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Bottom. Of the night TLS ease my name is. That right no. Citizen. Fear right I said what is my intro again it'll, come in time you, know it's been a while I've been recording. Song. Is fuckin vibing, with me right now welcome, back to enter, the gungeon Ace Ventura here, I've played this game before I'm not, very good at it I played it a lot in my Nintendo switchy and then. I tried to play it on the PC version, and I don't do good at pullet hill games or. Any. Games, for, that matter because. My brain runs at a very. Low, wooden. Plank level, but. I really like the game and I want to play more of it and now there was an update at the game called, Dungeons. & Dragons. Everything's. A gun. Based pawn who. Do I want to play us so I want to buy more of it and see if I can do anything else in the game now I don't know did they update actually go in who, dafuq those the Marine the Marine feels good let's, just go with the Marine let's, go with plain-jane here. Let's face it I'm. Just a basic. Bitch I don't. Really care about anything else I have I can't remember how this game works okay. Right click is my role, roly-poly. I'm. Gonna down here and buy pizza, after a while that'll be fantastic actually. You. Guys open what do you get what do you guys got you guys got good shit, hair. Bottle. Rocket-powered. Bullets. Are. They even bullets anymore, if the rocket powered I, don't. Know let's, enter, the gungeon let's, do its namesake. Oh, all. Right everybody. Better watch out. Pro-gamer. Here. Ready. To, mess with yo asses. I. Want, to get better at this I am gonna get better at this. We're. Gonna play this all day until I finish, the game, that's. My plan we're, gonna finish it here today oh that's new I. Don't. Know if the new kapal. But. I'm fine what, are you freaking out about I don't know if the new content is actually in this. I'm. Assuming it is, they. Decided a whole bunch of stuff. All. Right that room is cleared everybody's, dead I'm happy, it's. Gonna start smelling in here soon enough if I don't actually get out here something, what, are you. Whoa. Whoa you're, angry babies, that's a chair. Whoa. Can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man, all, right that rooms cleared. No. Problem Oh tits. Y'all, could just die real quick that'd be I. Don't. Know what that was but I'm. Feeling, this. Ha. Ha all. Right everybody's dead except. Vivi. From Final Fantasy 9 over, here. Both. Be firing your crosses, at me okay don't, force your religion upon me, I'll.

Be Whatever I wanted it what's on my wrists. Okay. Robins messaging, me Robin, you're messaging me from the future past. And. He's going to be editing this as well is it. Life crazy. Okay. We're doing good so far. Don't. Jinx it you're Harry. Same. Little. Dragon boys saying okay the shop is down there how, many do I have 18. Bay. To bridge I don't know what I haven't spent those 18 on. It. Had you for 18 years having. One in your kids. But. The lyrics. Then. A long time since I listened to the yay yay actually. It hasn't. What. Is this I got a telephone. Wake. Or transaction, gon take to win. Yes. That's. Incredible. Wait. Do. I just not run out of bullets this. Is 2121. 2000, the, whole thing goes down. Well. That's kind of annoying I'm going back to my regular gun as. I said basic, bitch Plain Jane vanilla. Man Jax Badu see. That's. What they called me back east. Like. A makes you say that now and it makes sense, back. East is actually back home back in Brighton, or Ireland. That's closer actually. Don't. Know third third the old god I need to kill these. Who's. Me. Who. Is that what. Happened, I don't. Know but I'm glad you're dead okay. That, was a pretty, simple. Room to clear no. Problem, it only depends on what boss I get. Cuz. Killing, the rooms is not the hard part it's killing the freaking oh, he's. Just fired a big giant inward at me. Okay. Enter, the gungeon my, god. That's. Not cool. Wait. There's two. Men oh no it's the same guy oh you're, still alive what did you expect I'm amazing. Jetpack. I can't buy it though I really wish I could that would be really. Cool I don't want to go near the green, blobby I'm. Not shooting here ooh sorry. That's, fine I'll just leave. Righty. How do I get into my map, again, tab. Tab, aru. All. Right let's see what boss we have to go up against oh. It's. The Birdman right. This. Guy he's actually not that bad. I. Got. Stuck in the wall of, a, little helmet fell off okay, let's use the microtransaction. Going to see how good it is. Bing. Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing cash for everybody. Warning. In here one in the bag bubbling, look, at your cash to get you cash coming in. This. Isn't I could just hide behind the things actually this is fairly, simple oh no, oh no. Don't, you there he's, sending in the nukes. Somebody. Somebody's, been listening to Kim Jong a bit too much a little, trigger-happy. They. Should you Kim Jong this cam though. Good. For him. I'm. Gonna I'm gonna wait here are you done Oh. See. I keep get messed, up coz, dodging. Is on my click and. Sometimes. I have to reload and I stop moving in a certain direction because, of it I mainly.

Just Making up excuses for, my own ineptitude. So. If you'll humor, me for a little bit I should. Be using this time to actually kill you should night oh did. I get hit I, think. I did cuz me my finger has to come off the, D to. Hit there or. Nice. Your, name is gasoline goal I never actually looked at the name before oh. Oh. Damn, my back my seven to a foreigner. Literally. We. Got this we got this no problem no, problem. No. Problem Oh aah. I. Got. Him right in his bird brain, what do you give me, look. At the cash to get you cash cubby need. Shooting. So baller now I got my mask back I mean. My helmets look mask, Winchester. Better than a box of roses well mama, always said life was like a box of roses. You. Never know who you're gonna shoot. Wait. How the hell do we get out of here ah. They're. Okay. Are you hey. Pretty. Beat up wanna take a break and come back later, hell, no, I don't, take no breaks I don't. Want no scrubs, I want. To be in the game I want to go for it man. Doing. Good. Okay. Just give me more bosses, like that that was that was fairly straightforward I. Don't. Want to say easy. Because. Everyone. In the comments to be like Oh Jax thinks it's easy and you know what yeah. Fuck. You. That's. What I have to say oh, no. I hate I forgot, the second layer down has holes in it. So. Now I don't have to fall off the map i'ma fall off the map so many times guys oh no. I have to kill the slides. The. Pink slimes, give. Me those ports. You. Know what the cool thing about the slimes is, I. Press. Space the dodge is that a right-click like, a doom. Where. They did that okay. We're fine, just, call me Edward Dumas oh. Oh. I don't know how to get through this okay where's the pattern. There, it uh there's, nothing in that direction I. Don't. Like that room that room was pointless it laid meat just, straight back to where it was anyway. Hey, yeah I'm still alive nice. Mustache, okay. Bye good talk, I don't. Know what these are I know there's a altars, but, the. Altar is empty I never know what I am able to put in there. Well. So how do we get more ammo I forget all my buttons okay it's made of wine. Punching. Me. We. Endure this I'm, a strong healthy, baby milky. Boy whoa. Okay. Come the eff down, dawg. Who. Pissed in your cornflakes. We. Need to get good at dodging through people's projectiles. That's why I let myself down whoa. Sneakers. Sneakers. Don't. Like it I don't. Like it hey, it's a label the. Septic eye. Dead-ass. Now save for later. I, can. Save, stuff for later. And. Now I can do that either that's good to know. Oh, man. They smooth a lot cease. Whoa. God, Almighty you, know, you're doing good when the game can't even keep up with itself. They're. All gonna know the name by the end of this you're. All gonna know the name of your victor the, best gunjan master. Holy. Holy. Frijoles. Yeah. Die, please. Could. You not. Yeah. But yeah but did you not though couldn't yeah but for real though for. Real yeah but for real though. Okay. Just keep going in circles Jackie boy. It's. Hard to hit movement arrogance hurt parent here which you can't see. Okay. Huh can I use the heart that I saved for later I'd. Have any keys. Should. Be able to a buy one right. Hello. I'm back. Watch. Out for the bullets. Good. Joke. I got, a crotch. Crotch. You, need it. Okay. Can, I see what these are doing ow. Crotch, ads aim assist of a sort everybody, needs a little help sometimes with, this crutch every bullet fired will try really hard to hit a target, even, if aimed incorrectly. The. Game knows I suck. Haha, alrighty. Then. Memories, of your years in training better reload speeds and weapon accuracy Wow, I had that and I didn't even know.

This. Is good for me this, is a good step forward in my life. Where. You feel like I'm maturing getting, better I don't, use the heart that I had I. Have. A Supply Drop can I change, I. Don't. Know oh it's Sam and Dean Winchester is coming to save me. Oh I. Kill. You dead with the force of a thousand, penises, oh. Fuck. That's. What I get from making dick. Jokes. The. Lowest, of the low form, of jokes come on Jack. Full. Maybe. You're full I'm not gimme. How. Do I use this thing I got the hardy, boy. Guns. Okay, items. It's. Delicious, active. Revives. A friend wants words. And. These are things I have on these are not that things I have all I don't have all these. These. Are the things I got before. Dang. It. Reiben, II where, did you shoot in that direction oh. I'm. Gonna die I'm. Gonna die like, that now. Sorry. My dick. They. Died because of my own folly Oh. Our spandex, I. Can. Do better than that okay I am gonna do better I'm. A strong healthy, baby bouncy boy. All. Right it's time to go to business Oh. God. They don't call me the contractor, for nothing. Well. They don't call me that at all but if, I say it enough times then people will that's how the internet works. It's. Basically what means our, does. Need to be funny it, does need to be something special. All. You need to do is say it enough times and then everyone laughs and admits great. Okay. I need to get better at my dodging, on, my spacial awareness and, my accuracy on my skills, but. After, that it. Should, be no problem. I don't. Know that is I'm trying to get it I'm trying to get this thing going. What. Do you have a green thing above your head. What. Does that mean. Doesn't. Mean you DYI slower is, that that's really what it felt like oh my. God and Mary Poppins. Whoa. Whoa. Sorry. Invite-only special. Birthday Thanks. Hey. Or. Again. Tug. Of battle. Just. Say active reload I need to go into this cuz I'm in doermann I don't know what they are enables. Active reader hey I knew that Oh. Buttery Lois that's just a thing that the the Marine has. Gotcha. And. They have the Supply Drop so I can get off. Thinking. Amal anytime I want I can also die in real, life you. Don't in real life you die in the game. God. Damn like I dived. All over away from it put, into put into. It. That. Wasn't an actual reaction, okay, I'm, better at this game than I'm letting on alright. I'm. Just I'm. Just doing it for all the people out there to make them feel like I'm a regular, bro. But you know like regular, gamer just like all of you guys. Let. The professional, piece, of alpha, dominance, that I actually have see. I'm. A battlecruiser. All. Right. You, think you everything. Okay. There the boss point oh.

Yeah. What's. My booted shit. Look. Doors just wink at me. Not. Sure how I feel about that that's the look, that's. The looks tired, of feeling sad we. Just decided to kick some ass and said I believe. I can press important it. Enables. Me to. Send. Out my blue bullets. There's. A lot going on okay I don't know what's happening at. The concentrate, I don't know important that is is it space, the. Blue bullets I have up in the corner I can hit that and it sends out a wave that gets rid of all projectiles. In the area. And. Inverse. Helmet. Door. I, like. This active reload. It's. Making me a better boy I fucked. It up I. Did. It again. Save. For later I really. Need to figure out how those work. Let, me send an or word at me do come on. He's. Like a dictionary but he's actually just a dick. So. He's a dictionary. It's. Good joke. All. Right let's go here. I. Am. Determined, to get past the second dungeon I have to get to the third layer I, have. To go three dreams deep and meet Leo DiCaprio okay, I have to bring him back to reality, needs. To meet his kids oh. It's. High. Noon. Just. Slaughtered. A whole bunch. Of babies. That's. What I do. Ruthless. Kool-aid. Machine what, do you do. Alien. Sidearm, that sounds pretty good hip. Holster. Or. As I like to call it hipster. Armor. Half, hearts. Armor. Would be cool a, key. Would also be cool. Alien. Side armor part of the dope AF, as, the. Litte kids would like to say let's. Just go see who the boss is what's my wrist doing god. Damn it stop it, so. My phone is attached to my Apple watch Oh. Fucking. Hate this guy. This, guy's tough because he has the biggest bullet hell attacks. Shit. Like. This. Price. I saw. It's. Night space I don't, know what my button is to send out my thing, what. Is it okay I need to lock it up I need to look it up I need to lock it up use, blank queue I'm, gonna die here anyway, just because. My. Ass. Demands. Death apparently. See. You if, it's. Thrown at me. This is it. This, is where boys become, men. Where. Do I keep rolling away this is gonna get me killed. He. Calls himself the bullet King there's, only one bullet King around here but, that's me. Pay. Attention I got. This I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I got this I. Got this I got this I got the doesn't delete that they delete that delete I thought that I got this I got this I oh. Sweet. Mama June, and her British. Bakery, I. Got. A pillow. 300. Dead count what. Am, i shooting zips. Out of a pillow. That's. Awesome, all. Right we've done did. Reload my pillow I fluff, it ooh. Yes. Oh. Oh. I want more can, I go back and get that half-hertz. Oh. Yes. Good. Night come. On cough up the big guns. There. We go moving on. All. Right that. Could have gone better you, know. It. Didn't. So. I'm moving on now. Right. Oh. You. Know what do. You know what. Suck. Some ass fuck. As. Good as weird. Axe, me also a pretty, good Oh. Sod. It I'm here, to just shoot my pull about you and just, be a regular old, bouncy. Boy oh you. You think I haven't seen that attack before it it oh that. Is so weak. All. Right let's, move on into the next dungeon let's, get it. Taste. My pillow, who has come for a sleepover. Whoa. I, just, wrecked. Him. Like. A real, gamer. Nice. I really wish I got that thing from last time you. Know the thing that helped all my shots actually reach their targets Oh. Oh. God, not. A. Big fan of what's, happening, here, oh no. It's, not space, to jump why do I keep thinking that. Where. Does everyone keep allowing me to be dumb. I'm. Really holding all of you accountable, for this. Because. I can't be trusted, we. All know that by now. You. Guys just calm the fuck down. Okay. Very, happy about that do I have a key I do what do they get Sub Zero heart. Of ice that's cold, yes. I. Do. Fires. Ice projectiles, on taking damage oh, so. You mean that I'm never going to use it because I never take, damage. Moving. On. Video, doo doo doo holy. God. Those. What. A bang okay I was. Really blown away by that guy. We've. Seen that the, episode of comedians in cars getting coffee with, Brian Regan in, the newer ones it's, or talking about being blown away by something does that even mean yeah. It's, good it wasn't, blown away by it and, then they talk about buying dynamite. Dynamite. That's not good so I, guess, that's. Pretty good I mean how to bang - it just wasn't. Blown away oh. God. Puh-leeze. I'm. Never gonna take damage. Hi. I'm. Jack I'm, a pathological. Liar and a piece of shit. Please. Like comment and subscribe. Oh my. God, well at least everybody's dead, for my ice crystals. It's. Like a participation.

Award It's, like when you got hit but you know what we're gonna we're gonna make it easier for you cuz you suck, Oh. A, tiny, beanie baby was left over Oh, like. That. How. Do we get better at this what's, my what's my tactic, here how do I get good at this game I put. These down first that's, a real good sir I think. Space. Invader style. They. Never even stood, it shoes, okay. How do I use my. We're. Not my Supply Drop anymore, oh. Man. I used up all my ammo. Can't. Get anything in the pots right. Who. Am I asking you you. Guys probably know the answers but you're not able to talk to me say. No more for the live stream. Alright, where's the shot I didn't. Find it yet so has to be one of these. Rolling. Around at, the speed of sound I. Am. A big bug baby. I hate. My brain I hate. It I know I just I hate it. Is. It. Is the worst. Who. Needs enemies with a brain like this am i right maybe, you should rewind some of my keys. Hey. What's. That that's. The sound of me going back into danger, I live, for it it's. My middle name well. My, middle name is actually Dahmer. But, that's Dutch for danger. Alrighty. Take. That chip eeny bitch. All, righty. Yeah. You want to go I don't even need weaponry. I've already got these Goods. So. Alpha. All. Right this is the one I'm. Feeling good about this one we could do it gang. With. With, with. Your. Spirit. And power and my also being here we can accomplish anything that we want to do in this game my. Parents may have told me never told me that they loved me but. That does not matter ooh. He's. Spitting out keys. Was. That the key to your heart. The. Feeling movement is very important, in this game but when I have to reload it hinders my movement and I. Haven't been able to like, adapt. To that. And. You know what people it's all if you if you understand you come what the hell that. Is. Big dick energy, if I have ever seen you need to calm the fuck, down. Ok. Right. He. Just came in there with his big swing. And donger. What. Was, that the whole room yes. Good. Job me oh, don't. You. Just love it when a plan comes together, oh. My. God he's behind he. Needs to be stopped. Somebody's. To put you on a leash. Ok. He's dead. It's. Seeing in the map there's a hurting you know it's right here. I won't get it now because I don't know how to do the save for later things so I'll come back to it if, I, like fight. The boss or something, or. If I need a heart going into it it's all plans. And tactics or, as I like to call them Jack Dix. Ha, ha take that I like the little sounds they make it makes me feel like I'm killing. A whole, bunch of tiny babies. That's. Not a good thing to say. Unfinished. Gone man I love the. Style, of this game I love the sense. Of humor that's in it everything.

Just Like being pawn, based or gun, base gun. Based puns or puddin based guns. It. Just works with everything all right here we go. That. Way, there. Should be a room with a chest somewhere, in here oh. This. Is not it this is the room with danger, in it, by. Which I mean me oh. You. Could swing pout and shout all you off but at the end of the day you're gonna get dick slapped. I really. Wish all the dungeons were like this can they just play an easy mode, like. Me a jack mode. All. Right oh come, on it gets stuck in the wall. Dang. It well at least I have to have power back there somewhere, I, don't. Need your big ends okay. What. I need is love and support. And. Also. Your complaints, in your own death. Hurts. Incisor, play. Well get hurts. Who. Extra. Chance for heart sunroom clear oh I'm. Gonna get a million, of them then cuz I'm the best. Joker. If ik. Don't. Save it for later you just used, it. I. Did. The sound effects with this game it. Was just me in my bedroom and a microphone. Didn't. Pay very well. Nice. Smart. Oh my. God you can just you. Can just hang back Sally. Okay. Oh. Sick. Dodge. Everybody. Sighing. That. Was good it took no damage in that room I, keep. Saying things that have, happened I. I. Played, this game. They. Got a third party, what, do you do. Each. Clip finishes, with a homing, bird. Okay. Flipping, the bird. The, empty room. Okay. One room left to figure. Out. Do-do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do-do. I'm the best. Whoa. That's. Awesome. Then. I just take damage, like. A scroll pub. Here. Was the homing bird I ain't. No scrub them ok, the. Greatest video game master, of all time. Jax. Paducah. Alright. Should. I buy to have hurt my well too late I did it okay shut. Up. Sorry. I'm being very harsh on you it's, just cuz. Me. And my dad. Alright. I think, I fought you huh my oh god. It's the but babies b1 and b2 the. Trigger twins triggered. Oh. So, the secrets of this is to never reload. Because. Then you don't get the homing bird. It's. Ornstein in smoke it's, tired souls all over again I. Should. Whistle both of you down at the same time. So. On is not weaker, than the other because I don't I can't remember if you guys get stronger or not. This. Is going really well ah. Go. Far-fetched. He. Dies I knew it. This. Is better to win you down and get you into a weaker state on your second phase at that fuck. On Bopha. Dude. You had a serious. Case of liquid air for a while. Then. Oh and lick my nuts haha, leave. Maddie's nut not. Having this work um, they. Get a peak. Last. Around first chamber Oh get. Everything, okay. I'm not gonna be back here so I'm gonna save that for later I'm a shaving. For later okay. Let, me see what I got let. Me see what Santa, brought me. Shield. Of the maiden has joined the shootout I. Don't. Know what that means. This. Rare artifact, indicates mastery, of the first chamber. Did. I get that for clearing. The, boss without getting hit, because. I didn't get hit in that boss fight because. I'm amazing the, classic ball will never go out of style yes it will doesn't go with these pants. Sheila. The maiden don't what of. What. Oh. Wait. Jimbo. It's. Like that kick some fucking, ass boys. I. Didn't. Get ammo back. Whoa, okay. The. Bow bow is badass. You. Just have to wind it up though and I don't like, that you're. Like winding, it up whoa. Fuck. A. New. Challenger. I got hit like a dick. Got. Dick slapped. I'm. The one who slaves. Don't. Hit me don't hit me don't hit me no old papa. How. Did that hit me you big Minj. All. Right whatever I'll, take my licks and move on, take. My licks and suck.

My Kicks. Rock. Solid gameplay. Expert. Tactics, I'm gonna die. You, know I've even subscribe to the Jax pad I see Channel they know what they're in for. High-end. Tactical, gameplay. They're. Here to learn how not to play a game in turn, I'm making people better at games by. Proxy, okay. By. Being so bad at games. People. Out there then have a better. Barometer. If. I can lower the standards for everybody, then. Everybody's able to play the game together I. Don't. Want I'm fucking saying okay, it's. Hard concentrate, and have thoughtful, conversations. When you're let's play. Especially. When you're playing at such a high level zero. Deaths, no. Hits. Then. You can't even get to me look at this I love. You know I finished cocaine okay. That. Makes me a real gamer. Suck. On Bopha. You. See everybody I used. The term Bopha, and it sounds like a word on its own and then, when somebody usually. A noob falls. Into my trap and triggers that card I say. Both. A deez nutz and then. They get real. Burned. On that oh I got stuck on the table. Don't. Like you sir. Do. Not like you. Nope. Don't, want any of that look at you all homing in on me. Don't. I look like somebody who Jesse buddy heaven, it I don't know the words all. I know is that I'm bubbly. Look. At you go oh. Yeah. You bubbly, shield, of the maiden, please. Ask what they do. Need. The hearts though wasting all my money on this shit, you see if I was better at the game I. Would. Not have to do that I'd be playing at such a high level that, he would give me stuff for free. Save. This going for the boss. Gotta, hit him fast. Or. You know reloads, when you should be hitting people. Okay. I may use this tactical, wall. For. My Jack ticks you. Know how Batman has a baton everything I have a jack everything, jack, Moby in LA Jack closet, Jack suit. Maybe. Never my own Butler called Jack, Lee. He's. Not very good. Dueling. Pistol. Ricochet. That's, my favorite Irishman. Ricochet. He's so funny he bounces off the walls wait, my minimap is saying that I missed a key in here. But. I. Went. Straight out over that and did not see it I. Guess. I was just too focused on being epic, guys. All. Right. Who wants to go no, god I hate this already I hate this I hate. This. Okay. We're fine, I love. It now my home fell off oh that, would have been embarrassing. Where, you fire once and then that's it in. This. Modern society where, people are all go all the time under social media getting the clicks and their lights from their grams I can't. Be slowing down. The. Audience, needs me. Kill. Him before he disappears oh. I. Need. To get away I want, you get away I. Wanna. Fly. Away. I want. A milky, way. I've. Never heard that first in the song look up Lenny Kravitz, I want a milky way it's. Incredible. No. I, don't. Like any of this. How. About you take your shit, and put. It elsewhere, okay. Cuz I don't got time for this okay, okay. Have I said okay enough, where's. The key here it is the. Key of life I. Can't. Die all right. It's. Not gonna happen Oh. Oh. God. I hate this oh. What's. Worse than a spider a spider that spits bullets, and webs that go on fire at you. That. Is what we in the business like to call a dick, move. All righty, then. All righty. Then. Get. Out of here so. She get from not coming to my birthday Jerry. We. Need ice cream prank, you would've loved it. Jerry's. A piece of shit don't even give him a time in it don't even pay him any mind.

Cinq. Six kills six, kills. You. Know people wondering. Where you got that ass from your mama I got. These skills from my mama. Cuz, she never paid enough attention to me and I had a bunch of time to play video games. Good. Night gauntlet, and armor, every force. But. I got the Infinity Gauntlet and I thought I could just say the, end is. Near. Fondness. In the things someone, considers, when balancing out the universe but this this. Puts a smile on my face. Alright, did I miss anything. No. Alright I think, I, might soon the first one or the second one this is the second layer I. Have. A stroke can I remember anything. No. You're the one in the box, and, I didn't get a box at the game behold, sir he's. Actually pretty fucking cool looking. Except, he has all the goons. This, is still the first layer isn't it the first chamber. Don't. You dare okay, I want. A milky, way now. On a fly. Away. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. I'm. Gonna just hide out here. He's. A big sceptic I. It's. Annoying when your fucking bird doesn't go where it's supposed huh. Real. Shitty, on that one guys. Empty. Oh. Fuck. Nice, big empty, is not epic. Come. On me, just. Fight behind your wall just. Cower in fear. Okay. Just stick with your basic good. Stick. With your vanilla okay don't try new ice creams they'll, only let you down. All. Right it's. All about taking your train if I take my time I get, the line. I. Really. Like limes. Ok no problem. No. Grown. Man cries at videogame. All. Right all. Right all right. I'm. Going over here now I took that bitch again, I'm. Taking, my bowl and I'm going home I. Swear. To jebediah. If. I don't stop sucking, dicks right now they. Should be charging, I. Should. Just go food prostitution. I'm sucking so much dick I might as well be getting paid for it. Hey. Hang out hang. Out hanging out. Down. The street. The. Same old thing, our. State's. We. Did last week. Not. A thing to. Do. But. Suck, at, you. Feel. Like I was born playing this game and I can't get any further was that the second level.

So. Tell me what level I was in I got, a bunch of shit oh it is cuz I defeat yeah oh. If. I just held on a little longer oh. Oh. You. Guys, I'm, sad now this, is what a sad boy looks like. Hey, guys. I'm. Back. Did. You miss me I didn't. Your, parents. Don't love you. They. Pay me money to. Hang out with you Oh. Big, boy, for a big, lad. Totally. In awe at the size of this unit, oh. Yes. I. Don't. Know what it is you're spitting out but I want more of it okay I'm not gonna waste the ammo. Nice. Nice. Nice nice tight tight tight tight cool cool cool, kill. Him oh ho. Ho so many slaps. I'm. So, much money I. Think. You should buy a house in this game. Right. II may. Go just buy a key Oh. Shield. At the maiden who only, need two coins for that I want to get that because, I don't know what it does I. Really. Want that I want that in my life it's a thing that needs to happen oh. Look. At all these lads, ready, for smash I. Want. Me going to just go boy boy boy boy every time I fire it can I get a mod that does that. Kind. Of modern shot do that for me right now she, let the mate. Okay, all. Right how do we use this I forget how I use that I got rid of my supply, to do it but I never really used that anyway. Use. Blank map, Mexico and Gordon menu. What's. My special, thing how. Do I do it yeah fuck, oh it's space, I. Know. Every shield on my head. Good. Luck things from coming down Lake. Like. Stuff from my haters. Or. Can I just blog cuz I can't move when I use it this is just block projectiles, in general. Let's. See ah. No. Wait, maybe because he exploded, I need to test this. Maybe. I should go on to the internet and look at the enter, the gungeon wiki. And. Figure. Out from the entry, from gunjan Master 69, what, this actually does. Some. Of those times I was pressing space to, accidentally, try and use my freaking thing. Wasn't. Doing it I would, just put, down my Supply Drop uh-huh. Pulls, up a shield that protects the player from bullets and then. A game all about bullets that's good the, player is immobile, while the shield is active the shield can be active for a maximum of seven seconds the firing the weapon takes the shield down, oh. The. Bosses, are gonna feel this one. Can't. Touch me I'm unbreakable like. Bruce Willis.

I'm, Actually really glad I got that. Maybe. I should have used my supply and then dropped it. But. I don't have any we, do have another gun, could, I do that can. I just go back and get the. The. Thing and get ammo. And. Then. Drop that and get the shield again. So. They don't want to drop the shield and have a go forever because I really like it. That's. A question we need answered. Can. Somebody in the comments write down the answer to that so I can see it after a time when it's not necessary thanks oh. It's. Gone now. I guess. That answers our question. Bonilla. Had a sick key. Alright, let's. Do this where. We going up against bird boy, oh no. Not fat ass, hey. Twins, again oh. The. Shield that the maid was the other thing that was in the round with me why, am i taking damage. Why. Am I still getting hate. Ah crap. Awesome annotation oh my. God this is so much damage. Hey. No no, no no I need to welcome, on me, this. Is so obviously. Not what you're supposed to be doing. Fine. Do that. Wasted. I'm. One. Hit from death I can't. Even take another hit. I. Saw. It I saw, it in my mind's eye ramaa, shield, never. Died. Support. System of lovely people who loved me in my life and, what do we do I shed, all over it I look, it in the eye and I say not. Today happiness, I'd, rather, fuck, my day up. I'm. The best I'm the, best I'm, the best, at, this game and, the best at this game and I'm gonna prove it ok, you know I said before I was already doing that for the benefit of everybody else all right you're. About to see. Gunjan. Mode alright you're about to see me go off. Get. Out your gunnar glasses because, i'm. About to put on a clinic, you. Only be able to see it if you have then blue. Light filtering, technology all over your eyeballs, I, have. Special, eyes, here. We go here we go I'm. About to finish the game. This. Is it it's all about to go down. I'm. About to go to Nationals. For. Enter the gungeon they. Have that you know, and. The anime, is coming out next month. I'm. Playing the lead guy sir. Kills a lot I. Would. Love to voice something in an anime if there's anybody out there who's making anime who wants a voice actor furred yo, hit me up fam. Yo. My name is turbo and I love to get, high and sell ecstasy the kids at raves hit, me up high, I'm able to shoot fish anymore. That's. Awesome, like. Shooting fish out, of a barrel I get. It. That's. Funny, you're a funny game I. Mean. Because come on don't I look like a person who deserves. Good things in my life, I'm. Not a bad guy I. Deserve. To, win the game I. Think. So I've. Paid my dues. I need, to be careful about saying that because an Irish accent, pronounces, Do's like. Mildewed or your, dues or I'm do something, we pronounce two as jus. Like. I'm, jus, a promotion. But. If you say it like that and then you say I've, paid, my dues. Doesn't. Sound too good I said, that one time when I was out with friends and everyone was like wait. Hold on and then, it had a whole conversation about, it but, no one believed me there's. People in the comments back me up do. Any Irish people still watch me I. Hope. So. I'm. Gonna be going on tour there later in the year. If. You want to go through the jacksepticeye, live show comedy world tour you can go to jacksepticeye. Tour com2 get your tickets. Just. Meme the shit out of it. Alright. What do we got mr. dungeon master oh yes, I need. That I shouldn't, need that but I need, that. I also. Want this because there's a thing of you. What. Are we going. Fire shotguns. I got a shotgun shell, that fires shotguns. Are, you. Serious. This is, the best game. That's. Clever. Instead. Of a shotgun that fires shells you. Michelle the fire shotguns, aah. Oh. That's. Awesome. Ok there's half a heart and here somewhere yay. All. Right let's save that for the boss. Nice, nice nice nice very. Good. Very, very good oh I, could have seen the key for that Oh. Lumpy. Bread. All. Right let's go in here and kick some ass bird, boy shit, I've nothing to hide behind this time though. Whoa. You, almost exploded, me friend. How. Much time as you make fish to eat. Fish. It's. Like subway, eat fresh I'm. Telling you to eat fish I. Know. You guys got the joke but I thought I'd explained it anyway so he could just get really past the cusp of humor here I.

Deserve. Good things I deserve, good things I'm a nice point. P.m.. 8 p.m. 8. P.m.. Asshole. How. Powerful is my shotgun one. Pretty. Damn powerful okay, get out of here get out of here you're about to die if you're not careful. Get. Away from him, don't, get closer to him he's a stranger, man. Stranger. Danger remember, what your parents ate. Actually. My parents said go play in traffic. Suddenly. Explains a lot but he did it gang. Armor. Armor. Can I have a key you. Got. A frog boy boo-boo blaster. I know, that does he sounds like a can of Pepsi. Or. Whatever, your, beverage. Of choice is I don't know there's a lot of diverse lovely people out there I don't know what you're into are, you depends a year you'd coke are, you into cocaine if you are that's fine just. Please. We're. All here, for you this, is this the whole episode has actually been an intervention, I've, been playing the long Cod in this entire hour, we're. Here for you we're worried about you come home. Stop. Doing lines of cocaine off, rich. Men's asses I. Don't. Know how the sun's work do, you just walk into them I. Hate. This game I hate. It I hate. It actually. I thought I really, really liked it I just really want to be better at it. It's. A state of mind positive, state of mind means I'll be able to do it okay p.m., 8 p.m. 8. P.m. 8. P.m. 8. All, right you limp dick fuckers. Here's. How I do shit, ok I. Let. You hit me see you think you're stronger than you are cuz, I'm all about building other people up and making them feel validated. But. If you do it again I. Might. Kill you ready. Go, on. OK, and I need this, every. Time I go into the store I need one of these don't. Mind me just going to the store to try and get my life back together. We. Get hit. Ah. Not. Today soku. All. Right I got a key and I go back to the other place again there's a big black chest down there that I would have liked to get. Hate. This I hate this this. Is too many attacks, in one place oh. Oh. Yeah. I'm. Okay, stop freaking out. I'm. Not gonna die here I'm not I refuse. To I'm. Not letting it happen. Wait. Do the shotguns I shoot shoot, again. Holy. Balls. That's. So cool getting. Hit by a dick, is not I. Wouldn't. Know what that's like you. Know being the best at video games comes. At a price. Oh God. Oh God, okay. Oh don't walking away don't walk don't walk don't, die buy something stupid, like that, you're.

Better Than this, type. Of bullet that fires going this out I have two and one. Holy. Crap. I want. More health because I'm gonna die soon okay, you know what we're just gonna take on the boss I'm, gonna take on the boss with my extended, firepower. The. Boss was the door itself. That's. Awesome don't lick me door, lord. Oh. God. I can't. Even see what, I. Don't hate her leg it, this. Guy sucks. These, sucks. I. Died. Can, I go home can, I return to breach and never come back. That's. Great I got a lot of money can I spend it on things, can i buy some friends, which. This game a two-player, I, need. A booty I need, a co-op partner did, you go out there and kick some ass, rocket. Power bullets hell. Yeah, hard, cock hell you. Hegemony. Carbine. Gamma. Ray. Thompson. Submachine. Gun Thomas. The Tank Engine. Oh the, homogeny, thing that, sounds awesome and maybe, a gamma ray and. Maybe, a raywilliamjohnson. Yes. Okay. Luther's for this video on enter. The gungeon I'm. Gonna have to write down a shopping list because. I need to go buy. Skills. I need, to go to the pro gamer store and buy me one. One. Pro gamer set please I, really. Want to be good at this game but I just took a big old tip. Thank. You guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch. The like button in the face like, a. Boys and. Shh. Thank, you guys see, you bottles. Don't. I look like somebody who just got body heavy nobody. Better.

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The hearts you save for later go to the vending machine thing. Everytime you beat a boss without getting hit you get an item that increases your maximum health by 1. Remember to use blanks and flip tables. The green thing above an enemy's head means another enemy is boosting it. The green currency after you defeat a boss can be used in the section where you dound the rocket powered bullets. When you buy items there it allows you to find them in the shop or in chests. If you dont have a key for a chest shoot it and there is a chance youll get something decent. Pay more attention also. You missed a key and you thought you lost health but actually lost shield. The marines helmet is there when he has at least one shield. Try not to use good guns on regular enemies. Try to watch other streamers who are good at this so you understand a little bit more. Also im pretty sure you can hold more than one item. Please like this so he sees it. Im not begging for likes I couldn't care less about likes but jack needs to get better. If you do read this Jack do you still play the drums you bought?

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So, I know that I'm a few days late, and Jack probably won't see this but here, have some tips! First off... stop forgetting shit in rooms, and stop finishing floors half way. The first floor always has a minimum of two chests every playthrough. If you wanna buy something from the shop that isn't a key, don't. Not unless you know what the thing does. And try not to ever buy hearts if you can help it. Anything you leave in a room other then heart containers and keys are stolen. You can and should always store hearts for later. The heart dispenser in shops and at the end of floors has your collected hearts. Stop limiting your guns to your basic sidearm. You are given between one and three guns a floor for a reason, And most importantly, for the first floor at least, don't open any chests until you have only the boss left on the floor. our last game is a perfect example of this. Those black chest hold some of the absolute best guns in the game, and you lost because of it.

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I love how after he says "I want to get better at this" he says "I AM going to get better at this." PMA, all the way!

Im a twin

If you want to use the ultra Jack you have to unlock the secret switch in the fireplace and have two keys to go down another level and then beat the boss and then you get the thing you can put on the shrine

why didn't he see that he dropped a key on the second floor?

bottom of the bottle to you, jack

Jack if you just click the gun after it's empty it will reload for you


Jack i love your vids can you do more reading your comments

English people say it like jew as well

Jack! It's "Slap" Top of the morning ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and today...

Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye. (That's the intro, hype it up.)

I know an irish dude

you deserve all the happiness in the world!!!!

Did ur parents ever scream William at u using a British butler

This is just like soul knight on android

yo jack! this game DOES have co-op. It is local tho so you might have to set up a share screen with someone if you wanted to play together. You enter co-op when you talk the the guy in the purple robe in the breach (the place where you select your character!)

Started playing this some time ago mysefl. Good game, although suprisingly difficult, mainly because it's easy to get hit and damage sticks due to lack of healing items (unless you're lucky enough to get some after clearing the room or don't mind parting with some money at the shop provided a health restore even appears there)

just keep doing your work LIKE A BOSS!!!!!


Each playable character has their own base weapon and special item. The pilot has a lockpick (which has a small chance to work) and can hold a second active item. He also has reduced prices in shops. The Marine has got a piece of armor to start with and increased accuracy with all weapons. The Convict has a sawed-off shotgun as a secondary starter weapon, and whenever she's hit, she gains rage (increased damage to all enemies) for a short period of time. Lastly, the Hunter has a crossbow as a secondary starter weapon and a little dog companion that, after clearing a room, has a chance to find a random item (i.e. a key, heart, or armor piece, and occasionally an ammo box of either green quality, which fills the currently held weapon, or red quality, which partially fills all weapons). Good luck throughout your Gungeon experience Sean, and lookout for secret rooms as well!

enter the gungeon is awsome i play gungeon all the time on my switch

I like L&P. (World famous in New Zealand.)

I have a problem with you being blind.... You miss things so easily like the supply drop 1/3 of the way through the video... And the obvious heart vending machine in the first game... But its fine cause your a little cuttie ^-^

Also those two were 2 out of about 12 xD

can u play realm of the mad god next?

As a man who has over 200 runs played on this, with every character's past killed, and lead god... This hurts to watch.

I thought he was recording in Mark's place

Do another episode


As soon as i buy the game on switch, Jack plays it

Jack I have the game on my Xbox 1 and I could tell you a lot of tips for the game and also the guy you were useing (I forgot his name)


big black chest lol

Top of the morning to you is ur intro

Please continue playing this game...

Hey Jack, I know you probably won't see this, but I hope you are having an amazing time here in the US! I love how you've changed your channel. Not that anything before was bad, I've always enjoyed watching your videos. And you've always seemed like a genuine person, but you just seem even more personable know. I hope all the things that are going on in your brain are going well. You seem like you are genuinely happy in your videos and it's really fun watching this development. I have also had a lot of things going on in my brain lately and my life and the way I view the world is changing dramatically. It's all for the good and I'm in a really great place in my life right now. I want to thank you for being a companion to me through this. I know you're just in a room, talking to a camera, but I've enjoyed watching you here in my home. I hope you aren't getting too much hate for the changes (I'm generally not one to scroll through many comments or pay attention), but you don't deserve it. Keep being you and thank you for being you

that should be ''bottom not in the night not to you gentelmen''.

how does jack not know that the light gun is the NES zapper

Why he looking like 21 Savage in the thumbnail though?

"Bottom of the evening to you, lassies." God, I DON'T love Opposite Day. ;)

That singing tho

"We're gonna play this all day, until we finish the game." - that'll take a while, *looks at video time* wait did you actually do it? this new update is looking neat though

If you double tap on the last bullet in the clip it will reload with out you having to hit the r button

Jack , what happen to you ? You use to be so good and funny ! Now you just a piece of shit ! literally !

Zero deaths, first try, number 1 pro gamer: Jackspedicey.


I need 6 guns


Jack that place is for chambers like if u fix the elevator on chamber 2 the next chamber u can fix and u can go to chamber 2 without going to 1 and beat the boss plus u can get a gun for free

I still really enjoy this game; just enjoy watching it over and over again - this game. :)

Bottom of the night to ya lassies... backwards... anti... WAIT A FUCKING SECOND

Box of fucking chocolate

how to get better at Gungeon: 1. Play a Fuckton of it. 2. Buy a controller :P


Insert clever gun joke

Back then coke had cokedrug in it

I'm Irish but I speak Pennsylvanian

I just want to say, this game is infinitely easier with a controller

No! I will not like comment or subscribe to a “pathological liar.” *likes comment and lookes at the subscribed button*


This game looks like *Soul Knight* on mobile! Cool dood

you should get together with some friends and play crawl, like if you guys agree

Soul knight 2.0?

My name is victor i am the gungeon master but for real tho my name is victor

I appreciate whoever took the time to do captions for an hour long video

Is it just me or did he age 10 years in a few days?

No. Hp⬆

Sorry jack it’s not the key to his heart, that key was his heart ❤️

Top of the morning

Day 2 of wisdom tooth removal

Oh Jack things it is easy!

Top to the Morin to you lattles

Is kinda like this game

Play soul knight

Jack imagine if what you would look like in Connor cosplay from Detroit become human


game link? The one on the description is for refunct

Jack please read this. Ive played this game since launch and i have a few tips. 1. Always dodgeroll it helps so much you can avoid so much damage. 2. Marine is only a good character at the beggining I would highly reccomend playing hunter or pilot. 3. READ YOUR AMMONINCON it tells you about your gun. LIKE HOW YOUR MICROTRANSACTION GUN USED YOUR MONEY. ALWAYS READ IT! 4. Don't be afraid to use your big guns if your health gets low USE THEM they are no use to you if your dead. So please use them. 5. USE THE EVIROMENT it can help so much to turn tables and shoot chandiliers down. EDIT 6. Don't waste keys on brown chests just shoot those open they're really not worth it.EDIT 7. Don't buy guns from shops unless you really need them spend your money on keys instead. EDIT 8. USE YOUR BLANKS ALREADY!!!! THEY REPLINISH AFTER EVERYFLOOR TO 2 NO MORE NO LESS IT ALWAYS GOES BACK TO 2. EDIT 9. ALWAYS TALK TO STATUES JUST TO SEE WHAT IT SAYS.EDIT 10. THE SAVE FOR LATER HEARTS GO IN THE MACHINES YOU GET HALF A HEART FROM! EDIT 11. Focus only one of the trigger twins because when the other rages it goes back to full health so only focus 1.Well thats all. I don't care about being popular but please like this so jack can see ty.

Ace Ventura 10/10 lol

On every floor there are two chest



I think jack said once that this was anti’s intro. Should I be worried or just freak out

Jack in your next video can u play Wario land 4


Wrong game link in the desc u put refunct instead of enter the gungeon whyyy

Jack i like your channel

lol the intro the intro was toadbhilJFVBU

Jack Love your content by the way why do u not swear as much any more

Let's face it Sean, have u even beaten the first boss

Have u seen the new mission impossible

I got my nitendoswitch yesterday

Play soul night on your phone

Gun Gun Gun gun gung gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun...GUNMAN! GUNMAAAN


Please continue this oml

Their is co op in the game you just need to plug in a second controller and then an extra character pops up and interacting with him activates co op mode.

Top to the morning to you ladies

Jack I'm sorry to say... check out Hutts. Your are not the best.


this game is like soul kingh

Jacks the contractor

I nneedddd more

You should go to bullet hell, it's really easy!

Your intro is Top of the morning to ya ladies my name is jacksepticeye

Jacks not supid hes just thick as 2 planks Like if u understand

Its top of the morning to ya laddies. My name is bobby

Your intro is tap it to your monring ya ladies but at the start you slap like wapou

Click again with an empty clip that reloads as well I checked the most upvoted comments and no one mentioned so far, hopefully this gets to you 'cause I wanna see you play again.

Jack if you forgot your intro watch your old videos

24hour backpack challenge add

can you dont?


This game reminds me of the rebirth of Issac

Oh god... Jack, I know your new at this... and I'm trying so hard to give you a break... but Christ incarnate you suck at thus game.

Who saw the Tumblr post

A shotgun shell that shoots shotguns that shoot shotgun shells? That nice. Almost as cool as a shotgun that shoots swords that explodes into smaller swords that explode.

My dream is that jack and felix talk and felix says: Du suger och är ful then jack says: what did you say? then felix says: You are the best! The jack says: awww thanks!

1,000,000 times

You finished cup head but died 1,000,000 tries

(Jack doesn’t realize the first chest he got is very rare).

My brain runs at about 300 MPH. My brain runs faster than I can speak. And I speak REALLY fast. Sorry I speak REALLY loud. I still talk pretty fast though.

That is the anti intro

Gotta love guns

I posted this comment on Wiishu last video: "Are you taking a break from Sean, or why did he go to America without you for several months?" and she blocked/muted my comment. That just about confirms that they broke up.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Anti bb!

You can dodge over tables by the way! EDIT: Did you not notice the Microtransaction Gun taking away a bullet casing (currency) per shot?

Go down the floor 2 elevator shaft and take what you find there to the lady in the forge. Hidden character tip

When it said the Winchester is better than a box of roses it is a reference to terminator 2 judgement day when Arnold says get down to John Conner to shoot the T-1000

The fact that he found a red chest and he just had no reaction. He also didn't check for mimics.

Hello Jack! I just want to say that I LOVE your videos and you! This is my first ever comment to you and I hope you will read this. I hope I can see you in person soon. You are the best in the world and thank you for your videos. And don’t forget, YOUR A BOSS!!!!!!!

I think that better than a box of roses was a reference to terminator 2 when he pulls the shotgun out of the box of roses

Jack play day shift at fredys

Your intro is, "Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is jacksepticeye

Of coure se yhe bosses are esay cause jack is the bosseist bossenteoon in the universe

Damn auto correct

Home screen reminds me of Hiveswap

jack its top of the morning to ya ladies

when he said arse tits I was dead


You can really tell from the way he moves how bad he is at the game

this isnt AGaD

Stop thinking Irish English pronunciations are just Irish, they belong to all of the Queen's English world, the Americans are the weird ones. Oh except for tree, but that's more of an accent than pronunciation.

This is like soul night the free mobile game

Does this remind anyone else about soul knight?

300 thread count, 300 hundred dead count

Supernatural is a good show

Rip the supply the supply drop




We will continue this quest as Sean continues to suck at video games. Will he beat the boss. Will he discover how to stop sucking. Find out next time on... GrownManYellsAtGames

-Top of the morning to ya ladies-

Hey you can still shoot and break down chests if you have no keys

Nice Ace Ventura reference

yeah, sometimes jack is such a silly :p leaving keys, forgetting things, sometimes not being as observant. but impressed at him beating the trigger twins so easily X3


This reminds me of soul knight but this one way better

2 things: 1. Your intro is, “*Whopish* Top o’ the morning to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome (back) to...” 2. Don’t hold your viewers and/or subscribers accountable for your mistakes because I’m one of those subscribers.

(つ ^-^ )つ What do u mean my guy Down of the night to ya lassis

Top of the morning ladies my name is jacksepit

Donger? I think you mean the word: Gevaar... Donger is not a word in Dutch

When i play this game i have reload on the back button on my mouse and R so when moving to right i can still reload without stopping

This is just like SoulNight

:D yay more of jack playing gungeon! please play some more of this, its my favourite game and i really enjoy watching you play it

What happened to Sam?

Best game more of this


I love how the microtransaction gun is a free DLC but it use your coins as ammo XD

The title could mean anything from the shrinking middle class, the white house, banks, Hillary Clinton, to CAPITALISM, SHOOOOTINGS, AND DONALD TRUMP

Its Top of the morning to you ladies my name is Jacksepticeye

Not gettin at 3rd floor. At all. Ever.

Wanting to buy something but then wasting all of your money with the microtransaction gun

even more so seeing him leaving a room when there's a key in it or not noticing his health got 1 more container or stuff like that. or using all blanks and all hp just to pass bullet king and calling it really hard bullet hell

Yea pretty much

The only way to get better at this game is practice trust me... Controller is better. use a wiki to know what things do. Q is blank lol. dont dogde roll away from bullets. If there are waves of bullets dogde roll in a zig zag or left to right. If you think your about to get hit blank better safe then sorry. Learn enemy and or boss patterns. Wait to find boths chests one might be better or have a fuse. This game is alot of memory base. Ive played this game so much i know just about every gun lol. I dont know how much this helped but you will get better. (P.S. ammonomicon and wikis are your best freind P.P.S hears like the ice heart give you health so do master rounds)

Did anyone tell him that the microtransaction gun actually shot his cash bullets??

i think the start is top in my balls

I love Rick O'Shea, he's so great at parties. you know, because he's irish

Was I the only one to notice B99 references in some of Jack's jokes ?

Tell me to choose between Pepsi or coke im gonna go with Dr Pepper!

This game reminds me a lot of The Binding of Isaac


time of the more tees me laddy's


More like enter the pungeon

Top of da mornin to ya ladies


Aggagagagsgagsaggagsssgagagagsgsgaggsgaa to ya lassies or whatever he said

jack the hearts you save go into that heart dispenser

Try soul knights on phones or tablets for a similar type of gameplay but lock-on!

I see you played gungeon again, mind playing The binding of Isaac rebirth again (mabey with the afterbirth and afterbirth + dlcs?)

They should have called it AMERICA simulator

Such noob

I'm Irish

Play more please!

Jack......use the ammonomicon to look at enemy and weapon descriptions

*To jack. Your intro is : (WHOOPUSH) TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YOU LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!!!* *Jack/Sean please read this.*

*To:Jack. Your intro is : (WHOOPUSH) TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YOU LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!!! Jack/Sean please read this.

Your intro is : (Whoopush) TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YOU LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!!!! Please read this Jack/Sean



When it says save for later it goes into that heart machine that gave you half a heart

I can never make it past the second floor, and you say you're bad at bullet hells, yeah right


So Cool. So Cool. So Cool. So Cool. So Cool. So Cool. So Cool. me: u thought it was sans but... IT WAS THE DOG

*T o p o f t h e m o r n i n' t o y a L A D D I E S*

I keep getting the final boss to half health and then dying...welp at least I have it a *shot* I’ll leave now

Hell yes!!! My fav game

I really want to play this game

Shotgun shell that shoots shotguns

I love this game I have it on my swich

Is jack a Brooklyn nine nine fan, he sez smort and noice

LADDIES!! It's Top of the mornin' to ya LADDIES!!

Please play more!!!!

I have watched your videos for ages you're the best . after a day of being bullied I watch you and my day changes you're the best thanks for making videos

More jacksepticeye more

Jack referenced Slime Rancher, and they've added a lot of content since he last played it. I think he should revisit it.

jack said that ths is anti's intro on twitter i'm s h a k i n g

What do the trigger twins and Magni and Modi have in common? They all died.

"Gevaar" is dutch for danger

You should try playing Mothergunship :)

Micro transaction gun uses up ur monies u get from killing enemies


The contractor

Seeing him not check for mimics makes my brain hurt

Jack please do more of this... Pleaseee

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Anti bb! Also on the accent thing. I'm Midwestern and every state here has a different vocabulary and accent which leads to confusion and problems. I mean I've only lived in this one town my whole life and people still ask me where I am from because I have a "lovely accent" And I'm like "I'm yer fuckin neighbor"

Please more.

I’m not a stalker TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!

holy shit jack sucks at this game haha not gonna lie. He'll get better though. I sucked.

Jack septic eye I fuckin love you

if yer like dis you should play nuclear throne

Jack are you still gonna make a video on fortnite your really good at it

Hey I hope this series continues because in the new update this is so much to do and find and you can do challenges and I hope you enjoy the game


I'm here from the NRA

the hunter is the best charecter

Coolaid man is the save for later Heart bank

is cog of battle a reference to gears of war?

I’m analyzing the shit out of these videos and judging by what I have so far Jack is still in a coma soooo yea

9 in the afternoon to ya, weebs!

What he said: Jacktics What we all clearly heard: Jackdicks

Was the Sam in the other person's name from Supernatural because if it is and that's where you got it from I love that show


I want to know what Jack is high on

Play hillonaberechild

"not today happiness, I'D rather F**k my day up!!!"

Getting good at the Gungeon is easy. You just need to *deep breath* Dodge!

LiStEn tO mE

jacksepticeye intro:hi five noise top of the morning to you ladis

if you go back a fair bit, I actually commented this intro on one of his videos

This was painful to watch...

the blue shotgun shells look like marge Simpson XD

Oh, Jack thinks it's easy.

Jack is mocking serious medical conditions.

Is it just me or have we seen this game before on the channel

jack it gose to the store the extra heart

Ligma..... ligma fuckin balls

omg that intro

Change reload to space

His finger has to come off the "D". Jack, Hands ABOVE the table while playin!

Jack you should play wizard of legends

Jack, if you don't have a key for a chest, destroying it gives you a chance to get a little paper bag dude that helps you fight!

"I love this shield!" -- Never uses it...

Jack saving for later make coolaid machine have hearts in it I'm smort

yes, i'm so happy you're playing this gaem!

big black chest A.K.A B.B.C

Sally face episode 3

Can it shoot forever? *uses it on wall as it eats his money for ammo*

This game seems like it was made in MERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1 like please

Do more of my friend pedro

Wait a minute... that "Micro transaction gun" was $100 dollars in-game. how do you already have it? Something's not right.

Im irish

Jack "PMA PMA PMA" " OK u limp dick fuckers"



Bro you even have your own gun the jackling gun

U were good at zombs Royale

You finnaly did it!

Never realized it. It probably is, knowing that this game loves references.

And then.... prepare for blobulorld!

Jack the altar is for an armor piece in the dungeon. If you find a fireplace push a water barrel on it and go in it... After that a room will come up on the map go in that room to go to an secret chamber. The fire place is in every level 1

His use of the light a bit special let's get a piercing weapon and only use it to attack one enemy at a time

i used to play this game...

its jews

There is two player


So much Cringe.

Jack if u click when you need to reload it will reload

This game kind of reminds of Soul Knight a small bit

that giant bird seems to know how to weight lift and carry a heavy-looking gun really well.

I feel like I'm on Acid looking at Forgy Jesus.

Im not going to say that Im *good* at the game like no offense but the entire video I was like ”noooo... why did you buy that, why didnt you do that, you could have done that” and of course “hahahahahaHaAHaHAAHAHAHAHA” (Laughing that is)

Im irish and I still watch you have faith dumbfuck

Hell yeah!

I can't watch this game play its super bad! Lol

This looks like the mobile game soul knight and i play soul knicht

Yes supernatural reference yass batch

Microtransaction gun uses up your money u pick up.

This gives some soul knight vibes if anyone played that.

So many ads

"so im never gonna use it? because i never take damage? *2 minutes later* *takes damage*

You actually can play this in co-op

you can put the fire out in the room with a water barrel, you can also now slide over tables and combined tables together. putting the fire out with the water bowl is cool,walk into the open fire with no flame in It to activate a secret floor, note to keys are needed to open floor of the plagued. save for later is the machine in the shop and also forgetting anything in the layer will get stolen by the rat thief,shooting him no longer stops him. falling down the elevator shaft when elevator goes leads to a secret room which is used to skip levels when you find the guy who repair it. and also the is and t.v, which is taken to the end of the game unlocks a robot character which is cool. new upgrades and upgradeable chests and weapons. tap trigger for better accuracy and learn how to strafe instead of role and also use tables.

also each character is unique personally people go for pilot or hunter or convict but depends what you want

Hmm if I were Jack how should I find my old intro again.WHAT WAS THAT?!!WATCH MY OLD VIDEOS FOR THE INTROS?!!Nah,maybe not.

bind your dodge to your right click its way better edit: oh u did and also dodge more often move more playing like a pussy will help for a while but it wont help for long, just a quick note

Donger isnt dutch for danger xD

More plz?

He missed a lot of things

I love this game would love it if you keep playing

Jacky boy is the best luv ya bro

What are guns? I thought they were shooty bang bangs

You should play d&d



Bottom of the Night to ya Lassies *wink wong* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He he he, ah, y- yeet

>"I don't do good at bullet games" >Undertale Sans bossfight k

He's holding us accountable for this 24:28 ... just like Anti held us accountable for killing Jack? hmmmmm

Play the binding of issac again.

He should say bottom of the description to ya for an intro

TOP OF THE MORNING!!! My name is jacksepticeye

jack you watch supernatural.

32:00 you hadn’t lost a half heart you lost your shield

Also hearts you save for later can be used in shops and after bosses however they don’t carry onto the next floor

Polaromus so thaaaats what the red machines for

For the altar, you need to access the oubliette which is a secret dungeon found through certain fireplaces on the first floor. You need to douse the flames with water. You then need to find the old crest a piece of armor that stays above all other armor equipped. You can’t take any damage otherwise the armor will break. You need to put the old crest onto the altar and another secret floor opens called like the abbey or smg

Bottom Of The Night To Ya Lassies? ANTI!!!!!!

Jack it’s a Nintendo duck hunt gun

Jacksepticeye is Paulie shore

i think this kinda looks like soul knight...

the "save for later" thingy sends the half heart to the vending thingy majigger in the shops or at the elevator in every floor... I think

Please, learn how to check the map properly. No hard feelings. I don't know if you knew but you can sell your weapons to the green guy in the shop

I'm surprised Jack knows bubblin by Anderson paak

I want to see you play more plz

hey jack that one gun the light one is a reference to the NES duck hunt gun


Can you play that offline

15:15 hi, I’m Android, the Connor sent by lifecyber (I know it’s “hi, I’m Connor, the android sent by cyberlife”)

*buys key and unlocks green chest before finding another chest room* *gets a black chest and already used a key for the more inferior chest* This is why you should always check both treasure rooms before unlocking one of them

You found campfire in 1 chamber, you found blue barrow with water. You know what to do! (You're gona need two keys)

Top a da morning to ya

u can play as I am Bread in Goat Simulator

that's the duck hunt gun

d..did you just say finish in ONE day ..... Such a nieve little boy.

That intro should be Anti's intro.

at  43:23 at first I though you were doing the Halo theme but then I was like YES Ace Ventura :D I honestly love it when you make Ace Ventura references

I want more

*Bay to bridge.* *It's made of wine.* *Crotch.* *Words.* *Sorry my dick.* I can keep going but I'm tired and the captions are just too fucked! XD

Now Play nuclear throne

@jacksepticeye play soul knight

Do more !

Undertale is a bullet hell

Okay, you know the "save for later option" what it does is when save a heart the heart goes to the heart dispenser which gives you the amount of hearts you saved Tip 2: when you drop an gun, active, and passive gun also ammo boxes and leave them for a certain while. a rat will come and steal the thing that you left, and there's no getting it back. (I recommend if don't want a item anymore give it to the green guy in the shop in the sewer because he gives you coins AKA shells for items.) Tip 3: if there's any trapped people in a cage or whatever, USE A KEY OR FIND THE GOLDEN KEY! Because when you do, you can unlock a shop, another shop, and much more! Tip 4: You can dodge roll over bullets and lasers. AND NEVER BACK-ROLL (Back rolling is when you roll away from the bullets.) Please read this jack! Cuz it could really help you out bit.

actually.. gevaar is dutch for danger

DICKtionary Already made that joke before.

vVAstrAVv yes the gum ball machine looking things


Jack, not sure if it's the same on PC but on the switch version, if you try to shoot with an empty gun it will auto-reload for you

Enter the Gungeon is a Dodge Roll game, that may mean that rolling is a feature. Like with Dark souls the key is to roll towards the enemies and not away from them.

Quick tip jack, I don’t think you realise that the dodge roll has hefty invincibility frames. This means that pretty much throughout the entire roll, you can’t take any damage. Whenever you need to, be sure to roll though billets and the like.

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuns fuck yea

jack try putting som water one the fire places

Hey sean your my favorite youtuber and ive watched you sence i was 5 plz stay the best fucking youtuber ever bye!!!

play kingdom hearts

My new favorite word 14:46

Could you play this game with robin?

sorry jack, but danger in dutch is gevaar, not donger

This was kinda frustrating to watch as a gungeon player

I want more videos like this where you just play a game that's not really a story or character driven game for an hour or more. I just really like to hear your voice more, okay?

Jack your right

He's so cute

There's a game like this on the playstore, Soul knight, it has a multiplayer mode

Homnestly its easier to play with a controller , if you want you can add some aim assist . You have enough to take care about so it helps a lot

Also hack it's (WAPOOSH) TOP OF THE MORNING LADIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE And welcome back to (name of game) then u start the video

LOL I saw the intro and now the comment section EXPLODED with comments about jacks intro!!

Ayyy im an Irish watcher

Q for blank or "Blue bullet" lol and intro is "Top of the morning to you ladies, My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to" blah blah blah

Hey Jack try to use dodge roll and tables more often ._.

You beat cuphead... you should be fine

It's probably been mentioned... can't find it though... At 33:45 the weapon he gets its is a "Light Gun" from NIntendo. Homing bird is probably something off of Duck Hunt by NIntendo, which you use the Light Gun with.

My mouth literally dropped when he referenced supernatural xD

what happened to honey im trash

goodness. if your brain is plank level with video games, then what is mine?


Btw jack, every gungeon has 2 chests

Are you apart of the Illuminati or satanic??

Is this soulknight?

am i the only one who doesn’t know about about video games and low key hates how ugly this game is but still watched the whole thing because it’s sean.

You can just click to reload. No need to press R.

The Winchester that you got after fighting the gatling gull was a reference to terminator 2 because he held it in a box of roses

Me: *watching jse with headphones* My sister: Are you watching jse again? Me: yeah, why? My sister: I can hear him scream XD

Jack is really bad at bullet hell games ? *Imagine him playing Touhou*

Jack, the Winchester is an amazing reference. "Better than a box of roses." It's referencing Terminator 2, when Ahnold takes the shotgun out of the box of roses. :D

Reminds me of soul knight

The thumbnail scared the living heck out of me

No need to have a thing going your perfect the way you are



"top of the mornin to ya laddies im jacksepticeye and welcome (to/back) (game/seris continue)"

Hey jack mabey live stream you playing enter the gungen

I heard the intro and just screeched "NnNnOOOOO" way too loudly... my throat hurts and I have regrets.

You can use the hearts that you get and save for later in your mini-map Just open your mini-map and bottom left of it you'll see where you find them

what if jack is training us with the "punch the like button, IN THE FACE" thing? heh, im probably worried over nothing... or, am i?


Ohhhhh boy here we go with jack and these games...

Lag Seeing, Soul knight copied etg and nuclear throne.


*SoUL KnIGht*

Despite it being a completely different game. This game reminds me of PARTY HARD!!!!!


Jack says he’s not a pro at it, but pro stands for proffessional so jACK YOURE A GENIUS

This game is hard even if you know a shit ton about it Also the birds have been in this game for like forever

You mean top of the morning to you ladies my name is Alex and I am walking back to Happy Wheels


Your intro is top of the morning to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye

Jack the contractor


remap the dodge roll to spacebar

don't know...

Jacks karekter is black and the whit buled is from the kkk:-)

Is Jack mode just bitch mode

Ace vantura!

Void shotgun Zeratul'd like that

How to get gud at gungeon: Step 1: play the game Step 2: avoid eating bullets Step 3: learn how the enemies and how the dodge/avoid the attacks Step 4: idk just play the game a lot I guess and you’ll get used to it XD

Your intro is top of the morning to ya laddys

play more

28:10 ACTUALLY Jack the dutch word for danger is 'gevaar'

23:30 just no jack just no

I belted out the "that 70's show" intro with Jack 2 words in lol. Season 1 had the best intro, it's too bad it was gone afterwords.

Fuckin’ music in this game is brilliant.

I say dues like you, and I’m from Barnsley, so my accent is basically the stereotypical Northern accent. “Ah yah al’reight, mate? ‘Ows kids doin’? Life treytin’ thi’ well?”

Anyone still miss happy wheels... I do

My name is Jack. I am the youtubers sent by my mom.

Play 'Tower of Guns' its so bad its good

This is one of my all time favorite games!!!

PLAY MORE GOD DANM IT Theres more guns and enemies



Isn't it funny when he doesn't know he has an extra heart and clears the first boss without taking damage?

I believe the save for pater makes them be stored in the kool aid looking shits?

"im gonna play this all day, until I beat the game and get better at it" looks at time card, oh shit.

jack said LASSIES....I feel so appreciated

you can put out the fire in the fireplace room and interact with it and it reveals a room with a trapdoor that has two locks if you unlock the trapdoor you will reach a secret chamber

I can not deal with this game because I lose every single time

I can’t believe he did the intro wrong, I cannot watch his channel anymore

when you said you were bad, you meant it lol

Top of the mornin to you laddies



Do more Jack



hey jack, you probably won't see this but if you do, if you like enter the gungeon I bet you'd also like a game called streets of rogue

You know shooting fish out of a barrel is fun and games for others, to me it just seems down right fishy. Also a shell that fires shotguns just screams shotty craftsmanship.


The realm of the guns

N word = No

Future + past = puture

JAck just.... fuckin' dodge into the shots. you'll just roll over them and not get hurt.

Dope AF- *Gets cut off by a McDonalds ad.* Nice.

TIL “are you into cocaine? If you are thats fine!” ~JSE 2018

gatling gull Subtitles: gasoline goal Who created those subtitles...

How did you get the microtransaction gun? That is a pretty late game gun and it's super expensive.

bottom of the night to u too



"Never try new ice creams they just let you down."You let me down jack oh By the way you left Sayori HAGING this morning (pun intended.)

IM HERE JACK I undercover

Jack you miss a key

Jack you should try to explore the whole floor unless you got really good stuff by change and don't want to risk getting hit. All floors have a guaranteed weapon either in shops or in chests.

The intro cut scene for this game is amazing

my name is "ligma" 36:02


pls stop

From Co. Mayo and can confirm pronunciation of "dues". Didn't actually know that people said it differently to that.

Hahaha gotta say I laughed way too hard at Rick O'Shea


This game is like Doom but in 2d

Play more of this. This is super entertaining!

43:24 cue halo theme

It’s top of the morning laddies

Joke on 300 thread count? My linen is 1000 thread count. Nyeah. \]P

"who pissed in your cornflakes" my new favorite quote

The game does have two player

Next time you play this Jack i recommend Controller

top of the mornen to ya ladies!

44:54 Funny thing about this room: if you camp at one of the 2 pillars, and beholster is on the other side, he will not attack except for his eye beam.

Rip black chest

You got mimic'd boi.

Hey Jack you said that donger means danger in Dutch But danger in Dutch is 'gevaar'

He didn’t notice the third party was a nes zapper lol.


I dont know why but i have never seen that enemy at 34:38

the beholster looks just like that cunt eye boss form baulders gate dark alliance but with guns lol


Plus I’m Irish and I watch you my guy

Hit me up my dude

Dude I’m legit starting an anime jack! You got me fam

This game reminds me of castle crashers

more more gimme' more

You have a switch? Play Octopath Traveller, it's great!

You should play Death Road to Canada, it's €14.99 on Steam but around €0,80 on G2A right now.

I killed bullet king but he was the worst

I played this game all day and couldn't beat it I was playing for the first time and by 7 I ended at chamber 2

The Cowboy Cultist its a joke...


I'm surprised there aren't more supernaturalers in the comments.

'i will play on such a high level that he will' make everything cost 3X the original price

Do a shi T prank

More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! Oh, by the the way no i am not a bot


Mmm gotta love that BIG BLACK C- hest.

I'm inta cans a Guinness lad. Lmao.

Jack u may or may not no this but when your in the shop that occurs in dungeons if you shoot your gun he will tell you not to then if you shoot again he says I warned you and starts shooting. Then run out of the shop and go back in he will be gone and you take the most expensive item

If you stand on green blobis cage and drop a gun he gives you monehs

"If you die in real life, you die in the game." Proof that Jack does understand cause and effect

At 53:57 Jack only had 69 coins... and you know what that means... THE BOUNCING BABY BOI AIN'T GOT ENOUGHT FOR CHICKEN NUGGETS.

jack go into the menu/ press esc and in the bottom left corner there will be aa heart so click it and u will get a life in return

Jack why not come on down to Africa?

top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye

more, More, MORE...

u could watch one of ur old videos

Can you play some more fortnight

37:16 *Breathes in* BOI

To get good you need to keep playing and watch someone good like hutts or cobalt streak on twitch/youtube.

*Yari Launcher intensifies*

Hey Jack have you ever played super smash bros

Just realized this was released on my 21st birthday x3 And this is a hilarious, nice and lengthy video so I am pretty happy with that

Jack, you were supposed to stop the memes. Isn't that why you fought the senator!?

i heard u worked with TheOdd1sOut is that the name? like if it is correct and unlike if im wrong.

You think thats hard I have the ps4 version

i just noticed you are retarded

do more this

47:29 love the that 70's show reference lol

Oh this will be fun

I literally facepalmed when Sean accidentally used his supply drop, didn't even notice, and then complained because he was out of ammo later

It sounded like he was talking like we had a problem then he says what the hell that some big dick energy

18:48 lol good joke jack XD

Only jack would still get ads on a video titled “GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS” lmao

Another episode

The intro is: top of the morning chilaate! My name is jacksepieye

how did he open microtransaction gun??! Its like 100 hegemonys inthe shop

Live by the gun die by the gun

I’ve logged hundreds of hours of this game on my crappy laptop and I only now realized how _smooth_ it looks on the right software.



Can't sickdodge

Ты тупой дебил

It took you a year and a half to play this

Micro transaction gun: money=ammunition.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenter the dungeon


1:01:00 there's a big black chest down there and I want it

I didnt know a plank brain could beat SANS

Jack I really love your videos

The game reminds me of soul knight

Jack I know a game similar to this one called Soul Knight

He is a jack of all traits

I find it ironic that he wishes their was a co op mode in the game even tho their is and he just didnt look for it. No offense Jack I love your vids

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