Fintech Analysis: Vechain Price & Thor Blockchain #VET #BTC

Fintech Analysis: Vechain Price & Thor Blockchain #VET #BTC

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Hey, everybody, today is. September. 9th, 2018. Welcome. To, uh Brandi Kelly crypto trader aka the boasts, of Bitcoin, we. Will be discussing. If. You, should buy be chain what is V chain black tech chain technology, behind. The product as well as the technical, analysis, for crypto, trading, it. Should be a very informative. And, then we'll also look at the number one Facebook group in the world some of the conversations, been going on over there so, if you want to win some free Bitcoin, stay, tuned hit the thumbs up button all we need to do is get 50, likes on, this channel and we. Will be, giving, some BTC. Away, for. This video I, will. Be back in about 20 minutes, hopefully. You pick a winner. You. You. You. You. You. You. Alright guys we got about two minutes left. 38, viewers live on it here right now everybody, hits that thumbs up button then, somebody, will. Be winning some free Bitcoin, at. The end of this video so hit that thumbs up button we'll be back in 90, seconds. You. Alright, alright. Let. Me get this thing. Up. Here. Let's. Do it. Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin. The creased up of crypto. Is your boy BK and if you own like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as you can see I'm here, live, on the air with, the number one Bitcoin, group. In the world hashtag. One, Bitcoin. They, are the inspiration, for today's video a, few. Days ago I said. You're, sitting on one Bitcoin and one about a dip what, would you do vote, below right. And by far 35, people the, number one comment was, to by ve. T which. Is known as V chain so, that's what we'll be discussing today is it a good opportunity what's, the technology look like was, the charts look like you, know and and and house the, house. Kind of a future, on the horizon looking for this new crypto. Technology. If. This, is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as a crypto trader and I'm the boasts, of these charts as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit, as a result, and today. Is no exception. So go ahead pay, it forward 36. People live on air right now somebody, should, be able to win some free Bitcoin we got about 30 likes right now that's not enough hopefully everybody, that comes on hits that thumbs up button I will give away some free BTC. At the end of this video but, until then we, go keep it on wheels and keep on rolling and go. On to the next discussion. Point this is the website be, chain. Dot-com. Right, and so, just. So you guys know this, is strictly, informational. I'm, doing, this on behalf of, my. Community right, because they said you, know this is where they would put their money so this isn't a paid endorsement this, is literally, branding, clicking, through Google trying to pull charts, together and you know websites together to get some information to pass on the other people that might find it valuable. So. When we look at V chain they, say that a world's leading blockchain. Platform. Offering blockchain, as a service, that's gonna be a big word over the next two years bass. Blockchain. As a service, to enterprise, for products information by leveraging blockchain, technologies. And a truss free, distributed. Business, ecosystem. Right. They. Are their, own platform. Very. Similar, to. Aetherium. And Neal, and. In doing a little bit of research I've learned that. Their. Founder. CEO, is actually. A UH was. A very big influential. Executive. At I want. To say Louis Vuitton, right. Sunny Liu is a big Louis, Vuitton executive, and so when he, made v10 he designed, it to be able to accommodate. Luxury. Retail. Brands. Right, and that's, a huge huge huge market I haven't seen too many coins, that come out, focused. On, this. Aspect. The right. There API gateway. Service, right so, every store you walk into that gut you, know products, on the shelves three four five six seven hundred dollars plus these. Guys hope, to be partnered, with them to facilitate, that. Distribution. System, right, and. We. Can talk a little bit about that, this. Is the video I wanted, to just play it a lot of times when I do these walkthroughs, I like to play the video that way you hear it in their words I. Am, in the chat so if for some reason. You know it lags out or doesn't, work. You. Know just let me know and then I composite, and we can talk over but, I'll play this real quick so you guys can hear for.

The. Chain events, its proprietary, chipset, with a luxury, products giving, each product, a unique ID on the V chain for broke chain brands, can track the whole journey of each luxury product, upload, key data to the V chain or drop chain at each step using. Blockchain, technology, friends, can monitor their sales channels, in real time preventing, illegal / stock trading, consumers. Can check the authenticity of, the product simply with a mobile app brands. Can provide additional product. Information to. Customers charting. The story behind the product customers. Could even craft their own stories, creating. An emotional bond, with their products, by uploading their moments, to the B chain platform, user. Generated content offers, brands valuable, feedback and insights into their customers, so that they can optimize, their brand experience, and CRM, strategies, v, chain is an invaluable companion. For sellers on secondary market places offering. Swift painless, product authentication. No, brands. Can nurture even, deeper relationships. Between their products and customers, the, chain puts control back into the hands of brands, making, luxury retail, transparent. Seamless. And dektor driven. So. There you go hopefully that came, through clearer for you guys. It's. Essentially, again its own platform they talked a little bit about, having. Their, own blockchain. Platform, social. Media with. Real-time engagement that, also focus, on design packaging. Display. And. Then. The logistics. Behind the, business distribution. As well this was a big chart tracking. Uploading. The. Whole b2b. To see, distribution. Channel is huge. And. That's that's a major major major. Opportunity. For anyone. Building. Blockchain, interfaces. To get. Their get their brand known and really really I'd be able to partner with these big luxury, retail, providers. On. A scalable. Real, world usable. Product. And and. At. First I was a little confused because I was like what is this Vette coin what the hell is Vette is this like you, know I was a something for dogs like what it what is this but then I forgot that V chain used. To be been ve in and I did this whole rebranding. Thing to. Where it's a V. Chain Thor. Let's. See what did I call it the thorn oh yeah V chain thorn notes so that's where the v ET comes, on and. And essentially, the thorn node is gonna be a proof. Of I think it's a proof it of. Equity. Networked. Where you can have master node systems, and then also it's a utility coin. With. A destructive. Kind, of a. Destroyable. Currency, kind of like gas with neo and gas or aetherium, and gas to. Where the. Vet, the ET is kind of the currency, and and the, Thor, is the. Utility. Token, that you use to move the currency around on the vitae network right, so it's very similar to aetherium, having. Guests, or neo having. Gas it's. V chain and then this whole V Thor BT, right, so this was a pretty big rebranding. Thing they did a couple months ago and, as a result, their data in the market, is a little bit limited now we're gonna go over to, trading. View to. Look at the buy Nance chart but I want you guys to know if you didn't see the a Bitcoin, review at the yesterday, make sure you. Click in my videos just click over one video from yesterday and watch the Bitcoin chart I did to, where I broke this thing down, with. Regards, to what to expect in the next coming months and, even in the next coming weeks right, so, if you click on the link in the. Description, for trading view you'll be able to come to this page here type my name in BD Kelly 1203, trading view calm one of the top publishers on. This platform, and. Today, we will be looking, at. Beating. The new data ve T so, let's go ahead and, check. It out right. Because. If I type in ven, it still, pulls up this stuff, let's see finance but you can see it basically like fell off a cliff right because, this really, doesn't have any utility, anymore. In the market, and it's not even available July, 23rd, it stopped being available right, but. The et is. Where we're at right now. Ok. That that's, a different, story right there right. And this is on a daily what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go down to it 343. Doesn't. Look bad the. Only thing I don't like about this, is that the. 231. That's, all that we got right so that's not a lot of data to go from we, do have one, little quick cycle here, obviously, a big fall off here, if I, wanted, to get, some type of a. Correlation. Between that I probably could do it top to bottom on the 7 right. And you. Can see that that still holds pretty well, with. The with the 6 1 8 crossover. And. Let's. Make art 231. A little bit darker, there we go. When. I jump down to the 77, I. Could. Tighten this up a little bit. Everybody. If you're just now joining. My channel and tuning in thank you for. Your patronage. Hit that thumbs up button one time I do appreciate, every, single one that we, get and then uh all. You have to do is type, in chart like a boss on YouTube and that'll help teach you how I make my method and how I do all this stuff.

It's. Really very simple but. Just tech watch that playlist and that'll help a lot this doesn't look bad right we had a huge fall, off now I'm down to a 33, so this is a quick cycle this is a quick formation. Right, but, uh biggest, thing I notice. Is that. That. Down energy, a. Lot. Of that's gone right, um. And because, we, have, a. Lot. Of down right. Now pulling, us down and we're. Flat that's. Actually a very, very very good sign especially knowing that big coin you, know went, down big-time. Recently. And this thing held up I'm, pretty, confident, that when this positive, energy returns, in the middle of September we. Could have a breakout. Here. September. 16, somewhere in there so if I was, gonna chart, that. Don't. Look like that. Yeah. So the biggest thing to note with this one is you, kind of have where, in between. Basically. It like I say we're in limbo land, but. This is the big area, to keep note of as long. As, we. Stay above that area then. This, positive, energy come in here will lift us higher right. But, if we get below that area then, that negative, energy right there, could, push us lower, I don't, think, we'll. Go even, if we did go low I don't think we would go lower than. This zone right, there right. And that's that would put, us on top of a 786. Right. So. It's like 2. 1 9 it's kind of a swing point right now we're at. 235. So, we still have a little bit of a, buffer tear and I. Would. Be buying anything under 200, knowing. That we have positive energy coming back in September, and, we. Have strong, strong strong support, see, you right there it even tapped, it and confirmed, it we, got strong support, at 195. So. I would be buying at 200, I don't think this thing is gonna break down if, anything, it would go down to about mid to 20s. But. It does have a decent little upside, and ideally. Once. This market recovers, we, should be able to get something, like that. What. Is this. On. A healthy, market and that's 32, percent, that would be about 300. Put. Us right back to where we started. This. Down cycle, at and once. We break out of that then we will be on an, actual, bull, market, so this is kind of like a crypto, correction, you, know new coin. Speculation. Kind, of limbo land period, right so it's not a lot of strong. Information. For me to go off of it's really just what if what if what if what if what if right. But at the end of the day you know I do like the technology, a lot I think it's a really. Good coin positioned. In a strong, consumer. Facing market. When, we when we when we talk about these opportunity, in business schools this is a b2b, to see play. An. Aggregator. So to speak on a distributed, network, creating, their own interface. This, is what I tried to convince my, bank to do back. When I had a 401k, and a cubicle, and the name tag on the door and all that good stuff they, they weren't listening so I said okay thank you have a nice day you know and I traded my cubicle, my 401k, in for my phone and a conscience and now I'm helping you make money told, him to look by Bitcoin one Bitcoin was six hundred bucks they looked at me like I was crazy you. Know but these guys actually know what they're doing and so they're taking this aggregator, model kinda to a b2b b2c, concierge. Aggregator. Interface. Doing the supply chain logistics on, back side with the QR code on the blockchain, added. To you, know what chain coins that capabilities. Throw the.

The. Destroyable. Utility. On top of it with the V Thor got. A nice cool little logo. You. Know and an executive. C, suite office you, know that it has real world experience, I think they have that about 50, different developers. All. Over the world right now they have a distributed, master node system, so. So it's the equity, that's. Tied, into the community I think it's I think it's a great opportunity and you know I you. Know just wanted to recognize the community, members for bringing that up to my attention I would, not have been talking. About this point if you, know it. Would have been so many people this. Enthusiastic. About it, one of the questions we have in the, chat is how. Much will I expect V to go up about, it in the q4 I think I just talked, about that I said up to 300. This, is a. That's. A that's probably, too quick right, there to be honest but. I know 320. Is kind of gonna be my macro. Area. So. This. Is on a 343. So, all I'm gonna do here. If. We, just did this let's, do a Fibonacci, extension. From. There to there. We. Would be out of this cycle about a middle of October. This. Would be. Our. Breakdown. Zone right here. Pazzo. Down and. So. I would, say October, November somewhere. In there. If. Not there then. There and, so. Those are your. Opportunities. Right, first in November. And. Then whatever that day is probably to end of December, right so, it'll be some you, know cycles, that it goes through but. It's. It's pretty positive you might be up you might fall, you, know like I said this is kind of limbo Linn right here what we may fall. Down there. If. We do get a big sell-off and these CJ, B's move their money out of the market but at some point it will be returning, up here. It's not a matter of if but when right. So, I was good question man appreciate, you being and chatted you know attentive, to the market. Good. Oh man there you go guys that V chain it's not bad again. We do have some resources available, balsa, Bitcoin comm click. On crypto, trader products that'll take you down to our, profit.

Package Type seven coins every seven days, for. The movers shakers and money makers in the market I'm gonna make a simplified, version it is probably a monthly, package for about $35. That. Way if you just wanted to get one list, a month you'd be able to do that but for this list you actually get a new, list every, seven days so four lists, per, month for. $100, knocks, down the price and helps. Keep you more up to date and then a boss alert. Messages. If, you and the chat do me a favor shout your country out I'm coming back to you guys in about thirty second, but, boss alert messages this is where you can put down to pick, up six like a boss first. Priority. And exclusive, updates you get 24-hour access, to, me via our private, messaging. Platform, and. These guys get, weekly. Market. Updates, on the trends that influences, the macro to micro you. Know Bitcoin every time I do a Bitcoin video on YouTube I actually go tell it to those guys you, know a day or two beforehand. Just to get the information out there and make sure you, know they're accounted, for with. Regards to the knowledge and foresight and market, so if you're looking to make some moves then the boss alert messages is for you and also we do have one-on-one. Lessons available with myself and on in crypto you're gonna click that little button right there to, learn more, about that, the, biggest thing is the resources, that we have, trading, huling, the-- and twitter, you know chart like a boss playlists you already know the number one bitcoin group in the world you know everything, alter. Different communities you, know I try to make available accessible, you, know and cleaned. Up so that way you don't have to worry about pumping, them so you don't have to worry about, you. Know big, connect referral, code ain't none of that you know there's just people helping people like the good old days so. What we'll do now is. Jump. Outta here, and go, see. If we can bring our chat up real quick. What. I'll do is I'll just. We. See how many likes we got cuz I'm good I'm done man.

39. Lights and, then go do it try, it again tomorrow I get y'all one more. Let's. See who we got rocking out in the chat with us right now. So. Yeah come, on in a number, one Bitcoin group in the world check out the products, available on the website and then. Um, let's. Shout out our people get, up out of here, AJ. Holding, down for a land oh I forget. What area code that is down there Raymond. James Stadium, I do believe, Netherlands. England. Scary, that is a scary, place I wouldn't, be one one walking around here by myself, ciao. What's going on, stay, late for BK preciate. It anybody. Else anybody else I guess. Y'all quiet the day K Archie I see you in the chat good to see you Corey Madden, live, on a Sunday getting it in seven days a week man I'm saying back back, back for, the first time you, know I just, got off a plane not, even two hours ago, came in jumped, on this chart you know made. A video right now I'm about to enjoy Monday why some fantasy football India. Cali, New. York, there. You go guys you can see a global, community. Click. The button subscribe, hit that thumbs up button come, on in join the money team the, doors are always open, this. Is one of the most effective. One of the most profitable and monitor one of the most empowered. Crypto, trading communities, in the. World Point, Blank period with. That being said it's. That time of the day signing, out Bose, boy, became, no matter where you stay Brazil. - Bay California, all. The way back out boom jerk, money, good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time. Retweet. It refreeze, team at hashtag copy, and paste this video, texted. Somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate, my sky affiliated, what a dupe till. We meet again stay, cryptic, y'all please.

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