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Here & Now, Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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This. Is CBC. Here and now. Traffic. Will increase even. If we can get more people out of the buses and riding, bikes traffic. Will obviously increase here there's no question about there but, what's being done to plan, for it the future of the ever busy, Prince Phillip Parkway ahead. Good. Evening and welcome to here and now I'm Carolyn, Stokes that story in just a few minutes but first a young woman, in gander is mad, and speaking, out after being, struck on the trans-canada highway, police. Have since charged, men with impaired driving here, she is telling the story in her own words to our Garrett berry. My. Back windshields, completely. Smashed there you can see my headrest. Pretty. Well through my window, from, I saw, two, headlights very. Very far behind me I mean, they were far enough that being. A new flame my first instinct. Was was. It a car or was it two screws on the trail way but. Because they were so far behind me I didn't, pay any need and. With. What felt like five, seconds, after I, got. Hit I. Felt. My head to push back against my headrest and. Everything. Seemed like it was in slow motion, white. Noise almost like when. An explosion goes off in a movie. I remember, saying to myself twice, just, don't flip although, I was nowhere near flipping. I'm. Physically. I mean I'm sore I'm tired, I'm stressed. Mentally. I'm. Doing better but I'll. Never fully get over what happened of course I, mean, I'm. Sleeping a little bit better I am you. Know. I'm. Getting better but it's never gonna fully go away. Honestly. I still can't believe it like I look at it and I still can't believe that that's my car like, that I was in that I got out of that I you, know I still. Can't believe that's my car feels like I'm looking at someone else's accident. I'm. Not angry for, the fact that had happened I'm, angry, at the reason, that happened. Well. I mean things. Happen whether it's weather animals. Mechanical. Issues you, can accept that you can accept that that is that's. What's called an accident, there's. You. Probably could have called it you know attempted, murder basically, because I mean I could've 100% been prevented. Nearly. A quarter of a million dollars, was spent on, a traffic, study for, the busy Prince Phillip Parkway, in st. John's the Mun traffic, study aimed to, predict, and fix future, problems, now, five, years later two top priorities have, hit a speed bump here, now is ariana Kellen has more. There's. No debating the importance, of Prince Phillip Parkway. It's a direct link between east, and west sides of the city with, lanes leading to the University, and the Health Sciences, Center what, can be agreed on tackling, traffic. Was, at. This point to me that we didn't get approval right now council, had other priorities, in mind I think but, I think it'll come in time because, we simply have to address it it's something that must be done in December Hickman. Was the lone councillor, to vote in favor of asking. The province to help fund a roundabout, here at, the intersection, of Prince Philip Drive in Allendale Road according. To the RNC in 2018. It had the most collisions, out of any intersection, on the Northeast Avalon with, 17, crashes, the, parkway itself, had, 82 collisions. Students. Made, their point safety, concerns around campus, aren't new students.

Famously, Shut down the Parkway in October, 1918. After biology. Student, Judy Lynn Ford was struck and killed while, crossing the road thousands. Of students, fed up with unsafe, campus conditions, won the fight this. Report, was paid for by the province, City University. And Eastern Health it, was tabled and adopted, by council in 2017. Recommends. Many changes to the existing Parkway, and surrounding. Areas keeping. Drivers pedestrians and. Cyclists. In mind another. Major priority. Flagged au, pass for the University. Students, voted overwhelmingly, against. It there's no question that in this the thinking for this study the, long-term planning included, the, fact that team goos Ohio would be completed it, included the fact that there would be a major science. Building added but what couldn't have been factored in in that study was the addition, of a new mental health hospital, over, 100. Beds and the province says it wants to add a parking, garage to, hold a minimum of a thousand, vehicles also, needs to have, a better understanding of what's going on here I can't. Blame for that some of them are new it. Is complex something, that I know intimately. But they don't I can't expect them to Memorial. University wants. To make sure it's done right - it's, understandable, for us given some of the questions that are arising both at City Council level as well as here within the university, that individuals, want to make sure if we're gonna make a change that it's well thought out but, the changes, can still happen with, or without the roundabout, both, right and Hickman, hope smaller changes, can be made despite. Putting the brakes on parts, of the traffic study Arianna, Kellan CBC, News st., John's. Was. A gray day across most of the province, today unfortunately those, unsettled, weather conditions, are gonna continue over, the next couple of days it'll be quiet for the big land few flurries in the mix for some of you but I'm watching a system for, Sunday. And Monday it, looks like it'll be messy through, the Maritime Provinces and then it's gonna head our way by. The time Sunday. Night into Monday rolls around so try, to give, you a few of those details coming up. Atlantic. Place Atlanta's, burgers. Would. We like to have done with a bowl of what perhaps. That's. Not gonna happen so what else can be done Council, could, be one, step closer to dramatically. Changing. The city of st. John's skyline. The, latest on Atlantic. Place ahead, a. Home. In a small community near lewis pork burned down this weekend, crews, from campbellton, and lewis port did not respond. To the call in Michaels Harbor because the community, hadn't, paid for fire services, according. To Lewis ports mayor residents. Living in unincorporated. Communities. Need to pay fifty dollars per year, to receive, the service, she, says they knocked on doors and, left letters, but couldn't convince everyone, to get on board the, local service district and Michaels Harbor disbanded. In 2005. And right now there's no leadership, in the community. Well. The head of Fire Services, says there, have been more than 45. Fires, since, the beginning of December and while, that number may seem high he says it's not unusual given, the time of year, Derek, Simmons says there's often, a spike, in house fires when people are home for longer periods, of time like during a snowstorm wood. Stoves snowblowers. And fuel fires are also common. During the winter, in. A conventional, home. From. The time the smoke alarm goes off you have, two. To three minutes, in which to have your family completely added, a home so, that's to, be alerted, but a smoke alarm and to. Get your family up and get. Out of the home that's the importance, of having the smoke alarms, to make sure that you get that note of as soon as possible, so. That you can get out of your home as quickly as possible, and not go back oh.

This. Week the majority of the provinces, public, servants, are voting, on a contract. Extension. With the provincial, government, details. Highlighted. On the napes website. Says, the offer includes. A four percent wage, increase, over, a year and a half it would, run until March 31st. 2022. And the, current no layoff, clause would. Be in place knate, members have until the end of day Friday, to vote on the tentative contract both, sides say they opted. For the contract, extension. To provide, stability for, the province and the public service the, contract, covers more than sixteen, thousand, government, workers. Now. That's the view from nape but, over at QP, which represents, about 3,700. Government, workers there is no such vote happening, yet according, to the Union they aren't ready to sign off on a contract, extension, they haven't been privy to government. Called QP, to Confederation. Building just before Christmas, and passed, as a template. Contract. That was negotiated by, another Union and gave, it to us to bring back to our members. We, brought it back to our bargaining committees and our bargain committees. Didn't accept it so we just served notice to bargain with government. More. On my conversation, with Shirley, Hillier ahead on here and now well. It appears moose, meat just, isn't, cutting it for some indigenous people in Labrador, caribou. Is crucial, to Inuit life in culture, however herd numbers have plummeted and, there's, a ban on hunting animals. In Labrador, the, provincial government helped get moose meat from the gross worn area as a substitute. But, the land and resources Minister a new Nazi vote says people aren't, interested, in moose so, Greg flowers wants the province to come up with alternatives. In the meantime he's, reminding, Inuit people to abide by the caribou, hunting ban to help get, the herd numbers up in hopes, they, will eventually be allowed to hunt the animals once again. The. Atlantic place parking garage in downtown st. John's is one step closer to having a hotel built on top of it it's a contentious. Proposal. Public, opinion is split, last, night councilors, decided, whether to bend the rules and allow the hotel, to stand at 12 stories, instead of 11, they voted six five in favor of amending, regulations, giving, the project the extra, height and, moving it forward but, before they voted councilors, had the opportunity, to speak their piece here, are some of that back and forth I don't. Agree at this time with. A height increase or even, this light flora ratio increase to the building, it wouldn't be entertained that nearby sites, in the area and, this. Is like a history of spot zoning on this one particular lot so. It's a bit of a loophole within, the sod you, know an addition. Of an, extra floor still. Doesn't bring it to the height of Atlantic place so the height argument, is not to me a valid, argument I don't believe it's spot zoning either, as mentioned before we're not changing the zoning this is discretionary, and I. Don't see it as a loophole, either, as disowning. Has been the same for 30-40, years I've heard loud and clear from, residents. And more to that increases, in the increases. In height in the historic core of our downtown are not a direction, that residents want to be going in this. Is an example of spot. Zoning as, councillor Burton mentioned, and while it is in the heritage, area it is bounded on all sides by the heritage, area it is a significant. And crucially important part of our. Collective. Identity. As. A, part. Of the downtown I don't whether you dislike the design I actually think it adds color and I actually like it I think it'll also improve, the economic, stability. Of downtown, at a time those really really required, and as, an entrepreneur and then working alongside of entrepreneurs, the people I speak to are very much in favor of worship, it's sitting on a location, that has been considered by many and many discussions, to be one, of the last best opportunities.

For A vibrant, public space ultimately. What I'd like to see is us going back to, the developer, asking. Them to reconsider. A redesign. But. Us as a council, to continue. To move forward and trying to make the harbor Harbourfront, itself a much more livable space, it's, not my favorite design but. In the odd beholder, that's, all I can say to that you. Can't build a. Hundred-year-old. Building we. Have to create new heritage, and. New, unique designs and new architecture. The. Park Hotel project, still has some hoops to get through part of it has to go through the city's legal department. It'll then go to another council, vote and there will be a second, public consultation. You. Welcome. Back to here and now let's. Get back to the bargaining story, that's unfolding in, this province nape, members, are voting this week on whether to approve a two-year, extension of. Its contract, with government, but, @qp no, such vote is happening, I spoke, with the union's local president to find out why. Government. Called qp2. Confederation. Building just before Christmas, and passed as a template. Contract. That was negotiated, by another union and gave, it to us to bring back to our members. We, brought it back to our bargaining committees, and our bargain committees. Didn't accept it so we just served notice to bargain with government, we had our pension, analyst from, Ottawa to look at it and the, open, the whole part of the Canada Pension Plan was. Meant to be. Extra. Money for our members. When they retired and not, to be integrated. With our public, service. Pension, plan so, our mid members actually deserve to retire, with dignity and, under, this new under the system that's currently that would be with the, CPP. And the pspp. Our members, would actually retire what a few dollars more in their pocket, but, with this proposed. Agreement is meant, to be integrated. Together so, the 2%, increase says, coming. On. April 2 first is really just smoke and mirrors because that 2%, is not going to cover the, part with the public service pension, plan on the pay back of the plan so, our members will actually probably retire what less and, that 2%, that's part of the 4% wage increase, that's being offered in this deal correct, so. Nate is saying that, this, union is, recommending. Its members accept, this, deal, accept, this template. They. Talk about how the, province is in a difficult fiscal situation. Right now and they understand, that and they think that what they're being offered is, good. So. What's the difference between nape and Kewpie all right first of all I'm not bargaining, for another union the, other union does their own bargaining, I'm only 4qp members, what. Our members want is just fair click to burg we understand, fiscal, challenges, of the problems, we absolutely understand. That we're not looking for that 20% increase. That we got that, so many years ago we, are looking just sit down to talk to the employers, to, get fair collective, bargaining, in our, contracts. Like such, things as occupational, health and safety wording. In the contracts, even just, the, past posts. Snowstorm. Adverse, weather conditions, we have locals that don't have that in our collective agreements, so just get wording, and collective agreements, we're not looking, for these, big raises, we're just looking for fair collective, bargaining and our members deserve that the last time around four years ago we, helped as was. Said we help government we lost your severance package, QP, is all about no, concession, bargaining, and this piece on pension, is certainly, a concession. How far would you be willing to take this well, taken as far as we need to be as, we said what boots on the ground were, ready to put boots on the ground back, in May of 2019. We, brought our members, in here we did a mock strike school well, do strike soles again we do we'll do what we have to do and, we're not talking strike, we just want to sit down to, fair bargaining.

This. Weather update is brought to you by the NL 5-1-1 app know before. You go check, road conditions highway. Cameras and the provincial plow tracker with the NL 5-1-1 app. All. Right so before we get to the weather actually I'm not sure if you noticed online but a lot of people in this province are saying goodbye and, thank you to the army mm-hmm, yeah here are some of the troops arriving back home and New Brunswick after, spending a week here helping. People shovel out a lot of people saying online they appreciate. All that muscle, being. Here on the ground after the unprecedented. Snowstorm. Even, the National Defense Minister has chimed in saying the soldiers dedication. In helping. Those impacted, by the storm is, recognized, by all, Canadians. So thank you so much surely. So. The. Snow is really starting, to take, a knockin out there, yeah we talked about it yesterday how, much we lost we were sitting at a hundred centimeters, on the ground yesterday, and that number has dropped take a look at what, we're sitting at as of this afternoon down to 81 centimeters. On the ground so we are losing it actually quite quickly which I'm, sure some are happy about and some are not happy about but. Obviously there's still plenty of snow on the ground here's where we were sitting this morning, below. Zero for the majority of the island after Labrador, - 32, for lab city and then, significantly, warmer through happy valley-goose Bay sitting, at about minus 17 this. Morning those. Temperatures did climb though hovering. Around the zero degree mark for most of Eastern Newfoundland, even a reaching above zero down through Burgi Oporto bask as well and then, otherwise we're sitting in those - single digits for, the northern peninsula through. The day as. Well so, we do have a little, bit of some onshore flow going on in, north, northwesterly. Some, north easterly is being reported as well and that's leading to some freezing drizzle mixing.

In With the potential for some snow so we did see a generally gray day across the province up. Through Labrador a little bit of sunshine mainly, for lab west but overall that. Flurry, activity is, happening in some cases certainly, along the west coast as well but we do have that freezing drizzle in the mix and that's gonna continue as we head through the overnight tonight, so we could or, more than likely we'll see things change over to snow especially, along the Northeast, at some point tonight wouldn't be surprised to wake up to a centimeter or two on the ground but, overall we, are going to see, the risk of freezing drizzle continue, as we see, that onshore flow mainly really anywhere, for. The Northeast, but. Generally just unsettled, and gray for the west coast quiet up through Labrador you're gonna see a pretty nice evening, other, than some flurry activity, starting. In the northern portion of Labrador and then that'll continue. To move through central, so here's why you'll be sitting overnight minus one for st. John so really not, moving much overnight. Tonight minus, six for Corner Brook temperature, dropping to minus 25, for, lab city again, and, Cartwright. Staying cloudy tonight some light winds though so sitting around minus 16 as your overnight low as we have through the day tomorrow we're still under the influence of the, same pressure. System, so even. Though we'll see a little bit of a wind shift down for. The southwest so you're more than likely gonna see a couple of centimeters of snow through the day tomorrow as we get into that onshore flow and. Some of that colder air but otherwise the, unsettled, weather the cloud cover the drizzle. And potential, for flurries will stick around for most of the Northeast through the day with those temperatures pretty. Much staying where they are today as well and. Then we've got that snow moving through parts of central Labrador and then, again for areas along the coast blob, West gonna be another lovely day but, chilly into, the afternoon, for you so here's where you'll be sitting temperature-wise, hovering, around the zero degree mark for st. John's so northerly, winds 20, to 40 km/h hovering.

Around Minus tube for Clerval mary's town sitting at minus one and then who is he head toward central similar. Temperatures, again flurries. Or freezing, drizzle possible through. The day there's, some, of that heavier snow I was talking about still, light though anywhere from two maybe four centimeters, of snow is possible in some of that corner. Brooks sitting around minus three up, through the northern peninsula some, sunshine. Potentially. Peeking out but more than likely will stay gray through the day with that chance, of flurries along, the coast milder, temperatures though - 8 for Cartwright, - 11, for happy valley-goose Bay and lab City sitting at minus 16, tomorrow so do you have a little bit of weather coming up as we head towards the weekend we'll have all those details coming up. So. What do public, buildings, like fun and, it's hot water, boilers. Have to do with your power bill we'll have the answer to that burning, question shortly. You. Mr.. Pan has a violent history violent, past. Local. News Philip pin is back in custody okay now I want, the. Whole. This. Will be a documentary, so this is about. Rehabilitation. Do you think he can turn his life around I know he can't it's hard to rehabilitate. People when they're around a bunch of criminals and second. Chances and how, do you pick yourself up and move forward, all these people, that judge my kid through, our Foolish. It. Was my fault like it was not me Phillip is not a monster, I don't look down and I don't judge people for their mistakes and stuff and I expect, the same. Welcome. Back, well the shift has begun to change the way public buildings, are heated, in this province it will mean good things for the environment, and might just help keep our power bills, affordable. In the Muskrat Falls era Terry, Roberts reports. It's. A very industrial, place, full. Of pipes tanks. And gauges. And, then. There's, the furnaces, it's, a critical building on the st. Johns campus, of Memorial, University but. For a place that's so important, it has a drab, name the, utility, annex, for. Furnaces. 70. Megawatts, of power fueled, by a steady diet of number, two diesel. Boiling. The water that warms 60, buildings, on the University campus, and the. Sprawling Health Sciences, Center it's probably one, of the most important facilities, here in the province. It's. Also a serious. Polluter, a mini. Holyrood he, burned, about 11, million litres. Of diesel, a year so, that equates to about, 25,000.

Tons. Of, co2. Nearly. Nine million dollars, in fuel every, year but, all this may, soon change this, is all part of our rate management, plan that we came out with last year these. Diesel, guzzling furnaces, could soon go silent, replaced. By electric, boilers, charged, with clean hydropower. From, here 1,100. Kilometres, away in Muskrat. Falls if, we can do this it's, the equivalent of taking 7,500. Cars off the road that's. The the equivalency. In terms, of climate. Change a. Study. Is underway to determine whether, this makes sense from an environmental, and financial standpoint. It's, gonna be a multi-million. Dollar project, what, we just don't know because it depends on the how, many boilers, that go in or hot where the, boilers. Will go so that's what we're gonna get from the RFP we hope but, that's only part of the story set. Aside the month project for a second the provincial government is also aggressively, moving forward with plans to convert 27. Other public, buildings including. College campuses, and schools. Ripping. Out oil furnaces, like this and hot, water radiation. Heaters like these and replacing. Them with these electric. Baseboard heaters, the, province, and Ottawa splitting the cost an average of about 1 million dollars per building five. Of those projects, are underway including. Here at Mary queen of the world in Mount Pearl we're, there soon won't be a need to burn nearly, 70,000. Litres of furnace oil each year, to heat the school the. Idea is to increase the, demand for electricity, generate. More revenue, and help. Pay the massive, muskrat mortgage, to keep power rates from doubling when, the controversial, project, is finished in a year from now as, we've, said to the people of the province we don't want them burdened with the the impact of Muskrat Falls but will it cost less to heat public buildings with electricity, than, with oil based products, or is this strategy simply, shifting, the burden from ratepayers, to, taxpayers. Essentially. The same people we're not anticipating it to be more but again the feasibility study will make sure that we're doing the correct, things you want to do your due diligence but. The price of diesel continues, to rise so, the price of diesel and the price of electricity we're, hoping that will actually save some money watch, out I think you're gonna see a lot of activity coming, in the next few years the provinces, environmental. Industry association. Is a big supporter, of this strategy, Muskrat. Falls is a financial, disaster but, we'll be a friend to the environment, when muskrat is online nearly. 98%, of, the provinces, electricity, system, will be powered, by renewable, energy. Sources that is something that we really should be proud of and that's something that we should be looking at now how can we leverage this how can we make the most of that opportunity because. Other, jurisdictions. In the world to have that kind of penetration, of clean renewable energy into their electricity. Mix they, would be very jealous of our situation, meanwhile. Nearly 300. Other government, buildings are being looked at for possible, electrification, in, the coming years along. With the provinces, fleet of vehicles and. Companies. Have been asked to pitch their renewable, energy ideas to government, so the diesel generators, used to provide electricity to some isolated, communities, like st. Brendan's, can, be turned off I think, these are really important, conversations, to have economically. But of course the environmental, stories is just fantastic, Terry. Roberts CBC News st., John's. Well. The possibility of, a fixed, transportation. Link from Newfoundland, to Labrador, was talked about in Ottawa, today you, might recall that the, long debated, idea was supported, by the federal Liberals. In their election platform back, in the fall well, today a reporter. Asked, Environment, and climate change, Minister Catherine McKenna about, where things stand today, uh. Well, it was in my mandate, letter I to look at an F and Newfoundland. Labrador link. As. A project, you. Know national importance, and so we will be looking, at that that, project feasibility. Study and looking, at what other projects, what other infrastructure, projects will help grow. The economy create, jobs and. Also are. Going to connect, our country the last government. Estimate from the province new plant headed at one. And a half billion dollars in a 15 year construction timeframe, and it wouldn't actually save time for.

People Transiting the why, is it important if it won't save time well. I think that's why we need to do a feasibility study we need to look at the economics, of the project, we need to look at the rationale, for the project, and. My focus has always been how do you have infrastructure, projects, that improve the quality of life of people but also grow the economy and create jobs and, contribute, to, the. National economy so, that's something we're definitely going to be looking at as we go through this process I know the island was cut off for a couple of days in the last blizzard is this something that you think could potentially help with those situations, I mean, I think it's hard to to. To. You know look at particular, situations obviously, a very difficult situation, for the folks of. New Orleans who are very risen and Labrador who are very resilient and, but. I think these all our projects, you know we need to have rigor around them we need to look at you, know do they make sense do they make sense to the community what is the economic cost, what is the economic benefit, and that's exactly why we'll be doing, a feasibility study. While. Keeping with telecommunications. 5g. Is touted. As the next big, development but. The impact it will have remains. Unclear. CBC's. Thomas Degla takes a closer look at the technology. To see where it could take us. There's. A lot of promise, around 5g, or the fifth generation. Of mobile network, technology. But, it's not clear how much of the promises, are hype, for. Example is it. Faster. Depends. Promise. Is that it will be way faster maybe even, a hundred times, faster than what you get now, but. There's, a catch while, current, signals can go far and through objects, like buildings. Superfast. 5g. Can't go as far for, is it just about one technology, here we have a constellation, of technologies. That are working under the umbrella, of 5g we need to have multiple antennas we, need to have higher, frequencies. So, more, cell, towers, will have to be built for that super-fast, connectivity. Next. Up is, 5g. A, game-changer. The. Promise, is a more, connected, society. No less with, driverless, cars smart. Traffic lights to keep congestion. Down and, artificial. Intelligence managing. It all sure, a 5g, network could power, this future, but. Not without time, money. Innovation. Not to mention permission. From governments, the promise, of 5g, that gets touted so much it's that it's going to change, a lot of the ways we do things that's going to depend a lot on the people who are developing the applications. That require 5g. More. Realistically. 5g. Will offer better connectivity, for your phone tablet, or laptop rather. Than an entire smart, city, the. Last promise is, 5g. Ready right. Now. Well. Not, without new, phones which, need new towers, which, need new 5g, modems, creating. Supply, and demand that's. Expensive, so, the Canadian telecom, industry, plans on spending 26, billion dollars, over the next few years estimating. 5g, will add 40, billion, dollars to, Canada's GDP but. Keep in mind for some Canadians, 5g. May never be ready, unfortunately. There's, still a lot, of rural areas that are underserved, by 4G, and, even though the carriers are talking about using 5g. For closing that digital, divide, we. Haven't really seen a performance, like that in the past that gives, us a lot of confidence that, that's likely to happen, in the near future. Don't, lose hope on this promising. New technology, just like 3G, gave, us apps and 4G, gave us streaming, there, may be another mobile revolution, around. The corner, Thomas. Dag CBC, News Toronto. Four. Local singers.

And Songwriters tonight. Is AIDS big night the, music NL Awards are being held in Saint John's here, we now caught up with one of the youngest, nominees. You. Welcome. Back to here and now some. Of the provinces, top musicians are, getting ready to take the stage at the Music NL Awards, the ceremony, is happening, tonight in, downtown st. John's and it's going to be extra, special for one of the youngest, nominees. Fifteen-year-old. Paige penny, is up for pop artist of the year later, this week she's also releasing, a new music, video featuring, Alan, Doyle here, announced a cow D spoke with Paige about making, big strides in, her budding career, all. Right Paige patty we're at the LSP Hall music and L awards are tonight and you're up for pop artist, of the year ceremonies. In a few hours how are you feeling excited. Oh, my gosh I feel so like grateful, to have this opportunity to be nominated yeah, it's awesome what does it mean to a young artist you know to get a nomination like that and then to be up on stage with all these established. Performers, and musicians it feels really good I feel, great, for all the other young artists too like it gives us a platform, and yeah. Like you said to be up there with a bunch of other amazing artists, is really, cool. Yeah. You got a lot of cool things happening, because you have a music, video. Coming. Out this, week. So. I have a music video coming out on Sunday, February 2nd, it, was directed by Roger maunder, and has. Alan. Doyle as the cab driver in the video because he co-wrote the song with me my dad cooked penny and it's called shooting star so. Yeah, Alan's. In and Roger directing it and a bunch of friends. And family, are in it as well and it's really a collaborative, music video it's great. For. A lot of people you know this video will be like their introduction. To you and your music what, do you hope that they take away from, from watching this video about but you as an artist the kind of music you make, well. I hope they know, my genre and my. Message, I'm trying to give out to people that, are a positive, message really the video is really powerful. And it's positive, about, people. Making their dreams come true that's the message of the song and you can cut and you can really see that with the video and, do you really see that happening in your own life at this point page with your career, in the music business yeah definitely. Well there's so, much has happened this past year since my album was released we, made the album when I was in the studio in Nashville I wasn't thinking, oh my gosh I'm gonna get pop artist of the Year nomination, for this or, we're gonna have these two awesome amazing, music videos like. I didn't, even see it coming and I'm. Just so grateful. Nice. Good luck to Paige and all of the nominees tonight. As. We told you earlier in, the show members, of the military, who were here helping, dig, out st. John's are gone home, here. Are some of them arriving in New Brunswick after. Their week here, but as mark, Critch and the gang at 22, minutes discovered, some, left, thinking, that Newfoundlanders. Are a little too. Friendly. Five. Days with no way out of the house I don't know what we're gonna do I'm just getting over stroke and my husband had heart surgery two, weeks ago, neither, one of us could shovel. The. Enemies here what company. Does, that Ferren choppers woman get voiceover, look we've. Been sent to Newfoundland to help with the snow removal the, people have been so nice and friendly. Too. Friendly, it's. Hampering, our efforts hello, there young Phyllis. Sir. Please. Go inside we're here to shovel you out you're. Here to shutting me out I'm, here to shovel you in we. Call it a Newfoundland, standoff. My. God, sure is a state of emergency sure, look at to your skin and bones, Alice get in the kitchen now cook the boys up a turkey you got time for a quick turkey don't Jim my god surely take six hours. So. You'll be for me to pause that let's can I talk you over moment in the other room. What. The hell is wrong with Julia, company in, the. Gas station or something. She's. Just talking about free now boys. Won't. Be long now boys. Portela. This. Here is my daughter / Atilla Portillo this, is the army they're here to save us pretend. I can't shovel on account of her asthma though there's nothing else wrong with her and she got a certificate from the trade school but, till I got no man do you ever tell her we. Really should go, what. Are you that kid you would have worn out a bit of makeup I.

Got. The turkey oh I'll, have to stop with storm chips. We. Have to leave no no go boys won't you stay and have a beer. Won't. You stay and have some hair pins. It's. Been three days now the Army is trying to send more soldiers to, free us but I don't, believe anyone's coming. -. Buddy, I wonder if any of, you. Know the military, personnel even had anything, vaguely close to that I wonder yes I would like to hear some story once they had a nice time I hope we all made them feel welcome. You. A. Village. In and out porch, victorious. Heritage, village one, of Newfoundlands, best-kept, secrets. Victoria's. Hidden, gem Sunday. At noon and Monday, at 7:00. The, weather update is brought to you by Beltone, your, partner, in better, hearing. Alright. Time for look at the long range how are things looking. Is we're heading. Into the weekend and the Thursday, timeframe, yeah, so it's unsettled, it has been for. The last couple of days and will continue to be unsettled, unfortunately. Would you have a little, bit of an area of high pressure that's gonna track. West. Of us but, as. That continues to move a little bit further south we're still gonna see that, unsettled, weather across most of the island and even up through Labrador, a little bit of cloud cover in the mix there as well so the. Potential for snow really does exist or, some, freezing drizzle exists. For the next couple of days for, the island and then as we head into Friday morning again, along the west coast but we should or, potentially, might see some sunshine in the mix for the, rest of the island so here's where we'll be sitting Thursday temperature-wise not. Really much movement we're gonna start to see a couple, of degrees drop. On the west coast so about minus 5 for Corner Brook the straight sitting around mine is 10 see any Anthony minus 8. But the warmest weather will be, for, the eastern portion of the island -1 for, st.. John's and again unsettled.

Weather Some sunshine up through Cartwright mm, flurry potential. For happy, valley-goose Bay and named sitting around minus 13 now. Looking ahead there's. That area of high pressure that's. Gonna scoot, south of us through the day on, Friday and, we're still gonna see those unsettled, conditions across, the island as that, moves off there's an area of low pressure that, is developing. Along the, coast. Of the States and that's gonna move towards. Us certainly, for. The Maritime Provinces, if you have any flights, through. The day on Sunday they'll probably want to check in to that as you get closer and then, it heads our way now there's a lot. Of discrepancy, on just where this track of this system will be by the time Sunday rolls around, it. Does look like we could see some significant, snowfall, for parts of Central but again the track of this may change and as, that low moves further north probably, a changeover, to rain for. Eastern Newfoundland, but the, winds will be breezy, with this one as well so we'll see some strong winds certainly through the day on Sunday, and then continuing, into. Monday as well and then a little bit of a jump in temperatures, as we. See some of that warmer air move in so here's what will be sitting over the next five days hovering. Around the zero degree mark tomorrow and then slowly, dropping. Below. Seasonal as we head into Friday and Saturday again. A few peeks of Sun not, out of the question and then, I have that rain/snow, mix in for Sunday and that's because it'll more than likely start as snow and then change over to rain as those temperatures dump jump up above zero for. Central Newfoundland not quite ironed out yet but this is what we're. Looking at Saturday some, sunshine and then Sunday that's snow moving in potentially, late day and, then same for western Newfoundland so your temperatures still sitting in the - single digits but they will, potentially, jump. Up closer to zero by the time the weekend rolls around so, for, eastern. Labrador, some flurries in, the mix for through Thursday and then sunshine too for. The weekend with those temperatures hovering around minus, 10 and then for western Labrador same thing pretty much sitting around seasonal, though around. 14. -, 14 for Friday and then Saturday. And Sunday about - 11 - 12 so that's a look at your forecast I'll have your wedding photo coming up, thanks. Ashley well, as you heard earlier in the show with 45, fires reported, since December. It may seem like there's been an upswing, in the number of fires this year but, that's not the case the, head of fire services, for the province says numbers for last year were twice what we've seen this year but, he stresses people, still need to be prepared, here's, more from Derek Simmons. We're, approaching a, little over 45, fires in, the sense the first of December. And. Which is in. Fact not, unusual. For this time of year in. The past in. 2018. In, the same period we had 169. Fire. Calls, after. Which 92, are actually, single-family. Homes what, we found is that the, the. Fires have been coming in in, groups so we may in fact you. Know on a particular, day have four or five or six fires in. A, 24 hour period but. Then we may go three, or four days without a fire. At all so, it's it's the what, what, becomes, noteworthy, is when, we have them all grouped together and. Of course then, when we have fire, so significant, loss or. Loss of where we have fatalities, it brings the brings the message home again because, we all believe that is not going to happen to us, you. Know we think about we. Think about what happens in our homes so, when we look at fire, fire, safety, we. Look at it from the point of view that we want to try to reduce the, amount of risk that's in our home so, by doing those, checks. Around your home checking the extension cords checking. The things that can go wrong you, know did the space heater get moved through closed combustible, so when we identify all. Those types of risk the dryer vents, and all those things then, once, we eliminate those we want to try to look at. Making. Sure that we have the detection, so if something, do go wrong that. We have the detection so our smoke alarms are critical, or carbon monoxide alarms. Are, critical. To, make sure that we can get notified.

I. Want. To know where your to take a look at this beautiful, shot. There. I'll. Tell you where this is to I'm sure you know when, we come back. You. Welcome. Back, well there are talent, shows and then there are talent, shows of truly, epic proportions. That's. A rendition of a, wild, tune, by a young female, elephant. She along with about 30 other pachyderms. Are at the elephant's, rejuvenation. Camp in southern, India. It's, an annual getaway. For these for, many of these gentle giants from, their day, job performing, at temples, the retreat offers various. Forms, of relaxation and refreshments. And The Gathering also, provides opportunities, to dress, up and maybe, take a selfie, or two there's, such beautiful. Animals, really. Are beautiful animals. Wow. Amazing. Well here's another beautiful sight hmm. Yeah. I thought this was dildo, for a second, because of the red building there kind, of looks like the dildo brewery you could totally see that but no it is not it's a lot further away than that yep it's ugly. Girl. Dale. Great. Gorgeous sunny day in the big land Greg, sent us that wonderful shot thank you so much for sending that photo in and if you have any weather photos you'd like to share with us send them to NL, photos at and we'll get them on the show for you love that pop of color against. The white the green and the red beautiful shot thank you so much for saying it, love you yeah well, that's it for us tonight thank you so much for joining us and hopefully we will see you tomorrow. You.

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