Good Morning San Antonio : Mar 18, 2020

Good Morning San Antonio : Mar 18, 2020

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Well. Good. Morning San, Antonio, starts, right, now. And making headlines this morning a man walking across the street is hit and killed by an SUV on, the west side we'll have the details. The. President, calls kovat 19 the quote invisible, enemy, I'm Alex Porche in Washington, coming, up new plans from his administration to combat the damage it does on the economy. I'm. Taking a look outside with live cam I had to use my windshield. Wipers, today, was only need a bit, that a taste of what's to come and. A good morning to you, it is Wednesday, it is March 18th, and I also had to use my windshield wipers this morning just a little bit here or there a little bit annoying more than you. Know good rainfall but, mostly rain yes the nuisance rain hopefully the good stuff is coming Justin, we still get, good rain chances in the forecast yeah I just helped to smear the dirt or crazy. Done. This before - yeah yeah, just, a little bit this morning a little bit of rain we do have some more we could see a repeat tonight and then we're gonna look for some better rain chances Friday and Saturdays as we've been talking about the forecast is still holding showers. Right now are moving basically, away from San Antonio and falling apart here this. Is what's left some. Showers and storms that formed overnight we thought that might happen and they limped into San Antonio this morning we're just not, getting much rain out of it but, there will be a chance again tonight for, some more showers and storms let's zoom out a little bit you'll. See there's also a little bit of action down there around Corpus Christi that too is, falling. Apart temperature-wise, were in the upper 60s right where we were yesterday 69. Degrees at the airport 66. Bandera 67, right now in Tarpley, with cloudy skies forecast. For today 75. Noontime, mostly cloudy can't. Rule out a couple showers, during. The afternoon hours, but then the rain chance to pick up again tomorrow night and then, cold, front that, cold front that we're expecting on Friday still there still looks pretty good we're gonna talk more about that timing to coming, up here in just a few minutes now, let's get over to Nick, and a look at the morning traffic good morning sir good morning Justin good morning everyone hope you're having a great start to your Wednesday morning all right we have one accident right now we're working on this is going to be IH, 10, eastbound, or westbound IH, 10 East to at the on-ramp, of southbound, IH 35, south now looks like they shut that on-ramp off from 10 to 35 right now for, a rollover vehicle, accident, hope that they can get it out very.

Soon So they can open that ramp, up all right we also have some construction here, this is gonna be 37, at Carolina looks like it's at southbound lanes of 37. S ranging from Carolina to Cesar Chavez, this, usually should be done by around 5:30, 6:00 a.m. so I don't think this should be trouble. On your morning commute to work well, they're slick out there so please be careful driving and everyone have a great morning lark, Leslie back to you. Nick. Thank you good to see you sir, well. As coronavirus, is now officially president in all 50 states cases, of Cova 19 continue to grow here in Burke County San Antonio Metro health now saying there are at least 11 confirmed, cases here's. How those numbers break down of the confirmed cases four or travel-related four, or close contacts, of the travel related cases, and three cases are still under investigation which. Means it's unclear how the cases, were contracted. So as of right now there's still no confirmed community, spread cases of the virus social. Distancing, is of course still being recommended, the corona virus has spurred questions, about health education, and emergency, management so, tomorrow night governor Abbott is set to hold a virtual town hall at 7 o'clock this is your chance to ask the governor question you can submit questions, on on, social media in writing or on, video for 20 seconds or less, you can watch the Town Hall on KSAT and, partnering, with NexStar Media Group to broadcast, this important, discussion it will, be shown statewide on, television. It will also be streamed live on more than a dozen websites, and different media markets, use, the hashtag, ask Abbott. To send your questions by 5:00 p.m. today we do prefer video and, be sure to join us for state of Texas coronavirus, update a virtual Town Hall with Governor Abbott that's, tomorrow. Let's see from 7:00 to 8:00 right here on case at and also streaming live on cassettes, com here. At home the goal for local health officials is to have enough blood for a pandemic. Donations. Of 600, pints of blood can, help us get there the South Texas blood and tissue Center is holding blood drives by appointment, today at the Alamo dome the, Alamo dome was chosen as a donation location, because it allows for social distancing, between donor, beds and waiting areas the, blood drive will be held from a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you, can find more information, on this at, case addcom president, Donald Trump now urging Congress to deploy, a trillion, dollars right away that includes money that would be sent to American families hurt by the noble coronavirus. For, more here is ABC's, Alex push, a from Washington. President. Trump is urging Congress to inject, up to a trillion, dollars into the economy to fight novel coronavirus we're. Going big one, big piece of this plan still under negotiation direct. Cash payments, to most Americans, it's unclear, how much Senator, Mitt Romney has proposed $1,000, per person American. State cash now and the president wants to get cash now and I mean now in the next two weeks the plan would also include, 500, billion dollars in a payroll tax cut fifty, billion dollars for the airline industry and 250. Billion dollars, for small business loans Treasury. Secretary Stephen minuchin telling Senate Republicans, the US could see 20%. Unemployment without. Government, intervention the, plan coming, as many states and cities opt to shudder bars and restaurants, we're asking the young people, to, help us with, this mitigation. Strategy, by, staying out of the boss staying, out of the restaurants, really, trying to distance yourself, millions, in the industry left are reeling so in total how many employees, are you -. 200. Have. They confided, in you about worried. About rent and, paying, bills you can see fear nice. Because here cities, and states navigating, how to cut off the viruses spread Governor, Andrew Cuomo saying New York City won't go the way of San Francisco's, Bay Area I have, no. Interest, whatsoever and. No. Plan whatsoever to. Quarantine, any. City health, care workers now bracing for a surge in patients, and a shortage of medical supplies the, Navy is readying to hospital, ships for possible deployment to, assist with patients who don't have the virus freeing.

Up Valuable hospital. Beds. The. Pentagon, is also, stepping in offering, five million respirator, masks and 2,000. Ventilators, to Health and Human Services to. Help with this outbreak Alex, for che ABC, News Washington. There. Is other news this morning new this morning a man dead after San Antonio police say he was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross a street happen around 9:00 last night near Callahan, and Ingram on the west side police. Say the man possibly in his 50s, was trying to cross the road when an SUV hit him s, APD says the driver of the SUV stopped. To help and there's no indication of any alcohol involved. The man was pronounced dead at the scene police say he was not using, a crosswalk for. 3769, degrees Sylla hattis millions of kids across the country are stuck at home schools. Are sending out links so parents can create their own curriculum and next today is the day for quarterback Tom Brady officially, hitting the free agent market after, years of playing for the Patriots. Five. Camp giving us a look outside we're gonna get some rain everybody, that's good news we need rain. You. In. Your the morning headlines Tom Brady officially hits the NFL, open market today for the first time in his career, ESPN's Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington, say Brady is expected. To sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there's. No signing, date or official announcement yet Brady bid farewell to the Patriots on Instagram, yesterday saying quote my football journey will take place elsewhere in, quote well, the novel coronavirus is. Forcing NASA employees, to change their work habits space, agency directed both employees, and contractors to, work remotely beginning, this week that's, after a limited number of workers tested positive, for the virus a mass, administrator, says teleworking. Is now a must to prevent the virus from reaching more employees, however. NASA's, mission critical, personnel, will continue to work on-site if. The weather is clear, SpaceX. Is expected, to launch a falcon, 9 rocket it. Would be from Cape Canaveral a little, bit later this morning the launch carrying, the 6th batch of Starling satellites, for the company's internet satellite, constellation. System. For, 41 69. Degrees still has long health XY health experts, say the very thing that is keeping kids safer, from the worst symptoms, of corona, virus is also putting the rest of the population, at risk and next with kids stuck at home school setting blinks to parents so they can create their own curriculum.

Or On an effort to keep kids engaged in. Education. Welcome. Back everybody it's now 4:40 for millions, of kids across the country are stuck at home thanks, to schools being closed the, viral hashtag, better together is being used as a rallying, cry by parents and educators ABC's. Becky Worley has details in your GMA personal. In. This morning's GMA first look feeling, overwhelmed, about homeschooling your, child well we've got you covered. Some. Schools are offering remote. Live classes, but. For others schools, are sending out links so parents can create their own curriculum, and families. Are talking, ideas, are being shared online the, hashtag better together is trending, as parents, teachers, and educational. Institutions, share. Resources. Parents. Like Angie Wong founder, of the Brooklyn moms Facebook, group, everyone's seeking, answers, everyone. Is in a bit of a panic and. We, just want to know what to do with our kids all day long so you know and we're, sharing ideas online, coming, up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have the expert, tips to keep you sane and make learning fun with. Your GMA first look I'm Becky Worley ABC, News Oakland. Pediatric. Specialists, have good news and bad news when it comes to children, and the corona virus it seems the very thing that is keeping kids safe from, the worst symptoms is also, putting, the rest of the population at risk Ursula Perry dives into the issue with an infectious, disease specialist. From UT Health pediatric department, who. Was spending a lot of time himself, with his kids at home, consider. This doctor JB Canty is spending much of his time like this on skype at home doing. As much of his job as he can away, from beauty, health we're, trying to do that as much as possible using. Distance. Technologies like Skype and FaceTime, and zoom his. Research into pediatric, reactions, to corona virus is still ongoing he, says there's a lot to learn about how its transmitted, to babies but, one thing we do know most. Children, already have, come in contact with a corona, virus, or two and they, are less likely, to have the worst symptoms. We're, hoping and in, it would it would fit what we're seeing that. That, cross. Immunity, the ability to recognize novel. Coronavirus because. In, other coronaviruses. In the past maybe helping, to protect younger, children in a way that adults. Like you and i are are more, at risk an important, point here while, they're lucky to have the immune systems, they do it's. Also putting, parents and grandparents, at risk they tend. To shed a lot of virus in their secretions, they tend to shed virus in their stool when they're infected, and it's. They, may be asymptomatic or, just mildly symptomatic but, if they've got a, elderly. Grandparent. Or great. Aunts and uncles taking care of them it's very easy for them to get, family. Members second there are cases where babies contracted, the novel coronavirus. From, their mothers, but the numbers that have come out of China are a bit, unclear, at this point and more research needs to be done if you, are pregnant, out of an abundance of caution it's, probably, a good idea to stay away from crowds and keep yourself separated, from, the community, ursula.

Perry Case at 12 News finance. 447. It's, time to find out more about the, traffic situation this morning I saw a lot of 18 wheelers on the roadway this morning yeah, a lot of 18 wheelers out there so please be careful it's very slick, outside, right now we've already had a couple of accidents due, to the slickest of the road especially, downtown, in the area on 35 on those off ramps, - from 10 to 35 like this one right here westbound, i-10 East, at the on ramp to southbound IH, 35, this one's still active right now we, have some trans guide footage of it here we go looks, like they only have one lane open there that you might might have opened another one but, there's, a flare line here it looks like they're pushing some vehicles, off the roadway just keep that in mind when you're heading this way all right so, let's, take a look at other parts of the city now sorry about that I kind of reset that my, bad okay here we go all right let's take a look at 35 and Evans that's looking good we, have 35 North Loop 410 still, very slick and to t1 at loop 410 everything's. Looking good there all right mark Leslie back to you, thank. You very much Nick right now we're checking in with meteorologist. Justin horn and we've still got the the, oak pollen and, what my coaster age often refers to as those weird little dingle fob thing Bob yes they're covering everything yeah so maybe we can work it out still to get a little free. Car wash from Mother Nature, let's open wash all that out of the year yes it's it's getting to a lot of people we're, almost, to the peak of hope season by the way a little bit of rain last night not big numbers though let's take a look at the numbers. Out west basically, West to San Antonio we. Picked up about the 2/10 of an inch there around Sabinal, Vanderpool. About half an inch conky and about half an inch so these numbers more big but. We'll take every little bit we can get and it's this area down here like Korea so Springs you go past it really need the rain that's where the dryness set in those, numbers were, not. That great either but the. Rain was there at least and here around San Antonio not much the airport in fact we still haven't reported any rain at the airport but Seguin. Did get a nice downpour yesterday little, shower, storm tracked to, the north right through Seguin, Kirby picked up a little bit of rain too so there, was some rain to be had but the rain we had this morning really. Starting to fall apart here physically, out we've, got just some ground clutter there around San Antonio so the rains God but it's Nick mentioned there still are a few slick. Spots out there because we did get some light rain just. About an hour ago or, so some.

Showers And storms down there around Corpus as well those will continue to die down outside. We've got 69, degrees airport. Is reporting, a little bit of light rain although I think it's for the most part is past dew point is at 66, southeasterly. Winds at about 14, you. Know find temperatures are very uniform. Just like they have been last couple days upper 60s close to 70 that. Really has not changed, and that's. The case area wide it's. Gonna be another warm day we're gonna be right back there in the, low 80s for highs probably, we got up to 83 yesterday, here's, the setup with water vapor we had one little disturbance, roll through here, comes our next one and this one's a, little. Stronger and so it's gonna bring some energy with it tonight, we'll see some storms out west and working their way into our area and then it's, just gonna help to bring that cold front end to what we've been talking about it feels like for a while that. That's going to arrive Friday morning so let's walk you through the forecast year 5 o'clock today not. Much there I think we're gonna see a pretty quiet day but it's tonight, where, we start to see those storms developing out west again, and then working towards San Antonio this is around midnight, we could get some more rain and we'll, see if this again, holds together and, then we'll zoom out a little bit and talk about Thursday, Thursday, afternoon. Is when this front, gets a little bit closer we could see some rain along that and it should move through Friday, morning with, that I think we'll get a pretty good chance for rain so some decent, downpours, and then the cool air starts to work in and by, Friday evening a lot of the rains moving east but, by. Saturday rain, comes back in we get more energy coming in and this will be a cool rain on Saturday so we have some chances here to, get some rain even here around San Antonio there is a risk for some stronger storms again today basically. Del Rio de Rock Springs it's that same area where, we could see some of the stronger storms and then an enhanced. Risk a pretty decent, risk for some severe weather Wichita. Falls down, to Abilene, later this evening forecast. For us 81, degrees the high temperature can't. Rule out a stray shower this afternoon but it's. Not likely we're gonna up the rain chances tonight though 40%. Mainly, west of town and, then. The rain chances kick in again Thursday, night Friday morning, 60%. Chance and then, more showers on Saturday - 60 percent chance but the cooler weather is there 57. For high on Saturday. Will probably drop into the 50s on Friday to Sunday. Showers start to move out and, we may see a little bit of Sun by the end of the weekend so a lot, going on there in the seven-day forecast sounds like we're gonna have to kind of dig through the closet a little bit and look for the sweatshirts, and the hoodies and all the stuff we kind of excited about that I am - ready. For the cool weather to be going yet it's kind of like the last gasp here I have a feeling from here on out it's probably going to get me hello summer yeah thank. You thank you Justin, right now we're for 50 to 69. Degrees on your Wednesday morning coming up next more big movie releases, being postponed thanks to the corona virus, including, Marvel's new black widow film, your. Lottery numbers pick three eight three eight fireball, zero, daily, four numbers one two nine seven, fireball. Seven, and your cash five numbers eight ten nineteen. Twenty and twenty five and Mega. Millions twenty twenty seven twenty eight fifty. 59 25, was the Megan ball wouldn't make a player I'm sorry. Five. Til another big-name ban is halting, its upcoming North American, tour because, of the corona virus outbreak the latest on what's happening in Hollywood here's, ABC's, Jason, Nathanson. Because. Of the Cova 19 pandemic, more big movie releases being postponed, Disney now saying Marvel's Black Widow starring, Scarlett Johansson, won't be released as scheduled May 1st same for the May 15th release of Amy Adams, woman in the window no word yet on a future date the news comes as theater chains including the country's largest AMC.

Have Shut their doors for six to 12 weeks The Rock is stopped for the Rolling Stones temporarily. The band halting, its upcoming North American, tour because of the corona virus outbreak Mick Jagger and the gang we're gonna hit some cities they haven't been to in years including, Austin, Louisville, and Cleveland, new dates will be announced in the future but, you can still watch TV and, tonight the sitcom American, housewife moves, to Wednesday's ABC, has seen success recently with, rebooting, classic sitcoms and doing live broadcasts and housewife star Katy Mixon tells me if she could star in a revival, it would be I Love Lucy or the Carol Burnett Show those were my everything so when I was 13 I would watch Nick at Nite and it was I would like study, Lucille. Ball and Carol Burnett and Judy. Garland and Evan Reynolds, it was a whole thing catch American housewife tonight on ABC and, a big birthday for Queen Latifah, the rapper and actress is 50, today. While, maroon 5 frontman Adam. Levine is 41, and that's what's happening in Hollywood I'm Jason Nathanson, ABC, News Los, Angeles 3. Till 69. Degrees still ahead we, take a look at businesses, what they're doing to get past a financial crisis due to social distancing, and the coronavirus, plus the Attorney General promising swift action against cyber attackers attempting, to take advantage of the coronavirus. Emergency, more on their plan of action ahead, in your morning tech bytes. Good. Morning San Antonio, starts, right, now, making headlines this our driver crashes right in front of the UT Health Science Center overnight, taking out a couple of poles we'll have details. Businesses. All over the nation or having to come up with creative ways to survive in the midst of the coronavirus, crisis, we. Made it to midweek and the forecast, is on track for some, changes, here in South, Texas Justin Horne is standing. By and then we'll get that updated, on traffic with officer, Nick Solis good morning to you it is Wednesday, it is March 18th, thanks for being with us this morning everybody, just when you put the coats away it's time to get them back out here's, Justin with an update on when we could see those changes, still are we still looking at an end of week time frame overall, yeah I think Friday morning, is the time frame where we're gonna start to see temperatures drop and then by Friday afternoon you'll really start to notice that the weekend to Saturday, looks pretty chilly temperatures, in the 50s it's been a while since we've seen numbers like that but warm and humid this morning we're at 70 degrees here in San Antonio right now 67, in Hondo, 68 Uvalde a lot of cloud cover we, have some dying showers, moving off to the east of town as well anyone degrees today the high temperature there's, an outside chance for shower but I think our better chances, come again tonight we're basically gonna see a repeat of what we saw last night but, these showers and storms coming out of Mexico and out of West Texas so let's take a look at the radar and you can see where some of the action is now down there around Corpus we've got a couple showers just east, of San Antonio but really any rain that we had been seeing has fallen, apart here we got a couple light showers a little bit earlier here in town forecast. Calls for 75, by noontime 78. By 2:00 o'clock 81, your high temperature just, about a 20% chance of rain this afternoon. Not a great chance but again those, numbers go up as we get into the overnight hours we're gonna talk more about that also. Time out this front once again and. That's coming up in just a few minutes well it's good over to Nick and talk traffic. Any improvements, on that last wreck you showed us yeah my favorite subject traffic, yeah, thanks, Justin well hope everyone's having a great morning out there okay so we have one accident, we're currently working on and this is me I talked to my buddy Israel, trans guide and sometimes. It gets confusing 10 and 35 this is actually westbound. I-10 East. As if you're coming from 37. At the offer, to southbound, IH, 35, south, now they've actually closed, down this ramp, to, 35 south from 10 westbound. So just keep that in mind there you see the red there that's completely shut down I just sent the push alert right now so this is a one the accident. Rollover, hopefully, they can get it cleared very soon, but that's what working on right, now here's some trans guy 2 footage of it there, it is this is going to that ramp 135 southbound, shut, down just keep that in mind if your head in that way and please drive safely, the roads are very slick all, right mark Leslie back to you.

Thank. You Nick the. State of Texas is reporting its second death related to the corona virus, the Public Health Department the Tarrant County is reporting, that a senior citizen, died on Sunday as a result of the illness that person, was a resident, of the Texas Masonic, Retirement, Center in Arlington, the first, person who died was a man in his 90s, in Matagorda County. Today. The San Antonio Fire Department says the second drive through Cova 19 testing facility, is expected to open officials. Say they are hoping to expand eligibility for, who can use the drive-throughs to include some of the community's most vulnerable, they, say they're not releasing the new location, the show that is up and running the, new testing location will operate just like the first which opened Friday at the South Texas Medical, Center at first the test locations, were just for first responders, and public, safety and health care workers but now officials. Want both locations to include people 65, years or, older who have a temperature of at least ninety, nine point six degrees and, and, a, doctor's, recommendation. Well. Every industry is being hit hard from hotels, to car companies to restaurants, that's so true in the business world silver, linings, aren't, necessarily, where you'd think you'd find them ABC's Doreen Shaw has details. Doors. Of businesses, in many cities now look like this held. Together by chains, many restaurants, are closed, except for takeout and deliveries. But, not enough calls are coming in I started, like nine, Terry. From now I got. Only two deliveries, more than seven million jobs are, now at risk at restaurants, and bars across, the country and, in the travel industry, nearly. 5 million jobs are at risk travel. Spending is now expected, to drop by three, hundred and fifty five billion dollars, this year an impact. Six times worse than after 9/11, hotel, chains like Marriott, planning to furlough tens, of thousands, of employees empty. Streets also signal, a change coming for the big three Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler now, have agreed to a rotating, partial, shutdown of their facilities, but, it's small businesses, being hit the most LA's mayor is promising, No Fee loans for up to two thousand, businesses, despite. The pain he says the shutdowns are working, social. Distancing. Saves lives, so, thank you all for being lifesavers. Back in New York some business owners making, the most of it this restaurant, turned into a grocery, store packaging.

The Sauce is some of our antipasti items like the eggplant caponata and, the broccolini, so. That people could actually cook, at home Zoran sha ABC. News New York the. White House is requesting, forty five point eight billion dollars, of emergency, funding the Office of Management and Budget submitted, the request to Congress to. Address the growing coronavirus. Pandemic, the, administration, views this as coming. In tandem, with the large scale economic, stimulus negotiation. Which is underway on Capitol Hill the, price tag for that more. Than a trillion, dollars, all, of this comes on top of the eight point three billion dollar, emergency, funding bill, passed, by Congress just two weeks ago you, had Citizenship. And Immigration Service. Being impacted, by the corona virus outbreak the agency says that suspending, all in-person, services, including, interviews and, naturalization. Ceremonies, is expected, to last at least through, April first employees. Will continue to work on services, that do not require face-to-face. Contact, with the public USC. Is responsible. For administering, green cards and naturalization. Ceremonies, as well as citizenship. Asylum. And Refugee, processing. Hundreds. Of Americans, are stuck in Peru after the nation closed its borders Peru's, President issued a 15-day, nationwide, state of emergency on Sunday, flights, were canceled almost immediately. The US Embassy posted, a security, alert warning Americans, who did not reschedule, their flights to arrange for lodging in the country the State Department official says they've advised Americans, trying to leave Peru to monitor the embassy website and to check with their Airlines for updated information. New. This morning a driver in the hospital after police say he crashed right in front of UT Health Science Center taking, out two utility. Poles happen, around at 11:30, last night near Babcock, and Louie pass to ER police, say that at first the man went to a local, fire station, complaining of chest pains when he didn't get the attention he wanted San, Antonio police say he took off in his vehicle at, a high rate of speed lost control and crashed he. Was taken to the hospital and, police say they are assessing him for possible, DWI. 507. 70 degrees still, ahead a popular music hit from the 80s is making a comeback and it's, because of recent events and. Exhale, Google is helping with social distancing, anxiety, but by providing a way to have Netflix, watch parties, with friends and family, and. Watch cam giving us a peek outside cooler, weather and chances of rain in the forecast we. Had an update on how, your weekend might shape up from Justin born. Welcome. Back your time now is ten minutes after 5:00 and your morning consumer headlines Walmart and its foundation, are committing 25 million dollars to support organizations, responding. To the corona virus outbreak, the, company says part of the funding will go towards strengthening the global public, health response five. Million will support efforts to help countries prevent, detect and manage the carota virus 10, million will go towards bolstering food security and the, other 10 million will go towards supporting the efforts in the, US and international. Communities, the, first grants are expected, to be issued this week United. Airlines making, massive, cuts to its flights the airline reducing its schedule by 60%. That. Comes from a 42%, reduction in domestic flights starting in April on a whopping eighty-five, percent reduction, in international. Flights the, reduction larger than the 50% cut United CEO mentioned in a memo to employees just, Sunday the cuts extend, into the peak summer travel season United. Says it still expects many of its planes to be less than a third, full, hey. This is pretty cool if you're missing movie night with friends during social distancing, Google, Chrome and Netflix have a solution for you it's, called Netflix party the Chrome extension allows, you to watch and chat with your friends from separate locations, all you have to do is download the extension start, watching a Netflix show and then click on the NP, icon, on the toolbar it's.

Gonna Give you a web address to send to anyone you want to and then you can chat the night away like you do normally you. Can even pause and restart the video whenever you need to, 5:12. 70°. Big-name. Music, artists. And Hollywood films at the latest and entertainment, to get delayed, releases, and cancellations, and of course it's due to the corona virus and, next. 1987. Hit by the group, REM making. A comeback online but can you guess which song it is you. Probably. At. Walgreens, we understand, the speed of life never slows down that's. Why we're helping you get the care and attention you deserve even faster, that's. Our promise, now. You can skip the line with, Walgreens Express. Get. In and out quickly with 24-hour, locations. Or. Have your prescriptions, delivered, whenever. You need us we're always just minutes, away. Walgreens. When. Your skin is feeling dry and crinkly, time, for gold fund healing, lotion penetrates. Ten surface, layers deep with seven moisturizers, three vitamins skin, is nourished healed, healthy looking gold bond healing ultimate, lotion ultimate, skin. Introducing. Botanica, home fragrances, with exotic, pairings warm, vanilla and Himalayan, Magnolia French, lavender and honey blossom, and, it's responsibly, sourced, new. Botanica, by Air Wick nature, inspired planet, conscious. Quarter, after 5:00 welcome back to good morning San Antonio the Attorney General promising, swift action, against cyber attackers attempting, to take advantage of the coronavirus, emergency, ABC's. Kenneth Moton moto kisara Abdi have details in today's tech bytes, in. Today's tech bytes u.s. officials say foreign actors are spreading, disinformation about, the corona virus ABC, News has confirmed that foreign hackers are trying to exploit unease, surrounding, the virus and have, even tried to slow down computers, at the Department, of Health and Human Services and. There. Are no more shared rides on the ride-sharing services. Uber and lyft have temporarily, suspended, carpooling in the US and Canada the option, is now disabled. On both apps and uber, executive, says the goal is to flatten the curve and the, fight against corona virus and finally. Our EMS, it's the end of the world as we know it is making a virus, inspired, comeback, Billboard, says downloads, of the 1987.

Hit Have skyrocketed. 184. Percent of the last week and Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive it's, also surging, in popularity. It's. A good one those are tech bytes. Well. I was hoping that there would be an uplifting theme. There as well so I get at the end of the world as we know it is trending, but I Will Survive Gloria. Gaynor that's a god. Let's. Find out how the roadways are looking I saw there was at least one accident, that was working yes. Leslie so good news that accident, just cleared it was 10 East 10 westbound, to 35 South they had that 35, South ramp. Shut, down that's now opened, up so good news for everybody no, accidents, on the roadway so let's look at some drive times, all right 1604, westbound from us 281 to i-10 six, minutes and if you're on southbound Bulverde from, 281 to 1604, five, minutes good times there, all right trans guy now here we go this is 37, in Carolina right now this is a construction, we're having we've, had it since I've been on here. Since 4:30 I hope, it gets cleared up very, soon, but. That's still going on right now other places to anyone and hildebrand looking, very, good 10:00 Callahan, no cards, on the roadway 35 at for Tim that, looks great and 35, and 37, things. Are looking very light. All right mark Leslie back to you thank. You so much Nick well we've talked to Nick now it's time to check in and see how we're looking in the weather departments, Justin. Horne how are we looking in the weather department well. I I'm, looking good right you are looking at your very dapper over, there mister sorry, though no. Updated. You guys just have a moment I think you did. We, did pick up a hundredth of an inch of rain at the airport earlier. We said we didn't we didn't get any so we did get a little, bit basically a couple sprinkles there and temperature. Extremes across the country yesterday it got up to 94. And Zapata County, Airport, that's. Down in South Texas so, some big numbers there and then, the other extreme, negative, 14, that was up in Montana, northern Montana so, about a hundred and eight degree temperature difference between the, high and a low across the country and that just sort of shows you that cold air starting to work in we're gonna feel a little bit of that as we get towards the weekend look, at the Doppler radar right now we've got some showers, down there around Corpus between Laredo and Corpus that's basically, what's left of some showers and storms that developed, overnight and worked. Into our area we saw again just a little bit of light rain here in San Antonio temperature. Right now 70, degrees at the airport 69. Port ese 68, Stenson 69. At Randolph steadily winds anywhere. From 5 to 15 miles per hour and you're gonna find basically, mid to upper 60s close to 70 just about where you go here in South Texas this morning so we're staying very, consistent. Here as. Far as the big picture goes, there's, some active weather going on across the country we had some stronger, storms last night across parts of North Texas that.

System Is moving out to the north and east that's going to produce some. Snow and still, just an unsettled, pattern out to the west with. Our. Next storm system that is trying, to work in our direction I want to show you the temperatures we showed you the extreme up there but we're, at 15, right now cutbank 33 Bismarck 29 Casper there's still some cold air bottled up right, in here and that's gonna drop south will, feel a little bit of that as we. Get towards, again, Friday into Saturday with. That cold front so, here's a Futurecast this. Afternoon, we're thinking just a couple showers off to the west, maybe. One or two isolated storms here around San Antonio but it's tonight where, we're gonna see that at the same scenario setup, where we showers and storms developing. On West forms into a complex and works its way east this. Is at midnight and, we may get a little bit of it here in San Antonio just like. This morning by the time he gets here it's probably dying down a little bit then, we fast-forward to Thursday, afternoon, our, frontal boundary starts to get a little bit closer so we could get some activity out of that I think our, peak rain chances are probably Friday morning as this front moves through then. The cooler air starts to settle in behind that we, may see a break in the action Friday into Saturday morning but by Saturday afternoon the. Rain is back again and, we have some decent chances of just some light showers a cool rain do, want to pass along that we have a threat for some stronger storms again tonight del Rio de Rock Springs there's a slight risk better, risk for severe weather it's gonna be up across North Texas today so, high temperatures, right around 81, southeasterly, winds 5, to 15 miles per hour there's, a stray shower chance for a stray shower and, then 81 tomorrow 57. On Saturday. By the afternoon that's it that's behind the front wouldn't. Be a little bit gusty to 60%. Chance of showers on Saturday 57. And then, 64. On Sunday. With, a slight, chance of a shower - they're so busy. Forecast, but it does cool down as we talked about over, over. The weekend that's. A pretty potent, front, pal, mr.. Safford horn over there get in your spot sorry, I'm still learning these new spots, but trust, me social distance we are - we, are - just a game plan you got it can. Fly a plane right now because I'm so far apart for you you're about to be grounded right now 520 170, degrees, as music artists and movies get cancelled because of the corona virus at least one musical experience, will still be available to you here, are your lottery numbers pick three eight three eight fireball, zero daily four one two nine seven fireball, seven. Pannier. Cash pot numbers eight ten nineteen, twenty, twenty five we, also have Mega Millions twenty twenty seven twenty eight fifty, eight fifty nine twenty, five was the Mega Ball with a Megaplier. Of the. You. More. Movie releases, and music, tours are bowing to the inevitable as people, stay home due to the coronavirus, but at least one group of music, at least one group musical, experience, is coming to you CNN's. David Daniel has your Hollywood minute. The. Coronavirus. Movie delays have reached into, May Disney. Says the scheduled may 1st debut of the Marvel movie Black Widow has been postponed, the, Mouse House also announced, the personal, history of David Copperfield due, out May 8th and the, woman in the window set, for May 15th, would be delayed as well no, new release dates announced for any of the films. From. No filter, to note or the, Rolling Stones have postponed, their no filter, North American tour which, was set to kick off May 8th in San Diego, in a press release the group said we are sorry to all the fans who were looking forward to it as much as we were but the health and safety of everyone has to take priority.

Thousands. Of people have taken Murray Hillary's silent. Hikes which the composer and meditation. Expert describes, as a musical, trip into mindfulness, the, meditation, in motion is the kind of group activity, that doesn't mix with social, distancing, so, Hillary's company mind travel, has introduced, a downloadable. Version of his silent, hikes providing. The natural beauty and inner calm of the experience, without risking, exposure to, the virus info. At Mind, Ian, Hollywood, I'm David, Daniel, five, twenty six seventy degrees ahead, in our next half hour the federal government says it wants to help people and businesses, hit by, that coronavirus, will tell you about the plan. Plus. Former Universal, City resident, now teaching, overseas tells us about how her life has changed since the pandemic, started, and. More, enough florist was trying to lighten the mood with a, special. And unique bouquet, made. Of a recent hot commodity. You. And. A good morning to you if you're just now waking up we've made it to Wednesday it, is March 18 thank you for being with us this morning everybody, it's another mild start to your day today but, colder. Weather is a right around the corner all right we're gonna see how things are looking about weather, and traffic begin, things with meteorologist. 'justin, horn and an update on that all-important. Pollen, count yes this is yesterday so we'll get today's. In here in a couple of hours right I think it's probably gonna look, yeah. Oats, in the high category we, can see that oak pollen everywhere, it's a 2003. 80 hackberry. Is moderate, it's a 140, we, have mold and mulberry out there too so, no. Rest for the weary here when it comes to the pollen, Doppler. Radar shows we've got some showers down there around corpus, and Lorado these. Are moving east and basically, falling apart we have complex of showers and storms move. Out of Mexico. Last night we thought that would happen but it really a fill apart pretty quick we just did not get much rain here in San Antonio there's, a little. Bit of light rain that fell earlier, but that pretty much just dried up at this point 70, degrees at the airport 70, at Randolph 69. Bolívar D 68. Canyon, Lake and forecast. For today 75, noontime, and then we'll be up around 78, by 2:00 o'clock 81, the high temperature can't rule out a stray shower this afternoon but. We're gonna see another round I think of some thunderstorms tonight, we'll, talk more about the timing there and then that gets you updated on that weekend forecast which will be much. Cooler that's coming up in just a few minutes but. Now let's get over to the very hard working Nick, so Lisa this morning good morning I appreciate, that Justin, well good morning everyone I hope you are having a great start to your day okay, so we, had a couple of accidents when I came in today probably due to the slick roadways but now things, are looking good out there everything's. Quiet on those roadways so let's take a look at some drive times, eastbound, 151.

To 1600 for two 99, minutes and if you're eastbound 90 from 1604, to 35 11 minutes good times alright taking a look outside of the transguy 35, and 37, I mean it doesn't look too bad there things are looking great, traffic, picking up just a little bit but a roadways don't look as slick so that's always good all right mark Leslie back to you Thank. You Nick Behr County wants everyone to know it is still open for business but in a different way some of the county's top elect leaders are coming together for a news conference this morning to talk about changes, they're making of course it's due to the coronavirus our Katrina Webber's live near downtown with that stories so any idea Katrina what's in store. Well. We haven't been given any of the details, about those changes, just yet, but we do know that the overall goal is to, reduce the risk of spreading the virus now, the news release says that while the county, is trying to continue, to offer services. It also wants to cut down on the chance of spreading the corona virus, through person-to-person, contact. Everyone. From the county commissioners, to the sheriff, to the district attorney is scheduled, to attend that news conference at 9:30, this morning we. Will be there to so you can see more on case at 12, News at 12. News later on today we will also have the live stream for you on case a calm, before, it in live near downtown Katrina, Webber case at 12 News. Thank. You very much Katrina, right now is 533 coronavirus, has shaken the world and it can be felt in everyday life businesses, are being ordered closed their doors schools. Are shut and some, jobs are at risk and, now as CNN's John Lawrence reports millions, of people are basically stuck. At home. The. Threat of the corona virus turning, some cities into near, ghost, towns this, is certainly a good time to learn a. Little. Bit. More positively, a shelter-in-place, order is. Expanding, to cover about 8 million people in Northern California and. Other, places including, New York City may face the same fate we're, going to look at all other options and it could get to that for sure it could get that for the whole country so what is a shelter-in-place order the. Short answer is don't. Leave your house except, for essential activities. According. To the order in San Francisco, exceptions. Include tasks. Essential, to maintain health and safety, getting. Mandatory, services, or supplies outdoor. Activities such as walking hiking and running and caring. For a family member, in another household, as for.

Many Students, virtual. Schooling will replace classrooms. Possibly. Through the end of the school year I would plan and assume that it's unlikely that. Many, of these schools few. If any what. Open before, the summer break, officials, say social, distancing, in general, will help slow the spread of kovat 19, and some. People have a glasses half full view of the situation the positive, for me is its. If everybody, does it it's gonna slow. This thing down John, Lawrence case, at 12 News a, chemical. Company Houston, is shifting its focus amid hand-sanitizer sizer, shortages. During coronavirus, outbreak custom. Chemicals encoding, normally produces salt and brine remover, but in just a few days the company was able to change its production, line and make, thousands. Of gallons of hand, sanitizer the, owner says he's distributed, to several first responders, already the plans to expand to the general public soon, he, says getting the raw materials, to keep going could be a challenge, there are also plans to produce cleaning, products in the coming weeks good news target. Is becoming the newest retailer, to change store hours due to the corona virus the retailer, announced today that all of its stores were closed by 9:00 p.m. that will give staff more time for cleaning and restocking. Amid the pandemic and. New. This morning San Antonio police say a man was killed after he was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross the street overnight, this, happened just after 9:00 last night near Callahan, in Ingram Road which is on the west side police. Say the man possibly, in his 50s was trying to cross the road when an SUV hit him s APD. Says the driver of the SUV did. Stop to help there's no indication, of alcohol, involvement the, man was pronounced dead at the scene police, say he was not using, a crosswalk. Despite. The coronavirus, voters still turned out on election day in three states and Deliver wins to Joe Biden the former vice president, sweeping Tuesday's primaries, taking Florida el Arizona and Illinois, once, give by to considerable, boost in the delegate count as he battles Bernie Sanders, for the Democratic, presidential nomination. 536, 70, degrees, a former, Universal, City woman who now teaches in, South Korea is sharing, her story at the pendant it continues across the world, the next docks are expected to rebound today after a pledge by the government to help small businesses affected.

By The corona, virus and, mother, nature's gonna affect our weather we've got rain and colder weather coming our way we'll get an update on your forecast from meteorologist, Justin. As. Cities and states mandate curfew, of potential shelter and place orders for the coronavirus, the federal government wants to help people in businesses, hardest, hit CNN's. Nadia, Romero has more on how stocks, will start a little higher today thanks to a proposal to help small businesses. The. City by the bay. Now a city, under a mandate, to shelter, in place these, measures, will, be disruptive. To day-to-day life but. There is no need, to panic. From San Francisco, to New York City. The. City that never sleeps could, come to a halt if the mayor places, more restrictions. There's, a lot of unanswered questions and, I, dare say those questions are particularly, difficult in, a. City as large as, New York City with, some restaurants, shutting down across the nation, we don't know, exactly. How we're gonna sustain ourselves and, the airline and hotel industry, bearing, the brunt of the economic, burden this is worse than 9/11, for. The airline industry this. Is they, are almost ground to a halt Treasury Secretary, Stephen minuchin, pushing a one trillion dollar economic, response, these will be payments. To small businesses. We've. Talked about loan, guarantees, to critical. Industries. Such as Airlines. And hotels and, we've. Also talked about a stimulus package to the American worker. That. Statement, music, to the ears of the stock market rebounding. To end the day after, a dismal, start we. Can protect, our economy because, I think our economy will come back very rapidly, in Washington. I'm Nadia, Romero reporting. 5:40. 170, degrees still, ahead toilet paper isn't the only hot commodity, because of the coronavirus more of a rise in gun sales. You. 5:43. Because of the chronic virus we don't have our regularly, scheduled, pet segment where we have a furry friend here in the studio but we still want to highlight a pet that needs a home, so here's a picture of oats courtesy, of the animal Defense League oats, is a male 5 years old weighs about, 11 pounds, we're told he should be named honey bunches, of oats because it's so sweet if, you're, able to adopt him they, ask that they ask, that you go slow because sometimes, he gets overly, excited. Oh he's. A super, sweet boy lots of energy but he's sure to give you a lot to love - for more information go to ADL, Texas org, or call the number on your screen which, is two one zero six, five five one. Four eight one remember. Those. Animals, still need a hole so oats so all you need is another cat, named. Hall oh. Then. You got them both right there you go a woman, who used to live in Universal, City now teaching, about. Details. I'm, sorry let's see Oh teaching, abroad details. How her life changed, due to the corona virus pandemic Braden. House lives in South Korea where John Hopkins is reporting more than eighty three hundred cases, activity. Huertas has a look at how technology is helping her stay up to date with the latest and the message she has for Americans. The. House. And. Any. Time I, come. In or out of the building I always want you this, is the new normal for twenty nine-year-old Braden. House I only take one bus. My. Place. Braden. Graduated, from jetson high school and then went on to the University, of North Texas before. Moving to South Korea in 2017. She, lives in Seoul South Korea and, teaches English at an after-school Academy. While. Braden, says she's nervous about the current situation she. Feels the government is being transparent, anytime, there's a new case we're alerted, to, what. Area is in and they, will. Also provide, the information of. Where, the person was before, they were diagnosed, what areas, they were in the time that. They were there, and. When those places are alerted, they're usually shut down for a while and sanitized, Braden, also uses an app dedicated, to tracking people who tested positive for the corona virus through, interviews. Eyewitness. Accounts. CCTV. Cameras, and credit, card transaction.

They, Were basically. From. The time that they've been diagnosed, it, will trace back to when they were infected and in the time span between that, they, will find where the person was. While. Some may say this is an invasion of privacy, Braden says many people are happy to know what's going on around them they feel a lot more safer, and a lot more, confident. In the decision making knowing. The. Information and. And. While, the u.s. continues to implement different measures during this coronavirus, pandemic, Braden. Says we should listen to, health officials panicking. Exactly you should be concerned absolutely. You should be taking precautions you should be, distancing. Yourself from people you should not be going outside unless, you absolutely have, to, I'm Tiffany what best to see more stories like this check. Out que cette news at 9:00 Monday through, Friday. Well. The travel and tourism industry has been hit especially hard as Americans are being told to stay home as much as possible to, slow, the spread of the virus the US Travel Association warns. Travel spending in the United States could fall this year by three hundred and fifty five billion, dollars. Marriott. International the, biggest hotel company in the world now, says it expects to furlough tens, of thousands, of workers some. Of its hotels started closing down last week toilet. Paper and soap aren't the only things flying off of shelves because of the pandemic, here in the country sales, have also increased for guns and ammunition some, gun store owners say they can barely keep up with the demand in New, York City the mayor says major crimes have declined, in the last week since burglars, are less likely to break in while, people are staying home during the corona virus outbreak, that's, time once again check on the roadway see how your traffic, situation, is looking this morning we could have somewhat spots out there yeah. Definitely, when I was driving to work this morning it was a very slick on the road and we had a lot of accidents earlier but now things are looking good but still be very careful, I'm sure the roads are still a little wet and I, just please drive to work safely when everyone get him there safely, all right nothing, going on right now no, accidents, drive times though 10 westbound, from the northwest side of I 35 to, 1604, 11, minutes and if you're on 10 eastbound, from the northwest side of 1604, to i-35.

13, Minutes really good times there all right let's take a look outside 281 at the Hilderbrand you can see some of those slick slick, spots there so so please be careful 10:00 in Callahan that's looking great ten of Frio inbound, and outbound look. And very light to moderate and let's see what else we have here ten and loop 1604, in the northwest side looking. Great right now well I hope you have a wonderful start. To your morning and Mark, Leslie back to you, thank. You very much Nick I think it's time now to check in and see how things are looking in the weather department anything on radar right now no. Not much in fact it's it's quite a down quite a bit but I do want to show you this great picture on K second act look at this these, are some poppies out in New, Braunfels beautiful. Shot you know spring really has sprung even though it's not technically starting till tomorrow and I want to mention this too if you, have Kasich connect we'd love to see some pictures of what you and your kiddos are doing at home since. The kiddos have to be at home if you have any good ideas share them on case that connect it doesn't have to be just a weather picture we'd. Love to see what so what's going on or if you see any shortages around town some, of the grocery stores and those pictures too will pop them up here on case, that connecting you can do that on the case at weather apps pretty cool check, it out all, right rainfall. Over the last 24 hours we. Didn't get a whole lot of it about half an inch over there in khon kaen you Valley about 14 hundreds of an inch so these weren't big numbers good. To see the rain nonetheless this, is an area down here that really needs the rain that's, where the drought has been kicking in but you go past about, three tenths of an inch so these showers. And storms and moves east, overnight, they, put down that rain and then basically just fell apart as he moved into San Antonio as Nick mentioned there, was a little rain earlier some slick, roads but that rain has since dissipated. We've got a couple showers down here around Corpus, as well and really. I think the radar is gonna give us the all-clear, here, next couple hours outside. Right now cloudy, skies 70, degrees dew point is at 65 settling, winds at about 13 miles per hour in.

68, Bulverde 71, New Braunfels 70, Castroville, 67. Right now in Hondo and then, around the area basically 60s, and 70s it's, another warm humid start this, hasn't really changed if you're looking for a change though we got one for you and that's gonna come our way Friday morning first, let's start with what's going on as. Far as our, storm systems here so we got one that is moving out that created some severe, weather yesterday and cut across parts of Texas we've, got another one you can kind of pick up on the spin there in the water vapor this. Is gonna be moving in sending some energy in our direction it's, been an active pattern we, just haven't got much rain here in San Antonio we'll, have the potential, to get some showers again tonight because we're gonna see a very similar setup to what we saw last night, so, we'll get some storms developing out west they'll. Develop into a cluster quickly. Move east will, they hold together all the way to San Antonio and. They'll probably be be limping in here again. But there is a potential by tomorrow, morning this is around midnight really, that. We can see a few more showers, and storms there, will also be the potential and I'll see this in just a second have a couple strong storms out west tonight, now. Let's go forward to Thursday, this is Thursday at five o'clock we've, got our frontal boundaries starting to move in this is gonna kick up some showers and storms I think, the window for our best chance of rain it's, gonna be Friday morning as this front moves through gusty, winds it'll be cooler what this front and we'll pick up some showers and storms most. Of the rain is gonna move out of here by Friday evening we'll, get a break in the action Friday into Saturday morning. But, again Saturday, afternoon Saturday evening, we'll get some more energy in here and more, showers develop, this is going to be a cool rain on, Saturday, so Saturday has a potential to be dampened. We may see temperatures, in the 50s okay, we talked about the potential for some stronger storms tonight and. Basically that's gonna be on a line from Rock Springs to Del Rio up to Junction may, be over towards Kerrville that's an area that we'll watch very closely this evening there's, a little better chance of severe weather as, you get up towards Abilene, Wichita Falls later, today high. Temperature 81, for us stray showers southeasterly, winds 5 to 15, 40%. Chance of some storms out west tonight, 81. Tomorrow. And then, temperatures dive. Into the 50s by Friday afternoon 60%. Chance of rain Friday morning and, then another chance for some showers during. The day on Saturday high. Of only 57. But, from there we warm right back up Sun, starts to pop out by next, week we're back in the 80s by, Tuesday, Wow though, thank. You Justin right, now we're at 552. And your Wednesday morning 70. Degrees up next our florist, is trying, to ease customers, coronavirus. Anxiety, by creating, a unique. Kind, of bouquet. Victory. Numbers 8 3 8 fireball, zero, daily, four one two nine seven fireball, seventh in your cash five eight ten nineteen, twenty twenty five Mega. Millions twenty twenty seven twenty eight fifty, eight fifty nine twenty, five is your mega ball and a Megaplier, of three. Good. Morning coming up here on GMA, on a Wednesday morning the very latest on the corona virus outbreak, overnight, the mayor of New York City warning. Residents that they may have to shelter in place that's, something that millions in San Francisco, are learning to live with hospitals. Also facing, a potential critical shortage of breathing machines to help patients we're, going to hear from an ER doc who is on the frontlines battling, this virus you'll see it all coming up right here on GMA a. Reminder. That local health officials are trying to get enough blood for a pandemic, South Texas blood and tissue center holding blood drives by appointment today at the alamo dome the, dome chosen, as a donation, location. Because it allows for social distancing, between donor, beds and waiting areas blood, drives from nine to six we have more information on our website at case at comm nothing. Says I love you like a dozen roses but, during the corona virus scare there's something your sweetie might want even more what, started as a joke on Facebook, for the owners of blossom events and flower shop in Truman. Arkansas, quickly.

Became A viral sensation take, a look at this instead of a dozen roses they, created a unique bouquet, of toilet. Paper you, understate, was a way to bring some smiles to the community bouquet. Will set customers back about 75 dollars, which, is about the same price as a, dozen, roses. Okay. The. Time we're living in stiffer, muscles slower metabolism. Can make losing weight after 50 much, more difficult in the next hour GM si will see some ways to shed the pounds later, in life officer. Nick Solis is in the house right now who get you updated on time-saver traffic and, we're gonna circle back and talk to Justin about those big changes still. In our extended, forecast it's, Wednesday and you're, watching GM, si. San. Antonio is set to open its second, drive-through, for coronavirus. Testing, but it may not be time to head for the car just yet good morning I'm Katrina Webber I'll have that story. The. President, calls Cove in nineteen the quote invisible, enemy I'm Alex forshay in Washington, coming up new plans from his administration to combat the damage it does on the economy. Outside. With live cam looking pretty good on a Wednesday, morning big, weather changes are still in our forecast, and, we're, talking about some, significant. Chances of rain maybe even, some storms we'll check in with Justin. Hey. There good morning hope, you slept well I had a good overnight, shift it is Wednesday March 18th and once again very mild out there this morning at 70 degrees hard to believe that we're not going to be out of the 50s, in a couple of days Justin. See. Some cooler. Temperatures by the weekend, run. Slow. Here's my turd you ready and, no we Terry yes. Walking, into the shot I just I'm gonna figure this out eventually I promise we all are Alan it's early so it's okay social distance we're, working on it we've, got some showers out there this morning we are expecting. Maybe. A couple of light showers down to the South San Antonio we're seeing that around Corpus we actually did have a complex. Of showers that move through our western counties in the San Antonio this morning but if you're just waking up with us now it's gone we're, gonna have to wait again until tonight probably before we see any more significant, rain and there is a little bit more in the forecast but, for today we're. Expecting temperatures to be around 75, by noontime we're, right, around 70 right now 78. By 2:00 o'clock, 81, by 5:00 o'clock yeah we're gonna put a couple rain chances in there but our better chances come toni

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