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Howdy folks and welcome to another no man's sky guide today. Will be fully going over the exosuit, upgrading, his slots the technology, and their interactions. Obtaining. Accessory blueprints, and the best layouts for the way you prefer the game so, let's start with the slots and default Arrangements. Exosuits. Have three types of inventory, main, technology. And cargo, may, not just standard inventory slots capable, of holding a single of the large items, or 250. Of the small type a large, item would be something like gravity, no ball or defense chips shielding, sheet etc, these, small items are things like iron plutonium. Nanoclusters. And more the. Main is also capable of having technology, installed in its slots but we'll get into that shortly the, technology, section can only hold technology, modules and upgrades the cargo can hold double the quantity of small items so, 500, or 5, times the quantity of large items so 5 these, slots are the same as a starship slots when, you start your game you'll have 12 slots in your accessory main, and for sizing your XOC technology, the maximum possible slots, each section, may have is 4 decks lots of the main 12. For the technology, and 25, of the cargo allowing, for somewhat huge storage potential to, upgrade slots in any of your exosuit, sections, you must find either a drop pod or an exosuit, upgrade, unit, within a room that requires, Atlas pass version, 2 to enter this, upgrade station, allows you to purchase a single slot in one of your sections for a price dependent, on the slot you're buying for that specific, section, the. Main section starts, with 12 and the first upgrade is actually free but. From then onward to upgrade the main slots, it will cost you 10000, units more than the last the slot 14 is 10k slot, 15 is 20k, so 16, is 30k and so on to the last slot slot, 48, being. 350,000. Units technology. Stars have four slots and doesn't go up in the same incremental, pattern as a main the, five slot is want that in units the sixth slot is 5,000. Seventh, is 10,000, even, keeps going up with 30,000. 60,000. 100,000, 200,000. And finally. 350,000. For the final 12 technologies. Koko's. Oh it's the most expensive of all with the first one starting, at 50,000. And going up in increments of 50,000, until slot 12 where, it caps a 600,000. Units so, 1225. Or cost 600 thousand units each but, great in your accessory to its fall capacities, along an expensive, but very worthwhile endeavor, you will cost you a total, of 19, million one hundred and sixteen thousand units for, all exosuit slots which, really isn't that bad it's, about the cost of max s-class, exotic. Ship which are surprisingly, some of the cheapest, top-tier ships out there your. Main exosuit, section will have a few bits of technology installed, by default this. Is how you don't instantly, die these, technology, modules the jet pack has a protection and life support, none of these technologies, can ever be moved or removed this, causes great anguish to those travelers, trying to min/max their exosuit, capabilities. As a jet pack is always in the top left slot with the hazard protection dudes right and the life support below, this, prevents you from connecting your jetpack upgrades, to you for greater returns, and on, that note let's move to an explanation and technology modules and their interactions. So. Technology module is a broad term that covers all technology, in the game from freighter to exosuits but today we're just talking about the accessory technology, including. The ones you've installed by default there, are a total of 34, different accessory technology, modules, and upgrades though, there is no will need to have every single item installed, at the same time some. Merely serve best is our best available, until you have obtained the blueprint for the high level one many, the technology modules interactive, each other depend on where you place them in, simplest terms I have a multiplicative, nature, it, is the same as Y hyper drive of great placement matters, this does not affect although if, we start with the jetpack module, and upgrades the jetpack upgrades have this multiplicative, value, so, the best placements is to have both the Sigma and Tarot grades touching the Vita the Vita is the strongest upgrade with the tau being the next Rangga, stand Sigma being the weakest, by, having the Sigma and tail to to the theta both, of the lower power upgrades are gaining the benefits is the most powerful to, break it down a little the main jetpack a unit has value 3.5. The, Sigma has a value of 1 tau, has two and the theta has three in this circumstance, each jetpack main module, cannot be reached by the upgrade, so let's ignore that for a moment if you place the feet on its own you would merely gain the extra 3 provides the.

Same Deterrence, Sigma but, if you move them together with both touching the theta you get the standard six they provide with an extra naught point 5 4 including. The original module not setting them it gives a total maximum of 10.04. Just, for laughs if we use to save edits to move the jetpack main module, and put it with the upgrades it, would reach a maximum of ten point one nine this. Might be loading you expect and there's a reason the, main module can contribute to a multiplicative, nature, of an upgrade but does not have the same nature itself having. Guided the town Sigma both touching both the theta and main module, or the main module touching the theta will give the best result this, is because to have both the tower and these two touching the main module, would mean that the terran theta are not touching each other which, is more beneficial the. Jetpack, main module, is upgrades only affect each other and not any other module or upgrade so, they make a one-take, type next. Is has a protection this, is the largest group of technology, in the x a lineup consisting. Of the main has a protection module as well as five different sensors specific, protection, that each have three upgrades, these are radiation, deflector, coolant. Network thermic. Layer toxin. Suppressor and aeration membrane, being, named up with self explained turret they cover the four main hazard, elements, as well as the aeration membrane, which covers breathing underwater the. Aeration membranes, arguably, the most useful out of all as underwater you can't gather zinc or titanium to refill, as well as a standard holding of breath not being enough to get to the bottom and back of moderately deep oceans, ignoring. The fact you also one time while there with. The Lisa one membrane upgrade you could at least take copious amounts of zinc titanium. Or shielding, consumables, and just keep refilling it to increase your time there now, these upgrades are tricky little blighters they, actually increase, their effectiveness by, placement, or at least they say they do by the number they boast but this is in fact not true thanks, to Kat the walking wiki and a few others who have tested this they do not actually add what they say they do when placing next to each other there is no multiplicative. Bonus, when it comes through any of the 15 different hazard protection, upgrades or the main module, because. Of this it is best to do one of two different methods you can either not have a permanent, has a protection upgrade, and when, you need it simply create the Sigma version the Sigma is incredibly, cheap at fifty carbon and 100 iron lion, and carbon are abundant, on most planets the Sigma won't last a whole lot of time but it will do in a pinch when, two sigma runs out don't refill it just disassemble, it for half of the materials, back and rebuild it it is built with a full bar and this method is cheaper than refilling, it the, other method, is to build the theta only refill, ii when you need to and, that's badly for that one defeated, Terran sigma all costs are saying to recharge, so, the theta is by far the most efficient, this, long with them not having any advantage, to connecting really to the means that is pointless to have more than the theater itself the, aeration membrane, theater though I would argue is more useful just. Due to the huge amount of time it gives you underwater, they're having to recharge or think about next. Is a life support there are only two upgrades, in the main module in this category, this, one is a little strange the main module and both upgrade all has a multiplicative, bonuses, from being next to each other yeah as the main module, is the lowest in power at one or, the Sigma is one point five in the tail two is most beneficial to arrange them with the tail touching the main module and the Sigma touching the tail this, will give you total of four point eight three so. Four point eight three times the default time and the life support before it runs out and needs to be recharged also. Only the main module ever needs to be recharged, and adding upgrades doesn't, increase the recharge, cost this. Is a preferencing. Really, even a default you were in generally get into trouble you can make the power gels and buy them super cheap but my preference is to have them both as, I have to worry about it won't have a lot less also, on the super extreme planets default, does not last long at all then, there is the health modules, there are three, and they don't pair with anything each, one regardless of level give you one extra hit point when your shield and protection, etc fail, in, all honesty, this is pretty much pointless on normal for anything other than filling, the empty spot in the technology, section you may have in. Which case if you're just using one then go for the Sigma it's the cheapest and provides the same benefit, for theta now.

In Survival, and perm death situations, this would be king if. The protection there are kind of five this group of five are grouped as they all connect to each other there, is the three shield boost upgrades, there is a way to call them upgrades there's no main module to upgrade but, there is a sigma tail and feed to shield boost they'll, give you an increase in shield strength there. Is also the hazmat gauntlets, and the remembrance these, to give them no actual, protection themselves. When connected, to shield boots are great they do increase their power so, these can be arranged in many different ways to give the maximum shield, strength of 1.73. I would, suggest you play around with it on care to loud editor, linked in description until. You work out the arrangement, that provides a 1.73, shield, strength and fits, the space you have you, should be able to arrange them to fit any gap of five touching, slots and reach the maximum they, are very useful upgrades, for shielding, and require no maintenance which, is fantastic, also, the hazmat gauntlets are required to be able to harvest a number of crops the, remembrance, without giving any spoilers allows, you to interact, with some stuff the. Last category of accessory, upgrades is as owner enhancements. There are three of them with no main module like the shield boost which will be noted thereby no main model I mean no physical, module in your inventory main, module status could be given to the shield and Sprint bars on your hood these, stamina, enhancements, increase, the length of time you can swing for or the speed of mr. bar depletes however, you wish to think about it the difference is significant, - we all three will make sure that you are able to permanently, switch between sprinting. And jetpack boosting, without, ever having to walk like a schmuck this. One is nice and simple they, don't benefit from connecting, with each other so, just place me in any way you like in your golden or, that's a fairly huge ass list so let's look a way to get all of these blueprints, as you start the game with hardly in it. So. There are 34, different modules most of which require a blueprint, to build or, you start with three that cannot be disassembled. And so never need building so, that leaves us 31, you, can take another one off as you start the game with the stamina enhancement Sigma blueprint and then, there were 30 or but, - these remaining 30 blueprints, are simple together it can be mightily frustrating. And take you a few, hundred hours if passively, gathering, as you play or still many hours he focused, on gathering there are obtained primarily, from Kovac star systems, by way of the blueprint vendors, in Space Station's these. Vendors sell blueprint for nanites nanites. Are gathered in a few different ways you, can get them from the barrels that drop them sentinels upon death you can find them in damage machine we've dotted around all planets, after fixing them you can get them from little terminals, on the inner walls of structures, found on the planet services, as well as behind the Atlas pass version three doors in Space Station's destroying. Cargo, pods on a freight that contains a nanites as a reward, from completing, missions in the buried storage contains of crashed freighters, and also, from aliens found anywhere through speech, specifically. The bar to speech option, and, on our blueprint vendors will sell toys specific, groupings with a few anomalies these, being ghek for starship blueprints, Viking, for multi-tool blueprints, and callbacks for exosuit, blueprints, like I said there are a few anomalous, which is a conflict scanner for your ship being available from corvex vendors, but, all the 28 accessory blueprints, here are all gathered from corvex vendors, the, vendors will each have, blueprints available for purchase the blueprints available, random, free system, are static, so that system will always sell their set of ten blueprints, for, accessory upgrades and anti costs of the blueprint, will vary between as low as 50 for the aeration membrane, Sigma, to 360, for the jetpack boosted meter when, compared to the cost of ship of great blueprints, they, are quite, cheap on, top of this earth as with all blueprints, and then on our vendors, they also require, you to be of a certain rank with the racist faction, the, rank varies, depend on the upgrade it scales similarly, with the cost it, may send a little demotivating, on us say that it could easily take your 100 plus walks to find all of the blueprints, as the last few are always a real bitch my, last one took almost 40 warps to find regaining all of them is a big achievement in, the game and, is only such a big deal because of the expensing, time and after the exhaust finding, them the last of the third Arnab, taint incorporates, blueprint, vendors are the hazmat gauntlets, in the remembrance, the, hazmat gauntlets, blueprints are quite simple to obtain and does not require the hell of orangey to get these, rewarded, by the armory in your base after completing a little mission for him you gain the armor about half way through the base missions in, case you're confused the one talking about the base missions, is a large quest line surrounding your player bases, is obtained, when climbing a system for yourself for a habitable base on a planet in the system where no one else currently, resides once.

You Claim habitable, base you can build an overseas terminal this, will make a quest available, that starts the whole big chain after, a few them he will instruct you to build a weapons terminal, this, terminal needs, to be staffed by armor no surprise it's a Viking he'll, then give you a little quest and blammo has my gauntlets blueprint, the, remembrance however is a whole of the deal you requires you to complete both of the biggest questions, in the game to both obtain, the blueprint and to Bill to. Obtain your members blooping you have to complete the artemis quest line i don't actually have to say more than that to point you in the right direction but, i'll mention her just started off in the upcoming spoiler section i'm. Going to talk about some spoilers here now folks so, if you do not wish to hear them skip to the point in the video flashing, on the screen now alternatively. Pause and find the time stamp with a point flashing, on-screen now for a little accuracy, also, say few words it should guide you mister building without spoiling anything after, the spoiler section okay, you have been warned. So. To start the Artemis quest line you just need to play a bit this includes warping or maybe finding a portal it's, not fully known what the actual trigger is but I think it's similar to the trigger for anomalies and space battles, soap two five walks in a bunch of time just exploring in search of engineer you'll get a communication. From Artemis and bingo bango that's, a start, to do that quest line which can take up to eight hours and will require you to have done all of the base missions, complete, and, at the end you'll get a remembrance blueprint, now, to build this boot isn't of the story this requires the Atlas path and as you'd expect pretty much the entirety of it you need to get it just before the end after you've visited almost, all of the Atlas interfaces, and picked, up the nine different blueprints starting, with captured, nanos and ending, with heart of the Sun you. Don't need to birth the star reset the galaxy etc once you have the heart of the Sun blueprint, you're good as a hard-ass Ernie's one of the two items needed to create the remembrance, to, start the Alice path you must talk to NADRA anomaly, and choose to be given help in pursuing, the Atlas path this, puts you on that quest line you can do it over a very long time and pick it back up again later from nada you'll, get a location, on your galactic maps, and existe with an atlas interface just, go to it and follow the galactic map waypoints, and visiting and interacting, with each one to, get an anomaly to show up you need to play for about three hours or so and then walk five times the, fifth should present an anomaly, if he shows a battle, not an anomaly just warp again as, far as I know these. Three hours doesn't need to be a single, session, okay, so spoiler, section over a non-spoilery, version. Is simply, Atlas path that's, all I'll say it's enough to get there eventually so. Now we've covered obtaining, the blueprints, let's go as the materials, required to build these bad boys. All. Of these exosuit of great require various different materials, to craft some, of which are rather than knowing together I think, going over each blueprint, individually, with each resource, requirements. And such would be a tedious waste of your and my time so, instead I'll quickly go over the less common resources that these upgrades are quite to build and, give you a quick explanation of where to find them, aluminium. And gold are both sometimes annoying, to find the best way to find these is just to scan the planet in whichever system you are in if, none of them have gold while dominium walk to another and scan the planets there do, this until you find one with those elements and harvest from the larger posits if, you are in Euclid upload the portal address for planet with gold on and what with aluminium on fairly, close to the gates in the description, both.

Krishna And titanium, should just be bought from Space Station's this, is by far the easiest method, they are cheap and not worth your time to actively gather from a planet's surface they, are too rare for how much they cost, gravity. Nobles are found on planets with extreme sentinels, I think, that the only lush also, but can't be certain effect by, the way I've put a portal dress to a planet in Euclid that has them only requires, two glyphs to dial two if. Those in Galax is different to Euclid have addresses for these resources, please note the address and the galaxy in the comments and I'll compile them into a single pinned comment for this to use aqua, spheres are a bitch they don't show up on planetary scans but do show up on a fuss again and, without being said they can sometimes pop up in non space station trade terminals, literally nuclear thanks to Zen a slave there is a portal address and requiring two clips in the description, will, sent you to Planet Earth Aquos phasing ocean caves and, lastly. Oh my god this, one had me stumped. Until I found out an easier way to get it winter gains Ernest later rescue, here if you, have afraid it's almost guaranteed, your galactic trade terminal, if you build on of course on the, freighter will sell on the gun otherwise. It's not found in the wild had come very rarely, be found on non space station terminals. In. Class exams or fashion, I've created a tool for every occasion after this one I've built into the shopping list type thing, this, tool tell you exactly what you need resource, wise to build your exosuit, up just follow the link in the description, to the exosuit, resource calculator, and select, the upgrades you plan to get and it'll tell you what you need now, what makes this condor awesome is are programmed, in the ability to select your blueprint, by pasting in the URL, from, your layers if you use ket's layered editor, - planet just, place a full URL, or at least a part that goes after dot IO and the, calculator, will auto-detect all you selected, in the layers editor, and tell you what is needed to crust it all are, thinking about in support - Otto rank you for you in the most efficient way possible but, that's a version - type thing and now, let's move on to the final, part the exosuit, belts are various different occasions. So. Here are a few accessory, bills for different circumstances, they are all linked in the description I, would have both having a look and making any changes, you want to the best suited one there's, no perfect one that fits every single person as we've, pretty much everything Kyle make it all about guidance, towards the best thing for you this, also seems that you have every slot unlocked in your technology section, so if you haven't you'll need to make adjustments are, there just, remember what I've said about the interactions, between each upgrade offers time. Stamps in each section of the video as it's, so Utley huge to aid you in jumping, around to different parts, the first build is the Explorer a normal, build it, has max jetpacks, print shields, and life supports, the highest math and remembrance. And the Thetis. For all hazards, you could not include the hazard meters and just build the sigma for each circumstance, as you travel but for prolonged periods of time out on planets I personally, prefer to have them then, you can just activate the appropriate one, with the charge when a stone comes in or if you are at a particularly extreme planet, this, is for normal mode size not included the health modules, all five, has a protection, and the three stamina, enhancement, mods do not need to be where they are they, have no connection bonuses, so move them however you like these, second build is just a survival and permanent version of the Explorer this, time with the added health modules, as with, the normal version the five hazards, three sprints and also.

Now The health modules are not locked for position via connection, bonuses, so, movies you see fit the, third build is a ninja built in normal mode focusing, on a player who's unlikely. To spend for long periods, of time in harsh environments, and instead, has short quick stop offs traveling, mostly by ship it, has four shield sprint and jetpack with membranes and hasma and an, added aeration, membrane theta to both fill the spot and technology, but also as it's super useful to breathe underwater when needed for, this build our device carrying a stack of carbon, and iron around with you to build a Sigma, hazard protection, if you find yourself a little further from your ship than you intended in a storm and have no grenade launch to make yourself a cave stamina. Enhancement a narration membrane, locations, are not locked down in this build the, fourth I should expect is just a survival and perm death version of the ninja this tom had added live sport and health modules. And the aeration membrane, removed number. Five is the shutting this build only requires five slots in technology, and could be done with the initial four you start with all it has is a jet pack theta for getting around your base of these all, three stamens, for the same just, drop the Sigma so you only have four slots and the hazmat for handling your crops if, you have the slots unlocked into the exact placement here, it is laid out to be expanded, to any of the other bills later on once you leave the safety of your four walls to find that special item you've been tucked away farming, for everything. In this build has no connection bonuses, to do you like but, if you plan to expand later on you may use to consider future placement, and that's. Bad if the build really I think those sets kind of cover everything the everyman kind of build its Explorer, so that is likely the main build have, a play about with kept calc and then pays you our own two binders who you need. So. Thank you for watching folks, I had this exhaustively, comprehensive. Nerdgasm guides, as good news it was from me if it was make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to hunt already and, maybe think about checking out my patreon a dollar once a great way to for the channel in the work I do such as this but, above all have an awesome day folks.

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I have all technology in my suit and the hazard protection technology in my technology.

Definitely worth considering dropping most of the hazard protection, just as it costs the same to recharge no matter which module and the theta lasts far more than tau and sigma

Not only lush for gravy balls - quick check of my super organized 2 glyph lists (absolutely not random scraps of paper !) shows them on Gamma, Frost and Toxic planets (I only write it down if close to portal)Extreme sentinels seems to be common factor. Easiest just to grow them unless you want a quick way to summon robo-doggies for dimensional matrices. Aquaspheres also at 221112122222 (3rd)

Aaah nice one, yeah that was one thing I wasn't certain on, some intelligent folk had told me it was a requirement so I mostly took it as that (folk who go through the files), gah! Hate having something inaccurate in the vids :(

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That's great info, thanks DarkLordXelrick

Xenoslave has found many that requires only 2 glyphs. I went and mark them on the PS4 as well (that was listed for me) With the 2 you need you'll end up 10 once you collect them all. 212122122211 212221212221 211221222211 Then go to Xenoslave's Slow Grow planet the in the description where you'll 2 graves, if your on PS4 I'll lead to the second. Then there three on the planet that on Xaine's rare resources page.

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I heard a rumor that the Remembrance was planned to be required to access portals manually, but was change before the patch. I haven't found anything that was documented that stated this though. I guess it would've make sense due to you are-- *Spoiler Warning* --going through many portals for the story quest to until you get the blueprint then having to do the Atlas quest to get the Heart of the Sun. Probably made Survival and Perm-death harder I guess. Just imagine it places you far from your ship a few times during the quest.

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Yeah, I've told a few folk to do that, surprising how often the idea is passed by

For ship guide also note galaxy travel is like black hole - if you have a freighter use a clunker and there will be no starship tech to break. Other ships on freighter unaffected.

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Went to Calypso, Eissentam, Budullangr, Hilbert (save 2) (no Remembrance no freighter) All multi-tool , exosuit, starship stuff broken - exosuit and starship tech slots unaffected. ZombieSymmetry's advice definitely worth following.

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Few hours ago went to Hilbert with Survival save and tech slots (pack, ship and freighter) do appear to be unaffected by galaxy change (relying on memory so not absolute confirmation) and it sure screws everything else up !

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That's really nice to hear :) and nice one! Yes a ship guide is coming, but more research is needed, I'm also currently arranging my planned content somewhat toward the upcoming patch, it could be any day now, even making this exosuit one now was a risk, I expect ships to be even more likely to have changes making any previous guide outdated, that being said, I won't wait forever for it, but am prioritizing content I expect to be less effected by a new patch first.

Of course there was a planet that TOG found that has 14 graves near the portal 112221211112, but is it really fun to get all of them on one planet

This guide is incredibly useful for non-researchers of NMS - TVM! However, 2 points of mild criticism: a) please put game version number into the title so it's relevant for later stumblers-across, & b) please adjust the verbal pacing of your narrative a tad; subtitles help only if you can remain glued to a screen for , otherwise ppl slower to assimilate verbal info (eg non-English first language patrons, who may also have difficulties with subtitles) may miss some essential nuances. Having done this myself a couple of times I know it's a PITA for post edits, but the appreciation from the audience(s) was almost always worth the extra time! Oh BTW I've heard it suggested on GoG & Steam forums that the suit Tech slots provide multiplicative bonuses to the 3 immoveable suit techs (if relevant), as well as similar boni to any tech you install in General & follow it up in Tech; can you confirm/deny this? Please keep up the excellent work & research! Hearty 'grats to everyone who contributed, & have an e-beer on me :)

TVM; I appreciate the prompt reply!

Hmmm, the version number could be useful, could just change it with the versions for the duration it is accurate. The pacing I will somewhat agree with, I do tend to go a little fast sometimes, it can be difficult to monitor it while recording and as far as the extra little, this took 50 hours to make as it is no including any passive time like rendering and uploading, by the end I just wanted it done. But pacing is something I'm working on in general. The tech thing affecting the permanent tech has no basis as far as I know and I've had long discussions with folk who do extensive testing about it. And thank you, tis much appreciated, I also appreciate the criticism, always useful to know where it needs work.

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Awesome video thanks mate

Awesome, glad it was helpful :)

We should have inventory slots only for materials and crafting items. All upgrades should have either there own boxes on everything even the gun. The gun needs 2 different slot spots like a tech slot like everything else. If the gun had a place to put mining upgrades and the other for combat upgrades . Or they need to make a thing for your scanner so it has a tech slot to put your Flora and fauna scanner upgrades. I hate that it's on the gun taking up room. If they would just take out everything that you wear or have already on top of your ship or gun so it can't be possible to be in your inventory at the same time only the resources to refill everything and buy and sell. Just scrap everything that has to do with taking up inventory space so people playing will love it that much more. If all I had to worry about inventory wise was just resources and crafting materials that would be so much better. We shouldn't have to worry about having to destroy tech we need just to get more resources for something important we should have everything just on a different screen or alternate inventory for the things that you most definitely have to have like jet pack life support or just don't have those things on inventory and have them in a special place in your inventory so they aren't taking up any inventory space at all so you can pick them and upgrade them without having to use a bunch of inventory spaces. Just like other games you pick the jet pack or something añd you can bring up certain screens and upgrade it after you get what you need . Like that ! No wasted inventory space! Dream come true or one atleast.

Will you be doing similar guides for ships and multitools? Also, i just restarted a new game after having completed everything in 1.0 a while ago. Starting over... is there a guide to progressing faster than normal from the start?

Aye, those guides will be coming but with an impending update they are on a low priority, they require an extraordinary amount of work so making it to them have it be out of date very quickly is bad move for me, as soon as the update is live they'll be on of my top priorities. Also I do have a quick progression guide planned, can't give an exact date, but it shouldn't be too long

Syntax 04 i

Great vid xaine

This is extremely well made, 11/10

Going through a black hole has a chance to break one or more of your tech items in your ship, it doesn't however affect the tech in your technology section

what are you talking about breaking during travel? like black hole? I don't remember anything breaking and I'm allways jumping all over the place for trade.

I have a bug on my exosuit. My general slots are 48 but my cargo slots are only 25. My tech slots are 10 I believe. I cant purchase more cargo or tech slots. I have tried several pods and pods at facilities nothing. It seems like everyone else have far more than that. Don't know what to do.

Your main and cargo are at the max and your tech should hold 2 more, try it again, hopefully it's not hugged

Omg I just realized Vykeen sort of = Viking smh I'm so slow

And Gek = Gecko :O

Haha :), the hard Nordic spelling just screams battleborn

dude you definitely do NOT have to touch the upgrades together or to the items. I have been playing since day 1 Nd that just flat out isnt true. They can be placed anywhere if theyte built lmfao

No they don't HAVE to be, but you get more of the effect by doing so

Chris Bailey i agree

Very helpful!

why did i start with 24 in my main for exo suit?

The game has changed a lot with the update, I have yet to figure it out enough to do a guide of this magnitude for the new way exosuits work

Great video bro!!! Lol i don't see how the Shut-In Build gets anything done, smh.

Haha, was largely a joke, but also what some people did use

Can you update this video please with the new NEXT update

Yus, as soon as I can, so many things to remake

So if I already started and have a few S class upgrades that are randomly placed can I still move them to max a build?

I know the designations have changed (c-s class) but one thing I got from this was 2 or more of the best modules don't stack? So don't bother getting more than one S class upgrade of each type?

Well first of all Welcome :) Aye, the economy scanner has been in since Atlas rises, they added the ability to scan for a trade post shortly after. It is like a coincidence, if you see ? For the race and economies etc, it means it an undiscovered system, so there is no one there to achieve an economy.

Sweet.. No Man's Sleep for me lately. New Subscriber here. Can't wait for more content. Also, don't think I have seen it on any tips vids.. but I saw that if you have an Economy Scanner installed on your ship, you can get free Trade Center scans from the Options menu (where the 3rd person change is). Dunno if you knew about it, but it was kind of hidden! I don't know if there is an ability with the Combat Scanner. Also, do you know why I can't see the Economy of Red Systems even though I have the drive to go there? Sorry for all the questions, but I have an experts attention so I humbly ask. :)

The s class do stack, you can have 3 of each type per inventory, I have 3 movement s class in main exosuit and 3 in tech for example, it's ridiculous how powerful it can be

Unfortunately not, the modules can't be moved once placed, also this guide is very outdated

Please make a next version thanks

Any chance you could update this for NMS Next? I’m very new to the game and struggling a bit!

Aye, it's in the works

Aye, coming soon

Such a great video. I really appreciate it. Just one thing. After NEXT I think you should redo this video since most of the modules are renamed and there are a lot of new content (is there?) to fit in your exosuit.... or, I can't find the moduls you are referring too anymore.

Will you do an updated version of these guides?

Aye, I'm working on it at the moment :)

Yes, working on it atm

Wow man great video!!! I'd love a NEXT version of this video! I think some things are named different! :D

And how can I upgrade the technology slots of exosuit?

Hi Zaine. I do not understand the Sigma, Tau and Theta interactions Firstly what are these and what specific main module unit do they work with? Do Sigma, Tau and Theta have different upgrade modules for all main unit modules or only one main unit module? E.g Jetpack only? Or do they serve as upgrade modules for other main unit modules such as Life Support, Hazard Protection aswell? If so, could you use all three of them for say, Jetpack? And do they need to be next to or under the main Jetpack module to work? Its all confusing to me.

It's much needed. I am wondering if the certain quirks (such as health modules only adding 1 hp) still apply. I know for one there are movement upgrades now which cover both running and jetpack and do stack. I have two of them side by side and it is stacking. Same with the scanner upgrades.. but yes, sorely needed as I have found many guides saying they put an C, B, A and S next to each other to stack but I have been using just a bunch of S's next to each other, why use lower ones when you can just stack the best ones? lol. And I had to manually test this and if it didn't work, reload my save or eat the nanite cost.. The other thing is I can find nothing on how to find the aeration membrane. Also wondering if the actual specific order of where you place them adjacent to each other matters now? The only blueprints I see for any upgrades are different than the upgrade modules that cost nanites. I have yet to see an S class upgrade module blueprint. Love your videos. Some of the best quality and content I've found on NMS.

Did Next make this video obsolete? If so, any chance of a rework? Even a short version. New player here, and I'm struggling to find a good plan for an exosuit loadout.

Is this relevant anymore in NEXT?

Can you do a new one for the NEXT update? It seems this is now outdated. I'm on Xbox (yay we finally have it!) and I absolutely love it. I'm into the Endgame and still just don't understand some stuff about the exosuit. :D Thanks for this video because it helps some, but yes... an updated one would be great

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