Ghost Fleet Offensive | Resource Missions 2 - Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Ghost Fleet Offensive | Resource Missions 2 - Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

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Hello. Everyone, Ricardo. Here I. Thought. I'd like on to a quick resource, mission, while, all. The storms, and the UK range around this weekend. I'm. Gonna pick on this one colony, defense go, jump the Galactica, in the. Glottic has got nearly. A full complement, it's not so bad let's, confirm that jump let's. See why it's all about colony ministries have spotted a Cylon fleet supporting, the toasters at this colony if we want to keep the fight going on the ground there we need to bust up this support fleet, okay. Look at that wasn't ilium for this we need that because I've been buying ships left right and center so, we're, gonna do it. Now. They get scouting. Succeeded. With this so 30% I mean come on dismiss. Right. Entune. Jump. Us in. Proceed. Garlow. Those screens quite like that one wouldn't mind that's a desktop. I wonder. If stood. There in a black lab they're gonna release these, four, desktops. Okay. What. Shall, we do. First. Office ascertain how big the fleet is, then. We can decide on what armament, we're gonna need, so. We haven't got much we got to Jupiter class, one. Mark - mark twos, so. Heavy-hitters got, our adamant, in the background. And. We got our Minotaur, where are they, easy. Peasy. Lemon squeeze, and you watch there ought to be base stars now, put. Our ships in the middle. Just. Put one night in there I'm not gonna mess around with any of the loadouts but you're just gonna get in there and do it this, is resource mission Connie defense Caprica. So, that's proceeding, get on with that. Okay. Fleet, group is jumping in three two. One. Hostile. Marketing, Declan. I ffs, across the board Battlestar. Galactica, sounds for example. Imperious. Leader and I've got there. By. Your command, hopefully. Right. Let's switch to capital, ships let's select launch. Wasn't. Lets, turn directly, into it. Elevations. Fine great. No problems, and turn. These. Massive, ships. It's. Not a drill everybody, did, you hear that it's not a drill. Okay. Now. What we're gonna do right let's, go to squadrons. Select. Target, that. One okay. Off you go let's. Then take off squadrons. Select. Our capital, ships put. The boosters on. Accelerate. Into the fight. So. To Jupiter twos adamant, and a Minotaur. Entune. Weapon. Three by the numbers book. Come. Vipers, and Raptors get over there see what time some a compiler, Pope don't cry. Right. Let's, keep going. No. Changes, I'm gonna make. That. Ship is turned we don't know what it is. Come. Won't you be quicker than this. Entered. What, are we gonna get a. Revenant. Or my favorite a talent. Squadron. Is taking fire and, nothing else. Ok. Let's. Focus fire on the. Revenant. Amana. Commander there shoot some missiles at. That Talon got. Him. Over. There. And. Let's. Hold our missiles, on that, time. Being. It's. All gonna happen. Where. The door, theme Jupiter. 2 is. Enter. They've. Launched, whatever that is probably a base down or in my book fighter. Squadrons, doing good work they're not gonna mess with not. Gonna mess with success, I'm. Gonna use, the. Galactica, here. Raise. It up on its elevation. Select. Keep. On going. Focus. Fire on that, Talon we're going to take that out this. Jupiter, and this adamant, and. Everybody. Else is. Going to select. Yes. Alan. And he the fighters too round for him. This. Thing should that, should died, by now I'm gonna slow thin Tanana, let's. Get the boost off. Let's. Turn. Make. Sure everybody's. Got a firing, solution on. That. That's, got to be a base tower or something sexy.

Taking. Game I. Can. Tell us a base stat torpedoes. Followed, by missiles. Now. That's. Okay I can, handle that. This. Ship here flak, right. You. Might catch some of them. That. Should be nearly gone by now let's get our assault, Raptor to fire some short-range, missiles, at it and, we. Should have a normal, Raptor, squadron, there as well to fire some rockets missile. Tubes prepped. Dead. I'm. Not too bothered, that. Ships gone it's, a war driver squadron, trying, to hack this, I'll. Take that raptor squadron, selector. I get. Cancel, that, just. Go for it and take out that ship right. End. Black. Screen did nothing else too late. He's. To reveal himself any minute. Talans. Gone. Let's. Select all of those take. The boost off. Yes. Sir knock, it down. Get, some of the middle, faster, ships on, the. Score. Let's, recall our Raptor, recalling. Squadron. And. Let's move. Our assault, Raptor. Right. There, done. Oh. Look. It's a base stuff Minotaur. Is taking damage. Right. What's, happening here then not much we're. Gonna have a collision if that carries on. Yes. They're gonna move in here we're gonna fire all munitions. We're gonna focus fire first on that. Let's, select that, and. Cancel, the flack and then. Fire. Munitions, at him a monic. Commander. Den. Want. To get round to see this, as. It. Happens. Before, it is clear all hostel marks are dark not, so bad let's watch the replay. Action. Stations action stations, this. Is not a drill. Weapons. Free and by the numbers folks. Time, to make a bunch of momma ptosis cry. Duncan shot by 21 for art. They're giving up a hell of a salsa. Reported. Block twice clear. Not. La. Wasn't so bad was it. Okay. Got. Some more. Some. More ships, transfer can we transfer, anything yeah we can transfer, that. To. Our Battlestar, loop confirm, know, about this. Can. Transfer, that anywhere you can we'll transfer that to that fleet. Sorry. Two fleets that are being shown. Officers. Let's. Assign him to. This. Fleet. Why. Not. I'm. Holding off from the requisition, points because I really want to I. Really. Want to get. The. New ships when I get through there. Through. The campaign, okay, so um, this. One over there let's go and do that what. Was that not sure there's much I can tell you about this one commander whoever's. On that boat Admiral. Sarkis has gone to extreme, lengths to hide their identity, don't, think we're gonna find out much more than our escort route, we. Could try this get a lot at ilium I. Think. We should put our. Full. Galactica. Complement, over there, redacted. Resource, mission. Confirm. Now. I've not had an awful lot of success, with this. And. To. Proceed. See. How the based artist and to resemble, the one seeing the Dom, to. Run more when they're, on more battlestar, galactica. Okay. Right. Okay then where is everybody oh my, god there they are look. So. We got two Battlestars we've. Got an added adamant as well, what. Are we gonna bring in here should. We do something funky I. Don't. Know I, really. Don't know. It's. Not really worthwhile me, putting. Anything in other than missiles. Hey. Let's just get. On with it and do it old-school. Fleet, group is jumping in three two. One. So. Sajit, a wrong red's active. Escort. Objective, is on the board baby, is wonder how much our involvement record, is gonna get rid acted to. So. How the hell. Haha. Let's. Turn that that say we are let's, turn this way, let's. Get them turned around. Let's. Launch all the ships usual, drill. Launching. Fighters. We're. Probably on a fairly. Equal parallel. They're. Gonna launch, Raiders. Straight away. At. Priority. One you are mine that's. A mine. She, got at me. Just. Move this thing around. Let's. Get all our ships. Select. Get. That. Yes. Sir, okay. Enter. By. Events have come back possible. Hostile. Mine detected. Okay. Things. Have indeed, revealed. Themselves. Let's. Take out. With. A, raptor. Selector. I get to stick that out. Let's. Swing this around. Swing. That battlestar, around to. Aina, use the missiles here. To, take out that, faux boss. And. I'm going to finish it off with. Those guns. And. These guns again, focus, fire on that. And. Squadron. Is taking fire. And. Firing. No. Dramas, there Raptor. Squadron, we're gonna disarm that. I'm. Gonna put some flak there. Or. Shall I I don't know. Just. Take out that. Yes. Commander sis. Turrets. Focus. Fire that. This. Thing, that's. Just yes they're gonna get out of the way. Some. Swear. What are they, Cerebus. Ships and. The. Sarah T's. That's. Gone. We'll, have those two, focusing. Fire directly. At back Sarah T's there. I'm, on a command payment do anything else three, terms for that to reload. Don't. Stop attacking that shit how did you lot get through.

Turrets. Focus. Fire. Why. Not let's. Focus fire on all of that. Yes. Sir. Can. We focus our turret fire on that I. Think. So. Can. We move this as far out of the way as we possibly so say we are I hope, so, Raptors. What are you doing. Fire. Rockets, at that, why not, assault. Raptor. You. Fire a rocket at that - cool. Assault. Raptor. Paint. Target. That. Via. Short-range, missiles. -. Ranger can't do anything they're, all. Our Raptors are doing something now by the look of it fire rocket. Might. As well take, it out. And sir bill they survived because it looked like I. Definitely. Got my point one friendly. Unit down. I was, encouraging, for a moment. That. Was really encouraging all I could have done there really was. Well. I don't agree, put. All the Vipers in defense of that one particular transport. I. Don't. Know never. Mind. We. Didn't lose any ships. Something. Else has popped, up we've. Got an officer assigned there. We. Have an officer assigned okay. Right. What's this this is as simple as it gets commander, a row ministry, wants these toasters, knocked out before they cause any more grief for the sector colony. Government is offering a good bonus on the objective, - there. Is a good bonus there loads of - Liam should. We see if we can do that what was this roaming. About all roaming bail wrong, about a run about. Ceremonial. Weapons. Just. Go and do that. Jump. Ourselves, over today. Confirm. Jim. So. A bunch of sentient, rights protesters, have gatecrashed, a merchant fleet recruitment, drive in the process of stealing some ceremonial, pistols, they also triggered, the station's distress, beacons of. Course this got the attention of a passing Cylon. Patrol so, now we have, two very angry groups of civilians, being shelled by toasters, on an under defended station, not. Sure if I could make this up if I tried commander. Okay. Let's. Get over there. Proceed. We, need to get more till iam need to get more ships. My. To build a fleet. That's, what I need to do. Right. What have we got every. Man in his dog. Ceremonial. Weapons Vogon I see if we can get this one done. Okay. So those you wondering I'm watching this while I'm playing this is my perspective deadlock. 2-1. The. New DLC, those, fleet offensive. Hostile. Marks present at the LZ along, with the objective probably. Best to not let the civilians get blown away. Protect. The shipping, fleet hub station. Okay. Then get, ourselves right. In the way. Seems. Fair enough. Yes, quadrants. Lots. Going on on this map lots of nebula around. And. All. Depends were all these are. Active. At. For priority, one still online, okay. Come on reveal yourselves. All. Right fighters. Select. Target. Confirm. Squadron, target. One. Fight, per squadron, defend. Where. Is it. That. End. Just. Let my my squadron. Don't. Stomp on one one death Brian. Right. Okay. Then, focus. Fire weapons, to bear there. Our. Adamance. Here. Fire. Munitions. At. That. Let's. See how it goes. Arachne. Is taking a hell of a lot of damage two, talents. Rabbinate. Emphasis. So. Say we lie. This. Jupiter to fire a missile let's, take out. Let's. Take out. Mr.. Unwrapped. Fire. That missile, again. At the Talon. Let's, get hold of our fighter squadrons. Select. Target. Oh, we're. Gonna take out, that. One. Turrets. Focus, fire and, that, all. Your turrets gonna do they're, going to focus fire, also.

At That. Okay. Yes. Commander. Focus. Fire. Why. Not destroy. That's. Not playing the game music let's get them out the way. Right. Select. Target. But. Not. Too worried about the other ships just yet. Focus. Fire on that. We, shouldn't be able to fire any missiles, yeah no. Crystal, reloading. For, our Raptors, the Raptors soften, the blow a bit. By. A rocket at bat and that, Raptor, player Rockets. At. That ragas commander. Assault. Raptor, paint. That target. And. Fire. A short-range missiles, take it out. Right. Okay. It's. A shame let's, get our fighters. Select. Target. That. Nemesis, off, you go Raptors. Recall. It's. A fire a rocket at. That. Assault. Raptor. Paint. It's how I get that, one let's. Go to our ship view. Focus. Fire at. That. Back. From that B'Elanna commander I. Want. You to, fire. At. That right. It's. All happening, nebulas. Getting in the way of what looks like a spectacular, battle. That's. How long's gone, let's. Move Monica, Manor, fire. A missile, at. In. Position. Jupiter can fire a missile him. We've. All gone objective. All day they've destroyed them I've. Just lost one adamant, frigate. That's. A shame, let's watch that replay. As for clearance stone into active. That's. Core priority, one still online. They're pranking food. Cool. When. He lost one ship mine, proceed. Wonder. What we've built in the meantime, so. He completed that mission. It. Seemed quite easy. If. It was really easier when I lost that shit so, I. Have. To build something. We. Got some Artemis. Class quite like those. I'm. Gonna have to build some. Other. Ships. I'm, gonna rush that through. And. I'm gonna build a Jupiter one. Just. To keep their. Production. Line going. Okay. So let's. Assign that then to. BSG. Okay. Let's. Jump that in. To. The roaming battle confirm, that jump. This. Is as simple as it gets commander, ministry. Wants these toasters knocked out before they cause any more grief for the sector colony. Government is offering a good bonus on the objective, -. Whatever. Let's have a go let's, see how it's SEO it goes those. You're not familiar with the game you can walk around the CIC look at that there's the door phone. Panels. Everywhere. They're, moving - what, could possibly be a bigger game all, these parts, of the game that you just seek glimpsing. Glimpses. Of in the TV show. Stairs. Going somewhere, where's. That stairs going. Right. Where were we right. We've selected what we're doing let's. Enter. And. Proceed. Let's do that mission, see. If we can get this one out the way lower, the Cylon threat level, get, some more till iam get some more requisition, points build some more ships what. More could you possibly want. Okay. Good. Stuff. Where. Are they I didn't, look oh. Got. These satellites, everywhere, let's get our ships, over, there. Only, four ships. Okay. Whatever. There, were a lower elevation, than us we could put that down a bit. Okay. I'm not gonna mess about with anything here. Let's. Proceed. So. Bust like electic a deadlock, prepare, to jump in three two, what a great one. Who. Thought we would have been here. Over. A year down, the line before this DLC, and you gotta see, it dradis, contacts, all marked 11 so. They're in games for a great game so. The. Idea behind the. Ghost fleet defensive, is, effectively. The people, of the Twelve Colonies, believe that the colonial forces are keeping the Cylon threat in, check but. The truth is that the Ministry of Defense lawsy, loses, ground every, day and into, the new Cylon commander, who's called atropos. It's. Become more. Succinct. So. The idea is they've. Got a try and save, face in front of the public and. Also. So say we are fund. A ghost fleet. Of. Ships. That the public don't know anything about and the Cylons don't know anything about. So. That's effectively what's, going on let's. Launch some swan jiggler Cyprus. So. With this as well you also get two new ships. You, have an unlock jet let's, end. Lower. Elevation. Focus. Fire on that. Everyone's. Gonna fire at, that. That's. What we're gonna do. Okay. It's gonna take another one. We're. Gonna direct this group. Of fighters, at. That. Nemesis, before, it launches, I. Am. Gonna select. For. That adamant. BB. Battlestar fire, missiles. At. That nemesis. The. Big guns of this Minotaur, from. Toro. And. This. Battlestar. Galactica. So say we opt it's, gonna fire his missiles at. That ship over there. Missile. Tubes prepped, and. So is this way the, door field. We're, gonna fire missiles, at, that. That's. What we're gonna do. In. What. Were you going to do fire a missile or a metal fire missile at that as well okay, it was gonna fire missiles mostly at that.

Talans, Gonna get a right pasting. Let's. Swing him around but louis. Focus. Fire against. That nemesis, there those always fighters are going to take it out. Yes. Commander. Gardens. He's. Firing at that. It's. Some success, let's swing that Minotaur and, drop. It down. Turrets. Focus. Fire at. That time. Also. What I'm gonna do is. This. Raptor, Raptor. Squadron, here, they. Got missiles are gonna fire them, I've, got nemesis, and that, wraps the squadron we're gonna fight, sorry. Do beg your pardon, this, Raptor squadron, we're. Gonna, we're. Gonna fire all missiles of that and just get rid of it. Talans. Gonna be down. Let's. Move that adamant around, that's, bass fit for Judy toast. Let's. Just see how this plays out. Talon, down nemesis. Taking a pasted in. Shall. We send a ship off to the ghost fleet, right. I can do that by. Effectively. Selecting, the Galactica, which, is this one here you. Say got. It. So. Say we are relay, orders, pick. The ship you want to send so we'll send that. Adamant class frigate there. They. Dispatch your Raptor and you'll see it come out it. Docks it jumps away. Messaging. Raptor. Murphy. Goes here I'll marks are dark. Milky. Way commander, job. Done although, it hasn't registers, jumping away which, is a shame, watch. That replay, again. That's, where clear started active. Clean. Up clean. Up, order, rally. Up. Now. And a deck careful, cap. Very. Much a white blue Raptor mission there to be honest not, so bad just get out of here get, on the bit. Okay. Little. Stick bits of galactical, or they about the outermost Battlestar. Or the, 1970s. Battlestars, we like to call it. More. Ships to. Transfer. That to a different, fleet. Week. An assignment, of our officers. This. Person yours is yet unassigned. Don't. This. One here colony defense will. Go for that, other. Wife noticed this is just a beta we've. Got all this over, here, right. What's all this about. Let's. Take the Galactica, into battle. Against. This and. Confirm. That jump. Colony. Defense, Ministry. Has spotted a Cylon fleet supporting, the toasters at this colony if we want to keep the fight going on the ground there we need to bust up this support fleet. That's. Best that the support clique then we'll get 600 requisition. Points on the thousand to you let's. Go into, it. Proceed. Some, more information as well Battlestar, Galactica, deadlock ghost fleet offensive. Second, DLC in, season. Two gonna get two new ships on the colonial, site a colonial. Orion, recon. Frigate, which. Will have. Stealth. Capabilities. And torpedoes, and a colonial, defender, is a Support Specialists, a support. Ship of Germany's origin, the defenders a mobile marine detachment platform. Which, will deploy Raptors, and on. The Cylon side they get a pesky, Cylon, Medusa central. Command ship. Latest. Technology, able to overclock its systems, and they get some Cylon cluster, nukes and virus, mines as well all. That being said. We. Haven't seen it yet in the game, so, again position our ships I'm, definitely. Gonna send one of my ships over to go to fleet though.

Not. Yet but, we will colony. Defense cancer, on so, there's our chefs they're lovely, green nebula. And. Cylons. Off in the distance let's. Proceed get on there. Prepare, to jump in 3 2, 1. Okay. With jumping. Hostile. Marks at the zone cylon, i ffs across-the-board. Okay. It's. Very busy this isn't it bill the nebula that's around. Destiny. Bueller interferes, with turret and guided munitions, targeting, so we got to try and get. Ourselves out, of that. Let's. Select capital. Ships. Got. It move it around, yes. Sir launch all squadrons and, to. Escort. Clearance, zone is active. At, for priority, one still online. Okay. Go, to ships. Select. Target, yes. Sir that would. Let's. Go to our capital ship icon top, left select. Boost. Just. Get into the fight and. To. Iokay, squadrons. Of living off to get that nemesis, over there they should take that out no problem at all another. Nemesis, is too cloaked or. Become. Visible, Cherise a disaster, trackers, focus. Fire on. That. Why not not. Gonna bother any missiles just yet I'm. Sure they'll shoot missiles at me end. Turn. They're. Hacking us. That. Guy is gonna be out. We're. Gonna fire short-range, missiles, at. That. Salvo. Launch ready. Come. On a commander, I'm gonna fire a missile at that from. That adamant, iron fire missile from that adamant. At that and, then. From, the Galactica, I'm, not gonna fire any missiles. We're. Gonna select those ships I'm gonna make sure, they've. All got a target great. And two. Giving. It right pasting, at the trumpet, comeback. Hostile. Council. Target focus fire at, last one, shoot. It let's. Go to our ships. Select. Target, oh, you. Can go after that one I think is there quicker. I'm. Going to swing this around. And. The, Minotaur. The. Galactica, is now yes, commander, or. These battle, stars I should say do mystical, act occur that's the gun that's the Galactica, that isn't. We're. Gonna select them. And. They're gonna fire their, munitions, at. This cheeky monkey over here this tower. And. Turn. They. Collided with an adamant. Tactics. Gotta. Make sure I don't collide, with, any of my own ships. I'm. Gonna select all, my capital ships take the boost off give. Them a better than turning circle. Yes. Commander. So. Say we are like that. These, two Battlestars. Guns. Focus. Fire directly. At the Talon. Okay. Raptors what you got. He'll. Be gone soon don't. Worry about it, assault, Raptor let's, move over. There. And. Turn. Right, well that's choosing that I'm. Gonna use. My. Ship the Galactica, here I. Knew. Relay, orders and I'm gonna send a ship to. The, ghost fleet. Buying. A say. That. Ship. Okay. You. Get a relay orders from the adamant they're going to launch their wraps. And messenger optics. Board. Is clear all hostel, marks are dark I wonder. If it will on/off I. Think. I've missed the opportunity. As. Proceed not going to bother with the the. Replay on that. Oh come. On come on come on. Right. I lost an adamant there. So. What, I'm going to do is because I am going to. Transfer. That. To. Another fleet. Close. I'm, gonna put. This. Lovely. Ship this. Animus, Battlestar, I am going to transfer that. After. The Battlestar BSG. 75, Battlestar, Galactica battle group, and. Then. I'm. Gonna, build some more ships. Because. We got some Tilian let's. Have a. Animus. So. Were those an. Atlas carrier. Janus. Okay. Let's. Jump over there, what's this, colony. The friends again. Last. One. Last. One why not end -. So. This is released on the 25th, of February on PC. With Xbox, and PlayStation, following a little bit later what, we don't know anything about though is what's going to happen with the Nintendo switch, version, that, came out towards the end of last year.

So. For those of you looking for it it will be available on Steam in in. Your wish list and will. Come with other items. As well like the Fleet Admiral difficulty. For. The ultimate, challenge against, Cylon command you get veteran, C and you get persistent, damage like you get on the Admiral setting but. You. Get more Cylons, and also. Your officers don't exert, so much authority. Over. Their command. Just. Reposition, our ships. Three. Battlestars, in a minute or there. They are, proceed. Also. There's some user interface, enhancements. Cinematics. Browser. You. Can select a flagship, so. You can get the motor here I play mrs. chew. On this new loading screens so. Here we are err along. Here's. Our fleet to. Be docile marks at the zone Cylon. Eye ffs across the board. Don't. Get ourselves in. A. Bit of a pickle. Swing. Around. Drop. It down got, him, present. The sights of the fleet. Launching. Line Chow squadrons. Okay. And two. We're. Launching. Escort. Clearance don't insect or I already wanted save him here. We go. Right. Brilliant. Swing. Everyone around make sure no one's hitting anybody. What we'll also do is drop. The elevation, down on it commander and turn straight. Adam. Again. Let's. Get our fighters. Selector. I get she, what I think we're gonna go, straight. For that one over there that's a sneaky monkey, okay. Enter. Trying. To think about using. Some missiles, on some ships. This. Thing here this Sara T's has opened up I'm gonna get yes sir, the Minotaur to, focus. Fire on that. Along. With that. Artemis. Battlestar. As well focus fire book he's. Also going to fire some missiles at it you, got it because. Why not. Again. The battle stars gonna keep their powder dry, and. Turn. This. Bunch. Five, munitions. At. That. Focus. Fire. At. That. I'm, gonna get my Raptors. To. Fire a rocket. That. Salt. Raptor. Short-range. Missiles. Salvo. Launch ready. Raptor. Fire. Rocket. Gets. Commander and. This Raptor, over here. Will. Leave what he's doing you. Just leave into what he's doing, okay, so we're gonna hit it from the top. And. We've. Got a foe boss that's, got to be a beast er gonna. Be a beast though. Raptors. As. We got all out that. Raptor. You're. Gonna fire a rocket directly, at that got it. This. Raptor. Okay. Recall you as well, the. Assault Raptor, we are going to paint a target and we're gonna paint a target on that and then. All our ships, we are going to select. A target that. Sarah. Teased because. They were right pain. What. Else can we do. Drop. The elevation, of that down. Slow. It down in a bit so we can give it some guns and. Then. Over. Here. Turrets. Focus. Fire. Directly. At that and take that out same, with the Minotaur. Not. Hitting anything a week no we're not. Turrets. Focus, fire. At. That Cerebus because they're nasty, and. Right. We're gonna swing our ships around now we got some mines in play, that. Mine. Don't. Think ya might hit. That one you. Might hit that one so. I'm gonna. Swing. That around. We're. Gonna see if we can fire missiles we. Can directly. At that full boss. Can't. Do anything there. Let's. Select our ships. Focus. Fire directly, at that. Right. What's going on over here you all shootin that I think they are okay. Get up get, up. It's. All out for you now and I've got a missile to fire, from. These lovely, great big Jupiter's. Have. It. Got. Have it I say. Let's. Select, all. Our capital ships. Focus. Fire at that. While. We're doing that. We'll. Try it again, relay. Orders. Will. Send. We'll, send the Minotaur. Okay. Let's try that again. There's. Our messenger, Raptor, going. Directly to it are, we gonna get there in time I don't know. Let's. Slow everything down. Got. It. I'm. On it commander and. To. This. Board. Is clear all hostile, marks are dark will, it jump though. Yes. Sent to ghost fleet there, you go let's. Do that replay. Escort. Clearance zone intact before I already wanted to stay pan. Very, addictive, game like I was saying. Fire. That target. Architect. Nothing. I'm. Late. Breath God.

Don't. Great, proceed. Shall. I do another one I think I should. Again. Where these are the loading screens we saw something very similar in you, know when, Battlestar. Galactica was on television the first time around in, the fan community. Let's. Transfer, that to. The. SG 75. What. Are the ships being. Built, regarded. Psyllium I, think, I'm gonna build. A another, Jupiter, so I want to send one to. The ghost fleet. Right. Okay. Brilliant, that's. What we've got. Close. What is that Mons have infiltrated an abandoned, station that once provided armor prototypes, to colonial fleet ministry. Has declared the whole site compromised, to the vocal, displeasure, of the company shareholders not. That that's our problem we just have to make sure the Cylons don't get the chance to learn something new in there so. What are we gonna do this. Supplier, who's making, EMP, mines. Right. They. Get a thousand, psyllium for a requisition point a four hundred point. Discount, to the EMP mind blueprint. And. The, Cylon threat will, decrease by twenty six dismiss, well. That, I mean there'll, be no Sidon threat at all whatsoever, so. I think that's worthwhile doing. We're. Gonna jump ourselves, right in there, confirm. Competitive. Advantage, is this mission, confirm. Again, okay. Turn. Proceed. In case, any of you are wondering I have got some of the campaign, on the channel as well if I may check that out all those spoiler, alert I am, playing through the campaign. Also. There's, the campaign's, of resurrections. And sacrifice, some. Anabasis. And. The, original. Deadlock. OST. Okay. There's the station oh look at all em oh, dear. This. Could be embarrassing, um right. You. Just know there's gonna be something funky, in that don't you. Okay. No worries not to worry let's, see if we can get through it we're, over Troy, one. Two three four five six seven eight and we, got four ships. Let's. Get on with it let's, not cry about it let's just get on with it and see if we can do it. Prepare. To jump in 3 2, 1. Dradis. Contact, no mess Islands are all over the station I'm gonna take him out straightaway. Bring. A swing around. Launch. Fighters, I. Am. Gonna fire munitions, directly. At that everybody. Is gonna fire everything, and we're gonna focus fire at. That and, that's. What we're gonna do I'm not messing around here. Level. The playing field these are nasty ships. Right. Fighters. Select. Target, that. Okay. Oh. We're. Gonna get a bloody nose here. Right. Straight. In. I'm, on it commander get those big doorknocker, guns going. And. Taking. Him right. Right. Focus. Fire, here. Let's, take him out. These two here focus, fire. At. That. I'm. Going, to. Hopefully. With. My Raptor squadron. For. A rocket, directly, at their got him and, then. With my assault, Raptor squadron, I am. Going to paint a target of, that and, get the bonuses, for that too I'm also going to fire a short-range, missile a kit and that should really do it over. Other. Raptors. I'm. Going to fire a rocket at. That. Arachne, and. That. One's gonna fire a rocket at. That Arachne, too. But. There's. A right storm, going on in there. Now, moving in yes sir, just, like that. Right. Go. Digging. In. You, should be gone an original, Cylon ship lieutenant. Cool. So. Far so good, Raptors. With. Recording, swagger I mean. Got. It right. Fighters. Select. Target. That. Talent. Assault. Raptor, paint. Target, of that talent. Battlestars. Focus. Fire. That. Towel. We. Can't fire anything yet oh we can, but. We'll fire at that. Instead. Over, here. We. Will fire missiles. At. That, revenant. Okay. Your. Next eight, focus. Fire against, that revenant. These. Ships here, focus. Fire. That. Arachne. Fighters. Select. Target, that. Gannett how lon now. Also we should be able to relaunch our Raptors. Squadrons. Launch. Or. Go. To Raptor, perhaps they haven't come in yet then. Didn't, recall and good night. So. Say we are. So, shame alright enter. That. You have to go. Right. Let's. Get him room got it oh is. This battle style doing. Hangar. Repairs. Subsystem. Yes. Sir okay. How. Are our other ships doing, got. It no. Problem let's. Select. The. Battle stars. Swing. Them around so. Say we are. Fire. Munitions, can't. Focus, fire at, that because, he's got missiles, not, to worry about any of that let's, go back down to our fighters. Selector. I get. That. Talon, over, there. Right. Okay. So, far so good. I'm. Gonna do something. Yes. Commander, controversial. I am. Going to relay orders Elena send that Jupiter 2 to go sweet get. C move. Not. Before I fire, a missile, at. That though. Yes. Commander. We're. Gonna be high speed pursuit over, there. Those. Things going for him, fish. That with go - manner. Not. Quite resonance, over there. He's. Ready to go. And. Then we got destroy the research station which, we can do, which. Is all. The way over there. Well. Swing the commander, that wait. Or. For a missile at him. Referring. Mister let him missile tubes prepped swing, around destroy that.

Damage. We're. Gonna power right on hand over there. Boosh. Thrusters, let's get over there. Select. Those Raiders. He. Should be gone very shortly. And. Turn. Artemis, is taking damage. All. Right you stick oh. Stop, shooting my battle stuff I really use it down. Took. My eye off the ball down, there too busy sending. People over to go yes commander, sent. The wrong bloody one. Not. To worry. You. Got a couple in the production line I think. Adamant. Is taking damage courses. Right. Let's. Get him out the way go, engineering, repair our service system. With, our ships. Let's. Get him over there. Where's, his station, come on Galactica. You. Fire a missile yet about, that. Just, take that and. Selector, I get that. Research infirmed squadron, target, let's. Go. Can. We. Squadrons. Logical. Squadrons, that's, launcher. Okay. Assault. Raptor. Select. Target, that, station, and. To. Adamant, is taking damage. Fire, missile, at last. Boost. Get. Away, so, say we are. Okay. And. To. Adamant. Is taking damage of. Course it is but we've we shot him see you've been a big initiative. Not, just yet but we are going to. You've. Got our squadrons, going in after him. Yes. Sir right and. Close. Would be quite easy that better, mind it wasn't. For, into the salvo. They're, engaging, he hasn't got long to go n turn. More. Missiles going in. Here's. A research station. Assault. Raptor is going to fire missiles at that we can't get a target lot yet can we paint don't, we can't paint and. Turn. So. Should. Be able to do some short-range, missiles now. And. Also paint that target. See. How it goes you've. Got a raptor squadron, air fire rockets. In, turn. Missiles. Are whittling it down short-range. Missiles as well. Raptors. Have done their things. Got, it, finance. Alvaro missiles. Is. This guy still in play. No. We have destroyed, him. Okay. And turn. My, orbit on those missiles get there it. Might all be over from those those. Vipers. Probably. Another round. And. To. Hello, do something shoot, at it. Come. On Galactica. Shoot, at that station. Even. The Vipers of course app come on. Can, you do anything, might, as well be caught you. Record. You. Three. Two one, cut. This. Down inside, lines are clear. Not. Without its losses. You. Sent weren't a ghost fleet. Lawton. Artemis and Lawson adamant. Bit, good about that let's, watch the replay anyway. Let's. Get right what overdue. That secretary, Bob. I've got a little bit. Err. Perspective. All, right. Auto, received, a successful. That's. Court we're at sodas active. So. The, second, DLC yes. It's all about the, Twelve Colonies believing, that the Colonials, are doing better in the world. To. Fluff, up as, it were right, a ghost, feet, to. Attack the Cylons, in Cylon space very much like that fleet or the ghost free to draw in red and chrome. So. Might be Ricardo thanks for watching plenty more Battlestar, Gallactica deadlock videos on the channel and some, additional campaign. Videos as well from deadlock, and. The new DLC the past, couple of days take, a look check them out like and subscribe if you'd like to leave, me a nice comment raw friends here and check, back for the next stream see, you soon.

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