EXAM PREP: AZ-103 | Microsoft Azure Administrator | BRK3201

EXAM PREP: AZ-103 | Microsoft Azure Administrator | BRK3201

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Hello everybody. Hi. Everyone. Thank. You for your. Attention during the lunch time I think, most of you are looking for the. Quick, session and then. We can, have lunch so. We are going to talk about a, zu 103. Today. I, think. Jose. Where here is going to introduce himself yeah. I'm, called, Solutions. Octet I'm. Working, at the GFT I have been working with cloud solutions racked after more than 10 years and. I'm. Trainer. Yeah. Microsoft. Start our trainer more than twelve years I have been helping, a lot of IT professionals, in. Our, preparation, the. Exam. Ever. Or, Windows Server or, example. Ok. I'm Carlos, I'm, based, in Brazil also. Work. Gft. Along. With Jose we're director. Of technology, and innovation there, and I. I, am a former, MVP I was MVP for 12 years and now, Regional, Director I hope. To share with you a little bit about our experience on, preparing. Ourselves to, the. Certification. Exams. The, key takeaways, that we would. Like to. You. Keep in mind after this session is. We. Are going to prepare you you, two, to. Apply. For an official, exam of a z103. Just. Where we walk you through different. Topics, trying, to demonstrate to you what. We think that, is the best way to prepare, yourself for this exam and we. Are also going to share with you some resources. Just. Has some plans, to. Study. Plans and. Other. Resource like. Mind, maps to, help you to prepare yourself, on these, exams, we, are going to show and. Provide. Your links to access. This resource. Thinking, about preparation. This. Is always. Challenging. Because. What. I miss. Most when I talk, with young, professionals, trying to get a sext ocation, they. Are, always thinking about the right time, to start the. Studies. To, prepare, themselves. There. Is no right time we are always. Running. Out of time, because. Of our daily activities our, projects. Our, families. And friends, and social. Life, and everything, so my. Best. Advice on, this is, schedule. Your, exam. So. You are going to have a. Dateline. Deadline. To prepare, yourself for, this exam so, this. Is the best way to force. Yourself to start, studying, and have a plan, and not, go to. To, pursue. This. Is the best way to do that and, to. To. Help you during, the preparation, is very. Good to understand, that you. Is. Much. Better if you have the plan, you. Write down the plan so, what, we did for this demonstration. Here, is this presentation, here is to, build a mind map. When. Where, we, present. All the. Topics. That is important. To you to cover during, your studies, and. Each. One of these topics has, a link. Driving. You to, the right, research, decide, are of, learning. Platform. From Microsoft, and. You. Can use this mind map as a. Reference. Or as a guidance, to you to. Build. Your study plan, this. Mag, map is available, right.

Now Is on public. Key where L. Shared. This on his, Twitter. Account Twitter. Profile, you, can access this after the presentation, and download, this mind. Map without, information there you, can navigate through the topics find. The, the, right resource, you are looking for get. The informations, and access, to the videos, documents. White papers, and everything that you need to build. Your study plan. One. Additional. Research is this. Spreadsheet, you are looking right now this. Is a way you. Can do this in many ways it's, just a suggestion. We. Are. Sharing. This with you because we. Do believe that you, have to write down your, plan if you don't write, down your, plan and have a clear, goal, a clear, deadline, you are not going to. Have. Progress during. Your preparation, for the exam certification. It's. Very. Good to. Establish. Some. Targets. For example my, suggestion, is to have at least two, hours per, day dedicated, to the preparation, so, if you can. Dedicate. Three hours, better. But. If you don't at least two, hours during. The the, preparation. Is very, important, so you can cover all the topics that you need to. Accomplish, the the, content that you. Are going. To be. Assessed during the exam. So. This, spreadsheet, will, be also available to, you you, will be able to download this, there. Is a list, of all the, topics that you need to cover for. This. 103. Exam and you. Can use, this spreadsheet, just to establish. Some targets so you can list, here. Which. Is your deadline, for each one of the topics how. Much or hours you plan to expand. On each topic and then, you can track down your. Progress. Providing. A self-evaluation. You. Have to be honest with you because, of. Course, you. You might. End of the day you are going to to, be the. Guy behind the computer when. Running. The the examination. Okay. Can. We back down to the presentation. So. Once. You have a. Mind. Map, for. Guiding, you through this preparation. And also, a plan. I study, plan to do that you. Can go through the, different, contents. Around. Internet. To, look for videos. Documents. Labs, that you can use. To prepare yourself, there there, are lots of resources. You can find. Online. Training. Free courses to help you, to prepare yourself. You can use Microsoft, learning.

Platform. To do that you, have different. Training. Providers, such as blue site cloud, Academy Linux, Academy, there's a lot of. Companies. Offering trainings. On online trainings, to help you to prepare, you. Are going to find a bunch. Of different free. Content. Also that you can use, but. It's not about only to, watch. The videos and read. The documentation. The, most important, piece is, to put. In Prats what, you are studying so you need, to. Start. Running. Self. Self. Hands-on. Lab self. Learning hands-on lab you need to use, you can use as your, lab. Services, to. Run. All the, exercise. That you need to. Prepare yourself, so. You can use the, as your free account and, we. Strongly, recommend you to follow. All, the the. Topics that we listed in our study. Plan, and try. And, not. Only try actually you have to. Repeat. Each one, of the steps trying to. Really. Fix. It all the. Technology. And, have. This in mind to. Be. Ready, for the examination. Because you. Are going to have not only. Alternative. Questions you, have hands-on during. The exam. You have to to cover. Another. Important. To that you can use is. The. Simulators. You, can. For. Example you can use measure. Up is one. Well no. -, to, help you - it's. It's a paid, solution. But, you can buy, this exam. Simulator, to, help, you to test. Your. Skills, against. Very, close, very. Similar, questions. And scenarios, that you are going to find on, the official, exam so. It's important, to you. Not. Only to, loop. To, design, your your your plan to, build your study plan list everything to. Dive. Into the content and. Put. Your hands on, really. Try. Many. Times as you can to. Build, each one, of the steps of the labs that you you. Are trying to learn, and, after. That you can start the simulations, don't use the. The, test simulators, to try. To. Use. As the only. Resource, for, your preparation. Is. Not. Enough. To. Prepare, you you for the exam and also. You, need to have. More. Background. -, in order to to pass, in, this exam, and. One. Thing that I would like to share, with you also is most. Of the professionals. While preparing. Themselves for, the exams. What. They, most. Misses. The. Focus there is a lack of focus during, the day, studying, phase. Usually. We try to do this during, our working hours at. The office and it's. Very hard because you are always being interrupted, by, males, by phone, calls by everything. So, keep. In mind that you don't have to you, don't should. Mix. The, two if you are going to study save. Some time, reserve. A place a proper, place to dedicate. For study, without. Interruptions. Make, everybody aware that, you are focusing, on your studies, and on your preparation, to, avoid any interruption, and then. Dedicate. At least two hours on. This per day you, are going to be. Ready for the preparation in average, 60. Days, if. You really. Dedicate. Yourself, on top of the top because we are providing to you okay. Don't. Mix the two you. Work there's, a famous. Quote from American. Author. He. Used to say that if, you are, going to play play if, you are going to work work don't mix the two because, you are not getting the results so.

It's The same for studying, and working or playing or, anything you want. About. The, certification itself. We. Have here, a diagram, showing to you one. Of the. One. View one overview, about the their. Role based. Certifications. We got we. Have from the fundamentals. To specialty. Which, is brand, new. Certification. That Microsoft, just rolled out as a bet. Exam, right now. From. Fundamentals. You can see that you have the azure fundamentals. They AC 900, and we. Are going to focus today on the, agile. Administrator, assess, associate, which is this AZ, 103, this. Is our focus, today we are going to talk to you about. The. Topics to cover this. Certification and, you have. As. Associate. You can pursue. These three, main. Paths which, is as your administrator. As your, developer. And as your security engineer. And then. You, have. The. Next level, of the certifications. For, the expert, level you. Have the agile devops engineer, or the, agile, Solutions Architect and, this. New, certification, for, professionals, working with sa, p on Azure. Microsoft. Just released, I I was, reading the blog. Today. Actually I. Learned. That, Microsoft, released the beta version. Of this exam. For. S AP. Professionals. Is. Available. Right now and you can get a discount of, 8%, for, this exam, this. Discount is available, through, January. 2nd. Okay. You can get more information about this on, Microsoft. Learning platform. This. Is, the. A brief. Description about the. Responsibilities. Of this. As, your administration. Administrator. Roll. All. As your administrators. Should be able to. Manage. Storage. Security networking. Compute, capabilities. In addition to that of course they in. Times of automating. Everything and, trying to reduce. The costs, and establish, a governance. Very, efficient, governance plan you, have to be able to. Work. With, PowerShell, scripts, also. With, tools. Like terraform, ansible, you, have to be able to manage. All this, together to, get more. Efficiency. On, the resources. You are responsible. To administrate. Any. Questions, so far if, you want to raise any questions please you, can interrupt me any time and just go, to one, of these microphones and raise, your question I will try to.

Respond. You, on. My best. So. Preparing. Yourself, for the, AZ. 103, you. Have to cover five. Main, topics. This. Is the main topics, you have to dedicate yourself, trying to explore. Everything. That you owe. Everything. In your in your. Analogy. Around, this you have to explore, how. To manage, your, subscriptions, this. Is an important, point we are going to present to you after, this is like the the. Percentage, for, each one of this tops. How. Much of this is covered by, the. 103. Exam. You, have to be able to manage, storage. Solutions, on, measure. Of. Course. Manage, virtual, machines virtual, networks. And ident. Management. So, these, are the, five talks, that you have to focus on and dedicate. To. Deep. Dive in each one of these topics to, prepare, yourself for, the, exam. Okay. There, is only one. Exam. That you need to pass to, get this certification. Microsoft. Certified. As your administrator. Associate. It's only. One exam, for this. Talking. About the exam itself. Usually. The exam takes. Forty, to sixty questions. You. Have to not. All questions are, alternative. Questions. And. Not. All questions. Allow you to skip. Some, questions is not allowing. To skip, you. Can mark, any. Question to review, if you are not sure about your answer. The. Plan to. Complete. An exam is about. Three. Hours. We, recommend, you that you. Dedicate. Two and a half hours to. To. Answer. All the questions and all the and is acute all the labs and everything, and save. 30, minutes to, look, into the. Instructions. That you have by the beginning, and get. The results, by the end and, everything so prepare yourself to do this exam within. Two. And a half hours, okay. There, is more than just multiple-choice, questions. You. Will find different, scenarios. To talk over you have to. Manage. Your lists. Dragon. Drops answers. You have to deal. With performanc. Basic. Questions. Which is going to cover in the next slide, and you, also have, case studies. You. Have to read. The, case studies, and provide. The solution, based on information you get from the case studies that is why the exam. Takes so long to complete you. Have to read. All the case studies, to. Get. The. The. Probe to provide the. Proper. Solution to that. The. Performance-based testing. Is. Its. New in this preparation in this in. This certification actually. And. This. For. Each one of the role based certifications. That we mentioned before for, example the administrator, the developer, and, the. Octet for each one of these role based certification. You have at least one. Or two labs, to, complete. And these. Labs will provide you a, scenario. And you have to really, go. To the azure portal, during, the exam and, complete. These labs following. The instructions and based on the scenario they provide to you and the, screen, will, be, recorded. To. Evaluate. Your, performance, in, during the examinations, so. That's. Why you have, to, dedicate. As. Much, as possible time, to. Prepare. Yourself. Put. Your hands on during, the preparation phase you. Have to repeat all the steps for, each one of the topics that we are going to share. With you because, this is very. Important, to allow. You to be comfortable during, the examination to. Complete, the the hands-on lab. Efficiently. In in, time for. The. Exam, so this. Is very important, it's a step. On the, preparation. Okay. Now. I. Will. Hand. Over to Jose well Jose way is going to. Start. The. Covering. Each one of the topics with you guys but just as. A reminder here. Use. The mind map to, as a guidance. Build, your study plan and when. You build your study, plan use the, time frame that is, feasible. To you don't. Try to push. Ourselves against. Deadlines. That is not, feasible. Because you are going to be frustrated and we this will. Have. A huge. Impact on, your preparation, so be, honest with you be transparent. With you it's, just yourself. And. Examination. So. Prepare. Yourself, as the, best you can but. Dedicate. Sometimes, to, read. Lots of documentation, watch. Many, videos as you can and put. Your hands on as, your portal and start, following, all the labs that you can't and then, go to the simulators. To. Be ready for the final, exam ok, because, way is, up, to you now okay. When, you think about your preparations, very important test and the. Natural. Work environment, and network, service star service, compute. Ident. And, managing. The subscription. Right. When. You think about the managers the prescription, there, there are a lot of research, that you need to understand, that you need improve, your skills. And capabilities. The first is manager. Manager. Every, subscription, when, you need. Move, resources. Between subscription. Or when. You need set the, security, permissions to. On, another, resources. Or other. Issues. That is very important they spend in your preparation is how, you can analyze the, resource utilization and, consumption, what. Is service inside the Azure, you, can do this right. Oh, how. In. What, scenario, I would like to use. The. Tagging. For example, right. Here. I have. Eyes. Light this, is light it's. Very. Easy. To understand, the error top polish taking the my pen here, here.

You Can understand. The. Here. I sure, enterprise. Portal, right. There. Is other. Link. Every, account. Portal, and. Day. By day o. LDH. Pros access, the portal. Oh George. Calm but, this light is very clear. To understand, the azure topology. When you need provisioning. Resources, in your inside. The azure you, access the portal, and it works is the army, has a, resource manager, and you'll, create your resource. Management. In. That. You see the slides is to understand. The. Superscription. And asher. Active, directory and, how. You. Can work with. The edge research group, right. Here. You, you, have your. 1080i. Or 1080p. A. Pennant there use your subscription. Other. Example, here. Let. Me take a pen I have. I defined, a, tenant. My. Account. My. Ever. AG. My tenant inside, my, my, tenant. Let. Me check other color here there. Is. Subscription. I can. Configure in my subscription and. Subscription. Great. Let's. Take order called excellent, drawing skills. And. In. The other inside. The superscription, I have my, resources. Grouped. And the, side the recessive group I didn't, live revision. My research, this, is our topology. When. You you're. Working, and. When. You manage it this description, yeah. In. The examine, there. Are a lot of questions. Regarding, how you can, move the, object between. Subscription. Yeah. For. Example I have Utah. Machine here I have it but, now, my, technical. Requirement, is I need to move research. Between vert. Or my, between. Prescription or between. Research group. Now. I have. Demonstration. Sure. Sure. Locate, this, when. You need move, research. Between. Description, the first, requirement. Is. Choose. Description. Must. Have in, the same tenant. Yeah. Well. Animal, you'll have the choice prescription, the same as reactive, director tenancy. Now. You. Know I'm, going, to take. My. Research. Group I. Have. Here the. Demo1, life. My. Requirement. Now is I need to move all the resources, to another. Subscription. Here. I can, see the, topology.

Inside. The research, group. All. The help search I need, to move to, another subscription. How can. Do. This I take. I take, all the research. Objects, here and click. On and the move move, another, subscription. Right. I. Select. The. Subscription. I'm City subscription. And, select. The. Research. Group, demo. Demo. Live. One, yeah. Right. Now. You'll. Validate. All the owl research. That, you, can moving, when, you will perform, them very, important they stand here. There. Are. Resources. Have. Support. But. There, are others. Research that not, have support, to move it, when, you start. The, movie the, research between research. Group or, subscription. You need check. Here, to understand. If he is support. Or not support, okay. It's bear part understanding. The. Limits, and code, to. Another, subscription. To. Here. Lets. Me check and, validate near. Okay, I'm waiting the, valid date. I come, back the it's. Light and to validate. This. Alright. Let's. Make here. Yeah. When. You, you. Use the manager. Subscription, I move with the resources and I apply the portal powers when, I need to set the role. Based access control. There. Is a. Structure. I sat, there the. The. Permission, and inside, the superscription, or i said. The permission. Inside, the resources. Groups, or resources. Here. I have, other. Example. To. Clear. This. Example. Superscription. Layer research. The grouper layer and research. I when. Needs, that configure. Inside, permission, I can. Access. I can, give, the permission in. The. Resource. Okay. When. You talk about the. Analyte. Analysis. And consumption. Let, me check here. Okay. It's. Very important on understanding. About. The. Shiva Jackie. My. Demonstration. Yeah. Okay. Here. I have. My. Custom. Manager. Here. I can, see. And understand. About the a lot, of, issues. Regarding, the analyte. Analysis, and consumption side the Asia and have, the, azure. Adviser. Recommendations. To. Prepare. This perform, I create, my logic. Key and a, leech cues to. Give, me an.

Details. More, logs. Inside, the azure regarding. For example here. Lobbies. Regard. The use, and, dispatch. Consumption. It's. Very important understand when, you, start. Your preparation, the exam understand, about the alerts. Here. I am. Used the ashram, monitor, insider monitor, it's possible, manage the alerts, rules before. Here. I create the alert. Account, this. In this case in the example I created. Inside, the adder mantra lat allergies. Account, to, activity. Log it's the. Create or update account. Inside. The azure account, after. This, condition, i need, to set the action. Alert. Action, in this, in. Cases desire. Action. Group, is you. Send email, to human. If I create. This. Is a one. To three, examples. That you, can you, need to perform, in your exam, you need understand, how works, how, you. You need to improve. In your. Preparation. Just. Allow me to to add something, it's a keep. In mind that this is kind of the hands-on, lab that you are going to face during the examination you, have to go through all these steps very quickly and. Be. Able to complete. The. Steps to move one resource from one. Subscription, to another or from one research, group to another it's. How. Many of you manage, large, enterprise. Subscriptions. On Azure, so. So. You, know, that how much important, is this because to. Manage if, you go for, to an enterprise, for. Example we work on the financial services industry we. Manage some, retail. Banks, larger. Retail banks as, your, accounts, and, when. You go through this large. Enterprise. You. Have to manage as, hundreds. Of different, subscriptions. And different. Accounts, and different resources, and to. Be, able to track, all the consumption, and everything. To, make. Sure that you are optimizing, the use of cloud research for each company so this, kind of knowledge this kind of. Skills. Are. Fundamental. To complete. This, administration. So, each, one of these steps is covered in, dissemination, in. Detail so be prepared to. Complete. The steps to. Manage. All the subscriptions, and research groups and. Resource. Between. One to another as. Is, as possible. Please. Go ahead okay okay. It. In. Additional that it's very hard to understand about the. Coastal.

Optimization. I'll show a show, that for, you that, you can use this, there's. Research and. Create. The, action, group to. Send email and say the. Adventures, the. Inside the azure monitor. Right. From. Now when you need make. A move, research. This beating. Superscription. Our research, group you need. Checklist. Yeah nurse your checklist you need a developer mission, inside the same tentative, you. Ill. You. Need understudy our little. Permissions. And and, focus. And and, limits. Here. I have a. List, of the, management's, not support. Move. When. You'll need movie, resources. Let's. Move on to. My. Demonstration here, the, validation. Was as. Was. Word to fine and the. All the research. Was moving, to another superscript, here you, can can. See about. That. The the. The, first demonstration was, was. Fine the. Second demonstration here, is. Road-based. The access control, for example. I I, need the configuration. The key permission. Let. Me check here, Devi user yeah. That we user what's, the permission, wwz. I give the permission the web, plan. You. Add other. Permission. Here, for example you, are, a. Role. Assignment. I. Configuring, here. The. Web plan. Contributor. Is. At the. The. Role. Great. And, they'll select the user for. Example. Louise. User okay. Right. For. Now I set. The world. Basing, in research. Groups but, inside. The the. This, research, group I have, a. Lot. Of. Research. And. Now. I will check the permission. Inside. Them my research I'll, check down here. Validate. The movies, for example. Yeah. Oh yes. Yeah. Okay. Louise. Receive. The, the, permission, and, yet, I cheated regard. The research, group. From. Now are. You talk about the storage service, I will, talk about the. Storage. Account start auto it's very important you develop, is killing capability, in your preparation, the, implementing, dementia, storage, what. Is, what. Kind of storage account what is at. Your files, important. Export data to measure, how. You, can implement the azure bit copy, and. Not. From now it's, very porous understand, deserves, blood. This files tables, carries right. There. Are three different scenarios when, you you, need, to create your. Storage. Account for example the, first scenario is general proposed general proposed is a legacy start, account yeah. General, purpose v2 is a is, a update.

Starter Construction and when. You need more, per pharmacy. Between, your storage account you create a blob, storage, account, blocking. For example. For. To more, performance. From. Now, in. This exam. Microsoft. Evaluate, your, knowledge. II, when. You use, portal. Every. CLI. Partial. And rest. And needs. Gauge starsha. Starch, accounts expire, when. You. You. Give. You our preparation, it's very important you you perform, you deliver, the hands-on. Hands-on. In. Porto. Porsche, you, needed to understand. You need to to, to, learning, about. The death in, the all the tools. Okay. Other. Things, about. The azure. Storage. Is error CDN. When, you need to improve. Your experience inside. The Earth Society. Website. See, the content, stated. Content, you, need, to use CDN. Sin, Y n it will be help you to to, improve the. This. The. Experience, in. Exam. Microsoft, we evaluate the step by step you, you you, know step, by step I need if the first step is created the CDN. Profile tools creating, point three. Profit. Define. The provider, or and, for select. The difference, Cheers. Inside. Exam Microsoft, we evaluate. Step. By step. When. You meet perform. This. Means. Case a CDN, for example other. Example, is a, file, sync, profile. Sync is. A resource, inside the edges that you can extend, your. Your. File, server and centralize. And publish. Your satellite, in our. Branches. And your. Customers. For example and you are users, right. And. You. Have a aerobic, cup for example everywhere, copies or other resource, inside the agent in, when you think your preparation, need, understanding. How. You. You. You. Can deploy. Policy. Managing. I, have, a demonstration. Here. Regarding. A, big. Cup for, example either sink. Aerobic. Cup let me check here. Storage, account here. Previously. Performanc. I create. A, storage. Account. Demo. Storage, account. Demo. Right. Let. Me check here. All. The resource inside. My. Storage, account. Account. Right. Start. A country to right. Beside. The restore this storage account I have the containers. My. Blobs files. And tables it's, very important, called clarify, when you create, create. Your. Style account you define. The. Application. The, the. The. Application, pop saying any, other data. Center. In. This case here, I have a blob. File a. Blobby. Content. Website. And, they, have other. Fashion. And demo. Demo, one. When. You. Need import. Or export content. Inside, the Deezer, source you can use this July, you can Super Show and you can use it the, storage. Explorer. Yeah. Here. I am using, the storage expires, previously. Performance, I upload, this video and now, I can, load, the other order. Content, for example. Demo. Chew other. Other, video. I'm. I. Am. Using I can, use the. Blood files for, for example to. The. Other. Demonstration. Is, about. The. Cup. The. Cup. Is. A recover. Service, inside. The air just, click over service, volt, I. Create. My intercessor. Service. Volt. In. Scale I I, have.

The. Copy item, here I have, this, retro, machine, but. If i needa start, the backup. Here. I I. Can. I need, to, understand, about the. What. Kind of the cabin I can, do yeah. Ever. And. Virtual. Machine II and, verify. Char, great. If. You need. The. Copy or on premise environment. You'll. Need select, here. The. Hyper-v. Files or exchange. Or SharePoint. Or, other. Example. Okay. Good. That's. Brutal. Machine. What. You need to understand is regarded, with Hamish, anyone, in, your preparation. You, need. Here. Yeah. You. Need for. Example virtual machine skill set here. You. Need select. Number. The account you. Need to select, the us, instance. Size the. You you, you use the manager. Disk, or or not and public, key in, this case I'm provision, the virtual. Machine scale set in, virtual. Machine skill set and, now. I select here. Let me check hidden, my pen, here. Yeah. Yeah. I I, said their name yeah. Sorry. I said. Their name Pam, I said their name here and now, I said that threshold to. True. To, avert all skill. Set this. Is. Step, by step to create virtual. Skill, set with a machine skill set, this. Example. That he is possible. To. Taking. Our exam, for example, other other. Top you, need to understand, is automated. Deployment, vehement, using. For, example partial. Our meeting, plate and, JSON. It's. A other. Top. The very part understand how you can automate your, deploy, you. You. Can use the. Adverse. July you can use the partial you. Can use the terraform. You can use it a, lot, of, research. When, you think about this. Right. From. Now I have. Other. Demonstration. To. Perform. With. With. Look. At this. Here. I have one. JSON. File. Inside. The these. JSON, file I. Here. Let. Me check the topology, yeah. Excited. A JSON file here, I. First. Of all it's, very important, the standard, a the. X the. JSON, here, is. A JSON, file this, is structure, this, this, file variables. Resources. Output, parameters, great, and, now in. This case I would like to show about. The. Scripture, to provisioning, this environment, I am using the, arm template, to provision in the environment, and after, that I'm using the desired. State configuration. To. Provision, my, application. Here, you can, understand. About this. In. This layer I have I. Even. Using. The. Research. Vector machine, and provisioning. The vector machine inside. This virtual machine there. Is a custom. Expert. Extension. In. This case are, you provision, of my vector machine, and you. Run this script and, we, won't finish the script you. I. Need. A deploy, I. Have. A. Application. Deployment in, in, my virtual. Machine in this case this, is a. Example. When, you need automate. Your. Deploy. On, Azure. Ok. Here. I have other, example. When. Example. The arm template, - and you. Need for, deploy. Two, virtual machines and one load, bars in.

Case, I I, saved, the file and I. Will perform. And, now I. Will. Add. The resource. Now. I need to play this, the. Select, the, templates. Deployment. Ok. And. Now I create. And. You're, building your pink pledge, this. Is a screen I need. Upload. The file and select, there, they. Might fire to provision. In my environment here. You, can see all the research that you. Provisioning. And now. I will save, and. Create. Demo. Three, live. For. Example. And. They. Will set the. Starch. Account a name. Okay. Let's. See. I put. The parameters I, can. Say. Variables. Let. Me check my password. To. My, famiiy and. You. Use the same, naming here. Dania, okay. Right. I. Put. All these things about that. Okay. Right, in, case I owe. Provisioning. This, environment. Lets me check here, the MA. Let, me check yeah I am I this. Is scripting, I'm template you provision. The. This. Environment, automatic. A yeah. Okay, the producer need this environment, for example I can, perform that with a ever. Cloud. Shell chew. Yeah. I I. Can, i. I. Could, to choose, partial, to let. You come back. To. My slide. Okay. Okay. Okay. I haven't. Alicia with my my, my, finished them. Okay. From. Now great. When. You you, need to you, if, you, need proof your capability. And skill with, ultimate. Diplomacy, you can use it Jason, PowerShell. CLI. And, the. Best, quality, as a quick starting plating, let. Me, check, here, let. Every. Quick starting plated here yeah. I mean. Losing. This. When. You need find, it the. Arm templates, scripts and when you need, write, your, content your. Your, cold you. My. My. Advice to you is use. Consulted. Discounted, for here you, can. Find for example. I'll. Be. Them. In. Skater it's possible Krejci of the ability such. There. Is a code I. Mean. I am using this, repository. When, I need provisioning. An environment. Inside. Their Asia okay. I. Talked. The, about the quick starchy. And, talked it with Porsche all right that's, okay, I. Talked. About the design. Stage configuration. I show I showed. To you and, and. Finish, it that all, for, now, let's. Move on to networking. Layer stack, it's, very, important, network, network, I, appreciated. Network. Stripes inside, there did. Indeed, this week's the there are a lot, of announcements, regarding this. When. You. Talk about your preparation you'd understand, it for, example the. Net spearing you. Need, understand. How. You can connect. Between. Virtual. Network, or how you can play mint v12, and network. You know how, you can, use the private, DNS. Or. Public. Name. His illusion, hole, or how. You can create your network. Security group. When. You talk about it connections, between. Network. Security group is very important, distant I have it one tool or three. View. On network, now. I need to connect, this, this. The. Virtual. Network. Now. I have a, example. Demonstration. Show to. Understand, clear. It. Yeah. Here I have, one filter machine, in my. But. For. My demo. Developer. Environment. Here. I can see. That. Yeah. Demo to, the, mode tray they were far more far. Yeah. Here. You. Can see. About my, I have, in this, demonstration to. Environment. The. Development. Environment and. Homologation. Environment. In, my developer. Environments I have my, vignette and my room tour machine. Okay. And I, have to, my. Other virtual. Machine and other, virtual. Matter I give. Access this. This. Ratana. Sheeny and Here, I am. Make, a ping I. Need. To access between virtual, machines. For. Now are, you creating. The. Vonage puri, after. That this, brutal. Machine it can, access. So. Now. I need the creative. Are. You creating, my village. Peering. M-mama. Geisha. Peering. Okay. Now. I need select. The. Other. Vanity. That I need to connect and now, I need, to define. The name, in. Case you. Don't. Need, create. The peering and. In, both. Virtual. Machines, at the end both virtual. Networks. Only. Create, brutalize. Vonage. Peering in the same. Virtual. Network and, you. You create, an other peering, in another, virtual. Network. In. Now. I all a bit available. The. Virtual. Network, between. The. Net okay. And now. I'd, zero the fourth traffic. Great. And they, will create here, from, now you can see about the creation. In. Both. Virtual. Networks. Okay. From, now my. My. Okay. My. Connection, between rate. Or network, is built on machines. Inside that that's that's. Fine. That. That's works. From. Now, it's. Very understanding. In your preparation. Name, resolution. When. You think about name his illusion side I really do have. DNS. Zones or private, DNS, zone, here.

You, Can see a DNS. Zones. Or. Private. Denying. Susana's I, have. A research. Group they mature. In. Minor certain group them to, we. Are private. Dennis, link. Private. Then. Adds on and. Here. You, can see a private. When. You create your, private. In the net zone you. Need a. Little. Network, link when. You make this all, the. Researcher, when you, create, in your environment, your. Registration. In, your Dainius, for, example, here I have other. Example. I have. Virtual. Machine DB. Inside. They've, 312. Network, and I have other. Vector. Machine vector machine. Web. Now. I can. Pink. Eye, I, can, use the, resolution. Name, privateer. Solution, Amy because. I have. This link, you. Can, see here, the. Research. Inside. The, here. You can see this, DB. Or and. Web. And the, web, right. Here, is, a. Mais. My. Other. Research. Set. Okay. Other. Example. Regard the name, his solution, is. Public. When. You have you. Only need publish, your. Dns. Public. Dns here. I have, an example DFT. As. Now. In. Scaizi you. Have. The. Name. Server, name, server name server name server and now only. Could, creative. Yours. Yes. Are set and publish. The. Environment. Okay. Let's. Move on. Right. When you are, creating, your fruit, or machines you. Can. Manage. The. Public. IP or. Private. Ap when. If you. Need publishing. You are very. Tall machine you can use. Public. IP for example, or. You. Can use the application, gateway or, you, can use it. 312. Privacy. Network. Load. Balance, e other. Example. Name. Has resolution. I thought, I. Talked about that. From now and, this. This. Is. Example. When. You if. You think about the network. Is very important, create a. Fire, or a security, group to, when, you you, have. When. You need to set that any configuration, to, access, the, resources, you need. Configuration. The assertion, this dish nation the protocol, and IP. And. What. You need to define, tool. To, access in, your environment. Ok. Ok. I talked about the storage managed. Service, here I talked the victim, machine II from, now they'll in. The end. There. Is a. Networking. Load. Balancing. And. Yeah. Let me check here, yeah, networking. Load balancing. Her. Network, lodge bossy, as a manager, okay, let me check here about the, networking. Water. It's our other example when, you need your, preparation, your exam, and that's, what watcher. Network. Your water is. So. Important, okay. From, now when, you you. Access, your, network. Watch watch. When. You use that Network watch you can access. A lot of resources. To, networking, jagannath, key tools for example, if. TV, security, rules when. You have now. I'll select, my vert, my. Subscription. And I'll select my, demo. Tool, for exam and, retama, Shinya web. Ok. Let's. Meet Jackie here. In. Case I don't say okay. Yeah. Okay. I. Understand. And I'm. Waiting this. Here. You can see that, all. This security group the role is a pivotal, role is when you'll have. A, lot. Of in layers when, you need to act and provide any. Provision. When. You talk about the, network. You watch you. Can see that to polish here too you can select the, the, topology. Then you, can select the, superscription. Resource, group and the. Net and here. You can see the topology to. Network. You watching. Helped you to, understand. It about the IP flow, fries. Verified. For example, all the truck inside. The your, filter, machine you can log, you can access, out the traffic you can use. The natural. Cures, to. Improve. Your connections. And troubleshooting, and. In. Your preparation.

Certification. My advice to you is, proxy. Brighton, braat braat braat. Okay. Let's, come back to, last. Top. That. Very important this dead is managing. The I, identity. As. Your activity, director it's. Very important when, you think in, your preparation. Yes. A sure. Actually directory, manage. The users. And groupís, and created. The hybrid. Environment. Hybrid, identity, management. And provisioning, the multi-factor. Authentication, and. How, you can, do, this. In our certification. In your preparation you. Need to, understand. About, a, lot, of things about, that for, the first of all it's, very important, this thing about the azure. Joint. It's, very it's. Possible you you make a joint in your. In. Your computing, into, Azure but. You, needed. Attended. A little, requirement, a little. Requirement. After. That, here. You. You. Can add your, little, machine. In. The. Azure. From. Now this, with Chuckie here, if, you try put your. Little. Machine, your, your. Workstation. Side the domain. If. You try perform, here, it's. Not possible. Add, my. Performance, my my, notebook, into, Azure, ad, I, need. Use. The. Account. Inside. The card i select, the access, work and school and here, i you. Create I will set the azure. Here. Join. This device to, everything, this, is. Step. By step when you need provisioning. You, when, you need to give you your joint. In your area. At the AG, okay, I. Mean. Skater I only. Put. My, email. And my. Burrito, machine he was very, great to, choose action. Let's come back here. Okay. From. Now. It's possibly using the azure. Ad, joint. To, the other comment, is possible. Use the comedy, sure. And. It's. Possible use the. Statesmen. Enrollment, or in. Case when. Do you access a lot of devices you, are. Stay. If your state, was roaming. You. Make you roaming in your. Devices, that, you use. Other. Topic, it's very important, when you think about this, is, conditional. Access yeah. When, will you talk about, the. Azure you. Give. The access a lot of research inside but. You can create a lot of conditional. Access to, to, api's. And. Applications. You. Can. Set. This. You. Can use, you. Need.

Anything About, the manager objects inside the azure with, user, and group and devices, you, can perform, and that with. Partial. Or if, the errors July and, you, can export, from ARR, a, sequel. All, right. In. The. End it's. Very qualified for, scenarios, the. Hybrid. Identity. Cloud on or. Hybrid. Achieve, director with the password. Sync high. Ability Active. Directory Federation. Or, other, talks when, you talk about the. Hybrid. Environment. Today. All. The, company, it was, integrate. Your, on-premise. Reactive director or environment. Or on-premise environment users. To, measure when. You you. Will make. These in integration. You, give the access, a lot of sex now, I would like to explain, about that. That. Let's come back to Asher. Asher. Active. Directory, here. Okay. My. Here. A direct direct AG connect is. A. Research. That, you can synchronize. Your environment. On. Primacy. And to, Aaron indistinct. My sched was affable. Okay. I have. Here enterprise, the application. In. This case you, can use, this. Enterprise. Application. For. This my. Apps you. How. Many guys, know. About. The my. Apps are using. My apps. Okay. Here. You can see. My. App in, this case I publish, a lot of, research. For now. If, he and I sent, realizing, my. Applications. And my access. To. Other users, in my company, here, I can, access. From an example, Dropbox. For. For. Business and add. The. User in SCADA you add my user. The. Azure. Video. Great. Assign. Okay. In case I owe only. Wait, the. Application. And asked, and the. Dropbox. You provisioning. Here, a, box. Your provision, here. From. Now. This. Is, a. Big. Idea we've. Done in this session to. Help you to understand a lot of topics Aragon the the. Your preparation. To SME. 100. Treat the. Master, subscription. Storage, account inserts, and identity. From, now.i how. You can make. Your preparation. To. Access the link yeah. Here. Is just suggestions, to you to add. More, content, during your preparation phase you, can go to. Events. Tent, instructor-led. Trainings. Or. Buy, some, online, trainings. As well try. The simulations. This, is how, you. Can prepare yourself to. Make. The exam, all. The content, that without. Just show, to you. Will. Be available, along with the presentation, you, can download check. The links see, the demonstrations. You, can. Review. All the content, that without. Just presented. To you get. The the, mind map the. Study. Plan and use. This as your, preparation, guide this. Is important, I know that we. We. Would we were. Expecting, to demonstrate. To you much. More than that, we were. Expecting to share more tips. Around the, exam, itself. But. The. Goal here was to share. A little bit about the, topics. Covered. By. The day. Some the 103, ISM so. If. You have any question, please. Now. It's the, time we have two minutes, remaining. So, you can go. To the microphone, and raise, your question, we. Will try to respond. To you in. The best possible. Yeah. Simple question where do you download all this. Where. Yes, yeah I. Think. Without just shared, on the video. On the profile but on. Twitter profile, but we, can. If. You want we. Can share with you that actually just. Sent me an email I will provide my mail to to, you and just, wear as well and you can just send to us and we will provide to you that the content yes the presentation. The. The, study, preparation, the mind map and everything, oh. This. Is. Important. I. Think, you, all know because. Microsoft, is. Providing. This free, exam, for. All. Microsoft. Ignite attendees, so, you can, just. Capture. This QR code and get. Access to your free exam, called you you, can, schedule. Ism in. 108. Days so, you don't need to be ready, right now but you can get. This for, free and. Prepare. For the first. Official. Exam. That's. All so. Thank. You guys thank, you very much.

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