ETN Electroneum - WebDollar - ETN242 Winners - ETN High Volume - WEBD Updates

ETN Electroneum - WebDollar - ETN242 Winners - ETN High Volume - WEBD Updates

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Hey. It's. Dino, and. Its, digits, pin crypto, so, thanks for hanging out guys appreciate. You chiming. In taking a look at what's going on on a Friday night that's. Appreciated and I. Think I thank, each and every one of you that watch the show so. Obviously. I need to start off with this is not, financial, advice I'm just some guy in a straw hat. Mumbling. On YouTube, telling. You what he thinks you. Take. That for what it's worth and maybe you can make something out of it I don't know maybe, you're a chef and you can bake it into something good, yeah. You never know now, keep in mind we. Have a, private. Telegram, chat just. For the viewers of digit. Spin crypto you. Can click on that in the comments. Below I usually. Put information there, first, before. It gets to the to. The shows and, there's. Obviously, other good stuff there and of course we have a Twitter account where, we tweet out also it's a goodies too so, knock, yourself out add that to your collection and, you'll, be doing good so, that's, important, now, I'd. Have to say we. Have to give a congratulations. To Chris night first. Night one himself. Fifty. Electro, diem on the, last live show so. That's exciting, good, for him and you. Too can. Win some crypto we give away electroni, 'm or web dollars, each. And every live show so. Until. I run out. Right. Now we got enough to go so. Make. Sure you put in your. Public address add, a nice comment tell me you like my hat you, think my my. My. Checkered, shirt here which belongs on a table, like a tablecloth, shirt is, pretty dazzling, yeah, I'll say anything that's good tell me about your favorite movie I don't care but, I like reading stuff from. The viewers that's always fun and exciting, to me so. Again. Congratulations to, Chris Knight, all. Right let's take a quick look we also have, a second, giveaway and. Let me get myself out, of the way this. One is a thousand. Electro neum when, we hit a thousand, subscribers we're. Gonna have a special show and we're. Gonna give away that 1000 electro neum to some special lucky. Viewer like you sitting, there in your chair watching, me so. Definitely. Make. Yourself a subscriber, if you'd like obviously. You can follow us on you and Twitter, too alright. So let's get that puppy out of the way well.

Close That down. Alright. Now. What. I wanted. To say is. I'm. Expecting. The, interaction, to be a little bit quicker I set, it up to. Transmit. In a faster, latency. Normally. Takes me 30 seconds, before I get to see any replies, I'm hoping I'll, be able to see. Your replies quicker and be able to interact faster. With. Stuff on the. Show all. Right so. Now. Obviously this. Week has been kind of tough on me you, notice there were two days that, I wasn't able to. Attend. The show and those, are my first ones that I missed and we. Have one day a, piece. Of equipment, failure and, I needed, to work, on that at. The manufacturing, facility, but, I'll. Show you let me bring up this, handy-dandy little. Well. They call these things. Samsung. Galaxy, here you, can see this is what I had. To have this shipped out today. So. We had to work till late, in the, morning to get it done so that it could ship out but, we made ourselves I'll, show you this here it's. A. Giant. Baseball. For. The. Little, League World Series I don't know if you can see that there on the screen I don't. If the camera is gonna focus in right but. That, was a lot of fun it was a giant seven-foot. Baseball. It's on a that's. On a pedestal too so but. Yeah. We had to get that out because it has to be there on Monday in, Pennsylvania. And. It, had it shipped out today so that's kind, of exciting and fun it, was kind of cool let's take a quick look. Who. Is in and. On. The. Chat so. We got Paul, out there Paul saying hey good, evening good, to see you I appreciate. You Paul it's, always great to see you out here let's put me on over here it's always great to see you out there and, we. Appreciate, you I'm. Gonna do is leave this in the background it's. Better than a white background, it's. Good to see you out there all right. I. Know we got quite. A few people watching at the moment of course we. Got h-bomb out there. H-bomb, saying hello to everybody, and that's. Great that you, made it we appreciate you. Now. Paul I see you have a question, there about Q. Cool cool. Coin and, I'm gonna talk. To you about that. So. H-bomb saying it's Saturday, already it's still Friday night for me, you. Know I still have a chance it's like, you say it's 9:30, Eastern, Standard Time, and. You. Know I'm hoping to get home at a reasonable time but but, I usually. Don't it's. Just part of the part. Of the deal I got, to do the show I got to collect information. After. The show I have. To edit out that. Three-minute. Setup. Window, and kind of cut that down to ten seconds, that takes an hour for it to process I, got to add closed captions. And. Modify, the english text and, and. Modify. Other. Details. About it takes me hours after, the show is done and then send somebody some some, crypto, who, is lucky. Enough to win it and then, they're all excited, about it so my. You, know this is just the start of my day he's, working with this, alright. So um. Duncan, Selby saying a, loving. The show watching from Darwin. Australia that's. Awesome, we appreciate, you and a lot of folks out there in New Zealand Australia and. And. Northern. Bound from. There so we appreciate you guys checking. It on the show Chris. Tonight says thank you and. For. The win, and know Chris I want to thank you we are no it's great to have you here we, appreciate you and we. Were glad that you, were able to win just like all the other winners it's exciting, and, fun. For everybody, okay. So. We, got em kid out there and. We. Got Rick. VIPRE moto, out there and. He's saying hey what's up guys it's good to see you out there and. Let's. See em kid dem kid says don't, keep the coins on an exchange, unless. You can afford to lose them and that's a very good point because. Basically all they're handing you is an IOU. You, do not have the private keys they. Do they keeping them in their bags of coins and that's why these exchange, hacks when they do happen, are.

So Devastating the, people. Giving. The allusions and that's it you didn't have control over, however, it's convenient, and and all that good stuff so it's a trade-off you know just keep enough just. Keep the coins in there that if you can't, put together a wallet, that's, effective, enough to use, or. Easy, enough for you to use you may have to leave them out there or. Just leave a minimum, amount that you feel that you may trade over a period of time if the price was to go up I hey I would sell maybe half or whatever it is so you, feel from there so let's um before. I get into some details. On, the screen let's, take a quick look here, Paul's, asking, you. Say I heard, some news that ku coin might be pulling an exit scam I hope it's just fun yeah. No. Cuoco lane is not pulling an exit scam. And, there's. You, gotta be careful of what you listen. To, there's the craziest. Stuff on. On. The internet. There even, though what is this alright. CNBC. What is it like coming up with. C. And, BC. Crypto. These. Guys and that's to and. I. Think. Their latest thing was is that bitcoin. Is the end of Bitcoin, and they're. Coming up with nonsense like that. You. Know you gotta be careful. And especially if it's a rumor it's bad enough that it's on these news channels. Nonsense. These. Are people it's goes to show you the most. Of them have no, idea what they're talking about. Whatsoever. They may have 5% knowledge, it's called a dummy curve the more. When. They first started, getting into it they think they know a whole lot and. They. Spew, off at the mouth talking, about nonsense and then when you actually start to learn something you. Realize how much you didn't know and. Those that I actually know don't say anything. So. Most. News just like all even. Political. News they, have no idea what they're talking about they just make stuff up as they go. It'd. Be like a high school news channel. It's ridiculous, and these people get paid big, money to it's it's shocking, how. Bad. People, do, their jobs these, days. It's. Just crazy all. Right so let's. But. You guys got a lot of stuff go I'll catch up on the on that let me just get. Going a little bit further along in the, show now. Hey. I want, to ask you guys a question and. Let's. Bring him. Up. Well, let's, do this fresh random, number picker let's find out how many Kryptos were going to give away today we, got the random number picker up on the screen we're gonna go from 1 to 100 anything. Less than 50 is 50. Anything. Over 50 is the number that comes up and your. Choice of electro Neum or web dollar depending on what. You put in the, last live, show, video. So, let's, take a look and see what the winning gene the winning number is we're, gonna hit generate and survey. Says 17 17 become 50 so today let's. Jot that down my handy dandy red, pen, 50. Coins. And. We'll, find out who the winner is and what, coin they selected. At the end of show alright. So. Last. Show. We had we. Had this crazy guy that showed up now. I I had, things to do and I, had to have miner forty-niner. Start. The show off for me because I just couldn't, be. Here on time because. I was working on that baseball so. My, question, to you chop. It in this, way jot it in on the chat. Should, I bring miner forty-niner, back occasionally, to. Let him contribute, or was he just, such, a slouch, that he's not worthy to be on the show let, me know put it in the comments so I could take a look and see. What you guys think if you like mine a 49er, I don't know what do you think mr. bean alright. Welcome so, alright, mr. bean like them so, you guys tell me in. The chat what do you think alright. So. Let's go back to. Doo. Doo doo doo. Mr.. Miner. Forty-niner. Let's, get rid of him and, let's. Go back to the goodies now we're. Gonna take a look at some of the quick basics. Bitcoin. Like. I said. You. Know thinking, that it's gonna be heading down now we're. Getting really close to the 6,000 mark. That's. The magic number that, give. Or take. That. If it hits and falls, through we could be seeing significant. Oh and numbers, as low as as. 5000. Easily. That's, my best guess if it should break through that 6,000. And. There's really nothing, out, there news, wise and, people are footing it to death. It's. It's, possible.

It's. It's possible so we're, also going into a weekend, and weekends are very. Weak. To. Prop up there's, all the. BOTS kind of take over they just start selling, the thing. So. We're. Gonna see what happens this weekend, I, hope, we're not in for a surprise, but, the fact that matter is obviously. It takes everything with it so but, you know some of these numbers just I, mean, it's on nosebleed, for everybody. Everybody's. Just taking a beating there's, just no way around it, right now good. News is. This. You. Know that it's gonna go back out. There's. Just no doubt I mean. They're. Adding. Payment. Systems, not just electroni. Abut to other other. Stores, and. Who. Is that, 18. T ones Dish Network is. Now adding. Crypto. Payments. Now it's Bitcoin, cash don't ask me how they came up with that as the solution, Bitcoin. Cash is a. You. Know there's there's, nothing specific, that, I would say hey I want to take Bitcoin cash but you know maybe the guy that runs, it suggested. It and maybe he had some of it and he thought it was the best thing so what. Do I know the moral of story is these things are happening, all right so. You. Know how I do is I close my eyes to this stuff and I, just wait, cuz I I know it's going back up there's, nothing going away and I'm. Gonna have a video on that why I think, it's never gonna go away ever, so. I'll do, that in one of the shows I have it I'm like my, little list of shows and topics, to do when. I run kind, of drying, on things I pull out of my little list and say oh I'm gonna do that one Punk so we'll go forward from there all. Right, so. Um. Let's. See, h-bomb. Was. Telling me here he thought miner forty-niner, was entertaining, so. He'd like him back so, that's two. Votes from miner forty-niner, and, we'll. Keep that in the back of my head I guess Paul, is the only one that liked him nobody else liked miner forty-niner, so. I. Don't. I think I think, he'll show up again once. You guys tell me it was a complete. Loss. Okay. Now. Let's. Take a look and. You. Know hey we're, back up to eight hundred five coins a day I'm glad to see that that's going back up I appreciate. The coins I could care less what they cost at the moment even, though it's six dollars. Double. Phase me whatsoever. All. I want to do is be able to snag as many as I can so I can give you guys 50. Coins each and every day if that's what you select and I, have some left over stick. In my little bag because, they will be worth something, awesome at some, point going, forward so. No doubt about that all, right let's. Get that over now. I'm. Gonna get into some electroni and stuff let's check the chat real quick see, what you guys got going on I missed, a few things in, the, beginning here. Let's, see if we got the. Guys. Are on another page, already probably. Okay. Let. Me get to that other page. So. Looks. Like I've got to open up a. New. Screen because, my screen here, I got, a reset this bear with me one second, guys I. Have. To bring it up on the screen alright here we go. So. We got Duncan is we, did that in Australia. Congratulations, Chris. To, do okay. So. Paul. Saying he just saw another YouTube video. I. Think, it was crypto, Bitcoin. Chris I haven't, had a chance to follow up on the story I'm not sure what that what. That video was about and I'm assuming that that you're talking about the the, two, coin. Situation. Yeah. Don't, worry about kuu coin they're not going anywhere they're making money.

They're. Gonna go anywhere like. And. Like you guys said if you're really worried about don't keep the coins there so. We'll. Go forward from there supergirl, okay. Um. See. What else we got here what. Alright. So Chaz Chaz. Is telling me he's watching, digits. Been crypto from. The inside of a high-speed train in South Korea, so, that, is by far the most unique. Living. To be most unique location, obviously, South, Korea. They. Had a lot of high-tech goodies. And new stuff so I think I wanted them super trains there a bunch. Of that things doing, 225. Miles an hour so. But the cool part about it is that you're actually able, to have. Connection. To the internet or be. Able to switch to cell towers that fast and. Not. Lose the signal so, that's kind of funny alright. Yeah. Paul says it didn't seem there's. A lot of crazy things out there Paul this time in the year people, come up with nonsense. This. Is just, crazy stuff and. It starts from the major, news as you can tell all right. And. Bye-bye. So, em kid saying yeah. Right, now it's a good time to buy buy buy buy the dip it's, a gift from the crypto gods to, us mortals, yeah, absolutely. These. Are the best sale prices, I've seen and, I'm. Gonna be honest we I took my Bitcoin I I had. A. Small. Amount of a fraction of a Bitcoin but I cashed, that in and, bought. Some more electroni, 'm and, i and i also of, with a last dose being so cheap I picked up some elasto, sonikku, coin and, because. They just put. A lasso, some cool coin it, was before it, was hard to get a hold of because it wasn't on an exchange that you could use in the United States but. With. The last one coup coin I was able to snag some of it there and it's it. Was like 50 bucks months ago and it was down to like ten dollars nine dollars the deal, of a lifetime also. So. Definitely. More electroni and picked. Up a couple of little specialty, coins that I wanted, one or two these are those go. From there alright. So. Duncan's. Asked me if I caught the latest, video. Regarding. Richard. Owls so yes and and we're going to talk about that but let's start off first with with, electro Neum now. Electro. Neum had their 242 spot award, awards. And I'm. Sure you guys familiar. We. Have had. 3. We've. Had a total of. 6. Spot awards and. There. Were three given. Out originally one, at a time each day and, they just gave out three new ones and, of. Course they picked all the random there were five random. Folks, that. Won a decent, amount each, and those. Random folks were also picked let's take a quick look. Regarding. The random, foe, open, spot avoids these are the spot of woods let's take a look so the first spot award was to Wan Connell, and. Looks. Like a know pretty awesome, sketch this. Is obviously a photograph, of it, and. You. Know what are you what are you gonna say that that's pretty super so, it's, on Instagram you. Can go out there and give it a like let's click on that like button and see if it'll let me do that without logging in yeah I see, it wants me a lot again and I don't have an Instagram account so but, go on over there clicking on it give them a like I don't know if you can comment or not but at least give him a like I see a little speech bubble so, I'm assuming you can comment I don't, use this Instagram, my. You. Know I I have marked. My marketing, guy does the all that stuff so I. Don't, need Instagram, but, congratulations. Tawan. That's. Pretty awesome, now a second, one was. Rads. Vendela. 30. No. But hey this, guy one he put together in a graphic. For, 2 million users so put it in a nice comment feeling, out we felt about electro Neum congratulations. To him again. Stop. On over to instagram if you have an account give him a like you can see his likes are way up there also 6000. That's. More than i'll get my entire lifetime so.

Congratulations. To, this. Gentleman here also, number. 3 was. One. That i talked about on the 2060, if you'll take a look I have a video and. Before. He was just trying to get it out there and he I think he just got it in just, in time he was having problems trying. To get it approved and. I. Guess he got it approved so. The. Good news is is that I was saying how unique, it was and I hope that the guy won and sure is dingleberries. He. Won so, we'd. Like to give. Graduations. To. The fight the flood game the. For electro, Neum if you have an. Apple iOS. Or. Android. You, can load this up on to, your, phone and give it a whirl let me know how it plays and how good it is congratulations. To all these guys we. Were. Amazed, and excited for each and every one of you don't. Spend all your electron, in one place and hopefully, you, can hold on to it for a little bit of time until it becomes a little more valuable, for you so that's, pretty awesome, now. There. Were some random, winners. That. Came up. And. As Richard says I have no idea how you would even pronounce that but congratulations. To this guy Ariel, and. He. Won as a random, contest, winner and, so. Congratulations to, you let's. See if you we can give this guy a, like. Or something in office any way you can like, congratulations. Let's give. A heart here to. The electron, Ian congratulations. And. Next. One here is Hurley, and, this. Guy's in Rio de Janeiro, so. That's pretty awesome it's, amazing how people one, from all over the world no, matter who you were or. What you're produced so it's it's it's phenomenal. And it's exciting let's, give a heart. To her. Lee here congratulations. To you. The lucky eight guy this guy's out looked out east also, from not mistaken, remember. Him saying something. About. Singapore. Or, Thailand. Or somewhere, out there I'm. Not smart enough to remember these things but. Let's. Give him a. Lucky. Heart and, congratulations. The lucky guy. Mr.. Vicky. Now I was, unable. To find, any additional, details, about it but we'll click the heart on mr. Vicky o3 another random winner congratulations, two, years. Was. I, guess. June June, 60, who 60 maybe. You guys are smarter than me you know how that is I like, the artwork so. Definitely, pretty good stuff and. I. Don't know if there's anything. Else in here, regarding. The. Hearts I didn't see the electro nyan thing in there but congratulations is folks. Also. And. That's. Good. Stuff. In. Congratulations, electro neom for getting so many people involved with the coin and getting, the chance to understand, and. Participate. In. The, future of electron, um really. Awesome hey, guys I was gonna ask you put. It out on the screen. Yeah. Yeah. Nopal. Saying hey I didn't sorry just Paul saying hey I need to get some elasto so I didn't realize it was available in goo clean it just happened last week, if I'm not mistaken and I. Caught it just by chance the. Day that had happened and. The. Price was reasonable and, I was like I'm snagging, some alas dose last. Those being an operating, system and they're gonna have some hardware, that's gonna connect it to TV sets and. You. Know. Electro. Neum is bringing. The. Technology, to people but, alas doses, is, building. The technology. Two different types of coins and. What. They're. Accomplished. Last. So she's trying to build the tech and make some cool stuff and it's all about what the the product will do and. Electroni, and it's really just taking the blockchain and that's. The means, in the vehicle to bring it out to people, and so. Electro. Neom is about the. People, well. The, last dose is about the technology, so, and, obviously people touch it but that's, where they're going with it so, needless to say let's, take a look here, what, I wanted to bring up was I. Gotta. Go find it I have it hidden you think I'd be smarter than that all right I'm. Curious you guys I'm looking at Fandango. So, it's Friday right now. Anguished, sigh right now that I was at the movies cuz I like movies, get. That big bucket, of popcorn. Some. Soda and so. Since it's Friday we're gonna talk about some other really, cool stuff real quick now.

I See some of these new movies coming out tell me you guys if, you know anything about these, a Slenderman. That's supposed to be scary is that that one was that. All these people hurting, people and saying it was Slenderman, or something I don't know but that one probably scary, this, one here the with the shark of a Meg I. Guess. That's some. Kind of dinosaur shark. Or whatever that's the size of. Godzilla. So, it's a Godzilla size shark I don't. Know hey we, got crypto lnw up there how's. It going buddy you. Know they know they know. My. Buddy quick the NWO hey we appreciate you being out there obviously. A crypto led the video I, do. I'm talking about the movies that are coming out that are opening up this week but you made me laugh, my. Lap now if you guys are, watching this step. On a little put the crypto NWO, site he, went out and bought himself a. Mystery. Box on the darknet so. Of course he gets this box. And, he's, got his gloves on cuz he doesn't know if it's got do you know poison. Powder in, it or boxer, ants or cockroaches he. Has no idea what's in this box and you gotta watch the video as, he starts, to randomly. Pull out what, seems like tens and tens of objects. That. I. All. I know is in the view I couldn't, stop watching it so. Congratulations. To you and you guys get a chance to see his video I. Just, made me laugh it's good stuff appreciate. That alright, so. Let's. Get back so tell me about this here if you guys have seen any of these movies or. If, you know that the are, you gonna see any of these now. The only one that. That. Was playing now currently. Christopher. Robin obviously I might take my grandkids, to see that but, I definitely wanted to see Mission Impossible I. Wanted. To see my, my wife made me go see Mamma Mia - and, actually, it wasn't bad you, know it. Was a it. Was as good as the first one and you. Know. I'm, not usually thrilled, about those types of movies but I love my wife and, she. Wanted to see this and, it, actually was not a bad movie so, if you like Mamma Mia one take. Your girlfriend to see Mamma Mia - or, your wife, let. Her check it out and she'll probably enjoy, it if. I minded now. I love cartoons Hotel, Transylvania. I'll. Probably. Catch. It on. Voodoo. Or something I'm, not sure I'll make it or I'll take the grandkids but. I haven't. Seen Ant Man yet, so somebody, please tell me if it's worthwhile to go see ant-man and the, wasp obviously, I saw the first ant-man I definitely. Saw The Incredibles -. Awesome. And a lot of fun it was like 15, years before, we got a chance to see it because, the first one was 15 years ago and, the rest of these you, know I guess, they're scary dart hits peeking the dark web there you go NWO, they. Got a person, taped up and screaming. Yeah you're. Crazy. Buying stuff off of there, getting a mystery, box from the dark web God knows what's in that thing all, right and of course Jurassic, Park I saw so I'm curious about ant-man, and the wasp and Mission Possible if any of you've seen it out there please let me know if it's worthwhile let's, go see all right. Crypto. NWO, is waiting for venom to come out now but yeah. This. Venom. Definitely. Has put that up on screen yes, that's going to be pretty exciting a sign of venom, was the. It. Was kind of like a parasitical. Thing, I got involved with spider-man, it was obviously created, its its own conscience. And, spider-man, had to fight it off and then it becomes a mortal enemy of spider-man so and. The fact that they're making it its own movie, should be pretty exciting, so it'll. Be a, it's. Neat to have a movie. About a one. Of the bad guys kind. Of a focus on the bad guy so that'll, be interesting, all. Right. Duncan. Once enough he's. Funny Duncan, wants to know if, I'll take if. I could take his wife to the movies so he doesn't have to go. You. Know when. Your marriage that's just part of the job you gotta take care of you, know take care of your wife and gonna. Go, see the movie, it. Is, what it is so. Good. Luck to you I. Love. My wife I'll take her anywhere she wants to go pretty much long, as I'm not working.

Yeah. And. They've you know saying hey I see, I burnt, a hole in my glove I, I. Have to I have to ask and of you did it literally, burn it all on the glove or did you like accidentally. Tear, it or something, because I. Would. Have to be a pretty, high-powered. Laser, to. Puncture. A hole in, your glove which would be. Pretty. Dangerous. All. Right so, the. Kid he's telling me here he, says tough call watch Mission Impossible or, purchase, mm. That's. About right because, you know if. You go through the you. Go see the on the screen that that figures, I can think all that stupid pay good the, big 100 millimeter screen, it's. It's. Expensive, you, know you could drop $20, a ticket. And. You got a snag some popcorn and soda for the wife and of course she wants chocolate. Chocolate. Covered peanuts like goobers, or whatever, they call those things now, peanut. M&Ms, so she's gotta have a time, you get done you know it's it's, easily a 60, to $5, night so yeah. What. Do I know, all right very. Good so. Let's get into the next good stuff we'll take this here and. Throw. That out okay. Now. Let's. Close this up. There. Was, let's. Go back to our electro, Neum. Data. That, I think, I spelled that wrong. Let's. See yeah, I know I spelt that wrong. You'd. Think I'd know how to spell it right the first time right. Regarding. This here now Richard. Was saying a couple of things in the video one. A couple of things that I really liked one was that they're, gonna create a matrix so obviously you'll have your address but they're gonna matrix, the matrix, it, also, to your. Telephone number and your, email and, this. Is a very, smart, thing to do because you know people don't like to be able to send, money. To zero. X capital, a b z. JK. Capital. LM 0, 2 3 4 8 X pound, sign, you. Whatever, you. Know and you can't remember that I'm. Gonna send me money, I. Gotta, go look it up but, hey I can easily say send, the money to digit span at digit spend calm Oh done. Right. Right. You guys thinking, what I'm thinking right or send it to his phone number. The. Brilliant, it's, more usable this is the type of thing that I'm talking about with electron, everything, that they're doing with it is to, make it for, humans, to use for the average Joe, for. A person, to use so that transparent. Like. Trillium, is the apple, of, of. Cryptocurrency. Is. You. Had Microsoft, daus and you got to put it in your commands, and you, know change directory, and, flash. This all right I gonna do a search, you. Know find this, you. Know Apple yeah you take the mouse you point and click and it. Was simple it, was easy to use. It. Was built, the way a person thinks. That's. Why electron is gonna do really good I'm, gonna coin that electron. In the Apple of cryptocurrency I said that first here you guys see that if anybody steals that that's cuz, you heard it here right they stole from this show. Hey. But. Think about it and you know I'm right search. Your feelings Luke. Alright, alright, so. Let's. Go on with this here now, what. I wanted to tell you about was. I'm. Going to show you something, real quick here let's bring up the old chalkboard. I like. The chalkboard. Alright. He also talked about, how. Electro neom is gonna handle large volumes, so we, were talking about exchanges. And, when. You're working with exchanges.

Let's. Restart, this back over here okay when, you're working with exchanges, basically, what's going on is that they have these big bags amount of coins right and, they. Have. Them set off to the side. Now. You as the user. You. Connect into this exchange it's a front end of a website. And. When. You're doing exchanges. And you're buying your. Electro, neum from your Bitcoin. You're. Not actually buying. It. With. Bitcoin, and then that Bitcoin gets sold on the blockchain and then it gets sold off a collection on the blockchain no no no what happens is people. Drop. In initially. Their coins that they import, in so if electroni, um's new on exchange they drop them in they. Keep, on a database, they have a centralized, system where they keep a database, so. You drop them in here they then, write to this database that hey do, you know a digits, pin he. Gave us a hundred etn. They. Take that 800. Etn and they. Drop it into the bag and they keep it there of electro, Neum, now. They have a corresponding. Entry in their database, saying dinos down 100 electro neum. Obviously. The price is what it is at that moment so. When you actually. Purchase, something from an, exchange. You're. Dropping your Bitcoin. All. Right and you're dropping it into the system they'll, take it and they'll drop it in the Bitcoin bag, they'll. Give you an IOU in, the database. You. Then you. Have your, let's. Say if you're lucky enough to have a whole Bitcoin, and. You. Take half. Of it and you say I want to spend it well. They just track, that on here they. Just say all right now Dino's got a half, a Bitcoin left and now he has a, hundred thousand, ETN, more and, they. Keep that locally, on the database, the. Only time they'll dig back into the bags and actually use. The coins is when you want to cash out and go back, out on to the system past this line here on the left you're, going to go back out into the environment and at, that point, they'll. Send it to your personal, wallet or what. Have you, it'll. Get written to the blockchain. Okay. And it, says we, took we've taking, it out of our bag and, Deno, now wants a refund of this point five Bitcoin, they. Put Dino. Has point, five on his Bitcoin and it, went back to whatever. Wallet, that he was using okay. But when it's on the exchange. Everything, is just basically centralized. It's. All done on a bunch of sequel servers. And. Keeping. Track of all this information. So. Nothing, ever there's, no coins moving, back and forth in between these bags when you are exchanging things, between electroni 'm you. Know aetherium, an electron. And Bitcoin, nothing. They don't pull, it out of here and put it in here or vice-versa these just stay here these are storage these. Were the things that get hacked, so. When you find out somebody sold they somebody found the back door and, stuck, their hand in the cookie jar and found, a way to scoop, out the. Coins. That they have in these little bags. There. Are other ways to hack things by by. Faking, out the sequel. Servers, and tell. It you have more than you actually have and then they have an auditing, problem, because if I say now I have a million coins and there's only five. In the bag obviously, they have a problem and. The, exchange would have to make, up the difference or figure out how to fix it all. Right so, this is what's going on in an exchange so electro Neum in their wisdom is going to do the same thing when they start to have transactions. Now, obviously we have our our. Phone and, we. Keep you. Know I might. Keep. 5,000. Etn on. My phone. Because. I'm lucky enough to actually have that many and. So. What happens is that information, is actually. Being. Checked. And controlled, on a local sequel server, you. Know there's. Other things going on it's all the hardware involved here, in. It but ultimately. Ends up on a sequel server and, they're tracking that so if I'm gonna have. Digit. Spin here and I, got crypto NWO, over, here and I, want to send him a thousand. Of my five thousand, coins I. Do. A send, and, I. Push the button. It, goes out to the sequel server and it says all right move. From. This entry, move. A thousand, over to, NWO. In. His account and it, tracks it there but this is again all being controlled with, a sequel server and, this is the difference with electro, Neum it's, not just. Decentralized. It has the. Centralized. Part, of it also which is what's happening on your. Mobile phones. Okay. So, this information, is being kept. Centralized. And because. Of that this. Gave them the advantage. Of. Being able to do this instant, payment system, because they could doesn't say Mario, Dino gave of crypto and wo a thousand, and then he spent another, thousand, at the, 7-eleven. For. Us as a sausage, hamburger, or whatever the heck that, cool uncle had bought I mean. And. They.

Ring That mount off. So. That it's, missing they they put a lock on that amount, and. Then. When they get a chance they'll shuffle, it off to the blockchain. Alright. So that'll. Get logged at some point but, the. Good news here is is that. To. Be able to accommodate high volumes, what he was worried about is you. Know hey if we have a lot of high volume how do we handle that and how we're gonna handle it is not everything that's gonna go on the blockchain, initially. There's no need just like an exchange. Most. Of the people spending, the money are gonna be giving it back and forth between folks. That have it on their phone or in an, API, or, their interfacing. They they, have something, already behind, in, on the centralized, part. Of. Electro, Neum and all, of that can be done just like Visa MasterCard. All that good stuff to get super. Fast high speed transactions. Things can be moving around and, maybe 10% of it is. People. Moving stuff to a paper wallet. You. Know something that's not, gonna. Be a. Electro. Neum based account. So. For example. If, you have a paper wallet you have an electro, Neum on, your phone or. On your computer but. You also may have a paper wallet and the whole idea is that it's not connected, to the internet there's nobody that can reach, in and take it or steal it or hack it so. It's it's its own independent. Entity. And. So. That's not gonna be in their system, so maybe you know maybe, yeah you. Know a couple of these guys that have lots coins they. Decided to hey I'm gonna throw this on a paper wallet cuz I'm going to stick this in my sock in my sock drawer and, I'm, gonna leave it there for a while this way the cat and my dog don't eat the paper by accident, and, this. Way we don't have that problem so, those. Will, be transpired. To. The blockchain, this. Will, allow them to have a significant. High-speed. Active. Interaction. Of electro, Neum that can move around pretty. Much instantaneously. Depending. On how much they scale up the hardware and, then usually you don't you. Know you don't build the you. Know the Bismark, if if you know you're you're gonna be floating in your bathtub so, you know as as, they need it they, can expand, on the hardware. But. This is the this. Was of one of the key parts that he was mentioning and why I wanted to kind of clarify this and how, this will work and how they can actually have. Significant. Amount of transactions, by using this hybrid, model it's. Pretty awesome and. You. Know it's. It's, definitely gonna be something that's gonna be worthwhile. Hold. On T electro neom don't. Be nor those people getting, rid of it. 44.7. Of a penny, they're. Gonna be upset, with themselves. That's. Alright, let's take a quick look at the chat, see. What we got, umm, oh. My, gosh I got stuff everywhere okay. Let. Me see I'm gonna go back a page just to make sure I didn't miss anything and, it. Looks like it didn't. Alright. So. Let's. See here we got. No. H-bombs, asking. He's. Saying the NWO. Did you have a giveaway. Recently, and did I miss it so I don't know if you guys if. You had put anything out there for you I'm sure he he's. Usually doing something, I don't. Know you don't have to check on this show there I'm not sure exactly. What. He's got going on. Alright. So, let's, go over to here, I am, going to click on. This. Good stuff. And. So. You have to excuse me a second, here. Alright. So. We're dealing with something here on the, chat now. Let's. See what else we got here electroni. I'm Goldblatt's, laughs all you guys got. So much going on here I can't keep up with this here. All. Right. Now. We got Oh Matt gray that. Gray side I see you guys got tomorrow here he is. How's. It going that man, always gives me as oh. They're. Glad to see ya out, there. Matt. And I are actually gonna, be. Filming. On Sunday. And. Just. Chatting about whatever.

Comes To mind I'm sure there'll be some electro Neum stuff in there and. Whatever. Else may come up so we'll. Find out what happens on Sunday we're, gonna try to take, care of that maybe put. A little time in there do you guys have any questions, put it in the chat. And I'll see if I can add. That to the collection of questions for Matt and myself but. That should be fun and look for a video we'll probably, it all added it up and have it out for you guys next week which. Will be a lot of fun. Yeah. Yeah, we had all those nickels everywhere, turn. Them into electroni, I'm really, good stuff there than wo, all. Right. Anubis. Is he's. Asking what do you think about phone, iam so, yeah, I'm gonna leave that till, the Sunday, when. I talk with Mac great because that was actually one of the questions on my list so how's. That phony I'm stuff going and I'm sure Matt will be able to tell me because I think he's the expert on phone iam I am, not so. Let's, keep going here all. Right hey, we got double x out there it's good to see you they. Had you in the background good. To have you out there and all, he has to say is make sure you hold half. A hold on to as many as you can all. Right, now. Obviously. The. I, also have some, folks out there that are. Monitors. For. The chat, administrators. For the chat all. You have to do is obviously click, on, on. The, right hand side you got your three buttons and, you. Can administer, any, person, on the chat from. That so if you, are were selected, to be a moderator, on the chat feel. Free to use the moderation tools that. Are available to you when, you go along and, I appreciate, and all the, folks that volunteered, to do that all. Right so. Get. Those details we're gonna get towards the end I just want to do something real quick I wanted to go over with you guys with Webb dollar and then we'll pick a winner and let. You guys do. Your good stuff now Webb dollar they had an update and. I'm bringing this to you because it's, significant, enough to. Want to mention it to you so, they, did update the. Main web, dollar died IO site. Originally, you'd have to find a link and click on it to get through one of the experimental, pools. Because. If you're mining, on, originally. On web dollar io you were solo mining and the chances, of you, hitting a block were pretty thin because. Of the amount of people that have got involved with the point and, if. You didn't know where to find a, pool. Link you. Weren't able to actually, start, to collect some of these coins you want to be in a pool so that you get something, even if it's a hundred coins and, be. Able to add that to your collection, add. It to your stack so, what. They done they they've, got the pools to a point where they're pretty. Much released, they're gonna be adding some additional features, but. The good news is you, can now go to web dollar io you'll. Be able to slide down to where you see your connection now. You'll. Be able to now pick right here if you're in consensus. That's. No pool so if you leave it on the consensus. Entry. Or selection. You'll, be mining solo and the, chances of winning.

Or. Closing, a block and winning that block are, obviously, far. More difficult, now. You can choose there are a few pools that are also. Running. With, this first initial. Output. Of the of the pool system you have an infinity, pool you got the back and pool that wmp, and of course the experimental, pool is still out there I use, the experimental, at the moment but, all of these are, functioning. Pools. The, some of the first ones to get up and running, so, you can just click on the experimental, pool, it'll, automatically. Connect. You as a pool. Miner and, you. Will see that when you come down here to your spools statistics. That. Now you are connected, in the pool automatically. You'll see how many miners are in the pool and. The, values that are being earned, and. That. Particular, pool itself, is at one point one mega. Hash almost, one point two mega hash so it's. All, good stuff there's a lot of folks in there and it has that pool wins. That. Particular, pools property maybe twenty percent of the hash rate and as, they win you get to share the six thousand with the other 558. Folks depending, on, how. Much, hash your particular computer. Provided. To the pool so. The good news is is that I have, a couple of risin fives and as. Of right now they're still making about a hundred, give. Or take web. Dollars, a day but that's. Going to change and it's gonna get harder and harder to to, earn them, now. You. Can also now copy the referral link and send it to others and if. You give that link to somebody and they click on that link that you give them that's that long string, they. Will be added to this pool and they can start mining on this pool but every person you refer this. If you see here they haven't set up that you can earn 5%, of, each, invited friend, so. You can actually you, know just put it out on Twitter. Mine, web dollar here's the link and, everybody that uses you'll, get five percent of, all of all of their pool of all of their earnings. So. This. Gives you an opportunity to. Make. Web dollars without mining, or running, a pool or anything just by sending, out the referral link so I think this is all pretty cool I think that's gonna be really popular. Because. There's so many ways to earn the web dollars, and you. Know from there I know they're working also pretty, diligently, on getting, this on, an exchange in building their. New, exchange. That'll be part of this system. Alright, now. One. Other thing that I wanted to bring up before we get. To the end of the show let's see if I can find in it probably at the bottom they've. They. Are, gonna be releasing, the. Black paper which will be a complete presentation on. The project and how it works to make it easier obviously, they have their updated white paper and, they also updated, the roadmap so, if we take a look. The. Pool and referral, system is you know obviously scheduled for the quarter three they're. Working on building, and, getting. An exchange. Set up for. Web dollar so. That it'll be a lot easier and there's no more over the counter. Changes. Of it and this. Is going to be also a big. Plus for web, dollar so. That you'll be able to. Buy. And sell. Obviously. They're gonna get. More involved, in marketing towards. The end of this year, and. Some, of these other cool things that they're doing is allowing. Offline, transactions. And. So. That you can you, know do. It with. By. Just doing a signature. Signatory. On the offline transactions. They're. Gonna have a multi, sign. And I had the, fingerprint, reader and all that other stuff to. The for. Additional security. Adding. A real-time road map so you'll be able to get feedback and see the developer's notes and information, that's happening, on the project this. I'm kind of excited about is. The voting. System so. Based. On your coin because this is a community coin so people. Will be able to put out concepts. Or things that they want to have done and they'll, actually be a voting system that, well.

Everybody, Who holds web dollars giving the cast votes towards, the future of the project and what, things that we should be working on and not working on. And. It looks like towards. The end of next year they're gonna start working, to, make. The money. More, programmable. And. Start. Producing some basic, contract, capabilities. And, the. Bazaar and, so. They, probably took a good note from electro Neum regarding. This because. They're going to be creating a bazaar and marketplace, so. You can sell goods or services, and. It's. Probably one of the one of the reasons why I like this is because it's. Both. What. Dollar understands. The value of getting. This in hands of people and in gigs, I think that's. You. Know it reminds. Me of, electro. Neum it's not as far nowhere. Near as technical, or. No. Nowhere near as as complete, as electronic means in the pathway, to it but. I think that this could be another company. That could do something similar, in the years of in the years ahead. Obviously. They're. Pretty similar in concept so I like, where. Electron ium goes so, I like where web dollars gonna be going and then, of course they're gonna be speeding up their transaction, so there's, a lot of good stuff on here these, are just idea. Reasons why I happen, to like, what they're doing with this and. You. Can get information if, you're on the telegram channel you can talk to some of the guys at, web dollar and, of, course you can go to the web web dollar telegram, - I've, seen the developers, the guys are actually writing this actually, talking to people all the time so, good. Stuff congratulations. The web dollar, keep. It going, I think. You're on the right track and it could be gonna have the nice project, someday and, keep. In mind it is a speculative, coin it could be worth nothing it, could turn, out to be you. Know something. Very positive, to, the world so we'll, see what happens with them and I. Just wish them a lot of success all right before. I get to the random. Drawing let's just take a quick look you, guys have been typing in so much stuff I got pages and pages of things. Let's. See here. So. Rick. Viper. Moto is saying is is, a web, dollar commercial. Is. The. A web dollar commercial, when ETM. So I don't know Rick tell me a little bit more about that that one does it make sense to me and. I'm. Not sure what you were trying to say I couldn't, grab it. No. Web dollar is not right. So math you say no web dollar has nothing to do in electroni and there are two different projects. They're, just projects that I think. Both. Have have, a good handle on where, they want to go like. Trillium I. Was. Far, more matured. And. It, has. Proven, itself web dollar is extremely, speculative, at, this point and. Something. That I think, could. Grow into something decent, so. What. I'm doing because. Of its speculative. Nature is, trying. To mine as many of them as I can so that, I'll, have a couple of bags and, if it turns into something I'll. Be, I'll benefit, from that so that's. Why I do with that, electron. Iam you know, we're. Electron TM is going you know the. Good results, that's gonna happen with electron it's proven, itself already, what. It where, it's going and the, technologies. That it's bringing the bear, alright. Alright, so you guys got a lot of good stuff. Paul. Saying the experimental, pool for web dollars working pretty good yeah, I have to say they it. Took them a while they get the the pools on, web, dollar functioning. Right these. Guys are writing everything from scratch it's not most. Of the most of the folks take. They. Forked, off from github and they. Stick. Their name on it and then, it moves along and they just go forward these guys said web dollar I've built everything. From, scratch. I. You. Know I'm not sure I would have done that. But. Everything they do is completely different and new and. Everything's. Been, handcrafted. For, where they're taking this project. So. You. Know like, all I could say is the I wish these guys well, alright.

Alright. A lot of good stuff I can't. Even catch up with everything that's in the chat so I'm just gonna move on to and if. I missed anybody sorry, if. I didn't get to your question I apologize it's, just too, much for me to be able to catch. Up with because we have to get to the end of the show let's find our. Our. Closing. So. As you guys all know I went, to. The last video, put. In the youtube link or, the shareable link into, the you picked a winner we're, going to fetch. And. We. Have 16. Comments. That are, viable. To be able to win and let's. Pick a winner let's find out who's gonna win and what, they won. All. Right so, we got Jason, H. Congratulations. That jason age he, says hey you know from Cape Town South, Africa and. He, has an OL electroni, a. 50. Electro neom for Jason, congratulations, to you and. Yes. Alright. For, Jason and we're. Thrilled, to have everybody, watch the show obviously, like comment and subscribe I like to read all the good stuff, and I. Will see you again tomorrow sorry I had your so long tonight but, I'll see you again Monday, Monday, not tomorrow Monday, I'm taking my weekend off like. Do videos on the weekend no more I got a star but don't forget Matthew, Gray and I are gonna tape. On Sunday, so we'll, have some good stuff for you on the third in a week ciao.

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