do a bit more research of, their own and, actually found out that perhaps these. White shorts, might, bring bad luck to, van der Poel because he'd won basically every other race he's done this season in black. Shorts, but, a day pulls on white shorts he can only manage, fourth place and had a massive crash on route 2 as well we do think though that we know the reason for the now I mean it came from, Matthew's father Adria himself of course a former professional rider he, claims it, was a strategical. Reason does the lined opponents, no. Quite the opposite, in fact it was actually so that the D s is in the team car behind could distinguish, him in the overhead shots from, the Luxembourg national champion Bob Young goals. We shall see where me this week am so well actually no there's no Bob jungles on the start list to, say like I can wear black shorts there we go all right well we won't be able to prove or disprove this, theory anyway. Sticking with cycle crosses briefly, but, moving from Vanderpool to his arch nemesis, Wow Vanna art who, as we mentioned just a moment ago had, that run of tough luck of pyruvate, including. Taking. His teammate Pascal and corn bite in the, Ehrenburg trenches which was a selfless act wasn't it from a devoted teammate, who was then humiliated. By van Ark they posted this up on Instagram, so in, getting on his borrowed bike van art then went on to shortly, afterwards, produced, the best power that that head unit had ever seen and could have left it on there yeah, ouch. Mmm that's that's tough isn't it it's gotta be said again records, matter to pros as well as results today I mean check this out as a case study. Youtuber. Yes pervert cool went out to try and get the, best, time on the infamous car for the larb recession managed.

It's Didn't eat quite comfortably. So, then Danny Van Poppel his countrymen himself, a professional cyclist of course then, went out and tried to get it back, on what, three, days before Peru, Bay itself just laid down 488. Watts for three minutes so was that all yeah and I suppose he deliberately, went for that one didn't he yeah what's interesting though is that this clearly shows how tired, everybody is by that point in Peru Bay because about any of the top times come, from the radio so, I feel it's at your time you're. Down an eighty second, place oh speaking, of, top times but no a took a face that despite the fact as I remind the viewers now that you run the fastest, bike over the Cubs uses a mountain bike wasn't he was right out a tough day as well I mean testing, those three different bikes I mean this being GCN, obviously our our approach, to science is, tight so we've done literally. Three. Runs that day that you see were to try and work it out so and there's a headland as well there was I look that up and on my wind, so calm, it tells me that on that day you're a slight tail crosswind, yeah. Okay well, moving moving, on anyway to a new buy brand actually a new direct-to-consumer, bike. Brand, which. Is actually owned by Walmart. Yes, that's, right via thon is coming your way they've. Actually been designed by industry, veteran, ice, probably clarify what industry, given that all about Walmart yeah it's not fruit and vege or indeed frozen, goods its Kevin Kwan who's. Actually apparently, the man behind quite, a lot of really famous by designs so, these have been designed. From scratch no open molds here at all interesting, one this isn't a copy and thought popped into my head when I read about it firstly, but. The very fact that Walmart are now stocking, $6,000. Bikes yeah ISTE although I also noticed, that lower down the range you can get they're cheaper model complete with 105, groups they're for just three hundred dollars more than the frameset on its own which is a good deal no yelling slightly weird as well the second thing I thought of was the fact that this, surely makes Walmart, the, richest bike brand in the world by. Some margin hmm you'd think wouldn't you but, are they thirty billion dollars, or something, potentially. Then with the power to massively. Disrupt, the bike industry yeah I can't, think they'll do it though because even if they did have that buying power they. Don't necessarily have the selling power do they I think, cyclists. Will probably be relatively. Reserved, about buying a Walmart buy even if it's really good and cost. $6,000. Sometime we'll tell it well hey one thing is for sure this, along. With the recent acquisition, of rapper by two wal-mart. Heirs shows. That they've really got the cycling, bug, well yes doesn't it haven't they that as well as the fact they started to invest in the local cycling, community in their hometown of Bensenville over in Arkansas which is making it kind of riding paradise, yeah it looks fantastic doesn't it genuinely, like, I'd like to go unlike. Hamilton. In Canada, their hosts you remember this mate of the 2003. World Road Race championships, who. Are currently battling to keep their bike lanes, according, to CBC, News yeah there's a bitter battle at the local counter was never the, suggestion, that car cars, can park in the bike lanes in off-peak. Hours, thankfully. The cycling community rallied, and that, idea was pushed to one side do, you know what that is made positive. Bicycle. Advocacy, notice, and of the week they've not a P ban for quite happily. But good to make it a Sears return to say particularly. Given, the revelatory recent, study into.

Childhood, Asthma incidences. Related, to nitrogen dioxide. Yeah so apparently globally. There, are four million new cases of, asthma which, is related, to no.2. Each, and every single year it's, absolutely. Terrifying, isn't it absolutely, terrifying and what's particularly, interesting given, our previous story, was, actually Canada, is third on the list as, being the. Country, with the highest rate of incidence which, which, I wouldn't have thought Bert, anyway, there you go hopefully someone, will show that piece of research to, the counselors in Hamilton and say well maybe, we should have more bike lanes we need to remember the key point for Sarkis here that don't we which is the fact that there's more pollution inside, a car than there is outside of it so you're always better on your bike absolutely. Yeah it's kind of almost counterintuitive that, but they get fresh air is better than car air right. We're, gonna finish cycling, she lives on a. Unarguably. Positive, note so two lucky. Winners of the elite, Nero smart. Rollers, ah. Beaker, de Prince from Belgium, and Prague, sex, me from, the USA. We, will be in touch right. Breaking. News we really are gonna have to end cycling shorts on a positive note but, of a different kind because, treks take afraid arrived a journalist in Pantano has just been provisionally, suspended by, his team after returning, a positive. Sample for EPO, so. It's early days is yeah but. That doesn't sound good. It. Is now time for hack. Forward. Slash bodge of the week and kicking things off this time around we have jolly s carbon. We've as you might expect homemade, carbon fiber wahoo GoPro, battery, pack mount for his canyon arrow there's, a lot going on there there's a lot going on there I'm sure that's neater than it would be in, any other manner but that's a lot of stuff to have around you, and cockpit. Yeah I like that yeah the spoiler, at the front there underneath the the wahoo I mean I would have thought the aerodynamic, advantage is fairly, significant, there they could well offset that GoPro hanging, underneath it but it, is, neat isn't, it and, everything centralized, which as people will know that it's very important, to us do, you want to say hack I'm, gonna say hey it looks grainy indeed quite hack next, up is one that I think we've had in the show before and so it doesn't think we have so there's nothing to copy down below but regardless, it comes from a Lowe's cut off while. It most tools have an eight-millimeter loose crank arm almost left like 15 miles away from home until this stick saved my day well, there you go there's. Nothing like a. Piece. Of foliage. To bond share ya repair, on the way home my multi-tool actually has a 10 an innate so, you want to get it so a new multi-tool, yes a budge a hundred, cents about last, time, ingenious. Nevertheless, and, sometimes you got to do it I find our keys work quite well I've I've. Got a key that's pretty much the size of an 8 mil that. I use on my town bike with this crank, that really needs fixing anyway, another, pretend. Tool how, about this one a headset. Bearing, race you see that's something I don't ever want to buy because I need it once in a blue moon ten, bucks on a piece of PVC pipe, from, JT now. That I like I could that, looks like a hack to leave a definite, have from me as well next. Up from ours to be a cycling. David, McKenna some. Cable loop spaces, I design and which were machined out of aluminium I'm working the casting method the possible, production they allow for, lubrication, of cables, and housing for smooth shifting, and braking as well as extended, life of your, cables and housing there's, a problem here David, I'm really starting writers to you I had. A set of those they, were blue anodized. About. 23. Years ago they've. Been invented, already I can't, for the life of me remember what, they were called I think they were made by x-lite. Yeah. But anyway I mean it's a great idea they, did definitely work but, but. Yeah it's, a hack that's been done before yeah sorry, someone's really hacked your hack anyway. Moving on to one that probably hasn't ever been pack before and probably, shouldn't ever hack. Of the year according to thingamabob, keeps. Your cap peak up even when looking down at your GPS during fast descent, yes what is that like a zip tie or something to keep your peak up I mean I admire the fact they want the peak up that gets our high five from me the. Problem with this is that if you like, me are a peak down person, ensuring a stays peak down would require zip tie it to your nose or something yeah also if you go fast enough with a hole punch there and I start whistling mmm. Yeah. Let's know if it whistles that's right but, massive.

Just. Get a hat with a Pete doesn't fall down anyway, this last one I really, like it he's a bit of explanation okay, so, this was, sent in by Yanis, and basically he. Has hacked Shimano, di to sprint, shifters, to work with. Eat, app and then he's got his little blip box under his thumb there so you've got, apparently. Cheap eat out hydraulic. Well so if you know what this would be ideal for children's, road bikes because the problem with them is that everything, can be manufactured, to be small for children except, for STI. Leavers because there's so much going on inside the leaves they have to be chunky but that well. They'll easily be able to grab hold of the brakes if you twist them in slightly wouldn't you that's quite a good point actually so, basically if you were super, wealthy and add loads of time in your hands you could have either, a DI 2 or e tap equipped kids bike yes, yeah just, need the specialized, to make a small rebate for him as well yeah hacker budget hack, definitely. Keep. Him coming in using. The hashtag GCN hack on Instagram, or Twitter or using. The uploader. Last. Week's caption, photo was, this one of Keats again, with, his own kind of what his bazooka there really wasn't a question Kerr, so, we were announced the person who is going to win this, week's GN cow back water bottle, for the best caption that we picked out underneath, last week's show that person is 48. Nugget, with. The genius caption, sugan unveils hills 12 boorish, Ertegun. Very. Very good yes definitely we would never have come in a million years now but, we will should come up with something very shortly for this week's photo I'll get in touch with by the way mr. nugget and we'll get back since I see give, us your address this, week's photo comes, from Perry Roubaix and. It's about a hot one isn't it sorry is going to get you starting this time around lamp. Out was on fire. At pyruvate. Last week. Lovely. Now. Am i gotta, say well you see sometimes ya know one who's so miserable on the podium anyway let us know what your best caption is in the comment section down below and this time next week we'll, pick our favorite and, you'll win that bottle.

Before. We get on towards coming up on the channel over the next seven days we're, gonna take a look back at some of the brilliant comments, that you've been leaving under the previous seven days with her video so starting, with it not so brilliant just, really a couple of them yeah starting, with a couple of perlers and Dan's. Work experience, video where you, joined Team Sky for the afternoon yes first one comes in from stevia. Net so you're, not so kind of I'm not even reading this out I've seen Dan's arms and now I've seen dad holding a pair of race wheels over his head for a full 20 seconds, my, goodness just how light are those wheels. And. Then another Stephen Stephen Jones Dan was about as much use as indicators, on an Audi in that race great, brands from both the Steve's they're great bands and Julie's I will move quickly on, underneath. The pyruvate preview. Show we have this coming from Chris Gibbons she just named check a restaurant, to get free bottle of wine yeah. Pretty, much we tried but we actually had to pay for the bottle of wine didn't we yeah we did and, and worst Alain attempt, see, any what, else do you get with the asparagus spears and the hand-cut chips we, don't know because we didn't even get to eat anything either we just drank wine well we didn't murder budget that one was reasonably, expensive was. It nice yeah right, coming up on the channel this week then on Wednesday. We're going to show you how to descend, like a pro, Thursday. We are going to show you five technologies. That will change cycling, Friday, as ever is ask teach anything this week with myself idly yes Saturday, we go from sampling wine to coffee, dan and I find out how, to brew. The, perfect coffee at home so mi do so wide by the end of it we also found out an awful lot about how to taste coffee and. Eat out yep. Far. Better than us on the morning yeah and also had to roast it too so it. Was brilliant, brilliant morning so, hopefully that will come out a new video and then on Sunday, out the West versus out does whiffed just how does virtual. Reality's whiffed, compare. With, the real thing, then. Monday and Tuesday, ji simracing new show and GCN show yes we also got more highlights coming up for you over on Facebook, on Wednesday. Is there a bounce appeal which is the return to competition of Matthew Vanderpool will you have black shots of white or sama find out then and, again on Sunday you. Can see whether he's wearing black or white at the app store Gold race black shorts if he knows what's, good for rice. Oh that's pretty much all for this week but before we go we, need your help you, remember, those cycle, opera t-shirts, which are selling like hotcakes got them very popular indeed, we, want your help in designing the next one well yeah we we. Think we know some, pretty iconic climbs. We're basically creating some more teachers to celebrate, these, amazing, places in cycling, but we are open to requests, so if you think that, you, have an iconic lime and that needs to be commemorated. Celebrated, in t-shirt form then let us know and if anyone suggests Draycott, in the comment section I'll be well impressed because there's no many people realize that that is actually the hardest climb in the world but, that they will but who knows your design could be on the gcn, show very shortly, indeed, alright, that's all for this week isn't it if you enjoyed it please give the, thumbs up just down below or whatever so, sorry about that that's. Barry Roubaix theme shows now we're gonna continue that right at the very end we've, not yet seen how Pete's against team borah hands go change his bike for pyruvate you can find that video just down there.

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Epic climb t-shirts should have the distance, climb and av grade under the name of the climb...Next climb? Any climb is a good one!

Chaps, I think jasper verkuijl names is pronounced jasper verrkell (I think) he has a video about it and other Dutch and Belgian names somewhere.

Just watched De Brabantse Pils and watching Gilbert won PR was a joke compared to Mathieu Van Der Poel win that - the man is something else!

The black bibs seem to really suit MVDP better... (cf. the result today at De Brabantse Pijl) ;-)

Caption: Politt spitting fire to be pipped by Gilbert after dragon' him to the final

My hemmeroids really acted up after those damn cobbles

I think those X-lite cable devices were called Oilies.....

Caption:Ooooooh my politt's on fire

#GCNCaption: The perfect way to recover from Paris Roubaix is a hot stone massage.

OK, black shorts work....

T-shirts: I'd love a Ventoux T-shirt.

Caption: "We know Gilbert hated Lampaert but not enough to burn him"

Guys - Paris tomorrow night for celebrations - meet in that that big church by the Seine?

Lampaert was fuming mad with his 3rd place...

Hands down, man of the race was Nils Politt. Riders like him make bikes races fun to watch!

17:45 who's care, the kuwait is winning

He crossed the finish line first!

Classic GCN.......Aaaaaaah.

those little dudes doing the intro... priceless. whats the framesize from the 2nd dude on the left? :D tooo cute

I think the #wattagebazooka sign needs a bit of DIY lads. Put in on Jon's list of 'things to do'

Is that a flaming-lamp art?

Draycott Steep obvs, but its a bit boring on a tee shirt as its mostly just straight up. Or Cheddar Gorge

You forgot to mention Gilbert's monster attack on the Carre'four when he blew past Yes and everybody and only Pollit could follow!!

caption: "Instant replay of Politt's hopes and dreams".

Comment: Politt puts his cobble to its best use......protecting his "stones"

#caption comp. ‘Pollet tries pissing ( peeing

Caption "that wasnt what I meant by light up the Lamp"

Caption: Everyone salute Phillipe Gilbert! Fire in the hole!!

Caption: "Kidney stones are no joke!"

Is using black shorts and on its way to win at the escape, 8kms to finish now..

I’d buy a Canton Ave shirt, someone who is talented would have to design it, not me.

Caption: Westeros hosts addition to the classics calendar

Of course Dan knows about Jeremy Clarkson riding a bike, because that was Jeremy’s only way to get to the pub

proper gone off GCN these days. Not only is Emma gone, the only female presenter, but even on this, above, all male kids on bikes. It's become really sexist. Young males showing off. Whoever is sponsoring the show should be ashamed. Should be taken to Equal Opps Commission

Caption:  Tyrone: "Khaleesi......I am afraid to tell you that King Sagan and Prince Van Aert have fallen, Gilbert is calling himself King in the Hell of the North!! Khaleesi: "Hold my beer, I'll see about that......DRACARY!!!"

Caption: Yves Lampaert, sacrificing his face to protect his cobbles.

Caption: "Philippe I am so happy for youuhaaaAAAARRGHH§G%%DDFAHH&DAGIrahlvröÖ"

Caption: Gilbert was regretting having the beans for breakfast when someone in the crown lit a cigarette!

Caption: Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow enjoying the ceremony

What is going on with Si's hair it looks like a birds nest. Is it just the lighting?

Burnout in cycling - it‘s real.

Iconic climbs: - Mt. Baker, Washington - Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Caption: And that was the last time the new Game of Thrones inspired mascots would be used in a densely populated wooden velodrome.

For the T-shits maybe you could do one for each of the ‘GCN’s Epic Rides’, but if it’s only for iconic climbs I would like to see Alpe d’heuz, Angrilu and Zoncolan. Great show as always.

1-in-20 in Melbourne Australia for the next GCN T-shirt :-D

13:50 in bird language this is called a dick move

Caption: Great balls of fire!

Caption: "Lampaert got burned!!"

Caption “GOT promo in this years Paris-Roubaix podium”

Re #caption: proof it really is the hell of the north?

Monte Zoncolan t shirt

Caption- Rammstein (German band famous for their pyrotechnics) has shown interest in sponsoring Paris Roubaix

As the song goes: This is 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure and 50% pain! Yes the training, gear and diet etc. all help massively but luck plays a small but important part either good or bad.

Caption. Does it burn when you pee ?

Caption competition: "Tire flier, Philippe's on fire."

Caption:. Now we know where lampaert's wattage bazooka lands.

Caption: Heating the water in the Roubaix velodrome showers gone bad!

Gilbert won P-R also because Politt took a silly wide line on the last lap and let Gilbert come by on the inside. shorter way around.

#Captioncontest Gilbert torches his competition at Paris-Roubaix

Caption: Highlander...There can be only one!

Why don't you just say 'Hack whack bodge'? Forward slash is often referred to as whack. It's less of a mouth full, I can't be the first to point this out.

Caption: Gilbert certainly looked “full of beans” today.

I wouldn't buy a bike from Walmart. 1. Because it's Walmart 2. If I'm going to spend $6,000 on a bike it better come with a custom fitting. Something tells me that Jan over in produce doesn't know how to work a Retul.

As a follow up to the NO2 story. You should talk to Prof Tony Ryan at the University of Sheffield about the catalytic washing powder he has developed to remove NO2 from the atmosphere.

Caption, Quick, step on the fire to put the flames out & al pis cin it see if that does the job.

I'm with you on Draycott!

Dear GCN team, First of all I hope I am reaching you the right way. I really enjoy your quality content that you are putting out weeks after weeks, always with great passion and humour. I am reaching out to you to know if maybe you could do something about a situation regarding thousand of cyclists around the world. A year ago, in may 2018, thousand of cyclist backed the kickstarter project IQ2, hoping to get a powermeter a decent price. If I do remember correctly, you even featured the product in one of your shows. The issue here is that, one year late, the company still hasn’t delivered the product and is delaying and delaying, giving more or less no informations to the backers who gave them money to start the project ! A lot of backers have been asking for a refund for months but they never respond to theses inquiries. I even asked for detailed accounting of how the money was spent, as more than 2 millions is quite a huge amount, but I never got a response ! More importantly, they are « pre-solding » their power meters on their websites, even though the product is not sure to be successful one day ! All in all, the company is looking more and more as a scam and I was wondering if you could do something about it. Given your influence on the cycling community, you could reach out to them or ask them for a review of their powermeter. I can also strongly suggest that you warn cyclists not to pre-order power meters from their websites, as they have been denying refund to theses buyers, eventhough it was promised in the first place. I hope that you understand the frustration of thousand of cyclist that have been scammed until now and the gravity of it, Thank very much in advance, Keep up your amazing work, All the best from Geneva, Switzerland Tanguy Ciccone PS : sorry for my english mistakes, sadly I am not a native speaker

Several other pros were on 30mm too during that race

After having had to take 6 months off due to back injury, the 3rd place inspiration photo, truly did spark confidence that I will be able to return to racing! Thanks Mate! There is hope!

Edit out Opie's race predictions at your own peril.

Dammit Daenerys!

HBO showed their displeasure at Paris-Roubaix's own dramatic "Game Of Stones"

Caption: Watts in a Name! Caption: why burn bridges behind you, when podiums will do Caption: in Quick-Steps, Philippe fans a few Politt sparks into flames Caption: reach out and torch your teammate

Caption: Feud for Thought. 'Haute Crusing' battles 'Riders Digested' claim Chef Gilbert philipped a half-baked fortune cookie from Hell's Kitchen: "The Best Classics Rider Of His Generation"

I'd say, by riding his bike quicker than the others....

Agreed Dan, Uni is hardly a tough gig!

Microshift make kids STI levers already Dan!

Wicked as per gentlemen! Love to see a Cat n Fiddle Climb T Shirt.. I can send a design if you want..

We do need a women's Roubaix indeed. As well as a proper TdF. But mostly, much more on air time. Yesterday's AGR proved there's a lot to see during the women's race. Also I'm really looking forward to your RNS about VdP's stellar week! Will you admit the black shorts aren't necessary to win? ;-)

Caption " lampert had a burning desire to win roubaix but his team extinguished his attempts "

Van der Poel, just won the Amstel Gold race in white shorts!

#Caption: Watts in a Name! #Caption: why burn bridges behind you, when podiums will do #Caption: reach out and torch your teammate

#Caption: in Quick-Steps, Chef Gilbert's feud processor fanned a few Politt sparks into flames. He philipped a heated debate from Hell Kitchen with a secret ingredient: "Who is the best current classics rider" Upset stomachs flared.

+Steph So, the question is, did they suffer any punctures? Mostly, the biggest you can squeeze in road frames is 28mm. This is one of those things where Occam's Razor applies. If there's a simple answer to a problem, it's usually the correct one. Unless Sagan was alone in his tire choice, the teams with the widest tires were puncture-free, it might be a coincident, or not. There are reasons randonneurs ride on wide tires, and it's not just comfort.

#caption I wish I used more chamois cream.

It appears that finishing third left Mr. Lampaert absolutely mortarfied.

Appreciate the F1 reference.

Can't believe I won the caption comp! Stoked! Have sent my address via GCN's Facebook page. Thanks very much!

"what kind of equipment would prevent punctures" Schwalbe marathon plus, everybody knows the answer to that!

comfort v

@Steph So, the question is, did they suffer any punctures? Mostly, the biggest you can squeeze in road frames is 28mm. This is one of those things where Occam's Razor applies. If there's a simple answer to a problem, it's usually the correct one. Unless Sagan was alone in his tire choice, the teams with the widest tires were puncture-free, it might be a coincident, or not. There are reasons randonneurs ride on wide tires, and it's not just comfort.

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