Dynavin Flex Radio Navi Präsentation

Dynavin Flex Radio Navi Präsentation

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Hello everyone, my name is Mario from Dynavin and today I am introducing you to our new Dynavin Flex navigation device.   Right at the beginning, I would like to mention that this navigation unit as it is now installed here fits into any car that has a MIB interface or MIB platform built in.  This is the case, for example, with the 2012 Golf 7 in which we are sitting right now  or the Tiguan or the Touran in which this device fits perfectly. If there was already something in the car, that is, a very simple radio or something of higher quality that is not an issue at all for people who say well, this Dynavin Flex Radio, I like it quite a lot, also in terms of the functions, for those, the installation is very, very simple.

That means you can take out your existing radio and replace it with our new radio via plug and play. It should also be mentioned that if you have parking sensors or a reverse camera installed in your vehicle it is not an issue at all. It works without any problems. As I said, you can connect it to our device without needing anything new or having to solder any cables or the like. This radio I am presenting to you today also comes with navigation software. For those who have never had navigation in the first place or would like to have this radio without navigation, it is not an issue at all.  It's available one way or the other.

In fact, in the Golf I'm sitting in right now, it didn't have anything great in it in the first place, i.e., as I said, a very, very simple radio, the kind you're used to in cars  when they come from the factory. And if I wasn't a professional now and I was sitting in this car here, yes, I would definitely think that this radio, as it is installed here, with the frame and OEM optics simply looks as if it had always been in the car.  And that's something, of course, which is worth a lot. I don't have funny edges. So basically it looks like it's always been in there.

And in the rest of the video, I will now show you the complete functions of the radio.  All the menus, all the menu items, where you can go, the navigation menu, the radio menu. So everything that is hidden in this great device, I will now present to you in the rest of the video. There is a double radio tuner installed here, which ensures that when you are on the road you have good radio reception everywhere. About the device itself, in this car you get a 10 inches  display with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. In principle, the whole thing is controlled via the touchscreen, just like a mobile phone.

A big question that you are surely asking yourselves is can I use Android Auto or Apple Carplay: yes you can use both. Our navigation device can connect both mobile phones and you can phone your friends, you can use the Google Maps navigation which you do not use on your phone but on the 10 inch display and you can navigate through cities and countries you are driving in. This is a very very big bonus and an advantage on our unit. As I said, nowadays it is a must. You can also  use the voice function via Siri to select select contacts to then call them. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are already installed. At the beginning  you will have a 31 days free of charge usage option

which you can then convert later with a one-off payment to be able to use CarPlay or Android permanently.  To activate this, just go to flex.dynavin.com and enter  the serial number of your device. You can pay via Paypal or credit card.  Another feature which is installed in the device is Bluetooth. It allows the wireless pairing of your phone  with our head unit. Then you can play music or make a call.

The whole thing is hands free, which means both hands are on the steering wheel. you have no problems with the police out there! Another advantage is the microphone in OEM style  which is installed here. So there is no microphone installed here on the steering column, which is somehow perceived as disturbing or even a bit ugly. The whole thing is also integrated into the OE optics up here. For all those who do not like to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

there is also the possibility to connect a USB stick here, which I can then use to connect my files like pictures, music and I can play them on this device. We also supply a double USB port, which is hidden here in this compartment. Of course, a complete navigation software is also included. The software and the maps are already on the device  at delivery. The only thing you have to do is go to flex.dynavin.com and buy the licence for the maps.

The most important function, of course, among others also, is the FM or AM DAB+ function in other words, classic radio. That's what you have in every car actually. Of course we have included it here also. The device is DAB+ ready. In order to receive DAB+, you need to order this DAB+ tuner which is also available in our shop. The device  with the features I named is available for 299 Euro. When you consider what the device can do and how it looks in the car, it's an absolute bargain. In summary, it can really be said that it is a very simple and attractive device, from the installation to the function and operation. And also to mention that if you want to go back to your original unit, i.e. to what was installed in it from the factory,

it is not an issue at all. You can just take the radio out and replace it with the old radio, if you like that it's not an issue at all. And now we move on to the next step, now I will simply guide you through the entire device, the functions, where is what hidden, which settings there are, so in principle we will now go through the complete functions of the radio together. Now I will show you the individual functions and menu items in our radio.

The whole thing is divided into 2 main menus, which you can find here on the first page and which you can control via this button below. What we are looking at is the FM or DAB menu the classic radio menu.  When you open it, you will see these boxes, which are the radio stations. You can also see which station we are currently listening to and you can save a total of 15 stations, 5 per page you can also select the respective stations or pages via these bars here below. And to click on the station itself, simply press on the station logo itself or back again The next thing I want to show you is that FM Band is currently activated. If you press this tab

another small window will open with the selection points FM AM DAB+. Let's switch to the DAB+ tab,   I have already saved some radio stations, It's the same as FM, you have two pages.  The only difference is that you can save 10 stations in the DAB menu.  Like I said, FM 15 stations, DAB+ 10 stations.

To call up the station list, press Station list here. The DAB is always displayed in blocks. This means that you have the different blocks here that you can choose from  and if we click on the bottom one another window opens  and here you will find the individual DAB+ stations that you can then select. Once you have selected a station,  for example SWR3, you press on it and it takes a moment but after that  you have SWR3 as DAB+ station that you are currently listening to. To receive DAB+ or to see how many blocks you are receiving  press APS here in the middle. When you press on it, a small cog rotates  in the background, it searches for the available DAB+ blocks  which you can receive in the area you are currently in. However this can vary, i.e. if you are in Baden Württemberg the blocks are set up like this.  If you are in Bavaria,

or in another country, then the blocks look a little different  So depending on the area, it may vary, but in the end you will have good DAB+ reception everywhere. You can also press this info button  to see which DAB+ station you are currently listening to, which genre it is, and the song and the respective artist are also displayed.  Finally, you have the settings menu on the far right. If you go in here, you can, for example, tick the box at the top to "Automatically switch between FM and DAB+".  This means that if you are travelling in an area where DAB reception is a bit poor, the music will not simply stop, but our radio will automatically switch from the DAB+ station SWR3 to the FM station SWR3, so that you will   have continuous music. And with the second tab underneath, you can reset the stations you have saved in your blocks, reset all of them and reassign them.

The next point, and in my opinion the most important point for you, is the "iLink Pro" tab at the top right. In principle, we can now connect our mobile phone/smartphone to our radio. The whole thing works quite normally via the charging cable which is plugged into the USB port in the storage compartment I have my mobile phone here at the moment and simply take this and plug it in. You will see the message here that we are currently still in the trial period which means we have 16 free usage days left to test Apple Carplay or Android Auto. You can see a message here. you can purchase the passcode from us on the flex.dynavin.com. You can confirm with ok.

And as you can see, all I have to do is connect my mobile phone and the Google website will show me where I am at the moment.  The interface is a large window where you can find the hotkeys In my case, that would be Google maps, Spotify, which I have on my mobile phone to listen to music, and the normal phone key to place some calls. The special thing about this device or when I connect my phone is that the Siri voice function also works. If I stay on it for a while, and I say "Rüppurer Straße 57 in Karlsruhe". And as you can see, the voice input works wonderfully via Siri.  If I'm driving and I can't type much on my mobile phone because it distracts me, then I can comfortably press this button here at the bottom left, keep it pressed - that's very important - until the Siri sign pops up, and then I can communicate with Siri and tell her which street she should direct me to.

That's for Google Maps. In the same way, I can go to Spotify here. Then it opens up practically as what you see on your mobile phone you see here on your radio in large format. And we can also click on the phone menu.  There is nothing else than what you see on the mobile phone  with favourites, call list, contacts, the numeric keypad, and you can also check your mailbox via this device. 

I would like to show you the same thing with Android Auto, which means that as soon as you unplug the USB, it goes back to the normal menu.  And now I'm going to connect my Android phone here. You can see that a charge preservation is included via this port, the test version message appears again, And here you can see the first page with Google Maps. And if you press on it at the bottom, you'll get to the menu again, similar to the iPhone. In principle, it's not much different. The menu navigation looks a bit different,   the phones are also different, but otherwise it's 1 to 1. So next we would like to show you the Media menu We press here on Media a window opens in which you can see that you can play something.

You have the buttons back, play and forward.  In principle, all you have to do is pair your smartphone with our radio via Bluetooth.  You do this in the Phone menu. You have the device name here  which you will find in the setting on your phone. I am already connected here. If you press here,

you can see that Mario's iPhone is currently connected to the device. And that's where it stays for now.  Then go back again, to the point media if I have Spotify on my phone, for example, I can turn on Spotify on my mobile phone and press play here the music starts playing in the background I can demonstrate this to you, without sound. We'll play a song now. And I can then use the forward buttons to select the next track or back to jump  back to the previous track Or I press stop to pause.

The second point in Media is that you can use if you press on the top here  You can see that BT Audio is still selected.  If you press here, a window opens with the other tabs. USB, Bluetooth, Audio Aux and TV,  This means that our device has AUX and is TV ready. It's TV ready through the box which can be ordered separately.

For now however, we are now interested in USB. I have already plugged a USB drive in our port. This means that music is now playing here too But what I can also do here is press "Library"  and then I can choose between music, video, pictures or the individual folders in the menu itself.  That is, I can decide what I want to see at the moment. At the moment we have music playing.  But when I press Video, I have saved 3 videos on the USB drive we can select one, let's take the first one. You can also play short videos, films etc.

It works perfectly and the quality, the resolution is, as you can see, excellent. Of course, you can also press pause, go back or start the playback randomly, if you want to be surprised a little bit. The next menu is "Navigation". Here it is important to mention

that the map material and software are already on the device.  However, what you have to do is to buy the licence in order to use the map material, which means that you have all  the functions in the navigation system. That is very important to know. The software is the iGO Primo software,  it is an independent manufacturer as far as navigation maps are concerned.

The first page you see is divided into 4 areas. You can display the map in full screen. Press Menu to go back to the initial menu. You can enter your destination here. If you know the exact destination, you can enter the address here. You can also search for special destinations such as restaurants, etc.

Or you can search directly on the map. The next item is Route Options. Here you can change or adapt your route according to your wishes, i.e. you can add a destination. You have an overview of where you are on the map, you can avoid destinations You can delete your route altogether and enter a new one. Next we look at

the audio or sound settings. When we press here we get a page with settings, I will now go through them with you. At the top we see I can select the balance of the sound in the car i.e. I can set the speakers in the front or rather for the guests in the back  so that they hear more, or I can leave it centered in the car as shown in the picture, so that the sound is evenly distributed everywhere. If you change the sound, you can also personalise and save it here you don't have to set it again and again.

Then we go on to the basses or the mids or the subwoofers. Here you can also make personalised settings by simply moving the sliders upwards or by pressing on the specific position in which you want to have the range. You can also reset it again, then you are back at the starting point, so to speak.

The next point that is very important and that distinguishes the unit is the equalizer. Here, I can really adjust exactly what sound I want to have in my car.  I have a few pre-settings, whether I want it to sound very flat or pop-style, depending on what kind of music I listen to. I can also go for classic, rock or user-specific.  I can vary my settings the way I like them and finally, of course, I can save them so that I don't have to change them or fiddle around every time. The next point is the source volume itself, which you can select. This means you can preset the volume for each source,

whether it's the radio, USB Bluetooth audio, DAB+ or iLink, without changing the main volume level. This means that if the radio is a bit loud for you in the first place, you can lower the volume just as you would for any other source. Here you can also use the reset button to return the volume to its original state. Then we continue with the lowering of the entertainment level when parking. Here I can decide how quiet my sound or music should be turned down as soon as I switch on reverse gear  so that I can hear my parking sensors. I can do the same with the navigation volume; here, too, I can define how loud the lady or gentleman in the background should communicate with me.

The same applies here below with the maximum switch-on volume. That is, if you left work last night and listened to really loud music in the car and don't want to scare the next morning because the volume is still set the way it was when you turned the car off, you can change the maximum volume. This means that in the morning you will not be scared in the car, you can listen to the radio comfortably and at the normal volume. Then we go to the next point, information. This menu is short and clear. Basically, you see some information about the device itself, i.e. the serial number, which you would also need if you decide to use CarPlay or Android Auto You also have the latest version on the device and you can also see the current hardware version that is installed on the device. You can also enter the activation code here

to activate Apple Carplay or Android Auto. And the button "update now" refers to the firmware. When a new firmware update is available, you can install it via this button. Now to the System menu. There are system settings here, for example  I can tell my system that a reverse camera is connected I will show you this later when we switch into reverse gear.

I can select the language, I can set the multifunction button which is this   one, it is the favorite button when I press it I can define that Bluetooth audio starts or that DAB+ starts. You can choose your settings. You can adjust the brightness, you can set the time zone, the video input, i.e. the contrasts and the brightness. You can also carry out the map update via this system and also restore the map file if, for whatever reason, the data can no longer be called up. Then we go to the last point or the penultimate one better said, into the vehicle menu itself. In principle, this is exactly the same as what was installed in the factory radio, i.e. you have

an insight into your vehicle settings.  That means, for example, is the tire pressure system active, I can change my lighting conditions, that means the low beam, whether it should come on fast, whether it should come on slow I can select the travel mode, so in principle the vehicle settings are the same as if the factory radio was installed in the car. And in the course of this I would like to show you how it looks like when you use your air conditioning. When you go to the air-conditioning menu, the original or the original vehicle data opens, just like in the vehicle menu, which means that you can completely switch off the air-conditioning menu. In the end, you can say that you are not missing anything out with our radio, everything is there as it was before.

I think that's a good thing. As I said, you can use the buttons to set and control everything as before, so you don't have to miss this function. And now I want to show you how the system works with the rear view camera and the parking sensors.

Car is switched on, we press the clutch,  shift into reverse and lo and behold we have a picture, see exactly what's going on in the back.  As you can see, I also have the boundary lines. I can also select these boundary lines and make them wider or longer, just as I need them. I can also hide the lines completely. Here you can see that again the lines move in the same way as you turn the steering wheel. You can switch these lines on and off. Now I don't have them any more.

And of course the same applies to the auxiliary lines, I can also switch them on and off. So as soon as I shift out of gear, i.e. go into neutral, my parking sensors still come on and I can still see how far away the object or the wall or the kerb is, depending on how far away they are from the vehicle.  Finally, I wanted to show how our system, or rather our radio, behaves with an existing steering wheel remote control.  It works perfectly, i.e. I can listen to the radio stations that I have selected on my device without having to manually type them into the device itself when I use a steering wheel remote control. That means I can select my stations

using this button here.   I can switch from one station to another and then back again. This is very convenient while driving and you can see on the the small display in the driver's cockpit which station you are currently on. Of course, it also works with the loud-quiet button here on the left side. *Music is playing* and we can also turn it down again, so steering wheel functions are available. It's very convenient, you don't have to tap around on the device itself and the advantage is simply that you don't have to take your eyes so far away from what's happening on the road.

So now we have almost reached the end of our video. However, I still have some information that I would like to share with you,   about the Dynavin Flex Radio. The price of this device as I have shown it today is 299 Euro. That's sensational when I think about what this device can do, and for 99 Euro you get the unlock code  for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.  You can buy the code on flex.dynavin.com. If you prefer, you can pay in 2 installments. If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to help you any way we can. Let us know with an e-mail or a phone call here

with us, we'll be very happy to help and finally all I have to say now is I wish you a lot of fun with the new Dynavin Flex device which as I said you can get from us,  and I thank you for listening and watching!  Have fun, see you then, take care, bye!

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