Here & Now Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Here & Now Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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You. You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Things. Pretty safe to say it's been the most expensive storm we've had an eye-popping. Price, tag for snow clearing, and st. John's and. It, just keeps coming temperatures. Are dropping as, we head towards the weekend. Disappointing. Because we've. Had four, years of continuous, budget cuts already Memorial. University braces. For more government, cutbacks, we. Start tonight on the Avalon or a snow plow struck a pedestrian this, afternoon, it happened, near the university, police. Got the call around lunchtime that, somebody, had been hit at the intersection. Of Elizabeth Avenue, and Rodney Street it's a popular spot for students, crossing back and forth to the campus, also a very busy traffic spot there's, a crosswalk at that intersection. It also has flashing, lights there police, say the pedestrian was. Taken to hospital no, word on the extent of, the injuries, but police believe they are not. Life-threatening. Another. Messy, day today we can thank an area of low pressure that's finally. Starting to move offshore we, should see things clear, out as we head through the next couple of hours but, then we're gonna watch this low pressure system and this cold front that's gonna bring some cold temperatures, as we head through the next couple of days it's gonna bring some snow right along with it as well you can see that, low will eventually, track bringing the most of the snow along the west coast and then continuing, as we head through the day on Thursday so, we do have a number of warnings in place including something, extreme, cold warnings I'll have all those details coming up well, staying in Ashlee's wheelhouse, the weather, Snowmageddon. 2020, meant blowing snow, and snowblowers. And a blizzard, that will likely blow, the city's annual snow clearing budget by millions, of dollars st., John's budgeted, more than seventeen million dollars for snow clearing this year but now the, mayor says it may cost millions, more here. In house mark Quinn is live in downtown st. John's mark. Anthony. That's right I'm right here on Water Street where just earlier this week we were hearing planes of maybe putting heated. Sidewalks, here on Water Street now that plan has since been deemed too expensive it's, been nixed and, now of course after today's announcement, that sort of dream of having warm feet on this beautiful sidewalk.

And A clear beautiful sidewalk, seems even more remote a. Sidewalk. Clearing, crews fight yet another, storm, st., John's mayor looked back with dread, to the brutal blizzard, that hit in mid-january, compared. To other years when we've had similar sized storms things, pretty safe to say it's been the most expensive storm we've had despite, that breehn says residents, don't need to worry too much if, the snow clearing budget is blown by five million more than expected. Have. Any impact on taxes. Breehn. Also said the overrun won't mean service, cuts either he, says the city has two million dollars in reserve surplus. Money from last year's budget and he, expects, there will also be some relief money from the federal government still. It's only mid-february, and Breen, says the city can't seem to catch up with what keeps falling, down, that's. One of the things that were that we're finding here with these back-to-back events is, that we're getting progress and we're getting there and and then we have this kind of snow again 15, centimeters, 20. Centimeters, whatever, it is that but that we end up getting and we've got to go back and and start, again. Now. A possible, five million, dollar cost, overrun, does, seem like a lot of money but Breen put it in context, he said the city's annual total, budget is about three hundred million, dollars, live, in st. John's I'm mark Quinn were here now oh no. Matter the snowfall it's natural, to have that weary winter. Feeling with memories of the big ones still fresh in our minds sour C's hair headed out to see how people are coping with and surviving. Winter, 2020. And. We'll try to get Cecil items for you a bit later on here and now. It's, a lot of fun it's been 12 years waiting for the moment and that moment is here this dad and daughter duo are teaming up for a major tournament, meet, a new team. Gazoo. Well. As you heard earlier this week on here and now low tuition fees, are a major draw, for Memorial. University students. But, once again the, budgetary, knives are out that's, because more cuts, are coming to Mun as here, in aus Terry Roberts reports, it's a situation that will renew, the, debate over tuition. Belt-tightening. Has, been going on here at month for years we're talking millions in maintenance for example that has not been getting done these. Asbestos, patches here on the wall at the arts an administration, building an, example, of that plenty, of job cuts through attrition and layoffs, and now the provincial, government has signaled it wants maan to cut even deeper it, was disappointing because. We've. Had four, years of continuous, budget cuts already word. Came down last, week government. Wants to trim five and a half million from MUNs grant over the next two years maan. Has countered, that government's, calculations, are wrong and the number should be closer to three million but, that's on top of 38, million in previous, cuts so. Now we're. Down to, actually. Cutting core poor people and. Staff, and the, big maintenance, challenges, are not being addressed evidence, everywhere, that maan can't, keep up we're about the 16 million under, a year, spending. On deferred maintenance that we should be spending each and every year we were spending about seven million now and another looming, budget risk new, labor contracts, that could put Mun further behind if. We end up where they are the rest of the public sector is. Then, our salary. Bill go you, know can't go up twelve million dollars a year so, that raises the obvious question, is it time to jack up tuition rates, rates, that have been frozen by government, for years and are among the lowest in the country catch, an auskey is about to leave his position here as president and he's not shying away from that controversial, topic, before he goes gonna be on the table as a discussion, absolutely, I think it's gonna be very difficult to do that without. Looking at the revenue side as well which means tuition. Revenue generation is obviously, where, would. Be as. For government, Advanced, Education Minister. Chris Mitchell Moore is not talking, Terry, Roberts, CBC News st., John's. All. Right well we've reshuffled, our story deck and get that story now from cease hair who headed out to see how people are coping with and, surviving. Winter, 2020. Research. Does show that extreme, weather like the stuff we've had does. Have an effect on a person's, mood emotions. Behavior, and mental, health, the, difficulty, backing, out of a driveway on, Blue River place barely, wide enough for a fire truck is a source of stress and anxiety the.

Shine Has gone off those childhood, memories of playing, in mountains, of snow this. Winter in st. John's it's. A hard one every day you look out and, there's, always an, inch or two that you have to go out and scrape, and you're, saying yourself oh my god I gotta go out and do this again you know so there's there's, no end to it you know so it unlike. A lot of people I'd love to go down south if you're feeling weary experts. Say you're not alone those, with existing mental, health issues are especially, vulnerable this, time of year, keeping, productive. Helps, something. Leo Martin, knows all too well and this. Year recently I. Refinished. The cupboards in. My house so. That took me I'm on so that's what, we're slowly getting to the end of the winter how busy are you very. I'm a couple of weeks behind is almost, impossible, to keep ahead of the mess these, conditions are just horrible horrible, on snowblowers. To its, Young's job, to fix busted, blowers at Kingsbridge. Service, station so, many he, has to move them out each day to make enough room to work in customers. He says are tired, of this weather and he agrees I'm. Kind of I'm more of a springtime summertime, type, of guy I really, yeah. They're now getting. Tired of it I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of pavement and uh you. Know some Sun some, sunshine for sure hundred percent the, experts say if snow banks like these are starting to get you down keep. Yourself busy plan, something fun and as always look. After yourself, CC, r cbc news Southlands. Moving. To other news now a 33. Year old man was killed in a car crash in Conception, Bay South last night this happened shortly before 10 o'clock on, peacekeepers, way that's, the stretch between the trans-canada highway and, Fowler's Road the man was traveling alone and he was pronounced, dead at the scene of the accident police, still. Investigating the, cause of that crash. Well. To some sad news now, out of nova scotia a boy with terminal, brain cancer who, captured, the hearts of many people in our province has, died you, might remember Leland, he'll Beck the nine-year-old charmed, the province, last summer with his wish to, meet his great-grandmother, for the very first time The Children's Wish Foundation brought. Him to st. John's so, that he could throw her a 90th, birthday party. And at the time his dad Shane, told here-and-now that living, in the moment and trying to give his son the best summer possible, was, what kept him going shortly. After returning home to Halifax Leland. Was admitted to hospital and, the family has spent the last 7 months there, Leland's, funeral is set for Saturday. Well. Let's return to a story that we brought you last night that has and will, no doubt continue, to, generate plenty. Of reaction it. Has to do with the question, of amalgamation, or. Regionalization. Depending which word you prefer, and how, far communities, on the Northeast Avalon need to go so that they can simply work together in better ways a Carolyn. Spoke with Dennis O'Keefe the former st. John's mayor is a long time supporter of getting, rid of the boundaries, that separate, municipalities. On the Northeast Avalon O'Keefe. Used his own grandkids, as an example they, live in the st. John's neighborhood, of Southlands, but go, to school and Mount Pearl and they, do all their after-school, activities, at Mount Pearl as well so, today we asked current, st. John's Mayor Danny Breen for his thoughts oh we. Have, great regional partners. We, do a lot of good work together around water waste water fire. And. And. Landfill. I think. There's greater opportunities, for regionalization. Whether, you call it amalgamation. Or whatever you call it I think we can cooperate better regionally. I think, areas such as recreation, is. Another area where we can where, we can cooperate better economic. Development, as an area where where. We can make, make. Better use of the resources we, have and make you. Know on. The world stage and on the national stage we're, competing with Halifax, and Aberdeen we're not competing with other municipalities.

And, I think that if we work together locally. What's, good for st. John's is good for Mount Pearl and what's good for Mount burns go for st. John's well let's go for a corner Brooke is good for st. John's in Newfoundland Labrador I think we can all work together. Well. Now to some educational. Innovation students, in st. John's can now get hands-on, experience mastering. Digital technologies, such, as 3d printing, the nonprofit, group brilliant, labs has opened, the Avalon, makerspace. Where teachers and students, can learn some new skills here, now Stephen Miller was there for today's grand opening weather. Kept many schools closed today but it didn't stop the English school district and politicians, from getting a close-up look at how the Avalon, makerspace, will work Alisa. Sampson is an after-school mentor, here her job is to help teach students, how to use cutting-edge, technology. Like 3d printers, electronics. Prototyping, materials, and laser cutters I'm, here with Alisa at the brand new makerspace. By brilliant Labs she's, going to give me a tour and show me some of the cool technology that, students will be learning when they come in we. Are looking at. These. Little panels right here I built into the robot and they set the, white. Use. Different kind of codes. To. Set. It up so that if you press ground right here. Different. Sounds, and change colors okay you program this yourself yeah and how familiar were you, with this program, the. Piece of equipment many people here find the most exciting, is the 3d printer on account of its near limitless applications so, what is it making right now right, now it is making, uh, actually. It's making this the finished product, which, we put our micro. Bits in and we. Can also match them to the ball like we have over there okay, so like right now what's controlling the light strip is. Every. Time you challenge a student, to be hands-on and engage and solve problems that they care about or passionate about the level, of depth and knowledge that they are able to kind of figure out for themselves is awesome. Right, now brilliant, Labs is working with about 85% of the province of schools to get kids and teachers and spaces like these but, it hopes in coming months to start opening its doors to anyone who wants to show up and learn, Stephen. Miller CBC, News st. John's, well. Not to some sports news Brad, Gazoo, took to the ice in st., Johns today with a new partner by, his side the former, Olympic, champ has gone outside the province to find talent, before but. He didn't have to look far to find his newest, teammate, here, knows Ryan Cook explains. It's. A new chapter in an already illustrious. Career, this one is different but, it's just as important, brad guru who has entered the mixed doubles game with, his daughter Haley it's a lot of fun it's been 12 years waiting for the moment you. Know she played great today and it's, just a lot of fun out here we have an Alexa fication so other than coming out here having fun and you. Know giving her some experience the, gushers opened the provincial, mixed doubles championship, facing, off against the defending, champs from poor Tabasco they, lost by one in the last end we, were two up coming home and I missed. All three my shots evaders, but I gotta take the onus on that one but, we played we play good obviously. A tight game with the defending provincial. Champ. Her. Performance, I'm proud of how she played today curling. Fans have watched Brad goes you grow up on their screens in 2006. The first thing he did after winning Olympic gold was, call his mother in, 2017. After winning the Brier he, immediately went to his daughters he's become the proud parent, and now, he's becoming a teammate it's, his curling.

Style Different than his parenting style. What's. What's he like to curl with. Gotta. Be careful now. For. Haley curling is more of a casual sport she's more involved, with volleyball right now but, her delivery is natural, the skills are there and her father couldn't be happier I love, the fact that she's interested in the game and, I'd. Love to see her play it because it's a it's a game that you, know. It's meant a lot to me and brought me a lot as far as traveling the world and meeting a lot of amazing people so yeah. Hopefully she has a similar experience whether it's in curling or volleyball or some of the other sports that she plays as well team, guru says it has no expectations. For the tournament, but with a winning pedigree, that runs in the family that. Could change as the week goes on Ryan. Cooks CBC News st., John's. In. Just. A few months plastic. Grocery bags, will be history, in this province an expert. In plastic, pollution says, it's an important, step but, it's just the first step and if we don't have a plan for the next steps the bag ban, could be a bust. Max, LeBron, is an associate, professor at, Memorial University here's. Her take on this hot topic. So. It's really exciting that Newfoundland Labrador is gonna be the second province to ban blast plastic, bags on July 1st. It's. Outstanding real. Political will and capacity there, but the question for me because I focus on marine Plastics is what's gonna happen in that specific, region once the bag ban comes in I've a huge data set that, stretches all the way back to 2014. Gathered, by citizen scientists that show that about, 80 to, 85 percent of the waste that ends up on shorelines, here is plastic. Of that, only, 2% is plastic, bags what's. Really interesting about that data is that we have some from name in Labrador. Where, that community put in a plastic bag ban in 2009. One of the first in the world right really cutting-edge and so what I find is that some of the highest, percentages of plastic bags are in Labrador, including, Maine which, is 11 percent of their, wastes are plastic bags compared, to the two percent of the, rest of the province and of, that 11 percent none, of it our carrier bags like from Sobeys they're all the bags that are in our exemption, garbage. Bags Ziploc, bags bags, from fish, and packaging. Food. So. Plastic, bag ban is one step of a multi-step, process the, second step is ok what do you do now right now there's, been a coordinated response to ban the bag but there isn't an equal coordinated, response to find an alternative, that is not other types of disposable, specifically, plastic disposables, and so, that's where a lot of work remains before July 1st people have to start coordinating businesses.

Government, NGOs community. Groups what are we going to provide that's different what's going to be made available because, that's what's getting used so this is why I'm really looking for people to find especially for the people of New Zealand lab, who are very good at making do, who, have very long memories, for generations, what, are the types of things that we used before disposables. Before, plastics, of any kind to, package our items and how and when can we return to those so. If step one is banning bag step two is finding good alternative. Step three is then moving that political will and that precedent into working on the plastics that are more meaningful for this province, and in this province that's fishing gear and cigarette. Butts in. My, studies when I look in the guts of animals for plastics I'm probably not going to notice the, effect of the bag ban I will, notice if we move on cigarette butts and on fishing gear. I'm. Hoping in a new film in Labrador because we're an ocean province, because, a lot of our culture our identity our lives and our livelihoods happen, on the ocean we'll have the political will and capacity to. Move to fishing gear and move to cigarette, butts which will not be banned you cannot ban those things and so there's going to be much more intricate work moving, on from plastic bags for that and I think we have the guts to do it. It. Provides like a beautiful, artistic, experience, for. The, town so, I guess we're getting a church. You. You. This, weather update is brought to you by the NL 5-1-1 app know before. You go check, road conditions highway. Cameras and the provincial plow tracker with the NL 5-1-1 app. Well. Safran it seems like everybody, is out trying to attack their driveways, sort. Of sort of mid-afternoon getting, towards the end the work day but before we get to the weather last night we, mentioned the kayak W and the issues that it's had cutting through the Strait of Belle Isle well Labrador, marine sent us along some shots. Which really, paint a picture check this out yeah no wonder it can't make it or make the run in one fun you can actually see the indent, left by the Henry Larson that's about as far as the Icebreaker got before having, to turn around so, as you can see the ice there very, very thick, lots to contend, with and. So. That's the Larson see there and the indent, that Ashley was mentioning, so. There's the kayak completely. Surrounded. It's, incredible, actually take a look at that you could actually walk along that no problem, appreciate, you sending those pictures along but gives you a sense of the, ice that they're contending. And how fast it happened I mean we were just talking about last week it was February, I can't remember the date February, fourth or something they started ice breaking and what are we now here we are yep so, I, mentioned, was going around and seeing everybody with snowblowers shovels the usual kind of thing everybody really, really trying to attack that and we heard early on the program of course it's going to be pretty expensive for the city of st. John's and, you put together a little bit of snow info, but where we are right now yeah because based.

On What was that three hundred and fifty centimeters, is what the st. John's is. The mayor bases. Theirs on so so, far this season and this is again, there go Jane uary to December but so far this season we've had, 316, centimeters, of snow year-to-date. Starting, in, January, 225. That's including, what fell today 225. Centimetres has, fallen so right, we're, pretty close to that. Far away mayor Danny Breen's watching, this right now reaching for the heart pills yes absolutely, yeah compared to last year only a 273. Centimetres fell from January to December so it's. Uh it's a lot of snow obviously, that one-day snowfall, really, helped that situation, but as. Far as what we're seeing today it was a mild day even, though we saw all of that snow we're about 15, centimeters at the airport right now Gander. Reporting. I believe it was 11 or 12 centimeters, at this point but, temperatures are in those - single digits mild up through Labrador as well happy valley-goose Bay sitting, at minus 6 lab city, sitting at minus 8 and then, we do have a little bit of a wind chill it's pretty gusty out there feeling. Closer to the minus double, digits across most areas -, 13 up through happy valley-goose Bay and these, temperatures are just. Gonna drop as we head through the next next. Couple of days so that area of low pressure is gonna move off we should see things, improve. As we head through the night tonight as far as cloud. Cover goes that snow should end and, we're actually looking at pretty fair skies as we head through the overnight tonight you can see most. Of that snow has moved offshore we do still have some flurries. Along the west coast but again that, will end tonight those warnings. Still very much in place but I do anticipate that they will end within the next probably hour or so but. We could still see some blowing snow. Certainly, for, parts of Central as, those. Winds are gonna stay a little breezy tonight now, these these. Warnings, even up through Labrador, we've got an extreme cold warning, and. A winter storm warning, for grouse morn and a. Little bit further north of that and that's because the next system is going to bring, some, snow, with it and it's a cold front and that's also what's bringing some, of those cooler temperatures so overnight tonight we, are gonna start to see some snow push, through parts of western Labrador. And then continue, to track a little bit further east overnight tonight and those, temperatures are going to drop, so, we're looking at minus, 26, for, lab City so you're dropping quite a few degrees tonight, -, 17, for happy valley-goose Bay otherwise, we're, gonna sit in those -, single digits and I mentioned those winds staying strong again, tomorrow. So anywhere from 50, to as much as 70 km/h generally. Out of the south-southwest. And then, they're gonna stay strong through, the day picking back up again so 40 to 60 kilometer per hour winds expected. For, the majority of the, island, so once. We see. That. Cold front start to sweep through it's going to bring some snow right along with it the most snow will be. Along. The wrong range mountains you're looking at anywhere from 15, to as much as 20 centimeters otherwise along, the coast 5, to 10 it's, a good bet for the southern portion, of the Avalon as well as the Burin Peninsula otherwise we're looking at about 2 to 5 centimeters, through the day tomorrow nothing we.

Can't Handle but those winds again staying breezy through, the day you, can see some of that colder air starting, to push through it's certainly going to do so this. Air is gonna sink further south but before that some, sunshine for lab city minus 24, as that, cold front pushes through it's gonna bring those cooler temperatures but you're still looking at a lovely afternoon for. The southwestern, portion of the big, land 2-3 will, be your afternoon, high for Mary's Harbor so that's a look at your forecast for tomorrow we'll talk about how cold it's gonna get when, I come back. Take. 2 got taken, to the cleaners when somebody robbed, $3,000. But, a local company is here to help. You. Well. Back to a story about take to the shop that sells gently, used clothing and some other goods somebody, robbed the store of three thousand, dollars and that was quite the shock to staff and customers empower. The, group that set up take two hires, people who have disabilities, and a local company new found cabs stepped up and gave take two three thousand. Dollars to make up for that theft so I dropped by to talk with the friendly staff on ropewalk Lane about, what this good news means to them, okay. So Margaret. What's happened here lately. Well, that, past couple week in that we. Have a lot of in the news that we had a lot of donations, came by and money. And and, clothes and everything to. Help us to keep the store open and, keep empowered, writing and, also you. Have to say found out yesterday from new friend cabs dad, donated, that over, the money that we had last sofa treat her three thousand dollars to a place like take two how important, is it it's very important, because helping. People to get back and forth to work and helping volunteers, go, back to work you know getting, go boss you, know helping, them come here to get socialize. With people, you, know to get away from, Derek's idea from being at home so, what are your thoughts about what. Makes this place we've we've been here we've actually done our here, and now we've done a show from here how important, is a store like this is. Very, important, because it helps people with, disability. To. Because. These co-workers, really helps help a lot a lot of these people big-time yeah.

What. Did you how did you react when you found out they've been a robbery here I was, surprised, and shocked and for. Small. Thrift, store I don't think I should have hit no. I found out cuz I was supposed to come over and volunteer that, day and I, couldn't come like I usually do and I find. Since I started this coming. Here that has helped, me with my anxiety helped. Me where everything like, you know between clothes, between. Like, everything, that I'd ever need it I always got her and I, used to spend like every day here anyway even if I didn't volunteer and, when I found out that I was I was so upset that they, could go do that to people that are such good folk that, are there to help everybody and when, I found out that I was like him, please they got the guy to do it because these, people are like great people and they, work hard to keep this store here, and they, keep it clean and everybody. Chips in and, and. That's why I come here every day you mentioned your anxiety, so if you deal with anxiety um it, took me a couple years come here only for the people here and like. Empower, I wouldn't, be here today like. Doing the volunteer and wanting. To be here every day and they, helped me come here and I've been here since october. And i hate's even to take a day off because i love it here you got a big smile on your face. She. Always like this. Really. Yes. She's fun to be real yeah and then you say it's because you actually get to come to a place like this yes and there somewhere for people. That you know can't get jobs and, can't, afford to do anything else and like I come here and I, think. It's awesome I think like these people deserves, more than what they know I guess you know it's important, to point out that even a thrift shop has sort of a downtime in sales after Christmas, and here we are January February. It's not just the robbery but it's also slow time for sale. What. Do you like about working here. I. Like, that there's no judgement due. To your disability or whether, it be physical, or mental because everyone here got disability, whether I respect this girl mental yeah so and, if I'm having a bad day and, I just want to going back not deal with but public. Someone, can, easily. Cover. Me right so it's almost as though you guys have different issues different disabilities, but you can sort of like it's, not just a store like a support group yes. Like. For, me like I know Sabo for a long time now and she got anxiety and, she, calls to me she's having a bad day I would sit down talk to her in the mornings I said, or, Diane if she's having a bad day I said, Oh Nicky Nicko, anyone, if I'm having a bad day myself I say guys I. I, can't be out in the back or can't be right in the front or needs to be in the back I, you know get all cover we each come on each other well listen obviously you all get a lot out of being part of this organization and, it's great news that you're going to get back on your feet and eventually. The snow will melt and maybe sales will get back to normal and, it. Will well. I, know that, all right well listen thank you both all very much for sharing your thoughts let me appreciate thank you very much thank you so much thank. You. We're. Starting a new series tonight, called, repurposed. For, the next several Wednesday's. We'll bring you stories of how former, churches, are finding, a new purpose, tonight. Video producer, Mark Humby takes us to a concert, venue in heart's content. The, church was built in 1878. So it's a hundred and forty-one years old, it, was the former. Hayfield. United, Church and Jesse Havel was here from England. And he did two stints. Here and he. Came back I think in 1910. And he passed away and he's actually buried, out in the graveyard. In. 2007. It was listed, on the, register. Of Canada's, Historic, Places, but, then in 2009. It, was. Vacant, it was not used it was starting to fall into a state of disrepair and, it. Was slated for demolition. The. Harris content MS and Heritage Society which, which is the group that I'm involved with. Bought. The building, for, $1 and. With. The intention, of. Repurposing. It into. A Performing. Arts Center up, and down the shore, the. Trinity South Region, here we have no. Venue. Quite like this one we have you, know this is primarily, a concert, venue, beautiful, sound system, we've, had several, concerts, now over the last couple of years and.

It's. A performance, venue that artists. Really enjoy, playing, in. To. Me it really works, because we're, close enough to the audience that we're they we, feel we're engaging them and they're, close enough to us that they feel, that they're being engaged, for. Lack of a better word it's been a real godsend that. A lot of these these, old churches, they're turning into venues. Mainly. Because the. Circuit is alive again before. The. Cod moratorium, you, talked a lot of the older musicians. They. Used, to be a circuit and all these new Flanders musicians. Could like just travel. Around the island spend. One week or weekend and they're in place and, play there and go to the next place and and people were quite happy. Content and made real good money cleaning that circuit, when. The moratorium happened, in 92 that, all came crashing, down because all these small communities started appearing so. I, was very appreciative over these a little, church houses turned into these are penguins. Survey. Said a. Big. Win for a new feel and family, but will they do it again tonight. You. Welcome. Back to here and now a family. From central, Newfoundland, is celebrating, a big win, the Mercer sisters appeared, on the game show Family Feud, last night and they walked away with the top prize of. $10,000. But, it's not over yet we, caught up with two of the sisters this afternoon, in Stoneville. We. Were accepted. For family feud Canada, what I'm so, excited. Once in a lifetime thing like even. Took wander, show you. Know and you see I was done yeah, we were really excited they're, gone and you know it was wonderful, you know what. A jerk. So. We, decided to meet her would do too fast money but anyway all I went at first as you can tell and. She. Gave me and saw that I only had 65. Points, why. Was you gonna do I was going to do this. Famous. Seasoning. A chef uses the most. Branch. Oh. My. Dear I almost got killed for that. Went. Back to her hotel room on our sister wavy she, came in and she said wavy because her we she. Came in and she said by the done the next time I froze this take all that rents, on that soon. As I said ranch I said. Get. On the 35, points I thought well, when, I seen that I had to get on it 35, points I said I'm not gonna do this he's, usually drop, our points, but I poured. It out before, I left Ontario, I said, am I gonna keep this secret now and, but.

After I got home and I, was saying no we can't tell you I can't tell you not even miles the new thing I. Had. People, at my house my friends, and Sam made my children. And Gerti mature. So. And just said across the garden cha what. It would with ten or twelve grandchildren you, know they were so excited oh you should see him when we warned a mother yes my hat my house still my friend just dance wrap. My. Grandkids, like they're from 12 up to 17, Oh. Davers so they jumped, up just, the same Darrin audience, survey, said. We're. The champs you know we're the champs, why. Our show comes on again tonight. And. You gotta watch and see ya. Best. Of luck to the Mercer sisters tonight I'm sure lots of people will be watching as they go for round 2. Unfair. Is at 8 o'clock Newfoundland, time 8:30, in parts of Labrador, and CBC, television, and on, the CBC gem, app. Ok. To a different, kind of game it's a sport that has nothing, to do with its name pickleball, is yes, pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in North America including here, in st. John's it combines, ping-pong, tennis, and badminton and, it's, become so popular a local, tennis club is opening its doors to, players Greenbelt, started offering trial, sessions last month here, now is Jeremy Eaton stopped by, been. Going on for quite a while he in there so. Yeah we came down here helped. Them set, up the courts and, for. Less is the best. Way to to get get. People started is to start with a beginning a lesson because at, a few house there's no less in the sachet we just play and hope, to gain something from other people but, here you offer form a lesson it's always the best way to learn but just like anything else. There's. A lot of demand for pickleball we have excess capacity we, have times during the middle of the day when, our. Courts are are, underutilized, and. So. What we find is that a lot of the pickleball players are in a demographic where, they are available that time of day so it allows. Us to meet that capacity, and also, develop, some extra revenue streams for club. We. Can fit a number. Of. Regulation. Pickleball courts inside of the, tennis courts so for example right here we have two pickleball, courts just on one half of a, tennis court and as the program grows we'll expand this across across, other courts. Response. Has been phenomenal. This. Is a week ago we. Put out an email blast and, a, Facebook post saying that we're going to offer three learn to play sessions, and in, less than, 18. Hours we had all three sessions filled, and a waiting list so because. Of that we're now gonna offer, four more sessions next week a. Lot. Of people were telling me this is a fun game and I like, playing tennis I'm in the member of the club here and I figured you know anything is a challenge, than anything for fun that way especially when you retired at my age what. Do you think of pickleball I like, it I like it a lot right, first. Of all very, welcoming, here it seems to be an interesting game and it's a way to get a little bit exercise get, you up off the couch and why not our tennis players and pickleball players are they able to coexist on the courts or have they been able to so far well it's all been very good so far I mean particularly, our long-term tennis, players you. Know they recognize, that creating. Additional revenue streams are important. To the to, the club's well-being long-term and so.

It's It's been a bit of a change right. Now we've only got two pickleball, courts we've you, know sort of taken a, thin. Edge of the wedge approach, to this but I think as the popularity grows and as more people know we're here and, it. Will become just part of of the Greenbelt community. Oh. You. The, weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Your. Partner, in better, hearing. Okay. I'm looking forward to snow, removal after tonight's, program, really, no. I'm. Trying to think positive you. Have to think positive yep, the alternative. Is not so pleasant No so where do you start temperatures. Dropping okay let's do that all right yeah we're gonna see some cold air push through Labrador, and then continue to think a little bit further south let's take a look at the timeline for that so, this is tomorrow. Night so you can see that cold air those pink, temper. Those Pink's are temperatures, in the minus 20s that's gonna spread across the. Big land as we head through the day on Friday and then, eventually sink, further south, affecting. Portions, of the island as well certainly. Through the day on Friday and, then even, into, the day on Saturday we're still looking at those cooler temperatures eventually they'll, retreat they'll move a little bit further north and we'll, see some more seasonal temperatures move in across, the island but it's still gonna stay pretty chilly up through, Labrador so Environment Canada already has some extreme cold warnings in effect for lab west as well as the northern peninsula lab. West you're looking at wind chills in the minus 40 range and for. The northern peninsula that's, closer to the minus 30 minus 35. Range and this again will be for tomorrow night into. Friday so here's your temperatures, there's, what, I'm talking about so temperatures in the minus 20s is a daytime high for lab west-, teens, across. The board so these wind chills as well you're. Gonna expect wind chills in the minus 20s, into. The afternoon even minus twenty-five potentially, but again, unsettled, Central Newfoundland you're looking at the most potential, for some sunshine otherwise, it, looks like flurries across the board nain chilly. And sunshine, as well so minus 18 will be your afternoon high on Friday so, taking a look at what. We're gonna see, as we head through the weekend ridge. Of high pressure will, skirt south of us we're still looking at that onshore flow, into. Saturday so areas. Along the west, coast you're still looking at the potential for some onshore flurries cloud, cover will move in on Sunday it looks like and the next system will move in that's gonna bring some cloud cover and the potential for some snow as well as we, head into Monday so it is going to be unsettled, for the next little bit and then, by, Monday evening and the trough.

That Will move through is, gonna bring in some of that warmer air to the south so areas, of Eastern Newfoundland at this point look like you'll probably change over to rain through the day nothing significant, at, this point and then in another area of high pressure high. Pressure will, move through so here's where you're looking temperature-wise, it's, a rollercoaster -, 11 by Friday as I mentioned back and then, slowly, climbing, as we head into Monday but it does look generally, gray for both Sunday and Monday with, your temperature hovering around the zero degree mark now for Central Newfoundland sunshine both Friday and Saturday and then Sunday we get into that unsettled, weather again your temperatures, will be climbing it's, essentially, the same forecast, for western Newfoundland but you're looking at the, onshore flurries, continuing, so gray skies for the most part minus 1 by Monday, and then up through Labrador. Flurries. By Friday Saturday, and Sunday look nice and your temperatures, will climb as well finally, getting out, of those well below seasonal temperatures and then. For western Labrador -, 23, by Friday your overnight lows dipping just for a few days into those - 30 range it'll get right back into that as we head into Monday. Well. I showed you some cat pictures so I had to show you a dog picture balance, it's, all about balance, I'm sorry, for this is Jim when we come back. You. Okay. So we promised us well we actually asked you for certain pictures, of. Cats but the picture that actually showed you before the break beautiful, dog cuz, I can't I have to show you a dog, yep of course let's, take a look at the weather photo of the day or your viewer photo of the day I should say that's, red enjoying, a bird's-eye view on, top of a snow bank yeah I just the, bird house right behind him right exactly. You just have a kind of what are you looking at kind of face hey cutie, yeah, frank-walter, sent us that shot thank you so much for sending that in and, if you have any photos to share this woman 2nl photos at right, now we, also mentioned, that we, do show a lot of photos of dogs as you can see with red there and so we actually invited you our viewers or I did anyway to. Send us some cat photos in the interest of feline canine balance. And. Take. A look you certainly answered, in droves quickly, look at this one ginger the cat yeah. After, the snow shoveling ginger, takes a break yep, pretty. Happy yeah and, that, is not ginger that's the back of Riley. That's right Rob Thomas sent us that picture and join him bit of snow not not dandruff, is just bit of snow yeah. Pecha. Wall sent us this photo of gremlin so, over Snowmageddon, yeah gremlin. Looks like what the out, of here and this is Freddie Chris. Parsons sent so you see all these cats are in the snow right so it's not just dogs, that are out there no, all right yeah, go stand it for my peeps. This. Is Belle Oh Ruby, Hooper's. Hmm. Belle oh just enjoying the outdoors the, proper way looking from inside, that's my favorite photo though I gotta. Say, shovel. Me, never. I, don't, have a cat, and, so. They, uh, you, poor empty person. Anyhow. Dogs, cats. If you have pictures of your pets out in the snow we've had a lot of pictures of sunsets and places new flam but if you want to share some of your pet photos enjoying. Winter. 2020. Who are your kids yeah or yourself, there's. So much to enjoy there you go it's. All open so pets, kids whatever you're like send. Them on in I hope you're okay, if you're they're shoveling tonight do take it easy don't overdo it make, sure you're well your people. Can see you wear a vest if you can if you're shoveling at night and we'll. See you tomorrow. You.

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