Honda CR-V vs. Mazda CX-5 vs. Toyota RAV4: 2019 Compact-SUV Comparison Test

Honda CR-V vs. Mazda CX-5 vs. Toyota RAV4: 2019 Compact-SUV Comparison Test

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Outside. Of pickup trucks small. Crossover, SUVs, are the most popular, class of vehicles, considering. How versatile, convenient. And easy to drive they are it's really no surprise. Last year we pitted our favorites at the Honda CRV and Mazda, cx-5 against, the sales leading, Toyota, rav4 but, that really wasn't such a fair fight considering, the rav4 was just about to be redesigned, this. Year the rav4 is the new kid on the block while. The Mazda hond have gotten some key updates that means this, battle should be closer than ever before as always. You can get more information and great. Deals on these three vehicles and all of their competitors at, Also. We've got more comparison, videos coming up so make sure to subscribe but. Back to these three we've, got the Toyota the Mazda and the Honda all have, an MSRP, between, 35, and $38,000. All, three, seat five offer all-wheel. Drive and come with a full suite of active, driver safety aides but which one does it best let's, meet our fighters. This. Is the Honda CRV in touring trim it's friendly, and predictable, but is it stellar or a sneeze, err oh, wait. I forgot to tell you what's new on the Honda it now comes with a volume. The. Last time we ran this test the mazda cx5 got big points for performance, and refinement. This, time around it gets a new turbocharged. Engine, as well as a tough signature, trim those. Promised more power and luxury, than ever before. Well. Brace yourselves, because this is the 2019. Toyota, rav4, limited, all-wheel, drive, for 2019. Toyota, completely, redesigned, the rav4 from, the ground up it's more powerful has, more technology, and more off-road, capability. But, more than that it's got way more attitude, both, inside, and out. Still. The old rav4, lost. The comparison, test last time around does this redesign give the rav4 the edge it needs to win let's, find out, when. It comes to bragging rights the Mazda cx-5 is the most powerful in the bunch with 250. Horsepower the. Toyota rav4 is next with 203, horses and the CRV is third with only 190, but. What's in a number when. We tested the car zero to sixty times at the Edmunds track the cx-5 was quickest that's no surprise but the rav4 took, a whopping 8.9 seconds, to hit 60 well the CRV did it in only 7.9. Power. Isn't, everything obviously, the numbers don't, tell the whole story to find out how these cars stack up we're gonna have to drive them in their natural habitats, this. Suburbs, let's, hit the road. We'll, Ilana. This. Is the Mazda cx-5 which I consider the prettiest, the, best driving of the bunch for, a number, of reasons it's got more power and, I, think. The suspension, is just tuned a little more sporty, do, you think that the, sportiness and the power makes you feel more like a dad or more like you're on a road trip with your super, attractive, and fun friends I don't, know how to answer number. Two, yeah. It does, it doesn't feel like I'm, sacrificing. Driving.

Engagement For. The convenience of driving an SUV how. Do you feel about that upgraded, engine though do you think that's worth the extra money it's a pretty big price bump I don't see, a big enough difference between, that and the base engine the, base engine already has plenty of punch I think, feels like they have aimed for. Luxury. A little more than sport, like a premium, feel the engine just doesn't, have a, very, sporty, response, even though it's strong the, Mazda is fast. But. It, really wants you to know that it's working hard for it like it's like I am going to be very loud about this it doesn't sound terrible. Though it almost has that weird, Subaru, flutter here, we go. Right, it doesn't sound like you're hurting the engine that sounds decent it's almost at the point where it encourage you to drive just, a little bit harder but, it does sort, of sound like it's going like wow. This. Is a nice looking interior, you, are paying. More for it in this car Mazda. Is making this push to be more, of an entry-level luxury brand, and you know what the materials, quality I think is better than the other two I like. The design it's less cluttered, you know are you gonna buy this against an Audi probably, not so. I have two USBs, under, my elbow hey, Alana how many USBs do you have back there I don't. See any trick. It's. Behind you it's in that center. Armrest you have to flip it down and, that's. Also where the seat heater, controls, are which seems like a really bad place for both you. Aren't lying all, right good. How's. Comfort. Wise back there if we were going a long distance I would prefer to be on one of the side seats because there's a big hump in the floor here and it. Makes it sort of awkward there's nobody else in here so it's fine right now but I wouldn't want to be in here with, other people or with car, seats how's the comfort up there well. You're pretty particular about seat comfort look I am they're pretty supportive they're, a little narrower than they need to be a little more sport. Oriented but, the, support is good and the cushioning is pretty good I mean I like. Sitting in the Mazda it's one I can sit in every day it. Really does feel like more of a four passenger vehicle. Though with the placement, of the seat heaters and USB ports and sort, of the narrowness of that back seat just, doesn't feel like it's meant to carry five people, which might be a reason why I like it I like smaller, cars I like cars that feel like it's wrapping around you're, almost wearing them and this, certainly has that feel. Three cars in this test this is the one I would take if I was going on a road trip with my friends it, just feels like most adult, fun car yeah, this is also the car with the best stereo, in the group which, means that when I get sick of listening to you guys talk I can just drown you out. Yeah. We're, in the Honda CRV and mark before we started this test you told me that I was gonna be surprised by the Honda yes you, were right everything. About it is better than I expected it to be the performance the, comfort even the styling, outside and inside is, just not, as soul-sucking. As I associate, with small, SUVs and we. Have this conversation marriage, so you can keep tabs on the Rugrats in the back that's, good I need supervision stop, that. The, biggest surprise for me though was. It, actually moves out I mean I'm, not gonna look crazy I'm not gonna say it's fast but, it is considerably. Faster than I was expecting it to be but it's only a second. Slower to 60 than the much more powerful cx-5. And it. Has a CVT, which generally. Have a tendency, to suck, the life out of any car it's. Impressive how they tuned it how they engineered it it just works I think, that if you put somebody in this car and you had them guess the powertrain they would never say 1.5. Liter turbo, 4 with a CVT but, handling, wise I mean not, that it's a priority, for a lot of people how does it feel behind the wheel it's. Certainly not scary, I mean you're not gonna worry about driving. On a twisty, roads like oh man I've got to slow down to like 30 miles an hour and you know everyone behind me is gonna be mad as, far as right quality though I really, like it it's smooth it's got the right amount of compliance to soak.

Up All the bumps this, is just a much nicer ride quality, oh yeah I mean comfort. Is probably the first word I would think of to describe this the seats, are big and plush they're, supportive. Enough, I, really. Think SUV, manufacturers. Tend to err on the side of making the seats like really stiff like oh man everybody wants to be in a sports car and it's like nope nope I want to feel like I'm in a recliner I want. The car to be quiet and, I want everything to be soft and gentle speaking, of quiet the floor. Yeah, it doesn't sound bad it does not as nice and engine note as the cx-5, but, it, doesn't sound like you're hurt in the car I also, don't think it's very loud I mean, that was floored and if I have music on I don't even think he'd hear it okay, well how's the back seat the back, seat in here is I mean there's a lot of space back here I actually, think the side seats are really comfortable the. Center seat is wide. Enough, I actually think you could fit, three people across, here especially if, you're dealing with kids, this, is actually, a five, person SUV, for a family. Among. The many things that are easy in the Honda visibility. Is one there's plenty of room to see around the front pillars the, rear window is big and you could see out even if there were three people in the back seat talking. About surprises in the CRV I expected, it to cost, more than it does I did. Too and this is the top trim and it comes in just a few hundred dollars under the rav4 which means both of them are, a couple thousand, dollars less than the Mazda it's impressive you get a lot for that money yeah, and I mean it's really practical, there's, a lot of smart, solutions, and and thoughtful, design it's a car, that does. Everything you need it to it really helps you get, everything that you need to do done, but, it actually goes a little bit above and beyond that mission, it's it's a little nicer than just practical, yeah it solves, all of your problems and, it's a little bit fun. Welcome. To the rav4, this. Is completely. Redesigned, for 2019. So it's the newest vehicle in the bunch it's, also in some ways the oldest, the rav4 was, really the vehicle that started. This small SUV, craze it's. Clearly, changed, a lot since then for starters, it is much. Bigger in here it's huge in here actually I mean I know you meant that the whole car was bigger but it. Is, impossible for a front seat to be too big like I feel like I'm bouncing around, I actually. Am totally, fine back here I've got a ton of room, underneath the seat I my, knees aren't banging, into, anything and Alana's, seat has actually moved further, back than what she normally needs, I. Totally. Fine back here but that said I didn't, go on the Rav 48, tour so, I'm probably, not the best person to talk about long, distance comfort, yes. Ilana and I each, took a turn driving, a RAV 48, across, all 48 contiguous states, in just seven days which. Meant we spent a lot of uninterrupted, time sitting, in these seats a, lot, of the things that came up are still. Things that are coming up. Yeah. I mean obviously the. Weazy engine, you know and I actually, had issues with seat, comfort in this car on a long drive, I found the front passenger seat just a little uncomfortable these, headrests, are sort of aggressive from, the three cars we have here today this, has got to be my least favorite to sit in for a long time one of the things that, going on a long road trip in winter meant for testing this car is that we got to see what it was like in snow and ice, yeah, I mean it handled all of that stuff fine you know the vehicle sort of is the only one of this group that makes any, even, nod towards, being off-road, capable, even in this street. Oriented. Feature. Filled, version, you get a terrain. Select, knob you have a button specifically. For a snow, mode in the car and, it handles those things perfectly. Fine but. We're talking really, light off-roading, do you feel like the big weakness is brown clearance, or do you feel like the big weakness, is the fact that it can barely make it up a paved hill.

The. Fact that you get all that torque way up high in the rev range and there's, no low-range. Gearbox in, here means this is not. At all a serious off-road er let's. See what happens when you actually stand on this car. And. You can. You, can hear, and feel, the, shifts, are just sort of slow, and a little slushy it's not the best transmission. I feel. Bad I feel bad for this car I think it's embarrassed, there is a solution. To, the problem of this engine fortunately, for about 800, bucks over a regular all-wheel drive model you can get the rav4 hybrid, which makes a bunch more torque and the electric motor is actually fill, in some of that low-end, torque that you miss and. You get 40 miles to the gallon it, is an amazing, deal and I, think if you were gonna buy one of these that's. The one that you get of. Course most people want. One. Nice thing about the rav4 it actually has the best visibility of all three, the pillars are relatively, narrow and they're places that they don't, get in the way of your view has, nice big mirrors, it's got a big view out the back it, even has in this, trim a camera, mirror, just, in case you've packed, the back up with so much stuff that the regular mirror won't work I. Definitely. Think the rav4 is one of those vehicles where, it. Was first, to the market it has a great reputation people, still, believe, in that great reputation, and when you actually get in the new one. Got. Laurels they're being rested on. The, Mazda cx-5 is, gorgeous. On the outside but it's also really, nice on the inside too it's. My choice as far as refinement. In luxury go if you look at the design it's, simple. But elegant it, also gets my vote for the best infotainment, system, and I use those quite a bit sure. Apple, carplay evens, the playing field some but this. Is the only one when these knobs here that we've become accustomed to from BMW Audi and, Mercedes but. It's also a touchscreen and that's, great because apple.

Carplay It lends itself to being a touchscreen, technology. Is also well represented because, it has a head-up display that, makes it unique among this. Group it allows. You to keep, your eyes on the road but still see all the vital information you, need including, navigation. Turn-by-turn, prompts, speed, limit signs it, all puts, it right there right in front of your view. Materials. Quality is excellent. Throughout. It, fights. Well above its weight class, when it comes to the interior everything. That you touch is nice. Soft touch material, and it's well grained and it has excellent, stitching, throughout with Mazda eyeing the entry-level, luxury market. This, is a really, promising, start. When. It comes to interior storage however it's. Not at the top of its game I actually think the rav4 and CRV. Beat it but I do, have more, than enough space for my, stuff if I, had a car, full of people that, might be a little challenging, there. Isn't a wireless, charging pad unfortunately. You have two USB ports under, here to. Moderate, release size cup holders and the. Bins, and the doors you. Can put a decent size water ball in there but not, much else when. It comes to visibility, the cx-5 is a little, bit challenged, this. Roof, pillar here in front is pretty, thick, that, means in a really sharp left turn you kind of have to Bob your head back, and forth to see past it another. Bright spot in technology. Is the, driver assistance, features that, the cx-5, has it. Doesn't have more than the others but I can, ten that it's better tune I didn't. Get any false alarms, for, a frontal collision or for lane keep assist and, the. Other assistance, like the adaptive, cruise control is full, range all the way down to a stop. Even. Better it, reacts, more, like I Drive, it just drives nice and smooth in a. Logical, manner that the, rav4 seems, to be challenged, by even, more. Toyota. Definitely, gave the, interior, of the rav4 an, upgrade, in terms of design, personality. And material. Quality everywhere. You look the design is solid, there's some, contrasting. Colors and textures, most. Of what you touch is soft. Touch padded. Materials, there are definitely. Still hard plastics, around to bump into but. It's. Not that objectionable, in this class it's, also nice they've added some rubberized. Knobs these, chunky. Climate, control knobs and the the chunky grab handles, on the door, interior. Storage space is. Interesting. It's, not as, good as the CRV, it's a little better than the, cx-5. You, get a big, tray for your cell phone on higher trim levels it's a wireless charging pad which some people really like the. Center console box is relatively, small but to make up for that you have these nice, little shelves, that, are placed around the cabin that neither of the other vehicles, have they're big, enough for a cell phone they're pretty useful something.

Else I'd point out that I like in this, vehicle versus, the other two is the really, big sunroof. There's a lot of light that comes in through that this. Is a top, trim vehicle. So you'd expect all, the goodies on this and it has stuff like dual zone climate control, with. A separate, cutoff for the backseat, you have heated, seats and of course the technology features, one. Thing you don't get is a heated steering wheel you also don't, get ventilated. Seats which you can get on that cx-5, even, on the base trim you get a pretty good set of active, safety features this. Car has the whole package it has adaptive, cruise control and lane keep assist, those. Features work ok if, at speed, but once you get into stop and go traffic it, just doesn't know how to behave it, wants to leave a lot of room between the. Rav4 and the vehicle in front overall. It doesn't, behave, the way that you'd want, when you're in stop-and-go traffic one. Thing this vehicle offers that, the other two don't is Lane centering, now what that does is it tries to keep you centered. In the lane rather than sort of ping-ponging. Back and forth between the lane markers, like with regular lane keep assist, it's. A system that works well at speed but when I'm driving around town or on my commute I just, want it turned off because. It is always, beeping. At you loses. Track of the right lane it beeps at you it drops out of lane centering too regularly and keep it beeps at you it goes back it beeps at you loses, track to the left lane it beeps, at you you drift a little too far it beeps at you every once in a while it gets you a false positive and beeps, at you it just, is always making. Noise. It's. One of those things that's kind of nice to have on a long freeway, cruise but, when I'm driving around the, city or when I'm on my commute I just, want it turned off, Toyota. Gave this a pretty big infotainment, screen you get a volume, knob and a tuning knob unlike, the CRV, you, get hard buttons so it's easy to navigate, between the different menus that you want to use. Unfortunately. It's just not the easiest system overall, it, doesn't look fantastic the. The graphics, look a little low resolution, and dated and some. Of the functions, are a little harder to access, than I'd like it took me a little while to figure out how to pair bluetooth on my phone and sadly. The rav4 only. Offers, apple, carplay and not Android, auto which, means about 50% of smartphone users are, out, in the cold you can download the, Entune, connected, app that, gives you a little, bit more, functionality. But it's not, the easiest thing to use I would, rather just use. Bluetooth, and then I guess. Rely, on the kind, of lame nav in this car they. Came to this generation, after the, CRV, and cx-5. So they had an opportunity to leapfrog them, and instead, what they've done is make something that's fine. It gets the job done it does, things you need to do there, one, or two nice things it's a little bit more rugged and off-road e you can get the hybrid version beyond. That what you have here is a vehicle that just doesn't. Seem to offer as much as its competitors the. SI, rvs biggest strength in its interior is the, use of space there's so much of it the, console is really low so it doesn't get in your upper body area lots, of room for your elbows lots of room for your passenger, the, console doesn't come out too far so it doesn't hit your knees just. In general the driving position is comfortable and it gives you a lot of room all around you the materials. Are a mix of soft coverings, and hard, plastics, which, is pretty much to be expected in a car at this price range everywhere. You're actually touching. It's. Pretty nice and squishy the. Thing Honda has going for it is not just that there's a lot of space but it makes smart use of it the console, is divided into specific and convenient, little cubbies including. A sliding tray that you can put your phone on or, you can tuck it away where the USB ports are even. Though I like the design of the center stack I think Honda made some weird choices about where it put some of the controls like the economy button, is huge, and over here and, the. Other driving, buttons. Like the things for your, lane watch and. The. Emergency, braking morning, that's over here it seems like all those driving things should be in the same place there's. Also this. Big screen but, only like this much of it is being, used I don't understand, that decision, I do love the fact that they added in a volume knob I mean we joke about it but this.

Is A really valuable thing I. Like. The layout of the dash on the CRV, it, has this cool design for, the fuel, gauge and for, the temperature although, it's, not super legible, so definitely, sacrificing. Style Plus, even though it has a digital dash in the middle they, got really stingy on the controls for cycling. Through that menu and, you have to switch it using this information button to say whether you're want to control the center menu or you want to control the menu on the screen it's, very confusing and. Awesome to do while you're driving the, CRV, has adaptive, cruise control and it works really well you can set it even at a very low speed you. Can change the speed that you want it to go at and I, felt like overall, the, car does a good job of, controlling, its, speed on the freeway depending. On the traffic but. It's. A very, very, small icon, on the dash that tells you when it's on and because, it's very easy to turn it off by like tapping the brake or something I feel. Like it's dangerous to not have it be more obvious I know Honda can make a really obvious warning because, when the emergency braking warning, is on it's like this big and bright orange and flashing, they, should do the same thing for when the adaptive cruise control is on, one. Of the big reasons people choose SUVs. Over sedans is how much cargo, space they offer so. Let's see how these three stack up this, CRV, easily. Fit all of our very precious, cargo and it actually could have taken more we, had the floor in the higher position, and it can be lowered a bit the. Rav4 looks, like it took almost as much but what you can't see is how much more time we spent trying to make, everything fit, the, CRV. Was just a lot easier and obviously. The, cx-5 comes, in last behind the rear seat it's more than 20%, smaller than, the CRV, and you can really see the difference. Hey. We. Have tested, them on the track and we have driven them in the suburbs I think we're ready to declare a winner well, do you want us. Well the 2019. Rav4, it's been completely redesigned and it's definitely got more attitude, and more personality, it's also the most rugged of this bunch but. It's been slipping, in terms of performance. And value and for, that reason it's both fallen down our rankings, at Edmunds and it, comes in third in this test the cx-5, remains, my choice for the power of the performance, and the luxury, but, I realize. It does have some shortcomings so, I yield, to, the CRV, way, to ruin my surprise I, mean nobody, knew what was coming next, the. CRV is good, at everything and bad at nothing so it's the big dog in our small SUV comparison, undisputed. Winner number one for, more information, on all three of these SUVs as well as its competition head, on over to, to, see more videos like this hit subscribe. And. Follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and MySpace and. Livejournal. And you might come visit.

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RAV-4 by a mile. Looks best, naturally aspirated engine that will be more reliable for life, bigger, 8 speed regular transmission not cheap Honda CVT with oil sludge, and let’s be serious Mazda resale value and dealer network makes it a no go. Toyota for life for reliability and resale and looks best and drives best.

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Rav4 has apple car play but no android? Google is free open source.

The Toyota looks and feel way too cheap inside. All you see are rugged hard plastic, not something that I want to see or feel as a daily driver.

They really want 40 for a Rav 4

None of them can tow anything other than a little aluminum boat unlike the Hyundai Santa fe with the 2.0 turbo or the GM products with the 2.0 turbo. Granted, if you need to tow 5000 pounds then you should look at bigger rides, but if you just need to tow an 18' bass boat you don't need to jump into the next class up which gets much more expensive.

Just leased a CX-5 GT white on white today!!!

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Apparently Subaru wasn't invited!!!

Hybrid Rav4 would have made more sense.

I feel badly for the people who bought a CR-V and have problems with oil dilution that Honda refuses to recall!

The RAV4 is available with heated steering wheel and ventilated seats you idiot... it would take 5 minutes to look that up before lying about it

Mazda is the best

For the money they are charging for these three, you might as well get a Kia Sorento or Telluride for the same price. A lot more SUV with 6 cylinder engine and 8 speed traditional automatic.

The seats in the Honda are hard as a rock when compared to the Toyota. Response from a stop is terrible with the CVT

Get the Mazda out of here! It’s sales numbers are nowhere near the others. Not to mention it’s hideous design.

You folks have gone mad!

Great video review. I would have to go with the CX-5 without a doubt. Superior drive and great interior are what I want when driving every day.

Next you should do Rogue vs Tiguan vs Forester vs Terrain

the CR-V's 1.5L Turbo have oil-dilution problem, MT magazine said the Rav4 was faster than CR-V for some reason lol. Limited and Trail trim have Ventilated and Heated seats w/ heated steering wheel too. Also, I heard it from somewhere that these new Toyota headunits with Entune 3.0 already have Android Auto built in, it is just a matter of updating software on it, true or not will see if you will give an update or not

Who gets a car that has a oil dilution problem with a CVT when you can save your money for a reliable ICE vehicule with great fuel economy that will outlast any other SUVs. The Mazda is like an elevated hatchback than a small CUV.

Pro car reviewer in 2019: "I didn't feel a difference between the CX-5's base engine and this turbo engine!" Me: Dislike and go watch Kelly blue book or The straight pipes

@DangerousDan It's night and day, the turbo 2.5 behaves much like a diesel with low down torque, I know because I got a diesel bmw F30 and a Mazda CX-9 2.5 turbo and a neighbor with the regular non-turbo CX-5 2.5 engine

I know right? It’s literally thier job to review cars and if they cannot tell the huge difference in torque and power delivery, let alone just the horsepower they should probably give the job to someone else. The real world performance is very noticable even in everyday driving.

To each his own... The CX5 is the clear winner to me. Unless you haul a bunch of junk around, the CX5 is much nicer inside and out. Also the most powerful by almost 50hp. They say one second difference like it's nothing. That's extra power that will come in handy when you need it. The Honda and Toyota are cars for grandmas while the CX5 is for someone who cares about style.

More important than the power, the Torque, torque is king and it has a LOT more than the other 2, if I wanted a compact SUV, it would definitely be the Mazda because of the refinement and luxury, but mostly because of the engine.

Well said and agree with you on the CX-5 being great inside and out.

I’ll rather get the Rav4. Worked at a Honda dealership as a Service Advisor and that Radio Unit freezes like crazy, customer complaints about rattling noises from the front end, the safety aid systems go crazy every once in a while and other electric issues that plague Hondas. CVT’s area very unreliable after 60k miles and tend to get really vague and droning. Toyota is more reliable and buying a 35k up SUV, I want reliability. For me, Toyota or Mazda will be the pick...

Mazda also had turning headlamps. Not many know that

Shocking. The SUV that is the best overall package wins. The RAV4 will sell because it’s a Toyota and will be the most reliable. People on here love to jerk off to Mazda but they sell like 8 vehicles a month. They’re overpriced and lag behind the competition in what the class they compete in requires. They have the smallest cargo space and interior with the least standard features while it’s the least functional/practical overall. That’s not what suv buyers want.

@Daniel Cheng one of the reasons it wont sell it because its the least practical of the bunch. it has the smallest interior,cargo space, and the least practical overall. i think mazda needs to just go full luxury instead of this in between thing they're doing right now. its honestly not working out for them sales wise and that's where it counts, youtube comments praising the interior dont move units off dealer lots and give back money that was invested in research and development. i hope they figure out what they want to be soon.

If you actually price it out the 3, the CX-5 has the most features for the least money. $34k (if you don't get the turbo) gets you heated/cooled leather seats, heads up display, and adaptive headlights. The only thing a fully loaded RAV4 gets you is a 360 camera, panoramic sunroof, and parking sensors but that's $40k But you're right, Mazda won't sell many CX-5s and people will buy the RAV4 without test driving the competition.

I'll take a 2019 VW Tiguan SEL R-Line Black thank you very much.

What do you mean the RAV4 is last it has so many more features than the other SUVS

@Josh Miller again.. the majority of people looking for an SUV are not looking for one that has a sporty driving style which is why mazda made it less sporty compared to the last generation. priority for this class is not driving feel believe it or not. styling is subjective from person to person. some people want the rugged look of the rav or the balanced crv.. as i mentioned earlier, the only thing it has going for it is the interior.

@Fadic4 It drives better, looks better and the interior is MUCH nicer (almost luxury), but if cargo room is your biggest need then get the others.

How? It’s overpriced. It Has the smallest cargo space, smallest interior space, least standard features. The 1 thing it has going for it is the interior, but the interior doesn’t alone doesn’t out weigh all the other negatives.

RAV4 looks the best by far too

Have to go with Mazda for looks.

RAV4 wins for me all the way

The CRV felt cheap and plastic when I tried it out. The CX-5 and RAV4 felt much “nicer” inside. That’s a factor that’s hard to measure but caused me to rule out the CRV right after I tested it.

So you should have compared the Rav4 hybrid. It's only about $800 more than its comparable model, has much better acceleration, and gets 40mpg combined.

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CX-5 all the way for me too.

1. RAV4 Hybrid XSE

Why are u guys always biased to the RAV, mine has a heated seat and you can see the ventilated seat controls right there. If I was going for sportiness,, Mazda and if I had a family RAV 4 wins, and I have a family, so I picked the RAV. CRV isn't there for me cos I hate CVT's. Every review have seen, have praised the RAV only you guys hate on that car for no reason. It almost seems as if Honda paid you guys for this. Despite the bashing it still is the best seller and I've seen a lot around.

@Elton Elzee BS! I went on a press trip a few years back and stayed at a normal hotel, got zero gifts. Know folks in the industry as well and can't think of one that got expensive gifts. I have see travel paid for, but they did that for all media attending the event.

@Josh Miller True, while they don't get paid for reviews, they do get expensive gifts and plush hotel rooms for automobile launches.

Best seller doesn't always mean best car. There is brand loyalty, price and other considerations. They don't get paid for their reviews, so don't try and use that to justify your favorite not getting top pick.

Auto journalists probably get lured more by the other automakers to drive up sales, but regular people know what's best.....let them show you the sale numbers....I dare them!

The RAV4 getting the job done and ‘just’ being a honest to goodness good car is what makes it so popular. It’s a good car and offers enough variations to keep things interesting. Space is plenty, features are generous (you can get a heated wheel and cooled seats if you want) and it’s attractive enough. Despite this review, the RAV4 would be (and actually will be) the car I choose (RAV4 Adventure). The CX-5 is too small and doesn’t allow you to comfortably but a child seat in the back which is a huge oversight on Mazda’s part. The dated 6 speed and lame mpg doesn’t help. The CR-V’s is runner up, but the design is frumpy and the recent engine issues turn me off. Cars like these should be simple. Simplicity and robustness is where Toyota excelled and for that they will get my money. Edit: the fact that she hinted that Toyota is resting on reputation is disrespectful. Especially after a new architecture, new engine, new transmission, new AWD system, new Hybrid system, and a drastically improved interior. C’mon guys, the CX-5 has been on the same platform and still has a 6 Speed auto. It offers only a fraction of the standard features on the RAV-4 and none of the space. But keep drooling over that iDrive rip-off clock wheel. Funny.

Cecil L i know that but you are not going to get this limited with much discount it just came out im just saying a rav4 for 40k msrp is just ridiculously priced.

tommy13965 No one buys a Toyota at sticker my friend. No one. My wife’s C-HR was nearly $30,000 fully loaded. Hell no we don’t pay anything close to that haha. There’s a RAV-4 adventure with a panoramic sunroof and dealer installed aftermarket all terrain tires on the lot right now that’s going for only $34,000. MSRP was a hair north of $40,000. My mom just bought an 2019 Avalon for $3,000 off MSRP. Part of the reason Toyota’s sell so well is because they are constantly putting money on the hood.

Cecil L ok i dont hate the rav4 but the limited at 40k range is just outrageous thats why i would prefer the cx5 signature or rdx with tech or even lexus nx. Now i know the rdx tech and nx fsport goes for 44k but right now you can get them for 40 or 39k. The rav4 limited shouldnt be more than 34k max.

@tommy13965 Agreed! Mazda is luxury compared to the others.

tommy13965 A more powerful engine is cool. But it comes at a compromise. And after owning a CX-7 that suffered a catastrophic turbo failure I will happily steer clear of Mazda’s turbo 4’s. The company is not exactly known for durability and I am a previous owner of 3 Mazda’s. Power folding mirrors? My Wife’s C-HR has that lol. Not exactly something special. Now, I will admit, I don’t know how Mazda does it, but the CX-5 punches way above its weight when it comes to perceived interior quality. Nothing in the segment touches it and it does step on the toes of some luxury competitors like the RDX. I don’t think it touches the NX though. I love Mazda’s brand strategy. My wife wants the RAV-4 and I completely agree with her. But when the CX-30 debuts I’ll be picking that up for myself. I’m not saying the CX-5 is bad. I just feel like this review was overly nit-picky against the humble RAV-4 that frankly I believe can be considered best in class. The Hybrid and Adventure models for example are actually very desirable cars. Attractive too. Toyota maybe didn’t sweat the driving details, but they definitely thought about their customers which is something I can respect. I guess the kind of person that buys a CX-5 is not the kind of person that buys a RAV-4 and vice versa. While I would buy the CX-30, in this class I think the RAV-4 (and upcoming Escape) are the ones that sets themselves apart.

A fraction what are you smoking the cx5 has a more powerful engine, power folding mirrors, headup display and real nappa leather just admitted the cx5 is more premium and should be going against the lexus nx not a overly priced weak engine grocery getter in the rav4.

If you have to drive a SUV, than you might as well have some fun doing it. The CX-5 is miles ahead of everyone else.

Agree here as well. Very nice driving SUV.

It's really good, but when I drove it, the gas pedal and brake pedal were stiff and the engine was difficult to modulate. Very surgy off the line. They could take some notes from the Acura RDX.

Yup totally agreed

i'll rather buy the rav4

i'll rather

Japan wins. Throw in the Subaru too.


Besides the engine issues of course

Love honda but wouldnt buy do to their stupid cvt and crappy problema5ic engine

I have a RAV4 that I got back in January and the engine really breaks in after 1,000 miles. It personally doesn’t bother me. It only needs regular fuel while the Honda and Masada need premium. And it’s also great on gas! Mine has a heated steering wheel.. it’s an option.

The cruise control also is great in my experience. With the lane keep assist and frontal cameras it literally like being in a Tesla. You do have to keep your hands on the wheel, which is what I’d do anyway. You can adjust the following distance for how far you want to be away. It does beep but not really at me too much. This guy must not be the best driver lmao. I’m not sure why he’s so negative. Considering the rav has more safety features standard than both the Mazda and CX-5. Not to mention 2 years complementary maintenance and Toyota reliability. I looked into both but the Rav made the most sense for me.

Were is the Subaru Forester???

You have to talk about reliability and past issues, because costumers tend to buy these car, not just lease them. Big picture here guys .

The cx5 reminds me of a pretty chic without Substance and the crv is Soft Femininate and 4 unconscious gay guys. As 4 the rav 4 jus right little off road capable and Most Reliable etc. O and by the way how much does honda pay u guys??? But u guys convinced me on buying that cx5 hybrid thanks.

That must be why I like the CX-5. What is Femininate?

Yeah get some Elena lol!

18:30 There is a heated steering wheel and ventilated the "Limited Grade Advanced Technology Package with options" package.

I wouldn't touch that 1.5T in the CR-V. Oh but we fixed it, yeah huh.

Correct, these ppl drive it for one day and tell how good the seats are, people who bought know the problem after few months, then it is too late especially when Honda ignore it. People trust Toyota or Mazda for their reliability not necessarily for single day test drive comfort and performance

That CRV

Way you don't tested RAV4 Hybrid? This is the most popular RAV for the future.... hybrids are currently the best choice for a smooth transition to full electricity in the future in the next 15-25 years. Especially the Toyota Hybrid synergy drive solution. So shame :(

@Auguste Comte Exactly, also more dynamic, the eCVT is also quieter than regular CVT.

the hybrid is also faster than the regular RAV4.

5:10 he called her a trick

Subaru Forester and Nissan Rogue should have also been in this video

‘19 Rav4 has 25 more hp than the old one yet “Its been slipping in performance”

tinhinnh me cry you must be joking if you like over priced plastic boxes be my guest.

its the best selling car they can rip you off if they want to haha...most people buy the base/mid trim anyway so stop crying

Cause its a econo box with a weak engine that toyota sells for 40k what a ripoff.

Handling is not a priority for most people. You are fucking dumb.

2019 SANTA FE’ SEL PLUS for only $33K and you can get $4K or more off the sticker. Check out all you get for less then $33K. And Plenty of room and QUIET and GREAT RIDE. Plenty of Power and the Best Head unit on the market! Oh and BTW when I see people trying to very hard to come off as “I AM COOL CHECK ME OUT” That just ruins the video. Sry

You had me at Mazda none of the others matter from a drivers standpoint. And it’s better looking inside and out. Sort of nitpicking about the backseat though, most of the cars carry no more then two people anyhow. The Honda uses a CVT so that’s out from the start. The Toyota is just ugly and boring. I feel that I need to add this. If you need all those safety features maybe you just turn you drivers license into the DMV.

Got to sync the title with the order of the cars in the thumbnail.

@Josh Miller it looks like my comment bugs you more than the title bugs me lol. So many questions marks. Calm down lol

Got to? Really? Seriously? That's what bugs you about this?

This is probably the worst review and comparison I've ever seen. You literally got everything wrong. You completely missed on what the real world ownership of these cars feels like. I would never ever buy any type of car knowing that I will most certainly have huge problems in just a year or two, but knowing that my boot will be holding two more packs of tiolet paper than any other reliable alternative in the segment. Also, you're like the only people suggesting a petrol engine in a Mazda. Showing the factory suggested EPA ratings is generally a 50%+ away from the real world figures. If you get to chose a new Mazda, you go for the diesel, it's that simple.

Have you tried to find diesel gas in a place like Los Angeles? Boot? Oh, you mean trunk? Petrol engine? Oh, you mean gas engine. Where the hell are you from? Guess you will need that extra toilet paper while driving around finding some diesel gas. Good review folks, don't listen to penwise's garbage.

40k for a RAV 4?!!! WTFFF

Crv is sooo old

What! Clearly in this video at the 18:25 mark you can see the seat controls for heated and COOLED seats!

Yea he just doesn't like the Rav4.

Some of the things they talk about are more like personal preference. And I have no idea how they test the 0 - 60 time on those things.

I wish they compared the more popular (cheaper) trims which are usually second option like SE etc , but otherwise good vid.

Don't think the OEMs are sending the cheaper trims for them to test when their competition will send their best.

I don't think they get to choose which trim they get. Automakers want to showcase everything they offer. says the CRV feels unsafe darting in and out of traffic due to turbo lag and the small turbo engine. It also has reliability problems. Why do these sites never discuss this? And why don't they discuss the painful slow turbo lag which makes it unsafe to pull out quickly in traffic. Plus- the seats get bad long term reviews for comfort. And the digital only dash and minivan gearshift- how are these attractive? Why would you choose a small turbo engine over the 2.4 liter? Only because Honda doesn't offer safety packages on the lowest model. Why would someone buy this car? It also has the least sound proofing of any car in the class. Hyundai Santa Fe is the clear winner if it were tested here.

The Santa Fe does NOT compete with a CRV or any of the vehicles in the video.

Who the hell goes to for a car review? Go to their youtube channel and laugh your ass off when they pull content from other sites and barely have their own content. They don't even drive the cars they review. They just troll other sites to write their reviews. Find a good site to get your info from.

Ben Sarlin Some companies are in love with Honda and Mazda. But to be honest, those two cars are build to win comparisons. Torquey turbo engines and swift 0-60 sprints can bling any journalist. The people who actually buy the crap speak with their wallet which is why the RAV-4 sells much more. It’s not built to win comparisons, it’s built to be a damn good car with minimal fuss minimal surprises and minimal compromises. The RAV-4 was nit-picked because it’s on top. They drive the car through 48 states then complained about seat comfort. I once drove a Mercedes Benz S Class cross country and at the end I hated the car, hated myself, and hated everyone. Long trips will do that to you lol. The RAV-4 didn’t stand a chance because it’s simply not built to win comparisons lol.

The Santa Fe is a gas hog though.

pretty lame, the Subaru Forester is not in this match up.

acrprmann The new Forester is actually really well refined, and while it may not seem like it has a lot of power on paper... it does really good. Most reviewers has said it has a better powertrain than the RAV4.

@acrprmann i guess ill stick to my trek bicycle then.

Tito because it’s a cheaply made vehicle that’s underpowered and unrefined.

Nearly every woman unnecessarily slows down to 30 mph at the hint of every turn or corner causing everyone behind her to get angry. Regardless if she’s driving a Prius V or a Porsche Macan Turbo.

@Clay Yz C Nope, Of course I’m not talking about turning from one street to another in the city. Show me a M BMW, RS Audi, AMG Mercedes etc. driving conservatively (afraid) and braking at every slight turn on a clear wonderful curvy road in the country or while entering an on ramp with a slight curve and I’ll show you a woman driving.

wait what, u r making street turns at more than 30mph ?

All three are way over priced.   My pick?   The Hyundai Kona 1.6T

Right like why would anyone buy these at 40k it's out of control

Wow the picked the worst one imagine that! Lol. Your Honda paycheck must be huge!

DangerousDan sorry you feel that way! Have a blessed day!

OK we get it. Stop spamming this comment section and simmer down, Pete.

Fadic4 You must be sitting in a CRV writing this comment. Getting high off the smell. Do your homework on the CRV. There are well known engine problems and Honda doesn’t care. Look up oil dilution. Idk how the CRV keeps getting top marks. Also in most comparison tests it doesn’t when if there is more then one competitor. It just irks me when they lie about vehicles to make others better.

@Fadic4 I don't care for the Honda, but I absolutely hate when people say they are paid off for a good review as well. They have been around since the start of the internet and can't see them getting paid for a good review as well as what you said about all the other reviews that say the same thing. Just a way for some to justify not having their favorite car getting the pic.

How? It’s the best overall balanced package. It won suv of the year when it came out in 2017, did Honda pay every publication to vote for it? People on here dumb af. It’s the best selling car in its class retail wise for a reason. It’s the best over all package. Don’t like it? Go buy something else, put your money where your mouth is. People love to circlejerk mazda Cx5 yet they sell like 8 a month.

You can get ventilated seats in the RAV4 and heated steering wheel... I literally just test drove a RAV4 Limited with those features.

@Luke MTECH Look at the hybrid, limited model. The Limited Weather Package does have ventilated seats and heated steering wheel. But it's confined to the most expensive variants and is tied to features I don't want - not least because I live in Arizona where sun roofs and heated seats / steering wheel make absolutely zero sense.

Luke MTECH I believe it’s a dealership option, because I’ve serviced a few already, and they have those said options.

Nope you can’t. Not available on the Rav 4. Just got off of the Toyota site and it’s not offered...

Lady is pulling her review of the crv out her butt. And not giving a truthful review. Biased!

Josh Miller but they also didn’t tell the truth about each vehicle and there are clear lies in this video. I’m just a vehicle enthusiast who know a lot bout cars.

Another comment about paid or biased review from you. Do you work for another car review site? There is no bias. I don't like the crv either, but that doesn't mean they are biased. It is an award winning suv and top selling vehicle, so if they are biased then so is everyone else. Honda must have paid the entire media to pull this off.

Whitch one will last 15 years or more with just changing the fluids and brakes.

Lemuel Hammel probably only the Toyota

2019 CRV engine still has the gas and oil mixture issue and that is both reliability and safety concern.

@Nikefan8 watch the videos and comments of people who got the software update and still having the issue as before, there are plenty if you just look for it

@Nikefan8 Software cant fix a hardware issue. Wouldn't touch one until a third party tests it.

It actually doesn't. Honda issued a fix for the 2017-2018 models, and all 2019 Honda models were released with the software fix coming fresh off the conveyer belt.

teetee tee I haven’t seen any reports of the 2019 version with this problem. Do you prefer the CRV LX model?

18:31 dude just lied. You literally just showed the ventilated seat button and the heated steering wheel button is to the left of the driver! Don’t review the vehicles half ass! Total biased review!

No CVT for me.So Mazda all the way !

Bashing the Toyota as usual will not stop it from selling like hotcake, but I'd take the Mazda just saying.

RAV4 is better SUV all around

@Simmer Pete You're a big boy, you can choose to like whatever you want LMAO. It's guaranteed that you can't fit in the front passenger seat if it has a sunroof/moon roof, unless you're all legs.

Dennis Xu I’m 6’7” and fit just fine in all three of these. And I’m allowed to not like cvts. A lot of people don’t like them. And they all drive great.

​@Simmer Pete Rav4 is okay, but the CX-5 is like driving a luxury car. I have driven all three and Mazda is my choice. Nothing wrong with the Rav4 though, but don't car for the Honda at all.

@Simmer Pete Wouldn't say that about CVTs. Both Toyota and Honda use some nice and smooth ones. The RAV4 is a great choice but it has some faults. I'm 180 cm or 5'11 I think and I can't sit in the front passenger seat if the car has a moon roof. I'm literally pushing against the ceiling. There's also a bit more wallow around bends. But yeah, I can't find anything that detracts too much from the car.

Nikefan8 nothing is refined about a cvt and and a engine with problems. Only thing wrong with the Toyota is no power passenger seat.

@Simmer Pete It's the newest and has all the technological features that you would expect from a 2019-2020 model, but it just lacks the refinement that the Honda and Mazda has. Toyota cars have always had lackluster interior quality when compared to the other manufacturers.

Don’t understand why the reviewers always bash the Rav4, I’ve driven the new one like 4 times and it’s a great suv.

I think Mazda interior sucks!!

It is one of the best interiors I have driven in that is not classified as a luxury car. You must love plastic.

Thats because he likes cheap plastic econo boxes that sells for 40k

@Dee T I know right?

sounds like somebody has no class.

You clearly haven't been in the new CX-5 then. The current Gen leapfrogged the previous one by a mile.

Why bring her!!! use any one but her!! She is so annoying with her "humor" and especially her voice AND SHE KNOWS IT! LETS JAM OUT!

Yeah she drained the hell out of me. This is my first and last review I'll watch with her and the white guy the worst part of tge video

Alejandro Estrada Romero yeah I’ve complained about her reviews. I actually skip any of her videos cause I can’t stand her.

Where is the Subaru crosstec One of the safest vehicles on the road and Subarus record of vehicles on the road after 10 years is unmatched

Drove both engines in the Mazda and they are right you can’t really tell the difference. Then the CRV has engine issues and a cvt. And the Rav4 is $39k and no power passenger seat.

I just hope that you include the intangible factors in your review such as the dependability or reliability, cost to own, and past and existing issues that plague the car, etc. I don't just decide on the tangible things when buying. For me, the most important are the intangibles as I am a kind of buyer that doesn't want to have lifetime debt just owning a car.

I’m actually pretty disappointed you didn’t include the new 2019 Forester in this review, I feel like it would’ve been nice to have that vehicle in this test too.

You forgot to mention about oil leaking issue with the crv engine

2012vwrabbit How is the cvt not reliable. They’ve been using cvt the longest with no issues. By the way, you don’t write cvt tranny. That’s like says continuously variable transmission transmission.

Too early to say it's no longer an issue It remains to be seen and ..... The CVT tranny is not reliable CVT is so expensive to repair also sounds terrible

That is no longer an issue in the new 2019 model.

Thanks for this video. I will be shopping for this type of vehicle.

The Rav4 HybridXSE is a better executed Rav4 than the regular version, but damn i'd choose that CX-5 just for that sweet torquey 2.5Turbo. 310 Lb ft is nothing to scoff at.

@DangerousDan "there was almost no lag". Damn, that's me proven wrong. I don't know how I can live on with proof like that, my very existence is in jeopardy. That was extreme sarcasm, just in case you didn't catch it. Seriously though, I deleted my comment because I was afraid it'd offend you. Looks like I forgot about triggering you. Oh well, what's done is done. Go grow a pair.

@UCK9cPT9f8U-x3OJ_f30QgDwOffended? LOL looks like Mr.KnowItAll is not happy to be proven wrong. Now get lost.

@Dennis XuFunny how you assumed I havent driven it - In fact, in both the Cx9 and the 6. I don't know what you’re talking about turbo lag. If anything it runs out of steam in the top end rather, but that low end torque is strong and there was almost no lag.

Numbers on paper don't translate to feel on the road. The 2.5T is louder than you'd expect and it's really surgy and has noticeable turbo lag off the line

Excellent review.

I feel like the CR-V is the widest one of them in the interior!

Both look stupid in comparison with the new RAV-4 .!

Honda crv Toyota rav4 . . . . Mazda cx5

Honda still be the best

No issues with the oil in my CRV. Fake news

Honda is the smarter choice all around- always over Toy-ota

I got me a CR-V. It's Awesome.

The rev4 will last much longer then the other two. Sorry it's the truth

Umm doesn't she need a seat belt in the back seat?

Non Turbo always better than Turbo when it comes to long term use. Turbo cost lot more to maintain.

Tell Mazda to turn off the Headlights DRL it makes the overall design look stupid Sith the headlights on all the time. It Look like someone driving a Audi SQ5 on the highway with the blinkers left on. Even CX5 in China doesn't have this setting.

Its weird how everyone bashes on the Rav4 but it outsells both of those cars the last few years.

Point is it shouldn't

Just checked RAV4 and it was the least comfortable vehicle from these four (adding Forester to the group). The steering adjustment is not good enough, the middle armrest is too far away and I cannot rest my arm on the door side. I am 170cm (5'5). I do not understand that from Toyota, as I live in Japan and most men are around my height. As she said, the seat is just too big for shorter people.

I'm disappointed from the Rav4 and good job Honda, Excellent report. Thank you so much

I love Honda, but I still wouldn't buy a CR-V.. Too many potential issues with that powertrain. I would buy the RAV4 just because I know it will probably run for a decade or more with next to no issues. That is what Toyota does.

The cx5 is the driver's vehicle. The crv is the one you get if you like storage space. You buy the rav 4 if you want a long term reliable vehicle.

I’m really surprised Edmunds didn’t even mention the issues the CR V is having with gasoline/oil dilution with their turbo engine

L. Hanson it’s fixed in the model they reviewed and only a small number of owners have the od issue

I test drove the 2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid today in the XLE Trim. I really like it. It was a short test drive and I didn't push it at all, even though I took it a couple of miles on the Interstate. It felt comfortable to me. It is one I am very seriously considering buying in the 2020 model year (mainly because they are going to add Android Auto as it currently only has Apple Carplay). If Mazda were to make the CX-5 in a Hybrid version that is as good or better than Toyota's Hybrid system, I would then consider it.

Honda CRV will very likely get a hybrid next year as well.

CRV is a very good car, and hard to beat.

Should've done the 2019 rav4 hybrid. That's the one they can't keep on lots because they're selling out so fast. But I get it, making these reviews takes time. Hope there's a hybrid version of this review someday.

It's a Shane you didn't use the hybrid RAV4 for this comparison. It is all around the best RAV4 for a small price difference.

I wouldn’t risk engine problems, would go for the rav4, it has no turbos that are not reliable

@Alan Bowers are u stuck in the future?

Miguel López you still stuck in the 80’s?

where's the Forrester???

Glad I got the 2019 RAV4 hybrid Limited version like they suggested. Better torch and 40mpg

Ruprick $38,245

what did it cost?

does 2019 toyota rav4 have remote start?

Abdo Benaicha yes for extra $399

Sitting in the center of the back seat really that big of a deal to know about?

$40 grand? GTFO with that BS

bmcmanus28 yeah prices are starting to get pretty steep. They’re good vehicles, but to me really at are at their best in lower trims.

I love all 3 CUV however I would go with hybrid RAV4 than Mazda CX-5 for being closest to true luxury suv and Honda last. Honda still having major problems engineering problems with 1.5 turbo.

RAV4 - long term reliability and peace of mind CX-5 - Styling, interior, acceleration CR-V - Cargo space

Crv didn’t win suv of the year for cargo space. Its not the number 1 selling in its class retail wise because of cargo space. It’s simply the best overall package.

CRV Has engine problems.

The best commentator is the lady in my opinion. As for which one? They are all great SUVs as they're built by reputable manufacturers. However, it depends a lot on personal taste and what each has to offer for value-price-quality-design-guarantee categories.

Sp who won this comparison ?

Where is the 2019 Subaru Forester? Should be in the game!

Good luck with the oil delusion problem

Zed Lopez Fake news

honda needs to bring the crv hybrid over. then the rav4 will have some real competition.

40k for a Toyota ???? lol

Why is the forester always excluded in these comparisons? Is the forester not apart of this class?

An over two second deficit in 0-60 acceleration is huge margin in such a competitively priced segment.

Mark Villano only if you actually do that with any sort of regularity as an owner. 30-50 is likely a more applicable test for a small CUV.

I’ll go for the CRV,the RAV4 is ugly to my taste.

CX5 hands down!

For me it's easy: no turbo, no CVT, reputation for reliability, resell value, spacious interior, offroad capability .. COME ON, the winner is clear, substance over fluff.

​@Worrywart Perhaps you haven't paid attention to the reviews. They're usually about adaptive cruise control, USB ports, cup holders and apple car-play, so I don't think the ones that I mention are minor aspects.

If you are going to worry about every little aspect of modern motoring, maybe you would be better off taking the bus.

the toyota felt flimsy build quality, which was a shock.also loaded up hits 40 k, for that you could have a mid size felt unstable in wet weather aroung corners and sweeping curves. cr v is a conservative choice but sx turbo sportage really not a bad option, hyundai tucson not bad either. worth a look.

The CX-5 still has the old design of where the shifter is in front of some of the environmental buttons and knobs therefore making it very hard to reach when you're driving. For me this is a dealbreaker, time for them to update their center consul.

Honda and Toyota have never let me down but the issues with battery and oil dilution worry me about the CR-V. Will see what 2020 look like.

Phrancis5 I have 2017 no issues at all with oil

Did your CRV suffer these issues?

My top pick would be Mazda CX-5 and then the RAV4. Rav4 hybrid might be a good choice as well. I would not consider the CR-V. Good comparison video.

The CRV is awesome. Don't be jealous of those who drive a CRV. Just cause you don't have one. :)

The hybrid is sold out everywhere. Not sure why the claim no one buy it.

Comparatively speaking. Though demand is higher than expected.

That is a temporary supply issue only.

Besides the CRV oil dilution problem, it also has a battery drain issue. Do reviewers not research these things? Have they read the consumer reviews on their own website? The CRV is a total lemon. Good design, bad drivetrain. If you have to have a CRV, get the non turbo 2.4 and a battery charger.

Mazda>Toyota>Honda. Honda sucks in styling, transmission, and power.

Mazda all the way.

RAV4 does have cooled front seats in that trim level and you even showed the button for it in the video. Lol

You're close to luxury prices in these trims. I'll bet the majority of the sales in this segment are mid-tier pricing. In addition, style is subjective. I don't really like the giant shield on the grill of the Mazda. Anyway, none of these SUV's look that great to me. I do enjoy the more Subaruish off road look of the RAV 4. Demand on all 3 of these vehicles is high in my area. Just try and buy a RAV 4 hybrid for $800 more. Maybe they can order one for you. I assure you, you won't be getting a discount.

DO NOT BUY CR-V. The 1.5 Turbo engine is a dud.

Please stop review the high trim models. Almost $40k for a small SUV? I know these models are what the manufacturer WANTS you to review, but we the people are more interested in the base trims. The premium trims are fun to long as you're not paying the bills. And if you get down to lower trims, the Mazda looses it's premium engine.

@MrMadaket78 same here - 17 EX AWD for $28k - lots of value and no oil dilution...

CRV, EX model AWD, paid $28K. Great vehicle

Which one/s are made in the USA? Only CR-V's.  Please compare USA built 2020 CR-V, 2020 Escape, 2020 Subaru Outback and 2020 Nissan Rouge when they are available. I'm in Florida so I hope Honda adds ventilated seats for 2020.  Auto industry plays a big role in our economy so I will be buying one of these built in USA vehicles this fall.

And all of them rank lower in quality and warranty than the Korean brands of Kia & Hyundai . The CRV although well packaged has been having lots of recalls and problems . Friends have some new ones and are not happy ... The Mazda is the real winner of these three ....

Show me a link that shows the Korean brands are higher in quality than the Rav4 or any other vehicle from Toyota for that matter

I knew the answer in 15 secs..why because I have CRV same color and LoVE It

So the way I see how some of you go shopping car is room room and more room I guess if Honda and Toyota keep making cars more bigger room every year you guy will just keep buying it no matter what don’t you?

Beside more rooms than the Mazda CX-5 the other two can’t give you more quality, style and luxury than the Cx5 has so as for me the winner is the Mazda CX-5! I know most people want more for their money but more rooms doesn’t mean better just like most the suv or the mini vans out there

Bought the rav4 hybrid It’s pretty great

They had le base models on the lot, so just pulled the trigger on that. But yeah I heard the xse’s are hard to get.

RamonOrencio did you get the XSE??? I got mines in February when it first came out. There’s a waiting list since there is a high demand.

Great video. Agree the RAV4 has issues!

What issues? There’s no issues

Woah, did you guys heard me? Just the models I'm shopping for. But wait, again? Too end models? I cant afford that, do mid trims or entry. The difference in price sometimes is way to broad, for the Mazda is like 12k apart! From base to loaded bling.

Ugh... Resale and Depreciation: Our Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%. Edmund's

Hey guys let’s bitch and complain about the rav-4 more then the others to make it seem the worst guys. Toyota winner for me. Yeah not buying it. The rav has Coolest looking inside and out and most capable. Driving engagement in these cars are NOT needed. This class is about comfort capability and usability. I don’t like the way the Mazda looks. The CRV and Rav 4 look better then the Mazda easily. The fact the RAV4 comes hybrid and TRD off-road makes it the most Versatile of the group and being a Toyota with a naturally aspirated engine you know the naturally aspirated engine will last much longer than the turbo charged engine in the other two.

Toyota4Life yes definitely! All other cars don’t even offer Hybrid!

HOW ARE YOU BLIND????? THERE IS HEATED AND VENTILATED SEATS....and A HEATED STEERING WHEEL!!!!!! Should’ve compared a hybrid only 800 dollars more.

At an average price of 36k for this rides, you might as well take a loot at RDX or lexus NX

These econ boxes are too expensive.

The truth is that there is not much to love about rav 4 but u cant hate it either because it is the most reliable of the 3. Crv is the most comfy among the 3 but people who have not driven one will tell you the cvt sucks because of their perception of some cvts although very refined in this model and feels nothing like it but it has its shortcomings when you listen to consumer reports on repairs, sport car lovers will say mazda but an actual consumer may not like it.


To all looking for a suv. Stay away from the crv. The 1.5 turbo is a garbage engine. Trust me. We have the 2017 crv which we wanted to keep but are getting rid of with 19000 km. The engine dumps gas into the oil and the engine is dirty. They increase the warrenty but stay away from it. The 2017, 2018, and 2019 all have that turbo. If you want the crv than get the basic engine.

A 3rd gen v6 smokes all these vehicles including the cx5 turbo haha

I like this review, all other reviewers talk about is handling and sporty feel but what consumers look for is quiet and comfy cabin. I will get a sport sedan if i want sportiness and loud engine sounds

Sedans, especially undiscounted Japanese, lose value like a sinking rock. Our(Edmund's)2018 Honda Accord EX-L stickered for $30,865, including destination. Over the course of a year, we added 13,302 miles to our odometer. In this condition, the Edmunds TMV Calculator valued the Accord at $23,815 based on a private-party sale. That works out to 22.8% depreciation, which is slightly worse than the fleet average of 22% average. The depreciation level is even worse when you consider that the majority of our cars pass the 20,000-mile mark. Edmund's longterm Accord

That's not a 2019 cx5.

Missing the highest rated in quality vehicle sold in 2018-2019, Chevy Equinox.

you watch too many of those Chevy commercials with their fake actors lol

@Austin C the Equinox has one of the lowest repair rates in the compact SUV segment at 12 per 100 a d the lowest of all newly redesigned vehicles. The repair rate is less than RAV4 at 14/100 and CR-V at 33/100.

LOL quality vehicle?? Have you ever been in one?

Remember CRV has oil and water dilution engine problem. Major issue that these overfed reviewers are not addressing.

Plus the CR-V is more expensive to operate. "The CX-5 went in for four scheduled services, which cost $340.57. For comparison, our 2015 CX-5 cost a total of $320.37 for three service visits, and our 2017 Honda CR-V cost $417.60 for two, not including the unscheduled battery and differential fluid change...." Motor Trend

And the winner is the RAV4 #Hybrid.

The RAV4 just isn't that good in this class as seen in comparison where the new 2019 RAV4 finished bottom of the pack.

Paul M it’s really sad about the dealership problems with Mazda. I love the CX-5! I live in Tampa and for the second time, the only Mazda dealer in town is no longer there. You have to go ten miles or more to a suburb outside of Tampa to find a Mazda dealership now. Mazda needs to get their dealership problems under control!

You can get heated/cooled seat in a Buick Envision 2.0T for around $35KK. No need to over pay for these economy cars.

Toyota already signed contract for Android Auto with Google, who knows how much money and the terms that are involved. It is probably really complicated.

fyi, it is not that simple, consumer data is worth more than money nowadays

Tiberianexcalibur well that maybe, but still durable than others.

Tyus Robinson get the hybrid! Only 800 more! It’s a high demand so you should try to get on the waiting list!

Norm T- I’ll stick to leasing any day!!

Ok, don't plan on buying it. Resale and Depreciation: Our Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%. Edmund's

Toyota. No Android Auto. FAIL . And the Rav 4 is butt ugly.

Sonic_1000 yes have you seen the XSE?????

Too small

Resale and Depreciation: Our Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%. Edmund's

Edmund's longterm CX-5 review says otherwise. "....The regular CX-5's lackluster acceleration is the biggest reason why I don't look forward to driving the thing...." One of our biggest complaints has been the CX-5's lack of power. It's definitely an issue, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker if you have some interest in this vehicle. I've gotten used to it for the most part, and it helps that I'm not an aggressive driver. If I need a quick burst of speed, I'll switch on Sport mode to make the throttle a little more responsive."  The Mazda is NOT the driver's choice in the compact crossover class. That honor now belongs to the CR-V. Not only is it apparent on back-to-back test drives, but the numbers on the track all favor the CR-V. It has a faster 0-60 mph time and a shorter braking distance."

Gary Brown some people don’t need a lot of space, I have a Highlander so I decided to buy a RAV4 XSE Hybrid!

Austin C I really don’t see it. Previous generation was much better looking but the back end of this one is so weird, with tiny little brake lights. On the front you have a too long hood with an overbite

Exactly. I don't understand how Mazda's design is gorgeous??

Fake news

We own a 2017 CRV with the 1.5 turbo engine. 21,000 miles without any oil dilution issues. The engine runs strongs, delivers over 35mpg on the highway. Excellant vehicle. I will be replacing my Civic commuter car, 2008 with 275,000 trouble free miles with a 1.5 turbo engine CRV. Best small SUV on the market.

Go watch KBB vids then. They are hella boring videos to watch but to each his own. Also, they don't have a comparison video of any of these vehicles (or many others), so not sure how you can get your comparison fix with them. Maybe you like single car reviews that are not that fun to watch.

@Norm T LOL the infamous Norm! how about you pay attention to the discussion here? I too read/watch all the reviews. The comments are not about the base engine being slow , it's about the reviewers not being able to discern the difference between the base and the TURBO. 186ft Lb at 4000RPM vs. 310 lb ft at 2000 RPM is VERY noticeable And don't make me laugh with the pro-CR-V comments, were you not shitting on it on other for Oil Dilution problems and such on other videos? Plus that CVT sucks anyway, Driver's choice my ass. So what if it is 0.5 sec faster than a base CX-5?

@DangerousDan Edmund's longterm CX-5 review says otherwise. "....The regular CX-5's lackluster acceleration is the biggest reason why I don't look forward to driving the thing...." One of our biggest complaints has been the CX-5's lack of power. It's definitely an issue, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker if you have some interest in this vehicle. I've gotten used to it for the most part, and it helps that I'm not an aggressive driver. If I need a quick burst of speed, I'll switch on Sport mode to make the throttle a little more responsive."  The Mazda is NOT the driver's choice in the compact crossover class. That honor now belongs to the CR-V. Not only is it apparent on back-to-back test drives, but the numbers on the track all favor the CR-V. It has a faster 0-60 mph time and a shorter braking distance."

Agreed. The Mazda is the most stylish inside and out and fastest, but this segment is all about practicality and utility. That's why the jack of all trades CRV wins overall. You don't even have to get the top spec for boost. A $28K EX AWD trim will out-perform all, but the top spec boosted CX5 in practicality, mpgs, and actual driving performance.

@Roughie king see someone is a huge fan of 2012 and name calling.

@Justin Xu CX-5 is still faster (especially with premium fuel).. gas mileage is where the Hybrid kills the CX-5. No way around that. as i said, to each his own... i find the Rav4 not so great looking.

@Norm T Yeah, this is a legit concern for many people. I'm a long term owner so doesnt impact me as much. CX-5 scores highly on reliability rankings. That said, i would like better resale value. Thats something thats earned over a very long term. Honda and Toyota have stellar reputations.

@Jerry T yea whatever, still beats a cxshit turbo hahahaha

@Roughie king you're talking about two models ago. there hasnt been a v6 for years. i liked the v6 model back in the day but when i saw how plasticky the interior was, it was a no go. this argument does not compute.

@Justin Xu yes, RAV4 is a grandma car, a poor person's car. "Compared with the Compact SUV segment average, RAV4 buyers are more often women, skew a little older, and earn less in terms of annual household income. J.D. Power research data show that 54% of RAV4 buyers are women (compared with 51% for the segment), with a median age of 59 (vs. 56 segment average) and a median household income of $79,833 (vs. $89,505)."

Have you seen the Hybrid XSE, how is that a grandma smokes the CX-5 out of the water.

@Josh Miller Resale and Depreciation: Our Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%. Edmund's

3rd gen rav v6 smokes the little cx5 turbo hahaha

Have the Hybid AWD now for 4 months in the Netherlands and I really love it. The only downside is towing power. If you need that the RAV4 Hybrid will do a better job, but if you don't need the towing power, the Hybrid is the best choice. It will still be better than the RAV4 Hybrid. It is very snappy, faster than the petrol and even quieter thus offering more comfort. Here it is even cheaper than the Perol version in highest trim. So really a good buy.

none of these, Kia is best

These aren't meant to be performance vehicles .

Rav4 needs v6 back lots of loyal owner wants it v6 back

What a mistake. Honda CRV oil dilution problem not even mentioned. Huge recall in China but Honda will not recognize the problem here. Gas in the crankcase will kill the life of the engine even if the CVT transmission does not pack it in first. Look it up before you buy or you might cry.

This is such an awkward group, lol

Crv sucks! The cx5 is way better. Plus gasoline doesn’t get into the engine!

35k+??? would go for the base rdx

No mention of CR-V oil dilution?

Dumb review .. people will buy the RAV4 Hybrid and not that version you show here . Rav4Hybrid would have won this.

Why do you yanks have to play "I can pronounce it different" ? Any time a yank opens their gob there is a new pronounciation forthcoming. You fuck with every thing

I have driven all three of the vehicles. The CX5 is a tempting vehicle because of the extra HP but the CR-V is hands down the only one of the three that get almost everything right. After testing all three I knocked the RAV 4 off the list first. Contrary to this video the engine to me seemed much louder than they say. The gear box clunks a bit when it shifts and the interior is inferior. I ended up with the CRV. It is the best choice I have made in an SUV in this price range. I agree will almost all there comments. It's peppy, it's comfortable and it looks good and carries a crap load of stuff. LOVE MY CR-V !!

CRV--if you like a big vehicle (most don't need something this big), CVT transmissions, gas in your oil. Also the naturally aspirated Mazda is probably more reliable long term.

Who doesn't love gas in their oil? That's why I buy Hondas!

@Robert Schulze Keep your head in the sand. Go on the CRV forums and hear the real issues. SMH

None of the CRV reviews I've watched ever mention this issue. I'm really curious as to what percentage of owners actually experience this problem.

So far I've been very happy with my '17 CR-V, but I do have some issues. I wish Honda would make the climate controls independent from the center screen, having to wait for that to load on super cold or hot day just to change the temp is no fun. On that note, an upgraded software for the infotainment would be a good change, currently it's fairly laggy. Definitely agree the driver controls around the shifter are total nonsense, that giant ECON button is just silly. Redesign those, move the buttons from the left of the steering wheel to the middle, and make more storage for small items instead. Done and done.

I was cross-shopping the CX-5, Acura RDX, and Rav4. All of the cars drove just fine, but we had to make our purchased based on our needs. We needed something that can be relied upon to be fuel efficient, offer sufficient space, and have long term reliability. Both the CX-5 and RDX offered good power and were a pleasure to drive. We didn't consider the CRV because that was too much of a "mom" car for me even though my wife will be doing most of the driving eventually. We ended up with the 2019 RAV4 XSE Hybrid. This seemed to check all the boxes for us. Looks, sufficient power for a family hauler, nice interior, amazing gas mileage, comfortable ride and overall value. The RAV4 doesn't go without having it's own issues such as engine noise, but if we were in the market for something more luxurious, the Acura RDX A-spec would've certainly been our choice. Long and short of it all, people will buy what suits their needs best. Love our new RAV4!

Rav4 Hybrid just better overall when you consider all the things together, mpg, looks, features etc...

RAV4 HYBRID - noisy engine when speed is over 100km/h (65mph) , CRV HYBRID has no spare tyre, CX5 too much CO2 ( high annual tax) , maybe we should wait for 2020 models...

What? The RAV4 hybrid Limited that I own is super quiet at 100km/h. So I'm now site where you got the noisy from. Maybe the no-hybrid, but definitely not the hybrid.

I'm not a SUV or Crossover guy, but if I was in the market for one I would pick the CX-5 over an Audi (highly overrated) any day of the week.

You’re better off buying a used 2015 Toyota RAV4 than even touching the cx5


Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0 AWD should have been in that comparison! The Mazda is great but has limited storage and some funky ergonomics. I loved it but the Santa Fe won out even if it is not quite as fast

Will Edmunds be doing a big comparison test involving the new RAV4 hybrid?

Honda CRV Engine = Oil Dilution Issue. Their fix? "A software update" Yea, you lost my trust. You lost a lifetime customer.

聽不懂英文 請問有人能大概說一下結論嗎?

If the CR-V still has the oil dilution issue, then it's instant last place. In fact, it would be a do not buy. Doesn't matter if it's a good all rounder in everything else. It will just cause nothing but problems. CX-5 in first, RAV4 second, CR-V disqualified.

5:45 lol blaming the car seat for being "too narrow/sporty" instead of blaming yourself for being overweight.

These guys are paid by mazada. There is no way, no way, a car expert would say something nice about mazada.

Good thing they aren't reviewing a mazada then, because Mazda is pretty good.

Lol they literally did an official recall

Because Toyota sells fleet vehicles, so that add a lot more vehicles to there sales. Honda will not sell fleet vehicles

@Crap783851 I will take my chances with the Toyota over that 1.5T engine any day.

there are lots of complaints regarding the jurky transmission. (when your braking to slow down and just before it stops completely, you accelerate... then wham feels like a kick in the behind) I don't think that's good for the tranny in the long run.

Are you sure about that kermit1?  I've been reading & I see youtube videos claiming they still have the issue

It's a shame you didn't use the hybrid RAV4 for this comparison. It is all around the best RAV4 for a small price difference.

@Crap783851 not in North America is not, it's just a different trim. There are no other compact CUV hybrids in North America like there are in other world markets.

its a different category....

@Ro0ster stuck ON the future more like.

Reliability, Reliability, It's the Toyota the clear winner. Wait until Android Auto and Amazon Alexa is added in 2020.

In the UK, for the specs, the Subaru about 4 -8 grand cheaper (depending on trim), hence why I went with Subaru. Beside Sub & Toy, other manufactures only provided 3 year warranty when I got my car - so it all comes down to what I can afford and what I want. (I would prefer the Volvo SUV my self but that was about 20k more)

@Kurt Grundel yeah subaru quality has gone down. Personally i went with 2019 rav4 hybrid limited. Loving it and leather like seats are perfectly fine.

Trubatube I got rid of my 2 year old Forester because it was falling apart. It had the most uncomfortable seats if you were stuck in them longer than a test drive. I hoped the improved the 2019, but not enough. I now drive the CX 5. Toyota needs better seats than vinyl on the limited with more comfort and passenger options.


that slow dog with unreliable CVT doesn't belong in this comparison

Mark Villano well if that’s the case you need to just be looking at 0-30mph or something like 60’ times. And really differences on that small scale really aren’t too much different between various brands despite much different engines.

@Alan Bowers My primary concern about owning a vehicle that sluggish off the line is its inability to rapidly clear intersections on two lane highways where cross traffic in both directions doesn't stop. The inability to get out of its own way has been the main reason that I've shied away from Subaru's too.

One thing to note here, is that it only happens on the 1.5 turbo, which is EX trim level and up.

@Phrancis5 Near as I can tell, if you live in a cold climate, you MIGHT have a problem, but only if you take a lot of short trips. So I'm not seeing it as a biggie.

2017 CRV and no issues either. The vast majority of owners don't have OD and it sounds like most folks commenting about oil dilution don't even own that CRV.

AWD 2018 here, zero issues and 40 mpg in highway.

You must enjoy having air bags deploy in your face for no good reason

how is your 1.5 turbo :)

Modern Soccer I did and the are truly stripped at that price, even missing safety features!

Modern Soccer You hit it in the head “perception” is the key word. Before the cvt became available in cars, people guage the quality of cars in how smooth the tranny shifts. now people are complaining that they don’t feel any shifting, people are weird imo

Modern Soccer I think you missed the point. All boxy wagons can get down the road in some level of comfort or carry all the kids soccer stuff. The differentiation IS the handling and drive ability. That is why Mazda, Audi, Lexus and BMW and Acura are in the same wagon market (based on sporty sedans). My fun to drive wagon (CUV) carries the usual groceries, a tennis racket and a swim bag.

@Ro0ster You can't just claim your cars are the most reliable or the highest quality without having substantial evidence to back up what you're saying. Otherwise the networks won't run the spots. They want to see robust proof of the claim. And not necessarily because they're such nice, selfless people, but because the network wants to sell commercials to other companies as well. If one were to make a baseless claim about another, the other company might pull its advertising. Or sue. Or both. There's no reason to doubt that Chevy did, as it claims, commission global survey taker Ipsos to conduct a 50,000-vehicle survey and that that survey showed Chevy was #1 in reliability. Car & Driver

No one mentions the fact that you can get all the same equipment in the CX-5 for $7,000 less by just not getting the turbo and still having the same power as the Rav4 and CRV? The CX5 is the greatest value of the bunch

Here for the Hybrid comments

These are the most bland and boring car in the world right now it’s really doesn’t matter which one you choose.....

Edmunds auto review staff: a study in charisma minimization

Honda is careful not to put too many features and tech in the CR-V they don't want to overlap their Acura RDX.

6.08 she was not wearing any seat belt right? 10.41 she was saying front seat is too big of RAV4 and acting weird gesture? Is she a mental patient or a reviewer?


Is it Canadian Channel or USA

You didn't mention that the CX-5 is only a touch screen WHEN STOPPED, you can't touch it when driving, a big turn off from your proposed advantage of it being a touchscreen. Also, the CX-5 is typically known as having the worse infotainment system, and the screen is much smaller than what you get on the RAV4 (8 inches)

Ya know, you can get more packages on the RAV4 that include things not seen here, the point is, they ARE available, ya'll overlooked or didn't mention that at all, not very informative on your part.

The ground clearance on the RAV4 is so under-emphasized in these reviews, the Adventure has 8.6" which is on par with Jeep and Subaru (8.7") on ground clearance, that alone puts it above anything else in this class for deep snow and light offroading. Also, did ya'll even use Premium gas in the CX-5, cause that makes a difference in HP.

Honda, Toyota then Mazda...The Mazda CX-5 is fine but for daily driver, I prefer the softer ride of them other two SUV. I had driven the all and that's my preference

honda beats toyota? hmmmm who would've thunk..

Seems rav4 hybrid facing break issues....recalls a lot

Toyota/Lexus small SUV AWD systems are more 3WD.

20:27 Android is much more than 50% of the smartphones. Its about 75%.

Please support my channel too & subscribe to my channel please I just uploaded my first video Thank you

Want the perfect car? Have styling similar to the mazda, engine of a toyota and comforts and room of the honda. All three of these sorta still serve different purposes. The honda is best for families since the roominess is supreme and they thought through the day to day use, the toyota may be the most reliable and probably slightly does the best off road but fails at back legroom and space and frankly I think the design is already dated and ugly. The mazda has less room but more of a luxury feel with better handling and looks. I'm a big toyota guy but I was very impressed with the crv. I've asked alot of other owners about the oil dilution problem the turbos were having in cold climates but so far it seems like a very small group of people only online I've found.

honda best as always

Entune is trash complete trash

My 2018 CRV has lane assist. I have touch screen also. I tested the Rav-4 before deciding on the CR-V. I would choose CR-V for sire. I road in the new 2018 RAV-4 and it felt stripped down to me. The back seat not good. Can't compare the Mazda. Never went to look at them.

Subaru all day

I have a CR-V 2018 I have a volume knob...why do you say that?

CX 5 #1 RAV 4 #2 CR-V #3... The CX 5 is faster, and can compete with a base model luxury CUVs

Rav4 hybrid pretty much takes away all of your complaints about the rav4

CR-V. Dream Car right there. Hope there's an ultimate Compact SUV Comparison in the future: -Honda CR-V -Toyota Rav-4 -Mazda CX-5 -Subaru Forester -Hyundai Tuscon/Santa Fe -Kia Sorento -Nissan Rogue (X-Trail on other countries)

Hybrid vs hybrid.... don’t cry diehard Toyota fans :) And also, listen how hallow the Toyota sounded compared to the solid confident sound of the crv

I own a 2009 CRV and it has been a trouble free car but with the problems Honda has had with it's direct injection turbo engine I think I would go with the RAV 4 today. RELIABILITY is the number one thing I want. No doubt in my mind that the Toyota will spend less time in the shop. I am a little scared of Direct injection turbos and CVTs

It's amazing just how much better the Mazda looks than the other two.

Just sucks at being AWD.

huydai car lots of problem. Transmision failure a lot

@Cliff hton Resale and Depreciation: Our Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%. Edmund's

@Norm T Meh CX-5 Wins!

@Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia Right.

They're likely all going to be reliable in the long-term.

There are 3,000 2019 RAV4 Hybrids for sale on autotrader.

They are noth still offering poor AWD systems.

I would generally stay away from the CRV. The 1.5 L turbo has oil dilution problems. To my knowledge, that has not satisfactorily been addressed. Those cars will be prematurely in the junk yard as the engines fail. This is disappointing as Honda is generally known for longevity in their engines. If you want a CRV, get an older one with the 2.4 L naturally aspirated engine. If you want something bigger, a Honda Pilot with the 3.5 L V6 may be a good choice. Also, if you're interested in longevity, the RAV4 will generally be far better than the CX-5.

CR-V is definitely the best.

How many Mazdas do you see on the road over 10yrs old?

We love our crv. We keep trying to find a flaw. It’s not the most luxurious, but it does every thing really well. It’s slow from a start for the first second, but that’s my only gripe. It’s incredibly well thought out.

No mention of CRV oil dilution problems? If you are advising the motoring public shouldnt you at least mention these engineering issues.

In the long run the Toyota engine will hold up better. the CR-V already has cases with failing engines especially in cold weather. The CR-V has failing head gaskets. In less than 2 years. The Mazda has carbon build up on the intake valves because Mazda uses a gasoline direct injection engine. Mazda never bothered to use multiport injection like Toyota. In the long run the build up will Rob the engine of power and lower gas milage. It will ultimately destroy the engine if not cleaned Mazda knows of these issues and they still never bothered to redesign the engine. However there are solutions for the Mazda such as installing a catch can. There is no solution for the CR-V failing head gasket in cold weather. If you live in cold climate don't get the CR-V. Get the Rav 4. The CR-V looks awesome though just as good as the Mazda. The Rav 4 looks bland

Really like all three, but I'll take the Mazda.

I too have recently driven all three. The CVT in the CR-V droned and hunted like it was dancing to its own beat. I was disappointed as I really wanted to like it since driving my daughters 2015 version. The RAV4 while too expensive for what it gave you here in Australia, the interior was too busy and the rubberised switches were a disaster waiting to happen as time would reintroduce me to the old sticky rubber switch in a few years under our sun. Seats were too flat also and the Drive train was woeful without hybrid. Yes, I bought a CX-5 GT with the 2.5T engine and while it’s not perfect, it is the best solution for me. Very comfortable seats, a load area that is just big enough for my needs and it’s not too long. Torque converter auto is responsive when you need it and to be honest, the sales and after sales service is second to none. A very important factor for me. Bottom line - it’s a luxury car with Apple CarPlay and the driver’s choice of these three.

Did Honda fix their major engine oil dilution flaw with the 1.5T engines? If they did it could be worth buyin. If the Rav4 didnt look like a Cherokee, it would have more appeal. The CX-5 has the extra power and luxury looks, so it seems like a no brainer to me.

Edmunds! Please don’t make videos showing that not wearing your seatbelt is okay! It’s not safe and shouldn’t be encouraged.

In the US it's about 50/50, in the world Android has close to 90% market share.

I have a 2008 Crv and its reliable enough at only 196000 miles, I can wait until the 2020 refresh, and all those issues with the 1.5 will be taken care of.

2019 is the 3rd model year though, and most of those issues were 2017-2018 models. A mid cycle refresh is coming in a few months too!

You sound like you have no idea how the system works and are just parroting what others have claimed online.

2019 model, not 2017-18.

Corey Allert Yeah what’s that all about? I hear from a few people that Hondas in general has oil problems.

@Trubatube if you were on slippery surface like snow, rain, or gravel while stopped with wheel turned to scoot into spot in traffic and punch it most all weight will be on a single wheel and hardly any weight on the inside, leading wheel. This when you need s quick acting AWD thay will shuffle torque from spinning wheels to wheels with traction.

@Norm T don't care much for that, I won't be driving on rollers every day

I'd have to agree. I still love Hondas as well but that engine scares me.

The Mazda need to be refreshed in the interior. That is not the best infotainment system. Honda’s is compared to the other two.

CX5 in gray looks really nice but I prefer the rugged look of RAV4.

this is no good

Subaru Forster should’ve been in there

How do you even beat RAV4 hybrid duh?

I heard all three commentators but not why the CX5 lost. The decision didn't make sense when the only drawback to the CX5 was that it didnt have as much space for junk, which most people dont want or need.

Rav4 is better

And crv oil dilution problem

Le Chat Botté I just paid in cash for a CX-5 Signature today. So yeah I am now actually

@Oblivite you are baroque

Adi Omari all the baroque people

@JDS John is it confirmed to not affect 2019 models? I was not aware

Not with that standard CVT. Not everyone cares, but many do. CX5 non-turbo wins the comparison test to me. Styling-wise, not even close.

@Le Chat Botté totally right and you know it!

@Norm T nope youre totally wrong

IT is not fake news There is a lot articles for this in the net.

That's not fake news.

They're all winners. These are the best 3 SUVs and Automakers.

This 3 guys are a joke for review

if it wasnt for the trash cylinder deactivation engine on the cx5,, the same over engineered junk that chevrolet has been working on for 25 years and hasnt gotten it right yet..mazda has kick themselves in the azz on that one...couldnt give me one

RAV4 Hybrid beats all vehicles in the same price range segment. That's why there is a long waiting list for it. Toyota cannot produce enough to feed the demand. Good for them.

These are cars for teenagers...and they are $40,000! What the heck is going on?

Some features are not being install in the Rav4 XLE AWD and yet you paid expensive .. specially made in canada..beware..

beware what???

One of the best car comparisons I have EVER seen. I am subscribing to Edmunds!!!!!!!

In Canada, the CR-V actually comes with a standard panoramic sunroof on the touring trim, which is cheaper than the fully loaded Rav4

the mazda is soooo ugly. Glad the CRV won! hehe

Honda, Honda, Honda. They know how to make good vehicles.

Oil leak problems aren't good Things

They hate on the Rav-4 and make it look like it's the worst but failed to mention that it one has a sport mode to make up for what it lacks in acceleration and has an ENTIRE MODEL (Rav-4 adventure or trail) dedicated to being off road capable for people who are into and/or need that.

Turd4 - all new design, still the bottom of the pack. Comedy are the comments - & people think apple fanboys are zealots. Wheezy engine, poor ergonomics, lousy traction system = typical Toyota poor "engineering".

@Michael Adams Quality has no correlation with sales - PT Barnum covered this 100 years ago.

In your opinion it is the bottom of the pack...but still outsells the competition please explain? Toyota have been getting bad reviews over the years, but it never affect the sales of the product carry on with your bad reviews.

I agree completely with this assessment. The Honda CRV outshines the rest. It is an amazing SUV good at al things and completely evolved. Mazda deserves credit for achieving exactly what is intended for the CV5.. near luxury and a great replacement for the every man sports sedan. Toyota RAV4.... it's always been, well... a little strange. Odd quirky styling, riding up high on stilts and made to appear larger than it is. As if it were designed one way then... inflated by a bicycle tire air pump until some toyota design exec said ok stop, perfect. It's not a nice comfortable place to be, its whole "surround you with swoopy plastic" batmobile look negates all the good it has to offer. Toyota was always a purpose built automobile with a fun playful side that endeared it to most everyone but now...a RAV4 that lacks a mission, other than to look like a mild version of an FM cruiser while on grocery getting duty....what a shame. Stands to reason when compared with the "I'm a BMW 5 series wanna be Camry or the let's make the new family sedan standby carolla more cramped inside while simultaneously stylized to look like some kid stuck wings and spoilers all over moms hand me down civic. What a shame to lose focus cause some newbie design kids with pink and blue hair convinced you that slick beats rock steady reliability and purpose. Sad to see toyota fall so far

That's why it's not in the showdown, it would have won hands down

Its crazy people buy tiny four cylinders to haul more junk and also try to tow something when their engines are so weak. My money goes to the mazda 300 ft pounds of torque oh mama.

Turbo is a deal breaker for me......sorry CR-V & CX-5 ...... & hello Rav4 hybrid

Honda claims to have fixed this but (we the public) won't know if that's true until years from now when gas is on its way out anyway. Honda could have done a lot better. There is a reason this life long Honda fan owns and drives a Mazda now. Time will tell if they fixed the 1.5 Turbo or not. I do know the Mazda CX-5 is reliable as it ages. I have worked on 4 350,000-400,000kms Mazda CX-5s and asked the owners what it took to get them that far, the answer: routine maintenance and brakes, that's it. If you want reliablity go for the RAV4 Hybrid or CX-5 with the base 2.5L naturally aspirated motor. It's a gem. If you trust warreny and like small turbo motors and CVTs (which are a good combination) and really good interior packaging go for the Honda. When they work they work, my Civic 1.5T got 4.4L/100km on the highway, if it wasn't for the oil dilution in these harsh Canadian winters I would have kept it, but my Mazda 6 can do 5L/100km so it's pretty close for such a bigger car.

You people got everything

Honda's CVT....definitely it's is shit!

Toyota please start offering the V6 on the rav4!! At least the limited trim!

that woman what a nutcase

THIS VIDEO WAS JUST AMAZING. The only thing I didn't like was when it finished. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING LOVED IT

Why do they test the Mazda? What, they sell more RAV4’s and CRV’s in one day than the Mazda sells in months.

CRV is good at everything and bad at nothing? How much were they paid for this?

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE is very good and it hard to find, it is taking at least 45 days after the order in USA.

They are SUVs not F1 racing cars. Why reviewers want suburban family vehicles to be like a V8 race car is beyond me.

If the Toyota doesn't offer as much as the competition? Then why do they out sell them year after year? Why is their resale value higher??

I see the youtube commenters are mindless Toyota fanboys who think the cvt hybrid Rv4 as the second coming. The Rav4 has to be the most expensive, slow car. $39k for 200hp. Yikes. I'll take the CX5 over all of the rest. Beautiful interior and exterior. Then there is that gem of an engine in the CX5.

Folks, the Mazda, rules this space, I have 3, Mazda 3's in the Family (yes, they are not SUVs, but all Mazdas have the same primary DNS's.) 2010 (120K), 2012 (160k), 2017 (25k),. No significant design and maintenance issues and beyond believe fuel economy. All jump out from under you when needed and outstanding fuel economy. All are fun to drive with a sports car type feeling. All do not have timing belts and what comes along with the maintenance issues when the thousands of miles start to rack up. I genuinely believe they will all do 250 to 350k miles with no significant mechanical problems if you change your oil at 5k to 7.5 k miles intervals. Personally, I change my 2017 at 5k at the Mazda dealership, where I am delighted with the personal service I receive. This gives me a chance to stay in touch with things like infotainment and Computer Chip software updates and safety inspections, etc. Cost for dealer service is very reasonable in my opinion compared to other Japanese or Korean cars that I hear from some of my friends. Finally, yes, the styling is in a class by itself. They are all made in the original factory basically with ance a lot of operations performed by skilled long term technicians that take their work very pridefully (visit the Youtube videos on their factory operations to verify this for yourself.) For the money, you are getting pretty much a "hand built" vehicle in many respects. For example, the exclusive Red paint upgrade for 300 dollars is performed by only one artesian technician for a custom paint job, and it shows. I have a deep blue color that makes it look costly and shows off the design elements nicely. Enjoy the ride in your Mazda.

Do not take my word for it... research it

@Jonathan Cayone cylinder deactivation is not something new, chevrolet has trying to do it since 1981 and still has not gotten it right ,, it is an over engineered idea to save very little on gasoline just to appease the goverment,, mazda started in 2018 ,, in my opinion there will be problems with those engines burning oil

Randy Smith huh?

So the hybrid makes it cheaper, have Android Auto, is quicker than the CX5, and looks better? Toyota fanboys truely are blind

jp jp yes!!! I bet the V6 rav4 will sell well

@Corey Allert 2019's left the factory with all updates, and the 2020's are probably coming down the line soon. So far all of the internet talk has been 17-18 models. I have seen a lot of "GM" car salesman claiming these issues, doomsday, etc.

Nobody wants a slow hybrid with an even larger price tag. Stop being a Toyota fanboy

40grand wtf il just buy audi

Let me fix this review for you: and the winner is Mazda CX5. you're welcome.

Why aren't you 3 wearing seat belts in the Mazda5?

My guess would be probably because they are more reliable than others. Honda too.

@HenryHonda better check before you buy..

Andrés Gamboa Chacón picking up a Mazda cx5 signature this Friday can’t wait.

@tommy13965 Also, I want to clarify you that the US market is just a fraction of Toyota, Honda and Mazda sales. There are other places in the world in which the cargo space vs fuel economy is much more important than the speedness of the vehicle, that's the reason of their "small" engines.

Honda and Toyota are much more reliable than Mazda, maintenance expenses are lower. Also, Mazda cars have a high depreciation compared to Honda and Toyota. So, in my opinion, if you want a beautiful car for a couple of years go for Mazda. But if you want a really durable and reliable car, go for the most selling vehicles in the world, Toyota and Honda.

@Blake Swan well your blind cause the cx5 is for midgets like u hahaha

Biggest problem with this “little” SUVs is towing, which ya’ll didn’t address. I love the CRV except for towing, 1500lbs? Seriously? That sucks. I love Hondas but you may as well it can’t tow anything.

You should test with the rav4 hybrid

The CR-V has a CVT transmission????!!!!! plus read the problems:

You failed to mention that the CR-V has only one transmission offering, which is a CVT or better known as Continuously Vile Transmission nor that 1.5L Turbo engine has a oil dilution issue. I evaluated both vehicles a couple of years ago. Yes, the CR-V is more spacious. Nobody knows interior packaging better than Honda. However, the CX-5 is just so much better in every other way; handling, braking, steering feedback, seating position, and overall build quality. In addition, the CX-5’s transmission is one of the best I have ever driven (and I have driven a lot of vehicles in my life). If you are shopping for a compact CUV, the Mazda CX-5 is the best vehicle in this category. PERIOD!

People wanna save money and gas not lose money

I test drove all three and I completely disagree with their number one pick. I felt the Mazda was the clear winner with the Toyota Hybrid in second place. The Honda was so far down in third place that I would have never selected it even with deep discounts. Consumer Reports also rated the Mazda higher and I trust their opinion over Edmunds.

Toyota rav 4 garbage garbage garbage trams problem fock toyota

Did you guys script the dialogue?

They are idiots

Cargo capacity / interior space utilization is a major weak point, though. CX-5 would be the clear winner IF it had about 10-15% more usable interior volume.

The Rav Hybrid is quicker than the CX-5, the standard gas engine RAV, and the CR-V. Regarding the CVT, do your research. The Toyota hybrids don't use a conventional CVT like the Honda does.

Honda CR-V SUXXX!!! The winner should be the Mazda CX-5!!!

How much is Honda paying you. Unless gas mileage is a real issue the CX-5 is superior in every other way. It has no CVT (I wouldn't have a car with a rubber band tranny), it does have a honkin' turbo engine that can run with the big dogs, and a gorgeous interior on the higher end models. Styling is subjective, of course, but I think the Mazda styling department has outdone itself with the CX-5. Best looking in it's class. I could have afforded one of the prestige brands if I'd wanted to, but I prefer my CX-5 Signature Turbo to any of those. It's that good.

Meh. CRV had the potential to be good if it stuck to its 2.5 litre and went with an 8 speed auto trans. IMO it got ruined by the choice of 1.5T and CVT. I love the look of the RAV4, its more rugged. Not interested in any hybrid solution period especially if its paired with a CVT. Im on my second CX5. I had the first gen and it was a great car for the 5 years I had it. Im mad with Mazda however as I was waiting for the diesel to come and lost hope. I ended up getting a 2017 demo for a great price. Next thing, not only do they annouce the 2.5T but ALSO the diesel! I totally would have gone for the 2.5T. If you need the cargo space and want the reliability factor, RAV4 is your car. IF you just want a vehicle that is not a car with some utility aspect with AWD than CX5 is your car, but Id recomend the turbo if you want some umph. Sorry Honda, you ruined a good thing. Offer the 2.5 across ALL your trims and this conversation is vastly different.

Fuck Honda and it's engine oil dilution issues. Fuck Toyota's fugly design and uncomfortable seat and weak engine. So Mazda is the clear winner here.

@Justin Xu if you are transporting basketball players or traveling super long distances all the time, you'd be better with cx9, Santa fe etc anyway. Otherwise, the difference in size between these is too small to matter VS everything else where cx5 beats them.

nemanja milosevic too small

Toyota sucks! Go buy a Mazda. 2.5 litre turbo-charged. The best in class!

Except the oil dilution issue...yeah not bad at anything!


Blake Swan it’s way too small Mazda Fanboy

ulises barraza seriously

You'll appreciate it not having all those extra luxurious features when its 15 years old or older. My 08 CRV is a mid level EX and everything works great at 197,000 mile. My dad's 03 Accord V6 with 285,000 miles has some of the luxury features failing such as power seats and the leather is cracking/tearing, etc.

I don't understand how a CVT hunts? No gears?

It’s way too small

syncro87, most people don’t use all that space all the time...if they do sure no problem however most people just overbuy! Getting more than what they actually need...

Have the Hybid AWD now for 4 months in the Netherlands and I really love it. The only downside is towing power. If you need that the RAV4 Hybrid will do a better job, but if you don't need the towing power, the Hybrid is the best choice. It will still be better than the RAV4 Hybrid. It is very snappy, faster than the petrol and even quieter thus offering more comfort. Here it is even cheaper than the Petrol version in highest trim. So really a good buy.

@Liam JP Richardson I did a nationwide search of Mazda's over the years and there's not enough evidence to suggest superior longevity or reliability to a Toyota or Honda. In fact, many of the high mileage Mazda's I did find were Fords. Even being a small company, they get trumped by Hondas/Toyotas coming in with 350,000 or more miles. I searched many auction sites and nationwide dealer inventory and Mazda comes up short.

Blake Swan the hybrid is the faster car so your comment don’t make any sense .

Blake Swan your so stupid. The hybrid is faster 219 hp and has the best mpg.

I have a RAV4 but would honestly prefer the CX5 anyday.

Thanks for the information I heard but frankly speaking I go for the RAV4 .

Is the woman originally from Iraq or an Arab?

CR-V winner

Rav 4 very hard seats

What’s up with those tiny stop lights on the Toyota? When I put my foot on the brake I want the person behind me to know it. With those itsy bittie lights no one will know.

Great video thank you. I think the all good cars it is all tepens what you prefer or for what we going to use it for. Since a few months I drive a RAV4 trail 2019. I lokt at all 3 SUV . I living in the cauntry drive a lot of gravel roads. The viner for me was the RAV4 trail because of the towing capacity 3500 lbs and great graund clearance it is light offroad use since i used it for the farm aswell. I don't think it is under power. I enjoy driving the RAV4 trail in the city or highways or in the outback.

And all 3 are way over priced.

Currently watching this in my Rav 4 Dynamic

Does Honda pay bundles of money to reviewers? Like literally no one mentions the oil dilution issue

CRV... shocker... been #1 since its birth

After 100.000 miles cr-v After 160.000 miles rav-4 After 75.000 miles Cx-5

I have that exact same CRV-T Touring in the molten lava pearl, and after watching your comparison video, feel great about my decision to purchase it over the CX-5 and RAV4. Whew! :)

CX-5 is the obvious winner. The RAV 4 is for the clueless/Toyota-only crowd. What an underpowered joke.

Mazda, entry level luxury.....No one will ever think of Mazda as luxury!

Mazda used to be shitty. But now they are changing their image a lot.

"Wooo!!! Get some!" That one had me.


@Josh Miller exactly! Honda 1.5 turbo engine still has oil dilution problem! It's a no go car to buy.

I agree on the CX-5 comment. Easily my favorite.

What Audi SUV you getting for 40K? The damn base Audi Q5 is 43K before tax, lic, etc.


Lloyd Manning your the first out of thousands of reviews to say the cvt hunts for gears. I had a 16 Accord with the Cvt and it didn’t hunt. Just one continuous band. My daily driver is a manual transmission so I don’t love cvts, but I do see the fuel economy plus

Justin Xu not for me and my wife and sometimes a small grand child or two.

JDS John the CVT works on opposite pitched cones with the idea it keeps the engine at optimum revs for the task. As you drive the task changes so as it tries to decide on the optimum revs for the task it ‘hunts’ through the revs.

Josh Miller yup exactly my point...people always knock the Mazdas due to lack of space! Really? Is that all the Mazdas offer and fall short on? vehicle is perfect

@tekz We almost did that. Wanted a three row SUV because we need it once in a while. Once we realized that we would be spending 10-15K more for the rare occasions we needed it, we went to a compact SUV and have not had an issue. If you know it will be a need on a weekly basis, then step up to more room, otherwise...

@syncro87 Agree that it could use a little more interior room, but still my choice for compact SUV.

Very nice video!!

mazda looked good when it came out... now not so much (looks wise)... this why is good waiting and not buy on impulse

Don't forget, that the CRV has engine and heating issues. That in my book is the worst thing, I wouldn't even consider buying it. So, CX5 is in the first place.

CX-5 hands down my choice!!

These people are a joke

you need to put forester in this comparison

Nice. You would love driving the CX5 as long as you don't need max cargo room.

Yes, Honda pays billions of dollar to every damn reviewer world wide. And every reviewer worldwide must be crooked as it would be illegal for them to take money without disclosing it was sponsored content. I am no Honda fan, but give me a break on this paid review crap. Look around and you will see it gets good reviews everywhere.


@Andrés Gamboa Chacón actually, if you take a look at you can see that the most reliable cars are lexus, Toyota, and then mazda respectively for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for reliability in 2018. If this trend continues, then mazda will still have a higher reliability rating than Honda for 2019.

@tekz If they need more space then move on from the CX5, but if not, it is a great compact SUV. I am sure there are people that need more room than all three of these small SUVs. Find the car that meets you daily needs and then pick the best of those. For us it was the CX5 for the drive, luxurious interior and its exterior looks.

I would take a re built Japanese over brand new American any day

Not an objective rating at all, Rav4 has better driver ergonomics, provides better storage space, very good handling on the road and turns, so how can be rated lower than Mazda? It also beats Honda so far as I can see: Honda provides better space but poor ergonomics, much worse handling on rugged road and more noise in the cabin than all 3. Also fuel economy in Rav4 is better. This is based on my research as I'm looking to upgrade my car, I've also talked to a few dealers, what do you think?

When you realize these are all Japanese car

I have a cx-5 and I smile all the time I drive it

Toyota is investing heavily in Mazda. That should tell you how good Mazda's cars are

I bought a Subaru Forester......

forester costs more

@Josh Miller Bundles of money is an exaggeration. But given thousands of people complaining about the issue happening on their cars - here in the youtube comments, on CRV forums (where people are staunch Honda lovers) and many other social platforms, it is strange reviewers don't address it. It is even a factory recall issue in China and Honda has acknowledged the issues in cold states in Canada/US with ridiculous fixes and warranty extensions. But still no, no famous reviewer tells a word. So, it's hard to believe them.

oil dilution exists, but mostly in cold climate. It's a huge issue. That's why in my country all 1.5 and 1.0 cars are sold by 4-5k discount

Cringe review

Butthurt ToyoTaxi fleet loving and it’s 2010 technology fanboys blubbering their grand delusions again and saying this people who works and gets paid doing reviews of cars year by year are wrong they’re right just because they love their low tech Fleet ToyoTaxi brand

I totally agree with the judgement.I just bought 2019 CRV.  Love it. Once CRV  always CRV

Why wouldn't people get the hybrid model if it's an overall better car for 800 bucks? Where's the logic in that, people spend 1000 for speaker package.

I would not buy the CRV for two reasons.  The fuel in the oil problem with the 1.5 turbo engine with GDI.  CVT transmissions are not going to hold up in the long run and I think they will be phased out in the future.  China recalled all CRVs sold over there for the fuel/oil problem and there was a hold on the sale of them for a while.  Mazda for me.

honda is the one

You people are being fooled. I went to the Honda dealership and checked out a 2019 CRV that was on the lot and it had 2000 miles on the odometer. First thing I did was pull the motor oil dip stick and took a whiff of the oil on the stick and low and behold gasoline smell. It was very obvious. My wife smelled it and two salesmen smelled it. So that tells me Honda "HAS NOT!" fixed the oil dilution problem with their engines. Good luck on the resale of your Honda CRVs. I personally bought my wife a beautiful red Mazda CX5 non turbo. It is fun to drive has plenty of features along with lane assist which can be set to lightly vibrate the steering wheel or beep or turn it off. Put it in sport mode and it's a blast to drive through short straights and tight bends. Mazda has been and will always be a drivers car. Did I say the red Mazda CX5 is a much better looking SUV.

I have a 2019 CRV and I personally like it! U can go anywhere with it.

New CRV has oil dilution problems and a week CVT

Honda CRV my favorite

No grandpa

Forester is number one

Kinda unbelievable that there would be an unbelted passenger in a moving vehicle in a video. News flash....belts save lives and that is why it is illegal not to use one.

Oh man I don't want Toyota to be doing anything with Mazda or they'll start turning Mazda into boring buckets

@Supriya Sou Don't believe them then, but all reviewers across the land were not paid. Just a stupid suggestion.

Check out the new Lincoln Corsair!

@HenryHonda :::c::

hondas have oil issue mazda i would neevr buy eber again so maybe toyota wins?

Mazda cx5 is the best!

No mention of Honda's 1.5 turbo oil dilution problems. Too early to know if the software fix will prevent premature engine wear?

Mazda is the best!! Kodo styling design, super train. Design of the car ,not a fridge .Excellent transmission – auto/manual .Honda ?? Toyota ?? Ha, ha ,ha ,ask mechanics ,maximum mileage you are can pass with CVT (seldom stinkaroo) transmission.

Shup up you psycho

i wonder who is paying them "H"mm, oh "what a surprise"

Danial Kurashi same

@Marco Xhorrack A fool and his money are soon parted

@Harvey Millar I dont really care about the CVT and I am aware of oil dilution thats why I go for the LX.

pplanetEarth crv, bought it, loved it

Mazda gives you better value.

CX 5 the winner.


kasjdosa oas idoas o lkj lkjs;[alsd laskjl kjslkda as d

You just lost credibility . Few extra qubic feet of cargo all it takes? You know what is the best vehicle here by a wide marigin... definitely not cheesy and cheap CVT along with serious design flaw 1.5t that has no balls to admit and fix ....oooops ot would cost them too much money so they sell to folks having no idea !!!

I find the CR-V, along with the previous generation of the RAV4 to be very ugly though.

The Rav4 will hold its value better. That CRV has engine issues with the turbo engine & I don’t think it’s wise buy long term. The CX-5 does not hold its value well at all regardless of what their owners say about it.Personally for very high mileage I wouldn’t keep the Mazda.

Which year had that problem

dak85016 that’s because he probably bought the Ex and up. LX won’t have that issue cuz it’s a different type of engine.

@Marco Xhorrack because @Harvey Millar bought a CRV and is having oil dilution problems??

Harvey Millar why would you say that?


@Hakan Yildiz - what?.....?...?

That's because the vast majority of men want a car that is actually fun to drive. Even when Toyota do, on the very rare occasions, make a car that is fun to drive, you get the feeling it is more a mistake than a deliberate intention. As an example, I give you the 86 (FR-S). A car that is incredibly fun to drive except... it is gutless. Apparently Toyota were worried it would outperform their premium brand cars - so although Subaru made a supercharged version of the FR-S engine (the FA20) and a turbo charged version (the FA24) we are denied access to a car that would be genuinely stand-out. Look, I want a safe, economic family car. But why does it have to be. So. Damn. Boring.

Why didnt you take thé hybrid 4wd Toyota ? In Europe Thea sell like hamburgers

People won’t want the RAV4 Hybrid? Purchased my XLE last week and it got 600 miles on the 1st tank! Consider reviewing the hybrid please.

The Rav looks nicer and will last longer. If you dont think it looks nicer, fine. It sure will last longer lol

MOEBETTA 2017 & 2018

phoreal22 reliability and simplicity, id take the gas rav4 just to avoid the cvt

@Josh Miller i just decided to buy the mazda. Is really that much smaller than then rav4 when it comes to interior space?

Speak for yourself

@pianopeach There isn't much hard data in the public domain but as an example, Performance in industry studies invariably has performance, ride and handling in the top 5 reasons for purchasing a specific vehicle. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a man who, given a choice, would select a car with the worst performance.

the vast majority of men? What survey did this information come from?

It’s not a Jeep dedicated for off road. It has enough power and the transmission shifts smoothly through all 8 speeds. Changing into sport mode gives different shift points and quicker off the line then my Honda CRV 2016 that I sold. The addition of CVT transmission in the other (Honda and Mazda) is a problem for me. I don’t like CVT transmission maintenance issues and the addition of turbocharger for additional power becomes another high maintenance problem. I think the Subaru Forester is better then either the Honda or Mazda but then again it’s my opinion.

Crv has one ugly interior design, nice from the outside but inside complete trash

Dump the Mazda and include the Subaru Forester if you want a comparison consumers care about. Drive it in snow/ice and the Subaru buries the competition. It will also win in general off road conditions. I know as I have driven all of them. In X-Drive the competition will be left far behind. If you NEVER drive off road or in iced and/or snow covered roads, get the Honda. Parts are cheaper than Toyota and Subaru.

Start Break it down

If interested in the Honda, don't take the has issues. Google... honda oil dilution. So be warned.

its a good car, but i hate the shitty plastic interior. It feels low budget comapred to Mazda. Everytime I touch that armrest it bothers me

@John Frantz Can't speak for other brand's hybrid vehicles, but Toyota has almost 20 years and millions of hybrids sold track record which shows extremely high reliability in their hybrid vehicles.

Interesting that Canadian CRV Touring comes with panoramic sunroof, heated rear seats and steering wheel. Panoramic sunroof is not available in Canada on the new RAV4 on any model. As for the 1.5 Turbo, have a 2017 and had the recall done. Have had no issues with the vehicle, other than it is slow to warm up in stop and go city driving, so the heated seats and steering wheel are a blessing.


I've read there are issues with battery drain and some gas-oil leakage issue. Have you encountered either of these?

i would have already bought a crv if not for that unreliable power train it has, disappointed they recommend it despite surely knowing of its current issues and not even warning the viewer of the problem. Their credibility just dropped as far as it can.

No, it wont lol.

@John Frantz fyi hybrid cvt isnt same as cvt in non hybrids

You guys really should find a new profession. You missed the mark again!

I agree. I don't like hybrids in concept, but if you watch the Rav4 Hybrid reviews, it is pretty good. It also has decent ground clearance. I am going to give all three of these a test drive though. Mostly with new cars, I am looking to turn off annoying software, so anyone who doesn't let me deactivate stupid things like adaptive cruise control is going to lose.

Salem Saberhagen true but if you need to accelerate from 50-80 on the highway even a hybrid cvt will just sit at redline, I hate that

But still a really ugly suv the Honda and the Toyota looks better.

We hate the sun roof. On bright sunny days (here is Texas), it creates so much glare that distracts the driver and annoys the passengers.

You would think after, how many years, like forever T would get their transmission right. NO!

I want to thank for this info, the one thing that very important to me , that you did not mention is the collision issue.

Put all 3 off road and I bet you the RAV4 is going to win

How many crossover owners take take their crossovers offroad?

They last for ever and they very reliable

39000?! I didn’t even spend that on a brand new pathfinder. STUPID to spend that much

Wow, that was disappointing. Rav4 is the clear winner! It’s obviously the most versatile, best looking, and the crv and cx5 AWD systems can’t even compare! Rav4 can handle moderate off-roading, gets the best mpg, and like i said, it just looks so much better. I’m beginning to distrust the values of Edmunds reviewing standards. Maybe you should actually take a Rav4 off road and see how well it does.

Chevy in belgium ? It will be a mazda or citroen. Toyota workers in the factory here are driven like cadle.

every car has issues get a chevy man or a toytota

Mazda is not. Its Ford

Apparently at about 100,000k's the Transmission in the CX5 shits itself and throughout the Cars life you'll need to be changing the oil and the oil filter a hell of a lot more than most other Cars due to the way the Skyactive works.

Drove up from Queenstown this morning to Christchurch here in New Zealand in our 4 month old CX-5. We have the twin turbo diesel 2.2 . Lovely trip and so quiet. 140kw/187hp and 450nm I think equals about 332 old school foot pounds in torque ? Lovely trip did I mention it was quiet ? We looked at the Toyota but the CVT killed it . And it screams 'Rental car'  ! Just like any new Toyota. Honda dealers seem to be very arrogant so we didn't even look at the CR-V.  We'll enjoy our Diesel CX-5 and thanks for posting ...

Would I buy a cx-5 against an audi? Absolutely german cars are way over priced both to buy and repair which it will start needing around 60k miles

Glad to know.I have some issues with Toyota Rav4.

How's the Rav4?

@Daniel Bob Good thinking

@Perihelion74 Before 100k miles, I would have traded it in and get another car

Rav4 is more reliable for sure.

@Mr Chicken not I just watched the video, I've owned a Mazda and currently a Toyota SUVs.

Carl Mag did you even watch the video

@Perihelion74 Or you could get mazda's 5 years unlimited kilometers warranty. At least it will cover the tranny for 5 years :)

Henry Fung Ford only has a 2% stake in Mazda. They haven’t been associated with Mazda much since around 2009.

@David Gapp so women don't want a car that is fun to drive?

Great review. Thanks.

Can all this Rav 4 fanboys just stfu and acknowledge its shortcomings?...Thats the only way it will be made better next year

So how much did Honda pays you all for making this video?

no you dont mazdas dont last too long my friend bought a cx5 and oh boy he complains about it every time.

Editha Parris Wrong, 2019’s don’t have any issues.

I own a 2015 mazda 6 GT and am about to move into CUV segment...I would definitely choose the CX5 if space weren’t an issue...with strollers and luggage, etc when going on a trip it’s just way too small. If it were 25% larger it’d win going away. But since it’s not I’m going with the RAV4 adventure (have plans to slap a pair of 33 in all terrain tires on that bad boy, feel free to check out my channel in the next few weeks for updates, probably go buy it tomorrow)

@BA CS Yes we do. My post was a reaction to the increasing consideration of ever bigger sun roof as a desirable feature. On road trips, my kids hate it because this makes it difficult to see the contents in their iPads. For the driver, this also makes it more difficult to see the instrument panel and increasingly the touch screen/GPS. May be I am in the minority. If not, and enough people speak up, may be they will re-consider offering this as a "must-have" feature to save us money and headroom. "

So close the cover on the sunroof......?

Jason Fults I agree, nothing can beat the old V6 rav-4 for me

mark kaupas it looks like a dull version of the crv.. rav 4 looks the best

Triggered Rav 4 fanboy

We rented a RAV4 Adventure for 8 days last week. Personally I wanted to rent a RAV4 Limited but the Adventure was pretty nice too. Great gas mileage. Over 32 mpg for our trip 'Up North' (Mich). It was quite comfortable. The cooling seats worked as they should. They helped cool down the car quite quickly. The A/C was quick as well. Much faster then our 07 Camry XLE or my 2012 Tacoma. The engine was little louder then I liked but the AWD was spot on. Also the JBL sound system was fantastic. It was cleaner and overall better then our 07 Camry's JBL that is 13 years old and only has 6 speakers compared the the RAV4's 11 speakers. My wife and I were impressed with the 2019 RAV4 and we are looking at purchasing one. However, I want a RAV4 Limited with a gas engine. The mileage is good enough. The hybrids are fine but we tent to keep our vehicles over 10 years if not 15 years, So I do not want to be in the position to have to Fix and or Replace hybrid parts after 10 years. The difference in the mileage will not pay for its self in my opinion. Also I NEVER want a CVT in any vehicle I own. What they could ADD to the RAV4 is a Hood Blanket for sound. Passenger Power Seats. A Map Pocket behind the Driver Seat. And a faster Opening/Closing Rear Hatch Door.

And Hybrid Rav4 is not only has the best mpg of all of them, but almost as fast as the turbo CX-5. Crazy shit.

Should used the rav4 xse 2019 for comparison not the gas model. Sigh....

Edmunds should fire all three of these corn balls, I really can’t take anything they say seriously.

Get the Limited!!!!! I have a hybrid because I want good mpg since I do slot of driving! I think the RAV4 Limited is the best with everything!!!!!

Arthur Miller get the Hybrid RAV4!

@Amnistar would mazda be my first choice? No. I was just using the current comparison. If it was my choice I would buy a honda or toyota over any german car

@Amnistar I have a CX-5 and praise it all the time, so we are back to even.

Cj A it’s reliable. I would never get a Nissan.

@Winter Fox True dat!

I liked the fact that you showed how much rear storage each car had. That's an important feature for me. But I would have liked you to provide the comparative exterior dimensions. It's great that the Honda held the most Christmas presents, but if it won't fit in the parking places near my kids house it won't work.

Mazda CX5 and Honda CRV both come with direct injection engines. Carbon buildup needs cleaning. Oil dilution will fuck you in the ass. Id rather stay away from GDI engines and get a Rav4.

No I haven’t, it seems to be on the older models

@Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! do you own an crv?

3 rooky assholes who doesn't know shit about cars


Our hybrid is averaging 44mpg with my wife driving, 49mpg with me driving. Mix city and hwy. We won't keep it more than 5 years though. One bonus is that we read its the fastest model. Makes little sense to me but it definitely feels quicker than my previous gas Rav4. Not that this really matters but we were out the door at 27,450.

Jealousy! RAV4 fanboys? Its the truth about the rav4.

I own RAV4 2019 and have no regrets, only engine sucks, AWD is great especially in winter.

RAV 4s burn oil, and Toyota says burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles is acceptable:

@Ari P Change the oil every 3000miles with the 0w20. No filterchange needed. And do only the required oilchanges to keep warranty. And dont mension iit at the dealer. Use the mazda 0w20 gvector oil. 50$ for one oilchange.

Yeah and Honda in the USA is acting like it's not happening. Went to a Honda Dealership and they all acted like it's the first they've heard of the issue


It’s not a Jeep dedicated for off road. It has enough power and the transmission shifts smoothly through all 8 speeds. Changing into sport mode gives different shift points and quicker off the line then my Honda CRV 2016 that I sold. The addition of CVT transmission in the Honda is a problem for me. I don’t like CVT transmission maintenance issues and the addition of turbocharger for additional power becomes another high maintenance problem. I think the Subaru Forester is better then either the Honda or Mazda but then again it’s my opinion. Corrected to indicate Mazda has a 6 speed automatic.

Mazda doesn't have a CVT, it has a 6 speed automatic.

Great Video thanks for the info.

The back seat side release switch is considered an upgrade trim level to Real high tech Mazda losers

@sometator But it really drives nice. Like a car.

I have a Rav 4 also, Never Toyota again CX-5 or CR-V.

It is a very superficial analysys of the three cars. For example they say nothing about the huge problems Honda CRV has with leaking gas and batteries which die fast and nobody knows why. On the contrary the CRV 2019 is the worst among the three.

As a 218 CRV owner - here's my public service announcement: >>> All GEN5 CRVs (2017-19) with the 1.5turbo engine are vulnerable to oil dilution. The "fix" has NOT eliminated the issue in mine or many others (not all have it). I LOVE the features of my CRV but can't recommend it because of the oil dilution. Time will tell if it causes premature engine wear. Meanwhile I bought the HondaCare 8 year / 120,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty and change my oil when the Maintenance Minder says it still has 50% remaining - and ALWAYS get out about 1/4 to 1/3 quart more "fluid" than was put in (i.e. gas is getting into the oil). Since most owners don't change their oil - or even open their hoods - I believe the vast majority of CRV owners aren't even aware they have oil dilution and that Honda is betting that any potential engine damage won't occur until well after the warranty has expired.

CRV = CVT, turbo, oil dilution. I chose RAV.

I was at a Toyota dealer and the RAV4s were selling so fast that if you walked past one on the showroom floor to get a coffee at the snack bar by the time you’d get back the Rav4 would be gone.

​@MOEBETTA All GEN5 CRVs (2017-19) with the 1.5turbo engine are vulnerable to oil dilution. The "fix" has NOT eliminated the issue - I know because I have a 2018. I LOVE the features of the car but can't recommend because of oil dilution. Time will tell if it causes premature engine wear. Meanwhile I bought the HondaCare 8 year / 120,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty and change my oil when the Maintenance Minder says it still has 50% remaining. Guess what? I ALWAYS remove about 1/4 to 1/3 quart more "fluid" than was put in (i.e. gas is getting into the oil).

@Jason Fults Adaptive Cruise Control with low speed capabilities is AMAZING for stop and go traffic - at least in my CRV. I've gone 60 minutes in stop and go nightmare traffic without touching the gas or brake - and was amazed how much less tiring the experience was than usual. With that said - I am concerned about my CRV's moderate oil dilution and can not recommend it.

Pretty harsh for a good review. Why would you want someone fired for a review? What makes you not take them seriously or are you just one to moan and complain a lot? My guess is you like to throw crap like that out. Please explain their faults and what they did wrong.

@Josh Miller Our(Edmund's)2018 Mazda CX-5 had a sticker price of $34,505 when it was new. After a year of driving, our odometer had about 17,600 miles on it. Assuming clean condition, the CX-5 had a private-party appraised value of $24,818. This is a 28% depreciation, which is worse than our long-term fleet average of 22%

@sometator Not crazy smaller, but a bit smaller. I have never had any issues unless I want to drive over 5 people. We have had 5 people and their luggage and it was doable. For everyday needs, I have not had a problem. Was worth it for us as we love the interior, exterior looks and its drive.

CRV is a great vehicle

unless you get the top level 250hp mazda, the rav4 and crv will have better hp and torque

The rav4 is a much better long term investment while the mazda is "luxury"

The guy with the glasses is stupid

My fam owns the 2019 crv and it has the best back seat legroom for sure yet the drive is most definitely not smooth, the acceleration feels droning with a delay

CR-V would be my number 1 pick and I was actually going to buy one until I found out about the oil dilution issue and the CVT transmission not being so great. I need to buy a vehicle that is going to last. Not like all of us have enough money to constantly be buying new vehicles. To me, in the end reliability and unneeded car repairs trumps a lot of those features.

Dave B 28 k miles on mine , 100k warranty.

Sidney had mine for two years , runs beautifully. CVT has proven reliable form Honda, it also shifts smoother than traditional. I also like the rav 4 !!

The hybrid is still relatively new and nobody knows exactly how much will it cost to replace parts related to the battery part. And a friend told me that the tank on a hybrid is smaller, like 12 gal and it goes fast.

C-X5 - For singles with friends C-RV - For parents with kids RAV-4 - For no one

Robert Murphy you just sound like a toyota hater.

Crv the highest ranking suv on the market

Happy and fully satisfied owner of CR-V's 1st and 5th gen models. My 1st gen is still smoothly running to date. Bought it in Feb 1998 (owner amongst those first 10 released units in the Philippines). After 21 years, due to the hefty price of gasoline, I decided I want to drive a diesel running vehicle. Too glad that Honda produces its 5th gen, in 7 seater and with diesel turbo engine CR-V. At first I was sceptical to buy it because Honda is not known yet in producing diesel engine vehicle. Surprisingly, suspension is great, fuel consumption is too thrifty because of its 1.6L engine, even smoother to drive than my 1st gen though it is diesel and to top it all it is not noisy. Take it from me a real owner everything about the 5th gen CR-V is great.

@Baizer Some people believes that "the fact that you can get all the same equipment in the CX-5 for $7,000 less by just not getting the turbo and still having the same power as the Rav4 and CRV" lol

Yeah bud did they not say they were testing all the top trims

As a 2018 CRV owner - here's my public service announcement: >>> All GEN5 CRVs (2017-19) with the 1.5turbo engine are vulnerable to oil dilution. The "fix" has NOT eliminated the issue in mine or many others (not all have it). I LOVE the features of my CRV but can't recommend it because of the oil dilution. Time will tell if it causes premature engine wear. Meanwhile I bought the HondaCare 8 year / 120,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty and change my oil when the Maintenance Minder says it still has 50% remaining - and ALWAYS get out about 1/4 to 1/3 quart more "fluid" than was put in (i.e. gas is getting into the oil). Since most owners don't change their oil - or even open their hoods - I believe the vast majority of CRV owners aren't even aware they have oil dilution and that Honda is betting that any potential engine damage won't occur until well after the warranty has expired.

@Chad S Good to hear - so far so good! I usually keep my vehicles past 100K miles - which may not happen with this one. :(

@Chad S but cvt doesnt shift those are fake shift i believe

@James C RAV4 hybrid gas tank capacity same as regular ones

Alex Wei I heard 2% from Regular Cars, but I’m even more happy with 0%

@Garrett W Ford has 0% stake in Mazda now, Ford sold its remaining shares in Mazda on Sep. 2015

Hmmm... should I get one of these small SUVs or a midsizer truck? Either could work for my lifestyle. Truck can carry bigger things, and the SUV is cheaper and uses less gas. Right now I'm leaning towards a truck.

how is your Forester??? us it better than crv???

Very thorough, well done video. Only thing was missing for me was a discussion of prior reliability in earlier year models. This is a very important topic, especially if you plan to keep your car over 100,000 miles.

@Chad S CVT transmissions don't shift.

I have Honda CR-V 2017 lx modal... currently on 70000km it's doing there any one who have good experience with CR-V

RAV4 8 speed transmission is crap. I've got one. Toyota not responding well at all. On the other hand, I don't have gas in my oil as with the Honda.


@Jay Kim I like the Forester safety features called "Eyesight". It has saved me a number of times when backing out of a parking spot. The adaptive cruise control is another great feature of Eyesight. The 250hp is nice also.

ya just hateing on the rav4

Another big problem with the CX-5 is that it's made by Mazda. Mazda automobiles are not selling and gotta start wondering if the company will even be around in the future

Peter L stupidest comment I've ever read

I'm currently looking for an SUV to replace my Mercedes 3.2CDI station wagon (roads are atrocious and visibility among SUVs is pretty bad) and I have a headache by looking through most reviews who care so much about acceleration of a god damn SUV. What I care about: 1. MPG. That made me interested in Rav4 Hybrid with 5.5l/100km. I can't believe this is possible, but it is. 2. Reliability. Again, anything NON turbo and especially NON diesel takes the cake. Turbo is kind of nice, but it's an additional part that can break and I don't see why I want one for a car that is made for cruising. Diesels are nice, but again, after fixing one it's not a pleasant and cheap task. NA engine is always better in this regard, which leads to.. 3. Engine displacement. The more the better, as usual. 1.5l SUV? Sorry, but I had a Civic decades ago with 1.5l engine. This is a joke for a car this weight and size. 2.5l engine sounds better. 4. 'AWD' SUV. From what I can tell they all suck in comparison to proper offroad trucks, so as long as it helps in winter and some wet dirt that's as good as one can expect. I could look for a pickup but I have no use for it (why I had wagon in a first place) and definitely could care less how fast does this box on wheels accelerate.

Edmunds, you just destroyed your credibility. Terrible judgement.

god this is awful

Honda the company that has gasoline dilution issues on their latest Turbo engine. Toyota that released the RAV4 and there was a major recall days after (and currently there is a lawsuit action against them in Australia for DPF filters) and Mazda with their weak transmissions. Japanese companies are losing the plot!

I have the CRV ,and it's just superb..Greetings from Ireland

"CRV is good at everything and bad at none".....Lol! What about the oil dilution problem? My guess.....RAV4 - 1, CX-5 - 2, CRV - 3. Based on performance and reliability.

I think when reviewing cars they need to look also at the technical aspect like problems, recalls, cost of ownership like maintenance etc... coz the winner here the "CRV" has issues w/ oil dilution, ignore the cargo space, ignore the volume knob if the engine has serious problems.

I Agree

I can't take this review seriously. I feel like right from the get go they had a vendetta against the rav4. Without missing a beat they already had negative things to say as if they had rehearsed it beforehand. Horrible poker faces.

CRV it's Bad at nothing but it's just does not Excell at anything.

The RAV4 is Hybrid only in the UK

The Honda is clearly not a Canadian Honda. Over here you can buy any interior colour as long as it is black

Such an honest review. It was refreshing to see.

This is not a good year for the people who are looking for a compact Japanese SUV like CR-V or RAV4. RAV4 has good looks, but it has obvious transmission issues, one can identify them by a test driving. One can recreate those issues simply by reading online forums. CR-V looks better, but the battery drain issue is very significant. A service bulletin issued by Honda says "The vehicle fails to start after being parked for an extended period. After the vehicle is parked for an extended period, the PCM begins an evaporative system leak check after meeting certain criteria. Under certain conditions, it may not return to sleep mode, causing the battery to discharge.". PCM software can be updated as recommended in the TSB, but no owner has confirmed anywhere whether it actually works for 2019 CR-Vs. That means risks are high! Unless one really needs to buy a hybrid vehicle, no one should be forced to buy a hybrid vehicle due to design level issues in non-hybrid models. Toyota and Honda are not telling the truth, dealerships are acting like they have not see this before. Te wisest decision is to forget the 2019 CR-V and RAV4, at least for now. Sometimes 2020 models will be better.

the cx5 looks ok,, why cany these manufacturers make these cars less ugly

@Chili _boi actually in last two year I did many long drive between US and Canada, that's why...

So u drive 35,000 km a year?

Yet another example of reviewers failing to mention the oil infiltration and electrical system problems in the CR-V. . .

Just bought a CX-5 and it’s awesome! I test drove the RAV4 and it was nice too.

After test driving the crv, the cx5, and rav 4, i went with the rav 4 xse hybrid. It was hard to find one though and i had to wait 2 months

I test all 3 before buying any off those vehicles and I end whith the rav4,much better in everything, I don't know how much this others company pay you to hait toyota.

thats from 2017 man

The xse is nice, far better than the gas version

Putting the RAV in third is about one of the worst decisions I’ve heard about it. No one buying a mainstream compact SUV actually cares about driving dynamics and all that other stuff. They want features, space, good mpg, and a car that’s going to last. In that regard, the RAV4 should have at least been second. It’ll outlast the other two any day, especially with Honda’s oil dilution and turbo issues, and the hybrid has a better AWD system and will blow the others out of the water in fuel economy. Granted, my grandfather bought a 2018 Accord and I really like it and it’s been trouble free during the year he’s had it so far, but to say that Toyota is resting on its laurels after a full blown redesign is just outright disrespect

The list is too long for all of the shortcomings of the CX-5: 1) under powered 2) cheap materials - smoke and mirrors with first impressions 3) The worse electronics - Mazda connect was designed by a 1st grader 4) Bose audio is not as good as my base model Elantra 5) Suspension is lackluster and with just a little wind the car in all over the place 6) Cheap leather seats 7) Grinding seat motors 8) Horrible narrow wheels and tires on my 2019 GT MUCH better options than this crap!

You people are terrible reviewers and SCAMMING YOUR VIEWERS by not mentioning oil dilution on the CRV 1.5!

This video sucks. They didn't warn anyone.

12:48 you really think so? Its probably the best transmission of the bunch, since its the most dependable out of the 3.

CRV is ugly and has the dreadful unreliable CVT.

Jazz_Addict I’ve been researching that. Seems like it might have been resolved on the 2019? Am I wrong?

@James C In theory that makes sense but in reality toyota hybrids are way cheaper in the long run and will run for way longer that an ICE. Just ask a cab driver. I've been in several with over 1M miles on em. Cant say that about any non hybrid.

I own a 2016 CR-V and I'm very happy with it. And concerning the cvt transmission...I previously had a 2014 Honda civic with a cvt transmission and after 180000km, no problem at all.

2014 were standard automatics. Look it up for cr-v.

It does not. How many CVT failures have you heard off in the CR-V, or the Accord, or the Civic?

So what, get the car jumpstarted and off you go.

I don't like the rav4 wheel arch, mazda is pretty and honda is reliable i would pick Mazda

Get a four door pickup put a cap on it. Purchase a roll out bed or make your own. Cant beat that.

@Will B 100% agree

I stay home in the heavy snows. In fact State DOT mandates it. Roads are always clear within a day. Dont buy the hype.

@Meiyi ZhaoTranny vibrations and hesitation but one of the biggest problems with the CRVs now are engines producing high oil level with gas in oil.

For fuck sakes these reviewers think you're going to be doing cannon ball runs everyday in your family SUV? Thats what the Lamborghini Urus is for how about you know going back and forth to work, around town, and then a nice weekend road trip.

I honestly think they are biased AGAINST Toyota. I’ve driven many different models of the RAV4 and the CX5. I loved the RAV4 because it seemed like the engine and transmission was just made better. The CX5 had a loud engine and seemed like it was struggling to pump out enough power. Definitely prefer the RAV4 and Toyota’s undeniable reliability.

@Meiyi Zhao Ohh no! No one needs to jump start a few days old brand new car several times a week. Software update looks working, but dealerships don't understand the issue or hesitate to take an action thinking it might affect their sales.

Those 2 is junk I prefer toyota rav4

@KD BTW, the 2019 Rav4 was given the highest safety rating in its class. Toyota is FAR superior to Honda, considering Honda gave up on the V6 in the Accord (which I do admit is a great car). Its funny that the Accord's 2.0T gets the same fuel economy of the V6 in the Camry, and the Camry has more horsepower. Camry V6 gets 301 hp/ 267 lb-ft of torque, whereas the Accord 2.0T gets 252 hp/ 273 lb-ft of torque. Although power isn't everything, the Camry is far better and will likely last longer than the turbo. I think it is stupid that people cannot get past the fact that Toyota is not an old person's brand anymore. Mazda may be trying to be more sophisticated and more upscale, but in the end I think they lose sight of the reason for crossovers and SUV's, to carry families and cargo dependably and comfortably. The CX5 is way too small compared to its competitors. Honda has in no way had better interiors ever. The interior of the 2019 Camry versus the 2019 Accord is a great example. The Camry looks like a Lexus with soft and expensive-looking materials, whereas the Accord has a bland interior that is a ripoff of the Malibu, with seats that look like 90's recliners. Sorry that I'm a "normie," but I believe in a company that has always been forward with their issues and have been highly dependable. Enjoy your randomly exploding airbags!

Toyota's undeniable reliability? Its not 1998 anymore. That CX5 is still made in Japan. Toyota is loosing their way mass producing, pumping out cheap fleet sales and coasting off sheep customers and their past reputation. Honda has always made far superior vehicles since the mid 2000s, especially when it comes to interior quality. Toyota has also lost any semblance of being an ethical company these days too. The 13 to 18 Rav4 was only reinforced on the drivers side to pass IIHS small overlap crash. Every other SUV tested performed the same on both sides. That alone would keep me from trusting any modern Toyota. Lets see how those 8 speed transmissions hold up too! Mazda OTOH is a brand who's reputation for reliability was largely damaged by sharing in fords parts bin the last couple decades. They're on the come up but keep hating. They and Honda will always be the drivers brands from Japan. Toyota just makes plastic appliances for normies.

Im surprised the Hyundai Tucson isn’t in this comparison...Koreans have been killing it lately with their value for the quality and tech they offer

For the reliability Toyota will beat the Mazda and Honda. Toyota cars always have a lack of power on the road.

Literally every other major car reviewer - Rav4 is the best CUV on the market. This review - worst car we ever drove. Wonder who is right?

They should have included the Tiguan, Forrester, and a Tucson in the comparison. The CR-V would still be #1.

The Tuscon has been plagued with transmission problems after it was redesigned in 2016. Has this problem been corrected?

He ain’t lying. I own a 2018, and had the recall. It did nothing. I live where it can get really cold. The thing never got up to temp, which is even worse. In 2000 miles I added a quart of gasoline to my oil...even with the update and Honda refuses to take it back. Stay’s actually bullshit that these people mention issues with the Mazda but skip over the really bad of the CRV!

That’s not a fair comparison pitting a CX5 turbo against the CRV and RAV4.

Jazz_Addict honestly I couldn’t either. In the end I went with a different car. When I asked a dealer about it, they said oh the 2019s are a lot better with issue. Like, what does that mean? Is the issue resolved or not?

@Zetylin I can't find any clear cut proof. If you can, please let me know !

@Chicken Daily not I just watched the video, I've owned a Mazda and currently a Toyota SUVs.

Lady has no problem with the ugly sound crv makes but gets irritated with mazda are you fucking kidding me. Mazda’s rev is so beautiful.

I think the Mazda has a highly unattractive and bulbous exterior. It just goes to show that style is in the eye of the beholder.

Wish reviewers would realize Toyota isn’t interested in providing Google with all that free data and have them use it according to their current Android Auto user agreement. Good on Toyota to hold out till Google changes their user agreements.

Jazz_Addict I completely agree. It completely turned me off of the new Honda’s

@Zetylin I spoke to a local Honda mechanic, who made light of the issue, as if it's OK to have the oil that's designed to protect the engine diluted with gas! The very fact that Honda hasn't aggressively re-designed the engine strongly disinclines me from buying any of their products ! Looks like I'll end up with a Rav4 Hybrid, Outback or Forester. The new Escape looks interesting, but has very low ground clearance which will not work for me.

19:20 my man, you can adjust all the features and sensitivities

@Fender 1960 Purchased a 2016 Tucson and after spending countless trips to the service depot, traded in after only 11 months for a 2017 CRV, even wiht the recall, no regrets what so ever, other then I wished I never even heard of Hyundai Tucson.

@24:00 clearly if you know how to use the space wisely you can fit everything in the trunk for Rav 4

The hybrids feel weaker then the others. My gf drove both the hybrid that has the cvt and one with a regular tranny. the cvt is horrible. Sure you get more horsepower but it definitely doesn't feel like it.


I like this format. Great comparison test.

Honda has been a second rate brand for a very long time. Toyota or bust.

Agreed. CX5 looks too feminine and I don't care for the long hood.

so funny every car reviewers don't mention about honda 1.5T engine OIL dilution STAY AWAYYYY

Cx5 i had mine now

Review the Vw 2020 amarok

Why is the lady in the back seat isn't wearing a seat belt while the car is in motion?

Mazda hands down

If you want to contribute to global warming & pollution get the CX5 or CRV. Rav4 hybrid puts out 2/3 carbon emissions and pollutants of CX5 & CRV. Unfortunate most people don't consider this when buying cars

This was literally my battle recently. Bought the Rav4 the other day. It's cheaper than the Mazda and has far more tech and safety features standard through all trims as well as far more cabin and cargo capacity. I was impressed with the cruise that automatically adjusts to keep distance from the car in front. I like how the eco sport and normal modes actually feels like it changes the Rav4 all together. Each feels like a different vehicle. Pop it into sport mode and your acceleration numbers are very different. Not to mention the steering wheel changes. Driving around town you don't need to be having such a sensitive gas pedal and pickup. Helps with gas consumption. Blind spot warning lane departure warning and auto steering adaptive cruise control as basically standard. Like the hold button especially for trains can take foot off the break without putting the park break on. Love the camera rearview mirror for when your loaded up or have a bunch of heads in the back seat. I don't think you researched the vehicle probably before you drove it. No down gear? It has an 8 speed transmission and you can switch it to almost a standard transmission by shifting left and then you shift up and down. Another massive deciding feature for me. Living in northern Canada driving the highway to work through 2 feet of snow is a daily adventure. Because of this also liked the extra 1 inch ground clearance over the others. Rav4 most safety features standard. Most off road capability. Most control. Most gear control. Most fuel efficiency choices. High reliability, Lower price tag for what you get. But I guess that's probably why it's been the #1 selling compact SUV in canada for years. It's a vehicle that can be driven easier in challenging conditions than the others.

It would be better if you compare mid trim, not many people can afford 35 + grand car

Typical. No mention of the oil dilution issues or the airbag recall. Mazda is far less fuel-efficient compared to the other two, and the Signature trim is really expensive. Problem with the Toyota is that they make them reliable, but without the entry level luxury that reporters like.

Yep. We were all set this week but backed out. So disappointed in Honda. Looking at the CX5.



Lol, Woooe, get some.

All 3 have their pro's and cons but can be summed up like this. The Rav4 is by far the reliability king, CX-5 is fastest and most sporty and the Honda sits midway between being sporty and reliable. I've owned Toyota's since 2002 and I pay close attention to the issues my Honda and Mazda friends have compared to the issues I've had with my Toyota. I keep my cars for a least 10 years and drive at least 20k miles a year. My last Toyota had 277k miles when I sold it to a friend. It now has 320k and still working well. For my money, I will take the RAV4.

The Honda controls and dash are just a big mess. Nothing makes sense. Drove a neighbor's last weekend - nothing is intuitive. But you can't tell that to the CultHonda crowd. They just accept the mess and 'get used to it'.

Why you guys didn't consider the Forester in your comparison?

Absolutely love my 2019 Honda CR-V

Since the fourt gen the rav4 gets uglier!!!!

Subaru? Box engine, transmission issue crap... FOH!

18:44 wait... who wants to use cruise control and lane-keep assist on stop and go traffic. come on Jeeves... these guys are true haters for Rav4... on this video, they all blame about Rav4 lmao did u get some bribe from Honda and Mazda for this?

Right? He called the RAV4 navigation function "lame." What does that even mean?? Does it navigate or not? I don't know how a maps application could be anything other than "lame," and I don't understand why that would be how you describe a perfectly utility-based feature.

The oil dilution issue is overblown and far more CRVs don't have it. CVTs are awesome for efficiency and most (except Nissan) are very reliable these days.

The CRV battery issue was because of the e-parking brake and a software fix was issued. If you followed the 5th gen CRV forums you'd see that there are way more owners that don't have the oil dilution issue. The few that do will of course cry the loudest and skew public perception. My 2017 is still fine to this day and yes, I do check oil levels frequently to make sure. Obviously no car will be the "best" at every single thing, but the Honda is very good at everything and that flexibility is kinda the point for most CUV buyers.

Jun 2019 and you still compare the traditional gas engine RAV4? It is not is not relevant anymore. RAV4 hybrid is taking over the world. The problem with RAV4 Hybrid is that Toyota cannot handle the demand and it takes 6 month to get one.

i bought a 2018 CRV with the 1.5 engine a year and a half ago, 0 issues so far.

See my concern here is that ok the mazda is probably the most luxurious and most powerful but its also the most expensive and obviously the one with the shittiest resale value of the bunch. I cant say much about the reliability of the mazda either(unless someone here can tell me how well do they age). The honda and toyota are obviously the more popular brands but i really cronge the fact that toyota could not make the rav4 a little bit more powerful. Considering the fact they they made it look beefy but made it less powerful. Thats like selling a Tundra with a 4 cylinder motor. I like the crv too but i kind of feel skeptical about the cvt transmission. Also i kind of fell in love with the design of the new rav4 . Also lastly after reading some of the comments about the rav4 hybrid showing concerns about its reliability(and why people dont consider buying the hybrid). I would like to say one thing, i believe the hybrid should atleast last a 100k miles without any major issues shpuldint it? For a new car buyer i dont think that should be a concern as most new car buyers wont keep the same car for more than 100k miles. What do you guys think i would love to know.

I got the CX-5. I just like it better. My second choice would be the RAV 4 Hybrid. The Honda is excluded because of the oil dilution problem.

I agree with your likes and dislikes. My major dislike is the horn. Would be fine in Europe, but in Las Vegas it sounds like a cartoon toy horn. Rob in LV

The RAV4 Hybrid beats them all. Finally. (And it's still a nickel battery)

All 3 have their pro's and cons but can be summed up like this. The Rav4 is by far the reliability king, CX-5 is fastest and most sporty and the Honda sits midway between being sporty and reliable. I've owned Toyota's since 2002 and I pay close attention to the issues my Honda and Mazda friends have compared to the issues I've had with my Toyota. I keep my cars for a least 10 years and drive at least 20k miles a year. My last Toyota had 277k miles when I sold it to a friend. It now has 320k and still working well. For my money, I will take the RAV4. Wrap up Toyota best reliability and driving comfort, Mazda best aesthetics inside and out and sportiest fastest ride, Honda sits in between the Toyota and Mazda, not as reliable or as comfortable as the Toyota and not as fast or as sexy as the Mazda.

I really love my Rav4 but to be fair it's a 2009 Limited with a V6. So it's fast as hell for an suv and powerful. It also has 195,000 miles on it, and I'm getting rid of it soon (need something newer for Uber, their rules, not mine). Of these three reviewed, I also like the CR-V the best. Not thrilled at the idea of a CVT, but from what I've read Honda and a few others like Subaru know how to make good ones. I'd really prefer manual, but I suppose those days are gone for suvs.

I LOVE the CRV!!!!!

I was rooting for RAV4 but that Asian guy is so convincing... im thinking about Mazda now. Lol

@ Richard Brunner right on! The Honda CRV Oil Dilution is a huge and costly issue for anyone condering buying one of these made sincew 2017. Shame on Edmunds crew for not pointing this out.

Would you also like to comment about the oil dilution problem with CRV? I was almost convinced with CRV after your review but later found about the oil dilution problem after my research. This review mislead me

Just got my XLE Hybrid 10 days ago. My review would start of with HMMMMM IM NOT SURE. This is my FIRST Toyota, I am 77. So what’s wrong? The search, selection and purchase process was NOT a happy one. Toyota does not make it easy, there are about 11 different models with several optional packages and trying to understand EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GETTING IS A NIGHTMARE. Does “Scout GPS Link” sort of sound like a GPS Navigation System? WELL IT IS NOT, I am STILL trying to understand EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES, the dealership seemed even more confused than me. WHAT IT IS NOT IS, IT IS NOT A GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM. Without a SMARTPHONE AND A HEALTHY DATA PLAN THERE IS NO NAVIGATION. Not to worry SCOUT GOS LINK IS FREE FOR 3 YEARS, AFTER THAT IT IS $25 a year. Try finding that out from the dealer, it took several calls to Toyota Cust Srvc and long waits on the phone and “what did you want to know” and “hold on” until I was told “$25 p a”. My next question is still being researched by Toyota, “What EXACTLY does Scout GPS Link DO”. Not a GOOD start Toyota. There are many other ANNOYANCES, like the mystery of the DISAPPEARING START BUTTON. YES it DISAPPEARS, when the steering wheel is I the straight ahead position the horizontal spoke MAKES THE START BUTTON DISAPPEAR. So you are either GROPING AROUND OR CRANING YOUR KNECK TO SEE IT. It boggles the mind to think that the design engineer did NOT ACTUALLY SIT IN THE DRIVERS SEAT AND EXCLAIM “WHERE IS THE START BUTTON”. Then there is the INFORMATION PANEL which in bright sunlight is VERY DIFFICULT TO READ, to read it requires some degree of concentration which TAKES TIME AND IS HIGHLY DISTRACTING. if I sit in the car in my garage the panel is BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT AND CLEAR BUT IN BRIGHT SUNLIGHT IT IS NOT. So I have concluded that if I restrict my driving to tours of the garage I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS READING THE INFORMATION PANEL. There are other annoyance and disappointments, but I am trying hard to like the RAV.

That's just silly.

Allan Wilson around 70 on highway,the noise is too loud Hurt my ears

@Crybabehot At what speed and what type of road? Road noise should not be that much problematic, but the feeling could be vary from person to person.

Allan Wilson I just bought one last week,good car,just the road noise,I don’t know anybody has same issue?

FSM FSM hope you don’t find the problem

Let tangible data be the core decider of what is best. Everyone has a personal opinion. But when it comes to statistics, that is factual data. In terms of sales, people buy the car they prefer. Sales figures is tangible data, not someone's personal opinion. You bought the car you wanted to buy. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Those don't lie. If Mazda is so good, why haven't they caught up to the sales numbers that Honda and Toyota accomplish? Those brands sell more cars in a day than Mazda does in a month (exaggerated). Even Subaru in the US is doing well with their numbers. So, I hope those who say they would buy the Mazda over the other two, I hope you actually did to help Mazda's sales figures.

Hope one day to have a Forester Hybrid , that will be the best

adam smith I thought so too.

I think as far as reliability goes, it's Toyota and Honda over Mazda. Also, the average car on the road is about 12 years old. Given an average of 12,000-15,000 miles driven annually, that would mean that the average person puts approximately 150-175 thousand miles on their car. It sounds high, but these are just the law of averages. With that said, just about any Japanese brand should get you there, without too many problems. But Toyota and Honda seem to be the most reliable brands.

@Reid Heine Some people believes that "the fact that you can get all the same equipment in the CX-5 for $7,000 less by just not getting the turbo and still having the same power as the Rav4 and CRV" lol

CRV All day

I don't like these cars because too many people drive these cars..

How many miles or kilometres you think this Honda can stay with high realiblity and preform a in road , answer me please

“Cvt suck the life out of every car” Yet its does more with the least HP. Funny most people that say that must have never driven/owned a cvt car. Especially in mountain roads. I love my 1.5L turbo/CVT civic.

Honda spokesman Chris Martin says abnormal oil dilution remains “extremely rare, especially outside of extremely cold weather areas.” The problem occurs when unburned fuel slips past piston rings and mixes with engine oil in the crankcase

I've had my 2017 almost 3 years now with no oil problems. A small precent of the CRV's had it. Honda has totally fixed the problem now so no worry for you.

@FSM FSM got one too 0 issues and drives like a champ

Power in everything for sure! Enjoyment! Fun! I do have cx5 sg and sexy sport .the engine very fast

Miguel López Thank you, I can now tell my wife that I am NOT going crazy in my old age.

Science-is-Truth ik I read your age and I totally agree, the experience of buying a Toyota is not the best, my mom bought a Toyota RAV4 last year and let me tell you, it was horrible

Miguel López You are CORRECT. But I don’t change my cars because I need to, I am fortunate enough to be able to change them because I want to. As I said this is my FIRST TOYOTA, I know the reputation of Toyota and it is well deserved. But I have been DISAPPOINTED by these things, I was going to say PROBLEMS but they really aren’t. It is just that I had expected MORE FOM TOYOTA AND THAT IS SAD. I should add that I am 77 and I have owned a lot of cars.

Well let me tell you it’s going to be worth it bc it will last a lot and you probably won’t need to change cars in a long time

Android compatibility problems are hard to understand. I actually had a salesman explain the problem as android’s fault for their “slowness to adapt” as if the manufacturer wasn’t remiss... Anyway, I have the CRV and it doesn’t have that problem. The RAV4 is disappointingly slow. The potent CX-5 doesn’t seem as fast as it should be. All these cars are subject to poor availability for the most popular trims (RAV4 Hybrid) and you have to deal with a possibly difficult (read costly) buying process from some dealers. Maybe some parts of the country gives you better deals than others. It’s a bit of a jungle out there.

I got my wife a 2018 Mazda cx9 and I have a 2015 bmw 535igt and I prefer to drive the mazda. Its so much more fun to drive.

@Steve C Oh, so that's what you meant about short trips. I'm glad you were able to change autos. I hope I make the right choice. I have watched so many car videos I am frazzled.

@S Lucas the oil dilution issue is also troublesome for folk that typically make short trips as the engine dosnt get chance to heat up enough to burn off the excess in balmy Ontario, short 6 mile commute to work and our cold winters doomed my CRV...just traded for yet;-)

@Steve C I live in the warm climate of Central Florida, the rest of the family in the Great State of Texas in the central region,, and any snow has been an aberration, and melted while it was either falling, or immediately after touching the ground. But, we do get cold enough weather in both places that we have to wear what we consider to be a warm coat. Very little morning freeze in either State. Is the majority of the USA really cold climates? I thought we mostly have what is called a "Continental" climate. Anyway, since I'm not in a cold climate I won't have to worry about the oil dilution. Good luck to the rest. What did you mean by "short trips?" I'm now looking at the Toyota Highlander and reviews on that.

@S Lucas ok, short trips, cold climates...thats the majority of north americsn drivers.

I test drove all 3, and mazda and rav4 both did a poor job in the lane keep assist feature.. both more easily allowed you to cross the lines, and if I really did fall asleep, I'd crash into a ditch or side rails. not sure on the cr'v on this part, but santa fe and even more so, subaru's do much better in keeping you in the lane !! . coming to a full stop on adaptive cruise, is cool for the cx5. but thumbs down on it's lane keep assist.

Lol. Last year Toyota sold more Rav4s than Mazda's entire lineup. And I am not exaggerating, it is a fact. Most people value reliability the most.

Lane assist... “it just keeps making noise”.... maybe not be a crappy driver... lol

ride a bicycle

I purchased the Rav 4 Hybrid XLE model and I love it. This review does it no justice at all. It seemed like they were biased towards the Mazda from the get.

I hate the bitch

WTF???? Your Dad should have used a condom.


The Nissan Murano trumps all these 3 puny mf suvs

Nice review

We love our Hondas!!

My friend just bought a '19 CR-V and it is really nice. I love the interior.

The first and second Gen CRVs were the best. All after that not worth it

Now let's compare reliability and repairs in 200k miles... yep

Glad you love your Toyota.

Everyone is entitled to their ridiculous opinion......CX5 all the way !

suv or 3 door coupe?

search 'oil dilution issue' if you plan to buy a Honda CRV.

you guys recorded this in Santa Clarita :) i recognized the streets!

informative opinons, but with most reviews, the one word that I would like to have addressed: RELIABILITY. I would consider all 3 as I am now in the market now. I have owned many Hondas, but the issue with oil and gas mixing in the turbo version is really causing me to back away. Very scary possible engine flaw.

OK it's not for $800 more you can get a hybrid. The interest rate for a hybrid is 4.9%. Now the gas model is 1.9%. That's like $5,000 difference. There's no special financing for the hybrid through Toyota. That's why I didn't buy the XSE hybrid. It was quoted at $34k. I wasn't ready to pay $640 for 72 months.

Unusual for the CX5 to not win a review in this situation. Is there a bias away from Mazda in the US?

No hybrid or CVT for me.

These are not small suv you peopke not got a clue there are suv much small You American no nothing about driving twisty road, never need to slow on an American twist becsuse they do not twist Well we will get that hybrid because it's the only power plant they sell in europe. We get full leather interior not synthetic You can adjust the distance, you can turn off land keeping assist we have no Apple or android. CRV gas nasty fake wood If you cannot watch the yiur dash and notice the cruise icon you should not be driving it lights up I a colour that makes you notice. You should be in control not the supplemental driving aids it's called good driving no wonder Europe will accept American diving licenses as equal to there own.

Planning to buy either of the 3. I was able to test drive both the RAV4 HYBRID XLE and the MAZDA CX5 Touring AWD in a day. I drove the cx5 first and it really was fun to drive that I enjoyed it so much. The interior was very nice although its less roomy especially at the back. Then i hopped into the RAV4, I was disappointed with the interior. The plastics look cheap and I hated the seats, they are ugly cloth seats. Its way bigger inside though. The hybrid engine was so quiet but it was really boring to drive compared to the mazda. Wanted a toyota because its more reliable but I'm leaning towards the cx5, I think its a better package overall and I can't believe its way more cheaper.

mazda looks good if you want to only keep car for couple years were reliability isn't big deal if your keepn for long time Toyota or Honda  all way just my opinon owned chevy ford an mazda now with Toyota since 2004 they run for ever

yeah Honda an mazda good  but Toyota is probably most  reliable

Yeah. I trying to make the tough call if I should keep my 2017 CR V because of the dilution issues...Otherwise there isn't anything else I dislike about the car...but going back and forth to the dealer a half dozen times because the check engine light keeps coming on does not sit well.

Great video.I brought mazda cx5 month ago and I loved...

I hope the RAV4 Driver Assist can be disabled if you don't want it

Which one has the best dynamic cruise control system for slow/stop and go traffic? I have heard good things about Subaru's Eyesight but am not too sure about HS/TSS. On Subaru's you just have to press the resume button after stop. I am also open to after market systems such as

by the way it is a suv not a sports car so if I want a fast of the line car i'm going to buy a sports car. fk'n brown noses. hahahaha

you guys are the biggest brown noses I have ever seen. what did you get to review such bs about the yota ?? I drive this car all through the mtns every single day with 3 to 4 hikers and back packs and this vehicle handle the hills with no problems what so ever. hahaha. I drive in this vehicle for eight to ten hours a day doing 300 to 500 hundred miles a day and what you say and what I know are two different things. I also drove a honda crv for 12000 miles and a Tucson for 10000 miles and bimmer x3 for 12000 and out of all of them the rav was the best that is why I purchased it. you guys are ignorant and I will never ever watch your stupid videos again. I think sales will prove you wrong since the rav 2019 is number three or four for most sold trucks or s/cuvs in in the world. take your stupid reviews and drill them deep into your kiss peoples ass to keep your job world.... hahahaha.. idiots

Dang. Lots of hate for the rav. I just rented one , only for 3 hours, and I had no issues for the highway trip. I also haven’t driven any new models of the other two. What does this mean? It’s a good time to be car shopping one of these.

And, Edmunds, who cares about 0-60 mph in a SUV? I have driven all 3 and they all have enough power, but history shows Honda makes the best engines, the most reliable. Toyota did a redesign because people weren’t buying it. The Mazda has a tight interior compared to Honda. Beyond that, it’s personal taste.

Yeah no. If Honda didn’t have a CVT it would be worthy. Mazda is nice but too small and petite. Toyota Rav 4 is the winner for me. Great quality, comfortable ride, looks good and has plenty of room for a family. Real world experience here folks.

Let me guess you own a Rav 4 and never test drove the Honda right? Honda has a smoother ride and more room for a family. Also, the load height is easier in the CRV and the back doors open 90 degrees. No comment on the overall look I guess if you like the square wheel well openings you could be a bit of a weirdo but to each his own.

RAV4 Hybrid is barely more expensive, but faster that the regular 4 cylinder version and gets 40 MPH. Toyota got my bucks. After a couple of tickets and more scares, and having a family, and being a motorcycle rider too, I stopped needing a "performance car" to zip around blind corners. Good handling for hazards and fun too, fast off the mark for merging, good visibility, quiet, comfortable and roomy, great stereo and great gas mileage, AND a resale and reliability value that is top notch! RAV4 HYBRID! LOOOVE IT!

Change the Crv front from a chrome look to the Black like the 2019 civic's sport model and you got a winner.

Paul FUN Lol well this is a great example of how people can have very different tastes and opinions. I think it is safe to say at this point both of these great options are available to choose from and both have a firm place in this segment.

@Joseph Kraft I am glad you like it but for me it was missing a pano roof, heated steering wheel and real leather. CR-V has a way hotter ass end than the plain Jane Rav4...tail lights especially. CVT tuning makes it sweet to drive around town I sure don't miss gear changes.

Paul FUN No. Test drove: Mazda CX-5, Honda CRV, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Kona, Jeep Renegade, Nissan Murano and Rouge, Ford Escape, and Rav 4. It was not a fast choice as we spent several months shopping. Honda is nice sure but the look is not desirable and the taillights are hideous and that CVT is just a deal breaker.. after owning the Rav for a few months we still have no complaints at this time and LOVE it.

donald ballard wow, you really need validation that you made the right choice LOL

Keith Newton just FYI, we really don’t care how you do it in Europe

CRV number 1 baby!!!!

I test drove all three and its really about what you prioritize from your car. Also this comparison should've had the grand touring reserve cx5. That's more comparable. The signature doesn't have anything that really justifies the price bump, whereas the reserve also offers the turbo motor and top tech.

flscott That would be really easy and cheap to custom wrap or spray paint. DIY videos out there too

You better pull you dipstick and smell for gas. Newer hinda engines are having a dilution issue. Gas is mixing with the oil. Google dilution issue. Honda wont recall.

CRV is truly the all round winner....when you consider reliability gas consumption in real life . CX with that 2.4 engine will bleed your wallet

Wait all the driving tech was too difficult to use in the Honda CR-V but it comes in first? It’s all about tech so the Mazda is the real winner!

Honda reliability has declined and has a questionable cvt. The rav has had problems with their new transmissions as well.

Rav4 looks like a great car but I don't want people quoting Kanye at me while I drive it.

Cvt wont last as long. Toyota is having problems with the new 8 speed transmission as well

Hi, I think you guys should include the 2019 kia sorento as well. It is by far an excellent vehicle.

aah ehem Ms CRV, you forgot to tell us whats up with its unfixed oil dilution issues.

I pick the rav4 because I'm not a soccer mom/dad, and the CR-V and CX-5 both look like beefed up vans. I wouldn't be taking the CR-V and CX-5 to the beach or any outdoors manly stuff. No offense but I see you guys in a buick.

Depends on what's important to you. For me, reliability is more important so I'd go with RAV4 or CRV.

Who cares about sporty high performance in a compact SUV? It's a modern family wagon. Reliability, roominess, comfort, convenience and safety are what's important. My wife absolutely loves her RAV4 because it's perfect for shopping, taking the kids to school, running errands, visiting her friends, etc. A CUV is not a sports sedan and there is nothing you can do to it make fun like our TLX (or similar vehicles). There is a reason the RAV4 is the best seller in this segment. Admiring a compact SUV for performance makes about as much sense as admiring a stripper for her brains.

Corkfish1 haven’t heard about that. I’ll keep an eye on it for sure. So far so good though.

@luckyyu2004 no. Gas got into the engine mixing with oil

area859 not oil dilution problem. Oil dilution come from the direction injection spray gasoline into the ignition chamber. All inside the engine. Sound like a lemon

@luckyyu2004 it reaked of gas and inside his car

area859 just because the oil level rise, doesn’t mean it affect the oil lubrication performance. My engine oil rise too. Car has been fine.

@luckyyu2004 my buddies civic 1.5 has the issue..2018 model

@area859 old news....all our 1.5T in the civic are fine. Mine was the first batched out the ship from UK, it is been very reliable for 45K miles. forum member repeatedly sent oil sample to test lab. the oil dilution doesn't affect engine oil performance. these new 0W20 oil is very advance.

Why watch the video and still go for rav 4.... car large but a piece of shit

What about the oil dilution issue in Turbo CRV ? or is it resolved?

crossover under power nightmares that are too expensive with engines full of plastic parts.

Mazda CX -5 zoomm zoom,,kill fast

Be able to handle snow is important to me

Mazdas are more reliable than Honda. Do some research. Also rav 4 is terrible

you should have tested the RAV4 hybrid AWD drives better does everything better i agree more engine noise then the hybrid CRV but much less road noise when traveling on the highway i kind of like the engine noise of the RAV4 and you easily forget that its CVT

those guys are BAD with the old JOKES

they didn't mention the big issue about the oil dilution of 1.5L turbocharged engine in CR-V, there are so many complains about it, and it was not just for 2017 and 2018 CR-V, 2019 CR-V still has the issue.

hello, you forgot to mention the rear seat belt for mid

@mr C Oh, so that's what you meant about short trips. I'm glad you were able to change autos. I hope I make the right choice. I have watched so many car videos I am frazzled.

@mr C I live in the warm climate of Central Florida, the rest of the family in the Great State of Texas in the central region,, and any snow has been an aberration, and melted while it was either falling, or immediately after touching the ground. But, we do get cold enough weather in both places that we have to wear what we consider to be a warm coat. Very little morning freeze in either State. Is the majority of the USA really cold climates? I thought we mostly have what is called a "Continental" climate. Anyway, since I'm not in a cold climate I won't have to worry about the oil dilution. Good luck to the rest. What did you mean by "short trips?" I'm now looking at the Toyota Highlander and reviews on that.

Have fun getting that CVT transmission rebuilt...

honda with 1.5 turbo is known to have an oil dilution issue...I would not even consider Honda with that engine,Google and you will see how common the problem is, I believe there is a lawsuit against Honda because of that.

CRV looks is not so good. Mazda looks best and Rav4 looks good as well. Due to looks crv should be last in this test

I'm more interested in how each drives when it has 200,000 miles on it

I wish you would have tested the normally aspirated CX-5 to make a more fair comparison.

lmao im just waiting for the honda crv hybrid

What do you guys mean by “hurting the engine”?

@Martin L All they've done - updated engine's and transmission's firware and extended warranty for 1 more year for certain engine components.

Mark Filkerson recall was done and FIXED !

Ditch the sunglasses

iT cOmEs wItH a VoLuMe KnOb

I'd take the Mazda. I like Honda vehicles and own a Ridgeline but that CRV feels numb to drive and the Mazda is actually very fun do whip around a mountain road.

no off roading, like, at all?

4:35 way to run that red light!

Sure wish Honda would change that ugly front end. Looks dated and boring.

@Melissa M. Vidanueva I have a 2014 mazda with 103,000 miles on it. I've owned a Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and Honda in the past

What do you drive?

Open your mind and test the two Korean brands. They are superior in most categories, cheaper and an amazing warranty.

I bought the 2019 CX 5 GT Reserve (2.5 L turbo W/AWD) Acceleration is QUICK! (especially with premium gas for 250 hp. Love the Soul Crystal Red. 1. styling, exterior and interior, is very upscale. 2. features/amenities are abundant 3. did I mention styling? 4. great handling 5. QUICK! (0 - 60 in 6.4 sec.) FOR THE MONEY the MAZDA CX 5 is (GT Reserve and Signature) are a FAR better buy than the equivalent sized Land Rover Velar based on speed, styling, QUALITY/RELIABILITY and the fact that the Velar is more than TWO times the money. Jus' sayin'...

@area859 its called "direction injection"...they are suppose to go straight into the engine. straight into the ignition chamber. yes no yes no. I think you should check with your buddy first

Elana's reviews are my favorite online. I hope these auto manufacturers are paying attention to her.

No one ever points out that the Toyota model regardless of segment will resell for 10-40% more than the competitors when it has 100,000 miles or is 7-10 years old.

Lisa G getting a facelift and hybrid version for 2020

Why oh why are you driving around without Elana's (SP) seatbelt fastned.

@Corkfish1 did the toyota and honda not last long?

And of course when it comes to the toyota, they talk bad about it. I have one and there's nothing wrong with it. It's smooth and quiet and more comfortable than the other two. And it's more reliable and last longer than both 1)toyota 2)Mazda 3)Honda

@MoreEXP4ME the Honda's were great. The Toyota was perhaps the worst car I ever owned. I bought a brand new 1990 Toyota tercel and it basically fell apart at 50,000 miles. That said Toyota's have a great reputation so I assume my experience was a fluke.

The Rav 4 fans here in the comment are soo salty lol... Just accept it reviews like this will help keep them on toes and make it better next time...but next time edmunds know that reliability matters

Why not compare to the murano it's also a 5 passenger cvt that's 14 ft long and about 2 tons almost identical to the crv with much more hp and much more style. The murano also goes further on a tank of gas. Notnti mention itnis quicker to 60mph. And more comfortable than a vehicle with comfortable in its name! Go murano! It should be in this comparison despite similar exterior dimensions to the crv. It has moreninteriornpassenger volume. So it beatsnthe crv in nearly every category. Uncludingntech with cooled seats and a surroundview cam andna radar that sees 2 cars ahead! Unfairnthat murano is not in this comparison it would win! Just because it us considered a midnsized suv" the exterior dimensionsnare similar to these" compacts" but theninterior volume is so large it is bumped up tonanmid- size

Damn im planning to purchase a Honda I also like the rav4 and the mazda cx5.

All 3 are excellent vehicles, but get the CX-5. 10 years down the road you will still look forward to driving it.

20:20 50% of users? lol. there are way more android users than iphone users.

I'll take the Forester

There's some very recent rumors that the Honda 1.5 turbo has a possible dedign flaw, fuel injectors shooting the gas into the cylinders somehow getting into the oil, slow breakdowns of lubrication; something to further checkout (Google it)

The CR-V is by far the winner. Also, there’s more to the android auto not being available in the Toyota. Just because 75% or more people use android products, I’m sure Toyota did their research in terms of who is buying their cars and what phone they use. Plus, Apple has how many models of phones compared to android?

Where do I send money to help the blind guys foundation

Toyota fans: talks about specs and features. Honda fans: I love my Honda!! hur dur hur!

@S C Oh, so that's what you meant about short trips. I'm glad you were able to change autos. I hope I make the right choice. I have watched so many car videos I am frazzled.

@S C I live in the warm climate of Central Florida, the rest of the family in the Great State of Texas in the central region,, and any snow has been an aberration, and melted while it was either falling, or immediately after touching the ground. But, we do get cold enough weather in both places that we have to wear what we consider to be a warm coat. Very little morning freeze in either State. Is the majority of the USA really cold climates? I thought we mostly have what is called a "Continental" climate. Anyway, since I'm not in a cold climate I won't have to worry about the oil dilution. Good luck to the rest. What did you mean by "short trips?" I'm now looking at the Toyota Highlander and reviews on that.

Are these Canadian prices?

The 2007 was supposed to be a great year to buy a new one Rav4 & it rated #1 & I bought one.What a mistake that was! A real POS! Never listen to reviews again!

The Rav4 hybrid is so popular that they cannot keep them in stock.

Who the hell cares if the backseat's comfortable? If you don't like it then you drive next time!

My family owns a 2017 Honda CR-V (mostly wife drives the kids around in it) and I recently got a 2019 Mazda CX-5 (only I drive it as a commuter car with the option to drive my kids around comfortably once in awhile when needed). Here's my take. CR-V: Pros: 1) Significantly more storage space in the back mostly due to vertical space, enough to add at minimum one more large suitcase vs the CX-5. 2) Surprisingly powerful, it actually accelerates with slightly more power than the CX-5 as far as I can tell. 3) Very slightly (almost insignificant) extra leg room for the back seats. 4) Handling is very tight, doesn't feel like a Toyota. It turns on a dime. CR-V Cons: 1) Louder engine noise as heard from inside the car. 2) Internal and external styling aren't bad but nothing to write home about. 3) The screen controls are based more on touch screen with buttons on the side of the screen, requiring you to reach for the screen if you want to use it beyond what the steering wheel short-cut buttons allow you to do. CX-5: Pros 1) It's beautiful, both inside and out and I mean beautiful, the interior is gorgeous and feels like a real luxury car. 2) It's very quiet from inside the car as far as engine noise. 3) It has plenty of power, less acceleration in non-"sport" mode than the CR-V but I find it to be more "comfortable" to drive at high speed because the handling while tight, isn't as tight. 4) The "infotainment" controls are easy to use even when driving, you can keep your right hand down by your hip and change things easily on the dashboard level screen with it's circular "joystick" type control and volume adjustment knob without having to take your eyes off the road. CX-5 Cons: 1) Obviously the reduced storage space in the back, it's still not bad but you're basically giving up a large suitcase or cooler worth of space. 2) The blind-spot warning indicators are over-doing it. Meaning you really have to move well past a car in your blind-spot before it shuts off. I really wish they'd adjust this or it was adjustable. SUMMARY: They're both great cars, focused on greatness in different areas. I can't speak to long-term reliability yet but based on the 2 companies reputations I'm hoping they're both solid in that area. If you need more of a "mini-van" feel with lots of storage get the CR-V. It's still surprisingly extremely sporty, very powerful engine and tight handling despite that. If you want something with serious style and designed for driver comfort but can still do a decent job as a family car then the CX-5 is a great choice. I LOVE my CX-5, just driving it makes me feel all warm inside but if you care more about the "stats" and need something to drive the kids on long road-trips and pack a lot of luggage the CR-V easily wins out in that category.

This is just a clear Honda CRV advertisement it is so obvious from the very first frame, trust is lost.

Should review rav4 hybrid

Compare equivalent trims next time


Crv is the best!!

And the Tiguan? None of these have its features

Toyota ftw... will out sale and last longer then Honda n Ford cx5

But CRV have a CV transmission and that it sucks and Honda became much more expensive than other cars so my choice is Mazda CX-5 fun driving, reasonable cost and quality interior.

S You compared the Mazda with the more powerful engine, but why not RAV4 with the more powerful hybrid motor. Faster and WAY better MPG(40 plus!) For only about $900 more. No brainer.

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