FINAL with Voice Over Digital Testing Accommodations Fall 2018

FINAL with Voice Over Digital Testing Accommodations Fall 2018

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Welcome. To the digital accommodations. Overview, for the SAT, suite, of assessments. This. Presentation, will cover the following topics. Ensuring. That the appropriate, accommodations are, requested, approved. And configured. As needed. For, students with documented disabilities a. Brief. Overview, of the AI our test, delivery applications. An, overview. Of digital, schools test coordinator and SSD. Coordinator. Roles. Including. Assigned. User roles and permissions an. Understanding. Of common accommodations, for digital testing in the SAT suite, with, a description of the digital accommodations. And accessibility tools. Including. Universal tool sets and embedded. Versus non embedded accommodations. And supports. Next. We will look at how to manage student, test settings in the AI our, test information distribution, engine. We. Will review the SSD, online, requirements. And policy. For digital accommodations. With. A review of digital alternatives, to paper-based, accommodations. And how paper. Testing, will be an accommodation, request, for digital testing, we. Will review which digital, accommodations. Are allowed in the standard room, finally. We, will discuss the need for pre testing students, to, ensure functionality. With assistive, technologies, and to, help students become more familiar with the test environment and. Additional. Resources and, an appendix, is provided, for reference. Testing. Accommodations. For students with documented disabilities are. Available. On all College Board exams but. Services, for students with disabilities. SSD. Approves. Accommodations. For only some of them such, as, CB. Approval, required, SAT. And PSAT. 10. Accommodations. Approved by schools. PSAT. 8 9 note. Once. Approved by the College Board accommodations. Can be used on all of these exams, you, don't have to make a new request. Therefore. If a, student has a documented, disability. IEP. Or, 504, plan it is, best to start the approval process as early as possible to ensure that the student has the required accommodation.

For, Any tests, that they may take including. SAT. And SAT Subject, Tests. Psat/nmsqt. And. PSAT. 10. AP. Exams. Timeline. The. Request process can take seven weeks and does not begin until all required, documentation, is received if additional. Documentation, is required or if, a request is resubmitted. Approval. Can take seven more weeks it is. Recommended, that all configurations. In the test platform, be, setup at least 24, hours before test, day. AI. Our, test delivery, applications. All. Of. AI RS applications. Are web-based and includes. The test information, distribution engine. Aka. Tide which. Supports, test coordinators, throughout the testing process, tide. Includes features which allow test, coordinators, to manage user and student information, monitor. Test progress, and execute. Administrative, functions. The. Test administration. Or TA, interface. Allows. Proctor's, to administer, and monitor, the student testing on test day, the. College Board or. CB. Secure, browser or. The. Student testing, application, is used. For the pre administration. And student, testing. Schools. Must have the C be secure, browser installed, on all test taking computers, before, administration. Activities, can begin, please. Note that the expression, student site student. Interface, student. Testing application, and secure, browser are used. Synonymously. Also. Please. Be aware that. States that currently use an AI are secure browser must. Also install, the C be secure browser in order, to administer the SAT and PSAT, tests. Lastly. We. Have the digital test preview, which, allows both students, and staff the. Opportunity, to practice, taking and administering, the digital test with. All test, day testing, features, the. Digital test preview, is a great opportunity for students, with accommodations. With, assistive, technology to. Pre test the functionality. Links. To all the applications will, be available on the digital testing portal. Access. To tied the, TA interface and, the, CB secure browser or student. Testing application. Requires. Login. Credentials, while, the digital, test preview, is publicly.

Accessible. User. Roles and permissions. Each. User has a role such. As a district, level user or, a, test, administrator, level user each. Role has an Associated, list of permissions, to access certain, AI our, systems, and features. Test. Coordinators, and SSD. Coordinators, as users. Of the applications. Have, the system role of digital, administrator. And can, access the test administration. Interface, to, administer, tests and the, tied interface, to, manage student, information, student. Test settings minute. Rosters, monitor. Test progress, and print, test tickets, the. Proctor as a, user of the applications. Have, the same role of proctor and can, access the test administration. Interface to. Administer, tests, and the, tied interface, to, view student information, student. Test settings and rosters. Coming. In spring 2019. A new, rule for the e L coordinator, will, be created, with similar, roles and permissions as, the SSD. Coordinator, in order, to manage and provide designated, supports for. English learners. Determining. Digital accommodations. Follow, similar considerations. As any, and all accommodations through, the SSD, online, process. The. Accommodations. That schools request for students, for the SATs, suite of assessments, should, be consistent, with the accommodations. They use for taking assessments in school, we. Recognize, that some terminology. Used in the creation of, an IEP or 504. Plan, may. Differ from the College Board nomenclature. Digital. Accommodations. Will not appear, in SSD, online, but, the digital alternatives. Will be accepted, for. Example. Students. Who typically had assessments, administered, with the mp3 audio. Format, will, be able to test digitally, with the text-to-speech, accommodation. Students. Who, typically had assessments, administered, with, the ATC. Format, and/or. The Braille format, will, be able to test digitally, with the assistive, technology test. Setting with Braille figure, supplements. The. School can determine the best option in consultation. With the student and family. Universal. Tools digital, accommodations. And non-embedded. Accommodations. And tools, the. Digital embedded accommodations. Are similar, to the accommodations. Provided, for the paper and pencil administration. But, simply, delivered, through the testing platform, the. Universal, tools and accommodations. That are digitally, delivered components. Of the AI are tests. Delivery system, include, embedded. Universal. Tools which. Are available to all students, based on student preference, and are, provided, as digitally, delivered components. Of the AI our test, delivery, system. Accommodations. Are available for, students for, whom there is a documentation. Of the need for these accommodations and, are, provided, as digitally, delivered components. Of the, AI our, test, delivery, system. Non-embedded. Universal, tools and accommodations. Are delivered. Outside the testing application. Non-embedded. Universal. Tools which, are available outside, the test delivery system, and can include scratch, paper. Bilingual glossary, x' and translated. Test directions, for ell students. Handheld. Calculator, for math calculator, section etc. Non-embedded. Accommodations. Are available. Outside the test delivery, system and can, include separate. Setting scribe. Reader. Paper. Braille test forms, etc. The. Various, tools accommodations. And supports, include. Universal. Tools not, requiring, CP approval, or. Configuration. In the testing application. Include. Mark. For review, online. Calculator, for, the math test calculator. Section, notes. Highlighter. Line. Reader strikethrough. Student. Clock zoom. In zoom out. The. Digital accommodations. That require approval, CB. Approved or state allowed and. Configuration. In the testing platform, include. Assistive. Technology, color. Contrast, font. Size, masking. Mouse. Pointer. Streamline. Mode, text-to-speech. And four, function, calculator in. Addition. It will be necessary to document in the tied system, any non embedded, accommodations. And tools that will be administered, such. As modified, settings, use. Of a reader or scribe. Handheld. Calculator. Translated. Test directions, word. Toward glossary, x' cetera. Embedded.

Universal, Tools a list. Universal, tools available in, the test delivery system, include. Calculator. For, math tests calculator, only an, embedded. On-screen, digital calculator. For calculator, allowed items, that, appears when students, click on the calculator, button. Note. For, function, calculator available in, the math test no calculator, section, is for, students with prior approval. Context. Menu this. Menu allows, a student to access, test directions, and tools such, as a highlighter strikethrough. And. For review. Expand. Button a feature. That allows a student to expand, a passage section, or the, questions section for easier readability. Highlighter. A feature, for marking desired, text, items, or response. Options, with a color. Line. Reader a feature. That a student can use as a guide when reading text. Mark. For review a tool. That allows the student to flag items for future review, during the assessment. Navigation. Buttons, buttons. That allow a student to move between test pages either, forward, to the next question or back, to the previous question. Notes. A feature. That a student can use as virtual, scratch paper to make notes. Questions. Drop-down list a list. That allows a student to quickly navigate to specific test, questions. Questions. That were marked for review display, marked. In this, list, strikethrough. A feature. That a student may use to eliminate those answer choices that, seemed incorrect. Student. Clock, displays. The amount of time allowed for the test section, upon. Starting the test the, student clock will begin to countdown at 5. Minutes remaining the, student clock will turn red and provide, a pop-up warning message, zoom. In zoom out, a feature. That enlarges, the text and images, on a test page. Embedded. Universal, tools. Images. Of the universal, tools in the navigation, bar and the context, menu are, provided, as an example of how students, engage with the student testing applications. The. Images, are from the student Digital test preview, and the, global menu may change based, on the test that you're taking for. Example the. Math test may include a calculator, and formula. Sheet which, you will not see on the reading writing and language, or optional. Essay. Types. Of College Board digital accommodations. We, begin with the category, of accommodations. That integrate, with assistive technology, the. Assistive, technology or 8e, accommodation. Is the, digital version of the test an alternative. To the ATC. Format, delivered. In the student testing application, it, enables. The use of assistive technology software, and hardware, example. Screen. Readers refreshable. Braille devices, etc. Like. The ATC, format, accommodation. It, must be given with a hundred percent extended. Time on the, writing and language section, and standard. Time for all other sections, unless. Approved for, extended, time. The. Permissive, mode is. A test setting that is applicable for students, who use any pre-approved hardware, or software with. A secure browser it is. Automatically, set for students, with the 80 accommodations. As mentioned, above. Student. Receives time and breaks in accordance, to documented. Need. The. Next category for the types of college for digital, accommodations.

Is The, visual assistance, tools, that, include color. Contrast, which. Displays, the test with a different, background or font color all, available. Options are listed and examples. Are provided in the appendix, section, the. Mouse pointer, adjusts. The mouse cursor, to, match color, and size preference, in accordance. To the color contrast and font, size accommodations. All available. Options, are provided in the slide. Additional. Visual assistance, tools include. Streamlined. Mode, items. Are presented sequentially. Without a split screen for. Example, items. With passage, sets will display the passage, above the items this. Is automatically, set with the assistive technology, accommodation. Because. The typical behavior of screen, readers is to, read from top to bottom and left to right and this, presentation. Style works best it is. Also required for, Zoom font, size greater, than level for, the. Various, zoom levels are present, it keep. In mind that they must be manually set in tide, the. Zoom font size accommodation. Sets. Font size test content presented. In accordance to documented. Need it is. The digital alternative. To large print all, available. Options are listed on the size and comparable, print, size equivalencies. Are provided. In the appendix, the. Next. Digital accommodation, category, is the, auditory, assistance, tools which, include the. Text to speech or, TTS. Which. Allows parts, of the test to be read in the, student testing platform. TTS. Is the digital alternative, to mp3, format in, order. For the TTS, to be properly set you, must first select the on option. And then. The, TTS, rule for, how it should render for each test, section. Students. Receive extended, time and extra, breaks based. On the TTS, rule read. Text only or read, text, and graphics, on all sections. The. Text-to-speech rule, determines. Which parts, of the test are read aloud with options. That include, read. Text, only default. Student. Receives 50%, extended. Time, read. Text, and graphics. Student. Receives, 100%. Extended, time. Optimized. For screen reader, automatically. Set for assistive, technology accommodation. Another. Digital, accommodation. Category, is the concentration. Assistance. Tools which. Includes, masking. That, allows students, to block off answer, choices or any, parts, of the test content an. Example. Of the masking, tool is provided. In the next section on managing, student, test settings and tied. Starting. In fall 2018. A for, function, online, calculator, is available, for, use on the math test no, calculator, section with, prior approval. The. Last category of the digital accommodations. Is the timing which, includes many of the same options that are available in, SSD. Online, with a few additions. Standard. Time default. No. Approval, required. Standard. Time with breaks, student. Will receive standard. Time with breaks that. May include extra. Breaks extended. Breaks breaks. As needed, etc. Approval. Required. 50%. Extended, time. Students. Will receive 50%, extended. Time for all applicable. Sections, with, approved, extra, breaks. 100, percent extended, time, student. Will receive 100%. Extended. Time for, all applicable, sections, with approved, extra, breaks, the. Following, timing configurations. Are also available, in the digital testing platform, but, are not available options, in the SSD. Online, process. 150. Percent extended, time. Student. Will receive, 150. % extended, time for all, applicable, sections, with, approved, extra breaks, can. Be requested, in SSD. Online, under. The, greater. Than 100, percent option, with, documentation, required. 200%. Extended, time, student. Will receive, 200%. Extended, time for all applicable. Sections, with, approved extra breaks, can. Be requested, an SSD, online. Under. The greater. Than 100, percent option, with documentation. Required, and the. Last option other. With documentation. Student. Will receive time. And breaks based, on the documentation, needed can. Be requested an SSD, online. Under. The greater than 100, percent option, with documentation. Required. Note. Students. Must use the entire time for which they are approved, student. Will automatically. Be approved with extra, breaks for. Any of the extended, time configurations.

Managing. Student test settings, now. That we have completed the overview of the digital accommodations. The, following slides provide information about, the tied applications. And how, to manage test settings all. Student. Has settings information. Example. Extended. Time, TTS. Etc. Must. Be configured and tied before test, day to, ensure student. Access to the digital test. Tied. Synchronizes. With the secure, browser and ta, interface. To, accurately, reflect all, student, information, across all, testing. Applications. Some. Accessibility, features, must be enabled before test day for, individual, students, testing with accommodations. The. Test settings and tools drop-down allows, the, test coordinators, and SSD. Coordinators, to, view and edit accessibility. Features and accommodations. For. Students approved, allowed. To test with an accommodation. The. Accommodation. Settings in tied include, all of the accommodation. Categories, we covered previously, including. State. Or College, Board approved, accommodations. Integration. With assistive, technology. Visual. Assistance, tools. Auditory. Assistance, tools. Concentration. Assistance, tools. Timing. Scheduling, tools. General. Testing, tools, note. There are three sets of attributes in, tied that, can be configured, at a student, level, accommodation. Type, non-embedded. Accommodations. L, supports, coming, spring 2019. Accommodation. Test settings. Please. Remember that for SAT and, PSAT. 10, the, accommodations. Should be requested, approved, by SSD. Prior. To entering the settings in the tied application. When. Each section, is fully expanded, you can view the available options, including. The student's demographic, information, the. Following, slides will provide further details for each of the accommodations. Settings. The. Tide system does not currently have integration. With SSD data, test. Coordinators, and SSD. Coordinators, are, instructed, to identify, whether any of the accommodations. And settings. Our College, Board approved or state, allowed and to. Specify if any of the accommodations. Are non-embedded, for. Example, permission. For food medication. Wheelchair. Accessibility. Preferential. Seating, sign. Language interpreter, for test directions, etc. Accommodations. For the SAT and PSAT. 10, must, be approved by the College Board services. For students with disabilities. Student. Accommodations. For the PSAT, eight nine are decided. By the students school and do not need to be reviewed by the College Board. Please. Note state, allowed accommodation. Student. Test scores are not eligible to be reported, to colleges, universities, or, scholarship, organizations. For. Any accommodations. Being administered that are not listed in the accommodation, sections, such. As modified, settings reader. Scribe. Paper. Test books etc. Test. Coordinators. Or SSD. Coordinators, should select. YES for, non embedded accommodations. This. Information. Was previously, covered but it bears repeating as it is an important, step in the test settings process, that, should not be overlooked. The. Assistive, technology. When. Set to on it enables, the use of assistive technology, software and hardware, including. Screen readers. Jaws. NVDA. Voiceover. Zoomtext. Etc. Refreshable. Braille, devices and other, technology, designated, to support individuals, with severe vision, impairment, or blindness, in order, to enable access to a computer.

The. Eighty accommodation. When turned on will. Include the relevant, TTS. Accommodations. Example. On an. Optimized. For screen reader and enable. For permissive, mode test. Coordinators, or SSD. Coordinators, will, not have to set these tools when. The assistive, technology, is enabled, for, each of the test sections. The. Permissive, mode allows. Students, with screen readers or other assistive, technology, to integrate, with the secure, browser. The. Visual assistance, tools, including. Color contrast, mouse. Pointer, streamlined. Mode and zoom. Font, size can. Be allowed in the standard room if no, other accommodation. Is given, that, would require being, placed in a non-standard room a. Screenshot. Of the test setting category, of the visual assistance, tool is presented. To show how to enable, these accommodations. TTS. Technology, or speech, synthesis, provides. Textual alternatives, to written text, and non text content. In digital assessments. Verbalizations. Or audio presentation. Of text can, be useful to students who are unable to access test, content, due, to visual disabilities. Example. Students. Who are blind or visually impaired. Or, due, to learning disabilities. Example. Students. Who have difficulties, decoding, words in the process, of reading. Text-to-speech. TTS. The. TTS, accommodation. Provides a delivery mechanism for, audio presentation. For, students not using, a screen reader. TTS. Also. Allows this to control aspects, of text, delivery such, as what is read and. Depending. On the platform the, voice. Text-to-speech. Rules, read. Text, only this. Rule enables, the need of screen reader software to. Read the text on the screen and only the text on graphics, it is, intended for a variety of student, disabilities, including. Visual cognitive. Or print. Read. Text, and graphics, this. Rule enables, the need of screen reader software to. Read the text on screen and the, alternative, text descriptions, for graphics it is. Intended for a variety of student, disabilities, including. Visual cognitive. Or print. Optimized. For screen readers, this. Rule is only enabled, for integration, with the assistive, technology, devices, including. Screen readers, example. Jaws, NVDA. Etc. And refreshable. Braille displays, are. Beedis, to. Read the text on-screen and, the alternative, text descriptions, for graphics, it is, intended for students with visual impairment, who are using 80 devices. Refer. To the 80 resource. Guide at digital. Testing, college. Board org. For, required computer, configuration. For TTS. The. Only concentration. Tool available, in the digital testing application. Is masking. It. Can be used with items options. And/or. Passages. The. Timing scheduling, tool provides. Various, timing options, based on the documented, need because. Of the variety of timing, requirements. For various accommodations, the. SAT, P. SAT 8. 9 and PSAT. 10, digital, accommodated. Testing manual, provides. Several different, test administration. Scripts, that can be used with the timing selections. Some. Important, distinctions, will need to be noted when setting up the various accommodated. Rooms including. No. Self pacing. Students. Must sit for the entire duration of, extended, time requested. Students. Approved for extended, time for reading must. Receive extended, time on all sections, of the test.

Students. With various, section, timings, example. Extended. Time for math yell. Students, with 50% extended. Time. TTS. Rule based timing. 50%. Or 100%, extended. Time should. Be placed in rooms that correspond. To their specific requirements and, accommodations. An. Embedded. On-screen, digital four function, calculator is. Available. In the math test no, calculator, section. Coordinators. Should enable this tool for students who have received approval to use a four, function, calculator on. Section. Three math, test no, calculator. Accommodated. Timing for TTS. And assistive. Technology or. 80. Accommodations. For. Text-to-speech. TTS. Accommodation. For. The SAT. 50%. Or a hundred percent extended. Time for TTS. Tests. Over two days, for. PSAT, eight nine. 50%. Or 100% extended. Time, testing. Must. Occur on a single. Day, for. PSAT, 10. 50%. Or 100%, extended. Time testers, can. Test over two days with permission, for. The assistive technology. Students. Testing with an 80 accommodation. Should test, with standard time with. A hundred percent extended, time for the writing and language section, unless. They are approved for an extended, time accommodation. Tests. Administrators, including Proctor's. SSD. Coordinators. Etc. Will, be selecting, the timing option designated, for their room any. Students. That have a different timing setting than what the room has been assigned will, not be allowed to enter the test session, the. TA interface will, generate, an error message if a, student's timing settings do not, watch the timing settings on the test session, if a. Student needs to change rooms from. Standard, to non-standard. No. Irregularity. Report IR is needed, if the, student can be readily assigned, to an accommodated, testing room, that corresponds. To their accommodation. Room. Changes, must, be made prior to the start of timed testing, if any. Student, is moved to another room after. The test has begun the.

Proctor Is instructed, to report this as an irregularity. The. Digital proctor clock is available, in the TA interface, for standard time only, the. Digital student clock is available, in the student interface, for. All timing. Schedule. Variations. Students. Can hide or unhide the. Clock by, simply, clicking on it. This. Section, provides information, on, the digital alternatives, to paper-based, accommodations. As a. Reminder, schools. That are administering, a digital test in the SAT suite, of assessments, should, test all students, in the digital mode, for. Those students, approved. To test on paper as an accommodation, those. Accommodated, materials, will be provided, as ordered. Some. Possible guidelines, considerations. For SSD. Decision-making, if. Student. Is blind or has a significant. Visual impairment, and reads. Or is learning to read Braille the. Student may test with assistive technology, optimized. For screen reader with, Braille figure, supplement, if. Student. Has an identified, reading based disability. That, affects the students decoding, fluency. Or comprehension. Skills, the. Student may test with TTS. Read, text, only or. TTS. Read, text, and graphics, if, student. Uses text-to-speech, audio, books, or receives. A read aloud accommodation. During instruction the. Student may test with TTS. Read, text, only or. TTS. Read, text, and graphics, if. Student. Uses text-to-speech, or. Thieves a read-aloud, accommodation. During. Other accountability. Assessments. Example. PARCC, smarter. Balanced, etc. Or other. Class, or district-wide, assessments, the. Student may test with TTS. Read, text, only or. TTS. Read, text, and graphics, if, someone. Teacher. Paraprofessional. Another, student, parent. Regularly. Reads aloud to, the student in school as an, instructional, accommodation. The, student may test with, TTS. Read, text, only or. TTS. Read, text, and graphics. If. There. Are no other accommodations. Or student, test settings then. Students, with the digital alternatives, including, zoom color. Contrast. Magnifier. Tool and larger. Font size and, the, other visual, assistance, and concentration. Tools such. As mouse pointer, streamlined. Mode and masking. Are permitted. To test in the digital standard rooms, these. Tools are embedded, in the test delivery system, the. Zoom and magnifier, tools don't, require setup but, a bigger font size must, be managed and tied. Digital. Alternatives, for non-standard, testing, rooms include, for. Braille the, digital alternative, is the assistive, technology with Braille figure supplement. For. Braille graphs the, digital alternative, is the assistive, technology with Braille figure supplements, for. Mp3 the. Digital alternative, is TTS. For. The ATC, format, the, digital alternative, is the assistive technology with. Braille figure, supplements. Please. Note that these digital, accommodations. Require, management of student, test settings and tools in tied. Students. Testing with the 80 accommodation. And using. A screen reader and/or. Refreshable, Braille device, for the math sections, can. Request pre. Emboss tactical, math graphics, as supplementary. Materials. These. Materials can, be requested on SSD. On, and ordered, through the test ordering system, toss. The. Digital testing portal this. Site contains the most up-to-date information, regarding. Digital testing, for the SAT P. SAT 8, 9 and PSAT. 10, we. Encourage, you to visit the digital testing portal at digital. Testing college. Board org. And practice. Giving the test in the digital test preview, and have, students preview, the digital test experience. Pre. Testing, 8e devices. Assistive. Technology, devices can, be tested using the digital test preview, through, a secure browser as a method, of determining if a device works with the assessment, in, addition. Schools. And districts can use the digital test preview, through a secure, browser to.

Evaluate, Devices, to, ensure their functions, are consistent, with those allowed, by the College Board services. For students with disabilities, if. The, digital accommodation. Supports, within the digital test preview, do, not meet the student testing needs the. Test coordinator or SSD. Coordinator, will, arrange for alternate, accommodation. Supports, such. As paper test book reader, etc. The. Appendix that follows includes, helpful resources, such, as, example. Of TTS. Rules. Streamlined. Mode color. Contrast, samples. Zoom. Font, size print, equivalence. Timing. Charts. Examples. Of the TTS, rules and the alternative, text descriptions, are provided, the. Read text only accommodation, renders. The alternative, text short, description. Or, textual, equivalent, for an image regardless, of, where that text resides, the. Alternative, text short, attribute, is intended. For a variety of student, disabilities. Including. Visual cognitive. Or print. The. Read text, and graphics, and optimized. For screen reader renders. The alternative, text long, description. Where, the equivalent, alternative. Text short, cannot. Be presented, succinctly, and therefore. A long, description is required to convey the information. The. Long description attribute. Is intended, primarily for, screen, reader users or, those. Who use the native speech synthesizer, but. Require the detailed description to process, the information in, many. Instances, the, descriptions, are similar. Example. Equations. Expressions. Etc. Because. The information, needed should only include information, that, provides context. And not superfluous. Visual. Features. In. The. Streamlined, mode the, items are presented sequentially. Without a split screen for. Example, items. With passage, sets will display the passage, above the items this. Feature is automatically, set enabled, with the assistive, technology 80. Accommodation. Streamlined. Mode is required for zoom font size greater, than level 4 for optimum, presentation. Must. Be manually selected, and tied or. Turned. On. Example. Of the streamline mode with zoom font. Size level, 5 is presented. To highlight the need for the linear presentation. Of the, item passage, set. Example. Of the streamlined mode with the assistive, technology 80. Presentation. Is provided. To highlight the modifications. Included. For screen readers as compared, to the standard presentation. The. 80 presentation. Includes, on-screen. Text to. Help visually, impaired students, to interact with the content. Examples. Of the various color contrast, options, available in, the digital testing application. Are visually. Presented. More. Examples, of the various color contrast, options available in, the digital testing application. Fontsize. Equivalencies. This. Is a useful guide for determining the digital equivalent to the large print fonts. Timing. Charts for the SAT P, SAT 8. 9 and PSAT. 10. Please. Refer to each of the respective digital, accommodated, manuals, for. Specific details including. The scripts as provided. In the SAT digital. Testing accommodated, manual. PSAT. 8 9 digital, testing accommodated, manual. PSAT. 10, digital, testing accommodated, manual. We. Have come to the end of the presentation. Thank. You for joining the digital accommodations, overview. Contact. Information, is provided I. Encourage. You to please review, all the resources, provided on the digital testing portal at digital. Testing, college. Board org.

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