For those who complain that NDT Reports are tedious! |KOROK Technologies|

For those who complain that NDT Reports are tedious! |KOROK Technologies|

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Doing good how are you very, good thank you. How's. It going, there are you right now I'm. In, my office. Where's. Your office it's. In Quebec, City Quebec, City okay. That's. Awesome hearing. There's a lot of NDT companies in québec, city headquartered. Over there yeah, absolutely I mean you have all of the majors during. One you have a hex, on it prime entity as well so, most right, there can. You still hear me I yeah. I think you just cut off entirely. But. Now I can hear you okay. All right yeah. My. Internet, connection is pretty good but, exactly. So so. As I was saying we, have like most of the NDT. Companies, over here like. Edify, Olympus. Z-tech, Senatus. What. Am I missing like there's even a care form which, is doing the the three hands canning. Pragma. And ET and. On. The eddy current side there is a SG. And DT so quite a few of them along with that is that a coincidence or, is there a reason, for that I, mean. A, lot of it started. With, with. The route of Olympus. I mean you know it, all started with Rd, tech yes. At. That time so a lot of business, is not all of them but a, lot, started, there's - a lot quite. A few people, from. From. Rd, take started, their own business. Absolutely. Throughout. The years I mean we've we've. Had all of those businesses, at one point I. Mean, Aria Tech has been split into one one, one, piece became. Olympus, Dynamics, piada we get V Tech tech. So. Natives come, from a guy that was that. Founded, our fine micro technology he. Was a former, employee of our t-take okay. Our Fang became finatus, the. Ed quarry of scientists, in the UK but the R&D, pieces, he's here in Quebec and this. Guy comes from Agra started, his own business, pragma. NDT. While, edify. Quite. A few people from it if I came from. From. Z-tech, man. I tell you were quite a few years the founder of if, I were, quite a few years as. He take along. With Michael. So when he saw the market, opportunity, and, in, both. So they've had a great success, now, of. Course if. But quite a few company. They've. Had. Positions. Like crazy right now. Absolutely. I mean well. They end, probably. The objective is to have for, them to have a complete, portfolio, so. They can cover, all of the NDT. Needs so they they're, definitely on the right track to achieve, that that's great yeah it's read for a long time it's just like the Olympus's, the market leader for everything, and now this edify is picking, up the pace and trying to compete with them it it feels. Good to have competition, like that no. Absolutely. I think it's all t4 for, the market, I mean it provides, more option for for, the user if, force everyone, to to. Get better. Definitely. So how. Do you say your company name, so. This is a korrok technology. Romeorock. You mean is it is a bit of a tougher. Name to say in English but it's been inspired from from a river in Norton. Canada. So so, the, let's. Say that the principle of the the idea beyond behind it is that it's a Norton River that, can only be reached by the most adventurous, people. So, this is like the interesting. Entrepreneurship. Spirit. There, as, well, the. Symbolism, as well as the fact that I mean a river flows so. The purpose of caracas would be to make the life of envy, thick technic technicians, and NDT service company, in general, easier.

So It has to float this to be easy so so. That's that's, why I thought about it what's, an example of, that how, do you make it smoother. And make, it flow I mean. Myself I I worked on on both side you know on the manufacturing. Side. My, background, has been on the sanity's so working on, the application, and product left-hand side but I've also worked on for. A service company or an advanced service, company. So, I've seen both so on. The service side I've. Seen how challenging it is to I, mean, in fact I, saw. That bringing, new technology, is demanding. In the sense that you have to Train technicians, you, have to learn the technology applying, it properly according to the codes and everything so, this is one thing and also. To although many service companies, today are using like advanced, technologies, like, digital. Digital. Radiography. Phased-array. Pulse. At the current all right, mini. Company, and this is impressive, I mean how many of them still, rely, on pen, and paper so that was a challenge for me is really getting. Making. This transition from, from, paper to digital so. What, I've built that korok is a, digital, companion. Essentially, this is an application that runs either, on a tablet, phone or a PC, that is, helping. The field technicians, collecting. The information in. The field so, they're collecting. The information, into, a digital format in, its journey it generates, the report, automatically. So it's a single click and they get the report, and. As you know I mean NDT. It's. A multi. Industry, alright you have oil and gas the aerospace, market the, mining Alton pulp and paper and, it's also, multi. Technology. Right the current, ultrasonic. Phased array all right there is a wide range of technology. So it is quite challenging and, although. There they work a few. Applications. Are there that were kind, of filled, service-oriented. When. You get to this level of complexity, between industries, and technologies. There. Was really nothing on the market that was flexible, enough and easy enough to use for, ndd. Service companies so this is what. Well. This is this is the niche where qurac. Correct. Fits in because, we I. Combined this, knowledge. From from the NDT world along. With the IT, well, together. Okay. Perfect so now. Is. That like a cool rug isn't is an app that we can download or we, can name the. App by ourselves and create apps because I saw something on your platform that, you. Give us the platform and we have the flexibility, to make, our own apps and, something. That can, you tell us that's, correct so this is really like a. Workflow. And reporting, platform so. Yes you have the app but. You. I, mean like any, like. Most service companies, they like to like. Their report is really their flavor this is their their air signature. Is. On the client requirements, or, based on their own procedures yeah, exactly. So. They, can easily customize. The. Application to, their specific needs, and for, this there is a web, portal, so on the web portal, this is where all of the results coming from the field are being uploaded so, you get an, overall view of all of the results, all of your reports but. This is also where you can. You. Can customize, your app so, we have what we call an, app builder, where. You. Can simply with drag and drop function, modify, the, application, per se and tie. Your. Report, so, you can still use Excel. Or Microsoft, Word as your. As. Your format, but all of the data will, be automatically. Populated, on those four into those format. So. You can you, have the benefits, of leveraging. Your existing, forms, but, now they are filled automatically. From. The information that has been gathered, on the tablet, and. The, beauty of this is that a, lot. Of things can be automated we can connect with external, systems, so like all of the customer, information can be pulled, from from your CRM system and.

When You're into the field if, you, if you're you. Can scan, barcodes you. Can leverage, and, if she like near-field communication. Tags. Of. Course you can take picture, you can leverage the fact that you have GPS. Capabilities, so. Really, we're taking, full advantage of advantages. Of the. Capabilities, offered by this - a smart device so. Okay so is this a cloud-based, service. Or is it on my laptop and I need to have so much space and memory for that. We. Have we offer two models so the the preferred, model, is the the cloud the, cloud option, this is going to be also Donna cloud so it is, so, therefore. You. Don't need to install anything, it's super, easy to deploy, for. Any organization. All. Right but. That being said you can, the, application, per se will, run offline, so, if you're out in the field no internet no solarek an eccentric it's gonna work it's gonna still work and whenever, you have internet, connection, then the information, will. Now. Can you can connect connect this cloud-based to. Directly, to the equipment's, or do, I have to first transfer, the data into, my laptop and then. Upload. It to the cloud base, server all, right so, good. Question I mean there are quite a few different. Inspection. Techniques so. Like PT. And T V T I mean you know you're, not really have to interact, with, with. An instrument but when you come with. Ultrasonic. Testing as for example what. We offer is that you, can leverage, a, wireless. USB, dongle, so, that we can transfer the information between. Your phone, or tablet and, the instrument, so, asparagus, both sweet and push. A configuration, file to to, the unit such that you have the right parameters. And you can retrieve either the raw, data a, screen capture and this will be, this. Will be added, directly into, your report. Okay. Interesting, and. From there once, information, is on the tablet you can either send. It directly, you, can generate a report. That. Will be sent to you by email but, you can so push it towards, an external, server, that's, it could be through an FTP, link it can be through Google Drive box. AWS. Whatever. That's his service the, company is using. Interesting. So. How. Is this like. When. A company service company wants to use this platform is, it. A. 1:1. Tayo like one standard, fee or is it based on the number of users, or, is. It based on like the number, of space, or the GB that you need to. Upload how does the pricing work yeah. So when. Approaching this I mean today there is a on. The market there is one commercial. Model that is highly popular and this is like the per user approach so. Whenever, you. Get someone onboard you. Paid at the ynx dollar per month per, user so I did not want that and because in the, indie world, as you know you have you have peak seasons, with a lot of work everyone, working full-time but. You also have like quiet. Time right, a, few, people on, the, bench during, that period so as you have those, fluctuation. I. Did, not want you to have a per user approach. Because, I, felt. That it would be kind of a barrier, because some. People will the. Companies. Will not want to have all of their user using. The product, because. I mean when when the. Work goes down all right they have to pay for a recurring fee even, though nobody is using it so.

Rather Than using this approach we went with a, report. So essentially the transaction. Base it's a pay-as-you-go so every time a report, is submitted to the platform, then then you pin I see and so, a simple report, you. Will pay less and more complex a more complex, report you will pay a little more and the. More report, that you're generating then, the price will will. Will decrease as well so. Essentially you. Hello. Here. I am yeah. I think we just it's just froze. For a few, seconds, so you cut off where you said the. Pricing depends on the complexity of the reports and, simple. Reports will be different. Pricing and then more. Complex reports, would be expensive. But, then as you do more reports, you get the. Price goes down, well. Exactly so this is how it works and the only thing I've added. After, that is the fact that so. It means that whenever you use it you do pay but, it also means that you. Have revenues. Coming in because. Most NDT, companies, I get, paid when when they delivered, the report before final. Report so the faster, you, deliver it the faster, you can you. Get paid as well I. See. So. Anything. Anything else that this platform offers, as like, why do we need an app for, that what is the app do. To. Us X what's, the additional feature that the app offers yeah. So really. Like like the core benefit, this is like. The two key words or our compliance, and automation and you, know how, challenging, it, is to I. Mean, to ensure if you had like 10 step with. The app you get, the, 100%, assurance that all of the 10 step have been completed, by the technicians, right when, the guy goes inside I mean he has like so many things that he needs to think about like the lton safety stuff, I mean making, sure that he has all of his equipment, I, mean. There and then depending. On the type of work some will go from one customer to, to. Another so, criterias. Made me change on the type of jobs so this is a lot of things to think about so now, with the app we're, making, sure that all of the steps are done we're. Also helping the technician, making sure this is applying the right, acceptance. Criteria, so. We can embed we. Can embed the calculation. Into the M subject. You speak. Of all if you're measuring a flaw then we'll make a recommendation, whether, or not this flush I'll be except we, leave the choice to the technician, to make the final call because sometimes, your can, be borderline, but, the software will make the recommendation. And, it's. Also a matter of making. His life easier. So rather than having a picture, on. One. Device files, on a USB stick. And then, collecting. Or, merging. All of his note into. An excel file everything is done on the tablet, so we're saving a lot of time.

So. I say typically. I mean you're safe, minimally. 15%, of time often you reach like 40 percent you get your report done in, like. 40 percent half. Have, that time it would that's because you take for. This service company, they. Have a proof, that the work was done properly, if in if there is anything missing that then there will be a good, reason so we you, will know that all right equipment. Was not accessible, so. Provide an overall view of what what. Is the work how. The work is progressing across. All of the technicians and from. My perspective it's, also a way to, transfer. The knowledge from, your most experienced, worker to, your new, workers, because. As the software, as the digital companion. Is acting, as a step, by step guide, we. Can somewhat, embed. The, knowledge from your most experienced, workers. Into, this this, smart. Application. So. You can provide those extra. Guidance, you can make sure that this full. Experience, that you've gained is this, passed on to, your younger. Technicians, it, is a way to ensure that across. All of your technicians the. Work is done the same way the. Reporting, is done the. Is. Done in a standardized, manner and, you, don't have somebody using. A report. Version. Report to when. You're at version, report. Number four all right then, you have somebody a clerk at the office that needs to redo all of the report so you avoiding. A lot of those mistakes, a lot of those challenges, that the, companies are facing today I see. Interesting. So how much of this work is done by the company in setting, up all the, app requirements. And their reporting, formats and how much of it is you. Guys doing it and we just give you the. Guidelines. In the requirements. Well. The customers are coming to us we have a library. Of examples, that are already available. And most, of the time that's going to be there's. Gonna meet to. 80%, and it's. A matter of personalize. And customizing. This to their specific, format. Like. For. The most regular, inspection, PT. PT. M T RT, processes. Or are similar, so, it's really a matter of, fine-tuning. This, to their specific needs, then. From there, they'll. Get. Started. Using the product, and at. Any time we, can add or, develop. New apps they can adjust, their processes. So if they're making, changes. For, the. Specific, customer, then we can make the change themselves and it's going to be deployed across all of their technicians. Institutional. Of course he can be can like create. Groups and everything groups of users and, then deploy it to the to the right people, all right. Carter. Essentially, I mean we make sure that it's, kind of easy for them because they. Get onboard we, personalized. A couple of first, applications, for, them they learn how to do it then, then, it's. A matter of choosing. Whether they want, to have it as a managed, service we do, it for them or if they train somebody internally. To so. That such that they have full full, autonomy. Got. It just really interesting is it is this compatible, with all the equipment manufacturers. Like Olympus. Sea tech sauna test, it. Is because in fact we. We. Don't have like, - we, were retrieving the data we're, retrieving the. Screen capture we, will not do like the analysis, per se so if if your recording, phase the data you will still have to do the analysis, using, whatever.

Software, You're. Using right, but then the the output, obvious what what will often be called the indecision table, we can we, can leverage them. So. That means you're also compatible your, your service compatible, with Omni. PC software, and Tomo. View software and, all those software's. As. I said we were kind of vendor. Agnostic so. We do, not like depend on a specific. Vendor. Format, so, whatever, data we it. Does not matter but. We cannot do the analysis so, we're not grading the raw files if you will right, you will get the final output so, if it's a screen capture super, easy to adapt but, as I mentioned earlier if you're recording, data and analysis. You will still have to do the analysis, first using, Omni PC but, the output of your analysis, then will. Use it so, you can say like add this indication, at this indication to the indication table and then. Create a report in Omni scan or and. Then export that report or how do you how, do you export for example let's say that you've done your analysis, you do have an indication, table, that that has been. Populated. Can. Often. Most of the most software's, will, allow you to export, that into either, CSV, or Excel, so ourselves. We can grab that information and, import, it into into. The app or into the final report depending, at, which since you are. Yes. I mean it, brings another point because often you'll have like. The. Technicians, gathering information in. The field you may or may not do, the analysis, on the spot but, then you have a second stage where somebody, will review so this is another thing that that we can do that is quite unique we. Can have. Different steps, so such. That you have acceptance. And n review so if somebody. Let's say an analyst, review the data will either accept or reject it's, going to either go back to the technician, with some notes or if it's a except. That it can go to the, next stage. Those. Those, workers. Okay. So this, is really interesting to me because. The app part, of it I've been working on an app recently. Since, a few months and it's, it's, there right now on Play Store and. It's for the phase ready technicians, so. What that app does is it guides you through a checklist of, like, different. Steps that need to be followed to make sure that your inspection. Is your. Setup is is has. Everything it needs to have you, don't miss a step that you don't forget to set up the range or you don't forget to set the filters so, I have other checklist, points so you just keep on checking okay okay okay and it'll. Ask you a series of questions and based on that will suggest you what. The checklist has to be and then once that is done the. Other feature that that app has is, its, flaw characterization. So, it'll ask you a series, of questions, related. To the floor the way it looks on your screen and that the way it behaves the echo.

Static Pattern in the echo dynamic, pattern and the, way the features of the a scan, signal, look like depending, on that you enter the information on the app and, it gives you the. Most probable, type of defect it is and it, tells you kind of gives you a guide like, okay this looks this might what you're saying might. Be a crack what you're saying might be an IP and, then. It. Has. A third tab which, has the procedures, for that company so. It. Depends, on your login so you have to login into that tab to, access the procedures, that only you're supposed to see and it's, that part of the app is not public, it's it's, for the specific. Employee. That is using, the app so. That's. What and my my, fourth tab which is not yet active which was going to be and I was, working on that is the. Acceptance. Rejection criteria which you was just talking about is the. Technician, enters the. Details of the floor the length height sizing, everything and you. Select the code where there is API 1104, asme, and and it tells you whether, it's an accept or, regional. Limits. Of for, that coat so. And I, haven't started working on it I I'm, really interested to know if there's in a way I can use your platform. To. Make. This happen within, my app or, I'm. If it's easier. For me I'm more than happy to move my app on your platform or and make it work even better so do you have any suggestions, for that hmm. I mean. It, looks quite interesting what what you've done there I mean I, would need to look into the the specifics. It's. Either that that you could leverage what. We've done at, correct, to. To. Build your app because, essentially. Using. The app builder, offered, by bike I, think you could replicate what, you've done there. We. Need to check, or if your app is is up and running, then, it would be a matter of making sure that the. Two can talk together you. Get, you. Get, both working. Seamlessly. Essentially. We've. Made sure that the. Platform, can is, bi-directional be, Kenya we can push information to other system we can retrieve information from, from. Other system so. It's quite easy to to. Talk with, external. System, as well sorry I believe this is something that that. Could be done so this is something we could look, we. Could look into that's. Awesome, that sounds really promising because. One one of the thing is I mean when, you ask you an NDT, service company, do you believe that you can that you will be competitive. Using, a pen and paper approach, right, please. The the answer is free it's. Pretty obvious, and there's. A huge trend, going, towards, the digital. Transformation. Right. I mean it's, it's so handy, for detection it's literally handy to, have everything on your cell phone or your laptop or your tablet it's. I mean we used to carry company, procedures and binders and folders the printed ones and then they would get lost or they would stay, in the truck and you never have them on the field and then you get it's like oh I don't know where my procedures let me dig through the pile of junk that. I have in my truck but, if you have everything on on an app or on a tablet. That. Makes it so much easier to organize. And. To access the details you can do ctrl F and find the relevant, information in the procedure that you're looking for you don't have to scroll through pages so. I I'm definitely for the digital, trend, and that's why I was interested in, in your. Website. I don't know how I came across your website though, that's. Because I. First, sent you the message that I this looks really interesting and, I. Mean. I might have seen you at, a conference where. I. Came. For, the first time we met was the ICP, it in, 2017. Right, Houston, not at in. Houston, and at that time I was, really just, probing. The market was more in its tilt mode I was, more like exploring, making sure that. The. Need was there yeah. This is Korea. Maybe, we will talk, about. It at that time but this is trillion in 2018. That I are. Formalized, thing and, I went. Perfect. So I I, used to work for a company that had an had an internal server and they used to use a, reporting. Platform and that was really convenient for us I was I started, out with that company and they, were like you just have to plug in these numbers and, send it to us and it'll, automatically, generate, reports and that, was really cool because then it it creates, like a uniformity. In the types of reports the company produces, and not it's not dependent of the technician and. Then I was working for other companies where, they would just give, out these Excel sheets and, they, had some formulas, in it where you plug in numbers and it happens and there were a lot of glitches in, those excel sheets so.

I Definitely see the advantage, of having a digital reports. And a digital app, and everything in place, so. The errors. By the technician are reduced as much as possible and and the, flow like you said a streamlined, to, from from the time the inspection starts to the report. Generated, it. Does because it is a real challenge of making sure that everyone, follows, the format. All. Of the information there is no mistake, and. That's exactly why I had to do the app because, when I'm teaching phase 3 and I see that everybody follows a different order and they, get confused like wait a minute do it first set the range or do I first set the do, the calibration or. Do I first do this I was like I that's. Why I need to put it in a flow format, where you, keep on checking the boxes, and keep. Moving through the list and maybe, eventually at some point you don't have to use the app anymore and that's totally fine but this is more like when people are starting out like you said for the experience the new people new people are starting out they want to, learn. What do you experience, people are doing and if they have a checklist to start from checklist. Is a great thing I think every company has, to have a checklist that way the, new people are not just confused. As to what, am I supposed to do, in this case if this, is the situation, so. Is. There is there anything on, the. App store or on the Play Store that I can explore. Right now to. Today. If you go on Google. Play me search for you. Will you. Will find it we've. Made a couple we've. There. Are a few examples, there, that are, available Alya, I'll need to update them because the ones I've published at that time we're quite quite. Basic it. Match it majored quite, a bit, ever since then otherwise. The way I'm working is whenever a customer is interested I, mean, we we, provide we, provide the demo and if. The interest is there you, recognize the, value for freedom, we, set them up with a. Trial, environment so they can test, it for themselves. Perfect. Yeah I, just, downloaded your app and. I'll. Play with it and explore it a little bit and I, mean. I'll be I'll be pleased to provide you a deeper. Demo I mean I can I can share a. Little, more with you right now if you have time or otherwise you can. Yeah actually I am short, on time right now. But. I would definitely love to catch up one more time I, forget. A little bit more play, it's time to play with the app and stuff and I have more questions ready, I would, love to know more about this company it's, really angry alright. Cool. So I'm glad you've we've, taken some time to. Well. That. You've offered this approach is I can share this with you. Definitely. Thank. Ya thanks for your time as well and. I. Will I'll email you I'll email you and we can set up another time and we can continue, the discussion all. Right thank you so much that's good take, care, bye.

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M very delighted to share this, I had a question regarding an aerospace component and i approached pratik sir for the solution and he was so humble n supportive, which shows his true personality. Respect for you sir.

Karthik, thank you so much. I really appreciate that you took the time to write this. Comments like yours, makes me want to help people as much as I can. Thank you.

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