Evening News : 2019-04-18

Evening News : 2019-04-18

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You SLS, ten live. From WS LS this, is 10 News at 5:00 working. For you. Now. At five the highly-anticipated Muller, report, is released, to the public. There. Was no collusion and there. Certainly was no criminal conspiracy, with any Russians. What. We're learning about the Justice, Department's, take on the investigation. Plus. A 38 million dollar overhaul, to Appalachian, Power company's, power grid and it's all hidden underground, it's. The only system, like this in the area. We'll. Give you an exclusive look, at the system beneath the streets of downtown Roanoke, and how it will improve your service, and. The. Roanoke rail yard dogs are making history tonight on the ice and a semi brown semi, final, round of the playoffs excuse me but tonight we're looking at the history they're making off the ice with their attendance numbers and how they're fitting in in a star city. But. First we are tracking the potential, for heavy rain and some strong winds over the Easter holiday weekend it's been sunny and quiet today but that is about to change a new round of severe weather is hitting parts of the deep south you can see that with, that yellow and orange on our satellite and radar and, that is moving our way the, storms have brought damaging winds and hail and are impacting, thousands, including people in Arkansas, who had to be rescued from flash flooding as that, system pushes, east tomorrow it, will threaten areas from Florida to Washington, DC. Including, us Storm Team 10 chief meteorologist, Jeff Hanna which joins us now with more on what we might expect to see right here at home Jeff yeah, guys I want to show you the storm system you need to know this that the rest of today and tonight you've got nothing, to worry about, as a matter of fact the shower some earlier today now just a distant memory but, this storm system is packing a huge punch really, from Tennessee, all the way south and Louisiana.

Several Tornado warnings right now several, severe thunderstorm, warnings right now with several tornado watch boxes, right now and all this is heading to the north and to the east towards, us already. The Storm Prediction Center, has put areas, along. In West of the Parkway, in a slight risk for severe weather that's a level two out of level five areas. East of the Parkway that's Lynchburg and Southside. You're an enhanced, risk for, severe weather that's a level three out of level five without question, the two main threats for us tomorrow will be heavy rain and damaging wind but. The tornado threat is not, zero, for areas east of the Parkway heading into tomorrow afternoon into, tomorrow, evening at, the, ground tomorrow it's going to be breeze you're gonna have winds 15 to 25 miles per hour but you go about 3,000, feet high could have some winds 5055, even 60 miles per hour so what's going to happen is in some of these cells the, wind, is going to be brought down to, the surface so we could easily have some wind gusts over 60 miles, per hour and some of these cells even, if they're not tornadic tomorrow the chance for damaging wind is elevated. For us here especially. Between around noon and 8:00, p.m. so. The timing of this the worst of the weather noon to 8:00 tomorrow, the threat again flooding, damaging wind gusts and all the threat, for a tornado is, low it is not zero and location. Is going to be all of the Storm Team 10 viewing area with perhaps the worse the weather east, of the Parkway John. Thank. You Jeff this is a good time to remind you at home you can stay up to date with the latest conditions, with the storm team team weather app. The. App came in handy this past weekend, when severe weather rolled, through with a look at live radar and up-to-date forecast to find a search WS, LS in your App Store special. Counsel Robert molars Russia investigation. Report, is now public, at least most of it released today by the Attorney, General it's. Revealing, how President, Trump felt threatened, by the investigation. And tried, to get his staff to fire mother plane, Alexander has the story from Washington. Nearly. Two years in the making Special, Counsel Robert, molars Russia report, is finally. Public with, redactions, according. To the report when President Trump learned that Muller had been appointed in May of 2017, he. Panicked, launching, and expletive, saying oh my god this is terrible, this is the end of my presidency in Muller's, 448.

Page Report he details several, examples, of potential, obstruction. Of justice including, the firing, of FBI director, James Comey and one, instance, where the president directed, then White House lawyer Don Magan to order molars firing, Magan, refused. The report says that the president's efforts were mostly, unsuccessful largely. Because the people around him declined, to carry out orders but, that does not exonerate him, Muller writing if we had confidence that the president clearly, did not commit, obstruction, of justice we, would so state still. President, Trump declaring, victory I'm having a good day too it was called. No. Collusion no, obstruction. Muller. Found no criminal conspiracy, between the Trump campaign and Russia something, highlighted, today by Attorney General William bar echoing. A frequent, phrase from the president as he said from the beginning there. Was in fact no. Collusion, that not sitting well with Democrats, also upset, the president's lawyers got a look at the report earlier, this week days, before, Congress, the, special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate, the president and, the responsibility. Now for us to Congress, to, hold the president, accountable for, his actions strengthening. Their calls to see the full report without. Redactions. And bar, will testify before Congress, early next month, now today Democrats are intensifying. Their calls for Special Counsel Robert, Muller to come to Capitol Hill today, Barr says that he has no problem with the special counsel testifying. In Washington. I'm Blaine Alexander, 10 News working for you two. Men are locked up tonight accused, of killing another man at his home over the weekend the Campbell County Sheriff's, Office says, 31, year old Ashford, Adams, and 27, year-old Antonia, Waller are being held without bond on multiple. Charges, deputies. Say they found 54. Year-old Orlando. Roby, inside, his home on Hat Creek Road in the brook Neal area on Saturday, the, medical examiner, is working, to determine how he died a. Teenager. Charged, in a crash that killed his girlfriend will not face jail time the, 16, year old who 10. News is choosing, not to identify because of his age was driving, when Ashland Poole was thrown from the passenger, seat and killed. This was in Christiansburg, last, July 10. News reporter Lindsay, Kennedy is live in Christmas Berg with more on his punishment, and I and what was obviously, an emotional day in court Lindsay. That's. Right it was really heartbreaking to watch an emotional. And difficult day for both Ashland's, family and the defendants. Now each family took time to pray before the sentencing, and there, were a lot of tears, in court today Ashland's. Aunt sister, and mother all. Gave. Witness. Testimony. Today, calling. That this tragedy has, turned into their daily nightmare.

The Pools were buttons with Ashland's face and described, her as bubbly, caring and spunky, during their victim impact testimony the. Family said, the team has shown no remorse and never apologized, they, did not want to be retribution, but, they did want him to face consequences, for his actions an investigation. Found that he was traveling over, 86, miles per hour which is more than double the speed limit on mud Pike Road the, defendant suffered, a serious, head injury in the accident and says he doesn't remember anything, from that night for. The first time today he apologized, to the pool saying quote I'm, genuinely, sorry I miss her very much to this day and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her the, teen was found guilty on both misdemeanor, charges of reckless, driving and driving without a license, and he was also found delinquent, on the felony involuntary. Manslaughter charge he, was sentenced to, 30 days detention, had his license suspended cannot. Contact, the pool family unless they asked to meet with him and he must undergo counseling as well as a community, service, now, the judge said that he would like the defendant to use those community, service hours to, educate, everyone about safe, driving so that no other families have to suffer live, in Christiansburg I'm Lindsay Kenneth 10 News working for you. And. A sad ending tonight in the weeks-long search for a missing man deputies, say a body pulled from the James River in Bedford County last Thursday has, been identified as. Nathan fatally, the, medical, examiner, in Roanoke now working to determine the exact cause of death as we've, reported crews had been looking for the 28 year old Lynchburg, native since early March there's, no word on what led him to the big island area, new. Tonight French investigators believe. An electrical, short-circuit is, likely, what, started the huge fire at nutri cathedral but the investigation, into the official cause will take time because crews can, search the rubble because of safety concerns now. The focus is turning to rescue, workers, who are being hailed as heroes for. Saving, the eight hundred fifty year old gothic, masterpiece today. A ceremony, was held for firefighters, who prevented, the flames from spreading. French, president Emmanuel, macron says he, plans to rebuild within, five years, there's. So much hope about rebuilding, it and all. The things that it can be president, micron has said it will be even better than. It, was before the, French are incredibly, resilient and, they are after all they've a tire so, I think, it will happen. Nearly. 1 billion, dollars, has been pledged, to rebuild, the historic, Cathedral. Improvements. To the local, power grid Appalachian. Power just completed, a 38 million dollar over halt modernized, its underground electric, network in downtown, Roanoke 10, News reporter Rachel Lucas, got an exclusive, look at how all of this will improve your service. The. New system took four years and 15, miles of, cable to complete and you've been walking across it the entire time because, it's all underground. Ok, to, devolve a state-of-the-art, power, boost, to the star city, that's the Transformers, the equipment. That we've installed. In. Case you've ever wondered what was below this, is what it looks like, Appalachian, power took our cameras, underneath, the pavement to see the bells and whistles and how, it all works, everyone. Walks across and you don't know where it's that director. Of distribution, operations Scott chambers, drove in from Charleston, West Virginia to, talk to us about the system that he says will reduce power outages, and speed up response times when there is a problem we, have some new technologies, in place that'll allow us to do switching. For our folks quicker, and safer chambers. Walked us through the, brains of it all this, is our distribution, dispatch center the most interesting, part we, can control it here in this building on Franklin, Road and when an outage does happen. Those folks work 24/7. And they're watching, this system, every. Day now get a notification on, this electronic, board before you can even get a chance to make a phone call, meaning, crews can respond much sooner than before. The.

Bigger System means that even if there is a problem, most likely customers. Will never know we're, serving new customers, every day we're adding new load to the system, that we have and it. Will function well we're now prepared, for the. Continued, growth of rono this, new underground, system is expected to last Roanoke, City for, decades in Roanoke, I'm Rachel Lucas 10 News working for you a new. Home for local, fire fighters is starting to take shape you, can see that in these pictures, from Montgomery, County emergency, services, construction, for the new reiner Fire Department and Rescue Squad is well underway the. New 46, acre property, on Reiner Road will cost about. $375,000. The, county also plans to build parks and, recreation, fields and facilities there, in the future a unique. Project will soon provide dozens, of homes to people in need, this time next year construction. Should be well underway for Habitat. Village, in Danville. The announcement. By Habitat, for Humanity, was just made this week but planning has taken ten years, Habitat, villages, are all across the country including in Lynchburg, and Charlottesville, but this will be the first for Southside. Once. We have a better feel for how quickly we, can construct the houses, we, will do a better job you know being able to recruit the families, we, do anticipate that, this will be highly, desirable. And. You'll hear from the organization, that donated the land for the village that's coming up tonight on 10 News at six. Pieces. Of art showcasing. Spots around our region are now featured, on several Valley, Metro buses, then, who worked at on display and the goal of the art by bus program. Looks. Pretty good meanwhile, let's take a live look from Lynchburg. This is our Liberty University, Skycam, sunny, skies today but. There's more on the storms that we're tracking for the weekend at the brain. He. Said five. You. Were looking at a live picture from, a Martinsville, New College Institute Skycam. Look at those trees swinging back and forth it's been a breezy arguably, windy, day at times for us and it looks like those winds are going to stay elevated, over the next couple of days obviously, tomorrow with a very active weather day with the front moving in the winds will be at their strongest and any strong to severe thunderstorm, that we have move across Southwest, Central and South, Side Virginia right, now though outside of the wind we are seeing some sunshine this morning we were awakened by some showers, this afternoon we, saw more sunshine and we have been dry since around, about, 10:00, or 11:00 o'clock this morning, tonight.

Looks To be a night where you've got nothing, really to worry about could there be a few showers after, 3:00 4:00 o'clock in the morning absolutely, best chance will be along the southern Blue Ridge time you head out the door tomorrow morning it looks like you may have some spotty showers around on Good Friday but, overall, the worse the weather comes in for us as we head say from lunchtime on tomorrow. This is around 1:00 at, that point in time there's gonna be a line of some strong to perhaps even severe thunderstorms, from, seiya the panhandle, of West Virginia, south into Boone North Carolina that. Could potentially, even impact you folks towards the NRV and Mountain Empire at that point this, is going to be a storm, line that does indeed move it's not going to stay stationary I think the worse the weather for Roanoke will be between roughly 2 and 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Lynchburg. Southside. Your worst weather will probably come between 3:30, and about, 8:00 tomorrow, one, line will leave us there may be another line now however that enters from the south moving to the north as we, head into the evening hours, that will create more in the way of some heavier downpours by. Around 11:00 I think no later than that our severe weather threat ends but, by 11 o'clock Friday, evening we may still have a couple, of more rounds of rain moving in throughout, the course of the overnight so it looks like it's going to be a very active day tomorrow frankly, it looks like it's gonna be pretty active into Friday night but I think the severe weather potential will leave us at some point in time Friday evening, and then. On Saturday we're, just going to have some spotty leftover, showers around we will probably see a little bit of sunshine on Saturday but I also think on Saturday we're going to have the chance for at least some isolated to widely scattered showers. Chance for rain 30 or 40 percent so. The storm threats for us tomorrow damaging, wind flash flooding and lightning where to put all that on the moderate category the. Threat for tornado and hail we're, gonna put that on the lower end of things doesn't mean it's not going to happen I just think that the main two threats for us tomorrow will be damaging wind and flash flooding and I. Think that although the, threat is low for tornado the, threat is not zero for areas east of, the Blue Ridge flooding. Need to talk about that potential tomorrow we're expecting anywhere, from one to three inches of rain keep, in mind the six hour flood risk isn't about an inch and a half to two and a half inches so, we could also have some localized. Flash flooding issues, come tomorrow as well and those river levels especially along the Dan may, rise tomorrow as well and then they have to watch that as we head into the holiday weekend as well rainy Friday so far this year Blacksburg. And Lynchburg 13 out of 15, Friday's have been wet Roanoke, 12 out of 15 Fridays Evan went so if you're kind of thinking, to yourself Fridays have been a very wet day for us so far this year you'd be right on the nose here's, some good news by Easter Sunday although a stray shower too cannot be ruled out Easter, Sunday we're looking at more sunshine, going to have temperatures around, say the low to mid 40s as you head off to sunrise. Services, and then as we head to, say brunch time on Sunday afternoon temperatures. Will likely be in the upper 50s it, has been the day with strong winds winds right now 10 to 20 miles per hour we've had some gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour and as I told you the winds are going to be a factor for us for at least the next couple of days and look at that high on Saturday again. Falling, into the upper 50s we're only in the low to mid 60's on Easter Sunday or dry Monday few showers Tuesday and Wednesday and by next Thursday we'll have a better chance for scattered showers so, after a cool weekend temperatures, start to go back up again by next week Britney the. Rono railyard dogs are set to make history tonight the, hockey, team is in the semi-finals, of the major or the minor league playoffs for the first time ever, and, that's a big moment for the star city's youngest.

Sports Team ten News reporter Steve dwire is, live at the Birdland, Shayne. How are things ahead of the game. Brittany, and John know they're putting the final touches on the ice right now they're out here cutting and resurfacing. The ice the players are here getting a little bit warmed up we got guys bringing hockey sticks over to the benches they are ready for go tonight and it's not only been great success, on the ice but they've also had great success off the ice and it's amazing the relationship, that they've been able to foster here in the Star City it was more than three years ago when the team announced, that the rail yard dogs were coming to Roanoke and that hockey was back and many people were hopeful, for success but there were some skeptics, based on some of the older teams here in Roanoke that had folded in the past but, now in their third season they've had lots of fun games the, team has been beat its attendance expectations. Even, setting to attendance, records this year and it's not only the fans that love hockey the cool thing here is, how the team, and the players feel, about Roanoke. And. I think our team, is really setting up nicely to love, Roanoke as well you know we, get comments, from the guys all the time that they enjoy being here and love, the downtown area, and the scenery. And then the outdoor stuff so it's. Been it's been a really nice relationship over the past two years the. Rail, yard dogs beat the top team in the league to make it to the semifinals tonight, they face off with Birmingham and the puck drops at 7. Yo, you got horn. Give. Us the horn. There we go they're ready for, some hockey here, we'll check back in in an hour when the gates open up to see how the fans are feeling ahead of tonight's game live at the Berglund Center Shane Dwyer 10 News working for you, all. Right so Shane gets the horn on the man I'll take, I'll. Still become to Virginia men are being called heroes for, saving the life of a baby bear how a regular, fishing trip on the river turned, into a once-in-a-lifetime. Experience. A lot of water a. Relaxing. A fishing trip turned into a rescue, mission yeah, father and son from Rockingham. County spent, their vacation, on the Williams River in West Virginia, saving. A black bear from drowning, right really is a once-in-a-lifetime, sort, of experience, Alex Flum has the story her. Father and son Darren and Eli Barkley, of Broadway, it was a normal fishing trip in West Virginia, so basically, we just got done, fishing. As we were walking up the river bank until, Eli, noticed, something a small, bear on the side of the Williams River you're really worried about him the bear looked very wore, out and. It. Just didn't, didn't look right the barclays called forest rangers and bear caretaker, Joe Rosenthal, came, to help. That's. When Eli, jumped, in to help he then. Got. Out in the current and as soon as his head went under I guess, it was just natural instinct. I mean I didn't say, nothing a nobody, I just sprung, out into the water and, kind. Of went went, for a pretty, big swim Eli, saved the bear and Joel was able to sedate, it bringing, it back to his farm. Will. Be keeping, updates with with Joe and in, this bear named William, now Williams, river so it's pretty cool a once-in-a-lifetime. Experience. For the barclays definitely, being. In the wildlife years. Grown, up with my dad I mean it was it was pretty cool I'm very proud very proud he, did the right thing and a new lease on life for, William. Alex. Flum with our report tonight the bear caretaker, in West Virginia says he hopes the cub can eventually be released back into the wild but, the Berkeley family is hoping they can go and visit him before that happens. Stick with us we'll be right at Belk and felt calm.

You'll. Notice new works of art on the outside of Valley Metro buses, today, the art by bus, program unveiled. The pieces that will be displayed this is a unique way that Roanoke, City is working to promote public, transportation. Through artwork one, piece by Ann Glover comes, from the Roanoke City Art collection, the other was, designed by Holland's, University's, art student Mandy Lam this, is the fifth year for the program and. That looks much. Continues. Next with us for 10 News at 5:30 high-speed, Internet, live. From w sls this, is 10:00 news at 5:30. Working, for you these. Three words have the power to save lives. Now. At 5:30 what's. In a name how Oberer and a south carolina university, are trying to change your, rideshare, habits, plus. More scandal, for the world's largest social, media site what, you need to know about the more than 1 million, emails, Facebook, collected, without your permission, plus. Some localities and states have made changes, to smoking, laws but, now it could be a national, proposal, we'll tell you why one Republican, wants, to up the age. Well. It's a tale of two different, pictures as you look at your screen right now while, we are sunny, and clear here at home a very different story elsewhere in the country this. Is video from a storm system yesterday, when it rolled through, Oklahoma right. Now their stormy weather south, of us but Virginia is in the path of the storm Storm Team 10 has been tracking, that weather since it started in northern Texas and the central plains and started, chugging in our direction Storm, Team 10 chief meteorologist, Jeff Hanna which joins us now he's in the Weather Center Jeff is it going to get here and will it be that intense yeah I think it's gonna be pretty intense when it gets here tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow evening let's, head on over and show you that we've got nothing to worry about for the rest of today really, tonight doesn't, look to be all that bad maybe a few showers late it's tomorrow when we're gonna be dealing with all this mess, that. You see really, from Kentucky south into parts of Louisiana and Mississippi this. Is going to move to the north and of these and as it does we're going to be in its path from around noon tomorrow through, about midnight tomorrow, night so as far as what we're looking at from the Storm Prediction Center, they have areas. In the mountains in a slight risk for severe, weather that's a level two out of level five while, areas in orange that's for Lynchburg and Southside, you are an enhanced, risk for severe weather tomorrow, afternoon, and tomorrow evening that's a level three out of level five without, question, the main two threats will be heavy rain and damaging wind although a tornado, cannot be ruled out in areas, east of the Parkway so, the impacts, again guaranteed. Tomorrow are going to pick up on heavy rain I think we're also gonna have some wind damage across. The region because this storm packs a punch I cannot. Rule out a tornado I cannot rule out the possibility of some hail as well and again as we plan things out for you for tomorrow in the morning may have a few showers cloudy, very warm, very mild, it's midday we're going to start to see some scattered showers and thunderstorms and by the latter part of the afternoon into, the evening storms. Will become likely, so again, the second half of tomorrow looks to be more active than the first half of tomorrow Britany. Uber. Has unveiled new security, changes following, the death of a South Carolina college student, police, say 21 year old Samantha Josephson. Mistakenly. Got into a car she thought was her uber she, was found dead hours, later the, driver of the car who didn't work for uber, is now charged with her murder in response. The rideshare company, is teaming up with her University, to create be what's my name campaign. Simply. Put every. Time someone. Uses a rideshare service. They, should stop before entering, the vehicle and asked, the driver plainly. What's, my name. Uber. Is also rolling out a new alert system, that will remind you with push alerts to check the make model. License, plate and driver, of the uber you requested. Now. Facebook is back in hot water after it admits to collecting, the emails, of over a million, users. It's blaming a software, change that was supposed to protect privacy.

Yesterday. Facebook said the email contact, lists of thousands, of users were uploaded. Unintentionally. That's there were three, years ago the social media site made changes, to the process that users, went through to sign up before. The changes, users, were given the option, to load their email contacts, when they open an account, in order to find their friends but, in May of 2016. Facebook, stopped explaining. That users lists, could be uploaded, when they signed up meaning, in some cases the, lists were uploaded, without, their consent the, company said the mistakenly. Uploaded, contact, lists had not been shared with anyone outside of, Facebook. Now. That the redacted Mullah report has been released to the public there's, major criticism. From lawmakers about, Attorney General William bars summary. Of the report that was released in March lawmakers. Are expected to spend the next few days poring, over that 448. Page, report, but, already some, say the Attorney General's, letter written, after, the report was given to the Justice, Department, mischaracterized. The results, prior, to the reports, released today bar explained, the conclusions, in that letter Special. Counsel confirmed. That. The Russian government sponsored. Efforts to illegally, interfere, with, the 2016. Presidential, election but. Did not find that the Trump campaign, or other Americans, colluded. In those efforts. Virginia. Senator and vice chair of the House Intel, committee says he's concerned, about the, mischaracterizations. In that letter and promises. That his committee will continue to investigate, and. There are clear concerns from Virginia's Democratic, Party tonight that's what our political analyst, is saying. Played a major part in the former Virginia, Governor Terry. McAuliffe, decision, not to run for president, McAuliffe. Had been considering, that decision, to run for several months but announced last night that he would not 10, News political analyst, dr. Edie Lynch says it's clear that Virginia's, Democratic, Party thinks they need McAuliffe, as their chief fundraiser this, fall in order to have a chance of taking over the General Assembly Lynch, says this also points, to concerns, over whether, the Lieutenant Governor or the Attorney General, would be electable, in 2021.

For Statewide office, and McAuliffe. He, says may. Have decided to run himself, a lot. Of states have been considering. A major change to tobacco laws but one senator wants to make it a federal priority. Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants, to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco nationwide. 221, mcconnell. Cited surveys that show forty, five percent of the state's high schoolers, have tried vaping, so. By raising the age that. You could legally purchase two twenty one, tobacco. On't be in most high schools. Presenting. Fewer opportunities for children to get their hands on vaping devices. The. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says 90% of cigarette smokers, tried their first cigarette before, they turned 18. Looking. To the future students, in Pittsylvania County got, an inside, look at jobs that could be on the horizon how, it can help put them on the right path. Plus. We're tracking, the chance for severe, weather we'll, let you know when and where it could hit but, first here is a look at how stocks of local interest finish today on Wall Street. Welcome. Back friends I'm storm team 10 meteorologist, chef Hannah which may be a few clouds around nothing, more than that it's actually very nice outside but. Work its gonna happen tonight as these clouds are really going to thicken up especially. After midnight and then after midnight also may actually have a few, showers moving in as well so what we're tracking yeah a low pressure system and an associated, front going move through here tomorrow tomorrow's. Gonna be the polar opposite, of today. Today. Had a few showers in the morning but in the afternoon we saw sunshine, good Friday looks, like we're gonna have some strong to even severe, thunderstorms, possible, looks, like some of the worst weather will be around sunset tomorrow right when Passover, begins looks, like we're going to have Saturday, being a little quieter, ok Saturday. Will be a day where, we're breezy, we're cooler we're gonna have some scattered showers around maybe, even a little bit of tiny hail but and I don't think gonna have any severe weather as we head into Saturday and. Then by Easter Sunday it looks like we're going to have a day, where we're going to be for the most part dry maybe a stray shower or two can't rule it out otherwise. It looks like we're partly to mostly cloudy on Easter Sunday with, temperatures pretty. Mild it, looks like we're going to cool down big-time on Saturday temperatures will start to go back up again as we head into Easter, Sunday so. Timing out the impacts for you for tomorrow in the morning we're gonna have some spotty to scattered showers around it's really from noon through about 8 maybe 9 o'clock, tomorrow we're, going to have some strong to even severe, thunderstorms, damaging, wind heavy rain could have some hail and a tornado cannot. Be ruled out in areas east of the Parkway then, as we head into tomorrow night it's going to be a night for us we're going to have some leftover showers, around maybe even a leftover Thunder, shower and it's going to be breezy at times as we head into tomorrow night as well so as far as how much rain we get from, now all the way through. Saturday looking. At around one to, two and a half inches of rain it could be a few folks that see a little bit less and that could be a few folks who get a little bit closer to three inches but for, the most part we're looking at around one to, two and a half inches of rain before all this said and done and that could produce some. Flooding we're gonna have to watch out for some ground. Flooding yeah. So I have to watch out for some river flooding, as we head into the weekend as well aches and pains forecast, for the next three days the pain level may go. Up a little bit for you if you suffer from fibromyalgia. Or perhaps migraines, looks like you're going to have, the pressure going down as we head into Friday and Saturday but by Sunday, Easter Sunday we're gonna start to see the pressure go back up again and that should mean you should start to feel a little bit better as we, head into the latter part of this holiday weekend temperatures, for us right now 70s. And low to mid 80s very, very, warm outside however, look. At these temperatures towards Omaha st. Louis and Chicago temperatures. 40s 50s and 60s once. We get this cold front out of here we're gonna turn much cooler again upper, 50s for a high on Saturday low, to mid 60's on Easter Sunday and by next week we should be in the 70s and 80s once, again so, your forecast for tonight mostly cloudy were mild overnight lows in the 50s and low to mid 60's again few showers will develop late tonight as, we head into the day tomorrow showers.

Thunderstorms, Will, develop and, some of them can pack a punch especially, from around noon to about 9:00, looking. At highs tomorrow in the mountains in the 60s. Farther, east we're in the low to mid 70s and simply put the warmer you are the more unstable you become your. Extended forecast showing. Highs again 50s, 60s Saturday, also on Sunday, 75. To 80 as we head into Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday temperatures, but though one week from today may fall into the upper 60s, to near 70 looks. Like on Easter Sunday may have a stray shower or two around Monday we're dry a few showers, possible Tuesday and Wednesday under partly sunny skies, with, another chance for rain as, we head next Thursday it's. Gonna be a stark difference from. Friday, to, Saturday mm-hmm. Especially, with their, Easter egg hunts and so many other activities happening, Saturday, morning yeah it's gonna be a very busy weekend and I can tell you that Sunday looks to be a little bit drier than Saturday but Saturday by no means, looks, to be a washout just, some scattered showers here or there and not that warm not, that warm at all right as a matter of fact it's gonna be breezy so those temperatures, may actually feel even colder than that so, the rain might not even be the biggest thing well I think tomorrow the rain and the Thunder are gonna be a headline I think as you're heading to the weekend it's, it's gonna be just. A cooler weekend, for us not not abnormally, wet by any means okay, okay, well so weekend must be raining in Virginia it seems, the way it goes, speaking. Of which comedy, why maybe even a little cabaret we're going to take it a look look, at the events that are going on across the region this weekend that's, still ahead tonight I'm tending to the father. Several. Pittsylvania, County teams, spent the day job shadowing, to get a better idea of what they may want to do in the future, 16, spent the day at businesses, in Danville, in Pittsylvania, County one. Of those businesses, was Piedmont, pharmacy, in Danville, I wanted. To like, have a good-paying job but. Like. Behind the in. A cubicle, I feel like it'd be boring but, here you could like walk around if, you're going into pharmacy, or any healthcare role you want to have a passion for helping people you, want to be able to relate with all people and. Really. You want to be able to, not. Just know your schoolwork but also know your patient. The. Pennsylvania County, Youth Commission sponsored. The event. I'll. Just head BMW, is adding nearly a hundred eighty-five thousand, cars to a 2017. Recall, for possible, engine fires company. Recommended the cars be parked outdoors until the problems are fixed here's, what's going on the recall expansion, covers several different models BMW. Plastic, parts apparently can, degrade in humidity over time which, can lead to an electrical, short and a possible, fire even when the engine is not dealers. Will replace the heater at no cost, it's. Been nearly, two-year fight but Google and Amazon have made up and are bringing their streaming apps to each other smart, devices later. This month Amazon users, should see YouTube on their devices and Google. Devices, will be able to add the prime video, app. Coming. Up tonight on 10:00 news at six drumming, up new light for some musical equipment how one area program ended, up with some much-needed instruments. Plus. A viral. Wish is granted these, sweet deliveries, that are overflowing, from, a world, war two veterans, now. We. Are working for you to help you find something fun to do this weekend ten news anchor Patrick McKee gives us a look at what's going on around town the. Star City comedy club welcomes Chris Kattan he. Best known as one of the longest-running cast members on Saturday Night Live their, shows 7:00 and 9:30 Saturday and Sunday nights at Charter Hall in, Orlick city market building tickets start at $25. Head. To Blacksburg for fork and court the only two dozen wineries, will be there as well as a dozen restaurants and food trucks, there's, also entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and more it's Saturday from 1 to 6 the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, commissioned starts with $30, the gate with designated, drivers getting in for 10 verdicts. Grant and village celebrates, Earth Day there's, educational, activities, live music food and more it's, 10:00 to 4:00 on Saturday additions, free, wolf, paint Productions, presents cabaret, it, tells the story of life in Berlin as Germany.

Slowly, Ilds to the Third Reich their, shows tonight through Saturday at 8:00 and Sunday at 6:00 at the Wolfe event in Appomattox. Head. To Rocky Mount for the annual South West Virginia antique flea market, and swap meet you'll, find all kinds of treasures including farm equipment household. Wares cars and more it's, Friday and Saturday at Franklin, County Recreation Art with. A look at what's happening around town this week I'm Patrick McKee 10 News working. For you for. More. Information on that and other Easter, fun including, all of the area Easter egg hunts, check out our website at WS LS calm. Stacking. Together. Take, a look one family's found a unique way to stay close the, sport. That is taking, them pro and, keeping, them together. Quality. Family time can be hard to find with all the electronic, distractions, in, our lives these days but a family in Maryland has found a rather unique, way of hanging out and it gotten pretty good at it the three generations, of cup staffers, include Deena Wilson, her 11 year old son Colby, and her mom Donna. Next. Week they're all heading to Spain, yes. Spain, to compete against actors from all around the world while. It's their first international competition, they, have competed. All across the United States I love. It I love traveling, I love being able to compete with something that my son can do with me, I'm, not the type of person that's gonna play baseball or football or, anything like that I rather, be indoors. Stacking, cups, the. World Sport Stacking Championship. Starts April 27th. In Melina Spain. This. Morning we were awakened by some showers, even a little bit of lightning out across a New River Valley this picture is from Angela Collins, on the Virginia Tech campus of a thunderstorm early this morning but now we, are seeing more sunshine it's. Turned out to be a beautiful afternoon but, tomorrow, not, so much we're gonna have nasty. Weather moving in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening as a low pressure system and associated front, impact. The region big-time 72, hot springs 79, in Lynchburg, 80 Martinsville, 69, Hillsville and Galax your forecast first showing temperatures tonight falling to the lower 60s highs tomorrow low to mid 70s showers. And thunderstorms will form tomorrow and some can pack a punch we're gonna talk, about tomorrow's, forecast coming, up momentarily 10, news at 6:00 starts right now i from, WS LS this, is 10 News at 6:00 working. For you. Now. At 6:00 a deadly decision lands a new river valley teen in a detention, center what, the judge hopes he learns from the tragic, accident. Plus. Mourning, the loss of, one of their own how, local Sheriff's Office is remembering, deputy, sheriff Rose Clark after, her sudden death and, then. An exclusive. Look at the power grid underneath, your feet what. A 38, million, dollar Appalachian. Power renovation, project, means for, your service, but. First heavy rain the chance for severe storms maybe even flooding yes and that is a big, concern for a lot of people heading into the Easter holiday weekend, the system, that's now bringing tornadoes, and heavy rain to the Gulf Coast is getting, ready to turn its sights on us for, the timing of everything here's, Storm Team 10 chief meteorologist. Jeff Hanna wit Jeff yeah guys it looks like this storm is going to pack a punch for us tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow evening main, threats will be heavy, rain and damaging, wind although a tornado, cannot be ruled out in areas east of the Parkway in yellow, here that's where we have a slight, risk of severe weather tomorrow that's, a level two out of level five areas. An orange this is basically for areas east of the Parkway that's, where we have an enhanced, risk for severe weather that's a level three, out of level five so. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a very active weather day. Especially. As we look into the afternoon and evening hours now one of the things we're be looking at is the wind. At the ground level tomorrow, looking at a southeast 115 225 but you go up about 3,000, feet and you're looking at winds 5055. In some places up to 60, miles per hour and in any storm that does form in the afternoon and evening tomorrow some of those strong winds up high can be drawn to the surface so that's why we're looking at a pretty impressive squall, line developing, as we head into tomorrow afternoon and, perhaps, even, lingering, in areas. Seigneur south side into the early evening hours of tomorrow so the timing of all this looks, like the worst weather will be between noon and 8:00 the major, to, threats would be flooding and damaging winds and location. Is all the Storm Team 10 area but I think the worst of the weather will, probably, be in areas east of the Parkway towards Lynchburg and Southside. More on this coming up in about 12, minutes I, thank. You Jeff by the way folks if you haven't already this is a great time to download the storm team weather app before the severe weather moves in and tomorrow, is one of those days where you're very likely to be tracking it it'll help you be up-to-date on the latest conditions when, we're not on the air all you have to do is search for WS, LS in your App Store a judge.

Hope Satine sentence, will be a lesson, after his girlfriend was killed in a car crash the, 16 year old who 10 News is choosing not to identify because, of his age was, driving, when Ashland, pool was thrown from the passenger, seat and killed in Christiansburg, last, July an investigation. Found he was traveling more than 86, miles an hour more, than double the speed limit he, was sentenced to 30 days detention, community. Service and had his license, suspended among. Other things at. A local sheriff's office is mourning the loss of one of its own tonight 10, News reporter Magdala Lucent, tells us how a Nelson County deputy's, short time with the department, helped, to change her co-workers, outlook, on life. Four, deputy and former high school friend Aaron, Harris, walking, through the Nelson County Courthouse, will, never be. The same get, one day was dead in a Circuit Court and uh I ran, into Courtney Marin my Sandro's we, got to bring this guy that guy I, said honey we don't get all this done she, looked at me like why. You sweating, it we, got this ere his. Partner in crime deputy. Rose Clark died this week according to the sheriff's office Facebook, page where the loss right now. You know just trying. To you. Know take it all in sheriff David Hill could not go into details, but tells 10 News he believes she, died of natural causes. Being that we couldn't get in touch with her we knew something was, just out of the ordinary Clark's death has also rocked the Charlottesville, community. She, retired from the Sheriff's Office there in November 2018, before. Moving back home to Nelson, County things that we sometimes have difficulty, in training, people to do she, assured, she so yes sir I'm good with that I'm good with that and just, a beautiful smile, bubbly, personality, and that's one thing that, in. Law enforcement you, you you, can't teach personality, and they're short amount of time together Harris, says Clark left her mark and taught, her colleagues, valuable. Lessons, she taught me that you, know just the Hound of situation at a time but calm cool and collected. Life's, a precious thing it's, not you know we're not guaranteed tomorrow and, and. She left the I. Tell. You she didn't she left her mark on this world in, Nelson County Magdala. Lucent 10, News working for you a. Major. Upgrade to the local power grid Appalachian. Power just, finished, 38 million dollars worth of renovations in, downtown, Roanoke at first glance you won't notice it because it's all hidden underground, 10. News reporter Rachel Lucas, got an exclusive, look inside at, how all of this, will improve your service, some. Of the benefits of the new system, are less outages, and quicker response. Times all, of it is managed, from here in this room and when there is a problem, the folks that work here get an alert that, tell them what, type of problem, it is and exactly, where it's located, the. New system took four years 15. Miles worth, of cable and 38, million dollars, to build, you woke over it every day on downtown, Roanoke and probably, haven't even noticed because it's all underground. Okay. Into, Duvall a state of the art power boost to the star city in case you've ever wondered what was below this is what it looks like Appalachian, power took our cameras, underneath the pavement to see the bells and whistles and how, it all works not only will current customers benefit, but now the, area it's more attractive to major businesses, looking to move in downtown, when, we work, with businesses, that want to locate into, our area especially, a downtown, area they. Asked about infrastructure. And now we can we can say that we have a brand new system in Roanoke. That's ready to serve your needs this, new system is expected to last the city of Roanoke for decades, to come in Roanoke, I'm Rachel Lucas 10 News working for, you. Turning. A forest, into, a village, that's what Habitat, for Humanity, and Danville plans to do 10, news reporter Cole trans that tells us about the plan that's been ten years in, the making in. Five years the woods along Seminole, Drive and Springfield Road in Danville, will hopefully look like this a sprawling, neighborhood, with 30 single family homes a road and a community space we, have a growing, list of homeowners that need decent. And affordable homes, Habitat, for Humanity, executive, director Kim Baldrige, says the habitat Village will be built in phases the, first phase will consist of eight homes fronting, Seminole Drive and Springfield Road we should hopefully be able to start on this project by 1st of next year nearby st., Luke's United, Methodist Church agreed, ten years ago to donate the roughly seven acres of land for the village lay leader Sherman, England says the church's original plan, for the land fell, through been looking for something to.

Do With the property we decided, that we couldn't find a better thing. To do than to donate it to Habitat, for Humanity, now after, ten years of trying to decide on a plan Habitat, for Humanity, announced, this week that the project, is moving forward, the church has the, funds available to build the first home England, says the church congregation. Is more excited, than it's been in several, years it's, been said that this is a god project, so. God. Has led us to do this in Danville Coulter and stat 10 News working, for you, win. Or lose the Roanoke rail yard dogs make history tonight going, the farthest, in the playoffs that they've ever been and when you look at the teams on ice success, it's close to the success they found off the ice as well 10news. Reporter ashamed, wire is live at the Bergland center for the puck drops against Birmingham, in just under an hour and Shane last time we saw you you, were calling for the horns. Britney, we were calling for the horn now we're up here at the ticket office where the gates have just opened and the die-hard fans are just starting to get in but this is what you want to see right here this is the shirt that everyone, has to have their hands on tonight it shows the first-ever, playoff victory, for the dogs challenge. Accepted. Challenge, completed, they have been selling about 40 of those pre-sold, before people even got here and they're quickly going through them here at the arena this evening as more people come in now the dogs are in the semi-final, of the playoffs, this is the first time they have ever done, that in the history of the, team they beat the team last week here it was the top team those Peoria team - they were the top team to earn the spot here which truly makes it a historic moment for the team and the fans are just as excited, this is the third season, for the railyard dogs and they have beat their attendance, goals every year so they are feeling good about that but they also have the long game in mind, every. Year it's been you know we're where, we haven't you know blown, the doors off but every year it's just that steady climb and that's what we're looking for you know we, aim, to be here for the next five, 10 15 20 years so that, steady increase is what you need to see. The, team says human live attendance, for the season is just about a hundred thousand, people which is above where they expected, to be they are most proud of the relationship they've, been able to build with the city and they say the fans here in the Star City are all in for hockey, we just talked with one of the owners that's what makes this team really unique there is a local minority share of owners here we just chatted with him a man from Salem who says that he is thrilled to see how well the team is doing and see, the community accept the team and the team want to be a part of the community we're about to catch up with one of the team's biggest fans we'll have both of their stories coming up tonight at 11 right, here on W SLS 10 live, at the Bergland Center Shane Dwyer 10 News working for you. Thank. You Shane the new drum corps at Bonner Middle School in Danville has, more instruments, thanks to a Pennsylvania, County school old instruments, from Hargrave, Military Academy. Delivered, to the drum corps this afternoon, Hargreaves. Band director, saw a news story back in February, about the drum cores need and then reached, out to the middle school that. Story, touched, me in a way that I thought I could share, with my students. In. That helping. Out in our community. For. The record the drum corps is still in need of more instruments. And uniforms, to see how you can help go to WS LS comm. Celebrating. A century in a unique way the, one thing a Lexington, man and world war two veteran is asking, for for his 100th. Birthday. Celebrating. A hundred years with a hundred birthday, cards, that's how a Lexington World. War two veteran hopes to mark a milestone that a lot of people don't live to see that was a simple, post for a simple, request and now at his goz we say these days viral, 10, News reporter Taj Simmons, tells us why so many people have been captivated by this story. Nothing. Says I care quite, like a card, what. Do you think that all is very painter. And. If, you go by the stacks of cards in this retirement home a lot, of people care about ray, painter, still.

Hard To remove it I'll get to that many cards the World War two vet turns a hundred on me fit I don't know how hundred would feel I've never been hunted before. Which. Is why home administrator, Becky Casey took, this picture of painter and asks Facebook for a hundred, birthday cards we're, just trying to do everything he can to make it a special, frame as we can, thank, you vocation. So far I think said thousands, of people shared his story online. 100. Years wonderful, sent dozens of cards are already showing up in the real world I talked to the post lady yesterday it delivers I'm a Austin I'm just gonna apologize now, some, are from friends, yeah, oh you, know and others. Are. Away I got a new hamster cards, mean a lot to paint they, know you were a painter but, the person who meant the most his wife of 65, years is not here to see his cavalcade, of cards, think, about her day, oh no, she'd be happy to. Yes. I know she'd be happy, painters. Centennial, celebration, is just beginning hundreds. More cards, could come in the next two weeks and the home is planning, a big party for his birthday. Yeah. Age. May, be just, a number but, some numbers mean a little bit more 100, years old World War two veteran it's, just amazing again nobody deserves it more than ready this is not a sprinter card but I think it is, here's. To me in Lexington. Hodgson, it's 10 News working. For you. Good. Evening friends I'm Storm Team 10 meteorologist. Jeff Hanna which all quiet on the radar, for us right now a few clouds starting, to push in on the satellite, though she, had say towards the Mountain Empire New River Valley we're really going to start to see those, clouds thickening, later tonight and later tonight also we will have the chance for some spotty showers you'll see that here on Future tracker by 3:00 3:30 4:00 o'clock in the morning there probably will be a few showers along the southern Blue Ridge notice. By around 8 a.m. the spotty showers become, maybe a little more numerous but really, nothing that is going to be too. Extreme, as we head into tomorrow morning however. Look, what happens by around 1:00 tomorrow afternoon a very healthy, line of showers and thunderstorms. From say the panhandle of West Virginia, all the way south and the mountains of North Carolina including for parts of the New River Valley Mountain Empire so from around noon through 8:00 tomorrow that's our worst weather Roanoke, your worst weather will be between around 2:00 and 5:00 p.m., Lynchburg, Southside, your worst weather will probably come anytime between roughly 3:30, and around, 8 o'clock now. One band of heavy rain and thunderstorms will get out of here by 7:00 there might be another one that moves in between 6:30, and around maybe 8:30, tomorrow evening and then. Overnight, Friday, night we're just going to have some leftover showers, around some. Of them could pack a little bit of a punch with some heavier rain as we head say from 11 p.m. through about maybe 4 a.m. but I don't think the severe weather threat is there beyond, about 8 9 o'clock tomorrow evening, which is good news then on Saturday, looks like we're going to have perhaps some. Spotty showers around chance for rain is there at around 30 or 40% on Saturday but certainly, Saturday looks to be a much drier and more tranquil, day than what we're going to have out there for tomorrow so the storm threats tomorrow damaging wind flash flooding letting you were to put that on the moderate anything so I think damaging. Wind and flooding /. Heavy rain will be our main to weather concerns, tomorrow however I cannot. Rule out the possibility for, a tornado in areas, east of the Blue Ridge and I cannot also rule out the possibility for, a little bit of hail in a few of these storms as well so, the chance for flooding is there for us tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening we're expecting, anywhere between one to three inches of rain the, six hour flash flood risk is between around an inch and a half and two and a half inches of rain so again, we're gonna have to not only to monitor the possibility, for some severe weather we're also going to have to monitor the potential, for some flood as well and if, you're saying to yourself man, it seems like a lot of Friday's have been wet in 2019.

You'd, Be right on the nose Blacksburg. Lynchburg 13 out of 15, Friday so far I've been wet Roanoke. 12 out of 15 Friday's, have been wet so, far this year for, your Easter Sunday forecast, as you head off to those sunrise services, we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid 40s and then by your Easter brunch were looking at temperatures likely in the upper 50s, so on Easter Sunday I think we're gonna be partly to mostly cloudy a stray shower or two cannot, be ruled out on Easter, Sunday so please bear that in mind, the, winds they've been a factor for us we have winds right now anywhere between 6, and 18. Miles per hour and the winds are going to stay elevated, for us here for the next couple of days so, on Good Friday we're, looking at temperatures around 73. Showers, and thunderstorms will develop Passover. Starts tomorrow at sunset showers. And thunderstorms will be around for that as well upper 50s on Saturday low, to mid 60's on Sunday, sunday, again looks to be even a little bit drier than Saturday and Saturday only some spotty showers will be around dry. On Monday then, we're going to have a few showers Tuesday, and Wednesday after, a cooler weekend temperatures are between 75, and 80 Monday through Wednesday of, next week Eric, all. Right a former cave spring quarterback, has a new NFL, team this evening we'll get you caught up and the, railyard dogs are ready to hit the ice tonight for, some playoff, action that, more next, is hum. Ice. Baby that's, right we're talking railyard. Dogs is their quest to claim the Presidents Cup trophy, it, picks back up tonight, at the Bergland Center after taking care of business rather quickly, in the challenge round the dogs are all set for some second, round action Roanoke, is well, rested after eliminating, Peoria, in just two games now the focus is on the birmingham, bulls they played each other seven times with three of those meetings having been decided by two goals, and the Bulls also, had the SPL, goaltender, of the year in maverick, parts with a 933. Save, percentage, but the dogs have turned into a team that stars fast and they'll rely on bet tonight, their. Great team they got a great goalie they're, deep up front they got a lot of forwards, that, buzz around they can score pretty. Big solid, d like that they're a great team all the way around, you. Know we know that we have to play pretty much put the talkee in, order to take the series Birmingham. We've been able to Surprise them this year a couple times like. If you look at our last game then really shut them down. You know only like five goals and they're against, us in their last two games the. Dogs have a record of 1611, and one at home winners in six of their last seven at the Bergland Center puck drop coming up at the top of the hour the, Washington, Redskins were one of 32 NFL, teams to find out when and where they'll, be playing this upcoming season with, the official scheduled release last night here's a few of the highlights for the Redskins they, will appear in two prime time games a Monday night date on September, the 23rd with, the Chicago Bears the other will be on the road in Minnesota, as they'll face off against their former quarterback, Kirk, Cousins and the Vikings, that will also host the defending, Super Bowl champion. Patriots, in week 5 for, a full look at that schedule head over to our website SS. Comm slash, sports, staying. On the topic of the Redskins they have signed former cane spring and Liberty quarterback Josh Woodrum. The six foot three quarterback. Was the last seen in the Alliance of American, football with the Salt Lake stallions, he, joined the NFL as a free agent in 2016. Spending, short time with, a handful, of teams including the Giants bills and the, Ravens, Washington, also signed defensive lineman Matt ayan itis - a 3-year at stinking news, and notes now Salem, on the road at Frederick, Lynchburg hoping to get their third being one. Tonight at home and Texas Texas Jarrett Culver, officially. Entered the NBA Draft, expected, to be a lot of repay and speaking, of the NBA it's time to cut it out Bucks, and pistons Greek freak Gianna's Anton, the whole bowl. Makes. A poster, out of thon maker there. He gets my seal of approval grown, man move getting.

Out Of the way he's, got a younger brother coming up to you so he is good. His, wingspan, is huge amazing, it's unbelieving. Batman. All. Right the. News is coming up next we'll see you at 7:00.

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