ETN Electroneum - Who is Vodacom? What is a Sidera? lets investigate

ETN Electroneum - Who is Vodacom? What is a Sidera? lets investigate

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Hey. It's. Me I made, it I magically, appeared, it's, all good stuff let's, see if I can turn on some of these goodies huh, geez nothing, working there, everything. Wants to give me a hard time today, alright. Well we'll just do it on the screen welcome - did you spin Krypto, glad. You're here it's, a. Monday. If I'm not mistaken, so. Let. Me start off with obviously, this is not financial. Advice. Just. Some guy on YouTube, babbling, away. With. Some information that, maybe, might be, somewhat, and. Helpful. You. Make that decision, hopefully. It'll. Help you out in some way so. We're. Glad to see a lot of folks on there we got the pulse h-bomb, Chris Knight mmm, whole bunch of the folks watching it's. Good to see you on the channel I got. Some interesting stuff, for tonight, now. We'll, get the basics, out of the way don't. Forget we have the did you spin telegram. Channel the, link, will be put into the, description, below. I didn't, pre set up this show so I'll have to configure, it afterwards, so they'll be a small delay before it goes to archive but it'll, be available. Don't, forget that obviously. We give away, 50. Electroni amour web dollars each and every weeknight at 9:30, and, I'm. Going to congratulate Greg T, he. Won himself 50 electro neum on. Friday. So. Congratulations. To him that's a good win and. We taped it ladies to be. Mr.. Bean loves so. Congratulations. View Gregg we'll have another amazing winner, tonight, at, the end of this show and. Hopefully. You'll stick around to see who that is maybe, it's you. We've. Added closed caption, so, Spanish. Hindi. Russian. You, know all the good stuff, will. All be available. Obviously. It's in English, you can pretty much convert it to any language you want by, clicking on the closed caption, and picking, whatever language you want, now. Don't. Forget let's, go to this handy-dandy, little picture, thing here, tada, get. Myself out of the way, 1,000, electro neum for, 1000. Subscribers so. When we hit 1000. Subscribers we. Will give away 1000, electro Neum that was very, generously, donated, to us from a random. Unknown. Etn. Community. Member like. The show wanted, to make sure everybody. Got. A chance to see it so, we're gonna give away that, $1000. That he gave to us to. Forward to one lucky viewer when. We hit 1000. Views so, we'll do a special show just for that and you. Will have your chance to enter, and win so. That's a nice, little bonus and good giveaway. All. Right. Okay. So. We'll. Start off with, some. Of the. Basics. Now, I'll take questions tonight. So. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer those as. We go along. See. You we. Want to take a look at this one. First. Up the. Random, number we're. Gonna find out how many Kryptos we're gonna give away tonight, and you. Guys know the drill anything less than 50 is 50 anything over 50 is the number, you can, pick web, dollars or electro Neum by having, your, address. And your wallet address, public, placed. In the. Last live, show video. So. We did release a web dollar video, this weekend. We. Had an interview with George, from. Web. Dollar and, he. Was kind of nice to kind, enough to give, us an hour, of time and. That. Was release the Sunday. If I'm not mistaken so that's not the video but it's the live. Video which is on Friday so let's say let's generate and find out what happened, all right that's poke this little generate, button answers. 12 12 becomes. 50. So. Tonight, tonight's. Winner will win 50 electroni amor web dollars of their choice depending on what they put in all. Right.

Let's Get rid of some of the housekeeping real, quick see. What's going on Bitcoin, 69. And told you it was gonna go down I've, been saying this for days and sure. As peanuts. It's sixty nine hundred dollars. Nothing. Really to prop it up our. Biggest concern is if it hits that six thousand, dollar mark. What. Will happen at that point, of. Course now a Bitcoin drags, everything down, but. One, thing that I've been talking to you about is Bitcoin dominance. And if, we take a look we can. See when we were looking at it on, Friday. We. Were talking about how it was sucking all the air out of the room by taking. All the money out of the all coins that's why all the all coins are going downhill, all. Of them it's. Because Bitcoin, was taking all that money well. We're starting to see a reversal, pattern here, now. I don't know if that's just a little dip because you know you got these little dips here too and then. It continued, but. We. Do see a little reversal, pattern we, do see the all coins start in the lift. Alright. So. You got a theory I'm starting lift you, got all the other all coins starting. To make a little bit of lift they've kind of split the difference between all of so. We may be going back. Because. When Bitcoin goes down they're gonna put all the money back into the altcoins so we may get a lift in the old coins. That's. My best guess what we're gonna see over the next couple. Of weeks, happen. From. What I see today that could change tomorrow but, as of right now. That's. What my, thought. Pattern, is and. We're gonna start to see some money, go back into all coins, which. Is good we. Could use it. All. Right let's see how much my secret to super secret ASIC electroni. Of miner is making me that's securely. Stashed away in my office under lock and key and. It. Is six dollars and thirty cents, an, all-time, low and, fiat. Money, making. 709. Coins an all-time low in coins. That. Means there's obviously a lot more machines, out there and of. Course the coins that I am making are. Not paying as much so. 709. Coins and. We could take a look we could see the hash rate had. Seriously. Had. Dropped and has seriously, gone up. Causing. Obviously. Has to earn Lash so. Not a big big. Punch not. A big scoop but, keep. In mind it was 1,300, when we got the thing there, was only a few weeks ago what two to three weeks ago so, you. Know I expect, that to continue to go down on the coins now the less coins that the, asic miner makes you would tend to think the harder it is to get them they, would become more valuable. We'll. See we'll. See time, will tell, and. Obviously. If they're hopefully, quite are they. Did you spend Friday live show a lot of exciting information in that video so that. Was kind of an, interesting. Scenario. And. My thought process, on the emission curve and why. The price is hovering. In that one cent range. So. Let's. Go to. The. Next, thing, I'm. Gonna check on the chat real quick all, right so, we got all the good guys out there. H-bomb, wants to know if everything's going good and of.

Course. We're. In good shape. We. Appreciate, you stopping, by h-bomb, so he's good to see you on the channel we. Enjoy your company along with Chris Knight how's it going Chris he's. Saying. Hello tonight love your picture I have to say Chris it almost looks like a mug shot only. Need a little lines next to your head that's a six foot five foot. Okay. Okay. We. Got the pulse. One. Of my favorites, out there god bless Dino and everyone here thank, you we. Appreciate the blessings, I'm gonna need each and every one of them that you give me every day. It's. Awesome thank. You all. Right let's see what else we got going on here we, got Paul out there good to see ya and. What. We got here, we got that crypto @wo, that's, going there and count from crypto, away hey do you know why not just put. Minutes. 50 - max - 100. Do. They do, tell. Me a little bit more about what you're trying to tell me there I'm I'm, an old guy I'm a little slow I don't. Follow everything, I'm so, tell me what you're talking about there for me we're okay. Everything. Crypto. We, got everything crypto out there first time to the show we appreciate you. Check. It in with us taking a look at the show love, all you guys that come in crypto detective, and. Again, good evening from, Canada, along with the crypto NWO. So. Oh. Mumford the man okay. Oh he, wasn't the why on my random number generator, NWO. He's. Asking, me how come you don't put 50 to 100. Because. We. Need 50%, of the time that you actually make 50. If I put just 50 to 100. It. Would be a 2 percent chance that you hit 50 and it would go up from there so we. Always give away 50, so, that's gonna be the, usual so that's why I make that 50% of the chance then, you have another 50% of the chance that it could be greater than that 50 making. It a harder, event to have happen, making. It special so that's the reason why thank, you for the question and that's. My mathematical. Ideas. Behind it okay. So. So. I've made a few people moderators, out on the channel on the chat and, moderators. Know, how to take care of business if. Somebody. Gets ugly on the channel but. Everybody. Out there has always been awesome. And I, appreciate the new moderators, that have, donated, their time to help out on the live chat okay. Now. Let's. Take a look at something now, I. Was. Watching a guy and he's telling me electrons. Down, it's. All foliage, it it's. Just that he pulls, up that channel, and he goes just look, at this it's it's. Down my money for the month, this. Is just ridiculous. There's. Our crummy coin, keeps. Telling, me I'm. Just losing my money I go. Really yeah I could, have put my money into, into. A different, coin make like, Bitcoin, cash and made a fortune ankle really bring it up he. Brings it up and he goes oh. Well. Bitcoin cash is down but but. You know I could, have put my money and yeah really good coin Neal he. Brings it up you. Know oh. Yeah. Well my money would well. Well. I get, on college you think everybody's talking about ontology, it's the next best thing since sliced bread it's gonna go, to clean the air it's. Gonna put people on Mars so. I go bring it up so he brings it up, Oh. Like. Oh don't be a dork. All, the old coins are down. You. Know unless you are smart enough to get, the. The Tyrian classic, because it's going on coin best the coin desk next week you might get a pump that's. All speculative, it's. A golden ticket. Hey. Golden, ticket golden ticket you know what that is right golden ticket coinbase. By. Picking on electron um they're all down. Come. In here and say bad, things about electron, him and the whole altcoins. It down and the reason why they're down. Bitcoin. Sucked all the air out of the room took, all the money from the all coins. But. We. May have a turn around. All. Right we're. Starting to see a little, dent in. That. Sucking, sound that, bitcoins been making and pulling all the cash out of the all coins so hopefully this will continue and we'll start to see money come back in Bitcoin. Goes down people start moving the money back in for the all coins hopefully it'll bring, everybody.

Back Up alright. Let's. See yeah we got music lover. How's. It going the music lover good to see you on the channel great, to see you there, and. We'll. Continue on, let's see everything is. So. Everything. Crypto he's saying. Yeah. Everyone, in the electronic community is freaking out about the price but. All crypto, is getting crushed. And. May continue to get crushed for sometime everyone, needs to hunker down and, hold. Or sell and get out and sell, toothpaste, or whatever that you got to do if, it's freaking, out that much there's a long term thing and, as we talked about on Friday. Took. Years. These. Most. Of those coins neo. Was ant shears was pennies, for years. So. Stick. With it. Right, now. Let's. Go and, take a look at what's, next. We. Got a Google tab now, obviously, you guys know about Google right all right so I'm gonna call that a date all, right, so, what I wanted to talk to you next about was. What. Is it mr. being, new. Exchange no. Mr. bean says it's a new exchange, and. This. One here is called coin, deal now coin deal, they. Have a vote. If. You're connected, with coin deal you already set up or you have an account with them you. Can vote for a new cryptocurrency. Like. Johnny um is not doing bad it's it's halfway there I believe you got to get 1200, votes. To. Be considered. If. I'm not mistaken, you. Could take a look at that but. If. You're already connected with coin. Deal. Put. Your vote in put. Your vote in vote for electron iam. Maybe. We can make that happen, I had another exchange to the belt oh it's. All good so, important, so. We, got. We. Got math gray out there hey. Matt. Good to see you back I didn't know if you're in town and. Good. To see you and hopefully, we can connect in the future I, gotta. Talk, to you about some stuff all. Right. So. Let's, let's. Take a quick look and see what else we got going on we. Got. Edie. Crypto. Everything saying you, must be hanging out with edk, so unfortunately. I don't know who had Kay is I'm not that smart maybe. You can enlighten me put it into the chat and tell me, okay. Is but. Hopefully. He'd somebody good. All. Right so Matt got that gets a good deal Matt. Will. Talk all. Right so. Let's see if I missed anything else. All. Right I got everybody there all right so let's get into the meat and potatoes for today.

And. What, I wanted to bring you. This. Is more on a serious note right, mr. bean, okay. Thanks thanks he's. Dropping these ribbon on me yeah I gonna, do all right, let's bring up this. One, now. A, lot. Of you guys may know of a site it's called LinkedIn. This page, is obviously for the end of the show where we're gonna give away. 50. Electro Neum for today just. Some lucky winners so but, let's take a look there's. A website called LinkedIn. And. It's. For professionals. And. Get. Rid of that last page. What, happens on LinkedIn, these. Professionals, can hook up with each other sort, of like a Facebook of professionals. Now. In. LinkedIn. You. Know I started, poking around in, looking at stuff and. Some. Of the cool things that I found. Were. As follows. I actually. Had went to. I. Went. There to look at Chris Gorman's page, and, to read some of his amazing, articles. And I'm. Sure I have the media and see there, we go Chris Gorman he had a really. Good article here how, cryptocurrency, will enable, Financial. Inclusion, you. Know they get an AI understanding, of where. Things. Are going. With. Electroni, and where they with you know what their thoughts are, so. I looked, through this. And. I. Read the whole article. And. You. Know I came down to the bottom and so you know who's, looking at this stuff and who's. Reading these things. And. So you know I take a look at the comments. And. As, I looked through the comments. You. Know I I, find. Some. Interesting people connected. To it one, I notice. Is. A gentleman, named Stanley, oh cool. Stanley. Oh cool now. Stanley. Is. A senior, buyer for, Vodacom. And. You. Know I thought that was kind of interesting. Most. People that read. Stuff. From. Others usually have an interest in the. Other person. For. Some reason. So. I thought that was really interesting so, I'm thinking to myself all right Vodacom, that sounds like vodafone. You. Know so I am, doing a little research here. And. I. Take the look and I. Find vote a Vodafone. Owns. A company called Vodacom, now, Vodacom. Basically. Has phone service, for the, southern. Area. Of africa. And. You can see here, Mozambique, Kenya. South, Africa all. That good stuff so I'm thinking all right. So. The senior buyer. At. Vodacom. Who's, part of Vodafone. You. Know is keeping, tabs on, Chris. Don't. Say nice things about his articles about bringing financial inclusion to, people that, may need it, I'm. Thinking all right that might be a an area third-world. That. Could, use. What. Electroni, I'm just offering. Being. Able to give financial inclusion, so. I'm thinking to myself. Alright. That's, pretty neat, who's, Stanley. I look. Up Stanley. Stanley. There's, a senior. Procurement, officer. At Vodacom, and. You. Know you can you, could take a look at a lot of the his stuff, and. I look at his resume, here, and I'm saying that right he. Maintains the records. But. He also creates. And maintains good, relationships. With vendors, and suppliers. Well. What Ron iam would be a supplier, of a service. Okay. Keep. In mind this is all presumption, on my part. You. Know I'm just looking at dots and I'm, connecting, invisible, BOTS, so. I'm saying hey this is guy this is the guy who buys, and helps. Make the contracts, from suppliers. Maybe. There's something there maybe. There's. A relationship, that might happen at, some point maybe maybe, they you know maybe it's just a talking I don't know but, obviously, Stanley. Who's the, senior. Procurement officer. Yeah. Obviously is, following, electro. Neum I. Found. That interesting. The. Value develops. The plans for purchasing, equipment. Services. Negotiates. The best deals and the end and the contracts. He'd. Be the guy you'd talk to. All. Right that's that's interesting so. You. Know I'm poking around and, I'm, looking at. What. Stanley. You. Know what he's done and and the things that he's he's, looked at let's. Take a look here. Let's. See let's. See all his activity, that he's been looking at well Stanley. Has. Been watching, and also, following, this company, called side era. Now. I. Go. Down and I'm taking a look, all. Right so he's obviously really interested. Inside, era. He's. Obviously interested, in Chris Gorman. He's. Followed a couple of his articles, and wrote some nice things on there about it. Happens. To follow Andre. Left. Another electro, neum he's a developer on electron, okay. So this is all good stuff I'm I'm seeing, somebody that's really, interested. In, electron, emitting, the people there and. I'm. Seeing them interested, in this company, called sadira, sorry I'm doing a little research what, the heck is siberut, what. Could this be all, right so. You. Know I look up side here let's. See if I guide with some goodies here doo. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. All. Right so what, I'm gonna do is take, a look and go to this idea, website. The. LinkedIn, now. Psy.d era. Is. Run.

By This guy. Vincenzo. Vincenzo. He's the founder, of Siberia, and, I look into what is idea, of doing this idea, is making a blockchain. But. Even, more than that. If. You'll look through some of their stuff sigh dearest, it's also marking. That. They're, making, a wearable. Device I. Know. What do you want them making earrings, or the hats. What. Are they making I do, a little bit more research and, I, find out this idea is making a bunch, now of. Course the watch then tell me time but it's a blockchain watch, and what's, so special about this watch. It's. A payment, system. Yeah. This. Idea is a payment, system. So. I'm thinking to myself. That's. Interesting. Wow. This, guy's interested, at. Vodafone, Vodacom. Which. Side era who is a new. Blockchain, and a competitive, blockchain, that is. Gonna be making a piece of hardware that. Is. A, point, of sale where you could click on it and pay for things, I'm. Like right that'd. Be kind of cool. Maybe. If you know you'll hook that up with the instant, payment, system. And you. Can have a watch with the instant, payment shipping. It. Pays for something to change. Pace. Or something, it's. Kind of clever. No. I got, no proof of any of this. Why. I see people. Kind. Of. Connected. With each other so. I do a little more research and, I go on to the telegram, and. I. Go to the electro, neum price chat. And. On the electro neum price chat I type. In the word side era. And. Sure. As peanuts, I get. This. One. Of these guys out there on the price thing obviously he's also connected, into linked in and, somehow. He captured. Did, a screen capture and, who. I see, Vincenzo, from, sadirah, and. He's. Saying. Hey. Electro neum. Electron. Ian has a great idea for clear goal for for, sure, free. Electron IAM worldwide buying sell goods from. The app simply, to use, we. Have a similar idea with side, Europe but a secure, storage of cryptocurrency in, the hands of people with a small, accessory. Payment. Watch. Public. Income, hope, we, can make. A collaboration, with your company, because. I think the smart phone and wearable. Are, technologies. Of the future. Well. It doesn't mean anything but that's an olive branch that's. A clear, request. Connection. And then I look ensure, is nothing. This guy J you put, this. Screenshot. On the pay on the price, chat, electron. Ian price chat says, hi. Vincenzo. -. Jen's oh I'm my body you do talk to them even Jen's oh I want to see one of them watches on my hand. He. Says I Vincenzo, I'd, be happy to discuss, it and the. Potential, opportunities. Drop. Me a message and we'll organize something. Well. I know. So. My thoughts that when people connect with each other on LinkedIn for. A reason, see. Maybe there's a reason. I've. Got this. Guy Vodacom. Keeping. An eye on side, arrow who's vincenzo, who's, talking to electro neum who's. Also on, photo, comms. This. Guy's page. At Stan Lee's page here's he's. Watching Chris and whoa and he's watching side deira. Now. There's. A lot of dots here and I've. Connected some lines and I have no idea if the the, dots I connected, are correct. But. From my perspective. There's. At least conversations. Happening, doesn't mean anything will happen, but. From my perspective I, think I've pretty much nailed down that they're talking to each other at least they're they're, having sending an email how's, the weather. But. From my perspective I think these things look pretty good you got electronic, with, instant payment you, got a company making a phone that can instant, payment. You. Might need the instant payment technology. License. It maybe put, it into the phone because. Then they can do, electro neum and Bitcoin. And all, different things right on their phone using, electronic, ID so I'm thinking to myself well that's kind of a kind, of a. Good. Collaboration. Have. No idea. But. I laid it out here. That. This. Is a possibility. And if it should happen remember. You. Heard it first on here on digit spin crypto, but, if. This should happen within. My detective, work I put on my detective, at now excuse me ma'am can. You tell me where side ear is located, I think that's, around. The corner here supposedly. They have a, Dick Tracy pocket. Watch that you. Your hand so. Use. My detective, skills, and. Maybe. I'm onto something maybe, I'm not. But. I wanted to give you some food for thought. Tell. Me what you think on the chat let. Me know, put. It out there I'm gonna wait the 30 seconds, so you guys tell me I want, a yes. Or a No, does this look possible, give. It to me now put it out there now, I'm gonna hang out I'm gonna take a look at this stuff I wanna, yes if you think I'm think.

That I'm onto something I want to know if you think I'm not I. Got. All sorts of good stuff out here all, right. So. Music lover he's given me yes. Music. Lover says yes I think you might be onto something let's, change that camera he's. Saying yes I think you might be onto something. Everything. Crypto. He's. Saying it looks possible but the watch will never make it. Maybe. In third party third third, kind of throw all countries it might. Maybe. The price point would be good I don't. Know I think it's a tough road because you got Samsung's, and, you got all the others and they'll probably, build, something into there so, if they do if, Sun era does this they're gonna have to move quickly I kind. Of agree with you there everything, crypto. First. A mark it's gonna make the, impression. Michael, says. Says. Yes. He. Thinks that I may have I, may. Have something, and, crypto load the pack detective, it. Says it's very possible, and that's how I look at it this. Is possible. It's. Possible I have, no idea, I. Have. No idea. What. It's possible, right all. Right, h-bomb, thinks, it's possible to I just, want you to keep it in the back your head it's, what you can dig up more information as. You're, going along and maybe you'll find some stuff that you can bring to me that. I could tell people, right let's. Take a little quick look and see what other comments, and goodies. We got out there. We, got h-bomb, saying ad no ha, ha mob Dino in the house yeah that's right that's, right. There's, no such thing as the mob it doesn't exist. Let. Me make that clear to you there's no such thing, as the. Mob all, right don't, don't. Even go there no such thing all, right. Everything. Kryptos tell me he likes when I do these investigative, stuff everything comes together great stuff yeah you know. My. Brain goes crazy I started, inventing these things like a look at them when I go wow that's interesting and, that. Kind of fits over, here and that part fits over there we've, been told. They're. Working on stuff. What. Do I know I don't know anything. I'm. Just a common pedestrian, like you. Let's. See. So. Paul saying, hey. You really enjoyed the web dollar interview, running the experimental, mining pool on two machines and seeing, good results, yeah I'm. Scoring like a hundred web dollars. A. Couple, of machines you know what day I have um I have, some risin. Risin for, some reason do better. Let. Me rephrase that rise ins do better. Because. They have a greater. Amount of l3 cache, that's, built into the processor, and the argon 2. Algorithm. Interacts. It moves data back and forth between the l3 cache so the more l3, cache it has, so.

It Has more cash than the, the, Intel and so. Therefore it can process it, better and they. Also have, you. Know if you're handy, and, you. Know a lot of some. Technical stuff they. Have a C++. Version they just released, and. The. C++, you have to you'll, have to create a stick boot your machine in Linux and then. You can run the C++. Using. The Microsoft libraries. But. The C++. Version will mine about three times faster, in, hash rate, so. It's. A it's a nice little kick in the pants so. If your hand you may want to look into that. Okay. Yes. The Chris Knights saying the instant payments. They. Had a thousand, they had a thousand, applications. That's, correct hanging at all I'm sure some of them were. Standard. People some of them had, specific. Stores you. Know who, knows I, doubt. That both 1000. Will. Be, approved but it's. Possible. III don't know maybe, I. Don't. Know but, yeah, that's a good amount of folks that get started, now. If you take a look it, looks like they're going to be put I saw. Some code that they were working on to. Put a payment, system into. WordPress. And. The. Store that's used in their woohoo or wahoo or whatever it is so, I think that they may be working on that it would be nice if they put it into. Someone. Like X card or a, few. Of the others so, that web. Stores can immediately add, it, we're. Going to be adding it we're using X cart and. We're going to modify. The. Checkout, process. To. Connect to the API is and allow for payment. With. Electro, nyan okay. Now. Let's, see what else we got. Okay. So h-bombs asking, me and this was gonna be one of my next things h-bombs. Asking, me he says hey did you see all about Tech's interview, video with, Richard ELLs yes. Of, course, I did, Mik does some great stuff is an awesome Channel I mean, you, know NWO, crypto, for the people, truthful. Rob who's one, of my favorites he makes me laugh, and. I said in the vo he's, he's. A blast to watch and. He's gotten a lot more serious these days, with. More in-depth information. Real. Resource, I think he's, become. A resource. Instead. Of, random. Random. Values. I think he's really doing an awesome job lately, I'm really, impressed. And, obviously Nick I mean you know Mick does a great job and. He. Has got a great channel, a lot of Watchers. And, he's. Located, right there in. England. The London wherever. They are. Over. There the UK he probably was. Just a drive away so you. Know that made perfect sense I can't wait to see the rest of the videos I'm hoping something exciting, comes out and, there's. More information, that. We don't know so. Looking. Forward to that. Yeah. Hbomb1. To me baseball wants me to get cousin tony on the phone and. Get. The iOS, app through yeah, you know I think there's a period of time when they've, got to run this test. And. Obviously. Get any bill gets information. From Apple. Regarding. How the app, performed. And this. That and the other thing and. As. Long as that goes through then they'll release it for full release so, I have no idea when that how long that takes, I would. Imagine it's at least a four week trial. Period, but we'll see. Let's. See. H-bomb. Is, saying a Monty. Do you know if you jumble up the letters around II know it becomes I don. Know. Hey you guys know. I want. You guys to put on there did anybody notice, what's. On my Hawaiian shirt.

Put. It in the chat right now I am curious it over any of you noticed anything, funny, about my my. Shirt. For tonight I, bet. You none of you even noticed I caught on to it if. You don't get it I'll give you a hint all. Right so. Let's take a look to see what else we got here. Crypto. Everything, he says. I like, your investigations. Keep poking around, yeah I'll poke around I want you guys to keep, your ears open let me know if you hear anything let me know you know if there's. You, know if I'm just nuts and. I can and I should be wearing a tinfoil, hat instead. Of a strong one or. Maybe, you guys will find more information all. Right. So. I guess none of you have noticed the shirt so, let's, take a look care. Hopefully. Yeah, you. Can pick up on it. Let's. See. We. Got, spongebob. Spongebob. Hawaiian. Spongebob. You. Can see. Hey. Mr., Krabs. Make. Sure you buy you more eel and rhodium I. Didn't. Tell you I'm a Don and. I'm. SpongeBob, SquarePants. All. Right. But. You're plankton. Okay. Let's. Take a look at what else we got here I'm gonna take. A look at my view here. All. Right so let's go to the. Videotape I. Wanted. To say one thing Loki. If, you're. Following. Or doing anything with Loki, they release the developer, update. A. Few. Days ago hos about three. Days ago so. There's more information regarding. The developer, update they, give a nice, spiel. Of what's, going on and. All. Of the changes that are happening they, are working on testing. Right now the. Service nodes so. They're expecting to have those up in November and, so. Good luck to look beyond that I hope that works out for you guys, all. Right let's, take a look at YouTube let's make sure I didn't miss anything on my handy-dandy sheet of paper, I. Got. Everything obviously we talked about George from $1.00. By. Mr. bean. Okay. Thanks mr. B appreciate that so, I took. A look i've pre-entered. Friday's. Video into, the pick, a winner, so. Now, we're, going to fetch. Let's. See how many comments qualified, we have a total of 26 comments, now I hope you guys noticed every time we do this there's, more and more people so. You know we started off with six people eight people, you. Know I think Friday's, got up to 20 and now we're up to 26. Comments, so I thank. Everybody for participating and. It's great. And let's find out who the, winner is for tonight winner. Is. We. Got the Joseph. Dykes but he, didn't win so. Let's. Pick another person cuz you put no address in there and the next person is Oh, doc. Socks socks. No. Even Dawkins didn't win there's no lunch on iam address he said one cent for electron 'i'm i want to open loop on audi no that's. That's. Trying for a third time, the. Pulse the. Pope's 36. God bless you do you know always amazing, live streams you do the. Pulse put in electro, neom the pulse, congratulations. To you yeah. You have one let's, chat that damn the polls 50 ET, n. I'm. Gonna get those out Rick to you it right after the show and. The. Boats a, big. Clap. Congratulations. And, you've been trying for, weeks, out anything to. Win congratulations. You finally did win alright, guys I appreciate everybody, I thank. You all, for. Watching my show listening. To me babble I hope, it was fun. No. Matter what even you, know, even if I come up with these crazy. Things that I find I bring. Them to you you know it's. My thoughts on the matter that's why you watch me because. I come up with stuff that nobody else does. Thanks, again have a good night, Cheers.

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Vodacom has 103 Million users. Are they the mobile carrier that Electroneum is talking to? What about the Sidera stuff? What do you think?


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