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Hello. Everybody and welcome to this episode of the spiritual, handyman, I am Jason ant elect your host and we are putting spiritual. Tools into, the hands of people that need them, you can catch our new episodes, on Thursdays, through Spotify. On YouTube. Through, Instagram, Facebook, or, you, can check us out at the spiritual handyman, mom please, get involved in the community and spread the word today. We are talking about sound. Healing, and we will be speaking, with man. Derek Cromwell, who is a, female, entrepreneur. Inventor. And she's, got some pretty interesting. Things. To share with us about sound, healing, and how, she got into that so please welcome. Mandara. To the show we, are so glad to have you please tell. Us a little bit about you and and. Your, journey and how you got into sound healing. Thank. You Jason, for inviting. Me on the show and by the way I just wanted to let you know that I love. The, name of your show the, spiritual, handyman. All. Of us need to know that, our toolbox, is with us every day, and, whether, we're in the construction. Or creation, mode or taking. Apart or tweaking, something, along the way we. All need tools and, so, thanks. For for having the show and thanks for inviting me on it I. Started. Out in Kansas. And. When. People find out that I'm from Kansas usually, the first question they ask is, do, you know Dorothy, and the. Answer is yes, I know Dorothy, and Toto. They. Were our neighbors right, down the road. And I, also knew her three guides the. Scarecrow. The Tin Man and the the. Lion. Of. Course many, of those were, our, first. Different, for most of us when, we were in that generation. Those. Were sort of our. First. Guide. Teachers, that, we were introduced, to at an early age and, so, it was really. Kind, of relating, to this, body-mind-spirit. Concept. In the. Way of Dorothy, and The Wizard of Oz and how, she finds. Her way home and so my, book which has recently released, the. Title of sound flower the, journey to marry science, and spirit, is. My. Journey, of how I, became. Aware that sound. Was, a common, thread in my life and, it. Led me through. Serendipitous. Events. And the, meeting of people in the, visible and invisible, worlds. Of. How, I came. About to. Learn, about, just. Sound in general, and how, profound, it can be in our lives so I. Started. Off in a. Catholic, Church, Gothic. Style, architecture. Where. The. Buttresses. And the domes and, the steeples, were all harnessing. Sound. Just. Kind of melded. In with that big pipe, organ and the Latin Mass and the Gregorian chant. And so, for those of your listeners, and viewers who. Have, had that experience they'll. Relate, to probably, that time period of where we, were in this resonant. Cavity, and it, really stirred, something, within, us, and. It. Wasn't, you. Know long, after, that right right after college, that I traveled to India and I, experienced, another, type of architecture, so.

These Resonant. Architectures. Were. My. First teachers. Of the principles, of resonance. And entrainment, and, how, we can actually utilize sound. To empower. Us. Today. In, medicine. We're hearing about the. Use of ultrasound high, frequency. Ultrasound. For, all, different types of, cancer. And Alzheimer's and, those types of things what. We are now becoming aware, of is, that from, our ancient traditions. We. Knew. That the power of the word the spoken, word could. Alter. Us in, body mind and spirit, and, that. So it's very interesting, today that we have this combination. Science. To the neuroscience. Is. Proving. To, us what we've known innately, and, in, the spiritual, text all along one, of the first things that I discovered. Jason, was. The, number, one tool, to, bring, our whole lives back, into balance and that secret. Is. Meditation. Now. You've probably heard. That before and, there, are a lot of people that say I don't. Have time to meditate I, don't know how to meditate. I don't want to meditate, is there any other way well. Let me tell you that that is the. Way that. Has been handed down through all of our spiritual. Traditions. As the, way, to bring. Into. Balance and harmony and. Through. Neuroscience. They're proving, you know they hook the monks, and and all the people who are meditators, up to our modern. Day scientific. Diagnostic. And evaluative debate. Evaluation. Devices. And, we can see how powerful, meditation is, well. I will tell you that. Sound. Can. Be the fastest, way into, a state of meditation and so, I'm happy to talk, about. That as well. Well. Thank, you for all the death incredible, information, I rewind. A little bit too, I never, looked. At the, Wizard, of Oz quite that way but as you said. That and he began to unfold it made a lot of sense that that, is. Indicative. Of a spiritual, journey in its. In its own way so that's now. I want to watch it again with that in mind just to see what else I attached. You there so thank you for that, cool, insight, and your, your right meditation. As a tool is something. That I would say comes up in well over, 2/3, of the episodes, and and anyone who is a practitioner or, expert, or author, anyone. That connects with the divine is, always. Supporting. Any kind, of practice, of meditation. And. Specifically. I agree, with you about. The. Sound. Working, really well for, me that is something that, I really do focus on and I find that people respond.

Well To it in my, shamanic, work I do. A lot of journeying. Always, supported, by, a hand, drum and the. Resonance of that drum really not make, a very quick adjustment. For people they, have a tendency. To get into that, meditative, state very easily very, quickly so, share. With me what your views on why. Sound, works and and what, you found is successful. The. From. Early on I recognize. That it. Was this, these different, types of architecture that. This. Was a. Method. That, had been handed, down for. Thousands, of years, to create spaces, that. Harness. The magic. And mysticism of. Sound. And vibration so, when, you, go into a, Gothic, style cathedral, if you happen to be there at a time where. There's. An organist, practicing. Or, actually. A chorus, there, who's, rehearsing. Or giving, a live performance. You can, feel it resonate. Throughout your whole body and. It's the same way in, Indian. Culture, when, you're, in a temple, these, particular. Mathematical. Proportions. Do. Harness. The sound to alter. The, body mind, and spirit, because when we're in that. Particular, state. Of. Being. That's, when all of our bodies are in coherence. The body mind, and spirit actually. In the Vedic tradition they, go into it a little, bit more. And they talk about the five bodies. And. How we have our physical body and, the other subtle, bodies for, the sake of today's program, since we're a, little. Trying. To fit a lot in in a short period of time we, will condense. That into, the three bodies, of the body mind and spirit, and we, all know that. With, our physical. Body we. Can use sound I use it all the time every time I want to clean out my garage I put, on music that. Puts a little pep in my step, right. To keep my my, motion. Going forward, so that I can accomplish, the, task so, we can harness sound, in that way we, can also use. Sound to calm, us and that's been, talked. About throughout, history in, the Bible we hear that Staal. Played the law. The, lyre excuse, me David played the lyre for Saul and. That. This, is, really a very calming. Influence on. Our nervous system, and there's, a lot of music therapists. Who have done studies, and this has been, researched, at all of our top universities of. How we can use, more. Meditative. Type. Of music, to calm our our heartbeat. And reduce our blood pressure reduce. Our stress levels, and then, of course using. Mantra. Or prayer, to, help us slide. Into those states of meditation, we.

Also Can, use the visual of sound and. You know I want, to make, your, audience. Aware, that now, we can actually, see, sound, made visible, there, was a time, when we could not see into space and with, the invention, of the telescope wow, we can see galaxies. And and all kinds of wonderful, things, out there in in the universe and then. With the microscope, we can peer. Into what's really happening. At a cellular, level we've. Never been able to see sound made visible, until recently. And there's, a Swiss medical, doctor, dr., hon Gianni who. Developed. What the science, and named it cymatics, which. Is the science of making sound, visible, so. Now we, can actually see. The. Words that we speak. Take. A physical. Form and these, are geometric. Forms, and so when we say something that's. Beautiful, like I love you it, creates these beautiful, geometries. And, so, this is a little bit similar to my. Studies, in India and for people who want the bigger picture, of this I go into detail, in my book but. You know the, ancient, spiritual, adepts, would use something called the Sri Yantra which, is a. Geometric. Form, that, they would gaze at and by, gazing at this particular, geometric. Configuration. They, would be able to access higher. States of consciousness, and. So it's a really easy way to, fall into meditation. Just by, visually, gazing. Into, this. Geometric. Form. And. So. With, making, sound, visible. We can now. Distinguish. Which, sounds, are not, so great for us and which sounds, are really helping. Us there, was a. French. Physician. His, name was dr.. Alberto. Matisse or in America, a lot of people, come from Tomatis, and, he, said there are just two types of sound sounds. That give us energy and sounds, that deplete, our energy, so, just become aware. What. Are you feeling, right now are, the sounds in your environment giving, you energy are, they depleting. Your energy, form and that's a real simple technique, that people can use, every. Day. That. Explains, why. Construction. And honking. And traffic, and those kind of things can be so disruptive, right. And and why it's so nice in your office, to have you, know some a, proper, music playing, or when you go to the spa, why. You've got high energy, music when you you go to it's. As to that type of class, or aerobic, environment so it, it, makes perfect sense around you but then when you become aware you. Really can identify. For. Yourself what what's doing what so thank you for for, that insight that is a very simple, tool. You're. The title of your book is like you said sound flower and I, think you've kind of given us a little bit of background but where, did where did the name sound flower come from what's the significance of, that oh, gosh. It's so, powerful so. Powerful Jason. So, when. I came back from India I. Taught. In a meditation, center and, let a meditation, center and. It's. Really difficult back. There in. The late 70s, when, you're trying to teach, Americans, how to meditate. By. Using. A, specific. Prayer or mantra, so, when we say. Words. That are a prayer, it, changes, our whole field, changes, our whole demeanor, well, there are certain Sanskrit. Prayers, that, you can say that, will immediately, create, the field create. This coherence, and make, it easy for you to focus. And get into a state of meditation. And, so, I would say you don't really have to know the meaning of the words but if you could just say them they'll create this resonance. Within, your torso cavity. And. And the vibration. Will, penetrate throughout your whole. Immediate. Forcefield, in. 19. Or, excuse me it well in. 2001. I became, aware of the work of dr. Hahn as yet nee who, I just mentioned. Created. The whole. Field of cymatics. The, science of making sound visible, and he, was the first one who used modern day technology. To. Show how we can make sound visible. When. I saw, the. Metal filings, take. Three-dimensional, form, that. Was the key thing that, I, could use to share, with others, this, is the impact of sound and vibration that. Sound, does create, form, and, it, is so powerful once, people can see this you, might remember, the. Work of dr.. Emoto, where. He. Used the metal his book was messages, from water and, how you could see the vibratory, effect. Of, sound. And vibration in. Frozen. Water, so. This. Is, a little, bit like that in the sense that we can now see, beautiful. Shapes that come when. We're speaking nice, words or, or when, the, the. Vibratory field. Is emitting, something more coherent. A higher. Vibrational. Frequency. And. So, I. Fast. Forward, met a. British. Osteopath, his name is dr. Peter guy manners, and, when. I met him he had worked with a collaborative, group of scientists, where they had figured out, specific. Sound frequency programs. That. Resonated, with each part of our body and. I thought oh holy, goat Toledo. This. Is great, there's, actually. Like. A master. Pitch pipe that people could tune into, when, their organs, are needing, a little help.

And, So. I have, a colleague. And friend he's, a, acoustics. Researcher. In the UK his name is John Reed and he, innovated something, called the cyma scope, which helps, to make sound visible, well. When we would put these. Sounds. From, the device that, I continued. And then invented, the ami 750. When we put these sounds. Into, this. Little kuvvatov. Crystal. Water. They. Would flower, on, the top and, make these most, exquisite. Exquisite. Geometries. And. So. Therefore, is the name sound. Flower, so, it's a healing. Sound. Like. A beautiful, garden of flowers and, it's, actually, the geometric. Formation, of, something that has a healing, impact, on the, physical, form and I've done research on that so you, know your listeners can read. The book go to my website and see, the, science, behind all, of that but just to let them know it. Does have, a profound. Impact. On our human physiology and, this, is such an emerging, field it, won't be long before well. As Edgar, Cayce, said, sound. Is the medicine of the future, well. We're right here at the precipice. Wow. That was again. A lot of information. And. All, explaining. And. Relating. Are there other, pieces, and parts to the title sound Bauer said, I the. The question that's burning for me after, listening to your share there is. Does. That mean within the book, that. We can look at the. What's. Been produced, and connect. With that those. Pictures and receive that same healing, because, those shapes were created, by the sounds. Jason. We are doing. More and more research on that I have preliminary research. That shows. It has a profound, effect, so. My book is chock-full. As a matter those are all the images some, people say will happen there are images of you and your laboratory, Hackman because, I wanted, the book to be chock-full of something, that could help other people, you know I mean they want to get into my life that's great I be, happy to share that with you you can read most, of the story in the book but. Really, what I wanted, is for people number one to, read my story of, my, journey. Because I think that they just, like we. Look at Dorothy and her three guides. People. Are gonna be able, to, pick out where their, nudges. Were all throughout their journey to, say oh this, was a hit for me this, is where my intuition. Was trying to give me this message and, once, we tune into that our, whole. Universe, shifts. On an, inner level, and. Then. The. Second thing for the book and and equally as important, for me is that these sound images. From. A, healing. Frequency. Code, now, this particular code, consists, of five frequencies, so when you look at these pictures. Which. Are in a scientific. Laboratory. Everything. Calibrated, the temperature, of everything, is just at its perfection. So. You get the clearest. Impact. Of. These, what. I call, sound. Flowers. To. Help you with your body mind, and spirit this. Is exactly, from. The ancient tradition. Of where the spiritual, adepts when gaze at, that, geometry, to, access, higher states of consciousness, people. Are now able to look at these healing, images. And go oh my goodness I, am. Feeling. Something. Shift, there's, an inner, recognition. People tell us in. Our feedback, forms. When they when we've done, groups on this and actually. For, people who want more I, have. A free gift on, my website, if they want to go and get a free Simon lift they can't wait to get the book they can get one of them and gaze, into the heart of that sound flower and then, if they want even more I, have some 5 minute videos on my website that, they can actually help. Themselves. Glide into. A deeper. State of meditation. You. Know Jason, we have we're such a visual, Society. And so. Now. That we can make sound visible. We, can now understand. It at a deeper level and, we can utilize. It we can harness this for, our benefit, you, mentioned just a little earlier the sounds, of the construction, zone and the honking, and you, know the.

What. He called the the fire, engines, and and the ambulance, you know those are all disturbed. You know they are, stressors, but if. We could utilize sound, now to, help us access, higher states, of consciousness and, healing, oh boy. I'm so grateful to be a part of that. It. Really, does sound, like everything, I didn't. That was an indiscriminate. Pun there sorry. It's. Like everything. Really is coming together there's, that and like. You shared with the the. Emoto. Is an awesome oh no I always want to call him Hashimoto but, the the master yes. His. His. Information, and what he's shown, and. I did see similarities, with that with. The sound flower pieces, the videos that I watched from your website and. They're mesmerizing. Yugi. Immediately. Can feel that shift in your body and just be aware of that of that energy, you. Have a more direct, way. Of doing, that as well could you give us a short description of your invention. The, I think you called it the ami 750. What, what is what is that what does it do. So. That, is the work from. Dr., Peter guy manner so he was a British osteopath, and he. Was, a member of a collaborative, group of, scientists. That they determined, the different frequency, patterns, that, bring our. Organ, and tissues, and cells back into what we call a resonant. Frequency. And what. They found is that their multiple. Frequencies. That need to be played, we're, all very, similar. You, know each of our livers, are. Basically. The same tune, but we have some variations. Right and so, we, need a multiple. Chord. Of, frequencies. To, play, so. I took, this. That information. And wanted, to really get it out to as many people as possible so I invented. A device called the ami 750. So, my, background, comes, from Ayurveda, and Chinese, medicine, and, in. Those, medical. Systems, they talk about, particularly. In in Chinese, medicine the, Meridian, pathways that, we have these rivers, of life and and. Some people in America recognize. That may, be a little bit analogous. To the circulatory system so we need these rivers, of life flowing, all through the, body, takes, the sound. Up. Through, the fee so this is a device. That you sit in a chair you put your feet on it it's, very comfortable, and you just plug it in and turn it on for 30 minutes and it helps to recalibrate. Different. Parts of the body so. This is what I call the master pitch pipe yes. You can meditate yes, you can get into the heart of a sound flower but, sometimes. Jason. We. Have gotten a little off track physically. And so we need some help, so what, I call, is this is where we need to flip the switch and have a real, and trained, environment. Where we immerse our bodies, into to. Help us come, back into the tune so. That's the ami 750. So look. Forward to everyone experiencing. It. With. Your passion, I'd imagine, you'll get one everywhere says somebody. Every person should have one or access, to one right absolutely. So. How. Can people find you how can they find your book where. Where, can they see a, sampling. And the videos tell. Us how to, get to you there's. A lot, on, my website, at Simon, technologies. Dot-com. And that's spelled with the C, CY. MA. Technologies. Te CH, in. Gies. Comm. And we, also have a Facebook, page of, Simon, technologies, they can post, things their access. Is there as well and or, just email, us obviously, I'm very passionate about the, world of sound so. Organization. Called the international sound therapy association where, we teach people about how, to use the voice and, and different, singing. Bowls and things like that there, are so many aspects, of sound that are important. I just. Invite people to come to my website and. Contact, me if you'd like the free gift of the syma clip if you go to Simon, technology's, calm and click on the media page, and on, the left side you'll see a little. Link. That says free Simon, live download. That there are four little lines of how you can utilize it, best for your own meditation, send. Me your feedback send, me your questions, be happy. To help, I'm. Fantastic, thank you for sharing that with all, of our listeners and viewers and, thank, you for taking the, time to share the, the beauty. Of sound and your journey and and hopefully, some. Folks have been inspired. To, reconsider. Or re-examine. Or become more aware of how sound. Is affecting, them and the and the world around them thank, you so much for your passion, and bringing, that forward today. Thank. You Jason it's. Great to be on the show with you thanks, for your good work, thank.

You For the recognition I appreciate, it. That's. Gonna conclude, our episode of, the spiritual, handyman. Putting spiritual, tools in the hands that people that need them if you would like some of the links and information you, can check that out in the description keep. In mind that you can like, share subscribe and, comment on Spotify. You. Can do that through. Instagram. Or through YouTube, push, all the buttons do all the cool stuff help, us expand, the community that is what it's all about we, will see everybody and hear. You and hear us in the next episode the. Spiritual, handyman, bringing, spiritual, tools to, the hands of the people who need them, sponsored. By the Eagle Heart Foundation the. Eagle Heart Foundation is, a 501c3, nonprofit, organization. That brings. Charitable. Contributions. And, educational. Announcements, to the people, so. How can you be a part of a spiritual handyman and the Eagle Heart Foundation. The. Triple win situation, this. Book, was written by grandmother crow and half, of the proceeds go, to the Eagle Heart Foundation which. In turn sponsors. Be, spiritual. Handyman, have, a good one it's on Amazon, and Kindle, for only $9.99. So. We are here to bring tools to you thank. You so much spiritual, handyman, we believe in what you do. You.

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