ETN Electroneum - WebDollar - Elastos - Ravencoin - News and Updates

ETN Electroneum - WebDollar - Elastos - Ravencoin - News and Updates

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Hey. Guys, it's, Dino. And. Welcome. To digit spent crypto, another. Good evening, I think, it's Thursday, tomorrow's, payday. So. We get all. Sorts of extra money in our pocket. Don't. Spend it all on crypto. And, pay your bills. That's. Important. Now. Obviously. This, is not financial. Advice I'm just some guy on YouTube, just, a common pedestrian. Mumbling. And babbling, about his, experiences. With crypto but hopefully, you'll learn something, and be able to apply it to. When. You do decide to do. Something regarding. Crypto so. Let's. Take a quick look here I saw, a little delay, I hope, it's not delay are you guys getting it the way out there alright. We'll. Find out in 30 it takes 30 seconds, for me to find out by. Timing it swirls around in the meantime don't. Forget we have a telegram. Channel it'll be in the link below. Additionally. We. Want to let. You know we have a Twitter, too so, feel, free to log. Into those and, add them and, subscribe. To those Twitter. And telegram, this, way you can get all the newest news and information first. As we. Learn it we usually pass that information on, to you. The. Audience, so. Good. Thing to do now. Obviously. We're added, we've added closed, caption. For. All different types of languages, feel, free to apply. That to. Your video as you're, watching if you need it. Okay. So, we, had a contest. Winner yesterday, let's go through my hand, and II papers, here and, we'll. Take a look, so, our, contest, winner yesterday. Was simple. Why local. Well. I know what, was the beam. Mr.. Beam doesn't know either but, simple. Article 150. Web dollars, because. They put in their address in yesterday's. Video and. Became. A big winner for today, well. I was yesterday actually, now, today we're gonna give away, another. 50, to 100, dollars and. Excuse. Me let me rephrase that, 50. To, 100. Electro. Neum or web, dollars. Your. Choice depending, on the address that you put down below and we. Have something special for today that, I'm. Gonna tell you about so. Let's. See no. Delay so you're good Paul saying there's no delay that's, awesome, it's, showing up on my screen here, as a delay. Or, should, I say is slowdown not exactly, sure what's causing that. Let. Me just check make sure I don't have something open that I'm not supposed to. And. It seems alright and. Could. Just be one of those days where the stream is slow tonight so. We'll. Find that out later, on. Okay. I'm gonna close this up and, try to help speed things along. Hopefully. That won't cause any additional. Delays. Alright, so. What. I want to tell you is first, we're gonna find. Out how many. Kryptos. Are available. To win for today so let's bring, open you guys know the drill we're, gonna bring off on our random number picker, let's get my fat head out of the way and put me, down here, in the second in the first camera. Okay. So, as you guys all know we have the random number picker on the screen, we. Are gonna pick a number between. One. And. 100. Less. Than 50 it's 50 greater than 50 that's how many kryptos you'll win tonight, at. The end of the show so, let's, generate, and. It. Says 10 10, becomes 50 we're going to give away 50. Liked. Rhodium or web dollars, tonight of your choice you.

Guys Let me know what it actually will end up being okay. Now. Let's. Come. Down here I wanted to talk to you about something, but. Jesus. We got breaking news we got breaking, news and what's the news all about all right let's. Take a look let's go down to my alert screen here oh. All. Right if you, have something special for tonight. What's. Gonna happen, is when, we hit, 1000. Subscribers. We. Are going to giveaway, 1000. Electro, Neum now, let. Me tell you and let me be real upfront with you on this a. Anonymous. Member of, the community, who I happened. To chat. With on telegram. Personally. Donated, out of their pocket. 1000. Electro. Neum as. Somebody. From the community they want to stay anonymous and, I'm gonna let. That happen but. They gave me 1000. Each. En, and this is going to be electro, neum only it'll be an electro Neum only. Giveaway. And. When. We hit 1000. Subscribers we're. Gonna give away 1000. Electro, neum he, was real. Happy with the show thought, we were doing a decent job and wanted to do something special so I think we're like at 500. 400. 476. Somewhere. In there for, it's in five somewhere around there so, when we hit 1000. Subscribers, we'll. Have a special show I'll announce, it in advance. And we'll. Do a pic, from. That and you. Too can, win 1,000. Electron, iam when. We hit 1000. Subscribers so. Let's. Take that anonymous, colors, we, appreciate, you very. Generous. To. The person that's going to receive it very generous to the digits been crypto, show, so. Thank you again, okay. Let's. Take a look and see who we got out there. So. We got oh boy, we got Paul. We. Got the, sergeant. Of the meet sergeant. Of the Marines. Now. Sergeant saying, it's. Always good to it's. Show time and it's always good to hit the like button we. Appreciate. That and we thank you for that thought, because that is exactly what you'd want to do if, you. Want. To get alerted you put on the notification. Bell and, the likes, and the comments and, of course the subscriptions, are appreciated. Okay. We. Got the pulse out there they're. Saying hello and. Good. To be on the show always giving me the thumbs up and the excitement, we got a brick pipe or moto we. Got bad Kryptos. Let's. See, bad. Cryptos now. Bad crypto says on here he says hey, Dino it's a great show got a question for you how come you Americans, call it football when. You're using your hands it's not a ball. I'm always busting, his chops inand. Mick from. All that all. Of that tech is it and. These. Guys are out in the UK so, I'm always sending them a picture of a football, and saying. This equals football, because they call it football soccer. You. Know it's soccer here in the United, States so, that we have an ongoing ribbing, inside. Joke but. That's okay. Good. To see you bad cryptokey, glad you made it. Okay. We got my, room baguette lay out. There it's good to see you. It, looks like he's saying it's his first video the watch, life we're, glad to have you on the show thank you so, much for attending, and it's, a it's.

Always A blast to see the folks out there, okay. So. We. Got Chris 9 out there saying hello good, to see you Chris we. Appreciate you we got, the. Big fellow we got Jay out. There, also, good. Morning good evening it's, actually, what nine according, to ten quoted. At 10:00 p.m. Eastern, Standard Time, here. So, I work. On New York time, or Eastern, Time, so, it's kind of late we, got Northeast technologies. You. Say hey buddy Northeast, technologies, of course another excellent, YouTube show definitely. If you have an opportunity stop, by his his. YouTube channel take, a look, poke around try. Out all the stuff just, don't steal any his videos, you won't appreciate that. It's. Good to see here North East we always appreciate you. Music. Lovers out there he's, saying hello how's. It going, hey hey it's, got his happy face big. Smile. That's. My dinky dink face. All. Right. All. Right this is great so, we, got all the good, stuff out there and we appreciate, everybody, attending. So let's get to the let's. Get to the housekeeping, for tonight. Towards. The camera all, right. So. Let's. Go into our general news. We're gonna get, rid of our giveaway now don't forget 1000, electro, Neum on 1,000 subscribers. It's gonna be awesome. An, awesome, giveaway and, it's, take a look here we'll bring up our browser, tada. And. We'll do our housekeeping. And we'll start off with, Kona, market cap just real quick. 73. 80 on bitcoins I'm sure you guys know this already but if you don't there you go. We're. Still going down I told you it's gonna continue to go down I've been calling this for days and, I. Expect, it to kind, of just similarly. Float for. A while there's nothing out there that's gonna cause this to really, to. Blow up until. Next month, probably. The end of. At. The end of August, so I, think we're gonna just see a bunch of. Bungling. Around, we'll, see what ends up happening. But. It is what it is and, we'll. Take a look at the electro, Neum goodies, let's. See what we got. Electro. Neom so these are markets so we don't have a whole lot of volume. Going. On and of course we don't have. Coin. Being out here yet. Now. Keep in mind coin, being they've. Been accepting. Deposits, already. So. As of, right now you can, preload, any. Electroni that you want into, coin being to have it ready. For. Sale some people are moving some. Other some, of their electroni, omim they're hoping. That they'll be a. Want. For, them and hoping, that there'll be purchasers, looking for electro. Neum when they first come out so if. You have your coins in there to, begin with that gives, you a heads. Up because there's sometimes, a little bounce there in the beginning say. You know people see something new they want to buy a few it, drives the price up on coin beam so those, that did, that are probably going to get a little bounce out of it and then it'll stabilize, probably. Relatively. Quick that's, my best guess, on. That situation. So. But. Overall you, know crypto BIA keeps, pulling it out those New Zealand, guys, those. Guys over there. They. Yeah, that's what Opie, is they're, doing all right kook, lane I'm kind of shocked to know 18,000. But, it is what it is and we'll. Go on from there let's. Take a quick look at what. Our C super-secret. ASIC, electroni. A minor is producing. For today, let's. Hit the button and we. Are at, 730, coins let's, take a look here at our hash rate so, when Ash rates coming up a little bit, but. 730. So. Now remember when I purchased. My ASIC. Was. That four weeks ago. Three. Or four weeks ago it, was around eleven, hundred and thirty coins, per. Day and a. Few, days before that it was at 1300. Coins. Per day so. As, more and more these Asics, got thrown onto the network you have to share the resources and, you get you know smaller, piece of the pie when. You add another person to the party, so. That's just kind of how it works out so. We're at seven hundred and thirty electro. Neum for today right mr. bean. So. It. Is what it is it's. Still a. Good, amount of numbers so good amount of coins and we're. Still in good shape to be able to give away our electro, neum on, a daily basis, so. Let's, be glad of that now. Let's. Take a quick look I also have a. Graph. Here or little. Dude, I, that's. About. All of the pools and, which pools are pulling in it.

Appears To be the most of the hash rate now. Pool and being number one that that top guy up there you. Can see they have 31%. Of the, entire network that's 1/3 approximately. Just. Shy of it of all the hash rate now pool in is. Bit. Main, bit. Maine's gonna come up a couple times here, tonight. But. Bit means they're doing a lot of stuff I cos, they're investing, in companies there, they're, gonna be all over the place these guys are gonna be a permanent fixture of, the. Crypto, community, so get used to saying their name I'm, telling you right now but. Pull, in you. Know 31%, the space pools for hash and a no pool, they. Seem to be the the next biggest ones the, Nano pool out it says it's out of the states here so. That's, a that's, a bonus if you're in the United States. Most. Of them have a local, connection that you can get to anyway. But. I, like nano pool mana pool supported. Electro neum and, they're. Up around 13%, I, was, usually spaced pools because I couldn't get into the mana pool we had just recently. Ana. Video prior, maybe, two or three days ago had. Found out had. To ask them to create a new. Port. Number, with, a higher difficulty, so, that the ASIC, could run against it without losing most. Of its hash power. So. They've. Increased. Dramatically. Over. The last few days to, bring it up to 13% pretty, much coming, really close now. All, three of these so. If you're mining, with. An ASIC take, a look in space pools fair hash and nano pool. Pooling. Has some advantages. Has, lots of hash rate but, I don't like giving it all to one, Poole my, opinion, but, I'd pull into your list if that's something you want to do and of course there's others here too yeah. You got mining pool hub f2, pool miner, rocks I use, miner rocks for my low key and. They. Do reasonably. Well you get in a lot of detail, out of minor rocks I happen. To like their. Pool and. Their. Percentage. Is less than 1%, though, the pool P is less than 1%. Which. Is the same on loci so. You. Know take a look at them they've been pretty good I have never tried super, pools and, I have not trying to tried, hash vault yet but. It. Is pretty cool now, let's, see is that pay per share, do-do-do-do-do. Yeah looks, like what it is so, there. You go there's, your ASIC pools, let's. Take a quick look see if there's any quick questions, you guys get but on this chat here. So. North, East is telling me that football. Is better than soccer it's much greater than soccer and, you know and of course you can tell that's a guy from Texas saying, it you. Know we always chat with these guys over in the UK or, wherever and they keep trying to convince me a soccer ball it's, called football so, what, do I know I.

Tell. Them the Nets. Okay. Not. A problem they're northeast. We. Got the technical. Out, there, good, to see you technical, glad you said hello appreciate. Ya, okay. Let's. Take a look we got the h-bomb, he's, also out there saying a dino has given me some applause and a smiley face. Yeah. We. Appreciate, you every, little bit helps you know I like. All that good stuff ok. Let's. Take a look here. Gregg. Once in the Milo - I think. Bitcoin. And we'll go and. Let's. Just take a quick look at that again. When. We're. Here's. The big thing with Bitcoin right now and of course yeah, unfortunately you have to pay attention to it because it, drives what, everything, else that's going on in this universe. Regarding. Kryptos, so. When. I was showing you guys the other day you. Know my concern was is that we had that 6,000, give, or take, bottom. 6000, bottom. 6000. Bottom now granted. It went a little higher a little lower than 6000, but we, found a an. Area here of of, a bottom line and. We. Don't want to see it hit a fourth time however if. You notice this this, column. Is getting smaller and smaller in its wave pattern, and that's. Typical, you'll see these guys technical, analysis, they'll put a little triangle, up there and there. But. The moral, of story is is that when you have, this. Line coming, down and. And. This line matches, and the triangle, comes together at the end something, always happens. It just doesn't keep, going straight. Either. Goes up or down so. If. That can hold off those next few weeks and then we get the ETF. Hype. Going again for the next one for September, you. Know we may see a bump I. I'm. Hesitant, to say anything I can't even begin to tell you because. It's really gonna come off of once, it hits that 6,000. Line. And if you start, seeing. It break past that. You. Know we could be in for some some. Lower lowers, I don't I don't. See it going. Less. Than five, but. Who am I I don't know anything so. Alright. So. Music. Lovers same day for New Zealand, yeah, those. Crypto PA New Zealand guys that there. Beautiful. Country though right, yeah. I like, that we got a new a new business out there. Appreciate. Your visiting the show like. The smiley, face adds, a little extra creature, comfort, to, the conversation. Okay. So. Let's. Get into. One. Quick thing now Myron's asking, a question, here I'm gonna put it up and I'm gonna talk about that question in a few seconds. I just want to get a little extra, news. Out of the way what I wanted to tell you is. Something. From. You. Know I guys tell you about some of the coins that I I, collect. Or I mined, one. Of them that I like is the last Oh snow if you guys looked into it but. The. Reason why I look. At this and. What. Alas dose is trying to do is create an actual. Blockchain. Operating. System, that'll interact with other chains, and they. Have a good relationship with Neos so that's, where, it's gonna end up and, that's where the interaction, is happening and. Then they'll have applications. That'll be able to run on your. Phone, it'll, work, sort of like. An. Android, it's, it's based off of Android, type technologies. With some additional, overlays, that. Interact. So while, you're using your phone you're actually, interacting, with the blockchain and. I. Can't even begin to tell you what. That. Could turn into and. If they can be the first to the punch on this you know I'm, looking, at this as possibly. You, know the next step in operating, systems so, I've been keeping an eye on these guys. The. Reason why I'm bringing this up real, quick, alas. Toes right now we're setting up their booth for the 2018. China. Digital conference. And Entertainment Expo basically. And. That's, their nice booth it looks good it's. Sharp I build. Tradeshow, booths. Also. And so you, know I like what they did here the nice materials, and all that good stuff but why. Am i bringing you this picture. What's. So important, about the picture dino well. Let me tell you what's important about the picture. Remember. I was telling you about a company before let's zoom in what. Are you guys reading there put it on the screen tell me what you see in the chat I, am.

Very, Curious and. What. You're gonna see is. Alas. Dose and, bit. Main. These. Guys are partnering, up on things. Bit. Main the biggest guys in crypto. Technology, you're partnering up with alas. Toast probably, a coin you've never heard of. The. Reason why I haven't heard of is it's it's it's been kind of on the side quiet, on the side and. You can get a really good deal on it right now I you. Know I think I picked up a couple of coins at. $49. And then right now I think it's it's. $12.40. Imagine how those people are feeling and talk about people to say that they lost a shirt, well. Ask those folks lost, a decent. Amount because all crypto, went down it's not electro, neum don't let anybody fool you the. Whole market, is a bear. Market okay. But. The. Last dosent bit mean. Looking. Through alas those educate, yourself on it it's. My, belief that this will be a very important. Coin, in, the, future. So. Educate, yourself on it you know what it's about. All. Right it's. Let's. Get rid of this. And. Oh, also, my, last dose is doing. They're. Doing meetup so if you want if you happen to be in one of these cities let's take a look here. We got meetups. In San Diego California Vancouver. Dallas, and Melbourne Australia. But. We're in any one of those cities or nearby been. Able to take a taxi. Maybe. You want to go and check it out you'll. Find it interesting. Okay. So. Let's. Take a look, that's. Not what I wanted, we. Wanted to talk about. Genesis. Mining. I'm. Gonna hold on to that for a second I want to get into the electron ium stuff I, just. Got throwing another quick thing here. One. Of the other coins you. Guys asked me about is Raven coin and I, told you guys about it yesterday I told you about the asset, tracking, and management. Features. That it's gonna have. Overstock. Was. The guys that put twenty five million dollars into, the development, of Raven coin now it's a completely decentralized, community. Coin but. They hired, and they, committed twenty five million dollars of developers. And hardware. And stuff to. Write. Part. Of the Raven coin. Codebase. Now. It is based off of Bitcoin. And it, started from Ground Zero and it was a completely fair and, open. Mining. So. Everybody could pretty much jump into it it uses a. Different. Type of algorithm, a, 16. Algorithm, that, fluctuates. So that it could be hate basic, resistant, and they've. Completely they've published a commitment, to change the algorithm if. The. Asics, start to run. The. The. Current one the X 16 are, they'll. Add another. Rotational. Into, it to offset. The Asics, if that should happen but. The. Big thing here is the reason why I'm bringing this up I saw this on Twitter and it, says overstock. Overstock. Blockchain, subsidary Medici. Alright, now what. Happened is over stocked it and put the money in overstock, has. To say an investment. Or owns this. Company called Medici, and they're, a VC, venture capitalists, they're. The ones that actually put up the money to, grow Raving coin, now. When. You see overstock, Medici. And I. Know, Medici. Has, their hands. And coders helping, the code base for rayvin coin and they're doing asset, management and I see them doing, a land, governance. They. Sign an agreement with, the world bank to. Enhance and secure. Land rights in developing, countries, you. Know I'm thinking to myself well. I would probably work just fine on Raving coin. So. I, and I see all these exchanges, popping, up you. Know I was a little concerned I had a mind a few of those raven coins and i you, know it wasn't sure if it was going to go anywhere. Things. Like this kind. Of piqued my curiosity and. And, i'm thinking you know it may not have been a complete washout, they may actually end up doing something. Really cool with. Raven, coin, so. Keep that in the back your head if. You're like mining, you have some GPUs, ain't doing anything you might want to look into the. X 16 R and. And. Try to secure, yourself some of these coins.

In, The future, just an idea just a, thought, you, know you'll figure it out what you want to do right mr. bean yeah. He. Knows. Going. Alright, so. Let's. Take a look at our next exciting, and, fun-filled. Idea, right. After I check the. Chats. Here just to make sure I didn't miss anything else okay. Alright, so you guys are talking about the genesis mining in the hash fault alright we're gonna get into that let's take a look first. Thing I want to do is that I. Wanted. To also let. You guys know about, electro. Neom Academy, now if you guys had my Twitter, already signed up for and, you, had access to our telegram, channel because you were smart enough to click on the link at the bottom of the page in the description, you. Would have seen this probably. A couple of hours ago and, an. Electro, neom Academy, is, giving, away one thousand. Electron, 'i'm just like digits. Pin crypto, so. Take. A look go visit electro, neum academy get. All of the details you, can look it up on twitter you, can go to their youtube page they'll have information, there you'll, see a link. Where. You can jump in and. Put, yourself and do whatever is required to, be on. The list to win this. Ten, thousand. Ten, thousand it says here ten thousand, ten thousand electron IAM excuse. Me I said one thousand it's even bigger and better than I thought come on Dina get it together ten, thousand, electron iam they're, blowing, me away, I'm. Just doing one thousand, but electro, Liam Academy's doing ten thousand. So, there's. A lot there to be. Thankful. For go, check it out take, a look at it win yourself ten thousand. Electro. Neum all. Right let's. Move on to the next exciting, and fun-filled thing. Well. Add. That to the collection. Now. Electro, Neum you guys were asking about. Them, we wanted to talk about it obviously. We want to tell you guys again, if you had my Twitter or my telegram. I did. You spend crypto you would have known about this and of, course it's making its rounds mick, from all about tech. He. Was able to. Score. A nice, interview, with richard i want to congratulate him on that it's gonna be pretty exciting. It. Appears to me that he recorded, a decent, amount of video. Throughout. Not, just richard but maybe others in the electron, IAM and he's, gonna put together a few, videos over, next week to. Let those come out and show. You some stuff behind the scenes I've been told there'll, be some really new and interesting information in, there and. Definitely. Worth the watch so. Keep an eye on all about tank, Mick. And. His. Series, with electro. Neom in the shop, will. Be a good stuff can't wait to see it congratulations. To you Nick, and mr.. B. Good. Stuff, alright. Let's. Take a look now. Phil, is just, asking me real quick, what, about Coyne bean. Wow. Let's. Bring coin beat up real quick. Coyne. Bean as you, guys all know because. You. Got my telegram or, my Twitter last night around. 11, o'clock that, they, were accepting. Deposits and. We talked about this in the beginning and. They. Are now waiting. For all those the deposits, to go in I expect. Coin. Dean to go live with trading. At. Approximately. 11. Or 12 o'clock tonight I'm, drawing a mind, bubble, this is what happens when you get old and become a senior citizen. Sometimes. Things elude, you but it's. Either 11, or, 12, o'clock. Tonight. They're, supposed to go live. With trading. So I hope, that answers your question and. We'll. See what happens it's always good to have the extra exchanges, no matter what. If. You, do see a pump it'll be short-lived and. It'll. Come back down to its. Natural, price. And. Speaking. Of price I am still, working on and, I'm. Not sure if I'm going to do it as a live video or an actual recorded, video we, talked about. The. Emission, curve and. The. Amount of coins that come out and the reason why I brought a lot of that up is because it's gonna affect, my. Christ's, prediction. For electro neum and I'm going to tell you about that in, one of, my videos so I have. Some good stuff for you regarding, what. I think, the. Potential, is for electro. Neum based. On, information. That I've been giving you over the last few days all right so, I hope that hits, it good for you guys. Now.

Let's. Get back to. Genesis. Mining, you guys I swear, you guys read my cliff notes I'm gonna have to check. For bugs yeah. Somebody's. Definitely have you guys always asked the questions, that I have lined up for the night you cracked me up it's. A cool thing yeah. Let's. Go back to. My. Run, and. He. Was asking what's the news with the EPN and genesis mining I don't. Know if there's anything spectacular, going. On specifically. With them what, I can tell you Genesis. Mining, is. Has. Available. The. Capability, of cloud mining, with. And for. Electro, neum and they. Did announce that so. If, you are interested in learning a little bit more about cloud mining, or you want to dump, into it there's a lot of different cloud mining, systems out there I happen. To know that Genesis. Does. Handle. Electroni, amount, so. Take, a look at it and. Tell. Me what do you think give me some feedback put it in the comments what you learn now put it in the telegram, Channel tell, me what, you think about it but, take, a look at Genesis. Mining, and see, if there's something in it for you if you decide you want to do some cloud mining, yeah. You. Know this. In. My. Opinion is the type of services. That you would want to integrate, if, I was electro neum I wouldn't want to try. To rebuild all of this do you see all this hardware, and everything. That's going on behind. The scenes this is not something you want to do unless you're a specialized, at it however you want to partner with a company like. This to. Be able to bring cloud mining, to people. And you. Know it would make sense to, me to, have. An. Official, electro, naeun channel to link into some, cloud mining, service, of some type. You. Know these guys are as good as any we'll. See what happens. What. Do I know right, no. I don't, know anything okay. Let's, take a look. Northeast, saying hash vault has some good pools, also. For. Mining, and I'm not sure if that's for. ASIC mining or for cloud mining, my. Thought hash fault. The. Cloud, but. I'm. Drawing. A blank on that and I don't recall. If. It was just a pool mining, or a cloud, lighting all. Right let's take a look at we got here. All. Right, the. Who coop say electroni. And on coin beam is for mr. beam mr.. Beam likes that yes. It's. All good stuff all. Right, let's. See what else we got here yeah. Yeah, northeast it is 12 o'clock Mike time, so. That'll. Put it 11 o'clock your time it'll. Either be 10 or 11 o'clock in Texas, because you guys are an hour behind us here in the, southeast. Okay. Phil. Says, you. Know I, love. Your channel, well, thank you I appreciate you. Know. That everything, that I do here somebody, thinks it's valuable, you. Know sometimes, I think I'm just talking, to myself and, you know bubbling and mumbling into this camera here and I can't. See all you guys but you guys get to see all of me so I have no idea where you are or what's going on but it's.

Appreciated, That you. Find some value, in my mumbling and I. Like. That all right let's get back to where. We were before, okay. So. Candyman. Wants to know where everybody's from you. Can type it into the chat there, I know you got people from New Zealand Texas. California, which is all in the states. Because. Of the time frame you figure Britain. In the, UK if. It's ten o'clock here, now you, know there's four hours so it's 2:00 a.m. for, them so somebody would have to stay up really late you start getting into Eastern Europe that's, seven hours. Off. So. You. Know that's five in the morning so you really have to get to these guys. Way. Out east and. You know Australia, China. Parts. Of Russia to, start hitting that 12 hour mark, yeah. Obviously you New Zealand guys are the farthest out there probably. Just. Being what south, southeast. Of Australia so. You. Know that's a pretty pretty, good distance so you guys are 12 hours so you, know it's 10 o'clock here. It's 10 a.m. in. The morning for them so that's, pretty much where you gonna find most of the folks on. The live channel, obviously, the video in, the in the recording videos I took a look at the geography again. United States the, United Kingdom is, pretty big, India, we. Get a lot of folks from India. Obviously. Australia. There's. I thought. We would have a lot of folks from China but, believe, it or not there's more folks from Russia than. There is China, so. Those, seem to be and of course Canada, but they don't count they're part of the United States, I. Have. There with the Canadians. They. Can speak French I can't, do you know parlez-vous, francais I have no idea what they say when they do stuff like that. So. They, telling me it's 11 o'clock my turn now I got 10 10. 15 on my watch is now 11 o'clock game what are you doing to me okay. Sorry I love it I collect my time yeah there you go Northeast. Okay. Let's. See what we got here so yeah northeast to Salem, eleven, o'clock also. Supplying. Jordan. Jordan. Saying. Hey. You know hope you will be the next to visit the electro, Neum office yeah, that would be fun and exciting you know I. Could. Take a trip out to England, I always wanted to go out there I have to admit though, I. Have. To admit that it would be a fun trip I. Probably. Would love to visit Japan. Believe, it or not I would like to see parts of China. Under. The right conditions I, wish I could make it to the. To. The pyramids, in. Egypt I'm. A, big Egypt fan as, far as ancient, Egypt, and. There's. A couple other really New, Zealand would be kind of interesting too, III. Think that that. But. You know to go out into the into. Some of the areas that they think would be pretty awesome but what. Do I know okay. So. H-bomb. Saying you got to love these means of interaction, I'm sitting in, Australia. With you know while his audiences, in other parts of the planet yeah. Welcome, to the Internet it's good stuff you know I yeah. But I started working on computers there was no internet and I was fact it was hard to even get a hard drive we were using cassette, decks and I got lucky to get to a floppy disc I was able to store, 360. K. On. My on my floppy, disk and. Then. They shrunk it down and I was able to put 720, so there was no networking. There was no connecting, computers at the time we used what was called. Sneaker. Net now. Sneaker, net I tell, you about sneaker net so. You had to PC, set up, or. Computers. And whatever so if you were using your cassette deck or if you were lucky enough to be able to get a, 360k. Floppy disk. Sneaker. Net was, the means of, data transportation. It was reliable, it was. Effective, it was slow. And. Distance. Made a big difference but sneaker, net you got you know you know how sneaker network sneaker. Net it was you one over to one PC, you, popped in the floppy drive save, the file on the floppy you pulled out the floppy put. On your sneakers and you ran over to. The other computer and you put it into that computer, and you copied the file from it that. What's called sneaker net, so. If anybody ever tells you they know about sneaker, net now. You know what they're talking, about it's. Running. Into one machine to the other that's. How you interacted. With computers, back then yeah crazy, stuff, yeah and. Then we set up bulletin, board service I actually set up a bulletin, board server, I had one. Computer, was that it. Was a 286 or something to that effect and then, I slapped, in 16, serial, buses and on each serial, card, connection.

I Hooked, up a 1200. Or 2400. Baud. Modem. And. People. Would call in. Because. I had had so I hadn't owned a computer a couple computer stores back then when I was younger I was one of the first things I did when I got to school studied. It and started. Selling computers and created my own store and. So. I had the, these. And people, could log in and it was a what's called a bulletin, board system, and it, allowed all he's, the, one machine and everybody would connect to it and they. Would be able to interact, with the software that was running, on. The PC and so sixteen people could talk simultaneously. To. Each other through chat and I had put some games on it so they could play in the same game at the same time they were just blown away that, I can interact with somebody else anywhere. And they. Thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread so. Yeah. Then, we started getting internet. Connections and that's how you had these Internet service providers, because you connect them to their main system, the bulletin board and then latch, in and connect to. The internet no this is a long, time ago, stories, I can tell you and not get socks off, all right so. Mohammed. Mohammed, ha ha. Hanif. Mohammed. And Hanif is out there good, to see you glad, you made the show I see. You put in your your. Address. A couple of times and. Good. Luck to you I know you haven't won yet so, hopefully you'll win. Sometime, in the future you'll get a chance to get selected, from. The random, number picker let's, get myself out of here, ok. Rose. Is telling me she. Wants to visit electrode 'i'm on the moon there you go so, yeah I'm gonna give you guys a price prediction. Probably. Probably. Early, next week now. Let. Me get over to a couple quick things here I'm, going to tell you about Webb dollar. Webb. Dollar they. Had an actual, a soft. Work that was running for hours soft, folk happens, when. A. Couple, of nodes solve, the. The. Block, at the same time and so now they're both trying. To solve and you actually have two different, sets. Of books going, on and bookkeeping, going on until. One beats out the other and finally, closes it faster, than this one and they, had a they. Had a long, fork that's been running that was running for many hours, obviously, that finally resolved, itself I think Bitcoin. Had one that run that ran as long, as ten hours one time where. There were multiple books. Being. Kept at the same time until finally someone of the one of the forks beat out the other and and then, everything got resolved, and and straightened. Out so. Those types of things now. The good news is that. Alexander. George Alexander. Who. Is in the marketing department of web dollar we, did a test connection today and. We. Have a tentative. Agreement, for this weekend to start, our filming so, we're. Going to be interviewing George from web dollar. Most. Likely this weekend unless something, should happen and so. Look, for a. Probably. A. Pre-recorded. Video that I've, done in the past and.

You Will see that for. Web dollar sometime. Next week so. That'll be pretty exciting. We, also have, lined, up. The. One, of the main developers. For, web dollar what dollar and, we'll, be doing a second interview with them at some point in the future, we're. Just trying to figure. Out what's, the best time to. Do that recording. So. Keep. That in the back of your head it's, all fun and exciting, all. Right let's. See now. One, of the things we, were talking about this. This. Genesis, mining. In. An electro Neum one, thing that I do have to tell you I think somebody that's going to give electro neum a run for money is possibly. Maybe. This. Virgin, pun DX, agreement. Pun, DX is making some hardware, and. Trying. To do some payment, processing. It's. Going through the blockchain and it's not, instant, payment it's, not, gonna do what electro, neum does but. It's, gonna give them a run for their money, and when. People then find out it's not instant, payment and. Electro Neum is you, know that could change things especially when, everybody's starting to put the electro Neum into their existing websites, and, and, point-of-sale. Systems, it'll knock the socks off of them far, as I'm concerned they may get the an initial. Lead. Over, electron, IAM but an long when launched own iam has the right answer, to solve the problem okay. So. H-bombs. Telling me i remember tape, and floppy drives had them on my old Commodore, 64, yeah, I'm gonna tell you something. You. Know the victim, you had the vic-20 and before. That you had the commodore 64 the, trs-80, and the Timex, Sinclair that, you actually built and put together yourself and, I, started, off with the. Trs-80. I was deciding between the Timex, and I convinced, my dad that they. Get one of those I was kind of young at the time. 17. Or so and. So. We were at the trs-80, I had. I, had. 4k of. Memory. In my. Machine 4k. Not enough for gigs. Enough. I, had, 4k, of, memory. I literally. Could write a program that was one page, long, before, I ran out of memory in my computer. That's, four megabytes, now. Four gigabytes. 4k. That's. How much yes, and it used cassette tapes and no it had no color and, the, dots on the screen were the size of a. Dice. Post. Oh yeah, you, had an Atari with the cassette tape so, then you'll be familiar with it I. Used. To make so much noise and. That's what happened. You know the Atari hardware. Was. Better than anything, else, out there it was. Significantly. Significantly. Better than anything of its time because, it made that stupid noise when, I was loading up the software. Did. Nobody took it seriously. All. Right so we got double X out there doesn't like sustain hello and. Hello. Right back to you right mr. bean oh yeah. He. Says well he knows you here they, you, know he. Thought you know he notices you're late. Yep. In the Commodore 64 it. Took now, I got, my Commodore 64, I used. To sell these things and I was connected, in with Commodore, and, come out to my store and everything and, I, go. Yeah. I'm selling all these pcs I said you know one day they're gonna put a PC, in a notebook and. You'll be able to carry around like a laptop, or something like that and the guy from Commodore, is like oh you'd. Have to wear a backpack with a car battery in the back to make it work you never you'll never see, it you'll never see it I. Know. You know what it wasn't no more than two years and they brought me this thing it looked like a lunch box it was it, was a suitcase and. On. The front it was called that Commodore, 64's. X, and in, the top of it it had a handle, and the handle would come down and you'd. Pop off the top and, it. Was the keyboard, and you. Put that down and it had a built-in, monitor, and the. Floppy drive in this, long lunch box and you put it down I still have the darn thing it's at my garage, along. With my Mac a see. With. My ready-set-go publishing. Software and. In. Miami, yes 69. Me got 128, and 256. You, know what it's all about alright let's get to the let's, see who's winning for tonight if you had anything else that you wanted to ask me put it on the chat now and, we'll. Take a look let's. Let's. Go over to the to the fetch, I, could, check real quick to see if anybody else put their information let's go to a good old YouTube let's. Click on me and. Let's. Go to. The. Goodies here let's take a quick look at the comments.

It's. One of these let's I gotta expand this puppy here, comments. There we go let's. Just make sure that nobody got stuck see. I had four last-minute, entries, we, got mark Weaver and marks always late he. Always puts it in last minute gotta, learn to do it the advance. We got Jordan we're, gonna approve Jordan, and. We. Got you and they Jordan put it in twice we got them in there so, for. The first one so we're good there, nothing. Else held and. So. Everybody's, in there now yeah Paul Jordan okay, so. We got three new contestants. Because I checked it out make. Sure of it I like, doing that stuff make sure everybody gets a fair chance. Okay. Let's. Go and, close this up get, rid of that nonsense now, I've loaded it in tonight. Is. Your choice 50, electro neum or, 50 web dollars. Because. The number was less than 40 and. We're. Gonna we're. Gonna fetch, let's. See how many comments we can load into the system we got 18. 18. Possible. Selected. Winners, now. Keep in mind you. Can, when. I hit a thousand. Subscribers I'm. Giving away a thousand, electron, iam thanks, to the generosity of, an, anonymous, donor in the electro neum community, so. We're. At 475. Right now so the more subscriptions we get the faster we get there and, we'll give away that 1000 electron but tonight let's. Find out who won and what, they want 450, of, something. Let's, pick that winner. And. We got I, gonna. Call a mark I don't, know what's going on here but, it, says maxi. Butt and. A little, it's like a using. Russian writing there but, congratulations, to you you, have. 150. Electroni. Definitely. Good job you've. Been chosen, all. Right, so. We'll write that on here we'll put that as the winner for tonight, now don't, don't fret, you. Two can win, so. When this video goes to the library which will be instantly, I pre-loaded. This video so. It instantly, goes into, archive, it doesn't take an hour or so it'll instantly drop in there put. Your address down below as, soon as it goes into. The archive it takes literally a few seconds, and. You'll. Be ready for tomorrow Friday's, drawing, automatically. And you won't have to worry about missing. It or forgetting. About what, the of, getting it in their last minute so we got mark 50 electro Neum and. We write that down my handy dandy red, pen that's your stubble check on the screen here see if there's anything exciting, on the chat. Okay. So Donna Lex is saying. Coin. Being is gonna be ready, for trade in approximately. One hour 40, minutes so, just some to two hours so. Yeah that's always thinking 12 o'clock Eastern, Standard Time. Midnight. Okay. We. Got the JJ's. Getting me up a smiley face. Okay. Pull, all them the other month the memories are returning, yeah you know it's crazy I remember all this stuff. I used to write video games on the. Vic-20 in the Commodore 64 and. You, had 64, K in that hour down 64. K I'm out I got unlimited. Amount, of memory. 64. K. Geez. You know what I could do with that I still, owe in your writing videogames you use it if I had to write everything in machine language. Sixty-five. O8 it, was the processer 60 508 if i'm not mistaken and. I write everything in the, machine code alright, let's take a look here I think coin, beam. RJ. Saying I think coin being will pump electro. Neum but when the market really gets a turn around coin beam will really gonna. Be huge and. Allow. The electroni and price and volume smart. Money will be coming I think you are correct RJ, you, see magazines like. The boss.

You're. Starting to see more and more about. Electro, neom all over the place and they haven't even paid, to start marketing, any of this stuff these, things are happen naturally people. Are gonna figure this thing out and once. They have this payment. Processing, system and we can show off and it's being used well. We. Got a system, that works at that point yeah we can go around going in and then it end we got an actual instant, payment system, there everybody, else including Bitcoin, so. It'll. Be a big bonus all. Right. The. Pulse is, congratulating. Mark. On his big win, they're. Always very generous and also. Double X's congratulating. Exactly. RJ Pun DX. Does. Not have a subscription, patent. On. The phone system, on the phone payments, and that's huge, yes and, this is a good point not. Only is it an instant payment system but they've patented. Subscription. Payments, so. Let's. Say let's. Say you're your local car wash and. You. Get all the free and unlimited car, washes you want for a mere you, know 29.95. For, in this case. 2900. Electroni, in my month you, can have it automatically. Pay. Or. The vendor can have it automatically, pay them every month and they will receive, their electro neum whatever, the is, for the agreed, upon price and, that. Subscription, will be ongoing so you don't even have to worry about it this, is big because a lot of. Services. Especially online, services, you. Know they're for 995, you get, access to my patron, or you do this or whatever you get this, type of thing and they can now bill. Out electro Neum to. You and so that you have access to, their. Their. Their. Stuff. Stuff. For my lack of a better word stuff, alright. So. That's. Big stuff all. Right. There. You go XY alright, guys I think we've we've. Touched on a lot I think the show went just. The right amount of time you. Know like I said I like to try and keep them less. Than that appreciate, each and every one of you thank, you and good. Night.

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Good stream as always. Definitely not worth using Genesis mining right now, especially when ETN is at ICO price, be better off spending your mining budget buying the coins outright and then holding them. Coinbene trading is now enabled!! I made some nice trades :D

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