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Stand by. 10 seconds. Look online. Four. Welcome, honored, guests, ladies, and gentlemen. And friends. And most importantly. Graduates. And award winners. As chair of the college board of management. It is my great pleasure, to welcome you here, to this virtual, ceremony. To celebrate, the success. Of our students. Today is a special, occasion for our graduates, and the loved ones. Graduates. You have adapted, quickly to different modes of learning in the surreal, times. You have completed. Your course, a lot of blood sweat and tears. And achieved your goals. You your family and friends, should be very, proud. That you will be a graduate. Of one of the largest, colleges, in scotland. A college, which is one of the powerhouses. Of the local economy. Employing. 1200. People. With a turnover. Of nearly 60 million pounds each year. We teach more than 23. 000 students. Work the 600. Companies. We provide, education. For 3 000 pupils. In 40 secondary, schools across our region. Our college, is a college that leads change, drives, innovation. And provides, opportunities. To people across the west of scotland. We are one with a growing reputation. At national, level where our advice, is sought, and our voice is listened to. We the college is the hub the nexus, of the communities, that we serve. Orig, hatch says graduation. Is not the end, it is the beginning. As a west college scotland. Graduate, you have fast. Access, to our networks, of opportunities. With this rich heritage, that we're so privileged, to build upon. Your graduates. By achieving, what you have achieved at college. Are already. Part of, and building. On that heritage. Now some thank yous. This year more than 1200, graduates. Are celebrating, the success, of three ceremonies. Just like this one. In our collective, efforts. In our communities. Across the country and throughout the world to suppress coronavirus. This is our first, virtual, graduation. And graduates. You are the first, generation. Of the college's, virtual. Graduation. The college is fortunate, to receive support from a range of organizations. That help to make our graduations. Such a success. So a very sincere, thank you to all our partners and sponsors. To our college, staff. All who make these ceremonies. Possible. Graduates. Today, is your day. Apt at this virtual, ceremony, is to quote from the late steve, jobs. Your time is limited. So don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the voice of others drown out your own inner voice. And most important. Have the courage. To follow your heart. And intuition. Graduates, be proud of your achievement, you absolutely. Deserve, it, our college, is especially. Proud of your success, in your studies, during these.

Unprecedented. Times. We wish you every success, in your future, endeavors. So enjoy, and celebrate, everyone. While we are not doing so, as we would perhaps, like to in a traditional, way due to coronavirus. I do hope that you, your friends and your families. Will be able to have the opportunity. To celebrate. Your achievements. In your own way, as walt disney, who believes, in imagineering. Says. Laughter, is timeless. Imagination. Is ageless. Dreams, are forever. All our dreams, can come true, if we have the courage, to pursue, them. So ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure. To introduce. Our principal. And chief executive. Liz. Connolly. Honored guests. Ladies and gentlemen. Our graduation, ceremonies. Are truly the highlight, of a year. As principal of west college scotland, it is an immense, privilege, for me, to host this event. And to welcome, grandparents. Mums. Dads, husbands. Wives. Partners, and children. But most of all to welcome, and congratulate. Our outstanding. Class of 2020. And you certainly, are an outstanding. Class. You have achieved your qualification. Despite, the fact that your education, was disrupted, back in march. You had to adapt to remote learning. You had to motivate, yourself to continue, learning. Whilst perhaps, dealing with challenging, home and family situations. And throughout, all you had to be resilient. And the resilience, you have shown will stand you in good stead for the future. What then is today all about. Well although we are not all in a grand hall together. As we would usually be. This ceremony, is still about celebrating. You, and your achievements. Achievements, should be celebrated. Individually. And collectively. When a footballer, scores a goal it's not just the goal scorer who celebrates. So do teammates. Coaches, and fans. And none of us achieves, anything on our own. We all need help. And when we get it, we say thank you. So we are also here to say thank you to your outstanding, lecturers. And other college staff. Who helped and supported, you throughout your college journey. And all achievement, deserves to be recognised. So for example, when neil armstrong, landed on the moon just over 50 years ago.

He Planted a flag. Recognising. America's, achievement. And getting him there. Today we are recognising. Your achievements. And how the world has changed, in the last 50 years. Your mobile, phone. And i'm sure you will all have one, contains, more computing, power, than the technology. That took neil armstrong, to the moon. Just think about that. Now try to imagine life without a mobile, phone. Life without the internet. And take giants like google, microsoft. And facebook. It's not just that these things didn't exist, when man landed in the moon. We could not even have imagined, a world in which they did. The first pc, is only about 40 years old. The internet about the same age. Google is about 20. Facebook about 15. And the first iphone, is a mere child, at 13 years old. Yet these are the forces, here in 2020. That shape how we all live. Learn. Work, and play. Without them we probably would not have been able to continue, to operate as a college. Over the last eight months. And we certainly would not have been having this graduation. Celebration. Today. Now try and imagine the next wave of technological. Change, that will transform, our world again. You know the workplace, that you join will be unrecognizable. From the one which you will retire, from in 40 years, time. Even before we had the economic, disruption, caused by coronavirus. Researchers, at oxford university. And deloitte consultants. Were predicting, that there's a high risk, that 35. Of current jobs in the uk. Will disappear, in the next 20, years, through artificial, intelligence. Digital, communications. Virtual reality. Increased, connectivity. And internet, of things. Mean that work will increasingly, be something we do. Rather than somewhere we go. But as well as jobs disappearing. New ones will emerge. Jobs that don't even exist today, will become commonplace. It might sound scary. But believe me, you are among the lucky ones. According to the world economic, forum. The key skills that will be needed in the future. Are the very skills, that you have been developing. While you have been at west college scotland. Complex, problem solving, critical, thinking. Creativity. People management. Coordinating. With others, emotional, intelligence. Judgment, and decision, making. Services, orientation. Negotiation. And cognitive, flexibility. So yes you are the lucky ones. You are well qualified. You are smart. Your success, here at west college scotland. Proves you have the skills and the talent. To adapt to change. And use it for your benefit. For the benefit, of your families. And your communities. You leave us with a set of skills, that are future proof. With a set of skills that allow you to interact, effectively. With other people. And with an understanding. Of the importance, of creativity. And collaboration. In the modern workplace. What i'd like to do now, is ask you for a few moments, to travel forward, in time. Not the full 40 years but say 20, years. You've met the older you. I want you to ask the older you a few things. Am i happy. Have i used my skills and talents wisely. Have i used my time well. Have i truly, achieved what i thought i was able to. Have i continue, to develop. Building on the investment, i made in myself. By studying at west college scotland. I truly hope the answer to all these questions. Will be an emphatic. Yes. But let's be clear. Even if the answer to all of them is yes. You will encounter, disappointments. Rejections. And failure. I have, in fact just about anybody. Who has ever succeeded, in anything. Has failed at something. To get on in life you must be motivated. Being motivated, means taking risks. And taking risks means accepting, failure. Learning, from it and bouncing, back. Achievements, stem from drive and determination. As much as ability. And conviction. Are the difference, between success, and failure. So if you want to succeed. Don't be afraid to fail. Use failure to teach you something about yourself. Use it to become stronger. Wiser. And more determined. You know what you're good at. You know what excites, you, you have something to offer society. And you have a responsibility. To yourself, to find out what that is. All of us change the world a little, just by being here. Please, try and change it more than a little. And change it in a positive, way. By coming to west college scotland. You have made an investment, in yourself. Many of you will have made big sacrifices. To come here. Make sure your precious, investment, is not fitted away.

We Are proud of you. Your family and friends are proud of you. Be proud of yourself, and what you have achieved. At west college. Scotland. I hope you will always remember us fondly. And speak well of us. Finally. Enjoy tonight. You've earned it. Now if we were in that grand hall i mentioned, earlier. I would be encouraging, you to cheer, clap, and raise the roof. While it might not be quite the same. Remember. We are still cheering and clapping for you. And i'm sure your friends and family who are watching this are too. Enjoy your moment of glory. Thank you. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. If ever there was a time to celebrate, then tonight is it our students have been committed, to their studies. And adapted, well during such challenging, circumstances. I am delighted, that the following, students, have achieved their higher national certificate. In administration. And information. Technology. The hnc, administration. I.t prize, is sponsored, by west coast scotland. The winner of this prize has been a consistently. Hard-working, student throughout her time, at college. Her work has been of an exceptionally, high standard, and always submitted, on time, if not early. She has been a valuable, student in the class, always level-headed. Helpful, and calm. We wish her well in her future career path. Ladies and gentlemen, the hnc. Administration. And i t prize is awarded, to. Marianne. Fallon. I am again delighted, that the following students, have achieved their higher national certificate. In. Business. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, i'm honored, that the following, students, have achieved the higher national diploma. In computer, games. Development. I'm thrilled that the following students have achieved their higher national diploma, in cyber. Security. So. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The following students have achieved their higher national certificate. In electrical. Engineering. The hnc, electrical, engineering, prize, sponsored by diodes. The winner, of this prize was an excellent student, who worked extremely, hard. He performed, well in all assessments, which resulted, in being the highest achieving student in the class. Despite, struggling with a lack of i.t facilities, post lockdown. He still managed to successfully, complete, his hnc, award. His dedication. To his studies, throughout the year, made a big impression on his lecturers. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm delighted to announce, that the hnc, electoral engineering, prize, is awarded, to. Andrew, mullen. The following students have achieved their higher national certificate, in engineering, systems, with renewable. Energy. The hnc. Engineering systems with renewable, energy, prize, is sponsored by kilpatrick, blaine services. The winner of this prize had a strong work ethic, and shared determination, to succeed. His lecturers, were really impressed with the progress, he made as the year progressed. And although there were a few stressful moments along the way, he pulled through, and successfully, completed his hnc. This was particularly, impressive. Given the added complications. Of studying from home. His academic, journey, makes him a worldwide winner, of this prize.

I'm Thrilled to announce that the hnc. Engineering, systems with renewable energy prize, is awarded to. Ross. Macon. I'm pleased that the following students have achieved their higher national diploma, in engineering, systems. The hnd, engineering, systems prize, sponsored by community wind power. The winner of this prize was the top performing, student on this course. Assignments, were completed, well in advance of deadlines, and always completed to a high standard. Resulting, in consistently, high marks. He was a hard-working. Enthusiastic, student, and was well liked by his lecturers, and fellow classmates, alike. Can everyone, at home please put their hands together, for our next prize winner. The hnd. Engineering, systems prize is awarded, to, evan. Mcintosh. Good evening everyone. The session, 1920. Will be one we will never forget. Lockdown, turned us all, into learners. Both staff and students, worked hard, to acquire, a whole new set of skills. Above and beyond the curriculum. On behalf of the staff team i'd like to thank every single, student. For their hard work in achieving, this hnc. Under such unusual, circumstances. And on behalf of the students. I'd like to thank the staff. For all the learning that they embarked, on, to support. That hnc. Happening. I'm honored. To announce, that the following students. Have achieved their higher, national, certificate. In social. Sciences. So. So. The hnc. Social sciences, prize. Is sponsored, by, cook, stevenson. And co. The winner of this prize. Has worked independently. Throughout the year. Demonstrating. Her capabilities. As a higher education, student. She worked incredibly. Hard. Had great time keeping, and excellent, attendance. She showed continued. Progress, academically. As the year developed. And she caught well with a lockdown. Making sure, that the quality, of her work, stayed, to a very high standard. She was always willing to seek clarification. If required, which is a great skill, for any student. And as a direct, consequence, of her hard work, and her achievements, throughout the year, she achieved. An a, in our graded unit. This was due to the very high standard, of work submitted, across, all of the subject, areas. We're sure that with the skills that she's demonstrated. To us. That this year, she'll do well on her continued, journey through education. Ladies and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to announce. That the hnc. Social science, prize. Is awarded. To abby. Calderwood. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it's certainly been a challenging, year. One that we all remember, for a long time to come. But one where this cohort of students, worked hard to complete their qualification. And we hope they are proud of their achievements, just as we are proud of them. I'm delighted, that the following students have achieved their higher national certificate. In applied, science. So. Ladies and gentlemen, the hnc, applied science prize is sponsored by thermal fisher scientific. This student's journey to becoming, the hnc, applied science prize winner, has certainly not been a conventional, one. As a school leaver she gained an ma in customer, service. Before going on to study events management, at university. Still unsure of what she wanted to do as a career. In 2018. She saw the light and completely, changed direction. Coming to study science here at greenwich. And she's never looked back. Despite having no background, in life sciences, she showed the determination. To do everything it took, to be successful. And to a standard we've rarely seen. Always looking, for opportunities, to expand, not only her subject knowledge, but also her skills. She undertook, voluntary, roles as a laboratory, steward. And a microbiology. Assistant. Allowing her to apply the skill she learned in class, to a working environment. She's been supportive, of her peers, and keen to engage others in science. Giving progression, talks to other year groups, and working as a stem ambassador, within the local community. Her enthusiasm. Work ethic and high standards, have been exceptional. And her passion for science is clear. We believe she'll excel, not only in her time at university. But also in her chosen career, in biomedical. Research. And the science team, wish her continued, success. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that the hnc, applied science prize is awarded, to amy campbell. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. After what was in a uniquely, challenging, year to achieve, for each and every student. I am honoured that the following, students, have achieved, the higher national certificate. In social. Services. I am delighted. That the following, students have achieved the higher national certificate. In care and administrative. Practice. Ladies and gentlemen. I am honored, that the following, students, have achieved their higher national certificate.

In Childhood. Practice. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm delighted, that the following students, have achieved, their higher national certificate. In coaching, and developing. Sport. The hnc. Coaching and developing, sport prize, is sponsored by only sport limited. The winner of this prize was a competent, and fully committed, student. Who was conscientious. And hard-working. Endeavouring, to excel in all aspects, of his course. This was portrayed, through his determination. And effort in all course units, resulting, in a high level of knowledge and understanding. And practical, application. A reliable, and motivated, individual, he possessed. Good communication, and leadership, qualities. He worked very well both individually, and as part of a team making him an extremely, popular, student, with both students, and staff, alike. He always, met deadlines, while possessing, an excellent attendance, and timekeeping, record. He is a worthy winner of this prize. It gives me great pleasure, to announce, that the hnc. Coaching and developing sports prize. Is awarded, to. Andrew. Craig. Ladies and gentlemen, the following students have achieved their higher national certificate. In health fitness, and. Exercise. The hnc. Fitness health and exercise, prize is sponsored, by only sport limited. The winner of this prize was chosen. Due to being a competent and committed student. Conscientious. And hardworking. She excelled in all aspects, of her course. This was portrayed, through her determination. And efforts in all course units. Resulting, in a good level of knowledge and understanding. She was a reliable, and motivated, individual. Who possessed, good communication. And leadership, qualities. Together with a very pleasant manner, and personally, she continually, demonstrated. A willingness. To assist her fellow peers. When and where required. I am delighted. To present her with this award. It gives me great pleasure to announce, that the hnc. Fitness health and exercise, prize. Is awarded, to.

Rachel. Stewart. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm delighted, that the following students have achieved their higher national diploma. In beauty. Therapy. The hnd, beauty therapy prize, sponsored, by demologica. This year, the winner of this prize gave nothing less than 100. She was reliable, highly motivated. Conscientious. Hardworking, and always produced a very high standard of work, in both her theory and her practical. She always approached, every task with a smile. Her calm, caring and gentle manner puts clients, colleagues, and indeed her lecturers, at ease. She has gained employment, at one of scotland's, top spas. Mar hall. We are very proud today to wish her every success. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm thrilled to announce hnd, beauty therapy, prizes, awarded, to. Rebecca. Thomas. Ladies and gentlemen. The following student has achieved her higher national certificate. In fashion. Makeup. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Last year was a very difficult time for all staff and students at our college, we are very proud of our graduates, every year but this year graduates deserve extra special, credit, for showing the resilience, and determination. To see their course through to the end, working from home, and submitting, evidence, in a number of unique ways to ensure they still achieved, their qualification. I'm delighted, that the following students, have achieved their higher national diploma. In. Music. The hnd, music prize sponsored by kenny's music glasgow. Having studied with us from nc through to hnd. This student was quite simply a pleasure to teach. He had excellent attendance, and attitude, and made huge progress, as a musician, during his time with us. He achieved an a grade for graded unit in both hn years, and consistently, completed, his work on time, to a very high standard. During his time at the college, he worked well with the staff and his peers, and took on our lead role, in mentoring the younger rock school students. As well as providing, lecturer, support. When teaching in a number of local primary schools. As a performer. He managed to play at all the external, music events, along with his band. Headlining. Every performance, last session. And was always extremely, professional, and his, approach to performing, and playing in general. He also made himself available, for all studio recording, sessions. Where again, his approach and attitude was excellent. Ladies and gentlemen. Put your hands together at home, the hnd, music prize is awarded, to. Matthew. Summers. I'm pleased to announce that the following students have achieved their higher national certificate. In sign. Production. I'm delighted that the following student. Has achieved, her higher national diploma, in visual. Communications. Ladies and gentlemen. The following, students, have achieved their higher national certificate, in creative, industries, television. Last, but certainly, not least i'm delighted, that the following students have achieved their higher national diploma. In creative industries. Television. Hnd, creative energy television, prize sponsored, by avid media spec. This student joined us for his second year of the hnd, television, course. From the outset, it was evident that he was determined, had talent, and a passion for every aspect of filmmaking. It was clear that he was going to make the most of his time and opportunities. And wasn't going to stand still. These are all important, traits of a good filmmaker. He showed the ability to multitask. Working on multiple, projects, at the same time, juggling commercial, work, with college assessments, and personal projects. Building an extensive, portfolio, in the process. His major project. A documentary, on the underclad, men's shed organization. Didn't only profile, this important, local support group, but had a significant, impact on him personally. So much so that he was determined to take their model and introduce, it to his family, and in his home time in italy. A prize winner this year represents, the epitome, of how determination.

Curiosity. And passion. Underpin, effective, learning, and can benefit, not just the learner themselves. But so many others. They come in contact, with. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together at home, the hnd, creative industries television, prize, is awarded, to. Andrea. Leone. Hello graduates. As your student, president, i am honored to be here speaking, to you on this very special, evening. Every one of you are here tonight, in celebration. Of a great achievement. You are all now, formally recognised, graduates. Of west college scotland. College, can be a different experience. For all of us. Everyone, has their own challenges. Everyone, here will have gone through, their own ups and downs. Fought their own battles. And faced their own unique challenges, throughout their studies. Through it all you have still achieved, your end, goal. No matter, how you got here, you've made it. Let's not forget the difficulties, that covert, 19, has brought for your overall, student, experience. The changes, to learning and interacting. With your peers. However, you manage to adapt, to these new ways of learning, and socializing. Overcoming. Obstacles, that in, 2019. You would have never have. Expected. Tonight, has been built solely, on your perseverance. And your drive to succeed, and determination. To overcome, any obstacle, in your path. And your desire. For a better life. Only you are in control, of your own destiny, and tonight, you have proven, that you can do anything you put your mind to. Let this be the first step in a vast new world of opportunities. And success. For you all. West college scotland, is formed of many students, across all walks of life, and we all play our parts, in making the student experience. A little bit brighter. I'd like to take a moment to mention the students. Who are not in attendance, tonight. The students, whom for many different reasons. May not have passed their course. But let us not forget, the wonderful, things, they have achieved. It's also important, to remember, the part they played, in your journey. Graduates. This may very well be the end of your journey at west college scotland. But it's the start of a much greater adventure. We all wish you much success. Thank you all so very much, for letting west college scotland, student association. Share the first steps, that the adventure, with you. Graduates. Tonight. Is your night to celebrate, your achievements. And recognize, yourself. As west college scotland, graduates. 2020. Please give yourself, a massive round of applause, at home you have earned it. Thank. You. You.

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