HelloIOTA interview with #IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener

HelloIOTA interview with #IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener

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All. Right people welcome. To this very special show, at hello iota and this, time we have an interview, and I'm really happy that we can welcome Dominic, Sheena the, iota co-founder. Dominic. Welcome, to you and thank you very, much for being with us here. Yeah. Sure, how. Do, you feel now that the roadmaps been released, I mean, that was a terrific, piece, which. Has been released yesterday so. What's your feelings. About the roadmap yeah like, I think it's good that we finally, published, it because. For. Many people especially, within and. Particularly. Outer, of the ureter communities sometimes very hard, to grasp this full spectrum, of, process. And. Research. That we actually working on right now I think. People. Finally have this overview of everything that we're working on and what it actually requires to, be to, reach this maturity. Of, artifact, to reach to maturity of course eyes and all of those other products, so, I think is very import, piece of guidance. For. The community, yeah, it's, the. Way it's it's. Made it's terrific, it's really, with. Regard, to the transparency, I think that the level of transparency is, unmatched, having, a detailed, view in so many areas. With. Cubic, and quartic side and whatever you. Can really find everything, there I think. It ought to be updated. So it is kind of real-time thing, yeah. Exactly so one thing that we are really focused, on for, 2020. Is to be much more transparent, than. To be much collaborative, with it is a rule do those daily, and weekly stand-ups, and that. Information will, and also feed into the soaps. Or. Stand-ups. So. Is your roadmap will be possibly, something update, so. We'll make sure that is very important, piece o of. Over. Of everything that we're doing is being updated continuously. That's. Cool, well. Okay, so we have asked the community basically, if, they have questions and surprisingly, there, were questions so, I try, to arrange, them in a certain way and we. Would start with. Some personal, questions and the. First question somebody, had was like. We're, in the crypto winter at the moment so, it's, a difficult time do, you think that the market, has been shaken, enough, to, get rid of all those kind, of scam, projects. Like. Is. It is it a reasonable. Price, level, yet. That's, an interesting, question I think that the scam projects. We. I. Think. Many of those scam, projects, are kind of zombie projects. At this age where by a token. Is still being traded but very low one so. Remember just wash trade but. It's impossible, to actually create, the large amounts of tokens. Scared. Of already right, because, it's those founders, those, advisers. And so on and so forth already cashed out and I. Don't think that the market itself, the current situation it's. Getting, rid of a, majority, of critics, that do not have any market, fit but. I think the scam projects, fee we already got rid of most of them at the stage so, small greedy. Those. Projects, that paint a really, huge vision, and, said. That they are going to decentralize. Society. And. Unlock. Trillions, of dollars of new economic potential, and so on and so forth those are some kind of projects they're going to remove this thing and. That. Is exactly what. I right now the most, important, thing for project, like like is, it to focus and. Focus, really, primarily, on delivering. On roadmap. And on. Board. That don't use to prove concepts, but actually build, your solution, with products, with I don't, think that's that's. The supreme main priority whatever right.

So That we, we come out of it one. Of the best projects, yes. So. There, are other. Cool, projects, out there the. Community has learned that you are also or, the you have joined be laughs as an advisor we're also working very closely with iota, and have come up with really cool projects, so far and. Also, exciting, which is another project could, you elaborate. A bit on, your roles in, Billups, and sign and does. This affect iota also, yeah. So, this. Is, simply to help. System, ecology. Of. Itself. So we'd be an, advisor. We're. Together. With them also, working on East Asia strategy, or in, which which, companies, we shouldn't marry a Jewish market should be written sign and support and, I think the herbs is a very interesting, project. Because they see. Themselves as, a redhead of Iona. Which. I think is a very exciting. Prospect. For. The project itself and you have a most committed to are your the, permissionless. Ledger and given a token and they. Do they're really promoting, it well with, real use cases that are tangible, that. Are. Convincing. To to, large corporates, now. Exam, and I'm. Also. Fascinated by, AI and I think I oughta can really help be one, of the components. Of this. IOT. And of this I am AI stack and. Exam. At the see a lot of overlap Iona. Where. A Yoda can really be utilized, as a nice tip layer for. You to share you the data through the know to show. You data without have advised us to earn money with that data, actually so, you, help to train the entire system, with, your with your data did you give their and, their there I'm just. Primarily. Also working as an adviser at this stage I don't really have an active, role so, my main focus is, really on Iona but I have these other projects, to really help the, ecosystem and, I think in 2020, we'll see more of this where, we're, starting. To set up more of these ventures, to, bring real, applications. To, to, Rio, de where the, burning. Our audit open various and utilizing, our your the tokens so, you have real utility I think, there's a big focus for 2020, okay, so, this is also kind of a collaborative, approach, than, to make most of iOS technology. On, the one side and also to have other projects, which, offer cool, projects, and, to. Help each other yeah. Exactly, because, we. Cannot do this alone and this is almost what I said during the Berlin presentation. That we have to become a self we are a self-sufficient. Ecosystem, and. Only, if we go even further down the drought and large corporates, startups, innovating. With their own on. Iota. Of meaning, the corporate critical then. A. Very. Resilient, project. So shouldn't all be dependent, on the IO definition, but I own is much more than the foundation itself and. That is what's so exciting about, 2050. Where the community. And the ecosystem. Will take, a much more prominent role in the, election and per, department of iota yeah. That's like David, said two, days ago or something like that he. Said you. Can buy lots of stuff you can buy technology, you, can buy whatever. But you can't buy a grassroots, project, you can't buy a whole ecosystem so. That's what's really cool about a Yoda that there is so much coming up at the moment like projects. Which you've never heard of and suddenly you, see well there has been development over, a month so that's really cool yeah. Yeah. So and, you know. Innovation. Is so, important. To any any, project, there, is what mission, blockchains will never be as successful as permissions ones because even, as a creator, of such. A new technology you never grasped people potential you can never, understand. Like hey you can actually neutralize, this for cycling, you can utilize, this for. Trekking, firming. Cuticles and frigerator contain just, just examples. But like you, can aggressive grasp, the full potential, but only if you open it up you have, this little as opportunities. And is there as potential. I think, that is what would be so, unique other yoga and. When you're really start to unlock this more, yeah, I think, it really takes this kind of change. In the my, said it needs this because. We are very, used to very silent, approaches, like company a has its set of data Company B and so on there, is not much work going on between the two and I like the people of, other. People of Jaguar, Land Rover, described.

This In the podcast but, this is really the future and but they profit, from working, with other companies. To. Make most, of it basically exact. And, and, that's, why doctrine is so important, because it's, a collaborative effort it, really brings different industries, it brings different competitors, together to work towards, the future yep, okay. So there, was another interesting, question somebody, asked what is the most underestimated, aspect. Of iota, so. Many. People well. There's, a lot of nonsense out there you, know this scam, project, they haven't delivered anything, and so on so, there are people out there who really, consider, I out a vapor rare and such thing so, what's the most underestimated. Aspect. Which. Many, people don't get and. I. Think it's two, aspects. Of this, first. Of all that founders, are very entrepreneurial. So. We do not see it is a get-rich-quick. Scheme. Or in some kind of, but we are really we, want to build in great for the future and. With. Us. Doping. You know brains not. Money. But is, actually building. Something cool and having those challenges, and problems that you solve every day because what besides me and David and also, other people I think, that's the first so. That's why we also operate it like real, startup. I would say, but. The second point is a very well-established, foundation. And and. We have hundred and ten plus people in the foundation, and we. Really. Went. Through all of those pain points of setting up organization. Of making. Sure how when, can. Really work together and we kind. Of came. To a point where we now really work well together, and I think there's a very important, group to resolve. All of his issues that we have today. To really bring off those products from the roadmap and only those partnerships, on track I think. That's, pretty much what. Underestimated. That we are team, that we works well together this truly, passionate about a Yoda and believes. In this mission, intermittent, and many, people, in the nation they're they're really there because they believe in it well. All of them are there because they believe in it when, English that's very, important, I think, this was fairly at the other projects, half that, like. Just this entire, space is just oh over. Sometimes. Where, people earning. Salaries. And more. People are just in. These, projects, because they get you know yeah, I think that, was fairly evident in, the last research update because you. Can see there are many teams working on several products, you've researchers. You have the engineers, the developers, and so on so, everything is kind of interconnected. And they are in conversations. Talking, about progress and so on so. They, are doing this over time zones, continents. And as, you said the razandrich, plus people so, it's really professional, no, exactly and I think another important, point is that. This. Project, works. Because there's, so many different, aspects, did and and. That, is really what brings it this complexity, because we, are flying, plane while trying to build it okay, so we, we, have those assumptions for, the future, how I thought, it will be it up that weird will play. A huge role, and. At the same time working, on those partnerships but also working, on a core technology, and, starting to refine it from. The feedback that we get from the large corporates, from, the feedback that we get from the community and then there's also it was very, hard. Core research questions that, have, to be answering, they have to be figured, out I have, many, people especially. Leaders. And speculators, they have no, idea what they're talking about and. So they simply assume. This is easy right but. It's not your truth and I think that is why it's important for project like I ordered just simply stay focused, and, to understand. What our main objective, is and everything doesn't matter let me go towards active, and it fit, so. The thing I think we're in good track, another. Topic, which people think about is regulation, and I, had a supervisory. Board member Clint Walker is, an expert, on regulation. How, does this fact. Or how does he help iota in this respect. Yeah. Clint Walker has been a really, great addition to my supervisor. Board because he, really can help was professionalize, I think on. So. That we really are seen, as one. Of the most prestigious, and trusted, organization, experienced, so he's been a real help there so far but, also in the regulatory side, where he was people from the SEC from the CDC, and Sona support, so, he can really and get, us in front of his people also, give us the right information to.

Help. Us steer us in the right direction. You. Also start making, some of the decisions on. How to. Get. Maybe. Man listen some of these exchanges. In support, so Clint, has been a really condition, and he cooks we would, Richard solid because which is so everybody is hot or IDE. Industrial. And tech, crowd and Clint. Has is banking, finance, and regulatory, background so, it's a very good match there and, it's exactly what we need for 2020. Because in, 2020. We'll see how an IOT. Will come together with banking I. Said. This I think it last interview, with, ok trainer I think yeah we said like what is the, one partner, that I want to see in 2020, and the right that is a bang yeah. And so. We're. Going down it right so do you think that. 2020. Will provide. Solutions. To, regard. To like. Regular regulatory. Challenges, for, example if I go to a local authority here, and I talk to them about Bitcoin, and you, know they. Just, say the like I don't know. Without Bitcoin, and it's, got this kind of money laundering thing, so it's a kind of light of at the end of the tunnel for this regulatory, hurdles and. It. Depends on the region. In. Europe we already see now that those banks. Are really. Closing, up the. Crypto company and, just see that there's a big market for it or like just. Growing. Market, but. They want to get into this now and I, think I think that is, why we also have this very friendly, regulatory. Environment. In Europe and also in Germany, right now, we're. Pretty, regulated, by the regulators, and also the big, institutions, like the IMF and. The ECB. You, also realize, that crypto, is here to stay and you can outlaw, them but let's rather try and figure out how we can create system. Interests and work together with these different. APM. Economy, systems. I think, we can 2020, world will cease will let me see some pilots where, large, banks, will generate the currents so. What, will be your wish, for iota and disrespect, when it comes to regulation. Is, there anything how. Politics, could make life easier, for the IATA. Foundation, or for. The application, of iota when it comes to the political spheres. Or regulation. Issues. Right. I think the first which is always to not make things more clicking yes they are all right, bye-bye. Stifling. Innovation investing. And. That would. Really be a huge, roadblock, but. I think, we're past that stage at this point I think. What. Really would help is to start setting up more regulatory, sandbox. Environments, mm-hmm. Where. You. Don't necessarily need, to have a financial license, you know or to have. A test environment where, you can test how, quickly can, a fiat. Currency like, your inferiority, co-payment, then you can say you're looking for the use case like. That kind, of environment, I think they would be anything but I think we're going down that road anyways. What's. Important thing is simply that. We have done those trials, and those tests. That, the pictures are open to about the results, and also maybe some changes that need to be made when. He comes to the legal framework but. I I don't I'm, not an expert in that and I don't have a great, answer for this even what is not needed at, this, sure. Okay. So. Next, area, would be the, foundation, itself which. Many people are interested, in what about. The members, of the, foundation, I think, many are still struggling to understand. You, know do. The, foundation members, work, full-time on Iota do they work from home do you have co-working, spaces. Many. People can't imagine, how that really works with 100 plus people so. How, does it work like life at the foundation, yeah, so. Pretty. Much like. 60%, is a recent engineer. The. Understand, is. This. Is development, partnerships. And social impact and ecosystem. Mm-hm. Dream. And. When. It comes to how works divided. We had. 30. People in, Berlin. We. Were office co-working office, here. But we want to move away from that but. I am the. Rest of the people are really very much, distributed, around the world I think about 21. Countries at all. Okay. It's a very centralized. Team so it is very global, and. III. Was, defined, as organized else. Because. On the one hand you. Have. A very. Clear objective but, there's nobody it tells you like your phone to the office at night and you. Cannot leave before and I don't think that is how will the future look, like anyways, and so we are really one. Of the pioneers of centralized. Workspaces, long. Where. We. Are trying to through different, ways to help keep accountable, and, also. To give them more ownership, but, that's, it's. What what, makes yeah you would a project, of special, because. Many. Of the people in definite art from the community and. Because. They just build when I took. Ownership over a project and also, why don't you have more of this entrepreneurial. Spirit definition. Every. Week if people also freedom to go, for different avenues, they think they can we add value, project. But. Most people full-time that's, an FYI okay. So, that, means that there is basically a concrete building in Berlin for example, but you're not limited to meeting, there but.

It's Distributed, around the world so. You could, probably got a lot of video conference, is going on chat slack and so on okay. Okay. And then many people wondered, you know as we've already said, with a hundred plus people now, is there, a limit for hiring people or will you go on adding people, it's, always a hundred talents, a stage. Now where you say well that's enough. Or will. You go on with hiring people so. I think. Important. Distinction. Is that iota. Is not Microsoft, so we we, don't have this this, vision, of growing to a thousand people because. We. Can achieve whatever, it. Is with current. Like, we have yes. They're all very highly committed in high Challenger, and so I don't think that we are ever going to grow beyond, thirty, with. The. Way that I see the foundation of into the future really into an activist group say. That the. Majority. Of our done we but we also still have to do a lot research and engineering for, some of harder problems but. Instead, of working closely with the corporates, and doing business development we should rather be evolving. Into an advocacy, group for data privacy, or ownership. Monetization. And, stuff like that so that's this where's your strong meat, forty on your definition but, at the end of the day, your. Foundation, will obviously, also be maybe, for crooked ventures, that are done underneath, it or where, the nation, steak in it and, those. For-profit. Ventures also have a lot of potential and grow, further than hundred and thirty hundred fifty but, where the current size were pretty happy and. It's more about how do we utilize, all of the people that we have okay. That's, good to Union so. When it comes to the executive. Team that's fairly clear, Research. Council, is clear but, what role do, the advisors, have do, you they have fixed meetings, or do you have fixed meetings, with them how. Do they contribute, to the foundation is, there a standard, way they help you or is, it just on demand.

And So it's pretty much on demand right now so, we have. They. Really give us some advice on this we. Can you should probably better utilize, our advisers but I think, right. Now we. We. Come to them with a problem or with suggestion, and want, to get their input or. They forward, of the contact, from the networking we talk with them and. I. Don't. Think that. Yeah. But but I think. We're utilizing. Them, good, enough right now and we are also adding more people to be a variable. That can help us solve problems. Okay. So, that means if there is this kind of specific, problem you, can give them a call and, they, can help you with the experience, their network and people they know and so on so. They play like, they are like helpers, yeah, okay. Exactly. Good okay. So. I think this is one of the most frequently, asked questions, how, long can the iota foundation, survive, at, these price levels because. Many people are concerned you, know about. Price, levels at the moment so what's the plan for the future. You, mentioned, in this interview. With the block trainer something. About the 30%, goal, which you're trying to achieve so maybe you can also explain. To the english-speaking community. Yes. Oh one, of the top objectives, of the your definition is sustainable. Some of the, your token, meaning. That we get an income. From our, activities and. I think this income, can be divided. Into three categories and. The. First one it grants meaning. Public funding and I think is something that really really well right now where. We we. Are probably going to get at, least two or three more grants, in the first two, quarters of. 2020. So. Those those those really, are one, of them in. Sources. That we see also to help start the research and hearing. But not to really focus on ten cents, this. One is tickle entropy, and here. We've really worked on out on a proper. Strategy and how we reach, out to impact, investors to philanthropists, on and so forth and I. Think especially. In, this day and age many. Of those, philanthropists. Realized, that, we, have to go against, this data ownership, of. Silicon. Valley based companies, where, they say they own you and they decide what happens with your data and they make a come on you out of that, but. Something like a Yoda is really a movement, whereby, we say we want to give back our to the people back data ownership and, and how. Does people, so, the orphanages, were you know attracted, on your the project is burying an attractive. Solution to peace, security.

And Privacy problems so it. Philanthropy. Will, be a very interesting. Pursuit. In 22 p.m. and the, third one that we are also very much focused on right now is for-profit companies where. We are setting up certain, ventures, and under. The AODA nation, to commercialize. Some. Certain products, that were demanded, by corporates, or by, other companies in the in the ecosystem. And whereby. We get new revenues, in and also maybe is a new, fund from the outset so. Through, those three I'm pretty confident, that in 2020, we will reach. The goal of being more sustainable and. And. Not. Being required to to acquitting, tokens, in order to fund the. Project, okay. He. Of course would be great, people. Also asked, how does the foundation liquidate. The tokens for example, you. Have to. People. Have to be paid do. You do this y ou D, see over the counter is it done via exchanges. Is there a set age date, every month or is, it quarterly done, can, you elaborate, a bit under that, it's. Pretty, much, done irregularly. We. Have. A custodian, where. Where, we keep the Austin's, and, then. We liquidate, and a broker, gets us it on on exchanges. But. Way I quickly have to chop my computer. Is. This battery. Window. Okay. What a pity. Yeah, no exactly we. Have a broker, at handset breasts okay, alright, so. Another big, topic or so. Another big topic of interest is cubic and many. People still ask themselves, is. Come from beyond still aboard now. That he's resigned, from the board of directors and, if yes what, is his role then. So. I, think his main role is really. Like. He was always one of the main creators. Of the tango and, also. The initiator. Of queue so he's still giving some advice there but, I think his primary, focus is how he can get requirements. From his gaming company, or, from his promise came true Rick that's, because. He's pretty, much my uses. There. Are. We thinking about a, lot of things on on how to speed, things up and how we can also improve, things more. Quickly. There's. A lot of work going on behind the scenes of course conference. Ok, but, there is also partnership, I think between pair cousin and Yoda, isn't it I, think. So yeah yeah so, um. Yeah. A talking. About cubic you. Always hear FPGA. What. Role do or what, role does the fpga, development, play for. The iota foundation, and for. Iota as a whole can you explain this to the people. Well. What if the first arguments, that also why it was, created is because we. Were the first ones to say, that, distributed. Sure in order to be fully. Scalable. You need to have Hardware dedicated. Hardware to, accelerate all the algorithms the same is true for cubic, because we see how much, how or, slow easier is how old slow the, other small country I'm sorry and now especially if we talk about, the my HP environment, we want to have post-processing. Done, by. Dedicated, for, computing, station or something like that or by Gateway in your smart, home right. There. Is why this. Convergence. Of. Hardware. And software to. Other cents or something like small conference. Okay. So. What, do you think when can we see maybe a first kind of proof of concept, which, will show the, advantages, here. Are be, it FPGA, or cubic, in general, I. Mean, there is the roadmap out now. Right. But. The, road was only, released yesterday so, it's really fresh right now I, think. You, big is supposed to be a lot. Yeah. I think you baguette supposed to well, though it's going to happen a lot around. 2020. S so especially, at the end of 2020, so, do you think we. Will see something like a proof of concept around, I think it was the middle, of 2020. I'm not too sure though, yes. Obviously. I don't want to give out timelines and I think. That the Rolex x4 it's tall and we, you can also pack with the cubic team in itself on this court I think, the important, part here two dimensions that you're thinking about a, lot of things. And. How to obviously speed things up because. And, we, all think a lot about your. And. Cubic. Is definitely, one of the priorities the main priority, right now it's kosher murder, me. Let's talk about that Rick what, are our parish, is for the next three. To six months mm-hmm I think I think the main pretties are really, that we should, deliver. On, the, promises of the roadmap, which. Barely. Right, now or go shimmer so that we have this alpha network or decide value. Thank you and that, one is really doors protocol, of Chris because, I think protocol, upgradeable, will, also. Convince many more companies to build products on a aura because. If we are much more scalable and much more easy to utilize. Adoption. Really come and embed. It but we primarily walk then we have many companies waiting on the sidelines, looking at a aura I think, if we announce one or two very big partnerships, similarly to our.

Already. Rapidly. Grow as well in. Some adoption and although. The third priorities, is small contract and, on. And, if, we. Will, pretty good position obviously we need to focus, and. I. Think. It's the same here for cubic as well it's. Just so different, it's, like groundbreaking. New stuff and I think it's really challenging for people to imagine what, this actually is what, is cubic, what will it make differently, what will it enable and, what. Will its how. Is it different from etherion. So. This, will also need some I think proof of concepts will help there to really get the idea what, this is about I'm also with Oracle's, and you know outsource, computations. We don't have her like. That pretty seasoned for that so far I know right. David. Has probably mentioned it already is. But. Here. Yet because I missed, further away a is, further away so we. We, are also struggling the internet to really clear what. Are we building towards. And. In. Today's smart contract they really focus on internet-based. Usages. In. A much easier understanding, of what, should I report and I. Think now we, we are starting to get a much clearer picture of how, we can achieve is. This old initiative, which is to always extend, the functionality, of iota mm-hmm. So. You've, already touched, upon the, topic of core aside many. People are really interested in this because this is kind of the, main, projects. As. The ILO, Foundation also said to, get rid of the coordinator, to get rid of the centralizing, aspects. Here hands, tweeted about new tip selection, algorithms. Massive, use of transactions. Per second, for. Even the current network already, procore. Designed. Yeah. So there, is I think also a lot going on now that the road maps online. You, can also see, that there is so, many sub, projects, even under you. Know core decide of course is the big thing but there is so, much going on like Auto peering, and all these, help. Projects. There so. There. Was you said in in the block trainer interview that was this, you. Know the sentence, with an eighty percent chance of, that we will seek or decide in 2020. And lots, of people out there said, well that's kind of ambitious, now in the roadmap you've got such a lot of things which you want to cover there is this, really realistic, and so on so from, a personal perspective from. You do you think that the year, 2020. Will be the year where iota becomes, truly decentralized. And. Coordinators. Gonna be like, liquidated. Taken, down. So. It's. Not about what. Has been achieved since. We announced cordis I think when did we know maybe. Was. Not. Too sure anymore yet could be. Like. What has been achieved since, then you, know. What. Has really been achieved we. Have, a very clear blueprint, of what that, looks like what. We need, to do is we launch, test. Net get some. Simulations. On research, done to me fine-tune, some of the variables, but. The the manger, work has already been done and there, is a huge leap forward, that. Means. That that, right. Now we can focus on on the implementation but of the reef scheme so. It's also focusing, on some things to be on quarter, side meaning I'm starting. Don't. Research. To do but but it's not that significant. Of an effort anymore. The, second thing that's really been a tree is that the. Core side team has been a, tremendous. Help to, give, input to the current engineering, team in, terms of how can we improve the current Manor and, I would something like Hornet, which is very performant. And scalable, note, software. And awesome but improving ivory we, really, can work on scaling, the maintenance up to, to a very high limit and I've. Always said it that the coordinator is completely, overblown, but. The community outside of it by owner because they simply do not understand, what he does because in. An arbitrary. If. We were able to scale the, domain, that now beyond, the few thousand fringe, a transaction. Creek, or tonight I think we bring achieved, a lot no, thanks, 4700. Obviously, when it comes to launch the core decide this year my big objective, that we really, have incentivized. Test networks. That. Is. Super. A production. Environment for. For the. Postnatal. Environment itself. And, I, can't, give timelines, a concept we will achieve but in court aside on the main at this year if. It will be next year the, most important part is definitely that right. Now are we in wool and extra, researchers, universities. And. And. X domain exploits, really. Helped us a better solution and with, this external, validation and, we need starts heat up the. The. Development. The research, and also the eventual. Upgrade. Of the current Manor into. The courtesan a net, so. Is read a primary focus because, if we do not have this validation or this approval. I find. A broader interest, like we're just shooting ourselves and I think.

People Also have to appreciate, the, pressure, that. Comes from from something like that because you, really yeah absolutely 100%, short no. It up right right. So. I think it's the same with, when. When looking at a project. Like her decide many. Of us, who, are not professionally. Involved in such business, have an idea what that actually, means with no, doing research, doing simulations, you. Know and, through this step-by-step what. Most of of, the only people out there are you. Know probably, what. Most of them probably want to see is you know helping, a lot, of transactions, per second on entanglement or, commas, so but, take I've caused a lot of effort, to. Get this in a stable and secure resilient, way, out, there so yeah. This will take time of course but it's good to have the roadmap now and that's what people out there also say you, know that, gives a time frame you're not somewhere out in the in. The middle of nowhere and not knowing does it want to take one year or two or five but. It's. Different. Efforts that, have been running like in silos, so far and, we'll restart, coming together, okay. I think, me. And many of their engineers, researchers, and everybody, else in information, that I've spoken to they're super at. About 20, because. 2020. We really have a huge. Opportunity to. Show that first of all Yoda, is permission. As its Enterprise ready and, second of all that we have real used. Cases and we have real adoption, and know, very few people projects. In this phase can really say that because this this, convoluted. Picture, of what. Adoption, looks like if you have a blog post of somebody, Ling a proof of concept and, fixing. You to college that's not adoption, right right, and I think we are we're passed stage right now and, because. A lot of time with the effort, but I think now, we, don't. Standing, where we are heading and what, is required to get to that, and. That was very slowly, always. There. Always always challenged, and always protested, all these things that don't go right but, as long as you are virtue, and adjust. And and. Iterate. And improve I think I think you'll be fine and we, have a experience. Doing, that. Was, actually quite a smooth transition, to the next point of interest as. Far as the community, is concerned because, talking, about use. Cases and, projects, rely, other projects, you once, said that you don't go to companies, to present iOS. Advantages. To them but, that they rather, come to you and, can you maybe sketch, how, a. Products. Ideas. Normally. I evolve. Like, do, companies, come to you hey we have this kind of proof concept, already here and then becomes a testbed and the premise of product or, how. Does it actually work to, get the product, out there is. It persons coming to you as a teams so. One. Of the most common, themes lately, the companies, come to us because want, to like, whatever I believe it reverses, it here but, you're not worried about the use case and. Basically. The. Switch. Out the. Core technology, at Hess Toyota I think that is gonna become intimately, and every year system in this process, and something. Else that. Is. Really helping. Is. That, some, of these companies. Understand. The one in the market and say like hey like we actually want to join you we are very excited about this project like how can you assist. Us in this and. We. Don't usually do, is because. We're the domain experts, we will call at you with and. Figure. Out a workshop, where we can define a business model the use cases itself, and that, they were almost like develop, it or they will contract.

Us To help with the development of that. Okay. So who will start doing less and less of this in 2020, and really, focus more and much bigger parts like, real birds, and, support, okay. So that's more an advisory, role than to kind, of help companies. To set this up and and. Then help. Them developing, themselves, the, focus is for 2020, is more on test beds right. Now so. What about the companies, is, it. A problem. For the companies to work with a not yet production ready a product. Because. They, would probably, expect, to have a, fully. Production. Ready product, to implement, or is, this not a problem to them so. I think audit, companies understand, no, Longinus production, ready they. Know that everything is still in the early stages and, there's a, lot of work that needs to be done what they do understand, though as well is that and. There's. A lot of potential and any, to invest now, into, the research, into the full standing, of, these technologies, and the use cases that they, enable. I. Also. Will start missing out in new opportunities. Right. So. That is why many companies, invest now into technologies. Like a URI theorem, principle. Because. Of this bright future, that is ahead and I, think, what. Will put. Those the neck tear is that blockchain. LT, really has to start bringing itself meaning that it's actually, going to have first, real, products, and a crypto. Kitty stuff, real. Products. Running, on top and have a real impact so. I always. Define. Like, like when are we going to be happy I. Think. It's the wrong word but like when when do we start feeling the success. Of vampire. And. I think that can be defined, where and we. Have a product that runs on top of iota the real, impact, on life that. Really where. You could tell you like like. We have a small wallet and it's running, in production and, it says for, 15. 20 minutes every day it. Saves 10 of dollars. Every week because. The part when the postage, and the, charging, is done in support is all automated, for those people I think, at that stage we may start saying like hey like we are we're successful. No we don't, feel it because right. There's still a lot more work to do but I think we're getting closer and closer do, you also see a progress there in terms of companies, trusting, DLTS, more than maybe two years ago where, this was more as something like a nerd. Thing and, very doubt worthy, and so on so. Do, companies, today take this more seriously, yeah. No. To them and sling them this sky. Because. Now all this space is focused, there's no, boys. Company. And confirm, this partnership, right. Oh no it's really about the creation, and and. Large. Companies are, much, confident. Now in technology, they're doing 70. And. No now. We think. That we progressing, towards a future. We. Will see the first companies, investing, millions of dollars, natural. Products, and. With. The three-year, developments. Unless. The necessary. Resources no, I think. Then, we can restate, it, blockchain. Guilties out of the hype circle and stem to be productive. Yeah. It's the, consultancies. To make the most I mean what will be interesting to see once, that market turns around again and. It. Gets off the crypto window and to really see. What. The next wave of investments. Will bring once. The once. The companies started investing, and maybe. Will have to wait a bit for it will, take some time probably so, do you think is it correct to assume that, most large, corporation. Will wait for releasing the production, ready iota. Based solutions. Until after, a cold aside, like. Will they will they wait or will they also use the pre, called aside network then once, it's ready I'm. A, hundred percent certain it then will use the pre cordless that network is all okay. Because, from. One of our discussions, with our big part right, now has the whole be the problem hmm. So. Let's take the example of mobi which, is very cool project including, many automakers. Famous. Car companies, and lots of others is. There a lot of competition. For iota, or, does. It already have its position, as a working, solution for the IOT, which. The. Companies also want, to see implemented in the industry so. Have. You already reached, a certain level. Where. Companies, say you know this is IOT it's got the focus of variety. And that's, very interesting for us. You. Know like the. Latter is obviously some of those big companies the experience, and the. Whole experiment, with the broad spectrum of of solutions. And. I. Think. At, this stage what, is the most, important. Is that we. Simply and. There. Is no reason to worry about competitors. Always. There's always something, happening on the market, where like a completely, stupid what is ahead of you. Mattering. That like. An enemy come on putting. Out names. Yes. Hey. This is always slow because that's simply the nature of the market but.

It's Much more important, it's really like what is the nature of adoption, and. And. How how. Can you get to that stage and, the, thing what's very exciting about our you're is that we have this self-sufficient. Ecosystem, where, we no longer need to hold hands of the careers of startup, or of the community, people understand. The value proposition, of the other and you wanted to build something with it and only. What they've built most of the time they come to us and. So. I, think. In 2020. The, case, simply to focus, and. Do not worry about anything, else I mean, so I think it will also be interesting to see what will, be the kind of game-changer, here be. It a product or a app we don't know what but. There might be also products, made by the community, or companies. Whatever which, will really show the community what this is about it, could be a company or a cooper also a community, project. So we'll, be really cool to see what comes of that, so. Another. Major. Point. What. So another major point what people keep asking about is Bosch. And Volkswagen. Since you don't hear much in terms of announcement, recently. Can, you say if the two are still actively, pursuing, solutions. Based on iota I think. The. Main thing is always there's. A very large corpus and it also tests other technologies, in, particular Bosch, we are primarily working, some of the sub series and, outside, of Germany. And. They think that oh it's been folks one previously, whereby, they simply had an internal, risk shift, of focus, and. And, we. Will wait until, they have more resources again, today they came towards Iona that's. Exactly, why we started. Focusing more, on US, companies recently and also more compass companies, in Asia because. We, do. Not want to do pure, cease anymore we want to really create products. Or solutions without, corporate, this and. Instead. Of spreading. Thin want to go deep meaning. That we want to really have a partner, where. We've had for example Jayla it wants you create a smart wallet and so, the. Reason, why they want to work with iPod is obviously, 12 because of the technology, but, second of all all because of the iota fication, as. We have so many partners in our ecosystem. That, we can for example make catalog, with, end time so then we have this very, beautiful bouquets, of how the building, can start selling electricity. To the car and the car compared by electricity. Screen, I think. In 2020, we start doing with, these kind of collaborations. And partnerships, with video production in your environment. I think that's really why we have this we, ship the goods as well and. What. About Bosch, because, they were very. Interested, in the XDK. Am am projects. There is this still a thing. Beautiful, time, and, they. Still have remote, promoted. To their customers, and also very social, media I. Think. It's still continuing okay. So, maybe, also it will kind, of take an example like Jack your Land Rover providing. A real cool product where other companies will say wow it really works, it. Has its advantages and we, wanted to have something like this as well and they will come come after this in a way yeah, exactly and that is why we focus. Really. Focus on those partners, where we can have the. Products like with stmicroelectronics. Toyota. And they're very excited, about the future. That's, great so. Maybe one last question. You've. Already touched upon it when. It comes to artificial. Intelligence. To. An average iota. Kind. Of interested, person out there what. Do you think is the. Relation. How, do i Oda and AI, fit, together I I. Think it really has to do that, the, way that I described, by you is really, that trust. Brings. Trust, in our digital world and a is all about data it's all about Julie's ation is the one how can we automate things, in the, most efficient way and. You can only automate. If you, can if, you have a trust layer meaning, this trust infrastructure. That you can and done anything, for, the future a Yoda, will be first an incentive, layer for AI where, we incentivize.

Devices. Humans, to share data with algorithms, so that they get, more fine granular, data can improve their algorithms, and the second part is really dead you, can you should be able to trust the data to get AI. And. Algorithms. The. Products. That we create based on a control. Setting that it get and can verify that it where it's from it's in its. Integrity, and it's, also verifiable. And I. Think this combination, of these who can really help give us trust in the process itself. And through. We, a I and, I can really unlock the potential but I was you all of this is fair range future, and I think the primary focus, right now should be on how can we make you tea I'm. Scalable, and and. Productively, and after and start combining it, with. Okay. So, probably. It's the same thing with machine. To machine payments. You have something like Yoda as a protocol, as a also. Means. Of paying, things and you can of course combine, this with standard. Machines but if you have artificial. Intelligence you can integrate this intelligence, also to these machines and doing crazy, stuff which we probably can't even imagine at the moment so um yeah, this will be interesting. To see then okay. Dominate will ask questions about, the, future, about. The visions, if, the. IOT. Or the industrial, internet, of things really, kicks, off and it really changes, our societies. Lots. More will. This not leave lots of people unemployed do. You think there will be something. Like a major, shift, like Jeremy, Rifkin, Road. In the zero marginal, cost society, society. Where, he had this kind of romantic, vision. Of a, society. Well, they have to you, know think, about, how to spend their time because. They don't have to go, to work for eight hours a day but. Yeah. They have a lot more time, so, do you think they he's. Right in this do you share his opinion, or what do you think, how will the future look like so. Many. People do today. But. Obviously. How do we get into the zero margin, society. And. Thinking. My honest, opinion will be a very bumpy road, because. Essentially, what we are seeing today is, is. Popular. Is a reaction, to that. And. Not, working capitalist and and. That is when we really see this rise, of the root over. The last four to see yes because. The rich richer and richer and richer but, the the, poor the middle class the, poor right. And, as. Such. Automation. I think, Tom. Lee. Actually, mentioned this during the front strand. Not. Cussing to be that automation. Is a reaction, to, Institute. Labor so. That means we actually have a labor shortage and, that's why we want automate, trucks.

To. Drive around the country right to deliver goods because we have too few truck, Everest so. Think something like iota and something. Like AI in, automation, generalists, is a preamp the labor shortage but. At the same time it's also reaction. To, requirements. But by shareholders to reduce costs, to, create, business models new revenue streams. Which. Internal, also means that we have to reduce. Positions. In. The market, and. I think the most important, thing right now is, that. Politicians, are. Capable. To make the right decisions, that, will not be upheld again, or or, two, years right. And. I'm not sure know like I recently, have been debating, lost whether the person, really what works in a digital world that we live in today, because. You see all of these things, that are happening we. Would, wrecks it with. You, know it, stays, with, what's, happening all around the world right and if. You have his, hide mines mean intelligence. That. Is so easily, manipulated. It's. Just. Simple, Facebook posts like how can you really, run. A democratic, society how, can individuals who, really know what they want because. They're not able to see into the future right. And. I'm. Not sure like it's it's a very tough. Position to me right now and. I think the most important, thing at this stage to do is to focus on how can we bring back trust, so, that an opinion, yeah the data that you get that he can trust it actually because that's not possible in, this digital world today, and, rule. See how how the wall up in democracy, will evolve and, all. Right optimistic. I'll see unusual. We'll. See I think, and. The most important, we can do right now is simply to vote for the future. Something. That has an impact I know, right, I mean it's. Really interesting because whenever, you talk about IRA it, always kind, of refers, to a, faraway, future, when, you think about. For. Example life. With machines, doing so much stuff, a life where democracy is in question may be because of machines. It's. Kind of a future talk but it's happening at the moment so, as they say it's great times to be alive yes. We. Always used to joke like you. Also. See like the same kind of patterns like. Some. Comfort, that. Yeah. That's comforting. Okay. So. Maybe. Talking about the future. In. 2020. There's supposed to be an ISO standard according. To Richard solely so. I think. There, are several standards, on the way as far as I have understood this, so, do you think once, there is a real standard, does this automatically, mean that all the, corporates, come flocking, in or will, this kind of be kind of transition. Phase where they will see okay, there is a standard now, we, as a company. Want, to use it maybe later or will this kind of happen overnight. But. The importance, of. Standard. Is that there is someone agree, of what, to look like and is common, in ability. Things. Like office standard, histories in really brings confidence, the corporates. Are better night hosts because. Many core person. Okay, like which these projects, will really succeed and. So. That's why they are testing, out all of them or like many of the popular ones, you. Know if you have a standard, green buildings too much from up confident, and say they're really betting on the right course and.

And, I think it, will absolutely help it with adoption this no no yeah. Okay. So last question that's kind of a creative thinking question, but, if you had a watch it if, you had a magic wand and you couldn't. Make two things happen, to, forge the path to widespread iota. Adoption, what, would those two things, be. Alright. I, think, the first one is, that. We. Have an ability. In, order. To easily and in a very scalable manner to chew. Central. Bank accounts. And. To. Have this term interoperability, with the end or the tokens I think, the. First thing the. Second. Thing is. Help. With your doctrine. That's. What he said. Can you say that again with, the adoption, your. Question was to help with the adoption, yeah. Widespread. Iota, adoption. Right. Widespread, adoption simply, that I orders being advertised, as D Kearney, to, do. E, to. Be. For. Import, exporting. Yeah. It will then also help with the adoption of being, utilized, as a machine cuts itself. Getting. Those two are probably the ones that will help the most with adoption, yeah. That's quite a wishin I. Think. I think the first one can be achieved. But. As he said. As. He said, 2020. Will. Probably, be a very, interesting. Year. If those things can be really, realized, which. We have there on the roadmap I think, 2020. Will be really, interesting. Yeah. 2020. Will be a year where I, hope. It. Wakes up that I really. Got that lot of done and we. Project. Really. As one. Of the highest, opportunities. And potential, to have unleashed just there's. A mission distributed. Legends and his vision of appearances right I think, we're. Working towards, and I think we're. On a good path right. Well. Hats off to you guys it's really amazing to see what you've established. Over, the last years and looking. At what's going to happen in the next year's I think. This is really amazing work. Thank. You very much for your work but. Also for being here with us today at hello iota for, taking the time and I hope for you to also find some time during Christmas, to, just have. A bit of break, and recover, and, so on -. In. Order to go full speed ahead into, 2020. So, thank you very much for being with us here yeah.

Thank You very much thank, you for, everybody, in your definition, right, okay, and, also, every community. I think, this is. Combination. Community. Exists, infinite, and really works well yeah in 2020. We'll see but smaller happen there that's. Cool so, let's leave it at that thank you very much so, I have a good day and nice Christmas manatee all, the best oh. That's. A good idea so. Fun. Bye.

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Crypto Winter! :) IOTA is in a hundred year Ice Age at the moment! Come on guys, prove to us that you are actually doing something!

I actually own some IOTA but this guy seems proud that they have released a road map! lol Perhaps you should have had a road map when you started the project not x number of years later. Maybe in 2 years time we will see them update their homepage! :)

AdamandEve great, nothing to add here. 2020 will be exciting

@Hello IOTA Ok thanks, I appreciate the reply and I really hope we see some great developments over 2020, I still believe in the project and I appreciate every development takes time :)

its not so much abou A roadmap (there has been one on the website), but the excitement is about THIS roadmap due to its detailed descriptions, insights and realtime-update-ability ;)

@HOIRIRiIE97 I'm being a little facetious but I own some IOTA and was worried that the project was close to dead but after watching this video and speaking with someone who knows a lot I am a little more optimistic about IOTA's future.

The Website was already updated a year ago approximately

Thank you!

Thx for the interview Chris - as always keep the good work up!

thank you!!

dominik should really up his mic-game

see pinned answer, was an ISP problem on my side :/

"...deshalb operieren wie wie ein echtes Strauß..." what does that mean :D

where does it say that lol?

Thank you Chris and Dominik for this interview. The sound and vision quality from Dominik's side could be improved. Still love IOTA its potential for the future. From Australia.

thanks!! As I already wrote, quality problem was due to my ISP which I realized only after the interview unfortunately

Dominic wants to be able to issue central bank coins on the iota network? That is extremely concerning... why not want to use iota tokens for currency instead

I think he means that we will see Banks yousing ther own tokens in 2020 and not issue central Bank coins to the Iota network

The more I listen to this guy, the more I'm convinced that IOTA is the Theranos of cryptocurrency... Yet another over-hyped, production non ready project, which is even unable to get its consensus mechanism right... Good luck

Die Hoffnung stirbt als letztes

There are maybe a handful of projects that have the level of research of iota and most of them are blockchain based. Checkout https://iota.cafe

I actually own some IOTA but I totally hear you, this guy seems proud that they have released a road map! lol Perhaps you should have had a road map when you started the project not x number of years later. Maybe in 2 years time we will see them update their homepage! :)

Thank you very much Chris for your terrific work! You are such an important piece to our community and the crypto space in general. Also a big thanks to DS for taking time and being that transparent. Exciting times ahead of us...!

thanks, that's really kind of you!

Thanks man! Awesome


Great Interview

if you have difficulty of listening, open cc

thanks chris for organizing this interview great insight! great job!

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