EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas! | Sanders Sides

EMBARRASSING PHASES: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas! | Sanders Sides

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There are few who deny. At dropping lines I am the best for my talents, are denounced. Fahren. Line. Y wide, that's, it we'll get it one more time. What. Is up everybody. Do, Newton well. It is that time of year again, the trees got no leaves and, like a refrigerated, Apple the air is crisp and cool. Except. For here in Florida but you know I'm sure that it's nice. And other places I'm. Not jealous, I'm chill, except. I'm not, Florida. Frightful. Whether or not those slave ballots are still jingling, our hearts are still linked. In tingling, and it is time to set our sights on that perennial, favorite, Christmas. No no, you're, mean, one we did a Christmas episode last year Thomas I mean yeah Virgil, Christmas is kind of a yearly thing it. Sure is, but, you know what we still haven't. Done oh my. Gosh Easter. What. No. St., Patty's, Day no, aunt Patty's, Day no my New Year's Day by the time we're on the same page maybe Halloween, yes yes yes Halloween. Halloween, Halloween I. Mean I don't care I just I, like holidays, so what. Are you what. Are you doing what are you doing over there Thomas, I'm waiting for the others to show up so I can scare, them right out of their pants. Affectionately. And then I'm going to affectionately. Scare, them so freakin, bad though, wet those same, pants after they put them back on. Wow. Virgil, that's that's. Pretty evil tis the season but. It's not look just don't mind me okay just look keep doing your thing we'll all right this is great because it means I get to support my best costume, yeah yes. Pretty. Great right my mommy got it for me did someone say mummy no so you can go back down hey guys Wow clearly, I have a strong attachment to this holiday you guys look awesome Thank You Thomas I put a lot of thought into my costume, how'd you settle on being a mummy what a better costume for, me then zombie, royalty. Fair enough and Logan Frankenstein's. Monster, no dr., Frankenstein, I was going to be dr. Frankenstein, but Roman said and I quote that. Dude. Sounds, like a great deed dork you should be the scary monster, instead, you, know the. Real Frankenstein. You wrote all that down or I try to jot down anything that is said to me that is unprecedented, Lee stupid it is important to keep, receipts lots of people don't know that the monster's name is in Frankenstein, Logan stop putting people down stop. It, stop. Anyway. Where's Patton I'm here Thomas, I dressed, as a ghost oh wow. Amazing. Just getting the head and popped up yeah ah okay. Well I feel. Like a fool sorry I'm late everyone Thomas, here still hasn't picked out a candy bowl for next year's trick-or-treaters. The little procrastinator. And I can't decide if he should get an orange bowl with black bats or a, black, ball with, orange, bag what. Are you or orange pumpkins. That makes more sense that's, on time button what is this have, you forgotten the discussion we've had concerning, our coordinated, costume choices wait coordinated.

Costume, You were supposed to be the Wolfman Patton up some measly mock I am The Wolfman I have the floppy ears I've got this cute little tag with my name on it and that does not say your name on it that's Scooby Doo's tag Oh must, have gotten my nametag mixed up with someone else's well, someone's. Scooby customers, ruined sorry Patton did you say woof. Man yeah. Wolf, man it, was wolf man yeah, woof man wolf man, woof man wolf, man woof man wolf man you guys are, you guys mess we, all agreed that we were going to wear scary, costumes. Do not spoil this belated, Halloween. For me scary costumes, I don't. Think I got the memo on that one I literally don't know how we discussed it in your head well spider-man, is sort of scary he wears a mask so no one knows who he is pseudo Parker he's always fighting crime at night fighting, is scary night time is scary the spider on the middle of your chest is scary, spider-man scary you're scary going it's okay it's okay Patton it's just me it's just me Thomas. You're. Spider-man, calm yourself JJ spider-man's, not scary he's a hero scary. Is more like like. Yes. No. Not, like that um are, you kidding me I spent, all day working on this be afraid be, very afraid. Oh sorry but I just don't think that we find. You as, scary. Anymore. What. Oh but that's good you're, part of the group now you weren't with us instead, of. Against. Us, well. Let me rephrase that okay, uh you're, not frightening them anymore why not frightening, us you're, not including yourself why I am fearless and therefore. Powerful, I've seen you scared Virgil, why aren't you doing your job I'm, obviously, trying, and actively, failing, have you forgotten about the graph that I Ellis traited of the Year speaker. Yeah oh good. You remembered something that I taught you for once and surely. You remember the optimum, point of tension signifying. That it's not good to experience, none of anxiety's effects I don't know about none, of its effects Virgil is still very, scary, you just gotta give, him a chance Virgil. Do that you, know do. That thing with your face okay. Ah. Oh. Oh, you. Scared, the pants right off of me uh oh. My gosh you guys don't think I'm scary put your pants back on don't patronize me, you mean pant renée's whatever it just slipped out I mean we we spent an entire two-part. Episode discussing. How you weren't, a malicious, entity we. Bonded, and stuff what we understand, now understand, what you're, being, scary, was really, mainly a thing when, you were isolating, yourself before, you knew a better way to help me now, that we've broken down that wall you don't have to you, know keep. Up the act act. You. Know not an act but a phase a phase well, sure everyone goes through phases, they're, embarrassing. But we get over them we're all just happy you're embracing who you truly are now so we can be pals listen. We, may be friends, but that doesn't mean I can't scare you anymore I'm your anxiety. That is what I do well, not anymore apparently how, hard is it to distress someone I mean just, watch Thomas.

Given, Human beings limited, years there's a cap on how many things you'll be able to make in your lifetime meaning, you. Probably don't, have the time to create everything. That you want oh my god why would you say that jeez dude see all it took was a little logic what is it so, wrong, that Virgil's, doing something a little different now well, why can't that phase be over you, patents, with me the dog days are over take it from me Virgil as someone, who's gone through a few phases myself. Phases. Are like, Halloween. Costumes, a time. Comes when you wear one around but eventually, it's time to take the costume off the. Phases I've gone through are in the past and. I feel like I can finally be my real self, now huh. Interesting. Perspective Thomas. Sorry. Everyone, I hate the dark somebody light a match not because I farted you know I'm, glad, you brought up those phases, you went through, let's. Talk about those. What. Have you taught anyone, remember, Thomas's. Cosplay. Ya. Know I was I was not good at costume. Construction, so you changed my costume, as an example it's. Rude. I was so into, that scene made, so many different costumes, went to all the local cons. But. My costumes, always. Fell. Short, compared. To everyone else oh that, absolutely. Defeated, me I couldn't. Cope with the fact that we weren't on the same level as all the other incredible. Cosplayers, at the cons you attended, oh that. Was big of you to admit Romans. Who bad your big admission. Is dwarfed, by your, gargantuan. Failures. Yikes that those were ugly. Words there, get up not as ugly as Thomas's cosplayers. We. Have the same, nevermind. Just let it go first you know, extending. Beyond this penny. Dreadful. Theatricality, penny dreadful. Theatricality. Is not. Intended there is something, interesting to be said about all this talk of phases, and yes yes I can't help but be reminded of, Erik Erikson's, what a name the theory of psychosocial. Development what a name particularly. The fourth psychosocial, crisis, entitled, industry, versus. Inferiority catchy. During this phase one aims to gain a sense of confidence, when developing, skills if. Unsuccessful, one, could develop feelings of inferiority. However. A mixture, of failures, and successes, could, lead to a more agreeable, balance. Of competency. And modesty. Oh my gosh he's so right I'm so modest, so cosplay, is something that made.

Me Feel inferior potentially. But remember, you were also, trying your hand at other trades during that phase, singing, filmmaking, etc, with which you felt more successful, and your proficiency and set skills provided, unnecessary. Counter, to your more. Embarrassing. Efforts well me. I was wrong to be embarrassed, by my cosplay, well not wrong, but yeah. I had fun I, did, it because I was passionate about, the characters, going. To conventions, gave me a chance to meet. People that liked. The same geeky, stuff is, me, so. What if I didn't have the means to create a film, quality, costume. I shouldn't have given, up so easily, oh but you can always get back into it would you really want to revisit that you should just let the past die kill, it if you have to easy there, Kyle oh friend oh my gosh a nice nickname I hadn't. Thought of that you shouldn't give up on things just because, they're hard or if you're not good at that right away you know you're. Right and I feel like I've also probably, improved, since then with all the costuming. For videos that time. In my life might, have been an essential stepping. Stone in order to get. To where I am today, stepping-stone. More like throwing stone oh sorry. I did not mean to actually that, was just supposed to scare you guys but, I bet now you're going through another phase of pain. Sorry. Again now you know Virgil this isn't so, scary you just diminished. My custom, quality that's all careful or it'll be Thomas's girl phase next oh you mean when you feigned an attraction towards women you mean the first 23, years of my life, you. Were so repressed. Oh. I bet Virgil has a ton more to scare us with how about me next your batwing, to cherub, I mean, you bad. Boy. All. Right. Dog. Oh no. Not. Yes. Patent, de, mo. This. Is maybe the scariest phase, and all of Thomas's, life well. Scary. Is a little harsh, yep Thomas you were such an angsty, teenager, and you know how teenagers scare the living poop out of me Oh Patten you don't have to make emo song references, but, it's better if you do I agree with Patton this is a horrifying, period, to revisit through all of the relentless, waves of hormones, and emotions. No. One could understand, me yeah I was really, going through some stuff when I was younger, there's. A lot to get a handle on well that's what you get when you let your heart win whoa. Okay. You can stop making the song a hundred times better maybe I can, try oh the ill-fitting. Hairdos, I wore and. All the bracelets, - how, did I wear so many bracelets who, let me do that being.

Old Enough to comprehend, depressing. Realities, but still, too young to wrap your head around why, things, are the way they are resulted. In you becoming, a, little, trihard. You only made things worse for yourself by dressing, in a way that was so wannabe. Edgy, and you, were just. Making. It way too easy to insult you hypocrites say what what oh my gosh I can't believe it were shut up also what were you thinking going to events like Warped, Tour you hate crowds, hmm now I don't want, to overload anyone with information since, when but this also sounds like one of Erikson's, stages of, psychosocial, development, identity. Versus. Role confusion. This. Stage describes, one search for personal, identity and a, sense of self trying. To figure out who you are it's a time for exploring and seeking, a figurative, place, where one belongs. In society, if one doesn't have an easy time during this stage they, could experience, an identity crisis, and experiment. With different lifestyles an identity crisis, that clearly hasn't ended I mean what am i other than a highly condensed, ball of angst whose style is a relic from that time in your life oh oh my gosh yeah and, never basically styled. Twins. One just a couple of cool guys coming, through okay Paden um, sorry. Well I mean maybe. That angst is still with me to some extent but you, work with us now, you're not in, the driver's seat anymore, you have. A seat, at the discussion, table I was. Absolutely. Frightened. Out of my mind, back then but only because. I was, trying. To understand, difficult feelings. For the first time glad. That's over with what do you think we're doing every time we meet up catching up and then I found, a. Healthy. Way to express. Myself screaming. Lyrics, lyrics that resonated, with me and made, me feel. Less. Alone. And, Virgil. Going, to concerts, made, me feel like there was a place for me in society. And I really. Needed. That at the time, honestly. That was a time where I developed a lot of the values I, still. Believe in today plus, the music is still pretty darn cool well that goes without saying hmm, I don't think I really have any other embarrassing. Embarrassing. Phases. And. That means my beautiful, costume, can remain untouched. Princey. Princey princey, so, naive. Ah. His. Burlap. Sack face oh I. Get it it's, fine oh. Yes. The fine phase, Wow. Virgil, I hate to say it but.

This Is a miserable failure on your part the, vine phase wasn't scary on the contrary, I'm rather proud of all the work we did oh all, the, work. It's. Okay we're on YouTube now where, we're safe, from all the bad decisions, I've, always. I've always made things that. I can be proud of on YouTube, Thomas don't invite something else so Thomas. Vine. May be dead, but, it still haunts you like a malevolent. Apparition. That those were some of the earliest, years in developing, your voice as a creator, but no matter what you do no matter what you try you. Will never grow. Past it no your tombstone will, read here. Lies Thomas. Sanders remember. Him he, was the storytime guy on by. Oh I, know because I. Don't. Know if people were to remember your vines years down the line I. Think. That'd be pretty neat oh my. God. You're awesome, Logan. Did Derek son have anything to say about this, you. Mean Erickson oh that's. Right the only sons I can keep straight are my own as a. Matter of fact Patton yes, the generativity, versus, stagnation stage. Does share a few notable qualities, with, Thomas's, fine face well why don't you generate, an explanation, for, us Logan holy well, it, has to do with one's desire, to create, and be, involved, in the community the, function, of this stage is ideally. To figuratively. Make, your mark on the world through, creating. Or nurturing, something, that will outlast, you oh my gosh I was literally talking to you about this same thing a while ago me. And this Erickson guy Wow so wait I was, doing exactly what I needed to be doing I was, taking. Part in an online community and I, accidentally. Stumbled, into making something that was bigger than me just. By doing something, that I enjoyed, that's so freakin. Cool and sure I made. Mistakes all the time but you know I'm better now right I don't know are you I don't know am i all right I believe, I understand, the intended, outcome of Virgil's, methodology, if, you had never made that horrendously. Bad fine okay now you guys are just being mean the fines aren't that. Example. Most of them weren't that bad yeah you, boy has delivered some ill-conceived. Content, but, that was part of his development, similarly. If we hadn't endured those various, cringe inspiring, periods of your life then. You wouldn't know the things that you know now or be. The person, that I am today. Yeah. Uh it's. Not that I haven't changed but when, you reduce a piece of my history to just a phase, you. Ignore, everything that I went through who. I was, when I scared you all the time is no. Less real than Who. I am now, past, phases, are the foundation, of who you've become, oh. Here's. My name zag it, says Potter so if you remove that foundation, what's, left standing, huh, sorry, if we torn it down a little bit Virgil a pun infused, touching, moment. That. Is so my aesthetic, look dealing. With me will. Never be a walk in the park and, you can't pretend that it will be when you try to deny me I get frustrated and I lash out you. Talk about how I work, with you now that's, great but I need, you to, work with me too, you're, right you're. Right I I. Don't suppose there's anything I can do to. Remedy. The, situation yeah, don't worry about it I'll, get even with you what what does that mean what are you gonna do what are you gonna do it it's already done dear Susan. Newton. Dear. Thomas. Do you remember your for, jorah days. Alright, now we're even you don't bring up a guy's fedora face Virgil, there's gotta be a line not even if that guy belittled, someone's past hardships, fine I wore a fedora or seven, it was one wait you can barely call it a face my head is not built for ads does the fedora thing tie into the lesson in any way no I just, had a point to prove I. Still. Got it yeah you certainly do, don't question me again Sanders, if he's going back to being scary can I go back to calling him names no no you have to be nice I'm just glad he didn't go into the girl phase you with a girl defies all me. Yeah no it wasn't fun for anyone Thomas I feel. Kind of confused now, I, always. Try to show Virgil, love and support but. Lately. I. Feel. Like I always, neva. Tably, do. Something, wrong no, patent, I I. Understand. There's. A lot that Virgil could do that I don't want him to do he, knows exactly how, to push my buttons but.

He. Is who he is, all. We can do is. Try. To listen to him as best, as we can and. Adapt. To his needs it's, not an easy thing to navigate, so we're going to run into problems. But, if it's any consolation patent. I can. See how hard you try and, I. Think. You're. Doing a really great job. Whoo. Well, my nerves are shot um I, guess, the takeaway from this is that, phases. Although. Sometimes. Embarrassing. Aren't, inherently. Artificial. They're, the. Building, blocks of the, person, you are now, we're. Constantly. Growing, and our experiences. Shape. Us. Embrace. Where you are in your life right now whoever. You are right this minute. You're. Real, don't. Let anyone tell you differently. Until. Next time take, it easy ghosts schools, and non-binary. Ghouls. I, don't. Know I was trying something take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals, peace out, have yourself. A. Scary. Little. Christmas. Very. Well done, virtual, you're. So. Evolved. Deceit, real, class Savita sneak up on a side in the middle of housekeeping, Wow, classy. Is my middle name. Seriously. It's on my birth certificate you can look it up for, proof yeah maybe, maybe. An opposite town. All. Right all right you're overselling. It now oh you are, hilarious Virgil. You always, have been what are you doing here hmm a bunch of talk about Halloween a season. For dressing, up and pretending to, be something or someone else you're, right a master, of deception such as myself has no place in that kind of discussion okay me being able to elicit fear doesn't take away from the fact that I've grown so, don't even try me with that Harvey Dent's clever retort and convincing. Statement, and cool. Costume, are, you supposed to be scarecrow. In Joel Schumacher's canceled, third Batman film you know this is what I normally wear I've never seen that outfit in my life stylish, clothing aside, just. Be sure to. Of that personal. Growth Virgil. Who. Knows maybe. Soon you could, be rid of us, ah Oh. What. I was. Totally. Not looking, for this. Yeah. You better run what was that nothing get out.

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I loved this video so much

Poor Virgil. He was just trying to be scary.

Once Thomas gets over Anxiety, will Virgil get a new name? Will he be fear or alarm, or will he forever be Anxiety? Most importantly will he be replaced, and how will everyone act depending on the situation?

Do behind the scene

Does anybody give you hell for being gay how do you over come it then

When Logan said "holy s***" i was half shocked and half randomly bursting out laughing!........AND OMG THE SECERT ENDING! Love it!

Okay but emo puppy Patton is freaking adorable

please do s video with chris villain!

Sometimes I forget I have the same initials and purple hair but dyed it waaaaay before discovering you.


Virgil's voice crack at the very end always brings a stupidly huge smile to my face!!

I think virgil is afraid of deceit because at the end card at 23:23 he says "Nothing get out "like if deceit heard the insult he would hurt him In some way


*don’t question me again, sanders*

roman might just be my new favorite character with all the emo song references in this video

Virgil; Yeah you better run. Deciet: What was that? Virgil: NotHInG GET OUT!!!

More Deceit please :3

i love these videos!


Thomas your spiderman

i love how it just says ‘cast- thomas’

7:34 Me: *falls to the ground laughing* ROMAN OH MY GOSH

That last comment... "Whoever you are right this minute. You're real" just hit me in the heart and I thought you should know that. I needed to hear that more than I thought I did. So thank you for that.


Patton: He wears a mask so noone knows who he is Logan(semi-quietly): Peter Parker Me: YOU RUINED IT

Virgil: hey demons its me. . Logan: ya boi Roman: *ahhhh* Logan: AHHH Virgil: ahhh patton: ahhh??

16:58 did he achatchly say the shi word omgosh.

The end card is the best yet

In Oregon it is raining so don't feel bad

I love it

20GAYTEEN has passed..... Now for 20 BI-TEEN

Colorado: In the negitives Florida: in the hundreds

Yasss he referenced panic at the disco

Thomas? You're spider man?

You know Thomas, I feel you. We were supposed to have snow but ya know.. There hasn't been the whole time!! Aghhh. I wish we had snow.

'Thomas... your spiderman...'

You seem a lot more like Deadpool as Spiderman

13:56 He's now Sir Virgil of the Roundtable, where no man is above another

This is my favorite thing on youtube!! it needs to be uploaded more!!

omg these videos make me so happy. :D Emo Scooby Patton may just be the greatest thing ever! Also I'm still dying from the dental floss. LOL.

Band together friends... the theories grow stronger every day...

"Put your pants back on" I'm dying

You don't want to be in Pennsylvania/Mechanicsburg

"NOTHing get ouuut" 0_0 dat voice crack dow

That scream was Talyn, wasn't it?

CAN WE TALK ABOUT PATTON OML and at the end virgil just goes "nOtHiNg gEt oUt-" and I died XD

Patton: the only sons I can keep straight are my own Me: i thought thomas is gay?

Am I the only one who looked at the Scooby Doo tag when Deceit picked it up and and switched the SD around to DS as in Deceit Sanders!!!!

noThinG geT oUt

I am gay too and when you said my girl phase is said to my self SAME!!

What’s with the throwing stuff at peoples eyes? Also Virgil threw that at Thomas, Thomas is real, Virgil is imaginary.....?

I love you so much Thomas! I love your videos and the fun personality you have! You make my day everyday! I also think you have a lovely singing voice

Do you wanna put your mouth on my mouth

"And you know how teenagers scare the living poop out of me" ... I mean that's my heart your messing with but you know, I could care less (as long as someone'll bleed)

I’m going to Disney this april I hope I see you somewhere

What was that? NoThInG gEt OuT!!


I love the nice and soft version of Virgil but I also miss the edgy and scary but still cute version of Virgil. Thanks Thomas



That endcard tho...

I want Virgil react to this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvPJaiL58gg&list=RDQM9kvqN4WH9Zk&index=7

the florida rant hit me

The Fedora Phase 19:14 19:14 19:14 You're Welcome

In Colorado it’s very warm How did I miss this ?



oh no i'm in the fedora phase

emo isn't phase it's a lifestyle X3

Maybe Virgil IS an outcast, like the other sides of Thomas he doesn't know about (including the one he does). Maybe him growing is a sign he's no longer being an outcast. But, since they still have a way of making him feel excluded, he still has some growing to do. Maybe, just maybe, when Roman, Patton, Logan, AND Thomas accept him and work with him, he can be rid of his own tormentors. From the sounds of it, they try to bring him down for wanting to be up front with the others. Like, he was never accepted with the outcasts either.

All I can say is you (all?) are doing great, sweetie!

When I saw Virgil's costume my brain went two places: 1, ooh vampire!, and 2, is Virgil wearing lipstick?

*"NOThing!Get out!"*

4:32 to 4:36 me when I see food

Oh Virgil! In the end card, my baby! he's so scared...

Omg, Virgil and Deceit reminds me of an older brother and little brother. Constantly getting on each other's nerves. XD Especially with that, "Yeah, you better run" "Oh, what was that?" "Nothing! Get out!"

honestly the tantrumish NO and the getting into Halloween just make Virgil adorable here. I WANNA HUG HIM!

You should do more Q and A’s with Patton,Vergle, Logan and Roman!!! Also I love you and next Halloween I’m going to dress up as Patton or Vergle

Am I the only one who is more excited to rewatch Thomas Sanders' videos than go outside and shop on my birthday? Just me? Cool.

I know how you feel I live in Florida

I'm so excited for the other sides!!!!

"NOTHING, GET OUT" -- love my dark strange son smh

Wait I was thinking we know Anxiety, Logic, Morality, and Creativity's real names but WHAT IS THOMAS'S REAL NAME?!?!

any one else thinks that Virgil wouldn't like Halloween because trick or treating might induce anxiety

Deceit Classy Sanders.......... Me: 9:10

I can only think of how much research Sanders puts into the philosophers quotes

“The trees have no leaves”.... THE TREES ARE NAKED! DON’T LOOK!

I don’t care how much you wanna tell me that ‘nobody’s perfect’ blah blah blah...Thomas is the perfect human being. I just...wish I could be more like him.

"And you know how teenagers scare the living poop out of me" I see what you did there ;) *cough cough* MCR *cough*

Too soon about warped tour

Thomas Does it feel weird just talking to yourself

Omg I was just in Florida


Love it

Okay so My theory is that Virgil is actually fighting with Deceit over who should be in charge of Thomas. Deceit is trying to make Virgil so incredibly overbearing that it’s too much and all the anxiety drives the others (Logan, Patton, and Roman) to not even exist anymore. He wants Virgil to overtake so that Thomas can be ruled over by only Virgil and himself. Deceit is all like “Noooo we should be the only ones here. WE should have complete control over Thomas. WE should rule him. No one else matters.” Deceit is trying to make Virgil join his side so that they can take over, but Virgil doesn’t want to give in. He tries to hide this ongoing battle with Deceit and the “taking over”but you can tell that it’s starting to become serious and it’s harder and harder to hide from everyone. Soon Virgil might burst and tell the others, and I think that Virgil and Deceit are going to have a huge fight over who should rule: Just Virgil and himself, or everyone. And I think THAT would be an amazing episode. You can also back this theory up using what Deceit says at the end of the video, “Just keep up that personal growth Virgil.” This shows that Deceit wants Virgil to keep growing, and making himself so strong that all the anxiety drives everyone away, so it’s just the two of them. AND Deceit also says “Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll rid us all...” THIS shows that Deceit wants to get Virgil to get rid of everybody, well, everybody except for him. So that they can both rule over Thomas together, without anyone trying to stop them. So how’s the theory? It’s my first one so I hope it makes sense.

I fricken love Patton

The next video for sander sides they should make Moxiety ( Virgil - Patton ) a thing, IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please no. Please

I want to meet you

Hey Thomas you should make a Discord server

When Virgil says that he had a point to prove at 20:00 I'm sure he was adressing to Deceit xD

I love you. You make my day.♥️♥️♥️

Pawton is so cute as an emo omigod and can I'm anxiety lol

(7:34) Jesus the scream so high ._.’

Virgil: Put your pants back on. Don't patronize me. Patton: You mean "pantronize"?

Ooooooooo dang we got a Virgil Voice Crack™ up in here. Also, did anyone else hear a slight... echo-y tone to Patton’s voice when he was voicing his fears to Thomas? I was a bit confused but I played it back and definitely heard SOMETHING...

I love the Spider-Man costume and the floss as webs. It’s so cute

I want you to do another vine video and sing the song lie from NF

this video was only created 6 days ago and there are alwredy like 3,000 comments

nOtHiNg GeT oUt

Ima need you to write a novel, or (preferably) a series of books with all (5...or more?) Sanders Sides.

12:13 what song is this?

Wait, Deceit was looking for the collar Patton mixed his up with. Does that mean Patton had some kind of interaction with Deceit before he appeared?

It’s ok I feel the heat also I live in Arizona aka desert

I love how desperately Virgil was trying to scare the others XD

11:10-14:40 damn how can you describe the life of a closeted teenager perfectly in like 3 minutes?? Ly ♥️♥️♥️

yeah here in florida there's no escape from the heat, it was 70 degrees on christmas

Could their be an Anger side? And that’s what causes the sides to lash out. Like when Logan through the price of paper at Roman in the puppet video? Also if we happened to get introduced to two other “dark sides” and deceit. Would their be a sander sides episode were Virgil might have to choose the dark sides or the sides we know?

23:24 Virgils adorable voicw crack oml

Virgil- That's right you better run Deceit- What was that Virgil- Nothing GET OUT OF MY ROOM What any teenager would say

11:48 * sees TØP pin * Me: we did it clique. We did it >:3

Logan cussing was the best

he lives in Florida! that makes a lot of sense.

I dont think memo phase is a phased it's more a part of me. Well....


You should collab with Brent Rivera PLEASE

I love those slang words definitions

12:58 I LOVED Warped Tour

i went to florida for christmas

11:54 Panic! At The Disco reference

11:39 the phase i am currently in

Anxiety scared me when he jumped out holding knife dressed as a vampire like if happened to you

Has anyone else noticed the more into it Logan gets the faster he talks



The little tøp pin on patton's hat killed me


Hey Thomas one of my friends Jesus pronounced hey sus died last year from cat scratch syndrome. On new years it was wierd. Anyways you've helped me out a lot after his death you made me happy. Hope you have a happy New Year thank you for what you've done for all of your fans

Why do I see no comments about the fact that Roman made a P!ATD reference

Your birthday on April 24th and my birthday on April 24th

Mmmm! Let's hear it for them Floridans!

I feel like thomas should do a sanders sides where they talk about forgivness

why does deceit remind me of king george lll

Most of the comments: *well thought out theories about Deceit and Virgil that blow my mind* Me: Omgs, Patton is trying so hard.

You know Patton is an angel when even in emo clothes he looks adorable. Maybe even more adorable.

I went through my emo fase at a youg age like 8/6 and i do da arts so instead of going emo.on my clothes i did ot through my misic anf art it was a bad time

"I am fearless and therefore powerful" nice!

I remember your vines

Patton: Logan did Dericson have anything else to say about this? Logan: You mean Erickson? Patton: Oh that's right. Sorry the only sons I can keep straight are my own. Me: Patton obviously not considering your sons are gay.

Theory time!! So while they were talking during the Vine Phase, Thomas mentioned being "proud" of his work on YouTube. Roman was quick to retort, saying to Thomas, "Thomas, don't summon something else." Could one if the dark sides be Pride? Roman looked very frantic to keep Thomas's mouth shut. And this was how Deceit was summoned. By Thomas feeling the need to lie. Roman could have been stopping Thomas from feeling too prideful of his work on YouTube in order to keep him from summoning Pride. But that's just a theory. A film theory. ;)


Virgil should keep the vampire costume Like if you agree


19:36 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Im getting a Patrick Stump vibe

Sometimes I forget he’s in Florida and that if I went out more I could actually bump into him on accident sndjjsbfhafbf

These videos are so well made

Lol come to Minnesota and you'll see lots of snow!

Plus u always make to year more exciting and much more better thats why we all love u❤

Imagine how long these take to make

I thought in the next 6 months this would come out. I so happy expectations were false

Omg Virgil tho, he’s so freaking funny i literally cant

Bloopers please

Make more sander sides


Patton: And you know how *teenagers scare the living poop out of me* Roman: Oh Patton you don't have to make emo song references... *but it's better if you do* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You sir are so amazing i absolutely love your humour!!!!!! How old are you???

U are v y talented never stop making content


When Virgil tries to scare them with the blood and knife an ad came on oh my God I never laughed so hard because if a video and of course Patton is adorable


Hi Thomas! I don’t really like to write comments, but I just wanted to write this one to say thank you. You inspire me in so many ways, and your vines and videos always make me laugh and never fail to brighten my day. I would totally write more and make this comment way longer than it should be, but I don’t really feel comfortable posting a comment that could eventually get very personal (with me, not you) on the internet where millions of people can read it. So thank you again, and keep doing what you’re doing! You bring smiles to many people’s faces everywhere, and that is a wonderful thing. Just another one of your many fans, ~ RebaRosie (Lol this sounds more like a letter than a comment but oh well

i... I think I ship a little Deceit and Virgil... Just a little

I gasped at Thomas in the Spider-Man costume, I LOVE IT


Question what’s your opinion on British accents Oh and plus what’s your favourite holiday (Christmas, Halloween ext)

The emo phase is my life now ||-//

OP wouldja look at that another Thomas Sanders video making me cry what's new

Virgil is more of an Obscurus to me. He could possibly wreck the other sides if he'd gone out of control which may happen any time.Which I reckon, that everytime he does so, he just isolates himself in his room to avoid other possible casualties. Moreover, the other sides do whatever they can to help Virgil to sort out things, thus he, at some point, able to control himself at will or subconsciously by projecting his mind to other ''greater things'' which makes him to forget what he was dealing with. Anyways, I think this new Sander Sides installment was done also out of the influence of Fantastic Beast, wasn't it?

This whole series is trash change my mind

*Voice crack* "nothing get out"

How his voice went high at the end of the video tho "Nothing get OuT!!!"

I honestly learn more from Thomas then i do in school thx Thomas for everything

I still can't believe Logan swore



I'd rather be back Florida than Arizona good I miss Florida




I love the mcr reference there Patton

I know how you feel I live at the beach to


I love this video! :)

He's handsome, and can sing! You go Thomas! Love you!

16:53-16:57 didn't mean to laugh so hard

Deceit: maybe some day you can berid us all Me: is that foreshadowing I smell

That Spider-Man costume is literally like the best thing ever.


1:24 V: *hahahhah*

*coughs* PATTON IS A FURRY!!



Deceit is a strong felling lies are in all humans and that is why he is trying to mess with Anxiety cause Anxiety can beat him easy cause of the fear of failing a laying and getting in to trouble fear can beat him of the fear of failure


Anxiety is great stop calling him Virgel it makes him normal So no Christmas stuff Funny

I hope their is a series with deceit as like a 5 side I guess

I'm from Texas, I feel ya

new years day its right now

Virgil looked like brendon urie in the its almost Halloween video

Can I just say you be rockin that spiderman costume.

patton is a good boy

(okay lowkey need to know where virgil's fangs are from someone please find out-)


Virgil's hair in this video is just perfect.

You don't bring up a guys fedora phase Virgil, there has to be a line!

Did anyone else notice that at the beginning, he said "denounced" instead of "REnounced"?

Patton making an MCR reference. 2019 hopefully has MCR back.

Here's a chapter I wrote based off of this video that goes along with the storyline of the main story, *Sides School*, but anyways, here's the link: https://www.quotev.com/story/11306630/Sides-School/46 Please read it. Love ya, Thomas. (BTW I wouldn't mind if you read the whole story or if you just read the chapter, even if you didn't read any of it I wouldn't mind.) One last thing, I like how Patton said, "The only sons I can keep straight are my own." Because even his sons aren't straight. From one LGBTQ member to another, Happy Holidays. And, as Virgil would probably say, take it easy mistakes, regrets, and non-binary rejects, Rest-In-Peace Out!




Virgil, don't listen to Deceit, he's just trying to bring you down. If you SCALE the favoritism, you'll find that more people love you than anyone else. He's just jealous of you. I love you Virge, stay spoopy.




I’m just imagining him talking to himself throughout this whole video

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Virgill is the cutest vampire ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*waits for deceit* *is not disappointed*

my bABY

I love how Thomas makes me want to laugh, cry, squeal, scream, theorize, _curl up in a ball for hours,_ hug everyone, murder everyone, and binge watch all at once.

Have you Thomas Sanders ever lived in Canada

3:41 Roman: well someone's Scooby costume is ruined 23:16 Deceit, holding the scooby tag: i was.. totally not looking for thisss... Guys... DECEIT WAS GONNA BE SCOOBY! AAAAAH

Am I the only one that thinks Virgil is rocking the lipstick?

*when you look at the comments watching the video* *and you find out Deceit is in the video* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

“BETTER LOOKING THAN YOUR FACE!” “We have the same face! Never mind. Let it go Virgil” Relate. Same energy as my brother saying YO MAMA jokes. WE HAVE THE SAME MOTHER!! When will he get that?

I love it but now I'm worried about my bae

Wow didn’t expect spider man

flordias weather sucks I understand the pain merry scary cristmas


To everyone have a happy new year

4:37 *gets a commercial for new spider man movie*

"Oh, you mean the first 23 years of my life?" MEEEEE

Can we just like acknowledge Virgil’s Voice crack at the end tho

The very end made me happy, I’ve never heard so much emotion from Virgil

He’s so inspiring. He’s part of the reason I make it through.

Does the clip at the end mean that there are more characters like Deceit for Thomas to uncover??? Exitement! ❤❤❤


P: What a name! What a name! Me: WHAAAAAAT? AAAAAA??NAAAAAAAAAAAME???

Thomas, even though you might not like the things you've done in the past, they *have* made a mark. The vines were among the few that were legitimately funny and not offensive, your past emotional turmoil and current inner conflicts have helped all of us so much as we can work through our own problems with your help. Your videos are a perfect mix of silly and thought provoking, and you've really made a difference for a lot of us. Your past may have been "embarrassing", but it led you to where you are today: to us. *Thank you, Thomas Sanders.*

Wait does he mean when he says Virgil is pretending to be someone he's not? And getting rid of them all ? What is going on? Mmmhhhhhhhh I'm freaking out!!


3:35 Must have gotten my name tag mixed up with someone else's But also end card I totally wasn't looking for this DECEIT'S NAME? (it could just be Sanders Deceit, but shtill)

Everyone reply to this comment for fav side. V=Virgil/Anxiety P=Patton/Morality L=Logan/Logic R=Roman/Princey


I love this. I feel this. therefore i loeef this


Deciet: what was that? Virgil: NoThiNg GEt oUT!

I love Virgil's growth over the whole series, but in this video he explains everything without lashing out and talks in a soft, and sum what soothing voice. Even when scaring Thomas he is very gentle with how he does it. I can't wait to see how the other sides grow as well. Also Virgil's little squeaky, "Nothing gEt OUt!" is ADORABLE!

10:31 foreshadowing? ion know, most people just focuse on bigger things lel

Patton's face at the end! Aw!!

patton: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why do I like Deceit xD


19:37 rip paton (sorry if i spelled it wong)

I love Virgil

Ready for this yall? Virgil is romans opposite side. The opposite of confidence and optimism is playing it safe and pessimism. Virgils anxiety is what causes roman to work as hard as he does to produce good content. They work TOGETHER to fulfill part of thomas’s personality. This can be said about the other opposite sides. For example, patton and deceit work together to preserve the feelings of others and balance his moralities in certain situations. Whoever is logans opposite will also work with logan in a certain way. And that’s the tea sis.

These videos are entertaining, helpful and informative. Thanks Logan!


6:02 wE hAD a BonDiNg MoMEnt im sorry i had to

I’m trying to take Virgil seriously but those fake vampire teeth are distracting me #adhd

I can tell how much work went into this and it really paid off. You guys did an awesome job with the make up and the costumes and the script and the editing. All of it was just awesome. Thanks for including me in your outro. I myself are a non-binary pal. Thanks for all you. You really help people with your content. Keep it up. I look forward to see what you create in 2019

14:38 you just explained me


How come Roman said, "Dear Zeus!" When Zeus is the greek god? He should have said, "Dear Jupiter!"


R: Hypocrites say ‘what’ V: What R: oh my god, I can’t believe that worked!

20:00 - 20:03

Throughout the video I was a bit conflicted on my feelings towards it. Virgil never seemed like his goal was to actively upset anyone, he was just cynical and overly-cautious. Then I realized that this actually fits his established character pretty well, since anxiety typically involved a heightened sense of self-preservation. If Thomas isn't scared of Virgil, even a little, Virgil may not exist, which could influence him to try and remain somewhat "scary" I doubt this characterization was intended, but it still seems pretty accurate to me

So... Virgil most definitely used to be a Dark Side, right?

i miss story time ): they were funny

I'm sorry, I'm gonna be that guy. Virgil's voice crack at the end is a mood.

My favorite part has to be either Hypocrite say what? Or Virgil yelling at Deciet.

I have a very highted type of Anxiety and its hard for me to function properly sometimes but, these videos really help me understand that Anxiety isnt bad. That it can help sometimes and that you shouldn't be afraid of it.

Was that ending credit scene building up to something

... Thomas... You are the most interesting, inspiring and most awesome person I have ever seen. And I still watch all of your videos. Your funny, have a lot of friends, and... Better than me. I have social anxiety and I can't talk to anyone. So when I watch your videos... I am inspired.

Please bring back real or fake anime

So I was watching "making some changes" and it kind of hurt me when Virgil didn't get the J.D joke so @ThomasSanders can you add that Virgil has watched it heard of heathers and he is either interested or if he likes it

Get v2 is vine 2

So Thomas’s is gay right

https://youtu.be/GbXHrj8k7dg #saveyourinternet

I was rewaching this for my 100th time and only now did i hear virgil's voice crack right at the end after deceit said "what was that".

virgil: i'm having me time. get out

Plezzzzzzzz make more sander sides videos

So we didn’t have to wait till May?


Hahahahaha everyone rewatch 19:27

I have a really important question... Does anyone have any advice on rejecting someone? My very best friend just confessed that she liked me. I mean, she has been VERY clear about her bisexuality since we were little... But I never thought she'd like me... And I do love her.... Just not in that way... She's like my sister... And I don't want to loose her... She's really important to me and I-I just want to hurt her... I need advice.... Badly...

I meant DONT want to hurt her. Jeez that was stupid

Tensions are rising and I both love and hate it.

Do another real or fake anime

"We bonded and stuff" has the same energy as "we had a bonding moment, i cradled you in my arms"


omg now i wanna see deceit in his scooby doo costume!!!

How were you able to keep the bandages on the mummy because i am doing a cosplay Nd I need to keep bandages on

"Yeah you better run." "What was that?" *voice crack* "NoThInG, GeT OuT!"

"noTHING GET OUT" me when my mom asks what I'm doing while i watch these

Awesome Video :D

7:33 : Talens scream is so cute

You tube considered you as american singer

I live in Florda

I live In florda


I can't take Patton seriously at all!

I like how this video is literally "randomly Remembering those embarrassing memories and cringing to yourself mentally." Totally didn't click in my head until now xD

At 16:41 Patton i don't think you remembered all your sons are gay..... Like buddy come on

Heh, Lil Emo Patton is cute

You should let the sides react to fanfic

Thomas's phase was straight

Hey. So this is VERY off topic, but Thomas, IF you happen to read this, I need some help. I’m starting a YouTube channel and want to do scripted videos, but I have no idea what to do them on, how to do them, or anything really. I could use your help. Thanks!

Logan: “I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Me: He quoted the book. HE QUOTED THE BOOK! Frankenstein is my favorite novel, and I really appreciated the cultured use of it.

Everyone remember how when they change what the look like they can cross the wall? Good. I think it would be really sweet if they are in a weird place in Thomas's mind, and Virgil starts having an anxiety attack, so they all change into someone else and go over and comfort Virgil (or just one of them, prob dad he's most compassionate) I just think it would be really cute to see them trying to help him through it

being emo isnt bad. i am emo and its amazing

I'm drawing them all as charectors as monsters

Do you think Logan has ever hit the stairs next to him just wondering

Random idea that won't go away, what if a dark side could be apathy? I don't know.

Thomas will you please read this to everyone especially Virgil? PLEASE!? https://www.wattpad.com/564484712-a-sanders%27-side-of-christmas

Also I am not trying to take credit for this story as I did not write it!

sometimes i forget thomas plays all his sides

Were you related to kernual Sanders



Also. I feel like one of the dark sides for Patton should be Fear. Just because Patton seems to be afraid of a lot of things, such as spiders, nighttime, fighting, and maybe, even though he acts like he is his son, Anxiety. Just a theroy

Is patton a furry? XD

I feel like Virgil is a kid going through puberty and you are hus parents.

Logan with that classic Frankenstein quote while dressed as the monster was all I needed. Well done!

Thomas’s favorite Disney princess is Shuri.


Ghosts, Ghouls, and nonbinary spirits.


Virgil voice cracked slightly when he yelled at Deceit lol. he will always be my favorite


Gotta admit, I'm started to think Virgil is a kleptomaniac...

I love Virgil

Virgil’s lisp because of his teeth omg


Where was this video last semester when I was in lifespan psychology

Lol love the song references

"i don't kNOW AM IIII"



Through looking at the conversation between deceit and Virgil we can tell he's talking in complete lies here and he calls Virgil evolved and basically says that he is just going through motions and will never escape the dark sides

Patton: those were ugly words there kiddo Virgal: not as ugly as Thomas’s cosplays Princy: BETTER LOOKING THAN YOUR FACE virgal: we have the same *breaths out* never mind just let it go virgal The first time watching that made me laugh

When Roman said but it’s better if you do I screamed *PANIC AT THE DISCO!!!*

um the emo phase is amazing

Deceit's laugh will haunt me for the rest of my life

who is deceit?

Emo puppy Patton is freaking adorable

*dEEeEeeEeeEeeEep bReatH* ya duh



this is gonna be the best year in my life soulfully because of this video

only 400k views? wtf

:14 what makes my name logic?

Sorry Thomas but this link has all your old vines https://youtu.be/v4_9lRF6uSU

Omg virgil no you angsty little baby-

virgil saying “nOthIng gEt oUt!” is my new mood.

Thomas you should go to team ten house like if you agree


Hey Thomas I don’t want to seem weird but I thought of an okay idea for the sanders sides: Thomas falls asleep and in his dreams he walks into a room where the sides are all sitting at a table eating their favourite foods.the room is completely black with a bit of light up above, Thomas sees a spade chair and sits down- the sides still haven’t noticed him. Thomas awkwardly waves his hand. Uh, hi guys Virgil is the first to look up followed by Patton, Logan and then Roman. Everyone’s a little freaked out Virgil - what the Patton - fruit cakes! Virgil - *grunts a little* Logan is he supposed to be here? Logan and Roman look dazed Logan - uh I don’t believe so Roman - why is he here? Logan - I don’t know- Virgil - wow Logan - but I don’t think he can stay here Sides continue discussing Thomas ThomAs - uhhh, I’m still here guys Logan - right sorry. Thomas how did you get in here? Thomas - I don’t know. I just fell asleep Logan - okay let’s start from there ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have ptsd.

+patato the kawai ok good solid reason why it's not

it's not

You totally missed a tangled refrence btw. You said "Thats the thing its kinda a yearly thing," "Thats the thing about birthdays theyre kinda a annual thing!"

Virgils voice crack at the end gives me a reason to smile today

Logic(Logan) makes me feel so dumb


Everyone's talking about how Roman saying 'dont invite something else' could be a reference to deceit/whatever but honestly I just think it was him not wanting Virgil to insult more things he was proud of

-At the end- Me: (Skrieks) DECEIT!!!!

Ok who else loved Virgil's "NoThInG GeT oUt" at the end?


My favorite part, besides the after credit scene starts at 19:14 I just love the humor. At first I went 'oh dear Hades did he have a nice guy phase?' For a sec

Logan’s slang is IMPROVING!

But I’m better now right? (Anxiety: “IDK are you?”) IDK AM I ?!


0:34 me about TX

The phases Virgil gave the sides were the opposite of them

I honestly don’t like living in Florida because it’s to hot!... I wish I still lived in Florida.

Omg when I was 12 I owned like 20 fedoras, glad to hear you brought it up

i live in Texas

I feel like Patton is secretly David from Camp Camp

Wait u live in Florida!?! I DO TO!!

Exept for here in Florida. As someone who just moved here I am upset too. Well atleast the leaves are falling now, even tho its technically winter.

The sides should react to their ships (fanart, fanfiction, edits, whatever!)!!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!!

16:55 L o G a N

Bring back fake or real anime

Romans high pitched scream omg-

It has been confirmed. Deceit's name is Scooby.

I'm just sitting here with the goofiest smile on my face.

Love living in Florida

Quick question WHERES BEN.?..( just wondering I love Ben/benny and I wonder if you guys still keep in contact since he hasn’t uploaded in a year

I live in Florida

I started watching Thomas Sanders because I saw some of his vines lol

Can u do more voices of UNreason I love those videos!

It snowed here after 5YAERS

Anxiety is a secondary EMOTION

Thomas, no. Stop complaining. You do not want snow. We got 10 INCHES OF SNOW ON NEW YEAR'S DAY. AND I HAD TO SHOVEL IT. WITHOUT THE HELP OF A SNOWBLOWER.

23:25 Virgil-*voice crack*

WOW! This guy is so fucking corny I swear. I don't understand how people find him funny.

Merry Halloween you lovable people........oh...... Deceit too.

"Winter" in Florida? Thanks i hate it!

Logic said in one of the older videos that each of them represents more than just logic, morality, creativity and anxiety. I know everyone wants to see the d dark sides of Thomas but I want to know what else the main four represent and if the dark sides are a part of them logic was refering too. Like if they got out of hand would they transform? Anxiety into Depression or Rage, Logic into Chaos, Creativity into laziness or pride and Morality into........Deception? Maybe it has begun.

Middle School, the time where Virgil was born.

Do u think Virgil has a dark side or is a dark side...if so, what would be his light or dark side?

_oh jeez dude_

What if the Sanders Sides are just the evolved versions of the Seven Deadly Sins? I mean think about it! Roman could be the evolved form of Pride. Virgil could be the evolved form of Sloth, as shown by his unwillingness to do work in previous videos, or Wrath, as shown by his previous lack of self control. Patton would be the evolved form of envy. Now hear me out on this one. It’s because of how he does show certain amounts of envy towards the other aspects of Thomas’s personality. Deceit could also be wrath, though this time unevolved. He definitely shows signs of not being able to control his rage. Logan would be evolved Gluttony as shown by his greed for things knowledge and otherwise. This also gives us an idea as to who the other dark sides are. Lust and possibly Wrath.

When Logan cussed, I wish Patton made a gasp face lol

Hi I saw your comment on Erica loves pet saying how do you watch the episodes that come up well, I have a blog and a video site where if u want to see them in HD. So when they’re on C4 I post the videos onto my vk or dailymotion account and take screenshots and put them on my blog. If your interested please let me know and I’ll send you the link thanks Just rely to me on here if you want the links thanks

Hey, Thomas! You should make a video(music/singing related) with Kestin Howard(KestinTheVoice on YouTube.).

Did you ever self harm during your emo phase? I just know a lot of people (my self included) use self harming behaviors to cope with stress. It’s become a huge problem for me personally and honestly, I feel really alone because of it. I just know how I work and maybe, you could relate? Idk. Love this video though. Taught me a lot. ❤️

Hey Thomas go to geico.com/bestof 10 commercials Like Caveman Airport Collect Call Hump Day Gecko Interview Maxwell The Pig Possum Reality Show Soap Opera Squirrels Spy Ok

Parents: Stop listening to music, join us!!! Friends: all you do is listen to your stupid music. Sibling: Your music sucks. Music: Hey sweetheart, you ok? It’s gonna be alright, calm down.

Can u react to sanders side cosplays on tiktok

I can’t wait to meet the other dark sides. Anger, lust, depression, stupidity. It can’t always be butterflies and bubbles. Plus Thomas is brilliant enough to make them easier to handle thanks to his comedy and experiences. Since I stumbled upon his channel, I’ve learned to not fear my anxiety and have even come to reduce my attacks. My last one was in June 2018.

ItS nOt A pHaSe MoM!!!!

Thomas, u should do an episode of Virgil And the background with Decit, and give Decit a name.

The vocabulary cards are back! Yay!

not funny

I cried when Patton got his moment at the end. Ugh I'm so much like him. I understand little marshmallow!!!!


Dr you need to call him when he’s on his mind

I almost cried. This was so important for me to hear



+Potato bishh YES


1:17 Thomas: I've never done a New Year's episode! Me: This is so sad Alexa play "Lies lies lies lies lies"

I live in Florida so I feel your pain.


Tbh, I loved this video, but it would have been amazing if logan still hadn't worked out how to change out of his puppet form

Can somebody give me the timestamp for "hypocrite say what"?


Nvm I got it

Random theory, but maybe this video is hinting at the other dark sides throughout the whole thing? Hear me out please It starts with Virgil, who is a dark side, dressed scarily and through the video, the other sides costumes are changed. The costumes do connotate to deceit's nature and he even points it out. And the phases- the fedora looks to be deceit (also note patton's reaction to when he has the fedora on), the vine one seems to relate to greed maybe instead of pride, as Thomas wanted to become very well known on the media, the emo one looks to kinda represent the angsty virgil who's figuring himself out, and the cosplay one may represent Envy because of how Thomas says he didn't make as good costumes as others. Also, deceit is basically the opposite of morality. Envy seems to be the opposite of Logic, as it can cloud your thoughts and change your views entirely. And greed looks to be more the opposite of creativity compared to pride as greed is like wanting something to be yours instead of working to achieve it. And who appears at the end? DECEIT! Tell me what you think of my theory please, and if you have any more ideas! ^^

2:16 Oh my... why does Thomas sound like Deadpool? Is it just me?

ohh talyn's scream is back!!

patton looks like an adorable lost emo puppy

That voice crack was beautiful


Hypocrytes say what? "What?" oH HO IT ACTUALLY WORKED

I spelled hypocrites wrong.


patton you cant keep any of your sons straight

virgil seems really persistent to scare the other sides. he almost seems like his old self. is this deceit? or is virgil going into a bad stage again?

Know what I'm sick of hearing? "It's just a phase"

These videos are actually pretty deep


Forever a mood



Omg my dark strange son is s a v a g e

"Affectionately get them out of their pants" *slow down there anxiety*


This is making me think of my phases that i've had. There is Demon Phase Girly-girl phase Singer phase Antisocial headphones kid phase And Self deprecation phase which i'm still going through...

When they mentioned Vine, the next video on auto play was a Thomas Sanders vine compilation, lmao, I'm dead.

i not like that in tennesse

Thomas I'm sorry buddy, but even virgil is more positive then the human race

I’ve watched this video like 15 times, and I can’t get enough of it.

Okay, the snek in the end gave me the hibby gibbies, but can we talk about Virgil's "Nothing, get out!" his tiny squeak melted my soul into the next astro projection


yea... just like my realization of EVERYTHING wrong in my entire life... I'm late again..

I have a serious question. Does Roman, Patton, Logan, and Virgil have a brain/any organs? Think about it. Since they are part of Thomas, would they really be necessary? Technically they are his imaginary friends....do imaginary friends own a brain or organs.(Fun Fact: It's a NOOOOOOOOOO!) Also will Patton become more mature when/if Thomas has a child. (Adopt maybe) Also, me and my f friends are being Sander Sides. I'm Patton and my friend Logan is Logan. lol I would also like to see Joan, Talyn, and other friends' Sander Sides. Like Joan's Logan, Roman, Patton, and Virgil. What would they names be? The same names or different ones.(I say different) Please Read and Consider Sander Sides Squad!

Christmas could be worse...................in Louisiana it rained like heck

*d̶o̶e̶s̶ t̶h̶i̶s̶ m̶e̶a̶n̶ y̶o̶u̶'l̶l̶ b̶e̶ a̶t̶ S̶w̶a̶m̶p̶C̶o̶n̶*

Ok but do they have different outfits for each phase????

I live in Australia ITS SUMMER HERE

Virgil kylo ren

Are you mentally okay?

Are you still doing the anime guessing game

Congrats on 3million Subs!

Virgil: Yeah you better run. Deceit: What was that? Virgil: nOthiNG gEt oUT

*_Patton. Is. So. Adorable. I. Cannot. Handle. This. Emotion._*



Wait. So was Deceit Patton?

Virgil is my favorite

Who else Is watching him get 3 million subs live?

I literally am Virgil

Virgil: yeah you better run Other guy(forget what he is): what was that? Virgil:*voice crack* NOTHING GET OUT!

"Other guy" is Deceit

I want someone to introduce undertale toThomas I don't know why but I want him to see what it is please Thomas

“ tHe fEdoRa pHase “ patrick stump : exCuse YoU

Virgils voice changed :(

I faun you on vine

I still have no snow and I'm upset

Is it just me of does anxiety Thomas remind you of Sasuke Uchiha from season 4 of Naruto, the normal anime and or Sasuke from Shippuden?

We need, like, a t.v. Show for just the sides with plots and the usual lesson at the end of the day. Because the fans keep making theories even though this series is for Thomas dealing with depressive thoughts that one would get at 2:00 A.M.

Patton: the only sons I can keep straight are my own!

In November 2018 I made a Parody of you because Fantastic Beasts 2 was coming out. The Vine I parodied was "I might rely on GPS a bit too much" Here is a reminder: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=isOxIIhmVQE. And now here is my Parody: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V7scsenQPTU

Damn that scream Roman, scared the living daylights out of me

So Spiderman scares Patton but not anxiety dressed as a vampire with fake blood and knife... Honestly same

"nOtHinG geT oUT!!1!"

“Wait, Thomas... you’re Spider-Man...???” That was ADORABLE!!!!

the 13:45 part where thomas says that Anxiety works with them now, he kinda should have said that they learnt to work with him instead ! just sayin' everything else is amazing

Fucking florida

love you fav character is Virgil

Gotta love that voice crack from Virgil at the end

You're so close to 3 million subs!

OMG every time a parent interrupts you when you're doing something they say " what are you doing?" Then the kids SAYS " NOTHING GET OUT! "

Did anyone else here Virgil’s voice crack at the very end?

U should make a video where ur sides watch themselves in old vines

I love Roman's scream

vine thomas: my milkshake me: pauses video* noooOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!outwardly cringes* also patton: that is so my aesthetic! me: aesthetic? this is what happens when innocentness is exposed to the modern day-and-age internet

“Dear Zeus” “Dear Newton” “Dear John!” *DeAr EvAn HaNsEn*

You’re so close to 3 million subscribers!! :D congratulations!!

I didn’t know that Thomas singing Nightmare Before Christmas songs was something I needed in life. More please?

OMG OMG OMG The way that deceit confronted Virgil at the end practically proves that Virgil used to be dark, the way he talks like they used to be friends

16:55 WOAH LOGAN, you said it, that pun was kinda bad

Just let Virgil be scary ;-;

deceit is virgil's new mom, sorry guys, i dont make the rules.

Virgil's scare was so cute. His rawr was even cuter, like a little kitten.



I've had some weirddddd phases ..... *Killing Sims phase*

#TSrealanime I cry a lot I have no power and I got power now I break my bones a lot (My Hero Acadimia)

-2 not fun

WhAt ArE yOu GoInG tO dO

The emo references make me happy. Can't lie.

No one is going to get this but... We had a bonding moment I cradled you in my arms

i got you tomas i live in florida to UGHHHH

12:51 was HILARIOUS


“NOthing get oUt!”

Wolf man I know I'm the woof man

I'm In Georgia so I know how that feels


Hey you're not in Canada you don't know how cold it is here

Ok so...Thomas as Virgil in the Victorian getup...really working for me not gonna lie


who else really wants thomas to collab with james charles

4:40 Roman was unimpressed

@Thomas Sanders Look at this https://youtu.be/2dbVMpTc2xo

Can you please do more videos with deceit? Like, maybe another Sanders Side Q and A with him in it! That would be awesome!!!

Patton: The only sons I can keep straight are my own Me: Wait a second! PATTON DO YOU HAVE MULTIPLE SONS OTHER THAN THOMAS

Nice guys first


I have a question (idc how late this comment is) prinxiety or moxiety? Im s͟e͟r͟i͟o͟u͟s͟

Please tell us what deciet's name is

I JUST HAD AN IDEA you should make a video on how to be gayer because I want to be gayer-

nothINg get Out

it says Pawton

logan looses it and starts swearing

Well that ending was.... Ominous.... >.> Not foreboding at ALL Thomas. •~• Seriously though, loved it. Keep up the amazing work with everything you're doing, and I can't wait till your next video! :D P.S: Virgil is way too adorable. Even when he's trying to be scary, he's too darn cute! P.P.S: IT'S NOT A PHASE, MOM!

virgil is just quoting everyone

*watches Virgil and Deceit* These two have a history...

''try hard' wow as an edgy teen I feel personally attacked

Virgil saying “Nothing, get out!” Is my favorite line of his. His voice was so high pitch there

The emo phase is my favorite, cuz its just so relatable XD

Still watch your vines (I'm evil

I spit out my tea when it said ' but its better if you do '

The fact that Roman goes to " better looking than your face" makes me ( a prinxiety stan) think that Virgil's face is the standard Roman has ( aka me digging for prinxiety content)

Much love to Joan for all of their help. They don't get enough credit. This was amazing and 100/10 on the costumes ♡♡♡ Love You Joan

The look in Virgil's eyes at any and every moment says : I am all powerful smol bean that must be protected...fear me

I love that vampire costume.

Did u see the new su episodes

Thomas. I have a veeeery important question. Do you ship Moxiety (Virgil × Patton)? I JUST GOTTA TO KNOW, it's my OTP ;w;

I personally don't ( I know I'm not thomas and you don't care but I'm already typing sooo....) bc I see their relationship as more father son

Just a theory but is Roman’s dark side Ego/Pride since Deceit is kind of the unofficial parallel/rival of Virgil?

Myyy haaaarrrrtttt

Thomas music

I keep wondering if Thomas's phases here parallel Virgil's Dark Side arc... Cosplay phase? More like passion turning to perfectionism, leading to giving up and feeling inferior and alone or unworthy, of not belonging (with the light sides), of needing to prove himself. And finding that he's good at other things, but the inferiority overshadows the superiority: 'If I cannot be loved and respected, I will be feared and respected.' Emo phase: trying to find a place in society where he fits and can find himself. Virgil finding the Dark Sides after previous failures and, even tho they're toxic, finding a place where he feels he belongs, finding friends, and developing his values--like perhaps that causing pain/fear is a worthwhile means to a productive end. Vine phase: breaking out of his shell, starting to show up among the best of Thomas, both setting a tone that he wants to continue (and doesn't), tho it was wrought with moments he regrets as having been... too much, even problematic. It's not that he's lost these parts of his past, it's that he's learned to take the best that he can take from them while trying to be less of a hindrance. He'll still be a dick for the sake of keeping Thomas on task, but now it's less about holding his face to the grindstone and more about maintaining a Yerkes-Dodson peak.

Hey Thomas do u like fun land popcorn if u live in Tampa then u might know what I'm talking about

You should all love yourself for who you are

Congrats on 3 million subs Thomas!!! I'm so proud of you!

Can Virgil keep the fangs? Tbh they look pretty cool on him XD


ooh I'm worried for virgil is he gonna has to do Battle with Deceit unbeknown to the others?

11:50 i cant

19:22 omfg this is fucking geneous


3:54 Patton is ADORABLE!!

Aaah I learned about psychosocial development this year! I understood a part of this!!

hey Thomas can we have an episode with Remy/sleep in it if you don't mind

This is legit my life. :)

Are we going to ignore Virgil's pet spider?

if Virgil had anxiety attack would he just have an attack because he is anxiety?


My "girl phase" was pretending to be a cis straight girl lmaooo

I knew decit was gonna pop in here somewhere in the video! Also, you show him Virgil!

Where is deceit!!!!




Virgil as a vampire is so hot, fight me


can I have pointers to be funny 2

I relate to Virgil so much it's scary

"So fRICKEN bad" me too

I laughed so hard at the song references.

Deceit Classy Sanders? I LOVE IT


Nice scream!

The MCR reference I'm dying

From pain or laughter lmao

Can we pleeeeease get Virgil's sweat jacket back in stock?

Patton said, that he mixed up with his name tag with someone else's Scooby Doo tag. And Deceit said, that he's been looking for that tag all day. Does that mean that Deceit was supposed to be dressed up as Scooby? And why was the tag in Virgil's room?

Congratulations to 3.000.000 subs

Nice job reaching 3 million subscribers Thomas



Hey Thomas, got a challenge for you, listen to this at night with the lights off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84-VIha81_g

Thomas I have an idea for romans room can you please make virgil and Roman happen please

Hey, Patrick Stump has a Fedora lol

HoLy s**T WhY dOeS AlMoSt eVeRy SaNdErS sIdEs MaKe mE CrY!?!?!?

When Roman said he's modest I actually laughed

The fact that Thomas doesn't get less than 300 likes is amazing and I love it.

You forgot the phase where you couldn't say if egg was a colour or not so things are egg coloured

How/where do we send fan mail/art?

This is the first time I can totally relate Virgil NEVERMIND PAT I WANT YOUR COSTUME

Pat is me in a nutshell

okay but is it just me or the ending clip is somehow foreshadowing smth

https://youtu.be/OR0sMIPEL2k :3

Who else thinks there should be a sander side when Virgl calms down and they try to change him back because they need him

THOMAS YOU ARE SOOO TALENTED AND ADORABLE!! This is my second time watching this video and I can’t get enough of it. I love it And I love you! You’ve inspired so many people in the LGBTQ+ community and that’s just so amazing. Thank you for helping all of us feel welcomed and loved!

So I have a question (this community is the kindest community I know so How did you tell your parents your gay? Cause I want to talk about it to them but I’m afraid. Of a negative reaction

“The only sons I can keep straight are my own” Patton, no one in that room is straight.

Virgil’s voice crack at the end sounds like me yelling at my mom

Voice Crack Virgil: 23:24

23:23 You're welcome.

Florida is great

Growth is beautiful

okay so in the video thomas said songs that rasinated with me and i now have a mix of PATD and the soul eater opening in my head send help

I Su Sub Subb Subbe Subbed Subbe Subb Sub Su I

Can we get another #AskSandersSides ?

Y'all talking about theories of Virgil being scared of Deceit and I thought it was just those moments when you shout at your parents to get out of your room

I love you. omfg. i love you. you are so adorable. omfg. adorable

Your videos have been helping me a lot. I was wondering I you ever done so much stuff but fell back at square one. If you know what I mean

“Yeah you better run” “What was that?” “nOtHinG gEt OuT” I LAUGHED IN SUCH AN UGLY WAY

Virgil’s makeup has been looking better... Thomas is getting p good at blending that eyeshadow

Congrats on 3 million subs

You are the best I ain't gonna lie but when u crack my side u might wanna die: Virgil


I love these videos

This video kind of reminds me of how the jacksepticeye fandom portrays the egos

I like Virgil the best

Me and my friends gave each other sanders sides nicknames. I'm Patton! Yay! I'm curious, who would be your nickname? Reply!


We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!!

I love you vines and YouTube videos

OOF My ain’t Maelee and Shanae know you


Nice to see Virgil gets excited over something!

you should do the anime real or fake again


Can someone please please tell me how could I possibly find the soundtrack Thomas is using? Like when Virgil or Deceit is talking/appearing? Please someonee


I had a fedora phase. It was short lived

Why isn't Virgil a shoulder devil and Patton a shoulder Angel

I LOVE your story time vines

Wait is virgil ACTUALLY scared of deceit? Cause if so then we have major problems!


After Roman made that Panic! At The Disco reference I legit paused the video to start screaming the lyrics to "But it's Better if You Do" I don't regret it.

Speaking of phases, is he going through his cussing phase along with smart phase???

Wait he’s been going through his custom phase..... DID U SEE HOW MANY CUSTOMS HE WORE?!?

"Thomas... You're spiderman....?"

You are irrelevant

Wait wtf Thomas lives in Florida???? I didn't know this!

Oh Jesus, not a FEDORA PHASE

Then come to MINNESOTA!!!!!

So, what I take away from this. It's fine to talk to the voices in your head! Just put it on youtube in a fun format so I don't get put into a psych ward.

it's not a phase, mom.


18:03 ya boi Aye I say that a lot and my mum tells me stop but I don’t care because I’m FTM hidden and if that can let me be happy for a moment I won’t stop :3 *wink wonk*

This is upload on my brithday.


I would really like to see Thomas's personalities reacting to their ships (especially prinxiety).That would be great!!

And a truckload if bubblegump shrimp

I just have to say I can't help but think that Patton isn't just the heart I mean we all know that our brains can't always be that logical because of right brain left brain Logan is the left brain and Patton is the right brain I wonder if you guys could make a video on that

I LOVE HIS VINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz some reply

Thomas. Your probably not going to reply to this but can you make some more videos. I am also going though a hard time if you know what I mean.


¿Y mi español? :'^D

MACKIRONI he says. Says the person who can so a inpreashen stich, stiuy umm im gessing mackironi

Happy New christmas Year!

+Jasmine Womack Well, yeah, ship what you wanna, am I right? Thanks for your opinion though, I appreciate it (〃^ω^〃)

ooh I'm worried for virgil is he gonna have to do Battle with Deceit unbeknown to the others?

Thomas: I’m sure it’s nice in other places... Me in Washington in the middle of a wind/lightning storm: yea no

*when you get the MCR references and it is just proved once again that you're an emo nerd*

“Dear Zeus!” “Dear Newton!” “DEEEAAAaaaRRR jOOOOOOOHhhNNN”

Erik Erikson is actually named as such because he divorced himself from his parents and changed his last name to represent the fact that he was running his own life

Hey Thomas do u like Star Wars?

Deceit!!! My beautiful baby boy is back ohhh I've been waiting for my favorite princess of truthfulness

Congrats on 3MIL

I *almost* didn't watch the end card because I was watching this video for the first time while getting ready to go somewhere. I am so glad I watched it because O H M Y G O S H

Oooh I didn't even realize you were story time guy. Those were pretty funny. Great video and lessons learned :) So glad I found this channel.

Florida is better than where I live it is freezing

Is being paranoid that people can read your thoughts a phase?

I always learn something from these videos, not necessarily things I didn't know before , but things I just never thought about in this way. It somehow works better at making me happy than eight years of psychotherapy and antidepressants???!?!

9:15 I finally understood something Logan said because of my Child Development class

I think it would be cute if there was a video about the 4 main sides just hanging out in Thomas’s mind.

Like maybe they would all be sitting on a couch and watching a movie or watching Thomas going through his day through the TV. Patton would make dad jokes, Logan would add in bits of information wherever he could, Roman would be shouting at the screen every few minutes about ideas for new videos or how to react to a situation, and Virgil would be commenting on Roman’s outbursts sometimes making the other sides laugh. I don’t know, I just think it would be really cute

The ending with Deceit lol

I spit tea everywhere

Talyn's scream x2 :3

It's like that in California too

You need to watch an animation about the song you made that’s called Breathin

Go to this channel called it’s Valerie

I still want a video about the dark sides! (Pwease?)

No one probably cares but I just wanted to say thank you Thomas. I have been going through a really rough time lately with my Anxiety off the hook but then I found your channel. It made me feel a lot better! You are so funny and kind hearted and you are such a great actor! It inspired me to start doing improv at Second City back where I live and I watched some of your videos to help with characters. It really helped and I finally built up enough courage to go on stage and preform. I probably never would of done that if it wasn’t for you. I do get Anxiety attacks here and there but your videos always calm me down. You are just do darn funny! Also finally a channel that deals with real topics and isn’t fake like others. Lastly you made me sing in front of others for the first time in 4 years. I quit YADA 4 years ago because I felt like I wasn’t a good singer and I had my first Anxiety attack on stage. Then finally a week ago at Improv class I opened up and sang in the middle of musical game. You just helped me become myself and so much more. Thank You

Holy Sh*t - Logan 2018

*Ya boi*

Thomas Sanders its ok Colorado barley got any snow this year

6:02 wE hAd a BoNdInG mOmEnT


Wait.....Thomas *should* have been on youtube rewind

I'm actually a nerd for Erikson's phases, so this was GREAT!

Dude.... you haven’t seen Australia then

10:32 Well Patton I don't know how to feel because that's exactly what I did with highschool QwQ..... hhhhhh-

patton is gradually developing a minnesotan accent and it's hilarious

you should make a skit with Smosh, remember you did the seriously stupid sleepover with Noah Courtney and Olivia,.

This was really good to hear for someone like me going through questioning their sexuality, and constantly being told 'its a phase.' It's not often I hear someone saying that I am me, no matter the 'phases' because they don't define me.

where is that corner of the brain that has nothing going on but GAY.

Sanders skellington.

OML THE EMO REFERENCES. I’m dying. The fact that Roman knows Panic!, though.

I used to live in florida


Is it me or is virgil acting weird

What “other” the other sander side or......something more...?

15:38 Red Hot Chili Peppers anyone?

I love emo Patton

Virgil adding ‘affectionately’ is wholesome

Thomas is such a mom friend

Virgil's lipstick is so good

Aunt Patty's Day

Halloween >:3

23:23 NoThing get out!!!

Talyn’s is really cute.

I am fearless Ive seen you scared VIRGIL XD

Omg that laugh No wonder Virgil wants to be alone

Oh my God I just realized Virgil never "got over" the emo phase *_"It's not a phase, mom, it's who I am."_* This would totally apply to him

lol YAY FLORIDA! at least we don't have to worry about black ice

Hey Thomas

Thomas as Spiderman? Boi I'm down

안녕하세요 (hi)

Go to Massachusetts for Christmas. We've got lows below freezing. Right now it's only 35 degrees.

19:26 when Thomas said “what you gonna do what you gonna do” did anyone else think of Hamilton

Thank you Thomas

Please do more of this. I love it!!

Ugh I miss the nice cold snow.

In Idaho fall winter and spring its way too cold and in summer its way to hot

I went through a meme phase. I'm still not done with that one.

Things that suck: Why why why can Thomas Sanders be bisexual... ALL THE GOOD GUYS ARE GAY. So sad for us females.

And my fedora phase continues


Still creepy.

its 2019 thomas lol

OH MY GOSH LOGAN IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON!! THEY BOTH DID THE EXACT SAME WRITING THING! Also, did anyone else get a “we had a bonding moment” at that one point? All it was missing was the cradling in one arms.

From the new world... OH... NO NO NO NO NO NO WHY WAS I REMINDED OF THIS

Patton: Oh! That's right! The only sons I can keep straight are my own. Me: But who HAD a girl phase! (I think it sounded better in my head)

Has thomas ever reacted to Shelter? The official music video is amazing, I wanna see if thomas can ever find the meaning to it.

Thomas, please read this. Its a video that I think you would like. Please watch the video. Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dbVMpTc2xo

I live in Massachusetts and I always have snow and in 2018 and now 2019 still have no snow

I love the "Don't question me again Sanders" *scream*

Tryna tell anxiety he's not anxiety

Tag ur self I'm Patton

Who else is waiting for the other dark sides like deceit? I find it so interesting that there is more to the story then we had thought. That these silly skits have a serious and mysterious side. I really hope we get to learn more about the sides.

Wow even Logan looked offended when Thomas said Virgil wasn't scary

Is it weird that I think virgil is the cutest one ? Cause he's ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS FOR SOME REASON!! AND SO IS PATTON My fav sander sides are Patton and virgil

I high key love pattons emo outfit

....Why do I relate to Virgil so fuckin' much.

Jennifer Michalczyk that's Remy

Did Roman do a Red Hot Chilli Peppers reference??

So does this mean that we finally get the battle of sanderalities?

- Hypocrite say what - What? - Ha! It worked! SD - The collar S...........D....eceit

18:53 *Did someone say cat aesthetic??*

Does anyone else do this? 1. Friends all watch this and we all call each other names of the sides. (I am Thomas in the group cause I am all tge sides mixed) 2. Freak out and do a celebratory dance when a new episode of anything (especially this) comes out 3. Re-watches all episodes with Patton like glee even though your 15 and should be growing up. But I refuse!

great episode as usual, i was thinking for valentine's day you could bring out a new dark side. maybe envy/jealous. it is the perfect time for those of us not in a relationship to be envious of those who are. It's just a thought


19:24 so freakin adorable

Count how many "also thank you" in the description

Jesus Christ I’m gonna take a toaster bath

i love this episode!!!! I THINM VIRGIL IS MORE HANDSOME WITH THOSE VAMPIRE TEETH!!! damn he looks cooler

*Lights go out and everyone screams. Hears Roman's scream* Me: "Oh there's Talyn!"

15:38 lmao

I live in Miami and I can relate to the Miami not being chill. I am not chill anyways so there is no change!

can you do a video about anime opening and the sandersides have to guess what anime it is. please

I just realized....Thomas is gonna be SUCH a good dad

wow roman looks black welcome my brother

Also next year the should do a Christmas Carol parody Logan as scrooge Patton as the first ghost Romen as the second ghost Virgil as the third ghost Thomas as the nephew

Did logen just cus


I died at the mcr reference

He should go into acting

frankinstien has a serious case of his chin looking like a ballsack

I just imagined his neighbours hearing at least twice a month muffled noises of someone arguing and screaming with himself.

Do you have an Amino

React to prinxiety please.

I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! At the end, Deceit finds the Scooby Doo tag, and basically says that he was looking for it, well, Scooby Doo's initials are SB SB = Slimy Boi! lmao

Virgil:the best event in my life will be my funeral. It'll be similar to a wedding. The priest will throw my corpse into the crowd and the person who catches it will be the next to die Roman:(snorts) I'm dying Logan:I guess we know to caught the body,then.

probably no one knows what a therian is but as one i want to wear a collar wherever i can and seeing PATTON IN A COLLAR IS SO UPLIFTING!!! Also he looks adorable!

where is the new sander side episode?

Thomas should have a video of Vergil and deceit come together and show true anxiety

okay so major theory! Patton always says that the other sides are this “sons”? What if that’s actually true! Patton represents emotion and morality , which will probably be the first side that Thomas ever had, since you are born with emotions ect. Logic, Anxiety and Creativity are sides that Thomas has gathered probably during his youth/adulthood, so Patton is basically the father of the sides! :)

05:51 is my favorite part

Talking bout cosplaaaaay, I’m being Logan next supanova

I just want to know where Thomas gets these obscure psychiatric paper references for Logan to spout.

Please do more

I woulda loved deceit to have been in this. Woulda been... funny..? Like, he just pops up in a Medusa suit somewhere. “Girls are gross” where everyone just looks at him as he disappears. Woulda been funny to me

The sheer time and energy that went into this is enough for me.

Merry Christmas Thomas!

"A nice nickname, I never thought of that ?"

“We bonded and stuff!” “WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT! I CraDleD yOu in My aRMS!” help. I think I’m insane.

I just wanted to thank you. I've really come to terms with my anxiety and it's all thanks to your videos. Personifying my traits really helped me see why I have anxiety. My anxiety has even stopped taking over my life. I get more sleep, I feel comfortable saying things without rethinking them over and over, and I'm actually pretty confident about an upcoming presentation. The other day was a day where a just knew when I went to bed the other thing I would be able to think about was what I did wrong, but that didn't happen. I feel asleep with a smile on my facing thinking about what I did RIGHT that day. I'm so thankful for that.

“...Until Deciet was unmasked like a freaking Scooby-Doo Villain.” - Roman (Can LYING be Good?)


Did you ever think that Virgil tells the others that they could call him Virge because he is on the VIRGE of being alone?

Can we please have another episode with deceit being a main focus? ❤️

I relate so much

23:24 nOtHiNg GeT oUt!


20:15 MOXIETY! Omg this is so cute

Virgil is adorably evil

This was pretty recent. IM NOT LATE FOR ONCE!!!

Thomas these r amazing i love how the characters actually feel like real people and their own personality. Its amazing how some one can create this and make it work so well. It makes me laugh so hard. It helpt me alot to understand things, its amazing how u made it relate to life and have comedy and the same time they r just wonderful. Thank you for ur eforts in making these videos they make me laugh

15:51 who is he referring to??

3 million subs! Way to go Thomas!

I wonder if I could do a series like this

One word... Spandex... That is all...

*y a b o i*

I'm so sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the video. But I just saw this musical and I immediately thought of you. It's called ''The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals''. It's really funny, I lmfao and I hope you like it as well

Is it bad, that Virgil's makeup reminds me of Johnny Depp's character Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows???? Not like in a bad way, I still think Virgil's costume is freaking awesome

12:12 monstax hero

3:22 patton, wot is this

YOURE ON TIKTOK? There is hope for that app after all

This made me re-think my life in a good way. Thank you so much for creating this video

Happy 3mil

i'm *soft*

anxiety is my vavourite side

20:02 Omg Logan looks so proud of his dark son

Wait tge interaction at the end with deceit and virgil does that....... ⚠ Theory ahead, Theory ahead ⚠ Does that point to any possible PAST friendship they had? Because in the"is lying bad" video when deceit was patton he said at the end to virgil "But aren't we friends" virgil says "No i don't think so" or something similar, do you guys get What Im trying to say? Or maybe im just reading to much into this. But what if, Virgil himself used to be a "dark side" and thats how he met deceit? But hey that's just a theory........ [© saying here]

remember its every day bro

Never change, Thomas. Never change

Hi I just binge watched all of these for the past two days and I am LIVING for this ;v; Keep it up! I'm really looking forward to learning about the other "dark sides" and also just getting more good life lessons. Here's hoping that I can eventually learn to work with my anxiety like you've worked with yours c:

Misleading comments: I have the fire of a cocktail. . .TO your heart


So hi I kind a need your help with my life I have moved to a new school and I’m actually doing pretty bad I’m doing good for a change subjects but no Maria some of them are bad I think I might get her back or even lower than the grade I in right now I kinda scared t was going to happen next I kind of feel like I should run away or even kill myself but like I don’t want to do that I want to still be with my family so I don’t know what to do can you please give me a device with your next video thanks bye

Someone help what song was Roman singing I can't remember

After Virgil threw the stone the way he cared about Thomas and was worried he’s so precious

Anyone still waiting for the other dark sides?

I wish that Logan and Roman would have their videos for opening up. Virgil's was Accepting Anxiety, Patton's was Nostalgia, and they were both felt for by the other characters in those videos. But, Logan and Roman haven't had those videos yet. All the Prinxiety shippers will have noticed that Virgil hasn't really had a heartfelt moment where he felt bad for Roman. Am I Original had the potential for that, but Roman didn't open up enough. Also, I think now is the perfect time for Logan to have his. He's started developing feelings, and it would be great for him have an emotional breakdown in a video before he's used to full force feelings. Thanks for listening to my rant on what I think I would do if I was in a position I have no idea about. But, I think I speak for a lot of the viewers when I say we really want to see this. Just a recommendation, though. No need to take it.

I am in FL too!


Anxiety, we bonded! I cRAdDleD yOu iN mY aRMS!!!!!

We got a Deceit Classy Sanders over here!

Long Story Time: At vidcon in the expo hall there were two popular people(TheOdd1sOut and SomthingElseYT) trying to sneak past through a door to meet the Wednesday my dude's guy. You did a big show thing so they tried to sneak past you and it almost succeeds until you ended the show right in the middle of their sneaky walk so all the fans saw them and looked at them and rushed. So they got sent back to the start at the meet and greet and stood there for a little while, they enjoyed it and had so much fun signing and meeting fans but they didn't meet the Wednesday my dude's guy.

Sup Sanders im Shroud but not real shroud BTW im a big fan of your vids for couple of years but im kinda need your help just reply so i can say it to you

Those arms *drools*

I got really excited for this video and cried when it came out Then cried when Thomas came on Then cried when the sides came out Then cried when the video ended Then cried because I realise I literally have no chance of meeting Thomas even though I love him so much Essentially, this non-emotional video made me cry.

Dear Mr. Thomas Sanders, You are one of my favorite viners/YouTubers. I've been a fan for quite a while and I've been queer for quite a while. At 10 I started questioning gender, at 14 I was bi, 1 highschool, 4 name changes, 1 discover of pansexuality, and a couple genders later. I'm 20 and I'm going to get my first prescription for testosterone in the next couple of months (4-5 at the most maybe longer money is weird) as a trans male/non-binary boi. And live with my insane boyfriend who got me tickets to Minnesota, his state (I'm in NC) for 3 months (longer if I get a job) thanks for being awesome and funny. Love, Samuel

I like it when you were doing a vine at school being Stewie

I loved the vines.

You mentioned the Vine Phase, but goofball. I see you on Tik Tok. Wave your geek flag high you magnificent silly dork~

I can't believe being awkward is so funny.

How in the name of all that is extra did I forget to open this early Christmas present? edit: I am less than 3mins in and Thomas is Spidey, Patton's a puppy, Logan's a Stein-y, and Roman's a mummy- all vhilst Virgil vaits in zee stairvay vamping...I have already reached peak sandersidity, I don't know how much farther I can go before I- *hits play anyway* wish me luck....

Wait... Anybody else notice the all time low armband. Oh mah gawd

Virgil's voice cracked at the end...

This is amazing!

I love this so much

I'm going to be completely honest here, I REALLY hope Deceit and the other dark sides aren't bad/turn good like Virgil. This is Thomas' personality we're talking about here; he isn't a terrible person. So, why would his traits be terrible villains that only wants to hurt the others? I know nobody is perfect, but they're more likely to be morally grey than a nasty villain. Plus, I really liks the annoying little brother vibe Deceit is having at the moment.

Ok, so; I find shipping the sides with each other kinda weird cuz you're literally shipping Thomas with himself. But then again I'm a hypocrite cuz I ship Prinxiety and Logicality.

Panic at the discooooooooo

try living in satins ass crack in Australia winter is only a slightly cooler summer and Christmas is in summer

Is it just me or did Virgil at 0:57 kinda sounded like an adorable lil toddler

Rewatching all the videos becuase I have no life beyond the Sides and I noticed Deciet says "Rid us all" Is Deciet talking about the dark sides? So many questions.

It would be so cool if you could include Liza Koshy in one of the Sanders Sides videos. She's taken time off for mental health, it would be cool to talk about that and use her for some of the characters the way you used your friends in one or two of the other videos.

“Dear Zeus!” “Dear Newton!” “DEAR JOHN?!” Best part. Oscar worthy. Alert the academy.

How cool would it be if Thomas did a Steven universe, and have certain emotions fuse together, like Logic+morality= Understanding Morality+Creativity= Self Expression Anxiety+Creativity= Cynicism Logic+Anxiety= Realism Etc

I know im late to the vid but *When deceit left* Im glad he is HISStory now

Nice Patton

me *remembers my fadora stage, plaid shirt stage and kpop stage* me uhhhhhhhh why though? ps those stages are still a part of me and honestly now I would still be doing them but my friends would dress and do everything so much different than me it drove me out of them even though I was pretty happy pps they are amazing friends though

Did he get black nail polish and paint it all over his fingers?

I'm going to AFFECTIONATELY scare them. Lol Virgil's clarifications are hilarious Also them not being scared of Virigl is also amusing

Hi Thomas, just wanted to say... you are cute.

Virgil has a strong vibe but that voice crack is Sooo adorable he sounded so vulnerable AWWWW


What I would give to meet Thomas

Thomas Sanders said someone at a pizza place wrote "I think this is that guy who does all those awesome voices".....But the stupid fart failed to cover up was, it was in the customer request box...So he WROTE IT HIMSELF.....HOW PATHETIC!

2:49 stop it, get some help

23:24 *get oUt oF mY rOoM iM pLayInG mInEcRafT!*

Yo, guys, check out "a lesson in practicality" ep. 1 + 2 , its n animatic of the sides and its so damn good

20:02 Logan looks so proud of his dark son

His way of saying he isn't the villain?




I am.... I am actually scared of the past 2 eps..... Wow.... I couldn't watch the last ep.... Anyone fill me up?.... Please....


Just like with patent and deceit you should sell the other sides of all the other Sanders sides

I love the emo song references!

Virgil: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” *ad pops up*

Fav: Virgil then Patton then Logan and then Roman. Yeah I know there is another one but I don't like Deceit he creeps me out.

16:41 how did he not make a straight joke?

oooooo watching again "don't invite something else" hmmmmmmmmmm something else....gotta wonder...new dark side?

I have a theory, since thomas is become more happy and telling virgil that he is becoming " part of the group", wouldn't that mean that virgil would start to fade away since thomas is losing is anxiety and ego? Just a theory, not hate!

I feel like Pride is Logan’s dark side, of corse deceit is morality’s, and Virgil was roman’s dark side. I think Logan’s is pride because of 15:50 Roman seemed extremely nervous when Tomas seemed prideful and he said “Tomas, dont invite something else” and looked at Logan. It makes sense that pride would cloud Logic. It would either be Pride or Anger. And either Roman’s dark side is Virgil, or Anxiety is actually someone else’s dark side. If that were the case Anxiety would probably be fear and... Vigilance? mashed together by Deceit? I think it would make the most sense that Logic, Creativity, and Morality would be the only three though. What else is there? If Anxiety was Roman’s dark side, maybe he was originally just fear and doubt as a dark side, but that was amplified and Anxiety was able to be his own side?

I though he can't cuss

I'm crying because u followed me on tic tok

Romans screams never fail

Can I have a shoutout to my bff Arkeisiah Taoho. She's my Kickass cousin and I love her with all my heart!!! I'm heading off to Boarding school and I'm gonna miss her soooo much so please Thomas!!! If not I understand.... Just Know I love you cuz!!! I'm gonna come see you during the holidays don't worry! Can't wait for the new videos Thomas!! Lots of Love.... Me!

Friends are there to push your buttons and are supposed to know how to push your buttons too, they push you to your limit so you can learn.

Give me ur curry sauce all hail t series

The beginning is totally Roman.

I hope he does like a yin and yang kinda thing where there’s the four darker sides and then the four lighter sides that are like evil dupes of Virgil Patton Roman and logic so like deceit is the dupe of anxiety pride is the dupe of creativity and hatered is the dupe of Patton idk what the dupe of logic would be tho anyone got any ideas?

Omg slimy boy in manipulating Virgil !!!! NO NOT MY ANGSTY BABY BOY

What would be fun. Patton. More like catton

poor virgil

Virgil: Yeah you better run Deciet: *pops back up* Wait, what was that Virgil: *high pitched voice* Nothing get out

My theory is that Virgil used to be deceit’s ‘puppet’ per say, and all the others talking to him has blocked his control. to fully control him, he can’t have the others try to ‘save him again.’ Deceit is the master mind, and going off of others talking about the dark sides of the others, Virgil was the only one he could control. Because he wasn’t the opposite of a different side. The other dark sides could be harder to control, which is why he focuses on Virgil. This is getting deep. //Oof my logic took over. Maybe my creativity too-

Thomas, my mother just got us Crofters for the first time. When I saw it I laughed. She asked what's wrong, and I said, "Crofters, It's the only jelly I'll put in my belly."

I live in Colorado. Yet right now it's 60 degrees in the middle of winter. And we don't have that many trees. And it hasn't snowed once....

Thomas your Spider-Man Patton 2018-2019

I have a little theory If Virgil is still part of the emo phase and Deceit is still a part of the fedora phase, do you think the other dark sides have a connection to the other phases?

I can relate to Florida troubles :(


Thomas are you aware that all of your sides are secretly dating?

*Caution* This is not meant as an offense to anybody I have come across a ship for sandersides that I really think is amazing Prinxiety — prince roman (creativity)+ Virgil (anxiety)

So, Thomas, you probably won’t see this, but I have an idea. My friends and I were talking and trying to come up with nicknames for Roman to call Virgil. And my friend came up with “Dreary Poppins.” I hope you like it! If you use it, my friend would be really happy. Thanks for reading and have a lovely gay day!


when will deceit show up again

I got a Z-girls add right when Virgil tryed scarying them why YouTube but also XD

I'm excuse me Logan 16:55

What’s wrong with fedoras?


I am in fl as well I have never seen snow

Thomas you are my favourite YouTubed ever!❤️

I love them all but Virgil and Deceit make life complete

Favorite quotes *wholy sh*t* i donT KNOW AM I Ya boi That is so my aesthetic Classy is my middle name Yeah you better run. What was that? noTHING GET OUT

“Patton.. What do you think we’re doing every time we meet up here?” “Catching up!”

Am I the only one that think he looks... *sexy*

I'm living for the emo phase. All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore. IM LIVING FOR IT. Also I want Warped Tour back. I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT CONCERTS OH MY GOSH


6:22 ITS NOT A PHASE MOM! xp ;-; help me ;w;

I had a fedora phase. It lasted three years

Theory time! I think that Virgil and Deceit had in the past, a abusive relationship (not really romantic but idk). Deceit would tell Virgil lies whenever he got nervous and tell lies about the other three so he wouldn't get close to them. I think there was other dark sides but Virgil got along with Deceit the most. Since Deceit would tell lies about the other three (i think he would tell he things like, they insulted him), Virgil eventually when to confront them. But then learned the lies that Deceit told him were all, well, lies. He cut off Deceit and became part of the main three. proof: In the first episode Deceit came, Virgil was the first one to know it was him. In the endcard, Deceit told Virgil he was hilarious and ALWAYS have been At the endcard, Virgil tried to fight back to Deceit by saying "Yeah you better run" but quickly took it back (nOtHinG GeT OuT) when Deceit quickly took control (what was that?) Deceit makes fun of Virgil, trying to take control. EXAMPLES: I've never seen that outfit in my life and maybe one day, you get rid of us all.

I actually didn't know about your Vines until after I watched you reacting to your own Vines. I don't know why but Vine completely passed over my friend group in junior college and I only watched them after I started watching your Channel. I was brought on by the real or fake anime playlist.

Am I the only one that fellt like Thomas sounded like Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) with the spiderman costume?? XD

1..What is deceit holding in the end card 2. Why does everyone find something in Virgil's room 3. Classy is deceits real name jk 4. MERRY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE

Emo patton is my life

Has anyone noticed that Virgil's room does not effect Deceit

PATTON COMING THROUGH WITH MCR REFERENCES (Teenager scare the living s**t out of me)

10:31 Yes you have thought of nice nicknames BECAUSE YOUVE HAVE CALLED FREAKING VIRGIL 'HOT TOPIC' BEFORE!

Thomas Sanders should play the next Peter Parker.

This is my favorite video on YouTube

OoF i KeEp FoRgEtTiNg ThAt ThE sIdEs aReNt rEaL pEoPlE aNd ArE jUsT cHaRaCtErS tHaT tHoMaS aCtS aS ;

You do not want to be in a to cold a place like Denmark in the Winter, it's a lot of wind and no snow, so it's super cold and if you are a person who needs to go out some times you will freeze your butt of, and since you are not used to the cold you will get sik really fast.

U should make a video that they cosplay as anime characters >:3

Anxitey and princy should react to prinxitey and then logan is just like: i knew you two loved each other!

“Thomas, do you remember your fedora phase?!” *Thomas screams* *Patton faints* and I die of laughter

You sound like an amazing actor

Thomas low key just educating us one Erickson’s stages not really the ages their related to but still

Although emo phase being identity vs role confusion is genius and not something I put two and two together with when I took psych

this actually helped me a lot

+AbashedBanjo138 Just a broken banjo kay.....

Deer&Animations&Stuff well apparently not

AbashedBanjo138 Just a broken banjo ey

Vanilla Mochi deep

Orcajazz 05 FBI: WHERE U AT ?!

Sam Kunz I’m confused

Thomas: -oof- *YEAH!*

His neighbors must hate him with all the screaming, haha.

R:dear Zeus L:dear newton P: dear john Me: dear god

Can the next one be about anger and Patton goes through the transformation of being red with anger?

nuuuu the virgil hoodie that I wanted for my b-day is out of stock im sad now ;-; tbw my b-day is feb 14 :P

I love Thomas and your videos but pls think about seeing logans room or Romans bc im dying

Wait, wait, wait...... Wait... Thomas sounds like Ryan Reynolds, anyone agree? Just listen to when he speaks when in his spider man costume

Can you do some more videos with deceit?

Why am I not surprised at Patton’s costume?

Hey, thomas? I wanted to go back to your most recent video for this, but anyways, I would be eternally grateful if you did another one of those “reasons to smile” videos. They really cheer me up, and many things in my life made it hard to switch in to 2019. It would be amazing, thank you for reading, and hopefully making this true. They always make me smile with all of your friends and it would be amazing.


16:56 Logan was so done with everyone

For the outro you should of done ghost gools and non binary fools

16:25 just trust me

Omg, bless this video. You just made my psych class easier to understand

Love your channel and memes

Theory time! We can all probably agree that Virgil seems a little off in this video. But in the end card he's back to normal. Virgil seems to be acting like when Deceit took over Patton liking mentioning his own name and asking about prior events instead of answering. Like at 6:05. In that conversation he is asking about the events instead of bringing up what happened. He also tries to convince Thomas of things that aren't true. Like at 8:41. He also says "Just let it go Virgil." Another thing to note is that he has gloves on. Only one other side wears gloves. Deceit. And who does he talk to at the end of the video. Idk just an idea I had.

19:38 Patrick Stump is offended.

Into every life, a little sprinkle of rain must fall.


Vergal is salty

11:54 but it's better if you do wHEEZE


Is Virgil aware that Roman is rubbing off on him? Because he was SO extra in this episode and I LOVED it!

Haha I relate!! Louisiana here!! LMAOOOOOO

"The only sons I can keep straight are my own" But Patton.... They're not straight...

he protecc he attack but most importantly he pet his spiders bacc

Thomas is a DOGGY . Woof man

What if Virgil and Deciet are brothers?Because at the end that voice crack

Thomas I really think another reasons to smile video would make people really happy now

I found some theory About youtuber ego

Ok just an idea but you should bring Deceit back for a episode, it would bring drama. Idk tho also sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Lol I love how Logan said “holy sh*t”

I feel as if I go through identity crises every day, different outlooks on what my life will turn out to be. It never really helps I'm glad someone can help me as you doThomas.

I would love to see more sides

Oh. My. God. Did Logan just swear?!!! *Earth Explodes*

Virgil... You're scary but... that growl at the beginning I literally squealed "oh my God he's a kitten" Great video Thomas I always love your videos keep up the great work!

Sanders pulls off the fedora

Deceit Classy Sanders

Thomas sould make a music channel

Happy birthday, Patton!!!! (Its his bday today, so I thought I'd just say it here!

Why do you keep lining up with my Psychology class? I mean you don't understand how many points this saved me on my midterms from this video.

What would be Deciete's costume?

I finished writing and Deceit poped up

dress as deadpool and just talk = win the internet

new video idea the sides as gems

“Thomas-man here” “I mean Spider-Sanders” “*sigh* shoot”

The are all so cute and I was wondering if you could make a video all about the Deaf community and having the sanders sides learn something new about deaf culture or learning sign language for the first time. Please I would warm my heart right up to see something like that happen in one of your videos.

It took me three weeks before I actually decided to watch this.

"noTHING GeT oUt"

“Yeah you better run..” “What was that?” “NOTHING GET OUT!”

You need post anotherrr pleeasssseee it’s been a year!!!!

u haven't posted vids in a while


OMG. We just HAD our quiz about Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development today. *_WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!_*

No character has never been as relatable as Virgil.

21:55 Look it's Talyn's name on the back of his hoodie

Any one wanna thomas as deadpool? That would be awesome

Into the spidey verse suit, nice


Virgil: *pops outa no where* boo- Me: *jumps* AH!! Roman: *grabs his sword* AHJESUSCHRISTWHATHASHAPPENEEMYFAIRLADY- oh it's just Virgil Me: *having a mental break down and questioning life* T~T Patton(FaThEr-): oh no my child!!*le hugs meh* Me: *hugs back* HhhHhHhhHhhHhHHhhhHhHHHHHh- Virgil: ;-; Paton: Virgillllll, say you're sorry Virgil: *groans* mmmmmm...I-I'm sorry.... Me: *whipes tears* it's ok my smol son ówò Virgil: H-Hey I'm not smol- Me: *pats his head* Shhhhhhhh shush your adorable lil mouth Virgil: ;w; Me: :>>>>>

Guys... I had a dream and THOMAS WAS IN IT! I'm sorry it's pretty long... It was amazing. And I apologize in advance because it's a pretty weird dream... So I don't remember a lot of the dream, but I remember my 85 year old grandma was tweeting really "teenagery" tweets and it was weird. Then we were at a church that I've never been to in my life but it looked really familiar. Then we ate food. Later in the dream I was at my house but it was Thomas's house and he was like washing his face or something in the restroom and the door was open. And then I just showed up all of a sudden and I ran up to him and jumped onto the toilet seat, sat down, and accidentally freaked him out. (I didnt actually use the restroom. My sister got confused at that part...) Keep in mind that this is completely out of character for me and in reality I would probably be too nervous to even go up and say hi to him. Anyway so I started asking him questions and stuff and one of the questions I remember really well. I asked him, "So who are you? What are you like? Not like Awesome Vine Guy or Incredible Youtuber, but who are you really?" And then he started talking but then my anxiety came back to me and I started thinking "Oh no that was so rude. Why did you ask that? No no focus on what he's saying... Agh you can't just go ask an awesome person about their personal life!" And so I was too focused on trying to stay focused that I couldn't focus, if that makes sense... But anyway I don't really remember very much of that but like I remember we were at a bridge and then we were in a neighborhood and I found a My Little Pony Guide and it had a pony named Hamilton but it was spelled differently. Oh and all of a sudden like 20 of 6 foot tall teenage boys on skateboards skated down the neighborhood singing Baby Shark and me, a 5'4" girl started screaming at them aggressively (I'm not aggressive at all in real life) to stop singing because I am so tired of that song (and they were out of tune). Then I woke up and I was thinking, "Oh no I didn't actually meet Thomas Sanders!" I was so sad when I woke up but then I was happy when I realized that he was in my dream and I live in my head almost all the time so that's like really awesome still! And I realized that Thomas Sanders is the coolest person in the world! And that if we were closer in age we might actually be great friends (Well he's much cooler than me and he's like a celebrity so maybe not but I don't know). But now I know that Thomas Sanders is an amazing person because in my dream he was so cool and didn't care that I was socially awkward. So yeah... Thanks for reading this dumb dream but I had to tell you all...

P.S. Why do I spend 25 minutes typing a comment and then 30 more minutes editing it? On a school night??

13:41 Patton is such a dad and Virgil is his teenaged son

Aw man I remember my first *_berlap sack phase_*

"yeah you better run" "What was that?" *"nOTHing get out!"*

I know I'm pretty late with the comment but if anyone sees this and knows what Thomas Sanders email is I'd like to know it because I'd like to talk to him about some stuff.

How do you make 4 more versions of yourself like I'm impressed ❤

Hmm Roman actually the Dracula is also royalty. But you couldn't steal Virgil's thunder

0:44 same Thomas I live in Florida too i feel you

Patent is my fav he reminded me of a more corny version of me

Hi Thomas you probably won’t read this but I love your videos I’ve been watching them since I was in fifth grade (I’m a freshman now) Virgil is my favorite side and I can highly relate to him and your videos keep me company late at night when I’m bored and can’t sleep or when I’m alone with no one to talk to in PE (kinda as I’m writing this) but anyway I just wanted to let you know I love your videos and they make my day anyway if you read this then thank you for all you do and I can’t wait to see more of your videos in the future

When is the next video

*Be very afraid*

Wait If Deceit is Patton’s opposite and Virgil and Roman are opposites than what is sleep is Logan’s opposite? Just a dumb theory

Aw Virgil singing on his own is everything


Dang it Thomas why must you make me rethink my emo-ness I'm emo and I'm proud!!! Also I'm ugly and I'm proud!!!

logan cursed? excuse moi?

Roman: Patton, what do you think we're doing every time we meet up? Patton: Catching up

teenagers scare the living poop out of him.

Are you ever going to do another ultimate story time tour?

I like your vines sadly vines are not around anymore

Oml i love how your funny, but also you also teach us life lessons xD

"OH WHAT THE?! *picks up scooby doo tag* i was....totally not looking for this....." XD

they had a BONDING MOMENT!!! (Like if you get the reference)

Its funny how roman said a greek god instead of a Roman god

So I've read the theories about what deceit said, but I'd like to point out my own theory, despite my love of the other ones! So Deceit lies. We know this...however, within his first apperance (even while pretending to be Patton), we can notice that he HAS the capacity to tell the truth--just like with the other Sanders Sides, he has the capability to be more than his title would suggest (i.e. Logan misusing a word, Roman coming to a creative slump, Patton yelling at Logan and lying about how hurt he was about the breakup, ect.)...I think that this speech may be a bit more threatening than we think. Anxiety has been one of the four main characters (other than Thomas) since the very beginning, so I don't think he's a dark side of Thomas, he's just angsty! He HAS grown as a character, we see that in this very episode, how he wants to be acknowledged as able to be scary but in reality ended up helping Thomas (and KNOWING it, as he reveals toward the end that this was kinda his goal to help recognize phases so the others wouldn't diminish what he'd gone through to grow as an aspect of who Thomas is). I say that it may be mors threatening because (at least for now, who knows what the future may bring), Deceit IS an antagonist, at least sort of. However, he isn't nessacarily bad, he's a coping mechanism that Thomas, and most people, have within them to help them with every day life. However within the series he's an antagonist....I think he might be hinting that Anxiety, as one of the major aspects of Thomas AND the used-to-be driver of his psyche, might have to make a choice soon due to Deceit and the other dark sides....save himself and shut down the other aspects of Thomas....or simply let the dark sides run wild

I mean if you think about it, Virgil can actually damage all other emotions. Anxiety can take over almost all emotions so.... welp my mind hurts anyway I hope you have fun making the videos they really help keep up the great work

"*well...well...well. what do we have here?*" a deep, crackling voice came from every corner of the mind palace. It bounced of the walls and echoed unnaturally in the room. Virgil, being the only side there at the time, looked up alarmed and scared. He new this voice all to well, and shuddered at every word. The colour from his face seeped away and he froze in place. Darkness swirled from know were and engulphed him into nothingness. "*i was so afraid that we wouldnt meet again... boy was i wrong.*" "H-hey! Guys..this isnt funny, you can stop now!" He shouted into the darkness, but when he heard no response he was certain that who he was facing was no normal side. "*aww, it little virge scared? Pity. I thought you were braver than this. I thought you would be...stronger than last time.*" a hollow laugh emerged and virge was to scared to speak. "*oh, surely you remember me? Your creator? Ha, well, let me fill you in. It is i, false confidence, deceit, ignorince, and of course...loneliness.*" Virgle hung his head in shame and fear at the last word. After all, that was part of him. "*all of these...'sides'...are me. Everyone still thinks the dark sides are more than one aspect, like your little friends, but they are mistaken.*" "*further more, i am the generator of negative emotions, what stops you from having a true smile. Because, well....i created you. I sent you to them to brake them apart, it started well, but in the end, you brought them together. You failed. Your worthless. Your lonely. You need me, you need us. Come back to us to gain your power back.*" Virgil was weakening, feeling worthles stopped him from fighting back, he couldnt move, he couldnt call the others. But, all of a sudden, a feeling of confidence over took him, and he spoke out. "Never! I didnt fail, i proved you wrong! I wont let you control me any longer!!!" With a roar, he broke free of the invisable shackles and lashed out, he felt himself fall forward, then.. -------------- "...will he be ok logan?" "I told you im not sure roman. I dont know what happened." "....aaa...." " kiddo?!" "Virge snap out of i--" Virgil began to levitate unconsiously, then, his eyes snapped open, souless, and controlled.. "*Fools...virge is gone....youve lost. Hehehe*"

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