Exciting New Announcements and Backyard Sneak Peek LIVE

Exciting New Announcements and Backyard Sneak Peek LIVE

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We are so, late but we're live we're, finally, here I know. I have water all over my rear end okay, because. Chad. This. Is normally, where, Ruby. Would come in and be. Though but. At Ruby, my beloved wife is in the bathroom puking her, brains out right now doesn't mean yeah. So, before all the rumors started I've got a ninth passenger. That's the big news no, oh we, have a little flu going around in our neighborhood, and I. Think. Chad, had it the other day, Ruby has it today. It. Is. No. We reconnected, we're on ok so, um you, guys one. Of the things that I promise you we're going to do is give you a little sneak peek into our backyard, now we have an official, backyard, reveal that's going to come up in a couple of weeks, but. For those of you who. Wanted. To come one. Of those looks, like and we're going to talk about all these different things in, our, backyard, reveal video was. Also. Something be honest you can see that we have a really fun place now together as a family and, we're going to do a whole lot of fun things back here with you guys. Ok. I'm looking at my agenda, and. Some. Of the things that we wanted to talk about first. Of all. Thank. You Chad. Yeah. One. Of the things that we wanted to do for sure oh there's my hand was. We wanted to give. Shout out to the Griffis family cookbook again. That's on sale the first order completely, sold out in like two days and so, we have a second, order that we we put together and that you. Can order. And on. Griffis. Cookbook. Com, so go to Griffiths cookbook, comm and you. Can. Order that cookbook buddy, awesome, it's. A. In. The siblings, and just what it's like. On. The stuff that you don't see in the blog so that's gonna be a lot of fun ok next, announcement that we want to talk about. Popsicle. Sticks so ruby mentioned something about popsicle. Sticks and there's been a lot of confusion, on a lot of things where people have been like, how. Do I get a popsicle stick to you guys you, guys it's, not that hard, you take a popsicle, stick you're, right on it an experience. That you would like the eight passengers. To do and then you put it in an envelope and you, mail it to, P o box, six. To eight. Springville. Utah, in, the United, States and the, zip code is eight four. Six, six, three and that's it, include. On it your name, and we're going to. If. We pick it will, will. Choose the experience. Will shout you out and we'll have fun filming, that video using. The experience that you, recommended. Ruby's. Texted me right now she says, are you I forgot. About the livestream I'm so sick you can do it without me so you guys in, the comments please, wish Ruby well tell, her how much you love her but. We'll let her throw up in peace, okay. Another. Thing announcement. That we wanted to do is that. We. We. Are in the process we. Are in the process of making. A video about bullying, it's something that it's, an awful thing it, is an awful, thing and it's. She. Ichigo. I don't do it, eating. Is not yes if they don't eat somebody, because that's bullying, no. But serious, bullying serious. Stuff and so yeah we want to make a video on that so. What. We're going to ask you to do is to write a little letter it's talking, about you're struggling, with it but write a heartfelt, letter, and put, it in it in the mail and send it, again to eight passengers, at P o box six, to eight Springville. Utah eight four, six six. Three and. Then. World, letters, and read this video, oh your, guys's, experiences.

Okay. So. We've got it. Says that it keeps glitching, not, exactly sure why, but, according, to others that we're still alive so. Sheree. Says she want to throw up so now she is sick too yes yeah. She's. Not feeling good so you guys the, flu has hit the. Frankie, eight passengers, household, yeah. Thank. You Chad for sharing this with all of us okay. Very. Good the, last announcement, that we want to do share with you guys is something that we are super. Excited about, we. Unbeknownst. To you guys we. Heard. And had. An original song written that's gonna be the new eight. Passengers. Theme song and we are so excited to release it and though, you guys and it will put it on iTunes, so that you guys can grab it and so, that you guys can, listen. To it on your own iPods, and phones and stuff like that but. We. Filmed, a music. And. Announced, that that, is going to come out and a couple. Of weeks maybe a, month or, two and so at most and so keep your eyes open for that and we, will. It's. Glitching. Is. It. Still glitching. Okay. Let's go inside okay. We're. Going inside because, I think the, signal. Is gonna be better in here and, I'll turn you sideways just for a minute. And. We're gonna mix. Okay. We're. In the house now. Hi. Guys it's, just me and down here. Think we. Have Abby here psych. Okay. All. Right crying is, it still quits you guys you, start crying oh gosh. You know livestreams aren't my favorite exactly, for this reason cuz they say that they're so glitchy anyway. Um Abby has an exciting announcement that, we wanted to share, Abby. What's your exciting news. Much. My breath I'm sorry I, made. It into. Yes. So Abby. Has some exciting news we're gonna release the news in a vlog it's, gonna be a lot of fun but, Abby. Was, able to get into the school with all of her siblings she, was accepted at the last minute, and so that's, gonna be an amazing, video to show the reveal, and how she found out it's. Gonna be a ton of fun so, make. Sure that you guys watch that that's gonna come out in the next week or two so. Then. There you have it everyone's. Telling you congratulations, though yes that's awesome, okay you guys we, promised. That we, would read. Ten. Questions, and answer. Them and so we're gonna do that now we went ahead and we picked a. Couple, of questions, I'll do, them all. One. Of them anyone okay, so, the first question that we really liked was from Paige.

Paige. Asked, is sherry and brevin bathing. Know, okay. But we want to hear it straight from sherry. Okay. So you're not dating and they're never gonna date ever like ever no okay, sherry, sherry. People. Are wanting to know what's. Up with you and Previn okay so I posted a picture I know you today with me and brevin and, everyone's like wait are they dating and for some reason, in the video I did on my channel, where, it was my. Cousin's hate brevin for some reason I said something, and everyone's, like yes she said that he is her boyfriend and, they are dating and I do. Not recall ever saying that. He. Was my boyfriend that we were dating like yes, he, is my boy space, friend. Maybe. I should have made that more clear no, we are not dating because, I am not sixteen and I, am NOT going today until I am sixteen so. No I don't. Know why everyone thought we were dating but we are not okay. So, we, have a family, cultural, Church rule a, guideline, that says you, shouldn't date until you're at least 16 because then that's, when you're more mature to be able to handle a serious relationship like, that Sheree's. Not 16, yet so she does hang out a lot with brevin he's a great kid we love him in our house he's, a good friend and you know what when they turned 16 maybe they will date and be something but they're not 16 yes so. That's. The truth but that leads us to another question that's related and. It's from Megan Chad, what's. Up with you and Danielle. Everyone. Wants to know where's that question, it's. Down here near the bottom. So. Why don't we clear the air I. Don't. Know you. Don't know mm-hmm. I, mean. You guys are friends mm-hmm. Are you more than friends. Okay. I, press. The button Tunnel I push the button come, on um. So. We're like not like a thing it's. Just like we. Like each other but, it's not like serious. Interpret. That however you, guys want to I'm not sure what that means so no they're not dating but they're good friends and, they, have the same rules about dating until, they're 16 and things, like that okay. Another, question this is from. Zoli, gia johnson, things--all age if returning. Are submitting, this question when. Sharri turned 16, will she get her own car. If. She does. If. She gets. Her own car at. 16. I am. Expecting. A car at 16. I really. Don't have a need for my own car. Honestly. The college I want to go to is like 15. Minutes away and, there's buses I don't, I mean. If. You want to get me a car great I'd be happy with that but I'm not gonna be asking, for a car me.

Complete. Opposite. I really, don't we, have no room to fit a car in the garage I, don't, have a need for a car but if you feel the need to get me a car great I will not complain. Okay, so we're. Ruby, and I are talking about that and we'll well, yeah, we. We all we need to establish what, we're gonna do with. All. You kids in general because six kids is a lot I mean I don't want like a parking, lot -, oh. Okay. This is a question, from Meghan, Ramsey she wanted to know this is - me and Ruby what made us want to have multiple kids, honestly. Look. At this bundle of joy right here actually, it's a bundle of awfulness, yes, and so. Why. Wouldn't you want to have this. Why. Wouldn't you, honestly. Ruby, always, wanted to have a lot of kids me I really. Was impartial and I didn't care and so it kind of fell on Ruby side and we, were totally fine with that and so yeah, it worked out and we are so glad that we have the six kids that we do yeah. Okay. Another. Question this is from Kayden, Kayden, thanks for asking, what do the kids want to be when they grow up what. Do you kids want to be when you grow up that's a huge worker. No. Disrespect, to those sewage, workers who are doing, a very important job and we're very grateful, for what you do yeah what, do you want to do I actually have no idea Charley I have talked I want to be a large haven't, I have talked like what. If we started like a business. Lawfirm together and like we, word like business, partners we've talked about that before. Humpty, Dumpty, law firm awesome. Abbi, what do you want to be when you grow up I don't, know the. Kind of channel. She's. - Charlotte. Really. Like a harpist, yeah, that's, awesome okay. Julie what do you want to do when you grow up. Gymnastics. Coach. That's, awesome Russell what do you want to do. Wait. Say that again, you. Want to be a Saturday. All. Right, well Eve. Is off, singing in the house we can hear her. And. Then, she wants to be a dancer and then, she wants to be something else but most of all she wants to be a mom and we all know that we've all seen her baby, that's. Like she treats it like her child yeah. Unicorn. Catcher, unicorn, catcher is, that's. Definitely, doable, okay. So, there's a question from Kristen. W she wants to know do, the kids at your school know. That your youtubers, does, anyone talk to you about it. Really. There's so little kids talk to you about it but the kids in your class the kids your age like. Chad does anyone talk to you about it at all mm-hmm, they. Just accept it no, they just do. They treat you just. Imagine, eighth-grade, boys. That. Just are, like a. Passenger. Like just like yeah. Yeah. Like kind of like they're, not like too rude tease but like laugh, tease yeah, I'm saying yeah, but they're cool yeah, yeah. Okay. Norman. Fisk. A. Gemma. Asks, if we could visit anywhere, in the world where. Would it be and why Jocko, do United, States of America, because. I loved I want to visit that place, awesome. Abbi. It. Why. Monuments. Love. It. Sharing. Country, anywhere, in the world I want. To go to New York in Seattle, and also. Italy, and also Paris, and, also, Germany. Right. Okay. Russell. And. We are going to go to New York next summer so oh. There's. A surprise. Okay. Julie, Hawaii, why. Because. There's like coconuts, there's. Also. Like, like. The flower necklaces. I, like, those things too. Okay. Thank, You Chad we love job kids. Middle, name, not. All of our kids have a middle names this is a question from obviously, Martin. Moss Martine. Masai. I'm sorry paise I'm sure I slaughtered that but I can say your first name Paisley. Kids. It's. Always been doing this this whole time, okay, kids, middle names do you guys have middle names yes I do it's called eight passengers, on the score Chad go follow me on. Instagram. William. That's, the same as my middle names middle. Name, your. Middle name is Billy and mine is Willie yeah. It. Passes, down from generation, generation, sighs Russell, what's, your middle name and. Why, do you have Donald, as your middle name. Well. Your grandpa not been, the President, of the United States it's, from his grandpa.

Donald Frankie a wonderful. Man haha Donald. Trump. Boy. Okay, Julie, do you have a middle name nope. Abby, do you middle name Sheri, do you have a middle name what. Is it no. It's like. Her. Name Sherry Lynn Frankie to perfect. Okay. Just a couple more questions guys and we're gonna call it good first, of all this is from Meredith, how, do you keep your school morning. Routine so. Organized. Go. It, not it's not you. Basically wake up ten minutes before we go yeah, okay what. About you Russell you're, up early how do you keep yourself so organized in the morning. By. What. Yeah. He does Russell is the nicest dresser, and our entire family. Anyone. Is gonna be like an Abercrombie model, it's gonna be Russell. Okay. No, Julie. How, do you keep your morning schedule so organized. Yeah. That's how it works Abby. Happiness. I wake up and then I. Lay. In bed for, an hour it's, like I don't, fall asleep but I did I. Fall asleep with my eyes open I can do that. Awesome. Okay sherry what do you do I worry, about myself. She. Wakes up with the early I wake. Up when she does and they fall back asleep nice maybe, and, come out and she's like halfway ready and then I finished before her and then everything's great, perfect. Okay who's the last person to wake up in our family every, morning. Eve. Sleeps an all the time, okay. Last. Question what, made us decide that, we wanted to YouTube and this is from Megan Inman, Thank You Megan for the question it's a really good one the. Thing that made us decide we, wanted to YouTube was, Ruby. Has, a real strong passion, for family, and for. Motherhood, and she wanted to share that passion with you, my, hair is going to right, there, you she, wanted to share it with you guys and so she, started, out that way and then the rest is history because. You, guys, chose. To. Watch us and so thank you so much we actually, appreciate, it and. Subscribe. And comment, down below and, like, yeah. We the Bell and, really. Really. Are grateful for you guys. I. Mean make so, much possible, I mean, the eight passengers community, all of us together I feel. So good that we are a force for positivity, and. For. Kindness. In the world and so thank you for everything that you do are you rubbing my bald head. Okay. Well it is lucky to rub a bald man's head you, guys I don't have much more to say wow. You. Guys are amazing, thank, you so much for watching us now, hopefully.

We Can get, this turned off because when. We try to close off last time we didn't know what we were doing okay, guys we'll see you in a couple days when we upload our next vlog on Tuesday. Yep. Check out tomorrow. It's. Great and follow me on Instagram. All. Right guys, thanks. So much talk, to you later no worth it.

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Hey Guys!! Sorry about the glitchy connection during the first 6 minutes of the video. We moved inside, and it was better after that. We reveal some exciting announcements, though, so be sure to push through the glitchy parts. We want to be sure that you all are aware of some great things happening on our channel in the near future. Thanks!! Happy sunday!!

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