Galaxy Unpacked April 2021: Official Replay | Samsung

Galaxy Unpacked April 2021: Official Replay | Samsung

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Hello and welcome to a very special Unpacked! Over the last decade, we at Samsung have pioneered countless exciting mobile experiences. New hardware, new software, new ways to stay connected and give you the freedom to live your life to the fullest. With all of our mobile innovations, and so many more industry-leading technologies, we have reinvented yet another category: the personal computer! Today, I’m so proud to introduce you to the next evolution of the PC: the new line of Galaxy Books.

True mobile computing for the connected world! When we set out to reimagine a new mobile computing experience, we asked ourselves a single question: Why can’t laptops be more like smartphones? The answer was right in front of us. Mobility, connectivity, continuity. Performance on the go, ultra-vivid displays and seamless integration with your devices. Everything that has always been at the core of the Galaxy experience. And now, we’ve brought all of that to the PC: the latest addition to the incredible Galaxy ecosystem.

The Galaxy Books are ultra-light – and ultra-mighty. As thin as a smartphone, but as powerful as a PC. They have boundless connectivity, so that you always have the freedom to set your own hours, wherever you go.

And they are a window into your Galaxy – perfectly designed for seamless use across all of your favorite devices. And, for the very first time, flawless integration across Android and Windows. The result of open collaboration with long-standing partners to provide the best connected experience.

You’ll hear more about the collaboration behind the new Galaxy Books in a few minutes. But first, here’s Stephanie, to tell you more about all the ways that the Galaxy brand is changing the world. Thanks, TM.

So let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy approach to meaningful innovation – And how we can help enrich people’s lives through technology… and empower them to create a more open and collaborative world. Meaningful innovation means we have to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of people’s passions... progress... and pursuit of a better future...

We need to innovate for a world that’s open in every way, so people could be the best versions of themselves. A world where they don’t have to compromise who they are or what they believe in to achieve their dreams. And they expect a mobile experience that matches up. They want technology that translates vision into reality.

And this has always been the spirit of Samsung Galaxy. When we wanted to give people more freedom to express themselves, we designed the S Pen and the Galaxy Note. And to offer new levels of versatility... we revolutionized the smartphone category with the Galaxy Fold.

But Galaxy is more than just game changing technology — it’s about empowering experiences without limitations. We believe in giving people the flexibility to connect with devices, platforms, and brands on their own terms. Now we’re bringing our open-world mindset and the latest innovation to a category that’s ready for a bold new chapter: personal computers. With so many people working and learning remotely... PCs have taken on a bigger role in our lives — yet we’re still using technology designed for the old rules of work and play. So... as TM just mentioned,

we found ourselves wondering… ‘why can’t laptops be more like smartphones?’ After all, smartphones are ready for anything. They pack high-end performance in a design that’s thin, lightweight and totally portable. You can connect to the internet, with or without WiFi, 24/7.

Share photos and files in an instant. All with a full-day battery that can keep up with your life. We’re bringing what people love most about their smartphones to a conventional laptop experience... so you can communicate, collaborate, and innovate, wherever you are. Because when we eliminate the barriers that stand in our way, we discover new paths and possibilities.

Life opens up with Galaxy. Back to you TM Thank you, Stephanie. At Samsung, we have always believed that the best innovations only happen with teamwork. In order to innovate, you have to collaborate.

Nowhere is that more true than with our new mobile computing experience – the result of an amazing collaboration between Samsung, Intel, and Microsoft. I’d like to welcome to the stage my good friend, Gregory Bryant, at Intel. And joining us remotely, Panos Panay, from our close partner, Microsoft. For over fifty years, Intel has pushed the limits of silicon. They’ve done it again with the Galaxy Book, the first computer to combine the mobility and freedom of a smartphone with the power and performance of a PC.

And when it comes to productivity with continuity, Microsoft is the best in the business. Whether working remotely or enhancing your productivity between PC and mobile, Microsoft knew just what the Galaxy Books needed. We all brought our best ideas to the table to completely reimagine mobile computing for a new era. GB, take it away! Thank you, TM. It’s an honor to be here! Samsung and Intel have a shared vision to deliver premier computing experiences that deliver uncompromised mobility, blazing-fast connectivity, and real-world performance — all to unlock people’s potential.

And over the years, we’ve made significant progress towards this vision. And today, I’m excited to announce that we are doing something even bolder and more industry-shaping. We are bringing together the best of our two companies.

The best of the PC and smartphone experiences, our technology portfolio, our engineers and brands to build an ecosystem of devices that work seamlessly together and delights consumers. And that starts today with the launch of some of the industry’s best Intel Evo designs. As a result of investing hundreds of thousands of hours, we’ve co-engineered a new family of PCs that meets all the verified standards of the Evo platform — including industry leading responsiveness, instant wake, and long battery life. We then elevated that experience further by delivering: The world’s thinnest Evo designs Custom Bluetooth enablement that unlocks seamless interactions across peripherals and devices And, industry leading connectivity — including 5G and Wi-Fi 6E capability This experience is unmatched in the industry.

Now looking ahead, you can expect even more from this unique partnership. We will create a new co-engineering team dedicated to advancing mobile computing innovation. We will deliver leading-edge technologies, including: A new microarchitecture, from us at Intel, leveraging multiple types of XPU cores Unique PC designs aligned with Galaxy DNA More personalized computing through enhanced AI technology And a stronger continuity of experiences: allowing people to work seamlessly and share content across all their devices. And, we’re launching a global, co-marketing program that spotlights the premier computing experience delivered by Intel Evo-powered Galaxy devices — that will engage and inspire. We are proud to be on this journey with Samsung, and believe that, together, we can pave a new path, and set a new standard for computing. Thank you.

Thank you, GB — and thank you to everyone at Intel who contributed to this project. And now, Panos will tell you more about the exciting new Microsoft experiences created for the Galaxy Book. Thanks, TM! I feel so honored to join you at Samsung Unpacked. We have an incredible history — more than two decades of collaboration bringing innovative Windows PCs, Windows Tablets, and Samsung phones to market.

Together bringing Microsoft apps and services to life, including the likes of OneDrive, Outlook, Your Phone link directly into Windows… and seamless integration with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all on Samsung devices. Enabling people to be productive anywhere, at any time. After a year of change, we’re looking to a future where people are re-grounding themselves in what’s important to them, to each of us. How we stay connected, how we work, learn, how we socialize and entertain. Whether it’s for work, school, or home — our PCs, our tablets, and mobile devices are more essential right now than they’ve ever been before.

And, today, we’re excited to take the next step forward in our partnership with Samsung. Samsung is launching a new portfolio of connected Windows PCs, and expanding the availability of all these awesome devices to more geographies and customers. This is super exciting; this PC portfolio builds on Samsung’s strength in highly mobile and connected devices and solutions.

And together, we’re integrating Windows even deeper within the Galaxy ecosystem to create experiences that are simple, smooth, and stunning. I’m incredibly proud to be working together to help our customers stay connected, be more productive, more creative, and discover brand-new possibilities with Samsung and Microsoft together. We’re so excited for what the future holds. Back to you, TM. Thank you, Panos! And thank you Microsoft for such an amazing collaboration. I’m so proud of everything we did together.

The results speak for themselves. They combine stylish mobility, boundless connectivity, and seamless continuity. The next amazing chapter in the story of the PC. This is mobile computing powered by Samsung Galaxy! Let’s meet the all-new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360! Introducing the all-new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

For the first time ever, we’re bringing the smartphone experience straight to your PC. Galaxy Book Pro comes in a clamshell design. At just 11.2 mm and 868 grams,

the 13.3-inch Galaxy Book Pro is the thinnest and lightest Galaxy Book ever. Meanwhile, the 2-in-1 convertible Galaxy Book Pro 360 is more than a PC — it’s a creative canvas you can take anywhere. It’s as thin as your smartphone, and weighs about one kilogram. Using our expertise from designing Galaxy foldable smartphones, we created the thinnest hinge possible for a convertible PC, giving you a smooth and seamless experience. Both models are available in two sizes: 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch.

Each model comes with its own set of three gorgeous colors. The Galaxy Book Pro has a striking two-tone color, while the Galaxy Book Pro 360 sports a full metallic look. Our team crafted every part of this PC to break new ground in computer design.

Let’s take a closer look. We built the Galaxy Book Pro series with the durability and lightness you expect from your smartphone. Presenting our newest additions to the Galaxy lineup: the GALAXY BOOK PRO 360 and GALAXY BOOK PRO - PCs infused with our Galaxy DNA. With 360-degree turns, the GALAXY BOOK PRO 360 is built for conventional — and unconventional — uses. A PC this flexible needs to be able to handle everything you do, from every angle… so we made this Galaxy Book incredibly durable.

To keep it light without compromising that durability, we chose 6000 series aluminum as our main ingredient, and reimagined our manufacturing process — finding the golden ratio of thickness, weight, and stiffness. To craft the upper portion, we extruded the metal to 2.8 millimeter. With relentless research and experimentation, we discovered the optimal structure. Then, we used the CNC method to slim parts of the upper portion down to 0.5 millimeter

- while maintaining impressive durability. When crafting the front portion, we combined the standard CNC and press method. So, the front portion is now slimmer - half of its original thickness. We then polished, sand-blasted, and anodized. The result? GALAXY BOOK PRO 360’s stunning, durable finish… And for the GALAXY BOOK PRO, we took portability to new heights.

We set out to build a super lightweight PC, with the mobility of a smartphone. For this model, we reduced the overall weight We meticulously crafted our ultra-slim bezel by using the Silk Printing method. And for a glossy texture, we incorporated Nano Imprinting Lithography, a technique used to fabricate semiconductors. This allowed us to create a 15- and 13-inch bezel from the same sheet, optimizing efficiency and reducing waste.

So Galaxy Book Pro is sustainable —on top of its lightness and mobility. With the GALAXY BOOK PRO 360 and GALAXY BOOK PRO, we’ve redefined and reimagined laptops. So you can harness more mobility, more possibilities and more freedom… all on your PC. As you can see, we were inspired by our smartphones while designing the Galaxy Book series. And we made sure to include some of the best smartphone tech as well — starting with the display. Galaxy Book Pro comes with industry-leading AMOLED displays.

They’re 30 times more responsive and 200 times more vivid than LCD screens, with 35 percent more accurate colors. These screens are also equipped with Eye Care Display, which helps reduce eye strain by cutting harmful blue light to less than 6.5 percent. We also built Galaxy Book Pro with full port support, so you can easily connect to other devices. You want to kick your productivity up a notch, you can link up to three external monitors. And, with Thunderbolt4 supports, you can connect to many peripherals, including a display at 8K. And for customers who want our most advanced display technology, Galaxy Book Pro 360’s Super AMOLED display goes above and beyond.

We brought the signature touch screen experience from our smartphones and tablets, so you can control the screen like you would a tablet… and use an S Pen with it, too. The S Pen comes right in the box, and it’s the size of a real pen, with a comfortable grip. You can draw, speak and record easily, using our S Pen and Screen Recorder.

And with Studio Plus, you can edit and share your recorded content. And you can do it all without a separate mic, camera, or editing program. The S Pen is the perfect companion for taking your productivity – and creativity – to the next level.

The AMOLED screens on Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 both give you amazing visual experiences. And with Live Wallpaper that changes to match the time of day, you can enjoy our displays in all their vibrant colors. But these models don’t just deliver great visuals. They also deliver amazing sound quality. Thanks to Dolby Atmos audio technology, a next-generation surround-sound system, you can immerse yourself in your favorite shows and movies.

We’ve all been spending more time on our PCs over the past year. So we wanted to optimize the Galaxy Book Pro series to make every experience more comfortable. We started by studying how people use their keyboards. We looked at the way our fingers exert pressure and the elasticity of the keys, to determine an optimal travel distance of 1 mm. This, along with a refined scissor mechanism, allowed us to build a smooth and springy keyboard, while keeping the Galaxy Book Pro series thin. The result? Our best-ever typing experience with the quieter, softer, and more responsive Pro Keyboard.

While designing the Pro Keyboard, we slimmed down its plate and gave it a slight upward positioning. This created space for a bigger, more enhanced touchpad. This new touchpad and keyboard will optimize your scrolling and typing.

But we know that these days, we all spend a lot of time on video calls. These PCs come with dual array mics placed on either side of the camera, to better capture and amplify your voice. And Intelligent Noise Cancelling detects and removes background noise. So even if your dog is barking or there’s construction nearby, your calls will have fewer interruptions.

As you can see, we’re bringing the best of mobility from our Galaxy smartphones and tablets straight to your PC. Of course, this requires both power and connectivity… and the Galaxy Book Pro series is no exception. To tell you more about it, here’s Hassan. Our Galaxy smartphones are like extensions of ourselves. We use them for everything — and that’s why they’re packed with incredible capabilities from top to bottom, and from inside out. But what makes our smartphones really special is their secure, dedicated connectivity.

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re bringing this connectivity to the Galaxy Book Pro series. We launched the world’s first-ever commercial 5G smartphone two years ago. And now, we’re bringing 5G to the Galaxy Book Pro 360. With this level of connectivity, you’re no longer limited to areas with Wi-Fi to download, or to stream video. You can get online wherever you are — even when you’re out in the park.

And keeping your devices connected takes a serious, high-performance chipset. So we partnered with Intel to deliver a powerful performance on the Galaxy Book Pro series. To hear more about this incredible partnership, let’s welcome back GB. Today, with the launch of the Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360, Samsung and Intel marked a new era in our partnership. Built on the Intel Evo platform, the new Galaxy Book designs have been co-engineered and verified for an exceptional mobile experience - including incredible performance, long battery life and instant wake. To further deliver on the promise of uncompromised mobility, we had to engineer something that had the thinness and responsiveness of a smartphone, coupled with the performance of a PC.

We did this by optimizing PC experiences that are tuned from the inside out. We shrunk the motherboard, we improved battery life, and we delivered the most efficient thermals to deliver the highest performance on the go. We also enabled an integrated, full-touch display. And, finally, for better virtual collaboration, we built an AI engine to make video conferencing with longer battery life and advanced features like background noise removal and background blur. Each of these innovations were critical in creating a beautiful PC that offers maximum versatility in the world’s thinnest Evo design. And that brings me to the two final elements needed to deliver great mobility: blazing fast connection to the cloud and powerful performance.

The Galaxy Book line up is equipped to deliver three industry leading connectivity solutions: WiFi-6E, 5G and custom Bluetooth enablement. Together, these technologies unlock anytime, anywhere access across all Samsung devices – at gigabit+ speeds. And then last but not least, at the heart of the Galaxy Book is the 11th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel Iris Xe Graphics. It’s the world’s BEST processor for thin-and-light laptops, delivering real-world performance and capabilities for productivity, collaboration, content creation, gaming and entertainment.

As you can see, every technology found in the Galaxy Book was integrated to keep people in the flow and focused on the things that matter most to them. And they were all made possible by Samsung and Intel’s commitment to driving innovation forward and delivering a new standard for computing. Thanks, GB! Our work with Intel has led to a lineup of next-generation PCs that deliver incredible performance with powerful processors. To ensure the heat is removed from the CPU and well dissipated into the air, we started by redesigning the heat sink — the mechanism that keeps your PC cool. As bar-raisers in the smartphone category, we applied our learnings to push the envelope, reducing the size of the heat pipe to a remarkable 1 mm.

We also paid close attention to the fan’s design to optimize airflow. We fit up to 73 blades, boosted the impeller’s diameter up to 50 mm, and gave the radial blade a new forward curve. So, when you’re playing an intense game, creating and editing content… or doing heavy tasks on multiple monitors… our enhanced cooling system helps sustain high performance. Our mobile-first mindset helped us redesign the battery, too. We redesigned the battery cell by optimizing its platform, which led to the creation of this super-slim battery… all while reaching a higher energy density.

Simply put, we fit more power into less space. The Galaxy Book Pro series can deliver up to 20 hours of video playback, or up to 16 hours of standard usage for work and play. the Pro series can be charged for up to 8 hours of use in just 30 minutes! We relied on our mobile expertise to make bold changes to the hardware, from the chipset to the battery. Let’s hear more about these fundamental changes and innovations that went into these amazing products. Designing new products is much like designing a new city.

The product I have here is precisely that. It all began with a simple question: “Why can’t laptops be more like smartphones?” By using mobile parts, we could reduce the size of hardware and increase the level of integration. And that gave us a powerful Galaxy Book that’s slimmer and lighter than ever before. Galaxy Book’s most fundamental component is the PCB.

Its role can be compared to a city’s infrastructure like a road network. Mobile parts including 5G hardware were added, so more than 23,000 parts had to be installed in Galaxy Book. We needed to rethink the PCB configuration called Artwork.

By optimizing the distance between the CPU and memory, we created the beautiful piece of equipment you see here. We needed Galaxy craftsmanship at its finest. Next, we turned to the battery. Like a city’s powerhouse, it’s a cornerstone that defines the user experience. With our Galaxy expertise, we increased the energy density of the battery pack and reinforced it with an extra safety feature.

We also added a longevity algorithm to extend the time you can use your Galaxy Book. Finally, we tested out battery and found it met rigorous standards for capacity and durability. We’re here to present a winning combination of innovation and craftsmanship. Meet the new Galaxy Book. At Samsung, we’re committed to innovation at every level: building better tech, improving your life, and paving the way for a healthier planet. This year, we took a leap forward to deliver a more sustainable Galaxy Book experience.

It starts with our super-fast, 65W charger. We used Gallium nitride, a wide bandgap semiconductor that can handle higher voltage more efficiently than standard materials. With this change, we were able to reduce the size of the charger, along with the materials required overall.

We also built this charger with recycled materials. The Galaxy Book Pro and its charger together weigh only about 1kg! This charger comes with a detachable USB-C cable, so you can use this one, super-fast charger for your Galaxy devices. That’s easier for you — and it’s better for the environment, too. We also slimmed down the packaging size of our new PCs by up to 39 percent, thanks to our thin-and-light product designs. That means we’re creating less raw material waste and conserving energy. To top it all off, we even made the outer and interior materials with recyclable paper.

Samsung continues to expand our commitment to an eco-friendly experience. Thanks to our mobile DNA. The Galaxy Book Pro is the world’s thinnest in its class, with a stunning AMOLED display and LTE connectivity. And Galaxy Book Pro 360 delivers a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and 5G connectivity, all in a flexible 2-in-1 form factor.

We’re kicking off a new era for PCs, delivering the mobility, connectivity, and continuity you deserve. And this is just the beginning of our exciting lineup. Introducing the Galaxy Book.

As you’ve just seen, the Galaxy Book is designed to make Samsung innovation accessible to everyone: students, teachers… creators and artists… anyone who wants the tools to bring their best ideas to life. It comes with a 15.6-inch display, a slim bezel, and a body that opens to a full 180 degrees.

It’s available in Mystic Blue or Mystic Silver. And this PC delivers both portability and power. The 11th-Gen Intel Core processor with Iris Xe Graphics — the same chipset on the Galaxy Book Pro series — is also available on Galaxy Book, delivering powerful performance while focusing on the essentials.

We know an important part of the mobile computing experience is the ability to stay online and connected. That’s why we’re bringing LTE connectivity to your Galaxy Book. Personally, over the past year, I spent more time online than ever before. Whether I was catching up with friends or family, I made a lot of video calls, and I’m sure you did, too. With Studio Mode, you can customize the way you look onscreen. You can add lighting effects, and use filters to tweak your appearance.

And when you’re in the middle of a video chat, you can easily — and quickly — turn off your camera and mic… thanks to our dedicated function-key. Just like the Pro series, Galaxy Book comes with Dolby Atmos audio technology — so you’ll get incredible sound while watching a new movie or show. And with its long-lasting battery, you can indulge in your favorite activities. It also comes packed with many useful ports — including a microSD port. And that’s just one more way your Galaxy Book will meet your everyday, essential needs.

And of course, we can’t forget about gamers. For you guys, we bring you the Galaxy Book Odyssey. Galaxy Book Odyssey comes in Mystic Black with a unique cover logo, for a striking, standout look.

With NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti GPU, we deliver a smooth gaming experience, even in this thin-and-light design. And with its powerful Tiger Lake-H chipset, this PC performs under pressure - giving you optimal performance. It’s ready to deliver high-quality gameplay from the very best of Xbox Game Pass.

Galaxy Book delivers an 11th-Gen Intel processor and LTE connectivity, all in a thin and mobile form factor. Galaxy Book Odyssey has an even more powerful chipset and a unique design — it’s a perfect match for gamers about to embark on their wildest adventures. Both Galaxy Books deliver the power and portability you need, with the essentials to take your favorite activities to all-new heights. Our Galaxy Books are now part of our wider Galaxy experience. They work harmoniously with our devices to add more flexibility and convenience to your everyday life.

To tell you more, here’s Patrick. The entire Galaxy Innovation story is shaped by the pursuit of a better, more complete Galaxy experience, taking each generation a step further. When designing the Galaxy Book series, our most important goal… beyond creating the most powerful laptop… was to extend the expected user experience of Galaxy devices. Our Galaxy innovators extracted the DNA that makes a Galaxy device. With these insights, we took the traditional laptop and transformed it into an entirely new computing experience. It’s the answer to a question, “why can’t laptops be more like smartphones?” We took what’s most useful from the mobile experience and brought it to the Galaxy Book.

We had a special focus on delivering continuity (through) device connection, expansion, and sharing. When setting up a new PC, transferring files you’ve accumulated over the years is painful. That’s why we added Galaxy Book Smart Switch.

Just like Smart Switch on a Galaxy smartphone, it does all the heavy lifting for you. It moves all sorts of data – files, settings, apps. This time, from a Windows PC to your new Galaxy Book. We continued to deeply collaborate with Microsoft to lead a seamless “Galaxy to PC” experience. Enjoy your mobile apps on your Galaxy Book, thanks to the “Link to Windows” integration.

You’ll see for yourself how unified it looks. And with easy apps syncing, even across different operating systems, your productivity will be enriched. For the first time, SmartThings is integrated into a PC, again making the Galaxy Book unique. You can tie and connect all your SmartThings devices on this PC. With the addition of Galaxy Book series, we redefined the possibilities our Galaxy family can bring, from smartphones, to the Tab, Watch, Buds… and now, the Galaxy Book. We are truly excited to invite you to an enriched Galaxy experience.

Over the years, Samsung Galaxy has delivered meaningful mobile experiences. And now, we’re bringing those same experiences to the PC. We want you to have a seamless journey, from the moment you take your Galaxy Book out of the box and turn it on. Transferring your data to a new phone is simple — especially on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets, where Smart Switch makes it easy to transfer your data and device settings. To date, our customers have made over 355 million data transfers with Smart Switch.

Moving data to a new PC, however, has always been more complicated. You have to transfer all your files to an external hard drive, then copy it over to your new computer. Not anymore. Today, we’re bringing Galaxy Book Smart Switch to our Galaxy Book series, so you can easily switch over from any Windows PC to your new Galaxy Book. Once you’ve set up your Galaxy Book, you’ll enjoy a more continuous experience across all your Galaxy devices.

With Easy Bluetooth Connection, pairing your Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy Book is a hassle-free experience. It’s a short and simple process, with an intuitive, pop-up UI that will be familiar to Galaxy smartphone users. At Samsung, we make technologies that work great together. On any given day, I constantly go back and fort between my smartphone and my PC — and we know that you do, too.

That’s why we made sure the Galaxy Book series delivers a continuous phone-to-PC experience. When you first boot up your Galaxy Book, you’ll be greeted by some of your favorite apps — like Samsung Notes, and Samsung Gallery. I use Samsung Notes on my smartphone all the time — and now, those Notes will sync to my Galaxy Book in seconds.

>From ideas that jump to mind... to notes from your calls… simply access what you write down in Samsung Notes, and continue your train of thought on any of your Galaxy devices. We’ve made similar changes to Samsung Gallery, so you can pull up your photos and videos from your Galaxy smartphone right on your Galaxy Book. You can even edit and apply filters, just like you would on your smartphone. The new Galaxy Book series enhances the Galaxy experience — and we’ve been working with Microsoft to take it even further. To tell you more about our collaboration in bringing a seamless Phone-to-PC experience to life, let’s welcome the Head of Cross Device Experiences from Microsoft.

Hey Shilpa! Thank you, Stanley. For the past two years, Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to create a unified experience across Windows PCs and Samsung smartphones. With the new Galaxy Book, you can expect the exact same level of continuity between your devices - a unified and effortless experience. >From your Windows PC - you can use the Your Phone App and Link to Windows to seamlessly send and receive texts, make and answer phone calls, and access all of your photos taken on your phone in full resolution. And if you own a Galaxy smartphone, you can effortlessly run your favorite phone apps from social to communication, side by side directly on your Galaxy Book. It has never been easier to interact with phone apps with your mouse, your keyboard, touch and ink.

For me personally, the Your Phone app has been life changing during our remote everything life this last year. Just last week, I was in the middle of a Teams meeting on my Windows PC and I was able to easily text my husband about our child’s remote school schedule without needing to switch devices. Now, the Galaxy Book can do this for you as well! I also have my social and communication phone apps pinned to my Windows taskbar, allowing me one click access to my friends & family.

And when it comes to phone calls, I can easily pick those up right from my Galaxy Book as well. With Your Phone app, your Windows clipboard and Phone clipboard stay in sync, and this makes copy-paste a breeze across all your Galaxy devices. And, to take your productivity up a notch, we’ve integrated the most popular Samsung Galaxy apps with our productivity Microsoft 365 apps: The Samsung Reminder app on your phone syncs perfectly with Microsoft To Do.

Now, you can enjoy that same connected experience when it comes to your beautiful photos taken with your advanced camera on your Galaxy phone. With OneDrive natively integrated with Samsung Gallery, you can keep your memories safe and relive your memories as Motion Photos wherever you might be. And lastly, later this year, Samsung Notes will sync across your Galaxy smartphone and your Windows PC. You will also be able to search for and access all your Samsung Notes inside Microsoft OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, and even PowerPoint… making it an amazing, continuous experience, designed to help you do more. I am incredibly proud of the experiences our Samsung and Microsoft teams have created together, and I hope you will enjoy them as well on your brand new Galaxy Book. Thanks, Shilpa! It’s great to hear about the amazing innovations Microsoft and Samsung have achieved together.

The Galaxy experience is all about making your lives better, and delivering the very best technology we can offer. Most of us use our PCs to get work done — so we built a whole ecosystem around the Galaxy Book series to help you be as productive as possible. A lot of us need more than one display to develop our creativity. With Second screen you can use your Galaxy Tab to duplicate or extend your PC’s display. You can open up a design on your Galaxy Book Pro, and sketch on your Galaxy Tab using the S Pen.

You’ll get to enjoy the best of both devices… But as we all know, we tend to get more done when we collaborate. Easy sharing of our thoughts and creative sketches is important, and that’s why, we’re bringing Quick Share to our Galaxy Books. Quick Share makes the sharing process easy and painless.

With a simple right-click or a drag-and-drop, Quick Share lets you share individual files — or even a whole folder at once — right from your Galaxy Book to another Galaxy device. It’s also important to know where our files are stored. Quick Search is our solution to help you quickly find your files. You don’t even need to know the file name! Just enter a keyword, and Quick Search will do the rest.

It can search the text within a file, and even text that’s embedded in images, to pull up exactly what you’re looking for — faster than the native search tool. And because we know PC users need to find and share files often, we pinned Quick Share and Quick Search to the Windows taskbar for easy access. At Samsung, we create experiences that are seamless, continuous, and mobile. Experiences you can enjoy across all your devices, thanks to our incredible network of interconnected tech — the Galaxy Ecosystem. We’re bringing the benefits of SmartThings to the Galaxy Book series by expanding the boundaries of what’s possible — starting with SmartThings Find.

The new Galaxy Books’ built-in Bluetooth module enables a revolutionary “offline finding” function. So if you lose your Galaxy Book, a nearby Galaxy Find node will transmit its location to your SmartThings app. We are proud to announce that to date, 68 million people have joined our Galaxy Find Network — a global community that helps people find their lost items. SmartThings is all about helping your devices work together. The new Galaxy Book series will include SmartThings Dashboard. Previously, SmartThings Dashboard was only accessible from Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

But now, easily access your connected devices from your Galaxy Book — even while in the middle of your creative works. With a single click of my customized morning routine, the robot vacuum will clean, and my washer will run, while I’m getting ready in the morning. And of course, you can quickly access your most-used devices on “Favorites,” or use Bixby voice control for convenience. We envision a future where our Galaxy Books become the perfect IoT Hub. As we continue to build on this experience, we look forward to seeing SmartThings complement your life, and make your everyday more convenient. The Galaxy Book series radically changes what consumers can expect from their PCs.

It delivers a mobile PC experience and phone-to-PC continuity... the tools to enhance your productivity, and a connected ecosystem powered by SmartThings. And it’s all waiting for you. Back to you, Charlie.

As you can see, the Galaxy Book series delivers a seamless mobile computing experience within our ecosystem. And for a truly worry-free experience, we’ve been offering Samsung Care+, our total care service, to guarantee your Galaxy devices against damage. Samsung Care+ offers convenient customer service, such as hassle-free discounted repairs and help from our authorized technicians.

With extended coverage, you can protect your Galaxy Book and every experience that comes with it. We’re excited to offer Galaxy Book Pro, the world’s thinnest PC in its class, packed with powerful performance… Galaxy Book Pro 360, a 2-in-1 convertible PC, which comes with the S Pen… and Galaxy Book, which brings you the essential features you need. With a full lineup of Galaxy Books to choose from, we’re giving you the freedom to pick the model that’s right for you. Galaxy Book Pro will be available starting at [$999], and Galaxy Book Pro 360 will be available starting at [$1,199]. You can also meet the Galaxy Book from [$549] and the Galaxy Book Odyssey from [$1,399]. The new line of Galaxy Books will launch on May 14th, and the Galaxy Book Pro series’ pre-orders start today.

And, our Galaxy Book Odyssey will be available starting this August. Back to TM. So there you have it: the Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360 and the Galaxy Book. Together, they represent a new era of mobile computing where your PC finally gives you the experience you deserve. On behalf of everyone at Samsung, thank you again for joining us. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time!

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