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Apparently shows the 23, year old going into detail, about his, methods. On. The road you all along that they all had similarities, which they did as far as specific components. But, there were also differences, between them, and on this recording, he identified, what those differences, were House. Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Michael McCall is here to react but we begin with chief correspondent Jonathan, hunt who's reporting, live from Pflugerville. Texas where the suspect, lived, Jonathan, investigators, still going through Condit's, house behind you. They. Are indeed, they are going, over, every, inch of this small at yellow fairly nondescript house. That, you can see here part of it boarded, up the ATF, truck still outside. We are told, by, the police, that the inside, that home they found, components. For bomb-making, components, that. Matched those, used, in the string of attacks that terrorized. Austin, they would not however define. The house as a quote. Bomb-making. Factory they're also going over today that. Videotape. That. Condit. Left on his phone now we first, got word from our sources, that something, like this existed, almost 24, hours ago we took a decision to. Hold off on reporting. That until. The police confirmed, it late lolli splaine's without, necessarily, justifying. Why, he did what he did listen here to the police more, bombs out there. Well. What they told us, yesterday at, that same prisons since, March, 2nd, as at killing two people injuring. Several, others, and they are very grateful the authorities, that, he made the mistake Condit, of walking, into that Federal, Express store, and they were able to get the surveillance video, of him. There and identify and, that of course ultimately, led, them to him sitting, in his car outside, a, hotel north. Of Austin, that Nissan, Pathfinder older-model was. Taken away and as, we now know. Condit, used the last of his active, bombs to. Kill himself. Sandra, Jonathan hunt in pflugerville for us this morning thank you some more clues today to go over now Republic, Mike McCalla chairman of House Homeland Security Committee a sir good day to you we have spoken a lot about terror, etcetera, this. Is I guess in a sense homegrown, terror what do you think we've learned so far well. You now usually talk about these cases in New York I didn't imagine this happening in my hometown of Austin. I think, it's clear from his confession, this is not terror related. Although, it did terrorize, the city of Austin for the last month, I think, the nightmare is over it's time to heal in. Austin, I think. It was a disturbed, young man a very. Probably, mentally ill type. Person, and. Thank. God he walked into that FedEx. Office. Where we got surveillance, video for the first time on, him we got to surveillance, video of his his, red Nissan. Pathfinder. We, were also able to use a technology. To. Find a digital footprint, of where his cell phone had been so. That the, key evidence was getting his cell phone number so that when he did turn his cell phone on, immediately. The SWAT teams descended. Upon him at, about 3 o'clock in the morning. Last.

Morning. And we. Were able to get. Close to him before he blew himself is that technology. New or has it been used before. It's. Relatively. New I don't, want to get into too much detail, on the methods of it but. It's a great law enforcement, tool to be able to track somebody. Like this who yeah, this could have gone on for months and months without. Being able to apprehend him with this new technology that, we were able to bring, it to hope yeah in this case I think, it saved a lot wise what do you know about these quote-unquote, exotic. Batteries, that were originally. From Asia well what is significant, about that well. That was a signature, that with each of these bombs, every. Time I talk to ATF, and FBI and. Wash Austin, Police Chief they said there's a common thread throughout. These bonds I think, primarily it. Was the nails he brought her to Home Depot but, it was also these. Battery. Packs that he ordered off. The internet from, Asia they, were very unique, and I think when you see that in each of these bombs it's, pretty easy to figure, out it's from the same. Bomb-maker, very, interesting, will we know why he. Chose the, victims that, were affected, that's. What, is so random, and I think everybody, in my hometown is asking why. Why, these victims, is there any, interconnection. Between the victims we also know bill he had a target, list of future. Targets. Residences. Dresses. That we found a stun what, based. On his that. Data, that we you were able to retrieve and. We went to the homes and cleared, them from any. Suspicious. That packages, what why were they on the list sir, because. I think he had he had pulled these addresses, too these. Are his future targets it was a target list right, and was there a common thread with these, addresses, or these and that's that, is what we were looking at right now is what, is the common, denominator between all, these victims or is it just completely random, what, was his motivation, we really don't know of, a motivation, we did have the the, search of the house last, night and, we do have a lot of the computer, data, hard, drives those things will be very telling along. The social, media about, what, was motivating him, to do this and also, was there any connectivity. Between, all. These victims or was it just a completely, random, event. Remarkable. Stuff sir thank you for your time come back when we got more answers okay Mike, McConnell the Republican from, Texas best, to everybody back in Austin I thank. You so much thank. You thanks. President. Trump expected, to slap a new round of tariffs, on China today targeting, Beijing, for stealing, US technology chief. White House correspondent John, Roberts is live from the White House for us this morning good morning John what what, more do we know about this this announcement Sandra. Good morning to you it's going to take place at about noon today more tariffs this time specifically, aimed at China the president is expected, to announce taxes. Of up to 30 billion dollars or more against. Certain Chinese goods administration. Officials, describe the tariffs says quote, protective. And not, punitive, designed, to recover damages from what the White House says are China's, unfair trade. Practices. The White House very specifically, says we're not penalizing. China, we're, just trying to get back some of what we lost the threat of tariffs did bring a swift response from China which also indicated, that it may be willing, to compromise if, even just a little bit here's, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Well. See. What I hope is that we can act rationally. Rather than being led by emotions, in order to avoid a trade war our. Import. Tariffs, by world standards are, at a medium, level we. Are willing to adopt an even more open posture and gradually. Reduce tariffs, for some popular, consumer, products, the, tariffs are getting all the headlines but the president, will also announce today, an investment. Restriction, program against China the, investment, restrictions, are being imposed to prevent China from capturing, the technology.

Businesses. Of the future and, stealing, intellectual. Property, as, for what the president will do on that front we need to look to the 2017. Us-china. Commission annual, report I'm told that the president will, follow somewhat, along these guidelines, prohibiting. The acquisition. Of US assets by, Chinese state-owned, or state controlled entities in prohibiting, any acquisition or, investment. That would confer control, with, regard to critical, technologies, or infrastructure. The administration, is worried that China. Is a long-term, strategy is trying to take over as many. Technological. Businesses. Particularly ones that are really forward, leaning so, that ultimately it will control, most. Of the technology. And most of the innovation that takes place Sanda research say though that the stock market not liking this Dow futures are down nearly. 300. Points, but as we saw with the last round of tariffs the president announced they did bounce back so we'll keep watching the market closely yeah and something else, the markets watching today John is this massive, omnibus, spending bill this. Is another big topic for the White House today so just how big, is this bill John to. Borrow a word from a very familiar fellow, it's huge. 1.3. Trillion, dollars, the president, getting most. Of what he wanted though not all of it but the president tweeting, at fairly positive reaction. This morning saying quote got, 1.6 billion dollars to start wall on the southern border rest, will be forthcoming most, importantly, got 700 billion dollars to rebuild our military seven, sixteen, billion next year the most ever had to waste money on dem giveaways, in order to take care of military, pay increase, and new equipment while, the president did get 1.6. Billion, dollars for, 90 miles of border barriers and technologies, he did not get the multi-year, funding for a massive concrete and steel wall that he wanted nor, did he get additional money for additional. Border Patrol agents, and 1.3, trillion dollars, to the spending bill is also much bigger than what the president wanted House conservatives. Do, not like it either and may in fact vote, against, it one other thing not in the bill any kind of fix for the so-called dreamers, the, president had offered, Democrats, as a compromise, a three-year, extension of the current program which, would take it through 2020. But, the Democrats, wouldn't even bite on that the president tweeting this morning quote Democrats. Refused to take care of daca would have been so easy but they just didn't care, I had, to fight for military, and start, of the war the start of the wall sorry the war the war over the wall.

The. Budget, also removes in the earmark for what was a pet project of the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and that, is the Gateway rail tunnel tunnel connecting, New Jersey and New York City, the, president, now controls, the purse strings on that so that maybe it's hard to hold when. In his negotiations with, Chuck, Schumer Sandra, we've, got a lot more coming up on this John Roberts, at the White House for us thank you thank, you so, that is the question can Republicans. Get everyone, on the same page with this conservatives, are against this. Deal this. Massive, spending bill we're gonna talk to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise about this coming, up at 9:30 he'll, make the case for it looking forward to that we'll see about the war on the wall and all that other stuff coming up to in, a moment who leaked the information about, a call of lad Amir Putin Judge Napolitano has. Made, his, decision he'll. Render that here live Plus there is this today, well. I've been a lot of wroclaw locker rooms my whole life and pretty damn good athlete. Any. Guy who talked, that way was usually the fattest, ugliest sob. In the room who, sounds. Like Joe, Biden is, getting ready to rumble the president's, firing response in Joe the moment and now we have, the stunning video showing the moments, before a self-driving. Oberer, vehicle, an SUV, struck. And killed, a woman. When. A guy who ended, up becoming our national, leader said I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it and then said I made, a mistake a, mistake but they, asked me what I liked to debate this gentleman. And, I said no I said if we were in high school I'd take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of them so that's getting a little bit of attention Joe Biden sounds like he's picking a fight the comments made during an event highlighting, sexual assault at the University, of Miami in Florida the, Reverend, has heard these words before, West. Virginia, way how you doing Chris good morning to you good morning brothers who returned serve, here's, what the president, said at 6:17. This morning, crazy. Joe Biden, is trying to act like a tough guy actually he is weak both mentally, and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with.

Physical, Assault he doesn't know me but he would go down fast, and hard crying. All the way don't, threaten people, Joe Chris, I will see you at recess. And. You, better show up right after the lunch money American. Political discourse 2018. Not. Just just. Killing it is just Biden running Chris, always. And. Has been since 1988, but. He's not gonna run if he doesn't see a path though, let's, put it this way there are two parts, if this, is strategic, what, the insult he had that insult he had another even torture, insults, about the president and. If. He really is running there's two reasons that he does stuff like that number one Democrats. Hate Donald Trump the one thing Democrats can't agree on a lot one thing they can agree on is the Donald Trump they find the worst president despicable, blah blah blah blah you can't say a bad enough thing about him the other thing that it does and this is significant, drafting. On Donald Trump celebrity this is a thing, that his opponents, in the Republican primaries, tried to. No good effect but it was basically to surf the wave of intense, coverage around him and if, you talk like him you act like him you hang around him you're hoping maybe that you will get sucked into the coverage and that maybe you can compete with his well but we have seen based on evidence that did not work out for a lot of other folks who try no not. A bit, not a bit yeah and the president, I I. Dare to suggest. Kind. Of likes this sort of Queens. New York, mano-a-mano. Well would you agree well, you know my mama told me a long time ago that you don't wrestle with a pig you'll, get money and, he likes it. And when you when you engage with, somebody everybody thinks that they're going to be talk his tough and talk his me and talk his rude is Trump and give. It right back to him but of course that's, what he wants because when, he calls himself a counter-puncher he, means it it's true he wants you down there doing that with him so that he because he will have the upper hand and Biden will probably don't regret doing it Trump Biden in 2020. What did that be something last. Point he was at a woman's, event as I mentioned the University, of Miami. In Florida and whether, it's the meaty, meat, to movement or whether this rally, it's called it's on us what, is your sense about how Democrats are trying to reach women for. The midterms in November, and and. They have to talk about two messages they have to have two messages they have to have one which, is for their core group, which is again animated, by this hashtag resist, super intense dislike of the president but the key group for them are the same voters that delivered, for Connor Lamb a victory, in southwestern. Pennsylvania and, these are swing. Voters they're women who are suburban, i'ts who are inclined, to vote Republican, but are available to Democrats given the right message I don't know if this is the right message for those for those voters okay, well we're. Gonna have a lot of time to talk about this because it's gonna be a focus, right. All. Right see, on the schoolyard I don't take my money. I could. Calm. It down there boys all right Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally.

Breaking His silence over the massive social media data scandal, why he says he's sorry. And what he's willing and planning. To now do about, it plus a dramatic, rescue of a two month old baby, by. Police. Amazing. Footage here at the side of the highway and it's all caught on camera. Porty, lay on your arm like this. Dramatic. Rescue, caught on camera check it out I've been on Tuesday, police, two, police officers in, Shaker Heights Ohio pull, it up behind a vehicle parked in the middle of traffic the officers found that two month-old baby in the, back seat not breathing, and soon, with. Their help the baby's airway was cleared, and a life was, saved. On the side of the road, east. Of Cleveland, that's an amazing, story see, the baby is only a few months old, oh don't. Train for that a lot well done both, those thank you to those police officers, well. Breaking his silence Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking. Out for the very first time after, everything, apologizing. For the user-data scandal, rocking the, social media giant admitting. It was a major, breach, of trust and, vowing, to do better this, after it was discovered that a data mining firm with ties to the Trump campaign, harvested. The personal, information of some 50, million Facebook, users. This. Was a major breach, of trust and and. I'm really sorry that this happened, you, know we have a basic responsibility, to protect people's. Data and if we can't do that then we, don't deserve. To have the opportunity, to serve people so. Our responsibility. Now is to make sure this doesn't happen again William. La jeunesse has more from Los Angeles so, William this Maya, culpa out of Zuckerberg, is as a case of too little too late maybe. Well. You know the company's reputation, definitely, took a hit so there are two lawsuits one from investors, one from users but after being raked over the cold for four days Zuckerberg. Did say Facebook violated. Users trust and he regretted not doing more to stop it now Facebook is scheduled, to explain, this morning to House committee staff what, they're doing to plug the hole that allowed the personal data of 50 million users to end up in the hands of Cambridge. Analytical, a company later hired to run, digital, strategy, for the Trump campaign Zuckerberg. Said he is not against, regulation, per se and would, be willing to testify before Congress, if called. So what we try to do is, send the person at Facebook, who. Will have the, most knowledge about what, Congress. Is trying to learn so if that's me then, I am happy to go. So. Congress wants to know number one what, did Facebook find out that, Cambridge had obtained their user data and stay, silence to what, are they doing now to protect user privacy and, three what, level of Russia interference, was in, the 2016, election, using the Facebook platform Sandra. What. Is Facebook doing, what. Can users do to protect their private, information as, you know a lot of people talking about this and a lot of people concern their their, private, information was, compromised. So. Two things well in the future Facebook says number one it will restrict app developers. Access to only your, name photo and email and that, Facebook will stop their access, to you if you, haven't used their app in the last three months now, what can you do well unbeknownst, to most users when you download. A new app you also give, the app and Facebook, permission. To exchange information, about you your friends, your computer your phone so, yesterday my producer, found out she had 68. Apps on her phone and only like six of them Instagram, kayak Airbnb, did she knowingly sign up for dozens, she didn't like three million cats flipagram, yearbook. Yours so, how do you get rid of those will you open on the, Facebook app or on their page you go to settings you go to account settings you scroll down you see apps and then you can click remove, now Facebook says, on, its Help Center they can also show you how to do that the point is Sandra big picture will, see today if the stock recovers, and if they lose users, because, of this scandal, back to you William, Washington that's the story we're all following thank you MD what do you think there was a big if though on whether he would testify before Congress. It was if, he's if he's the right guy see, what he was saying so we'll see yeah my feeling, is that we're gonna find that a lot of companies were paying to get this information there, are a lot of outside, parties that we're creating apps, that would get you or me or been, here on floor. To. Go ahead and fill out a personality, profile. The question then becomes can, you backtrack with all these companies, and, find out whether or not three years ago they deleted the information. My. Guess is this is the only company sorry. This is not the only company, that did, not delete, that dandy sort of left the door open to, more. Regulation, may be needed, for these social me what you think about that a lot, of these big tech company that's what they're afraid of well the fear would be a slippery slope if you start with some regulations, how many more come down the road and then what happens these companies mm-hmm, as they look today, suggesting.

That Even for him to go there, would. Mean that he would want to. Manipulate. The regulation, in a way that keeps Facebook strong or maybe take himself sort, of out of it so that he's not the fall guy if something like this were to happen again if there were regulations in, place to prevent this from happening I, don't know you don't see him questions. Answered, you don't see him giving up that company doesn't do you don't, know don't know I mean he is proud to be the founder the head of that today, and, he. Did appear very apologetic, in that statement I'm very lengthy statement I know we both read them all the way through that yesterday so. We've got that and Facebook officials, will be facing questions at some point on the hill they'll, be answering, some of those questions later, today, Congressman. John Radcliffe, seeking. Some answers he joins us later on America's newsroom plus there's this coming up check it out one. Thing we don't fund is the one issue we all campaigned, on a border security wall and that is not in the legislation, so it can't, get any worse than this bill we, should stop, we, should go back to the drawing board we have to do a short-term funding bill do that a heated. Jim Jordan this morning many House conservatives. Like Congressman, Jim Jordan blasting. This huge spending bill backed by GOP party leaders saying, the 1.3, trillion dollar package does not fulfill the promises, made to the, American people House, Majority Steve, Scalise is here, to respond. 933. Now checking the markets we knew there be a sell-off of the open air indeed there is this, somewhat, significant, down about 300 points in the open you, had the Fed weigh in yesterday afternoon about interest rates that bumped him up a quarter and the markets reacted to that then, you had a chance to think about it overnight, and, with. The Fed continuing, to suggest. That more hikes are in the offing. Investors. Are reacting now what do you seeing on Facebook sander so, Facebook, shares are down big time you just heard us reporting on that story and the apology, from Mark Zuckerberg and, talking about possibly leaving the door open to regulation. For these social media companies mark the market does not like that tech shares are actually leading the market, lower right now so something to keep in mind but then, that announcement coming in the noon hour Trump's slapping, these. Turkeys. On on China. That. Too has investors, a little rattled plenty, to consider, today but it's early 9:40, 34, rather here I'm the spending belt by the way congressional. Leaders hope to start voting as soon as today, on this sweeping 1.3, trillion dollar budget bill that would, avoid a government shutdown the, measure substantially. Boost military and domestic spending but. It does not address, those so-called dreamers it deprives. President Trump up some of his border, wall needs, as far as the money that he first asked for it does not defund, sanctuary, cities the, White House saying the president does back this legislation. But, the conservative, freedom caucus does, not watch. We. Continue, to fund the sanctuary, cities we continue, to fund Planned Parenthood, we don't build the wall but yet we put money in for a tunnel, the, last time I checked when the president was campaigning he wasn't campaigning for a tunnel between New Jersey and New York there are great food trucks and they, do a better job on their own budget than we've, done with this you, know we've got less than 36, hours you know it's. Absurd, to. Have us voting, maybe less, than 24, actually that, we're supposed to vote on a twenty two hundred page billion now I don't think the American people said oh let's put Republicans, in control of Congress to. Do a bill like this this is this, may be the worst bill I have seen in my time in Congress the worst bill our leadership several Oudh to come to the floor house, measure Steve.

Scalise Is here he joins us now congressman. Thank you for coming on with us this morning you just heard a lot, of harsh criticism coming, from your colleagues, members of your own party. They do not like this make the case as to, why, this is, a good, bill congressman. Well. And I think you do see members from both sides Republican, and Democrats, that don't like different parts of it but at the end of the day this has some really big wins for president Trump we're, funding our military, finally, at the levels at general mattis and all, the all the generals have been saying we need to do to give our men and women in uniform the tools they need and to be able to do their job safely just last week we saw two more planes fall, out of the sky that's unacceptable. We're finally properly, addressing our defenses needs and giving our troops a pay, raise that they deserve first time the, biggest pay raise in 10 years for our troops and, there's other wins look president, Trump in this bill gets, over 100 miles, of new, border, wall funding that's, money that President Trump campaigned, on we, said we wanted to help him get money to build the wall this gives them that ability by, the way it also gives President Trump the ability to defund, sanctuary. Cities. A. Lot of covered in this bill congressman, it sounds like you're saying that a lot of the president's priorities are in this bill but, a lot of the promises, he made to the American people, and that many Republicans made, to the American people are not in this bill defunding. A Planned Parenthood, defunding. Sanctuary, cities the president had initially asked for 25 billion to fund the border wall this is 1.6, billion so, why is the president even supporting, this well, the 25, billion was over a long period, of time this this is one year of funding this. Bill isn't going to solve all of the problems but, let's go back to some of the basics this, bill gives President Trump the ability, to defund, sanctuary, cities even. If you look at Planned Parenthood there's, not a dime in this bill that's. Earmarked, for Planned Parenthood some. Of those grants, that were given. Out in the past were given up by Barack Obama's. HHS. Secretary, and others, right, now president Trump's, in charge of that agency that gives out the grants and obviously we know how, strongly pro-life they, are as we, are so if you look at the priorities President. Trump actually does, support this bill because so many of his priorities, are in the bill starting. With the military the bulk of this bill is funding, for our military and our, veterans that's. A top priority increased, funding by the way for Israel's, ability to. Do more missile defense in t√ľnel technologies Jim Jordans defense of why the president supporting this is that it's the only thing that's been put in front of him congressman, if a better bill with it would have been put in front of him then he'd support that a. 2232. Pages, timing. Is obviously.

An Issue, it's, pretty, much impossible to go through that and the short amount of period of time that lawmakers. Are being asked to do that 1.3, trillion dollars, in spending, and you've got members of your own party saying it can't get any worse louie, gohmert you heard leading into you calling this tragic, so how do you plan to round up Republicans. And get them behind this well, what you're gonna see Sandra is a strong, majority of, our Republican, Conference voting, for this bill because, this bill funds, president, Trump's priorities, and look there was a better bill that we passed out, of the house that, I supported, a lot, of the freedom caucus members, supported, that, was a better bill but it didn't pass the Senate so, if we're gonna fund the troops this. Is the bill that finally got enough votes to pass obviously. They're better bills that didn't get the votes we passed a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, unfortunately. It didn't get the votes to get to president, Trump's desk our, tax cut bill digit, to president, Trump's desk this is a bill president Trump said he wants on his desk to fund our military and it's gonna get there today by most estimates congressman. This is going to lead to a trillion, dollar deficit, by October. How do you tell the American people, we're. Gonna pay for this well. If you go back to the trillion dollar deficits, those, were estimates, coming from Joint Committee on taxation, which is the score, keep your scorekeeper. In DC they, estimated, that our tax cut bill was, gonna blow a trillion-dollar hole in the deficit, I disagree. With that because, they don't believe in economic growth and look, at all the economic, growth we have already gotten out of the tax cut bill who, would have predicted over 400, major companies, giving bonuses, and pay raises to their employees they've already done it and the laws only been on the books for a few months so I think you're gonna see real economic, growth that's going to help reduce the deficit, because, of our tax cut bill as opposed, to what they predicted, it would do. They don't believe the economy would grow and the economy is growing, congressman based on the criticism that we have heard this morning last night since. Since, we've all gotten a to, look at the details of this bill some. Of your colleagues have suggested hey look there's, time let's stop go back to the drawing board and drop. A short-term, spending bill is there any consideration, of, doing, that at this point well. We've been operating under short-term, spending bills for. About six months now and if you talk to our generals, from general mattis on down they say the worst thing for our nation's defense is these short-term spending, bills we need some, real certainty and again, months. Ago you can go back to September we, passed a bill that was a great Republican, bill on government. Funding and it, never went anywhere in the Senate so look, we've got a passive bill to get to president Trump's desk we can have messaging, bills all day and in the meantime our men and women in uniform won't, have the tools they need to not only do their jobs all around the world protect in our country but to be safe and doing that job this funds the government for six months right congressman that's. Right by, nature isn't that sort of still a short-term, spending, bill, well that is through the rest of the fiscal year this covers, funding, through the rest of the fiscal year if, they want a short-term bill that would go another couple of weeks that's. What's being suggested that. Is what is creating uncertainty in, our military and frankly our our, generals have said it actually hurts our military to be doing short-term let's. Go through the rest of this fiscal year with a bill that gives the troops would the pay they need what President, Trump said he needs to build the wall to support Israel in their, missile defense and to do a lot of other things that are I think it's good because in a trump it looks like he's gonna be a race to the finish line and there's, one end with go Tigers with you congressman. Thanks. A lot so many Democrats vote for this and I'm a conservatives, in the Republican side do not I mean while they are slamming, yet another leak from the White House's inner circle, apparently, I, don't. Know what happened, but it must be frustrating, to the president, not to be able to make a phone. Without, reading about it and Washington Post, so, I sure is frustration, so, word is President, Trump is furious, about this latest leak but did they go beyond frustrating.

Are They in fact illegal, the judge is standing by on the bench next plus, one college basketball, team is not letting anything, including a nor'easter, stop. Them. I. Don't. Like you did it but you know what I like even less there's, somebody close to him leaking this stuff out you don't like the guy quit but, to be this duplicitous and continue to leak things out it's, dangerous and. So. I don't like what he did but I really hate that there's someone in his inner circle is willing to make this stuff in it you don't like working for the president you should resign your job there, senator Rubio they're condemning a leak regarding, president Trump's call to congratulate, vitomir. Putin, Judge, Andrew Napolitano Fox, News senior judicial analyst, a lot to say on this and judge nice to see you good morning morning apparently there's a phone call in the executive. Schedule, with. The president, upstairs, in his private residence if you, leak in that, capacity at, the White House is, that breaking the law well it depends on what is leaked we actually have two leaks here we have the leak of the existence. And the general, contents, of the phone call and we, have a leak of a memo, from. General McMaster to the president, listing bullet points as to why she should not make the phone call so we have two leaks here. Generally. Leaking. Something about your boss which your boss doesn't want leaked violates, your obligation, to be loyal to the people that employ you and as, a basis, for firing, immediately. The question is is it criminal, it is probably, not criminal. Unless it, contains. Classified, materials. Or unless, it materially. Interferes with, the ability of the government to do its job suppose, what was leaked revealed. The existence of we're sending 25 thousand more troops to Afghanistan tomorrow. If that were, leaked that, would endanger the troops that could be maybe the president, put this out there well, I mean look he's been going at it with the Intel committee for some time if they're saying don't congratulate him this might be his way of saying hey, to, heck with you the, president of the boss the president, has apparently complained, privately. About the leak but not publicly, I'm smiling, because I, wouldn't. Put it past President, Trump to use this as a way of saying I'm the boss you guys don't tell me what to do just keep me safe and giving the information I need and I'll decide what the public policy the government is going to be I'll decide, if I want to be friends with Vladimir, Putin not you guys why. Was Andrew McCabe, investigating. Jeff sessions. Did Jeff Sessions know about this why, are we learning that is very very very, strange, that Jeff Sessions, did, not know about it, Bob Muller knew about it and rod, Rosenstein, the number two person in the DOJ, who's Bob Moses. Know about the investigation was, whether. Or not then, senator. Sessions, and later on as the Attorney General committed. Perjury when, he told the Senate Judiciary Committee, they, didn't have any contact with Russians, that later turns out the contacts, were very. Very ephemeral, with shaking hands with an ambassador, and a reception at a at. A receiving line. The. More serious question, is why wasn't he told if you and our or I or anybody watching, us now what's being investigated for perjury we should we should know we get a letter from the, investigating. Agency it's called a target, letter please be advised we're investigating, you for this we think you did this is there anything you'd like to tell us before, we move forward with the investigation the federal government does so the fact that he wasn't aware of it is that an underhand deal do you think it's very odd that, he wouldn't know about it I can only conclude. That, McCabe. And Rosenstein, decided, not to tell him for some policy, reason but I think they should have no question, is was he also, investigated. For misleading, Congress, because. Under the law I know this sounds we got was part of the investigation yes truthful. Answer, an honest. Answer can, also be misleading and when, you mislead, Congress that's a separate, crime from, lying to Congress now you got a piece out of called March Madness Washington, style quick clip from that about the FISA Court Court, sit here no challenges the government and grant whatever once or not chords as we understand, them they are government hacks Wow you've been on a FISA Court, jihad, put that to this length I see here's, what I want to know from you and the big picture of this when, you have, democratic.

Institutions, That have been in place for decades. And. They're, under attack be it from. The outside, or internally, is this. A long-term. Problem, to our system. Or is, it just a short-term, battle, what do you believe long term problem, FISA is 40, years old in, 1978. When it was started, it was started, to prevent, the government from spying, on Americans, and to, facilitate the, government spying, on foreign. Agents, who are physically, located here. Over. The course of 40 years a secret, court no, records, public, government. Lawyers only no, opposition to challenge the government the judges, slowly. Change, the procedure to allow spying. On Americans, by the time Andy McCabe, got there the spying on Americans was commonplace, he did it but he did what everybody else was doing I got a run thank, you you're welcome tin you and. Disturbing. Footage, this morning showing at the moment that a self-driving. Buber strikes, and kills a woman what, the video reveals, the backup driver doing, just, they're gonna get a straight shooter, no holds barred, I'm not gonna cut people slack the viewers expect that Fox is the one place where dissent, is allowed we have voices we won't be silent who controls my voice nobody. Arizona. Police releasing footage, taken just moments before a self-driving, goober, struck. And killed a 49, year old woman senior. Correspondent Adam, Housley has the story from Los Angeles forest this morning Adam. Yes. The end of the crash happened, Sunday, night two down in Tempe at around 10 o'clock at night the video was shown from two different angles both. From inside the car one showing out through the front windshield the other one pointed back towards, the monitor, the, the person who's the driver but not controlling, the car, we, stopped the video short they do as well we stopped a little short of that because of the graphic nature but it clearly shows the woman stepping. Outside of, anywhere, near a crosswalk. And also the pitch-black nature. Of it was out there take a look at the first video again this out through the front windshield you can see that all of a sudden out of nowhere appears. The woman walking across the street 49, year-old woman was struck and killed unfortunately. The first believed the vehicular, death. From an uber. Autonomous. Car so far in the country the second video now shows the inside, and it shows the monitor sitting there in the driver's, seat the monitor can take over a car but, all of a sudden you'll notice the monitor looking down and then quickly looks up in shock.

As. The woman. Appears, in front of the windshield and as the car of course would then strike and kill the woman now, at this point they don't believe the driver is anything wrong in fact the Tempe Police Department has said they. Believe this was a unfortunately. The, pedestrians, fault that's, the least their preliminary, review, of this of course it goes through a full investigation as well Sandra they, don't know what the what the monitor was doing but they do actually, enter, things in the computer as all this goes on so that's part of the investigation Sam, it is a tough story Adam Housley thank, you it's, gonna happen you think some time the question I guess is is, when does it come full disclosure, we were having, this conversation off-camera. As. We both, were made aware of the story you have to ask yourself how close are we to, seeing, these driverless are a lot of this company they've been they've done millions of miles on the road already testing, this technology, and clearly. In. A moment here Congress is on the clock we know that passing, them massive 1.3, trillion dollar, spending deal, a big group of House conservatives, say they are against, it so what's in it and what's. Not and can they get the grist rushing, to pass a massive. 1.3. Trillion, dollar spending plan before, funding, runs out tomorrow. Night but many lawmakers not happy with what is in it and some, of what's been left out of it not to mention the sheer length of the bill a whopping, two thousand, two hundred and, thirty. Two pages, it took me a while just to say that number welcome. To a brand new hour of America's newsroom I'm Sandra I was up all night going through it as a No, okay. Whatever good morning everybody group of house conservatives they've, got serious, concerns, over this meanwhile, Democrats. They're, upset, over what's not in the bill and that's a daca fix to protect so-called dreamers, there, is a boost, however, in funding, for border security last. Hour House Majority Whip Steve Scalise touting, that provision, with US. President. Trump in this bill gets, over 100 miles, of new border, wall funding that's, money that President, Trump campaigned, on we, said we wanted to help him get money to build the wall this gives him that ability by the way it also gives President Trump the ability to defund, sanctuary. Cities well, she'd, regression of course one of my comedians, live in the hill Mike good day to you what's the timing on this vote today. Well, hello bill the house is expected about early this afternoon and then presumably would kick it over to the Senate facing, a tomorrow night deadline what's, in it what's being called the largest investment, in national, defense in 15, years six. Hundred fifty four point six billion dollars securing. Our homeland, forty seven point eight billion dollars for homeland security one. Point five seven one billion dollars for physical, barriers, and technology. On our southern border and 21. Billion dollars for infrastructure, projects, speaker Paul Ryan says, lawmakers are delivering. And the contents, of the bill should not be a total surprise, we. Passed this bill the House passed all these bills back in September, and we. Passed them with Republican only votes this, has the exact same funding, for the border in this, bill that we funded, back in September with all Republican votes so it's, kind of interesting people are sort of saying different things now but here's the point the, administration, asked for 70 four miles of border. Funding border wall funding we did at about a hundred in this bill Ryan. Made his case to the president directly in the Oval Office and president Trump has signed off on this deal bill what about the pushback Mike, it's. Significant. You don't know if we can stop it or not what do you think well, that's right the conservative, house freedom caucus has written a letter to President, Trump asking, him to step in saying quote, mr., president, we urge you to remember the countless Forgotten, men and women of America who, placed their faith in you to change business as usual in Washington DC, we, urge you to join us and reject, this omnibus, this, morning a co-founder. Of that freedom caucus made, this, appeal, put. A good bill in front the president he'd support that too I know he would so let's put good legislation in front let's not bring the worst bill I've seen in my 10 years in Congress to the floor of the House today let's put something good in front of the president that's consistent, with what the American people elected.

Us To do there. Are lawmakers who say that criticism is overblown, the 1.3, trillion dollar spending, cap. Was set weeks ago and since, then the relevant committees, here on Capitol, Hill have been working on slicing, up that pie, thank. You Mike Mike Emanuel, watching it all go down thank you sir talked a bit later. Investigators. Looking at whatever they can find, on the life of Austin bombing suspect, mark Condit searching, for a possible motive for the string of explosions. That killed two people and terrorized. The city of Austin for weeks police finding, what they call a 25, minute confession. Video, recorded. On Condit's phone as well, as bomb-making, supplies. At his home and more. Here's, Texas, congressman Michael McCaul revealing, some new information, to us just last hour, we. Also know Bill he had a target, list of future. Targets. Residences. Dresses. That we found based on what, based. On his that. Data, that we were able to retrieve and, we went to the homes and cleared, them from any. Suspicious. Packages. Let's. Bring in former FBI Special Agent. John Ayane Ellie John thanks for being here this morning what. Did you make of that new. Development we just learned that last hour, I'm. Actually not very surprised, at all the reality is this person was trying to create mayhem, and terror, in the Austin community, it's, likely he had people, that he had issues with or different. Topics, that he wanted to go after I think, it's important to look at who is on this list and see what the connectivity, is so, we can see if there's a common theme between these folks it seems that there's probably, still so much to learn about this, man and obviously. What. His intentions, were had he not been caught when he was, thank. Goodness he was and what, the FBI and the local authorities are going to be doing is they're, gonna look at everything in his past, they're digging through his computer as we speak, looking, at his history what he was searching his writings, any people, that he had been associates, with he had two roommates all of those people will be interviewed, information. Will be cold to try to figure out what, was the motive and, that is really you know the crux of this investigation right now is searching, for a motive, is it possible, to know they'll never even find one. It's. Always possible you might not but, it's important that law enforcement tries. Not. Just in this case but you want to prevent these things from happening in, the future and if you can find a reason, people, act this way something that triggers it might be something that can identify in, the future in intervene. Before it happens, what did you make of this 25, minute confession. Video, that he apparently. Did. On his cell phone just, a short time before before. They found him, it's. Obvious this young man wanted, to leave some sort of message the bombs itself, were messages, for him to send to the community, or whoever, he was targeting, but, he wanted to have more to say I wish. He had said more specifically, what his reasoning, for it was hopefully. That will come Michael. McCaul when he was on last hour a talk to us also a bit about the technology, that, was used in this case fascinating. Stuff listen to this. You're. Also able to use a technology. To. Find a digital, footprint, of where his cell phone had been so. That the, key evidence was getting his cell phone number so that when he did turn his cell phone on, immediately. The SWAT teams descended. Upon him he. Couldn't get into a whole lot of further, detail. On that technology. But thank. God for that and really it was getting that cell phone number that was the game changer, it. Certainly, was a lot of this was old-fashioned. Law enforcement, work getting, out to the stores looking, where these materials were sold trying. To find somebody out of character, buying things unusual, but, the cell phone technology is, what made the difference in identifying. The subject and those bomb-making, materials, that were found in his home, do, you believe based on what they have, found and what they've disclosed, that they found John that there should, have been some, sort of red flag or warning signal, earlier, on about those purchases.

You. Know the problem is the devices, he made he, was using very very common, items that you can buy in any hardware, store in America, so there's nothing particularly, unusual however. The batteries, were a key and that helped investigators, very, unusual, in his choice of what the batteries were John can the residents, of that city rest. Easy tonight is this over I think. This particular incident. Is over the police have fairly well assured the community that, there are no packages, out there I think they've accounted, for all, the materials, purchased of course, the issue is we, know we'll be talking about something like this in the future with the next one Wow. John. I Anna Ellie thank you for joining us and lending, your expertise, to a situation we continue. To learn more about and get more details on thank you Thank, You Betty, past the hour now we may get more information we, expected on the Russian matter today the house Intel. Committee about to release some. Unclassified. Information from, its reports, catherine, herridge live from DC on that catherine are they meeting today on this well they are bill and good morning we are expecting the House Intelligence Committee to vote later today on the final Russia report, we expect that vote along party lines with, a 150. Page document, sent to the intelligence, agencies, for review and declassification we. Are live outside the, House Intelligence Committee secure, facility, standing, by for developments. And reactions. On the vote meantime. The committee's ranking Democrat, has made clear that they have dozens of leads that they still want to pursue including. An interview with whistleblower, Christopher, Wiley and data, mining by the firm Cambridge, analytical that reportedly, sought to create voter profiles, based on Facebook, information, shifts. Letter reads in part quote if these allegations are, accurate, this misappropriation. Of private data is a serious, invasion of the privacy interests. Of the American people these, developments, paired directly, on our ongoing investigation. Into Russia's. Meddling into the 2016, US elections, and raise significant, questions about Cambridge analytic, --is alleged reliance, on harvested. Data and activities, during, this time frame bill Catherine. There was more palace intrigue in the Justice Department the FBI and, probably intrigue that will last some time what.

Are You learning about that today well, bill the Attorney General's personal, lawyer told Fox News that his client Jeff Sessions is not, under criminal investigation for lying to Congress, about his Russia contacts, in the Office of Special Counsel told, him quote after interviewing, the Attorney General, and conducting, additional investigation. The Attorney General is not under, investigation for, false statements, or perjury, in his confirmation hearing, testimony, and related written submissions, to Congress the, statement came in response to an ABC news report the former FBI deputy. Director, Andrew McCabe oversaw, a criminal probe of sessions who signed off on May, termination last Friday two days before, the FBI veterans, retirement, the current FBI director, Christopher, ray told NBC, News the firing, was for cause and not politically, motivated, I'm. Committed, to doing things objectively and, independently, and by the book I think that has to extend not. Just to, our, investigations. Our intelligence, analysis, but, also has to extend to personnel, decisions, and disciplinary, decisions. Sources. Close to the president questioned whether the rules are being applied, equally, across the board and where the special counsel is also investigating the former FBI director James Comey and, allegations, he misled Congress about his role in media leaks about, the Clinton email and Russia case Catherine. Thank You Katherine Harris you're on in Washington, Sandra. The. US intelligence community that Russia is already trying, to infiltrate. Upcoming. Elections, in both 2018, and 2020, so are we prepared, for that Senate, Homeland Security, Committee member James Lankford, joins. Us next with some breaking news on what, he plans to do to fight back also, President Trump ready to announce new tariffs, against, China today the targets, and the, risks, the move poses, as markets, start to react on all that coming up here Plus this today. There. Really is no reason why Muller should be investigating, things other than, Russian. Collusion, if there is no Russian collusion, he should wind up closed his investigation. And let's move on, several. Republican. Lawmakers saying molar mania is weeping, Washington. In a very negative way House Judiciary Committee, member John Ratcliffe, joins, us at the bottom of the hour with his take. You. Sign a memo, slapping, new tariffs, and imports out of China that, moving, to prevent. Theft they, will target China's technology, sector and restrict Chinese investments, here in the US and China has. Threatened to retaliate although. We do not know specifics. On that stocks, trading lower on, the anticipated, tariffs they were what we were off 300, in the open air so 45 minutes later we're down 173. So down, triple digits at the moment see what happens here these tariffs they have intended consequences. And unintended. Consequence. And those weekends but fair to note that less. Than an hour in well off the lows of the session we'll keep watching it down 174. And you think that we have deterred Russia from continuing, their operations, as far as trying to infiltrate. Our election, system for the 2018 election no, we have not. Based, on the testimony in this room last month from our intelligence chiefs so. We're facing the same if not worse. Correct, yes sir secretary, Olsen yes they will there's. No reason to believe they will not attempt again that's. From yesterday Senate Intel committee hearing, on election, security still, a lot of work, to do to secure the midterms, US Intel officials already, warning of Russia trying to interfere, with, the voting this November, let's bring in Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma he, is on the Senate Homeland Security, Committee and Senate, Intelligence. Committee a man. Who knows a lot about what is going on senator what can you tell us about Russia's, intentions with, our upcoming elections, well.

We Know what they were doing in 2016, so we should assume they're gonna do something even more in 2018, or at least try the same again a lot, of what they did in 2016, was probing our systems looking, at states looking at their voter registration, data looking, at the equipment that they use looking, at the process, looking, at how they verify, absentee, ballots and such so, they were clearly trying to be able to go through and learn as much as they could through. The system we should assume they're gonna try to use that information in 2018, so is this based on an assumption at this point is there any evidence that they are already, getting involved, no, there's no evidence other than their social media campaign. Still continues, what they did in starting in 2014, and people lose track of that but, they started in 2014, putting, all the pieces together so, they can do the, social media campaign in 2016. During, the election time period we, they had that same structure in place some of the same actors still continue what, is Congress currently, doing about this as far as an upcoming bill. To. Somehow prevent election, meddling yeah. I have a bill it's a bipartisan, bill we're working through the process we've gone through multiple iterations we. Have another version that's actually come out this week dealing. With some basics, that we need to be able to do first reaffirming, states. Run elections the federal government doesn't run elections that's, a state responsibility, constitutionally. And it's at our best when we do it that way quite frankly for security reasons as well you get a wide diverse. Different pieces of equipment different. Styles, no one individual, international, actor where domestic actor, can come in and affect all of our elections if states continue to run it we've got to have security clearances though it was months and months before, individuals. Actually found out what was going on when the Russians were trying to engage it's very helpful if we have much faster, response between, the states and the federal government, and sharing between the states back to the federal government we've got to be able to fix that and then, there are still five states and a total, of twelve at, least in some of their counties that they can't audit their elections, they're, on completely, electronic.

Machines No, paper trail no receipts, if there's a problem with that particular machine or if that particular software, gets hacked when they do the update before the election, then there's no way to be able to verify that so that is a problem I know chairman Berman. Of the Senate Intel committee is. Calling this an urgent issue at that meeting say if we start to fix these problems now tomorrow. We still might not be having. These systems, in place in time for. The 2020. Elections. That, seems to be a big. Warning coming from the chairman, of Senate Intel this, is gonna take money to fight this as well what are you doing about funding, this effort so, the omnibus, bill that's coming out actually today, that we all get the copy of last night does include about 350, million, dollars for additional grant funding for those states that cannot audit their elections again, I remind people states, are the responsible, party for actually making sure their election equipment is up to speed and that is protected, but for the states that are dragging behind we don't want to affect an entire nation based. On their inaction in that state so we want to incentivize them, to be able to step in get their equipment get their software up to speed every. Secretary of state every election official in the country wants, to be able have secure elections, there's no exception, to that but. For those that are lagging behind actually getting it done we, want to be able to help them get that done so there are some dollars being set aside for it senator. Moving on to another big story today we continue to follow this data misuse story with Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, issuing. A formal, apology in a statement regarding all of this there have been calls for him to testify and answer, questions on Capitol, Hill do you think that's necessary I think, it is necessary to be good folks from Facebook but also a lot of other entities, people have lost track of the fact that for years the Internet has run and a lot of these companies have run on free, apps based on harvesting, data from individual, users when, you click agree to, all those different usages. Most people don't read what they're clicking to agree to but, they're harvesting, data they're selling that data their individual, firms going back to all the way to the Obama election, they, were very proud in 2008.

Of The data that they had harvested from all these different app users all over the country and put it together for an election so this is not new and I know president Trump's being attacked by the left on this particular, issue as if, it's something different this, has been around for a very long time and these different social media companies need to explain how they're protecting, people's data interesting. Stuff I've got to leave it there but senator Zuckerberg. Also left the door open to potentially, more regulations. Or regulations, in general for these social media companies you think that's necessary, I think only the data needs to be protected it's a free speech group the federal government needs to stay out of the free speech business and allow that to be able to be, out there but when people's data is used in abused and sold that is a different issue interesting, stuff senator Langford thanks for your time this morning you bet it feels like we're just the beginning of this story a one california city fighting back against, the state and its sanctuary, city laws and now, other cities, are joining in an effort what could that mean that's coming up next. Sanctuary. Cities, and states like, California. Put innocent Americans, at the mercy of hardened. Criminals. Hardened. California. Has been defined, and it stands as a sanctuary, state passing new laws late, last year but one city to find that state law Los. Alamitos. In a tenth city council meeting voting. In favor of a resolution to exempt them from California, sanctuary, state laws and now. Other cities are looking to follow suit Katie Pavlich editor town odometer Fox News contributor fresh, back from the trip overseas how you doing Katie good, welcome. Back here thank, you so, Los Alamitos. I believe population, 11,000. Is taking a stand what do you make of that let's start there yeah, well it's not just them taking a stand against Sacramento, and, saying look we don't agree with the idea that you want to turn this entire state, into. A sanctuary for, criminal aliens, now we're seeing Orange County California coming, out and saying they may follow suit Buena Park California, and. It really goes to show that despite, the. Things that Governor, Jerry Brown has said in Sacramento, about the fact that they're going to allow criminal.

Aliens To stay in the state and not to inform, ice that, they have been released from local law enforcement these. Local officials and local voters, are saying enough is, enough we, want to protect our own communities, and we are not on board with, the policies, that are coming out of the, cabin it's, a big state right I mean we can agree on that but all these cities in the same County in that joint is County California near, LA. Arguably. Probably. A more conservative, part, of the state whether. It's the town of Aliso, Viejo I believe I got that right you mentioned Buena Park and Huntington. Beach and I don't know if it spreads beyond that we. Shall see can, a small town win. Against Sacramento, I think. That they can it depends on what Sacramento, wants to do if they're going to try and punish these City Council's for complying, with federal immigration law, but, it really comes down to these local communities saying. Look we don't want criminal, aliens, that Isis trying to get out coming. Back into our communities, we've seen in Oakland as the mayor warned, before. That ice that ice raid a number, of those criminal aliens went, out and recommitted, violent crimes after, that raid was conducted and they happened, not to be there and so they're looking at this as, a way to insulate. Themselves from, the liberal leftist policies coming. Out of Sacramento, and going forward the, question is going to be how many of these cities as you mentioned more conservative, cities get on board and I think as you see the results, of the sanctuary state, law play, out as you see more of these criminal aliens committing, crimes you will see local officials getting phone calls from their voters and saying we want out we want to be working with the federal government to get these people out of our community it's almost a small federalist. System there right, that I see developing, your last point on this if you're, running one of these towns and you've, got a law that says you don't need to report to the feds and you've, got a dangerous, criminal in your town and, they commit another crime the. Liability, comes back to you and exams. For your consideration well. In bill it's not that they that they just maybe, can't say that, these criminals are in their town it's against, California, law now to, do so so these City Council's are trying to opt out of that but you're absolutely right the the, responsibility. Lies at the local level which is why I think people are getting involved in saying we can stand up to this and we do not want our, poli

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