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Good. Morning it's a pleasure to be here this morning and, ask your indulgence on, two things it's allergy, season so. I have a real hard time during this. Time of year speaking and to, most, of the speaking I do when I walk up to the podium is very technical, it deals with cybercrime. And identity. Theft forgery embezzlements. And things of that nature I don't. Often talk about my life but Google has asked me today to do something that different and talk a little bit about my life so, I will do that and then at, the end of course I'll take questions and those questions can be about any subject matter that you I'd, like to ask as. You know I've had a lot of people tell my story. I had a great movie director, write a film. About my life I've had a great Broadway, musical, team make a Tony award-winning, Broadway musical. About my life had a popular, television show, on TV white collar for four years creating around my life and, most of those very creative people have actually never met me personally. But. They've enjoyed telling my story from their, point of view so I thought, I would take a few minutes this morning and actually tell you the story from my. Point of view I was. Raised just north of New York City in Westchester, County New York I was actually one of four children in the family the so called middle child of the four I was, educated there by the Christian Brothers of Ireland in a private Catholic school called, Iona where I went to school from kindergarten, to high school by, the time I had reached the age of 16, in the tenth grade my parents after 22, years of marriage when they decided to get, a divorce, unlike. Most divorces where the children were usually the first to know my parents were very good about keeping that a secret I remember. Being in the tenth grade when the father walked in the classroom one afternoon asked a brother to excuse me from class when I came out in the hallway the father handed. Me my books and told me that one of the brothers would drive me to the county seat and why Plains New York where I would meet my parents and they would explain what was going on I remember. The brother dropped me at the steps of a big stone building and, told me to go on up the steps and my parents would be waiting for me in the lobby emember, climbing the steps seeing a sign on the building it said Family Court but I really didn't understand what that meant when. I arrived in the lobby my parents were not there but I was ushered into the back of an immense courtroom where my parents were standing before a judge I couldn't. Hear what the judge was saying nor my parents response, but. Eventually the judge saw me at the back of the room and motioned. Me to approach the bench so I walked up to stand in between my parents I remember. Distinctly that, the judge never looked at me he never acknowledged, I was standing there he, simply read from his papers, and said that my parents were getting a divorce and, because I was 16 years of age I would, need to tell the court which parent, I chose, to live with I started. To cry so I turned, and ran out of the courtroom judge. Called for a 10-minute recess but, by the time my parents got outside I was, gone my, mother never saw me again for about seven years until I was a young adult contrary. To the movie my father never saw me where ever spoke to me again, in. The mid-1960s, running, away was very popular thing for young people a lot of them got caught up in haight-ashbury, the hippie scene the drug scene instead, I took a few belongings to my home packed him in a bag ordered. What was in the New Haven and Hartford railroad for, the short train ride down to Grand Central Terminal, in New York, my, father did own the stationary store in Manhattan, it was located on the corner of 40th and Madison, like all of us we had to work in that store so from the time I was about 13, I made deliveries, for my dad in the summer on a bike, I knew, the city very well so naturally, I started, looking for the same type of work there. Were a lot of signs on the window stock board delivery, boy part-time I'd walk, in and apply so, tell me young man how old here at. 16, how'd you go in high school at, tenth grade I'll hire you now I went to work for a small amount of money a few hours a day but.

I Soon realized that couldn't support myself on that amount of money I also realized, as long as people believed, I was 16, years old they. Weren't going to pay me any, more money at, 16, I was six foot tall I've always had a little gray hair my, friends in school used to say that once a week when we dressed in a suit for mass I look more like a teacher so. I decided to lie about my age in New York we had a driver's license, at 16 back. Then it didn't have a photo on it just an IBM card so I altered one digit, of my date of birth I was, actually born in April of 1948. But I dropped the four converted, it to a three and that made me 26, years, old I walked, around applying, for the same type of work people gave me a little more money few, more hours but, even then it was very difficult, to make ends meet one. Of the few things I had taken when I left home was a checkbook, I had money from work on the summers I had some money in that checking account so every so often I would write a check to supplement, my income $20. $25. The, funds were there the checks were good but, it was my friends, my peers who would constantly, say to me you know you're, the only guy no walks into a bank in the middle of Manhattan you have no account there you, don't know a soul you, talked to somebody behind a desk and they. Okay your check oh well, my checks are good yeah but if I walked in there they wouldn't touch my check you, walk in there they don't bat an eye now, years later reporters. Would write and speculate, and say that that was my upbringing mannerisms. Dress appearance, speech whatever it was was very easy to do so consequently. When the money right now I kept writing those checks, of, course the cheque started to bounce please, started looking for me as a runaway so I thought maybe it was a good time to start thinking about leaving, New York City but, I was quite apprehensive about, going to Chicago or. Miami wondered if they've cash in New York check on a New York driver's, license, in Miami as, quickly as they did in Manhattan, I was. Walking at 42nd, Street when afternoon, about five o'clock in the evening 16, years old pondering, all of these things when I started, to approach the front door of an old hotel that used to be there called. The Commodore, hotel now the Grand Hyatt just. As I was about to get to the front door of the hotel out stepped, in Eastern airline flight crew onto, the sidewalk I couldn't, help but notice the captain, the copilot, the flight engineer, about three or four flight attendants, dragging their bags to the curb to load him in the van to take them to the airport as they.

Loaded The man I thought to myself that's. It, I could, pose as a pilot, I could, travel all over the world for free I probably, could get just about anybody, anywhere, to cash a check for, me so, I walked up the street little further to 42nd. And Park went to cross over I heard a huge helicopter so. I looked up and there was New York Airways landing, on the roof for the Pan Am building Pan. Am the nation's flag carrier, the airline that flew around the world I thought, what a perfect airline. To use so. The next day I placed a phone call to the executive, corporate offices, of Pan Am I remember. Distinctly when, the phone was ringing I had absolutely, no idea what. I was going to say when, they answered Pan American Airlines, good morning can I help you yes. Ma'am, I'd. Like to I'd. Like to speak to somebody in the purchasing. Department purchasing. One, moment the clerk came on and say yes American out me my name is John. Black I'm a co-pilot with the company based out of San Francisco been, with the company about seven years but never, had anything like this come up before what's, the problem well we flew a trip in here yesterday we're. Going out later today. Yesterday. I sent my uniform, out through the hotel to have a dry clean now, the hotel, and the cleaners said they can't find it yeah, I'm with the flight in about four hours new uniform, don't, you have a spare uniform, certainly, back home in San Francisco, but I never get it in time for my flight I do, understand, this will cost you the price of uniform not the company that, I understand, hold, on I'll be right back you came back and said my supervisor, says you need to go down to the well-built, uniform company on Fifth Avenue they're our supplier, I'll, call them let them know you're on the way well that's exactly what I wanted to know so I went down to the well-built Uniform, Company, little. Fella mr. Rosen fitted me out in the uniform that black gabardine with. Three gold stripes on the arm I certainly looked old enough to be the pilot when, he was all done I said how much do you wear the uniforms, 286 dollars said no problem I write you a check no. We. Can't take any checks oh well. They're not alum I'll just pay your cash now we can't accept cash you need to fill out this computer card then your needs boxes, put your employee number then, we build this back on the uniform allowance comes, out of your necks payin em paycheck that's even better go ahead and do that. New. York had two airports LaGuardia. And Kennedy, LaGuardia, was 20 minutes from Manhattan Kennedy. Was 50 naturally, LaGuardia, being the closer of the two that's where I went I spent, most of the morning walking around LaGuardia, in the uniform trying to figure out now that I had this uniform, of the hell Deegan on these planes I, got.

A Little hungry so about lunchtime I walked in the luncheonette, and the terminal sat down at the counter on the stool in order to sandwich moments. Later a TWA, crew walked in the, flight attendants, sat in the booth but the pilots up at the counter on either side of me and captain right next to me now, back before deregulation. Of the airlines airline, people thought of themselves as, just one big family so, they didn't hesitate a moment to talk to each other and the captain kind of leaned over a young. Man I was Pan Am doing doing. Just fine captain, tell me what's Pan Am doing out here LaGuardia, Pan Am doesn't fly into LaGuardia they only fly into Kennedy, well. I picked up on that right away. Yeah. We came into Kennedy I had a layover so I came over to visit some friends matter of fact I'm on my way back to Kennedy now, so tell me young man what type of equipment are you on our airline people have a lot of jargon for things one of them is they never call a plane a plane or an aircraft they. Call it equipment and what type of equipment here I mean what type of plane do you fly back then the dc-8 at 707, of, course I didn't know that and I thought type, of equipment, why are the. Equipment I'm on as this stool they. Must mean what type of equipment is on the planes I fly so, I thought where they got the wings I, got the engine it, always had a sticker on the engine who manufactured. The engine so I said yes General Electric all three pilots kind of just stopped eating and leaned over the captain, said oh really what do you fly washing, machine so I knew I said the wrong thing out the door I went. Everybody. Have an airline ID, card, a plastic, laminated, card much like a driver's, license today yet without the ID card the uniform, was worthless I went back to Manhattan pretty, discouraged, thinking where would I come up with a pan-american airline, corporate, ID, I was, sitting in the hotel room I noticed a big thick Manhattan, yellow pages so I pulled him down on the bed flipped him open and looked under the word identification. There. Were three or four pages of companies who made convention, badges metal badges plastic, badges police badges fire, just hard to call around and finally one company said listen. Most of those airline IDs, manufactured. By Polaroid 3m. Company you to call one of them finally. Got the 3m company on the phone in Manhattan, you know we manufacture. Pay names identification. System, along. With a number.

Of Other carriers how come so, today I'm a purchasing officer for a major US carrier I'm in New York just for the day we're, getting ready to expand the routes are a lot of new employees go to a formal ID we're. Very impressed with this Pan Am format one that if I came by our office this afternoon briefly, we could discuss quantity, and priced by all means come on by so, I went by dressed in a suit and the sales were Pope in the book yeah we do United Braniff, national, Pan Am panem, we. Like this Pan Am format, wouldn't. If you have a sample I could bring back sure, I'll be right back and he brought me back a 5x7, glossy. Piece of paper with a picture, of an ID card blown up in the middle of it someone, else's picture in the picture John, Doe for a name and in, bold red ink across the front this is a sample, only I said no I'm afraid this one do you know I need to bring back an actual physical, card and by the way what, is all this equipment on the floor but now we don't just sell these cards we sell the system camera, laminator, oh we have to buy all this absolutely. But, hey what students you have to buy it all why don't we just demonstrate, our works and use me fine ever see right here took, my picture. I was. Going down the elevators studying the card it had a blue border across the top about 1/2 inch in Pan Am's color blue but not a single thing on the card said Pan Am no logo, no insignia no, company, name this. Is a plastic, card like a credit card so you couldn't type on it couldn't write on it couldn't, print on it discourage. To put it in my pocket headed, back to the hotel as. I was walking back I noticed it I had passed a hobby shop so I turned around and walked back excuse, me sir I see sell a lot of models here there's some models of commercial, jetliners, sure, over there and, I bought a model of a Pan Am 707. Cargo, jet took, it back to my room open, the box through all the parts out but there at the bottom of the box was a sheet of decals one, on the model and when soaked in a glass of water the little Pan Am blue globe that would went on the tail of the plastic, plane went, perfect up at the top of the plastic card and the, word Pan Am and their special styling a graphics that would have went on the fuselage, went perfect across the top of the card and, the clear decal on the laminated, plastic, made a beautiful, identification. Card Pan, Am says they estimate, that between the ages of 16, and 18, I flew, more than a million miles for free boarded more than 260. Commercial, aircraft in more than 26, countries around the world, Pan, Am says keep in mind the fact that Frank Abagnale did in fact pose as one of our pilots for a long period, of time he, never once stepped, on board one, of our aircraft, that's true I never, flew on Pan Am because, I was afraid someone might say to me you know I'm based in San Francisco been, out there 16, years I don't, recall him meeting you before or, someone might say you know your ID card is not exactly, like. My ID card so instead, I flew, on everyone else if I wanted to go somewhere I literally, just walked out to the airport walked, up on the board United, flight 800. To Chicago, then I went downstairs to, the door marked United operations, and walked, in the, operations, clerk hey Pan Am what can we do for you it's, 1:00 if the jump seats open on 800 needed it at Chicago, it's open this evening like to get a pink slip past I'd give my ID drive me out of path I'd walk out handed to the flight attendant she'd, opened the door to the cockpit and I'd, step in and a captain a co-pilot a flight engineer and a seat behind the captain, called the jumpsuit where pilots company. Time now. Because pilots love to talk shop once, you picked up that jargon, it was the same conversation. Over and over and over so, I just step on board image and Bob Davis be running to Chicago on the taxi, out always, the same question so Bob how long you been with Pan Am been. Flying about seven years or position, you fly right, seat which is airline, terminology. For a co-pilot what, type of equipment are we on had that one down perfect. Matter-of-fact, whatever, they flew I didn't fly so no, problem with that, and we'd arrive in Chicago I'd, go by the Pan Am ticket counter but just enough to get the attention of the passenger, service rep excuse me having laid over here and over a year we still at the apartment, house Hilton downtown catch, the crew bus low level door throughout I go, down the Parma House Hilton walk in and on the corner of the registration, down was, a little sign said airline, cruise that, was a three-ring, binder, you've signed in referenced, your flight number showed your ID they'd, give me a key I'd stayed two or three days in pain and would be direct billed for my room and my meals I also.

Could Cashed a personal, check at the front desk because I was unemployed the airline airline had a contract, with the hotel and as a courtesy they'd cash your check but then I found out that every airline honors, every other airline, employees, personal check actually a reciprocal, agreement still practiced today in, 2017. So, at the San Francisco Airport a delta flight attendant, can walk up to an American, airline ticket counter show her ID and cash, a personal, check up to $100, and vice versa of, course when I found that out I'd go out to JFK or LAX or me I'd go to everybody, North East National KLM, Air Gramm it would take me a good eight hours stopping at every counter, in every building by the time I got all the way around the other end of the airport at least eight hours have gone by and what did you have an eight hours shift change new people so I'd go all the way back around the other. As. You know I went on to impersonate a doctor, in a Georgia hospital, for a while I took, the bar exams in Louisiana, passed the bar went to work for Attorney General PF grimian on the Civil Division of the state court where I spent about a year practicing. Law in both the job is the lawyer and the doctor no one ever doubted for a second I was not eligible, or qualified, to do so I on, my own resigned. And moved, on of, course like any criminal sooner, or later you'd get caught and I was no exception to that rule I was actually arrested, just once in my life when I was 21 years old by the French police in a small town in southern France calm. On PA the. French police were actually arresting, me on an Interpol, warrant issued by the Swedish, police who were looking for me for forgery, in Sweden, but believe that I was living in France when. The French authorities took, me into custody on that warrant they realized, I had forged checks all over France so they refused to honor the warrant and Sweden's. Request for my extradition, they. Later convicted me of forgery, and sent, me to French prison, I served. My time in a place called de maison the array the house of arrest and a small-town southern friends, called Pepin Yong Steven. Speilberg, toh Barbara Walters it was extremely, important, to me to go back to that cell to, the exact, cell he. Was in and reconstruct, it according. To the logbooks during his stay there he. Said to my amazement that was a blanket, on the floor no mattress, a hole in the floor to go to the bathroom no plumbing no, electricity, he. Said according to the logbooks I entered the prison at 198. Pounds left. The prison at a hundred and nine pounds, when, my sentence was over in France I was extradited to Sweden where, I was later convicted of forgery in a Swedish court of law and sent, to a Swedish Penitentiary. In Malmo. Sweden when. My prison term was up in Sweden US federal authorities took custody a man returned me to the United States eventually, a United, States federal, judge, in Atlanta, Georgia would, sentence me to 12 years in federal, prison I served. Four of the twelve years at a federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia when. I was 26, years old the government offered to take me out of prison on the condition I go to work with an agency of the federal government, for the remainder of my sentence, or, until, my parole had been satisfactorily. Completed, I agreed. And was. Released this, year I'm celebrating, 41, years at the FBI I have been at the bureau for more than four decades I work. Out of Washington, DC I actually, make my home in Charleston South Carolina. So every Monday I fly up to Washington, about an hour flight and I go home on Thursday. Evenings I live, in Charleston with my one and only wife of 40-plus, years and, my, three sons my. Youngest boy graduated, from the University of Beijing, in China he went on to get his master's degree, there he reads writes and speaks Chinese, fluently he. Works for a San Francisco, gaming, company called Glu Mobile he, designs gaming, games. For the Chinese market all, of his games are in Chinese and they're in their fourth generation, as mobile, games and devices, my. Middle son graduated, for University of Nevada and Las Vegas his, degree was in business he and his wife graduated.

Together And he. And her own a business in South Carolina, and they manage that business together, my. Oldest son graduated, for University, of Kansas at kayuu he went on to Loyola School of Law in Chicago, to get his law degree passed the bar in Illinois and went on to make his dad very very proud he's an FBI agent he's. Been in the bureau about 12 years he supervises, a team that deals with American, citizens kidnapped, overseas, so they're a response, team that operates, out of Quantico Virginia. As, many, of you know I had very little to do with the film. I would, have preferred not to had a movie made about my life I actually raised, my three boys in Tulsa Oklahoma in the same house for, 25, years my neighbors had no idea who, I was and, I, would have preferred it stayed that way but Steven Spielberg told Barbara Walters he felt compelled tell the world of story not. Because of what I did but because of what I'd done was, my life after, that he. Loved the redemption, side of the story, wanted the world to know the story so. In the end my family, and I were very pleased with the outcome of, the film but we thought in a couple years that would all be forgotten and move on with our life I never, dreamed that catch me if you can would go on to earn more than a billion dollars for DreamWorks and be shown over and over literally, every week on HBO, and TV and then, become a Broadway. Musical and. TV. Show so consequently, every Monday, when I come to work I have emails they, come from all over the world, someone. Who's seeing the movie for the first time watching the play at a community, theater or a high school somewhere. And they, feel compelled to write and of. Course they come from people literally, as young as 8 years old sending, those emails to people as old as 80, most, people assume I'll never read those emails or see those emails but they feel compelled, to write and they want to make a statement some, say you know. You. Were brilliant you are an absolute, genius I was, neither I was, just a child, and. A min brilliant, had it been a genius I don't, know that I would have found it necessary to break the law, in order to just simply. Survive and. While I know that people are fascinated, by what I did some 50 years ago as a teenage, boy I've, always looked upon what I did is something that was immoral illegal. Unethical, and a burden I live with literally. Every single day of my life and will. Until. My death, there. Are many who write and say well you know you were certainly gifted, that, it was I was. One of those few children that got to grow up in the world with, the daddy now, the, world is. The. World is full of fathers. But. There are very few men worthy, of. Being called daddy by, their child I had. A daddy loved. His children more. Than he loved life itself, Steven. Spielberg told Barbara Walters the Mehra research, Frank's use now without having met Frank I couldn't. Help but put his father in the film so the likes of Christopher Walken my, father was a man who had four children three boys and a daughter. Every. Night at bedtime, he'd, walk into your room he was six three he. Would drop down on one knee kiss you on the cheek pull the cover up and he put his lip up, on your earlobe and he'd whisper deep into your I love you I love, you very much he. Never ever. Missed. A night as. I. Grew older I sometimes fell, asleep before he got home but I always woke up the next morning knew. He had been back my bedside, years. Later my older brother joined me in my room temporarily. He was in the Marine Corps he was six for it played semi, pro-football for Buffalo but, my father would walk around to his bed hug him kisum.

Whisper, Nazir he loved him when. I was 16 years old I was just a child all 16. Year olds are. Just children. Much. As we'd like him to be adults, they're. Just children it. Like all children they, need their mother and they. Need their father all. Children, need their mother and their. Father all. Children, are entitled to, their. Mother and their. Father and. Though, it is not popular, to say so, divorce. Is a very devastating, thing for a child to deal with and then, have to deal with the rest of their natural life. For. Me a complete, stranger a judge told me I had to choose one parent, over the other that, was a choice of 16 year old boy could not make so. I ran how. Could I tell you my life was glamorous I cried myself to sleep till, I was 19 years old I spent, every birthday Christmas, Mother's Day Father's Day in a hotel, room somewhere in the world where. People didn't speak my language the. Only people that associated. With me were people who believed me to be their peer, 10 years older than I actually was, I never. Got to go to his senior prom High School football games, share a relationship, with someone my own age I always. Knew. I'd get caught only, a fool we. Think otherwise the. Law sometimes, sleeps, but. The law never dies I was. Caught I went, to some very bad places my. Boys have grown up asking their mother why is it that Dad gets up in the middle of the night and goes down the TV room because you know he doesn't turn the TV on he, just sits there all night that's, because they're things you can't forget things. You're not meant to forget well. I was sitting in that pitch-black selim friends my father 57. Was climbing the subway stairs of New York as he did every day he was in great physical shape he. Just happened to trip he. Reached his arm to break his fall he slipped hit his head on a railing laying. It at the bottom of the step he was dead I didn't. Know he was dead I was, thinking about him how much I couldn't wait to see him hold him hug him kiss him tell him how sorry I was, but. I never got the opportunity to. Do that I was. Very fortunate, because I was raised in a great country where, everyone gets, the second chance, I owe, my country, 800, times more than I can ever repay it over. These past four decades that. Is why I'm at the FBI today. 32. Years, after the federal court order expired. Requiring. Me to do so I have. Turned down three pardons, from three sitting presidents, of the United States because.

I Do not believe nor will, I ever believe, that a piece of paper will. Excuse, my actions, that. Only in the end my. Actions, will. 40. Plus years ago on an undercover assignment and used in Texas, I met my wife when the, assignment, was over I broke protocol, to, tell her who I really was I didn't. Have a dime to my name but. I eventually asked, her to marry me against. The wishes of her parents she, did I. Could. Sit up here and tell you that I was born again I, saw, the light prison. Rehabilitated. Me but, the truth is God. Gave me a wife she. Gave me three beautiful children she. Gave me a family and she changed my life she. And she. Alone, everything. I have everything, I've achieved Who, I am today because of love of a woman and the respect. Through boys have for their father, something. I would never ever jeopardize. There. Comes a time in all of our lifetime, we grow older and eventually we're. Fortunate enough we have children and as. Every parent knows whether your child's three months old or 38. Years old when. You lay your head on a pillow at night you're, just about to close your eyes the, last thing you think about last. Thing you're worried about are. Your children so. If you still have your mother, you. Still have your father you. Give him a hug you, give him a kiss you, tell them you love them while, you can and. To those men in the audience both young and old I would remind you what it truly is to actually, be. A man it, has absolutely nothing, to do with money. Achievements. Skills. Accomplishments. Degrees. Professions. Positions. A real. Man. Loves, his wife a real. Man is faithful to. His wife and a real. Man next to God in his country, put. His wife and his children as the most important, thing in, his life, Steven. Spielberg made a wonderful film, but I've done nothing greater, nothing, more rewarding nothing, more worthwhile nothing, makes actually brought me more peace more joy more happiness, more content, in my life than. Simply being a good husband a good, father and. What I strive to be every day of my life a great daddy god bless you and thanks for coming this morning. We we have a bunch of questions both, from. The audience as well as some people have sent in so we'll take some questions I'll, be happy to answer. Do. You have any advice for Googlers, who are feeling impostor. Syndrome, the. Insecure, feeling, that. They're not nearly, as good at their jobs, at. Their job as their colleagues believe they are and how. Did you stay confident, or did you when, you, knew you were you were in an impostor, you. Know people. Always say to me you know you were brilliant you're genius, no I wasn't, adolescent, and that, was why I was successful. I was so young that I had no fear of being caught I was, so yard that I didn't think about consequences. Everything. I did was not, premeditated. Everything. Was done by opportunity. Or by chance so. If in fact I was standing out in front of a bank in Manhattan, with a $500. Check there, was never a plan I didn't say to myself I'm, going in cashes. Check if they say this I'll do this if they do this I'll do that I just went in and did it and I. Felt that there was nothing I couldn't do I had tremendous confidence.

In Myself, but. Everything, was for a reason so, I saw that airline crew I never dreamed about getting on planes or staying in hotels around the world for free all I saw, was a uniform, and said to myself if, I had that uniform, on and I walked in a bank it would be a lot easier to cash a cheque than me walking in is just some young kid so the, whole thing was to get a uniform and do that but, then I quickly realized, the power of that uniform, how it turned from night to day no one ever said no when I walked in to cash a check even though there was no bank account there or, anything else all they saw was a uniform, they didn't see me and, I realized very earlier on the power of that uniform. And then I realized, I had gone to the TWA, ticket counter just like he showed in the movie I was, going to purchase an airline, ticket and the ticket agent said, to me are you riding for free are you buying the ticket and I, said riding for free yeah you armed the jump see and I. Learned about the jump seats and then I flew around the world for free everything I did I did by, chance. I've moved into an apartment complex, in, Atlanta, I said it was a doctor, because I didn't want to write down airline. Pilot they were looking for me with, that airline pilot, so I said it was a doctor. I said, pediatrician. Because was a singles, complex, and there were only single people living there and then, I met a doctor who lived there and then he took me up to the hospital and I met people so I ended up at the hospital, I dated, a flight attendant, whose father was the Attorney General, in Louisiana, I told, her that I had gone to law school but I never practiced law instead I wanted to be a pilot and got, furloughed, from the airline so she, introduced. Me to her dad and I went to work everything was all these opportunities, but always the confidence, that, I could pull it off and that that, became just. From age but, if you believe that you're good at what you do and you, strive to be good at what you do you don't need to worry about what other people think you need to be able to understand, that you have your own confidence, that you can do whatever it is you're required to do and other. People will see that confidence, in you the minute you start doubting, yourself other, people will see the that you're doubting yourself and that becomes a weakness, in your personality, they always want to be confident, and everything you do that you can do it you can get it done you'll find a way to get it get, it done, obviously. Technology has evolved quite a bit since you were going, around and things like that would somebody be able to accomplish something, similar today even with. Yeah. You know I get asked that a lot actually, it's sorry, to say but 4,000. Times easier today than when I did it, technology. Breeds crime it, always has and it, always will and there will always be people willing to use technology. In a, self-serving. Way. So, you know I always use the example that, when I used to forge checks, I needed, a Heidelberg printing press it took me about 12 months to learn that press, that. Was a million dollar printing press it was 90 feet long 18 feet, high it, required three journeyman, operators, to operate it so I bill scaffoldings, on either sides of the press so I could eliminate the other two positions, and because I was a teenager, I was able to run the length of that press but, there were color separations. There were negatives, there were chemicals, you had to work with there were plates you had to make there, was typesetting, involved, today. One, just opens a laptop, and decides. To forge an counterfeit, a check they first bring up a diagram of a check with a little security background, in it and then. They go and look on who is checked in and afford so if I'm gonna Forge for example into its check, I go, to their company's. Website, capture, their logo and put it up on the corner of the left part top of the check I put, in their corporate address I might, put some stuff in the background and, step and repeat patterns, or whatever it is I'm designing and in, 15 minutes I have a four color beautiful. Check prettier, than the real check they use up on my website now. In the old days you de would have said to me you know this. Check you printed from Pan Am I have to admit pretty, awesome it's, amazing for, color it, looks terrific, but. Let me ask you this how do you know where Pan Am banks I have no idea where they're bank so I'm just making up a bank's name Chase. Manhattan Bank One, Chase Plaza New York you know how, do you know what the account number is I have no ideas I'm just making up a bunch of numbers, how. Do you know who the authorized, signer is I don't know I'm just signing somebody's, Joe, black whatever name on that check but, we live in a way too much information, world today so once I forge in to its check every.

Forger, Calls their victim, twice. Because. Every forger will tell you a victim will tell me everything I need to know so. When he calls he would have simply said like to speak to someone in accounts, receivables, sure one moment counts. Receivables, can I help you I was, getting ready to pay an invoice you sent us but we prefer to wire you the funds just needed wiring instructions yes, so we bank with Bank of America or account numbers 1 7, 6 8 5 3 they tell you right on the phone you, can call any company, and just tell them you're gonna wire the money they're going to tell you where they bank on what street their account number but, you need on the check so I captured the bank's logo I put it on the check up with the mickr line down on the bottom and I hang up and call back into. A corporation, gonna help you yeah I'd like to speak to someone in your corporate. Communications. Sure, one moment corporate. Communications, can help you yeah, wonder if you be so kind as to mail me a copy of your annual report sure, send you one out today on page, three is a signature, of the chairman of the board the CEO the CFO. White, glossy paper black ink camera-ready, art scan, it digitize it put it on the check, the, technologies, made it much much easier when, we talk about IDs. Making. An airline ID today would be very simple with the technology, that's available. Today. So all of those things are a lot easier as, I, used to say that would be a little more difficult for me to get on an aircraft today, posing, as a pilot, but if you ever go to the airport and watch the crews go through the airport they just simply hold up a card and they go through the airport that anyone, could make that card with today's software and technology. That's available to anybody so a technology. Certainly made a lot easier, so that's why we are constantly making, technology to counter the, use of technology, by criminals, and to make it more difficult for them to convert, that technology, into a negative idea. In, your candid opinion did, Leonardo, DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks do justice, t-to. Urine, Joseph, cheese respective. Roles in. The, movie yeah. You know I'm I'm not a big movie person so I don't I've, watched very little television this is most of my life not just something I took up even as a kid I didn't watch a lot of television I, don't watch a lot of television now, and I certainly very rarely go to movies, and so. When. It was announced that Leo head was, the person picked to play the part I really knew nothing about him my. Sons weren't too happy that it was Leo but, I didn't, I didn't know anything about him so I went to the movies and saw street gangs of New York and i. Said to myself sitting, there how would this person portray. A person 16. Years old he, had a beard, he was at the time he filmed, that movie was about 27, 28 years old I thought. No one's gonna believe this guy's 16, but because I'd never saw the script I didn't know if maybe Spielberg, was making the character, a lot older, and not a teenager, now, when the movie came out it was quite amazing that Leo starts, out in the film at 14, then he's 16, and he's 18, and he's 21, he, is an amazing character actor, and he took the role and he did an amazing job of playing the role Tom.

Hanks's Character, was actually named Joe Shea SH, EA he was an Irishman from Boston, Joe, Shea was my supervisor, at the FBI after I came out of prison I answer, directly to him he and I were friends for thirty years until, his death I've, written five books on, crime the last book I wrote stealing, your life I dedicated, that book to him and our 30 year relationship but. He was an Irishman from Boston in which Tom Hanks, he didn't want his real name used, so Tom Hanks used the name of an old football player and took. That name, call Hanratty, but, if you were watching the screen for me it was like watching him he looked like him he sounded, like him he had his mannerisms, they, did an amazing job both, of them and portraying, the parts of real people that were still, living at that time. So. First of all as a father your statement. Was just time each tearing. So I can say anything about that I mean that's totally practical, with the equifax, hacks and the anthem hacks that everyone in this room has been probably, affected, by one of the other is. There anything we can do as citizens, to. Protect ourselves or, is it a lost cause no, I'll tell you what to do but let me explain this to you that is where I when I went to the FBI forty-one, years ago I worked undercover for. A long period of time then, I went into the field and dealt with counterfeits, and forgeries, embezzlement. Financial. Crimes in the last 20 years I've dealt with only cyber related, crimes. So, I spend, most of my time with breaches, I have worked every breach back, to t.j.maxx, 15. Years ago and this, is what I've learned first. Of all every. Single breach, every. Breach occurs, because, somebody, in that company, did. Something, they weren't supposed to do or, somebody. In that company, failed to do something, they. Were supposed, to do hackers. Do. Not cause breaches. People. Do and. Every. Breach comes down to that so in the case of Equifax, they didn't update their infrastructure, they didn't fix the patches, that should have put in place they, were very negligent, and what, they were doing so, the hacker waited, for the door to open so. When you interview a hacker the hacker will say to you look I can't get into Chase Bank the truth is they spend about a half a billion dollars a year on technology every, 12 months they. Spend a half a billion dollars of their profit, on putting. Technology and software in their bank to keep me out. However, they, employ, 200,000. People worldwide, all. I have to do is wait for one, of those people. To, do something they weren't supposed to do or fail to do what, they were supposed to do and that'll, open the door for. Me to get in. When. You steal, credit card numbers like Home Depot target. At t.j.maxx that's, stealing credit cards and debit card information that. Has a very short, short shelf life so you have to get rid of it very very quickly but. If I steal your name your. Social security number and your, date of birth you, can't change your name you. Can't change your social security number you. Can't change your date of birth so. Those people warehouse. That data for. Two to three years so we, won't even see that surface, for. At least a couple of years before some of that will start to surface the data that was stolen whatever. Number they start with I think was 143. Million then it became 146. Million it was a million, driver's, licenses now it's ten point six million driver's, licenses, all. Breaches start with very low numbers, before they let you know the actual true number so it's probably about two hundred and forty million pieces. Of information that was stolen but. I remind, people all the time that they're, going to warehouse that data so, buying one year credit monitoring service, is absolutely, worthless because, nothing's going to happen in a year and if, you really analyze. Equifax. They were very unethical in what, they did they, thought to themselves first, of all they sold a bunch of stock knowing, that it was going to come out that was worse but. Then they stat there and said how do we make a profit from this was our mistake but how we turn this around into a profit. So, they sat there and said what we'll do is we'll, offer millions, and millions of people one year credit, monitoring service, for free they'll. Sign up and in a year from now we'll simply, say that data hasn't really surfaced yet you, need to be enrolled automatically, into our program, which is $20.00, a month so they're going to make millions and millions of dollars with automatic.

Enrollment. Into their, their program. If, you've been a Bri if you have been a subject, of that breach there's only two things you can do and two things only one, you can freeze your credit. Each date varies, about that so some states freezing, your credit is free other states there's a fee associated with, it typically. Ten dollars to freeze it eighteen, dollars to unfreeze, it ten dollars to freeze it again, so. For the last two years I've testified before, Congress, and you go to my website at Abagnale calm you'll see me testifying, before Congress, telling them that they, need to put, a federal law across the 50 states that allow anyone to freeze their credit at any time and unfreeze, it and anytime there should be no reason that there should be a fee associated with it because, then that becomes a deterrent, to people actually. Freezing. Their. Credit, so. You can freeze your credit that's, one thing you can do and then you unfreeze it if you need it if. It's not too much of a hassle and then the only other thing is to monitor your credit so I've used a credit monitoring service, since 1992. So, for about 25, years I've been using, a service I think they charge me like 12, dollars a month the, reason I like it I I can monitor my own credit I don't need them all they've given me for that 12 dollars is the ability to go on my keyboard and a few strokes and bring, up my credit reports, instantly, on my screen and up, on my screen comes, all three reports. Equifax. Experian TransUnion, at. The top is my score for the moment of that day what, my credit score is at those three agencies then. I can scroll down and look at my credit and I can say to myself you know I paid this car off like four months ago they still show that I owe money to this bank I'll, correct, that and I, can go all the way down and see every inquiry made on my credit that's what we call hard and soft in choirs and, that's, your employer checking, your credit the IRS checking your credit your, insurance company, checking your credit or a credit card you applied for and they're, checking your credit so. I really don't need them but, for fee, they're. Also monitoring, my credit as well so, they're checking my credit and they're letting me know in real time if someone attempts to use my social, security number to get a job open a bank account or, whatever the case may be so to me it's worth, using. That now. One, other tip I'll give you is I don't own a debit card I've, never owned one I've never allowed my threes, to. Possess one certainly. And truly the worst financial tool, ever, given to the American consumer. So. A long time ago I asked, myself a simple question, how would I remove, 99.9. Percent of my personal, liability. Like. That where. They really don't to worry about all these things, so. I use the safest form of payment that exists on the face of the earth and that is a credit. Card. Credit. Card Visa. MasterCard. American Express Discover card not, debit, credit, but. Credit card every. Day of my life I spend, their money I don't spend my money my money sits in a money market account it earns interest actually nobody knows where it is because it's not exposed to anybody to find it it's just sitting there I go, to the dry cleaner I give my card I pick up the groceries I give my card I put, fuel in my boat on the weekend I use my card I pay the marina to keep my boat in the water all year long they put the rent on my credit. Card I travel. All over the world while. I wait to get reimbursed, I use my credit card if I need euros I go to the ATM machine I use my credit card I'm not going to use my debit card to get euros overseas, or pounds. And Great Britain and, every. Day I use my card and then if, I pay the bill in full a part of the bill my credit score goes up so, I'm building credit, while I'm using that credit card and if. Tomorrow and I'll do everything to protect my information, but if tomorrow someone. Gets my card number and charges. 1, million. Dollars. On my, credit card by federal law my. Liability, is zero I have no liability so, yes I love to shop online I don't use a special, card I just use my credit card if they don't deliver the merchandise if, they deliver it and it's broken if, the host site I went to was fictitious, to begin with I have no zero or less zero liability, when.

You Use your debit card every, time you reach for you're exposing the money in your account, the only person's going to get robbed as you when. You use your debit card you could use it for the next 50 years 20. Times a day you will not raise your credit score by. That much and of. Course when you use your debit card you. Are liable, up to a certain amount and it takes a while in, order to get that debit card fixed so when we do post investigations. At breaches, and we, say to someone, on your incident what happened well I was in target but I used a Visa card so I don't know nothing I got a they canceled my card the next day two, days later FedEx, sent me a new card and that was the last I heard about it what about you and, I used a debit card there that took three thousand, dollars out of my checking account it took me two months to get my money back why they said they were investigating, I had to pay my rent had kids tuition everything. I couldn't pay it because they had my money so. I do it for that so I had three sons that went off to college and I said to them I'm not giving you a debit card I've actually. Applied for a credit card in your name so it's, your card of course you're 18 you have no credit, so I guaranteed, the card so. As a guarantee, of the card three, things take place one. The, bill comes to me and I'm responsible for the bill so if you spend a lot of time in the bar I'm going to know that too, I set. The limit on the card so whatever I want you to spend each month is while you're at school I'll set that limit third, every month that I pay the bill goes on your credit so. By the time you get out of college you should be looking at a credit score of about eight hundred you, want to buy a car buy a house buy a condo, you're, not going to need me to do that all three of my sons came out of college with grades, scores, of the round 800 one. Of the best things you can do for your kids is to teach them to learn. To use credit early, on and build credit in their name credit. Is a very important, thing thirty, years ago it only meant whether you got the car you got the house today everything is based on your credit the company hires you they're going to check your credit if, you buy auto insurance is gonna check your credit you buy life insurance is, gonna check your credit everything. Is based on your credit so you want to make sure that you maintain a, good credit and it's one of the best things you can do with your kids. Question. I wanted. To ask you more about the, FBI specifically. And kind of, hiring. And how you got in there is such an interesting story you. Know when I was younger I was really interested in you know working for the FBI worked, in fraud, and security. If. My boss is watching I'm very happy where I am right now but. I, couldn't. Believe how, difficult, it was to try, and get into public service I thought you know, you, know I was, willing to take a pay cut I was willing to move anywhere I was willing to do anything and, it. Was difficult I mean I was in touch with people at the FBI and they were super, nice and very helpful but I just couldn't believe that you know the background, checks and there's, no available jobs and you have to keep emailing me and oh you, don't have a lot of griot that's, not gonna matter and you, know again I ended up in a great spot so I'm happy but when. People ask me about public, service and working for these organizations I really, don't the. FBI is extremely. Tough, we have about 13,000. Agents, and, about 25,000. Support people who support the agent analysts, and things of that nature. Currently. We, take one in, every. 10,000. Applicants, to be an agent so, it is extremely difficult. To get in the FBI so. Just to share the story with you my oldest boy when he was about 14, I used to take my kids to the FBI. Academy which, is on a marine military base in Quantico, Virginia because I like to shoot guns on the range and I would take them up there when I was teaching class, they would be, out there with the instructor, shooting.

On The, range and I remember, distinctly. Coming. Back off the base which takes you about 20 minutes to get from the Academy, off to the base and when, we were riding through the base he said to me no dad this. Is what I want to do I want to become an, FBI, agent, I saw that's great son but you know they keep that in mind and so he graduated, from high school he said to me I really want to become a FBI. Agent I said that's great you know you got to go to college so, he went to school at University, of Kansas got his undergraduate, he. Always, thought he'd change his mind my. Wife always had a Christmas party for all the agents, until so we had about 200 FBI agents, in the state and, every. Christmas they would be at our home with their family, and he. Would go talk to all of them and Special, Agent in Charge who's, in charge of the entire state, he, would say to him yeah my son tried to get in but they. Turned him down he's, and he explained, to him that senators, sons have been turned down former, president's sons have been turned down has, nothing to do with, anything other than you and I kept emphasizing that, to him but, I kept thinking he changed his mind so when, he graduated from undergraduate school I said Sonia I would recommend you go to law school I have no desire to be a lawyer I said I understand, but if you really want to pursue the FBI and that would put you up a little higher and the, chances of getting in you went to Loyola School of Law I graduated, from law school the bureau requires, you pass the bar so he took the bar in Illinois pass the bar and then he went through the year-long process, of the process, that takes to apply to the bureau and. I got very worried because I'd say to my wife that you know I'm a little concerned because first. Of all I don't know if someone in management would like the fact that my son is an FBI agent, or, maybe someone, in management would look at it and say his dad has done so much for him for, them we need to look at his son it had absolutely nothing, to do, with that was all about him. And I. Always tell him every day he's living his life's dream so. He's he, got, it but it is very very tough, so when, the bureau came to me and they just a few years ago celebrated, their 100th anniversary. They did a big coffee table book and they talked about me in there as being, the only person they ever did that with. The. Whole thing to the bureau back then the director was Clarence Kelly who was the director of the bureau at that time he. Wanted the ability because he could say to me okay, you, are a lieutenant. In the Army, you have been in the Army this, many years your expertise, is this missile, I need. You to learn all of this in two weeks and I'm sending you to this base and I, want you to find out what's going on in this particular area, he. Knew that no matter what assignment, he gave me under cover I could go do it whether it was a scientist, at a lab in New Mexico whether, it was a doctor, in a hospital he.

Knew That I could get away with it make it believe people believe that I was that person without, any doubt and that's how they, used me, I. Think. That was their initial thing, and then of course when my time was up and again keep in mind that when I got that offer to me it was just an opportunity I, looked at it well opportunity, to get out of jail I I'm. Not going to sit here and tell you I was a change person that, I was a different person and when I went into prison I just, saw that as an opportunity to get out of prison so I was going to do it but. Then I you get involved with the men and women the FBI who obviously, it's, probably, the most ethical people who ever meet in your life they, have tremendous character, love of country love of family that. Kind of wears off on you and I. Started, to realize that you know I've met my wife and, I was becoming a husband, I'd take care of my wife had take care of children, fatherhood. All those things is what really changed my life wasn't, that I was rehabilitated. Or those, things changed my life so if it started out more as an opportunity, so, when my time was over and the court said his court order this ceases, to be he's free to do whatever he wants to do I made. The choice to stay there only because I thought, that I could. Bring. A lot to the bureau so the, bureau was very smart they realized very early on that I wouldn't be accepted, very well and so there was a great scene in the movie where Steven, Spielberg. Obviously. Knew that I was very very difficult for the agents, you keep in mind now this is back when there were no women agents no blacks, no Hispanics, everybody was a white agent, and they either graduated, from Harvard or they graduated, from Yale and they, all came from very good families and. It was a totally, different environment 40, years ago so, they all have really tunnel, vision once a criminal always a criminal so, they were not very very, happy with the fact that I came there, so he showed that scene of me walking in the office and that. The way people looked. At me that took years for me to turn that around took years for me to build their credibility. And of course in the first part of my career was out in the field so, as undercover so they really were dealing, with me so. When I finished, working on the cover that the, director, then simply, said you know what he needs to go to the Academy and teach class so, that every agent who comes to the Academy, they.

Will He will be their instructor, in one of their courses and they, will all know him so I've taught at the academy now, for well over 35, years I taught my son when he went through the Academy, three, generations of, agents, that, helped a great deal because they learned who I was early on knew who I was and that tamed, a lot of that but took a lot of lot of a lot of work to turn that around and build that credibility. I'm. Curious to know whether or not you continued. To fly even. After you were released from jail and, working. At the Bureau, as the, movie suggests or if that was a bit of Hollywood, in Belgium now you know when people ask me and, I saw, the movie in a movie theater, I've only seen the movie twice I've seen that trailer a thousand, times but I've only seen the movie twice so, when the media asked, me what I thought about the movie and what was right and what was wrong I said you know well first of all I have two brothers and a sister he portrayed portrayed, me as an only child in. Real life my mother never remarried as a scene in the movie where she's remarried as a little girl that didn't, really happen in. The real life I never saw my father after, I ran away in, the movie they keep having him come back to Christopher Walken and the film was nominated for the Academy Award for that role. As my father, that, didn't really happen I escaped. Off the aircraft, but I escaped, off the aircraft through the kitchen galley where they bring the food and stuff onto the plane and there they had me escape, through, the toilet my. Wife kind of looked at me said you didn't go through the toilet, yes I know honey go through the toilet. So. I thought he stayed very close, to the story but. Pretty. Much all of that where he was he was very concerned, about being accurate, first of all because it was a it was the first time he made a movie about a real person living. Second. The Bureau had an information, officer on the set for all the SH all the shooting, of the entire film to make sure that what he said about the FBI and what the comments, they made and all, that was accurate the agent, there was an agent from our information, officer on the on the, set and then of course is he. Later said I really got most of my information from, those were three retired, agents, because they said they their. Notes were so particular. And so accurate he said that when, I filmed, the scene in the hotel room I had, scripted, it and so. We're sitting there and I said read me your notes he said I entered the room with my gun pulled I heard, someone in the bathroom I ordered. Them to come out of the bathroom and this, is what happened, he, basically loved. His notes better than his script so he used his notes for the southern, film so I thought he did, a good job of staying very, very. Accurate, the movie I just, make a final comment you having. To deal with cyber now I'd like to write about crimes. The future, so. I always. Used to write to my class about. What, will we investigate, five years from now what, will an agent be doing five years from now and unfortunately. There's. Good news and there's bad news first, of all the good news we will be doing away with passwords. In the next 24, months passwords, will leave the world there, will be no more passwords, there. Is a new technology called true Sona that's T ru s. Ona. Stands, for true persona it. Is a company in Scottsdale, Arizona that, created, a technology for the CIA which. We have used now for the last few years that, technology. And, I was an advisor on that technology, for the CIA so, I'm an advisor and bringing it to the commercial world but. It was the ability for an agent to send data back. From the, field such as Afghanistan on, their iPhone and that. Langley, would. Know 100%, that, is. The agent on the other end to 100%, identify.

The. Person on the other end of the device that's. A level for security so, that they, basically said what if we brought this to level 2 security. And, we did away with passwords. So, immediately, when they announced that Microsoft, gave them 10 million dollars and said I'm in develop. It so Microsoft is going to use it on all their gaming all their access to their computers, etc. We. Now have the ability to identify who the person is on the other end of that device. And when you go to their website a true Sona they, actually show you how it's done so they demo. Videos there there are three or four minutes long let's show you how it's done and that's, great passports, are stack of passwords, or stagnant they should have been gone a long time ago, it's why we have most of the problems that we have today so, it is very important, that we get rid of passwords, in just in case you didn't know if we, take a bank like a Bank of America they, spend about six million dollars a month in their call center, resetting. Passwords cost. Them six million dollars a month so that would save that bank a hundred million dollars a year to eliminate, the use of passwords. So that's, the good part of it and I think that'll eventually do away with social security numbers you'll, still have a number of nine to you for, the government purpose but when I go buy a car I go, to the doctor I don't have to give them a number because they already know who I am, through my device so I won't have to provide a social security number so, I think that's a good part but, I do believe that cyber, it up until this point in time, has, been used for financial crimes or gathering, data and information. Which, is of value what's. Going to happen is we're going to see cyber very quickly now turn very black. So. We have the ability as you know to. Basically, shut, someone's pacemaker, off but, we have to be within 35, feet of them we test these device at Quantico, all the time so. As long as I walk up within 35 feet of you I take control of any bodily device you, have on you so if I want to assassinate you, I want, to speed it up take it down I can do that but. I believe that in five years you'll be able to do that from five thousand, miles away. We. Have the ability now that we test that we can chase a car down the interstate we got to get up with them thirty five feet of the vehicle we take over the vehicle we, shut the motor off we. Lock the person in the car we lock the power window so they can't open them we, can turn on their airbag, again. Five years from now you'd be able to do that five, thousand miles away, so. Yes our electrical, grid uses. A terrorist, tool the, ability to shut down an entire system, shut, down an entire banking, system, those. Are all the things that unfortunately, we'll be dealing with in the next four, or five years. As cyber starts,

2017-12-03 05:08

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He's a really good story teller

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here i am with a Felony, from a DUI accident where no one got hurt. 1st DUI ever at the age of 22. I still have the felony and do not work for the FBI. I would kill for that job.

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Shut the fuck up you pathetic bitch. If you got nothing nice to say, then keep your fat fucking mouth closed you worthless piece of fucking shit. Go burn in fucking hell, you fucking faggot

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The insignificance of your reply. Try harder, princess.

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If you use a credit card at an ATM in Europe isn't that a cash advance, therefore subject to huge fees and not worth it?

This isn't true, I found out today. While BofA has special partners, it is only for using debit cards, not credit cards as Abagnale suggests. I don't know how you can travel abroad with just a credit card and avoid paying for very expensive cash advances

no, banks have special partners all around the world. For example, bank of america (USA) and Paris Bas (France) agree that when people travel, they can use their banks/ATMs as if they were the same institution

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me encanta todo

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"A child needs its mother, and its father. All children do. All Children are entitled to a mother and a father". What a terrible cis-gendered heteronormative perspective hosted and promoted by Google. That is hate speech. And it marginalizes the efforts by LGBTQ+ parents and single mothers everywhere. Google should censor itself off youtube and the internet as a whole!!! lol.

are you serious? hope the "lol" means not

His new way of thinking has worked for him and the people he's surrounded himself with for his whole adult life, so I find it hard to knock the guy for not softening his statements when the translations can be implied and understood and there's a different understanding than the one your mind has highlighted for you. If you take a moment and think of alternative interpretations that are less offensive to you, they're all more likely closer to the truth, so go with the odds, and you'll love the results, or so I've told or read or just thought

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he's probably invited to speak a lot



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"A real man loves his wife. A real man is faithful to his wife. And a real man, next to God and his country, put his wife and his children as the most important thing in his life." There it is.

This guy is incredible. How he can just speak so fluidly with no uh's and uhm's. Wow. Interesting watch, thanks Google!

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How did you pass the Bar Exam? Ofcourse you are a Genius!!!!!

An American bar exam, not a real one.

He got style

43:17 good advice

this guy comes in with a great message about personal responsibility and redemption, and the very first question immediately starts with the feminist horseshit. Impostor syndrome, fuck off. Not the same thing at all. There was no syndrome about it, this guy was a straight up impostor. The entire concept of Impostor syndrome, accepting that it even exists, is more of this victim mentality horseshit. Everyone has feelings doubt and insecurity from time to time, but if you label those feelings a "syndrome", then people internalize that syndrome as a part of their identity. If you're a woman in the highly competitive field of tech, and you can't muster the confidence to not think of yourself as an impostor, then you have no business being in that field.

I guess we will have to let them be the judge who's confidence is misplaced

no, all you've done is shown everyone what an insane amount of misplaced confidence in your own intelligence you have. Time to stop huffing your own farts.

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I'm sorry, I can't keep you idiots straight. You're all the same kind of dipshit to me. Look, you either agree that google's corporate culture is infested with radical left-wing ideology, or you're wrong. Google makes no secret of their political stance and the environment they foster there. I never made an ad hominem fallacy, name calling isn't ad hominem, it's just insults you moron. There was no logical progression from the insult. The woman laptop thing isn't false cause either you idiot. The straw-man thing too. Making presumptions isn't straw-manning. straw-manning is when you unfairly represent the oppositions argument and then attack that unfair representation, instead of their actual argument. You haven't given me an actual argument to attack or successfully rebutted my original point, you've just been flinging insults. So all you've proven is that A. you don't know what you're talking about and B. You're a pretentious faggot that likes to bluff with logical fallacies that you don't understand the meaning of. I love how every dipshit with a laptop thinks their a logician now too. hilarious... Nobody talked this way in the 90s.

Ad hominem, on multiple occasions. False cause with the woman reading from a laptop. Strawman by presuming my beliefs on google's culture. Let me know if you want to actually try to argue a point, or just want to continue to assume what people feel or think, and then call them names based on those presumptions.

Name them, lol. I love how defensive you faggots are getting about this btw. This is hilarious. If you don't have an actual argument, just accuse them of being in a basement (Which is an actual logical fallacy, ad hominem) or accuse them of making fallacious statements with zero supporting statements. Fucking children.

I count at least 3 logical fallacies in that response...

Yeah, the question she read off the laptop, written either by her or another googler. Are you doubting that google's corporate culture is infested with radical progressive ideas? Because you're making yourself look like a retard if you think otherwise.

Nice projection. How is your mom's basement?

shitposting on 4chan in your moms basement isn't working in tech btw

You mean the question she read off of the laptop? Shes a dumb woman because she read a question someone else asked? You have no idea who asked the question, yet you saw a woman talking and immediately felt threatened. Was the next question she read off the laptop also "feminist horseshit?"

I know, and I do. But at least I'm right.

You're just a prick. Own it.

who hurt you? are you mad that a woman gets to ask questions?

you have no idea what you're talking about :)

Neither that question nor the answer brings up feminism or anything related. Imposter syndrome is not unique to a feminist worldview; it's pretty much universal. As is, apparently, a persecution complex.

If they release this video in theatres, I would watch as many as times as I watched "Catch me If you can" movie. Just Inspiring.

Why would Google glorify a criminal? Even a well-spoken one?

Hey, you might be right. I stopped after 11 minutes but will listen to the rest thanks to your replys. Good evening!

He is not being glorified here. In fact, he is extremely critical of himself and explains that he has spent the remainder of his life working in repentence, even 30 years after the 12 years that was required had already been served.

I don't think that spending five years in prison was enough.

Maybe because sometimes when you are a criminal who hasn't killed anyone and pay your dues (which he obviously has), you get to re-enter society and get to live as a human being.

Because his life is still meaningful despite being a criminal.

What a speaker. What a story. Damn.

Pretty hypocritical to come from google, with the news of them tracking you without knowing...

Work in analysis/dataviz, not google though. In all fairness, data is used to make the said product/service more profitable in the sense that customers will better like it and use more of it. Yes it is for profit but are you really outraged that a business collects information so you'll like the product more? The only reason they want your information is so they can make you like them more. They will do this because it works. People like targeted ads and they enjoy that some algorithm personalizes their experience, there's not much nefarious activity going on when users want the things that you are actively looking into. Data breaches are a different conversation but in regular analytics, they only look so they can see what you like.

I knew it all along, but this kind of stuff is unacceptable. You have their stocks or something?

Don't pretend like you didn't know. Every piece of technology you own has built in analytics


After the 2008 Stanford hack, the Kroll 1 year of credit monitoring was utterly useless. And now with Equifax, basically every adult is the US open to identity theft.

Great talk, but he's wrong that we'll be getting rid of passwords anytime soon!

Incredible, thank you for sharing!!!

No evidence for gods so indoctrination does not make a wise man.

Don't betray your kid's trust as a parent.


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Do you concur?

As far as youtube comments go... this is beautiful.

Why didn't I concur?

Concur with what, Sir?

Yes, I concur

Thank you Google for bringing him up on your esteemed platform and also thank you Mr. Abagnale for sharing your story. I'm grateful.

i'm not crying

Wow that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen on Youtube. A+, would watch an hour of ads to see this guy speak for another hour, so get on it Google. What kind of balls does it take to fly all over the world in the god damn cockpit of a plane. This guy is fascinating, and I would like to hear him go further into the technological side of his work. Jesus that was awesome.

Yeah that movie was an instant favorite of mine, it is really well done. It was interesting to hear about Hollywood inserting a strong father figure into the movie and how that contrasts with the reality of the situation. I feel like Hollywood does a disservice to those who maybe have bad parental relationships through this alteration. It is even more amazing that this guy did all of these things without any support to fall back on.

Have you seen the film? Abagnale has a fascinating story, it stars Leo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks, and it's a great movie to boot

Awesome story

Very interesting to hear this story from the man himself

A wealth of knowledge!! Thank you Google and Mr. Abagnale

Two mice fell into a bucket of cream.

Where you going tonight Frank? Someplace Exotic?

My question is, what happened to the other mouse when the cream was churned to butter? Is there just a dead mouse mixed in to the butter? Gross.


rub one out cream?

That was great. Thank you.

Frank is very articulate with his speaking, but it honestly gives me a headache because he talks so fast like this as if he has never used a period or comma in his life and doesn't know where the sentence begins or ends and just keeps talking and talking without any pauses.

The stones on this guy are ridiculous.

DaViE DiSKoMcDee I don't get your anger, are you related to the speaker?

Yes he says the same thing nearly exactly in every speech. People like these are extremely intelligent and probably hate having to think about how to say it different. Doesn't change how cool the things he did

Obviously massively rehearsed but incredible to watch nonetheless. Frank's literally famous for being a smooth-talking con-man. After watching him speak live I can believe that he really did charm and deceive all those people.

No bitcoin question?

Thanks Google and Mr. Abagnale for this amazing talk. I thought I'm only gonna watch 10 min of this video, but ended up spending an entire hour to finish it! If my profs were like this during lectures, I would've aced all my exams lol

Oh! I agree how he must've told this story quite a few times, so the familiarity must've brought most of the fluidity in speech. But the amazing thing is that even when he's answering questions asked by different people in the audience! I wish I had a fraction of his brain's reaction speed. LOL.

bit of a monologue kind of talk...almost like reading off a tele-prompter..not many expressions..most of us use uh's and uhm's as we need time to think on what to say or forget something and need time to recollect...Orators like Frank have the ability to rule the world and motivate people. Can be Good or Bad.

Whats the Credit Monitoring Systems he referred to?

So you are actually making his point for him - Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested and charged. Perhaps you think the AMA will be contacting him soon...!?

So your point is that black people can also commit fraud? That's not really a counter-point to my initial claim, but good try.

False. Google Malachi Love-Robinson A teen who masqueraded as a doctor in Florida.

No I don't, remember I work in Stem, back-end web development. And for the past ten years Women have been receiving far, far more encouragement than men in tech, even though women still only comprise about 10-20% of the classrooms and even less in the work force. Except for when it comes to things like biological sciences, which for some reason far more women are drawn to than men. The flip side to tech is that once you cross over into web design, mostly women. I think liberals have the wrong premise. It's not institutionalized sexism that keeps women out of certain fields, it's the women themselves. Women overwhelmingly choose career paths that give them a sense that they're helping humanity, and higher job satisfaction, vs just making money. My own sister, who has a master's in psychology, did this. Instead of going into private practice, which is far more lucrative, she chose to work with state agencies to help homeless people. But I don't just have anecdotal evidence, if you believed the stats, they'd paint the same picture. Feminists are running around screaming about, and trying to put out fires that were extinguished in the 70s and 80s.

Do you believe men and women receive an equal amount of resources and encouragement to pursue careers in science and technology?

What a guy..respect!

Movies are bollocks aren't they...........

Thank you, Frank Abagnale. Brilliant

I concur, Doctor

Wow this guy is impressive

This is brilliant. He’s lying to make the point about lying. Moreover, he proves to the audience that you interpret his lying differently at different points in his story (i.e. he repeats himself, audience laughs the first time but is skeptical the second time… very interesting). Wait, does Abagnale (here) lie any more than Spielberg lies when he depicts Catch Me If You Can as “based on a true story”? Man he’s good. Is based on a true story, *the true story*? Does it matter? Wowza

He is also tall, attractive and has an incredibly high IQ.

50 years ago.


Brandon I.T. 1337 Problem is unlikely that God exist and if you look from space countries dont exist too.

lol, says you. Try telling that to a homeless white guy. No body gives a shit about him. And how are we "clearly seeing" that tech is hostile to women? I work in tech and I don't see that. I hear people on the far left bitching about it, but I never see it. Also, have you noticed that the people getting accused of sexual impropriety int he workplace happen to be the same douche bags that espouse all these social justice ideas? Male feminists are creeps. And before you say "Ah ha! you say you never see it, but you're admiting some of these guys prey on women!". Yeah, there's a few high profile cases, out of the millions of people who work in the industry. It's less than 1% of the industry. I read about a psychological phenomenon in a psychology text book once where people go on public crusades against their own demons to take suspicion off themselves and alleviate themselves of guilt. The example in the book was of a preacher who was always railing about pedophilia, when he was secretly in fact a pedophile.

We're clearly seeing now that male dominated fields like tech, media, and politics are hostile to women. You are right that life is hard, just much much harder for those who aren't fortunate enough to be a white male.

I don't think media has as powerful as an influence as you think. Besides, this is a chicken and egg question. Does life imitate art, or the other way around? And claiming that women are so weak willed that they won't pursue their passions and interests because a field is male dominated, or because some sexist prick somewhere along the line told them they can't, I think is condescending and insulting to women. Life is hard, no matter which path you take, for different reasons. I dont see the problem here. I know competent female programmers, who they tend to be drawn to the front-end of web dev for whatever reason, but they are not dissuaded by being around nerdy gross socially awkward dudes because they enjoy their craft and have an appreciation for the logic and problem solving aspects of the field. But besides all that, What is your solution? I think whatever the far left progressive radicals propose, monkeying with social systems and artificially inflating numbers of certain groups in certain fields, has far more potential for damage than it does to solve a problem which may or may not even exist. I get that all these SJW social movements are ostensibly more empathetic than the conservative thinking on the issue. But i really think these people's "solutions" to these "problems" are myopic.

But how much of that choice to seek out less lucrative positions is reinforced in popular media and the fact that certain fields are so male dominated? I think it’s hard to ignore that 80% of characters in movies and TV with STEM jobs are male, which exactly mirrors the gender make-up you’ve observed of these fields in university.

Thank you for posting this, the q&a when he talks about credit and security was great!

The one thing I am taking away from his talk is the attitude towards life despite his past and present. Clearly a life lived and learned from.

Thanks on the tip on how to forge a check, brb, imma make some phone calls..

The F.B.I. is an organization that routinely does [1] civil asset forfeiture (stealing), [2] bribes BestBuy employees, [3] perjury, [4] illegal surveillance (warrantless wiretaps, cellphone stingrays), [5] Extraordinary rendition (kidnapping), [6] Use of "informants" to convince others to commit crimes (entrapment), or as Mr. Abagnale puts it: "The most ethical people".

I remember seeing the movie for the first time under 10 and thinking "wow, that's cool". Later I caught all the details the second time seeing the movie and thinking "what an amazing man". A couple years later, I see this talk and I am just in awe. This man's entire life has been such incredible, stupendous, serendipitous happenstance. His experiences. His character. Everything fell into place so many times over. Even his setbacks gave some shape to who he is. The universe rolled the dice and got yahtzee.

I concur...

So he was a charlatan since his 16 at least.

All this and now Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump is his boss.

People like you will be the demise of freedom.

I'd say it's white privilege. White women are an even more privileged and protected class.

dutchdaedalus this man, in effect, lost his parents abruptly when he was still a kid. It was so devastating to him to see his parents divorce that he ran away. So he has a sore area there. He seems to have spent the rest of his life healing that wound through his marriage. The problem I have with people like you, is that you are so touchy, you don't see the forest from the trees. Just as his wound has blinded him to his proclivity, you have your own proclivity you are blind to. Seek to understand for others, not to be understood, then you will be understood.

This skill comes from memorizing and reciting prayers in Catholic school. I think that schooling also gave him other attributes - a mature, wholesome appearance, an ability to come across professionally, etc

best man since jesus

this is the most incredible version, just briliant!

Ya sons been fawgin checks

to hear abagnale praise the members of the fbi and to know that he is telling the truth about their makes me so angry that trump...that orange disparaging of the fbi...accusing them of being on a witch hunt etc.... trump is so unfit for's maddening.

government issued passwords for online identity. is that a good idea?

It's interesting how are culture embraces criminals, as long as they are good at what they do or have charisma. Kinda like celebs who get in trouble. If we like them and they're talented enough, they get a pass. This man served his time, so i'm not condemning him. It's just an observation.

That was a great story.

At the end, he dodges the question about whether he pretended to be a pilot to fly away again (in real life) after starting at the FBI like he did in the movie.

LOL...I just snorted cornflakes up my nose is strange

There are credit cards with special benefits for travelers. I am assuming his cards offer international charges with no fee.

Seán O'Nilbud


getting caught is a lot easier today too though, even if its easier to make the ids

This was just amazing! I never saw the movie, heard of it but never saw it. Now I wish I had. Going to rent it. Thank you Frank Abagnale! Your story is amazing and the way you present it is even more amazing.

Wow... Now that's how you tell a story. Frank Abignale's tale strikes eloquently as an example of God's grace. A journey this crazy wouldn't be believable if he didn't live it, and wouldn't be like able if he didn't tell it. In the end, Frank will have one more chapter to tell. The beautiful chapter. The one where he runs but does not grow weary and is never caught by Death Hell and the Grave.

Everything was great, except he shows he has no clue about personal finance.

Great conman but he can't fool anyone with that comb over.

What happened to the guy from Brooklyn with the bicycle? Or the other guy born in 1948.

His summary of the future, (pacemakers and cars) sounds like the future of war.

Andrew Anderson He helped prevent more crimes then he did himself so..

Depends on your credit card. With a high enough rating, and spending habits, you get some pretty good benefits.

Tell me you are joking.

no idea that that's progressive

parodyvideos Wow your so progressive duuude.

I bet you he has an eidetic memory (more commonly called "photographic memory"). Imagine the learning curve he handled, all without reading manuals, for the most part. On the flip side, he never had any problem inferring very accurately from context and improvising. He claims not to be a genius, but you simply don't make the use of all the opportunities he did without a pretty unusual set of talents. Not skills, since he did all of it untrained. The skill was knowledge picked up a split second beforehand. He also likely trained himself at a very early age not to ever say "uh" or "um." He was such a chameleon. It's likely that he unconsciously or intuitively imitated the mannerisms of whomever he admired, confident, successful people. Consider being someone of such innate talents. He didn't gain the skills or knack through formal training, so he still thinks of it as no big deal. But to do anything like he did, you'd have to have such a fine-tuned mind and excellent recall. Thank god he works for the FBI and the United States. Also thank god that his intentions have been positive for the last 40+ years. Banks and all the other institutions with incompetent security need to listen to this guy. The entire data sector should just pick all it can from his brain for as long as possible. He'd probably write the book on all security for the next 40 years. If only the right ideas were implemented competently and ethically, the whole would could probably avoid a LOT of nastiness coming our way over the next few decades. Then again, if half of the workforce does get eliminated (through automation) by 2050, then ordinary people will have to become hackers just to put food on the table. (Otherwise most of us will have to become farmers and ranchers, if THAT'S even viable 20 or 30+ years from now. Maybe some of both?) It'll be interesting to see how everything shakes out. How close to cyberpunk fiction will the world get? I hope I live long enough to witness even a little of it, either to be relieved that it's not so bad or to whisper, "I told ya so, but you wouldn't listen."

Just means he's not retarded. He probably told his story thousands of times during 30 years.

Stock Tip: Trusona. Not yet public :/

Idiot kids walking in front of him. What's amazing is that the nitwits don't even know that they are rude!! Today's generation is social misfits so can only communicate via Facebook and tweets! Little social skills...

Lots of nitwits working at Google? Sounds right old man

Wow, he’s crisp and clear.

Truly fascinating and uplifting.

"A small town in the south of France called Montpellier" and later "A small town..called Perpignan" Those cities have respectively 250.000 and 125.000 inhabitants. So a little over the population of Salt Lake City. "Town". Lol.

Mind. Blown.

Excellent, inspiring ... thank you for sharing.

Robert Hirsch oh please shut the fuck up and keep your simpleton political opinions to yourself. Think for yourself and don't copy and paste from the higher ups

It's a terrible fucking idea. That would mean they could simply decide to disable your access to all your accounts for any reason. You'll enjoy this video:

Owen is spot on. His detractors are those who do not know what they take for granted and thus invisible to their eyes let alone their minds.

In the context of this speech, I don't think Frank was intentionally making a negative statement about non-heterosexual parents or single parents.

catch me outside if you can how bou da :D

Answer to the first question.. well as they say "fake it till you make it" :)

Sincerity in an age of insincerity. A welcome change of pace. Thanks for posting.


35:29 "i'm not a big movie person and i watch very little television. not as a kid and not now. i certainly don't go to movies." no wonder. dude's got a razor sharp intellect.

And what does a real woman do? Because most men are absent from their children's lives because of the whim of an ex-wife and a biased "family" court.

catch me if you of the best movies ever made !!

The plug for Trusona was a pretty obvious shill considering he's an advisor for the company, and used in their ads.

And, of course, he was 100% upfront about it. You can check out Trusona and make your own decisions. No, I don't work for Trusona.

To the Moon

I wonder how much of the story is true. How much does he get paid to speak?

What does it matter whether he gets paid, or not, or how much?

White privilege. Many white young millennials don't know how valuable white skin is. It is the international lingua franca, open sesame and it opens.

Great guy. Unlike the robot people asking questions.

@59:50 - Thats why i only drive used, mostly non-electronical cars. without build in gps etc. or with electronics that I know. Thats why i never will use Trusona. Thats why i know what to do with my real accounts. Abagnales history is interesting. But now what he is doing ... is not something I like.

Battlestar Galactica strategy: it's what saved them from the Cylons.

Is the idea of prison to punish a person or rehabilitate them?

Marduk being a dumb person isn't a felony?!

A dui is a dumb persons mistake ... not really a felony in my opinion ... this guy showed huge potential

Wonderboywonderings I like to think so. Nothing too technical though. The thought is entertaining.

Sammy Shmilfke...or is it?

kill for that job? Probably not the best way to get a job at the FBI

His name was Michael Hastings!

Chris Clements there is no god you fool

Toby Kral can be once you learn something inside out and ask your God to bless you with articulation..

Toby Kral "I wish I *could* be as articulate as him."

Exactly. A black man commits a crime and he goes to jail for life. A Muslim commits a crime and they sentence they're dead. We need to smash the white patriarchy!

zztop3000 I'm a purple man jealous of the green man!

What about the power of green male privilege. Those green men get all the jobs!

Owen F lol more people who hate white people. He could have been black in Nigeria and had same thing happen and you wouldn't have same "black privilege". Stupid moron Cunt.

You are absolutely right. There is no scientific evidence that child needs a male father and female father. Parenting has nothing to do with sex. A child needs love. That's it. Keep gender out of it. We stand with our LGBTQ+ brethren

All americans talk without saying that horseshit. They have a class called public speaking in school and start at early age. It's important in communication to talk without unnecessary interruptions, or so called noise in the signal.

I bet you he has an eidetic memory (more commonly called "photographic memory"). Imagine the learning curve he handled, all without reading manuals, for the most part. On the flip side, he never had any problem inferring very accurately from context and improvising. He claims not to be a genius, but you simply don't make the use of all the opportunities he did without a pretty unusual set of talents. Not skills, since he did all of it untrained. The skill was knowledge picked up a split second beforehand. He also likely trained himself at a very early age not to ever say "uh" or "um." He was such a chameleon. It's likely that he unconsciously or intuitively imitated the mannerisms of whomever he admired, confident, successful people. Consider being someone of such innate talents. He didn't gain the skills or knack through formal training, so he still thinks of it as no big deal. But to do anything like he did, you'd have to have such a fine-tuned mind and excellent recall. Thank god he works for the FBI and the United States. Also thank god that his intentions have been positive for the last 40+ years. Banks and all the other institutions with incompetent security need to listen to this guy. The entire data sector should just pick all it can from his brain for as long as possible. He'd probably write the book on all security for the next 40 years. If only the right ideas were implemented competently and ethically, the whole world could probably avoid a LOT of nastiness coming our way over the next few decades. Then again, if half of the workforce does get eliminated (through automation) by 2050, then ordinary people will have to become hackers just to put food on the table. (Otherwise most of us will have to become farmers and ranchers, if THAT'S even viable 20 or 30+ years from now. Maybe some of both?) It'll be interesting to see how everything shakes out. How close to cyberpunk fiction will the world get? I hope I live long enough to witness even a little of it, either to be relieved that it's not so bad or to whisper, "I told ya so, but you wouldn't listen."

That was excellent, thanks for sharing it with us Google!

He's from Connecticut....

The former director of the F.B.I. also has direct and indirect databases and evidences crime roles and sequence shits in courts tied to areas's and to online crimes tied.

THat nature of "confidence" was/is recorded manifest worse than interstate, and with these fact treatments exploited by what was/is Trade Center/inter-nation, and inter-inter-nation criminal enterprises juxtaposed through areas's maintained criinally foreign infleunced, and with/as online crime methods recorded, too, with/as Sandy HOok investigations and investigators. We have all we need recorded. It shows other formally pretended, and recorded criminally pretending it's tied to our nations's forced undercover relationships here, and there, and everywhere, and with the forced criminally markets's positions and databases relationships and abridged Constitution roles pretended patriotism used for fact treatment nature breaching tools. Areas's and states's formal opinions are in collusion with other nations's knaves to all microphones, and to/as all courts recorded criminally foreign influenced through online, inter-campus, and areas's racekts not let reported. We'll examine how not one man spoke for Hartford Connecticut, but speaks anyway for what a father is with convictions. Mine was best. Control your minds. Opinions only crest.

That confidence was/is criminal foreign influenced.

Were there ties to witness fabrications with the attorney general tied to the singles's complex? Was it tied to on/off campuses rackets/databases ones? All modern nations lost to a databases/evidences crime method that was/is maintaining modern nations as breaching tools through areas, and through states's areas's maintained criminal foreign persuasions, and suit and tie collusion with other nations's, and with other nations's suit and tie counters all forced as criminal insidiousness natures per how markets's positions were forced on our nations. The Quran was/is about this. We've pseudo-science, pseudo-peace. Campus Marcius rises in the east. The F.B.I. was/is with crime roles against each age of fact treatment nature, and with the Trade Center with nations, even ours, not capable of countering it, and for how already having been tied to databases/investigators's relied on evidences crime roles/databasese illusion stacking and tied actors's verbal fact treatment nature collusion roles. "Criminal justice" is sick with nations's police and overt criminal enterprises here, and through mental healthcare tied to courts's recorded breached databases/evidences/name switching and sequence shifting collusion facilitated motivated against strangers, and facilitated pretended for other reasons. This maintains nations needing differences to hide their exploitations of them tied to areas's/states's lie progressions coverups and roles with/as evil. See the people stacking recorded criminally foreign influenced with zoning laws not let demonstrated?

CT was/is cherry tree in trap. Yet none could rap.

A wonderful story but in this day and age, looking forward to being a good husband and father does not make you a “man.” Women and society no longer respect men or fathers. Any man foolish enough to marry or reproduce will be doomed to a life of slavery and mediocrity. What makes a man a “man” is his ability to find a purpose for his own existence and to do that which makes his life a life worth living. If becoming a cuck or a disposable male utility to a woman makes you a man, a good man you will cease to be.

Dj Gastro You left your family huh?

I think the most important thing he says stays at half past the 25 minute. Thank you for sharing your story.

What a guy!


He's spot on about divorce. This is an honorable man.

At what point did he reform if he knows about cyber crime?

Truly one of the best speeches I have seen.

Loved the movie as well. Can watch it over and over. Spielberg and DiCaprio caught the spirit of this guy. His family breakup really destroyed him, or, almost. His rehabilitation is well deserved. Well done FBI, for giving him the chance, a most underrated organisation. What came across to me about the movie is that it was a love story. Frank's talk confirms that. Well done Frank. You should be president.

Livestronger And that's why you show people how to lift heavy things as a career.

morpheus305 Like I said. He's served his debt to society. I'm not condemning him. I just find it interesting how we glorify men like him, Al Capone, wolf of wall street. But we hate the petty thief.

chefawkes One of few intelligent comments.

Yu Chen Cheng Wow an entire hour of your life!! Now go back to study for nothing.

You have skills worthy of the FBI?

Andy T because it's all nonsense

Normal Guy How you know?

Transchrono oh shut up will you

13000 agents and 25000 supports and 1 in 10:000 applicants, = 38000 picked at the rate of 1 in every 10,000. That means there would have to be 380 million applicants, doesnt it? Whats the population of the USA?

This guy broke society

Sure was distracting to have that girl up front bobble up and down three times in the first five minutes, and SO RUDE to have those idiots with their backpacks to exit through the front of the room! You telling me there is NO OTHER EXIT available in that room? That's against fire laws. They're just assholes.

Dj Gastro It's cool bro, you can wait til you're 40. Don't go childless though. It's not the way of the man.

Andy T I’ll try my best to not have one. At least, not here in America.

mevsthor, I mean when you think about it no African, or Asian or middle easterner can pull this off, even now. Forget the fact that it happened ages ago.

Jarrod D'Jean just like that huh?

How do convicted criminals get to join 3 letter agencies?

This was by far 100 times better than the book and the movie combined. Water straight from the source. Brilliant. Intelligence is one thing but confidence is another and Abignail absolutely drips confidence. He's also obviously way above average intelligence but he's a man that has great self reflection and understanding of himself.

This Is really amazing!

Personally I think it was a mistake for the FBI to take him in. You can't develop trust with someone known for falsely gaining trust. Pretty incompetent of the FBI, but that is bureaucracy for you.

Maybe it came down to a gamble. Somebody needed more arrests and if he didn't get them he would be fired. So what do you have to lose? Go ahead and compromise the whole outfit because the worst case scenario for you personally is just being fired no matter what you do. You see this a lot in the corporate world. Leaders will often compromise the future of a department, store, region, etc just so that they can personally look good and not get fired for at least one more quarter or year.

Tunnel Vision!

I have good credit. Pointless. No job.

This non-pause style almost sounds like Eugene from the walking dead...

He doesn't seem brainwashed at all..

Enjoyable up to the point where it became a bit religions.

43:15 Interesting that Abegnale says credit cards are the safest method of payment, and to never use a debit card. Here in Indonesia we consider credit cards to be the most dangerous because it exposes you to mounting debt with compounding interest, whereas with a debit card you only spend the money you actually have and no more. Having debt is more dangerous than _not_ having money. (To us, here.)

what an elequent speaker he is! I didn't expect that.

Now I know why the FBI wanted him on site and offered him a job,,,,,,,, can you imagine this man loose? verry verry smart,,,,,, i would have asked him about the eclaire in exchange for " how did he pass the bar exam seen

Debit cards work just fine... if you have a chip with a pin. No need to build a 'credit score' if your country isn't built on debt...

He was a legend then. thats cool. but what's even cooler is that he's a legend still by keeping up to today's technology and can still play his game. *Old but not obsolete*

Ironically, I trust Abignale because he was a criminal before he became

This video is WAY COOLER THAN THE MOVIE but still love the movie Leo D,Christopher W and Tom H and the young Amy Adams.

very informative and intriguing lecture. Also was delivered in a very clear and precise manner.

Montpellier is the fastest growing city in France over the last 25 years and this happened over 40 years ago. So it might have been a small town back then.

Yeah, I'm wondering if the House of Cards team used him as inspiration lol

so fascinating, the man is smart, capable, ingenuitive, resourceful, determined...and dares to take risk....I would hire someone with such qualities.....

Females in tech are so not needed and unnecessary.

Trusona stuff freaks me out. A password ssytem can be an alias, with Trusona everything will be your personal accounts. If someone doesnt like you, they can ban you and lock you out of the system. And they control that.

So many upset SJW's guess they never met John Lee aka John Threat. Holds the record for fastest to scam a phone company operator out of passwords.

The only part I do not concur is be a real man part. Money, achievement, skill, accomplishment, position ARE everything to a men, without them a man is not a man, he is a loser. You gave us those beautiful unrealistic words because you ALREADY got those things. Today's women are bitchier than ever, family court is hostile towards men, I see absolutely no reason to marry a women at all, fxxk and dump is the way to go and it is women's fault.

after watching this, i'm left speechless, just speechless.

Life works in a mysterious way, some peoples do small things and spend the rest of their life in the prison. Other do big and crazy things and are still celebrated and viewed as Hero!!

Loved the book and the Man is so much more. Frank you are a true gentleman!

i have a thing about overly rehearsed talks. dude comes off as a total douche.

Hackers do not cause breaches, people do.

The "scammer" look. Abignaile looks like Maidoff!

He is a genius and a idol for many people nowadays, Beside he will be more than that after his death also. Thanks Google to present such a man at YouTube.

Very interesting presentation and I will be ditching my debit card very quickly. Credit card only from now on!

This man is a (self-avowed) seamless liar. He is able to make people believe he is a doctor, a lawyer, an airline pilot and now he is telling us that he is a spy, an undercover agent, a true patriot, a moral man, a good father, an upright citizen, a reformed fellow, a teacher of FBI agents. Catch on! his deception is hiding in plain sight, and the endorsement of the worlds greatest dream caster (Spielberg) works just like the Pilot uniform; we lose our skepticism. :-)

what a legend.

"Where ya goin tonight Frank? Some place exotic? Tahiti? Hawaii?" (-_-) *sax music in the background*

Even better than Leonardo Di Caprio's movie!

Jarrod D'Jean to be fair 99% of white people couldn't pull off what this guy did, but I get what you're saying.

Yep. And the reason so many people want a job there is because they pay so much, as in way over the market price. Any organization can use someone else's money (taxpayer money) and over-pay in the market to make your jobs the jobs that everyone wants. Start paying normal rates and the FBI will be taking 1 out of 100 applicants in no time at all. And at that point the only type of people who will want the job are people want to exercise power over others. Corrupt and politiczed to the core, the FBI is NOT a prestigious organization to work for.

Some parents are idiots. Hiding things from kids simply means you are ensuring that they will be unprepared for it when they actually have to deal with it.

He doesn't look anything like Leonardo DiCaprio.

I loved this video. Thank you for posting! I wish he would speak at more venues. So inspiring!!!

so he basicly said equifax was negligant, and is knowingly offering a bogus fix , a bogus fix they will make millions of dollars on, and 150 million people should now spend 12 dollars every month trying to protect themselves for that negligence of a company they trusted .... if that doesnt make ur blood boil and make u not call ur congresmen, i dont think u can be a called a father or a good citizen hehe. On top of all that citizens cant unite anymore to sue them thanks to congress, they sitting pretty and will make millions while 100+ million people who cant afford protection will have to gamble and pray their data doesnt get abused. Its the perfect crime, with 150 million victims and a few happy new millionaires , and that folks is how the 1% gets filthy rich and your family suffers. Cause u let them get away with it.

i think girl in the first row asking questions is cute !

Glad he said that about needing both parents. All the faggots and selfish bitches like at my university ruined my generation. Google take note of Damore!

Fantastic talk, but it peeved me that he praises the Trusona software so immensely , seemingly without considering how "someone would use that technology in a negative, self serving way".

i wonder if he is logged in to an google accound on his device..

His Story really resonates with me. A lot of parallels to my own life. Interesting he’s against divorce too.

What he did as a kid was illegal and immoral but what he's done since is extrodinary. I respect the man he's become .

what credit monitoring service does he use?

The funny part is, that's NOT really HIM!!!! Someone actually Abagnaled him. What a crazy turn of events. Poetic, very poetic.

He's moved onto BitCoin ! invest right now suckers ! He's a smart man.

Don’t get it He starts off by saying how awful his father was and ends up saying how loving he was Can you believe anything this man says?

Listen to the beginning again.  He said he didn't talk to his mother again for seven years after he left, and never saw his father again or talked to him.  Later he explained this was because his father died before he came back to see them.  He never said anything negative about his father at any point.

incredible ........... i think his view of the FBI, is a bit Jaded.....

Incredibly moving story. Hopefully Frank's personal journey, including his struggles, inspires others. It's never too late to make changes to your life. Remarkable story.

Really did churn things into butter. Glad you changed your start in life because of knowing right from wrong. Of course when you make bad decisions, it never really gets changed to good by way of better choices. However, if you believe in God almighty and have faith that he understands everything about our circumstances at every level of our being, and have true sorrow in our heart, I believe he will be merciful with such an individual. Peace be with you by way of the truth that only Gods word is able to supply. Glad you told your story.

This guy did stammer a single time...

Sorry I didn't ask you. Did I hurt your wittle snowflake feelings?

MagicChef men are uselss

If everything required a Trusona ID, there are many people who would consider that the mark of the beast and would viciously oppose it.

Marc Bell cause they want the good ones

RESPONSIBLE use of credit cards is what he is recommending. He recommends credit cards over debit cards because of the protections against fraud, of which he is a globally known expert. I am sure that if he felt the need, he would use cash... But even cash can be counterfeited and he loses out. Frank is a master of using other peoples money and letting someone else take the risks. When using credit cards, as stated, the cc company assumes all the risks when it is used because the banks are chasing the interest for carrying a balance that someone with great credit will seldom allow them to get. All that aside... If one cannot control their spending, then they deserve no credit.

'Being black is the new white priviledge', man what kind of alternate universe. You must not be exposed to Asia, Africa and latin America.

Jarrod D'Jean dumbest shit I've ever heard I would say that being black is the new white privilege b

Everything is a town compared to new York

completely different departments inside the FBI, trump isn't saying every single FBI operative is a 'witch'

shiet mang show me evidence that this is parroting before you run your mouth


Damn, and I thought Hollywood biopics were utterly reliable!

This guy has employees have no right to be in the same room...

നിങ്ങൾ ഫ്രാങ്ക് ‌അബെഗ്നേലിനെക്കുറിച്ചു് കേട്ടിട്ടുണ്ടായിരിക്കുമല്ലോ അല്ലേ? ചിലരെങ്കിലും "Catch me if you can" എന്ന ഹോളിവുഡ് സിനിമ കണ്ടിട്ടുമുണ്ടായിരിക്കാം. ( ഇതുവരെ ഇല്ലേ? അയ്യേ!!!!) 1960-കളിൽ വെറും 16 വയസ്സിൽ വീട്ടുകാരിൽനിന്നും ഒളിച്ചോടിയ ഒരു അമേരിക്കൻ പയ്യൻ, പ്രത്യേകിച്ച് വലിയ പ്ലാനിങ്ങും ലക്ഷ്യങ്ങളൊന്നുമില്ലാതെ, വെറും താൽക്കാലികമായ ഒരു തരികിട കാര്യത്തിനു് പാൻ ആം എയർലൈൻസിന്റെ ഒരു പൈലറ്റ് യൂണിഫോമും കള്ളപ്പേരിലുള്ള ഒരു ബാഡ്ജും ഒപ്പിച്ചെടുത്തു. ഒരു ബാഡ്ജും യൂണിഫോമും വിദഗ്ദ്ധമായി ഉപയോഗിച്ച് അവൻ അടുത്ത രണ്ടുവർഷം കൊണ്ടു് ലോകം മുഴുവൻ ഒരു പൈലറ്റിന്റെ വേഷത്തിൽ ചുറ്റി സഞ്ചരിച്ചു. 250 ലധികം തവണ വിമാനയാത്ര നടത്തി. നൂറുകണക്കിനു ബാങ്കുകളെ കബളിപ്പിച്ചു് ദശലക്ഷക്കണക്കിനു ഡോളർ എഴുതിയെടുത്തു. ഡോക്ടറായും വക്കീലായും ഗവണ്മെന്റ് ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥനായും ജോലി ചെയ്തു. അന്നത്തെ ആ തിരട്ടുകള്ളൻ പിന്നീട് ലോകകുറ്റാന്വേഷണചരിത്രത്തിലെ എക്കാലത്തേയും മികച്ച നായകനായി മാറി. ആ ഒരു യൂണിഫോം അവന്റെ മാത്രമല്ല, അമേരിക്കൻ കുറ്റാന്വേഷണസംവിധാനമായ FBIയുടേയും ബാങ്ക് ചെക്കുകളുടേയും ലോകത്തെ സൈബർ സുരക്ഷയുടേയും തന്നെ ചരിത്രം മാറ്റിയെഴുതി. നാല്പതിലധികം വർഷമായി, ഫ്രാങ്ക് അബിഗ്നേൽ ഇപ്പോഴും FBIയിലെ തലമുതിർന്ന ഒരു ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥനും ആചാര്യനും ഇതിഹാസവുമാണു്. ലോകത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും മികച്ച ബാങ്കുകളും കമ്പനികളും ഓരോ വർഷവും കോടികളാണു് അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ സെക്യൂരിറ്റി പ്രിന്റിങ്ങ് ഡിസൈനുകൾക്കു് വർഷംതോറും പ്രതിഫലമായി നൽകുന്നതു്. അദ്ദേഹം ഈ വീഡിയോയിൽ ഗൂഗിൾ എന്ന ഇന്റർനെറ്റ് ബുദ്ധിസാമ്രാജ്യത്തിലെ പുതുതലമുറ ജീനിയസ്സുകളോടു സംസാരിക്കുകയാണു്. നിങ്ങൾ ആരുമായിക്കൊള്ളട്ടെ, ഒരു മകനോ (മകളോ) അച്ഛനോ അമ്മയോ ആവാം, ബാങ്ക് ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥനോ ഉപയോക്താവോ ആവാം, ആധാർ കാർഡുമായി ഏതെങ്കിലും തരത്തിൽ ബന്ധമുള്ള ആളാവാം, കമ്പ്യൂട്ടറിലും മൊബൈൽ ഫോണിലും അര മണിക്കൂറെങ്കിലും സമയം ചെലവാക്കുന്നയാളാവാം, അതല്ലെങ്കിൽ, സോഫ്റ്റ്‌വെയർ എഞ്ചിനീയറിങ്ങ് നിങ്ങളുടെ പാഠ്യവിഷയമോ തൊഴിൽ മേഖലയോ ആവാം, ഡോക്ടറോ ടാക്സി ഡ്രൈവരോ ആവാം. അതൊന്നുമല്ലെങ്കിൽ, ഒരു സാദാ റേഷൻ കാർഡ് ഉടമയാവാം... ഡിജിറ്റൽ ഫോറൻസിക്സിന്റെ കുലപതിയെന്നു വിളിക്കാവുന്ന ഫ്രാങ്ക് അബിഗ്നേൽ സംസാരിക്കുകയാണു്.... ഈ വർഷം ഇന്റർനെറ്റിൽ നിന്നും വായിച്ചു പഠിക്കാവുന്ന ഏറ്റവും വിലപ്പെട്ട വീഡിയോ പ്രഭാഷണം. ഒരൊറ്റ ക്ലിക്കിനു് ഓടിച്ചുകണ്ടിട്ട് അടുത്ത പോസ്റ്റിലേക്കു ചാടിപ്പോവാൻ വേണ്ടിീ വീഡിയോ കാണരുതു്. ചുരുങ്ങിയതു് ഒരു മണിക്കൂറെങ്കിലും ക്വാളിറ്റി സമയം ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ മാത്രം, ഇതു കാണുക. ഇംഗ്ലീഷിലാണു് ഈ സംഭാഷണം. പക്ഷേ ക്ഷമയുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ കേട്ടു മനസ്സിലാക്കാൻ വിഷമമൊന്നുമില്ല. ആവശ്യമെങ്കിൽ നിർത്തി നിർത്തി കാണാം. താഴെയുള്ള ക്യാപ്ഷൻസ് ബട്ടൺ അമർത്തിയാൽ ഒപ്പം അടിക്കുറിപ്പുകളും (subtitles) വായിച്ചുമനസ്സിലാക്കാം.

What a fabulous story! Especially about fatherhood!

zzzz do good must his vocie put me to sleep:/ but the story is great

Man I love this story.

He speaks like he's reading a book

One of the most poignant speeches on YouTube. Something every child should hear before starting out life on their own.

So lucky to be able to get employed by the FBI as a felon. Definitely an exception to the rule that explicitly states that felons cannot be hired.

What an eloquent speaker. I wish Joe Rogan had him on his podcast.

Frank Abagnale is one of the most decent people I have ever met. He is truly inspirational.

*_Man this talk was somehow better than the movie..._*_ And that movie was by spielberg,Hanks and leo is one of my favorite films_

I am glad they made that movie . You payed your debt !

Wow!! what timing! I am so glad I watched this, so much Wisdom in here for us Men.

I agree. What a fraud.

gyrojomo your math might be a little superficial, the question should be how many agents are hired a year versus total applications. They have 38000 people at the FBI but some have been there for 30 sth years so yes it took millions of applications over a large time range

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28:08: Tragic; Google gets one of THE best speakers in the world, who narrates a compelling story better than most people could ever write it, and then the have some ditsy Millenial moderator, who can barely read a question off her screen. Upspeak galore, she's like, i mean, OMG, so yeah, like, yeah, umm... lol, like OMG!

Did they caught him yet?

He is proud of what he did

The poor man is still reeling from all his past traumas. Can’t you people see that? All you see is what he wants you to see. There is so much more.

Scary thought,that someone with moderate skill, could with their computer, whip up an airline flight crew illustrious terrorist could cause some real havoc having such an ID.

I have to be a good father.

what a legend!

With this kind of agent in the FBI we're in good hands.

This is very insightful, and quite informative and really opened my eyes to a lot of things, it was great to see the real Frank Abagnale and hear him speak.

This talk makes me want to chop up my debit card.

Put yourself in a position of authority if you want to fool people, that's what Frank Abagnale did. Think of it this way: How many times have you gone to the hospital and demanded the Doctor show you his Medical Degree? Probably never. You just take his word and believe him when he says he's a Doctor, because he's the one in charge and he has the authority and you have no reason to think he's a fraud. As long as you talk the talk, walk the walk, act confidently, and always keep yourself in the position of utmost authority, you can make people believe your almost anything (doctor, lawyer, architect, etc.)

This guy is not Frank Abagnale. He is an imposter pretending to be Frank.

no wonder cia, and the fbi are a bunch of corrupt fuckers they consist of people like this, execute this filthy whore

However good this speech is, we should not forget that this man made a living by lying and creating characters. Many stories from movie / book were simply proven to be false and I have a hard time believing many others after learning that.

Paul Northey people change Paul.

chasing their tail forever. so his solution is to: for additional fees 'stamp us at birth with a QR, eliminate our autonomy by tethering technology to a police state, make all capital transactions under control of private credit companies with no accountability while further empowering predatory banking'? yeah, that will solve the problem for banks ... fixing us. the problem is endemic, global not national, and that twat is pure evil because he knows full well that the dysfunction in banking is systemic in *parasitic* capitalism, dissenters are not the threat now, nor in the future, state actors are the only real threat and no technology is the finish line.

Wow, very down to earth guy. Very well spoken

I like this man, he is the real deal, wrong things he undoubtedly did, but still he changed and that is the story as spielberg told on film, a worthy film about a lost boy who survived, survived well.

I thought he was the only child.....

We should never trust a fast talking con man. Once a con always a con.

Still conning em, the narcissist.

Role model for men, primarily for the last ten minutes of his speech. Bravo!

Frank's secret is a simple one: CHARISMA.

trusona sounds scary as hell

Wow, his story is Impeccable and his speech is flawless

Knawk Knawk go fuck yourself

Thank you Frank. Your audience is the perfect ones who needed to hear and see what true integrity and parental values looks like. Many watching you this day and every time on the video think they're invincible, invisible and free of consequences.

This Guy may was great in fooling people but I doubt that google really has the need to learn from him

Get them crooks out of the FBI Frank!

He looks like a turtle..blond turtle.

He hasn't lost his confidence.

Frank is cool as can be very smart man.

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you got a training that no schools would or could ever give you and you could share with others... It,s the sharing you forgot about................... and you did..

Just like in the film, with extra details...


Interesting guy, but never forget who he is.  A professional liar, cheater, felon with a long criminal history.  People are easily fooled, and Frank has mastered his craft...

Good speaker, shame he doesn't tell the true workings of the banking system.....

Very interesting, they should make a movie about this guy

Spot on Paul... He's good no doubt.

I've seen worst

All the assholes who are so self righteous and snub their noses at "criminals" remember this "criminal" is probably doing better than you.

wow, I normally dont physically hug and kiss my parents, this christmas i WILL

Everything he said was good to listen to and to appreciate until he said at 27:17 "what's a real man, loves his wife..." That's some pussy whipped, female subservient mindset.... Real manhood transcends every freaking female, real manhood is dignity and living life of principles and justice. No man should put his wife as the most important thing, his kids ...for sure, they're his legacy.

So your message is cheat? You are fucked up.

This speech changed my life.

So did he or was it a member of his team that needed to fess up to shooting Danny Archer back in the 70's

I don't understand how the FBI can be that great...Trump says it is in a shambles...and he is really smart...I am so can this be ?

What a fantastic guy.

He speaks so highly of the FBI and in fact has the opinion I once had...until the last few Comey years

A one of a kind !!! Thanks for posting !!!

He didn't answer the question if he kept flying for free after he got caught and served prison time. They still can't catch him.

After 9/11, there is no question the FBI is good at posing to be ethical when they are not. Director Comey's lies about Clinton really drive home the point that the FBI are no longer the good guys and cannot be trusted. The FBI are tools of the globalists and killers of innocence.

Um. How does someone go from from prison in 3 different countries to the FBI?! Glorification?! Many crimes including check forgery, impersonating a doctor/physician, pilot and attorney at AG's office.

How about you people at Google show the guy some respect and stop moving around when the guys talking.

The FBI is ethical!?? Their bugging and attacks on Martin Luther KING! Illegally supporting anti-Castro Cubans who are terrorists, spying on American citizens, subverting the pro-Peace movements for Vietnam and many other crimes. J Edgar Hoover used to blackmail people who were homosexual when he was one himself.

TRUSONA .... YOUTUBE IT .... 7 second video .. this will be in every windows device and google device by the end of 2018 apple will implement it before the iPhone SE2 in March

great, an expansion of the mandatory smartphone program. next step baby tatoos you know so banks and governments won't be hassled by fraud.

you mean a spoiled entitled brat runaway that survived.

he never took a pardon because he never really admitted guilt. he was only a child ...

you said it.

holy shit did you miss the point. defraud $3+ million, serve 5yrs in prison(granted 6 months in france was horrific) and cash in on the dream job, a family and a net worth of $10 million. call it a conman's millennial roadmap to fortune, if he had been stupid, poor, or ethnic he would be still in prison or dead.

oh the sweet, sweet irony.

sell gold and real estate buy crypto, bwaaaaa ha ha ha.

a fantasy you mean, some guys just win the babylonian lottery.

it's still a con.

For sure, he's Frank Abagnale pretending to be Frank Abagnale - just like the rest of us pretend to be ourselves ;-)

he was tortured in france to make the faustian deal with a demon to get out of jail.

the irony of do no evil.


yeah man cause no one ever gets fucked by fate.

it's called the long con, he is one of the best 40+ years and likes to use his wife and kids as props.

Frank's talk is hugely important because we are all very trusting and it's generally okay but we have to think about what we do, who we deal with on a daily basis and the consequences of our daily actions.

I read the original book. I never felt sorry for the guy. I am glad that he has paid back society for this youthful misdeads. What a wealth of knowledge. I 100% agree with his use of credit cards instead of debit. Most cards give you points so by paying off the card each month you gain a credit rating and points. I bought my Christmas gifts with points.

You're A con man. big fuckingdeal.

wow what an amazing story and a humbled man, this should be seen by alot more..

Good story, but I'm suspicious of the FBI these days.  Government in general.

When the state takes over control of the lives of the People, it's not a government anymore. It's a tyranny!

Wisdom. Listening to how he adored his mother and father. Merry Christmas.

Getting rid of passports in exchange for more stringent methods of identification to solve a problem? No. You only solve the borders problem by removing said borders. We only have one Earth. It must belong to everybody!

Ahhhh shut the fuck up

He obviously flew after being caught, why would I think that? Because he took an awfully long time dodging the question and re-directing it with no valid answer.

French prisons must be really horrible. I saw a critical documentary on the french channel TV5 Monde about three years ago.

One of the most brilliant social engineers the world has ever known. Great talk.

I wonder what Frank think about blokchain

Wow I have a huge admiration for this man. Thank you for this video. Merry Christmas to all.


Awesome speech and I can see you are a great dad. Thanks for putting this talk together. I watched the movie twice.

This legend traveled around the world for free when he was only 16-18 years old, posed as a flight attendant, went to jail, then worked for the government services, and became a great father. This man right here, has lived the most epic life I've ever heard of.

Interesting talk. They should have more guys like that....Kevin Mitnik, etc.

This was awesome such a remarkable man.

word porn is such a terrible analogy.......its bad and tacky....seriously...your taking a term called "porn" and making it okay?? seriously....your mixing things you should not....your end will come with that

This guy is a sick/slick con man. It would have been massively easier for him to be legit, but he couldn't do that bc he is so pathological. Not to be admired in any way.

Awesome talk.

He didn't answer the question about whether or not he continued to fly after he started working for the FBI. He provided a lot of information when asked that question but he didn't answer the question. ;)

Crime, so Equifax being a part of the official financial system. You cannot finance anything if the credit reporting agencies say you can't. While the banks exploited low interest rates (intentionally) and then flooded the market with bad loans and got payed by the government for screwing up, millions of people lost their down payment and all the principle payments. The investors in the mortgage market lost but blamed it on people. It's a crime. But because they are companies, it's not considered crime.

Maybe it's newer than I thought, oh well.

Passwords still exist and this video isn't exactly new, thoughts?

Beautiful story telling..cant get any better than that composition and delivery

I'd give anything to have someone like this guy giving me life advice when i was a teenager.

The force is strong with this one.

Didn't realize that Leonardo could be this old !

Honored to hire a criminal. That's Google for you.

Frank, you now lament your previous life as a swindler. However, 30 years ago you were going around the country giving speeches at universities and peddling your book--I have an autographed copy. You didn't seem to lament your activities then. Oh, I'm glad you have faith in the FBI because I sure don't.

Oh God, I wish I could work in a place with ethics. Not one that says they're ethical and puts it in their "Codes of Conduct" but a truly ethical company.

the 125 dislikes are the trump voters, blind people that missed the LIKE button and extremely mentally ill people who arent capable of this mans greatness.. cant believe anyone in their right mind would dislike a moment of this video. gonna have to show my family AND friends this

@Old Vibes Right "Real men do not achieve dignity through a "pussy", that's what I said. But then, a gorilla is much more sane than you punk, it's in tune with its natural predisposition. Now, I don't give a flying fck what women want nor do I give a fck how you construe it, I enforce my way in my life...and if it weren't for the pussy whipped like you, they wouldn't be raising our sons the way they do nowadays (family court and custody)...because you like emasculated society, feminist mindset, your mindset is cluttered with feminist horseshit, and you don't even know it. Women don't raise men, men do. I think you were raised by your mother...

Sam Chak your concerns are the concerns of a silverback gorilla . Constant anxiety about leaving a DNA footprint and if another superior male takes his female and destroys his progeny/legacy. Real men do not achieve dignity through a "pussy" and are not anxious about about being "pussy whipped". You only need to mate with a female to achieve your goals. A wife is unnecessary. Women don't need your kind or wanna raise a son to be your kind.

Given how Google conducts business, some significant percentage of those working at Google must be 'impostures', posing as human.


He is like a better version of me. Give me 5 years.

douchebags walking out of that speech. assholes

This guy has some big balls!!!! Not only did he wear a pilot uniform when he was young. He actually sat in the f-ing cockpit with other pilots!! Never flew a plane just BS his way around. HOLLY CRAP!!!! And his balls got even bigger by pretending to be a doctor IN A HOSPITAL!!!!!!!

Frank, didn't you call yourself "Andre" when you presented to us New Yorkers about investment trusts in third world nations. You got my friend Sharon Biggs for ten grand, money she needed for retirement. I feel sorry for what you endured, but I am glad you straightened out.

Time was approximately 25 years ago; may have been an impostor?

This guy is a f*cking genius! A high school dropout passes a state bar exam on the first try? Some law school grads who are prominent judges now didn't pass the first time.

...behind every good man is a even better woman, or so I've heard.

Hey, let's glorify criminal activity.

This is a great man.

why does he recommend credit card over debit? What about all those people drowned in debt?

He was a doctor and a lawyer too.

the banks label it "identity theft" not credit manipulation. they didn't walk in and start sleeping with your wife, they get to make it our problem instead of the financial system, pfffft like we have control of the credit system at the fed, target, or wells fargo.

this is awful... hello, big brother... it confuses identity and security... just use a password, don't give away your identity to spare yourself remembering someones birthday and a random word...

... thanks for the insight. I can never understand how things like this happen, amazing that you're able to.

...oh, and Fuck Google!

Trust the FBI...Trust Microsoft? Fuck no!

Wonderful what he says about fathers!

A future winner of a Congressional medal, I predict, for national service.

His speaking skills are top notch and reveal a high intellect. Whoever hired him at FBI deserves a bonus. I have more respect for the FBI now.

He always grins when he talks about the stuff he pulled. :D

I thought I was going to get bored after 5 mins, but this turned out to be outstanding !

He memorized all he’s saying. All talks are almost the same

He's just as glib in the Q&A though!

There are some very intelligent people who aren't sharp : Frank's as sharp as a tack.

Unfortunately the FBI looks bad right now because of corrupt people at the top of the FBI pyramid. Frank is very impressive and shows that you can change your life, and be a good person.

tells a story with so much description and detail with the voice of an audiobook narrator with some charachter

1:01:50 - chilling, all the ways that cybertechnology can be used to invade our privacy. Kind of puts those comments that Kellyanne Conway made earlier this year into a completely different perspective. She was roundly laughed at and dismissed as being a cook. She really wasn't that far off.

One of the most intriguing talk. But he didn't answer the question on whether he continued flying


but if you beleive that you are good in what you do, and strive to be good in what you do, you dont need to woo worry what other people think, you have to be able to understand what you have your own confidence that you can do what ever you acquired to do, and other people will see that confidence in you, the moment you start to doubt in yourself - other people will se that you doubt in yourself - and that become weaknes in your personality. You always want to be confident in everything you do, that you can do it, you can done it, it will be done, you ll find a way to do it.

Barry Allen?!

Back around 2000 or so I had a chance to meet Mr. Abagnale when he gave a talk for the Denver Police Department. I worked at another department in Colorado at the time. He was a fascinating speaker, and I still have a copy of his book I got at that talk. Part of his restitution was giving tips to law enforcement people regarding fraud.

Absolutely Fascinating plus the disertation about How to be a Man. Father & Husband is particularly humble because is true. Thank you a lot for all

not smart? then how the hell did you pass the bar.. And i think he invented social engineering..

Trump voters?

truly an amazing story and tremedous orator. a wealth of knowledge with the extreme ability to relay it. Works for a domestic terrorist organization of which I have no respect for whatsoever. The WTC bombing killed 6 of my countrymen and they did it. Sure, you can work for the FBI and do good things, but the head is still a snake. Were he a patriot, he would be fighting more towards exposing them rather than working for them. but they have him doing the good things. catching embezzlers, etc.. the true wall street parasites and top, top white collar crime is protected by the FBI and congress. what a pathetic scene. This Frank shed a light on being a good dad. and Ive seen what divorce has done to other kids. i never even hear of parents as good as mine. it's such a nightmare out there for young adults whose childhood was horrible and the private prison industry is just wringing their hands to get them behind bars. drugs takes the place of the pain, so they imprison them. Holy Cow. what a society.

Liar, swindler, and yes a criminal....but oh my goodness you want to talk about one of the most interesting lives you could ever imagine? This guy has lived one. I could listen to him talk forever I think. Just amazing the things he's done and how his mind worked. How he was able to pick up on things so quickly and turn them to his advantage. Absolutely riveting to listen to.

I met Frank Abagnale when I was a young police officer in Houston, Texas. Almost everything Abagnale said about himself was a lie. I sat through his "bank teller seminar" as the bank required a police officer to be present whenever there were people in the bank. Most of which he had to say was simple observations and information he lifted from seasoned bank tellers - there was nothing new in his talk.I took notes, and accessed his "prison time", "law license" (I am now a lawyer), his becoming an airline pilot, and the other nonsense claims using the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC). It was all rubbish. Frank would linger around the police officers trying to garner stories. When confronted about the lies, Frank would simply say, "Oh, I used an assumed name, (or) I changed the dates, and that actually happened in France". He simply would change his story to make his lies true. The FBI had never heard of him. And, my office was in the same small building with the US Secret Service for 20 years, and none of them had heard of him except through the movie. They too saw him as a blowhard. When his book came out I thought will that's his greatest fraud. One of the endorsements on the book cover was from an "assistant prosecutor in Harris County" (Houston). That wasn't exactly correct as the "prosecutor" worked only traffic tickets - hardly a seasoned assistant DA. Indeed, his title was assistant city attorney, and only prosecuted traffic tickets that carried no jail time.. Frank has been a source of amusement for myself and a few other old cops who saw him as a glorified story teller. Frank's greatest coup was the movie with Tom Hanks; I'm sure he laughed all the way to the bank. And, now he is a "renowned cybersecurity expert" - such rubbish. I've been following his career now for over 40 years. Lastly, he always speaks of his dashing good looks as a young man. Sorry Frank, but your lack of looks, and remarks made by the women at the bank is what initially piqued my interest.

The movie inspired me as a kid, he was like a for real Ferris Bueller.

Everybody admires this guy, but in the end, he is a dishonest cheater. Talking you into liking him, while he fucks you up, is his trademark, dont forget that!!!

Technology breeds crime but there are some people that actually do good with this technological crime I have seen more Smiles on more faces than anyone could ever shake a stick at and even that I feel is putting it quite mildly PS good video there I have said that


Google is just a spy machine for Israel.

Very smart man, he picked up fast

This is the America we loved.

Nice movie loved how it ended.

City Cat um, why politics? I'm a Trump supporter/voter and I love this. #moron

I didn't know white collar was based on real person. Awesome

here's a man that made a fool out of America and the FBI over and over and enjoy doing it and had fun doing it

Amazing talk. Thank you for your posting this. He owed up to his wrongs and made up for it then some! Thank you for your service sir.

Middle children obviously have big balls!

Building credit here and there....and than you are a good citizen.... hm...he is clearly trying to sell a story so people will comply with a controllable system. This leads me to the conclusion that Mr. Abagnale is doing a good job for our puppet masters who wants to have complete control over the world. Not a good thing at all!

The movie wasn't about *HIS* life, but rather the crook's life.

few years back i was in jail 2011. i found myself i dickhead pad mate who was a right drip, i woke up to the screws telling me i had to move out my cell i had been settled in for months cos he lied told the screws i was bullying him. i kicked off cos i was innocent ended up losing my privileges and ended up down the block aka solitary. Catch me if you can was a book i read during those 2 weeks. Amazing!

Fascinating talk! Amazing how a good Catholic education prepares you for success.

At the police station, when I was 11 years old, I had to choose either to live with my mother or my father. You were way luckier than me, Mr. Abagnale. Worse for me still, because at time, I chose the wrong side, the decision in which has ruined my life completely. The emotional and financial aspects of my life have been damaged so severely that there will never be a real recovery.

Is an incredible take on life> Only some people can pull this off, and then admit this later, is one special sole. Is one hell of a life. Lessons to learn to get ahead, But these time have changed by now;. Although, there are a few potential forger instructions to to still make life a bitch for Americans. So, Always beware, trust nobody, and report those who are worrisome. No shame when itn comes to save your kin, and the plane..

This was an amazing speech, that's a good man right there.

debit cards now offer the same level of fraud protection as credit cards. Regulation E sets the liability limits, but most debit card issuers (like for example, Discover) match the same fraud protection of their credit cards as they do with their debit cards. Discover will instantly reverse fraudulent transactions on your account, putting the money immediately back into your account while they conduct their investigation. sure while not all debit card issuers are equal, the reputable ones give you the same fraud protection. also, on average, someone spends 22% less using cash and debit cards than they do using a credit card

How did no one checked his pilot id number?

Wow...he speaks like a Niagra stammering and hesitations......of course very interesting narration style.

The movie was amazing, but him in real life is incredible!

The delivery sounds a bit rehearsed. I listened to another speech he gave and it sounded almost exactly the same. Nonetheless, great story!

The guy's a genius.Respect.

Tim Sundles gives us Another perspective of this speech and TRUSONA capabilities. Trying to have complete control of people's lives.. no thanks. Also why would you want to purchase a product to protect VPN when it caiters to the CIA, FBI, and other undisclosed intelligence agencies?? The excuse is it protects you from bad people, thieves, ect well what if the individual within the government is the bad guy?? They have an ex con behind all of this... I personally would use a privately owned company that doesn't work hand in hand with federal government institutes to replace the "passport" for tracking and identifying purposes which also allows full autonomy of the person's life. I'll never play another Microsoft game or use another Microsoft product. They invested 10 million into this for all of thier "gaming" good way to get the younger population in on the scam.. not to mention even accessing your personal desk top or lap top This technology was made for the CIA to track people with 100% accuracy on who the individual is through internet so they no longer need a person on the ground next to you to identify you. This technology was also created in part after the ideas of a criminal who was caught and prosecuted by the FBI, that now works for the FBI... so in other words a man with a crimanl mind is working for the FBI on how to have complete control over your life.... I'll pass... There is also a video of that man at a conference explaining what this technology will allow them to do to an individual they disagree with. Frank Abagnale is the man's name. Look it up! The example he gives a is actually quite rudimentary. There are many more sophisticated applications to this technology, almost endless... Helpful?

The only time I have ever heard a man give credit to a woman for PROVIDING him with things. I don't know to what degree he really meant it and what his motives are, but regardless, it sure was nice to hear a man give credit to a woman for being a provider of things in his life.

Catch commorade Dummy Don douchebag and we will !!!!

The movie glamorized what was a sad time. Nice man.

*A M A Z I N G!*

This is how you should live your life in 2018 talk, truly Amazing talk from the heart!!! What an Amazing guy!! And what Amazing takes!!! The Love it was what transformed him! I wish governments can listen to their people and understand that violence only creates more violence! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

well, he definetly didn't tell his story for the first time :D :D

I loved the Story,.... until he start to tell about the Future. This speech is a scam! Then he revealed why he used his own past to build confidence in the room, nemlid sell the idea of no password, Nobody can imagine that nobody can hack into the digital network. This speech is a scam

not everyone gets a 2nd chance, i was raised in actual abusive households until i was kicked out at 14 for trying to stop my step father beating my mum, became a drug addict and a criminal and ended up in jail, ive turned my life around without any help from anyone, but i didnt get a 2nd chance theres no way i could get a job in law enforcement even though id luv too and i could do it really well considering my criminal past, so your a very very lucky guy.

Old white male. Michelle Obama is angry.

Saw him speak at Kearney State College in 1980. I was impressed then and still am. Talked to him after his lecture and he was a very nice person.

Hes conned the FBI ;)

Best book I ever read was "catch me if you can"

47:30 Great question by the audience, but highly untruthful response by Frank Abagnale. The only reason his son got in the FBI is because Frank is in the FBI. When I worked for the Government myself I saw highly unqualified individuals take high ranking places due to the sole fact that their family members worked for the Government. The Government doesn't hide this fact, and in fact Government applications specifically ask to name family members who work for the agency you apply to. I saw one person who had this family connection take a high level role even though she put in less than 30 hours a week (arrived at noon each day) meanwhile qualified Contractors with 10+ years experience were passed over. The exclusive nature of the Government is the exact reason why the US Government is so incompetent: too many entitled individuals who lack talent and work ethic. Not all, but a good chunk of the workforce. My 2 cents.

I must be a total pussy 27:00 and I am crying

Cannot believe people left during the beginning of his talk and walked right past the podium rude or what..... an amazing story

@57:00 And which guarantees do we have that governments are not going to use these knew technologies against their own people ?

Thank you........

Not one zip of water, an absolute legend. Seen the movie many times, but Franks speech just puts me back in the movie again, wow.

Man. Can he read a Teleprompter well...

wow. Europe had some shitty prisons.

What an absolute fucking Zionist banking cartel fucking troll and of course it took nearly the end of this pathetic lecture to see that he is working for a cashless society and the fucking banks. What an utter prick but that's the fake world today folks and the System of Plunder as you can see, working very well with that GOON GOOGLE

Tu - 20180102. An excellent presentation and talk. This video indicates: "Published on Nov 27, 2017". If indeed the presentation occured around that time, I wonder why there was not mention (or any questions) about the cyber infiltration activity recently of the Russians in the US. Was no one curious?


LOL.....Love that sneky part --telling the dud in a green T-shirt lots of BS..."".If you not crocked you not going to FBI for sure or this is sick system

USA=$ all of it´s running with a crapy system as base......Just like the helth system and the tax system ....totaly fucked up....All about Creditcard stupid o a system is that ....I gotr work mates living on cred .....still theu make no money to show ore....Cred is like BBB - Im hapy living in Scandinavia ...the land o the free

Think the last part o this video is just crap and fake ,,,,,try to hide the truth never end up good ,,,,,still this man had a amazing life and I bet he contrib to the better

This man is a pro o scams....and he opend up the low safety systems on airlines for sure....

The things he talk about in the end is why i never would buy a Smart-Tv, Alexa, or anything with "Internet of Things". Someone should make electric cars but without all the unecessary electric stuff that doesn´t make the car go or start.

awesome and then we can finally have 1984 and brave new world. what forsight

problem is the guy was such a good liar that you would never know when he's lying. clearly evaded question at the end about ever flying as a agent. and all these Harvard and Yale alumni in the FBI awful lot of in breeding, you would rarely have to worry about a fellow agent ratting you out. cyber technology, - A.I,. block technology, scary stuff. to allow Bot's to get to the point that their controlling human's is beyond insane. he even touched a little on the hegelian dialectic ,never let a crisis go to waste. other than that the guy sure can tell one heck of story.

Very inspirational, the guy did what he had to do to survive, paid his dues & turned his life around.

Nice talk but not everyone can have access to a credit card or one that has a low amount of interest. So I will use my debit card until then!

Mr Abagnale, Sir - you tell it from the heart, and a man of God. be blessed Sir.

Thank You Google. I always wondered who this man would be, and wanted to see him talk. It is so great to see him tell his story. He speaks without a flinch, an Amazing Speaker and mind. So incredible to hear him speak , esp about financial safety, I wonder what he thinks of the blockchain and crypto? Thank you again

i love how he is consistent when he tells his story at different events

Teaching his kids how to get into debt. Great.

Dude, how could they miss the chance of asking the most important question of all: How did he pass the bar exam without attending any law school classes?

27:30 - Yeah Frank Abagnale its called LOVE...

Frank Abagnale is with them. Not us the people. Hes a mouth piece. Cant you tell hes pushing mass surveillance. ANd what dose that bring...less no its called absolutely no privacy for us 'the normal person'.

41 years at the FBI ay Frank Abagnale. why not throw in the towel now? While you still can. You think you're wise Frank Abagnale, but you are mistaken. you got a mouth to speak that's it.

OMG the legend....

The audience is full of brainwashed nerds... And they think they're clever, but really they are so far up GOOGLES ASS its unbelievable... they love the fuels intellectual ego power they get from thinking they are futuristic and helpful to humanity, But really they are in this bubble of illusion. bunch of techy sheep is what they are.

Ah, GOOGLE is HONORED to present the real Frank Abagnale, Renowned Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author & Subject of Catch Me If You Can.. awww how sweet. Give me a brake, Frank Abagnale is a puppet, think i can almost see the strings. wow.

Nice sub story Frank Abagnale. now sit down and shut up, intill you're told what to say.... Oh wait YOU DO. Check out Mr innocent - Frank Abagnale... you're not fooling us. as long as these GOOGLE SLAVES are getting paid, they don't give a shit about us. I could go on.

Frank Abagnale is a puppet !!......I think I could allmost see the strings behind him. and Frank Abagnale F.Y.I We dont give a damn about you shitty life story. quite your job and do everyone a favor and stop pushing pointless tech.


he is a good speaker

What a beautiful man and his heart, that he spoke, at the last of his narration at about 20 minutes in.

I can't believe people actually believe anything put out by Google. No wonder we are losing our freedoms. This man is a professional liar, and everyone applauds him. You know who else is a great deceiver? Yep, and he will destroy your soul if you let him. Wake up people.

Hail Satan

He talks like he's reciting a script or memorized passages of his book. odd

Lot of respect for this man...

Did any of you listen from the 57 minute mark???? You all are gushing about how you'll never have a day of privacy in your life within 5 years. Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Oh and they can kill me with my phone. Awesome!!!! Idiots. A Project from Austria, Called ARCH NOAH. They are saving Plant Seeds as well.

Proof that you need a good memory to be a pathological liar.

Did he say what the name of the website was that he uses for $12/mo that he can monitor is credit score and history?

I'd sign my house over to Frank today ...if he asked ....LOL

The question for me is if Google is supporting this Trusona tech he mentioned. Checked out their website and it is just in the very early stages. Trusona is nothingburger until we see some of the financial heavy shooters get onboard; Paypal, Amazon, banks etc.

As far as the debit cards being bad, can this be remedied by always using it as credit? Or does the mere existence of this debit card make it inherently vulnerable?

Fake it till you make it

One can understand that this gentleman can sell you anything with such an appealing persona and that coherent, fluent, non-stop word flow. So I just got the Trusona app and juggling a database of more than 100 passwords I am totally ready for that concept. Tried it on WordPress - fingerprint, point camera, click verify and I'm in! There are however all ready competing and widely implemented similar systems in use. It's gonna be a battle

I’m the 666,001 st person to like this...

What a story .... amazing. I’m not condoning thievery but you have to admit if your gonna do it this is the way to go.

Saw this guy on Johnny Carson one night, didn’t have a clue who he was . That was back in 1978 and I never forgot his stories.

Well that took a nose dive when he had to mention "god". Was quite impressed until that moment...shame.

Things we now know: 1. FBI is a completely corrupt gestahpo secret police working to destroy the presidency (ref: judicial watch) 2. Steven shpiel ice-berg: is a hardcore pedophile that's been protected for decades (ref:

He is a fascinating person with such eloquence, charm and wisdom. Wish most men would possess half the curiosity and adventurous soul few can ever aspire to.

He is a criminal ..... period.

One of the best speeches i've ever seen... what a beautiful soul and brilliant professional!!!!

196 dislikes. I find this rather odd.


Maybe it's because Frank is very articulate, but why can't anyone in the audience talk properly :

confidence is all you need

He has very round features. It makes for a very trustworthy face.

So humble. This guy learned how to operate a $1 million piece of equipment to use it to forge cheques, he casually passed a law exam, and he is still at the top of his game in terms of defeating security. But he says he's not a genius.

very informative

The size of the balls on this guy just to try this stuff is still amazing to me but I guess it was a different world back then.

When will computers be able to read minds?

This is so educational and realistic!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

truly amazing what a man could listen again thankyou

Only disagree with his statements regarding Trusona. Time will tell if his word holds true.

True story: I know Frank from a couple past meetings. We met last at a workshop for invited Federal ( I believe a couple people were from state agencies) agents that all were, I was informed, "state department" employees, which Frank actually told me meant they were C.I. A. (Other than when we greeted each other, that's the first thing Frank said to me) The workshop segment that Frank and I were part of was titled "Spotting The Tells Of All Liars". I spent 25 years hornswaggling people out of millions of dollars....25 years running identity and loan, insurance and real estate scams, hustling the worlds top five star hotels and casinos for rooms and chips and once, in Nassau Bahamas, for a $125,000 loan. I loved every minute of it. matter how good you are.....And I was fucking make mistakes. I spent a total of eleven years in the joint, about seven and a half in the Feds, rest split between Fla and Arizona. Not worth it. Split up my family, alienated my kids and lost my wife to another(honest) man. Just not worth it. Plus, the technology now can put you away quick. And I know all the new stuff. I've lectured on it. Yeah man, not worth it. But good goddam almighty I miss that life. HEY.....Are ya all doubters? Anybody want to learn or learn about all of it? ALL of it? I can tell or teach (most) people things that ole Franky could never do.

So "they" will be able to assassinate you from 5000 miles away, interesting.

Absolute genius and an amazing story...

Another lying Jew. Posing. As a Christian.

Wow amazing story . Insightful and interesting.

What he says at the end about how cyber crime goes black is very telling....listen , the cat is out of the bag and it's not a nice little kitty....this is important information. Pay attention.

A good man.

I stumbled on this video by chance and I am so grateful that I did. Frank Abagnale, an amazing person with an incredible personality and a story that can only occur in America, the most amazing country in the world.

Great video!

This man is presidential material. I would vote for him!

This man, Frank Abagnale, is a character that speaks to the American spirit: his humility, his candid honesty, remorse and his redemption. A kid responding to the stimuli presented by his environment the best way he knew how. What a story?

I've been trying for 10 minuets to come up with words to describe how his story touched my heart. I couldn't hold back the tears when he talked about his loving father and his parents divorce. His lessons here are truly something we can all live by. Our ability to love is the greatest gift of humanity, and we should use that gift to it's fullest. Family comes in many forms but only if you live in a way that earns their love and respect you've done good in life. I'm gonna remember his lesson for the rest of my life.

Most of the movie was fake, never happened.

Eh ... the second that cheque gets scanned it will get rejected. Doesn't matter how good the forgery is. The second the pilot card gets scanned it will get rejected. His examples actually show how it is impossible to do it now. It is easier to make the stuff which would pass in the past - but it is harder to fool the system. It is however much easier to fool the average joe - much easier to con the general population but near-impossible to fool the bank. When you impersonate and do idtheft which is popular now that is stealing from the population also not the bank or the corp. Rather naive look he has - amazed he is employed... or he is spitting bullshit because he doesn't want people to know how to steal (his job now to prevent it he won't share his grey-hat secrets).

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this speech transcribed?

Brought me to tears. What a speaker.

Surprised he wasn't labeled a racist yet especially at Google. "There are a lot of fathers but very few Daddy's". Isn't that the truth about 70% of the time...

WOW! You are an inspiration Sr. and a REAL MAN.


Excellent speaker.

Fascinating man. A genius without a doubt. I can't imagine anyone passing the bar exam without studying. Darn.

Credit cards keep most the world trapped and keeps bankers wealthy. Debit cards allow people to live within their means, it's their own money and when they use the debit card, it removes their money from the bank, not allowing them to make money from your money.

Wow! Much better out of the mans mouth than any movie, and I thought the movie was awesome.

He's a suspected Psychopath.

Wow, this guy is the real deal. a true patriot

I am so proud to listen to this great man, not only because of his gift of storytelling, but because of his love for his family and his sincerity in telling his life story.  Thank you so very much.  God Bless!

Crime doesn't pay, yah right.

Amazing talk, but I still can't totally trust the guy. I feel somewhat secure that he is a high ranking agent at the FBI.

Wow, that message about divorce hit hard. So relatable. Almost brought me to tears, and I never cry.... almost. That ending was scary..

I think we need more of his videos explaining what we should do.

Shame he talked so much about credit and credit score. Besides that a great talk and very inspiring.

30:44 confidence

Why anyone would give this a thumbs down is beyond me... great video.

At the end, he is promising a country where the government will have the power to remotely control any electronic device such as your pace,aler, car, refrogerator or anything else they choose. When did any government gain a power that they didn't quickly figure out how to abuse? When did they ever give up such a power? If you live in the USA, better get out while it is still permitted.

That guy is a cool dude.

The FBI has accounted for all 196 people


I would remind you what it truly is to actually be a man. It has absolutely nothing to do with money, achievements, skills, accomplishments, degrees, professions, positions. A real man loves his wife. A real man is faithful to his wife. And a real man, next to God and his country, puts his wife and his children as the most important thing in his life.

Invest in Trusona... gotcha

22:00 Ok so hold on their Frankie... If your "daddy" loved his children more than he loved life itself, then how on earth did you two never see or speak to each other ever again beyond the divorce until his death when you were the tender age of just 16??? That makes no sense.

Goddamn were people/companies really that NAIVE back then??? I mean, no doubt humanity was probably a hell of a lot better but damn! Ripe for the picking if you were unscrupulous like Frank was.

This guy should become president

And what access will companies like GOOGLE or MICROSOFT have to this new technology? Will Google or Apple etc. be able to disable pacemakers or cars? WTF?!

awesome AWESOME video!!!

A great great talk. Thank you Mr. Abagnale.

> we live in a "way too much information" world hmm. is that irony?

This person has convinced me to go for a credit card now... And made me realise that, all these time my online shopping with debit card was nothing but wastage of time and efforts...

Guys, check out Life Coin. LIFE coin (LIFE) has incredibly caring folks, even to go as far as asking bad exchanges to delist their currencies. Coin in circulation is very similar to XVG, DGB, but it is backed by real business wealthy founders. It is only $0.005 at the moment!

I'll have to watch the film...I'd say it sounds familiar, but I think that is because I know some on who made some I the props. Well did know. We don't talk anymore. I'm a little confused, but your story hit very close to home, though mine not elaborate...I got some things but not others...your well spoken Mr. Abagnale.

His voice is the white version voice of Morgan Freeman

Sad that his Father died before they could talk to each other. What happened to Frank's Mother? Have they ever reunited?

I'm from Charleston, and have had the great opportunity to meet Frank on multiple occasions, and have heard him speak in person. He is by far the most inspiring person I have ever met.

Wonderful story of redemption. thank you Sir.

George Perrot has spent almost 30 years in prison thanks to a single hair. It was discovered by an FBI agent on the bedsheet of a 78-year-old woman who had been raped by a burglar in her home in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1985. Perrot, then 17, was put on trial, despite the absence of physical evidence tying him to the crime scene. There was no semen. There was no blood. And so there was no way to conduct a conclusive DNA test. Even the victim testified that the defendant looked nothing like her attacker: he had a short haircut and was clean-shaven, while Perrot had a long shaggy mop, a moustache and a goatee beard. But there was that strand of hair. At a key stage in the 1992 rape and burglary trial, an FBI agent named Wayne Oakes took the witness stand, describing himself to the jury as an expert in hair and textile fibers – as would so many of the agency’s trial witnesses, in condemning hundreds of people to long prison sentences. Individual head or pubic hairs were distinctive, he told the court, to the extent that a well-trained specialist like himself could tell those belonging to one person from another. Oakes went on to bombard the jury with scientific jargon, referring to the medulla, the cortex and the cuticle of hair, likening the task of comparing individual strands to recognizing a specific person in a crowd. “In 10 years, it’s extremely rare I will have known hair samples from two different people I can’t tell apart,” the self-proclaimed expert bragged. The FBI agent’s conclusion in front of the jury was emphatic: “The hair found on the sheet exhibits all the same microscopic hair arranged in the same way as the characteristics present in the known hair from [Perrot]. I conclude that the hair was consistent with coming from the defendant,” he told the court. That testimony, based on a single hair, was so strong, so wrapped in the certainties of science, that it wiped out all doubts and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case – indeed, it eviscerated the presumption of innocence. There was only one problem: the “expert” analysis, delivered by Wayne Oakes under oath and effective enough to obliterate one-third of a man’s life and counting, was wrong. ‘Potentially tens of thousands’ of cases gone wrong In July 2013, the FBI admitted that the foundations of what it called “hair comparison evidence” – a technique that its agents had used in hundreds of criminal cases nationwide and spread through the training of state-based detectives potentially through tens of thousands of other cases – were scientifically invalid. A preliminary review of the FBI’s follicular flaws found that: Microscopic hair analysis could not scientifically distinguish one individual to the exclusion of all others. Statistical weight could not be given to comparisons to suggest a likelihood that the hair derived from a specific source. Expert witnesses should not cite the number of hair analyses they had conducted in the lab to bolster the idea that they could definitively state that a hair belonged to a specific individual. All three errors were made by Agent Oakes in front of Perrot’s jury. Over the past few years, advanced understanding in the science of hair types has left hair analysis, as a forensic tool, in tatters. Today’s consensus by real experts is more straightforward than ever: there is nothing that can credibly be said, by FBI-approved analysts or anyone else, about about the frequency with which particular characteristics of hair are distributed in the human population. In other words, microscopic analysis of hair – the very analysis that put George Perrot and so many people behind bars – is virtually worthless as a method of identifying someone. It can only safely be used to rule out a suspect as the source of crime-scene materials or in combination with the vastly more accurate technique of DNA testing. As the scientific basis of hair analysis has crumbled, the scale of the judicial catastrophe caused by the FBI’s enthusiastic use of it for decades until about 2000 has now begun to emerge more fully. On Monday, the FBI and the US Justice Department, together with the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, released the findings of the first stage of a joint investigation into these historic civil rights mistakes. The results, first reported by the Washington Post, concluded that an astonishing 26 of the 28 FBI agents who had provided testimony as expert witnesses at trial based on microscopic hair analysis had made statements to juries that are now known to be false. Their erroneous evidence was found in a full 90% of the trial transcripts the team has studied. The government has identified almost 3,000 cases in which FBI agents may have given testimony involving the now-discredited technique. So far only about 500 of those cases have been been reviewed. Some 268 of those involved FBI examiners providing expert evidence in court that pointed to the guilt of the defendant – of which 257, or 96%, included false testimony Most shockingly, at least 35 defendants received the death penalty, 33 of which were the subject of false FBI testimony. Nine of the prisoners were executed and five died from other causes on death row. Chris Fabricant, the Innocence Project’s director of strategic litigation who is representing Perrot in his ongoing struggle for freedom, called the FBI’s use of hair analysis a “mass disaster” for the criminal justice system. “We have potentially tens of thousands of convictions tainted by false evidence,” he told the Guardian. “It’s going to take a herculean effort to right the wrongs in these cases, and so far we have made only a tiny start.” In a paper published this month and written with William Tucker Carrington of the University of Mississippi law school, Fabricant traces the first reported use of hair analysis to 1855, when John Browning and his son, Gaston, were tried for murdering a plantation overseer. Hairs were found on a rope in the defendants’ home which were compared to the Brownings’ hair and found to be identical. The pseudo-science deployed in 1855 changed little in over a century. What did change was that after the second world war, the FBI embraced the technique, giving it a professional veneer – a government stamp of approval. “They began presenting false evidence to juries based on scientific language that was very impressive to juries. It was like a dirty bomb that went off in the criminal justice system – hair analysis was said to be objective, unbiased and definitive, so it was both very prejudicial against defendants and very powerful,” Fabricant said. Admitting fault as a nation, as cold cases persist  Hair analysis  A review found that microscopic analysis of hair is virtually worthless as a method of identifying someone.  Despite the FBI’s unqualified admission of error, George Perrot remains in prison, with no immediate resolution to his case in sight. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to oppose a retrial, with a hearing scheduled for late this summer. Fabricant said he is particularly anxious about the future for potentially thousands of people convicted for serious crimes such as murder and rape on the basis of false evidence given by detectives at state level, nearly all of whom were trained by the FBI in microscopic hair analysis. The federal agency has admitted its mistakes and is now working hard to address the miscarriages of justice on a national level, but state authorities are proving much more sluggish in their responses. Typical is the case of Timothy Bridges, who is 23 years into his sentence in North Carolina. He was convicted of the 1989 sexual assault and beating of an elderly woman in Charlotte. The criminal investigation uncovered no physical evidence of any sort to link Bridges to the scene – like Perrot, no semen or fingerprints were found, nor blood or DNA of any sort. But there were two hairs collected at the victim’s home and analyzed by an examiner for the state of North Carolina, who had been trained by the FBI in precisely the same now-discredited techniques. The two hairs, the examiner told the jury at trial, had “likely originated” with the defendant. Bridges was sentenced to life in prison. This month lawyers acting for Bridges, with the backing of the Innocence Project, petitioned the county court of Mecklenburg calling for a retrial. The state attorney general is opposing such a measure, but has initiated a search for the hairs in hopes that DNA testing could be carried out that would provide reliable clues. Previously, the state had indicated that the hairs had been destroyed, in violation of North Carolina law. Fabricant, who is also acting on the Bridges case, said that states where examiners had been trained by the FBI in hair analysis had to act. “Tens of thousands of people may have been caught in this trap,” he said. “When even the FBI has admitted liability, then states who were trained to use this discredited technique are now legally and morally obligated to step up to the plate.”

FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015 Ex-FBI agent who stole heroin sentenced to 3 years in prison A onetime FBI agent who fed his drug addiction by stealing heroin seized as evidence in criminal cases was sentenced Thursday to three years in federal prison, a punishment far less than prosecutors and other law enforcement authorities sought U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan rejected Matthew Lowry’s plea for home detention, noting that the misconduct tainted investigations and forced prosecutors to dismiss cases against 28 drug defendants, 25 of whom had pleaded guilty and were freed from incarceration. But the judge called Lowry’s addiction a mitigating factor that justified departing from sentencing guidelines that recommended a sentence of seven to nine years. Hogan noted that Lowry took heroin not “to play around” but after he had become dependent on prescription pain medication used to treat a painful intestinal inflammation. More: NOTE:  Ever notice that federal agents prosecuted and convicted are always referred to by the media as EX-agents when their crimes were committed while on active duty and they didn't lose their jobs until charges were brought?  And, wow, addiction is a mitigating factor for this guy and he only gets a 3-year sentence?  How's that compare to someone who hadn't worked for the FBI and was brought up on similar charges?

As blasphemous as it may be, and god forbid it actually happens, but I believe Frank Abignale would be the perfect replacement for David Attenborough and Planet Earth III

Monday, May 2, 2016 Former FBI Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement of Drug Proceeds and Obstruction of Justice A former FBI special agent pleaded guilty today for stealing over $136,000 of drug proceeds seized during the execution of search warrants in 2014 and falsifying reports and tampering with a witness. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Special Agent in Charge Angel D. Gunn of the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Los Angeles Field Office made the announcement. Scott M. Bowman, 45, of Moreno Valley, California, pleaded guilty to one count of conversion of property by a federal employee, one count of obstruction of justice, one count of falsification of records and one count of witness tampering before U.S. District Judge Jesus G. Bernal of the Central District of California.  Sentencing is set for Aug. 15. In connection with his plea, Bowman admitted that he misappropriated drug proceeds seized during the execution of three search warrants in June and August 2014, after they were transferred to his custody in his official capacity as a federal law enforcement officer.  Bowman then spent the stolen money for his own personal use, including by spending $43,850 to purchase a 2012 Dodge Challenger coupe, $27,500 to purchase a 2013 Toyota Scion FR-S coupe and $26,612 to outfit these vehicles with new speakers, rims, tires and other equipment.  Bowman also admitted that he used $15,000 of the misappropriated cash to pay for cosmetic surgery for his spouse and opened a new checking account into which he deposited $10,665 of the stolen funds. In order to conceal his embezzlement, Bowman falsified official FBI reports, submitted a receipt with a forged signature and asked a local police detective to provide false information to law enforcement officers if asked about Bowman’s activities with respect to the drug proceeds.  Specifically, Bowman sent emails to the local police detective in October 2014 containing a detailed cover story that the detective was instructed to provide and a copy of the receipt with the forged signature, so that the detective could falsely claim the forged signature as his own. “When the FBI became aware of allegations of misconduct by defendant Bowman, FBI management took immediate action by contacting the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General,” said Acting Assistant Director in Charge James Struyk of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office.  “As Mr. Bowman takes responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty, the public should be reminded that FBI personnel are held to the highest standards and misconduct of any kind is taken very seriously.” This case was investigated by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General and is being prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Lauren Bell and Robert J. Heberle of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section.

An internal FBI report kept under wraps for three years details dozens of cases of agents fired for egregious misconduct and crimes, including drug trafficking, attempted murder, theft, misuse of informants and consorting with prostitutes. The report, released Wednesday by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, found that about one in 1,000 agents was dismissed for serious misconduct or criminal offenses by the FBI during the period examined, from 1986 to 1999. The average was between eight and nine per year. Although the numbers were small, the FBI's attempts to prevent the report's disclosure from the public and Congress since its completion in June 2000 are raising questions among FBI critics about an attempt to avoid embarrassment. Grassley, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in a letter Wednesday to FBI Director Robert Mueller that he was concerned about "a lack of response to the findings and recommendations, a general lack of support for the project and even efforts to prevent its completion." Grassley said the report "almost never saw the light of day." It was only provided to lawmakers in July 2003, months after it was requested, and was accompanied by a Justice Department letter urging that it be kept confidential. FBI Assistant Director Cassandra Chandler responded Wednesday, "Director Mueller is committed to undertaking the reforms necessary to strengthen the disciplinary process within the FBI and ensure that it is fair, efficient and credible." The report was prepared by the FBI's Behavioral Sciences and Law Enforcement Ethics unit in an effort to identify trends among agents dismissed for serious offenses and determine if there were warning signs prior to the misconduct that led to their firings. The report lists the circumstances — minus names, dates and locations — of more than 70 dismissals, including: An agent who was abusive to his family and used his FBI weapon to shoot his wife, resulting in attempted murder charges. One agent who was calling sex hot lines on FBI phones while on duty. Several agents who had improper sexual relationships with confidential informants or prostitutes, sometimes in FBI vehicles. One agent pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the killing of a female informant with whom he had "an inappropriate emotional and sexual relationship." Agents who disclosed sensitive or classified material to outsiders, including representatives of foreign governments and criminal enterprises. Firings stemming from drug, alcohol or gambling problems. One agent stole more than $400,000 in informant funds to feed his gambling and drinking problems; another used crack cocaine regularly and was arrested for possession of crack pipes. An agent who attempted to sell cocaine to someone who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. The report concluded that some of these agents were hired even though a background check had revealed negative information about them. Sometimes the check itself was not thorough enough. Before their firings, some agents exhibited "markers" for potential misconduct, such as a history of emotional or psychological problems or evidence of substance abuse. Release of the report comes amid a separate review of the way the FBI investigates employee wrongdoing and imposes discipline. That review, by former Attorney General Griffin Bell and ex-FBI executive Lee Colwell, has been completed in draft form but is not yet ready for public release, FBI officials said. Mueller said in announcing that review that he wanted to stop "an erosion of trust" by the public in the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility, which has been accused of having dual disciplinary systems for supervisors and field agents and of minimizing allegations of retaliation against whistleblowers. The report follows several high-profile embarrassments to the bureau. Last year, former FBI agent John Connolly Jr. was convicted of protecting New England gangsters, including Whitey Bulger. A House committee concluded last year that the FBI shielded from prosecution known killers and other criminals whom it used as informants to investigate organized crime in New England. Last April, an FBI informer, Katrina Leung, and retired FBI agent James J. Smith were arrested over charges Leung revealed important and damaging information about American counterintelligence techniques to the Chinese government. Prosecutors say Smith and a second FBI agent had long-term sexual affairs with Leung, a prominent Republican activist and successful businesswoman in Los Angeles. In August, a Justice Department report blamed much of the damage caused by rogue FBI agent Robert Hanssen on poor oversight at the FBI.

A former supervisory FBI agent has been arrested and jailed on child pornography charges. Donald Sachtleben was taken into custody and charged Monday after a nationwide undercover investigation of illegal child porn images traded over the Internet. The 54-year-old resident of Carmel, Indiana, has pleaded not guilty and has a detention hearing in federal court Wednesday. A federal complaint alleges 30 graphic images and video were found on Sachtleben's laptop computer late last week when FBI agents searched his home, about 23 miles north of Indianapolis. The arrest was a result a months-long probe, said the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, Joseph Hogsett. "The mission of our Project Safe Childhood initiative is to investigate and prosecute anyone found to (be) engaged in the sexual exploitation of children," Hogsett said in a news release. "No matter who you are, you will be brought to justice if you are found guilty of such criminal behavior." Sachtleben is currently an Oklahoma State University visiting professor, according to his online resume. He is director of training at the school's Center for Improvised Explosives, but all references to his work have now been removed from the university's website. There was no indication from the school as to whether it had suspended him. Calls to the university and his Indianapolis attorneys were not immediately returned. He had been an FBI special agent from 1983 to 2008, serving as a bomb technician. He worked on the Oklahoma City bombing and Unabomber investigations, according to his university biography. A separate LinkedIn profile filled out by Sachtleben says he is an "accomplished investigator with more than 25 years of experience in FBI major case management, counter terrorism investigations, bombing prevention, post blast investigations and public speaking." According to the criminal complaint, a federal-state joint task force had been investigating an Illinois man allegedly trading child porn images as far back as September 2010. That suspect was arrested in January, and a search of his computer reportedly led to Sachtleben, who was using the e-mail name pedodave69. According to the affidavit, an e-mail from that account was sent to the Illinois suspect last fall, along with nine images of child porn. "Saw your profile on (a file sharing network). Hope you like these and can send me some of ours (sic). I have even better ones if you like." Prosecutors say Sachtleben sent that e-mail. Sachtleben's wife was interviewed by agents during the execution of the search warrant and denied any involvement with child porn. She was not taken into custody. FBI officials in Washington had no comment on the arrest. If convicted, Sachtleben would face up to 20 years in prison on the charge of distribution of child porn, and an additional 10 years for possession. The Justice Department's Project Safe Childhood initiative was launched in 2006, leading to what federal officials call a more than 40% increase in the number of cases investigated. The project's website says 2,700 indictments were filed last year alone. The case is U.S. v. Sachtleben (1:12-mj-

Thank  you for your frankness Frank. I admire you for your honesty. I was also a 16 year old in a uniform, it opened doors for me too.

Cool story, but not very inspiring.

Well that's an amazing review because it's not supposed to be inspiring

Incorrect you have the exact same Security on a debit card as a Visa credit card.


Don’t give Facebook your date of birth

My mother has been in finance 40 yrs and has met Mr. Abagnale several times at seminars and she has said he is the most brilliant person she has ever met. Love the book and movie. Just remember he was a teenager outsmarting everyone for years in 3 different "fields." Amazing, he is the wisest man alive not just for what he was able to pull off illegally, but the words he just spoke about the importance of God,family and country.

That's not really him, he's just pretending to be him.

16:30 - Passed the bar with no law school. Let's consider:  This weekend, thousands of young prospective lawyers across the nation will receive the results of the July 2015 bar exam. Those who pass will be one step closer to practicing law in their state; those who fail must retreat from society once again, hit the books, and wallow in the depths of misery until the next exam in February. Nearly all those who await results have followed the traditional route to lawyerdom: They’ve toiled through three years of rigorous study at an American Bar Association-approved law school. They’ve taken $5,000+ bar exam prep courses. They’ve spent summers fetching coffee for district attorneys and corporate lawyers. A select few, however, have completely bypassed these steps. Several U.S. states offer a little-known alternative path to the bar exam room: “reading the law” — or serving as an apprentice in the office of a practicing attorney or judge. Last year, out of 83,963 bar exam takers, only 60 were apprentices. A mere 17 succeeded in passing the bar exam and becoming eligible to practice law. It is a long, difficult road, requiring four years of mentorship and thousands of hours of self-led work, but when completed, it can save a prospective lawyer hundreds of thousands of dollars in law school debt.

$286  uniform cost  in 1964 ?  Police and firefighter uniforms do not cost that much today. Minimum wage was $0.95  in 1964 . So we are talking about 300 hours of min wage to pay for that uniform. That would like $2800 today. Carry on.

Pilots wear gold stripes on their epaulets , not the arm.   They also wear a winged badge.  Hmmm. Carry on.

its interesting how he was a criminal and we like him - if he was black - not sure we would feel the same way

Humble... amazed me, that's so awesome... yes u r brilliant (genius) at age 16...

21 years old sent to prison in France , then Sweden and at 26 he had served 4 years in USA prison. Were those like  10 week sentences  in Europe ?

I was moved and his speech is something totally unexpected. This changes my prospective of this guy from the movie....

Anyone else here, picking up on his psychological manipulation..? FBI has him telling stories about their idea of reality... This guy's a Shill and a coward.

The Pam AM ID story is as polished as any story could be,  and for that reason....... as Kevin  O"Leary would say,  " I'm out ". I am intrigued by  the comment  which if I heard correctly, he sat for and passed the Bar exam,  never having  apparently  attended one law school class. In most states,  50% of law school graduates flunk the  Bar Exam , after 3 years of law school. The Bar Exam is a 3 day exam, roughly 24 hours, and covers contracts, property, jurisdiction, civil procedures, criminal law, torts, constitutional law and other areas. Most law student will student about 50 hours per week on top of 15 hours of classroom which is,  over a 13 week semester,  about 800 hours,  times 6 semesters = 4800 hours of classroom and study time plus another 300-400 hours of prepping for the Bar exam. And despite  5000-5200 hours of study, there are still 50% who fail, but some guy skipped all that and just sat for and  passed the BAR.  Coming from a family of attorneys, I have never heard of such a feat, and nobody I talked to has either.  As far as the FBI being an agency with people of extraordinary integrity, the public record ( in other words that record which only identifies those agents who were caught and  convicted of serious crimes) offers compelling evidence that,  one might say,  refutes that view.

The meat of his talk is actually in the middle and at around 23:00 Don't miss the most important part of the talk because the criminal activity seems more interesting.

perfect presentation and confidence...see why he conned his way during his youth..for charismatic...and his speech hit home regarding parenting. you can tell he loved his father and mother and i'm surprised he didn't choke up because i did...

l'm Japanese. Someone please tell me whether this dubbing is exactly correct.

I had a court order a counselor to ask me who I wanted to be with, my mother or my father, and he got frustrated because I kept saying both.

Let us be honest, the Federal Reserve is an illegal cartel, that is charging INTEREST on the money that OUR government disperses to citizens. That means if the FedRes prints one dollar for circulation, that the people need to pay back $1.05, but there is only 1 dollar in circulation, so they print more. The result, is that the FedRes ends up owning everything. It is all a contrived and evil hoax, that is worthy of those people being executed. Luckily, there is a God, and punishment will be his wrath upon the greedy and wicked people of this Earth. The souls of many being cast into eternal damnation. People will scoff at me, and call me crazy, but they do so at their own peril. The angels of Jesus are already here, and they are watching everything that happens, there are NO SECRETS. Judgment will be done. God's will be done. The day of the Lord is coming, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Go ahead and laugh if you dare, but whatever you do, do not say that you were not warned, because you most certainly were.

If the FBI and other government agencies were so good at their job, then why is our system so overtly corrupt? Why do we have fraudulent investigations, like the treasonous coup d'etat Mueller is trying to pull on our elected standing US President? Why is Frank Abagnale's main ploy to convince people that the monetary system is trustworthy? Credit cards ruin many people's lives, it would be far better to NOT live in a world that tracks every thing you do, every purchase, every move, every job, every moment. These government systems are ALREADY ABUSED by the government, and others. It will only get WORSE when people submit themselves to a bio-chip human implant, which is what this tyrant globalist sell-out is really promoting. I guess the audience is idolizing this man, instead of questioning his motives, and his words. Our government and FBI trusted this con-artist over the tens of thousands of other applicants? Why? Nothing like placing the fox in the hen house for a good nights sleep. Why is this guy so obsessed with promoting women? It is all part of an agenda, and that agenda is to put into place a system of tyranny unlike anything in our recorded human history.

Lived a life as a criminal - turn it into a movie and then ask him to guest speak at google LOL. But fire an engineer when he writes the truth...

1 of 10,000 applicants are accepted in the FBI? 38,000 employees? So, that means that there would need to be 38,000,000 applicants (38 Million). The population of the USA is 324 million people. That means roughly 1 out of 10 citizens would need to apply to the FBI in order to make his statistics accurate. Of course, anybody that believes his stats are brain dead, clearly they are woefully inaccurate.

If you understand he was referring to the agents it hires, assuming a turnover of 5% per year, as all agents must retire at 55, 5% of 13,500 is 650 new agents per year.  650 x 10,000 = 6,500,000 applicants per year. LMAO Sorry, this is wrong. The real number is  100 applicants per each agent hired.

At 45:22; not according to Suze Orman.

Decades ago............I was watching Abagnale on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show. He was just as entertaining and charming as in this video.

8 of the last 9 presidents were big time crooks and conmen.

Here is the story concerning his passing the bar in Louisiana at age 19.  " While he was posing as Pan Am First Officer "Robert Black", Abagnale forged a Harvard University law transcript, passed the Louisiana bar exam, and got a job at the Louisiana State Attorney General's office at the age of nineteen. He told a flight attendant he had briefly dated that he was also a Harvard Law School student, and she introduced him to a lawyer friend. Abagnale was told the bar needed more lawyers and was offered a chance to apply. After making a fake transcript from Harvard, he prepared himself for the compulsory exam. Despite failing twice, he claims to have passed the bar exam legitimately on the third try after eight weeks of study, because "Louisiana, at the time, allowed you to take the Bar over and over as many times as you needed. It was really a matter of eliminating what you got wrong." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. ) What is very odd here is the comment,  " the bar needed more lawyers and  I was offered a chance to apply ".  Really ?  The LAST PLACE where a shortage of lawyers will be  in a State Attorney General's Office. Why?  Because for EVERY job opening and there are only a few per year, there are thousands of applicants. 2. )  In addition,  aside from a stolen transcript  that shows a person graduated college ( no mention HOW he got a stolen transcript ), the recruiter will want to know what jobs they held over their summer and I refer to clerking or an  externship.  3. )   Furthermore, the recruiter will want to see a sample of their legal writing skills.  4.)  Furthermore, the recruiter will need to see 2-4 letters of referral from professors.    That is only  a SMALL PART of the application process when applying for work in a State AG office.  So for these and many other reasons, as Kevin O' Leary would say on Shark Tank, " I'm out ".

Here is the story concerning his passing the bar in Louisiana at age 19. ( SMH )  " While he was posing as Pan Am First Officer "Robert Black", Abagnale forged a Harvard University law transcript, passed the Louisiana bar exam, and got a job at the Louisiana State Attorney General's office at the age of nineteen. He told a flight attendant he had briefly dated that he was also a Harvard Law School student, and she introduced him to a lawyer friend. Abagnale was told the bar needed more lawyers and was offered a chance to apply. After making a fake transcript from Harvard, he prepared himself for the compulsory exam. Despite failing twice, he claims to have passed the bar exam legitimately on the third try after eight weeks of study, because "Louisiana, at the time, allowed you to take the Bar over and over as many times as you needed. It was really a matter of eliminating what you got wrong." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. ) What is very odd here is the comment,  " the bar needed more lawyers and  I was offered a chance to apply ".  Really ?  The LAST PLACE where a shortage of lawyers will be  in a State Attorney General's Office. Why?  Because for EVERY job opening and there are only a few per year, there are thousands of applicants. 2. )  In addition,  aside from a stolen transcript  that shows a person graduated college ( no mention HOW he got a forged  transcript ), the recruiter will want to know what jobs they held over their summer and I refer to clerking or an externship.  3. )   Furthermore, the recruiter will want to see a sample of their legal writing skills.  4.)  Furthermore, the recruiter will need to see 2-4 letters of referral from professors.    That is only  a SMALL PART of the application process when applying for work in a State AG office.  So for these and many other reasons, as Kevin O' Leary would say on Shark Tank, " I'm out ".

Here is the story concerning his passing the bar in Louisiana at age 19. ( quack quack )  " While he was posing as Pan Am First Officer "Robert Black", Abagnale forged a Harvard University law transcript, passed the Louisiana bar exam, and got a job at the Louisiana State Attorney General's office at the age of nineteen. He told a flight attendant he had briefly dated that he was also a Harvard Law School student, and she introduced him to a lawyer friend. Abagnale was told the bar needed more lawyers and was offered a chance to apply. After making a fake transcript from Harvard, he prepared himself for the compulsory exam. Despite failing twice, he claims to have passed the bar exam legitimately on the third try after eight weeks of study, because "Louisiana, at the time, allowed you to take the Bar over and over as many times as you needed. It was really a matter of eliminating what you got wrong." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. ) What is very odd here is the comment,  " the bar needed more lawyers and  I was offered a chance to apply ".  Really ?  The LAST PLACE where a shortage of lawyers will be  in a State Attorney General's Office. Why?  Because for EVERY job opening and there are only a few per year, there are thousands of applicants. 2. )  In addition,  aside from a forged  transcript  that shows a person graduated college ( no mention HOW he got a forged  transcript ), the recruiter will want to know what jobs they held over their summer and I refer to clerking or an externship.  3. )   Furthermore, the recruiter will want to see a sample of their legal writing skills. Impossible to FAKE that.  4.)  Furthermore, the recruiter will need to see 2-4 letters of referral from professors. Impossible to FAKE.  That is only  a SMALL PART of the application process when applying for work in a State AG office.  So for these and many other reasons, as Kevin O' Leary would say on Shark Tank, " I'm out ".

Parts of the story, soggy IMHO.

Passed the Bar without Law School is an impossible task. Like doing brain surgery after the 10th grade. You could not find a person who did that if you looked for 50 years. I played golf 25 times with JFK. I said it, therefore it is true.

This should be required listening. Fantastic speaker and I can't believe I actually sat here and listened to this entire thing. He has sound advice on so many fronts. Highly recommend people watch this.

An excellent example of 'social hacking'.

Entertaining, ............ thief .

Trusona? pls... What is this a sales video?

26:50 sec you started to cry didn't you, I didn't cry, something was in my eye.

This talk was outstanding. What a man. Very humble.

50% of the people in the audience don't agree with him...

Love the 3 backpack wearing snowflakes (7:05) who nonchalantly walk from one side to the other, right between the speaker and the audience, as though they haven't a care in the world. What's worse, if someone bothered to point out their faux pas, they'd prolly be baffled as to why that's a problem. But of course, I'm sure it's NOT a Google.

" In 1978 a San Francisco Chronicle reporter checked into Abagnales claims after he spoke at a anti crime seminar in the city. The Chronicle reporter  made queries to banks, hospitals,  schools and a variety of other institutions  cited by Abagnale, none of whom were familiar with any of his cons or the aliases under which he worked "  Page 99  The Big Con : Great Hoaxes, frauds, Grifts, and Swindles in American History  by  Nate Hendley

comments from a blog _  Emerson Aarnio on 17 Aug 2017 at 7:50 pm said:  I just finished his book Catch Me If You Can and after the first fifty pages, I was sure that I was being conned as well. The story reads like a young James Bond story that is just too perfect and absurdly ridiculous to believe. He jumps from one amazing story to the next while seducing lovely women in exotic locales and reeling in scammed money that in today’s monetary value would be the equivalent of several million dollars a year. After finishing this glossy work of fiction, I searched for some verification or validation of his escapades and there was none to be found. One example was his claim of escaping through the toilet of a large jet after touching down in NY. You would think that this would have made for paper selling headlines at the time, but I found no news reports of this dozy of a tale when searching headlines from major newspapers of the time. Most all of the articles written about Frank are swooning puff pieces that don’t question any of his exploits. I did enjoy the movie very much but to claim this as nonfiction and sell it as a biography, that is the true con.

Wonderful speaker! So eloquent.

LOL, notice he never answered the question if he flew on airplanes after getting out of prison

I have no clue if he did or did not. Serious journalists have tried to fact check his claims and run into dead ends. When he is then asked about it, he says people will be too embarrassed to admit things. He has issues.

Roger Clemons LOL I'll answer your question when you comment on my topic - how he never answered if he flew illegally when he got out of prison

LOL  - Canada is legalizing  pot this summer. Do you have a favorite stock to buy. Last point, avoid visiting Santa Barbara for the next 5 years. Those hillsides are devoid of vegetation and hold millions of huge rocks, any one of which could fall to the ground , with or without rain.  What % of this jaw jackers story do you think is real. 1% or 2%?

Roger Clemons You are either a tranny in the middle of a sex change operation, or you are a woman - you are FAR too emotional and loaded with estrogen: 1. You have posted twice now and neither one answers my question, or even remotely close to the topic "LOL, notice he never answered the question if he flew on airplanes after getting out of prison" 2. For some reason both your posts are talking about the law / bar exam which I did NOT mention, so I have no clue why you replied to me, you should have started your own thread and posted your opinion. 3. Not only that, your long ass reply is for TODAY, not when Frank claims he did this back in the 60's. Could you at least post something relevant, like "At the time Frank did this, you would have had to do this... and therefore I dont believe him" You keep talking about (read rambling) about TODAY, which was never in question. Do you have any proof these laws and stipulations that you wrote existed in the 60's??? I swear you are like a dumb ex-girlfriend that cant stay on a topic Boy: So what are you in the mood for, steak or chicken? You: "Well, I think Albuquerque is a great city, and here's why.... Boy "..."

Ok, pretend you could just walk in off the street  and sit for the Bar exam.( you can't, but let's pretend you could ). To get hired by the State  AG's Office, is not the same as getting hired by Target department stores.  1.) They would need 3-4 professor references. 2.)  A sample of your legal writing skills. 3.)  Info on the jobs you held during law school, ( externship, clerk, researcher, and courtroom experience as an assistant to a law firm). 4.)  If you worked as an attorney in the State AG Office, you likely were hired with 4-10 years prior experience as an attorney. Nobody gets those jobs out of law school.  5.) If you were lucky enough to get a job with the State AG Office, you were selected  out of a field of 200-600 applicants and of those,  only 20 would be picked for interview number 1.  Then, three applicants  are given a second interview. Three  attorneys would interview you. 6.) One person is hired.  7.) You cannot bluff your way through such a process. Impossible.  Little has changed since 1968.  I come from a family of attorneys who, over 25 years, have worked in the Federal Courts, State Courts, and Military courts.  In addition, attorneys who work in the Courts would never say, I practiced law for the State AG. They would say, I was a prosecutor, deputy prosecutor,  assistant deputy prosecutor,  judicial clerk,  para legal, extern, public defender.  It is not called practicing law in the government.

Um, you do know this was in the 60's, right? Things were probably different back then. I believe his story, but doubt you could do it today.

16:30 I provide background on that claim. From everything I have read and researched, nobody  can just walk in and sit for the Bar exam. One can do it without law school, but other  (lengthy ) conditions must be met. My belief is this story, as told,  is not possible and for that reason, I'm out.

The guts that are required to pull off faking that you're a pilot, being escorted into the cockpit of a commercial plane and strapping yourself into the jump seat behind the pilots. My goodness.

It would take me 10 seconds to out a Fake Firefighter or Paramedic. Just one question out of 10,000 I could ask and a FAKE could not answer. Also, I hold a private pilot license. You cannot fake the lingo. SMH

If Frank was not white, he would've been executed decades ago and you would've never heard of him. If a white person does a crime a movie is created, meanwhile if anyone else did it, they're considered low-lifes usually followed by a racial slur. Idolizing crimminals reflects on the moral stature of a society.

most likely one of the best talks I've ever seen.

Correct, no matter how you slice it or dice it, you will still end up with croutons. :-)

The idiots in the audience were asking all the wrong questions. Reached a point where he answered the questions which were important but never asked.

interesting... they should make a movie about this.

If you take nothing else away from this, 43:15 - 47:23

Who knows how much of this is actually true. The book version of his adolescence is different, for example. I guess that's the point when observing a practiced liar. If it had taken 25 more years to catch him, he'd be Madoff.

He is a hero, get what kind of world would we be living in if we all behaved like him?

If your eyes aren't wet at 27mins you are not human......

Very good at what he does but huge ego-maniac. "I was just a child. My parents got divorced. I was just surviving. Poor me. Boo hoo". Yeh, sure.

why dont someone like you take on the corrupt government our government is way worse than most crimmnals you try to catch

so rude to leave and walk in front of him while speaking.

Eloquent and interesting man. Not only is his story interesting he shared a great deal of important information concerning technology and security.

you guys know that is not the real Frank Abagnale - right? :0)

Wow, a Jew thief. There’s something new.

One of the most amazing stories ever told.

his voice is his and manner is his secret

What a prick.

what a liar

bla bla bla old narcisist

I doubt he EVER flew the jump seat.

Roger Clemons so are you suggesting that he made all of this up and did not actually fly on a bunch of planes.

Unlike the story teller, pilots do not all talk the same and ask the same questions. If you fly another the of airplane, they will ask you different things about it.  I can spot a fake firefighter  in 5 seconds and I have in a few cases , when they are trying to impress some girl. You cannot impersonate a firefighter if a real one is listening.  Being a pilot is even more complex a job than firefighter or engineer and  i wold bet money he never sat in a jump seat. Never.

Roger Clemons I doubt that the pilots would suspect that the guy in the junpseat was a fake so they probably didn’t try to out him!

Wow...remarkable dresser, amazing speaker...not a single "ahh..", "umm...", "you know...",...and superbly interesting life

Wow this is an awesome life story

he's just a con man off the streets of NYC thats all, i know hundreds of them, i have family like that, once they would steal the shirt of your back, once they get straight they adapt well

Remember this guy scammed a lot of people . The movie was very flattering but he created a lot of pain for a lot of people .

Great talk, do t know how I found it, but thank you Google!

What a crazy story, this guy is a genius. A person that has a solution for every problem

Great up until 'We live in a great country where everyone gets a second chance'. Works for the government, alright.

Trusona? He mentions this company like 5 times. Why?

This guy is a fascinating character. The early part of his speech is actually pretty humorous, as he describes how he faked being an airline pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. But then he talks about cyber security issues in the modern world from the vantage point of having now worked for the FBI for more than forty years and he speaks about what is most important to him in life, being a good family man. He's smart and articulate and this was a very informative video, an hour well spent.

Spectacular. What a fantastic speech. They don't make these type of men anymore.


Rewarded for being a criminal, lol, only in American.

Who on earth could possibly give a thumbs down to this video??

what this dude did is SOOOOO EASY SOOOO SIMPLE and he did it you didnt everything in are world is based all on paper and things we use and take for granted he just played a paper game BECAUSE THATS ALL A NAME AND MONEY IS PAPER i know 50 people who have done this and NEVER GOT COURT like this dude name changing beating arest warrents taking out huge loans never paying them back etc etc etc IT WASNT ROCKET SCIENCE it was easy

That's great Frank!

Extremely smart human being!

Should still be in jail, zero respect for the system.

Wow, it sounds like he didn't really enjoy his fairly glamorous and interesting life.

"Hackers do not cause breaches, people do!" - so true. The biggest threat to companies and governments are their own employees and contractors (E.Snowden is a good example).


this was rehearsed. he's told this story many times before guys..

I wonder if EyeOnID and similar services are helpfull to avoid/minimize damage from ID theft etc. And the fee to freeze and unfreeze credit isn't surprising. The ultra capitalistic society that exist in US means, let's make money of everything we can. The government (which everyone becomes very upset as soon as they (which are, by extension, actually all of the citizens) get involved and decides something. But its needed for the good of the citizens. Making a mony of peoples missfortune shouldn't be a thing for other than people very low down the food chain.

Damn he sound so much like Morgan Freeman.

You had separation issues with your parents. Blah, blah, blah. Don't be giving young men the idea that a woman will change their lives for the better. You got lucky. Most men get screwed in court, probably just like your Dad. Chew on that for awhile.

Still a conman.

This guy thinks the government knowing everything about you is a good thing , wow they really warped his mind in prison

Every con artist and criminal are full of regret but their only one real true regret is getting caught.

FBI ethical ? hahahahahahahahahahhah talk to the italians

All children need a mother and a father ..thank you frank . Get a letter out to the gays

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cash is the safest form of currency.

you're brilliant not just intellectually but as a whole person. im thankful to HBO right now just watched the film and thats when Ive known you but your storytelling is really amazing!

The real Frank Abagnale story is more impressive than the movie.

what a great speech and a text book for learning english

Wonderful talk. Very interesting man with a very sound mind. What annoys me is hollywoods continual misinformation when it comes to movies based upon real people. Frank said Steven Spielberg portrayed him quite accurately, but also that there were glaring differences between reality and tv. Those aspects, such as his mother NOT remarrying, and him NOT seeing his father again directly influence a viewers perception of not only the people in question but of Frank himself. Why must hollywood ruin truth by rewriting reality? Especially when the reality was just as dramatic and engaging. Biographies and books/movies based upon real people should never embelish or, in the case of Catch Me If You Can, blatantly fabricate a story. Thats what tabloid newspapers do. Whats next? Wikipedia throwing facts out the window just for "a good story"? Eg Pi equals 70? Abe Lincoln was black?! Fiction has its place, but not when it comes to real people's lives.

What a powerful soul inside that man!

"Everyone in this country gets a second chance" LOL imagine if Frank Abagnale was black...

He eats the ass

you sir are full of shit a fraud a liar and I ask you why I should care to listen to your lame ass

What an exciting life he led!

Great speaker.but to only be fair this video should be removed and banned.just like there doing with right wing YouTube channel content.for no good reason other than to keep us in the dark about something they don't agree with.

scarry at the end with trusona, now anywhere we go will be marked - no need for chip implants anymore. so much for freedom

If you want to know how this guy fooled so many out of so much for so long, read the top comments. Psychopaths are endearing to those they need to be endearing to. As far as his “ expert advice“ and using credit cards instead of debit cards, consider that fraud has cost consumers $11 billion a year but interest on credit cards that has cost people $90 billion a year. Far better advice would be to encourage people to spend within their means and save that 90 billion.

This guy would have been really good in "Survivor".

I could listen to this guy all day

What I got from this is that it was extremely easy to game the system back then. You just needed to act like you belong.

Just me or did he basically say keep echo, google home, and other eaves dropping devices out of your house!? I mean, I already do that, but yeah.

Amazing cool guy !

Shut your eyes, you are now listing to Morgan Freeman. = KEY OF SUCCESS = WE INVITE YOU IN THIS UPDATED CLIP.

I watched the movie and I was ended researching about him that led me here. Salute to him and so much respect.

The company he's talking about near the end:

Ive never seen someone as eloquent as this guy is.

He's also just after giving myself and millions of other people all over the world a great bit of advice and a head start on not only cheque fraud, credit card fraud and cyber crime. But a lot of information on, well, information. Good man Mr Abagnale

So did pan am give him a lifetime ban, along with all the other airlines he ripped off??

Great history, great life...great lesson! I believe his a genius, courageous and what a determination. Tks for it!

Epic talk

FBI most ethical???? Has this criminal clown ever met James Comey???!!!!

Guys i swear this shit works hahahaha i cant believe that i earned 27.300 Dollars in 1 fucking Month for the haters and dont believers prove it at the link :D

Passwords are not going away in the next 18 months, let alone the next 180 weeks.

"...and this is what I've learned. First of all, every single breach--every breach--occurs, because somebody in that company did something they weren't supposed to do, or somebody in that company failed to do something they were supposed to do. Hackers do not cause breaches. People do. And every breach comes down to that." This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Wowow Finessing was easier back in the day lol holy hell a real OG

Frank Abagnale has got to be the most interesting person I have ever listened to. I don't think I heard 1 "umm." I was locked in to every word he said. Thanks!

Those people walking in front on the presentation, so disrespectful

This guy is a scumbag. He works for the most "ethical" FBI which just lost 500 emails between FBI agents Strzok and Page. And you're all impressed because he talks fast and loves his children. How noble!

Nice guy, good tips, great story

Alien They used him & learned from him. He chose to stay after his term was up. He was very good at his job & the FBI benefitted.

Greg Pek All the idiots who are still calling him a con man.

Best use of my time in several years! Fascinating man with a sharp delivery. I can truly say, I will never forget him.

Absolutely riveting.

This guy has a very meaninglessness in his eyes. A sneaky type of looks...I would not feel comfortable to talk to him...just the way he talks and looks at you would make me suspicious. Like talking to con man.

19:00 Glu mobile?? How did I not catch that before when I watched this weeks ago. I've been playing their game racing rivals for over a year. What a coincidence. That's honestly insane.

I only accomplished the 2 goals I really wanted to achieve in life when I started to believe in myself even though no one believed in me.

This guy is a BAMF, but it's sad that it all started from his parents split.

He gives the Exact same speech, Exact same words/inflections etc at all his talks... con artist for sure but i love him!!!

This 1 hour talk not just taught me a lot about the cyber world and what the future would be like but a lot about life too!

One word...WOW!

how did Leotardo DiCrapio come to the picture?

Wow, what a great man of true character. Amazing speech!

Loved the movie and loved this interview. Wish I could go back in time and watch this interview again for new.

Pfft, he says he's not a genius, but I think he is. Then he says Trusona is good. Then I go and check out Trusona. Now I agree, he's not a genius. Trusona is just a lame two step verification app. LOL

I notice you don't place adds on this google

That was incredible.

Bravo! Very inspiring!

Still a con artist.

The best thing about this was your discussion about family.... Your fucking brilliant

Frank didn't hurt anyone. The system hurt him.

I really don't know how I landed to this great video. This man deserves The Nobel Prize far more than the recipients of the past.

I loved Titanic. Great job!

this guy is a real genius.

amazing social engineer

What a good man you became! I thoroughly enjoyed every word,,,,esp the last couple of sentences!

Alan Hewson I believe and respect Frank but to pass off blame for that period in his life, indicates to me unresolved conflicts and an insecurity that only his wife must understand. A truly remarkable woman

What if you don’t have an iPhone?

What if someone steals your device? How does persona work?

hug them while you can....

I’m Very impressed... if only kids & adults had 10% of this manS character- we would have a better society

52:14 and 56:00 Should be a great warning to 'President' Trump. The last 5 minutes are a warning to everybody else.

just shows how far charisma and people skills can get you in life

now do we trust the FBI more than before watching this???

Ayy, Posted on my birthday

He memorized that whole goddamn speech.

Excellent Speaking and life's transformations by Frank Abagnale.


hes still a fast talking con man. dont get it twisted!

An hour and 3 minutes worthy of everyones time.

Real niggas do real thangs

Social Engineering.

Why do people keep walking in front of him while he speaks? Quite rude.

did he ever say "umm" ?

the last 10 mins of this vid sure took a turn for the spooky

fuck, you weren't kidding

47:00....Please keep in mind, his statement concerning credit is his opinion. Do your own research on money and credit and come to your own conclusions. My opinion is that paper money and Federal Reserve System "credit" is the biggest crime that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. I agree with Andrew Jackson and the Founding Fathers of America. Paper money is poison. Amazing that Mr. Abagnale fails to understand that credit cards and debit cards are owned by the same people, the banks. The liability for both credit and debit cards remains with the issuer, the banks. The banks are simply branches of the so-called, Federal Reserve System. That is all they are. The Federal Reserve System creates their members banking rules. The banks lose if there is a breach on a debit card in the same way if there is a breach with a credit card. This in why the FRS owned banks have algorithms that will stop the use of the card if the purchases do not make sense to the algorithm. If anyone has ever had a breach of their bank accounts via a debit/credit card you know how fast you get alerted and how fast your card becomes worthless. It is the banks that have everything to lose not the consumer. The banks must make the consumer whole again if THEIR (bank's) "money" (bank NOTES) that they created becomes breached. The banks sell a service to the public. When they sell this service they make certain promises to their customers. One of these promises is the security of their systems. If their system gets breached they are at fault, not their customers. Secondly, anyone who would keep more than the minimum balance of Federal Reserve Notes in a bank is a fool.

FBI is his employer of course hes gonna lie like the rest of them. oh did you forget this man is also FRANK ABAGNALE. you think con men just quit being con men??

He's too modest. He says he wasn't brilliant, just a kid with no worries....yes, maybe that part is true, but if he wasn't a cunning genius as you can see that he is today, he was just as stellar back when he was just starting his life of crime. Truly amazing guy who's still going strong.

Wow. This was such a comprehensive talk. Jordan Peterson would probably define him as a good person. I sure do. What an inspiration.

That was an audiobook!

twozzleweb The real ads were in the speech.

Indeed a genius!

Wow, thank you for all of the great information.

This guy is awesome. 'I've turned down three presidential pardons because I don't believe a piece of paper excuses what I did - only my actions afterwards' If only more people understood this

Not impressed.

يا ربي .. اقسم بالانبياء والائمة انو هذا الاجني هو الذي يدخل الجنة .. وذولاك المعممين والشيوخ كلهم للنار!

EXCELLENT! I always enjoy listening to smart people!

What a thoroughly honorable man.


My experience was very different. I grew up in poverty, parents died young, homeless, recruited by the U.S. government because I've got a weird gift, later became a journalist and I used to do the occasional investigation to help people who fell between the cracks. I used to know a CIA adviser who played Santa to give back to the children, because he had to train them in other nations to kill our enemies, so Americans wouldn't have to do it. Like Frank, everyone has a conscience, except psychopaths and we usually elect them or count on them to run global corporations, simply because they can make decisions without the strain of feeling emotion for people. The FBI are largely very good people and you have to be of high moral character to work with them, so that should tell you something about Frank. Everyone carries guilt. Everyone has a story they want to tell. The people who feel the guilt, sit in the darkness are the ones who change the world.


Is he jewish? I reckon he is.

Absolutely incredible person and speach

thank you for the posting I have watched this twice but I am very happy:-)

I watched it at 0.75x speed. So my brain could process his words. Awesome speech..!

The part about debit/credit cards was a huge eye opener LOL

See how fucked up society and people are today, if someone did what he did today they would say Fry him and give him the death penalty and talk about how this man is a felon and how bad he is because he's a felon and people do that to felons (and this man is a felon, but a felony is actually illegal and unconstitutional and was only created so they can "illegally and unconstitionally" take your guns which they cannot do for any reason whatsoever, that includes felonies and being on probation, its illegal and unconstitutional.) But I find it ridiculous how messed up society and people are, they'll praise one felon who did all these things and glorify him, but other felons they'll say throw away the key or give him the death penalty and put him down. Shame. My point is people makes mistakes, can happen at anytime in life, and everyone deserves a second chance without having their inalienable rights that cannot be infringed upon in anyway shape or form for any reason from them and without having their lives and livelihood and protection and voting rights stripped from them, I've seen many people who I knew for a fact did nothing which I personally witnessed but because of dirty district attorneys, dirty judges, dirty cops etc had their lives destroyed, and there is constantly hundreds of thousands of cases where its proven that the convicted who sit in prison for years or was already executed (in death penalty cases for those, thousands upon thousands of them) was innocent. Society is a shame today and does not stand up for thier rights, and the court system is beyond a shame!

America doesn't produce this type of cool anymore. :(

Why again are the the comments on this video praising a pathological liar?

Everything was going great until the bitch started asking shitty questions. 21st century fragile over dramatic bitches.

It's kind of ironic at this point in time in history and world events to hear him talk about how ethical and honest FBI agents are, when it sure looks like there's some shady deep State business going on. Now I realize that he works for the FBI and it would probably be a huge conflict of interest for him to be allowed to speak completely freely about the FBI, because the public faith and trust in the FBI has to be maintained at all costs. So he's probably not allowed to talk about the FBI's Dirty Laundry. I wonder if that would put him in a position of Jeopardy to do so. But as it seems from news stories in the current time, the FBI seems to be in a kind of questionable situation right now.

Fox News

To hunters, new game will rise.

They have access to that sattelite?

Does 3M still do tape?

I knew they would help !

Is Randy stupid? I reckon he is.

wowww Amazing speech. Who tells that he is not a GENIUS.

He shows several traits that would be considered a "high functioning" or "pro-social" psychopath, along the lines of the neuroscientist James Fallon.

Turns out that wasn't Frank at all, it was just some 16 year old kid

Great talk!!

Afraid this might be taken down. Can I download it?

Quite sad that he was in reality estranged from his Father, when the film makes their relationship foundational.

He dodged that last question.

No one said anything about the FBI being squeaky clean or angels. That citizens should hold law enforcement and public officials to a high standard is a given that I'm sure we both agree on. We were talking about the source of the allegations against the FBI that you alluded to in your first post, and viewing that document and the rebuttal (both sides) skeptically in this specific case given their origin.

The assumption that the fbi is incapable of being on the wrong side of the law is a mistake of faith

Written by partisan players with an axe to grind (you know, like Fox News or MSNBC, or Alex Jones and Young Turks). Why would you trust members of Congress who couldn't tell the truth if you asked them the time to give an accurate account of anything? Especially when they have so much to gain by "misrepresenting the truth"? If you are gonna take memo one as "true" then what grounds do you have not to take "memo two, the rebuttal that contradicts memo one" also as truth?


Thank you Mr Frank, i cried when you talk on Real Man

Technology breeds crime. Best quote ever. The OG in finesse.

Once he got to the passwords section, once a con man always a con man.

Wouldn't have been a good idea to give the microphone to those reading online questions..... who could actually speak English?

Yeah but.....i love you frank but so and so

Amazing, for real!

Hes a highly intelligent guy, to do what he did, criminal activity at the time sure, but very smart

He didn't answer the last question about flying at all??

Undoubtedly one of the best talks I have watched on Youtube.

Love this. Also I'm switching to a credit card.

This MAN is one of the BEST people I've EVER heard! Blessed. Respectful.

God damn, I can't be the only one crying a silent couple of tears at the end of that. Such a wonderful life message Sir.

He tells this story exactly the same word for word in every speech.

Now that merits a Standing Ovation.

how can he talk like that without breathing Amazing

He says he's not a genius...yet he's like a supercomputer of information, and an incredible speaker.

Amazing man, this video was better than the movie ! Glad that Frank decided to use his talents to make banking more secure.

His speech reminds me so much of Corey Stoll playing Ernest Hemingway in the movie 'Midnight in Paris'.

I never expected this to turn in to one of the most beautiful things I ever heard..

Im a happy father. Didnt expect this to go that way, but happy i have kids


*_If you can make it, you can recreate it_* ...

ok im doi need to enlist stephanie wong or will i be ok?

Who is that woman reading the questions?? Surley not an employee of google


wow his wife must be something

He look jewish..

He is a decent man.

Asset. Not a liability. Life isn't perfect, and liberty must be asserted. #goodguy Thanks Frank!


Last part of the presentation was the most interesting. @56:45 passwords will be obsolete by 2020, starting in part with Microsoft Gaming @59:20 FBI can shut someones pacemaker off from up to 35 feet away @59:55 FBI can take over any modern vehicle from up to 35 feet away, lock doors, close windows and shut down the engine, even deploy the air bag.

Well done....thank you!

Wow, just wow

what a great story

Beautiful speech.

He is so rich in wisdom and humility. What he said around the 25-minute mark is remarkable in not accepting presidential pardons. Great talk, and yes, a story of redemption.

Incredible. A wonderful man. A real man.

It's interesting to listen to him talk about his life...but then I was kicked with the horrific reality at 56:35 when he talks about the technology the CIA has, and where we are heading. It's also interesting that no one in the comment section seems to care, let along acknowledge the technology he mentions.


I love this man

Balls of steel

A person whom truly understand in being human.....Improving humanity along the way! Thank you, sir!

What an admirable man and an amazing speaker.

Hearing you is like listening to a friend. Thank you for being and holding heart.

Words worth listening....

Catch me if you can is one of my favorite movies.

still a brilliant mind

The awesome folks @RISMedia had Mr Abagnale at their CEO Exchange last Fall as well, UNBELIEVABLE speech and not only helped me 'know more about what I already knew' with his cyber security/fraud protection points that he made in the 30 minute Q&A, but this man's survival story was wonderfully inspirational in so many ways. I have seen 100's of key notes and this is in my top 3, if not number 1. "I would need to tell the court, which parent I chose to live with" is something that breaks any parents heart to hear. No excuses for what he did, he has paid back what he wrongfully stole, paid his dues as far as incarceration, has a wonderful family now after certainly not having one (at least it appears), has now helped the FBI for 40+ years find ways to help protect the American citizen...I personally salute you Frank Abagnale!~! The presentation to Google was certainly great, but the RIS one, probably since I was there, was so inspiring! The entire audience was crying, laughing and gasping together>! Frank told us, "Use a diamond cut shredder to all your personal checks, don't use debit cards, only credit cards and cash. We will be rid of usernames and passwords by 2020 and embracing retina scan and thumb print verification!"

One thing you cannot not notice: He speaks as if he's reading. He has a real verbal talent.

Real life is the real adventure. Frank Abagnale, the man who paid his debt to society in full, and now is a honest and productive member of society, is a hero, the real deal.

This is one of the most true and honest talks i have ever listened to...especially the real man part... i loved this.

Thank you for the genuis time you have invested in us and out Country. It must have be driven by Love.

This is superb English No "uhs" or "likes" -- just concise verbiage.

Google, you hypocrites. Fire James Damore for gender talks, and this guy gets a pass when he says that a family needs "a man and a woman" for a stable home? What about male/male fathers or female/female mothers or however they identify?

Stage 5 clinger...

Wow. Don't know how I stumbled across this but it was amazing. I've never seen the movie but will now go check it out. This man had a very tragic and almost magical life, if the two can exist simultaneously. I did not want that to end! It's not very often that a speech can evoke so many emotions. The story about his father was just gut-wrenching.

That was an awesome talk! I teach Personal Finance to high school kids and always show them the movie "Catch Me If You Can" after the checking account unit to emphasize important banking concepts. This is a great addition to show after the movie! So interesting...thank you Google and Mr. Abagnale!!!

Ever hack a Gibson?

Riveting, profound.

Great speaker.  No uh, ahh, uh's.  Refreshing.

OK FBI guy, why aren't you investigating G0ogl3 and the other dot coms for T1ttle 7 violations? Every single one of us knows they discriminate horribly against Americans by abusing the crap out of H1BVisas. #TreasonVisas #TraitorSourcing.

That's why you need Jesus, Frank Abagnale you might not feel as if you can forgive yourself but Jesus can you don't need a piece of paper for forgiveness all you need is a repentant heart it's time to let go and let God into your heart.

Shameless plug for truesona

Wow, wow, wow! This is what my best friend said after watching this...what a story. This has encouraged me to be and keep on being the best husband and father I can be. Everybody should hear this story from Frank's mouth. Remember that you (any of us) can have a second chance. And to Frank: Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for your service.

Really good speech.

25:45 Again Bruce K Alexander; The opposite of addiction is connection.

my favorite movie love it

My guy is an example of privilege. Good for you, but no, not everybody gets a 2nd chance

I think he said he has a 9th or 10th grade education. And with a few weeks of study, he passed the Louisiana Bar exam. Obviously, that is a total crock, for a variety of reasons.  Notice he mentioned it almost in passing.  For the record, let's play pretend and assume you are a 19 year old high school drop out and for reasons never made clear ,you decide you will prepare for  the Bar Exam and then a few months later, yo pass it. Maybe such a superstar could add a little light on the topic, given it is a super rare feat for anyone to pass the BAR without law school.   The fact is  law school is 3 years and most students will spend about 1200 hours per semester studying and going to class , times 6 semesters  = 7200 hours of study.  Preparing for the BAR EXAM is largely a REVIEW of material you have learned over those 7200 hours of classroom and lectures and study.  Even if you had 2 full months of studying for the BAR EXAM, without the depth of a legal education, you cannot make sense of the cases you are reviewing nor will you understand the case law and there will be terms you do not understand.  Therefore , the chances you were to pass,  would be 0% on a good day.  Did Frank chose to bring forth a document showing evidence of passing or perhaps name the  month and year he took he exam so the average person could check to see if he ever passed.  Didn't think so. at 26:26 "celebrated 35 years in Feb. of 2010 at FBI". In this video at 18:31 "this year i'm celebrating 41 years at FBI", but 2017 would have been 42 years?

I'm impressed with how he speaks.

Amazing story!

Made me hit the like button thrice.

Good point, think of how people can use new technology for evil before release

This guy is a humble genius.

Socks are warm.


l met Frank when he came to speak at our high school to local business owners and workers about how to spot a bad check. He was very nice and offered me Dark Side of the Moon on 8-track tape. l declined because l had the LP and a Lloyds stereo head that recorded from the turntable to 8-track blanks. l wish now l would have taken what he offered to me with his autograph. Not for selling it now, just to have it from such a thoughtful person. l at least have the memory of meeting him and watching him speak that night. Seeing this is quite pleasing. Thank you Frank for fighting the good fight for people who are honest like yourself.

Thank you for doing this talk. It was very educational.

when you hear him talking, you feel like you're in a movie

he is a good man.much better than the movie


He is still Scamming but it it is fun to listen to

He looks like Bernie Madoff :)

the greatest liar on earth so much so that its art inducing

"Talks at Google". For once can this scumbag organisation do something original.

holy shit this guy can talk you into anything

How savy of a scammer is he if even a moron like Leo can steal his identity? That makes it impossible for him to have ever been the consummate confidence man.

Great presentation!

Based upon the movie I assumed he was cocky or arrogant and proud of what he had done. I am happy to have come across this and have a much different view. He is so intelligent and was only trying to survive. I am happy he has been successful and was able to turn it around. What a powerful story and outlook from this man.

My feiveret smock

Amazing character. Inspiring for us who have been shit bags and really want change. Change for the better that is.

A Truly Beautiful Human Being; much Respect!

What god is he refering to? Zeus? Odin? Ra? I'm so confused...

What a talk! Made my day!

The balls on this guy.


*There is also no evidence that cannot be denied as truth (once again NO EVIDENCE) that he did any of the things he did. he is more than likely part of a FBI black program designed to in some way deceive us. Frank Abagnale and the movie- a psy-ops shill.

50.25 He is great at covering himself but at this time stamp he lies. he is nto worried at all about his Son. He knew his son would get in (at least 4 tell tale signs at this point that I can see). therefore to some small degree at least... it is who you know.

So now then, a blatant thief and law breaker gets adulation while bake breaking honest men like myself get shit. That's why your world is crumbling before your very eyes you smart asses. It's because at your heart are corrupt ethics and principles. They just don't work.

I hacked ATMs when I was younger. And despite confessing on YouTube, I’ve never been caught. And $20,000 richer.

1:25 - 1:32 I wonder if he encountered Brother Devlin, who started at Iona Prep in 1963 (when Frank would have been in 9th or 10th grade) - and works at Iona College today. Wonder if Brother Devlin would have any recollection of encountering Abignale.

"An Irishman from Boston" - so... an American.

Class action lawsuit against

A great Conman is very convincing ie the Emotional father story to create substance for you to follow;= exceptional Conman !

Funny that he looks like Bernie Madoff

Legend !!! Frank , thank you.!

The main flaw of genius is that it rarely recognizes itsself. He was just following God's plan.

I wonder if he ever met Jennifer Garner who was in the movie? She was in one of my favorite TV shows called ALIAS.

Very polished.

All of this talk was wonderfully fascinating--I may get rid of my debit card! But my absolute favorite--and in many ways the MOST important things he said were about his wife, and what a true man is, and about his family, and how important having a mother and a father is! Thank you, Mr. Abagnale!


I purposely keep my checking account balance low in case someone tries hacking it. I also don’t do online banking since my home computer was hacked a long time ago. This is one of the best and most meaningful videos I have watched in a long time. He sounds like a good man. I wonder if he was paid while serving his sentence working for the FBI?

An unscrupulous old man, shameless

looks like bernie madoff

oh man 12 minutes into the video and im hook! this guy is a genius. quick thinker

It warms my heart to know there're still successful people in this world who believe in and give reverence to God.

For those of you that are commenting on his speaking abilities...he has a photographic memory. He more than likely typed this out, and is reading it off paper in his minds eye. Pretty incredible.

Best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Many thanks!

Notice how he clicks everyone's buttons with ease? A truly great manipulator instinctively knows how to lead their audience around like they were children. I see it the comments that almost everyone is taken in and can't believe this guy isn't for real.

Are you kidding? CIA the most honorable people?

One of the best talks I have watched on You Tube. Frank should do more of them.

Born May 10th 1972 Pavle Punch Stanimirović a story that blows this story away in every way shape and form . I started identity theft in the early 1990's and had embossers and tippers working overtime making duplicate cards was one thing , the diamond district was my real gig being a Diamond Thief ask Edgar Award winning author Burl Barer and please go through Howard Lapides Entertainment for more STEALING MANHATTAN & THE LAST GENTLEMAN THIEF OF MANHATTAN . P.S. HE cried at 16 I pulled the largest gem heist in the USA True Story

Damn, love that movie man. Made me cry lol it was so good. The father and son relationship got to me

I'm a poet and I know it my name is Charles working on my martyrdom

she has been on the Sybian too long... yeah she's got Facebook eyes. 100 max all settings on the Xbox, keep it 3g for our EMTs... make sure you download the asteroid tracker app and watch for those X-rays and proton rays know when you see the planet in three balls flying perfect that are masons are hard at work Navy Seals 7 sold and it's to kill a murder rape am amen. sworn in on the 4th of July 1993 company 193 with the Pacific Fleet combat award ribbon only been given to those who began World War II don't f*** with God Year of the Dog observed

great guy

Why do people glorify criminals?

I like this guy

Wonderful! Thank you Frank for your story and all the useful information.

Sickening load of garbage. I don't believe a word this guy says.

I thought he was way smarter, "a man loves his wife", what are you 8?

ROBBING BANKS with a Bic Pen started out with a girlfriend who worked in a bank. A routine banking transaction turned out to be a simple technical sleight of hand right under their nose. She would get all dolled up have me wheel her around wealthy neighborhoods, usually Uptown New Orleans around Audubon Park with her head swiveling like she was looking for a missing child and suddenly say stop! Get out of the car and pull herself together while looking around this wealthy neighborhood like it was her was playground. She would disappear for a few minutes and come right back and say, "Let's go." Calm and quiet. She would busy herself with stolen checks and the Yellow Pages to pick what bank she wanted to go to first. Usually the one furthest away, we would head there, and by the time we get there, she would be ready. Red hair and green eyes trained under Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco as a top hairdresser had a salon in her house but robbed banks on the side... WE HAD our getaway planned where I would park several businesses away so if anything happened we could get away without them knowing what automobile we were in. Never had any problem, not even a close call. I never saw her come out of a bank with less than a thousand dollars in cash. Eighteen-hundred dollars was her number though. She would come out of the bank and give me half, seven or eight hundred dollars for probably ten or twelve times and one day we went and got a new account like always, she makes out the checks, we get to the bank, and she say's, "It's your turn...." #markanthonygiven #anotherhotgrand #dopesickangel #reallifeheist

This guy is just great. He's so eloquent.

Is it me or does the way he talks remind you of George Carlin?

Why can’t I give this more than one like?

I totally agree with his underlining. You can be proud if you are a good loving and caring person, not if you tricked someone for your profit.

Really enjoyed this

Yep 5 minutes in and he says the way to be and get to the American dream lie and be a scumbag. He figured he would lie!!!! Changing a licence what is the crime today since 911 was staged and the patriot act was put in by this treasonist govt ? aMErika is ALL LIES and falling to,3rd world nation status. The wealth getting wealthier and the 99% of greedy little pigs at the bottom fighting fot the scraps left over. If you want the American dream keep sleeping otherwise be a lying scumbag.

I could listen to this man all day!

Very enlightening and entertaining video of an intelligent, articulate, morally acute professional who overcame a very challenging young adulthood to thrive as an agent for good in the intelligence community and raise a family with the same ethicality and integrity that has been his own guiding star. I would imagine though, his only lament was never having seen his father again after he left home.

Min 22 onwards are amazing.... the real inside tale

And his modesty has him say he's nothing special, I beg to differ.

Very illuminating!

21:40,... AMEN!!!,... I as well was a fortunate man in that I have a wonderful father, (and family). And if it weren't for his/their patience, I would not be the man I am today,... THANK YOU DADDY!!! :)

This is a man who really understands how the world works

Absolutely brilliant!

catch me outside how bout that?

This guy is awesome.. I'm glad he ended up being able to use his talent and wit for good.

Looks like Bernie maddoff

Wow.....enjoyed as much if not more than the movie.

What's with people walking around and in and out.


what company hires a crook? as many people here water their mouth with his story i can only say "boring" and "a real man is absolutely NOTHING like that"... sure good job taking good care your OWN children and wife sure many things he stated here are absolutely true and right... most people dont even grasp these things... still he reminds me of an old friend of mine who died in a frech jail many years ago... he a sneaky egocentric good old friend... called himself a man all the time dont get me wrong its the prime goal of your life to multiply succesfully... have offspring. But... that aint it! Wait till a person like this arrives at heavens gate... not that there is such gate (hopefully for them).

⁞⁝•ֱ⁠̀␣̍•́⁝⁞ GoogleMCP: “A real _man_ loves his wife?” Give kiss to _Fathers!_” BIZZZZIT! _*_Does not compute!_*_ Patriarchal Error! There is _no_ difference between man and woman; gender is a _social construct_ and therefore considered _cis-scum_ *hate speech*, you shall be *_demonitized_*!

What if Frank lied his way into working for the FBI? Never been to prison, just impersonating an agent working on a fake pardon sentence... and by doing so, has been succesfully pranking the FBI for the past 40 years! ;)

damn, i feel like a dick now.

He's brilliant, absolutely spellbinding. I never looked away or missed hearing a word & could listen to him all day. No wonder his sons are successful. He was surely gold to have as a father.

Wow, very interesting!

He’s so clever

I live next to Quantico and know many who have worked and instructed at the FBI Academy. I had no idea you had lived in the Prince William County area.

Amazing man

amazing how people were walking out

Yeah, but he's speaking about what's going on today. 15 years ago people could hack computers and shut it down, and today, we all have smartphones with cameras on and you're telling me they can't track you, see you, and shut it down already? Do they want you to KNOW they can do that? No, they want to keep manipulating everybody into thinking this amazing product is out, which you must have, and you're all just suckers really. The radiations alone is killing you, let alone the info they get for free by you having it.

the first question asked tells you a lot about people working at googles of the world. perceptions and living up to them, talent.. maybe..

He is absolutely wrong about the debit and credit cards, and also about the credit scores.

Well I haven't cried that hard in a long time, expected to hear just a life story ended up leaving with a life lesson

Such an intriguing fluidity to his speech.

I can't possibly express how much I enjoyed this talk. Thank you Google. Thank you FBI. Thank you Frank Abagnale for so much wisdom and humility at the same time.

Jeez, was he reading that speech off of a monitor? If not, how the hell can he remember everything and spit it out without so much as a stutter?? Impressive.

i wonder what is his opinion on Edward Snowden...

He just knew every little details of everything!!!

Awesome human being. I can’t believe he rejected a presidential pardon from 3 presidents.

How does he make tear up? Jee man. How does he do that with a fucking straight face?

Interesting tax advisor for Google

Google probably paid him a lot of $ for this speech and here we are absorbing it for free. Thanks Frank and thanks Google.

Raphael Santore His son is an FBI agent.

I love this guy!

I have a hard time believing that Trusona will replace all passwords in the world in 2 years, looks sketchy af at the moment

Carole Cook Very TRUE!

Well, as long as he's "surviving" at your expense and not mine...I'm okay with it.

Dan Stephens Because they find unconventional ways to survive.

Self-Responsibility The CIA is SEXY as FUCK!

Aztek Aztek He's a good man. People make mistakes when young or are lost.

WHat a mensch.

Abagnale for president!

go watch his movie folks: "cath me if you can", it's just gorgeous! Thank me later


I really like his talk. I'd recommend the book instead of the movie or musical. And the movie and musical aren't bad. But the book is the best and most accurate account of the entire story. In the talk I had a bit of an objection at one moment when he said that every child needs their mother and father. I didn't disagree so much with the comment about how divorce is difficult on children. Children experiencing their parents splitting almost always devastated, even if they're also glad to be rid of one parent. Because they're always upset that it was necessary to be rid of one of their parents. I had and still have a great mother and father. But I know plenty of people who either grew/grow up in different circumstances than me and they're fine. And I also know people who are glad they weren't raised by their mother and father. I think a child is best off, in the simplest terms, to have multiple guardians who are there when needed, and teach and demonstrate to children the issues of arrogance and ignorance, and the value of love and empathy. If someone has that, I think they'll be OK, even if they don't have a mother and father in the literal sense. For all I know, that could have been exactly what Abagnale meant. And I hope it is what he meant. But I just wasn't sure.


Frank would have been a great high school teacher.   Fascinating man.

And people pretend they don't understand what white privilege is.

In 10 days Ties will be Hacked , Buy my secure Ties Now

He's lucky usually fraudsters get years and years of jail time for a less amounts compare to what he did.

What a great talk! Now towards the end when it’s at the question and answer, a google employee really asks what they can do to protect their privacy, seriously google employee worried about privacy, MAYBE START BY CHANGING THE PRACTICES OF YOUR OWN COMPANY! Companies like google and Facebook that think laws and privacy is only for others to worry about as they seem to think they have a greater cause!!!!!!!

His talk is INSPIRING!

He's lying.

Intelligent chap. Looks like Benjamin Franklin?

51:10 undercover benefits for bureau

43:33 no way it is his boat (argument for CC non-liability & credit score hacking)

38:10 hackers dont hack, firm employees dont follow security pcol

whoa! the guy who invented lying!

I can listen to this man talk for days and still keep focus. A true storyteller.

Glorified ! we are nuts. 16 didn’t know what family court was .blind deaf dumb ,sure got around real well.

This is why he was such an effective con-man, he has the demeanor of a brain surgeon.

This amazing man spoke at my college graduation gave an amazing speech


No comment

WOW! I owned the CD and studied it, WOW!

I like this. Am gonna watch the movie

Some parts almost make him seem like a spokesperson

This is one clever guy

Your hair do is so cute-,lol

Nice recruiting video.

I've watched 'white collar' and don't see any relation to Frank like he claims.... It's a generic FBI show with a criminal consultant. I guess anyone who forges or goes undercover is a copy of Frank in his eyes -_-

35 feet of the pacemaker and 35 feet within the vehicle. Kid- they plunked you. Lol

Interesting how life turns out.


This guy is the greatest scammer ever,and now he even believes his own bullshit.Flew a 747 when the pilot went to the bathroom,and left him on control,was head of a hospital,his bullshit goes on and on,why are you listening to him ,he is a Fraud???????? I dont get it,just sayin'

Are we sure that he's telling the truth? ;)


What an amazing speaker and person. His life is full of adventures, wish I had that.

How is he able to speak so eloquently....sure he is is so interesting

His life is insane.

His mind works is like a *multi core processor* super computer! :-)

I thought he came across disappointingly arrogant. Not sure, just something unpleasant about him.

Sounds a bit like Indian fugitive Charles Sobhraj's story. Pity thing Mr Sobhraj was hunted like a wild animal and was forced to live undercover most of his life. It happens only in India. And that is US the land of opportunities where fugitives and intellectuals take shelter and nurtured.

"I don't often talk about my life, but Google has asked me today to do something different and talk about my life." :33...his first lie.

(Catch the banker) Money As Equity: For An "Accounting View" Of Money


Oh wow.

U.S. navy accidentally shot down TWA flight 800 and killed 242 people and Clinton tasked the FBI with subverting the investigation. They are an corrupted organization .

He never answered the question 'Did you fly illegally after working for the FBI again?'..... Great to see the Legend 'Frank'....

Jesus christ.. how can he be so cool and calm in real life.. you earn my respect sir..

My hero !

52:20, fbi "the most ethical people you'll ever meet in your life"...HA,HA,HA!

speed of talk and tone is quite interesting...encourages listeners to listen

this video is like a brilliant to me . shit


I'm tierd all the time

You kno this whole speech was a lie

Mr.Abignale. before I fire the entire fbi

I need a pay check please

His points on the importance of parents and credit are right-on. I don't use a credit monitoring service, but I am now considering it. I wasn't aware they allow us to view our credit report form all 3 agencies. Do all monitoring services allow this, and which are best? Any suggestions?

Frank Abagnale is a very captivating speaker; I enjoyed his Talk at Google.

Moral of the story? FBI is not only ran by criminals but filled with them too.

Wow!!!! Incredible is all I can say Mic dropped.

The only difference between an 18 y/o Frank and every other 18 y/o Joe Shmo is balls & brains. If a God-like character filleted everyone's thoughts and actions, very few people can claim the moral high ground. And it's those that are the biggest innate frauds that cast the first stone. So it is those with that innate strength, compassion and high integrity that need to lead. Most of us are somewhere in between.

Lol all you people commenting how great his speech is. You do know he's been telling the same story his entire life. Hints to why he has a movie tv show an documentary based on him. He can tell this story in his sleep.

9/10...would have been a 10/10 were it not for the god bullshit.

Appreciate getting to hear people’s story.

My icon

This guy looks like Bernie Maddoff

Because the FBI only wants white people.

What about the credit service gets hacked.

NOW ..No one picks up the phone any more


23:16 Can anyone come up with a reason why there is a god who is interested in and involved in our lives when my children had to grow up without their fabulous mother who was taken from them by cancer before my daughter was even 3? Please don't patronise with pat answers. We were Christian missionaries when it happened so I've got all those answers thoroughly memorised. Mr Abagnale is correct. All children need their mother, as well as their father.

The questions were not that good :/

Wow. What an excellent talk. I really relate to his story after being caught about being a father and the importance of family.

He is a very smart guy however he is a sell out. A criminal who goes on to catch other criminals. I would respect him if he went on to do any other job. I don't think he is a person to judge what a real man is if there is such a thing

We totally believe what this guy says about the FBI. Right?

He is cool and all but he definitely the definition of white privilege lol. A criminal that got a free pass and became an FBI agent lol. And illegal alien. The movie got it wrong nobody was chasing him he just got caught.

$12 a month for since 1992 for a website. Hahah that's a great scam basically. Kind of like insurance. Waste of money until you need it



I wonder if the FBI pays him and gives him raise etc like a normal employee???

That Man Was Worked Like A Slave & treated like dog for years by FBI & Still held his own an EARNED RESPECT FROM THEM & HE NOW GOT HIS DIGNITY BACK & HIS LIFE'S & INSPIRATION TO FATHERS & MEN

Slow start, but Q&As were way more interesting!


21:50 all men with children should ask "am I a father or a daddy"

The way he talks about that truesona "wonder" (which seems to be just a variant on a e-legitimation using certificates), makes me doubt how much he actually knows about tech. And btw, you'll never rid of passwords. You may use a hardware dongle with an unencrypted key, but what if someone steals it?

so ironic that he's speaking at people who sell peoples information.

I'm sure half of what he said fell on deaf ears to all those Google sjw hipsters

30:49 - 31:20 great advice. "If you're good at what you do and you strive to be good at what you do, you don't need to worry about what other people think. You need to be able to understand that you have your own confidence that you can do whatever it is you're required to do and other people will see that confidence in you. The minute you start doubting yourself other people will see you're doubting yourself and that becomes a weakness in your personality. You always want to be confident in everything. You can do it; you can get it done.You'll find a way to get it done."

I wish to have such confidence

a password isn't a tool for uniquely identifying an individual. it's a tool for repeatedly identifying something multiple individuals know. this dude is a fake security expert and quite obviously has no idea what he's talking about, which is super scary when you think about his position (or what he says he does, at least). the fact that tru-whatever falls for it doesn't say good things for them. MS only putting in $10M is ... not a lot of money for this type of endeavor. Also not reassuring.

He Wised Up. A lot of People Never wise up.

This guy didn't miss a lick hesitation and he is clearly not reading this

So at 16 you decided to run away from home and become a criminal instead of living with your mom or dad like everyone else. Your justifications fooled me at first but your home wasnt abusive and you had no good reason to run. Nothing to be proud of for sure.

No surprises that GOOGLE would provide a platform to a man whose only fame is being a CRIMINAL... just like GOOGLE. And the fact that the FBI recruits criminals... well that explains everything wrong with our FBI.

the audience is rapt

I saw him give a speech at a college campus years ago BEFORE the movie came out. He was much younger way back then, cocky and brash , overweight, sleazy(looking) , with slick dark greasy looking hair , no glasses, slimy looking, and the worst walking & talking stereotype of a NYC used car salesperson ...and, oh, he was too boastful and proud of his immoral dishonest cons and deeds which he interlaced with some humor but still too much bragging . Now? Now I see him as an old (er) man in this video. He is much more humble, matter of fact. It is "as if" he is 2 different guys, seriously. Of course, back then he was shucking for bucks, still trying too hard to impress an audience or others once out of prison in order to sell tickets, and ... was earning a living anyway he could that was LEGAL despite any REAL (academic) education. In short, back then Abagnale was and still came across as a street smart con artist and he looked greasy and slimy and still hungry to "make it" financially and attention- wise in this world($$$) via anyway he could to make a buck.Of course, now he has become LEGITIMATELY rich, is more mature, years older, and he seems less insecure, more believable, and much more polished in his delivery .

He stole millions of $$ at age 16 in 70w-80s, Imagine 16 year old Black kid stealing few $$ from gas station no one would give him a second chance he is thief for rest of his life, no will hire him, he will never get an education. This is guys is smart crook who had a second chance and cashed out big time I wonder how much got paid by google to brag about all the money he stole hardworking poor people

I did not like the end of the clip - no passwords - and the government knows who and where you are at 24 hours.

With an eloquence and word frequency like that I'm not surprised he managed to con all those people..

brilliant but does not understand CIA objectives

This man is absolutely brilliant

Elon is quite different in those social situation with not too many people then in front of big audience

Such a good speaker that I had no intent whatsoever of sitting for over an hour on one suggested video but alas I did...Frank Abagnale 2020 lol

this man is a psychopath.

He came and spoke at my high school (in charleston)

Oh well, I guess crime did pay for him in the end .....And Robert Baudin as well .....Fascinating though. I did read the book.

I've only just been alerted to this vid. I found the movie very real, apart from the sentimental family scenes. As someone that worked in the security printing industry I can relate to how easy it was to reproduce cheques at that time. Those days are gone, the important part of the talk is the last few minutes in regard to cyber crime and how important it is to keep a close eye on electronic transactions. Credit card companies are responsible for your spending!

I think he confirmed that he did continue to dead head while serving his four mandatory years with the FBI. Trusona???

That last five minutes gave me chills and anxiety.

"the father" not my father, why not "the parents" instead of my parents, odd

an inspiration on how to only survive

very humble guy (if he is not playing and i dont think he is

Legend. This talk was amazing though. I feel like its a lie. Like he is an actor portraying the real deal. So eloquent. So profound. So well spoken.

How can you trust a man who's not to be trusted?

A very inspiring speech

Catch Me if you can 2 there it is Frank working a case that takes advantage of his abilities to be someone else... Thank you Steven ill be waiting for my check..

Wonderful presentation. It's too bad that I was revolted when Frank spoke of the high ethical nature of the FBI ~52:00 mark. Today's scandal from the highest leaders bring shame upon the entire agency. You see, they defied the law and their subordinates covered for them. The FBI disgusts me now. It may never recover in my eyes.

23:00 Stopped the video. Went over to my sleeping daughter and whispered in her ear, "I Love You".

The grandest example of "white privilege" I've ever seen. If we're not white he would have died I prison.

Great Talk

Did he really say the mouse cream quote or was that just in the movie?

No 1!

Wow, this is one of the best talks I"ve ever heard given anywhere. Impressive man with an impressive amount of integrity, incredible wisdom, sense of duty, and humbleness.

He's talking almost like a script in his head he's told the story so often.

Note that with such a smooth and practiced delivery you have no idea when he is telling the truth. Note the story he tells at 2:37 and then refer to the book he co-wrote. In the book he went into great detail how he chose to live with his father and did so for some time. He even related how he, at 15, used the Mobile Credit Card his father gave him for gas to run up over $3,000 that his father was stuck paying. He eventually got into enough trouble that he went to s special school and back to his mother briefly. For some time according to the book his father tried to use him to regain contact with his estranged wife. The book later goes on to relate how he contacted both his parents after being released from French prison. In the book he also relates how he based his doctor persona on that of a carefree practical joking doctor from MASH. That was very relatable in the book as MASH was a huge show when it was published in 1980. The only problem is the movie was made in 1970 with the show coming later and Frank Abignale captured in France in 1969, years after he had posed as a doctor. The guy is charming and a pathological liar. His tale is interesting and there is enough of it to confirm even some of the more outlandish statements but take his statements for what they are, the words of a practiced con man. At this point he may not even know where the lies end or begin, or he may actually enjoy changing the tales around simply for the fun of deceiving people in a way which does not risk his freedom.

What a fascinating video!

googlers are so cringe

Privacy with Google? Yeah right psh. He should be smart enough knowing him to not associate with them.

look,,,he was a god damn thief,,,,that's all,,,,he got caught, served time...and was lucky he got a second chance ,,,he did not deserve,,,just a god damn fucking thief.

@52:11 I suppose there are exceptions to every agency, but does he think the FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, who murdered Sam Weaver(14 years old) and Vicki Weaver, is "ethical"? Does he think the FBI agents who pumped the Branch Davidian compound full of flammable lethal-when-ignited nerve gas and then burned the entire Branch Davidian compound to the ground(killing the 86 men, women, and kids inside) were "ethical"? Does he think the FBI informant, Douglas(s) Durham who issued false racist press releases to drive whites out of AIM(the American Indian Movement) was "ethical"? Does he think enforcing drug, gun, and tax laws that punish pre-emptively with no corpus(often by stealing resources needed to mount a successful courtroom defense using unconstitutional "asset forfeiture" laws) is "ethical"? I mean, I just came up with four exceptions, without even trying, but I'm sure he has his reasons. Government is a totalitarian shit-show, run by pure sociopaths.

@59:00 Well, I feel a lot better knowing that the people who have banned safer-than-alcohol drugs can steer dissidents' cars off the road at any time. What could go wrong with a system like that?


what a monotonous bore... nice film mind you

Undercover huh? So The departed could actually be a sequal lol..only take out the part where he died. If This is 40 can be a sequal so can this!

Have you ever spoke with Apollo Robbins ? I think he is consulting CIA. He is a great con artist and very helpful

Was totally into this video, only disliked half way in when he started all the typical lies about tech

I dont understand. This man. This man is narrating his life story, presenting episodes of it in such vivid manner, even highlighting the expressions he saw on other's faces in one single flow. You can combine the best novel writers of gripping story telling fame and Ted talk speakers and make them write, re-write, edit and have review, their work. They still can't hold a candle to this man, here standing nonchalantly giving what seems and I hope, an impromptu speech.

"A real man loves his wife. A real man is faithful to his wife. And a real man, next to God and his country, put his wife and his children as the most important thing in his life."

great advice on a real man

All this new tech sounds simultaneously cool and frightening.

perfect- nothing to add

I appreciate your Timeline, Initiative & Mission. Always knew there are Great Folk at every level. Love Always Conquers All......just as what is True is Beautiful, no matter how tough the Tale.

This guy looks like my old PhD professor from NC State James Mulligan who quickly took all my graduate money away by saying__no if you want to take Summer courses you will not be able to pay in-state fees but out-of-state fees and all my money went up in smoke. You know what a Mulligan is in golf? A second chance. It was not a 2nd chance it was a set-up at NC State!

Great Information!

lol, jews. treated like a hero for being a criminal. who really runs this country.

Telling Google not to build and use technology to spy on people and use their information for evil purposes... right to their smug little faces... like a boss.

We need to start a "Talks At Facebook" so I can tell Fuckerberg to eat my soggy cunt.

Getting rid of passports? Globalist agenda confirmed!

My parents betted on my death and then tried to kill me. After lying to me for my entire life. Fuuuuckkkkk thhheeemmmmmmm.

23:35 I didn't pause here for any particular reason except for the fact that I realized I'd been listening to him talk, listening to his story, and lost all grasp of time. Over 20 minutes but it may as well have just been one or two from how it felt. What incredible stuff, and I'm so touched at him talking so fondly of fathers. I'm jealous that I didn't get one that was as fantastic as his, but I hope to be such a father to my future child(ren). God bless him, even if he did commit quite a lot of criminal acts.

Googlers likely don't understand what they're hearing. It turns out human resources need parental love and nurturing.

He refused a presidential pardon because, as a master of forgery, he knows the value of a piece of paper.

I do not regret watching the whole talk right after I finished watching the movie. I'd say all his crimes has been repaid for, but that's just my opinion.


this story is too good to be believed...

frank abagnale is a wise man who helps point to the infinite perception that's throbbing within us.

One smooth con man.


He ended up with a job at the fbi raised a wonderful family and makes a ton of money doing speaking engagements and lived a exciting life I don’t believe for a second that he regrets his life choices

Most females today file divorces as easy as going to the store for a new pair of shoes. They demonize males, but the truth is they are too broken inside to make a marriage work.

No need for a movie with a Story like that. Imagination through his story was like reading a book it was better than a movie .

This was the best Google talk by a country mile. Amazing guy. Great story teller haha.

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