Flosstube #9 S is for September and Samplers. + Counseling Corner: How to avoid negative self-talk

Flosstube #9 S is for September and Samplers. + Counseling Corner: How to avoid negative self-talk

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I've lost you, I am. Rachel. I'm. Coming to you today. September. 3rd, from. East Texas I'm, at my parents house I came, out to. I'm. Here with my family so this video is probably going to be a little, bit short and sweet today. So. I can get back to hanging out with them but. I just wanted to take advantage of the time to say hello and tell you what I've been up to. Since, we are here at the beginning. Of the month and. September. Is. The. Beginning, of my favorite season I love autumn, I love fall I love everything about this season and. Yeah. I'm just so excited I'm, actually drinking. My very, first cup at, pumpkin spice coffee. That my mom has at, her coffee bar and it's. Just making me so happy it's actually really rainy, day today, the. Rains been coming, down this, afternoon and, it, feels really cozy. You. Probably hear voices in the kitchen, it's my mom. And my husband they're in there making pulled pork for our dinner. So. Kind. Of exciting, to. Have a cosy, day off after the first. Like. Week and a half of getting, back to school back to routines. And it's just nice to have a down day. And. Especially. A, cozy. Autumnal. Day. Okay. Um. I'm. Gonna dive in actually, before I dive in I do want to say welcome, to, everybody, who is new to my channel I. Have. A lot of new subscribers since the last video so you're. Very welcome I'm so glad you're you're here and, for. Those of you who don't know my, format I. Am. Real life I'm a, licensed. Professional counselor and I like to do a little counseling corner, at the end today is this going to be, very. Brief but hopefully helpful we're going to talk a little bit about. Negative. Self-talk and how to stop it. And. Yeah. I always put that at the end so that if, you're just kind of here for the cross stitch you can sign. Off when when I'm done with. That but for those who enjoy the. Little kind, of mental health corner. We. Always do that at the end it's just my way of sharing myself, with you and. Trying. To give you a little, piece. Of. My. Heart and. It's. Definitely not medical. Advice or. Anything. Like that but. Just a good, way to to. Share Who I am or what I do with, you as a little gift I. Wanted. To point, out this. Chair. In the background. That. You see here this incredible. Carved. Wood, chair. This is all, needlepoint. Right here and it's something that my grandma did I have talked about my grandma Bonnie, on, this, video and I'm on these, videos before and, I'm gonna talk about her a little bit again today my.

Mom's Mom. But. The. Butterfly is there, my. Grandma did and. Actually. The entire. The. Entire all the orange, there is all needlepoint, and then. The. Seat. Cover, is roses. And my grandfather, did that when he was trying to quit smoking and, my, mom tells me that grandma, Bonnie actually, found this chair at the dump and, brought it home and restored it and they did all the needlepoint on it and, that's just like one example of some, amazing. Stuff. That she would do all the time she would she. Could do or make or beautify. Anything. So. Anyway, she's the, one who taught me to stitch and I, hope, to share, that love of, handwork. And stitching with with. My kids and I kind of keep it going, so. Anyway. Needlepoint. Chair amazing, this, um grandma bunny actually. I will, show you my grandma bunny because she was so beautiful, and I have a picture of her right here. There. She is bonny breeze. Isn't. She gorgeous. Yep. That's. Her. Maybe. Since we're talking about grandma bunny I will start off with a. Super. Super cool find um. My. Grandma passed away a few years ago and my mom is actually still finding some of her things and sharing them with me as she finds them. Here. And there and, so. I, was, about to share with you this very neat little, find. My. Mom, brought. This to me. And. It. Is a, teeny, tiny little sampler, in. Process. It's, stamped. Cross-stitch. And. At. The, top is a row of green, stitches. Very. Um badly. Done I. Don't. Know if you can see those. Stitches. But. Um I'm. Pretty. Confident that these were my stitches, when I was little. A little girl and um. Just. The one little row was done. And. I. Think. I'm gonna finish. It I'm gonna keep keeping. My childhood, stitches there and. Finish. It up but, this. Was really special and really fun to find and really neat to see. Those. Those, early childhood stitches, and, even. More. Special, and amazing and wonderful than that why. Is the hoop that, was still around that stitching I. Don't. Know if you can see that but. It's. A duchess hoop, and.

It's. It's actually in pretty good, shape there's a few places where the felt is. You. Know a little bit worn but. It's in it's in pretty fabulous, condition and I. Don't think the floor floss tube I would even have known, the, significance of, a duchess hoop I believe, it was Donna ray who, told me about how. Fabulous. These are so. Yeah. I just. About fell out of my chair when I saw this I was so excited and. Actually. Hadn't used this a little, bit since then and, it's. Really such, a sweet treasure I I, think. My mom said she thinks that this was probably, my. Great-grandmother's, her grandma. Her. Hoop that. Was. Still. Right. Here on this you. Can still see out right I earned it but you can actually still see where the hoop was. On. The stitching there and. Yeah. Now. Now, it's mine too, to, keep and pass on to future generations. So. Anyway, I just, thought that was really really fun. Alright, we are gonna start with finishes, I do have. Three. Finishes, from August, and. One. Was for in exchange for the Texas stitchers group and I, will insert a photo here. You. And. What. I did was Prairie, schooler stars-and-stripes. I. Changed. The, color. Of the whale from brown to sort of a gray blue and. Finished. It off into a little pillow filled, it with some. Fiberfill. Polyfill. Rolie, polie what, is that stuff Bob made. It into a little cushion, little, pillow and had. A lot of fun with that turned out really cute so. And I. Hope that my, exchange. Partner really enjoyed that, and. Next. I have a. Little. Finish that I did. At. The beginning of August this, is Lizzie, Kate be bold and brave and. I. Did. This on our Beach vacation we, went to Galveston and I, was stitching on this at, the beach and. By the pool and. Turned. Out really cute I did my own conversion using, color and cotton fibers I, did. It on a. Picture. This plus linen it's. 32. Count mellow. Kind. Of a yellowish. Sort. Of parchment colored linen. And. I. Love the sentiment and I love the, color. Palette and, I'll. Show you the colors I used for that. So. I. Use. Deep pine. Golden. Al. Leprechaun. Prussian. Blue. Delphinium. This. Was my favorite one actually and. Car. Mean which, is a really fun sort. Of. Pinkish. Red. So. This. Is the first time since I started my color and cotton subscription, that. I've pulled threads, for a project, and just did, it conversion. And I, was really pleased with, the way they stitched and the way it turned out. There's. Another little chart that, goes. With this, design. Whatever. Is good for your soul do that I think is what it says and I, was thinking of using the same color palette to stitch, that one up I've got a lot of fabric left. But. Yeah I don't, know how I'm gonna finish that one maybe. Maybe. Just frame it maybe, make. A little, pillow. Or something I don't know yet. But, happy, to get a little finish and then. Um my. Last finished for August was. One. That I've shown you much times. Very. School or evergreen. And. It's, all done. There. It is. Turned. Out really, nicely and. This. One I'll definitely frame. And. It's. So, fun just whimsical. Folksy. I. Really. Really like that symmetry, of this design how, the, the. Four, corners and the center are red and then. Around. It is why it's just very pleasing, that way um, and. Kind. Of quirky you know. So. Very. Happy. With, Prairie school or evergreen I try. To get a little closer for you. Here. We go, I, actually. Ran, out of the 816. Red. When. I had I. Had. Done half of this house here and all I had left were these two red houses and, the berries and the fox's mouth and I. Had, to delay finishing, it until I could run to the store and pick up more eight sixteen I had, 814, I had 815, I had 817, in my stash. No more 816, to be found.

Amy. That. Was. The first of my magic. List at our, meeting we have. This. Sort of program that, they call magic list my annual good intentions, contract, and in. January, you, decide. Which. Pieces. You want to try to finish in the course of the year and. You. Check in with it over. The course of the year a little bit and then, sort. Of report back to the guild at the. Start. Of the new year what, you got done and I. Picked four pieces for. My magic list this year and. That. Was, one of the fort and I'm, really really happy to have, one. Crossed off, three. To go so. Um. With. That actually, I'll move into whips, because. The. The next two whips that I'm gonna focus on, oh there's, MB baby. That's. Are. My. Parents dog. She's. Such a good girl. There's. Names. All, right, so. Back. To whips. The. Second, of my four. On, the magic list is Beatrix Potter and I, don't have that with me today I'm. Hoping. To get that one done by the, end of the year as well. And. It will probably take me up to the very last but. Then, number. Three and number four are. Are. Both I think do, a bowl in the next. Little. While here next couple months and. This. One action. Is C, Street sampler. Works Quaker. Medallion, sampler and. I've. Got all the alphabet stitching done on this. And. Just. The Quaker motifs, to go. So. That one's coming along I'd. Say it's about, fifty. Or sixty percent done and I'm. Gonna focus on it this month. And. Then. The. Last one is Blackburn. Designs, sweetheart. Sampler. Which. Has a lot of rice. Stitching. In it I think this. Is. And. This one I was a little, bit ambivalent about. Because. I didn't love the. Way. That Halle Berry looked but. I just, got. A new skein of Halle Berry and it's a little bit less. Of. The. Light pink and more of the bright pink and so I think I'm gonna like it more as I go along and. This. Is what the pattern looks like. It. Says. Valentine's Day down at the bottom yeah. Rice stitch the that bigger alphabet, is done all in my stitch and so, that's kind of a fun challenge, something, a little different than cross stitch also, in the C Street. Quicker. Medallion, there's some. Specialty, stitches and I'm. Enjoying. Learning. A few new stitches with that. That's. One thing that I'm enjoying, as I get more into samplers, is learning. These stitches. Okay. So that, does it for Oh, does. Not do it for whips I have one more whip to show you. I. Have. A very teeny-tiny little start on. Tis. The season black bear designs. That. Everyone. In the world is doing I think there's about. Thirteen. Thousand. Eleven. D hundred million stitchers. Stitching along on this one so. Can't. Miss out on that plus, I had the chart in. My stash already, I have, the old book. From. Years, ago. This. One isn't.

It Pretty. If. You. Haven't seen this or don't know about this it's a flask okay. Sorry, Facebook. Group. That's stitching along. And. You. Can join and, it, just started this weekend so jump, on in I'm, doing it on the. Linen, that Nancy, from, Victoria, motto. Died. I think, it's called winter, something. This, is 36, count I'm using one strand. Of floss and. I'm using her. Totally. Gorgeous awesome, amazing. Beautiful. Threads. That she made for. For. The community and Nancy, thank, you if you. Happen. To be watching this thanks. For your contribution I love, it and I'm excited to be stitching that along and actually, it was really fun I started that last night. Because. Out. Here in the country and my mom has tons of bird feeders all around and there, were a bunch of Cardinals out this morning so I was working on my Cardinal piece and. Watching. Some Cardinals in real life so that was really neat. Okay. I. Think. That's it for whips I wanted, to just move next, into, acquisitions. This. Month's color and cotton are. Very. Lovely. Purples. And pinks pinky Purple's. Love. Those and. I. Got. This really beautiful piece of. Karen. Water lillies silk, at. The, guild meeting it was a little prize for checking, in with our magic list so, that was fun I think, this, would be really pretty good do on. Like, a little Quaker. Or, a little. Strawberry. Or just something small. Yeah. Really, really pretty kind of looks like the. Ocean, and. Then. Um I, won. A an. Auction, bid for. Michelle. But nice to cheese Alzheimer's. Auction. That she was doing and. Where. Is it. It's. One that charissa. Kitten. Stitcher had donated. Um, and I bid on it and I want it and I love. It it's a little. Redheaded. Irish. Looking, angel, with. Apparently. A stitching basket and a little spool, of thread. In. Her hand and a sheep. With. A green heart on it and um. It's. Got a cute little kind. Of wabi-sabi. Green. Check gingham on the back and, pins all around so I guess this is a pin keep. I. Mean. I love everything about this this, is so fun Thank. You Teresa for your donation, Thank You Michelle for the. Auction and. I'm. Really really happy to have this and Michelle sent along so. I'm very sweet. Thread, in the package Michelle love those I. Don't. Know what these are they say made in Denmark. They're. Really cool. Made. In Denmark is perfect for me because, our. Last name pencil is Danish. So. Now I have some Danish threads and. I love them and Michelle. You are thoughtful and smart enough to know, that and I bet you picked this out for, me remembering. That Bensel, is Danish I don't know did, you probably. I love, them thank you. So. That's my first acquisition. Next. I, bought. A couple of charts from Jen's stitching, niche, I. Contacted. Jen and told. Her that there was an old shakespeare's. Peddler chart that I've never forgotten that um, I, haven't, been able to find and if she knew. Anything about it I would love to purchase it someday and she said yeah I saw that chart and I can get it for you and. Sent. To you right away and she did like within what. Felt like minutes, get. Me an invoice and, it. Is Jenny. Bean. J-beans. Gentle, spring sampler. There. We go try, not try to. Get. The glare off ah. Okay, that's, probably. The best I can do there it. Says. Gentle. Mother's lead the way and there's. A little sheet and, like. There's, a mama duck and baby ducks and a mama pig and baby pigs and I'm.

On The horse and. Like. A little, spool of thread and, some little scissors it's. Just adorable and, I love that cool alphabet, at the top and I like that the alphabet stops at s why. I don't know why. Does the alphabet stop it s but. I really, like that chart. A lot and, I. Also. Purchased, this. Little guy, because. Of a song sale for $2 and, it. Has a great verse on it, and. It's adorable. So. I got that and. Then I. Also, picked up a chart. From. Trisha. Three. Owl threads, I hope. I'm saying that right, Trisha. Wrote off who, I met at stitch Con and she's lovely and amazing and, in real life and I sat across from her and stitched with. Her and talked with her all about her family and had no idea that she had this super. Cool online store until, fiber, talk interviewed. Her and then I learned all about her business oh it's raining oh it's. So nice. There's. The rain coming down I. Don't. Know if you can hear that rain but. Very. Nice um. So. This is what, I got from Trisha store it is the, peace on earth sampler, my cottage garden samplings, and. I. Love. Everything about this and I. Immediately got it kitted up I've, got some supplies, coming my. Way and I would, love to do this at, least get it started this year oh. I. Am gonna tell them about knitting thank you babe yeah. So. This. Is just so fun this. House. Down here is like pink and orange. And. It says Merry Christmas in, the snow and it's. Got really beautiful. Alphabets. And, Cardinals. And. Some. Like leaping flying, deer, at. The top and this, really cool basket. With. Some. Like poinsettias, and. Yeah. Anyway, it's gorgeous I have. Never seen this company cottage garden samplings, before until. I looked at Trish's store and I. Loved everything that they make and do and they're like one of my new favorite designers. So, if you're stitching anything, by them let. Me know they're, amazing. Okay. My sweet daughter has just reminded to tell you about knitting. When. I went to the stitch niche about I don't. Know a month ago. One. Of the owners Debbie, pulled. Out this ginormous. Stash. Of yarn, that she was just giving away to, anybody who wanted it are. You kidding me and apparently. Debbie. Used to raise alpacas and, make, her own, yarn. Check. Us out look. How beautiful. And. She gave it to us for free so. I got a bunch of this, amazing, stuff I, didn't. Bring it all today but. There. Was also some knit picks in there. Very. Cool. Yarn. Hello. Gorgeous oh. My. Gosh so, beautiful. So. Here's, what happened I brought home all this yarn and. I. Showed my son Connor, and he, said I want to learn how to knit and. I said me, too so, what we did was we went to ginger Gerald's channel and we watched some. Of the videos that he did with Caroline and. We. Started learning on it we learned how to cast on I wish. You could see the rain right now it's so beautiful, and, we, learned, how to do the knit stitch and we're. Working on it so when, we have something great to show you from. Our knitting I will. Show that but, thank. You Debbie if you're watching this I love all this incredible yarn and. I'm. Excited to learn how to knit and thank. You Caroline, for, sharing your knitting knowledge with the interwebs, and Thank You ginger gerald for, learning to knit along with carolina. It's. Really really fun, and also. Okay. Um. Guys. I think that's it for. Acquisitions. For now and. I'm. Gonna move into the counseling corner yes, it is porn corner thank you. What. I want to talk about today is. Negative. Self-talk. It's. Just something that I've noticed is. An issue with a number, of my clients something I'm working on with. Several. Folks right now and. Negative. Self-talk is definitely. Something. That will impact. Any. Existing, mental. Health issues that you have going on if you've got some anxiety if you've got some depression. If. You're struggling in, other areas, and you have negative self-talk that's gonna make it worse so.

It's. Something to, notice. And attend to and try to eliminate, if possible, I. Think. It's something that we all deal, with and struggle, with to certain extent. On. Previous. Videos I've talked about, kind. Attention, and I've. Talked about being, brave and sort of connecting to your own sense of worthiness. And. I. Think that this is sort. Of a natural extension, of that. Showing. Kindness to yourself. Being. Compassionate with yourself and. Treating. Yourself the way you would, wish other people to treat you I. Think. That this. First step in. Dealing. With negative self-talk is to notice it to. Become more aware of it a lot of times it can just happen in the background of, your. Own thinking as. Something that's kind of just. There and a part of your. Normal thought process. So. Be more aware, of it and in tune with it the, things that you say to yourself. And. Trying. Not to judge. That when, you do notice it, but, just. Saying. Okay there it is apparently, I'm. Being. Really critical. Of myself. If. You, add, judgment. And criticism to. Your. Awareness of it then you're sort of being negative about your negativity, and that. Isn't. Helpful, or productive right, so just. Noticing. It being aware of it. Apparently. I'm being critical with myself, so. Even like being gracious in the way that you approach, wanting. To be more gracious with yourself if that makes sense just kind, of knocking off a whole layer of. Negativity. By, just accepting. That, okay this is an issue, and. Then, I think you know one of the most helpful, interventions. For for negative self-talk is, really. Befriending, yourself. If. You think about what. You would say to a friend to a good, friend that you love, and care about if. They came to you with, a struggle, you. Wouldn't, attack them you wouldn't shame them you. Would more. Than likely be very. Encouraging, and uplifting and. Gracious. And kind with them you. Would normalize. Their problem, and say you. Know that's something that a lot of people struggle with is something that I struggle, with and. You. Would try to help them and so, why not talk. To yourself that way why not be a friend to yourself and, be, kind and gracious with yourself. So, sort, of step one, they. Come aware step. Two don't, judge. And. Step three befriend, yourself, treat yourself with kindness and grace and compassion and love and. That. Is a wonderful. Way to eliminate, negative, self-talk and I. Would, love to hear from you I'd love to know if. It's. Something that you're working on if, it's something that you deal with and. What. Has been successful, for you as. You. Try. To be, more, passionate and more kind with yourself so. Yeah. That's it that's just a neat, little tiny counselling corner for the day. I'm. Going to sign up for now and say. Happy. September. I'm. Excited, to jump, into these samplers. Stitch, along with with you guys on the distance seats all right so just, a final farewell happy. September, enjoy, your stitching, take. Very good care see. You next time.

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Loved seeing your grandmother’s chair and the Duchess hoop and its stitching piece. ❤️ I really enjoy your counseling corner. Several years ago I read the Mayo Clinic book you showed on previous videos. If you have any pearls of wisdom to help deal with chronic disease, I would be so grateful. Thanks!

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Your grandparents chair is amazing! How cool that they each had a part in it! Wonderful finishes! Your samplers will be gorgeous when finished! I'm starting the blackbird piece tonight I hope. I'm waiting for my pattern and hoping I have a fabric in my stash that will work. It was so hard over the weekend to watch everyone's starts and not be able to start myself! Nancy's threads are so great, you get so much more than other overdyeds which is a nice treat too.

I’m new to your channel. I loved it. Love your stitching and so appreciate your counseling corner. I needed to hear about negative thinking today. I am now going to go back and binge watch your other videos. ❤️

I always look forward to your videos. Your stitching is beautiful.

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Loved your Prairie Schooler, those colors in that chart are gorgeous! I really want to try to do a Quaker sampler... hopefully one day. Thank you for sharing some of your grandparents things, the chair is so beautiful, and how blessed are you to have the hoop to use often. Always enjoy your videos. Happy stitching

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Hi Nevada Stitcher, thanks so much for your feedback, I will keep that question in mind for next time! Chronic illness is definitely a huge challenge and I admire all survivors and warriors. :)

Thank you, Barb! xxxxx

Thanks for that encouragement, Penny, it means a lot! I am sure you're a terrific grandma!

Thanks, Karen! Yes, it was a super fun stitch! :)

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Hi Teal Elder, thank you, I"m so glad to have you here, and thanks for that comment. Glad to know that the counseling corner was helpful for you!

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That orange chair behind you that your grandma stitched is AMAZING. Your mental health corner was PERFECT today. I need to apply that to my life. The funny thing is, when Rose gets upset with herself over something I ask her, "What would you say to [insert name of Rose's friend here] if she had just done that?" and Rose is learning to talk herself through things in a much more compassionate way. I may be able to take my own advice now that it's YOUR advice too!! Thank you so much.

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Very nice video and counseling corner. Loved the kids impromptu helps.

Enjoyed the video, and especially the 'cast of characters' that made brief appearances throughout. How lovely to find your old cross stitch piece! And that hoop is a treasure! The counseling corner was initially not my favorite, but it has grown on me and I like it now. Congratulations on winning the lovely piece made by Theresa's hand! Btw, that thread is Danish Flower Thread made by Haandarbejdets Fremme or the Danish Handcraft Guild. It is non-mercerized, so it does not have a shine like DMC. They give a beautiful aged appearance to the stitched piece. The Danish Handcraft Guild has published some very beautiful cross-stitch patterns over the years. Many are sold as kits, but they have also published designs in books and calendars. Those old calendars go for a very pretty penny nowadays!

Loved learning about your Grandma Bonnie, and what a beautiful woman she must have been (inside and out)! Love the fabric and floss choices for Bold & Brave, so sweet. This "Magic List" concept is interesting, maybe I will try that for myself next year! What are the guidelines? I so enjoy seeing all 13,000 1100 million people working on Tis the Season because it's so lovely. :) Negative self-talk is definitely something I've had to learn to curb throughout my life. It wasn't until I got married that I realized it wasn't normal/standard and my husband taught me a lot about being kind to myself and giving space/allowance for imperfection. One thing I learned from a counselor about a decade ago that still helps me now was that when I make a task list, instead of constantly re-writing my list when I scratch things off, I should pause to appreciate all of the scratched-off items I accomplished. It never crossed my mind to appreciate all my hard work, so that was a big help in improving my self-talk. Thank you again for sharing your counseling wisdom, your words tend to stay with me!

I have enjoyed watching your progress on the Beatrix Potter sampler. It is stunning. I love the rich colors. Your Counseling Corner is always a good take away. Negative self talk is something I am always working on. I usually try to say scripture about what God says about me to combat the negative thoughts. Zephaniah 3:17 is a favorite. Also praying the Novena of Surrender To The Will of God helps quieten negative self talk. I think for me, worry undergirds most of my inner negativity. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful stitching!

Your finishes are lovely! What a beautiful chair from your grandparents. I have that Peace on Earth sampler all kitted up (for two years now!) and just haven't started it yet! I love it, too. I do like that designer's other pieces but I've not stitched any yet. Thank you for your counseling corner! Negative self talk is something I've struggled with, and I catch myself falling back into it at times. Thank you for the reminder! Hope your month is going well.

Just found you! What a delight, now to binge back to beginning....

It's so great that you could get that childhood stitch. And thank you for the reminded about negative self talk. It is something I need to remember to be aware of and combat.

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Your mom’s house is so cute and how awesome you have such stitching memories of your grandmother. Yes I’m in the Cottage Garden Sampling’s Peace On Earth SAL which is a different pattern that your sampler but equally cute! Thanks for sharing your stitching and have a great weekend!

How fun is it that you inherited your very own duchess hoop on your own childhood stitching?!? And I love that orange chair, what wonderful memories in that one piece of furniture :) yay for finishing something on the magic list! Do you think you'll participate again next year? Sometimes I find those events are great motivation, and other times too much pressure. It was fun to spend time with you today, as always! I'm not very good at putting a stop to the negative self talk, so I love how gracious your approach is!

Catching up with you - loving your Mother’s lovely home and your Grandmother’s needlepoint chair!

I love the rain too... even though I usually have a flare up of pain when it rains/snows or just gets overcast... but I will still sit out on my back porch and watch and listen to the peace whenever it rains or snows. I think it is great that you and your son are learning how to knit. I wanted to learn how to knit some years ago and I got a bunch of books from the library and learned. I'm still a bit of a beginner because I don't do it as much as I do other hobbies but recently I have been challenging myself to work on it more. I am doing that by knitting lap blankets for nursing home patients.

Thanks also for the lesson in negative self talk. I am working on this!!!

I enjoyed your video and learning about your grandmother. Your finish and WIPS are fabulous! Have a wonderful day!

Your grandmother's needlepoint chair is amazing. The Danish thread you held up looks like the original Danish Flower Thread that was introduced into the States by Ginnie Thompson years and years ago (1970's). I use to have lots of it, but had a friend that needed some for projects, so shared lots of it with her. That is lovely thread to stitch with and if it is the Danish Flower Thread, 1 strand is the equivalent of 2 DMC. Give it a test and let me know what you think. Cheers and enjoying rain here also. Norma Flake

Hi I've been watching your videos. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other health issues. As well as depression and anxiety. I love your telling us about living with intent. I have started to set goals/chores for myself every day. And it's working. I suffer with sleeping and sleep while my husband is at work and am up most of the night, so I need to be mindful of his sleep. But doing a few things before he goes to bed and some more in the morning when he gets up is working out good because it breaks up the work for me and I don't overdue it to the point I cant move. I really cant tell you how much your counseling sessions at the end are really helping me. Thank you so much. I'm sorry for the really long comment.

Oh my goodness the story of that chair and your grandpa trying to quit smoking! That’s real life at it’s finest. I love hearing family stories. I love that color Leprechaun that you used on your Lizzie Kate piece. And how wonderful to be given so much yarn! I learned how to knit with Caroline too!! So far I’ve made washcloths and am currently knitting a scarf. I am a people pleaser, so I find that I have negative self-talk when I know I’ve failed or disappointed someone.

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