Google's New Frontiers virtual live stream (FR)

Google's New Frontiers virtual live stream (FR)

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So. So. Hello everybody, welcome. I hope everyone's keeping well, welcome to our event, google, new frontiers. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules. And i know q4, is really hectic time for all of us me, included. My name's paul cox, i look after some of the areas which we'll be discussing, today. Uh in our display, and video platform, dv 360. Across, emea. Now, normally. We would be doing this in an office and i would be connecting with you face to face but, this year we're doing things differently, to connect with our customers, and, that's exactly, what today's, event is all about, new ways of doing things differently, to connect with your customers. In new moments, and get increased value for you as a business, when you do it with google tools. We're really looking to take you to the bleeding, edge of advertising, today, and we're going to be unveiling, some globally, never before. And opportunities. So you're really in the right place if you're thinking about what is that next big thing or next big thing i need to be doing. This event for, me is a new frontier. Of its own as we attempt to connect you with, a bunch of experts, from around the globe, virtually. We've got a fantastic, agenda, for you which we hope really engages, you and inspires, you to think about new formats, and channels, but, new ways of operating. The new frontiers. Name, you know it was initially, intended to focus on what you see in our agenda, planning, advanced, tv, audio. Digi art of home, now, whilst it is all of those things, in recent months no the world has changed around, us and. That name new frontier, has kind of really taken on new meaning. We're really in a new frontier, of our own as individuals. As teams, as companies. As marketers. We're all doing things differently, uh to what we did in, 2019. So after today, we really love to partner with you to really understand. You know how you're thinking about doing things differently, going into 2021. And where google's new frontiers, can help you. If you would like to ask a question, or share an opinion, anything, that you want to share or, ask across any of our presenters. Underneath, the stream, you will see a link to a form which you can then ask your question, or, share an opinion and we'll get back to you straight after the event. But to start the journey i'd like to give you a warm welcome, and introduce, paul coffey, from our emea leadership, team, who's really going to get us thinking about a new frontier, that we don't always consider, in our thinking.

When It's not a format, or a channel. I'll hand it over to paul to explain, more. Thank you paul hi everyone my name is paul coffey, i am google's director of platforms. Partnerships. And as privacy, for europe middle east and africa. So there's an exciting new frontier upon us. And we believe that new technology, solutions, can help drive, better outcomes, for your campaigns. And it's something we call the precision, era. So, when you think about it our industry has not, been a real stranger to change we've come quite a long way since, even i started off. Back in 2000. 20 years ago in online advertising. Uh back then we used the best of the offline world, and applied to the new media opportunities, that we had, um so we took you know classic, large audience, groups and demographics. We applied those to a top list of. Websites, linked to those demographic, profiles. Then technology like doubleclick, came along, which improved, our ability, to drive better measurement, and to consolidate, buyers in one place, and to optimize, the campaigns we were buying against. Um we call that the broadcast, here as a reference and homage to the to the old world. Then we moved to the precision area as technology, got better, we hit this golden age of programmatic. Which enabled us to hit the right person at the right time for the right budget. We were able to optimize bids in real time, however some of these techniques became uploaded, when user sentiment, and regulatory, frameworks. Meant that we had to start evolving, our, our, approach, to, driving, online, optimization. And marketing. And this is what we think we're now in the predictive, era. Which is where we can move um. A campaign, into a smarter. Mindset, made possible by advances in analytics, in cloud computing, and machine learning. Uh and in that way we're able to build better experiences, for our users. And also drive higher performance, outcomes, for campaigns. And we'll look back at the blunt techniques of the precision, era. In the same way as we look at those quaint old days 20 years ago. And whilst producing vira offers.

A Lot of promise there are also major structural, challenges to overcome. This ranges from involving, consumer. Behavior, across, multiple, surfaces. They're changing expectations. Of what they expect in terms of consent, and privacy but also customization. Also ever evolving, regulatory, changes and what's permissible. And structural, challenges, around data strategy. And technology, solutions, and the partners that you need to execute those, solutions, through. And we can pull these challenges down to three simple statements. We'll be working with less data. Operating in a more complex environment. And have to be privacy, first. At google we've developed over many years technology, solutions which we believe can help you address these challenges. Google marketing technology, enables marketers to tap into real insights. Across media, and channels predict consumer, intent, at scale. You can put the right actions behind that power, and go from a fragmented. Planning. Approach and chasing intent around the web, to building an engine that predicts what people need throughout their user journey. And much of what we deliver here is a center around the power of machine learning. As industry, changes, and. Which are putting limits on the amount of personal data and signals that can be used, google's advances in automation, and machine learning. And prediction. Will become even more important for delivering relevant ad experiences. And reliable, measurement for marketers. Machine learning and automation. And that could be, attribution, modeling, smart display campaigns, universal, app campaigns. There to help marketers, reach desired, audiences, and measure their effectiveness, for their campaigns. Um, without having to rely on out more. Outdated, models. Of planning and data collection. So it's a pretty exciting, future. We've got solutions, in place such as google marketing platform, and cloud services, which we think are really powerful, technology, proposition, for you, and they help. You. Know build solutions, to better understand that customer, journey, within the constraints, and the realities, of today's, user experiences. And better predict. Customer, and marketing, outcomes. In a much more intuitive, way than we could have done before. And also personalized, experience, the, experience is to ensure that, you deliver. The best quality. And user experience, for all of your customers, and opportunities. A good example of what we can do in the market, was from rituals, as a luxury bath and body business founded at amsterdam in 2000. And they scaled, their um their audiences. By leveraging, google analytics 360. To create. Audiences, based on the high probability, of conversion. And then they share these audiences with db360. To activate, insights through new campaigns. And that drove an 85. Increase in conversions. And a 15. Decrease, in cost per acquisition. And they're not stopping there, uh they're now pulling in lots of offline, data and, information, from their crm systems and email. And, melding that all into one overall data lake within. Google cloud. Um to build an even larger audience cohort, to drive their activities. Um, even faster than ever before. So the future of digital marketing, is definitely being transformed by technology, so big data. Um. Artificial, intelligence. Immersive, technologies. And machine learning there are ways which we can. Improve the way that we we. Drive campaign, performance. And look at marketing strategy. But really, it's not already about the future, it's about the now, so, the challenge is, are you prepared for today, and this is really the theme for the rest of the sessions that you'll be watching, throughout this um, this day. So that's it for me, thank you for connecting with me from this session i'm now going to hand you over to monet, we'll take you through our developments, in media, planning. Thank you very. Much. Thank you paul. Hey everyone, my name is monet bowie and i lead our global product strategy, for planning tools and displaying, video 360.. I'm really excited, to be walking you through the latest developments, to our media planning capabilities. And in this session, i'll be sharing with you details, on our most recent launches. How we think our tool can add value to your planning process. And give you a sneak peek in what's coming on our roadmap. So, first, we know that reach is critical, for agencies. And marketers. When building brands, and businesses. Advertising. And media campaigns, are often planned, bought, measured, and evaluated. Based on their ability, to effectively, reach a particular, audience. So this concept, isn't new. But, how we reach those audiences. Has definitely, evolved. And as you'll hear throughout this event. And also having likely experienced, it directly, yourself. We've seen an evolution, of content, and technology.

In This new frontier. Across, emea, and around the world, there's an explosion, of content. And this along with the growing number of smartphones. Tablets, and connected, devices. Has really presented. New opportunities. To reach customers, throughout their day. Now while this is, no doubt incredibly. Exciting. It also presents, challenges. To planners, traders, and marketers, like yourself. So, how do you navigate, this complex. And, increasingly. Fragmented, ecosystem. To reach the customers, that you truly, care. About. And this is all before we even take into consideration. What's going on in the world, at this very moment. We're all experiencing. Something, completely, unprecedented. And many of you are under immense, pressure, to help your customers. Navigate, this fast evolving. Unpredictable. Situation. And, while this time is undoubtedly, challenging, for everyone, in our industry. We hope that our tools. Can, at least provide, some level of support to you during, these uncertain, times. Our reach planning tool in display video 360. First launched, last march. And we originally, built it, to help you and your clients, better understand, the opportunity. To reach your audience. Our team's, focus, has been to help you effectively. And accurately. Plan your media campaigns. And this continues, to be the case during this time, when we're seeing monumental. Shifts, in consumer, and advertiser, behaviors. Now. While we know that the future is, incredibly, difficult to predict. Now more than ever, we're focusing, our efforts to continue. Improving, our forecasts. Improving, our tools, to support, you as you navigate, through these uncertain, times. Just quickly too for those of you on the court who are unfamiliar. With our reach planning capabilities. I wanted to share a quick recap. Of what our tool does. And some of the unique, benefits, that the tool offers. So first, the tool allows you to understand. How many people. Your programmatic, campaigns. Are expected, to reach by accurately, forecasting. The unique reach, and frequency. Of your media campaigns. Brought, through displaying, video 360.. The tool also allows you to explore, how, combinations. Of google, first party, and third-party, audiences. Impact the reach of your campaigns. And last but certainly not least. The tool is available, globally. It's directly, in the ui, so that you can get, accurate, forecasts. Quickly, and take action on those. Our forecasts. Also leverage google's, unique, reach methodology. And so, this is being used by your teams, and the teams that you work with, for reporting, and measurement. And hopefully this helps you better connect, planning, to buying, to measurement. And have a really complete, view of your overall, campaign. Since we first launched this tool, we've heard directly, from you on, how valuable, this feature has been, in helping, you build. Better plans. And, help you plan. Media campaigns. Particularly. As more of your clients are embracing, programmatic. Technology. And you've shared with us how outreach, planning tool has helped you and your teams. Figure out how, and where you should allocate, your media budgets. Understand, the potential, reach you can achieve, through the platform. And most importantly. Provide, accurate, forecasts, to ensure, you deliver, on the plans that you put forward.

We Know how important this is to you and to agencies, like omd, new zealand, who kindly shared this quote that you can see on the screen now. And we've been working hard to, ensure, that our planning, tools can continue, to support, you. Now and into this next, new frontier. So. With that i'd love to share with you some exciting, features that we've recently, launched to our platform. The first, is a dedicated, user role for media planners. Now we know that media planners, are increasingly. Being held accountable. For how well an ad campaign. Actually delivers, against the plan. And as more advertisers. Embrace programmatic. We're seeing deeper collaborations. Between. Traditional, media teams, and agency, trading desk teams, when it comes to planning, programmatic. Campaigns. So with these deeper collaborations. We've heard from you that. You wanted, media planners to have access, to outreach, planning tools, so that they can understand, the potential, reach that they can achieve through the platform. And this is exactly, why we created, this dedicated, user role, so that media planning, teams. Can, access, the tool, and feel comfortable. Without. Being worried about impacting, any live or or, upcoming, campaigns. We also know that a lot of your media planning teams, are already using google as reach planner today, to plan their youtube campaigns. So, we recently, revamped, our ui. In displaying, video 360. And made it consistent, with the google ads reach planner ui. To reduce, training needs, across your team. This way, if your client is buying media, through displaying video, 360. Your teams can use the planning, tool, in displaying, video 360. And understand the reach of youtube, alongside, the rest of the campaign. Without, having to be an expert, of the db360. Platform. We've, also. Recently, launched a beta, called default, settings. Which is an assistive, feature. That helps you, save time by applying, the most commonly, used settings. To your plan. Now this feature can, not only provide. Efficiencies. In your planning, process. But we believe, can also help media planning teams, better navigate, the tool. So. We know that when it comes to programmatic, buying. There are many controls, and levers that impact, the overall, reach of your campaign. But these may be too tactical. Or granular, for media planning, teams, to have knowledge, of. So with default, settings. Teams can have confidence, that the forecast, that they see in the plan. Will actually, be delivered. And then, finally. We launched, publisher, and url, forecasting. To beta. This is another step towards, allowing you to plan, and understand. Deduplicated. Reach across your entire, digital, campaign. So that was a very quick snapshot. Of a few of our most recent launches. And as we look towards, the future. Our vision for planning, in displaying, video 360. Continues, to be focused, on providing, an intuitive. Media planning, experience. That allows you to reach your audience. And meet your campaign, goals. We will do this by providing, you with actionable. Insights. Forecasts. And recommendations. Across, all of the media you buy on our platform. And as we look to 2021. And beyond. We're continuing. Investments, into this product area. So, as promised. Here is a sneak peek of just a few things that we'll be focused, on, next, year. First, is closing. The gap on coverage. We want to allow you to plan across, all the media, you buy on our platform. And that includes, deals that you've struck with publishers. So coming, very soon to beta. Will be the ability, to forecast. Existing, deals, and deal ideas, you have in the platform. This will allow you to understand, the deduplicated. Reach across your overall, campaign. Across, youtube. Open exchange. And all programmatic. Deals. So this includes programmatic, guaranteed, deals. As well as non-guaranteed. Deals such as pmps. This launch will also help you better plan for emerging, formats, such as, ctv. And audio. Which we know are mostly, transacted, via deals today. Another major investment, area for us will be focused, on leveraging. Tv, data. To enhance. Our reach planning capabilities.

With Tv data, in reach planning, you'll be able to discover, what that optimal, mix of tv. And digital, budget, is, in order to maximize. The reach of your media plan. And to do this, we'll be using, actual historical. Tv data, along with simulated, digital, data, in a single reach curve, to help you understand. The incremental. Reach that digital, can deliver, as a complement, to your tv, campaigns. Something else we'll be focused, on is, expanding. Signals, and coverage, to better support, planning. For emerging, formats such as ctv. And audio. We know that planning is a critical part of the overall, buying process, for these formats. And while support, for deal ideas, is a great first step. We know that there's more we can do to enhance, the planning capabilities. To help you more effectively. Plan, for these formats. Alongside, the rest of your campaigns. And then finally. As the ecosystem. Continues, to evolve. We remain, focused, on improving. Our forecast, methodology. Our signals. Our coverage. To help you better plan and navigate, these changes. And. Of course we welcome your feedback, and partnership. On areas where we can continue, to innovate. To better support your planning, needs. I hope you found that useful. And that you're, just as excited. As i am on the future of our plumbing, tool. Thank you so much for joining us virtually, today. As you can tell i am really excited about this tool, and by the positive feedback, that we've heard from customers. But there's more that we can do. So, if you're already using the reach planning tool, please continue, to share feedback, with our teams. And if you've not yet tried the tool, i encourage you to do so and welcome, any and all feedback, that you may have to help us continue, to improve. For any questions. Please submit them by the form below. And. Thank you. Take care, enjoy the rest of the event. And until next time i'll pass it back to paul, thank you so much. Welcome back everybody, and, thank you so much renee, for showing us around the planning, areas, of display, and video 360.. It's been really exciting to see the journey of planning, over time in recent months and years, how we can now give media planners that certainty. Around the kinds of reach they're going to get for a given budget within a programmatic. Context. And that really shows that bringing that programmatic, trading, and that media planning worlds together, in the same platform, can be really powerful in an integrated, way. I thought it was really exciting to see how publisher, deals can now be forecast. Out within that tool so look forward to seeing more developments, within the planning environment, and we're going to turn our minds now from planning. To advanced, tv, and with that i'm going to hand you over to marielle, on the team to tell you more. Hi everyone, my name is marielle minlin and i lead our global strategy. For connected tv, in display in video 360.. I'm thrilled to share with you today the exciting opportunity, that connected, tv bricks. The evolution, of tv is in full effect, with a user behavior, shift towards, digital video. Now some might say that that means that tv is dead however, we do not believe that's the case. For just some examples, to consider. The amount of drama shows has more than doubled, in the last few years. Streaming provider, providers, like netflix, are spending billions, of dollars, on new content. Parties like disney plus are an example of how traditional, broadcasters. Are evolving, into the digital, space. Tv, and tv content, is not dying, if anything, it's significantly. Growing. And what's exciting about the connected, tv space, is that it creates a whole new opportunity. For marketers, to reach their audiences. Who are viewing this content. As you can see from the stats on the screen. Throughout europe connected, tv usage, is skyrocketing. And the amount of time consumers, are spending, while watching connected, tvs, is also increasing. Especially. In the last year during this pandemic. And during shelter and place restrictions. Now these new streaming, habits. Do offer a huge opportunity. For marketers, to reach their audiences. Including, those harder to reach, younger demographics. In addition to the proliferation. Of streaming, content. And usage, of connected, tvs. It's important to understand. That connected, tvs, are a new device, type, that's really at the epicenter. Of where digital, meets tv. So first, what is a connected tv. It's a tv, that's connected to the internet. Either natively. Like a smart tv. Or via an external device. Like a roku. A gaming console. A chromecast, or firestick. And with digital, you have this one-to-one, lean forward, experience. With all the very detailed, targeting, and measurement, options. And on the flip side, you have, linear, tv, it's a very lean back. Experience. Typically, enjoyed. One-to-many. And connected tv sort of sits right in the middle.

Where It has that same lean back one-to-many. Viewing. Viewer experience. Like linear. However, because, it's internet, enabled. There are many more possibilities. To achieve your reach, in a much more efficient way. So at google, our priority, for building out programmatic. Connected, tv. In display in video 360. Is really centered around four different pillars. The first being. Accessible. We want to enable marketers, to access, the content and audiences. That they're looking for. Second being efficient, we want them to achieve, their reach, in a way that drives, operational. And media efficiencies. And measurement, measurable. Being able to measure the outcomes, improve your return on investment. All of this is grounded, in a privacy, first approach. Display, video 360, is the only dsp. That has access, to the biggest connected tv, platform, out there which is youtube. Youtube, is the number one, in reach among all ad supported, ott, and connected tv services. And the number one in viewing hours. My colleague. Van song will go over a lot more youtube specific, details in the next session. However i wanted to highlight, here that. Uh the reach marketers, can achieve, by incorporating. Youtube, into their connected, tv buys. In displaying video, 360. Is immense. So while youtube, has the best reach on ctv, already. You can even further extend your reach, by adding, additional, premium, third-party. Broadcasters. Into your mix. Now as connected, tv usage. Continues, to grow. More and more streaming providers. As well as traditional, broadcasters. Are entering the connected tv market. And access, to third-party, connected tv publishers, in emea, is continuously. Growing. It's a huge focus area for our internal, teams, to make sure that we're able to provide, access, to the most strategic. Bevod. Broadcaster. Video on demand. And avod, ad supported, video on demand, services. So that marketers, can effectively, maximize, their reach, through our platform. And as more and more content providers, enter the space. And their inventory, is made accessible, via programmatic, pipes. It can be a challenge, to keep up with all of the options, that are available. That's why in displaying video 360, we launched, our new tv marketplace. To help marketers. Easily find those publishers. And packages. That best match their campaign, objectives. And to streamline, the workflow. Marketers, can kick off negotiations. For one-to-one, deals with these publishers. Directly, from the marketplace. Now in addition to marketplace, we have a full offering, to help marketers, effectively, buy connected, tv. We recently, launched, a brand new dedicated, tv buying workflow. This streamlined. Experience. Only features, options that are most relevant, and important for connected tv ads. And. It also enables you to target, over-the-top, content, at scale. Now frequency, management, is one of the traditional, digital benefits. That extends to connected, tv. Which helps marketers, drive efficiency. With who they're reaching, and how often. Brand safety is extremely important for all brands. And with our platform, marketers, can. Be at ease knowing that their brands are safe and due to our extensive. Categorization. Features, and filters. Marketers, can, include or exclude, specific, digital, content labels. And sensitive, categories. And of course measurement. With unique reporting, unique reach reporting. Marketers, can understand, how many people their campaigns, reached. And how many times. And then they can also measure brand lift on their youtube campaigns, and improve, campaign, effectiveness. Mid-flight, based on the. Learnings. Want to call out that, the overall ads ecosystem. Is evolving. Examples. Such as browser, updates, changes to cookies. And of course regulatory. Changes. This all shows how important it is to future proof your marketing, strategy. And connected tvs, even though they're a new medium, that doesn't mean that they're exempt from. Evolve. A changing, and evolving, environment. And, at displaying, video 360. We're extremely, focused, on. The importance, of privacy, and protecting, our user, data, as. As the industry, evolves. So, our product. Is, meant for the widest, reach. We need to take a, very thorough approach, to make sure we're developing, a sustainable. Privacy, safe connected, tv environment. And to make sure we're doing that we support, the iep's. Identifier, guidelines. To make sure we're. Maintaining, this high quality, and privacy, safe advertising. Experience. We take this very seriously, and and we think that this, is an important. Place, to start. Our connected, tv offering. And it will help us create a sustainable. Offering, for the future.

Viewer Behavior, when it comes to connected, tvs, is much more similar to linear, tv. And according, to the ieb's, europe connected tv guide. Connected, tv viewers. Occur, in a very similar time pattern as linearity, date, with peak times of usage, coming at those prime time hours. Another similarity. Is co-viewing. People gather around the tv, and watch content, together. And there's no difference when it comes to connected tv. A survey by spotics, of the top five markets in india, showed that only, 24, percent of people are watching connectedtv. Alone. So as we look to the, future, and and we move forward, in this connected, tv, world. We're building out capabilities. To make sure that marketers, are better equipped to understand. The full audience. That they're reaching on a connected, tv. And that they're able to measure, and. Measure that reach accurately. So in summary, you can partner with displaying video 360, today, and in the future, to, access. Youtube, and other premium broadcaster. Inventory. Consolidate, your buying to gain those important, media, and operational. Efficiencies. And measure the impact, of your campaigns, on connected tvs. And then of course all while ensuring, a privacy, and brand safe. Environment. And with that i will pass it over to my colleague manson, who will dive deeper into our extensive. Youtube, on tv screens, offering. Thank you. Thank you marielle. Hi everyone. My name is van sant franco. And i am a regional, product expert for reach and awareness, on youtube. Specifically. I'm here today, to talk to you about youtube. On tv screens. So. Why tv screens matter. Well. First thing to see. Is that it is youtube's, fastest, growing screen, in all our markets. And, it is growing really fast. 85, percent watch time growth over the last year in the uk. Or a 70. Year-on-year, growth, for germany, and france. But what is really interesting, to see. Is that this impressive, growth. Does not necessarily, mean, that tv screen, is only nascent, when it comes to youtube. In fact. This is already massive, in most, of our ema markets. Over 20 million people. Are watching, youtube on their tv screen in the uk, every month. That's 40. Of the uk digital, population. And there are over 15 million in germany, and france. And over, 9 million. In italy. Like on any other device. People go on youtube for the wide variety, of content, they can't find on the platform.

Still. We see some dynamics, that are specific, to tv screen. Because youtube on the big screen, allows for bigger image. And better audio. We see higher than average, watch time growth. In, content, categories, such as. Feature lens movies. Live content. Tv shows. And sports. And, we see different user behavior, when people engage with youtube on the tv screen. It's often enjoyed with others. And like the more individual, experience, on the mobile device. In a recent custom nielsen study commissioned, by google in the us. We found that 26, percent of the time. Multiple, 18 plus viewers, are watching youtube together, on the tv screen. Compared to 22, percent. On linear, tv. Now. Let's have a look at some of the unique capabilities. You can leverage, on youtube, to connect. With your audience, on tv screens. A few primary, examples, of this, includes. High impact formats. Advanced, audiences. Effective, frequency, management. Or video ad sequencing. The masthead. Is youtube's most prominent, at placement. That drives, massive, reach for advertisers. By putting their brands, in lights of youtube's, millions of engaged viewers. It appears, historically. At the top of the youtube home feed on mobile. And home page on desktop devices. It is now available, on tv screen. With an incredible. And impactful, user experience. And. You can also now use extended, targeting, options. As well as frequency, capping, and flighting. On the mastered, unit. You can also leverage, youtube on tv screens. To run your regular, in-stream formats. Think, bumper, ads, trueview for reach. And non-skippable. Ads, for regional ones purposes. And trueview cpv. For consideration. Goals. As on other devices. You can access, the whole range of youtube targeting capabilities. On ctv. And customize, your buys to the audiences, that are more important to you. Based on demo. Interests and habits. And intent, or action. One audience. That can be particularly. Interesting. To leverage on the big screen. Is live tv viewers. So that you can maximize. Coverage, on people. That are harder to reach, on linear. Tv. Video ad sequencing. Is an approach, that empowers, brands to tell the story in a chapter-like, series of video ads delivered, to a consistent, audience. As they move through content, across devices. Result, shows, that video ad sequencing, has a positive, effect, on brand metrics, across the customer journey. And when done right. Can open up new forms of storytelling. And connection, between, brands, and consumers. This is an approach, that works well for tv screen. As well as in combination. With other devices. The last capability. I wanted to talk to you about. Is measurement. On top of unique reach and frequency, reporting. That is available, through google ads and dv360. I'm glad to announce, that we are now able to measure the brand impact, of your ctv, campaigns. Using brandleaf, surveys. And this works on youtube, through all buying doors. Now. How to take action. How to make the most of the connected, tv opportunity, on youtube. First step, is to add a dedicated. Tv screens campaign, to your cross device campaign. Cross device, is obviously, still key to deliver, massive reach and frequency, on youtube, to match your media goals. And by adding a dedicated, ctv, campaign on top. You're making sure that you are following, ables, and maximizing.

Your Presence, on the big screen. And also. Try the youtube math set on tv screens, to capture, attention, of all youtube viewers. On for a new impactful, ad experience, in the living room, on the homepage, of youtube. Thank you so. Much. Foreign. Welcome back everybody, and thanks so much for the team there for presenting, advanced, tv, i thought it was really interesting to see the developments, both in dv 360. As well as our very own youtube, in this area. Now, users, as we know as marketers, and as we saw are watching, video content, like never before. We're also, listening, to content, like never before, when we look at music streaming. Radio, streaming, podcast, and other types of audio, formats, so, with that i'm going to hand you over to red apple who's going to really set the scene around the power, of the audio, format. And what this can do for. Marketers. The following, session, is best enjoyed with headphones. So please put in your headphones. Sit back, and enjoy. Here at red apple creative. We're known as the audio, agency. We create audio, ads, podcasts. And we plan, and buy audio, every day. So what better way to show you the audio, space, than to deliver, our session today, using, only. Sound. So let's dive in, to why audio, is seeing, such, a boom. Audio, is going from strength, to strength. With recent years being coined as the golden, age of audio. With the rise of smart speakers, and apps like youtube, and spotify. On our phones. And therefore, in our pockets with us wherever, we go. The connected, world means that audio, has become an anytime. Anywhere. Experience. On an emotional, level which is key to successful, advertising, as we all know. Audio, has the power, to move us. Known as the most personal, medium. Programmatic. Audio, has opened a world of creative, possibilities. Where data, informs, ideas, to help brands, drive deeper, more authentic. Connections. We're a world away from the old generic. Broadcast. Message. Now we can start to tailor how we approach, audio, spots. Based on what we know about the audience. Their likes. Their behaviors. Their moods. Combining, this with our understanding. About the context. In which, they are listening. People are now soundtracking, their days with playlists. Radio, and podcasts. And as an advertiser. It's key to listen to these moments, before, speaking, to your audience. Let's imagine, we wake up and put on our yoga, playlist, to ease, ourselves, into the morning. We might be listening to gentle, music, as we stretch, it out, during our downward, dog position. And now, imagine, an ad for a brand new blockbuster. Action movie. Interrupting. Our moment. Of zen. In a world. Threatened, by a giant. Robot. Only one thing, can save the future of humanity. A dinosaur. With a heart of gold, and a bite of steel. Witness, the fight of the century. When it's the future, versus, the past. There can only be one winner. Robots, versus dinosaurs. Three, in cinemas, now. Well it would certainly, wake us up but it's not the ideal.

Fit, In a moment, of calm. However, it would be perfect, if you were targeting, film podcasts. Or a behavioral, segment, of thrill seekers. Something that might fit more seamlessly. Is a beautiful, piece of immersive. Or 3d, audio, using nature, sounds. Here's an advert we created, using existing. Show assets. Which we turned, into seven, different, 3d, audio, spots for the bbc. Seven worlds, one planet. Campaign. Uh. Asia. Seven worlds, one planet, continues, sunday, on bbc, one and bbc, iplayer. Click now to experience. More. The beauty, about great audio, is that it can be incredibly. Visual. And it has the power to take us all around, the world. Perfect, for travel clients. Audio's, theater of mind draws, from our memory, to create pictures, in our imaginations. So not only can we travel the globe, but we can create, super, fun, fictional, scenes with just a few sound effects. Here's an example of a client we worked with who had animated. Video, assets. They struggled to see how these ads could translate. Into sound. So rather than explain. We showed them, here's one of six, audio, ads. The sourpatch. Kids were a naughty, little bunch, they snuck into a giant, rocket ship once, with a big red button that said do not press. But one little guy did and boy, it was a mess. He shot through the stars, like an acrobat, and his buddies did nothing, just stood there chewing gum. Now imagine, that. Sour patch kids gum, available, in stores. Sour patch kids, sour, sweet, gone. Aside from having great fun painting, worlds with sound, you can use music, as a powerful, storytelling. Tool. The fda, wanted to warn young audiences. About the dangers, of vaping, and the risks of inhaling, deadly, metals, into their lungs. The solution. To reverse. Genre target. We chose to target people listening, to upbeat, genres. Like pop music, with a purposefully. Disruptive. Spot, using, metal music, to underline, the client's, message. Here's the ad. Metal doesn't belong in this playlist, and it doesn't belong in your monks, if you vape you can be inhaling, metals like nickel, chromium, and lead that can injure your lungs know the real cost of vapes, at. Brought to you by the fda. Using data, as part of your creative, approach, really helps to make your audio, campaigns. More personal. And we can't touch on personalization. Without, thinking, about dynamic. Audio. Dynamic, audio, is a way to deliver, hundreds. Thousands, possibly, millions, of variants, of your brand's, message. You can deliver the right message, at the right time to the right audience, based on the real-time. Signals, being received. The main lookout for dynamic, audio, is to make sure that it adds value, to the listener. Don't make something dynamic, just for the sake of it, ask, why, and what problem, it solves, or what unique, quality, it adds. Dynamic, audio, is perfect, for always-on. Campaigns, with frequently, changing, messages. Or. Geo-targeted. Offers across large, retail. Auto, or fmcg. Verticals. And dare to think differently. With dynamic. The music you can hear comprises. Of several, mixes, cut together, of the world's, first, advert. Where the music, mixed, itself, dynamically. We composed. Individual, music, elements. And used a dynamic. Randomizer. Function of the technology. So that each, sound bed would randomly. Create, and mix itself. Under the locked, voice.

Making The ad itself, a piece of unique, composition. And audio, art. The ad was for a world-renowned. Arts and music, university. With a brand, message about different perspectives. Coming together. So the fit, was perfect. Here's the ad with the voice over for context. You know pi is 3.14. A high q has a total of 17, syllables. 5 gigahertz, is faster than 2.4. But how do you describe. Yellow. Can you quantify, it, and how do you know your yellow, is the same as mine. It's like this music. Every element has been randomized. So everyone, could hear something, unique. So maybe your version of yellow is different to mine after all, the world is full of opinions. Ideas. And voices. It's time to find yours. Endless possibilities. One goldsmiths. Search goldsmith's, university, of london. So finally, let's recap. On the best practices, to consider. When you're making, award-winning. Audio, campaigns, in the future. Always, tailor your message to the context. And split into multiple, messages, for multiple, audiences. Or platforms. Whenever, appropriate. Consider, the data, to get more personal, with the creative, idea, and use dynamic, when it adds value, or creative, functionality. To underline, the campaign, message, in a clever way, finally, immerse, your audiences. With standout. 3d, audio, production. And most, importantly. Only, ever put a dinosaur. In at an appropriate. Moment. I've been kathleen, moroney, creative, director, of the audio, agency. Red apple creative. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, for advice. Ideas, and production, on all things audio. And i hope you enjoy, the rest of the event. Thanks for. Listening. Awesome, thanks paul thanks kathleen. Um, i don't know about you all but my eardrums, are still tingling, after that audio demo. I love how audio creative, can really. Hook in the listener, and get capture, their imagination. And. You know their attention. So. Um as a quick intro, i am emma crawford, patty, i am a creative, product lead here in emea, and we're moving to now a more visual demo, where, i'd like to show you one of our new creative, tools that launched, earlier this year, called audio mixer. Now i just want to acknowledge one of the things that kathleen, said in the last section which is really that. You know a lot of people do do dynamic, creative. On audio, well to be honest on all formats, but definitely on audio a little bit for the sake of doing it and not necessarily, where it really suits. The goals or the objectives, or the really the creative. Um. Efforts. And, while at google, we are working, towards, a new, dynamic, audio solution. Hopefully launching early next year. Um, we. Have in the short term launched audio mixer, which i think is important, for users, of db360. To sort of take some time with because, it will help get them to understand. And work with audio. And the individual, assets that are required. You can do your own beginnings of testing, and learning, and adaptation. But that also means that you'll be in a better place to actually tackle, audio creative, once it's ready and launched. Um and you you know you'll already have some basic understandings. You'll already know how to work with the different elements and assets. Um, and i think that will be pretty powerful. So. Getting straight into it. Um. This is our, former gallery ui you should have all seen this before. And obviously it has all of our creative formats, but, what you may have seen hopefully, in the last couple of months is audio, and audio mixer. So i'm going to take you through, audio, mixers, ui. This is a tool that allows you to upload all of the individual, audio, assets. Mix them and then deliver, a final, creative, campaign. Or a final creative, of audio. So you would come in here and you can upload, your voice assets music assets, and different sound effects. Um you can upload actually five assets, per creative. Then you can add your landing page urls. The effects. Tab is probably the most important, piece because here you can actually start tinkering, with the individual, creative, elements. Um. And then you can upload, your. Companion. Creative, so whether it's, um html5. Or images, and here you would then be able to see everything you've uploaded here. This area is to preview, so you can click the little i, and then pre see the actual companion, creative, the display creative and then the final, audio asset.

And Then, in this section. You, would just change the name or add any serving properties and things like that it's pretty standard for the rest of. Um. Add canvas. So. Instead of watching me upload assets, i'm just going to. Flick to another tab, and where i've uploaded. Some assets that i already have now. We. Have a, set of fake brands here in google and i'm going to talk about verato, which is our auto brand, so i've uploaded the voice track and the voice over. The sound effect which is effectively, a car engine. Um, and then the music track. That we have for our verado. Once you've uploaded these tracks you can then start moving them so you can actually move these individual, tabs, dragging and dropping if you want them to start a little bit later so for example i actually do want the voice to start a little bit later. Um, and i do want the. You know the car engine, to, start towards the end. Um. And then i would want. The, music to be a little bit shorter. And i can drag and drop that as, i need here and as you can see it just updates on the fly. But you can also obviously do this in the audio, section, and in the effects section as well so, i'm going to want to change, the. Fade out, and some of the gains, which i've already updated here. Um, and i definitely want to trim. The sound effect i actually do the most works of this. Um and so you watching me, do this, um. I have already done it in another creative. So when i flick here, you'll see in this one i've already uploaded the url. I've actually uploaded, a image which you can see here the 300x250. And i've set up, these creatives. So that they are. Um. Set, offset, and have the gain set correctly, so that i have a final, creative. If i now, click off this. And press play. Whether you're moving into a new place, playing hooky when the surf is up or planning a picnic, in the park the neuron, can take you there with lightning fast charging, and 250. Miles, of electric, range, we're here, wherever life takes you test drive the neuron, at your local verado, dealership. Great and that's it. Um. I hope you. Take some time to, go and explore audio mixer, in your dv 360, accounts. And do a little bit of testing and learning so if you've got any creative tracks you can set up and start. Building. Your audio. Campaigns. And thank you very much for listening. Thank you. Thank you emma. Hi everybody. My name is elizabeth, elsner, and i'm a global product lead, on audio. So by now, you've heard. A lot about the importance, of creative, when it comes to audio advertising. And you've also just gotten a taste of some of the tools, that. The teams are working on to help you get started, easily. So, now. Here you are you have your audio, created, your best in class audio. Super impactful. But what are you going to do with it. So i'm going to take the next few minutes to talk you through, how you can actually drive reach, and impact performance. With your audio ad. To get started we're going to do a quick recap. What do we what do we mean when we say digital audio. Where is this running. So on this slide on the left hand side, is just. Traditional, radio. This is the bucket that we think of when you know you're situated, on your car, etc. On the right hand side, are. The three different, slightly different buckets. That all make up. Digital, audio. There is online radio, this is radio that's streamed over the internet. There is music streaming, things like spotify. Pandora. And there's podcasts. All of which. You have access to if you're running. Programmatic. Audio, through display and video, 360..

So Why. Is, reached into digital audio, important, beyond. That traditional, radio assessment. You know it's been around for a really long time. A lot of people. Use that, in their everyday life. This probably comes as no surprise. But digital, audio, is, becoming, increasingly. Exciting. And it's an exciting space to work in specifically, with ads, and frankly we believe it to be an underutilized, final for marketers. In fact. As you can see in the slide, e-marketer. Predicted that this year, 2020, would be the first time when adults would spend more time listening to digital audio. Content than they do terrestrial, radio, traditional, radio. Again, probably, not a huge surprise, just based on how you're likely. Consuming, content, today. Beyond this initial data indicates, that, this is likely even accelerated. Any predictions, we had around the space. Because, of, copen 19. And in fact the mobile market is probably. Accelerated. In general. Two to three years because of this as well. Why is this happening. There are lots of different factors, that, are coming together, to really drive this trend. Part of it the continued, growth of popular, music platforms. Like spotify. Youtube music. The emergence, of podcast, as a major media, phenomenon. And, of course, it's, this proliferation. Of new internet, connected devices, like smart tvs. And, you know, assistant technologies. Smart, speakers etc. What i like to focus on when we're talking about audio, is that it's not just. A new medium but it's actually, new, moments, it's new opportunities. People are listening to digital audio, when they're not really reachable, with visual, formats, because this is happening when they're relaxing, when they're exercising. When they're working from home. As well as when they're in consider. Consideration, moments when they might be searching for something in their primary, tab but the audio is on the background. All of these moments. Provide opportunity, for us to build awareness. And drive incremental, reach. I'm sure, you're sitting there thinking about all the different moments of your day, where. Digital audio, is part of your life i know for me i can't start my day without listening to the new york times. Podcast, it's called the daily. And, i give my nine month old his first bottle while listening to sesame street radio on spotify. Every single morning. This slide goes into the details, of the incremental, reach we're seeing. Of. Music, apps beyond just radio, all across, ania. And as you might suspect, music apps also allow us to go beyond, the existing, reach, of audio as the user base has slightly different profiles. So we can reach even more of the population. By combining. Radio, with music. If the objective of course is incremental, broad reach, and these are just some examples. This piece is really important. Not only are clients, seeing reach, by extending, beyond, radio, and capturing, attention, during new moments. But marketers, are, improving, reach, by consolidating. Their existing, video and display, buying, with audio in the exact same platform. In this example we compared a standard display and video campaign. In phase one, and then added in audio in phase two but we kept the budget and frequency, exactly the same. The results went, really well beyond expectations. With significant. Incrementality. By reaching new users, again in new moments and environments. And also since we were able to control the frequency, across, all channels. They were able to not overexpose. The same user, and we can better utilize their investments, to reach new ones. And finally just to bring it full circle.

As You heard earlier today, from red apple. Audio ads are really unique, and that from an impact perspective. We have 100. Share of attention, when you're listening to an audio ad. And so, as a result you're not facing the same congestion, and banner behind this as display formulas. Like we. Can. As you can see. I just pulled out a few stops there are plenty to choose from, but something like 60. Increase in brand recall, compared to different, uh industry, benchmarks. And, something that's really interesting, is for multi-former, campaigns, when you're layering. On. Audio, plus video. We're seeing, huge, momentum. Um driving. Uh. This just calls out purchasing, but across all different brand metrics, as well. This really speaks to the ability, of sound first experience, to capture user attention, and. They're valuable, as a complement. To video and other formats, as well. And that concludes. My, session. I. Will pass it over to melody from our youtube team for a super exciting update, and, thanks for joining. Thank you liz. Hello everyone. My name is melody. And i'm a global product lead who looks after youtube audio ads. Whether it's to squeeze in a quick living room workout, before dinner. Or to catch up on the latest episode of a favorite podcast, while cleaning the house. People continue, to adjust to spending more time at home. And they're turning to youtube to help. This isn't an opportunity, for you as a marketer, to revisit, how you connect with people. Using creatives, and messages, tailored to the various ways your audience turns to youtube in their daily lives. With this in mind, we're introducing, audio ads our first ad format for listening on youtube. Audio ads are joining the suite of youtube ads so you can extend your brand story across even more relevant, moments. Whether youtube is being watched front and center, or playing as the backdrop, to daily life. Since we are building for background and moments on youtube. Audio, ads are characterized, by creatives, where audio, soundtrack, plays a starring, role, in delivering, your message. While the visual, component, is typically, a still image or light animation. Let's listen to an example of what an audio. Ad from google phi sounds like. Google phy is a different kind of phone plan with simpler, pricing and smarter coverage, connect to over 2 million hot spots, and 3 different 4g, lte networks. All under one simple, flexible, plan, by google, learn more at, Some creative best practices, we recommend, are, get your product name up front, you want people listening to know who you are. Clearly state the benefits of your product or offering. You want to make sure that this is easy to, follow, simply by listening. Don't let music or sound effects overpower, the announcer. Remember, that audio ads go directly, into listeners, ears. So avoid, extremely. Annoying, or jarring sounds. Make the visual simple. Users likely won't see it but if they do you want to help direct them towards an action. Which brings us to our last point. Include a call to action, in the audio or visual. Help direct the user towards what you want them to do. In the past year we ran a trial version of our product, which demonstrated, that over 75.

Of Measure campaigns, drove lift in brand awareness. We were thrilled, to see such successful, results, in our alpha. Across the board. Advertiser, results were positive. Demonstrating, both lift and brand awareness, and ad recall. These are just a few, of the brands that we have participated. In the alpha. We look forward to bringing this solution, to even more brands. One of the biggest changes we are making. Going from alpha to beta. Is a huge improvement, in the ui, and dv360. During the trial setup, youtube audio campaigns, were extremely, manual. As we were still testing this format. With the beta. Buying youtube audio ads, will become a first class citizen in dv360. With its own supported, buying workflow, in the ui. Creating, a native, seamless, and easy buying experience, for advertisers. And now as you can see from the image. It's currently nested, within, the, youtube, line item. Audio ads are available, in beta via auction, on google ads and dv360. On a cpm, basis, with the same audience, targeting, options. Bidding strategies, and brand lift measurement, capabilities. As your other youtube video campaigns. Using both video, and audio ads together, you can reach more users, with the ad format that's best suited for their youtube, experience. To start using audio ads on youtube, today. Speak to your google representative. Thank. You. Foreign. Episode. Foreign. Technology. Yo. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Transposes. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Foreign. Is. Um. Um. Uh. Uh. Uh. Okay. M. Welcome back everybody, and thank you so much to everyone who was presenting, the audio, content, there. Uh look i'm just going to put it out there. Is 2021. Potentially. The year of audio, after everything that you've just seen and heard there around audio i thought it was incredibly, interesting, to see how we're building, creative. Authoring, tools, directly. Into the platform which you're already planning, and buying your media in in dv 360.. And i thought it was so impressive to see what's going on from youtubers, they think about audio formats. From a publisher, which we already know and love as users, and marketers. And also how they're thinking differently, about coming into the audio market. With an auction, based format, as well as already supporting, deals. When we think about the audio is largely, transacted, by deals today in the programmatic, environment. So i think we've kind of taken you on a little bit of a journey here we've gone from planning, at the beginning of the campaign, process. Through to the user, who may be engaging, with their phone or their device, around advanced, tv. To how they may be out and about in the street listening to audio, content, as you can find them in new moments, and, thinking about as they're out about the street, they may come across billboards, and that takes us into our new and next topic which is digital, out of home. So i'm not gonna, um kick us off from this section but i will be presenting, some of the content, later, on uh firstly i'm gonna start with kate from jc deco. And then gavin, from view, we're gonna really set the scene around the customer, benefit, of our phone, and i'm going to give you a little bit more detail, in a moment about what we're doing specifically. In dv, 360. In out of home, so with that i'll hand you over to. Kate. Thank you paul. Um, hello everybody, my name is kate tovey. I am the director, of commercial, strategy, and business transformation. At jc deco. So i'm going to spend five minutes, talking to you about, the value, and benefit, that our home can bring. And how we hope to help you make the most, of your media spend. I'll start by giving, a brief introduction. To our business. Jc deco, is the only, international, outdoor company, that is exclusively, dedicated, to out-of-home, advertising. So we're very proud, of the expertise, that we have built up over the past 50 years in understanding. Global, cities. And their populations. We operate, in a variety, of different, markets. And environments. Ranging from, high streets, and bus stops, to transport, hubs, and airports.

To Shopping destinations. And busy arterial, routes. Now as media consumption, is becoming. More fragmented. Out of home, remains, a key medium. That surrounds, audiences. In their everyday environments. Our increasingly, sophisticated. Audience, measurement systems. Show that we are one of the last remaining. True, broadcast. Channels. Without a home as a whole typically. Reaching, about 98. Of the uk population. Every week in the uk. Now as with other channels. We have of course felt the impact of covid. More strongly in some environments, than others. It is however. Really reassuring. To note, our lives. Are showing that in the uk. Across some environments. We are back to 80. Even 90. Of pre-covered. Audience, levels. Now the rapid digitization. Of the out-of-home, environment. Is really starting to accelerate. The technology, innovation. And it means that we can communicate, faster. More effectively. And with greater flexibility. Which brings me on to the key question, for today, which is how can out of a home, add real value to your media plan. By positively, influencing, the brand funnel, and driving, business, outcomes. So there are three areas, that i want to briefly, cover. Each really, is a sizable, talking point that we won't really be able to fully do justice, to today. So. In the bullet points, i've actually signposted. Some further reading, that can be accessed, on our jc deco uk website. The first. Is audience. Now i've already spoken about, out of homes ability, to deliver, big reach, and to do so quickly. But we've also seen huge advancements. In data driven targeting. The power of out of home has always, been location. Which combined, with more sophisticated. Audience segmentation. That you might be using, for your online, or mobile buying for example. Means a more targeted, and omni-channel. Approach. All of our real-time, audience tracking info, can be found on our back to business hub. The second thing, is priming. We think that there is a really, powerful combination. Of public, marketing. And private marketing, working together. To create trust. And to deliver enhanced, outcomes. We have actually searched. P squared plus c equals five publication. That looks, out of homes priming effect, across the brand funnel. Specifically. The effects of using digital, channels, to retarget, people who have been exposed. Out of home. We are seeing some really positive, shifts in awareness. And conversion. Specifically. Footfall. And bricks and mortar sales. But interestingly. Also, in consideration. Which is something that we have turned. As part of this study, the golden metric. We live in a world where it is hard for brands to gain attention. Now, more than ever because of covid. Our research. Is suggesting. That trust, is key to driving, attention. And without of home being in the public domain. It offers perhaps a bit of a shortcut, to gaining that trust. Which then primes, audiences, before they're exposed, to other digital, activations. Online. Finally, i want to talk about creativity. The creative, concepts, that exist, in online, and the best practice that you're also. Out of home. Context. Is really important. Smart, data trigger activations. Deliver relevant messages to audiences. At exactly, the right time. So whether, you're reacting, to weather. Starbucks. Are very effectively, done here in this picture. Or pushing different products, at times of day or perhaps even tapping into different moments, moods and mindsets. All of this means that we can reach audiences. In a more engaging, and contextually. Relevant, way. I've already mentioned, that attention, is a limited resource, because we live in an age of information, overload. And our latest, neuroscience.

Studies, Are telling us that more attention. Equals better, effectiveness. By helping people through the funnel from awareness to conversion. And driving, these really strong business, outcomes. So now i'm going to hand over to gavin, who is here on behalf of our ssp, view. And he'll talk to you through, the specific, programmatic. Opportunity. In a little bit more. Detail. Hi everybody, my name is gavin wilson, i'm the chief revenue, officer. At, vue. Vue is an ssp. We work with media owners around the world, to help them monetize. Their inventory, across traditional. Digital. And across a programmatic. Exchange. And that exchange, that programmatic, element, is something i'm going to talk to you about now just for the next few minutes. Now programmatic. Has moved forward, a. Long way in the last few years obviously. Programmatic. Very very important, in other channels and it's fast becoming, so, in the outdoor market as well. It's no different, to other channels in the sense that it offers that huge. Ability, to target customers, both upper funnel. And lower funnel. And of course can use data, and precision. To engage with that audience so it really is both a broadcast. Channel and medium. And a. Lower funnel more direct response, medium. Often when positioned, alongside. Other channels. So three key things i just wanted to highlight, today, i guess to, reiterate, the benefit, of the out of home, programmatic. Um, part of any media campaign. The first is that it is a really great way to. Leverage, certain triggers, and certain messaging. So for example. A la, programmatic. In other markets, you can ingest. Data, and use data to help make those. Key, trading decisions. Via, the dsp. And those triggers of course can be things like, whether. They can be, things like, um time of day, or location, of frames. Or they could be things. Like the uv, index for example, when the, uh uv index getting to a certain level perhaps, ads want to show, and we've run some really clever campaigns, recently, for brands looking to use really clever bespoke, triggers. Um, for example, another campaign. Whereby, the emissions. In the environment. Help to trigger, a certain environmental. Message. So really, as you can see in that that point one those influential, moments, in messaging. Um, can deliver. High percentage, uplift when there's really contextual. Relevance. Subject, to that trigger that moment that reason, for an ad to show, at that particular. Time versus, a another. The second, is when. The programmatic. Outdoor. Market, is used

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