Hacking the Value Ladder - Episode 203

Hacking the Value Ladder - Episode 203

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Whoa what's going on everyone it's Steve Larsen from sales funnel radio today I'm gonna teach you guys more about how to hack the value ladder. I've. Swept the last four years learning from the most brilliant, marketer z' today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely. From scratch this. Podcast, is here to give you the answer join, me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's, best internet sales funnels my. Name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up hey so I had my event called off remind a little bit ago and I. Had a ton of fun with it which is awesome very first of all yes, I'm wearing a stay in a hat I know there's a second episode of donut and. Merry. Christmas and if I defend you I can say what I want, anyway. Hey guys I what I want to do is inside offer mind, which. Is the event I had there, was a certain segment that I did all about hacking the value ladder and. If. You, don't know what a value ladder is a value ladder is is a way to design a business, it's. How gonna help you design how to acquire customers how, to ascend them how to monetize, them how to have continuity inside, of your business the value ladder is huge now what a lot of you guys may not know is that the value ladder was actually something that was slightly it's kind of pioneered, by russell brunson he. He, actually did a whole lot of work to actually help figure out how to actually do these things now this, is this is traditionally, what a value ladder looks like and I know for a lot of you guys this is a review but I want you to see what I'm about to do to it there's. An order there's. An order to to, attacking, a value ladder right and you can think of a value ladder as like like, a business plan okay in college, I was often encouraged. To write these monstrous, 15. 20 35, page business. Plans, which. We're not even really that executable, by the time you were done okay a value, ladder though you actually can design out the entire business how it makes money um how you're gonna send, people how you gonna acquire them all those things right get the continuity, all on one graph right, it's a huge deal. I don't ever write a business plan a value ladder fact on the other side of this whiteboard it's double-sided is the. Value ladder for both of my businesses, and I know exactly the next, step that I'm building at all times which, is cool because it also means I know exactly what I'm not building, at all times it is a way to simplify, everything. That I'm doing okay, so this is again at least make sure zero here advance, listening on itunes, just know I'm gonna draw this but you'll be totally fun listening as well I'm gonna explain it all as we go I just am very visual need to draw it out okay, so this is kind of like this is a value-added right now now. There are value ladders with more than three steps but, we, typically, will draw it with three steps kay. So. Let me go let me just put this down here. Okay. All. Right so, now. At the cost of the bottles two accesses, right there's. One across the bottom right here and there's, one that goes up the side and on. One side we have value. And the other side we have price. All right now. First, off a lot of you guys that, might confuse some, of you guys if you're getting like brand new in this game all right price and value are not the same thing at all, and. That's. A completely different topic which, would be very fun to rant on about sometime. In the future okay. Okay. But we have price and we have value and what, we do is we go let's say this is money. And then, right over here on this side is, value. Obviously the more value you give the, more money you can charge, moving.

At The top and so, what we do is, as. We're planning out a business or as I'm planning out how to actually go and tackle, a red, ocean or things like that one of the first things I like to look at is what. Is the likelihood, of me making money right how, many cards can I stack, in my favor before I ever start, and so, one of the things I like to do is walk in and be like okay I like, to go in and I like to tear, the, price points that are already in existence inside. Of an industry so let's say I'm gonna go inside, of I don't know let's say I'm gonna start selling real. Estate okay, what, are the what are the different kinds of price point areas, that you see inside, of real estate right. And, so it's super super expensive right, let's say ten million dollars is there more than that sure but, I like to look at my pricing. Inside, of a value ladder inside of a market, in three different categories kay what, the, what's, the group right, what's the area of price ranges that are the cheapest, what, are the area of price ranges that are kind of in the middle what are the area of price ranges that are towards the top and as I do that right, this is gonna help me determine whether or not I even want to enter, just because I could enter a market doesn't mean I should doesn't, mean it's a good fit for the lifestyle, that I personally want right, and. So what I like to do is you know up at the top right down in the middle and then down to the very bottom start, to walk through different. Price points that are actually popped up inside, of these different category it's slightly different our markets are there right so super. Expensive right, let's say 10 million dollars. Ten million dollars that's, you know and and we have a price range where it's around that kind of area, right, in the middle let's say I don't know yet they got the one to two million dollar houses. I'm. Just speaking, very generally here. Right. And, then down at the bottom let's, say that you've got a lot of houses that are the hundred thousand dollar range right all right fifty-two, is, super, low up to like maybe three hundred thousand, dollar range was let's just say just to keep it simple here hundred. Thousand dollar range okay now one of the things I like to do is I like to look inside of here and I like to see if those are different price points, that this industry, is used, to, bearing, now.

Can, I look inside of there and see like okay how frequently. Does. The average person, make. A sale, inside. Of that market and so. If I'm looking in and I'm looking at all these different real estate agents and I'm looking all these people who are inside of that area and I'm seeing like oh man check this out these guys let's say they get one they get two for. Sales a year at the ten million dollar price range right I have no idea if that's the case okay, let's, say that they're getting around one, to two sales, every, single month let's say it's like six. To, eight say, seven seven. Seven, per year. In. This in this range right. And then let's say they do you. Know three three a month. Right. Three a month in that range okay, so how much can I expect to be making okay now a lot of you guys might be said back things like oh crap like this is really really simple and I know my handwriting, is terrible but like man. I'm shocked at the number people that don't do this and so they'll go in and start selling some freaking knick-knack and be like okay I'm not making about any money and I'm like man your. Funnels great your, sales message is awesome your offer is fantastic, literally, the vehicle, that you chose the industry, that you went into is not used to the price points to actually make a lifestyle, for you okay, I swear if somebody tells me the selling like homeopathic. Life coaching, to college students I'm gonna I'm gonna go nuts, okay I'm. Not sure I like throw, rocks here but I am trying to get your freaking attention, okay because if you're sitting back you're like oh man this how comes Steven how comes not working for me it probably. Most. The time I have found that, it is actually. You are actually, doing it well enough but. You literally have chosen right. You've. Got these level, 8 9 or 10 skill, levels inside, of a level 2 opportunity. Inside, of a level 2 price, point and so what I like to do is I like to sit back and start thinking like how can I actually go in and develop, these K for example let's check this out now okay. Right. You. Don't need to sell that, often, that many of these price levels to, really make somewhat of a good living. Right. Think about this crap before you go and just jump into a market, okay, there are some people that I've been coaching the bass a little bit here and someone. Said that they ever Guinness so I'm not gonna say what it was cuz I don't embarrass anybody okay, but, it was very clear, that they were gonna sell to extremely broke people which again I'm not saying they don't need services, or anything like that I'm just saying like if we're gonna make your change your world business not the world I mean, just, stack the cards in your favor, good grief like just, make sure you think through this before, you actually start diving, it like just cuz you could sell to them doesn't mean you should right yeah so anyway alright. Guys I got a really cool opportunity here for you this. Is one gonna drop out to him, hey the very very top price levels I know it's gonna blow your minds okay oh my gosh here we go okay hundred. Dollars up at the top that's way brighter why. Didn't I have that before okay, hundred, bucks at the top for a natural price level the markets already used to bearing around that level oh that's so cool so, I'm really really excited down. Here at the bottom guys, we can go super cheap I'm really excited about it we can actually get it cheaper than everybody else we actually could sell each, one of these items which I'm gonna reveal in a moment for $5. A piece oh my, gosh are you so pumped that's so cool okay, all right now right here in the middle let's go we got 25 dollar range, right here in the middle of this value letter oh man look at that look, at that and we could actually auto ship, out to people for ten dollars every single month, okay.

We Get auto ships out right here. All. Right you guys wanna know what it is. Pogs. Okay, you guys over Boggs was an elementary school these things called pogs a little circle cardboard, things that, were colored do you play a little game with them I don't know that anyone ever actually figured out what the game was we, all just had them and right. I don't even know if you could find somebody to give $100, for pogs for, okay. If, you have a huge, list or. If you are like an econ color awesome. That's great but how much margin you gonna pull on something like you see what I'm telling you guys like. That would like hack the value ladder okay I want to walk through real quick a a. Scenario. Here these are these are a few things that I look at when I'm actually building out a value ladder okay for, real this is this is really where to go do and instead, of value at the bottom and price on the side I want to walk through. One. Other thing here okay, this is something that I looked at again before I ever enter a market before ever think through. Where. I'm gonna get traffic before I ever think through what, my offer is going to be before, everything through any of that stuff and unless I mean this oh great and you should think through that before you start buying it before before I ever start, thinking about that stuff though the stuff that I'm thinking about is actually it's, actually this right here Gabe. Alright, so, it down at the bottom what I'm actually going to do is we're gonna put, typical. Margins, okay, what are the typical margins, I can expect, at. This, price level right at the high price level at the middle price level okay and what I've technically found across almost all industry, fact I would say oh I pretty. Much all of them this, is how I usually see, it working kay the, typical margins, at the different value. Leverage steps okay, so down here Danny on the side K we're gonna go with with with. Margins. Game. And then. Up here on the side, we're gonna go time to, fulfill okay. A lot of you guys like you, make it a lot of money but you have spent so much time fulfilling. I'm not saying you need to get out of your business I'm saying you should start thinking about other ways to. Make a lot of money and a lot of margins without a lot of time to fulfill and a lot of guys I've never thought of that before or, or you're still doing you know a classic nine-to-five, job that's, a lot of time to fulfill with not much margin right, that's a nine-to-five job that is the definition it's, the lowest spot. On the totem pole right there right. And so if we go through we think about time to fulfill right. Let's. Look at this right here quick. Time. At, time. Okay. Fulfillment, time on one side and margins. Typical, margins, across the bottom what. I usually see, when. You're building out a value ladder right. Is that the higher up you go in the value ladder obviously, the more margins you know like Steven duh. Yep. It is duh okay, on the very bottom the value a let's say I'm selling a book right. Man, I'm that's not much margins, why because, it's a book right. It's not normal, is there exceptions to the rule yes but, again Steve. Larson is not about exception to the rule what are the rules that cost cash I don't want to have to conflict, Rick's. To make money what, are the rules that make money I can just follow those so as typically, as a rule, right. The margins, at, the very bottom are. Very small when you're selling something like a book right. Or. Whatever your low end thing is it's usually not a lot there okay, towards. The middle. Obviously. Number two all. Right more, margins go and higher up number. Three right, even more margins going up right, more, margin boy it's like obviously the place you'd want to go is the very very tippity-top, but, who can you only sell to typically, people who are already your, customers, right so, you got acquire a lot of customers pretty quickly typically right typically, okay. Okay. Now let's look at this so this is what's fascinating okay. What is it how much time does it take to fulfill a book sale like. Nothing, because, you already wrote it right but I just don't usually, products, that are down here towards the bottom and if you like Steven this makes sense cuz you're talking about info products guys it works for any industry okay watch the concept that I'm talking about real quick okay, okay, time. To fulfill or, fulfillment time right what's, cool what's. Very fascinating, is that it's actually the, opposite, right here.

Instead. Of 1 2 3 it's 1 3 2 what, I find is that when you're entering a market right. When you when you go and you say hey, read ocean, you. Look really red and there's. A lot of competition. I'm actually gonna take you and I'm gonna turn you into a blue ocean all, right I'm gonna bring people out and make a blue ocean out of you oh my gosh that's so exciting, okay what I find is that when you're moving from a red you're. Taking a stand you're moving into the blue. This. Place, in the value ladder right here is the, place you want to be okay. And it's, the middle of the VAT it's funny, enough, middle. Margins, lots. Of time to fulfill yes Steven why why, on earth would we create something on purpose, that, actually goes and okay, this is hacking of a ladder right follow me for a second as we go into this okay, so the way I like to draw this is I like to draw the red circle right there it's. The red ocean and as I create. This value. Ladder right. I'm creating a value ladder and. What's, creating, it, that. First thing in the value lighter that first thing in the blue ocean is that, middle spot in. The. Value ladder right. Look at that typical. Margins you're gonna get good margins, right so you're, gonna get good enough margins, you can take money and dump them back into ads you, can get good enough margins, that you don't need your face but you have to be perfect around one because they're not going to be right, you can get good enough margins, that you can actually go and put the money where you need to to start building the business when somebody comes in they enter a blue ocean by building a product on the violet or that's at the bottom I know, it's like I'm typically. They either got deep pockets a giant, list they're already an expert in something crazy or they just like wasting, money like I can't understand, it I actually have a hard time understanding why, anybody, ever would, enter a bull ocean or try to build one with a low right, low margin, all right low time to fulfill product, for the very bottom the vial adder baffles. Me I don't get it okay, the, order that I always build it is always middle, top, front. Because. As I'm going and I'm building in the middle of the value ladder right, it's a like I said it's enough margins, for me to go and mess, up a little bit and that's. Okay and I, can when I do get sales it's enough of a mid tier price level, right. I can actually go and dump it back into ads and still be profitable and the, machine, works, the, systems, work the numbers, work better so, what I do is I like to go in like. I said first of all number one this is the first place I like to build, because. It proves, out the. Main idea with. The customer, we take them from the red we pull them over to the blue we prove out the main idea with the customer then what I do is I sell, something, more expensive, to my existing, buyers not. To those who are in the red, okay. I like, to go in and this is the second, place I like to go build right if we look at like the, order, I like to build in that's the green here right the order I like to build in is one two, on the back because it's a lot of money not. Actually, ironically less, time to fulfill in the middle which is very ironic but it's, usually host true okay, and then, down, here at the bottom number three when I start running out of customers, I mean you start building break even, things to just fuel these other two top places, okay, down. Here at the very bottom right here in this very spot right there before, these three steps in the value letter that's, where I have this, is my content, okay, I take my content very serious I consider myself to be in the content business, and, then Steven, Larson okay it's like my identity I am a Content machine and then I'm Steve Larson I think it's Gary Vee that said that the first time I heard him anyway. Right. So right here is is content. Boom. Boom. Content, right there so I build content, and that's fueling, different steps in my value ladder guess you'd be shocked how many people in Russells inner circle have never read expert secrets or calm secrets and it. Shocked me like crazy and I thought they were joking and I started laughing openly, once at a mastermind, if they understand though a lot of these people they're successful, business owners they, don't a lot of them don't have time to go through the next book they, just want the done-for-you, solution.

Okay. And so right down here at the bottom right, we have the done the do-it-yourself. Solution. Right. In the middle is the done with you solution, and. Then. At the very tippy top we, have the done-for-you, solution. Okay. The dfy solution. Right, so I'm doing the done with you that done for you and then finally the do yourself solution but what I find is that when somebody reads the book home secrets their natural inclination is to go start at the very bottom build, a break-even tripwire funnel they're sexy they're cool I totally get it ironically. Enough they are more work than, any of these at the top okay, it, really takes so much more time the, it's not that much time to fulfill after, the sale but they take a long time to build. Anyway. So, that's the order that I do it in okay, just, to keep going here real quick just you understand more of these pieces what. I'm trying to do with each one of these are these these steps. As well is right down at the bottom okay, this content, the role that that step, in the value ladder is it's just merely a relationship. Okay. As. Incredibly. Squeaky okay. Right down there the goal of it is just to build a relationship that's, it I'm never not going to publish I will always be publishing the rest of my life okay then, in the middle that next step up right there the whole point of it is acquisition. All. I'm trying to do just acquire. Okay. The next step up the very next one up there is all about ascension. Right. Whatever okay, next, one up is just monetization. So where I'm just selling, my existing, buyers more some more expensive solutions, okay. Monetization, that's, it okay, relationship. Acquisition. Ascension monetization, okay, and that's what I'm expecting to do as well as. I'm. Billing out the different funnels now each one of these is at, least one funnel, at. Least one there's not there's, not. Funny. Enough one. Funnel is actually all of that as well but. Anyway that's, we're, getting deep, we're. Going with that that's that's probably to you it's, crazy okay. Last. Little piece I want you guys to know about this stuff I know this is kind of a big episode here now anyway but, what. I'm typically also looking at is like as I'm. Building out the offers, that go inside each one of these things I'm. Looking to see which, one like. I'm. Looking to see how. To actually deliver, the offer that, I'm promising them alright so if the job of my sales message is to give a cool promise, okay. The. Job of my offer is just to fulfill on, the promise. See. I'm saying that. And the roles are not interchangeable you, cannot reverse them it's, the reason why someone has a cool product but it's not selling. They. Didn't make a sales message. Right that no no like, of course it's not selling right. The role of the product the role the offer is to fulfill, not. Sell the, role of the sales message is to make a new promise, not. Fulfill okay. And so. What I do for each one of these things I is this okay this is a far more technical episode, than I typically do inside sales funnel radio I just wanted to teach this stuff to you guys do you see that I'm what I'm looking at when I'm coaching a lot of people there's a lot of frameworks that are running through my mind when I start looking at people's stuff and I'm like yes, no good bad wrong order look over here don't look over there like you know but like one of them that I'm really looking at is I'm looking to see like okay what's your price range okay what is the historical, price, range that your market. Is used to bearing oh why, are you selling, down in the do-it-yourself, range right, there was a there's a there's an individual, that.

I Buy services from who. Man. This. Person is an absolute, killer they're, absolutely amazing I, could tell right from the get-go talking. To them I'm not even telling you the gender so you don't know okay. I don't want to embarrass anybody but I was blown away at, how frickin, sheep the services, were I mean I was like I was astounded. I was astounded I thought, at least that, I was gonna be charged, at least five times more than the person said they were gonna charge me I was like what this is happening to me multiple times guys stop. Selling, your crap right you're done with you services, at Do It Yourself prices. Okay. Cut. It out okay you're actually hurting yourself, I actually lost a little faith in the person's ability to fulfill and deliver, to me I actually, refused, to, pay the cheaper price okay. I told, this person I was like there's no way I'm gonna pay you that much they're, like no no it's totally fine until finals like it's not fine I'll let you charge all of your clients this much money that, was like that's pennies that's absolutely nothing how you, have that many. What, like, you guys a, lot. Of you are already, better. Than the majority of the market at what you do, stop. Selling your stuff at stupid, dumb low prices, just cuz you're afraid and you have a price at version I'm just here give me a little popplers in love and help you understand like why, you, may not be doing well even though you have all the pieces there your sales message is good enough, to sell right, your offer is good enough to fulfill your. Funnel is good enough to deliver it all but. You're just not making money some of you did because you're selling even, done-for-you, services. Doubted do yourself prices, that's, exactly, what this person is doing we weren't even going from like done like from this level this novel we were going from the very top level service, all the way down to the bottom, it was almost nothing I was so I was, almost embarrassed I actually felt like I was in the wrong place I actually, refused. To, even take this person's services on until we Forex to the price that's. The true story happen, yesterday okay and what, I waited no that's why I'm trying to help you guys understand here with this as you were looking to see what to enter understand. That just because you can sell something doesn't, mean you should and just, because you could go into a blue market what's the order you're going to do that in and as, you start to enter the blue what, are the historical price. Points that your market is used to bearing and how. Can you enter in at near the middle right. A little bit more expensive be premium, okay, but. With the expectation. That people are already expecting, those kinds of price points I was expecting. More, money to, go out four, times right, over, four times the amount of my out we actually didn't even decide, to do a business. With this person until they 4x to their price and then it was like just tolerable. Enough, comparative. To all the other services, and I mean I have a lot of agencies, working for me okay, and I was like are you serious even, Colton Walker when the Camerons, like look you, know how hard it would be for seeking to do as long as on his I don't like there's no way there's no like, come on it's worth way more are, you serious, it was it was an insanely, low price insanely. Done, for you services, at Do, It Yourself prices, the very top level the value letter services. At the very bottom of the value letter prices, and I was like holy crap, and I. Actually felt embarrassed for the person, how, how. How. Shocked. They were about. What. I was saying when. I I just as, he go through that and I probably just started with that story she has more context than what I'm doing here but, I wanted to know when you're looking at this like guys, look at historical, price points look at the historic, of what is the market used to bear alright, what, are they what are they used to bearing Russell, taught me this really cool thing once that he said, he. Said. He. Said you know it's funny man is when I started selling and I started doing all these cool masterminds, and stuff like that the, the, price point the accepted, market, price point for a year-long mastermind. Was five grand I was like five thousand, dollars and and. He's. Like yeah and then some dude came along and he's like dude I'm charging eight and everyone, was like oh are. You serious eight. Thousand, dollars that's crazy, you're you're nuts and then we all kind of started charging six seven then up to eight and then the market started charging eight four at that for a year-long mastermind, and then, someone was the crazy psycho, and went to ten and then all the price levels, the market, prices that everyone used to is used to spending, went, up another, few grand and then went to twelve and then 15, in 18 20 22 23, 25, whoa like I was crazy right then it's up to 30 35 50.

Russell's 50 now Russell has also mastermind, he's a part of repays a hundred, grand a year just, to be part of them okay, but that was not possible even. Like six or seven years ago the historical. Price points, of the market he was selling into could, not bear those levels and so, if you don't know what those are, you are like, when it comes to like pricing, like hack the value ladder my friends there already is one in existence inside, of your right ocean and if you're gonna go build something that's new like understand, what, people are already used to buying right. So they don't have the embarrassment, if someone going like that cheap because, I will tell you I felt, like someone, was got. Me inside of a cool Ferrari I just, went and I test drove it I was super excited about it and I, got out of the car and this there was a smug, look on a. On the salesman's, face and, they said hey for this. We're. Gonna give you this awesome Ferrari, for only $2,000. Yeah. Hey. You'd be like what's wrong with it right. It doesn't feel like a deal it feels like you're actually in jeopardy Gav, and so guys are doing that right now raise, your prices okay, just raise your prices understand. Historical, levels figure out where they are go understand, the historical levels and then go a little bit more premium, understand. The the, the. Order you're gonna hack the value ladder in right, you're done with you right then they're done for you then do-it-yourself, services. Okay and when you do that my friends welcome to the capitalist pig game okay, it's way easier to do that and funny enough I felt. More. Taken care of okay. After spending more money which. Is crazy it if you like that sounds stupid Steven you're dumb why don't you get the discount it's, not about the money at that point okay, it's about the value okay, and they're not the same thing and you need to know that people are looking for that from you so I just wanted to do this Chris episode right here I knows a little bit more technical but I want you to see what's running through my head as I start to look through someone's business okay, where are they thinking they're selling in holy crap, this person has a price of version or this. Person has no idea, that historical, price points inside their market or, right, does that make sense you gotta figure out where you are or this. Person is just barely building, out their products and they're afraid of charging. The, the, full. Price because they feel like they need to go beta I never do discounts ever I don't think you need to either anyway, so. Guys that's what I look at okay typical. Margins typical, time to fulfill on, the product and then I look at the order to actually go attack the value ladder in and I spend quite a bit of time in that middle of a ladder area especially when building a blue ocean because, the marette ocean is guiding, me in the creation of the blue I spend, more time understanding. The blue than, I do I said let me say it again I spend more time understanding, the red than. I do creating. The blue okay. Because the market is gonna guide me in that and as I do that once I figure out the solution once the idea is cemented, then, I just go and I create something else and I sell back to those existing buyers and then, once I can tell I can I'm kind of getting all the easy customers, from the red ocean then, I go out and I create a do-it-yourself. Solution just to acquire more people at a break even okay. Now, to break-even funnel, that's, gonna do it and I've done it twice now just in this year alone and it's been really really fun that's worked really well and I've been doing it for a lot of other customers a lot of students and the, patterns hold them true and that's exactly how we've been doing it doesn't matter if you in the info business doesn't matter if you're an econ, doing. This most anikó doesn't. Matter if you're in b2b. Or in retail or whatever, this, is the conceptual, thing that I use to go do that if you have more steps in your value later that's okay. Know that these are more like zones. Okay towards the top this is what its gonna be towards the middle towards the front okay, if you don't have content, all, right people, are gonna, what.

I Do is I create content that hooks into each I have an episode that hooks into each one of the pieces of my value adder and then I go back and I do it again okay, and go back and do it again and the little tiny hooks to bring people in and, anyway guys hopefully the episode was helpful to you I know it's kind of long but like I want you to understand what I'm doing and why I do it and, like the strategy behind I go and inflate, a blue ocean and actually, put the scaffolding. In it to actually go in anyways, guys thanks so much hopefully you guys enjoyed the episode please please, I'm really. Means a lot to me if. You could leave a review inside, of iTunes it would mean so much we. Spend a lot of time doing this and it. Actually is very invigorating, and exciting for, me when I see inside iTunes different reviews and it, gives me steam to keep doing this we put a lot of effort into this episode or this podcast guys thanks so much we'll see you guys later, welcome, to the capitalist Pig foundation, oh. Yeah. Hey obviously, a funnel is already dead if you can't even get anyone to opt-in right so, I spent four hours teaching, an audience how to get high opt-ins when they work when they don't work if, you want access to that members, area we, can watch those replays, just, go to free opt-in, course accom, to, create your free members account now.

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YESS! Love your episodes I like the ones with less stories And more info upfront Just like this one No this episode wasn't that long An hour video is decent Two hours is a long episode I think 45 minutes is around a perfect amount of time Keep it Up! Your the Man!

Choose right price points in your market!

Steve, I've watched a lot of your content, but this episode was outstanding. You just changed the course of my ecom biz in 30 minutes of incredible value bombs. Thank you so much for the great work. I never thought about making my initial offer from the middle to make enough money to feed the advertising. I've been trying to work from the bottom and pouring through credit with nothing to show. I really appreciate your insight.

Love this episode. It is so important that we don't under charge for so many reasons. Thanks Stephen

Ahhh!! You are so awesome man!!! Thanks for all the value!!

My only question is; why are you starting with the DWY instead of the DFY? In my head it would make sens to build a DFY solution first, create the ´proven system’ / get testimonials / and build the DWY while working on the done for you! This way you can launch the DWY with a product that was created while destructing false beliefs for your client which make it also simple to create a good ass webinar to sell the DWY! What do you think?

Hi Steve! Just a quick question! Will u consider an online instructional guide as a do it with u solution then?

Hi, I need your help please!, How could I get you on a call if possible? Thanks

I am in a B2B manufacturing business. My clients give business to whoever quotes the cheapest price. Margins are super low so we have to make money on consist volume of parts. There is no value ladder in this business. Confused if I should expand this business which is highly capital intensive or diversify it? One benefit of this business is that there is zero marketing/advertising cost.

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