Fishing an URBAN CREEK - does it hold fish?

Fishing an URBAN CREEK - does it hold fish?

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Well. Good, morning ladies, and gentlemen and welcome back to a super. Exciting, episode I'm, always excited, when I go fishing but today, is something, extra, because there's one thing that I've been wanting, to do for a very long time you know on my way to work I passed, this super, cool urban Creek, flowing, below the highway and you know for years I've been thinking like does this Creek. Hold and a fish or is it just you, know load. Of dirty water I've, never seen anyone fish, in here and yeah. I never heard of anyone doing so either but this is what it looks like small. Creek going, through here and up, in under, the highway. Over. Here, behind me not sure how well you can see it but, this creek falls between two, good, lakes that I know hold fish so potentially, it could, hold some fish I think it's, late, September, like the last days of September as you can see the trees are starting to get all colored I brought my PI quad and to perch Robb's I think in order to catch something in this small Creek we're not gonna use Whovian Road sterically I'm thinking, more like Finnish fishing you know perch, maybe Pike maybe, sander who knows if, this Creek doesn't deliver at all I also have a float, tube in my car parked up here so probably this video is gonna be split, into two parts so say first some urban creek fishing and then we're gonna take the flow tube out into one of these Lakes if the creek fails so let's, just go down to the creek here and see what, we can do. All. Right so this is its let's. Look at this super cool spots I'm sure many of you fish spots like this on a regular basis I don't. I usually fish in like all, on islands northern Sweden, and those very, untouched, you, know beautiful in another way places but this is just so cool this stretch right here seems. To be quite shallow but I think that if we go closer to the, lake ends, it. Might be a little bit deeper but I'm gonna start fishing right in here wow this is so cool, I think, in order for us to catch something I think we will need to downsize, as. Much as possible I think. I'm gonna start with maybe we can go with this black one there small baby.

Dragon Gray donate five grams pro offset, which again should be perfect, starting. Off with my socks a shade perch addition 7 foot 3 up to 21 grams with this Revo MDX HS, one, of my favorite combos for you know not only perch fishing but kind of combined, Pike and perch fishing as well because, it's just so much fun to fight, fish and to fish with a light combo like this and, again since I have no idea what to catch I'm using this Wolfram. Leader from darts so they were Park proof and I haven't noticed any difference, when fishing for perch in at least one it's not ultra ultra, clear water but the wire leader would spook, the fish or anything like that but that's a challenge for it to do this to a perch, fishing wire. Versus, four-carbon leader all right so first cast in this urban creek. That's. Super, cool I. Feel. So much like youngbae right now it's, incredible. Looks. Like we're not having more than one liter of water max, at this particular spot but I need to eat right. I'm, gonna waste my time here yes because it's a cool spots. I, think, it's a little bit too shallow, we. Go all over today is gonna be to catch a fish no matter what. I. Think. We are alight a few, hundred meters from each lake you know like I said this is a creek between two lakes, yes. I think so. I, think that. The. Closer we go to the lake ends more, fish were likely, to see I hope. At least because this place was empty, all. Right mommy arms. Just. Like that train you're. Gonna move on in life. Let's. Try this spot for a few casts, the, reason why I go with this and black here baby dragon is first, off because it's the smaller and I want to downsize but, I also know that there are crayfish, in those two lakes that this tree connects, so I thought there's a chance that this river holds some crayfish and at, the perch would be in here to feed on them or something like that but yeah that's that's the, theory Oh. A. Sea fish I see, a fish okay, a small minnow thing, so. First, sign of life a few small minnows, you know 5 6 centimeters, maybe swimming around on here it's a little bit deeper it, feels like we're getting closer to, the fish. Oh it. Was a bike down there what's, a pike spooked. It was standing right below this. Mystery. Holy. Moly. Come. On pike revealing, herself again, a, whole. Man first. The fish spotted first predictor. Well we're slowly slowly getting closer to fish we started up there then we saw the bait fish down here we, saw a pike here we'll, probably have a bite down, there and catch far up there four times like that so we're making progress at least the. Pike you really gave me some hope and, all that we could catch. Something look. At this this, looks really good really nice and deep dry. Here so, here it actually looks a lot. Deeper and. Also have a lot more occurrence when, I fish this place I'm gonna make a few casts with a deeper in it just. To you know see the water temp and also see how deep it was. So. No fish here eater, so. You might have seen in earlier videos, I've started using this a Sharples, version of the deeper which has. Some more advanced, features. Compared to the earlier versions and I'll start off by just putting, it in the water like, this connected. To the phone the mode we want to be using now is the onshore GPS. Mode then. It uses the built-in, GPS, or the sonar to create the depth map for, it so now you see starts, reading this data and I cast it out into the current here and then it's, gonna be we, can let it drift just. By itself alright so this is what this error looks like we, have one meter of water you, can see some stuff on the bottom this is probably a vegetation, and debris, in water as you can see the picture is super. Detailed and that is because traditional, sonar sends out one frequency, beam with one frequency one, this one sends out three, different, frequencies. Simultaneously, which. Enables, it to create this super. Detailed, colors. The, same technology, is used in some of the you, know very advanced. Hummingbird, donors, that we have in our north sailor boat and the fact that they have this advanced. Technology in this, small, and inexpensive, piece, of device is just crazy thirteen. Point eight degrees and, now. It all would look like. Now. This is really, turning into a creek look. Get this. Still. Super, shallow, everywhere. It. Looks like the water level of this Creek is, way. Higher than this sometimes, of the air now, like I said it's the end of September, but. I would guess like during, the spring when all the ice is melting and, periods. Like that the. Water level seems to be at least one. One-and-a-half meter higher and then, I can. Imagine that. Things. Are a little bit different. Now. I'm all stuck that, I'm gonna go get a new little gadget that I brought for situations. Like this. So. This, right, here is a, super, smart cool thing called a lure retriever it's, something, that I've heard of I've seen people build these guys I've, heard of people using these guys with great success but, I've never done so myself, and now.

When I knew that I was gonna fish you, know this kind of place with lots of crap, in the water I thought that it would be a great idea to bring alert, retriever this is a ready-made, you know ready to buy version, from a lithuanian company called the super, ear and many. Of you guys are probably already familiar with this old gadget, I'm gonna show you how it works so we're gonna see if we can get my lair, loose, from, you know in the middle of the creek here so, it looks like this you have this one with I think it's 5 meters of line of course you can put on more if you like and, then you have this heavy. Thing that you would set onto your line let it lie down and, then it will crank, it and for the punch it loose or if you're fishing with a treble hook ler these, Shayne's might grab, onto the treble hook and you just pull it out but now we're gonna see here I've never tried this before like I said so this is gonna be super exciting, I've now lost so, many layers in my bass and, if this works, good I'm almost gonna start crying to get some you know all. The lyrics that could have been saved but, we will see you. Just thread, this one on to the line, and. Let this guy out. And. Now I will just let the guy down to learn and punch it. Huh. There we go like. Third or fourth type of punching, we, got it loose oh man. This, guy did the trick, exactly. As good as I hoped it would do it's a good idea in theory and like I said I know people who are using things, like this on, a regular basis, but, you know I had my doubts but it saved my there so damn. Fast, we're, gonna see if we get tonight more times now and we're gonna try again also, if we go to the float tube we might get into other types of snagging situations, but I'm gonna keep this one in my box and keep evaluating, this one because. Yeah, that was a very very good start these guys can be found on eBay for a very good price with the link in the description, below now also see, if we can get these warm, seem to the can we go this Web shop because, yeah. It's a very very good tool that I think that I'm gonna bring in my fishing, gear all the time they, come in a few different versions. I think this is one it's like 200, grams this is a medium, sized thing, they, have some tiny tiny ones for a smaller layers that wants to damage you know if you have small balls like crankbaits and then they also have like 300 gram, super, heavy-duty stuff for your biggest. Pike lers it will slide, down and punch your lure and rig super, hard due to all the weights but this is to immigrant version should be good all-around option, for Pike and perch fishing and, if you using treble hooks these chains might hook, on to one of your travel looks and you can pull but it's heavy line instead of your theme wire, or four-carbon, main line and, then it gets straighten the hook and get your lower back which, is good for you your wallets and for our waters, we don't want a lot of lures on the bottom or rivers, and lakes and archipelagos so, this one or you know anything like it it's a must-have for all anglers so. Now we're getting to the river mouth to the lake here and if. It's gonna happen in the river it's gonna be here because we haven't had any action, whatsoever, inside, the creek. Don't, oh I. Can't. Believe it I can't believe it well fish.

Holy. Moly. Felt. Like it hurts. Meld. Well. No, action, for me in the river or the river mouth fair one perch lost but that's all so when I'm gonna head back to the car inflate the flow tube and head out on one of these lakes instead let's, do this. Cheers. So. In this blue bag here it's something. That I've been longing to try since I first saw it on f6 this year in Brussels and. It is the new platform. Jr. from our friendship 7 past design. So. You guys have seen me plenty of times using the platform excel, which is the big big brother of the flat form family it's quite big and quite you know heavy so it's not the best one to you know carry to you, know remove flakes itself so they came up with this one the platform junior which is kind of a normal-sized, throw tube but you know same design same everything as the platform excel we. Never tried it some super super, Thomas. All. Right launched. And ready to go you look at its beauty so. Cool colors let's, have a seat. Feeling. Of freedom so. This is the lake I'm gonna fish and I've actually never fished, this place before either, so now, I'm all relying, on this one to show me where the fish are I forgot, to bring a lanyard I'm just going to put it on what I'm going and, just leave it lying. In the water like, that and. We have the deeper floating so now we're gonna open up the app again and we're, gonna change back to boat. Mode now it's gonna use the GPS from my phone the other way the data from the sonar so, here we can see it starts drawing we have three, point six meters and. We. Start drawing this map I think. I'm gonna leave this one down here keep an eye on it and use the oars to see if I can find something good looking. So. It starts to drop off now I have four and a half meters and here you can see it's great two different colors on the maps. So. This is the place for fishing, we've been paddling from here to here, the very close to the shore and we have almost 8 meters of water so this looks like an interesting spot. Definitely. Places. Like this could potentially hold both sounder, pike and, perch they. Could all bite my flat nose me. Fish. On fish, on. Finally. Almost, gave up there for a while but now we have the first Fisher feels. Like a little perch yep. That's. What we have. Do. You have no, idea. How much you mean. Beautiful. Little fish right. On this deep, drop-offs, from 5 meters now I was testing it along this drop-off and boom. So, this is what she looks like the first fish caught, from my platform. Junior, and the first fish caught in this film. After, many, many many hours I think it seemed like 2 o'clock or something and now we get the first fish so yeah. She, means a lot haha, awesome. Let's. Go back and see if there are more there. You go bye, bye. There. You freaking, go mission, accomplished. Oh it's. So good so perhaps we'll track the code a little bit swimming, fishing, this lake now for a half an hour an hour maybe and we came to this you know very deep spot deep close, to the shore and a very sharp drop-off and this, is where we caught the first fish so, yeah. I'm super happy awesome. I think we have like one or two more hours to fish so hopefully, we can catch a few more fish. Awesome. Gonna. Change over to spinning, combo with a me Channel real insects are odd reason, being that I have a four-carbon leader this one instead of wire so. Let's. See if this, will make in a difference. Because. They seem, to be quite tricky. Just. Look at these beautiful colors I. Love. The fact that autumn. Is here. Fish. On first cast with a spinning reel haha a four-carbon leader I wonder. If that's. Indication. That you, know four-carbon is really. Making, a difference. Boom. Fish. Number two on, this black, oak away perch monkey, shad well. Look at this colors. Of fall. There's. Beautiful, face, this. Beautiful, orange monkey. Shad and it's you know red fins on his perch fish, number two first cat's word for carbon that's crazy. Let's, try, a few more cats. So. Here we have three point six meters close, to eight. Meters outside there and then, we're fishing this drop off with, the yeah, this one monkey shad in, the 14 grams bro, do yet if I would choose one head wait for fall perch fishing it would have to be somewhere around you. Know 14, grams 10 10 15 grams somewhere it's usually good weights when, fishing on three. To six. Seven meters, oh I. Think I missed one. So. We're estranged, seems like there's, one part, here in one porch area but we don't get more than one two bytes at, a time which, is a little bit strange because perch. Usually, runs in schools but not trading today now try this one, and that'll Nene just to try a different presentation, see if that's will, work better today but uh yeah, so far we haven't really seen any key, today.

That's. All oh. Yeah. Well. It's a perch. Thank. You. Fish. All. Yes. A. Lot. Of little perch. We. Go I. Tried. Fishing tools to this structure. Here below this little bridge. Thing and, we've had it perch, let's see if they're more. Snide. Into, something here. Probably. A treat. Completely. Stocked so I. Guess this is a good opportunity to try this one again sly, this one on. Let. It go down. Like. That. And. I'm gonna try to punch it. The. Real second. Punch and we're up why didn't I have one of these before where, have you been my entire life I could have saved hundreds. And hundreds, of lives over the years if, I just had one of these or build me one of these or anything better, late than never so. I'm. Gonna paddle my way back now where, long stick at form and then we're gonna quit fishing and on. The way back I'm gonna try this. One flat, nose meanie raid on a 21. Gram jighead just, I can make short casts, fish it fast close to the bottom and, bounce it really hard there, are sand right in this lake and I haven't, caught the sander this year so it would be super, cool if we could manage to do that but of course perch would also eat, this one of course so. Let's. See. Phish. Song. Feels. A little bit better hold, a big fish shell today oh it's. A small sounder look. At this. My. First sander, of 2019. Hey. Awesome. I put on this flat nose meanie with a 21, gram sprout. They get with Sandra in mind and first. Take first fish is my first center, of the year but would you have a look at this it's. A sander, smashed. Its fat nose meanie and this. Is the perfect ending on this trip I'm almost back where I launched the, flat form and I, think this is the last fish of the day maybe we I mean we have a few more cast but I think this was the last fish awesome. Ending super. Cool. Hooked. They're. So, cool, looks. Like dots on. The same right. So. Bye. Bye. Yes. Hey. Saul hey, Shawn. Nice. Fish again if he's like oh and, here we have a pike. Yay. This. Means that we just finished our. Stockholm. Grand Slam my first one ever. There. We go boom. Pike. On a hook so now we have Pike perch, and sander, and this, is my first ever Stockholm. Grand Slam I think I've done it once before but not in Stockholm but catching. Center pike and perch on the same day you know especially Sanders, nothing. I catch very often, so, yeah, it was super fun and I think now, we're like you know 50, metres from where we launched the platform so, I think this will be.

It For today but yeah this was perfect, ending so much fun. All. Right folks that, was it for today and it's time to head back home I have had a lot, of fun even, though the fishing hasn't been that spectacular, we didn't catch anything in that small Creek but, now I mean we caught almost, like four perch one. Pike in one sander and just you, know like two-three hours of fishing in a lake so I would definitely consider that an okay day in my book so I am super happy and I hope you enjoyed it as well actually, it was a long time ago we did a giveaway so I thought, it would be a fun idea to give away three. Of these retrievers. From some ear, I think they're called Billy training company this one saved me twice today and I'm pretty sure that I would have lost my alerts if it didn't, have this one so if you don't own one of these ler retrievers. I highly recommend you to get one of these and to, participate in the giveaway give, me your most heartbreaking, story. Of when you lost it learn in the comments below and I will pick a winner this week let's say on the Friday so yeah give me your worst stories, down below in the comments so. Yeah, thank you guys so much for watching, oh another. Thing those, deeper. Seminars, can now be found in a canal goddess webshop, finally. I use it all the time from, my fill tube from the shore from, the ice from, small boats and it's a very very good option if you fish from a lot of different platforms you know if I have a big bass boat or anything it might be good idea to have a more traditional summer, but if you fish, a lot from kayak, flow tubes sure, life deeper. Is a very good choice and this chair plus is actually super, super good I'm super, impressed by the details. And also the battery time is actually amazing on this new version yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching make, sure to subscribe up here if you haven't already all, the gear used in this episode can be found up here and feel, free to check out our other videos down here and here, so until. Next time bye it's lines.

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A few years ago, at a so-called flea market, I bought a box with lures from a gentleman. I still have some of them to this day. But there was a 5-inch pearl lure. I pulled a lot of pike on her, she was bitten, glued with a soldering iron (great patent) ... and one day I lost her. I have already tried to find out what a lure this is, but I don't know to this day. It was a bit similar to today's "pig shad". This is my sad bait story.

Two years ago I was fishing for perch in my local river, and I pulled out a perch that had a small wobbler salmo hornet caught at one anchor next to the snout. I was happy with the bonus in the form of releasing the fish from the wobbler, as in the wobbler itself. Unfortunately, I lost the wobbler the same day. So happiness in disguise. So it would be useful to have such a tool.

I lost 2 handmade lures in less then 5minutes. The first was from stampe, i belive it was celled levithian or something like that, the pike went around a pole and the line snapped, the second one was from svartzonker mcmio i belive it was and that went flying in the cast after as the line broke in the cast and landed like 30 out in about 9m deep water...

My sad story: I'm french and I wanted to be able to eat while camping all alone in Norway so I decided to buy a complete fishing equipment, 2 rods, many lures, wader, everything... without any experience yet, just advice from YT and a friend. First day, first attempt to catch a trout. I do all the knots and set up a spoon cause I heard they were very efficient for trouts. Threw it, stuck it... Impossible to unhook, impossible to get it back. I put my wader on and decided to go and get it myself. I approached, I slipped and felt into the freezing water... breaking my line and losing my brand new spoon for good. This was my first fishing experience ever.

I can remember accidentally kicking a full tacklebox over the side of a boat. That sucked

I lost my wife in the water, never could I retrieve her.

once i had a massive pike on my light setup. I was fishing my favorite ILEX squirrel dd67 "bone". I was not able to stop him go into the overhanging trees. not only did I loose probably my PB pike that day but also my favorite lure.

I definitely enjoy your videos. Very calm and excited. Keep it up!

Hi. I want to win a lure retriever because i get stuck most all of the time i fish(and thats like everyday) On my birthday I got a new lure and at the next day I got stuck. The water was really cold but I decided to swim in anyways. When I was like one meter from the lure I took the line and it snapped over my finger and I got a cut and did also lose my lure and also swimmed in for nothing

I lost the lure (small spoon) wich I caught my very first pike with due to wind that caught my line while casting. It got stuck in a tree on the shore and then my lure broke off tangeling from the tree

Long long ago I lost my favourite Minnow Spoon while fishing western coast line of Finland. Had a really hard hit and realized it's a big pike. Would've been my first 1 meter + pike, but as it jumped and shaked her head at the same time, my wire leader snapped. Both gone, pike and number one Minnow Spoon (pearl white with orange stripes).

I had been out for a few hours looking for my personal best pike in December. (Very cold temps here in Canada) sure enough I hooked onto my personal best pike but as soon as I set the hook, the rod snapped in half and we hand lined it onto land. I saw the pike. Wasn't big. Maybe around 8-10 lbs. (would've been a PB) but there was a manufacturer defect on the rod. Before I got to pick up the pike it flopped away, snapped my line and took my lure clean off and swam away. I'm still heart broken because this was about two winters ago and I have yet to catch a pike as big as that one.

I remember fishing with my fishing rod that I spent a while saving up and getting ship from Japan. I was very happy with it fishing with it a couple times. Well one day I casted my lure which it got caught by a tree and I pulled and pulled... Well the line snap losing my lure which was my favorite but what hurt more... My rod tip snap. I'm still hurt broken till this day losing my favorite lure but my rod I spent almost a year saving up...

Super cool video and nice fish man :) cheers from Switzerland. Join to my channel if u want to see some wild mountain fishing. Bye

I lost both my rod, reel and lure once. I put my rod down after pulling in the line. I had not realized that the lure was still in the water when i put the rod down. A fish slammed the lure 2 seconds after and I never saw the rod, reel or lure again...

"I feel like Jan B"

i had just bought a new strike pro buster jerk in the hot pike colour. i started the day with some other lures but they werent working so i changed to the buster jerk, first cast the lure goes flying into the sky and i remember being suprised at how far it had gone, when i went to retrive it the snap had completely opened up and i never saw the lure again.

when i lost my headbanger, still have picture in my mind of it flying away

Hoppas funkar på svenska med :D. Har haft fruktansvärda fiske pass, i år förlorade jag t.ex. 3 pigshad jr och 2 Westin swim inom 5 timmar.... Det är ganska svårt att inte fastnar i småländska sjöar xD. Mitt mest sorgliga betesförlust var under våren där jag såg mitt bete som jag beställde av en tysk betes-byggare, en ganska stor swimbait för 400 Kroner, flyga iväg efter bygeln på min stationär rulle stängde sig mitt under kastet. Var ute och dök resten av dagen men hittade tyvärr ingenting.

Det värsta som hänt var när kastade bort en av mina favoritjiggar i ett träd brevid ett strömmt vatten brevid ett kraftverk och den gick inte att få tag i :(

Jon B aint got shit on you broder. Skitfiske på dig

i have lost my very first headbanger snagged into a tree in deep water.....suspending perch color ,a fantastic lure ! i whish i had this retriever at the time :)

Många bra tips, tackar och bugar för videon. Denna text blev lite lång.. Men för den som orkar. Börjat jigga abborre i en liten (0,3-0,4km2) insjö, men det har gått väldigt trögt sen det började bli kallt. Sjön är ny för mig, men jag vet att den håller en del grov abborre. Ca 15 meter som djupast, ganska klart vatten. Tips på var jag hittar abborren nu när det är kallare? Tidigare har jag fått på djupkant till ett grund. Saknar ekolod (Deepern ser rätt intressant ut..). Fiskemetod? Jag låter jiggen sjunka till botten, gör några hastiga vev med rullen, låter sjunka till botten osv.. Tycker att det ser ut som att samma teknik används i denna video. Andra varianter man kan testa om det inte verkar vara metoden för dagen? Eller kanske bättra att istället testa dropshot eller helt andra betestyper då? Tar tacksamt emot tips från Er som orkat läsa texten :)

I spent hours throwing a lure saver at baits that I lost due to line break. Spend almost 3 hours retrieving an hand made jerkbait that cost me 30 euro's. But there were many more hours on many more baits

11:49 min MERDE

Dem här videorna med challenges typ är dem roligaste att se och man lär sig mycket av det! Fortsätt med det :)

could you make a video where you don't use any kind of electric fish detector such as a deeper sonar?

Once I threw one of my jiggs out that i caught my Biggest pike on and of course i got snagged and lost it so i was really heartbroken and i was like 6 years old so I did not tanke it easy...

I got hooked in my finger and at the same time my hooligan roach flew of in to the water!!!

I had just bought a dozen new lures, I was excited too say the least to try them out. After a few casts, i was stuck... in a tree from hell.. The lure would not move. So I started to swing my rod left and right, and got a hold of my precious lure box! 3 seconds later not only had a lost the lure that I was fishing with.. the lure box gott in as well. Thats how I lost 12 new lures in one cast... Great upload as usual!

I lost on January 2 the lure my father gave me at Christmas

I have only once lost a lure, but I've climbed high trees and swum so many times to get them back. The weirdest thing I got snagged on was a bicycle which I lifted out of the water to get my swimbait back.

Jag gjorde en resa i år med 4st tåg och buss byten, till en del av dalälven, full packning fiske saker, tält med tillbehör, mat, spritkök och hela paketet,ca 40kg packning, resan skulle vara i ca 1v,jag hade kollat upp platser på google map och skulle behöva gå strax över 2mil första dan, efter mycket om och men kom jag fram sliten och mörbultad, bara på kvällen innan mörkret tog över så förlorade jag 4 beten till stenarna i strömmen,på morgonen när solen steg upp förlorade jag 3 till, packade ihop och började nästan 2mil vandra mot nästa spoot, grymt ställe som levererade tangerat PB på gädda men också 3 förlorade beten den dagen, jag var så försiktig jag vara kunde men dessa 2 dagar och kommande 2 så hade jag förlorat 16 beten och alla tafsar var slut, jag fick avbryta resan och påbörjade en riktigt seg vandring på väg tillbaka till närmaste buss, jag hade sparat ett tag för att kunna ta mig på den resan som var otroligt efterlängtad, jag vill aldrig att det ska hända igen och hoppas att jag kan vinna en av dessa betes räddare, den skulle vara ovärderlig! Du är för övrigt en stor inspirationskälla för mig och jag diggar dig väldigt mycket, keep up the good work, skitfiske på alla kommande resor

var fiska du

Few days ago i was pike fishing, on Danube river. Tried every single bait that was in my backpack except one handmade vobler from my grandfather(he teached me how to catch fish), and didnt cought anything... Many hours later i decided to try that vobler, maybe he will catch something. But i was wrong, on the 3rd cast he got stuck in the rocks on the bottom, tried everything to get it unstuck but unlucky, tip on the brand new rod got broken, line snapped and my favorite vobler remain on bottom of Danube... Worst fishing day ever. On top of everything heavy rain started few minutes afther that...

Dope video as always Pontus. Why on earth would you call that stream, river or canal a creek? Is it a mini fjord? Doesn't look like it and I have my doubts as to that water being salty... You're in Europe kind sir!

Var i Karlskrona och körde lite landfiske och får en fin gädda på kroken. Gäddan gör en rusning och hoppar upp ur vattnet och skakar som en galning. Precis i det ögonblicket ser jag hur mitt fina handgjorda gummibete lossnar från shallowskurven för att sedan sakta sjunka mot åns botten. I vild förtvivlan slänger jag mig i bilen och åker till den lokala fiskeaffären för att hitta ett snarlikt bete då detta var det enda som funkat på hela dagen. Väl ute ur butiken och ett par hundringar fattigare hittade jag en hyfsat lik ersättare. Gör ett kast längs en fin vasskant hinner veva in 5 meter sen blir det stumt?! För någon millisekund tror jag att det är en fin gädda men glädjen övergår lika snabbt till en frustration då jag inser att jag sitter fast... STENHÅRT. Gör allt för att försöka lossa draget men inser att det är kört så linan brister till slut. Så på några sekunders fiske vart jag av med mitt nya bete. Nu när jag kikat på din video inser jag att det troligtvis gått att rädda tack vare "draglossaren" du använde. Tack för grymma videos som alltid! (Y)

Hej Pontus. Wonderful video as usual. Would love to win one of those lure retrievers because I most fish rivers where there are many snags. I think I loose like 4 lures every time I go fishing. It would save a lot but also stop my wife complaining about the lures I loose

I have that saxa rod

Fan bra

i once lost the last one of my favourite pike lures that the company had discontinued therfore it was very hard to find another but somehow i managed to find one. i was really happy. i went to a reliable river to try it out but in my first cast i had a massive back lash and broke the lure of and had to watch it float down the river away from me. (by the way i havn't found another one since)

When I was like 10 years old I had a pink #3 Mepps spinner. I caught pike, trout and perch with it everytime I went fishing. One day when I was fishing for pike I forgot my wire leaders and still used my Mepps lure. Then a pike around 2 kg took my lure and bite right thru my line it happened right next to me. It's sad because that pike probably didn't survive and that time there was no shops in Estonia which would sell nr3 pink spinners by Mepps

Hehe, went fishing for trout at Gömmaren, and after a loooong day without any bites whatsoever, i decided in the evening to try my most precoius pike lure(knowing that the lake holds pike aswell). First cast in the shallows, snagged a tree and there goes my 250kr precious lure ... It wasn't even a nice cast :)) next summer thinking of going there and retrieve it :D

What about using a magnet. I casted my lure in a river and the line snapped and the lure flew next to the shore. I thougt about using a magnet to retrieve it

There are two lures I remember. One is crankbait for asp. After measuring and releasing of my PB asp 82 cm forgot to open spinning reel in a 1st throw. It sunk down. I can't find this colour in shops anymore. Second lure is Headbanger I brought for almost 400 SEK on my 1st trip to Sweden. It was a lot of money and I still didn't brought that expensive lure. I snapped it away on the first day of fishing. I don't need this lure retriever, I've got one similar. Make lure unsnapper!!

Loving the random seeming stuff pontus.. relatable! Also since a short while i have a bellyboat. So really enjoy that! Most shitty lure loss is with my fishing in Amsterdam ofcourse.. i had a day at which i lost way more lures than i caught fish

Tidigare i somras så blev jag av med en rödvit Hi-lo wobbler efter bara 3 kast med den efter att ha fastnat i en trädstam

I was so excited when I saw the molix beetle top water lure in your other video because I was fishing in an area that was full of water lilies and this pink beetle was my savior. Let me say I was fishing at this spot 10 times at least but did not catch anything. The pinky however delivered and I had my first take on it, reeled it out next to the pier I was on, but kinda lost hope by that time from not catching anything so did not take my net, and when tried to grab the mouth of the pike, the line snapped...was devastated but also realized top water is the key, so quickly went to Motonet, bought a daiwa top water frog and after 3 hours of tireless casting, caught the same pike, and his mouth was pink!!!! Had the beetle still hooked so got my first over 2kg pike and my pinky back, however I did loose it for a couple of hours technically ...:D

how i lost my best bait…. me and my friend was fishing like we used to to after school and i had "nylonlina" on and its snagged me in the air and i saw the bait just sinking and the bait cant be purhased anymore and ive used that bait for YEARS and i mean many ears and im sad because the bait was a safe card every fishing time so thats a rip

fajnie ze sa polskie napisy :)

Dziekuje za polskie napisy

I remember when my brother bought a deep diving crank bait and he was so excited to fish with it and on the first cast he threw it in weeds and broke off

En fait , sans ton sondeur , tu fais rien , perso c est pas de la pêche. Mais ce n est que mon opinion... Bonne peche

That sucks

Hello to you :) Two months ago I went to my favorite lake to catch some perch and maybe more. I ended up with catching one 89cm Pike (PB at this time) on a Zalt Lure in a special color. One cast later i got stuck on a big tree 3,5m under water and lost my 4 year old Zalt wobbler after I tried to dive for it. I went home and nearly crashed my car in a turn because I was mad and drove A BIT too fast. That was a heartbreaking day in two ways. ^^ Petri and more luck to you, Mo.

Last year I was fishing trout on a windy day. I managed to get a small trout on a pink/purple colored lure. It was one of a kind lure and a couple of casts later the line twists around the rod by the wind at the same time I´m making a cast. The cast breaks the line and I´m watching my lure fly away in to the sea. Have been looking for a similar lure but I have not found one yet...

Shadowrap shad äre som gäller i dessa miljöer =).

What bag is that ?

An older version of this one. Love it!


i was fishing with my family and i just got my new shimano curado dc and my favorite bait called babybite. so we was fishing for a while and i just got a monster perch but while i was going to net it i fell into the water and lost my rod and my shimano reel i was so mad and wonder how could that happend to me...

That really sucks man, I've never lost my rod but i have broken many. It is very frustrating.

You said Sander in the video. Is this the Swedish Word for Walleye, because in German we say "Zander", which sounds kinda similar

Yup thats what he meant but they are called 'gös' in Sweden, i Always thoght zander was the English word for it lol

Still looking for somebody taking care about the german subtitles? I can also offer spanish and french. Feel free to message me ;)

Super film.

At the beginning of the year I was fishing for trout and I wanted a branch or a tree and tried to unhook the lure so I pulled it so badly that it broke my fishing rod. so I lost not only the bait but also the fishing rod.

I think i know where you are!

Once i got fishing to the other town, when i left my car i saw i left all my lures at home and had only one on my rod, but i lost it after a few casts.. So this thing would have saved the day!

Betwen, enjoying all of your vids, keep it up!

in my case there is some magical power that does not allow me to keep a lure when i have caught something on it. even 3 days ago i lost my first ever nettel laken the day it was delivered :( .great video by the way this was another beauty.

great video

I have lost 2 , 17 dollar z-man jackhammers chatterbaits in one afternoon

Nice video!Greatings from Serbia

My worst time losing lures was when i lost an entire box of perch lures in one week. :( (I didn't drop the box, i lost them one by one)

Bästa avsnittet någonsin!

Varför pratar ni engelska i varje video?


Det är folk från andra länder som också kollar!

Nice video!!! Wanna fish some day in holland again?

Good video really enjoyed it thanks

1 :)

Dont keep zannder out of the water more than 30 seconds they could die

So, there is one lake where i love to go fishing with kayak, kinda big lake for kayak, so trolling is good choice. Last year i cought 2 decent pike using Tommy the trout 25cm, later that day Tommy was snagged and lost in the depths :( Few weeks ago there was a tournament on that lake, so i bought another super expensive Tommy via ebay (not available in my country) Got my first fish, super happy! And then, snag again, damn! Took me 30 minutes just to brake the braid (not easy to pull 0.30mm from kayak). And no bites for the rest of the day. I ended up on 4th place, no medal, no prizes for me :( If only i had that tool to retrive winning lure…

That was a week ago, I get my package from KanalGratis and I hit the water. Nicely set up a Flatnose Shad Motorpike and makes two casts,on third cast I catch nice pike 86cm and I was super happy, I released fish and make another cast , then I don’t know why but the stay lock broke and I lost a lure and stinger . I was super angry

Great video Pontus, well done on the slam. I was hoping so bad you would catch in the creek, might be worth another try. Tight lines.

I just bought a really cool wobbler and decided to go fishing with my friend. At this evening I catched my first pike (about 50cm), but sadly I got stuck later. So I decided to jump naked in the water and get my special lure back and it actually worked! :D Great video and greetings from Germany! :)

You Should try a Jaza-M Lure Saver. Best there is.

The saddest story was when I made my first homemade lure, I cut my hands in 4 places, I used some 10 meters of wire to make connector rings, I stained the whole room with paint, but I was proud of my first homemade lure. unfortunately I went to the lake and broke it on the first cast. I tried to extract it in such a way that I dived behind the line, but the place where it hooked was about 8 meters and I did not want to risk it. now it is swimming somewhere at the bottom of the beautiful lake "garlic" in Poland. I am sad to this day. it wasn't the most beautiful and best made, but it was the best because it was the first.

Fastnade med min helt nya vibrax i en å när jag var mindre. Hade inge pengar så och va rätt stolt över draget då de hade levererat ganska bra dom få kasten jag han med. Så jag vadade ut i forsen och tappade min ena foppatoffla så den försvann med strömmen. Så vart av med draget, nästan all lina, tofflan och fick en utskällning när jag kom hem...

Once I bought one Rapala lure for 10€, and 10 min later i lost it. and than I try to save the lure an lost 2 more at same place.

Are you swedish?

On my birthday did I get an Holigan roach of my parents. 2 days after driver we to blekinge and fish pike after 10 min were my holigan roach stuck on the bottom of the sea. I tried to dive down and release it. But the wather was so cold so I gave up. I’m we’re so fu*king angry. I’m we’re so angry so I wanted to go home directly and brake my guitar.

Bravo pour cette superbe vidéo et pour le travail quant à la traduction et au sous-titrage en Français ... Merci à toute l'équipe Kanalgratis ... vous êtes formidables ... Continuez comme ça ... :-)

Jag fångade ungefär 15 abborar o det är väldigt mycket för mej så när jag fångade de ungefär 15 abborarna så fastnade det draget på botten o jag försöket simma i och hämta det men jag hitta det it

Sehr cool

There was a time when I was fishing in a new lake and using "nylonlina" and then it just said pang oh so the bait was gone.

I am from Poland and recently thanks to you I became convinced to surface lures, I bought molix supernato bettle and from the first fishing I had a lot of bites thanks to this bait. I caught a lot of small pike, great fun! I fell in love with this lure and finally took a larger pike and entered the thickets, stayed there with the lure :( The worst feeling in the world

Odzywać się Polacy

joli coup de pêche

Congratulations the fishing was amazing, beautiful fish, this place has a lot of fish, I loved it. Hug and good fishing!

Got stuck in a log or something when throwing a super expensive piketubefly for spinning a couple year's ago.. next day I got snagged in the same fricking thing with some other bait... but it got loose and I got it up, with my pikefly on it !! :p

I've fished inte the creek lot's of times. It's 3 min from my house! got lots of pikes and perch! If you go back try and use minispinners with lots of color, works for me!

I am a person who loves to fish in summer. One year when I turned up to farmers and grandfather, I turned age (10) years. I got a bait that I used the day after. And we would go fishing and pike and we fished and had general fun. then after a few hugs I got a big pike on which pulled off my bait. the pike was probably 6 pounds. I had such a bad conscience ´. because I lost the other day. and the tow was so expensive.

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