Elemzem az M0-son történt kopogás anomáliát

Elemzem az M0-son történt kopogás anomáliát

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Usually, this is the channel (which I'm a little proud of under a little bit) this is the channel where, if any mystery happens in Hungary or the world, you immediately send it to me in a private message or e-mail. This hasn't been any different. Many of you have sent me the following video of the mysterious knocking anomaly on M0 in recent days. So I've decided to respond, within a short spontaneous uncollected video, and I'll tell you my humble little subjective opinion. But before I start a detailed analysis of the video, who doesn't know what it is about, there will be a link in the description (but just in case I insert it in the corner) that leads to the Youtube channel of the Budapest motorist community, where you can watch the video in full what will be discussed in this video. And I think it's better to watch

it before and then come back here for this analysis video if you want to hear my opinion. I'm also saying this because I'm not gonna play those four minutes completely uncut in this video. So if you'd like to see what's going on in this video and what I'm going to talk about, I think it's better to watch it first. The day before yesterday, even while running, which is a very big word for me, because I usually listen to music, even when I'm running, I've been listening to this video to see if there's anything small about it that I can start from.

And at times like this, if there's something I can't explain, I'm like a little kid in a good-bye. And that's when... I've been so caught up in this video with my fantasy, because you know how videos come to me by e-mail, in private, that I would be so kind as to watch this video and watch it, and I can explain it with a sentence. Then comes a simple, modest little video with a knock in it, and I have no idea... And I know I've read the comments in which everyone's only scolding the characters in the video, but in their defense, I probably wouldn't have reacted differently in their situation. And I think the reason why

we shouldn't go into the KRES irregularities is because what's going on out there right now on the road, I don't think that's the biggest problem. What I wanted to get out of all this is that I think the easiest thing to say in a recording is, "Fake, I'll pretend I want what you're taking." I think it's just people who say, if we asked them what the knock was on the tape, they wouldn't be able to explain it rationally, they'd just say, "I don't care about kamuvideos." I know I don't have a lot of experience, but I've seen a lot of fake videos. Some of it was overplay, some of it lost its credibility because of the crappy acting job. But in this video, I may have felt it just for a brief moment, but I'll tell you about it later. I'd like to add that I asked Nóri what he thought of this video.

And all he said, he didn't even say anything, he just laughed at me and asked me if this was serious? And I told him, please, look again, but after he watched it again, he didn't say anything, he just laughed again, and he asked me if I really, really wanted to make a video because he thought this video was as fake as the house. So I'm aware of the opinion that many people think it's a fake, but, like I said, I think it's only because if you have a quality or instinct that if you can't explain something, then you can explain it in a different way. I felt this feeling, too, because it is very difficult to accept, and I know that most people find it difficult to accept that if there is no rational explanation for something, only one that most people do not accept because it is almost impossible. I'm thinking about ghosts here, but in the next few minutes, I'm going to try to find a rational explanation, and I hope to find it. First of all, I think we should start with the first seconds, the BMW that's pulling away from the left. You'll hear the sound,

I'll play it now. - "Sunday I guess." - "Ten." We lost our BMW here. So this BMW got a little tuning, and most importantly, he got ALS, and whoever doesn't know what ALS is, this Anti Lag system, it's kind of a tuning element. The point is, simply and clearly, that the exhaust comes out of such a blowing sound and a flame.

Now I zoom in like this, and you can see it from frame to frame. There's a little light changing here. Well, that little light point is ALS, which comes from the exhaust, but until the lighting points... one, two, three. Three.

That wasn't it. Three. There's three... In the meantime, 13 knocks in total, only under this part, 13. So I guess, and whoever thinks it's the knocking sound. It only comes from ALS, and I don't think it's gonna hold up because, like I said, we only see three little lights, but, like I said, the knocks are 13 in total.

And because it was written that that voice was definitely ALS, because it was like that sound. I'm sure it's ALS, because as we move forward in time, and as the BMW moves further away, the strength of the knock is weakening. Well, that's not entirely true, because the strength of the knock is the same after 27 seconds from the first knock, which tells me it's not ALS, because if BMW's exhaust pipe had made that knocking sound.

Then why is it that for a while it weakens its tone, and then it re-enhances to almost the same level. Plus, all of this, and I have to show you this right now, we're looking at the audio track here. Every one of these jumps, these jumps, it's a knock. The bigger the jump, like this one, the louder the knock. In view of this, the theory of turbochargers does not hold, because then the strength of the sounds would not change a bit, but in the case of a moving car it would weaken continuously, meaning that the jumps should be smaller and smaller. It couldn't be small like here, then big and then small again.

In English, if it was a distant BMW, it wouldn't be a big, then a small, then a big one next to many weak voices. I'll play it. These are really the knocks. So, because of the change in the strength of the sounds, the ALS theory, knowing that, I don't think it's an acceptable explanation. Also, I would add that if it had been ALS, then the banging could not be heard at this level in an inner space, especially at this distance. We jumped back for the first seconds. - "That's when it's gone." - "I think it's when they say until 12:00." We're looking at the moments after the first platoon knock.

One on the left, I think BMW, a Hyunadi or Suzuki on the right. And now I'm gonna show you to me. I think the most interesting part, and that's where it got really mysterious for me. I'm gonna show you, and I think I'm gonna have to zoom in a little bit. This is where we keep going with the camera, and then we decided to stop. We're shutting down the outer lane.

Here, the BMW has decided on the left side, you can see its direction indicator flashing there. Now, now, here he's decided to step into the side lane, he wants to stop, and here the direction indicator keeps going, and what's interesting is this moment. Look at the lights on the stoplight. First the BMW, then the Hyundai behind it step on the brake. So they decided to stop both of them. The BMW is also constantly

pushing the direction indicator, it can be seen that it is flashing continuously. It's blinking. They're still stepping on the brakes. The BMW's just launched its alarm, it keeps blinking, you see, and now the one behind it has triggered the alarm. So I'm gonna play it again... What I think... That's a very interesting part. So, first the BMW, check it out. Brake, emergency flash. BMW emergency flasher. Behind him is the Hyundai emergency flasher... They stopped. So that means, and here it is in black and white,

that not only two cars stood aside, and not only two cars heard the knock or experienced the knock, but a total of four cars. All four cars in this second are approx. We rewind now to the moment when the first knocks can be heard for everyone, this is the moment. So, in just a few seconds, the BMW and Hyundai will appear on the left.

During this time, all four cars in this second are approx. Between 100 and 200 meters apart, there was no one else in front of them or behind them. I played it back several times, and on this frame, you can see that besides the first BMW, you know, there's no one in front of them or after them except the ALS BMW. 80, 70, 60, 40, 30, okay, we stopped, just another car came in.

He just got here. Here, when we stopped. And at this speed difference, that means this driver was far, far behind them. And it's one of my biggest proofs that the footage has nothing to do with acting, which means, of course, everything can be played, but nobody said it was the maker himself that the two cars in front of them stopped. Besides, if they wanted the two front stop cars to appear in the camera, they should have stopped much closer, and even they themselves didn't realize that two cars had probably stopped in front of them for the same reason. I think we don't need any more

proof that the tape wasn't faked, at least I think it was. Which, by the way, brings up the ball of credibility, that's this part, because as long as there's a big talk going on here and we're looking at it a little bit. - "Is it a good Sunday or is it not?" - "I think it's when they say until 12:00." - "It starts on Monday." Interestingly, after the first phase of knocking, the callers will be quiet, and the older lady will first ask you on the phone, what was that sound? -"What was Dori knocking?" That question only comes up long after the knock. I'll tell you how many seconds you'll be asking. From the first knock, the lady or mother will ask you in exactly 54 seconds, "What was Dori knocking?" That's what's a little weird for me.

But that's just because I'm starting out on my own, every family has a different morale. I've known a family that doesn't ask anyone anything, some people ask each other every minute what happened, so it's one of those subjective things, and I don't think it's worth starting with, but for the sake of credibility, I've always wanted to talk about it. This is the part where no one asks you for 54 seconds, "What the hell was that?" This is the part that throws up the ball, but this is the part that's coming up now, when the BMW puts out its direction indicator and stops with the Hyundai or the suzukis and dumps their emergency lights. Now the BMW, and now the Hyundaios put out the emergency flash, which means the two of them stopped. Now, that's the part where the authentic ball just kicked in right away, but by the way, most of the video is totally fine. I'm telling you,

I'm just starting out on my own, not everyone's like the other person, we don't know the back story, and it's not my job to analyze family relationships, but I think I had to mention that from the point of view of credibility. - "What was Dori knocking?" Knocking. During these more than four minutes, we hear four kinds of knocks. I mean, I'll show you. We hear four voices, we know the source of three, but we don't know the source of the fourth. This fourth is a certain mysterious knock. In order to explain what I'm thinking, I'm going to jump in the recording when Andris gets out of the car, and as you can see on the sign, he's talking to the back driver, who's talking about the exact same knock. When they talk, they knock on the

top of the car to imitate that mysterious voice here and here. That's two voices we know the origins of. That's two voices because, as you can hear, one is deeper and the other is much sharper. Those two voices outside the car. And this voice is from inside the car. "It's like knocking on the roof." In Hungarian, we have three knocking imitations, of which we know the reason and origin, but we have a fourth, which we have no idea. And just

so you can hear it in comparison, I'll show you the first sound. Now the second one. Now the third, and I'll show you that mysterious fourth. And now at the same time.

In my opinion, this last fourth mysterious knock (and I have listened to it many times with a seat) cannot be compared with any of the imitations. Which means what? It means the sound didn't come from outside or from the passenger compartment. Of course, the acoustics here are part of what we're knocking on, and how hard we're knocking, but I think so, and now I'm gonna play it again in order for you to hear it again. It's like that mysterious knocking is a little silly. Not as sharp as the other three. The first imitation is very deep. The second one's too metallic, and the third one's like hitting a walnut in a mirror. It's so dull.

There's no echo inside a car, it's full of drafts, upholstery that absorb the sound very well, and it can be heard here. And there's this mysterious knock. It's not metallic, it's not deep, it's not dull, it's like it's undeveloped, it's like there's a dumb sound file that I'm listening to in the wrong quality. Well, I was so mean, and who else would it be if it wasn't me? And that's when you can see that I'm really like a little kid in a chocolate factory. Well,

I tried to make sense of the knocks. First of all, what you need to know, and I think it's more worthwhile to switch to another picture. The knock is heard in five stages. Knocking stops completely when Andris gets out of the car, 37 seconds pass between the first and the last knock, but otherwise it is much more than thirty-seven seconds, only at the end the knock is so quiet that the voice of the speakers dulls it, and therefore the knocking cannot be removed. The point (and, as you can see, in this picture) I tried to turn the knocks on the morse, see if I could find any meaning or logic, but I have to say, nothing. You see what came out of the first stage, "A-N-U-N" from the second stage, "4-T-T-N-T-N-N-S-M, almost pointless things from the third stage. "E-P." There's a question mark

here because I couldn't decide if it was a dot or a line, so "T-E-S-E, R-6-V-E-S-S" In which I may have discovered logic, it's the number of knocks and the time between the stages, and now I'm marking with red what I'm talking about. As seen in 13, 19, 13, 19. It's interesting that 13 and 19 are prime numbers, by the way. Oh, and there it is, that the number of audible knocks is 73, and 73 is a prime number, but I wouldn't give it a big report, because 73 is not 73. 'Cause there's a little knock here, I think, with headphones, you can hear a little bit, but I didn't add any of that to hearing knocks. However, what is interesting about the red-marked parts is that the interval between the sections is reduced by 2 seconds and then increased by 2 seconds. By the way, I distinguished the morse

signs by saying that the point was the softer sound, the louder the line. That's how it came out. I don't see the point, and I think if we keep looking, we're gonna go over the side of the explanation. Yeah, and at the last stage,

there's nothing, because the jump was so small that it couldn't be distinguished between quiet and loud, but, as I wrote, there must have been nine knocks, plus some, just because they were getting out of the car and talking, you can't hear anything about it. And like I said, as soon as they get out of the car, the knocking stops. Well, I've been going over what can't be the solution, and now I'm going to go to the question of what could be the solution other than ghosts and extraterrestrials. As much as I'd like the knock to be caused by some supernatural or unacceptable fact... I don't think that's the case in this case, because there are no ghosts or extraterrestrials. Oh, and the bug and the bird were just a theory, and I immediately ruled that out.

It wasn't even an option for me, especially after knocking not only at a car, but at a total of four cars. (presumably). In my opinion, the only answer that I might be able to accept after analyzing the video is that the voice didn't come from outside, but from inside, from the speakers. And maybe right now, the makers would hit me, because they're probably convinced that the sound came from outside, but a car has such a good interior soundproofing that I don't think it's possible to tell, especially when we're on a freeway, that this is coming from the roof or, like, the back speaker. I was thinking about it now, and this may be the answer to the anomaly, that at high speed the sound was much louder, and at low speed the knock was quieter. And I'm just guessing, but couldn't the generator have something to do with the phenomenon? I mean, it can't be that we have to include the generator in the equation next to the high voltage and the loudspeakers. And it's a total blur to me why the knock stopped when the passengers had already left the car. If the sound was coming from

the speaker, we should have kept hearing at least a little. But then I looked in foreign forums, sites, and there are people who report the same phenomenon, in places where there is a high voltage network. Yeah, and I haven't said that yet, but our subjects are in a place where we can see this very clearly, where high-voltage wires are above the highway. I think radio and high voltage have something to do with each other, because like I said in sound analysis, mysterious knocking is much lower quality knocking than all the others. That's why I think something like this could have happened

here in a particular section, which, according to the recording, is definitely involved in four cars. Of course, there may be more, but we can't see the other side anymore. And how it's possible because of the radio knocking, the high voltage and the generator, don't ask me if I'm really guessing, but I'm not that smart. But I'm sure electricity doesn't always work the way we want it to. Example: I have a nine-year-old Lenovo laptop, which I'd love to just cut out of the window because he simply lives his own life. For example, if I pulled the HDMI cable from my Lenovo laptop, which has an external monitor on which I'm watching the video right now, my keyboard, my mouse, my microphone wouldn't work, so you wouldn't hear my voice right now. And another example, a few years ago, I had an iphone five, and I couldn't use it near my laptop because my laptop just went crazy on my iphone. I just didn't know what to do with it,

and I had to take it away. Ten yards to make it good, and then I brought it back, and then I wasn't supposed to take it to my laptop within a meter. So these are anomalies, which I haven't been able to explain since, even though I've been looking for different forums and sites. There's no explanation. Anomaly. I don't know. So I think there's something like that in this video. I've actually looked at the tape a

lot, and if I had to bring out a final solution as a winner, I'd be comparing this loudspeaker high voltage and generator combination to each other. I think this is where the dog is buried. I'm sure there'll be people who are much smarter than me, and they'll have a logical explanation for the anomaly. As far as the comments are concerned, there's very little chance of that, but hope dies last. But I think it's

pretty scary that there's so much technological progress and everything, and there's this tiny little video, and there's a knock, and everyone's got a shot at explanations. It's just a bird pretending. I think these answers tell you a lot about us. But it was just a short, spontaneous video of the case. Thank you so much for listening,

writing down what you think, and how you would explain what happened. I'd like to thank you very much if you had someone who could explain how the car speaker, the generator, and the high voltage can be paralleled. That's what we need to explain, at least that's what I think. Thank you again for listening. Have a good night, have a nice day. Bye.

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