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hello my friends so i welcome you in the love and  light of the one infinite creator and in today's   session you know i have uh channeled the galactic  federation in order to ask about the recent you   know like there was an outage or there was a uh  there was a type of uh event uh of of a blackout   of like major social media platforms okay like  uh you know instagram facebook and whatsapp   and uh it was all over on the news it happened  approximately like you know like two days ago   um and uh you know uh the fascinating thing  is you know like it was all on the news and   uh you know the thing that i found fascinating  okay let me tell you this okay i had channeled   uh the previous session i had channeled uh  channeled you know like uh like four days   before okay and uh you know in that session also  they had said you know like there may be some   uh waves coming and uh you know if we use  excessively our social media devices it may cause   um you know us to feel fatigue and stuff like that  okay so i found that really surprising because you   know after releasing the video uh in the same  day okay like after some hours this happened   like i was like wow so something uh definitely  is happening okay and in today's session you know   uh the galactic federation i asked them what is  the real reason you know behind the behind this   uh blackout of major social media platforms now  uh this was really surprising okay now normally   normally these you know like big uh companies you  know they have like a lot of money and they have   lots of you know like uh servers and employees and  stuff you know so uh they normally do not go like   blackout like that okay and this was a blackout  for like a few hours no so it was not like you   know for like few minutes or something like that  but this was like you know like for like heavy   uh long hours okay and i also heard that you know  like uh the uh what do you see the share price of   facebook instagram etc they also went  down uh because of the blackout it was   um really a big event okay so in today's session  you know uh the galactic federation they tell us   three things okay i have written down uh because  um it's actually like this is like you know   before i before i share uh this with you okay this  is like uh definitely out there okay so i felt   this was out there okay so i hope you use your  discernment and discrimination and you know of   course you know judge the judge the material you  know i'm not you know i'm not making this up you   know i'm not saying that you know i i channeled it  and i'm not you know this is live channeling okay   so you can see it okay i'm not making this up  so you can see what they said and they said you   know like you know uh they talk about you know uh  the real reason uh why the server was down okay   and it's connected to the mars war so i  found this really fascinating okay and this   and i think you know this is the real reason why  it went down so there must have been some cover   up going on okay and the other thing is uh yeah  this was really fascinating i also asked you know   about you know what are the third density physical  vehicles they look like now in previous sessions   they had said that we are in a second density  physical vehicle so i wanted to know how does   a third density physical vehicle look like and  it's you know uh the image that i got was wow   you will understand this after the session i  will explain to you you will get it it's like   you know it's mind-blowing okay and the other  thing uh they talk about it this is very good   you know because i wanted to know you know like  a method uh we can use to like you know enter   into timelines fast okay because uh sometimes  you know people uh they are going through some   problems or stuff like that they want you know  fast solutions okay so they give us a method   of entering into timelines uh like quickly  okay so this session is really fascinating   and they explain about this method towards  the end of the session uh of course and after   the session ends you know i will give you my  understanding so here is the session my friends we are the galactic federation and we are now  communicating through this instrument in the love   and light of the one creator who has allowed this  communication through this instrument to occur at   this time space of your planetary junction  into the fourth density beginning stages   we the galactic federation are now  connected from our seat in the saturn   council as known by your people we are  here now for the purpose of transmitting   our thought forms in order to provide  guidance without infringing upon the free will before we begin transmitting through this  instrument we would like to warn you that   you should use your discrimination when listening  to our thought forms as you have the objective and   the prerogative to maintain your free will  on the illusion complex which you call life today this instrument has queried pertaining to  the aspect known as the server going down for   the major social media platforms as known by this  instrument's mind complex this event occurred   approximately 48 hours prior to this contact and  for our prerogative and understanding we shall   scan this instrument's mind complex for better  understanding the query placed by this instrument upon scouting this instrument's mind complex  we are of the opinion that the so-called   server or blackout occurring in a major  social media platform as known by your people   as facebook whatsapp and instagram was  triggered not by your planet's interference   are not by the technologies giving away on your  planetary sphere as has been pointed by the people   of your planets what we may now share shall sound  a bit crazy for those people who are not yet   aware of the truths that are around  their own illusion complex however   we shall now share the true fact which caused  this blackout of the major social media platforms in essence the so-called the three companies  are headed by one individual who is named in   your local space-time vibratory sound complex  as mark zuckerberg and in essence this entity   has had many a times created soul contracts and  a binding contract with the reptilians as well   as the anunnaki for exchange of technologies in  order to become the most advanced person or a   light on your planetary sphere for the purpose  of controlling other entities on the planet in essence this entity has created servers  as known by your people for the maintenance   of a backup and a connection with each  activity that occurs on the earth planets   and these servers have been created  inside the mars planets and are also   being used by the reptilians to keep track  of certain information and to keep track of   entities on the planetary sphere this is how  many a times they are using the technology   to track the information of certain individuals  in order to gather their location and their   whereabouts so that they can influence such  individuals who are of a negative orientation   furthermore these entities also do not need such  type of technology but this entity known as mark   has a offering of the so-called database or  a collection of server on the mars planets   has created this backup technology on the mars  planet which is being handled by the reptilians   and the event which led to the blackout of this  is caused by the intense love light energies which   was faced by the negative oriented entities who  are currently lodged on the mars planets interior   and they had faced a stimulating love light  energy which damaged the so-called server on the   mars planets hence breaking the interconnection  and the chain of loop of connection was broken   which led to a blackout of certain hours as  known by the people of your planetary sphere   this in essence was caused because the  astar command entities and the so-called   entities on the reptilians they had a type  of interaction wherein the ashtar command   entities projected love-light energies towards  the negative oriented entities on the mars   planets which led to the destruction of certain  physical vehicles of the reptilians which also   have been relocated by the so-called astar command  collective and these reptilian bodies or physical   vehicles which have been now captured after  the crossing over process shall go through   our council and we shall determine what  kind of objectives and what type of   technologies these reptilians and the  anunnakis have created inside the mars planet   furthermore there may be a high chance of these  types of blackouts occurring more in the future   if the so-called server from the mars planets for  these three technological giants as known by your   people facebook instagram and whatsapp  are not relocated to the earth planets   also this instrument wants to understand   what do the third density physical vehicles  actually look like since in the previous sessions   many entities and we also had shared this  information that the current physical vehicle   of the human collective is that of a later second  density type in this regard let us give you   a analogy of the type of physical vehicle  which shall actually exist on the third density   planetary sphere disregarding what is found on the  earth planets the third density physical vehicle   usually has a intense objective of yellow ray  energy center or the creation of thought forms   to an intense degree and because of this aspect  the so-called area or the skull is larger in a   third density mind-body spirit complex physical  vehicle and also the other body parts such as the   sexual organs as known by your people as well  as the organs which are required for the purpose   of survival such as the aspects of stomach  etc are also smaller compared to your people   and because of this aspect the main portion that  is considered approximately larger compared to   the other organs in the physical vehicle is the  skull in a third density physical vehicle on a   third density planetary sphere except that which  occurs on the earth planet at this time space   this is caused because the third density  normally have to tackle the catalyst of   intense mind complex activity which then leads  such entity to enter after transcending such   activity into the beginning stages  of the fourth density consciousness   furthermore this entity has also queried about a  method that can be used to choose timelines fast   in this regard let us tell you that one method  which is primarily ignored by many of your people   and only known by approximately 0.1  percent of the whole planetary population   is the method of choosing the timelines  in which you want to enter into   and using the so-called imaginary complex from  the aspect of the first person perspective   walking in such a environment with your eyes  closed but having imagination of the other reality   already being accomplished this will cause the  other timeline to enter into the physical reality   much faster compared to any other methods we  can suggest at this time space for in doing this   each entity will begin to choose the timelines as  there is no linear time there is only this moment   which is the gateway into intelligent infinity  and has infinite possibilities to allow each   entity to transition through the gateway to reach  into the hierarchy furthermore this is all the   information we can share at this time space we are  the galactic federation and we leave you now bye so my friends you know after uh after watching  the session i hope you uh you know gained some   insights i definitely did learn a lot uh you  know the first thing uh i've written some uh   things to tell you okay the first thing they said  you know like uh there is uh there is actually   a cover-up going behind the uh the the blackout  of facebook instagram and whatsapp and the real   reason is there there is a war going on in mars  and you know mark zuckerberg in essence has uh   had created some uh i believe you know agreements  with the reptilians and he had i believe you know   installed on the server on mars now all of you  know that all these three companies okay facebook   um instagram and whatsapp is owned by mark  zuckerberg okay so you know i found this   really fascinating they said there is a server  which the reptilians use to track people you know   who are negatively oriented and i was like wow  right this is uh this is next level stuff okay furthermore uh they also said you  know like because uh there was an   uh there was an infiltration on mars and  the asthar command entities you know they   i believe they had a kind of like uh feud with  these entities so they got into a type of fight   type of situation and uh you know because of love  light explosion many reptilians you know they   uh they died okay and they also said that you know  they had uh they have collected some um bodies of   these reptilians who were engaged in the  battle and so now we know what they say is   what they said is you know they can find out  you know um i believe they can scan their memory   uh and find out you know what's actually going  on inside mars so i have to definitely ask in   the future session what is really going on in mars  okay so i believe you know there this is not only   like a spiritual war but they may have some like  massive technology as well and uh you know the   other thing that i found fascinating is you know  uh now this i don't know how this uh is happening   but you know they said you know like because of  the server which was attacked on mars you know   the link was broken and because of that you know  like the whole uh you know all three uh platforms   they were down for many hours and uh the other  thing they talk about in this session is okay   this is really interesting okay they talk about  you know like third density physical vehicles   now i know many of you you know have seen uh uh  you know have seen physical vehicles of aliens   and stuff like people have created and you know  this actually like you know uh matches uh matches   you know a description of some of the uh you  know like some of the description that people   say when they when they see that you know they  have been abduct abducted by aliens and they met   with alien species and stuff like that okay so you  know one of the things they said is you know like   in a third density physical vehicle uh the  normally the heads are like uh in proportion   to the body like huge okay so i i believe you  know many of you have seen you know aliens with   big heads and stuff you know so i can definitely  relate to this and uh because they said you know   normally the third density is concerned with the  uh egoic mind and you know uh the catalyst is   normally presented in the uh in the egoic mind  we need to transcend that in the third density   and because of that you know like they have got  huge heads okay and the other thing they said   in uh third density physical vehicle uh they  don't in a real third density physical vehicle   now we are in a second density physical vehicle  okay in a real third density physical vehicle   uh we would not have uh you know like um this  like big um like you know sexual organs and   stuff like that okay now uh compared to what we  have right now and they also said our stomachs   would be like smaller so i believe you know the  whole body structure will be smaller except for   the head will be proportionately bigger because  that's what the third density physical vehicle is   in other planets through throughout the galaxy  so yeah this was really fascinating and i could   relate with this because i remember  seeing in movies and stuff you know   and also watching uh tapes wherein  people talk about you know being abducted   where in uh the uh the the the alien species you  know who abduct them they have got you know big   heads and stuff like that so i can definitely  relate with this stuff and uh definitely leave   a comment down below if you can relate with this  and i will reply okay and also the other thing is   yes this one was really good so i uh i need to  like you know i just finished the session so i   need to apply it myself they said you know like uh  to choose timelines the best method is uh firstly   i believe they said to uh you know uh to uh like  enter into this imaginative state and then uh from   the first person perspective i believe they said  to walk okay to like i believe this like this is   uh this may be considered similar to wearing a  vr headset okay but instead of vr headset you're   you're closing the eyes and imagining so you are  walking and you are the person you want to be   so this is what they said so you need to walk  okay like physically walk i believe this is what   they said to physically walk while imagining so  physically like you know do the things which you   will do in your imagination and yeah like you  know i think it it's it will work so i have to   try this myself you know and by the way thank you  all so much for uh sending the emails for you know   wanting to know about your own past history  incarnation cycle from which planet you originated   and the soul lessons for this current life so  i will uh i have added you to the list and you   know those of you who want to know you can send  me i will add you to the list in my email and   then you know as i get free time i will send  send out so i can do more sessions for you and   also help you out to you know become inspired in  this life and the other thing is i need to say   big thank you for all of my patreon supporters  and uh i have been uploading like transcripts   of my sessions as well as those sessions which  are banned from youtube you know like youtube   you already know okay i don't need to say anything  about censorship and thank you so much thank you

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