Grand Design 2018 - Recording Studio House

Grand Design 2018 - Recording Studio House

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Minster design a. Music. Recording, studio, conjures, up scenes of a lot of noise, raucous, parties, and rock'n'roll may him you, wouldn't want one in a quiet suburban street, so. You probably, wouldn't, want one in your house. Especially. If. You, were about to have your first baby. Majuli. Abridgement cooper has devoted his life to music he. Started, playing violin, at the age of six and has. Gone on to become an award-winning. Musician composer. And, producer. Music. Ads everything interstate, here for me I mean, it's. You know becomes who who. You are. I. Can't. Imagine. To. Anything else. Now. He's, turning the perfectionism. He's applied to his music, to, a home he's been planning all his life. But, in defiance, of common sense, mahua and his partner, management, consultant, Mindy pill brow are, taking, on two major life challenges, at the same time as well. As building their first home they're, expecting, their first child I think. When you, have children, you, stop thinking about yourself. Do, you think I was gonna change. No. I just, be fine, the. Cat will look after her to help. I was. Doesn't get jealous. Mahua. And Mindy, are making their home where Mahua spent, his own childhood. There, building beside his parents, house under, a grove of native trees by meoli Creek an. Urban. Oasis, minutes, from central Auckland. The. Site is, just, over. There and between. Those, two big foots our trees so. Let's. Be honest yet I think anyone would kill for a, section. Like that I'm extremely. Privileged. And extremely, unfortunate. How. Did the family come across the land in the first place the, land was bought by a developer, he proceeded, to, marshal. The the trees they were on there my parents and friends. Of theirs found out and what. My. Mum and, a friend did was lie, down in front of the bulldozer. To. Say hey look we we, really want to try and preserve this environment, that we really want to buy this off you and I. Managed to strike, a deal and and, do that Wow, yeah. So. What kind of thing have you got in mind it's. Just a rectangle. Box. The. Big thing with. This was, to, create, spaces, that, are creative, there is gonna be a little split-level, where, you can put, on a gig for me it, sounds. Like it's all about me but there's, a studio that's going in there, Lindy's, gonna kill. Me because she's like it's their house we've gotta live in it from the start we. Really wanted. A rooftop do, where you can be on top of. This. Box. And on, on, the deck and in the trees a wicked. So the canopy, is the roof yeah. Absolutely Wow. Oh that. Would be beautiful yeah. Mahua. Aaron Mindy's music, box will be built on poles to suspend, it over a water course which runs right under the house and down to the mangrove swamp, cocooned. In the bush will be a main bedroom, and ensuite. Behind. Will set their baby's bedroom with only a guest bedroom between, it and Mahua is recording, studio. Stairs. Lead to an open plan living area where, a raised floor will also double as a performance, stage the. Stairwell, will continue, to a third floor lightbox and entrance. To a rooftop deck, this. Will look out over, a canopy, of Kahoot okawa and provide, another, performance, platform for, Mejia and his musical, friends. The. House will be clad in black corrugated. Profiled, steel a unique, performance space, and recording. Studio, not, to mention family, home snuggled. In a rear slice of urban waterside bush. What's. The budget for the house. We. Started off and we thought we can do this for you, know half a million dollars.

That's. Not enough it's. Not enough what. Were you thinking. How. Long have you been planning the fall of us about. 10 years I couldn't, afford it, but I have always been. Pretty. Good at saving. How. Much have you managed to save a bit. Over half a million yeah Wow. You. Have done well yeah. It sounds, pretty ambitious, to me so you're taking on a belt and at, the same time. Are. You having a baby boy. Oh boy um. That's. I guess life right I mean that one just to come off the wrong way but Mindy's. Looking after. Our. Human. Baby and. I'm. Dealing with the. 3bet, the tree yeah. Ideally. Their new home would have been ready in time for their baby's arrival but. Mahua has spent three years battling. To get resource, consent, to build then. Another year perfecting, the plans for the house that's. Despite, having dreamed about it for most of his life with. The baby due any minute, they, still haven't finished framing, even. Though the house is Mejias. Number one priority. For now. I'm, sure once this, beautiful. Kid parks out it's, gonna be amazing. But ya. Been. Very. Focused on so much yeah, yeah yeah, I only, have capacity, for that yeah it's. That's all it's all too much too. Much exactly yeah. It's. Very cool having this to look forward to, the timings, not necessarily, the the greater the, pregnancy, and then a, new, baby but. It. Just does what it is is life. Mahua. And Mandi are living under his parents, house right, next door which, is handy because Mejia wants, to keep his perfectionist. Eye on the build and the budget, by helping, project, manage the job but. They are already. $300,000, over his original, half-million, dollar budget and they still have a long way to go. Mom's. Trying to pull it back ah you, know a hundred. Grand, here or whatever $20.00, there I, think. Is and I just can't give up I can't give up on China, pull it back at that favor. Home why, are we trying to get it right but trying to do it. Yeah. What, what. A compromise, on and whatnot. A void between, this sort of. Stressing. Out about the next kind of thing or person after a ring or sort outlet bill to pay and then to sing this go.

Up It. When. I saw how tall it was I totally, freaked out because, I thought oh what have I done. The, Sun will hit my parents, property more. Videos. Yeah. Unlike any much we've done in a moment. Looking. At it. Mahua. Is sharing the project management with, builder Dave Canaan. Let's. See em recording, studio who. Is concerned, Mahua and Mindy are biting, off more than they can chew they. Came to our house my, wife and myself and. We. Just finished our build and we, said that. Would be probably. The hardest thing you'll. Ever go through is. You've, got money flooding, out the door and you got a baby coming and we thought there being probably you know we'd be stretching, yourself to do that and. Wish, it you know it's, people. Have this grand idea of, like oh it's gonna be a great build. There's. So many decisions to be made on the way there's so much pressure that you don't realize there. Are plenty of big decisions still, to be made like, the design and soundproofing, of the recording, studio which, is just down the hall from the baby's, bedroom I did, some, work in London in New York recording studio so it, gave me a good heads-up of what needs to be done and I don't think no hurry I sort of realized how much has to go into it they. Were recording she's allowed I'll get, investing, this if my wife and my kids are living upstairs, mahua is focused, for now is simply, to finish the framing he. And Mindy are spending. $60,000. On structural, steel to avoid internal, walls in the open plan living area I. Was. Trying to push that, roofline. Up so you can stand, in, their, lounge area, and, get a point. Here right through yeah, uninterrupted. Views. But. They've had ongoing delays. Getting the final, steel delivered, like it sort of steel house. With, their baby girl due to be induced tomorrow the clock is ticking, on all, fronts well, there's three twe three in the family scene and you'll be at the bottom yeah, all right you'll be fine just. Keep bringing the money in that's, all yet to date everyone, does it right. We produce, yeah. We are hmm, and in. Thought houses of you are lucky enough. What's. Built so far is the outer structure, of this music, box but it's, what happens next that, will define this space, many. Of us know just how a new baby can blindside, our lives, I hope. Maria, and Mundi have lots of stamina as the, next few months are going to be critical, to the realization. Or not of a lifelong, dream, she, was jus last. Fed, day so. 12. Days, over, tomorrow. Yeah. And. Tomorrow's, the day. It's all just like challenges, and I like, a good challenge. Hope, it's some smooth, sailing. Mejia. And Mindy have gone to ground while they're just to the arrival of their baby girl mo sevilla, dave is stepping, up in his role as joint. Project, manager. Just. You didn't hospital for a week I heard. They had quite a traumatic time their. Home now so, just, would, push on I've given them updates, what needs to be done on this sort of you know working through that. Water, proofing the main thing that's, basically, what we've got to do right now we're, sort of kicked up with all the other trades and then up get them all in for them so he knows what's going on and they know what's going on. Today. Despite, the imminent, arrival of cyclone, Debbie Dave's, trying to make up for some lost time we're.

Putting The last time we put a steel up all. The eight wheels I've been waiting to steal for a while in this way that's like this it's. A lot of risk of water and electricity. So. We're pleased that there, the, clouds have parted, it's. Fantastic, actually. That's. Gonna they have a big storm come through tonight a. Hundred. Mil so we don't I won't, be totally seal them on there let's. Say we proved about three, weeks behind and. I, think it's basically jeweller still just. Getting, steel here on time and. That's put us into this winter. With, the budget already blowing out mahua is trying to arrange deals and favors, wherever, he can, that's, between disrupted. Sleep trying, to work and life, as a new dead. While. Mindy yeah, whip for a bit of rough time so where we were five days in hospital, but. The baby is very happy. And she's she's. Willing to go to this, that's great yep. Despite. The upheavals. Mahua is determined. To keep a firm rein on the build the design and the, budget he's, had creative, control of this home even, before he hired designer, Hamish, Durant. Looking. At this thing and the, way, that. It is trying to navigate this crazy side. What. Kind of brief did I know he give you he, wanted, new. Your warehouse basically in the middle of the trees Wow. I've, worked with many creative people but I haven't worked with a magician before and what I found us that they're incredibly. Interested. In the detail you. Know for him like a note of a song it's like just as important was the whole composition when. He came to me he. Had. Downloaded, a caper. And he, had formulated a, house design, for. Her myself the house was was all on one level and. Quite. Early on I proposed that we sort of split the house and in the portion. Which, he didn't initially like but then understood, that he, could create a little stage in, the living area I I think I've got it now the house is underneath isn't it it's been kind of pushed under the living. Is that musical, empathy. Is here oh, and. By the way you get another one on the roof from the lorry, histo. It's, a box in the music box, yeah. Hamish. Convinced, Mejia to build the crow's nest on, top of the deck allowing. More light into, the center of the house, but, taking Mahua is single-storey, plan to the three levels he, basically took what looked like The Love Boat and we turned it into a. Tanker. I love. The. Canlis tankers, stand up to a cyclone. Cool. While. Others live off make sure canopy, like Eagle Scout, hut the. Rooftop deck needs waterproofing. That's near bulletproof, as it will drain to internal, gutters to, fix it in place the timber must be bone dry. Mahua, and Mindy's friend rod is coming, from Wellington, to apply it the. Day after the cyclone is due to pass he. Calls me every day and is, it down and is it dry, he. Can't, stress enough how try. It. Has to be and we're about to get cyclone, Debby tomorrow, so I think, it feels pretty dry but if. He comes up here and debbie has ripped the roof off in. We're. In trouble. Premises. Before, heading, home for the day the builders create a makeshift, polythene shelter. Just put a couple of staples and bottoms, to hold in place. I'm. Actually a bit nervous about this it should stay but, it's. Not really designed to that so, who. Knows. The. Morning after cyclone, Debbie hits is one of trepidation. Thank, you I made it I know I was I was surprised myself actually, last. Night pretty heavy one that. Under. There is the fly that we need for the roof and, now we can find out a big reveal. And. We have success. We. Are dry. We'll. Worry about last night but, there, was a bit of wind and I thought the wind probably get it the rains not so bad so. It. Was the I was expecting to see it maybe in the bushes right. It's clean out. Let's hope this. Rain doesn't continue. Because. We need to get those colors. And with. No rain can you cover them make sure, they. Don't get wet I'll I don't, know how that having, to happen really.

I'm, Gonna. I just, already David's gonna write thunderstorms. Again. It's a forecast, isn't it a very good one. The. Builders, are still, racing to finish forming, the roof and gutters before the waterproof has arrived the. Tail end of the cyclone, is threatening to disrupt them but, with less than a day to go there's another hitch, I've. Just discovered, they've been working to the wrong plans. There's. Been an amended plane sent out which, we didn't know about the damn pipe that's been moved or. Whatever look at them today and change, you know. Who he's picking up near. Just. Rushing, into Council, I think, they put a V in my name or something so I never got the email that the. Amendment. Had been completed, and was, ready to pick up so, it's, all down to the wire now it's. Last. To day. This morning and he was. He. Was pretty good about it even though I, know. It's gotta be yeah it's, frustrating it's gonna be really frustrating because I they had put they've, gotta end already suffice they had to take it out. Okay. What. Do you need it, was just the damn pop so we'll see how the stuff you put into her. You. Don't know. This. Botcher may be down to a bureaucratic, fungal, but I'm sensing there is now some, confusion, over who's, in charge of, this build rod. Spoke, middle yeah. He is. Going. To bahi needs confirmation today. On. Whether he should come up and I'll be telling him Friday. Yeah. Yes so it's all gonna hit but it's all been happen yeah am i calling him or are you calling him I said. You should call him back yeah. The style was all sort of relatively organic. I didn't, even. Understand. How. Much time and what it actually involved. To. Project. Manage. Hi. Hamish its mahi here, just. Ringing up about the drainpipe, but. Save money whatever way you look at it because, I've put. In human. Hours but. This our whole idea of DIY. Project, managing and how. Naive, it is yeah, it has been creative, least useful. With. The cyclone, fully past, mahua and Mindy's family, friend rod Burke has, arrived to apply the waterproofing membrane. For the roof and internal, gutters I caught, up with them. Last night and, they were heading off to. Mindy's brother's, wedding down. At. The. Makeshift, polythene tent has mostly, survived, the storm and, now, the builders are under the pump to frame mute guttering, as per the late planned changes, and keep, dry we, thought we could actually. Install. The ghosts today he'd. Go to lay it and. We won't hit the polythene it but. It's not working either it's got showers coming through every 20 minutes but. It's just Auckland isn't it Claire. Comes past and it's got thousands. Of litres of water and comes down on a second. If. The player gets wet you cannot lay the waterproofing. Down and, we basically take, the squeal oh, it's. A lot of pressure to get it done. Rod. Has travelled all the way from Wellington, and put aside two days to seal the roof from her ear and Mindy if.

He Can't get the job done now it's, a waste of time and money. We're. Venting weather all week and I, think it's, it's. On our side now so we're lucky the. Applicators are going really well with the waterproofing, so we're quite happy I think. Mindy, and Maharal they come back on Monday they'll be at repped opieop. To, resurrect. With. The framing complete, mejia, now needs to start making plans for his new studio. Which. He hopes will be much grander, than his current set-up beneath his parents, house. Yeah. Lots of moving around specially, it. Involves, making any kind of music. With anyone else the. Music, for me it's always been, about collaboration. This. Is a one-man, space. At the moment. I'm, interested to find out what it takes to make a professional, studio work so. I'm visiting Roundhead. A top-of-the-line. Studio, built and owned by musician, Neil Fenn. Acoustic. Engineer, Chris day helped. Design the studio and he's, just agreed, to help Mahoney, with his Wow. Listen, to that silence, yeah, no it is a really quiet room everything. You see is completely. Built, inside a, hollow. Core when they stripped it out we've built a floating. Concrete floor on top of the existing concrete floor so it's 100, mils of concrete floating on rubber, pads or we've got curved. Surfaces, that, diffuse. The sounds and then. We've got absorption, in different areas we've got these curtains which. Can flow, anywhere. Around the room and change. The lightness of the room depending, on what, the musician wants and I see there's. A rather, special, ceiling as well yes, that's an acoustic. Plaster, that'll, absorb the mid frequencies, right this, is one of the best studios, in the in the world it's in many, millions of dollars, mahalia. Has only budgeted. $30,000. For his recording, studio and, he's left it to last while his budget, for the rest of the house blows out so. He's looking for something in between the. Bedroom. Studio. And, a professional studio it is a bit later than we like to normally get involved we can do that but it'll. Be a combination, of some of the same concepts, but within, budget constraints, I just, the other thing that intrigues, me is that they've got a brand-new baby yeah, well they. Produce. High, levels of high frequency, noise and, so getting, these sound. Insulation issues sorted, out will help, but certainly. In terms of a frantic. Lifestyle, trying to do a project like this and have, a young baby I, never. Thought with him empathize. What do you think he's mad. Both. By, the middle of autumn mahua and Mindy's house is a month behind schedule and still, not closed in. And despite. The makeshift polythene tent it's soaked, from continuous.

Bad Weather, we're. Experts in on, 20. Kilometer, hour winds. So. Trying to protect the central part of the house. Yeah. We're getting em hammered by the weather at the moment we're. Going to have an issue with moisture. In the timber frames. Cory. Gearrin can make sweet more. Pop it to like start putting dehumidifier. Around on, get. The windows own gas, heaters and try, and draw his place here, the. Latest, delay is sorting, out a tricky, window fleshing, detail mahua is insisting. Upon, well. The cladding is due to go on in a week, the window design needs to be resolved, before it can go ahead we've. Got a sick and cycling coming through so, we're basically just trying to betting, down the hitches. It's, all we can do it alone. When. I visit, the site two weeks later the, building paper is on but, Bo Whois tricky, window detailing, is still, causing, holdups, and the. Rain is still, getting inside. Where. Is everybody and. We're running out of things to do you're Chris no. Way we're, waiting for the. Roof and window so that means we can you, know waterproof, it so, that's all enclosed and we can't do that moment and you're, right on the edge of winter, I mean it's pouring with rain every, other day yeah. It is so. Yeah. It's frustrating, we were I'm, almost. Over. The, delays are happening, because it's. Not being managed, by me, it's sort of like you know the clients, taken control of the job sort of thing the plumbers are jus here to do starting pre lining, and what kind of stuff in, Sparky's, and we're, still finalizing what, materials, he wants to use in the toilets and that seaside, antic that's his dream home and it's, got to look right he's. Making, all the decisions sort, of things ideas could have basically just here, - what he wants done for. You that just must feel so incredibly, frustrating, I've lost cannot, control the job. Sharing. The project, management, role is creating, uncertainty and. Conflict. I'm. Worried, the, trains already left the station and if nobody, is sure who is driving it the whole project could be derailed. Mahua. And mindy had hoped to finish their home in time for the arrival of their first child but. The gestation, of a baby has proved much faster. Oh. She's. Beautiful. Hello. Very, happy, sleepy little creature. Sure. Is at the moment. There. Baby girl mo is now two months, old but, with ongoing, delays the house is still months, away from completion. So. Are. You enjoying the process so far yes. There no but probably more no, no. Yeah yeah. The stress has been unreal you, in frenzy bro but crazy having a baby, at the same time and we. Thought it would be okay but turns out we were but crazy well, the fact that we're doing it, all at once is the ultimate, kind of is, it just that or is it that you chose to be so hands-on, the, majority of people building and their, own home don't do that though, they know. Not, to the level that you do I mean. This, is kind of this. Once-in-a-lifetime. Thing, you, know ten years in the making there's a lot more of, you guys, invested. In that definitely. Yeah it would be how I treat a record, you know making a record set is that special time Wow okay. I'm. Wondering, if you like. My in the sense that you. Have to learn everything, and, know, it intimately, no. Nothing, like that and I'm nothing like that and I'm probably more open to taking. Advice, and guidance and that kind of thing whereas, Mahua is a bit more challenging. Yeah. Sometimes. After. Spending weeks resolving, the who is tricky, window detailing, the home is about to be cleared.

Mahua. And mindy want their three story home to disappear, into the bush so. Have chosen a dark steel cladding. Installing. It is no mean feat for, the roofers who, have to squeeze long sheets, of corrugated steel, between, the scaffolding, and the house without. Getting them scratched I've. Got the sheet you get the carpet yeah come down Chris. Loving. The only a crush suite is yep. The. Design of the inset windows mejia has agonized. Over maybe lost on most people but. His roofers, will, never forget, it do. You think it's probably got to two nights the spent fully awake thinking about it trying to come up with so, basically never wants to see a cut into the or and let's, go to a large fold in it so, that you know it's the rounded corner. But. Theater. Split up. Mahua, is not just trying to get this house right for himself and Mindy, but, also for his parents who will be his neighbors. Mahua, has already reduced the roof of the light box in an attempt, to make the height less imposing. It. Would be nice if it was a couple, of meters lower I think but. I. Think one of the tree for there I had, you. Know this moment. Several. Months ago when we saw the frames, up. And we sort of saw that final, height and and. I. Thought. Oh. God. If, it actually. Blocks, out any other went to Sun I've, totally failed and, there's a disaster. I. Think. Yeah we're very pleasantly surprised, that. Over, here. Mahua, is fine-tuning. Every note of this architectural. Composition and, he's, still tweaking, the plans for the downstairs, recording, studio and how. It will set alongside, the bedrooms. You're. Changing the door details as well on here because there's some. Beautiful. Vistas. Out this way we'll just have a continuous ceiling, and, if the store is open the. Ceiling, will lead you right out and you'll get so there's no door frame load, no door frame yeah then acoustically. It's. Basically transparent, so. The sound goes straight through you're, incredibly, close I mean that's. The music studio right there literally. And I. Assume. This, is my roamers it's nice boom yep. How do you feel about this proximity, to having the office so close and, I'm okay with it that I've been assured that it's. Being. Taken care of so, yes. I I haven't really worried. About it to note, yes. Yeah maybe, maybe. I'll have. A nasty surprise when we move in yeah, yeah well I think it's gonna be fine I think yeah you. Know we'll get the the, professionals, in to treat. It properly yeah. Yeah.

Could. Be a good idea yeah. And. I'm not the only one trying to help my hariya help himself, I. Like. The goals yeah. Builder. Dave's partner, Fran Smith is an interior consultant. Who's offered to lend a hand I asked. Him how they were going with the interiors, with the, bathrooms, tip we're. Flooring. And. Window treatments, and. There was basically no response if they. Didn't have a clue mahua. The. Cedar he's in a rabbit hole about tecware, and he had dragged him india around for three days looking, at tips and. I see video just let. Me bring. Some things to you and. I think we can streamline this process slightly. Better don't, like that. Turn. Out that appreciate. Donate, it's. Been really great with friends coming on board I think she. Knew that we're pretty stretched for time you know with new baby and and and. Everything and. She's been really great for helping I guess some of our. Some. Of ideas come alive. These, are much nicer yeah, hmm, I really. Like them I think they're quite elegant, but they're just a little bit different yeah very stylish, though cuz I quite quirky characters, it's, really, important to let that come through and to let them show. Them how to be bold about it yeah. They, don't want this house to be ordinary because they're not ordinary people. We. Wanted to do something a bit different and, the. Unfazed yeah we've just got all of these to choose from so you can customize it yeah, on. My own. You'll. Be going I I hate, that oh. Yeah. Ionut yeah, I love it's great idea. Mahua. Clearly, has a passion, for this home and is committed, to getting each piece of the puzzle right but, as Winston, Churchill once said perfection. Is the enemy of, progress yeah. This is the mixer. Look. At that. Chrome, endlich, what. A saga. And. I can't help wondering if Mahua is overthinking, maybe tying, himself enters builders and knots. It's, hard as absolutely, had I wouldn't. Want to do, this, again. Ever. But. There is progress. Today. Glaciers. Are dodging, the scaffolding, to shimmy huge, panels, of glass around, the front of the house. The walls on the side of the home will be almost entirely, windows, looking. Out through the trees to the inlet, and mangroves. You. Still, get butterflies because, we're, dealing with SCAF. Tight. Corners. Steel. Screws, nails it's a building site. This. Particular one is about 124, kilos. Okay. I was. A bit lightweight there. 154. Just. A baby. Oh. That's. Funny. Today. Marks a turning point as the house becomes, fully, closed in. But, the progress is bittersweet, as Mahua and Mandy have has a financial, wall. It, will be, it. Will probably be a million dollars, by. The end of it. Every. Bit. Of scrap, her money at the end since, October, has. Been putting into. It. Still. Warehouses, do amazing. And. It will be amazing but if it means they've to. Have gone through this year. And get it done and then here either I crazy, mortgage, debt absolute so, ever so it's just working all, the time you, realize that's, not easy worth it I already, hang out with the baby much. They. Are even, contemplating. Putting the build on hold so, they can revisit their plans and have a break from the stress, so it's, dealing with it and they.

Say That. I I'm living. With it and. Pretty. Hard to get away from this. I'm. Totally that's nice you know yeah, I guess this year's been pretty twisting laughing this, is so tiring here. With, so much on their plates I understand. Why they'd like to pause to take stock, but. With the finish line so close, it, does seem a shame, I just. Hope their home is worth the stress in the long run. Mahua. Is commitment, to his dream home has been nothing short of phenomenal. Yet, two months ago he, and Mindy we're about to put the whole thing on hold I can't, understand, why they got so stressed I mean, they're. Only building, their first home having. A new baby. Spending. Their, life savings, oh and. The. Building had to be as perfect as a carefully, crafted, album so, I'm eager to see how, much progress they've, made. Looking. Sharp. Hi. Wow. That's. Going um. Great, I can't believe, it neither can leave it looks finished yeah. You guys must be so happy and. And overwhelmed. Yeah. Driving. Down the street, it just looks awesome this, kind. Of curious, black. Box floating in amongst the trees if I saw it from the road I'd want to see. What's inside yeah yeah well I certainly, do. This. Check it out. So. Here we are. Boy, this isn't what I was expecting this. Space in the way that it connects, out into the trees is beautiful. I was thinking of you know the living space. Being quite separate. From the stage and. That. This would be a lot darker, somehow, and these. Two things would be almost. Like complementary. Opposites, but instead, it's one big unified, space the, reverb and the sound that you hear, will. Be beautiful for a violin beautiful-, guitar, you know what, I'm hearing. Is. This gonna be great as a music space. Goodness. It's, magic. No there's something kind of special, about having. The. Windows. Open, up rather than a dick. It's a different kind of feeling I love this view I love that it's it's so private central, Auckland but you feel like you're you're, in the trees and you can't see the neighbors and, that's, yeah. That's really, special yeah it's really a hidden, slice. Of, wilderness, isn't it yes it is yeah. This. Is pretty Co my. Goodness, what a great spot. That's. Beautiful, isn't it making. I'm. Just thinking of your parents, you know oh yeah. It. Does, kind of look. Over. Appearance. But I think, they're going to love it. Come. Down and see. Where the magic. Happens. Or will happen so, this is the. Studio, space it's, a work in progress in terms of making. It a functioning. Room. So. The, floor then is what, the suspended, floor yeah, it's floating floor so, it's really like a, completely. Independent structure. Inside, the house yeah yeah, we've still got a lot of treatment to do on the walls to get a a good clean. Audio. Signal it's a little bit too slick. You're. Gonna crunch it up a bit yeah I'm sure if Moser here for a while on her own she'll sort it for you oh yeah nothing, like babies. For you to create, a vibe right. So. This, is the, the. Bathroom. That's. Pretty cool pretty. Fruity. His. Moe's room. Look. At that cute. Magic. World and, yeah, this is this. Is the master. This. Gives you a completely, different slice. Of, the trees I mean you're, much more down with, the, mangroves, in the, coming and going of the tide and, the. Bottom of the pehota Kawa the thing that I was always concerned about was, whether. The music box in the house and family, living just. Wouldn't work can, we test it let's. Give. It a go yeah, are you really in trade hobby I won't be back I'll test. Pretty. Thing, I am. Hopeful, oh. You. Can just hear it only just.

Do. You hear it vaguely, yes, we could just oh damn. It wasn't walking through the most basal, triple our, base okay, but but but it was very very very, faint I mean the thing that is in my mind of course is mo, next door because. Of course she's, closer, babe. Yeah but, you know what I'm, worried about the noise that we hear from Harun. Watching. You guys from the beginning till, now has. Been, an. Extraordinary journey at, one point you've got Dave saying, he. Thinks he'd lost control of the project what. Do you think was going on they're thinking, out in our case it was just a need for more. Communication. And collaboration. I can understand. It, would be frustrating, at times. Dealing. With, that's. Nice. We were able to sit down with Dave and and work through through, their shoes there, was yeah. But at the beginning when we didn't think it was it would happen it wouldn't be possible so. It's pretty surreal sitting here today I remember having a conversation with, you at the beginning with, all, your savings, of roughly half a million and, you. Already said, we. Did a little bit more than that so what. Did it end up here yeah just just under 950. Really. That's, all that's. All I think most people looking at this house it go under, a million how did you pull that off really, yeah hello. It's. All, around you the quality of the finishes the. Quality of the materials, the. Scale of the. House it is three stories despite. What you think. Well. There's all there's all credit to Maria. I've I've, been in charge of this that would be a very different, house it, would not be this magnificent. And it's um. That's. For sure it's, been, extremely. Challenging. In terms of the stress and the anxiety and everything it's created, still, want to live with them. Trip. Now. Feels. Like that, feels like an art piece it, really does, and I really I. Really. Wanted, it to be and. Yeah. So you go kind of deep and you forget. About it being. You. Know it's a practical. Home that you gotta live in lots. Of stress, on my partner, I'm, sure. Anyone. Else that probably, would have fallen apart in, the. Context, of the. Biggest, city in New, Zealand where. Housing. Is incredibly. Difficult to find but. Yet the impact on the. Fragile, ecology, that Auckland. Has, you. To have shown a, extraordinary.

Example, Of how to do it with deep respect you, I think you've done something quite unique and. Special, congratulations. It's Christmas, very. Kind words. The, challenge, here was how to create harmony between, three, radically. Different, notes. Inserting. A new building, into, a fragile, habitat. Creating. An inspirational. Music space and, a. Place for. Family, through. Stubborn, perseverance. An obsession. With detail and. Huge. Support, from all those around them, I, reckon. They've pulled it off. Yeah. You.

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