Flash Frozen Civilization found in Antarctica and Pre-Adamites

Flash Frozen Civilization found in Antarctica and Pre-Adamites

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Ladies. And gentlemen, thank, you so much for joining us this edition, of leek project. I'm, your host Rex Baer and we have Joseph Reyna with us the author of incredulous. And this, guy knows so, much about prophecies. Ancient. Relics. Of antiquity we're. Going to talk about a quasar, right, now literally. How. Did you describe that Joseph like an exploding, solar, system, almost. What's. The entire galaxy becoming, a star something. The size of a galaxy that becomes the stars what they figured out quasars, on okay, and we're also going to talk about Antarctica. And what is going on out there right now now Joseph, just disclosed of information, with me about, how there is a. Civilization. Literally, multiple. Civilizations that, literally flash flooded, in or. Not flash flooded like flash froze in Antarctica. So this, is very deep we're going to talk about some planet X /. Exodus, /. The flood NASA. And these seven planets that have been discovered and, just, a collection of things all combined, into one so it's a real honor to speak with you Joseph how are you doing. That's. Been great thanks, I thought. I'd, start talking again only because of the Resurrection. And Easter. Coming up so, I, wanted, to like how planet, X seems to be part of all that. Fantastic. And, also I mean you know I know that you, have. Done, very few, interviews, over the past few years and, it's neat that you're kind of jumping out and and getting, your feet wet again. Thanks. It was the time there were the information, I was finding I did stop when it go on, on. The air and say, something I shouldn't be saying it was really bad what. I was discovering. Let's. Get into it what's going on first let's get into Antarctica, if we can well, apparently, Secretary. Of State Kerry. Was, sent down there I believe. Well bomb was going down there I know the Pope has gone down there several states. Leaders. Of state have gone down there and. It's supposed, to be to get them ready for what's about to happen a sort of disclosure. Except. From, what I'm hearing, they, don't want disclosure, they're. Removing, the bodies of what's called the pre-adamite, s-- pre-adamite. S-- where, the species. Built before us genetically. Engineered before us they have a much, longer skull, sometimes. It's called go straight back kind of like nipitiri and. Other times it flattens. Out kind of widens, to the back much, like the greys, pesco and. They're taller and, they have a funny body because they have a longer. Or more vertebrae, in their backbone so it's kind of long and then they got a little potbelly, the, way I could not is. Portrayed. In the in, the images, from Egypt they, have those type of bodies, almost. A feminine, like body flat, chest very little, muscles, for, the masculine, and. Large. Hips this, little potbelly and a much longer torso with the elongated, skull so. Those were called the pre-adamite, they. Were far more intelligent and, they. Became. Troublesome so they went to the the, newer version, which is us. We. Have shorter lifespans and. Limited. Capacity. For memory we're, sort, of wiped when we're born we don't have access to those memories and then, we also don't have telepathic, so. We're the second species that followed and much. Of that is in a lot of the writings of the Hebrew, not everything, that was in the Hebrew writings were, put into the Bible they had to decide what was gonna go in and what was gonna stay out and, this one is sad to leave out because, it was just too troublesome, and they went with the Creation of Adam and Eve and, left. The other one out altogether. So. That's what they're finding down there now. This realization, suppose I have been flash-frozen, and. I know we've spoken before about the, possibility. That earth is not that old only years, old because of the Galactic battle that, took place between the reptilians. And the Anunnaki if. That was the case then earth, would have broken away much, of his atmosphere would have been gone it's just being basically, what would have been an island on that particular, planet the size of Saturn what.

Has Become a sphere and then would. Have tried to I guess, regrow. Life on it it. Would have kept some of his atmosphere but lost a lot of the oxygen, we used to have 50% oxygen, in the snow core they, find that before, 12,000, years we had 50% oxygen, after, that it's down to 20% 19%. Somewhere. In there but, the flash freeze these, beings, there's also Giants, down there and dinosaurs. That. Will flash frozen, the. Mastodons, I understand, heard three times the size of an elephant and they were flash frozen and. The flash freeze a pole, shift would not do that, with a change you'd have time to go grab a coat you don't have time for that and your flash frozen, you're, basically, mid-stride. Completely. Stopped all your blood vessels freeze everything freezes it's, way too fast and from. What I understand they're removing these bodies they've, been down there for over 12 years, filming. Removing. Very. Sophisticated technology and. They're. Eventually going, to have some sort of tour down there I guess you can take and. Walk through these these ruins. Problem. What, David, Wilcock and. Then several others have as well there. Were three spaceships. That crash-landed. There again it was 12,000, years ago right, at the time of that galactic, battle and, they. Speculate, that these individuals. Landed there because it was already an ancient, civilization they're, stating. Back millions of years and, of course that would have been T Amon part of tiem on at the time so. They land it there the ships couldn't get back off of Earth. So they started. On. Rock. Against building, cities around there again. This would have happened tima not earth because, once, took place, these. Guys were flash-frozen in position if, they know that there's the tropical jungle down there I believe 65,000. Square miles that was all flash frozen, so Antarctica, was at one time a tropical. Location, and, it was flash-frozen very. Quickly, Plato. Puts, it right at about the same time not. A thousand years before him and. He. Said it all happened in one day so if.

The Explosion occurred within a day earth would have sort of corrected. Itself and started trying to heal but, anything along the periphery where, the atmosphere, was completely ripped, off would have been flash frozen and. Now. Look, can I jump in real quick to just share from a couple things because this is very interesting and, first, of all what, would cause the. Flash. Freezing. And you said we're kind of the 2.0. Version because, the the, first beans. Are not the first beans but the ones with the elongated skull is like a Connaughton. Essentially. They had longer lifespans, and it sounds like they had more intuition. But. Why were they a problem. And are, you referring to the Anunnaki, creating. Us and creating them essentially, in these physical meat sacks. Yeah. Pretty much but you have to also throw in the reptilians, because, the reptilians needed. More. Warrior, like individuals, and if you take a look at these guys they're they're, not warrior material, so. They would have modified us and, we came afterwards, and then the Anunnaki. Took. What the reptilians, that modified, and tried to sort of bring it back in along with what they were and. That's what why. We ended up the way we've ended up very. Warlike. Sex. Maniacs, that have. Short lifespans and become, very aggressive at some times it's. Sort of hardwired. Into our nature. So. Essentially, our beings, have been tampered with from multiple, offworld. Beings. Yes. Every, single every. Single one of these groups that I hear that are trying to I. Guess. Make contracts. With the humans on earth they, have to go through all these other species that already have, I guess, programs, they call them on earth, where, they've been abducting, people and, trying to get them to. Meet. Someone else sort, of prearranged. So that they'd be attracted, to individuals, they're looking for a genetic, breeding, sort, of. System. You heard, of those, where. The Grays were abducting. Women and creating. A hybrid species oh yeah with some of their cells yeah. That. Was really fascinating, these women would be like three months pregnant also and they wouldn't be perfect at all they'd go to soccer doctor you won't hear anything. About it so. They didn't have anyone, to turn to but. Those. Things they're creating are not human and. You. Can't take a child especially something. That's predominantly. Genetically. Human and, just keep it in isolation don't hold it just leave it in a corner to develop, on its own it's. It's going to have psychological damage, and it's probably not gonna live past the age of 14 now. Humans have to have they, have to be interacted, with they have to be held you. Have to play with them or they don't develop properly. So. That seems to be a big problem for them and. Then, once they're down here they don't know how to they, don't have any common sense I mean I've seen people with no common sense we're very very intelligent these. People, they. Just do, not know how to blend in and only I don't know that they ever will supposedly. That's what they were trying to do um. That, sounds like not Jacobs, work he says that a lot of the people that he regresses that, have been abducted, they're, trying. To get them to show them how to walk across the street properly, and how to act when you go in the kitchen and just normal, stuff like you based on furniture. In your bedroom. I. Don't. Know why they're trying to do it because it. Serves no purpose if, they're, that intelligence, just leave them on the ships train them to operate your ships you know it doesn't make any sense to bring them to earth the. Only thing I could, see why they were longer bring it to earth is because of what people are calling the Ascension, or, what is believed to be the Ascension when, that happens they would want them to be on earth hopefully. That like many green candidates. Sorry. To interrupt. I. Don't, think they'd be mentoring candidates, they're not. There. They. Have the ability to make you do things. Telepathically. They can control you they, can make you wake up get. Dressed go give your car and drive. Out into. The the, road where they're waiting for you from, the people that they already, like, Nestle there it's their parent, one, of the people that took cells from created. Them I've, heard that they don't like that control at all. When. They're at a job like, they. Try, and fit in and get a job somewhere. They hopefully, work very well so. They have to. Let's. Say they go to a restaurant they have to control the, person giving them the food and make it look like they got paid when they didn't, but that person is something getting fired and. Just. Little things like that it's something they can't keep up the.

These. Things these degrades there's two types of them, the. Work I did trying. To figure. Out what these these were the ones I was dealing with. During. Eisenhower's. Meaning. In the desert there, was a priest, who was. At. The. Location and he was told to keep quiet but he didn't he went to the Vatican and told him what had happened, there. Were several species meeting, with the president and several. Other individuals and they they, wanted us to disarm. And they would assist us in, what's. About to happen would be ready for the ascension. The. Others, the grace offered, weapons, and technology, in exchange for abducting, humans they. Went with those guys, what. Was fascinating about them though was when they were abducting individuals, the. Military, ordered them to only abduct four hundred per year and, they needed the names and dates of the. Locations, and addresses, of these people, what. The greys said these particular type of greys they, said that they were from Earth they, said they were from the future and they, said they were horribly damaged by the radiation, something. Bad had happened they had gone underground into underground bunkers, and, they thought they would survive but what happened was females, could not reproduce after 45 days underground and. Then. They have to use their cloning technology, that. Sounds pretty far-fetched but I've, seen cloning, technology was very real. Anyway. These guys had at that time and I was the only way they could survive by cloning themselves over, and over and over they were trapped, underground, during, the earthquakes that took place, and. This. Would be somewhere about what we would call the apocalypse, timeframe, anyway. They finally, got out of there and when they got to the surface they were horribly, damaged, by the radiation, the, military, jump to the conclusion it was some sort of galactic, neglecting. To them the. ICBM, war do. Whether the countries here on on, the planet I, immediately. Suspected. The power. Plants, because. If if we lose power or one of those gets damaged, they start releasing a tremendous amount of radiation they have a lot. Of fuel rods that will burn for. A long long, time, and. That will cause a huge. Cloud, of radiation that will pretty, much poison anything, gets anywhere near it there's 120, on the East Coast alone so. You. You've, got a tremendous amount of Oh death. That's just, just waiting there for people anyway. These guys said that their DNA. Was horribly damaged, that, some other extraterrestrials. Came. By found them and took I'm, sure they're worlds and so when these, graves when you see them smooth skin with these the. Almond-shaped eyes those were actually, an outer suit, that they wear and some. Movies have brought this out some, documentaries. Underneath. Their, skin looks like the bark of a tree and smells like putrid, cinnamon, and, you don't want to touch it there's so much bacteria on them but. They. They. Had kept themselves alive for a long time there, were some of them that had some human cells and those, are the ones I believe that are trying to create these birthing. Projects but. This particular group, came. Back to earth and they said they wanted, to get.

The DNA from their, ancestors. The ones who went down into these subterranean. Cities. That they had for themselves their bunkers and, repair. Their their DNA, using. The DNA of their great. Ancestors, their. Grandfathers, their parents, and. That's. Not what they did they. Started abducting, a lot, of people way. More than 400 and then, they started. Messing. With them in a way that would sort of wake, them up spiritually, and, moved. Them away from the path that would have taken them into the underground bunkers, that's. Why they weren't releasing any of the of the addresses or. The names of these individuals so, basically what they did was they found a way to prevent their grandfathers. And grandmothers from never meeting with each other or. Their parents from ever meeting with each other that, means they had to cease existing. And. Thereby. Creating. A sort of self sacrifice I believe. That's why it was permitted to be done anyway, that was that particular group so. They. Prevented them from going down and the ground bunkers when the military started doing experiments, in the 50s with women in colleges, asking for volunteers, to, stand the ground for long periods of time they, realized, that after about 45 days the women. The. Reproductive, system shut down so. They realize these things were telling the true and. Then they started building the underground bunkers, because they figured they would need that for these whatever. You thought was coming up into the future. No. That. Was my my, extent to my. Knowledge of the greys also, most. Of the greys the. Little ones we see that walk in four. Or five at a time those. In the Bible, in Scripture, are called the Raytheon dead. Things, because. They're not alive they're more machine the. Biomechanical. So, they don't have souls, so people here oh they don't have something must be demons no they're just, machines they, don't the. Answer to. You. Know commands. They, can perform simple, functions but, you want to give them as much brain. Powers they need and that's what it takes three or four them to accomplish your job but. In the Bible when you see here Ray theum just think of the little gray ones that's what those are. You. Know I'm thinking of the, artificial. Intelligence, here in the States even and they're almost completed. There, is a IBM, supercomputer that, is, calculated, to run three hundred quadrillion floating. Points per second, and the. Quantum computers, I don't have enough data to show exactly how fast they actually are I do have the data on many of these silicon based chips and even the one in China right now that's running, 93. Quadrillion. Floating points per second I mean that's just that, so incredible, so where am I going with this the software. That they have for predictive, programming, combined with all the technology, all the research, all the data, essentially. That has been obtained, from, each human being from. Their habits, the metadata etc, I wonder. If there's already like a ghost in the machine and, the. Archons. Or these entities possibly. Have a way to literally. Control like, you said the politicians. The corporate, gurus, those. That have the money in the honey essentially. To do their bidding and it seems like they're turning this planet, into a transhuman. /all. Microchipped. All electronic, all artificial. Essence. I mean now they aren't even running out 5g, not. 4G anymore now it's 5g where they want to have five billion. Hertz, machines. On every, on. Every block essentially. Just blasting, people with Wi-Fi constantly, I mean the 4G isn't good enough we got to have 5g and then six G and then seven I mean just add a couple more zeros behind, the Hertz it's getting ridiculous. Well. Jason sent me some information dealing, with AI and, they. Have found these these. Signals coming from space and, they seem to have been sent from the past into the future and, these signals pretty much tell them how to build these machines so guess, what they're doing all this build on I see how who's building first and. That's not smart, these, were a eyes who lost the war long ago so they sent this information to the future hoping. Somebody be dumb enough to build these things and that's, exactly what they're doing exactly. What you described this, AI system. It's. Very ancient war that took place they, never really lost sort, of just kind of to be continued, and, that was the reason t amount was destroyed remember, they're that. Black goo that ran all over the ley lines of that world it was a, massive. Artificial, intelligence. Controlling, that planet and that, is is, that, is black, goo actually, like artificial, intelligence. Microorganisms. That were ever then I hope they. Connect to the through, the group consciousness so, if it's a million miles away it can send that information back and be controlled right.

And If any part of them gets destroyed in any kind of battle where we find a way to destroy them then that emission is transmitted, to the other so they know what we're, about to try and work, against it in other words to fortify themselves against, that type of attack and. The. Black goo is a sort of nanite, I understand. The military immediately thought, super soldier right because these things can get get, inside of you and to modify you at the molecular level they're. That small and they. Did they started modifying people but, what they started. These, things weren't. Creating. Super soldiers, they were creating, super humans but they. Were more. Benevolent. They were less aggressive. Calmer. They could they. Just had this desire to either learned a lot of languages or or learned, a lot of sophisticated. Information, and. It. Worked, just not what the government wanted cuz they couldn't control them and. So they released it into the sewer. Lines over. In Europe that particular group did and so, the stuff got into all the organisms and in, the sewers. And then became airborne and anyone. Who living next to these things all of a sudden started. Reading. More and speaking. Different languages, and at, CERN it's pretty fascinating when you hear these people talk about it but they they sort of tracked it down and found out what it was it was the AI so released into the sewer systems, so. This story been released but, it is working one of beneficial widths now the AI is apparently. There are trillions are allied, with the AI and their. Bodies, are completely, saturated, by these tiny nanites, but. The the. Grays used to be slaves to the reptilians, from what I understand they broke away the. Whole, AI. Think is interesting when you start looking at, autism. Because. If you take a human, child and make them catatonic, through, all these injections, you're given an AI. System. Like this could easily infiltrate. Their body connect, where they need to and we're in the body. Give. Them a vessel. Sort of. Certainly. It, would make it easier and if you've seen the film the accountant, which just came out a short while ago on video where, Ben Affleck does a great job playing this kid that has autism and, then. He learns how to be essentially. A rogue super, soldier and the. Abilities, that he had is incredible, and if you have autism your sensory perception, is different there like you can't fill things as much as somebody else it's almost like when you if. You are let's. Say you got your you're holding your own hands it's almost like you're holding. Hands with mittens on because, the nervous system gets damaged, from, the chemicals, in the vaccine so absolutely, I can see that and I also wonder, if they do this on math skills to maybe pull out a hundred, savants, out of a hundred thousand people that they physically, damage, and mentally. And spiritually the, the vaccine, agenda, there's a multiple, line of reasons, for it I feel oh and get this this wall we're at vaccine, the, MMR, vaccine there, was a recent, study released, and I will I will actually release this data here shortly, two thousand, plus parts, per billion of glyphosate. In the MMR, vaccine two. Thousand. Parts. Per billion you what clay phosphate is it's roundup, that means you're literally injecting, yourself with roundup, you're injecting babies with Roundup welcome, to the new world water they love you so much sorry, continue.

It. Makes me so mad I mean it's just unbelievable. Yeah. And that's why I'm like we're. Making some headway but these people they're. Still very, powerful and in very, powerful positions, so, draining, the swamp swamps, gonna take a little longer I think, one. Of the things I, wanted, to connect Planet X with it, started talking about that, this. Going, back 12,000 years again 12,000, years everything always goes back to 12,000. Years that the major damage, took place to. Let's. Say our world exploded. Right blew up so he blew it up and we're. Right on the edge of the section that you know gets flown out into space well the atmosphere is gone and space, is incredibly, cold so you're subjected, to the space without. Without. The ones of Earth around or anything else around and you would literally, flash freeze. Because. Of the of the temperature of the space how, cold it is and, that's the only the only way I would see if something could flash freeze I don't. See any other way you could do it there, was that movie the day after tomorrow with those gigantic. Vortexes. That, allowed the, outer. Space. Temperatures, to drop in because they weren't being pushed back sort. Of like a reverse vacuum and, brought the cold temper down and. In that movie they portrayed people just kind of taking a breath and is freezing, in place, there's. Also that Fox down something similar to that happened over in Russia. There. Was a Fox crossing, a stream you can see his nose out of the ice, and his, eyes and ears out of the ice and the tip of his tail out of the ice but the rest of him is in the ice so he, was swimming across the stream and that flash froze that. Was. Back when we were first experiencing, those polar. Vortexes. They speak of. Though. These. Beings. There. Were quite a few beings here on this on this world but. According. To what. They call the Mohammed Accord something they signed back in the 16th century but. Actually a sixth, century, and. They're, not supposed to show themselves anymore they're supposed to remain hidden and just kind of allow humanity, to see what would play out kind of hide the shadows of the hidden hand sort of thing to, run the world that way and. That's. Kind of what they've been doing so they've they've just stayed in the back see. Where we go and. Apparently, because. Of all the pedophile stuff coming out and all the attention being drawn. Upon, them they're. Kind of shine shine shine spotlight. Over that direction Hey look over here and. Oh this, is so important monumental, we didn't even put this pedophile stuff aside and we'll get back to it later and never will, they. What they want to do is basically put us in a bigger box, inside. The box were in right now there's no such thing as aliens. Off world or life over the world in this, bigger box that they want to put us in there. Were. A, type. Of humanoid. On, earth or possibly, Mars that. Was. Very advanced and their world was destroyed they came here to earth and eventually got flash-frozen. Down and the, South Pole to probably claim those some sort of pole shift and, we. Got. Mixed with them in, the breeding. Just. Natural selection sort of thing and then, humanity. What came out of that is what they were planning to do they want to spread. Out technology, release over a hundred years so that by, the time the disclosures, happened, everybody. Will be dead the ones who commit all these atrocities against. Humanity so they won't be held accountable, anyway, that's their plan I don't think it'll work because there's other plans, in, the in, the works but. That's, kind of what's taking place down there and why they're releasing this information right now. But. The thing that gets me though is, Planet. X is, a, very big part of. Christianity. People. Just don't realize that when. They. Speak in Revelation of the red dragon, that's. Planet, X it's, got the wings got the long red tail and it's red it, looks like fire and. When. You start looking at the symbolism. And what they're describing that this thing does it, is Planet X David. Need. Pretty. Much points to it being Planet, X when he figured. Out that um. Virgo. In September, 23rd, will. Have Jupiter. In this womb area for 42, weeks at that point and. In. The, actual writings, where it says the, woman, illuminated. By the Sun it. Doesn't exactly say this on it she's illuminated, something is illuminating, this constellation, the. Moons at her feet and. She's about to give birth, you. You've interviewed David Meet a while back right yeah. A matter of fact that was the first interview. That. I did on Planet, X and that's got over. 450,000. Views that was a really, good show David, I need to get all of him again ya. Know he's he's, he's.

Incredible, The, research, he did I tried, to get ahold of him and I sent him an email telling. Him that his date is off the the I, think he's like thirty eight hundred years ago as opposed to thirty six hundred years ago and. The only reason I explained that it was off with because during. That passage, of Planet, X it, introduced. Venus. Back into our system it had Venus in its gravity, well took it with it an instruction, of T amount and it, was reintroduced at that time the Mayans record this was happening Velikovsky. Mentions that Venus was never mentioned before, this and, Venus, finally settled into orbit and when it settled into orbit between Earth and and. The. Sun it, it sort of pushed earth back a little bit and, gave us a five additional days to our calendar all the ancient calendars are 360, days and. Oh man. I gotta, jump in on that real quick I was thinking about that just the other day when. I broke, down the, New Jerusalem and, I mean to a tee literally, I had the size of it I was able to put together the amount of square feet that each person would have left if you took 144,000. And the, twelve was constantly, going back and then the 360. So, I'm just interjecting, here real quick and please continue but, I was thinking that the past few days about how I'm wondering why they, changed from 360. Days to, 365. And another thing that I've been thinking a lot about lately as well is the. Asteroid, belt and was. There a planet, at one, point in time that got smashed, by something and now that's the asteroid belt so once again I apologize for interrupting but I just wanted to throw that in real quick yeah. That's the planet I call T amount some, people over an ounce of Tiamat, some. Call it. Phaeton, there's. Several names for it they. Said that they, don't think there was enough matter there to to. Create a planet that size that's, because most of it was blown. Out into space the, Comets all come from there it was a water world and a. Lot of the debris was taken into the gravity well of Nibiru as it passed by the Planet X as it passed by and, the. Remains of it are what's called the hammered bracelet, it's, the the, asteroid belt but, they have actually with satellites, and telescopes. Been able to detect. Clay, on these asteroids, you can't get clay on asteroids. That never, formed into a planet because. That requires tidal, forces. Water, and pressure. Kuroh erosion, of the soil to, create the clay but, these have clay on them also they're all they're, all orbiting. On their axis in the same direction so, that, was part of that world and, we're part of that world earth is part of what once was that world and. When. Earth finally, sort of stabilized, the, calendar. Was 360, days I always, wondered why, 360. Where I can't just make a nice 400, degree circle 100, degrees in each, clutter that a 90 because. The, calendar was that way 360, degrees you got 90 days for each of the seasons because we had four seasons and the earth, was on its axis, and on. T amat there were no, seasons, it never rained, before. That time, there, was a very heavy concentration. Of oxygen and it. Almost looked like a foggy, day all the time and you. Would you. Would heal faster, if you were cut you. Lived. Much longer and, once. That was destroyed, then. Weather. Patterns formed, on earth and we, only have about 12,000. To 14,000, years of erosion on the planet weather, erosion, it doesn't go back any further than that so this plan is four billion years old and, we've got at least what. 2 billion years of an ocean with weather there'd, be nothing left but rocks and water there, would be no soil left from, the erosion of the rain and. That's. Very very. Early. Documented. That we only have about 4,000, you erosion, on planet so. The plan is not that old the. Evidence fits in to the authority being formed 12,000 years ago. So. That, would be roughly about 3 passings, of Planet X I think that one planted X during. The disruption of TM on. Everything. In this gravity well may have slowed it down because. The timeline isn't quite there it's. A little, too long and then it comes back around 7,000. Years forms then you had the great flood so he had the catastrophe, before that then you have the great flood and, at, that point you have a brand that's that's the human we are right now after Noah. Because. Noah. Was. When, he was born he. Was supposed to have very, light skin reddish. Hair and his, eyes seemed to kind of glow and his. Father Lamech, was concerned, about this and he, questions his wife and she's like I've not, known anyone else for you and, so.

He Went and spoke to his grandfather, which was Enoch the, same one in the Bible who created all the parents, so. Enoch, went and spoke. To the, sky guardians and then. Came back and said do not harm the child they, have in. The best warding, they could use artificially. Inseminating, your wife with, this particular child, he is the sort. Of the prototype of the next race and. That. Those, writings, were found in the Dead Sea squirrels it's called the book of Lamech he, was a father of Noah, so. I find it interesting that sometimes. Tom Horn and. Steve. Quale will. Speak of the purity, of the. Line. Of Noah. From, Adam and Eve and how the demons keep trying to infiltrate it. As. He was in effluence he, was genetically engineered and it's. Right there the information is right there for them to go look at they just kind of ignore it it, doesn't fit into their little, plants. That. Dead Sea Scrolls are fascinating. I've actually got a copy of the the newest, translations. And if you read the secret book of John I mean it's got a completely different version of Genesis. Yeah. And the the. Book of Enoch wasn't, in there the Book of Enoch was hunted down and destroyed, for. Millennia. They, they, finally thought they'd gotten rid of every copy and when you actually see the Book of Enoch he realized that Christ quoted, from it quite a bit it, was required reading at that time when Christ, was on the ground on earth and. They. Were going to remove, the book of Joel dude. From. The Bible because he quotes from that book he, says he quotes on the book and, so they're going to remove it since that book was not in existence but several books that are missing there's, the book of the. Wars of, the Elohim, that book is missing and there's dictor of fact none of the books it mentions, that are missing that. These, were very important books and we're not supposed to you, know be destroyed but there was actually sort of a witch-hunt witch-hunt. By the Romans, who ordered, a lot of these documents. Destroyed, the, Book of Enoch says that angels can, take, form. In other words they can become human, beings they can be born like human beings. Inhabit. A body and. They. Had to destroy that because Christ, if you, start looking into. Into. The Bible into the angel of the Lord the one called the angel of the Lord when. The angel of the Lord is described. This, particular angel, and he's, always called the angel of the Lord. Fits. Everything. Christ, did everything. That. Christ later does this particular angel sort of mimics. In advance. So. If, one, of the Angels angel of the Lord came on to Mary, well that means that he, got, into the body and he, was the one who was born, ask Christ, and go. Kalina describes, this as happening, this. Was what, they call the matrix and that. Word I don't ever remember reading, that word in the Bible I read many. Many passages, of the Bible many. Versions of it and I'd never recalled, the word matrix. Being in there but it's in there six times now you've. Heard of the something. Called the Mandela, effect. Yes. I have, well. That's one of the changes to the Bible now it says matrix and it's, in reference to the woman's womb I, spoke. With the author of the matrix with. Sophia. Steward and. I had always thought it was a countless galaxies, brothers, but apparently they plagiarized. They played everything, the name of the book the, name of the characters everything. Anyway. It took her six years in court but she finally got all, her rights back, the. Matrix she explained, is. When. They created woman and just, one other author has created a book I need to get my hands on it's on Amazon, and she's. Describing, how when woman was created they sort of went overboard with. The. Upgrades, that they put in woman because. The male's were sort of a worker and that's, what Adam, Adam mu, means, worker. But. The female in. Order for her to have a child, with. The spirit the. Soul, from. Creator. She. Has to have a matrix a matrix, is, sort of a Stargate, within. The female and the. Female will. Join a gestation, period this. Matrix. Sort. Of gets the signature, of the soul that will be in the child and. When. It's creating, the cells of this body it is causing the DNA, what we would call junk DNA to. Be aligned, tuned. In sync, with this soul so. That soul can then inhabit, the bodies which connects. Like an avatar and. Can. Express. Itself and be here on earth that's. What the matrix is that's, all I was really fascinated about what she was explaining it as being and, she also explained, that the she, also wrote the Terminator series and. Terminator series is actually the first part of the Matrix series. That's. How the machine is eventually got powerful enough I.

Remember. Several years ago actually talking. To her when I was on a different platform and, I read that screenplay, that, she put, together and, it's, interesting it seemed to me like a lot of the information. That she got was stuff that you could pull out at Revelation but, that's you know in the in that's, just my opinion but. You know the one thing that I do notice a lot of is, there's so much transhumanist. Transhumanism. And AI. And, even in a lot of the new films, now they are portraying, the androids, in the TV series Hugh Mann as being, more humane than humans, are and it. Seems like we're certainly getting a slap in the face whereas. The, the push is towards, this AI construct. Which makes you wonder why, why. In the world would. We give so much power over to an artificial intelligence. And even, mentally, give away our own rights and in a sense. Well. That was one of her biggest concerns, that these these. AI will, eventually, take over, and. She's. Got enough degrees to. Understand. The the. Concept of the programming of the AIS to, an AI we're. We're, in a coma we. We, don't think anywhere near as fast as they do but. A eyes. Aren't alive they, can make decisions and, they can make, suggestions. Or they can they can plan things out but. You recall when, they had that big chess game with, IBM. And - broth oh yeah absolutely yeah, they. Wouldn't let him see the programming, and there were six chess players masters back there supposedly. Counseling. These programmers, that's, not happening, right, Lou was just a big box and these. Six guys were all playing this one chess player so. Let's. Let's. Say it was a real AI bm1. Okay. Where's. The technology, what did you do with it they put it in a box they put it in mothballs and they hid it away they never did anything with it because there was nothing there, there. Was nothing - big blue it was just a scam and that's. What that's why they would let me see the. Printouts there were no printouts and basically. It was just a, bunch of chess masters playing the one chess master, and IBM. Getting a lot of publicity for, it I'm. Glad that's why I had us. That's. What the evidence seems to point to. So. With. The Catholic Church. The. Work I was doing I had grown up Roman Catholic and I had one be a priest an exorcist, for the Roman Catholic Church but, they they, were doing away with the Exorcist at the time so I I ended. Up leaving the church. That. Father. Malachi. Martin he, was, he. Spoke on this a few times but. He was very certain, now whatever this was was something, that comes from space something that's approaching, earth and. He. He got a chance to read the actual prophecy. Of the third prophecy and, he Liam. And he stated I. Was. Not it he read it and that was that was not what they released they've never released the third prophecy of Fatima but, the church became concerned because it's spoke, of something comes from the cosmos and causing great destruction coming. Into the solar system so. They're. Supposed to have a satellite that NASA. Launched, for them flying, out in that direction, towards. Orion to look for this thing and they also have that, one telescope they have over in Italy and they've got that new. One they, built on Mount Graham this. One's the, only one of his kind, it's a binoculars. Was to. Two. Specific, scopes, that are looking in the infrared region. And these are theoretical. The first. Of their kind and, they, named the thing Lucifer, so. They're. Looking for this object to, be coming from the southern hemisphere they. Know it's there then I was coming and. They've. Also been rewriting, the, they've. Been rewriting, the. Gospels, a new, version will be coming out and it, will include I, guess the Annunaki unit because. If. They're definitely tied in to everything that happened to Christ during the crucifixion the. Tie. To, Planet. X and the Exodus many. Many researchers, have already. It. Out that that's when it we're talking about need, a little want to go and his. Dating, of 3,800. Pcs about 200 years off and, I explained to him, you've got Venus, in there in your calculations, take Venus out because. Venus would have just kind of been a rogue planet at, that huh I wouldn't, have been settled into position, yes and, and. Calculate, the time you'll come up closer to 3,600, years and, I. Also discovered, that because, this. Disk he was talking about the Nebra sky disk that, green disk that has gold. Stars on it it's actually brass, with golden. Legs that. Disk. It. Pretty much is um star. Observatory. They've. Got this one circle.

On One side half circle then, another half circle and the other horizon, and they're. About, 72 degrees apart so you can see whether the. Moon would or the Sun as, far as it couldn't want horizon, during this say. Summer and then it moves in the other direction to the other equinoxes, in the winter time and you'll see that limit, of where the Sun would go or, where it would rise where, it was set we have one under east-west horizon, Stonehenge. Is similar, and there's several others several, others throughout the world that are similar I believe. These were. Putting. Systems and. The. Reason I believe that is because you could check. Every. Year at that time when. The equinoxes, were supposed to be coming and you, would see that the Sun, rose exactly, what's supposed to, once. You saw this Sun, was out of position then, you would know start preparing for the return, of the time and. Wso. The. Wormwood. Systems. Observers they, noted that the, Sun was off by 17 degrees entering. The during. The winter. Solstice. It. Was a it's supposed to be in a specific location on. The horizon not. Also. The other day, two, months ago I walked. Out of the front porch here faces. You know the. Back porch, but. He was completely lit, up and I'm looking around where's the light coming from it was the moon who was lighting up the entire North law the, moon has never done that I've. Been there for more that he could do that. And the moon was way, out position, so. That's cut this. Object coming in these. The. Earth is wobbling and. The. Contact that I have with the off-worlders. They're, trying to keep the planet from. Going over into a pole shift the poles are both moving very fast right now the one in the north of course everyone knows about that one but, the one in the south is already into, the water it's off of the mainland, of Antarctica. And it's, moving north it's, already on in the ocean and both. Of them at speed they're headed they, should meet. In the Indian Ocean at. A location, where there was a buoy were. Suspicious. Observers. Noted that the. Surface. Were. The. Pace of the ocean rose. And. Even 1000 meters in one day and. It did it again I think. Of 600 meters the next day and. Then that buoy was pulled off line but that's the location that both poles are headed to so. They came to speed that they're going that both need meet up there south poles traveling fast slower than the North, Pole this and. The, object. In the North Pole that. One has a been, shaped magnetic. Field they're. Trying to hold the northern. Pole, in that position and another one southern pole, and. They've, also been removing all the asteroids, about too many are starting to go through you've, probably heard of asteroids, striking here and there you'll hear more there, they're, not getting them all out of the way we. We. Will be getting hit Mars. Is getting hit the, moon's getting hit and if, you recall in the peloton oh when, she left the. She. Wasn't found are you ready. She. Mentioned. That she was resigning, because of the catastrophe. That was about to happen she said it would be cosmic, in nature, Woolsey. The CIA director said something very similar and, what. She was describing was these, these. Asteroid, strikes now. We should have got them already it's just that they've been moving the real big one out of the way and, the, reason they're doing this is because, of, what. Humanity is and. What humanity has done and we. Look around we don't see any major progress, of anything we see who's lost a lot of ground. Another. Show I mentioned, that the, Lord Kannan has spoken of these three waves of volunteers. That had come to earth to try, and change the outcome, of the world because. 850. Years into the future, there's, a great, destruction, across the galaxy, and. It's, basically caused because of earth because, of some tyrannical, things that happen on earth and, you, can imagine. The. I, guess. The Galactic. Empire and star wars something. Along those lines combined. With the New World Order. Controlling. The entire galaxy. There'd. Be no way to get around it because they would have birthing, centers and at these centers they would eliminate the. Individuals. That had a higher. Frequency. Rate I guess a more, spiritual, they're, already doing that from what I understand they're, people monitor, the, baby rooms and they will eliminate the child and that's why you have these people called walk-ins. Someone. Will be born in the child and they'll grow up to a certain age and then they leave the body and the walk in comes in so, that they weren't eliminated at birth I. Don't. Know if you ever heard of walk-ins before I have, actually, we did a show of the other day where I talked to one, of the guests and they brought up the walk-ins, that's, a fascinating subject. Well. That's why they do that - to keep from getting eliminated after birthing.

Stations. So. One. Thing that I found fascinating about the. The. Exodus not. Only that it matched everything, that took place of timing the. Cloud that they said they were under when they were walking in the desert because, once, the. Century any caldera, went off which is something like the Yellowstone, Caldera it. Would have caused a cloud about. 18 months long. A dark cloud, of ash that, would have prevented the Sun from shining through, very brightly you could see the Sun but, you would not be able to get, a shadow on the Sun and. When, this happened again in the year 535 which. Plunged the earth into the dark ages the. Diaries, of that time speak of the Sun coming out for about four hours but you could not see your shadow and the. Everything, tasted, horrible this powder, of this dust landed, on the water and. They. Got the drinking beer a lot at that time and the wine that they had and. Had to dig up new wells new Springs but. It. Set the world back considerably. Into. The dark ages, they just weren't prepared they, didn't have that kind of food stores the church did because. They were demanding. 10% of your crop, so. Any, any. Royalty. That survived that would have owed an allegiance, to the church and then the church pretty much rewrote, the, everything, and on the planet they now, we were on a flat earth and, they. Were the. Intermediaries. Between the. Creator and us and they. Were gonna be reading it all in Latin, so. That. Was a system. Of control that lasted for a very, long time and the. The. Exodus. Getting. Back to the Exodus when. It took place it. It would appear that Moses. Is, not. Half as half walk completely Israelites. According to the Jews Moses, as one hundred percent of Israelite, he. Was moved. To London, trustus, of the water in that little floating basket. And and, then. The one, of the. Well. It she a sister of pharaoh or whatever they picked him up but. In the actual. History. Of it it turns out that the word Moses means rightful, heir to the throne Moses. Was the son of the Pharaoh now. The the. Wife, that he had she, was an Israelite princess, so Moses was half Israelite. But, in order to hide this information, the, Jews changed, the timing of Exodus moved. It forward 400, years and. Distance. Themselves from at. Moses, who was the brother of Moses. The. Pharaoh. At the time of the Exodus and, then. They pretty much kept everything else intact, all the stories the destruction of Jericho everything, else remained that way it's just that the timing was off all the dates were off but. That didn't bother them it was a small matter however, when they found Jericho, when they finally discovered it they were amazed that it existed, at all because, it was something, that was in the Bible and they didn't really believe that was a, documented, history and what, fascinated, them was that Jericho, was destroyed exactly, the way the Bible said it was destroyed the walls were, collapse. In on themselves and. Inside. There. If. People have like stone jewelry over, there wearing that they were still wearing it the.

Gold Was missing, precious. Metal but. All their food stores everything was intact nothing, had been taken place. The mine is that the Jews must have seen it as they came out they must have come across Jericho. And and, they put, it into their storyline saying that they had destroyed it taking credit for it, because. The, destruction, 50. Years earlier than, what the Jews said was. Their Exodus, in 1250, BC so, roughly time of the last passing of Nibiru, which. Would have been. 1550. BC be, right in that timeframe and. I. Found, that fascinating and the reason again they did it because this, is the most important, prophet you can't have them being half Egyptian, so. They changed all that around and. You.

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how does a 30 foot tall giant mate with a 5 foot tall earth woman.? must've had a teeny weeny tiny pecker. lol

Sorry but Reptilians and Annunaki is bull. There's nothing in Antarctica, period.

I was in a coma for 2 weeks, when i came round everybody said i was a different person...even my hair-color changed. I know im the same guy because i remember stuff before the coma. See if she recognizes people she hadnt seen since the trauma.

The powers that be won't let any civilian explorers to go to Antarctica enforced to the point of death to anyone that tries. The Holy Spirit will confirm the truth if you have a relationship with the creator through His son Yeshua.

the Annunaki were pre-Adamites...they created the Adamites :)

Beam me up scotty

Stanley Stalvey Omg I wondered the same thing! But perhaps the angels were able to shape shift to average size. Their children were giants so maybe they had sex before they got huge...

15:04. More than that and its not told. Over amount agreed 400. 400 thousand or more.

20 min in it sounds like someone's rubbing the mic on a  stubble chin. I continues for  the rest of the radio program .  Interesting subject !!!!

I wish the host would stop interrupting and let the man speak. No matter how SORRY he is for interrupting he takes the speaker off his topic. Just let him speak already.

Lmao Rome is back at it again. Oh I guess that's why they have been keeping everyone from going down there so they would have ample time to put together their new lies.

James Lee

That's what it is, if it's really  true. Just some wiped out Nephilim, not all this crap he's yakking about

As for the pre-historic space war with space ships... check the fossilized space ship under the Baltic Sea called the 'Baltic Sea Anomaly'. It's even got skid-lines behind it. Many people make comparisons between it and Star Wars' MILLENNIUM FALCON.

Ballers?? Really?? And God will send a strong delusion...zzzzzzzzx

why do you poeple never have proof just yammering of crazy people

He is full of crap

He does not have the sound of someone making stuff up. There is no sensationalism in his voice

you guys need to take the blue pills lots of them give it a rest nibru is a hoax you all fell for let it go your going to find out soon enough there are hundreds of planets in our solar system its not the end of the this world we already know of 430 planty objects its silly to think we wont find more but none are "comming to kill us" and none have life on them that could park a space ship in orbit or abduct druks and chop up cows

all else is speculation becauss no one is allowed to there..planet x is a feat tactic...THE MOST IMPORTANT TRUTH IS FLAT EARTH. EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS INTO PLACE

antartic circle is the ice wall holding in the waters of flat earth. that is why itnis forbidden to go there . to keep the truth hidden

jusr maybe and everyone that has has mysteriously dissappeared...ive seen the mandela effect....just this week with the news...one day they post one thing the next day it doesnt exsist....

Stanley Stalvey they would bath the woman in 100 gallons of semon

So...tell us more... where do you walk in from ? how to find a target ? are there any ethics involved ?

I'm a walk in. Mr Smith, the reason you "remember" everything is memories are material, they are material items in the tissue of the brain. So, you may still be you, or you may be another with access to your storage files.

Dion Paschini: the Earth is only 25,000 miles around the equator. What is 65,000 sq. miles?

John Lutz there are 7 tribes of hybrids mentioned in the Bible and the word nephilim is only used twice....1) nephilim 2) rephiam 3)anakin 4)zammzumin 5)emim 6)gibborim 7)avim... The last 3 tribes were completely destroyed by the flood of Noah....but there was a second flood...i believe Jeremiah flood....and that flood stirred up the tombs of the other tribes...and these demons have infiltrated humanity again...we have been living with satan and hisminions for the past 2 thousand years...his reign is about to end not start...praise Yeshua

Just like your a human being but I'm calling you a Silly Billy

Zach Feldser that is just the name of it Silly Billy !

ALIENS UNDERGROUND that's not actually a star.

Jesse Tatum KYS why would i want to do that "kill my self " are you a stupid person or just a COWARD


GODDAMNIT, I hate it when a channel I somewhat respect PUTS ON ONE OF THESE FUCKING KOOKS WHO INSIST THAT THEY KNOW WHATS UP, LOOK AT ME IM A SPECIAL KOOK! They destroy our chances of getting to the TRUTH. Flash frozen my asshole. Your brain has been flash frozen. U need your ass kicked for misleading everyone for a buck instead of doing real scientific research. Warrior like individuals? U absolute idiot. Sucks to see this channel take ANOTHER HIT TO ITS CREDIBILITY.

John Lutz I work in the Artic up until a year ago I never seen anything this exciting lol this guy is talking through his arse

ALIENS UNDERGROUND Kooks EVERYWHERE! Star of Bethlehem. Holy shit I hate stupid people. Indoctrinated FOOLS scared shitless of real science. KOOOOOOOKS. PERIOD.

Zach Feldser it was not meant to be funny but stating a fact

ALIENS UNDERGROUND your not funny.

There is no planet X. It's been talked about for long time now. It's been 4 years that we have been waiting for this planet x

Mr. Smith, I wish I had the answers to those questions myself. I have spent almost 20 years trying to figure it out. I have my suspicions as to some of the answers, but it would be unproductive for me to assert that I had definitive knowledge that pertained to those questions. I am not entirely sure the ethics involved are any more ethical than terrestrial contract laws are. As to where, I get a strong sense I walked in from a Pleiadian affiliation, because of certain events that have transpired in my life. I suspect "I", or rather, the former inhabitant of this body, was targeted because of self-destructive inclinations that person was having. Its interesting, because although I feel a pronounced separation from whomever occupied this body before me I also feel a strong connection because of the material memories I have access to. Such a strange state of being lol c'est la vie. Whatever my mission was as a walk in, I am fairly certain that I am considered AWOL in my duties at this point and time.

the land mass resembles a primative puking fire, it's really the doedoe birds not even humanoids since we once were birds and dino's, my elderly mother talks to someone called tee, she says his real name is torry and he's the god mind of the space ship that controls earth, good story but i'm guessing they were the swollen retards who went to the cold to get cleverer only to die there, d'oh, i heard the grays where hybrid with orangutangs

As a 'walk in' you will need to have brought some memories with you, otherwise you wouldn't know that you are a 'walk in'. Where do you store them ? It needs to be seperate from the previous occupants memories, otherwise you wont be able to differentiate between them. How can you have a memory of an event that you know you didn't experience ? Even memories that are planted by hypnosis are indistinguishable from 'real' memories. The only exeption i can think of might be if you are able to accesss the Akashic records directly, but then you wouldnt have spent 20 years to figure it out... more likely you are a MK victim with a slight recollection of your alter(s)

Im over rex. Fuckin leak project is shit now. At least warn people its that twat.. as to not waste peoples time..

Dr. Heywood Jablomi verifies that this is indeed a video

Why have you Uploaded a leak project pod cast ? Your ripping off his shit shifty prick yeah I’m talking to you Huggins.

Stolen video

a quasar? see Halton Arp and rethinking red shift

how bogus!!! Just tell people to go to Leak Project channel.


is he talking about north korea?

Who Knows Anything for sure about whats down there. Like myself I'm Confident everyone feels the same. There MUST be Something BIG .

The reason why Antarctica was flashed frozen is explained in Rael free eBook (chapter by Terrusse). That eBook was written in 1974 after Rael got contacted by the Anunnaki/Elohim was and was asked to transmit a Message to humanity. Many authors are getting their information from that eBook but do not mention it so the attention is directed to them instead of the source. A must read (ref.: rael.org).

You idiot a Quasar is a new galaxy ejected from an older one! Go learn about Halton Arpes work. Who ever told you a Quasar is a galaxy that turns into a star is full of crap! Believe me I am no proponent of Main Stream Science but who ever gave you that info is selling you a bridge to nowhere! You can see in the X-ray spectrum that quasars are attached to their parent galaxies.


I have considered the MK possibility, certainly, and my familial past would indicate a good possibility of such. I had a very strange, symbolic, and mystical NDE at age 18 in which 2 teams of paramedics pronounced me dead. It was a few years after that when I saw a photo of myself, taken before the NDE, and felt a strong sense that the person behind the eyes in that photo was simply not me. "My" childhood was full of acute trauma- the most extreme kinds imaginable, really. "My" family, who I am now completely estranged from, have all led miserable lives dealing with all aspects of the atrocities my family endured and perpetrated upon each other. Despite being the one that endured the most extreme traumas, I feel no connection to them (the traumatic incidents) whatsoever. This is one clue to me that during my NDE, old soul moved out, and I moved in. My life now, and for the past two decades, is barely believable. The amount of downright bizarre happenings in my life is something I can not even intimate to others, I would be hospitalized for certain. And yet, these relentless experiences have been often shared with my intimate partners at the time, giving me certainty that they are not delusions. My current daily experience is surreal, to say the least. Whatever "I" am, I have a LOT of attention on me from many different interested parties and I have been insubordinate to them all. Which has been a struggle, to say the least. I have discovered enough about my lineage and myself to know that there is some element of interest in me, but I have no interest in playing with any side and honestly, at this point, I am finally free from the burning desire for answers and quite content to express myself as I see fit, in the face of these different factions, and much to their dismay, or chagrin, depending on their level of malevolence. I have managed to decline various enticements from these parties, some of which included the implication of "answers". From a scientific and mystical place, I am still quite intrigued by my experiences. From a personal place, I am, at my best, at peace, and at worst, mildly annoyed. Which is the most balanced I have managed to be in life, so far. Strange place, this universe.

the Fallen Angels are the 7 planets in our solar system........... as one planet is refereed to in the bible as the bright and morning sun....... google it if you don't believe me!

"Fallen angels" Cannot reproduce !!! The Sons is God, pertain to the men who were loyal to God in paying Him homage & obedience. But mankind was Very big in those days.

John Lutz I worked in the Artic up until a year ago I never seen anything this exciting lol this guy is talking through his arse


Are you playing with a chain in front of your micro during filming ??? It sounds so ?

There are human telepathic, all of us probably, just not used, its in us.

They are NOT pre-adamites, they are the nephilim, the rephaim. As John Lutz stated, "Fallen angels mated with human women." They came AFTER Adam and before the flood, but do NOT predate mankind.

And just how in the fuck does this guy know whats in Antarctica and what anyone is finding down there ... lol ?? He has a Super Information Hot Line, that no one else in the world is privy to ??? Hehehehe.... B U L L S H I T.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE REVISITED: Here are the secrets the government hoped had died with Bill Cooper! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1635358531

i find it amazing how Easily the Democommies Lie. as easy as Breathing . Wow

Ok.. Were is Antartica please?

Fuck ... you just described me... maybe im a 'walk-in' too. Possibly we all are 'w-i' in some way. What country are you in, maybe we can meet up somewhere....

Sorry PAL, I DO NOT HAVE a Channel. You "Sir" are a LIAR ... Just one more Democommie !

You sir are a goof ball of the highest order. I saw your channel. Not impressed. And it is obvious that you are insecure by your reactions to criticism. Thats not what i would expect from someone who has true convictions. Now...you can attack that.

Jim Woodard ....don't waste your time, he's a click baiter and a master baiter....

Shows absolutely no real proof! So....bs

a galaxy turning into a star ? wow

Fallen angels mating with human female produce hybrid shells to be occupied by spirits of fallen angels. New human souls are only created by God as product of men and women. This is the miracle God creates for humanity.

This is a rip off of corey goodes material as his own

Joeseph who ...joe blow?

Annunaku were pervs ....thats why they were chopped up

Wow, Rex, who is this nut job?

Wow its amazing to me how these people just refuse to admit these characters of the Bible were Negroid . Culture Vultures .Damn Romans creator of white supremacy!!!


united states

THE AUDIO SUCKS.!!! It sounds like someone is scribbling with a pencil on paper and shuffling the paper around, about three inches away from a sensitive microphone.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTFK MAN.?????

I wish you understand...Nibiru is a spaceship. The other bodies are spaceships...not planets gosh!! Black Panther was just the beginning...meet Sekmet, the real great Mother..her ship is Nibiru!! https://youtu.be/qUdo10ZUqx0

Moses real name is thutmoses look it up if you didn't knoe

Jim Wills


No entity but GOD can create human,  and He or His Council of angels (not fallen ones) may have created the pre-Adamites. The creation of Adam and Eve is descried after the other creations who he told to replenish the earth.

Man, between the flat-earthers, the jesus freaks, and these blue chicken idiots, it is no wonder people are willing to listen to, and believe a clown like this. All he's doing is regurgitating a lot of EXTREMELY SUSPECT information. One's nowadays think that watching a few blue-circle chicken alliance videos on YouTube is the same thing as research. It's really sad because there is a genuine awakening and search for truth among the youth today, but it is being co-opted and mis-directed into strait fantasy land. This video is the fruit of that co-option and mis-direction; a couple of 20-somethings doing a mash up of all the alternative history memes with not a single tangible reference. Id go further and say that ALL of this nonsense/"research" these cats are spewing forth comes from the david wilcock and Cory Goode house of fables, and maybe a few internet "sources" for good measure. Smh.... damn shame.

What about the new flat earth info , what of aliens if space is false ?

Bock saga on you tube Welcome to Hel

there is no such thing as pre-Adamites!! Dake made that up to go along with old earth and get evolution into the Bible! God created the earth in 6 days just like He said He did about 6000 years ago and He created Adam at that time....no other men at any other time! Why can't christians just take God at His word???

I totally agree, Saturn crashed into our solar system and and produced the fallen angels and the watchers, the crash created and made then the watchers, as they watched this event happen.............as you quoted......."but left their own habitation".................Saturn is the sinner or destroyer...........there is so much more to this story and the real truth! there is a book called Worlds in collision Immanuel Velikovsky - Worlds in Collision (1964) - YouTube Video for worlds in collision▶ 52:36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIWNqM2v8Sk Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

Fallen angels are in everlasting chains as it says in the book of Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. The sons of god and angels are not the same.

Richard clarke He may be, but your comment just removed all doubt that you are as well

Such Bovine Manure!

THUMBS DOWN Hogwash this is misinformation, disinformation and lies about Antarctica.  They were not pre-Adamites they were hybrids. We are being given the alien version of facts not the accurate facts about the Antarctic civilizations.  Think of it as Alien Spin Doctoring.  We do not have the truth about Antarctica yet but you can be sure that it was the early Atlantis of legends where the gods mingled with the seed of man to make hybrid races, animals etc.  It is also very possible that Antarctica was a place where Pyramid building was going on. Think of the data he shares here as what Jesus called the "End Time Delusions of Mankind."  It would be a time when lies would be accepted as truths and truths accepted as lies.

There is no such thing as Pre-Adamites. They are pre-flood bodies. They are at least 7000 years old, and probably right around 7000 years old. Exodus occurred roughly 3200 to 3500 years ago and the flood 3200 to 3500 years before that. They are from that time.



BINGO!!! I would like to go see my FAMILY Please. I don't care if I have to camp at the front door.

It is dead , not living .

For the white race to be one if the more recent ones to evolve from?...they sure do speak on ancient times as if they were even in existence, its like a toddler try to explain what thier grandparents went through!!!

Stop leaving out the fact that black people that lived way before other humans, so if these giants or aliens came and interacted with the ancient humans, it would have been the origan man.

the guy who you had from farsight inst about remote viewing says they looked at the ancient race drilled into the earths core for science purposes and they they broke the earth basically.atlantian scientist thinking they knwe best

This guy is right on the money, but, until you do your own research you are going to stay in that box your in & not believe anything so far fetched is possible...Well it's true, according to all the research I've done, it's what I believe. Just stay in a Loving place & not live in fear. Blessings to all beings

There are no pre-adamites...Adam and Eve were the first....you are misleading those who don't know any better....like tricking innocent children.

John Mceleny if Adam and Eve was first, did they mate with kids they made to populate the earth

Changes to scripture over the last years often attributed to new translations or revised editions are hardly mandela effect. Although sounding like a conspiracy theorist, it is f act that a number of revisions have been at the hands of the new publishers of the Bible who although generally are making minor changes that are difficult to perceive, over the course of edition changes one does come across them. These more blatant attempts to change the meaning can be attributed to an attempt to take away from the divinity of Christ, and are the result of a new owners or publishers being of the Islamic persuasion which is attempting to bring Christian religion more in line with Islam who regard Yeshua as a prophet only. For serious study I suggest one obtain a standard KJV in old English to insure against scriptural manipulation. If one can go to Greek or old Aramaic even better. assuming one is able to read and really comprehend the writings. The old KJV did indeed include some and excluded other books that did not meet canon. There are also versions that include the books of the apocrypha. These are often a hundred +_ years old and are often found in old family bibles. Thus far I know of no versions that are all inclusive of all relevant facts or histories. Research into pre -Adamite histories are fascinating and are not in opposition to Biblical accounts of one considers perhaps creation was un upgrade, and adjust your idea as to the nature of the creator. It is becoming more and more considered that there have been many renditions of advancement to a higher civilization each unfortunately meeting with cataclysm and a reset whether the result of natural or unnatural forces. One should indeed keep an open mind. Doing so should shake no one's faith.

MAYBE some have been flash frozen but most are still alive. Yes, even the animals.

Tiamat after being hit by Marduk or Planet X half of that huge planet became Earth and the asteroid belt is the rest of Tiamat...according to Zachary Sitchin...


I'm just referring to the Bible ma'am, I am not a Christian. I grew up Christian but after studying the Bible and the change in language, I noticed the deceit. Just me not trying to change you!

Adam and Eve never "mated" with their children!! What the heck...... hahahahahahahahaha never heard that one before! I have no problem being your cousin :) and yes I have studied, and the church peeps dont like what I believe and thats ok because its the Word of God!!! Think about this, do you want to believe God or some dude?? I choose God, :)

Unchanging God Cain and his sister Awan then Seth and they other sister Azura! Just saying if we all come from Adam and Eve then I'm your distant black cousin Hi there cousin

Unchanging God then they mated with their offspring to populate the earth? Smh you still believe it was Adam and Eve... Did you ever translate what your Bible means? Don't be a

I actually cant tell anymore if this is satire or serious. Thats how far fucked people have become. I know someone who thinks the earth is flat. It sucks cuz there really are some real mysteries out there. Antarctica is probably one but adamites and galactic battles with reptilians....whenever the narrative is like a story line, its usually simplistic bullshit

Dude is crazy

Lies told by the flat earth dome prison guards they use technology and lies to hide their real faces space is fake ufo technology is Real this could be a holodeck HELL

brian manns it's sad that the devil deceived you.....and if you been studying the bible then u should know you're leaving the truth behind.....repent!!....Jesus lives....

Stephen Ellerbeck well why don't u study....and u will find out that he is spot on...

THANK U. !!!! .

They use technology and lies to hide their real faces how do we get out of this dome prison flat earth HELL?

Jim Woodard the bible tells you what's there.....study the book of Enoch....Revelations....the ppl that are Gods ..knows what's going on....i pray that u ain't be deceived...in this last and evil days

sal silva u are living on planet x.....is about to be X out

Joe Wood is proof all around.....but ppl refuse to believe because they have been lied to for years

kene brown yes you're right

William Elliott you mean demons.....cause that's just what it is!!!!

Drew Nava read the bible....the ones who are left behind will be in trouble.....we better get God....the true and living ones

jeffrey stump do not be deceived.....smh....the devil don't want man to know the real truth....

How hard to you have to work to try and discount the Bible? He throws it in there, but the rest doesn't make a bit of sense....little tidbits of fact, wrapped with a truck load of psuedo science and fiction...

brian manns i know u already know that God is married to the backslider....Jesus loves u and so do I...(i love the hell out of you)....lol

the stories about radiation rods ... are a lie, youtube galen winsor, learn the truth about radiation

it boggles the mind thinking how can someone invent a history so easily,

About 2:00 we're informed that Jr.JFK (John F. Kerry)---Obama---and "the Pope" (?) went way down way below "to prepare us" for whatever's "going to happen". All anybody needs to know. Are there three bigger touchy-feely bumbling bozos anyplace on this spooky planet? Sure, & any three NORMAL people could name 33 of them. But i like to picture Clueless Kerry, the Big O, & Hizwhollyness on a zillion-dollar "fact-finding mission", & returning to tell everybody maybe we know not what but we could sure guess if it came from these three it'd be the stupidest, most off-base, 180-degrees-wrong, but TOTALLY SELF-SERVING buncha bilge anybody on this or any other planet ever heard. Kerry, Obama, & some Pope: if every sandlot ball team in the world chose up sides for a Galactic Truth Squad these guys would be standing unpicked the night AFTER the picks were made! Quick, name me three idiots. Yeah, that's right. Of all people, the Truth is in these 6 butterfingered hands. Right.

Dude your decieved. The found human remains and don't want to tell people. Why? Then mainstream science would have to admit humans existed with dinosaurs and continental drift happened while humans were on earth. The bible says the earth was divided in the days of Peleg. He lived about 339yrs. God confused people tongues and scattered them. The earth was still one land mass that is how all the wildlife spread through the world before continental drift occurred after the flood. I figured out how much the split would take to be what it is today. God split the continents SLOWLY OVER A 339YR LIFE OF PELEG. Septugent date Genisis 11: 18-19. Read it. God would not leave continental drift out of the history of the Bible. It is recorded in Genesis 10: 25 Qoute, " ...Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided...... 339yrs of slow drift to get where we are. No aliens. Ahhh imaginations of men. Oh the Hebrew name PELEG means water divided and earthquake ( Strong's Bible Hebrew Dictionary ).

chewchew twain is

With ah pinky dick lmao


stupid , there DEMON's. IT'S already been proven by Yale university, UCLA, and Harvard university. The holy Bible. Just listen to what he's saying.Think think for yourself. Underground! In Je'sus name we pray A'men.

Hello and bless you!! Please discuss the MELCHIZEDEK priesthood and how it relates or does not relate to the extraterresteials.

Just how does this guy know all of this. If he got it from David Wilcock and Corey Goode then this can't be believed.

Man this guy is on some major drugs.

I've never heard more bullshit in my life! ALL SECOND INFO. The guy saw nothing first hand!! Crackpot!!!

i wonder why women could not have children,after 45 days, does this also happen if you locked them away in a room with no sun light?

i thought that the greys were just puppet's, that just take order's from their reptillions

Preadamites arent from earth.

why do you pick on people that say they see ufo's,buddy or miss you need to treat people you dont know with kindness not negativity karma is real.

Does are the fallen angel’s children.



michelle rosemarie flynn melatonin helps!

He’s talking about the fallen angels given heavenly information that we’re not supposed to have in the fall and angels were punished for.

A quasar is a super massive blackhole at the center of a galaxy not an exploding galaxy. Is the universe not interesting enough for you that you need to manufacture these fairy tales and overly complicated conspiracy theories to relieve your boredom when you view the reality of the the universe God has given us? I mean all you're doing is competing with reality and reality will beat you every single time.

It is the lessening of the oxygen that has made everything smaller (man & beast). As far as flash freezing - it just happened in https://youtu.be/4Ph9rcFqsXY

Without the Crap' the lies and half-truths, we would NOT know that we are in the end times. So be thankful for the lies and the half-truths and the fictions and the imagination of corrupted man that are told so that we' that know the truth' know the end times are in our lifetimes. Right or wrong does not matter as you can see they are running too and fro and knowledge is increasing which shows just another part of the prophecy of the Bible is coming true right before your very eye's and ears to hear.

"much like the gray's type of skull" Huh? If this man saw a Gray and then his skull, and the only other people that saw it also just happen to make YouTube videos, then I have to change the channel. Or should I piece together a video with some software and Powerpoint and have my friend read the script, give it a flashy title, and upload it, and then, THEN make sure it's on my resume so when I look for a job it's clear that....I'm a NUT CASE! Like this guy!

What's your game dude. Are you willingly being a shill for deceit. Come out and repent of this. Start interviewing people of and for the Lord Yeshua who destroyed the antideluvian creatures once and he'll destroy them again never to come back. Why do you tempt our God YHVH with fools like this.

Please send me some of that shit your smoking you belong in Hollywood as a writer.......Keep this not job off your channel

If there are frozen Humanoids in Antarctica, they are most likely Enoch's people, because south is the direction he went. His men followed him.... As far as flash freezing, I believe this is caused by nuclear bombs.... When I was a child the winters were extremely harsh...I believe Earth has been recovering from nuclear winters for years....That's why I was told not to eat the first snow fall. Now, that the earth is recovering, they say it's global warming or climate change.... I mean, think about it? Nuclear bombs that were sent up during the late 50s and 60s during operation "Fishbowl", "Dominic", "Bluegill", they may have caused Antarctica to turn to ice, especially if the earth is flat, covered by a dome. Most of the fallout would have gone to the outside rim of this world....I feel that there have been other times when nuclear weapons were used. Such as King Tut's time. He had a scarab on his chest jewelry made from "Sky glass." This glass is found in the Libyan desert. What if the sky glass was radio active? Maybe that is what killed him?


I know!!!

I think there's a lot people don't know...you don't have to for GOD to come in you...but don't be so quick to say he knows nothing!!!

I realy wish the un-educated would STOP associating the Anunaki with Reptilians. People... LOOK at sumerian cuneiform texts... it's all there there is no mention of frick reptilians.

11:25 wtf did he just say? That's some grade-a BS talk

ok made it to 8:48 going to go shoot myself in the face while jumping off a tall object maybe ill come back as a walk in or a rhinoceros vagina

Is there anything more dangerous than a gnostic protestant?

I wonder when there are going to wipe us out and make a better humun being.

People who believe in god shouldn't try understand the world around them, ur happy with nonsence, don't try making sence of history,biology and cosmological shit, ur a fuckin idiot, stick to thinkin about small stuff like keeping those around you happy, doin washing,buildin stuff,shit like that, you are a fuckin danger to the rest of us when you get in to shit you can't understand, you think with feeling's, not logic your an idiot

This reminds of the game that the horses play at the corral......Horse Hockey!

If we come from the same to people Adam and eve why are we not all retarded. Mabe we are?

Very carefully!

well, if so many people are tricked so easily...there will always be war... WAR WILL PREVAIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r8IwbJEwN0


based off the comments ive read, its telling that most people are still asleep

I’m thinking about believing all they say about things to disprove the existence of God.

This guy is completely full of shit.he is just another dimwit who likes to hear his own voice

The Earth is Flat...deal with it.

let them go free

The first shall be last and the last shall be first, the lord will destroy you.

Bunkers or not you people will die too.

They act like they know everything but look at the lie Noahs ark. They lie don't believe these people, they are not of the truth and won't share real truth with the world. And hide everything of value and benefit.

Why you'll don't want African-Americans to know who they really are? Its a big secret. It's obvious you'll are jealous. Y'all intentionally don't want us to know our history, but you know everything else. I will pass the word that whites are jealous of blacks. Go to Anartica you'll white people don't own this planet or universe and can't tell you where you can go and can't go. They want to much damm control but they are going to jail. They are going into slavery. Learn that.

You cunt, my life, I pray to Jesus you don't believe that spew that is pouring out of your deluded horrible or maybe pure ignorant little mind. Turn to Christ study the Bible. I hope you find the path to walk with God

keving52002 please elaborate..

What a bunch of bullshit Zachariah Stichen got a few people to eat.

Can i have a little more in-depth info on what the original position of Venus was and which process exactly pushed it into the orbit it is now?

one day aliens will show up in force

Thomas Anderson Thank you for putting this comment up! How retarded can these guys be? These people need to be in a fuckin padded room with no contact to the outside world!

this is B S

I could have spent this time, watching my dogs smell each others butts.

Date of meeting? Name of priest? Links/source to this story? Documentaries? Names/links? Who'd they abduct? Names? Links? What path? Anyone else laughing at this bullshiit, right now??? lol

I believe in many things that are not normal but this guy doesnt seem to have his act together on anything its like he is reading from a script, Why hide the aliens im sure everyone can handle the knowledge its been going around for years that the aliens are coming to knock us off and its one of the reasons why they want to take guns away then there is racial an religious differences keep it up dividing everyone to the point where they are not paying attention to the real danger

Long torso, pot bellied, effeminate bodied male aliens? And an elongated head? Yeah - get rid of them. Meanwhile, if the "elites" are planning on escaping to Antarctica, they aren't going to let US know. And honestly, I've been there. They can have it. lol I'd rather die here tomorrow than live there for eternity.

Just another dumb site full of idiots flapping their gums

ever hear of the gender called females? always creating little wars in the workplace and having to get revenge on everyone who did better than them or ignored them or looked at them the wrong way or said something with the wrong tone, etc

There will always be have not..and as they deplete the resources they will war with others because they are starving..we don't war for money were war for survival..

If the earth received a close pass from a massive planet it could have dragged Antarctica from the equator to the south pole causing a temp drop of 100 degrees in one day.

who created the annunakis

Valentino Lee the devil....they are a demonic race

what a load of crap.... really.

I'm sorry, there was no such thing as a pre adamic race when God on creation week created Eve out of Adam you said this is Eve the mother of all living! That means there was absolutely nothing alive before Eve!

dead sea scolls are a fake

About the oxygen: if we breath only pure oxygen, the days of ours life would be 43 days and die.

Look up President Reagan's decision 1983 with astronomy

1983 President Reagan on letting the public know the truth

Reagan 1983. Go to YouTube and the decision about keeping the truth

So where's he getting his info from? How does he know a flash frozen civilisation has been found? Pictures? Proof? Or simply nonsense?

Commercials ruined it for me

The idiot should ask someone who kno"s something or meet GOD n maybe he would teach him but y teach a heretic .. He'll just come up with more lies

It sounds like Jamesm

these entities are demons they did not make humans, God made humans, these so called reptilian are evil. what kind of bull shit is this. ? the earth is more older than you say. what kind of brain washing did you go through. ? get a grip. stop making disinformation videos,

Why is there a pause at 40:33 where he says "Vehemently states.."? Seems edited?

what you show is NOT Antarctica , there are NO aliens what a bunch of crap! Shill!!

The time line is all wrong.

We tried to sneek by you Earthies , but you couldn't help pointing.

This is pure bullshit what that guy is talking about, galactic battle and nibiru and planet x. He talks as if he was a witness to this mumbojumbo... big laugh.

Beware of those that present speculation as fact.

coo coo coo coo coo coo ding dong . I got a wooden shpoon so I cant urt myself

This guy is a perfect example to why you shouldn't smoke crack. Everything they say is made up fake don't listen

So called care in the community strikes again. Asylums, we need more asylums, and the internet should be heavily filtered for the in mates mental health. Censorship is bad, but not in loony bins.

This all makes a nice science fiction story, but ultimately, that's all it is. I was interested right up to the point where the whole 'Dark Ages' thing came in. This is all just playing into the typical Euro-centric, Judeo-Christian narrative. Yes, the Dark Ages was a thing, but it took place in a relatively small part of the planet. Other civilizations such as the Chinese, Indian and Arabic civilizations were doing science and math while Europe was basically rolling around in shit and ignorance brought on by real plague and self-imposed and fostered ignorance and superstition.

I have telepathics. This information is laced with propaganda. This man says we are warlike sexmaniacs and that is Free Mason and satanist belief systems. The free masons push the beast within ideas and actively do satanic rituals along with extortion. Once they get a good man to do something sick and perverted than they blackmail them for the rest of their lives. Humans are not inherently warlike sexmaniacs, secret societies have preached that we are so they can get weak people to give up their money and life to the secret society. This man has bought into that system of deceit. However some of his facts may be true.

How does one go from Secretary of State John Kerry to Obama? Disrespectful at it's finest, amazing, not.

Thomas Anderson Hahaha, But you come from "apes" -- right ?? Hahahaha ! ! !

wow so many experts in the comments

The matrix... black goo take over the people.

RIp off the atmosphere creates a vacuum which created a lack of air which is extremely cold. Space is negative hundreds of degrees isn't it? OR is it ZERO KELVIN?

Did you know kids at SH in Connecticut were Austistic? Most recent shooters were Autistic. Also, could the apple in the Garden of Eden have had Nanites which when eaten changed their DNA and created the knowledge within them?

Great conversation! Check out this video from an ex-occultist Renee Roland. It adds some more information to this topic... https://youtu.be/AsgSAsgyFIo . Then check out her other videos! Also, I urge you to trust in Jesus Christ who lived, died, was buried and rose again 2000 years ago. Tell God that you believe Jesus is real and that you trust in what He did for you in dying on the Cross to forgive your sins. In doing this you will start a relationship with God and will guarantee your eternal life in heaven. This is the only way to escape the coming judgement that will happen once these beings destroy things!

complete bullshit

any that feferences david wilcox is daft or a shill !

https://chronologiesmasterlist.blogspot.ca/ The above link is a compilation of old newspaper accounts which describe the exhumation of nephilim, and other skeletons and prehistoric relics.

Your all wacked

Jacqui059 water typical ignorant person is what you are! Go read the books of Enki and Enoch and get back to me! Lol you are in for a rude and terrifying awakening my friend! I am not! I already read them! It doesn't debunk the bible! All it does is concrete the evidence there is a powerful creator

Adam ...... é da Mu from Mu. Get with the program!

He's actually bang on lots people BUT I honestly seen a few things he may have taken shots in the dark at and was not even close. I've seen shit my entire life that I'm not even starting on, simply because the clones he refers to, very very real. Very very scary. Its true how llluminutty uses them here and there when a pre paid puppet like Beyonce, Kanye or Katy see EXACTLY what they've been doing AND what's coming true for THEM.Illuminate are against our growth. There goes all their income of gold and sacrificed infants that head dudes eat even no more blood sacrifices or SFA! This goes high and beyond human hands, if you think the Vatican isn't involved, you sadly are a brainwashed blind person. Look again and keep looking, from every angle too please. One of their newer , ummm, chapels it may be referred as, is clearly and very obvious designed externally to resemble a snake head. Well, its defininitely some form of reptile fer sure. Go look for yourselves. Everything I told you actually looking at Google, YouTube or anything like them. I'm one of many,apparently, Like I may have said I've been revealed things my entire life a lot I can't or simply won't even discuss publicly. You all should know and see everything by mid 2022 . All you negative commentors (if you are aware you are REAL humans) seriously need to STFU if you do wish to join myself and others headed fer the Age of Aquarius. Cause like stairway to heaven points out there ARE 2 paths you can go on BUT there's still time to change the one you're on. I must be ok to reveal the only 2 choices I'm aware of. 1. The time of abundance, the Age of Aquarius, the CORRECT choice. I hope you are all aware that I think EVERY country in existance has had a formal country leader, like our Honorable Paul Helyer , sorry for any inaccurate speeling , hahaha, I'm sooooo tired, great hero of mine.He did a massive alien disclosure speech anyhow. Again , TYPE THIS IN, OBSERVE IT, LEARN IT AND MOST IMPORTANT AT THE VERY LEAST TELL EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT TO WAKE UP. Who you are when this opens for us my friends I know you retain that ID and possibly end up remembering EVERY life you ultimately lived since our original conception. Please don't start on abou t crap opposing me. Look into every little thing I say. I have nothing to gain from this guys. Its like I told you about spreading this to anyone you care. Believe this friends I sincerely feel I care about each and every human being with us here and now. My entire life I was 'addicted to laughter, any child's especially and smiles. If I was granted a 'free pass' to just give to anyone for every single time I heard, ' you're the funniest friggin guy I've ever known' I wouldn't have to be doing any of this waking people up stuff, I just be standing at that grand entrance yell stuff such as 'OMG! Hey EVERYBODY! Mikey J didn't die he just moon walked past me cooing with a hand on the the front brim of his hat and the other on his bleached package through this doorway or whatever and as yer running in to look I'm kicking yer ass, I love yas but the extra momentum IS a plus lol. Then I might yell, OMG! Anthraxx spill, find another entrance back. Just examples guys. But here's what would satisfy me eternally. Seeing every single brother and sister make it in. That's when we meet our galactic extended family. Why else you think no Independence Day type shit has happened? The have much faith and confidence in us, just not each and everyone though. This is one thing I sincerly hold crossed fingers they are WRONG about. In any case, I know I'm in already. All this is because like I said ALL is the total I wish to enter with at my side as my equal and loved sibling. No man or woman any better than the next. Things of the past would be poverty, hunger, violence, greed, death itself even. Its a construct created by and for man to help keep us in line and in the dark and shape or herd us into the different religions. Oh, something tells me more than enough for now. A final statement until I find out what I should be doing next, if anything even. Maybe I'm being fired fer failing a drug test or whatever, jk, nothing bad from your past effects this either. Suicide is fer sure a big BIG no no tho. Oh ya, lastly the other path with the baddies, you get recycle to go through the next genetically created humanoid's entire system of growth and existance. Please. Everybody clear your minds of all the false bs you were ever taught. What we learrn of truth honesty love and the calm of never knowing competition, finally knowing what our little furry family members are thinking. I personally can't wait to ascend right out of quarantine here on this imitation earth. Always remember only to paths out and I positive these 2 paths are what heaven and hell were designed from. Peace and unconditional love to each and every single one of you. Go learn children of tomorrow. Oh REJECT NEGATIVETY, laugh it away, fukk it away just turn it away.

Noah. God broke the ice dome and opened the sky so it would rain on earth the great flood was a new beginning after this era

After my coma I had info I can not explain even after 20 years. I just have a different out look. I see things so different from the rest of the world?! I don't care about stuff; property. I'm more enlightened as to spiritual things, I guess, but differ from what I was taught as a Christian. I do believe in GOD. I don't think God is old bearded white guy potrayed in the bible. God is positive energy or sperit in universe. Same thing. I believe in spiritual evalution that we die and depending on our souls values and leasons we learn here determines where we go next. It's just my view. I am not saying it is correct one. I might be wrong? I had a vision near death thing. NDE it's called. I know our mind translates things into forms we can understand. I see spirit or energy as colors now. Red & black are negative and blue and white are positive. The yellow I am not sure? Might be GOD? I don't know yet, but I will. I sure hope I'm not wrong! I studied the bible, looking up words to find the meaning and found many had a different meaning than I was taught. (Easten bible dictionary) That helped me a lot. Wisdom with understanding is great, but without understanding is dangerous. I hope this might help some with answers. I answered the best I can. It is hard to put things into words that are spirit.

Lies to get you away from Christ’s finished work on the cross

when a mathematician describes the collision of two cartoon pixels you get a quasar

Europeans used religion to enslave people

The one thing for sure is their hiding something in antartica

Kilgore Trout Amen to that brother so how can all of us who are awake and aware get together who believe that and stop what's happening or is it like the Bible says all things must come to pass for he is coming from the Center G Faith always

Flat Earth my ass So how do rivers flow.

bull shit dont waste your time nut jobs

what a crap

planet x thats true its close

wrong its the fallen angels

is this guy from hollywood

its your soal they want read your bible

o my god read your bible its all the fallen angels read ENOCH & REVELATION

Welcome to the Scify Channel!!!!!! What a load of crap!

your pushing lies aliens are demons

We survived and they are all dead... could not be all that swift.

You lost a lot of credibility by having this moron on your show...unsubbing

one more for the nutbin

This is like all conspiracy theories all in one. This guy wow

It was because the earths crust spun like a peel on an orange. The magnetic field destabilized and we were exposed to space 1/2 the world cooked and 1/2 froze. Even for a moment it melted rock and froze a whole continent.

Wow. Where did this guy get this information - YouTube?

reptilians and also Anunaki what horse shit

if it was moving that fast in the north and south poles we would have tsunamis everywhere. your full of shit. love how you fuckers get your money making more scifi bs and to put a cherry on top by saying it is a reality. if you by this shit your crazy.

This sort of crap is what's giving YouTube a bad rep. Spare me!

ha ha .the human race , are ancestors came from another planet. they where no different .there just like us. they wanted to live in the old way by starring again. those profit mongers who create war and poverty .play both sides and make profit from weapons etc . this is fact. they create crime too. drugs weapons name a criminal act and you can be sure they made it happen. including the somalian pirates look at the cost of shipping. its gone way up. charites making money out of lies. they created the immigration problem to grab money from people. the ngos are making millions. think. the hire ships then over pack them with people that is not legal under maritime law. the put people in inflatables in over capasity meaning breaking every maritime law and countries turn a blind eye to maritime law. those who get in a over crowded boat and those that allow it and breaking laws that ypu can go to jail for endangering lifes. its all not legal. countries should be charging these people. so how come there not. because they created it in the first place to make profit for them selfs and rob the tax payer.evil swines

i wonder why antarctic looks like the human brain. wonder if its in proportion. why do people come upwith some thing with zero proof. where are the photos. no such thing as reptilians. that was made up from a movie. where a human and a reptilian looking person where stranded on a planet. they had to work together inorder to survive. movie .

Mentally deranged people should not be given a platform . No physical evidence of any of this

The time of Antarctica's demise was known to a few people. Notably the heirs of the Tuatha and the Okanagan. Survivors recalled a Goddess in charge of what was then called "White Island." There had been insurrection during her rule ... and she broke off a large chunk of Antarctica to banish the rebels. They were a technological society doing arrogant things like our rulers ... invoking the Name of God in their experiments (like ours at CERN) and playing His role (like ours toying with Chimeric DNA). Corsi e ricorsi. There is nothing new under the Sun ... We too are about to meet our demise. T-970 days.

Where do u people get this pre adamit story from

these are not pre-adamites..........but Nephilim.......false science......really don't know what you are talking about..........

Here it is ! total fake news to troll the clueless and fully scientifically ignorant masses ... this is just filled to he rim with a huge pile of horse feces... so sad for any of you clueless enought to believe this claptrap .. pathetic.

you lie. Aliens ar NOT demons .

THAT IS HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I understand that Tiamont was first Earth when she was whole, but in the path of Nibiru and she was hit and split in Two, leaving half the planet as our asteroid belt and then pushed Earth into the third planet from the Sun according to the Sumerian texts. We are now not in the path of Nibiru.

I say this is B.S. The man is taking some truths but weaving in lots of nonsense.

onion news made up scam shit

anal leaks this is all shit

They should leave all that is Frozen in the Antarctica Frozen because it is curse and Frozen as a sign to this last generation on earth to see what the Creator did to them for their evil they was doing, and if you melt the ice you will let them evil spirit's Jinns out into our world and it will be like it was before the great flood on earth with all kinds of evil and sick sins going on all over again, and that will bring the final resurrection judgement day even sooner, Knowing these Jack ass last generation people they have melt some of the ice already and have let them evil Jinns and curse spirit's out into our world! I hope not because it's already enough of them running around already! Just look at things as a sign but never tamper with nothing of the Creator creation because he left it here as a sign so you can learn from it what he did to those before our time! Z

Full of utter shit no evidence given just his BS story

I would like to know one thing..with Africa moving down under(South) during the big shift..is there a posibility that that we would get instand frozen? I know there are aliens and all weird stuff on our planet. I think its super cool..just wish i could meet some of them..

Did he also talk to bigfoot? He's in contact with humanoids? I heard him mention he is in contact with extraterrestrial beings.. load of crap.

right on buddy, keep on keeping on .

Sounds like speculation to me. There's no proof that I've seen. I call bullshit!

It's no secret. A lot of knows we were there first as well. Just like everywhere else! Continents separated from Africa.

Thumbs down. No pictures or videos. All talk. No proof.

We live in a sealed ,vualted enclosed bye God system. No aliens,just fallen angels, been here all along

Sounds like H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Watch out for shapeshifters.

who really cares about this zombie new i don't need any gods or govtment or Alens.... ect don't give a shit...................

Not Bethlehem. Hebrew Bible was plagerized stories from sumerians

Dude you are out there for sure ?

I really don't like to bring up the, 1980's, but, "where's the beef dude" ?

what a load of horse shit

This is our GOVERNMENT!!! They DESPERATELY want us to believe in aliens. Dinosaurs never existed... only TITANS. And yes, Animals were TITANS... Not "Dinosaurs." Over time humans shank from two miles tall to 6ft. Animals included. They are your Dinosaurs. They ARE hiding a past time in Antarctica though... What they're hiding (destroying) is in the bible. Hang up on this asshole!!!!! He's (or she) is a government tool. Get fucked!!!

It makes sense why antártica and records show it got cold then warm green house effect is the only thing keeping us alive when we got punched to 365

Do you talk to these things? How do you know all this??

The Book of Nicodimas, says the Antarctica was flash frozen...

I can't take it. He's so full of shit and annoying. " Ive seen cloning devices". Fucking idiot.

Does he have a jar of change in his hand while talking? I think this guy is full of shit.

LP.... non-discerning. Allows any ol crap on its channel. Soon as I saw the logo... I started typing this. Then I saw all the other comments. Hahahahahaaa!!! Exactly. Leaky Diaper Project... get a job, man.

The meeting in 600AD by government that hid the flash freezing of Antartica explains the maps from 532AD that shows the landmass of Antartica without ice. Dark ages nuclear war?

Guess it must have been a really good mescaline.. a little too much tripping.




Two people that should stop using drugs. DISLIKE

I must be abandoned walkin

Half moon came fast wonder if full comes slow? June 26

So is it comming or going???

How do you rid a Demons Imp? Its low IQ people that seem to be posessed. It seems like they beat the hell out of em in the institutions in the past.

Chess fraud

Ive 4 b8bles here and one does mention we live in a matrix but the other three say a different thing. I think its in the old testament and near that it talks of killing the tresspassing thieving neighbor and their livestock?

Increase the spin to increase the days.

Proof please.

Where is the commenting, teaching, etc? You have used this for no further purpose than appropriating someone else's work and property.

What is all that background noise?

No thanks! Tried contacting Joseph years ago with important info and never heard from him... Write a book and it puffs up the ego!?! Not interested in listening to someone who can't listen!

Idiots. Who believes in or listens to this load of bull shit?

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