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Okay. Thanks for coming along to this so. It's based on this, book there are still some free, copies, left up front, if you want them so I was doing the research on this book when. I was based in China at the top business school there China Europe International, Business School from, 2011, to. 2016. So. Just. - and, the subtitle. Is really the theme of my, talk from. Imitation, to innovation, you won't used to hear about how China's. About imitation, now it's about innovation. In, the early days of course China was just copying when it first, you know from 1978, onwards. Like. The copying products were illegal. Sometimes are called Shan Zhai which means mountain. Bandits, you, see here a product called the block berry endorsed. By President Obama probably, without his knowledge on. The, right, something, inspires you this is not a cigarette packet pretending. To be a mobile, a cell phone it's a cell phone pretending, to be a cigarette packet just to show you how, different the, Chinese can be they actually love, smoking so much some of them wanted, to pretend their cellphone, was a cigarette packet. So. Then China, starts moving from copying. To, fit, for purpose so you know in the earlier days 1980s. 1970s. China, was poorer lower, per capita income, so, sort, of practical. Innovations. Such as mu, Guangdong. Crane moving from double. Welded to single weld it's a lot of process innovations, China. Of course makes more solar, panels. Than, anybody else and the critical innovation they're self, cleaning because if you have a dusty solar panel, then that's a massive problem so in, the beginning these are not rocket, science, innovations, but typical, Chinese innovations, they are pragmatic. And, profitable. Then, you start seeing I'll talk a bit more later on about Alibaba, Taobao these online. Systems. Where, we start seeing innovation, in online hire. One. Of their biggest. And probably the most international, company major appliances, now the world's biggest major, appliance, companies. Lots of initially, small innovations, like, early, on they found that their. Washing machines were getting, clogged up in rural areas, they discovered, us because the farmers were using them to wash potatoes rather than just clothes, now, Western response might have been to put a label saying do not wash crops, instead. Their innovation, was they changed the filter system and add, a label saying suitable, for both clothes and crops. Refrigerators. When they first moved to the US market. They. Went at the lower end such as college, dorm rooms and they realized that college dorms was small so, they added a folding, table top to, double up as a desk or trivial, innovation, today they have a more significant, innovation technical. They, have innovated. The world's first three. Temperature. Compartments. Refrigerator, the, third compartment, is designed, to store the food that, is the most important, to Americans, what. Food is that. No. Not pizza anything, else. Ice. Cream, what's. Wrong when you take the ice cream out of the ice box it's, too hard and, Americans. Don't like to wait so. It took a Chinese, company to have this insight, and then, typical Chinese innovation, to invest the R&D money and drill, to manufacture.

It In an. Economical. Way so this is a typical innovation. But they've now moving beyond this they're, moving toward waterless, washing. Machines for example so no genuine, technological. Innovations, Chinese. Are very customer, focused, as, well. I'll. Just talk about the bottom ones we visited, a number. Of startups, so a suture nano micro. World-class. Nano, products, SVG. Optronics they make security, films, / ID cards, and so on they're higher than the quality you find in the USA or in the European Union I'll talk about some of these other companies in a, moment as well the, entire, ecosystem. For Alibaba I'll talk more about good. Baby makes 80 percent of the world's baby carriages, a typical, innovation, now you. Hold the baby in one arm and one button that you press folds, up the. Baby. Carriage, again, a typical Chinese innovation. You. Have to invest in it requires. Significant, menu, ringg capability. Now. They start to make. Things that a bit more technically. Advanced. A ten-cent, social networking, instant messaging service. Online. Gaming and so on. Medical. Devices are very big in China aging. Population. And. Then. In, the, intersection, of online, and medical devices are going to be a very big sector in China as, well tell. Me the mobile phone company sends. Out software, upgrades, every week based on input, from its millions, of. Customers. And. Then a bot new softer an example, of. Integrating. Medical. Devices and information, technology. So. Just. And, these are organized. To. Relate to each other so of course with the solar panels, we. Have the, wind. Energy the. Third one, there. Now experimenting. With, roads. Using. Solar power to recharge, the bus as it drives along that. Also is a typical Chinese innovation, in that it requires a top-down, government to put in that kind of innovation can, you imagine trying to do that in the streets of Cambridge Massachusetts, over. Putting in a system, like that on the top right Wow. Way for telecoms, company now the largest, telecoms, equipment company in the world genuine, innovation, creating. A product that ran 2g, 3G, and 4G in, one. Product again typical, Chinese, orientation. To the customer, because this was more practical for the customer to have only, one. Machine, and now. Investing. More and more in R&D. It has R&D centers around the world for example outside, Milan Italy it, has a microwave. Research. Technology Center hiring. Italian scientists, keeping them in the local ecosystem, the. Middle row high. Speed trains of course initially copied. The. Chinese chain company was, sued by Siemens. And Hitachi but has breezed through that China, of course has, more high speed rail tracks and anywhere else in the, world I don't think the US has a single mile of high-speed rail, the United Kingdom and of course this means they also build more trains that they're now innovating.

With And. Sending. All out selling, all over the world in the middle aerial, drones China did not invent the aerial drones but most aerial drones are now manufactured, in China and this is a product that's classically. Suited. For Chinese innovation, in that innovation. For this product happens, better next door to the factory, why, because, innovations, are you, know to add more rotors, to change the carrying capacity maybe. Bigger maybe smaller there's now a, Chinese. One that can carry a person. Good, luck traveling, in that yourself, one, day. And. This. As opposed to say something, like a mobile a cell phone where, you do the innovation, in California, and you have it manufactured in China so also, this is a product that is based. On metal. Plastics. And some electronic, combination again. Ideal, for the lower cost Chinese, engineers and scientists and on, the right this, is the mid-sized jet, that, China has just test flown is going to go up against, Boeing, and Airbus why, is it able to do that because China buys. More new jet aircraft, than any other country, in the world it already has 500. Advanced orders, before it is proven and of course most of those advanced orders are coming from Chinese Airlines who have to buy from this state-owned. Manufacturer. Initially. Copying, but, with, innovations, that they're going to add and, with enforced, technology, transfer from the West which is why we have this tariff. Wars just started in the last week. Or so now. The. Internet-based, innovations. Are different, the traditional innovations, in China are, based on low, cost engineers, for both R&D, and for. Manufacturing. Wow. That is less the case with internet-based companies, where, an ease my interpretation. And you. Know a lot more medicine, I do is that internet-based innovation, comes. From experimentation. With large numbers of customers so. China. Has more internet, users, than any other country in the world so this is now a great, advantage, for them and toward the end I'll show you some visuals, about, the. Internet. Eko, systems I won't go through them all as I said you can just look. At the PDF yourself. So. Our, sort of model our theory, of how this happened, is that, we have four, drivers the ones in red and pink and with three phases and yellows that all go through, the. First. Driver customers, initially, the customers, were poorer so, Chinese companies and Western companies had to innovate in China in order, to develop. Products that were cheap enough. The. Other thing we find is that Chinese customers are quite different in many of their tastes from, the West so again different types of. Products. Needed. Culture. We.

Have The entrepreneurial, culture of, Chinese. Executives. And we, include on the culture, the drive of the government the Chinese government, really. Wants innovation. Now and the word innovation, has reached the top line of the, latest five-year. Plan and. The. Made. In China 2025. Initiative is all about innovating. In China rather. Than just, manufacturing. On. The right over. Time firms. Enhance. Their capabilities to, innovate, learning. From Western partners and also. As they became more profitable investing, the cash that they generated, in R&D. And. To. Other uses of the cash is, setting, up foreign, R&D centers and thirdly, buying. Foreign companies for, their technology, and I'll show you some examples of that so with. This they move from the Phase one copying. To, fit for, purpose to. Moving from being followers, to, world standard. Products, and. In. The. Third phase global. Expansion including. Acquisitions, early. Acquisitions, were resources, like oil, you. Know oil fields. Property. But more and more they're making acquisitions for. Knowledge. So. Here are some famous. Chinese acquisitions, of course the first one was. Buying IBM's, personal, computer business, then. Another example. Volvo. Bought, by a, mid-level. Chinese, company most, you've never heard of called, Jie Li one, of the reasons they were able to buy Volvo is, Chinese government designated. Them as the only Chinese car company allowed to bid for Volvo they beat off the non Chinese. Competitors. When. They won the CEO of GE said it's like a Chinese peasant, marrying, a Hollywood movie star and. Of course they're starting to learn. Technology. From, Volvo puts. Meister, a leading. Construction, equipment, company in Germany bought by now. The world's largest construction, equipment company China's. Sunny, they've. Even bought Club, Med which, i think is for the, large. Evolving. Leisure market, in China most. Controversial in the middle cuca in, 2016. A Chinese, medical device company idea bought one of Germany's leading robotics. Companies, for the first time the German government said really, perhaps we shouldn't let this go and the. German. Prime Minister, asked. A German consortium to outbid, them but they, were under, bidding 20%. And it went to China only, on the right finally, last year, was. One. German acquisition, blocked Extron, under US pressure because. It makes semiconductors. For, some. Which goes into defense so the u.s. got germany to block that acquisition. But. There'll be many. More such acquisitions, because the, Chinese have, a. Lot. Of money Google. Is probably safe, for. Now. So. The entire Chinese innovation, ecosystem, is growing, in fact, the. Chinese now have, more scientific, publications, than the USA of course so, far as quantity, rather than quality but. The quality will follow and of course it is the US and the West that is training ethnic, Chinese, scientists. So if you go into stem program science technology, engineering, mathematics. Huge. Numbers of ethnic Chinese and China, now has special. Government programs, to lure them back also. The market is deterring them back we visited one company that, makes flexible. Display. Screens, replacing. The something, that you know a millimeter thick replacing. The entire dashboard. Of a car started. By a Chinese, PhD. In electrical engineering from Stanford but. He goes back to China, to start the company because, cars, are being manufactured in China and it's the biggest car market in, the world right so everything ecosystem, is on. The, up and here, is the. Scariest, sight. I've ever come across it was presented at Oxford, about, a year and a half ago by, someone representing the Chinese Academy of Science 22. Strategic, science and technology initiatives, that. China is pursuing, I'll just read out some of them. Dark. Matter and dark energy. Controlling. The structure of matter artificial. Life and synthetic, biology. Nanoscience. Space science exploration, ubiquitous. Sensing based, information, eyes, manufacturing. Systems so they're actually going for, everything. Pretty, much China, certainly has the world's largest. Supercomputers. For example, all. Right so. Summarizing. Our research we found that there are 10 major ways in which Chinese, company innovation, is different. From, Western innovation, and you might think about how this is, the same or different at Google as well I've, got a slide or two on each one of these first. One is a greater focus on local, needs and customers now all companies, do this but Chinese are really, focused on local. Customers, so on the Left Chinese. Light soy products, so joy yung makes. A soymilk, cooker, on the, right that's myself with my co-author we're, TCL, the world's largest, consumer. Electronics. Company they. Created a dual TV, that, two people can sit side-by-side, watching. Two completely, separate TV programs, full.

Screen You, just have to wear these dark, glasses with the earpieces, and my, fear is that they designed this for a special Chinese, need which, is the, single child, policy the. Single child has grown up selfish, and doesn't know how to share so, when they get married they don't want to share TV programs either so, this products designed to reduce the divorce rate in China apologies. To the Chinese in this audience oh and. Again a typical Chinese innovation. That is expensive to design and, is expensive, to manufacture but, Chinese companies can afford to do that initially. Number, two acceptance, of good enough standards. This was the first mass-market chat, car in China Chery, QQ, under. Five thousand US dollars it, was famous for, its thousands. Of defects, but. The Chinese accepted, it and if. This had happened in the West the, brand would be dead cherry, is still a respected. Brand in China so the Chinese are more forgiving, at least initially. Because. They're still you, know moving up the ladder but they didn't stop there so. By participating in, global. Supply chains they. Learned and furthermore because, the competitive, situation there is so fierce they're, like Alice in Wonderland with, a Red Queen they've, learned to run very fast to stay in the same place so we. Now this concept of Red Queen competition and this is what happens in China as a way of enhancing. Their. Capabilities. Third. One incremental. Not radical, innovations, when, I visited the head office of hire they showed me their new range Cassata. Pretending. Not even to be Chinese called Cassata the main innovation is that they've embedded Swarovski. Crystals, on the Front's of the cabinet's so the, Chinese are not embarrassed, to do anything that will sell a product. Another. Example of this of incremental. Abroad. Which started out making gas. Five air conditioners, has. Now gone into prefabricated. Buildings, so I was in one of the buildings as was being built notice they sell it like. It's actually all about Lego you know getting by this shape that shape fully. Sealed. Air. Conditioning systems when I stayed at their on-campus hotel. You. Couldn't open the windows and there were no controls of the air conditioning so, super. Energy efficient, very. Fast to put up and much cheaper so that's again typical, Chinese innovation. Willingness. To supply special, needs a, TV, company called Hisense is a big share of the TV market in Africa because. In Africa many villages are too poor and can afford only one TV set which, sometimes has to be shown outdoors, for bigger audiences, such as for a football match this, means that, you need to make the screen brighter so, Hisense was willing to invest in a. Switch and a capability to make the screen brighter for, outdoor use and again to manufacture, so a typical. Chinese. Innovation, using. Large numbers of stuff one of our students, at C IBS. Started. A security. Vehicle company. Now at first security. Vehicles seem to be the opposite, of what's, suitable for the Chinese because, the Chinese approach is to find a global product, that same all over the world manufactured. In large quantities. Standardized. At home and ship it around well. The problem security vehicles highly. Regulated market, so they're very different in different countries and small. Numbers batch production, so. What the CEO did. He. Assigned 100, engineers to spend a year studying needs. All over the world at the. End of the year they came back and said you. Know what for each component the doors the windows the, engines, they're only about three or four variations so. What he does now he, manufactures, the three or four variations of each component essentially. And then ships them around the world for, final assembly so, he has used large numbers of engineers to turn a multi, local industry, into. A global. Industry. Six. They. Work their staff much harder they, there's no work/life balance in, China I love, some of these comments from the CEO of Huawei. Why. Way people are destined, to work hard for a lifetime and to suffer more than others how's. That for a recruiting, slogan. And. You. Know boot. Camp not, much googliness in Chinese companies, and. The. Sleeping and, you know what's underneath the desk the sleeping role so. Seventh. Oh by, the way I. Know about. I'm. Working hard well I'll give you an example I have a fast trial-and-error, a. Very. Pragmatic so, dung sale ping the leader talked about crossing the river by, feeding the stones.

The. CEO of GM China talks about failing. In a government-sponsored direction, electric vehicle by the way I predict that China, of course will be the first country in the world to, be serious, about electric, vehicles they have the need because their pollution problem. They. Need a lot of vehicles. And they're gonna solve the chicken and egg problem of, the charging stations, because with the top-down government they, are installing, charging, stations all over, the. Country and they'll you, know have force incentives. To make people buy, electric, vehicles rather. Than gasoline. Based, ones. Less. Formal, faster, processes, we found that everything. In China is faster, specific. Example we're working with a major European. Multinational. Who bought a Chinese, company in one of its sectors. And we, helped them compare, the, length of the innovation process the European, process was 24 months the Chinese process was 12. Months so. We. Then helped them converge. On an 18-month, process to, convince headquarters, to allow them to go from 24 months to 18 months they couldn't go to 12 months because the Chinese took too, many. Shortcuts. Or 10. Cents WeChat, the gray release 1, million user experiments. That they're able to do again the large numbers in China. More. Intervention by the bosses you know China's, very boss oriented, in the West it's 90 percent process, and 10 percent boss in China. It's 30 percent process, and 70. Percent, boss. On. The right the CEO of broad he actually said to me I'm responsible, for 95% of, the innovations, at broad, that was an astonishing, statement 1, if it's true and 2 that he should say it even Steve Jobs wouldn't have said that and I, know Chinese bosses my father was a Chinese boss he once said to me son you, should never contradict, me especially. When I'm wrong. But. Interesting. Lee for those of you who are not Chinese even for myself I'm from Hong Kong originally, you. May think of the Chinese as being very obedient, well, Chinese, are obedient only, under, some circumstances. Chinese, are very obedient when. They are observed. By a superior, whether. In a company, or in, a family setting where you know in a family is always a relationship of superiority you know your your parents etc, so. When. They're not supervised the Chinese are very disobedient. Hence the saying Shang. Cow Wong do UN the mountain is high in the Emperor's far away now you think about other cultures there's some car where, people are very obedient whether or not they're observed these, are the cultures for example where people stand at a red light when, there are no cars around class. Exams we Japan, and Germany and there, are other cultures national cultures where people are very disobedient whether. Or not they're observed and these, are economic basket, cases I don't even need to name the countries you can figure them out for, yourselves, but China is this on one, diagonal and indeed. There are some other cultures, that I've experienced, where people are obedient if you don't observe them too much and they become disobedient if they feel you're watching, them too much and I. Found that to be true of the Netherlands, and other Scandinavian, cultures, which, which is Google. Is. It more like the Scandinavian. Culture. Where you like to be left alone right so the Chinese are the exact opposite. Closer. To government of course so Chinese, companies benefit from having. A. Lot, of. Government. Support so, if we summarize this. China. Has a triple-threat. Winning. Trifecta. They. Have the manufacturing, capability, which India, doesn't have even. Though India is the second one scientific, and technical capacity. China, is more of that as well so China now on the second point can, pretty much absorb. Most. New technological and scientific developments. Yes, they're still behind the US but, there is a, rapid. Catch-up. Particularly. In digital. For, example and a, huge domestic market, as a result of which they can start and improve at home before. Going global without, necessarily bringing out world-class. Products, to start with and they. Can challenge any global incumbents. As I've. Shown in the case say of the, commercial, aircraft, even. Japan could not go up against Boeing and Airbus but. The Chinese state-owned company is doing that this has happened only twice before in history which. Countries had these advantages. First. Of all it was the British Empire, not Britain on its own but the entire Empire give is the market and then of course the.

United States after the Second, World War, now it is China's. Turn to have the three. Advantages. If. We now look at it from the viewpoint of Western, companies we, talked about why. Learn from China because China is, an, emerging, lead, market, china's. Customers, are young and extreme you know the concept of learning from. Extreme. Users, in China they'll. Try anything so for example the way that Chinese learned to drink wine initially. The Chinese mixed wine with, coca-cola to, get, used to it and. Tikki. And food we, see all kinds of innovations, like that but they're now increasingly, sophisticated or. Even, leading, to man's there are now a lot of very wealthy. Young. Chinese, and that you will see them around the streets of Boston. As well the fluid I the, second generation rich they're, probably not working at Google but, they. Are the ones now who are, you know buying, the most expensive fashions. China. Is pressing needs for solutions such as in pollutions, trying to lead the world now in. Environmental. Solutions. And as, I said before they're more forgiving, because, most people there are first generation or, second, generation, consumers. So, they'll, try things they won't necessarily don't, have to buy what their parents, bought, and if you get something wrong they'll. Move on and, forget. The. Market reasons, among, the world's biggest in most categories biggest, for cars biggest. For, trains. Biggest, for airplanes, and so on and high. Diversity and differences even more so than, in the United States because of the temperature differences, climatic. Differences a specific, example sanyi, the construction, company said you. Know Western, construction, company might, have two, or three models, per. Products. Such as crawler. Loaders, but, because of the diversity of soil conditions, in China and because. Of the, so many different building, projects we'll have seven, or eight different products instead so more. Innovation, because. Of the size of the. Chinese market Anish and China can be a whole market, in some Western countries and then. Reverse innovation when, you invent something for the Chinese market but it could be sent back to the. Developed, world so the most famous example of that it's General Electric's. Ultra. Sound. Equipment. Initially. A 150,000, dollar machine there was too expensive and complicated for, Chinese hospitals, so, GE, put together a team to create a handheld, device that was about twenty thousand dollars so, succeeded, in China but, it's been reversed, back to the US not, to displace one hundred and fifty thousand dollar machine but. For new uses such as in doctors offices and in. Ambulances, thirdly. Competitors. Very. Intense. Competitors. Breeding. Winners and they're. Saying to go global as well so. Competition. And China's fiercely, even than, in the.

USA. So. We summarize this by saying that. Western. Companies must, learn some capabilities, from China the first one bold experimentation. And rapid iteration, this. Particular to say for Europe where companies, have become too, conservative. Too, much regulation they, need to go to China to relearn, bold. Experimentation. Secondly. Innovation, through creative. Adaptation. Adapting. To create new, products new product. Categories. Lean, value, I mean all companies focus on lean. Value, but. Even more so in China where it's more important and the fifth one that we were quite surprised by is that. While, say Japan. Wasn't. Much use for developing foreign. Managers, because it is so, ethnocentric. China, is very open, to foreign managers so if you send someone there they get the chance to manage you, know Chinese. People. People, from other countries so we never saying to paraphrase Frank. Sinatra's, song Shanghai. Shanghai if you can manage there you can manage anywhere. So. I'll. Just go through a few brief slides on e-commerce. China. Now has. A bigger. Share of eerie. Tale than. Anybody. Else in the world and by. 2020. Is predicted to have 60% of, global. E-commerce. Because. Chinese. Live, on their, mobile, phones cell phones. Much. More than. Other. Countries I mean I think Koreans, are more but it's a much smaller country. Selected. Percentage of countries, who've, bought something in the past 12 months China, 68%, way. Ahead I. Mean. You know some of these statistics cause it's your business but so. I won't so search in Internet, and mobile payments. Third. Party mobile payments, transaction. Value, incredible. Speed, of growth of this some. Statistics, on the. Types of products that they're buying. And. Apple. Made a late entry, into this and is, not doing that well compared, with. The incumbents. As. Comparison, here between Ali pay and WeChat. WeChat. Is starting, to catch up with Ali pay the Green Line below others, a comparison, that you can look at, and. The. Last three sides three, emerging. Disruptions, this was created by one of my colleagues at CIPS, rapid. Rise of connected. On-demand mobility. And digital mobility, so, digital. Mobility, very important, in China, again something, you might expect because of the cities being, so crowded the.

Link Between hardware, innovation and the economics of the digital. Ecosystem. China, is more ready for this and then, thirdly data-driven, insights. So Chinese, service, businesses. Really. Mine, their. Data and there, are emerging, service companies that, are disrupting, for example the automobile. Services, so, won't. Go through this but you can see that at least in mobility a lot, of things going on and you can study this at. You let at your leisure as. You know most of you know uber, lost out in China right, defeated, in China by. The. Incumbent. Company. And they ended up selling their, stake to the Chinese company in exchange for his share in the, combined. Business. One. Of the interesting mistakes, that uber, made was. That it was possible, for the drivers, to cheat, uber, and, because. If they got a friend to book a ride and then, the friend cancelled, the ride the. Driver still got a percentage, of the fee which was really dumb of uber because, if in China there, is a way for someone to cheat you they will. And. The. Last slide you know the famous be 80 you, may have heard that phrase Baidu, Alibaba. $0.10 this, last slide is about, the ecosystems. That, they have. Built. Up so, we. Have 15, to 20 minutes for questions, thank you for listening to this. So. You were just talking about data mining I had a question about that, how did the privacy, policies, of the Chinese, compared, to Western. Countries what's. Privacy. No. No. I'm serious. The, Chinese word for privacy, has, negative, connotations it. Implies something, a bit shameful, that you want to hide my. Wife was English learn this when after, getting married we went to Hong Kong and so. Much. Less of a concept of privacy and of course the government. Is. Entitled. In China's government entitled, to look, at any of your data, all, right it's. Yeah. Just like Facebook. So. Privacy. Is much less well. I mean do you guys know about the, new development, in China of the, good citizen, index, China. Is working to create a good, citizen, index, that doesn't the exact phrase but, based on your behavior and. After. That you. Will be blocked from. Buying. Airline tickets renting, cars jobs. Etc because, you have a bad, citizen. Behavior.

Rating So no. Privacy I think. I read somewhere that, part. Of the reason for China's. Jinan like mobile payments is because they don't have the existing. Infrastructure, of credit cards are, there any other examples, we're, trying to kind of skipped past something, into. Innovation, yeah. I mean that that that's that that's the best example. Not. Injury not of the credit card infrastructure, they don't is the banking infrastructure, so many, Chinese very high percentage don't have bank accounts so they jumped they, jumped straight to mobile so. That's a big advantage for. Them. Yeah. I mean a, related, example of this is you, know bike rentals. In. I, tuned it how much there are in the US but you know in London, and Paris we. Have these bike rental services, but they have docking stations, so, Chinese companies, invented. Bikes. Without docking, stations, it's done entirely digitally, it locks the bike so. You can leave the bike anywhere now there have been huge problems because they then get these mountains, of discarded, bikes but, at least again that's a different Chinese solution no infrastructure, so, they come up with a new solution where you can take the bike. Anywhere. But so this is some of the examples. Of the. Leapfrogging. Because they don't have the previous. Infrastructure. So. Your, slide, show kind, of the ecosystem, in China but there's, a lot of technology, that is forcibly. Not. In China for example. Lots. Of restrictions on Google and China and we can't really have a presence, due to the government, have you looked at, kind. Of the global, usage by Chinese users of different. Technology, sets well. I mean the reason why Google, is blocked in China I mean there are two reasons why Google is blocked in China one. Is that China wanted to protect, its incumbent, companies and. Then, secondly. Because, Google. Was trying to protect the privacy of its users and China, you, know doesn't, like that that that's the best the main thing now yes. Not. Your exact question but, it is a problem for, Chinese, researchers. Because. Of, the flops on access to the Internet, they cannot, access, everything they need to do so, one of the solutions they have is, that Chinese companies will, open, a research, office in Hong Kong. Where there are no blocks, and then they do the internet search that way for. A while. Researchers. Including business school professors.

Used. Um I just blanked out you know there's a technology where you can get, past this now, China's. What. Does it call the, yeah. VPN but now China's blocking that again and it's illegal, to, have VPN. So I, mean. The astonished thing when the internet started was that people said there's no way China can control. This, but. You know I think there's up to a million people, working. On controlling the internet so again this is use of the large. Use. Of the large numbers, so, you mentioned, that oftentimes. Chinese. Students, will come to the u.s. you get educated and, then there's incentives, for them to go back to China and I've. Heard, you know. Some. People have the perspective like, why should we, educate. If, they're, just gonna take, education and, go back to. Their country and not stay here, and and you, know contribute. What. How, would you respond to that and what are your what are your what's your stance and thoughts on that I, mean, that that's a complicated. Policy. Issue and I'm luckily, I'm not a politician so I don't I don't have to make these decisions I mean, what. We found through, history is that you. Usually improve, relations, with a country if you educate, their people they go back with very, positive views, of the country although interestingly. 20. Years ago the. Chinese would deliberately, give very small, living grants, to the students, they, wanted them to experience the worst of the USA not the best of the USA, they. Wanted them to live in the poorest places in the US and not become. Too fond of the US I mean. The Chinese students are now richer, you know more the ones who come out often, have. Wealthy. Parents so we're now having sort of view you. Often see these policy arguments all the way around why are countries like the UK and the u.s. throwing, out these students, after, we've invested, in them and and we. Want to keep them so you, know it. It's. A it's a difficult solution I'd Donald, Trump hasn't gone after that yet. I think, of blocking Chinese students, but who, knows I think. Many people would argue that the long-term viability of China's. Innovation. Is, threatened. By the, increasing. Gap in social, inequality. And. Even. You know those three huge companies, sucking. Up all of the ecosystem. Whereas, perhaps. Others would argue that Western. Economies, have more room, for innovation because, of, less regulation, so, I guess I could, you comment on China's, the. Future. Of China is innovation. And then also how you see. The. Growing. Percent. A growing. Divide. In, the. Rich in China in the pond run the. In the income inequality is, triggered. By what's. Called the hukou system the. Residency, system, where you're. Not allowed to live you. Know in a city without. Getting. A special permit and in. General the cities block fad because once you're allowed then, you can access all the services medical. Services education. Etc so a lot, of the, lower-level, jobs in China are done by people who, are non, residents, were there semi illegally, and sadly.

Their Children cannot go to school so have to leave the children back, in the countryside be brought up by, their grandparents, so this is this is actually a massive problem, that they literally. Don't know how to solve right now affecting, maybe a hundred, million people. But. I don't think that some, necessarily. Going to block. Innovation. To say because the innovation, is happening at an upper level you, know the scientists, and the engineers. Secondly. You. Know the nature of China is that it is state, driven innovation but there are lots of private companies as well so many of them as innovative companies, like, Alibaba. Royal, which I mentioned the flexible displays mean these are strictly, private, companies that are sort of benefiting, from the Chinese innovation. Ecosystem. And the. Question I haven't heard yet but people often ask me is well, you know if. China's, like controlling, people, doesn't that stop. Innovation, well. China. Doesn't. Care so long as you do not seek, to overthrow the, Communist, Party if you're just innovating. And making money, they're happy to. Support. You so I really don't, necessarily see that as a problem or even by the dominance, of a, few companies I'm if you look at the history of the US, many. Industries, have you know like the, automobile industry from, the 1930s, onwards have been dominated, by two. Or three. Major. Companies in fact in, China the problem isn't too. Many, monopolies, it's, too many competitors, we, actually have coined a phrase in our next book with, some different courses about, swarm, innovation, we have an article, coming out soon about, that there are swarms, of Chinese competitors so if there aren't too few Chinese competitors there, actually too many of. Them, what. Do you think are some of the challenges, that are facing China and the space and. What are their leaders worrying, about the most. Well. If I just walk about innovation, education. System. Is inferior. The. Education, system top-down. Traditional, of course that doesn't stimulate so, much innovation the, PhD student, will do the work of the professor, etc, so, they're aware of this and guess what they're, paying the USA to help them solve the problem so Duke University. Has a program, in China to teach Chinese. University. Lecturers. How to teach their students to be innovative, like the Americans so once again America, is teaching China how to compete with America, so, that is, probably the biggest problem a. Secondary. Problem is the Chinese, language which also affects. You know the, education system it's hard for other people to learn it takes up so much time, and brain space of children I've my own personal prediction that mobile phones are helping to solve this problem because. More and more now people, are using the, cell phones to spell for them actually older people are complaining about this I could see this being outsourced, to cell phones well. One area where the u.s., lags. Pretty. Severely. Behind. The. Rest of the developed world is the healthcare system, and you've mentioned kind, of in passing, some, of the innovations. In medical technology in healthcare in, China, and I'm wondering what. Can the what. Can the US learn what and look in the u.s. take from that.

Well. China doesn't have a great health care system. Either is surprisingly. Private. People. Have to pay a lot so the whole you, know. State. Health care system, has kind of withered away post. Close. To communist. Economic. System so. You. Know you can get some services, but for example people have to pay, doctors on the side to get any. Serious. Treatment there's a terrible incentive. And the doctors, make money by selling medicines. So, they over, prescribe, their medicines but again they may go. Back to the technology, part they may start to leapfrog this, by you. Know digital. Etc. And making. It faster, I did have one experience myself I had to go through a. Health, check and, a. Typical. Chinese approach it was like the production line whereas, in the West I'd have gone you know from floor to floor to the x-ray department to. The Blood Department, and so on here, it was a small building with a corridor first. Room chest. X-ray second, room blood test third, room eye tests, was like. Production. Line and the whole thing cost one hundred US dollars who, have cost you a thousand, dollars in, the u.s.. We. All know China is. Had. The largest market, in the world and, for. Many things so. Many Western company, have. Tried to into, the market without. Much. Success, what's. Your view on the, top. Reasons. Why. Western, company, often failed in the market. Good. Question but to be fair many companies, have also succeeded. Okay, so. Reason. For failure if. You go up in US if you go into a sector, where the Chinese are where China's trying to develop its own competitors. They'll make life very difficult for you right because they, can put they have hidden regulations, they can pull out to make it difficult, for you so long. As you are contributing. Something that China doesn't have such as the Western auto companies, over the last thirty years they're, happy, to, welcome. You I mean it's I teach international business it's the same principle you've got to bring something to the country that, they don't have so if. You have that then they, will welcome you and not make life. Not. Make life too difficult, then, you know partners. For. A long time you needed a Chinese partner some were good partners. Some. Were bad, there's, a Chinese, thing, tomtron. Chemung, same, bed different, dreams so. You know so. Sometimes the partner was a nightmare, so to speak following that analogy so. That's a reason why I could go wrong but really you know I think Google's, case you. Actually came right up against a central. Policy. Of the government, which is the privacy. Issue and that's why you've been banned from. China Plus secondarily. You. Know other. Companies, like eBay, not. A privacy issue they. Wanted to protect their emerging, their. Emerging. Companies. That's. Why so there. Are still opportunities but, not. In areas like that so. One, thing I've noticed. About, competition. In China it's. A it's a very freewheeling. From, form, of competition already if you have an idea there will be a, million. Competitors. Doing the same thing maybe better maybe not yeah right, that's. A very hard situation. For external. Companies, right because you know here in the US for example there is a strong, law. You, know few. Of you, know patents, and and an IP, protection. Right. So, how, can anyone think of you. Know getting into marketing in China in such a situation where, there is a feeling that everybody will everything will be stolen right yes. Actually what Western.

Companies Are doing more and more is, that instead of selling products they are now selling. Business. Models. So. If you can embed the product in, a business system that is much harder to. Imitate. Against. So. You. Know selling the service based on the product rather than the product itself or. Rapidly. Innovating, to keep ahead of the imitators. Or having superior, tech. Having. Superior technology, there are ways to protect your intellectual property so that it can't be. They said it can't be fully imitated, interestingly the. Auto companies, are still, ahead in China. This may be a good. Item - to finish with actually, that I, was. Told by one of the German, automotive. Companies they said the reason we're still ahead is that. In the West the, auto engineers. Grew. Up being. Taken, to, repair. Garages by, their father or their grandfather. So they've you, know they've, had this since childhood. These automotive, engineers in China, the automotive engineers, are first generations, they don't have this deep, background. And cars. Of this very complex, combination. Of being a consumer, product and, being. A highly, engineered, technical. Product so actually they're gonna have more difficulty, in cars than, they have say in, commercial. Jet, aircraft. And. In fact engineering cars you know they don't. Particularly want the, ultimate driving machine and like a BMW they want the ultimate mobile living, room because that that's a different. Kind. Of experience that they that. They want in China um I'll, give you there's a great story. About BMW. Which is that in China, this. Will be my last comment, there, was a dating TV, program in China just to show you again Chinese, culture and a, young. Woman on the TV was asked, by a young man he. Said you, know I I'm not very rich so would you go on a date with me just on. A bicycle and, her. Reply she rejected him and said I'd, rather cry. On the back of a BMW, than smile on top of a bicycle, so, that's Chinese culture, thank you very much. You. You.

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Li-Ren Yu I am an equal critic of East, West, North, and South. The West is not immune see As the link suggests it is not that clean technology is cheap for the West and it uses itself enough to avoid pollution, while selling it expensively to China or elsewhere. I think it is the Government in each case that allows the operation of polluting technologies regardless of their cost. For any exporting to happen there has to be an accepting importing side. The reason I made my first comment was that we were presented by the speaker with a picture that there is a lot of tech, R&D, innovation and so on in China then one can expect this to translate into less polluting or even cleaning up tech. And this tech created inside China to be used (so again nothing to do with exporting, or the cost of tech the West wishes to charge). But this doesn't seem to be the case. Of course the level of pressure on the Chinese Gov is not the same as the UK Gov; e.g. the EU, or WTO seems unwilling to threat China with legal action for pollution .

Dimitris Tsagdis a lot has been done in recent years. China is one of the biggest users of electric buses and green energy. But it’s a big country, with a lot of legacy industries that are quite polluting, and it’s definitely trying to do something about it. For instance, it’s trying to cut the sulphur emission of all coal burnt and oil imports. It’s heading in right direction, still more to be done. But the government is definitely acting on it. I think Western countries have benefited a lot from exporting the polluting industries to developing countries, and should do more in terms of licensing green technology to China and other developing countries for free or much lower cost than they charge now. Such a pity western economies are not doing enough, criticising yet not acting. Very hypocritical

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The UK at the time of the industrial revolution didn't have anywhere near this level of R&D not even the possibility of accessing clean energy. Korea seems to have successfully caught up if not surpassed the UK on several indicators without the level of environmental degradation encountered in China.

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Import Substitution, USA did it. When global brands begin manufacturing in a cheaper nation, they bring that tech and the manufacturing unit has to figure out how to produce that product.

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Good talk but it only mentioned seemingly good things.he didn't say how individuals are becoming collectivists,how they're giving up their sovereignty to state.They just declared beta testing of some "social credit score" which is GOING TO lead them where Hitler and Stalin lead Germans and Russians respectively.Don't you talk about India, it's a fucking DEMOCRACY and not communist hell.

Show me a man who has learnt anything without first copying. What is school if not an arena to copy the works - in language, mathematics, science, of others.

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He doesn’t speak mandarin and surprisingly even his Cantonese is also not good given that he lives in Hongkong. How can he know the real China without willing to learn the language? Every time he tries to tell something “on-the-ground” he starts with “my students told me...” can’t do sampling like that and say that’s what Chinese thinks. China is not a single nation it’s a subcontinent as large as Europe , I’m not even talking about it’s 56 ethnic groups, even the majority Han ethnic is just a fake group to promote unity, many provinces have their own language and culture. There is no way to generalize “Chinese” when it is more diverse than Europeans. Regarding copying and cheating: I have often heard how hard it is to do business in Canton...(disclaimer: I don’t have firsthand exp) I find it really funny when a Hongkonger/Cantonese tries to condemn Mainlanders in general they list THEIR OWN bad habits and say that’s Chinese bad behaviors/culture. And when people who run honest businesses try to push government to put regulations on them they cry for being victims of communist suppression. ...switching concepts and roles back and forth in one sentence is exactly cheating.

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To the girl at 36:05, I hope you realize how ridiculous your question is. Mr. Yip's answer on the other hand, it is full of lies. Shame on him!

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It is ironic that Mr. Yip is dispensing some false information about Chinese innovation in his talk about Chinese innovation: 1. Mr. Yip said that Mobile payment developed in China because not many Chinese people have bank accounts. That is a complete false statement. To use Chinese mobile payment such as Alipay or WeChat pay, the first thing you need is a verified Chinese bank account. 2. Anther false information is about the success of biking sharing in China. No, it is not because there are no docks available in China, on the contrary, there are many shared bikes with docks in China and they are free to use. However, the prevalence of mobile phones with GPS made it possible to share bikes without the need to dock them at fixed locations, which solved the last mile problem of public transit users. 3. No, it is not illegal to use VPN in China. However, it is illegal to operate as a VPN service provider without proper license from the government.

XJLCA 哈哈 他就是在乱说


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War ON Terrorists is an awesome way to describe invasion and bomb the crap out of your country.

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god, those audiences have so many biases towards China and some of them are non-factual. But it is quite understandable, when the west can't compete with China, they will try hardest to find whichever china is not as good to discredit them. Western media is full of non-facts and biases towards China and it misled the people. In comparison, Chinese state-sponsored media are in fact checked for qualities on the pieces of information they are presenting. Of course, it will have biases to protect the government. But it surprisingly has less fake news than the west overall.

Why a Hongkonger? He has a very westnized mindset, IMHO. His understandings of mainland China are superficial. And in many points they are not right. I don't know how many years has this guy ever lived in mainland China. Really, Chinese launguage learning occupys our too much brain space? SO Chinese are less innovative? WTF!!! I am not nationalist. But i can 100% assure anyone, Chinese people are highly creative! China develops from a very low start. So in the past decades we laged behind too much in many areas. But now it is just the begaining. Let us what will happen 20 yeras later... This old man pretents to be a China expert. But sorry. He is not.

Not true. Please don’t believe what he says. China is just a “Third World Country”.

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Cool info. But I don't appreciate the way he put some shades indirectly. Like the last example of the talk. All the people in china don't want to share. Or if there is a way to cheat the system, Chinese people will. A lot of them are not directly relate to China as a country but rather human nature. Not saying China is great and all, but just be respectful and take into consideration certain things happen for a rational reasons. A lof the statements are also debatable and I think George can really study more about the asian wisdom before holding this judgmental thoughts

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To the girl at 36:05, I hope you realize how ridiculous your question is. Mr. Yip's answer on the other hand is full of lies. Shame on him!


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@Roy Again, another LOSER SOUNDS like‼️.....

your mind is trapped and has entrenched biases towards non-democratic governments. You are brainwashed by western propaganda and believed democracy is the way to go. But it does not mean the best in our world with millions of different cultural values and traditions. What is democracy aiming for at the beginning: social mobility, a government that represents people and a competitive policy-making process (because more people are involved so they assumed it eliminates biases). Now when you look at the major democratic countries. They have failed in all of them. But chine achieved all 3 with the way the western social scientists believed just to do the opposite. they are all pseudo-science of course.

Heather Larson what British control? You mean printing worthless pound? Paul says innovation happens near production line,, China control worlds production and supply chain,they produced every single item of every single person in the world consume, they manufactured everything including airplane and satellite equipment

Exactly! Good to mention that Britons destroyed their manufacturing industry in favor of financial services, with the assumption that they're keeping the top position in the food chain (money) while letting stupid/low-life people in 3rd world (like China, India) do hardwork of mining toxic materials, then manufacturing, then transporting... The Britons simply sit in comfortable rooms and control everything!

XJLCA China is the one that can’t compete that’s why they have to steal by industrial espionage. Shameful

@Daniel Ortega Are you Lost some⁉️ Your Job⁉️ Your Home⁉️ Your Wife⁉️ Your kids⁉️ Is China STEAL all from you⁉️ You Poor Boy‼️‼️‼️

@Vance Joudrey It's ironic that you accused China stealing, and then change the topics to Opium War, what are you real intention? Did China send army to your country and kill your people like USA did in these years? Almost all wars after WWII were started by USA. Opium war was shameful for British but not for China, just like today's USA, can't win trade with competitive products, but intimidate China and EU countries to accept sanctions, who is more shameful? Be honest, you are still a loser, who still believes in rules of jungle and winner takes all. So why do you complain and pretend you or USA is victim? You are just a hypocritical racist, that's all.

@Vance Joudrey All countries exploit their people, and there are lots of bad governments. You are not intrinsically kind and sympathy to Chinese people, you are just using your bias to distort the topics. You are repeating the fact you are biased and prejudiced against Chinese government and people, that's all. "Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%." are you the 1%? NO, you are just a pathetic trash who is jealous and useless. Tell us, what kind of invention you contribute to the world? Nothing. Most so-called inventions were from scientists from Europe and Asian immigrants. It's also embarrassing and shameful that you are using English you copies or stole from British.

@Vance Joudrey You are just a racist. JAPANESE EXECUTIVES CHARGED IN I.B.M. THEFT CASE You are just a piece of shit and garbage. U.S., U.K. accuse Russia of launching cyber espionage campaign Robert Gates: Most Countries Conduct Economic Espionage The former defense secretary says that as many as 15 countries use espionage to steal US trade secrets and technology. You can go home and fuck your mother. You are just a shameless and disgusting trash.

Titus P China hasn’t gotten over the opium wars you silly hypocrite. Although that was a rather shameful event for them, they should let it go.

fu yongchao lol they don’t “need”China to do it at all.Note all those things were invented in the west. China is just exploiting it’s people with this dictatorial government keeping costs down. Embarrassing that you would consider something so shameful as a positive.

IwasUnknownUser other countries do without stealing intellectual property through industrial espionage. I completely admire class acts like Japanese I’m not racist at all.

Vance Joudrey no , denial appears in your backyard now. Instead of focusing on the past we need to look at how to compete and cooperate not whine about it.

Vance Joudrey is just a typical racist and disgusting trash. All human learns from each other, not a single people can monopolize everything on earth, especially, why can't other people or country advance their country and society?

You American stole everything including the land from other people. You are not morally sound and superior, and your reply is biased and disgusting.

You think american intervention in WW2 and then Marshall plan were free? Lol.

Vance is so butthurt it's funny

The concept of capitalism is theft, and taking advantage of one another, either ideologically, socially or economically. Nothing more, nothing less. The op was crying over something that is a natural result of capitalism.

v so So capitalism is making people stupid? Lose the basic cognitive ability of things? I think the capitalist brainwashed more.

That's the nature of capitalism, if you want something different turn to communism comrade Vance.

Are you kidding?We all began to imitate when we were born,it's a learning process for every species in the world...

I don't care what you say. In fact, I don't think the company in your country is more stupid than you.

You mean the same way the US stole technology from the Germans after the war? Pot. Kettle. Black.

So many gross assumptions of people/culture, not good

China is doing what US was doing a centurary ago, what Japan is doing half centurary ago. It's cheap to copy when the market only want products that are 80% as good and 30% the price. But as they expand beyond the domestic market, their companies need to internationalize in many ways, and invest heavily in R&D

41:25 on language. Spelling is dying

Will Smith said: Whenever you want to do something on the next level, you gotta do what the people who do it great do, imitation is the first step to massive mastery and success. watch 1:07-1:45.

Let's talk in the language he can understand and well-received in America. It was a CONSPIRACY! It was the aliens and illuminati working with Soros to undermine the government, and those communists were smart enough to consult Satan and the almighty unicorn, so they opened a dark portal and sent the students protesters to another demension. That's why the government claimed there were no massacre.

Vance, it is actually a lot of fake news. Trust me, I've done study on this thorougly, you can watch some of Liuxiaobo's statements over this, he is the Nobel peace winner and prosecuted by Chinese government, he insisted that there is no massacre at the sqaure.

1. He probably meant no credit card(credit system) not bank account.

Yeah, because a true innovator needs to reinvent and rediscover everything by himself, including calculus, gravity, electricity and even the wheels; otherwise he's just another theft.

Vance Joudrey All the big powers steal before becoming great.If u lament or feel indignant ,then u don't understand how the world works.Just like I feel indignant when US makes nearly everyone use its dollars to buy oil.What can I do? Cry like u?

@Vance Joudrey It seems almost all users believe you are a clown, and a cheap clown, you are pathetic.

It's not embarrassing to me. I am using English, and British people didn't say I steal English from them, and they are happy I can use their language skillfully. Are you decedent of British? I doubt, because even British is not as shameful as you.

fu yongchao lol, clown.

Danger Zone No I don’t mean that way that’s different and that’s not necessarily a good thing but it is massively different and you’re just incredibly ignorant or fundamentally stupid if you can’t see the difference

Alex Mercer I Of course not, not when shameful, cheap thieves steal it.

IwasUnknownUser No it’s embarrassing you are using English and saying that I should be embarrassed for speaking my native tongue and that of my ancestors. The rest is just sad twisted apologetics that any rational reasonable intelligent person should be deeply embarrassed - more than you already should be.

I don't understand this urge to go around touting Chinese innovation everywhere. Who cares if some 13 year old kid in his basement or some 53 year old laid off coal worker in Ohio gets their kicks talking about IP theft? China should just shut up and let the work speak for itself. The smart people will spot the opportunity to make money. The opinion of these other people don't matter. The same people were talking about Japanese IP theft in the 1960's, Korean IP theft in the 1980's, Taiwanese IP theft in the 1990's. BTW the Europeans were talking about American IP theft in the 1800's. Did accusations of IP theft hurt these economies? Use the hate as fuel to innovate faster. Come 2025, then let's see if people still talk about IP theft.

his first name is George, i rest my case.

This guy holds a lot of outdated stereotypes about China. Somehow he he gives me the vibe of a foreigner, not even from Hong Kong.

There are casualties here and there that night due to conflicts, I am saying that the reported "masscare" right at the square did not happen.

Vance Joudrey..The United States, Israel, The Gulf States & EU shame the world wit' all it's war's so what are you sayin'?

If I told you ALL the stuff European's got from Arab' would freak out.

J A..England got tea from China..America got Yoga from India..African American's created Rock & Roll AND Jazz..Jazz is heavily performed in Russia & country's just a derivative of the blues..That's why racism is ridiculous

Daniel Kane..that sound's racist.."the trust thing"

Daniel Kane..China's never colonized..However..THEY'VE BEEN COLONIZED.

One of China's favorite car's is the Tesla..

Dimitris Tsagdis..They're ahead in "clean-energy innovation"..

Vance Joudrey you are kidding right ? Japan ?! They took everything from the states! You may not be a complete racist but you sure are ignorant. After ww2 , the Japanese were the cheap labor and producing bad products .... Toyota got a start building trucks and cars that make one way trips ! I guess you are proud of Japan killing millions of innocents and stole their wealth or perhaps you have forgotten Pearl Harbor .... American history is not so different as native Americans were wiped out and African Americans were enslaved for 300 years. Really ... are you really sure copy and stealing ip is worse than mass murder and slavery. Look no one is perfect but education and time helps.

Oh for all the purist Americans who think everything they do is original. Your aerospace industry was founded by a Nazi war criminal, so let’s lay off the insults, you’re definitely not one to throw rocks when you live in a glass house built by Nazis Just google ‘operation paper clip’ you weren’t satisfied to copy so you just grabbed the scientists and brought them back to America

Why wouldn’t Chinese students stay in the US after school? Because they’re probably on student visas. Would you have them staying illegally in the country? Smh

Another Asian banana(white on the inside, yellow on the outside) who don’t know Chinese past his name, trying to be China expert. Sorry.

This Yip guy is brain dead. There are lots of big cities in China, people don't carry cash anymore. They are using Alipay and WeChat wallet to pay for most of the items in stores. They don't use credit cards and cash. Cashless payment needs a bank account. This SOB gives out false info to the public. Shame!!!!

Wright brothers I’m sure came up with the aeroplane in a vacuum, no need to learn from birds right?

Also the Chinese boss comments, his comments is lagging to the time.

The Professor worked for CEIBS before is not well connected with Chinese and not well understanding Chinese, especially in supervisor portion of video.

Hong Z. Yes we’re still using horse and carriage here nothing to see here. Go away now

Ty coon lol you must live in some utopia. Because Westerners have never exploited anyone right?

This is the most ignorant shit I’ve seen here lol what?! It is better you dumbass

Daniel Kane, you have a reputation of being racist.

Beijing in 2013 when you walk on the streets you barely can see over 60 feet in front of you, especially in the winter, similiar to London and Berlin in the 60s and in late 19th century, also in cities like Detroit in 50s and 60s. It is happened in many major cities in China. Their government knew exactly the dire problem they are facing, the smog problems reaching emergency level that become dangerous for human to hangout outdoors. Then the central government taking extreme measures from top down. Now in 2018 the smog suddenly disappeared. Why...? Western major cities in the 60s need decades to tackle the smog problems while in China they only need 5 years to do that, 5 more years from now the air will be even clearer. You know the Chinese government known for getting the job done, they are very competent for solving problems in efficient way from top to down. In 2013 7 out of 10 most polluted cities on the list are Chinese cities. Fast forward 2018 there are only one Chinese city left on the list of top 20 most polluted cities in the world, like I said when the Chinese government means business then they are mean it seriously. And today on the top 20 most polluted cities are occupied by Indian major cities like Delhi.

Vance Joudrey I think you are mixing up your comments after so many critics, what did I say that was silly or hypocritical? You are an idiot and waste of time.

Call it whatever you want but you cannot deny it is very effective. Make no mistake this is a war by any other means, and china is winning.

End line, her comments were rejected and people got married on bicycles all over China. But I found this talk really insightful and educational.

you are narrow-minded. idiot, how much do you know about China? shame on you !

what is cherry? a fruit? or it is a night club girl name?

+Daniel Kane you white has a history of genocide, you killed almost all native American, you took their land, but left a little piece to show your mercy, really hypocrisy

Daniel Kane "Chinese have a reputation for being dishonest. " Like what? what reputation? Like colonialism? slavery? the opium war? like what reputation? bombing innocent people? instigate civil uprising and protests in other countries? supplying weapons to the terrorists? oh gosh what reputation are you talking about? According to Nature Index, China has the world's second largest high quality science output. Want me to continue? By the way, your kind have lower average IQ. It's scientific to say you are inferior. And there is a good chance that you, yourself, are inferior to me in intelligence. Cunt.

Samuel Liu That is so true. I miss Shanghai will go back some day soon.

dual screen tv because of selfishness?! to lower divorce rate in China? does he have supporting data for that? how could he make a statement like this?

The thing she also failed to point out is that US schools increasingly need overseas students to help generate revenue (since they pay such high fees)... So they need Chinese students. But it will probably change in 20 years anyway as China continues to expand it's university system. It's currently easier for a lot of those students to get a seat in a US college.

Dimitris Tsagdis - China only opened up 40 years ago... It had to industrialize before it could innovate... Do you not remember how polluted the US and EU and South Korea and Japan were... It will take a decade for China to really clean up... But they are doing so.

Daniel Ortega - how do you steal things that don't exist? Also - US and European companies make lots of money selling licenses to Chinese companies. Buying something and then learning and doing it better is not stealing. He spoke of German car companies. German car companies buy each other's cars and take them apart and use them to try to figure out to beat each other.

Vance Joudrey - get off the computer then since the binary system that helped computers develop were based on Chinese writings taken back to Europe. Don't read newspapers either since China invented printing. Don't use any money either since China invented currency. See how your life works.

Vance Joudrey - and both the US and Russian space programs are because they gave Nazi scientists a free pass in order for their help... So tell me who is immoral! And saying the Chinese space program is the same as the Russian just makes you sound clueless.

simon wang no dog, times are changing it’s going to be dealt with this time. China will have to start behaving or it will be confronted militarily.

Weike Gao That’s idiotic Chinese is a condoms dictatorship a totally censors the news and tells you what to think. That probably explains this ridiculous post

Franklin Fang Well then they should probably get someone who knows what the fuck they’re talking about

XJLCA It’s not ironic he doesn’t need to facts, he is just excusing the theft of intellectual property by the Chinese.

DO you have a car worth stealing? As we knew, you are just a racist. Who told us that Japanese and USA had no intellectual property issues? You were just slapped by us, and now you are still behaving like a clown. Are you retarded or a moron?

IwasUnknownUser Who is jealous it’s China that’s shamelessly stealing other people‘s hard intellectual property. If you steal my car I’m not jealous you are. Get yourself together, fool.

Cool, dog. Show me a man who is good at pleasing his wife and I’ll show you man that slept with another woman before - think about that when I’m fucking your wife. You see that’s the difference it could just be a regular relationship before or it could be a dirty affair. Well this could be copying to learn, but it’s not, it’s outright stealing other people‘s hard work.

If you are not jealous or low, why are you watching the video and caring so much about China? No one asks you to China, no on cares about you, because I don't just like you. No on kicks a dead dog, why don't you watch video about Indian or Saudi Arab to bullish your theory. So you are just a fucking loser and retarded mother-fucker, that's all.

Daniel Ortega me fucking your wife is Another name for social services.

Amidat those were not copyrighted intellectual property, stupid, and using that logic you’d still have to give up way more.

Titus P stop drunk posting, dog, you’re losing the plot

Titus P Pathetic attempt to excuse Chinese stealing and laziness

IwasUnknownUser Only in your fevered nightmares, flapjack.

IwasUnknownUser I am , and you do not use English skilfully. I can tell you that emphatically.

IwasUnknownUser Do you need to calm down take a deep breath. You have to organize your thoughts into something a little more coherent.

IwasUnknownUser No I’m not and that article is nothing to do with me - you’re a complete idiot.

Titus P OK buddy when I fuck your wife and steal your car - a couple weeks later don’t whine about it we’ll have to just cooperate and move forward OK!? Good.

Heather Larson no nobody said that so why would you think I would think that. That’s pretty freaking stupid buddy

A lot of the products manufactured in China are trash quality. For example West Lake, AKS, and Compass tires were 3 of the 5 worst tires in one report on tire safety sold in the US. All 3 had mandatory US government recalls. Contaminated pet treats, fake Samsung micro SD cards purchased from Ali Baba (I'll never buy anything from them again.) Many Chinese made small appliances were flimsy or broke with far less use than we expected. The chemical pollution in China is so bad it finds its way into completely unrelated products like building materials. Buyer beware. Poor quality products are no bargain.

Are you kidding me ? This damm chinese....

No reason Google not there is cause slave control can't have the slaves learning how to free them selves

At 12 minute mark, on just one slide, he makes two rather small, but still foolish mistakes that perhaps undercut a lot of his credibility and knowledge across the board. First one, Midea, the buyer of Kuka, is not a "medical device company". Second, Aixtron is not a semiconductor manufacturer.

越听越觉的,他就是个给傻子们讲命相的,江湖忽悠。 好多信息都非常扯啊~~~~

Another proud descendent of General Ye Dajing who first settled in Guangdong Province in 1276 leaving Gaifeng/Lin'an soon before the fall of Southern Song dynasty. #Ewaz_Nazari1 0093702870024 #keyinternationalenterprise #education #university #business #afghanistan #smart #Change #support #investment #startup #AI #creativity #GOALKEEPERS17

there is not innovation in china, please be happy, /dog

Although some of the points are true, this man can't think deep and broad, but on the surface and in a very narrow view.

This seems less about the invitations of China and more of the flaws of the United States. It's causing disinterest.

Agreed with some of the comments quoted above, this gentleman doesn't really know too much about the REAL China.

I can tell you why. They try to maintain the world order they have built by spreading their ideas and system. It is called establishing norms. But norms change and they try to resist the change by reinforcing the old norms. But now they don't even believe it themselves anymore. It is in fact eroding from its core. It is a lie that can't sustain itself

you can tell me chinese media tells me what I think. But I have also proved it with my own eyes. I won't keep arguing with you until you stop using those intolerant and uncivilized words.

At least our chinese will not be rude enough to call other people's opinion idiotic. We will only call it different. The way you replied makes people think your people is intolerant towards other people's ideas.

you are ridiculous to think that your opinion is totally unbiased. Let me ask you, how many times you hear democracy or American dream on American media? At least five times a week? i don't know what it is if you don't call it propaganda. Your media funded by many private interests and corrupted people tell you all other enemy country use propaganda but they don't. It is just a shameless lie. I was indeed educated in the united states since high school. And I have seen it crystally clear how hypocritical something is.

the superiority of democracy is a western conspiracy and pseudo-science. They try to build norms and make everyone sound equal in nominal terms. are they really equal? of course not. It is like putting bunch athletes and cripples on a race track and applying same rules. Of course, those athletes will run faster. It is used for those wealthy and privileged and to spread democracy is to expand their global exploitation. China has its own political philosophy and principles and it has worked for thousands of years. How long has democracy worked? hundreds of years maximum and full of crisis and inefficient bitch fights.

I think you have so many biases toward China. Actually, the party is formed by common people instead of robots, they also need to eat, sleep and fuck. Why do you think they have so much time to impose constraints on the media if the things are not about politics and their rule is not threatened? Moreover, China has a dictatorship history for more than 2500 years, who cares whether it will be ended today or tomorrow? The people only care whether their lives are affluent and whether they can make money tomorrow. I am so wondering why the westerns have so much self-satisfactory towards freedom or democracy. I can't say these things are not good, but maybe it didn't work quite good in China. The world runs not only in one way.

战忽局的同志 辛苦了

Communist china has since been a theft of IP rights and copycat of western technology and brands, it has no signs yet that china has started to transform itself to be innovative driven as the west, but rather communist chinese intensified its pace of stealing and espionage activities particularly on the US military hardware and related technology, no way china can move forward playing the same rules as the west do !

Fantasizing about chinese innovation when the chinese still don't flush toilets.

It’s Chinese like that, that cause Harvard to rate Asian with low personality traits.

This Yip motherfucker think he’s a Chinese expert or something. No one in China dare to make that claim cuz China is huge and diverse. White ppl got be laughing hard inside hearing him say he is one of them.

Wtf the Chinese student pay top dollars for education here. The us doesn’t just invest in Chinese students.

It's not imitation, but just to show what you're doing is a piece of cake. I could make it with my son's clay toy.

The idea that the US is some hotbed of innovation and not based on theft is hilarious.

Sad to watch a "expert" using stereotype of Chinese culture to explain Chinese innovations.

This old guy is just a banana(a white soul with yellow face only ) who just cheating the west and himself about what has been going on in China in recent 40 years...

This old guy is talking shit about the reasons why we dev. e-pay and privacy policies here , but the westerners seem to like it.

Some Chinese think they can just say dumb statement like that cuz they are Chinese themselves. Inferior complex


Thompson david chinese always claimed that the invention of paper, gun powder, printing and compass by their ancient ancestors have most profound impact in history, and thus changed the course of human civilization, and so, they are vey proud of being chinese and so........, lol

Why shame him for it? The chinese are taught to lie from childhood, its what they do best.

K lu, yeah, in a way, I agree with you.

Why are you telling everybody Yip's mistake? Let him go around being a guru to the west giving them wrong advices. This will help give China another 10-20 years of growth.

No they don't you stupid fucking idiot.

I'm Chinese. This man makes a lot of weird claims. What is Chinese culture? Sitting in a BMW and cry? Come on, dude. This is like saying Western culture is Justin Bieber.

China is just a developing country. dont worry.

This guy is just another well educated guy that has been fed the line of the party and for some reason believes it. Please people just because it says Google don't believe what he is saying.

People need to stop saying oh Chinese is just a copycat. In the world of science and technology, it's meaningless to reinvent the wheel. If they are already there, we SHOULD just use it, and then innovate on top of them.The innovation part is happening in recent 3 years, and you'll see more in the coming decades.

you can't , cause toilets flush itself,

He is a living dictionary that explains only one word: hearsay.

+Vance Joudrey You shamed your parents by making that statement. You parents spent money educate you and you ended up uneducated. Asshole!

Dimitris Tsagdis have u ever been to China?or u just believe ur stupid media?

+Dimitris Tsagdis London waited 50 years, so did Chicage. So you just wait....

About his last comment, if that girl stands for chinese culture, then another TV "star" -- Kim Kadarshian shows us American Culture all about. Just another self-hating HongKong ppl who lost their identity.

when I heared he said they built dual TV to decrease divorce rate, I click the thumb down .

You are right, fuck Aussie.

No, Aussies are silly and primitive, White Americans are arrogant and ignorant.

that is because you haven't met Aussies yet lol

Hong Z. U never being to china?

internet sharing economy is alike socialism push the world to pay less and get same production and service

Franklin Fang rewind back, he clearly said most Chinese do not have bank account, in addition to credit card

Vance Joudrey another Indiot spotted!

Dimitris Tsagdis don’t you worry, China have done a good job in green energy in the recent years! You should worry about the pollution in your country instead! And ask Modi to build some toilets for you disgusting yellow teeth dark brown monkeys should be the first priority for your country!

Vance Joudrey the poorest country to compete in the global economy is India, do you know?

Daniel Ortega Do you know illegally come into this country from South America is worse than a theft?

How many scientists are imprisoned in the United States? Who is the thief?

Everything in life is from imitatiing from other to innovate and make it better. From airplanes, cars, boats, smartphones, sports, movements even the way we speak etc...

I’m generally disappointed. He really doesn’t know very much about China. His knowledge is superficial and offers no insight. Waste of time listening to him.

You guys should stop listening to someone who look like Chinese but white on the inside. It's like listening to a 5th generation black American talking about Nigeria.


He’s being sarcastic, can’t you all see?

Very true

Lee the Chinese scientists who received nobel prize for medical achievement, but that's rather a medical discovery or treatment through research, hardly an invention.

Lee there are a lot of inventions that come out of totally nothing, such as airplane, cars, rockets, computers, cell phones and almost all of the modern living tools and gadgets that were invented out of nothing and exclusively by the west.

Tell me one invention that was created out of nothing and not an improvement of an existing technology?

We're talking about innovation not just invention. Learn to read. If you really want to talk about invention, China's scientist developed a type of vaccine to completely treat malaria, and was awarded the Nobel price. Western scientists have failed to develop the vaccine before this.

Lee The items that you listed are not in any way or by any standards to be called inventions, lol

- Restaurants without any menu and minimal human staff, all done through app, and robot servant. Haven't seen that in the west yet. - Buying street food or paying taxi using QR Code. - Huawei's 5G internet - 2-way communication satellite tracking system (similar to GPS but better) - You can now even take loan through your mobile app - taking mobile banking to the next level - Facebook and instagram actually copied the "moment" (or "stories") feature from Wechat - Haven't really seen anything like Alibaba in the west yet, where a website links all major factories directly to the clients - New, efficient method for rapid desertification developed by china, now promoted by the UN there are many more such examples

chinese language is blocking reason of studying ??? kidding me??? come on, I think he mentions tradition chinese word not the simple one. chinese language for chinese, it is very useful language for studying

saying that chinese people don't have bank account, so they just jumped straight to mobile, this is bullshit. It show that, he hasn't have any experiance of electronic payment. In China, you have to have bank account to open an electronic account. So, bank account is base of electronic payment. Please, someone don't give bullshit answer of what he didn't know!

CJ YX Professor Yip does not speak good Chinese or good English? You must be kidding? Regardless where he was born, he spent his childhood studying in Hong Kong and he has been teaching at the Imperial college Business School in London!

Richard Li ; you are too biased, sir! Don't you forget that nowadays many Chinese people have good command of English language? Especially, those employed or contracted by multi-national companies. So, I believe that Professor Yip does not need to learn 56 Chinese dialects in order to understand China. As a matter of fact, I have finished reading his mentioned book and admire that it was well researched and written, as well as providing many eye-opening and brain-opening knowledges to understand the miraculously rapid development of China over the past 3 decades. Well done Professor Yip!

don't worry, if you are Americans. US is not our target anymore, as there is nothing worth copying. please keep be innovative so we can keep copying.

good knowlege but painful to listen his accent

Can you please enlighten which parts? Care to elaborate as I wish to learn more

copying is not innovation#

They haven't reform n will never happen. The communists China party is the same as Malaysia UMNO party. All corrupt. The country n ordinary people will suffer. Only elite will gain n very rich. Iron rice bowls for them n their cronies. Same like in Germany, Italy, America, England,Turkey, Iran. Very sad all ordinary people have to suffer. God is not great, otherwise God will punish all these abuse n misuse leaders.

But one thing very Important is that communists China Chinese are communists cannot change. All people should know communists China Chinese leaders rule with 9 laws. 1st to tell lies,lies. 2nd steal n rob, 3rd to wrong you n put you in jail, 4th to suppress n oppress 5th force you to submission. 6th to copy all foreign intelligence of products n IT computers intelligence. 7. Do evils n wicked things. 8. To sabotage. 9 to kill you n harvest your kidney (1 can sell 100,000 £) the rest of parts made into can food. Sell to Africa. Already done by previous president ziang Zi Ming n regime. Today still no punishment. This proof the new president got no power. When ever any serious problems, there are few foreign minister issued conflict statements.

You are better than Kevin Rudd.

George S Yip, you are fantastic n excellent. So far I come across so many speakers, you are the best of the best. Very sincere n clear. Spot on. Thank you.

"China's Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation" And it is happening now !!!

On education, there's just as much to criticise western education, not least that it is expensive, leaves graduates in debt and doesn't produce enough STEM graduates. On the latter point the US preys on graduates of other countries, in the UK its not unusual to have scientific researchers being lured to the US, and we know indian programmers have had a not inconsequential role in US ICT. There is the view that, "the Chinese government allows/promotes copying western technology...", this is partially true and is also unavoidable, but also(PIIE) China’s payments of licensing fees and royalties for the use of foreign technology have soared reaching almost [US$30 billion] last year. The truth as always with two people in a shouting match is somewhere in the middle.

The western critique against not EXACTLY a disagreement with "copying." It is a little bit different. The critique is 2 fold. First, education. A critique of Chinese/Asian education systems. Education systems deeply rooted into hierarchy, respect for elders, and young people who do not like risk. Secondly... it seems like the Chinese government allows/promotes copying western technology - with little regard to legal issues/copy writes. Western countries had similar critiques about Japan... NOW the Japanese create unique, and better quality products than the USA.

Dimitris Tsagdis care for the environment is a first world concern. Becoming first world requires an environmentally taxing transitory period. China is going through that now. Having built the momentum and made the investment they'll come out the other side cleaner and better than they were before they started. There are more forests in the Northern Hemisphere than there were prior to the start of the industrial revolution. There is a cost to climbing Maslow's Hierarchy, both personal and at a societal level. The cool thing, the overall negative impact per capita for this period is continuing to decrease. The nice thing about having examples to learn from. Kind of like running a four minute mile.

Can you pls elaborate Keith? Do you mean to say it is a matter of time and in the coming decades it will improve or that it is the results of decades of Chinese economic development. How do these relate to your earlier 'basic concepts of momentum and investment'.

Dimitris Tsagdis Chinese economy for many decades.

So Keith what is lacking momentum or investment?

Dimitris Tsagdis wonder if we could list differences between S. Korea and China. Population size? More people and a higher percentage of people in poverty trying to climb up? These things take time. In reality the fastest way to becoming environmentally friendly requires being very unfriendly for a period. Basic concept of momentum and investment.

Dimitris Tsagdis The priority should be switching from a subsistence farming culture which millions in China still call every day life to a modern living. That means a transition through a variety of energy systems. The impact of China during that transition will be more than the US and your weak counter example S. Korea due to sheer population size. But we'll be alright. China is already poised to become a leader in nuclear technology and like this video points out is making strides towards its own problem solving. This path is the only way towards harmony between modern man and nature. Everything else is feel good but moves in the wrong direction on too many fronts. When you're going through hell, keep going.

Yes we can broadly agree that there were (are?) different priorities. This much is clear. I do not think the Chinese were facing the choices you mention (i.e. freezing) it was more like lets build another coal-powered-electricity-station so we can power more factories making widgets. Big difference !!! And at the end of the day even if there were some isolated cases of 'freezing' they could at least put a filter on the chimney and still have heat but do less harm. What I'm pointing at, are that there are degrees of trade-off and definitely the trade-offs were not at the level of survival. Concerning the 4 min mile and learning from others; you have to look at winners; i.e. those that broke the 4 min mile. In our case these are countries like Sweden. Do you disagree? Do you see anything done in China today that suggests to you that China is trying to become like Sweden (at any point of Swedish history) !?

Dimitris Tsagdis block text much? My point still stands concern for the environment increases on a national level as nations rise in economic growth. Basic priorities. When one has the choice of freezing or burning highly toxic fuels like dung or wood indoors, they generally aren't worried about the dung. The four minute mile, once broken, was broken repeatedly. Learning from others. As more nations make their way through the necessary hardships of economic growth, those hardship will become both shorter and less difficult.

Dear Keith, even what is often considered as more 'primitive' societies had some basic concerns of "care for the environment". Thus, not a first world concern. Moreover, at least since the UN Rio summit of 1992 (some 25 years ago) it is an explicit world concern. China knew about it and was allegedly part of the world concern and efforts to better care for the environment. Care for the environment has been everybody's concern (e.g. all UN members for at least the last 25 years). So it was also China's concern but they decided to neglect it in exchange for sort-term growth. I get that, many countries (developed and developing) have done this, China is not unique in that respect. And there is little excuse for what such countries did and/or carry on doing. WTO should slap tremendous fines/duties on products/countries/industries for using unfair means (i.e. externalising their production costs to the environment) to gain a competitive advantage. Of course at the time China was negotiating WTO membership and nobody had the guts to do something along these lines; especially as it would mean that several US products, firms, and industries would face similar treatments. By the way the US in 1992 was a first world country but still didn't fully engaged with this concern and hasn't till today (see for example the EPA recent chief appointments). Therefore, having "built momentum and made the investments" is not enough to come to the other side. I hope the do and I wish them well but I'm not holding my breath. Where do you get you data about forests in the N Hemisphere prior to the industrial revolution? Pls share as we hardly had adequate maps of the world at the time; let alone the number of forests. Heck even today with satellites, scientists still struggle to figure out the size of forests. Also Maslo'w hierarchy of needs from 1943 to justify lack of environmental care for the last 25 year is like using eugenics to justify lack of care for non-whites for the last 25 years. Nobody with a basic education considers Maslow hierarchy; especially as it turns out that there is no hierarchy (do a google search and you'll see). I do not understand your last sentence: "the overall negative impact per capita for this period is continuing to decrease. The nice thing about having examples to learn from. Kind of like running a four minute mile."

I didn't say every option was worst. I just said that nuclear is worst than coal because its negative impact is far longer lasting. And for the record critical thinkers do not get their facts from propaganda films and paid mouths. As to what I consider a good long term energy solution is a mixture of reducing consumption (esp. wasted one e.g. 30% of food never reaches consumers), localising production of almost everything, embracing the circular economy, democratising energy production (e.g. 'ever building, car... has a solar panel', communities have batteries), and then a mixture of true renewables (i.e. excluding nuclear). The evolution of solar technologies will allows us to dress buildings, cars... with solar cells that will be printed on films, we can have micro-wind farms, micro-hydro and tidal (e.g. river tides). The whole idea is democratising energy and investing in R&D that makes this possible; not in technologies that prolong the control of energy by elites. Individuals, communities, and municipalities will be in control of energy production. Any heavy energy users which may be unable to localise production and generation of energy will then have to rely on legacy large scale energy production like hydro-electric dams.

Dimitris Tsagdis what is the death toll of Fukushima again? Oh, that's right zero radiation related deaths from an outdated nuclear reactor.

Dimitris Tsagdis your primary concern about externalities of nuclear reactors was what made me realize you know fuck all about nuclear. Yes, the former president of Green Peace. Not sure how him leaving has any bearing on his statements about so called environmentalists and nuclear. In fact his leaving reinforces my point. And guess your reading comprehension is weak because that car analogy was spot on. Are you ESL? Just want to know if I'm giving you an unfair shake. If you don't understand English then your repeated bad arguments and lack of understanding deserve a small consideration.

Dimitris Tsagdis guess you still haven't watched Pandora's Promise? So you admit to being a bad faith actor bent on ideology and not science. You can Google. Try babushkas of Chernobyl. They've outlived those that left. So much for being unlivable. Try safety of nuclear. Eleven times less deadly than solar. 100 times less deadly than natural gas. It is the safest green energy and only has become safer. And without those stupid Communists those numbers would be greater. 4000 people may die as a direct cause of Chernobyl. 7500 die every year from coal. The death toll in Africa from fires inside is even higher! It is obvious you can't think for yourself but tell me, since every other option is worse than nuclear, how do you propose to solve the issue?

You still report lies and half truths. Moore left Greenpeace in 1986 that is 30 years ago and has been a FORMER president of Green Peace back in 1979. Do you even begin to realise the difference between what you say. He had no connection to this organisation for three decades. And according to Greenpeace "he is "a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, the logging industry, and genetic engineering industry" and is an outspoken proponent of nuclear energy and skeptical of human activity as the main cause for global warming.[6][7][8]

For anyone entertaining these lies see: - that is 30 years later. Sure and Fukushima was what? Another weapons development facility. Your analogy with cars and seat belts has no bearing on the issue; my primary concern which I made explicit was externalities to nuclear reactor. For the record very few cars had safety belts in the 50s. So no matter how 'shitty they were' they were a drop in the Ocean to have any effect either way.

Dimitris Tsagdis Mike Shellenberger is an environmental policy expert who came to the same conclusion about nuclear. Like myself and you he bought the nonsense. Then he looked at the science and reality. Your obviously out of your depth here. Any further argument without watching Pandora's Promise would be in absolute bad faith. I can't stand a bad faith actor. Someone that doesn't want to find truth.

Dimitris Tsagdis and I stand corrected. Greenpeace president Patrick Moore. Said Greenpeace abandoned science. Just like you.

Dimitris Tsagdis Chernobyl!? That is your example? Oh man. And you tell me I'm delusional!? Chernobyl was a WEAPONS development facility! It wasn't a power plant. And people moved back in to the town next to it almost immediately after the meltdown. And the health consequences of their decision? None. No higher rates of cancer or infant mortality or any other indicator. Those that cleaned up Chernobyl were certainly fucked but again it was a place to make nuclear weapons under a Communist regime that had zero care about human life. They did after all murder millions. The abandoned area near Fukishima has lower radiation levels than you're exposed to on a plane. Again, irrational fear. Yet you say I fall for propaganda!? You really shouldn't talk on subjects you obviously know zero about. Level 3 and Level 4 reactors don't melt down. Ever. Under any circumstances. Tsunami or otherwise. That's like getting rid of modern cars because cars in the 50s had shitty seatbelts. Absolutely asinine. Your backwards thinking fake environmentalism has no place in a rational society.

According to Green Peace: "There's a joke that in any bar in Vancouver, Canada, you can sit down next to someone who claims to have founded Greenpeace. In fact, there was no single founder: name, idea, spirit and tactics can all be said to have separate lineages. Yet, some people clearly stand out. Here are four of them." AND ALL OF THEM HAVE DIED the last one in 2010. Chernobyl, and Fukushima are not ideologies, nor irrationalities they re real accidents with real consequences; if in doubt pick one for your next holidays or even better move there permanently. You are lucky, the government will not even let you go near them. Setting up nuclear power plants in developing economies and expecting not to have accidents is on par with unicorns. How good the reactors are doesn't have any bearing to the question, there are so many externalities (earthquakes, tsunamis, corrupt governments, malicious attacks ...). It's like giving nuclear weapons to all banana republics. Go have your head checked if you've fallen for such propaganda and stop spreading lies. The future is in the democratisation of energy not in its concentration under elite control. The mere fact you've been brainwashed into this makes it abundantly clear that you are an elite servant. But we are too smart for your propaganda and lies.

Dimitris Tsagdis nuclear power is currently inadequate. Due to nonsense pushed by the ignorant there is a completely irrational fear that has been spread. But that is hardly damning, given that every possible other option is also inadequate. As for safety, nuclear is far safer than any other option currently available. Far, far cleaner too. So any claims of it being unsafe, aren't comparing it to other options or are dishonest. The next safest, solar, requires a highly toxic process to make the cells. Thankfully the Chinese are willing to engage in this toxic process since they have less concerns about the environment. As for you quoting from the Green Peace website, I guess you can't read. I said the founder of Green Peace supports nuclear. You know, the guy that started it? You know the guy that is now ashamed of what it has become due to being ideologically motivated not scientifically motivated? Yeah, that guy is pro nuclear. Stop being ignorant. You can start with Pandora's Promise and go from there. Any environmentalist that doesn't support nuclear doesn't really care about protecting the environment.

You are a liar as well: "Nuclear power is inadequate, unnecessary as well as dangerous. It’s also a hugely expensive distraction from work to limit the impacts of climate change" this comes from the Green peace webpage page

Dimitris Tsagdis "nuclear glow" don't double down. Level 3 and Level 4 reactors are the future. There's a reason the founder of Green Peace supports nuclear. Being ignorant is forgiveable but being willfully ignorant, that's a problem. Luckily you're not in a position to enact policy. We'd all be in trouble.

No worries Keith, anyone reading our exchanges can make up for themselves what you are standing for; enjoy your nuclear glow :-))))

Dimitris Tsagdis nuclear is controversial but only to the deeply ignorant. And with that, best of luck tilting at windmills in the future.

Keith nuclear is no "harmony between modern man and nature". Nuclear is the most controversial form of energy available to modern man. Most countries have been refusing to allow the building of new nuclear power plants for the last 30 years. Do you realize that the working life of nuclear reactor may be at best around 50 years with today's technology. So it is another temporary fix. And if the damage caused by burning coal may take 100 years to clear, the damage caused by 'burning nuclear material' will take a million years to clear. Seriously, among all the renewable sources this is your "only path to harmony between modern man and nature"? The only reason I brought up S. Korea was that it was a peasant/poor economy and it has grown to a developed one and since (you mentioned nuclear) 2017 decided to gradually phase out nuclear power. I do not know if S. Korea will honour this (I never claimed S. Korea was perfect just that it was able to grow without the extensive environmental devastation witnessed in China). There should be a UN treaty to halt the building of nuclear plants and phase out existing ones. Technology has reached a stage where this is possible, humanity (as evidenced by your comments) is still catching up.

That last comment on the bike and BWM, it's not the Chinese culture but really the capitalism value imported from the west. Stop trying to taint the image of China by preaching such none sense.

Education is a part of culture exchange which enables people learn here and bring the knowledge back and vise versa. If one thinks a foreigner learns and should remain here will attract only a few good brains. Usually those who learn here and stay here are the ones that may not contribute much in the long run.

which rock did you live under? china has been confronted militarily every year for the past few decades.

错,当初分类美国及其盟友为第一世界。 第二世界是苏联及其卫星国, 第三世界是所有中立国家。

How dare I? I dare. His Mandarin is bad. What are you going to do about it? Talking tough on the internet? Haha. You sound ridiculous.

C Cei he 100% said it in Mandarin, how dare you said it is Cantonese?

Heather Larson, I love your statement so much. Very seldom people look into why the Chinese culture is so strong even when the country is very weak. Steak and potate eating population probably never got exposed to real Chinese food. The only people really understand the awesomeness of China are the Jews.

Can you that are less ignorant in economics tell me how many publications in economics you have? And by the way do you need to watch the murder of your children to know it is bad? What kind of deranged logic is this

I don't deny anyone nuclear; be my guest bathe in it for all I care :-))))))))) If I had the power I would however stop the building of new nuclear plants, because in a civilised society even insane and brainwashed persons deserve humane treatment.

Dimitris Tsagdis and I'm all for solar but it won't get it done for many years. Nuclear is far more viable now. If only foolish people weren't massively driving up the cost through regulations based not on science but fear. But hey, I'm sure you feel good about condemning hundreds of millions of people to short, brutal lives while you sit behind a computer actively advocating they be denied that which you take for granted.

Dimitris Tsagdis so you're as ignorant about economics as you are nuclear energy. You claim nuclear is worse than coal despite the fact that nuclear is the safest and coal the most dangerous. You also bash a film as propaganda having never seen it. Now had you actually watched it and had some criticism that would be different. Instead you dismiss it out of hand via ad hominem. Try reason and logic. You'll reach better conclusions.

Way too many generalizations especially when it comes to describing the mindset of Chinese people. This is sounding like China 101 for Americans.

Show me a single piece of shit that is new and innovative in China. everything in China is about stealing western intellectual results and commercialize in China and as well subsidized to dump in the western market at a absurdly low price. You are a shameless idiot and low life with broken english and shamelessly lecturing people about the illusive future of China. How much money you have pocketed from the communist party to run this propaganda? Shame on Google to have this Chinese moron speaking at TAG. Pack up your garbage and fuck back to your motherland!

Yes, there are lots of innovations in China, but most of them are not core technological innovations. China is still reliant on Intel, Qualcomm, etc., chips. All their smart phones still use Andriod. They still use Windows. Very vulnerable in a trade war with the US. They should do more basic research, reinvent the wheel so to speak even if it's more economical to buy the wheel from somebody else.

If you are a young intelligent innovators and asian; you are welcome in Chjna and Korea

Sorry to say, but anyone talking about China at Google would likely get the same kind of lukewarm, unenthusiastic audience!

吴晓东 an airplane is called an invention and so does a car, they were created out of nothing by some white people back in the 19th and 20th century!

Ignorance, airplanes called inventions? From what, kite? Steel? Engine? Cars called inventions? From what, carriage? Wheels? Engine gear? Is it not an invention that is discovered through research? Why don't you find out? A combination of existing technologies is called invention? Are you going to laugh about the Earth? That's innovation!!

我告诉你一句什么叫真理的话,来自于中国古语:读万卷书不如行万里路,眼见为实,耳听为虚I tell you a : An ancient idiom from China"Walk 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 books, the eyes see is true, the ear hears is fictitious"!yes,this is a china

lee wu Guess I didn't pay attention to the C Cei part. The man in the video said the phrase in Mandarin, no doubt about that. Anyone who speaks Mandarin knows he said the phrase in Mandarin, not Cantonese. As for the content of his speech, he needs to make some corrections. The just started trade war exposes some serious weakness and flaw of the "Touch, my country (meaning China)" misguided sentiment in China.

read that again carefully, then think about who was i talking with plz. And why i ask " how dare..." because he or she knows nothing about what is Cantonese or Mandarin is, the fact is that the guy who in the video was talking that phase in Mandarin. why i care this? i bet you have no interesting to know more about that. and you ask me what will i going to with that? i am telling you that i will doing nothing about that, i just want people know that do not spread hate anywhere and anytime, because the hate will turn back on to people who make it. As the guy in this video, most of the things about China was fake. fake in the hell. how dare this guy can shard the information about China even he cannot speaks a simple phase in Chinese, whatever Cantonese or Mandarin. how ridiculous he was getting invite by google to talking about China when he know nothing about China.

He probably spoke incorrectly, like a typo. As for points 2 and 3, I don't think they are serious errors. Doesn't take away from his main message.

MY COMMENT: COPYING cannot translate into innovation. You cannot copy or imitate your way to creativity as the very nature of copying or imitating is to copy or imitate not innovate. To combine this idea with that as if to make something new is still just more copying but in a modified way to copy. To truly be creative or innovative requires FREEDOM as in a DEMOCRACY ... not a communist-dictatorship like The People's Republic of China that demands obedience and fear pretending to be respect. China wants obedience based upon fear as it expands to dominate people globally economically, politically, and militarily angrily rejecting meditation and prayer etc. since that contradicts obedience to the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jingping.

that stupid bitch says, why should they they teach chinese students in universities if they will go back to china and take that knowledge with them, if they are not going to contribute to the amerikkkan society after they finish school.... well bitch.... you idiots can't make up your mind what and who to blame,if the chinese graduates stay and work aka contribute to amerikkka, then it means they 'stealing your jobs'. so make up your fucking mind........ you want them to steal your jobs in your country,or you want them to go back home and gtfo your country, after they paid their high tuition fees thus contributing to your economy in education. what's it gonna be stuppiiiddd hypocrite.

trust me the WEST do not like competition, they like MONOPOLY,hence, they also enjoy their own DICTATORSHIP, and the control of puppet dictatorsscattered worldwide, for their use as TOOLS.


I feel shameful for Google to have talks this like. It is not an idea share. It is more like a blaming from a dissatisfied housewife.

Daniel Kane

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear of the progress BUT pls do not attribute to me things I did not write (e.g. about deities) let alone what I think; which you know absolute nothing about.

You think China is God! It will take time to clean up the air and environment.There is already a lot of improvement in their environment ,compared to a few years ago

The last statement is a nice example of extreme generalization.

Because an old civilization knows you can't just be better and then win forever automatically. There's a time to keep quiet and a time to honk your horn if you want to be great.

Vance Joudrey You bunch of crybaby go look the goddamn modern history don’t you think you west haven’t stolen enough from China

Maybe in the beginning when they just released the wallet function, it was not so strictly regulated. What's the case now, I don't know.

Don't you need a Bank account or Credit Card account to open Wechat pay? After opening a Wechat pay account, you don't need to use your bank or credit card account as long as you have sufficient funds in your wechat wallet (e.g., ask your friends to transfer money to your wechat account).

Actually at least for wechat pay, you don't need to connect it to any bank account. I have not connected my wechat to my bank account but I could still use it for paying and receiving money.

Funny I was thinking the same about USA. 800+ military bases around the world & over 50 thousand homeless, more unemployed etc. They've been Big Brother of the world for 60 yrs now. I would expect the military monies would provide a better environment in the states.

@ Dimitris Tsagdis. China's ILLEGALLY! copying cannot translate into innovation that is creativity not a learned thing to be taught or learned in an oppressive, authoritarian government as in China, the CCP, and Xi Jingping the tyrant called life-time president meaning tyrant.

Spreading fake news.. HAHHAA

Totally true. The western definition of "privacy" differs from its Chinese counterpart. Same thing with "human rights" and others. I highly recommend anyone watch former Australian PM Kevin Rudd's interviews/talks on China, which I find very helpful for my American friends in understanding China. It's culturally ignorant to jump in and apply your cultural background and copy and paste it onto another. I've done it coming to the US. Cultural difference is a tricky thing, always be open to learning!

go fk yourself G Yip....the only thing China can Innovate toilet paper.


Nice one. Thank you for the explanation.

DON'T JUST TAKE CHINA'S WORD. do your own research.

CHINA IS DESTROYING THE OZONE LAYER Investigators find illegal CFC-11 use in China’s polyurethane industry Use as blowing agent linked to ozone depletion /11 July 2018 / China, Enforcement, Halocarbons " An NGO investigation has uncovered the illegal and widespread use of CFC-11, or trichlorofluoromethane, by Chinese manufacturers for rigid polyurethane foam. And the use of the substance could be the cause of a recently detected rise in ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere. The investigation by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) found use of CFC-11 as a blowing agent in the production of the foam – used predominantly as insulation by the construction industry. The agents are a key ingredient and help it expand and enhance insulating properties. They can be a liquid or a gas that is dissolved in the precursors and expand to form the foam, once injected or sprayed. The EIA, a campaign group specialising in undercover investigations, says there is "significant potential" that pre-mixed polyols, used as a component in foam manufacturing, containing CFC-11 have been traded internationally. CFC-11 was restricted under the original agreement of the Montreal Protocol on reducing use of ozone-depleting substances in 1987. Production and consumption should have stopped internationally by 2010 under the agreement. Reports indicated that manufacturing and use had done so by 2006. The investigation was partly prompted by a study published in Nature in May. This showed there had been rapidly increasing levels of atmospheric CFC-11 between 2012 and 2016. The EIA speculates that much of the increase can be explained by the activities in China. By 2011, the country’s large and growing market in polyurethane foam was already estimated to be a third of the world total.

Last joke does reflect someone's money driven attitude, which actually cannot in anyway be Chinese culture. Thanks for sharing. I prefer your lecturing part to your answer part.

I like majority of the objective sharings. But starting from around 33:33 I don't agree with that point, in fact, lots of Chinese do have credit card, and credit card itself is not the necessary step towards mobile-pay. Speaking of bank account, I am even sorry to hear that he kind of meant that Chinese have difficulty to open bank account. That's definitely wrong perception.

quite make sense actually.

China didn't invent anything creative and impactful

China will never be an innovator. China leaders lack ICQ = innovative and creative quotient. IQ alone will not help innovation. Just look at all the new inventions shown on youtube videos by individuals Americans and europeans, are they any from mainland China ? NONE ZILCH

The Chinese invented the missionary style.

China will never make any useful IP design and invention. I guarantee you that by 2025 no such thing made in China that is truly china owned. :)

China system will collapse once she runs out of free money given by US Federal Reserve and millions of American consumers subsidising the China economic growth. :)

China dictatorship works as long as you can turn the other 1.2 billion into your slaves. Will the 1.2 billion want to be slave forever ?

High IQ does not mean you are creative and innovative. Indian students also have very high IQ.

Some false information and a lot of prejudice.

I qualify as an "old China hand" Professor Yip is very accurate. I consider him the best in his field. This "old China hand" learns from him!

"Google is trying to protect the privacy of its users" LOL. Is he serious?

"Bad citizen behavior rating". Inaccurate. The social credit system is not based on behavior per se but on a history of conviction in crimes, especially financial fraud, tax evasion and corruption. The government must prove that the party can pay their fine and yet refuses to before imposing penalties such as those described by Yip.

A serious correction to Prof. Yip: earlier Chinese students to USA with a small allowance from the government is not that the Chinese government wanted the students to experience bad part of US society, rather it was that the government did have much money at that time. Secondly, those students were also had not much money, so they often chose to live in cheaper places so as to save money to buy stuffs and bring them back home.

A serious correction to my typo. "Chinese government did have much money" should be "Chinese government did NOT have much money"

Mr. Yip, On your comment of education, when other foreign students study in the US, some stay in the US (if they get US work permit) some going back home just like the Chinese student or an University (like you said Duke) open a course or sister campus in foreign countries is ok and not in China, why? Just because they are soon be a competitor to US? What about these China students are the major force to narrowing the culture and ideal differences between China and the western world including US? So, as you are an immigrant from Hong Kong (so do I) have the opportunity to study and stay in the US and now the Chinese from China don’t deserve the same chance? I believed western education is one of the best way to change China, because not all Chinese student are the “second generation riches”, as matter of fact if you really look at the statistic, the majority of Chinese student in the US are not the “second generation riches” but from the normal middle class family and majority of them like to stay in the US but the difficulty on getting a work permit nowadays have made them less a chance to stay here. Ultimately and in reality that Google and many other US top technology companies are benefit by recruiting the talents from all over the world without judging their country of origin and I truly believed if those Chinese students will have the chance to stay and work for Google and others like Google, it is still the most preferred option vs. going back to China. Also, to put the politic aside, the rising of China economic power is an inevitable event and not much different than the recent history on the rise of US and Japan, the vast domestic market potential is why all companies interest, so the real question of learning should be how do we in the US and the western world to maximize to advantage of “knowledge and innovation” that China really seeking to our best weapon and make China as part of our future market will be the real topic and solutions we should be seeking for.

Actually ,If you live in China ,you will think this talking is ridiculous and ignorant. I think this man doesn’t stand a neutral role to comment and research China.

OK--- I have to admit i admire the Chinese ability to innovate.

OK---------------- Damn half his talk is Praising Chinese Companies for BUYING COMPANIES so they can STEAL technology all around the WORLD! Praise China!

Why will China win ? Look at the dumb questions at the end for the answer .

OK-- Did he just Praise China for stealing Boeing Aircraft manufacturing technology to make China's first Airliner? Not Good. Fact is he seams to be praising many Chinese Companies for stealing American tech and making small improvements to justify the theft. Damn.

you know nothing about chinese culture and chinese people。 how dare you say things like that。it‘s not shortcuts, its most of the young generation‘s hard working everyday。you are distoring facts。and you judged chinese in a wrong way。 you think you know hongkong chinese, then you know all chinese. actually old hongkong people represents chinese of qing dynesty, taiwan people represent chinese from republic of china, the mainland people are different we struggled more, and we know more about sacrifice, appreciate peace, and hard work own the future...

I first took note of Chinese engineering capability when Intel announced it will open a R&D center in China back more than a decade ago. At that time it was a total surprise as we all thought China was just a dummy factory place.

Yes, I agree with you. But please remember Huawei, the largest telecoms equipment maker in the world, consistently invests more than 10 percent of its annual gross revenue in R&D. in 2017, its R&D totals nearly 100 billion Chinese yuan, or some 15 billion USD. Do the math. Do you think how many private companies in the world can afford that?

What the hell! Are you just being sarcastic?

明金维 it's not innovation, it's copycat and theft of western technology, chinese are known to be incapable of innovation and invention, everything from internet, mobile phone, AI and e-car are invented by the west ! Chinese can't even make a piece of cellphone chips of their own, you have to purchase from Qualcomm or else all phone factories have to shut down !

Yeah, you can keep living in your own bubble with the world around you changing constantly. Chinese Internet service providers may borrow their first inspirations from their Western counterparts, but they have already outgrown them in later development years ago. Amazon has been loosing blood badly in China for a good reason. Its Chinese competitors are much more focused and more competitive. Uber lost the China battle too.

明金维 whatever-sharing and Ali pay and Wechat are all copycats of PayPal, eBay and Amazon, hardly to be called as 'innovation' out of billions of people

Bike-sharing is just the tip of the iceberg. China has nearly 800 million Internet users. That's even more than the population of entire US and Europe. This huge user base has spurred so many innovations in the online industry. For example, online commerce. Alibaba's Singles Day shopping carnival generate much much more sales than what you guys spend on Black Friday. The mobile payment systems in China are by far the best in the world. I barely take any cash with me nowadays. With Alipay and WeChat Pay, I can do almost everything, like booking a hotel, buying a plane ticket, a train ticket, or a movie ticket. I can also hail a ride, order food and etc.


This guy says some very valid stuff. Stop picking at the small stuff and listen. Fucking irritating nationalists

i remember 40 years ago when computer programming was THE occupation. the sky was the limit. i live in mexico where the middle class is giving their kids the very best in educational opportunities. for these families, the sky is the limit. and we also see in China that same the sky is the limit thinking. FANTASTIC. the governments of the EU, USA and canada are all run for the benefit of huge corporations and the super wealthy. their populations are getting poorer and going nowhere. they have no future at all.

why Chinses students educated abroad come back to China? Because, first, these students pay a lot education fees than local students, they have freedom to go back China. secend, in job market, ecpecially America, not give good job for those Chinese students. they are stating American WHITE first. I want say the dating TV story, in any countries, girls like money. (if you think BMW is the symbol of money.)

America stole from Britain , and then from German. America took so many Greman scientists by train and air on or after world war 2. That make America great in technology. A theft from the past now set a rule to provent stealing, that is a quite story. I hope America should be more inclusive, like it once did, and to others.

After doing business with China since 1993 and living since 2002 I have come to appreciate so much more the insight people of Chinese heritage have of China than those who are not.

Still copied listen carefully to his words. State owned not people owned. Nothing new here.

He tried, but he don't know enough that's for sure.

I simply don't trust 100% of any professionals, especially regarding China's issues, with a British accent who are born and raise up in Hong Kong still under colonial British rules. This presenter/lecturer used so many stereotypes by simply using one example (the Chinese woman who like to cry inside a BMW) shamelessly. 50% of what he point out are simply exaggerated and half-truth.

Clearly some tariffs will even the odds :P

The first invention was drawn on a blueprint made of paper, something invented by Chinese. Everyone learns from each other and improve upon.

hong z go go and kill yourself if you re that desperate! ho.ho.ho

No Economic Collapse: As Deng Xiaoping It's good to be rich Part. 1 Chinese Billionaires are leaving China not because of some silly economic problems in China but because China is composed of strong communities either thru traditional multi-generational groups of communities or the recently organized groups that sprout from the Chinese military that have now also engage and made partners with other business groups. They may have created people at the helm that represent them because when dealing with foreign groups particularly with the US making deals is efficient with a man at the helm like a CEO. However those that are not powerful enough to create companies and corporations and because of Western Education have lost its connection with its community have to go to the West to retain their status. Money is useless in strong communities when you leave the community to get Western Education you cannot expect local Chinese Communities in your home town to still treat you like a tribal leader despite being your father being one of the elders and this is the same as those Japanese Clans that have disappeared after the next generation spend no time with their local communities to pursue their carrier in the West. This is why most Chinese Companies are related to the PLA because only the PLA will never loss its connection with its comrades. The Chinese Communist Party must not become a slave to the system the last thing the Party wants is for its members to become weak and dependent on the government and the system and forget to innovate, create bonds and live life. Take for example Oscar here his always online despite working in government and his job description is not tech support but farming extension. This is very bad because qualified people should take the job because our farmers need a voice in the government instead Oscar like so many of the middle-class inbreeds put by the Indo-European Feudal Lords are afraid and hooked into the system to survive. Oscar should be just an investor so that qualified people should be put to work. The Chinese Communist Party must have freedom to engage in the pursuit of a Lao-Tzu living life to the fullest thru innovation and science. The Chinese military cannot be forced to remain as automaton soldiers or it might end up like those mindless US troops that invade countries left and right, their is room for talented PLA people to partner with the private sector and form giant Chinese Companies nor are the founder comrades of the Chinese Communist Party particularly in Beijing cannot be forced to be traffic and utility people themselves but have the freedom and ability to delegate the responsibility to ordinary Chinese so that they can have time to broaden their knowledge and innovate to further strengthen the Party. The expansion of the Chinese Military depends upon talented people doing their thing and contributing to China's defense of its borders and further activities that strengthen troop purpose thus various front of the Chinese military determines the increase in the budget instead of becoming static and depending on Congress budget. This also holds thru for the working class that run Beijing, they must have the ability to hire Chinese from outside Beijing instead of monopolizing mundane labor that prevents the Chinese Beijing workers from becoming responsible investors helping Beijing grow and prosper. China must not be like most countries that are colonies by the West, their is so much labor here if utilized properly that Oscar can stay on face book all day and stay in a resort instead of working in some office just to log in facebook. China's economy must keep on growing not like third world countries which the West strangle otherwise if they have so much economic activity their local currencies will flow out of this third world countries instead of the dollar flowing into this countries and determining who becomes the middle-class and who becomes the majority poor. The Chinese Communist Members must have the ability to create jobs not become a slave, making ordinary Chinese engage with the Party will ensure that the Chinese Communist Party stay in power. This is why China must institute anti- corruption campaign to prevent its members from becoming like Oscar and a slave to the system. In China community comes first.

Chinese students would love to stay, but they can't due to long ass immigration process design to make it harder for people to stay

中国人为什么不能接受当别人在客观现实的基础上指出你们的短处。? 全世界都知道中国的真实情况。 看到留言板的这些英语作文五毛 就觉得丢人 如果你真的那么厉害 那就请自信点

Its glad to hear how china is developing to become a globle player, i think the chinese population deserve it after being locked up by communist party for 40y, now its soften. But are all this innovation and contempolary development benefiting the chinese population or its just the communist party and their family and relatives? All the mega rich chinese in the world are all some how connected to the communist party, isnt it just the chinese party raping the chinese population to the bone? Considering that all banks and companies in china are owned directly or indirectly by the CCP.

One thing I have say is that probably everybody in China has a bank account. Otherwise, they cannot use the mobile payments.

America use handphones - all made in China. Who exactly is vulnerable ? You are either stupid or born in USA.

Americunts cannot stand to eat their own medicine.

If you are agreeing with Franklin Fang, than your 2nd sentence should not be started by the word "But . . . ." Instead you should use the word "Furthermore . . . ". Know the correct meaning of the English word or your reply would make you look foolish.

What OS runs on the handphones? Android will always be free? It's owned by Google.

This guy has a good amount of hate on China, and on the other is pleasing the audience. It is horrible.

The western stole Arabic numbers algebra algaortim alcohol tariffs deuan al chimie pejama coffee arsenal magazine medicine etc etc etc etc etc so shut the fuck up about copy this copy latin alphabet is not western but Phoenician Phoenician people are Semites

Show me a man who talks too fast and doesn't stop to explain things... And I'll show you someone you can't trust.

China is doing very well economically. But Laos, neighbor to the south. We are suffering here. It would be nice if China and USA share the wealth. Chinese and American companies are gratefully welcome and appreciated in Laos. We have cheap labor, low taxes, and political stability. And abundant natural resources like electricity to run the factories.

Laos is the neighbor of China. We are happy that your country is doing great. But Laos is suffering. We are so poor. We felt embarrassed when President Obama visited us in 2016. It's a first time a major world leader care about us. His speech to the Lao people was amazing. We cried tears of joy as Obama gave us hope for a better future. We dream that American and Chinese companies do business in Laos.

Superficial , ignorance, unimpartial talk.

LaoSoftware my father used to work in your country for two years as civil engineer back in 1990s. That’s the first time I saw someone from loas。

Zen Lei Even Trump can’t guarantee that

Great talk, but that last line about Cry at the back of BMW is not Chinese culture. It is a shallow verse from a dating show. Would you take Jerry Springer’s show as gateway into US culture?

Some countries can't even copy.zwhat a shit head brain

Dear lord, these banana guys, don't even know that the "good people index" is actually a punishment to the guys who behave badly on plane or bullet train for example, smoke on them or the people don't pay money to the people who loan them. Plus, google's problem is not actually because google want to protect personal data, but because google is collecting personal data without control. The new teachnology of TV screen is just for convinence to satisfy more people's demand, and give it a function of multiple channle viewing, cares nothing about single kids. Where the hell these misleading message come from? And another thing I am questioning about is, why they can blablabla while barely know enough???

The U.S did the same thing when they were developing their industry. You copy ideas, concepts, and methodologies all the time until you become knowledgeable and experienced enough to create things. China is continuously investing in high tech and its possible to see how much better their products are right now. I am eager to see the parasite that the U.S is to the world replaced by China as the greater influencer on Earth, a much more wise and respectful society.

Martin Jacques.

Born in Hong Kong. Growing up in a British colonial society. Accepting Western educational thoughts. The facts don't quite understand China. The analysis is not accurate. Basically, most Hong Kong people are very high on themselves. Different from Chinese. Did not accept Chinese culture. Pretend they are white

he is a chinese too. maybe he is talking about his family culture.

That's very cool copies for the poors. Go China go. Make its as cheap as can B to the world. V needed that.

That's very cool copies for the poors. Go China go. Make its as cheap as can B to the world. V needed that. Ha ha ha ..... American teaching China to compete American . Funny 2.

So it had nothing to do with the Germans murdering millions of people?

While u join a debate or finding a book to read, u actually try to know something u dont know about, here it comes to a issue about CHINA, bingo! things goes the opposite, u deadly try to know u already know about china to reenforce the kind of valueset and resonance. this guy named yip or something u dont know is dont know, dont be a faker and posing for show

Most chinese dont have a bank account? Some of this scholar introducing about china is true some not, anyway this kind of abc scholars are quite typical that they wagging their tails try to proving chinese are thief, born to be slaves, dangerous once hold tech…wht they want to show is their remaining value in this western society to earn daily bread and butter by repeatedly proving the sterotpye of china and chinese

这个人竟然还是中欧商学院的合作教授,如此反华,如此不要脸,不中立不客观,shame of you!

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