GALEON 510 SKY MOTOR YACHT TOUR / Skydeck Coastal Cruiser Liveaboard Luxury Power Yacht

GALEON 510 SKY MOTOR YACHT TOUR / Skydeck Coastal Cruiser Liveaboard Luxury Power Yacht

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- Hey guys, welcome back to NautiStyles. Today, we're bringing you our very first Galeon yacht tour. (splashing water) (seagulls squawking) (chill music plays) (♪ ♪ ♪) Welcome aboard of Galeon 510 Sky.

It has a lot of very cool, unique features. We wanna show you. So come embark.

We have the engines running and it's very windy. So just bare with us. - [Rico] You're like going up and...

- Yeah, I know. We're gonna power through it. - [Rico] So hydraulic swim platform, we don't wanna lower it down right now because then everything is wet and we have the boat show. So not really good idea, but if you lower it down, you have these stairs. - Which I, a huge fan of which we've seen on other yachts. - [Rico] Love them. Love them.

Super easy to get in and out of the water. Or if you got kids. - This is a pretty good swim step. When we walk through this yacht, guys, just remember, this is a 510 it's fifty-one foot.

So it's has a lot of bigger yacht features. - [Rico] Before I jump on, Just wanna show the fold down bulwarks. - Yeah. Am I still going up and down? - [Rico] Are you, are you getting seasick? With the fold down bulwarks on both sides.

You get a massive beam. I mean, it's like the beam of a sixty-five footer. - Come on board. I'll tell you all about those. - [Rico] All right. All right.

- Before we go further, I'm just gonna open this up. - [Rico] Lift it up. - Oh, it's heavy. Oh no. It's not heavy.

It's clicked in. - [Rico] Electrical right here in the back, which is a great position for it. Because every time you're grilling, barbecuing, whatever you wanna call it. You got to soak the grease, the splashing, it's the best location. You have no roof over it immediately. So otherwise you're gonna be constantly scrubbing and cleaning and so on.

- Agreed. - [Rico] Here's still a regular swim ladder to get in and out of the water. If you don't want to lower down the swim platform all the way. So we got transom shower right here.

Here's your mixing valve. - Transom shower! That's what I was looking for. - [Rico] That's right.

I'm gonna go up the other side and meet you up in the cockpit. - All right, sounds good. - [Rico] Got our retractable shore power cord there. Shore water inlet and a deck wash out. - [Victoria] I mean, we've got helicopters.

We have seaplanes flying over us. We have an engine running and we also have really windy day. It's a lot of challenges to, to get through today.

First day at the boat show. - [Rico] Hey, it won't be easy. Everybody could do it. - This is one of Galeon's signature features. - [Rico] Yeah.

- It's super, super cool. Can we demonstrate it? - [Rico] Sure. Technically in the beach club mode, where where everything is folded down, wherever the boat is super versatile.

Instead of looking forward, when you had anchor where you maybe want to have the view aft, where all the beautiful water is and the action is going on and people are swimming, you can actually open this, turn, this whole thing around. (chill music plays) - What do you think? - [Victoria] I mean what do you think? - [Rico] Amazing. - This is great for sundowners. - [Rico] Right.

- Okay. This is fabulous. - [Rico] Let me move that back again. Pretty cool, right?! - [Victoria] Yeah. I mean, I haven't seen this feature anywhere, but Galeon and it's pretty amazing. - [Rico] So one thing we didn't point out yet is that there's a dinghy garage underneath us as well.

- Ah-hah. - Is this our engine room access? - [Rico] That is a storage access and the front of the dinghy garage. - Oh, it's that deep? - [Rico] Yeah.

- Wow. Okay, cool. So if you don't wanna open that up, you can actually get in this way. - [Rico] Exactly.

- So, here we've got our fire suppression system. - [Rico] And an emergency stop for the engines, light switches and then a Fusion remote. - Yes. A little storage compartment. Not very little, actually great for life jackets.

- [Rico] So, shall we walk forward? - Yeah, we're gonna go forward. Let's go this way. - [Rico] Okay. Sounds good. - Let's talk about this. So, Galeon has their own name for this.

It's called beach mode. So that's when the bulwarks have folded down. It creates pretty much a twenty-foot wide platform. - [Rico] Wow. - Yeah.

- [Rico] On a fifty-one footer. - On a fifty-one footer. Process it. It's pretty crazy. - [Rico] Yeah that's a lot of beam. - Exactly.

Oh, you've got speakers. Fusion speakers there? - [Rico] No JBL but you were close. - Close. Okay. Still learning that department. - [Rico] I know this window is openable, but we will show that from the interior. Right. - You just love giving stuff away. Come on.

Let's go. - [Rico] Well, let me be the first. - Oh, wait. What's here? - [Rico] Diesel fill. And also your bold,

when the bulwarks are up to lock him in place. - Oh, this right here. - [Rico] Yeah. - Got it. All right. Going forward.

You've got rails on top. You've got rails here. I would feel pretty safe coming up here. - [Rico] Sure. - It's not as wide as some of the other yachts, but that's because they took all that beam and put on the interior.

So the interior is super spacious, but I think it was a good compromise. This feels very safe to go through. - [Rico] Totally. - And the widest area of your body's up here. So you're clearing really well. And it's just enough for your feet.

Plenty of room. - [Rico] And even forward here, you still have side boarding gate here. - Yep. This is really great as well for kids and stuff. - [Rico] The lifelines of lower lifelines here. - That you've got the lower ones Welcome to the bow of Galeon 510 sky.

- [Rico] This is kind of cool. Like they have the glass, but then you still have a receptacle for a table there. - So it looks like we've got, ah, hang on. This is opening the other direction. Why is that?

- [Rico] This must be storage underneath. - That's very interesting. I feel like, I wanna explore it a little bit. Oops. Fall into the water. - [Rico] That would been great. You know what?

It's not just storage. You know what also it is? Exactly. - That's why it opens this way. I knew there was reason - [Rico] So you fold it in, and then it becomes this very slick front here, but no obstruction for whoever is captaining the boat. - And I know you couldn't see that, but that one on the starboard side is even deeper.

So you can actually put stuff there and still fold it in. - [Rico] Love it. And then is there storage underneath these ones as well? - It Sure looks like it. Right? Storage. Yeah. This is a neat mechanism.

- [Rico] Never seen this before. Actually. - This mechanisms are different. Look at them. - [Rico] Oh. Okay. - And you just push that in and then you just pull on it and then it come off. - [Rico] Better than snaps. - They are right. And then in reality

everything's better than snaps. They don't last long. - [Rico] Okay, So then we have an openable hatch right here, which is probably for the VIP cabin? - Probably. - [Rico] We'll check it out from interior. - All right. And what do we have here?

- So on this boat, there's a Delta anchor, got our foot remote switches here. So let's open this, gain access to our anchor locker. Good amount of chain in there.

We get some freshwater rings, windlass. Yep. Everything we need and your emergency handle for the windlass in case you need it. And there's a hookup for a deck wash. - [Victoria] Well, it's got everything. - All right.

- [Victoria] Check out the fly? - Check out the fly. - [Rico] Let's go back this way. - It's called fly. So. - [Rico] You can actually really see, it looks like an express cruiser. - That's what I'm about to show you, which I think is something we haven't really explored.

And that is very different. Everyone has their style of a yacht they like. So, some people really like the look of express cruiser, but still would like to have a fly bridge. We have a really good friend like that. - [Rico] Yep. - So that would be a really good boat for him - [Rico] I think so too.

- Yeah. So let's go up to the fly and we'll show you. - [Rico] So they did a really good job keeping it kind of low profile, huh? - Yeah. And this nicely flares out too. ( chill music) This is so cute. The very first time I saw a Galeon.

This one, I was like, What is that? So neat. - [Rico] Having the barstools here? - Once this is open, I will show you, when we get there. - [Rico] Sounds good. - Okay. We'll go up to the fly. (chill music) Pretty good fly bridge.

I would say more space than we have overall, like on top of the fly, right? - [Rico] Yep. - So it's really good for the size and what's neat about it. That all of these can be folded down. - [Rico] Oh. Got it. - See this.

There's a way to put this all the way down. And then you've got basically this sunshade that you can completely close it up. - [Rico] The cover for the entire bridge. - Pretty amazing.

- [Rico] That is so cool. And then you really have an express cruiser. - And it keeps everything protected from rain and dust and dirt and so on. - Exactly. High-low table here. - [Rico] Yeah.

- Tons of storage here as well. This opens up the other way, which makes me believe there are also - [Rico] Backrests? - A backrest. So you have backrests everywhere and you still have plenty of storage down there.

- [Rico] Really cool design feature. I think. - Love it. - [Rico] So we can actually see how it looks. - How cool is that? - [Rico] So now, now it looks a little bit more like a normal flybridge - right? - I love it. - [Rico] And it isn't it cool? Like you really feel like you completely outside, outside, you don't feel like you're inside a flybridge.

When you have a hard top and glass around, it's like completely open - Galeon's whole idea behind this design is that everything feels like you're outside. Even when you're interior, the way it's designed, you'll see it. That it's the whole point is for you to feel like you're outside. - [Rico] Let me just walk through the helm quick here.

I believe this one actually can come up. (chill music plays) - [Rico] That's it? The consoles up, you can still adjust the steering wheel or the helm to come higher up if you want that. But yeah, there you go. I mean, wow.

Just look at this. You're gonna get the wind in the face up here, which is pretty freaking awesome. Anyways, like I would enjoy driving this boat from up here.

There is a little compartment here and it almost seems to me like if you open that, you also have a little bit of a wind break. - [Victoria] Aah. Interesting. - [Rico] I don't know if it was intended to be this way, but sure feels it could be.

So then we have a Raymarine multifunction display here, which is a repeater from down below our Volvo engine display right here. Trim tab remote control right here. This boat is outfitted with a bow and a stern thruster. And we have our autopilot control right here. And then just navigation lights, instrument lights, anchor winch, horn and the console remote button to go up and down. And then the Volvo Penta stop and start ignition panel right there.

A cup holder right there. Cup holder right there. Fusion stereo. And then here, we'll go. Your Raymarine VHF radio. Everything you need. - I'm itching to show the interior.

- [Rico] Let's do it. - Should we do it? - [Rico] Yep. - All right. (Chill music) - [Rico] All right. Let's check out the interior.

- Let's do it. So we have our drain here coming up. We pointed that out and this big glass door here opens up. - [Rico] Oh, that's cool. - Come on in. I'm just gonna start

right in the galley. - [Rico] Right in the galley. - What is super cool? Which you might have to go on a exterior one more time. Check this out.

- [Rico] Wow. - Well, guess I gotta go to the other side and get a cocktail huh? - Because you need to show that there's another thing here. - [Rico] Oh, the countertop. - Exactly. You've got an actual bar. - [Rico] Watch your hands. That is amazing.

- Now you can get a drink. - That is the right spot. - [Victoria] It's pretty cool, huh? - Yeah.

- [Victoria] All right. Come back in. - One, one pain killer, please. - [Victoria] Okay.

Already. It's just the first day of the show. So we are still in the galley. What do we have with storage. - [Rico] Looks like a fridge.

- Lots of water in it. We've got some drawers here, good size. I am in a loss for words up on the bar. Sorry. Okay. So however you wanna set this up. You've got convection microwave and four burner cooktop. - [Rico] What is underneath the cutting board there? - Yes.

- [Rico] Aw, that is really nice. - So did I not say it to you like a week ago? Why don't we not have on our boat instead of having this, you know, slick countertop, finish an actual cutting board. Didn't we have this conversation. - [Rico] Yeah.

- And you said like, yeah, that would be great. They basically did this. So I think this is brilliant. - [Rico] And it fits fantastically. - So, and then we still have an upper storage here.

- [Rico] Mm-hmm One, two, and a little bit here as well. - [Rico] And a hood. - And a hood. Yes.

- [Rico] Or, a kitchen vent or, yeah. However you wanna call it. I think there's more here in the front.

- And another fridge. - [Rico] Very cool. - All right. Then coming to the starboard side, we have another awesome window.

- [Rico] Well, not just an awesome window. Also reversible backrest and the seating area. So you're gonna open it completely. - Oh, I didn't know that. How did you know this? - [Rico] Eyes in my head.

- No Way? Are you serious? - [Rico] I am. And my assistant please. - [Victoria] How did I get suckered into this? - You put this down, you flip this over. - [Victoria] And this goes all the way. Shut the front door. Wow. - Something like that.

- [Victoria] This is absolutely nuts. I had no idea. Our NBB list is growing right now on this yacht.

I am picking up so many ideas. - You want me to close this? - [Victoria] Yes, please. Who is my assistant now? - [Rico] What do you think? - That was really cool. - [Rico] Right? - Really cool.

And unexpected. There's a drawer down here. - [Rico] Good storage. Yeah. - I'll stick to what I know. There's another drawer. Okay. Coming forward.

There's more storage. I mean, they really did a great job of trying to put it as much storage as possible. They know what's important in order to really happily function on the yacht. So then you also have some open shelving.

And what is that? - [Rico] Subwoofer. - How nice. You have a TV that pops out from here.

- [Rico] Get the TV right here on the lift. (chill music) - [Rico] And there's a - Whoa! - [Rico] And there is a BOSE Soundbar attached to it as well. - Cool. - [ Rico] That was the subwoofer we saw in there. - Aaaha! So all these gigantic windows have blinds.

They're actually coming from the bottom up. It's great about them that they kind of give you privacy and still allowing to have the light, like, back up, I'll show you this one. It's just super neat. So you can just do just enough here. Still keep the light in the boat, but walk around naked.

- [Rico] Gives you the privacy. Exactly. But you still, you know, you have the visibility. Out there. - Thanks for translating what I was saying. Yes. Thank you.

Come forward. - [Rico] Is there anything underneath these guys here? - This Galeon is making me work today. Yes. There is storage here too!

- [Rico] It slides out. It looks like it's. - This is completely removable. You can move this out of the way. - [Rico] Oh, got it. - You can take the stools separately and put them right here. - [Rico] Not a bad idea.

- I'm now in a Galeon's mind. Nobody taught me this. I just figured it out.

So you put two of these poofs here and you have a pretty brilliant sitting for eight? - [Rico] Eight. - Yeah. Tons of storage everywhere. Wow. - [Rico] That's a huge storage compartment. - So now before we go any further, we also have some shades here.

So this could be completely. - [Rico] Glass open. - Yeah. Yeah.

You can have beautiful. I mean, you literally could feel like you're pretty much outside. It gets even crazier because this here, - [Rico] Ooh. Look at that.

- But it opens all the way up to here. - [Rico] Yep. - Nuts. I mean, how cool is that? - [Rico] But. Wait. - There's more.

- [Rico] If you call now, we also can open. - Oh. My Goodness. - [Rico] This window.

And we can open this window. - [Victoria] This is sick. - I mean, that's pretty amazing, right? I mean, once you open everything up, you are outside. - [Victoria] You are totally out. - This becomes an outdoor area. - [Victoria] Yeah.

- Amazing. - [Victoria] This is like one of those homes that, you know, has all this sliding doors everywhere. And your whole like, living room, kitchen area are open. Same concept.

- All right, Close it back up because we have the air condition running. - [Victoria] Okay. - [Rico] Just pointing out quickly as, is it a. High, low table.

- This is a high, low table. So you can lower it down. Have like a cocktail or coffee table mode or like dinner table mode. Apparently there's a good amount of air condition at this helm here.

So get the sea keeper remote control on top. Then we have two Axio Raymarine multifunction displays here. We have the Volvo Penta display, got our autopilot control. Our bow and stern thruster remote right here, windshield wiper control.

Then we have, have our instrument lighting, navigation lights, electronic equipment, all the switches we need, as well as the bilge pumps. Engine room blowers, the remotes for the port and starboard windows, sunroof. And the horn of course, right below that, we have the trim tap remote here. Our engine start and ignition buttons right here. And then of course our shift and throddle control to the starboard side and a VHF radio mounted down there as well. All right. Shall we continue on?

- It's really fun down here. Another panel here. - [Rico] Ah, got our breaker panel there, I guess, or part of it or the lighting and our yacht Management Control System, which is right now showing us the battery levels and then anchor switches, thruster switches, and so on. Freshwater pump like water pump as well.

- Okay. We're gonna go first in the starboard side. - [Rico] Okay. Wow. I like this doors.

- So starboard side, this is our smallest cabin. This is a three cabin layout. I mean obviously great kids cabin, but I could definitely see two adults perfectly fine fitting in here. It's pretty long bed. It's a little bit narrow, but it's plenty long for sure.

So you've got storage up above. 1, 2, 3 here also have our great size hanging locker with built-in lights. NBB list.

- [Rico] Built-in lights. - Yes. And then we are gonna go forward to our V.I.P. These are the skylights that we saw from above, right? There's some people walking around really close, but you guys can see it.

And that's our emergency escape hatch slash patch that you can open. Then we have two really good sized windows right here. This is a really bright cabin. If you like daylight, this is fabulous.

It's not exactly equal because you even have a little workspace here/makeup. There are some storages. Oh wow. Thats pretty good depth.

We also have one of these and we have one more cabinet here. Our starboard site is pretty much mirrored. So the only difference is that we have a storage there instead of having one of these.

- [Rico] Hmm. - It's pretty cool. And for our hanging lockers, we've got one of these on the port side and one is right here and there's an access here open.

Now we go into our head, which for this cabin is en-suite which also serves as a day head slash shared head for the twin cabin that we saw. Tons of mirrors, nailing it with the mirrors. We've got one here, full size mirror, one here, full-size mirror. There is all of this space here with putting a head inside, which I know you don't mind. Right?

- [Rico] I don't think it's a bad idea. - It really grown on you. - [Rico] Also makes it very easy to clean your head. - Yeah. I don't think it's bad either.

This is pretty cool. Yeah. Great amount of space here. Very roomy. I mean, it's definitely a one-person shower.

So then we have storage here and we have some storage down here and that's our head. Very cute. Cute sink. I will meet you on the other side. - [Rico] Sounds good.

- Hello. And we are gonna check out the master, which is full beam and it's midship all right. Come on all the way in here.

Pretty great headroom. - [Rico] Yeah. - Considering you guys fifty-one footer. Just remember this is a really cool master. So low bed really great. Gives you tons of head room they did this really well.

Looks like we've got tons of storage, Victoria approved. more storage. Wow. Storage here. I mean everywhere they could,

they put it in and then we have a master closet, which has got sunpad in it. So you can see how big it is. - [Rico] Wow. That's almost a walk-in closet.

- It's a walk-in for me. - [Rico] It's a walk-in now. - Hi. I can hide here and scare you, which I love doing. - [Rico] Then we have TV mounted forward. - Yeah.

- [Rico] Wash and dryer combo. - Wow, hi - I didn't expect that. - [Rico] Yeah. - Okay. And switching sides. Switch sides. - So now I'm on our port side.

Okay. For everybody who's trying to help me with port and starboard. I don't have a problem with port and starboard. I have a problem with right and left. That's my issue.

So help me figure that out. - [Rico] uhh, left. - I know that's of people were saying, which I think is definitely helpful. All right. So we have a little sitting work area.

Really cool actually. - [Rico] Yeah. With a nice view. - Yeah. And of course, oh, nice lighting. We have our little side tables with also storage inside of them. I'll be exhausted by the storage.

By the time we finish and obviously a little storage here, great size windows. Something tells me there's probably storage underneath this bed. - [Rico] There might be tanks under there. - You think? All right. And we're coming into our en-suite head, separate shower here. Plenty of room. - [Rico] One person shower.

- One person shower. Yes. Do you like the sinks? They're pretty nice. - [Rico] I do like the sinks too. - Cool huh? - [Rico] Yeah. - Okay.

And then storage up here and some storage down here. - Engine room? - [Rico] Engine room. - And the garage, right? - [Rico] Yes.

- Okay. - [Rico] Let's do the garage first. (chill music) - [Victoria] So what would the ideals like a jet tender? - Probably. - [Victoria] Interesting. - Like a little jet tender in here.

You lower the platform down to retrieve, but then put it back in. - Or you just use it as a storage. - [Victoria] You just slide it out. - I would it imagine that there's a winch in the very end.

- [Victoria] And what's this here? - That is an access to the sea keeper. and other equipment down there, which you normally don't have to get there all the time. - [Victoria] Pretty nice access, once you open that up.

- Yeah. It's completely. Watertight. - [Victoria] What size tender do you think you can get in there? - Ten-foot tender. - [Victoria] Okay. Cool. - Yeah. So I'm gonna go back down. Watch your feet. Let's check out the engine room.

- [Victoria] Feel like I'm assisting today. He's working hard already. Oh, interesting. So the engines were running, so it's gonna be nice and warm in there, but also we could hear how quiet it was. So it's really good insulation in there.

- Oh, it's nice. It cozy in here right now. - [Victoria] Oh yes.

Nice and warm. - [Rico] So we have a Fire boy fire suppression system mounted right there. Two diesel tanks, one to port, one to starboard, then sea strainer, super easy to clean and maintain. Because they are literally right here, easy to access.

We have our exhaust system coming all the way around here, going through the muffler and mixer. And then all the way aft going overboard. This boat is outfitted with two D 11 Volvo Pentas, six seventies.

We have a Onan and generator mounted here on the starboard side. Of course it's a brand new boat, super clean. This boat is a V-drive setup. So yes, you can see, we have the engines mounted kind of like backwards. And then we have our transmission here and our V-drive, as you can see, comes out right there on the bottom half the shaft going overboard. Triplets bearings right there. Yeah.

Pretty clean engine room and still space to move around. Once you go to the other side of the engine, there's plenty of space to do your service and get everything done. And here on the, aft side on the aft portion of the engine room, we got a breaker panel right there, Vectron energy and a battery charger right there. What you see here is the front of the tender garage, what we saw on the other side. All right. And that concludes our engine tour.

(chill music) - This concludes a tour of this Galeon 510 Sky. I hope you enjoyed it. Had a lot of interesting features. I picked up for our N B B list. So please make sure you Like, Comments, Subscribe and turn our on that little Notification Bell.

And we are off to our next tour. This boat show is crazy. So we are running over and we'll see you on the next one and. - [Rico] Enjoy the Outtakes! - Ciao! - Oh yeah. Patreon. (gasp) Don't forget the Patreon. Almost fall overboard.

- [Rico] What Patreon? - Don't forget the Patreon. Patreon. Subscribe on the Patreon. Join us on the Patreon. - [Rico] Check out our Patreon.

(chill music) - Welcome to Miami AAMI AAMI. - [Rico] So - So we have our freshwater wash-down. I mean our shower.

- [Rico] The freshwater human wash-down called shower. - Wait, what? We have exact same awesome window, which is locked. Okay.

Just leave it. Mood or mode - [Rico] Mode. - Oh, okay. - [Rico] Yeah. I mean. I don't know what mood you're in, but... - You said mood. Okay.

Do the helm. Plenty of room. Good.

One size shower. One size shower. (laughs) - [Rico] One person shower. - One person shower. Yes.

Very roomy. I mean, it's definitely a one person shower unless the other person is sitting. This concludes our tour of this Galeon Sky. No. This is concludes our - [Rico] Galeon 510 - No. Da, da

(splashing water) (seagull squawking)

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