French Federal Leaders Debate 2019 (English translation)

French Federal Leaders Debate 2019 (English translation)

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By a question, from a Canadian lies. After. Responses, from leaders there will be two three-way debates then, good. Fire questions. From my guest journalists, this, debate will be followed by Canadians, here at the Canadian Museum of History and Gatineau and we'd like to thank you ladies and gentlemen for being here with us tonight and. There'll. Be gatherings. Across the country this, is the last debate of this campaign, as you know and I'm counting on you leaders. To, give us clear answers, and, most, of all to. Not all speak, at the same time and I will see to this. You. Sometimes you will see on the screen the, community, of speaking times of. The speakers. Enjoy. The debate ladies and gentlemen. We're. Going to start this game in. 12 if you are this evening with, a question. From Elizabeth downloads, we miss Deveau good evening. The. Evening. Leaders. Are listening to you tell, us your question. In. An, era where we are increasingly. Concerned with the environment and. Where the UN has declared a climate, emergency. It has, become essential. That, we do what it takes to counter, this crisis, my, question, is as follows knowing. That if we do not act now we will reach the point of no return so. What, is the first concrete, thing you, will do to fight climate change. For. Your question, well, it's a question that we're hearing from across. The country we've heard it, as. We've crossed the country and people are telling. Us that the future of their children the future of the environment, the fight against climate change is essential, and we have done a lot in the last four years but we have to continue to move forward and we, need to stand up to, conservatives. Like Jason, Kenney and Doug Ford and the. Oil, barons who are supporting, them to continue, to fight against climate change and build a better world that, is why the choice that you're making tonight is so important, and. I trust. Canadian, I trust. That we will move forward together. Good. Evening parties. Will tell you. Meet. The targets, under the Paris Accord. Because. They'd have to impose a tax on carbon to, the tune of 300 tonnes and. They can't do that they say they're going to save the world save, our climate, but as you know Canada's. Global. Carbon emissions only. Amount to 2% of, the, total world emissions, so in the People's, Party of Canada we want to take concrete steps so.

That Our water. Air. Are free of pollution we need to take honest tips to, protect our environment and not be hypocritical, like the other leaders, here are on the stage regarding. Climate change they don't have a solution. Elizabeth. That's. A huge issue, I know that in Quebec there has been severe. Flooding there have been forest, fires. It's. A real fight we're. Dealing, with now. What. We're proposing now, is, not to. Purchase a pipeline, like mr. Trudeau, did we want to end subsidies. To the oil patch, that's, a step we're willing to take immediately, and we, want to reinvest, that money in renewable, energy clean energy and we want to invest, massively. In public transit there, are things we can do it's, just a question of having the courage and we have that courage. Yes. The, environment. Is one, of the compilers. Of this campaign, and as a father of five children I want to make sure that. The, next generation will have a cleaner, environment than. That which we entire inherited. Ourselves. Contrary. To watch mr. Trudeau's claims on this file his. Plan is a failure one. Of the first decisions he, made as Prime, Minister was, to, authorize. 8. Billion, litres. Wastewater. To, be spilled, into our rivers we will end this because we are now in 2019. Thank. You for welcoming us tonight, there. Are definitely many measures, that, can be undertaken we. Mentioned a few of these I think in that Parliament, should. Allah. As mr.. Singh said. We. Should stop subsidizing, oil. We're. Talking about ten billion, dollars, a year based. On an Akita study, that might be ringing a bell mr. Trudeau, and. This. Would lead Canada, to respect, its. Targets, because right now the, 2009, targets of Mr Shearer became to 2015, targets of mr. Trudeau and they have not been attained we, can also have. Incentives, to electrify. Thank. You Elizabeth. You. Are, absolutely right, what you said is true. We. Are too close to a point of no return yet we, have to avoid, the, worst scenario. The. Green Party is the only party, that has, a platform that, is in line with, the advice of the IPCC, scientist, we. Know. That it is essential. To create a War Cabinet like the one that existed during World War two we, must work together because. We, have to. Get. Off fossil, fuels, stop. Our dependence, and we have to change our, economies into a green economy is may. This. Was informative. Those. Are the responses, they give you thank you very much for participating tonight, we appreciate that thank you very much so, the first three-way, debate, may.

Will Be MS may mr., Trudeau and mr. Boucher. Since. The Kyoto, Protocol. 30, years ago politics. Politicians. Have been promising to cut greenhouse, gases, but, to reach the, Paris targets, the, permanency, Budget Officer has estimated that the carbon tax which is currently $20, per tonne must, climb to 102. Dollars over the next few years and. To be great for people at the home that's 23, cents extra for, leaders, mr.. Glass Shh you agree with 102, dollars miss Mae you're proposing. $200. Mr., trudeau are, you waiting for after, the elections. Disclose. Your prints. Mr. Dewan we, have a plan to increase, that price to $50. A ton in. 2022. But. These, numbers $100. $200, a ton that's if, nothing. Else is done other than a price on pollution we, have chosen to put, in place a wide, range of measures to protect nature. To, invest. In. Ending. Coal energy, production. To end the, use of single-use. Plastics, to plant two billion, trees we know it's going to take a lot of effort to do all this but we are going to do these things because. We're already doing more than any other government has done in the history of this country to protect the environment and to fight climate change. Not. Enough, to just. Carbon. We also have. To have targets, that are aligned with scientific. Advice and right. Now it's not 30, percent, of 2005. Levels by 2030. Target. Which is the same as mr. Harper's target, it's not, enough. To. Eliminate, fossil. Fuels by. 2050. And by, 2030, we have, 60%, reductions. Of greenhouse gases. And it is. Possible. Not easy but. It's possible. It's. Not just with the carbon tax I. Think we should be more specific, yes. In. The end it, should be the only oil we use is oil that is not burned must. Be used for. Something else what's, put date on that. Timeframe. For it and, then we see how long will it take to, cut. Down on extraction, on transport and so on let's. Not talk about measures in 2025, or 2030 what. Are the targets. Three. Percent less next year if you personalize a year after that and. That also. Pertains. To getting, all the all, the oil that's in the soil Alberta. We. Propose a green equalization. Have. An average in Canada. The. Provinces, that. Pollute, more the most. Into. This green causation, and the. Best. Performers. This. Initiative, mr. Blodgett. Highlights. One of the big challenges that you have as leader of the blue québécois which is to impose a pen canadian plan you need a government, that's ready to do it a government that's ready to stand up to Jason Kenney to, the oil, companies, ready to stand up to Doug Ford and all those conservatives, who don't want to do anything to, these for the environment, and there are four of us here who will fight, to protect the environment who have, and. Our government has done a lot, over the last four years but. We know that we need to keep going and that's why we can't stop, it's, important, that Quebecers, francophones, and Canadians, be, part of a government that wants to fight climate change.

The. Reality, is the. Situation. Right now is a climate. We. Have to move quickly and now all of the other leaders, here on scene with me there is no one who, has. To. Avoid the, worst case scenario try to fund burgers right our house is on fire how, dare you. Sure. Was Quebec during him it was clear he could forced. Clear. There could be a project tomorrow morning on the tables, mr. Trudeau would you. That's. Part of a process that requires. That we have approval from communities, approval, from indigenous peoples we need to work with. The. Scientific community to, look at the impact, and will, move forward the same way we move forward with the trans mountain pipeline to try, to get approval, and to, do it in a rigorous scientific way people, know that we, can't, have more oil by rail we, know that it's very dangerous, and that it pollutes a lot we, need to put, the profits. What, we need right now because we know that the transition isn't going to happen tomorrow we, need to put the profits towards green energy towards, the fight against climate change and every dollar of profit will go, to, green initiatives. Pipeline. In a, situation. Of crisis, it's, a climate, emergency. We have to stop all pipelines. We. Just. This chance to avoid the worst case scenario. Telling. Us. Things. First, Quebec does, not want. Will, you tell Quebec no there will be no pipeline, you can make a second thing if. We. Make proposals in. Chamber and you find that you're your, good proposals, you, say that we can't implement it while will you vote in favor. We've. Created a system with. C69. Which, allows, us to get. Approval for good projects, and bad. Projects, won't move ahead. Does. That exist. Better. Than having more oil by rail. And. We're, gonna move on with it continue. With the pipelines because there's, been a lot of talk, about this the, Legault government, has repeated that in, Quebec there is no social licence Mr. Benét Mr Shearer you're in favor of a pipeline. And. It's, your right under the Kenyan Constitution. But do not fear, backlash, an anti, Canadian, sentiment, in Slavic or an anti Quebec sentiment. In Western Canada if you impose a pipeline. That. Is the reason for which I've put forward the idea of an energy corridor, because I know that, to Quebecers, would. Prefer. Homemade. And, Canadian, energy a lot of energy.

To United States and they buy, gas. And, petrol, from the United States this is nonsensical. I won't cause appeal to share, its, own. Natural. Resources from west to east it's the, best option for all Canadians and Quebecers. The. Energy, corridor, that mr. shear is proposing is going to take years to build. We. Urgently need a pipeline, and, you're right about the Constitution, and constitutional. Peace and the nation's unity and that is why our burdens. Calling. For the right to export. The oil to other markets, in addition, to, the US market I don't think that mr. Shi will in, fact go to the Constitution. To, force, the. Construction, of pipelines, that mr. Kudo and mr. shears have the same stance. Climate. Change mr. Schiff. Price. That's, false polluters. And we. Say that we're going to leave this up to the provinces, Quebec is doing very, well we should leave it up to the provinces, to, take firm action on, the environment wink I can summon the situation, up here for viewers, this, is mr., pipeline, and this is mr. pipeline, - and mr.. Trudeau I'm not so sure but. I'm Jack meat sing I will. Never force, a pipeline, on Quebec, that is clear. Current. Plan put forward by mr. Trudeau was. To. Give, huge. Exemptions. For, polluters. Large. Companies, to have a special agreement with government. Taxpayers. And Canadian workers have to pay a hundred percent of their carbon tax there. Are no taxes, in my plan. Places. A massive, exempt reserve and biggest emitters. You. Will not touch anything, you want to win anything was my plan. Canadians. See. What happens we'll see what happens me will invest, in technology. We. Will fight, against, climate change in a global, context, that is what is missing in all other platforms. Listen. Mister, she wants to take this Canadian taxpayers, money to, combat. Climate. Change but. In other countries abroad. And give, hand. Over billions of dollars to combat climate change. Elsewhere. But, the fact of the matter is we need to protect Canada's, climate, back home and the fact is. So. Much loss, to inches that is dumped, in our lakes in, our rivers, this is an increase of 10% visa, fee 2013. We need to invest in that and do that. Children. Young. People were. In the streets demonstrating, in, Metro and they said action is urgently, needed mr.. Trudeau says a lot of nice things but, he doesn't do much, he. Doesn't work for for, people what, we need now, is to give young, people hope, we. Can say yes, we, can let's, go ahead we can get rid of subsidies, to the oil patch, we can reinvest, in clean energy we can invest, massively, in public transit we can act now and we have to act right now. For. You to the. Debate. Carbon. Tax is it not like granting. People a permit, to. Pollute. For life getting absolutely, not it doesn't give them free rein County. There's no price on carbon in Quebec but there's. A cap-and-trade system in Quebec that Quebec, itself, instituted. Well you're right and. The. Environment is a shared area of jurisdiction between, the federal government the provinces, and under the peoples of party of Canada's plan we.

Will Leave. It up to the federal government to make sure our waterways are clean and, it's. Incredible, the city of Montreal and the, City of Vancouver had. To take action against, this raw sewage being dumped in their waterways, we want to clean environment. But not through the carbon what is clear is that with. The, Liberal government's. Plan mr., Trudeau gave huge, exemptions, to the, biggest polluters. So. One here. Carbon, it, wasn't for big polluters, it was simply for, everyone, Canadian. Workers and as the problem with his approach my approach, will. Focus on technology, through, taxes, not. Taxation, law the problem with Mr Shearer is that your plan was. Written for. Industries. Everything's. Going well until now. From. The press your question, miss. Male begin with you. You. Want to reduce greenhouse, gas, emissions in, a drastic, fashion. In Canada you said so earlier, I'll ask, you the question, directly would. You not, object, to an economic, downturn in, Canada, and. Even. Though some people say this could leads to thousands, of lost jobs. That. Is a very relevant question no. I am. Not in favor of the shrinking of the economy, but I am in favor of a transformation, of the Canadian economy, because. She. Said. Corridor. And national infrastructure, but not for pipelines only. For decarbonized. Electricity. With. Roads, and our capacity to, use. Renewables. Renewable. Energy. Solar. Energy as well. We. Have, economic. Opportunities. Without use my next question, for mr. Peltier a, brief. Question, for you you. Said you're very proud, of your environmental, platform. You talked about green. Equalization. How do you, explain. Your support, to the third link between Quebec seriesindy I did not support. The third link I said I was not against, I didn't, say what's in favor either for, simple reasons first, the Environment, Minister asked, for an assessment I've been Environment Minister in Quebec before I and I respect. As, that process if you ask an, institution. And by the way we would like in this institution, to have precedence over federal. Environmental, assessment so if we ask that institution, to, assist the, project let's wait for the result and ultimately the, third link, is. Of, the, Quebec government's, purview. Thought. In Federal's purview, there's. This interference, all the time from the federal is very irritating I think that. The. Assessment is done do you believe in fighting climate change but. You. Always say it is on, condition. That it happens globally, is. This not a convenient. Way of asking other countries. To. Do their part while. Canada, continues, to, blithely pollute. Oh no not at all, we're in life salon we have a balanced, approach we. Have a whole, range of measures to reduce our emissions for. Example, through. Investing. In technology, through a tax credit for. Corporations. And businesses that adopt, new. Production, methods, but we have to recognize the fact that, Canada. Emits, only 1.6, percent of, global, emissions. If. We, chase, investments. Out of Canada, life. Will be more expensive for all Canadians. China. And India's economy. Economies. Will replace. Our emissions. Which, will be useless that's why you want a global approach you're, seeing now last. Year at the beginning of the year you were not against, the expansion. Of the trans mountains pipeline, but then you.

Changed Your mind in. The course of the year what, are we to make of your contortions. And flip-flops, on the transportation. Of oil and gas. It's. Clear to me that the, future. Of our country, and our planet, is. A future, without. Any, fossil, fuels that's. The future and what I want to do for, children who. Are worried about the future, for. Families, dealing with flooding, for. People who say they're afraid of forest, fires I. Say. This I will make every effort to, tackle the climate crisis, we, have to do it we can, and to, me that is a firm commitment Thank You mr. Singh mr. Trudeau. In. 2015. You promised to end subsidies, to the oil patch, and yet not only did you buy a pipeline. During, your magic, we mentioned this earlier but you also, offered. To support. The oil sector, by over 1 billion dollars how can, you today how can we today believe, your promises, on the environment, still, working. Towards, we are on track to meeting. Our targets and ending, subsidies to the oil sector in 2025. It takes a progression we know that the transition isn't going to happen overnight and that's, why we are investing, in the right way in green energy in, renewable, energy and all, the profits, the hundreds of millions of dollars, of profits, that will come from that pipeline will. Be invested, in that transition, in the fight to, fight. Climate change we, have delivered, over the last four years and we have to continue to move forward we need a strong, government full, of Quebecers and, francophones, a government. That will continue, to stand up to the Conservatives who don't want to do anything Thank You mr. Trudeau last question. You. Are the. Reject. Science I. Don't. Deny the, science in, fact there's. A number, of scientists, who wrote to the Secretary, General of the United Nations to state that there is no climate. Emergencies, I was, clear on this, we. Shouldn't propagate, fear about an emergency, that doesn't exist it should be grounded, in truth and reality, there. Should be more studies and. There are some studies on the impact of the Sun on, climate, change and, most of the studies to date have been in the impact of climate of, co2, and.

Miss, Mei is right. Targets. But, unfortunately. They will destroy, the economy as you said earlier, Thank, You mr. belyeu thank you, Francois. Themed. Economy. And finances. Good. Evening. Here's. My question when, you're elderly, and retired. Life. Is much, more expensive, when. You live alone instead of with another person, we all know this and you. Cannot, among, other things take, advantage, of income, splitting and, you're alone in covering all of your expenses so. Do. You intend to increase, pensions. For the elderly or. In, crease. The. Aged, credit, what, tax measures, will. You intend. To introduce to help seniors living alone. Good. Evening Miss Asia. What. You said is, remarkable. The. Baby boars as you know will retire very shortly and. Deserve. A happy, and hopefully, prosperous, retirement because they built the society, in which we live so, we propose increasing, 100. By, 110, dollars the, old-age pension and there. Will be various tax credits also. We, propose, that, after that a spouse has died the living spouse gets, as the benefits, for a few months. These. Are various measures, is. That earn our platform. Because. We believe it's important, very much mr., Shukla. What. Is clear is that the, cost of living, is a very important, issue in this campaign this is a deep pillar of our platform, will, make life more affordable for all Canadians, for all Quebecers, more. Specifically. For. Seniors. Those. Who have retired we. Will increase. The. Age, credit by $1,000. Many, of our tax credits will also be. Available. To use for, example the, transit, tax credit, we. Will also eliminate. GST. For. People. Who have a fixed, income that, is also very important. Thank. You, miss essential for your question. One, of the first things that we did was increase. The GIS, for, our most, vulnerable seniors, often. Women living alone but we know that there's more to do and that's why we have promised, to improve. OAS. Will, increase it by 10%, for. Those over 75 and. If. Somebody. Loses their, partner. We know that that's a very difficult moment and that's why we are going to increase. The, survivors. Benefit. For, the CPP, and the qpb by up to 75%. Because. We know that supporting. Our seniors is essential. In a, rich and generous society, like ours. And. I will say that yes the Green Party is committed. To increase. Ready. To retire just yet. But. We'll, set, up strategy. For seniors. Set. Up a minister within the federal cabinet and, that ministry will. Senior. We've. Just seen that all the other leaders on this stage have. Promised, you what you essentially, want to hear and, the fact of the matter is that you see that there'll be an increase, to. Pension. Clearly. To, pay the country is indebted and. We practice. Means the, only solution, is to balance the budget in two years and at that point and only at that point we consider tax, breaks. Other leaders are behaving as if there was no deficit, and if if nothing was wrong it's. Crucial. Immediately. Were, there to be recession, in the next couple of years we have no more wiggle room left I'm not going to make promises, that I can't keep. Thank. You for, the question. Raised. An issue that affects a lot of people and, thank, you for taking the time to explain your. Situation, I think, it's ridiculous, that seniors. Have to. Deal with this kind of challenge people, who sacrifice, a lot, they. Are entitled to retire. With, dignity and, that's why we're setting up programs to. Help you we will help with. Pensions, and we will increase, and improve services. To. Seniors. We're. Talking about pharmacare, dental, care this, will bring, down the, cost of living and help you save money and we, would also put limits on fees, and charges and, that would help to. More. Informed, about how are you going to vote I'm asking you who you're going to vote for all. Of the platforms, are interesting, but in four years we'll see. Three-way. Debate between mr., Singh MS me and mr. blonde Sheikh none. Of you three have, proposed, tax, cuts, on, the contrary, you, are proposing. New. Taxes, and new expensive, programs, do you not think that the middle class needs. Operation, I'll. Start with that. The. Middle, class needs help. We. Will never increase, taxes, on the middle class on, workers, the. Problem, is that the wealthiest. Canadians. Aren't paying their fair share the. Wealthiest, Canadians, have a lot of money and they're not sharing it so what we're gonna do is not just nice talk like mr. Trudeau we're, gonna put.

A Tax on ultra. Wealthy this. Will give us. 70. Access, to seventy billion dollars in, revenues. New, revenues, we've. Seen other, invest. Big. Companies. Multi-billion. Dollar companies. But I prefer to invest in people, I don't work for the rich I work for you. Only. One in this election that has actually been costed, we have a constant, platform, and, we. Have proven where we're going to get. There's. Facebook. Netflix, and. We are going to find those, funds, because. Canadians. We have to. Tuition. We have to invest in post-secondary education as, well we are completely committed, to a, pharmacare program as well but. We. Know that we can do. Everything. We can to help. Find. The priorities, that we need to focus on and find the revenue that we needed to balance the budget five, years small. Detail. Besides. Mr Shearer and mr.. Singh, I think everybody has costed, platforms. Minim me. The. Rules as far as I'm concerned I. Agree, with the principle that, we need to find new revenue streams, and I agree that they can to come from the same caucus however they are tax havens, there's, tax evasion. That always favor the same players it is true that. We can tax the Webb Chinese. With. A 3% to 11 we're. Talking a year hundreds, of millions of dollars but, I think that that levy should, be used to help the media and. Cultural. Sector I think that can work that way but I think we should also look at the green equalization, which will lower, the, expenses, of the federal government. And. I think we can save, four. Hundred million dollars by having a single tax return for, citizens for companies that was a unanimous, requests, from the National Assembly, the. Block will bring, that question. And. Mr. Singh said he was in agreement as long as there were no job losses, and I think we can all agree there would be no job losses with a single attack occurs four million dollars. But. It's also a matter of choices, over. The past year what mr. trudeau Dale would, spend a lot of money. 14. Billion dollars for, the biggest, companies, so they could buy. Planes, and. Get a seat. On the Security Council. And. Also five billion dollars to buy a pipeline. In. Corporate. Welfare he. Said he would have six billion dollars. Right, off six billion dollars. That's. Twenty five billion, dollars, mr.. Trudeau gave away to the wealthiest corporations. Concern. About the debt and the deficit, which are increasing, does. That concern you. Deficit. Were easy because. The Liberal government has given billions, away, to the, wealthiest. Canadians. If that money had been used to invest in Canadians, that would be quite a different matter. Balanced. And. The. Oil sector have increased, over the last four years. Yes. It controls, finding. The money in the pockets of the wealthy is one thing sending, it to the right people is another thing and, reducing, the debt is a third, thing but we can't say that within.

A Few days, we're gonna we're. Gonna cut so much the, impact on the economy would be too much alright in our platform we want to cut the deficit quite half I. Would. Love to do it faster but it's important if we get new revenue streams. That. Revenue, we had income has not come from taxpayers. But, rather from the web Giants, from. We can sell trans mountain, we, should not invest, anymore in transmitting that's how we can find a lot. Mr.. Trudeau you have no plan. To, return to a bounce budget mr. Bernier, you, want to cut likely. You said sooner Mr, Shearer we. Still haven't seen your, costed platform, your figures. Where you going to cut things first, of all I. Made, a very clear commitment. We, will balance the budget in five years all, of our announcements. Were. Sent to the primary budget officers, for his calculations, contrary to mr. Trudeau's, who, put forward a. Platform. That was simply written on the corners a napkin but. Because that's. Ridiculous. We. Presented. Plan. What are your loss to the whole plan a full costed, plan it, was approved in farce, entire budget. Officer but, the reality is is that we are so, ambitious. With, our investments. And our middle. Class tax, cuts Mr Shearer. Like, you. Are, promising, as tax cuts alive thousand. Dollars a lot of millionaires, you have a universal, tax cut which, helps, families. Who make, $400,000. A year more than family to. Publish. The story you lied when, you said the Tony Wilson. Mr. Shearer. Taxes. For the middle class. The. Richest, Canadians, and the. Middle. Class mr. Trudeau. Well. If I look around me here. Leaders. They all say they're going to balance the budget but in five years time and they're asking for attorney officer for you so no one will end up now in the budget and mr. cheese is talking. About adding, millions of dollars, mr.. Trudeau's. Going. To follow suit, irresponsible. We. National. Credit card is. Flowing. Its premise. Thing. Is to stop corporate. Corporations. And if we want to kick-start the, economy we have to put money. Businesspeople. Conservative. Argument, we've heard it many times we've heard that for ten years under mr. Harper and you were both part. Of that party we, saw, cuts, we saw tax cuts for the richest Canadians we, saw under investment, in infrastructure, in seniors, in our young people and they. Didn't deliver economic growth over the last four years we have invested in the middle class we have seen 1 million new jobs created. We, have seen the lowest, unemployment rate, in the history, of this country and we've lifted 900,000. People out of poverty, too. Many lives in, this discourse, I don't have time to answer. To all of them. People. With lowest, the lowest revenue. Benefited. From our plan. Was. To invest, in infrastructure, and the Parliamentary, Budget Officer, clearly, stated that there was no plan we. Have the worst of both worlds we have large deficits, and no, plan, to. Help infrastructure. The. Cost of. These deficits keep on increasing, more. And more of taxpayers, money is. Being paid, I thought simple interest mr.. Series mr. sheer, telling. You that, there have been no, investments, in infrastructure but people can go out and look in their cities in their communities in. We have made investments in social housing investments. That we have chosen to make because the Conservatives, under mr. Harper lunder invested, and we made the choice of investing. In. Our future. Is. Going to be disaster, in terms of social programs, we, need an accountable, responsible. By. Making, investments. In people, in workers, in families, that create. Resilience. In, families, in communities. We. Need to make those investments. They're. Going. To. Invest. Increased. Taxation. We. Have proposed. To. Share, let's begin with you quickly because, many Canadians, wrote to us on this topics, will, you change. The retirement, age which now at 65. We. Still haven't seen your cost of the platform, but you want to balance the budget in five years the former Conservative, government cuts make. Cuts to culture and scientific, research will. You do the, same thing to eliminate, the deficit, we. Have already announced. Places. Where we will be able to find savings for Canadians, we will protect culture, will, protect investment, in technology and in research, we, will eliminate 1.5.

Billion Dollars, in. Corporate, subsidies, and we will cut foreign. Assistance. By 25%. We. Will keep the money here in Canada. So. We can make people's, life more affordable we will reduce taxes, will, reintroduce. Well. That stayed. Next. Question, mr. Deveny, you promised to get rid of supply management, in agriculture. People, are increasingly, talking, about buying and eating locals, so what, would you say to consumers, who fear their grocery, stores will be flooded, by us and. Is. To do away with the, supply management thank you save. Money your cost plan, form was shredded, because you, would, increase. Government. Spending, by 70, billion dollars a year beginning, in the first year how will you convince voters that you're credible, when it comes to managing the public purse. Democracy. Parliamentary. Budget officer, cabinet. Laughing. Great. But. We are the only, ones. That. We have to do more we are a wealthy country we stopped to. Create. A better system for social, justice we. Have to invest, in, child. Care and, and see this all the time we have mr., Trudeau in 2015, you propose deficits, bending. To fund infrastructure, projects. Canadian. Supported, you in 2019. You propose that Canada continue, to live on credit and Ted another 100, billion dollars to the debt but for operational, expenses, if, there is a recession. What's. Important, is helping. Our young people find good jobs and get the education they need in helping, families, offer, possibilities. To their children so that they can grow. Safely. And take, advantage of all the opportunities that, might present themselves our. Plan has worked over four years 900,000. Will. You have the room or will, there, be deficits, two or three times yes I'm going to have some room to maneuver because our plan. Has. Been rated triple-a. By, international, credit ratings agencies, only Germany, and Canada have. Unanimous. Triple-a, credit rating because, our plan is responsible, and reasonable. When. It comes to our finances. Mr.. Shears you still. Have not unveiled your, Kasich platform, but we know you are, putting. Forth very expensive, programs like Pharma care and dental care you say that you'll make the rich pay but, experts say the televisions, always overestimate. Those numbers, the. Wealthy can hire good tax, experts. So how can you dissipate, the impression that your plan. Is based on thinking. Tough. Choices but we will make those choices, we, chose, very, specific, numbers because. With. The tax on the ultra, wealthy those, who have some over twenty million dollars, we're gonna you impose a 1%. Tax and, we, reckon. That with the 1%, attacks, it's it's, gonna be harder, to hide money than to just pay that tax, so.

It's Realistic, and, if, we can increase, revenues. We. Can do more. We. Can do this mr. Brown said. Against. Pipelines but, you have not denounced, Quebec's. LNG pipeline, which will go all the way to second II can. You tell us whether you are against, fossil fuels, only when Alberta makes money. To. Be consistent. In my answers and I've answered this previously. Here's. The. Curing bureau in, Quebec I think, I said clearly that oil and, fossil fuel, are energies. Of the past it's, not our future, these. Are not the projects, we. Must invest. As. A former Minister, of Environment I'm waiting for the best report, I don't. Know if it'll be favorable, to LNG, but we'll see we will table the bill asking, that a hearing of his in Quebec has residents, on, the, environmental assessments, I. Think. That the, Bureau will be quite. Stern. The. Second theme we're moving on to our next theme now. To. Begin. This theme we have this a Canadian in Toronto, in. The region in Mississauga. The. Leaders are listening to you you, want to talk about services, in French for French. Minority, communities, outside of Quebec we're listening. Evening. Miss, you, lady, and, talk about. Living. In a minority context. Is a challenge. With. Recent, provincial, cuts it's become even more difficult, and, federally, it's. Not much better because. It's hard to obtain these services, for instance. When. You're applying for a passport and, you'd like to meet someone who speaks French, well you'll have to wait ten times as long or. When. You're taking your Canada, from Toronto it's very difficult, to find a french-speaking flight. Attendant. In. Fact it's almost a miracle and despite many, complaints, filed with the official languages, Commissioner, nothing, seems, to change so, my question is this what. Tools would you give these social languages, commissioners, so that the Commissioner, can finally enforce the law and, give all. Services. And. This. Is a very. French. Language. I, was, born in. That. I learned, in. School. Program. I've. Been learning, to. Improve. My French. I. Organized. A meeting between. Leaders. To rectify. The. Issue. Clearly. In. Education. These are provincial. Baillie provincial. Areas of jurisdiction. Under. The Canadian institution. And not right roughshod, over provincial. Areas, to. Give the federal government the resources, it needs to, provide quality, services, to francophones. Strong. Becker's, know what, it is to be minority. Franklin, Quebec or majority were the minority in North America. Francophones. That live outside of Quebec and Acadians, are francophone. Brothers and sisters I think. That the official language commissioners. Should. Bring back the notion of reciprocity it's, important, that francophone, communities, outside of Quebec and the Acadian, communities, get. The same level, of service is that the. Freshest, and historical. English. Making minority in Quebec it get they should get the same service. Thank. You mr., Govan for that question. As. You can, tell I'm not a francophone, but, I am a Francophile, very, much so I didn't. Have French immersion, but, in my childhood I fell. In love with, the French language the, language of money asks and I want to share that wealth because, it, has been a source of wealth in my life what. We want to do in concrete, terms is modernize, the, official languages, Act better, fund. Services. In French because. There. Are, things that can, be done but it's a matter of the courage and the political, will and we have that courage in that will because it's so important, to you, mr. galavan for your.

You'll. Remember. Like. Me, what. Mr. Ford has done since, he came to power he's cut services, to francophones, even, though he, said that he was going to help that community when, he was going to be elected he said he was for the people but he made cuts we, have defended, francophone, minorities, in Ontario, and across the country and we will continue to do that we, made a record. Investment. In francophone. Communities, or official, languages, minority, communities across the country and we. Have committed to modernizing, the official languages, act we understand, the fight that you're fighting every day and we will always be alongside you. Thank. You I hope that was informative for you thank, you. First. Three-way. Debate on services, to, Canadians. We have mr. Cyr this thing mr. shear and mr. blase, there's. A question, and you can of course intervene. I'm. Going to talk about indigenous affairs we've, talked about a cultural, genocide we've. Talked about residential, schools, missing, women reserves. Without, housing or drinking water and here's, my question it's very simple, it can't be even can't, be easier what are you going to do tangibly, to, improve, living. Conditions for. Indigenous, people mr. Schurr we'll start with those things we'll start with you. Here. We go again and I wore my, orange. Turban, again. That's. A very serious question you see. What I've seen. Mr.. Trudeau, he. Talks, a lot of he, talks a good games publicly. About. The decisions, he. Makes. Privately. Are the problem when. It comes to, indigenous, communities. If, there. Was a willingness, to do something, right away it, could be done it's, as simple as that if. The. Decision was to fund, indigenous. Kids the, same way as other, Canadian, kids that, could be done it shouldn't have to go to court I, respects. Communities. It's, it's a, matter of dignity, if you start with that recognition. It. Could solve so many problems equal. Funding thank you is the starting point. Thank. You very much. Acting. Indigenous peoples we have to respect, when indigenous, communities, say yes yes, to. Any. Projects. To help economic growth. When. We speak about. Remote. Or rural communities. Sectors. That creates the most jobs for First Nations is the mining, the. Forestry, and the energy sectors, and that is the reason for which I said, that I would appoint a minister, whose portfolio, would be to consult, in, a dynamic. Way so. That we meet our obligations. With, our treaties a. Relationships. With the, first peoples. There's. A lack of trust there that's my understandings. Because these are truly nations, that, have seen rights privileges, obligations. As any other nation. There's. Been a UN declaration, there studies or commissions or inquiries and. They say I guess. I'm ok with saying it because it comes from them but, they say that there's never an follow up we, never implement. Any. Clear measured. Theoretical. But, meanwhile there's no real solution there's no respect, that is established or there's, no trust, that is built. Change. Our. Relationship with. People's. Fully. Agree, with what mr. Blair just said and, in fact if we're gonna talk about respect, I. Respected. Grassi, Narrows and they have a mercury poisoning, problem there but mr. Trudeau, at a private event, made. Fun, of someone, who. Was. An advocate, saying. That their water was poisoned what are you gonna do about it and he said thanks for your donation. Incomprehensible. How. Someone could do that if you had visited, that community, and scenes the impact, of that poisoning. On people's bodies. How, people, are trembling. Because, of that, intoxication.

That Poisoning, I have no words for it it's, incredible, we're. Going to stop this. Three-way debate now. That's. A very specific, question I'll give you 30 seconds, to answers. Thank. You we, have made. Huge. Investments in, indigenous. Communities across, the country and with the community of grassy, narrows we, are working. With them to approve. A treatment, center and we will make, sure that the funding is in place for that treatment center. This. Is. We're. Able to find billions of dollars in order to buy a pipeline, but after years and years and in years we don't have enough money so, that imagine. As communities have to clean. Water. We. Should have respect. And dignity for people's that our peoples as much as we are. All. The parties. Has. Noticed, that. It's very difficult, to make improvements. Concretely. This. Is a challenge, it. Is essential, for us to have a government that, meets its responsibilities. In a serious way that's my commitment to First Nations we will make sure that not only are, the investments. We. Want there to also be a new system to make sure that investments. Work it's, not just a, question of money it's. A question. Reestablishing. Dynamic. Dynamics. In our departments. And agencies, I've. Asked, First Nation statutes, to be modernized. So that they can benefit from natural, resources on reserve. To. This problem, is that conservative. And liberal governments. Have chosen to, neglect, indigenous. Communities they. Had the opportunity to. Do something if they wanted to when. They have a chance to do, something for the oil patch they, jump on the chance to buy us. A. Huge, cause if, you're gonna do something do it alongside, First. Nations do not impose. A top down they have the right to. You. Appealed a, judgment. That ordered the government to pay. Forty. Thousand, dollars to. Indigenous children. That were given to child protection were, you not supposed to be the champion. Of reconciliation. And we, are and we continue. To champion reconciliation. We agree, with the court that we absolutely have to compensate those children and we're going to do that we're going to work with them to establish the, right level of compensation, but we. Have made, concrete investments. Over the last four years we. Were able to get rid of 87 long-term boil water advisories. After. Ten years where mr. Harper did nothing, we've created new schools we have made new investments, in partnership. With, indigenous peoples, but we understand. That we need to continue to move forward there's still a lot to do but, Chief Pelle Perry Belgard of the Assembly of First Nations has, recognized, that no government has more done more for indigenous peoples than we have. Your. Government, can. Overturn. Trying. To overturn, the ruling. With. The court that we must compensate, these, children.

There's. Still problems try, to understand why do you appeal the decision because. The. Timeline of. Doing. It by December doesn't, work with the elections, that were in right now, are. Going to compensate those children but it's going to take a bit of time to, do it the right way. All. Reservations have, running, water drinking, water no question. Of money. The. Federal government, has spent billions on public. Relations with. Communities. The status quo just doesn't, work. That's. True but we need to start by abolishing the Indian Act it needs to be greater autonomy on reservations. There needs to be a property. Rights on reservation. And there needs to be wealth creation. In. Collaboration. With the First Nation, so money can flow back and. Agree. That we have to get. Past the Indian Act but it's up to the, indigenous peoples, to decide how that's going to happen there are several communities, who have already done that and we are working with all communities, to allow them to do that but at their speed and respecting, their priorities. We. Some. Of you. It. Took you a long time but you did make it a part of your commitment to impose. Attacks, on web science. Would. You commit to, giving. This money, back to the artists who produce the, content and who only receive that's, exactly your problem only. Receive the crumbs mr. trudeau mister we, are going to do more than. Just investing. That money in, culture. Proposals. Three percent three percent levy, not attacks a levy because, these. Giant. Companies, exploit. Cotton that is not theirs. Billions, of dollars for. Of. Course it wasn't for the artists so 40% of it was microphone, sector as we've seen the music industry a, real. Live dancer in, long sentences I would have said a lot more tax, on web Giants that, make a lot of money off of our economy, and we will make sure that this, money. Will be used, to help our programs, will, create a new, administration. For new as for digital media there. Are many people who create the content they. Do not see any revenue. Because what Giants take. With. Giants, don't pay the HST. Just. Like anyone else, this. Is a federal area of jurisdiction after. We bounced about to the core. Source. Of revenues, for exactly. What you proposed to help. Artists. To give that. Community. But I want to add just one thing. And. It's not true what the prime minister said. That. He, agrees with what it's, up to the government to do more. Mr.. Trudeau's swings to the left during the campaign, but then once he's in office he swings back to the right yes the, Internet giant's need to be taxed. And we, have to reinvest, in culture, yes. I. Think, this is very important, for people who are watching I'm going. To. Going. To. Questions. We're going to speed things up very interesting questions go ahead. I'm. Expecting, 15-second. Answers, millions, of Canadians, have been victims in the last few months victims. Of theft of their personal information are, you willing, to follow, Great Britain's example, and penalize, the companies where there has been a data breach mr., Singh.

Banks. Are responsible. For protecting their. Customers, privacy, and when, situations like this occur with, banks where, there's, a breach of privacy it's, the banks who are responsible, and there has to be repercussion, you must retreat oh yes we. Created a digital charter, to, defend, digital. A citizen's, digital rights and we are working with Great Britain and France to make sure that, Canadians. Can control their own data. And that they can control their information, Thank You mr. Bosch it, we, will, table. In front. That. The ID measures. Strong. Stronger. And whenever, there's a data breach the company must say that there has been a data breach and at the end of the year must say how many data breaches they were and also it, covers any cost being heard by clients, yes. I want to protect, personal. Information there, is no corporation, is made yes. It's almost unanimous. Yes we must protect, Canadians. From that, kind of thing the bank's negligent. And we have to protect the, rights Mr. Shearer yes. We will protect Canadian. Consumers. To. Ensure. The, protection. Of their data it's Justin, Trudeau's government that. Tried to give the. Discounter permission, to. Obtain. Unconsented. Information, from Canadians, no. Listen. No. You. Gave Canadian. Financial that's. Only. Backpedals. I have another question for you Canadians. Have been waiting a long time for a high-speed, rail link between Quebec in Toronto will you commit to this project, if so when. Mr., Singh. That's. One of the commitments, in our platform. Because. It. Has to do with our. Response, to the climate, crisis, we're, investing. In public transit so we're highly, in favor of this high-frequency train, it's, a way of reducing our greenhouse gas, emissions, thank. You. We. Are making, sure that this project is going to go through 12 available city. There's still a lot of work to do on it but we are a government that has chosen to invest in infrastructure. Unlike, the Conservative, government. And. Unlike, conservative, provinces that don't know invest in infrastructure that tree is the, Sasquatch, Yeti. We always speak about it we never see it the Liberals promised it in 2015 I remember mr. shopping, he said that it would even have, a stop and, show when you get and what did they see this year well maybe, we'll do a study because we're not really sure I, don't. Think that the train is going to depart anytime soon mr.. Everyone. Promised investments. With money that we quite simply don't have we don't have this money and. We, need to point that out first. We have to balance the budget we're, not going to buy people's, votes that's not how we're going to start that's irresponsible, spending billions, of dollars when we have so much else to do thank you miss Manning by balancing the budget thank you miss would say absolutely. In, our plan mission, possible, we. Publish. Transit system from, coast to coast to coast and particularly between Toronto and Quebec, and also, between Edmonton, and Calgary.

Thank. You. 60%. Of, the. Infrastructure funds, infrastructure. Programs funds are spent on big projects, I spoke. To Eve Levesque, our, candidate for at while we, support this project because it will help economic. Growth and will make life, simpler for people in that region, we. Will do that contrary to mr. Trudeau who, has promises, they never respects, may be able to take the train one day so thank, you very much. I. Think. Here at the University of Moncton, good. Evening. Leaders. Are listening to you what's your question. The. Evening leaders, as. You know in light of the events taking place in Hong Camp Hong Kong the imprisonment of two Canadians, and the many violations, of human rights in China. Would you be willing to stop trade with China if the situation, does not improve. First. Person to respond mr. beignets, of course our top priority, is obvious, we, need to ensure that the two Canadians behind by, repatriated. Relationship. With China is far, from ideal, or. Now. That will be a top priority how will we go about this we need to reach, out to our allies to help we need to look at our train trade. Relationship. With China, perhaps. We'll have to impose. Tariffs. If we don't get the answer we want and that is to repatriate these Canadians, as quickly as possible in short order and I'd like to reiterate we. Need to make sure that we have a good relationship with all, foreign. Countries. Not. The case we recognize. That the priority, is always to defend Canadians, interests, and to defend Canadians. And that's why we. Have, activated. All of our allies around the, globe to put pressure on China to tell them that no this, isn't how things are done you can't arbitrarily. Detained, Canadians. For, political, reasons we will continue, to, seek, a solution to this issue while recognizing. That China is a growing economy that, is a creating, economic. Opportunities for. Our producers, and for our workers but we always need to be there to defend our values, and our principles and that's what we will always do.

It's. Not a big surprise to, hear that the. Chinese government doesn't, respect, Justin, Trudeau after Trudeau's a disastrous. Trip to India many g20. Leaders simply. Have no respect for him mr.. Trudeau did absolutely nothing, to. Protect, Canadians. Over nine months or their interests, as, Prime, Minister I. Will. Remove. Canadian. Money from the Asia infrastructure. Bank that, is a bank that is controlled by the Chinese government there. Is no good reason for taxpayers, money, to be, sent. To build, bridges, and roads in other countries, and that supports, China's foreign policy. The. Priority. Is the. Canadians. Who, are currently, in such a difficult, situation action, has to be taken immediately, to, help them that's. Essential. On. The question of relations. With China we have to be strong, we have to show that we defend human. Rights what's. Going on in Hong Kong it's, very, worrisome. What's, happening, there. With. Mr. Trudeau once again he swings, to the left during the campaigns has a lot of nice things but, then once he's, in office he, swings back to the right. Why. I'm, still being sold to Saudi Arabian. Elephant. And. It, is the, agreement that mr. Harper agreed. To with China and. It's the last Parliament it was. Never debated. It wasn't voted on it was, a huge. Agreement. With. Investors. In. China. Rights. To, Chinese, companies, to. Charge. Canada. When we have regulations. Or legislation that China doesn't like so, we're talking about legislation to protect the environment. And it's, completely. I. Have a thought for, all the, farmers. In the region of Belo chandi, that. That. Are hindered by Supply Management, because bad negotiations, cost them a share of market it's, the market share rather now, the, federal government decided to go to to. Have an argument with China the thing is that we can't always have acute. With, these giant, and these important countries, there. So producers pork, producers, who. Are paying the price so, unfortunately, we need to maintain trading. Relationships, with China and. We, should speak about Saudi Arabia and, how I said, we was treated and the a sale of arms. Without eurabia Thank You Shane. Thank. You very much mr. Massey for your question, and we're going to continue on with this theme. We're. Going to discuss China, further and this diplomatic, crisis, for. 10, months, now, as. We've mentioned there, are two Canadians. That have been imprisoned in China in, retaliation for, the rest of Ming ones you the, CFO's, always mr. sheer you, want to make. The tone with China tougher. And, you want to stand opposed customs. On Chinese. Products. Are you proposing that Trump method not at all. This. Contrast. Justin. Trudeau's, idleness, during. This crisis. Justin. Trudeau did nothing. It. Took him nine months to a point in you ambassador. It's. Only just before dropping. The writs that. He. Filed, a complaint at, the world. Trade. Tribunal. We. Will show the Chinese government that we will defend our interest, we will defend our. Farmers. And producers and, we will defend Canadians, who, are detained. One. Thing I would like to say. Government's. Excuse. Of not wanting to. Step. Into the Huawei affair. Is. That the Prime Minister cannot, have. A say in a criminal investigation, but for, the essence is as a land case Justin. Trudeau tried to button. Trudeau. Said one thing is on one end and do. Something really different. Has. The same wheat China. States. Or Europe and. Treating. Relations. Has. Always worked. But. Why did, this. Going. Down the drain, reason. Why is. Because that's. Terrific. Canada has no credibility, we've been discredited this is why the. President, of the United States can. Deny. Something that's under press release can mock at the Canadian Prime Minister I, think, this is a question of respect, g20. Country. And. I'd like to point out that, we, are talking here about, immigration. Policy and I'm the only one here on the stage who's prepared to say no to the illegal government when it comes to immigration they, wanted lower immigration. Of. Course. Mister. She wants more and more immigrants, he agrees with mr., Trudeau about. Solutions.

And. All Quebecers, are the same thing there's a lack of labor. And. I'm ready to work with mr. Lugo to, give Quebec more autonomy, when it comes to immigration I'm the only person who said that, was. Many black, québécois and please this will be impossible because Justin Trudeau will remain as Prime Minister and that's a situation. That. Would guarantee. Idleness. From, Justin, Trudeau with regards to our borders. Certain. Words voting for the breslin liberals voting for the lock is voting some conservatives. Is. Voting. Number. Q mr., Gould and, the governor of Quebec has asked the powers, not, a power all, the immigration powers. You. Should all commit, to. Give. Every. Power pertaining, to immigration, you like, to, claim that you are mr.. Lugosi best friend but, please. Be honest with me after. The election. I. Have news to share. Roxann, road issue well you haven't tried if. We want more economic, immigrants. We, need to help the refugees. Ten. Seconds, is, to blush a ten second. I. Will focus on refugees. That fling natural, disasters, and civil wars not those that come from New York State. I. Will. Similar. Principles. Some. Wrote for example. We. Should apply section, 10 of the agreement between third, parties we, can close. Down the, rocks and path. Democracy. People who look for the block and the right to do so well another. Three-way debate, mr.. Singh MS may mr.. Trudeau, mr.. Trudeau we're going to move on what's the discussion on, immigration are, you ready to give. Powers. To Quebec. Premiers. In terms of immigration there's the whole values test and the. Issue of lowing. Levels. And. Mr.. Lego lowered the, aggregation, levels for Quebec because Quebec, has a lot of power over. Immigration more, than any other province, and that's, a good thing because of the Quebec identity, and because the need to protect the French language and if he wants, to apply values. Test, well, he can do that and it's, appropriate we. Recognize, the importance. Quebec. Has, more control over immigration that's, something that we always, been. Able to work well with the gun. Is. Absolutely. Open. We. Are absolutely. Committed to working with. Increase. The number of. Immigrants. Integration. Of newcomers, but there's something I'm concerned, about mr., Blahous at voting for the bloc is voting for Quebec and that bugs me a little bit because yes. You're the blocks but Quebec has, a diversity of opinions, a diversity, of regions, a diversity, of voices so, you have no monopoly over Quebec not at all you have an old monopoly, I was. Going, to say the same thing because I am a proud Quebec ER and I'm Federalist and I'm a proud Canadian and what. We saw in 2015, was that Quebecers chose, to, be part of, a government and that's, what brought an end to ten years, of mr. Harper mr. Harper didn't invest in culture who made cuts across the board and who proposed, austerity, and now that's the bloc québécois wants. To come. Back on the scene and bring, Quebecers back into opposition while Quebecers need to think about this do they want to be part of a government that will continue to fight against climate change that will continue, to work hand in hand with Quebec on have a care priorities, that's exactly what we've been doing for four years and that's what we'll continue to do. You. Have met with people from oil. Pan. 1500. Times and. Then you bought a pipeline. We're. Talking about immigration, I, accepted. This because powers. Of Quebec at immigration it's, somewhat, related but we're not going back to. The. Human rights. People. Were, looking for. We. Understand, that Canadians. Believe. That we need to have a, fair. And strong, immigration, system that applies to everyone. And, we. Are. Working. To, make sure that we protect, human, rights at the international, level we want to make sure that everyone. Who arrives at our border however they get to the border goes, through all of our immigration, system whether they're regular or irregular, immigrants, or refugees we, have a strong system that continues, to apply but there are people who are trying to trade. On fear, and division clear, solution. To solve the problem. Regular. Crossings. And that is to suspend the, safe third country agreement, but you don't have the courage to do that because. You. Don't have the courage to, condemn someone like Trump who is putting, children, behind, bars, why. Do you not have the courage to say no to Trump, and suspend, the safe third cut agreement, would, appreciate to be able to talk about really. Our relationship, with the United States because we're talking about international, relations and, our relationship, with the Americans is the most important.

Relationship. For our country and for a Canadian Prime Minister we, were able to save. NAFTA. When faced with American. Increased. Prices. We. Are continuing. To work with the Americans. Questions. To each of the leaders. Good. Evening miss my first question for mr. Trudeau, many. Canadians, wrote to us with their concern, about the, fact that about 50 migrants, cross at Rock some Road at, the Canadian border every, day is that a problem for you yes it's a problem. Because. We. Are now, in a world where. There, are 70 or 75, million. Displaced. Persons. We, recognize, that we have a responsibility, to. Make, sure that, these, people go through our entire immigration. System and that's what we're doing we've made the necessary investments. And there's. No a free, pass, to get through the border whether people, arrive in a regular or in a regular way at the border they have to go through a security check and they have to go through every step of our immigration system is, made. Climate. Change, is an issue for the entire planet, not just for Canada yet, in the next 10 years China. Intends, to open six new. Coal plants, every, month how. Can we ensure that Canadians. Will not be obliterated, by. The actions, of other countries. To. Guarantee, anything, that I'm absolutely, certain. That if Canada. Now. As a rich industrialized. Country. And. Increase. In greenhouse gases. It's, impossible. For us to play a role worldwide. In UN, negotiations. In. The past we, had the role of a leader we have lost, that role. Because. Of. Our, failure. The. Disaster. Climate, change I am convinced. That with a plan like Mission, Possible we, can still, play, Thank. You mr., Bennet you. Want Canada, to take in fewer immigrants, and fewer, refugees. You, want, to cut foreign aid to poorer countries and you want Canada to withdraw from the UN does, Canada have a role to play on the world stage. As. A top priority and you're right when it comes to immigration mr. Trudeau suggested. Earlier that justice, on immigration is radical. 40, percent of Canadians, want our lower immigration. Levels, only. Party that dares to speak up about this, we're the only party, to want to stem the tide of mass, immigration we. Need to focus on economic immigrants. There's always a social cost to having. Unbridled. Immigration. Unfettered, immigration, look at the rising housing costs, in Toronto, and Vancouver, 40%. Of immigrants, flow, into those cities and. Pressure. On the housing market, immigration. Mr. sheer you. Would cut development, aid by, 25%, which would bring Canada's, contribution to, its lowest, level since, 1965. Doesn't. That go against Kenny. Will. Eliminate 25%. Of foreign aid that, currently. Goes, to. Countries. That. Are relatively, rich. 25%. Here to make ladies life the more affordable we'll pay for our universal tax cut. $850. For. An. Average, household. Women, 8 CST. For some. Wild. Cutting angels for our country also. Reduce. Eliminate. Corporate, subsidies will. Have a costed. Platform, published very soon. As. Opposed to mr. Trudeau, who is hiding, the, costing of over fifty percent of his commitment to shear mr. Bishop you said, that Canada, should have minded. Its own bu

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