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You. All. Right let's. Get closer it's, Dino did. You speak crypto, glad. You made it today, I don't even know what today is I'm assuming it's, Wednesday. Don't. Ask me why I'm assuming that but. I. Know one of my managers, does it show up on Wednesday they weren't here today so I'm assuming it's Wednesday, so, thanks. Everybody for stopping, by, obviously. I, am NOT, a, financial. Advisor just, some guy on YouTube, with a funny haircut and. Just. You know just, a common guy so, you, know telling you about it stuff so. Don't, take it as financial, advice just as information. To make you smarter so you can make your own better decisions. Now. The. First thing I'd like to do is, tell. You obviously, we have our telegram, channel. You. Click on the link down below in, the comments, and that'll get you to a super secret private Clubhouse, four. Digit. Span crypto, and. News. And information gets, posted there along with interacting. With other folks from digit, spin, now. Wanted. To say congratulations, to. Now. I called them, duties. Yesterday but, he actually informed, me that it's doc Ock's is, how it's pronounced, so, congratulations. To doc Ock's for, his big win of 50 web dollars, yesterday. So, it's pretty. Exciting to give this stuff away and I'm. Glad you guys appreciate, it each and every one of you have sent, me a thank you and you, know it's it's. Nice to know it's appreciated, so. Good. Luck with that buy, yourself an, ice cream cone when it becomes worth, some money. If. You went through a lunker who knows okay. Now. As you. Know we also. Have closed, captioned. We've added so, you, can have multiple languages. We have Hindi, Russian, Chinese, he's Spanish. And of, course you can translate, it into anything else we, try. To make it as accurate as possible I, have no idea of the translations, or effective. Or not but, it's, better than nothing and gets. You included. Two-digit. Spin crypto so. This. Is a good thing all. Right we're. Gonna. Make. My head a little small here and. Say. Hello to mr. bean oh hey. Mr. bean all right, and, the. See who is out there so oh my gosh we got lots of people we. Get the the. Poults they've always real. Kind to me they God, bless you my friend I appreciate that, the Pulte see you guys. You, keep blessing me each, and every day you. Know I'll hopefully I'll, be in good shape when. Everything. When. The time is needed, you, know hey I love, it thank you very much and it's appreciated, and. We got, Dijon. Out there. Good. To see you as usual. Paul's. Out there Andy's, out there. Paul. Saying, hello. Mr. bean and oh, yes, a mr., bean appreciates, you. Welcomed, him in now mr. beans my unofficial guest. Host he, shows up every once in a while and. You. Know we love mr. B. Good start let's, see what else we got going on there we got an Lee Bradley. We, got Michael Chris, Knight yeah.

Oh, Yeah I'm full bunch of mothers watching, so feel free if you're watching them put, it in a comment. Say. Hello to everybody and if. You have interesting. Things to say while we're, talking. Throughout, the day or a question put it in and I'll see what I can do to answer that question for you I don't have all the answers but I'll give you my best opinion, so we'll, go at that. All. Right so. Let's, get the general housekeeping out, of the way we'll. Bring up. Let's. See. Our. Random. Number picker, now those, of you that show up at the channel every day they know what this is and. We. Give away electro, neum and web dollars each and every weekday as, long as I'm available to do the show so, far so good now, we'll. Use the, random number generator to pick a number between 1, 1, and. 100. If. It's, less than 50 it's 5000 if it's greater than 50 that's how many web, dollars are electro name you will win at the end of the show tonight. So. Let's, hit it 3. 2. 1. The, answer is 13 13 becomes, 50, so 50 electroni. I'm a web dollars for today is, gonna be the the big win at the end of the show so this, is all good stuff let's. See what we got going on here all right. This. Up over here okay yeah. I get this I don't know if you guys can see this I got this pad if. We can lift. It up here I got this this. Pad and I keep it on a stand see and. With this pad I'm able to see. I keep it has wheels and stuff on it it's pretty pretty clever and it, lets, me connect. To the, chat server and, so I can see all the chats and push, the little buttons and that's, what brings it up over here so I can control what actually goes out onto the screen. It's. Neat, I had. To lay it around in the shop so I figured I could use that now I'm gonna take that guys I'm borrowing this. Taking. It upstairs to, the to, the studio. Alright. So. Let's. Get to some, more of the general housekeeping. Bitcoin. Again. Staying. Steady up at 77, like I said I'm. Expecting, it to. Fall a little bit. But. You, know it's it's still holding on I didn't, think it would be up that high we talked about this already and. It was down today but it's starting to to. Get a rebound let's take a quick look. You. Can see where it, did it dumped. You, did a dump so, most of the day it stayed down pretty low we're. Starting to see. Not. A jump. Like, over here that's that, you know is gonna come back down and what if it goes up its gonna come down or. Vice versa, but, this is a nice steady incline so a good, news I'll. Take it what, I can say. It's. Good stuff, you. Know hey. This way we all could make a few dollars on it so. Let's. Take it but, like. I said I expect, the month to be a tough, one, until. More, activity, starts to happen in September and the more, of the hype comes up and people, start warden, Bitcoin let's, take all you know we haven't taken a look at is the.

See. If it's here, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, -. Looking. For looking for. Hobo. Charts. Okay. In here I'm looking for the dominance, I've. Told you guys keep an eye on this and I haven't even looked at it in days let's. See what we got, so. You. Know our dominance, I got my head okay a dominance. Is still Bitcoin. Gaining, and, that. Again doesn't hold well for all of the halt coins. They'll. Tend to be heading, in a downward, trend. You. Know I saw a last dose today, at. Like 18. And or 13, or 18 dollars. That. Should be that's gonna be an expensive coin, one day last dose but. Yeah. Good, price the. Price I had to snag some of those but. They. Have them on cool coin take, a look if you're out there include, point, and. Look into the project for yourself. Worth. Your time alright, so, with. This in mind you're, gonna be seeing the all coins, starting. To come down and. You. Know you can see for the most part that they are so most of the prices, on these things are are, kind, of squashed, down until. We start seeing Bitcoin come back down and the. Money flowing back into the all coins, having, said that our. Buddy. Electro, neum has. Bucked the trend. This. Is what, I'm talkin about this. Is when you have that. That. Plateau. Instead, of going, like this back, and forth with Bitcoin every, once in a while you hit apply told good news it brings it up and then it plateaus you, get some good news it brings it up so. The. Good news here is that, we're. Not taking a beatin as bad as everybody, else is and we're actually in the upward trend so, good. Thing for that and, this. Obviously between, all of the exchanges all the good news the, electro Neum program. The, ET, m242 i think is starting. To make a dent. In. The in. The crypt of community. Getting. Out the good word getting out some good news to everybody, explaining. What, the coin is instead, of listening, to some knucklehead, on, another, channel, who doesn't know what he's talking about just calling it nonsense, so. Congratulations. To the electroni immune for their great job with. That with that program. We're. Gonna talk more about that program DT, and, 242. Program, all. Right. Now. Let's, take a quick look at some more quick housekeeping we're. Gonna look at the Monaro ASIC. Mining, for, electro neum just let's see what we got I don't, look at this all day so this is just. As new to me as it is to you hopefully. And, we're. Still at 70, coins, I think this thing we're at 7-eleven, we're heading, back up let's take a quick look here at the hash rate ah so, remember, you, can see that the hash rate over here started. To drop and that. Rewarded. Me with more coins that's 781, way up at the top so. As an extra 70 coins today. On, my experimental ASIC, that I keep in a secured location under, lock and key which. Is called by the office, so. It's. A good thing to have. Don't. Forget. Jaesik, if you can you, can afford it you know, it reminds, me in that game I used to play just. A plain tie game what was it the age of empires, and you have these little characters. And. Yeah you. Can make people. And they can you can send them out to go, chop, some wood or, dig up some gold or. Whatever. And then you get all these resources, together and, then, you can turn them into. Buildings. Or you. Can turn them into. Soldiers. To, protect the, the, place you guys don't know what I'm talking about you all played that anyway, needless, to say, you. Know you can go out and you can buy the coins and, spend. Two, grand and have a stack of coins. Where, you get and then you know those little coins that you have and you have to trade them back and forth to be able to have. Those coins, grow, and. Some people are good at that. Some. People have the time to do that I don't, have the time for that I just barely have enough time to get everything together for this show and. Put. Something together hopefully, that's entertaining, or at least captures, your imagination. But. By, putting that same two thousand dollars into a. An. ASIC miner. That. Miner, will continue, to, collect. Resources, and. Eventually. You end up with more in the long run than. You do if you. Just put it in there the one time so I'm hoping that my. Age of Empires. Theory. Ends up working out. We'll. See how it turns out as we go along all, right let's take a quick look at. The eh and see what we got going on. We. Got Canada, out there we got my, buddy crypto NWO, and dude it's great to see you I have missed, talking tea I know we did we chat every once a while on telegram, and an interactions, awesome, miss.

Chatting With you face to face you're. You're. A very, intelligent guy, with, a lot of ideas, so good. To see you out there alright, and. We got Sargent of Marines and John Thompson, also shot, uh showed. Up so. This, is all good let's see what sergeant says sergeant's saying hey. We're gonna be rich one day if you, got electro neum you know that's the hope and the gameplan that. Through. The benefit, of electroni, and two others you, know I don't, look at it like are you know I'm, gonna be you. Know collecting, dollars and then they're gonna be raining from the sky. You, know I look at it like, I was saying the other day you. Know if you make it a good product and it. Enriches. Everybody. Who touches it and uses, it the. Benefit, will be these and. This. Is how I run my. Manufacturing. Facility, we, make a good product and if, the product is brought in at a right price and it makes the person smile, that's. The benefit, and it'll. Happen if it's, supposed to so that's. How I see it with electro, neom it's going to. Definitely. Bring. The environment, to everybody, it's gonna allow some velocity, of the coins. To be going around and. Ultimately. We, will all benefit, we'll. See how much that benefit, will be alright. And. We've. Got Jay Sullivan's, out there he's saying they do you know it's good to see you Jay, haven't. The evidence. Chance to talk to you lately but it's, great to see, you on the show, okay. Now. Hey. You know people, should also leave a comment to qualify, for your, electro, neum giveaway, right not. Just their etn address with no comment, well I'm. Not gonna disallow. An, electro, Neum entry. It's. Because they didn't put it in that comment. But. I will tell you those that leave a comment, but it's appreciated. I like. A little. Interaction. And. You. Know sometimes you're putting it down and it may a. Comment. May not be. Able to bang, around in your brain so. I'm. Not gonna disqualify anybody, but. The comments are always appreciated and. I. Won't, make fun of my hat or, my haircut. Take. A look at that see a lot of guys they think they, don't keep the Hat on there because you look like you're out of Breaking Bad you, know and so.

You, Get, a get that. And. That's, more stylish. Okay. Today. Something likes when it rains with the dollars and. Very. Good very good Rainn Williams nice, to see you out there hey so let's keep going with the show. Now. I we, hit the, we. Had a lot of the general news and the cleanup, but under the general news you. Know there was a coin that I also mined it was many, months ago when, it first came out it was called Raven coin and Raven, coin was set up it's, actually a. Clone. Of Bitcoin. And the, concept, behind it, was to have asset, management control, meaning. You, could open, up a company, and put. Your quote, stock. Into. This company so I could or, you let's. Start with that and you. Could offer, I cos, that. Actually, war for a security. So, in other words if a company similar, to polymath is. If. A company. Wanted. To raise capital they would file with the Securities, Commission, to. Be a security, and put. Their company. On Raven, coin issue. Ten million coins 100, million coins and then, offered. To sell them raise. That capital, but it's literally, now a security. And. The. Raven coin would allow you to pay dividends, so if, the, numbers came in for the end of the year and we, made. 100, million dollars every, coin would receive $1 as a dividend. And. Obviously. If the company grows the coin would be worth more in value just like a stock it would be the exact same thing except the Raven. Coin a stocks, where the coins would be able to be trained sold, and bought. Twenty, four hours a day three hundred fifty six days a week, additionally. Allowed for stock voting, and other things but, you, could also open up a class of, games. And. You. Can have a game name and then have different classes of weapons, and armor and be. Able to interact. With video games and, control, that information and, also. Allowing people have voting, rights it was a kind of cool project, it's they've. Been doing a lot with it we'll, see if it goes anywhere there's, a lot of competition like I said polymath gets all of the, augusto. And people talking about it and have. Left the Raven coin in the back this, is the guy yeah. From. What's, that that. Website. Closeout. Or whatever it is I forget. Anyway. So. Anyway Raven coin they. You. Know they did a lot of cool stuff and, I, mind I have in mind in the wild, and, though. When, I first got into it there was no place to even sell, it was all over the counter, and then people who were making deals in the telegram, and all this other stuff and, a. Decentralized. Exchange called. The. Crypto. Bridge, started. Off, trading. The coin and, that, worked. Really well and. For, a secured. Environment, to change it, you know and I was taking a look at and I got a notification today, from. Krypto, Pia that. They added the Raven, coin so I thought that was kind of neat and I was kind of shocked and surprised when I went out there there are now on queue BTC, trade, over Nanak's. Crypto, hub and now. Crypto. Pious so the coins making, some progress and glad, I scrolled, away what I mind and maybe one day I'll mind some more of them and, we'll. See where it turns out, speculative. Coins yeah, I hold. On to them and we'll see what happens to in a couple of years maybe I'll I'll. Be able to buy a new. Bicycle or, something you know we'll, see how it turns out. So. I thought that was kind of cool right. Toss. That in the trash so. Let's. Take a quick look at chat before I go to the next section, all. Right so we got. We. Got Jacob, Hutt there you say a maid you know it's good to see you I'm glad you made it out also. Greg, key saying Bitcoin is climbing a bit yeah we we took a look at that at the beginning of the show you know, where it took the nosedive, throughout, most of the day and, starting. To climb back up I'm pretty surprised about that, yeah. I thought, it would go back down to that 6,800. Dollar range but you. Know hey this is this, is good that's good if it if it finds a new bottom. And, stays. At that it can then, take off and launch from there the next event. Okay. So. Let's. See here smoked, once, know what website is that behind you this is actually. Twitter. And. If, you go out to Twitter and you look up crypto. Pia exchange, or. Raven, coin, you'll, will find, this. Particular tweet. From. Crypto. Pia about, Raven point, so. Let's. Take a look here the. Music lover says hey Dino always a joy to listen to, you mate no. Problem. Gotta, get me a Vegemite sandwich. Hey. Did you get oh I see, that you got you, know music lover won the 50 coins the other day and for, some reason his coins didn't make it to him ah I'm not sure what happened, you. Know by the time I get the, transfers, usually sometimes 132. O'clock at, night and, fall. I know I could have sent it to to. Another viewer or, who. Knows but were. It's. The transaction, said it went through but needless to say he let me know so.

I Sent them some. More plus a little extra for his troubles, to. Make sure that he got his coins in this time he confirmed that he got. His coin so I'm glad to see that, those showed up for you, alright. So. John. Thompson he's talking about hey did electron iam list on coin beam or. Is that tomorrow now, I understood, it because. I got the. The. Twitter. Receipt. And it was about. 24. Hours ago it was just after the show at the end of the show I received, the. Tweet I think it was about 11, o'clock p.m.. Standard. Eastern. Standard Time. So. That. Tells me hopefully. That we should, see a, coin. Being and maybe we'll even check, it, out. And. See if coin, beans. Comes. Up here. Let's, go to the exchange. And. Let's, go to Bitcoin, let's, see ET, n-no, it's still not showing up there I'm expecting. It you know by midnight but you know it, could take to tomorrow you. Know 24 hours could be a little bit longer than 24 hours but I'm, expecting it really you, know probably by the time I sign off it'll, probably be live or, tomorrow morning when you wake up it'll. Be live or at least for us here and in. The. Americas. Since. It's a reasonably. You, know late is what 9:30 10 o'clock 10 o'clock p.m.. Eastern, Standard Time at the moment so. Hold. Your hats it's. Common, it's, common. So. But. I wanted to talk about next, is. Wait. A minute. We. Got a new breaking news intro. Apparently. What. Okay. Alright I've been told that there has been found, another. Golden, ticket. Somebody's. Been chosen, let's. Get the details right, here did, you spin crypto, oh. Okay. What's. Going on mr. bean, we. Do an order so, he's, telling me there's a ttn winner number three, from. The spot pink let's, see, who it is ah. From. What I understand. How. Do I get rid of that good get everybody signing, up oh my, gosh, alright see. Celine. Celine. She's. One let's turn the audio off here music cloth push. That button. Celine. One spot, number three in the, spot. Award, so, congratulations. To her make sure everybody. You. Know go out to her video, give. Her a thumbs up give her some words of encouragement and. Let's take a look at what, Celine, came up with presenting, seven. Reasons I believe in electro, Neum. Number. One ease of access. Electro. Neum has to be the easiest, cryptocurrency, to access, own and use, simply. Download the app for your smart device and start passively, mining, and using electro neom today for, free number. Two rapid. Adoption just. Seven months past launch electro. Neum reached a huge milestone of two million users making, it the fastest growing cryptocurrency, to date a faster. User adoption rate than even Facebook or Twitter is indicative, of, electroni, UM's potential, for explosive, growth in the future, number, three built, for mass adoption recent. Updates to the blockchain means, electro, neum can now handle high numbers of transactions. And are prepared to accommodate their first twenty million users, number. For multiple. Partnership, deals the, electro, neum team have made partnership, deals with multiple, tech companies which, will help to promote electro, neum to wider and wider markets. Number. Five instant. Payment system electro. Neum has a patent, pending on their very own instant, payment system for crypto currencies, a first, of its kind this.

New Technology, will allow electro, neum and other crypto currencies to be accepted, by vendors, instantly, meaning. Anyone with a smartphone can be a vendor with an instant, payment system now, that's pretty cool number. Six empowering. The unbanked. Electroni. UM's foremost, goal is to bring a digital, banking and payment solution, to those without one the potential. Electro neum has to empower individuals and, spark, growth in undeveloped, economies, is pretty incredible and finally. Number, seven, committed. Team behind, electro, neum is a powerful, team led, by CEO Richard ELLs and Chris Gorman OBE working. Within a legal framework and, constantly. Keeping their user base up to date the team are committed to bringing the electro, nyan project to its highest potential, the, potential to make a massive, impact on our world. Alright. Let's. Congratulate. You, Selene, that's. Thank, you for such a wonderful job putting together something, pretty awesome. Obviously. The electro nian team thought it was really good also ah, ah. Stop. That all right let's go back and. They. Obviously thought it was pretty, awesome also and. You. Know you, can't beat it give. Her some love tell her you loved the video if, you if you did and, put. At least put a comment in there give everybody, some encouragement. Congratulations. To you see Selene, and. Don't. Spend it all in one place. Okay. Now. Let's, take a quick look before we, go off to my, next goodie. Here, all. Right oh my god you guys putting all sorts of stuff here. So. RJ saying. Hey. Whenever, the electronica theme starts mass marketing, electro nian team and the, e community, needs to come up, with. A challenge something, that can go viral so, yeah. And you know Richard. Made it really clear that they're going to be, providing. More interactive. Events. Things, that get the community, involved, I don't. Think that this is going to be the last of it but. We'll, see how. Things, go and. And. What. They come up with but keep, it in them keep it in your site there's, no doubt that there's going to be more, goodies, coming. Down the road at some point. So. J. Sullivan's, a scheming he. Goes ad no besides electro, neum what, other coins do you mind, I've. Mined all sorts of goodies like, the, Raven coin that I mind I, did. Low-key I got web dollars. Got. Electro, neum obviously. I, mined, with, nice. Hash to, secure, some bitcoins. What. Else have I put in there I've done a little bit of a. Bit. Tube and I'll. Probably move some more equipment over to there don't have a hole this, is a hobby for me I'm, not a farm, or anything like that you. Know I have a few rigs and, so I kind of moved them around if. I see something new I'll. Throw the rigs on there and see if I can scoop up as many as possible and. A couple of weeks and, see what happens, and then squirrel them away. For. The winter and see what happens to him but. I'll. Get more information. To you on those as we go along and maybe introduce, you to some, of those as we go along. Okay. Okay so John Thompson, he was asking about the asic minor so. Regarding. The asic minor, website. This. Is called crypt units, ery PT. Unit. Comm and it's, only this, particular website is only for Manero, coin. Based. Coins. That's time it kind of repetitive what was that do you know explain. That to me Thanks. You, know yeah. I feel odd. It's. For Manero based, coins, so. Such as electroni 'm Monaro bike coin simple coin my. Masari. The bit tube there's, others down here that's a car Bo graph Darrow, some. Of these I've never, played with turtle coin I've heard of. You. Know I don't mind, most, of these but. Spending. A little bit time they'll find out what each one of them are about and. It's. It's. All good stuff okay. Let's see what else we got here. All, right so music-lovers, says that he's actually in New Zealand, where. We eat Marmite, and yes. I received them thanks do you know I so. He's in New Zealand all, right so I.

Open. The chillier part of the northern hemisphere yeah. Yeah. Hey, you know everybody, out there must know where. That is I all. The water the ring stuff was down out there so, yeah. And. Of course the, Christchurch, is the was, that the capital, or the the major city out there and they get all those earthquakes and, stuff boy. All. Right. Greg. T says he's out in New Zealand also, so, I had no idea there was so many folks out there but it makes sense because it's a it's. Probably probably -, what - what, time is it over there in New Zealand now let, me take a guess, it's. 10:00 so you're probably midnight. Where you guys are midnight. One o'clock maybe, keeps. Coming midnight at best. Let. Me know in the chat. Okay. Yeah. Smoked, obviously. Hit. You up already that's the Crypt unit site he wanted to know about the. Profitability site, and now, again I was only four Mineiro, all. Right so we get Kate and baled nice. See on the show they're. Also in New Zealand I had. No idea I'm gonna have to start looking at my algorithms. To find out all right you, know the majority of, my viewers, obviously, United States Canada there's. A chunk of people out in California. That. View the the show, believe. It or not I get a decent amount of folks from India. Someone, from Australia. I, didn't. Notice New Zealand it was still at light pale-blue so I'll have to check that out maybe there's more than I thought, or maybe you guys are just the ones that are actually interested, and there's only actually attended, yet all. 10 of you here at the show. And, then. Of course the the UK, UK, brings, in a lot, of viewers so, it's. All good stuff all. Right. Smok. Wants to know what he thinks the. The specials, got to be for, coin. Benny Michael. A point Benny coin beam coin been a claim. Beam I think now everybody's calling a coin beam so. Yeah. We'll find out what the special is I, I. Can't. Even begin to tell you if it's gonna, be a trading. And more trading you'll get bonus backs, or, I, don't. Know maybe you're gonna win. Hopefully. It's something as they, said it's something special so, let's. Hope that's something special. They. Didn't listen to nwo's, video yeah, and they obey oh I mean, you. Know he's uh he's. Got you know he that guy's quick he talks like a really, fast and everything and, but. You. Know I got a sometimes. I gotta listen to him twice to catch up with them, but. Who. Knows you know you end, up you always has some great ideas, it's. All good stuff smoke. Says that you get a couple. Of some. Free chop steaks or forks and knives I mean you're gonna get a couple reset, apparently. From. Smoked. All. Right so. Yeah now it's a day John he's.

Coming Up with don't, forget our boss on. The first page of the boss magazine, and that is, exactly where. I'm going next if. You watch the digits, been crypto war. On the telegram, or on my Twitter over. 24. Hours ago I sent the alert for boss magazine. You were probably one, of the first people to find out about, this. Particular. Magazine, entry. He's actually on the cover of boss magazine, and has an amazing. Article out there and if, you were part of the telegram, or the digit spin Twitter you would have known this 27. Hours ago, for. Those of you who aren't get. Yourself logged in and. Take. A look obviously. Other folks have probably talked. About it by now because it's a full 24. Hour cycle before I get around back to it it's. Good stuff it's a good read make sure you get out there and take a look at it, you get the smiling. Richard. ELLs out there and. They. Did a really nice, write-up. For. Electro, Neum and, allowing. The electron Ian to explain, why. There's a value here how it can help reinvent. The. Money supply and, help, those. Who. Are unbanked, and in. Villages, and what-have-you, to be able to have. Some kind of a gig economy and, be. Able to have some velocity of money and why electro, Neum is the, answer and let me tell you something getting on this, magazine being, on the cover this. Is big it's. Big it's, real big I mean it's like being, you. Know on, corporate. Magazine cover. You. Know in ink cover or something to that effect a. Lot, of visibility, things. Are happening, for electro neum that are just gonna be knocking the socks off of us left and right and, all those. People. That had nothing good to say gonna, eat thinking gonna be. Eating. Their words eating. Them I tell you eating your words all. Right, let's. Put our music back on I always forget to put that back on after the show let's see if that comes back alright. I. Dig. That so. Make sure you go see this it's. A good read it's, an important, read you, can understand, whether because, if you invest in electron emits important for you to understand where it's going what. Their thoughts are. Understand. It and it'll, make you feel better about where. Where. You have your investment, and where things are gonna go with electro Neum you. Know the people, that make. The big changes. Everybody. Laughs at them all. I ain't gonna work, you, know when Facebook came out the investors, you tried to get some investors, the investor says, nobody's. Gonna use, this you, know it might work for college, I mean some college kids they have nothing better to do but talk about themselves and. Putting. Pictures. About, themselves. On a Facebook. And. A lot of them turned him down because, they thought it was ridiculous, they thought it was nonsense. Who's. Gonna use that. That's. Like that's a crummy idea. Yeah. Look where it is now it's. The same type of thing and, when you have folks, who. Are on the electrician, team who I mean, these guys are driven, driven. Driven, driven, they're working constantly, there and they, know what they're doing they know how to interact with. The. With, writings, and, documentation. And, in. Articles. To be able to bring, the. News to. To. The social, media and. This, is good stuff and they haven't even started, yet. This. Is all good stuff and they.

Haven't Even started yet. To, actually put, in the. Marketing, program yet, this is stuff they're doing on the side you watch you're gonna get your socks knocked right off your feet when. They start marketing, and you're gonna see electro neum everywhere, you, mark my words, all. Right love. For that make. Mr.. Bean right all. Right all, right let's. Take a look here you guys have put, so much stuff on there I can't keep up with it. All. Right yes. Crypto, Pia is based, in New Zealand and. I've. Used crypto Pia obviously, it. Was one of the largest, places to get my electron, him but. It. Was all good stuff and I, did. A few trades. On. Crypto yeah I have, to, admit. I like, crypto Pia they do a great job. And. I'm thankful to them to have. A place, for electro, neum to get their stuff I have, moved on to other because, other exchanges, because that's where I have the majority of my of my, of, my. $50. Worth of crypto that I keep so. Let's. See what else we got here. All right and that was Greg T, telling. Us about crypto. Fee based in New Zealand all. Right. So. Music lovers saying 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. That. Jeez why, am i off. What. Do I know. He. Gets 2 p.m. in the afternoon New Zealand so you guys are literally. 14. Hours off from us all right. What. I figure. That. As smart as I thought I was. All. Right John Thompson says he's out in California. Yeah, there's a lot of folks that are that, are out in California, I noticed that in the United States California, it, has my biggest viewership, so. You. Know congratulations. To California, so, good all. Right. Xqe. And Brisbane so we got riffraff out there that's a new viewer Greg's great to see you again for joining in we. He. Thinks now. Annex Kiwi in Brisbane, I. Thought. A cue is Australian, but, blue I know, so, it's. Good to see you on the channel riffraff, all. Right. Yeah. It's 10:00 at 7 o'clock yet you guys are three hours behind me I'm, from. Eastern Standard Time. Okay. Let. These technologies. Hey. So these are these guys here Northeast technologies. They're also like, crypto NWO, they have a great Channel Northeast technologies. You. Know these guys you want to also visit. Take. A look at the goodies that they have on their website they. Have some mining, information. And. Smart. Guys smart. Guys it's. Worth the time I, showed. Their, website, a few or, their YouTube channel a, few days back and, take. A look at that but it's easy it's go on YouTube look up Northeast technology's. Good. Stuff worth your time. All right. We. Got a little sorts of good things all right I'm gonna. Hey. Paul. Wants to know. When. The et n is going to be listed, mister. For mr. bean so. Who. Knows mr., bean Z's over there having my so he's drinking my soda the other day. Okay. What. I wanted it also talked about. Let's. Get rid of this. With. That page okay. Let's. Take a look at next I do have a couple things some, answer, some more questions I have a couple things if our web dollar just wanted to bring up, the. Web dollar. They. Have their airdrop going on they. Started it a few days ago I believe. 3,600. Are gone, so there's about 60. 63. Hundreds, or 6,400. Airdrops. Still left so, if you're interested. In getting a free hundred web, dollars, you. Can see the link in my previous, videos are also included, in today's video and you. Can stank yourself a hundred web dollars obviously you all you got to do is go to. The. Web site the. Web dollar io or, click on the experimental, link it'll create a wall if it isn't you don't have to do anything creates a wallet for you starts, mining move your little slider and, you're. Off to the races and you're you're you're, earning, web dollars so, that's, an important thing now I did, get a little tip they, were working on a new road map for, web dollar and, I. Was slipped a little graphic here from. Them. Things. That are coming up so. Obviously right now they're working on the the, pools and from, what I understand, they're super close to, finalizing. The. Pools so it'll probably move, from experimental, and put out there so, anybody can set up a pool without any hardware or anything you, could set up a pool and. Have. People join your machine, to start mining on the web dollar I got this. Little. Feedback so. The. Third quarter, this year they're. Going to be working on an exchange listing, so obviously they're going to get them selves. Integrated. Into some of the exchanges they're, creating an API because the problem web dollars it's Java based. Product. And, a. Lot of the exchanges.

Don't Know how to connect. To. A Java based product, there. Are some that know how and do it some, just don't want nothing to do with it. So. They've created an API to, be, able to integrate so that they can make calls to. The environment. And they'll be able to get it on in exchange they, are also I, believe, gonna. Be creating, a actual. Web dollar exchange I don't have all the details I've, kind of kind. Of like listened. Over there's somebody's shoulder, to find out what's going on with it but it, looks like they may even have their. Own exchange, will you'll be able to go I guess with Bitcoin. Or whatever. And buy. And trade web, dollars. Right. Through the. Actual coin, itself, at. A particular, location I'm, not sure how this is all gonna work it's just something. That they were talking about having their own exchange, for it and then in the fourth quarter they're gonna be. Really. Doing a marketing push to, let. People know about it because then they'll have a product, that they can really. Expand on so just, a little, roadmap for the balance. Of the year regarding. What dollar and, let's take a look what. Else they sent me, okay. So, I'm gonna bring up this. Graphic and. We're gonna talk about this real quick now. The. One thing that I did like about web, dollar was not only that I was able to talk with the developer himself. On. Telegram. And ask questions, to. To. Both of the Alex. Alexander's. The. Genesis split seemed pretty fair to me when they first created it, obviously. They had four and a half percent from the main net they, did a launch, event they have the future tech and future growth you're looking at 10%, it, was actually nine point nine percent is what they put into reserves, to grow this community coin, there's no ICO there's no company it's. Just a bunch of guys that are. Working. And you can see them on telegram, is there's actually a a, web, dollar. Developer. Area and there's probably 350. People in there and then you can see them all talking and. Shooting. Digits at each other and then figuring out problems and, it's, kind, of a real-time. Development. Concept. It's, really neat so, they didn't hog up all the coins and that kind of made me excited that they. Didn't hog up all the coins and they. Leaving at 90%, -. And, right now you know if, you run. By I run this machine I, have. This here I've, been running this way here I run this machine and, right, here you can see this. Was over. Probably. 24 hours since yesterday, I don't know if I emptied it or not but. You know it, looks like I made about 450. Web dollars, in. The last 24. To 48 hours, by. Letting it run in the experimental, pool, and. That's, pretty cool that's. Pretty cool it's, not worth anything right now let, me rephrase that there is over the counter trading, it's worth it I've, seen it go from anywhere from a, tenth, of a penny to. I've. Seen it as high as a half a penny but. Most. Of the time it's in the tenth of a penny type of range for the. Most part if you're buying in big quantities, you know I I don't buy speculative. Coins that's the it's, you, know not really where I'd like to be and I'm not gonna put money into something I have not, sure and if. I was I probably would, do $1, they've, kind of proven, themselves to me. But. I'd like to see it get along a little bit more but mining a mile mine the heck out of this all day absolutely, no, doubt about it so. You. Know these guys don't. Do their thing alright, so yeah. They had that a, pretty. Awesome Genesis split it, seemed fair it seemed equitable, I just wanted to bring this to you so you guys can see it also and. That's. Why I'm kind of believing, in this particular project I think they're gonna take it you. Know take it pretty far so we'll. See time is the time will tell, but like I said it's speculative but you know your CPUs not doing anything anyway so most. Of the time especially if you're on a mining rig or something that effect yeah open a browser let it run okay.

Obviously. Let's take a quick look at the chat at the end we'll, do our our, pic and, I think we're close to that let me see if we got anything exciting. Michael's. Saying. Nobody, not, anybody, from here, but I do know, with. That everyone bashes, crypto Pia I've never had a problem with them and I traded electron, to him a lot with them yeah. You. Know you hear, you hear funny acronyms, for crypto. Pia and. You. Know it kind of made me I don't know do I want to use this or not but yeah I took a look at it it was okay you know it, wasn't. As. Complicated, or, have all the extra Dijkstra, bells and whistles as some of the bigger exchanges. But it did the job and. I. Had, no trouble I. Know, that there's times where they had, to stop the inputs. And outputs but. For. The most part I was able to put some money in there and show it up I placed, my orders and got. A return, for. My electro name and so. Yeah I I, would never put down crypto Pia as. They were supporting, electro neum and. They were probably. The first or one of the first so. You. Know it's a decent exchange it gets the job done now. That they've got the over little bugs out it, seems to be working pretty well I mean you, know there are other coin others other, exchanges. That take. Longer and, have wallet maintenance just just the same so. Alright. Now. Music lover says he trusts it more than cou coin yeah. You know COO clean, I haven't. Never had a problem with COO coin getting money in in the trading. They. Just they charged I think like 50 electro, neum just. To get your electro Neum back out though so there's a good chunk of change there, that. They asked for. To. Get your funds out so I found, them more. On the, expensive. Side. To. Be able to make a trade and and to reach to retrieve your your, funds out of goo point. Yep. John Todd thanks. John it, won't late to the party John saying yeah plus, 50 electro diem to withdraw from the coin yeah, that it's, kind of a stickler to me to I I'm. Not happy with it but you, know mr., bean thinks it's kind of weird yeah thanks. Mister being, alright. Okay. You. Want to know me you're. Saying that. Electro. Neum team should, should team up with square, yeah. If, you can build some relationships, with. Those companies, it. At least get you started, and get your name out there and get you an immediate mass, appeal, this is what's gonna happen you're gonna have you. Know the PayPal's and the all, of these. Payment. Systems, that are currently in process or, currently working doing millions. Of transactions. And, if, they connect, with somebody it's going to immediately, put. Them in the in the head of the game and then, having, a way, to get around that. With. Connecting. To the e API, directly, you, can go and then just. Trade electro neum so that you don't have to pay the. Three percent fees that these companies are going to charge I think it's going to start off that way and you're going to see a lot of good stuff and then, it's going to end up more, in the electro, neum fashion, where you, add the API for electro. Nyan directly, because. You're not gonna you, know. We. Sell a lot of stuff and, when, we sell, it sometimes, it's large stuff I'll have. You. Know I'll have. Bergdorf. Goodman's, call me and they want to do a bunch of window displays, and we'll make them and that they want to put it on their American Express, or whatever you know I can into paying thousands, of dollars in, fees. Every, month and. It's. A lot of money I lose. I. Can't. Even begin to tell you I probably lose, $40,000. A year. Just. Giving, it to the credit card fees it's shocking, it's.

It's A ton of money. Pisses. Me off. Alright. So. Smoke says that he has an, idea, for me to for, the show that. Would go viral yeah feel free you can chop, it in there you can send. It to me to be a telegram. The. Ad digits. Been crypto I think it's just digits been at digit spin and you can send a private message out, there and, that would work out well okay. Let's get to the to, the to the winnings for today so. We, did the the picker, in the in the beginning the random number picker it came out, like. 24, so that immediately made it. 5050. Coins. Today, of your choice electroni amor what dollar I've, already put in the. YouTube video for today and. We're. Gonna go take a look and fetch. If. You guys want, I can go out there and get the last minute guys I feel, bad if I don't do that let's. Let's, let's. Bring this up real quick and what. I'm gonna do is go behind the scenes I'm gonna go to, YouTube. I'm. Gonna go into my access, area, and I'm. Going to. Go to, the. Control panel, I'm. Going, to then look, at the comments. Which. You guys got let you guys see what's going on here I look, at the comments, what I'm doing is I'm looking for spam or, anything, that got held nothing, got held no, problem, I just wanted to take those few extra seconds, for those that may have put their their. Address while, the show is running I always clear it before the show and. All. Right so we got the video in there let's fetch. So. We have 18, comments, today, that. Are valid and we're. Gonna pick the winner so you guys ready let's do this and. That. Can't be right. Wow. So. Symbolically. They. Won again it's shocking. It they won I think a couple of days ago and. It. Was two days ago and he had 150. I know it's a new entry cuz it's time he says I hope I hit a hundred so. Congratulations. To you it's. A follicle you, have, 150. Web. Dollars, because you put the web dollar address, in right here and. That's. A great win that's two for ya you're the only guy that's won twice so, congratulations, to you it's, all good I'll, get that out to you after the show and. We'll. Have a lot of fun now. I'd. Like to thank, everybody, please. Like comment and subscribe. We, appreciate, it it allows me to do more of this good stuff um I am working, on some standalone videos, I'll. Get those out, as I make them I know, some of you guys like to have that mix and you kind of like the standalone videos too so hey. Appreciate, you all appreciate, Eve. Each and every, one of you guys and I will see you again tomorrow, well. As the Sun is shinin.

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