Highly Important ET Disclosure Confirmation Process in Progress

Highly Important ET Disclosure Confirmation Process in Progress

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I. Greet. You in, the love and, the light of the Infinite Creator. Event. Is, coming soon YouTube. Channel here's. The latest Intel. Highly. Important, tt disclosure. Confirmation. Process, in progress, by. Giorgio, Pia chenza the. Gimbal video is the first officially, declassified. Video by the US government of a true app unidentified. Aerial phenomenon. The. Location, date and time and other factors, are not shown in the case of this official, video that is under an official chain of custody. Apparently. It wasn't just one app but a whole fleet of them as stated in the video, shown. To the public by two the Stars Academy, formed, by a group of former CI a, Congress. Intelligence, DoD. Operatives, Tom DeLonge a rock star with a negative view about aliens, and scientists. Like physicist zero point energy, theoretician. Halpert Huff and Steve justice an aerospace, engineer. Who until recently held. An important, position in skunk works Lockheed, they, all quit their work posts, to come together and, form this Academy, which defines, itself, as a public, benefit corporation which. Is going to develop technologies, that relate with advanced, space-time manipulation. Enhancing. Telepathy, alternative. Methods to launch satellites. Education. And entertainment, moviemaking. Several. More public releases of formerly, classified app, evidence, is promised, the. UFO, detected, was also studied in the Pentagon secret research program, that ran from, 2007. To 2012. It. Is termed the gimbal video and is announced, as one of the various declassified. Pieces, of objective, evidence that will be shown to the public, possibly. Other countries, like England, will follow suit, the. Date and place of this gimbal video, encounter, was removed, as part of the declassification. Process. The. Gimbal video is not the event that relates with the USS, Nimitz and USS, Princeton in 2004. There. Also is an important, event that relates to the USS, Nimitz in battle group witnessed, filmed in 2004. During maneuvers close, to San Diego, California including. The USS, Princeton was, also captured on a Fleur camera. TTS. To, the Stars Academy, summarizes. Some of its characteristics. As, low. Observability. In both electro, optical and electromagnetic, spectrum. No. Distinguishable. Flight surfaces. Lack. Of obvious propulsion. System. Never-before-seen. Flight, capabilities. Possible. Energy or resonance, field of unknown nature. Regarding. The USS, nimitz encounter, event in which there was like a cat-and-mouse, chase flying. Up several thousand, feet into the atmosphere and, then quickly coming down to a sudden stop to a few feet above the ocean, moreover. There, was another moment of extreme, acceleration, in which, the object, disappeared, from sight in less than two seconds, the. Second, official declassification. And, release for the public is this video that related with the USS, Nimitz battle group encounter, and which has been called flare one a classic UFO, shape, is seen and it seems to turn around on, December. 16th. 2017. Under, the title Louis Elizondo. Reveals, details, about Pentagon's, hidden UFO program, in stunning New York Times front, page expose, to, the Stars Academy, made good on its previous announcement, that it would soon reveal former, secret records of the government's, UFO research and it.

Happened Through a major news outlet, a major, institution, in an icon the Washington. Post Politico. CBS. CNN. And other important, media outlets, have also given the news the. Image above shows the formerly, classified, 2004. Nimitz related, event footage of a app also presented, in the report, this. Constitutes, an important, step forward to legitimizing. The seriousness, and reality, of what is generally dismissed and ridiculed for, some, it may be disclosure, and for, others a confirmation. Of what they already knew were suspected, it, is both. A step forward, and at least an official, recognition, of the reality of true technological. UFO, s slash, apps it may also be a gradual, release of information in part to educate the public as per the importance, of these issues and, perhaps, to. Mold their views it. Is the beginning of an official admission and of informing, the public more about these events but why now and under. What promises, and who. Made the decision, what. Amounts to an official, revelation, in the hands of military, and intelligence was, preceded, by an effort that originated, in the US Congress a formal. Research as at least 22 million dollars were invested between. 2007. And 2012. And UFO UAP. In a pentagon based program, in cooperation with Bigelow, airspace the. Stated purpose was to ascertain, the possible, threat of apps or at least some apps it, was run in secret by former, CIA mr., Louie Elizondo. The, secret, program, was called advanced, Aerospace Threat identification. Program a tip apparently. No, evidence, of threat has been found, Senator. Harry Reid and colleagues, came up with the funding for the secret program, that began operations. In 2007. And, mr. Robert Bigelow of Bigelow, Aerospace a longtime, UFO, / app researcher, declared, experiencer. Former, MUFON, contributor. And researcher, of SCI phenomena, helped to implement it working, as a contractor, the, program allegedly, ended in 2012. But, some sources told the New York Times that it is still running for. The Pentagon, this, is a relatively, small amount, of funds spread over several years but enough to establish the fact that the government, interest in this issue is real this. Would also show that this particular secret program, is one that followed, regular, acknowledged, funding, channels, the. Evidence, IT provides, in a formal manner may be necessary to, begin informing, the public and an official, and justified, manner, now. Institutions. Scientists. Respectable. Professionals. And members of the intelligentsia, will, perhaps, gradually. But more decisively, have an easier time talking. About UFOs. As the reality of the issue sinks, into collective. Now, the complicit, restrained, smirk of many media reporters, affected, by the giggle, factor worldwide. Will probably, evolve into something less noticeable, many. Of those seriously, interested in these issues will jump in joy hoping. That all will be truthful and well others, will decry, and raise serious doubts, about the intentions, and secret, plans behind the event and further related announcements. Perhaps. From now on major news organizations. And the media will more respectfully. Attendant, retransmit, events, like the 2013. Citizens, hearing on disclosure which, in spite, of its importance, was basically attended, by smaller media, and news enterprises. Perhaps. The revelations. Are part of medium, level of secrecy acknowledged. Secret, projects, a tip, of the iceberg of what is potentially. Known in the various, compartmentalised. Projects, of an even more super secret unacknowledged world, while. In the project, once directed, by mr. Liu Elizondo, one can objectively, say that we might be dealing with ETS, without, being completely certain within.

Specific, Project, of that other more secretive, world located, further down the rabbit hole we would not even question. If we are dealing with other intelligences. Time travel. Extraterrestrials. Multi-dimensional. Beings and technologies, connected, with the practical, modification. Of space-time, in the key role of consciousness. Is. Some of the rest of the iceberg as far out and hard to swallow like some of the issues shared by some whistleblowers. Like a jump room to Mars controlling. Anti-gravity. Or gravity, cancellation. Since the 1950s. Human, forces and possession of et technology, aligning, themselves in some secret programs, with Draco, and other alleged service, to self, imperialistic. Et's, and in other, secret, programs, with, their adversaries. Our protectors. And what. About the US Navy allegedly, possessing a, highly advanced, space fleet already defending. The earth while, facing, a secret space war in alliance with some benign, extraterrestrials. Is, much of this information, about a secret, space program, ssp. Disinformation. Or, part of an even a deeper level of secrecy within, someone acknowledged, special, access projects, use apps. In this issue many of the main researchers, and voices, of the UFO, community disagree. With each other and each promotes, a different aspect but we need to tie together the kernels, of truth whether, likeable or not whether, popular, or not thus. Again. How far down the rabbit hole might UFO, research in the humanity, interface, involving, the government or perhaps. A, secret, parallel. Government actually. Be, what. Is too far out for credible, thinkers, to seriously, consider should. We remain cautious, like the ACE reporter, and researcher, Leslie Kean who in spite, of acknowledging. Physical, objects performing, impossible, and even intelligent maneuvers. Prefers, not to assert that this is a clear indication, that we are being visited by. Extraterrestrials. Should. We consider the current revelations. Reaction, against what dr. Richard, Dolan calls, a breakaway, civilization. Far ahead in technology and, views about reality, that may even possibly, be escaping accountability. And be out of control. Will. The Roswell incidents. Now also be finally, acknowledged, in the truthful, manner now that some UFO, / map secrets, are being acknowledged, do. The Associated, aerospace, engineers. And physicists, of to the Stars Academy, of Arts and Sciences want, to create UFO, like technology, because, they actually have had no access to the deepest developments. That were organized. After a tea craft materials, were recovered, we'll, fear against, ETS, be instilled in the population, in order to manage how things are disclosed, in handled or perhaps might a false flag program be activated. As Carol, rosin and dr. Steven, Greer have been warning, for years well. At, least the original introductory, statements, in which mr. Tom Dillon's used the concept, of terror in his initial formal, to the Stars Academy, presentation. Have been deleted, or edited out, from the current version of their YouTube presentation. New dot dot and I applaud that it, may signal, that in spite, of mr. DeLong 'has negative, view about ETS, his associates. Do not agree in fact. It appears that mr. Liu Elizondo, who worked on the secret Pentagon project. To detect, app unidentified. Aerial phenomena. Threats, found little evidence of, as was reported to journalist Leslie, Kean the actual, name of the project was the advanced, aerospace, threat identification.

Program, Further. Considerations. As for. The plausible, intentions, of the physical. And/or multi-dimensional. Intelligences. Conciliated. To at least some of the UFO, / app sightings, there, are important, advances, which can shed some light regarding. What is called experience or research, thus. Far the results of the anonymous, survey, conducted by the edgar mitchell foundation. On extraterrestrial. And extraordinary. Encounters, fre, e on individuals. That consciously, remember to have experienced. Contacts, with non-human, intelligences. In relation, to UFO, sightings strongly, suggest that most. Approximating. Or surpassing, 90%. Of these experiences. Are not malevolent. Conversely. If there, actually were a greater percent of negative, self-serving. Entities behind some, of the genuine, UFOs, it, would seem that they would either be unable or unwilling to, directly, interact, with a greater number of human, persons, and thus, unable, to show up and freeze significant. Survey, my. Mind attempts, to be carefully, open to many possibilities. Hopefully. Not denying, out of vehement dislike, and not accepting, out of preference, from, trusting, that so called white hats those, in the know wanting, to share more of what they know with the rest of us have become more influential, to, considering, that the moves we are witnessing, may all seem to be nice but may actually be, a plot to control more segments, of humanity, and the world even, further however. I sense, and think that the powers that actually, made the decision to reveal what has been revealed and may, continue to reveal have, taken a basically, good well, intended step, if, so the UFO, EXA, political, and ET contact, communities, must try to encourage, these individuals. And to work with them in a friendly manner, how. The civilian, voices, including major. UFO, and/or, human need t contact, and X are political, researchers, respond. Either, propitiating. Reconciliation. And further disclosure, or further distancing. Themselves from the various classified, world forces. Thus, generating. A counter-reaction. Will be important, for any subsequent, unfoldment, if we. Respond, in a way that contributes to promoting, the attitude, of self-education and, individuals, in toward a constructive. Connective. Enhancement, of cultural, premises, and worldviews, in a spirit, of doing it for all of us for, Humanity, and why, not beyond. Even, more important, revelations. Besides, acknowledging. The reality of UFOs, may, be forthcoming sooner, because society, or societies, will have an easier time processing. If. Our future is on the line as per the need to understand, intimate. Non-classical. Connections, with reality, stimuli. Leading to the backwardness, of selfish animalistic. And ethno phobic reactions, based on the sensation, of threat ought to be minimized, whenever, possible, most. Tt intelligence. Is interacting, with experiencers. With, different, degrees of technological. And spiritual, development and also operating. With various, degrees of multi-dimensional, technologies. Would, quite likely range between being mildly, benevolent, to highly benevolent, toward us as per, the anonymous, fre II survey, but. If we listen to the information allegedly.

Retransmitted. By contactees, with very respectful. Protective. Beams like Sixto + Ricardo Gonzales and several others this, might be due to the fact that Earth is being protected from unwarranted, incursions. Some. Speak of a quarantine. Those. Service, to self beings that may still come through including, the few species that interact, with earth humans, could, have had bases here before have a beyond, Earth the, Exile political, legal right among civilizations. That intervened, on earth in a connected, actual, or probable, past or a few, might, occasionally, be able to slip through the protection, these. Possibilities, would, perhaps justify. The almost, unbelievable, existence, of a secret defense, space program, in the SSP that has been circulating, around however. It might be the, sensation, of threat and the belief in the need to first rely on weaponry. As a first choice to, rely in the furtherance of social manipulation, and control and, an old us versus them mentality should, not replace the sensation, of basic safety based on our spiritual, sovereign, power as beens essentially, sustained, by the supreme benevolent, source of being non dual being in consciousness, itself, therefore. Maintaining. A positive constructive. Healing. Outlook including. The possibility, of reconciliation. Through love is necessary, not to excessively, resonate, with dichotomous. Narratives, past, and future histories, and paths involving, those plausible, negative, beings who apparently rely, on external, technologies. To manipulate, reality people and other, beings a unique. Opportunity. What. We are witnessing is historical, and should be treated with utmost seriousness, and, yet, with hope while, being simultaneously, accessible. And cautious. Instead. Of being manipulated, by populist catering, to simplistic, answers, and a limited realism, let's try to rise to the challenge beyond. Further polarization. I think. We should be encouraged, by the news but neither vehemently. Chanting, victory nor crying out loud and pessimism, while renewing, our dogmatic, faith and cynicism, all. Of, us must grow together with this unprecedented, situation. And learn to interpret it without extremism, dot perhaps, the apt phenomenon, and the realization, of an intelligence, behind it can force us to open up our minds and hearts to, adapt, to the greater connectivity. It represents. We. Don't know who is making the decisions, to release what has thus far been released or why for. Sure without, approval, from higher authorities to. The Stars Academy, would not have been able to come together and, to come out with recently declassified. Documents and. Do what they have done could. One of the main reasons, for allowing, this event may be that at least for now a majority, of those in control of the UFO and et classified, worlds, realize, that a window of time or opportunity, for a necessary, profound, cultural, change is running out that cynicism. And lack of conviction and principles, threaten not only conviviality. And, the continuity, of the liberal world order, but the very promise, of a livable Civic, democratic. Future could. It be that if humanity is not adequately, informed, in order to evolve into adopting integrative, principles, beyond materialism. Doctrinal. Scientific, and religious, mindedness, either-or. Thinking, extreme, nationalism. Selfish. Individualism. Relativism. And humor competition. It will become so fragmented, erratic, and dissolute, unable, to tell right from wrong or, even care about it that without. A fierce dictatorial, control, regime the, continuation, of, civilization. Human, evolution. And order, will be lost, could, it be that in an age of intelligent. Non-local. Interconnectedness. We simply must change to a historically, unprecedented, degree. I don't. Know what the most salient facts, motivating. The cover-up and the gradual, but now more decisive, disclosure, and maybe but, we must consider all of the possibilities, and instead.

Of Engaging in infighting, in the creation, of further subdivisions. Inside the UFO, exopolitical. Must. Responsibly. Assume this opportunity. To promote a deeper, and more comprehensive, understanding, not. Only among, those of us wanting to know the truth about UFOs, and ETS for. Instance, through mutually, respectful, humanity. Contacts, and citizen, diplomacy between. A more amical and guiding understanding. With those human decision-makers, / powers, part, of our human family after all that, could be orchestrating. The disclosure, the. Revelations, while, important, seem, incipient, and perhaps well, intended, more. Should come later how, much will they tell how. Much are we collectively. Ready to handle a much more extraordinary, reality. There. Might be good intentions, behind all this or perhaps a continuation, of an unjustifiable. Us-versus-them, power, based, mindset. But. Let's coordinate more, and make great efforts for a positive, constructive. Life. Enhancing. Educational. Evolutionary. Outcome, how. We can bring together harmoniously all. The different pieces of the puzzle juggling. Our own adequate, and an adequate biases, on a complex, interwove. In situation. Which is normally, recognized, in a segmented, manner requires, nurturing, that capacity, coming, together in, the safe mutually. Supportive, manner, concerned. Citizens, must pay close attention to avoid being sucked into a false flag situation that. Is into a wheeled if and you from the evil aliens situation, or into any other consciousness as, usual, evolution. No means spin nonetheless. We. Should also try to help classified. World leaders, to connect with the people and to work together with, all of us in a more intelligent. Evolutionary. Manner for the good of all of us. Please. Like us and share with your social media. Please. Subscribe, and click the bell to be notified of our new videos. Remember. To check out our playlist for. Important, intel you may have missed a visit. Our sister, channel the event is coming soon for additional, Intel and information. Stay. Tuned.

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