Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Trilogy - Zelda Clone to ALMOST Great - Austin Eruption

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Trilogy - Zelda Clone to ALMOST Great - Austin Eruption

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This. Video has been sponsored by cog games and Elsword, stay tuned as we take another look at season 2. Yo. Its Austin, we've tackled a couple of dragon ball games here on the channel already but, I figured, it was time to go a little bit deeper I'm, sure a couple of you guys have heard of the legacy of goku series. But. First, a quick tale of corporations. In the late 90s, the dragon ball license was kind of all over the place it hadn't quite reached the popularity, would gain from being shown on Toonami, and the original, early ass morning, Fox syndication. Hell Dragon, Ball GT final. Bouts somehow, finagle, to release in the States a year before it even hit Cartoon Network, the, back of the box said something, about achieving, cult, hit status, around the globe which we all know is a bunch of BS you, look strong. This should be a good fight this. Is going to be a problem so. Right when Dragon Ball Z began really making the waves on television. Right when cheaply made toys were filling up Walmart's. And Dragon, Ball Z VHS, tapes both cut and uncut, we're filling up son coasts, across America, like, damn anime tapes were all over the place anyways. Infogrames. Started to release games from the Dragon Ball Z franchise, but also banned, I was still releasing games then, Infogrames were granted into Atari making, them like fake Atari I guess that's, the story for another day but basically, pre, fake Atari decided, not only to localize, a few Japanese games, such as Budokai. And budokai, Tenkaichi but. Also recruit, American developers, to make some as well normally. I'm all for diversity, when it comes to game dev studios but do you remember what happened last time it was this one Dragon, Ball Z sagas, and we don't talk about sagas, around here it. Goes where, no Dragon. Ball Z game has gone before. So. Info, Atari made a good amount of games in a short time there's a bunch to dig through but our pick for the day is probably the most notorious a, trilogy, of Dragon Ball Z games on the Game Boy Advance made by a loan company, called Webfoot technologies. So. Without wasting any more time let's, go ahead and dive straight the first one Dragon Ball Z the, legacy of goku I played. The hell out of legacy, of goku when i was younger being a huge fan of beat'em ups and japanese rpgs at the time one look at this game and it was like what that's, like both the things I love and also Dragon, Ball Kai nifty, I mean hell it even starts with an actual FMV, sequence, with clips from the rock the dragon intro looking at this was so cool on my original. Gameboy Advance, and, terrible. Lighting doing, this blown up as an adult it's pretty funny knowing how hyped it made you as a kid so just like the anime legacy, of goku begins, with goku collecting, a bunch of porno mags for master roshi of what looks like Bulma. And chi. Chi's faces, huh, yes. I forgot about that, right after this Raddatz comes and NAB's Gohan away and it's up to Goku and piccolo to save the day with an awkward transition to. A still frame of Goku holding, the dragon radar and, suddenly we're back at Goku's. House where, he decides it best to not say anything to chichi okay, sure I understand, it's a video game we got to Pat it out just a little bit but I mean come, on, so you embark, steadfast, in your quest to rescue your son by punching, crabs and, snakes, and this. Is where I was reminded, let me see if Goku is mean. Mike. How it uses angel, Goku from like way later in the show ya, know this game feels, unnecessarily.

Hard All of the enemy AI is like the opposite, of aliens, colonial marines, and they just zip line straight for you Goku can take about no hits before he just dies despite, having bested king piccolo trampled. Tien Shinhan and even surviving, piccolo, jr. attacking, feels really awkward because Goku's melee range is really, small and your ki energy drains up massive, amount with the smallest of fireballs, look, I'm gonna get to the point legacy, of goku one kind, of plays like trash it, took the route of a Zelda clone but decided to forgo all of the accessibility, tight. Controls, and, well, fun, when, attempting to fight the smallest of creatures turns, into a maybe death situation. You've got a problem there, is one way to circumvent that, though. Grind, dating so run back and forth between screens, calling the same, until you get enough XP to actually, level up which does make a huge difference, in your power level I mean I guess that's kind of expected, and an RPG type game but having that straight from the get COEs a little like hmm. So anyways on the way to go hon Goku helps out a pterodactyl. Grinds, for a little bit helps that a few lost children talks to some old man and then finally, goes through a cave to reach Raddatz where piccolo is patiently, waiting you can actually go talk to Gohan, it's just standing around prior, to fighting anything for some reason so you do the first boss fight and oh. Similarly. To the random enemies you fight similarly. To the other american-made, Dragon Ball Z game Dragon Ball Z sagas, legacy, of goku z' boss battles, are inexplicably. Difficult, it takes a lot of cowardice, and dipping in and out of combat in order to do damage and hopefully, avoid taking it Goku has the ability to fly but for some reason it's just a consumable, there are a little flight power-ups, spread out throughout the map but like man it's such a pointless, mechanic. The numbers go down too quickly battles, especially boss. Battles, feel completely, chaotic and not in the you, know fun way so you beat, Raddatz and Gohan is like asterisk, cry asterisk. Before worst dad says I love you Gohan and immediately, phases, out of existence, now because this is the legacy of goku the next sequence of events goes at a lightning, pace the enemy dealt with all of the other characters, training. People being recruited from, baseball, events, piccolo, becoming Gohan surrogate, father and blowing up the moon this, game however puts, you directly on snake way where you just get, to walk I guess. Remember, that filler episode, where go qu is kidnapped by princess snake and almost killed well that's here too and this is all of it. This. Game. That's. The, entire, game. Spamming. Attacks running, away and hiding in the item menu to abuse healing items which by the way are limited, to be careful you don't use them all considering. We've already tackled, pretty much all of the game mechanics let's, go ahead and fast forward to the rest of this as, you would imagine it, does cover all of the main Dragon Ball Z story, beats although it's - a bridge to really recommend, playing as your method of consuming, Dragon Ball Z not. That, anyone. Has or would ever do that hell. Or home. For infinity losers check, King Kai's planet check it was around this time that I started getting a weird feeling that this game was like a bootleg one jarring, transitions. Broken, dialogues, such as hmm. That's, incorrect. It's. Like Smeagol, what the I'm able, to teach you the kamehame, ha. Attack. Also, anything that's not Toriyama, created, is absolutely. Terrifying, prior to fighting Vegeta and nappa Goku, makes a stop in some winter, town where he finds this disgusting. Thing then. He goes to a town where he stops a robbery, passes. A police checkpoint with, refugee. Houses, sure, whatever the bootleg enos continues, with this whole Napa's. Dead body turning into like a puddle, of goo and then vegeta getting locked in a pattern i don't. Really know what else to say about legacy, of goku besides, the fact that i'm surprised, it got sequels, at all this games not good in fact i would kind of call it awful the only redeeming thing here is the soundtrack, which has pretty decent and original, tracks there's just something about grinding in a game that's barely three hours long that bugs me by the time you finally reach Frieza and finagle your way around him until he dies you've spent about half of that time grinding on enemies and pushing your face up against the bosses that it's just not even worth playing but I beat the game for you guys so you know I appreciate, you, even though I feel like this now let's, move on so. Let's take a quick break from Dragon Ball Z to thank our sponsor, Elsword COG Games has supported, the channel in the past, due to the sporadic nature, of YouTube I'm very thankful to have support from them and viewers like you so why don't we take a quick look into what else Ward has to offer, look, times, have changed, anime, has changed.

So. You know what that means, else Ward has changed, it's season, two it keeps getting updates, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger man since, the last time we spoke about it else Ward has received several patches adding, a bunch of new methods to get loot after, all with the game shifting, from pay to win to have play to win structure, the new batches of dungeons and daily quests, give you plenty of PvE content to do the recent are you ready event has added job changing, as well there's gonna be a lot of options for you to tackle if this is your first time around these parts, else Ward is a free-to-play 2.5. Directional, platformer, action MMORPG that wants to test your skill with the combat system after, all it ain't easy being so kawaii-desu. Soon a. For. Those of you who played else Ward a while ago and check this out, a lot has changed we've, got a skill system that doesn't make you pick and choose individual, numbers, because, they just unlock as you level up and also just generally, a new fresh coat of paint over the UI with, new character, art icons, and even opening, intros and if you're into the story content, the Masters of Darkness have returned with season, 2 now that the 3rd jobs all have 3 different paths for each character, we're finally exploring, a more evil, side with a newly added third path PvE, ain't your thing well all of the character classes, have been completely. Rebalanced. Making 4 different strategies, in the arena mode go throw some hands at randoms or as. You. Could try so hey if all of this sounds like your bag check out the link in the description, below to start playing else ward today. So. Yeah, upon, revisiting, legacy of goku it's pretty disappointing I think being a kid and just having a game that says dragon, ball on it makes you all oh and. Giddy and excited and, over willing to look all of the flaws that as an old fart it's like nah. Dawg however, thanks, to pretty decent sales a year and one month later we would get the sequel the legacy, of goku - now. Here's where things get real after playing the original I vented some thoughts to some friends, who pushed me to try the sequel, that was the good one now I've heard that so many times before, the good old no it gets good here, thing that is usually met with disappointment, the holy, for once in my life they were right legacy, of goku - is a huge, improvement, in every single aspect let's, talk about it who could hurl e the second you turn it on the quality of the FMV is infinitely, higher the soundtrack, actually, makes that Gameboy Advance sound ship sound like it's pumping something out using a lot of Bruce Falcone, or score in the process, the color palette and sprite work has been expanded, and honestly everything just looks better the quality of life changes don't stop there either you might have noticed already but this time we've gotten multiple characters, to play as a huge failing, of the original, legacy - feels much more complete narrative, wise thanks, to this it's also like five times longer to go. Figure this, time we start in the distant future with trunks and Gohan in the middle of their fight against the androids, well there's no actual combat, here I'm just glad that we seem to have a much higher level of presentation, there's, actual interactions. Between the characters setting up the entirety of the Android and cell saga shame, the music isn't the music from the original VHS. And DVD versions but that's, okay got, that big theater, a dreadful, duo launch an attack. Coming. To the defense of the inhabitants, for Earth special forces from. Here, we start to play as Gohan and the very first thing I noticed is that I was moving diagonally thank. God, it's funny how much the little things can add up combat, as a whole is a huge, improvement, since you can double tap the d-pad to run you can really get up in people's faces and wail on it and boy can you wail on them now sure they can still get up in your face and kick your ass but it's a lot easier to fight back in this game other additions, include collectable, items stat, boosters, in my personal, favorite thing an overworld.

Similar. To the airship sections, from older Final Fantasies and other RPGs, you can fly around the world map and explore well sure it's a little limited and where you can go I much, prefer this to the linear level based structure, from the original, alongside the main story you also get a few side quests, and in-game content, such as. Cooler showing, up out of nowhere however. It's. Not all fine and dandy despite, being better in just about every way legacy. Of goku - still, looks pretty bootleg, a lot of the character portraits, looks super, off some of the backgrounds, look great but others are a mess. Capsule, corporation looks. Like someone took an MS paints break and tool and just went to town with it and if you thought the grinding, was bad in the last game legacy, of goku - has way more so, in this game you have these colored character specific, doors with numbers, on them these represent, the level that specific, character has to be in order to break through well that's not so bad sometimes, you'll be thrown into a situation where, you're forced to play is a certain character that hasn't been playable for a while now there like 20 levels behind the, progression, of everyone else but you can't get through without those big punches granted, leveling up can go kind of quickly but the amount of times you have to do this just add up and it's too much on top of that halfway through the game you're forced to collect all of the Dragon Balls for story reasons so. Suddenly you're forced to backtrack to all the areas you've already played through to find new zones and, honestly it feels like they patted it out to add another four hours to the game at, the very least they took that opportunity to like take the fanservice up a notch and include some neat segments, where you can run into old Dragon Ball villains like general towel that's, pretty cool oh and. Speaking, of padding, let's talk about things that are not canon, yeah, like, legacy, of goku did this a few times but whoa goku, too took that to the next level y'all remember when piccolo, went into the cornfields. And punched, the Triceratops, in the face of bunch or when Kuler popped up in front of Gohan and was like hey send, your dad dynamic, when you beat the game or when, you go into some dude named Vinnie's bachelor, pad in order to turn off his sub yeah you get the point the worst offender however. Is this side quest where in order to access dr., DeRose lab you have to relocate a brontosaurus. And transport, his eggs down the mountain the problem, is that you cannot run you can't attack and if one hit connects with you the egg you're carrying, breaks making, you restart, enemies, in the small screen, are packed together and, will run at you at crazy speeds meaning.

It's Just trial and error until you can figure out something that works but, you, have to do it three separate, times, maybe I'm just bad but this section took me like 30 minutes to figure out all of the enemy paths which is just ridiculous, easily. The worst part of this game despite, its flaws though legacy, of goku - overall, is still pretty decent it's not perfect, but running through the cell saga the best saga is always, a treat plus, I can play as Vegeta and Future Trunks and that's the best kind, of funny that the legacy of goku game barely, has goku in it but that's okay well, we've reached the apex the finale of the legacy of goku trilogy, although they would end up dropping legacy, of goku from, the games title because you know, cel. Killed him however. One, year in just a couple months later Webfoot technologies, would once again put out another game this time called Dragon, Ball Z booze fury. Booze. Fury is a curious, thing to me I don't know many people who played this one when I'd asked around it seemed like a lot of people lost interest in the Buu saga, or that they didn't know it even came out but I have to say Webfoot, really pulled out all the stops here in a rare case of we are learning from our mistakes. Booze fury continues, to improve on almost everything, legacy. To head the graphic, presentation has, come a long way since the, original snake, way doesn't look dumpy the, environments. Are more varied, and even more colorful though I will say that, the character portraits, are still a bit off look at Goku stay gasps neck layoff the traps combat. Is practically, the same but now we've got currency, and equipment, enemies can drop items and, consumables, pretty regularly, and you can spend that money to buy more things level, ups come with stat points this time around which I recommend just mainly dumping into strength because well I mean if you can destroy things in one or two hits you don't have to worry about anything else, considering, that this is the Buu saga we've also got, fusion, it's, okay, that's all fine and dandy but, unfortunately. For everything, boosts Furi further expanded, upon they failed to address certain issues with the previous game in fact some of the glaring flaws have opened up further because of this grinding. Has now reached an unfathomable, level. But the amount of playable characters now reaching five them, being Goku, Gohan, and Goten, trunks, and Vegeta it's all just a bit much, oh there's also unlockables, you start out as Gohan, going to high school I'll be real I actually love this saga I feel like it gets a lot of unnecessary hate, for taking a bit of a break and showing how time had passed sure, wasn't fighting but instead just go Han trying to fit him with society, before we find out how much of a goober he is. Whoa. Also. Fidel's the best but, yeah you take a big break from playing as Gohan midway through the game due, to you know him, disappearing, from the plot but when I got back to controlling him I was stuck about thirty, levels, behind one of those gate doors you'd think it would skill your characters to be closer and leveled I guess not it makes for a very frustrating, experience on top of that we once again have a Dragonball, collectathon segment, that overstays, its welcome suddenly. I'm in a pyramid, fighting, mummies, and, then Broly who's, terrorizing a village I think the patting hair only showed because of how low in substance, the Buu Saga was the great say a man sections, well I do enjoy them go on for a bit longer than necessary but. We do get one of Gohan's random, classmates, saying that his name was the great soy man no and, that's. The. Best thing that's, the best thing you can ask for the true evolution, of a SOI boy the, great soy man and the. Great soya woman at, the very least the soundtrack done by Yanis Brown really pushes, the Game Boy Advance to its limits although I will say some of the songs, lift it from the falconer soundtrack, sounds like they were discount, versions, of them like check out the next episode chapter. Song. Overall. I think the legacy of goku trilogy, is a really interesting take on the franchise these, american-made games went from absolutely. Awful to, almost, there, but not quite I, think if I had played Goku, 2 and booz fury as a kid I would have adored them but that's not the case while, it may not be a must play for a Dragonball, Z fan especially, in 2018, I will say that I'm glad these exist also, this isn't illinois-based Webfoot, technologies, last take on Dragon Ball either as there's still one more game to cover Dragon, Ball GT transformation.

However, We'll be tackling that another time, a couple. Years later Atari, would lose the rights to publishing Dragon, Ball games in America, as Bandai, Namco, snatched up the exclusive, ones however, Webfoot technologies, is still around a couple, years ago they actually posted. Some concept, art for a legacy, of goku for but, who, knows if that'll ever get made maybe. One day we'll see the legacy continue but until then I've been Austin and I'll catch you later. Thanks. For watching make sure to check out the link in the description, or the one here on the screen if you're interested in checking out else Ward thanks, for sticking to the end Big Ups to all of my patreon, supporters for making all this possible if you're interested in helping out via patreon, and joining in in the volcano, of support, give it a look-see also, if you dug the video feel free to subscribe for more stuff soon obviously, I want to cover Dragon Ball more so if you're down for that let me know I like, me some Dragon. Ball see. Ya bye.

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Wait they still thinking of concepts for Legacy Of Goku 4 after all these years??? I'd be so down for that if they're able to do it. Despite the games being a major grind fest, I used to love playing the old trilogy. Imagine them doing it all in one. From original Dragonball to Super. Then unlockable stories through GT and movies. That would be pretty fun to see, now that they possibly know more about Dragonball.

Great write up! I really loved the series when I was younger but holy shit was the first entry terribad. I never got around to playing Buu's Fury and really I see no reason not

Buu's fury was actually my first of the legacy of Goku games and I loved it. I played it so much and still have my old copy

I always got stuck on Namek in the first game and i could never find the 3rd generator in the 2nd and i had no idea in the 3rd you could power up your stats, but much later i did, i loved these games a lot though

Hell yeah I remember playing these games. I still have the dbz legacy of Goku 1&2 cart plus buus fury. I lost the gt one though...

This is a game series that needs to be re made. Like the re do the stupid ads fighting scenes from the anime in each game ever made with a story mode. I so wish the trilogy games would get re makes like budokai and xenoverse. Ugh!!! More dragonball rpg!!!!

I'd love it if Webfoot made a fourth L.O.G. game covering the Beerus and Zamasu/Goku Black arcs

I loved these as a kid! There's also another you're missing, btw: Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors. That game was the most fun I've ever had with a 2D Dragonball game.

Stupid eggs.

But will Hercule ever get his open faced club sandwich?!?!?

loved the Dream Theater shoutout,blew my mind going back to that trunks special recently and realizing most of the soundtrack was Metropolis part 2 lol

So THAT'S where the annoying egg quests from Monster Hunter came from!

I played the shit outta Buu's Fury

Holy crap egg quest from Monster Hunter exist elsewhere

I like the backgrounds/sprite work

(Of even the first game)

But sagas was a decent game what wrong with it

i see you got dat katamari vinyl. nice!

Buu's Fury was the only one of these games I actually owned, but I did play LOG2 as well. Honestly, I found Buu's Fury to be a lot of fun. Yes, there was grinding, but it was a lot of fun due to the fighting system. That's also the reason I DONT reccomend dumping all points into Strength: part of the fun is learning the energy attacks and using them.

Oh dear lord...I forgot the brontosaurus eggs...my PTSD has sooo kicked in...

Finally, someone who knows videl IS the best you are a man of culture

Legacy of Goku 2 is my all time favorite DB game

Dude I'm glad saw this lol. I was just talking to my friend about these games. I honestly loved them. Except the first one

Funfact according to toryama he puprosly gused elements from befor dragonball reached the z arc with a bunch of bullshit to make dragonvall hated ebough that he finally can quit the manga because originally the storyy was ended with the deafeat of piccolo jr

Not gonna lie, I beat Legacy of Goku by using a glitch. I remember ducking those damn wolves though, I would try to kill everything else except those bastards.

i remember trying my ass off on the 2nd one man i died over and over ah... good times.. the feels. the great soy man!

LoG 1. Up Down Left Right B A. To hell with grinding

I played the Hell out of Legacy of Goku 2 back in the day. Personally, I'm more of a Frieza saga fan since that expands more on the lore of the universe and the power dynamic with the Saiyans. But the gameplay in Legacy of Goku 1 was so bad. Just killing tons of squirrels as Goku is just so jacked up. The only thing I liked from Goku 1 really was the vocal recording of Goku yelling Kamehameha when he shoots the attack. But if that needed to be sacrificed for everything else to be better in Goku 2, it was a worthy sacrifice. I played Buu's Fury once and it felt way too grindy beyond the first 2 games for me to even bother. And since Buu was my least favorite of the sagas, I just had no incentive to bother with it. And with Xenoverse 2, I don't see a reason to go back to that style. Unless they made an original story that took place in Universe 6 that expanded that universes lore, I just don't see the point.

Invincible cheat code. Legacy of Goku 1 is sadly pretty bad. The sequels are a different case.

*cry * I love you, Gohan!

Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu is the worst Dragon Ball Z game I ever played. Everything is so awfully executed.

OMFG the Great Soy Boy

Yeah I had the second game for my childhood

You’re complaining about things that aren’t cannon IN A VIDEO GAME. If they didn’t create new content we’d be stuck playing the same exact story every single time. Also complaining about level grinding in a arpg. The whole point is to level up your characters and get them as strong as you want. They even let you dump the stats in whichever category you like or not use them at all. The 2 sequels were very immersive and did a great job in making you feel like you could explore the dragon world. I honestly don’t think you have the devs enough credit. Just my opinion tho. Love you

Somehow I really enjoyed all the three games way more than I should have...:-)

Playing LoG 2 first ruined LoG for me. 2 was just so much better. Buu’s Fury was my favorite though. I felt these two games were the best DB game releases for years until Budokai 3 changed the scene. Thanks for covering these man. Subbed!

Dragonball z was on in the US before Cartoon Network , I remember it was on early in the morning on WB like 2 years before it was on Cartoon Network, I used to watch it before CCD class on Saturday Morning in like 1995 or 1996, I used to think it was the most badass show

Review gt transformations it was my favorite as a kid

Excellent video but hey, when you guys got DB in the US it has already reached a cult status around the globe. You were just like the last country to get DB. Hell I grew up in Venezuela a little country in Latin America and when we got Final Bout DBZ had already ended and almost everyone and I mean it, like you could ask almost anyone in the country and he or she would know at least who Goku was.

for the egg section I used super Saiyan. made it easier because you run faster

never played the GT one. I had a Blast with Legacy 2 and Buus Fury.

And hate webfoot

I liked sagas for xbox seems how no other games made it

Funny cos Buus Fury was the only one I played and I fucking LOVED it, would like something in a similar vein in future for sure

I played all three and absolutely adored legacy of goku 2 and Buus fury. I'm one of the few who actually liked the character specific level doors. It filled me with wonder on what could be on the other side. Made me feel like a true explorer.

You know what. Ima say it. I LIKED SAGAS.

I remember playing the first game as a child multiple times and the reason multiple was because it was so bullshit I kept giving up on the first level then going back because it's DragonBall I can't believe it got sequels

I loved LoG 1 & 2. Never had a chance to play Buus Fury which sucks eggs. Just wanted to say though, for anyone who has never played it, theres a GBC game called Legendary Super Warriors. It is a very underrated game. It was the first US game that i played that went from the beginning of the saiyan saga to the end of the Buu saga. It's been so long i cant remember for sure, but i think it may have covered a couple of the movies too. It's actually a really fun game with a decent challenge. I remember being so close to winning some fights when i would end up losing and getting so mad! It was a good experience though.

Pattern for the dino egg part it's pretty ez

I actually really liked Sagas, I had so much fun with that as a kid. Was it actually bad?? I feel so hurt rn...

2 and what I consider 3 were great games. Also I love your criticism about filler content in the games when you arbitrarily state that a filler saga is one of your favorites lmfao. We didn't need an entire saga to show 7 years had past.

These are the most unique games and they need more clones. I love the free form action based gameplay. Add the RPG elements and wow. My favs.

I Played buu's fury and loved every second of it

Yeah i thought about re getting into Elsword but idk what they changed about the resolution but no matter what i do my Chat takes up to much of the screen and cat be readjusted

How to beat Legacy of goku 1:press up,down,left,right,b,a at the opening movie ans blam you are imortal

Buus Fury was my favorite of the three with two being super close

My favorite games back then were Buus Fury and Supersonic warriors

The memories man. I played the hell out of these games. I remember the year I got my GBA Sp and buys fury. Nostalgia at its best

Jive turkey !!!

for the egg section all u had to do was go super sayian and then its pretty easy to breeze thru

"I think if i had played Goku 2 or Buu's Fury as a kid I would have adored them" YUP! Can confirm.

These games were my childhood

I did have Dragon Ball GT: Transformation but i don't remember where it went...probably went to video games etc but i remember having a hard time playing it because i was what? fucking 5? i also recorded the fucking first 3 episodes of GT which was piled together into a hour and a half long movie and i loved it XD

Buu's fury was super easy if you used the weighed clothing for bonus exp

....can I thank that I'm Brazilian and the music score was the original Japanese version in the show and when I tried to play these games.... I had a headache...

Autism Eruption

I love buu fury. It was so much fun.

Dragon Ball Fighters Z Dragon Ball Budokai 3 Dragon Ball Teikachi Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans Dragon Ball Adventure Advance Dragon Ball Legacy 2 and 3 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Those are the greatest DB games ever btw JUST LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL FACES! 14:27

Legacy goku 2 is the best one Also we dont speak of taiketsu

Pretty Sure you could get to (and beat) Cooler before finishing the game in Legacy of Goku 2... only Mr. Satan/Hercule (whatever region you are in) was after the Story because it needed the Statue from finishing the game.

Bro dragon ball z Sagas was fun, it was different but i played with my friends, yeah searching for the dragon balls was shit i mean yea maybe it was shit youre right

I beat the first legacy of goku using the invincibility glitch I was a very impatient kid.

I'd get those chi chi and bulma magazines ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hey, man, I know some people told you this already, but the whole "cult hit status around the globe" is not BS. Japan, Europe and Latin America were watching DBZ years before USA caught on. Just because your country didn't get DB until 1999/2000, doesn't mean that it wasn't popular outside the USA. Hell, when Final Bout came out, here in Argentina we were (I believe), in the middle of the Freezer/Android saga... And we had the original DB before that. But if you said that like "All the countries know DB".... Yeah, it is BS, I suppose. USA (not AMERICA) was the last country DB conquered, so.... A little late to the party? :p

Buus fury had a really hard mission, that was impossible to complete even till this day When you play as goten it asks you to take a nap in bed but trunks says that you should sneak out. I couldn’t just take a nap, I had to sneak out and be rebellious. It was such a stressful mission. Still have trouble to this day

sagas wasnt that bad

Dat production of the S in Illinois tho!

Please whts the name of the game? in 4:11

i remember buying the first one at costco when i was a kid and being extremely disappointed that it ended after the frieza saga.

I would LOVE a legacy of goku game made for 3ds! As a 16-bit RPG covering the DBZ story arcs, Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu’s Fury did a GREAT job! If you didn’t realize it, the side missions and hidden levels were short little adaptions of the DBZ movies. My only real disappointment from Legacy 2 was the very brief time with SSJ2, and not being able to use it after. And once losing Goku from your party, you then get Hercule to grind up to full to unlock the secret ending... Buu’s Fury was great, but the Broly story covered is the second Broly movie, so you only have kid Trunks and Goten. The “Legendary” Super Saijin falls awfully easy to these two kids.. rather disappointing. Janemba was harder than Broly by a long shot. Still, loved both games. The first Legacy game, however, could use a complete reimagining to redeem itself.

LoG2 and Buus Fury are in my top 10 favorite Gameboy games

buu's fury....was sooo goood

Tfw Austin considers 3 dbz RPGs as bootlegs

Dragonball was a cult hit around the world, it’s not BS, I grew up In Europe and most countries knew about Dragonball before its success in the US.

I remember years ago, I pretty much completed Legacy of Goku 2. I loved the game at the time, but I put the game on the sidelines for a while after beating the main story. Maybe about a year later I went back to the game and maxed out Mr. Satan's level, along with every other character, and did all the optional stuff. Looking back, the game still feels special to me. But not as special. The game will take you on a wild ride on the grindy mcgrind train. Whether that's a good thing is up to you. Anywho, awesome video as always Austin!

Dude turn super saiyen to run down the mountain faster . Don’t play as piccolo there . Fuckin rookie

But you can go super saiyen !

I loved legacy 2 and buus fury as a kid. Bought the third not knowing it was a sequel lol. Didn't play the first til years later when I borrowed from a cousin, and hated what little I played lol

1:51 and....subscribed...

Part 2 and 3 were masterpieces. Loved how they used the Bruce Faulconer music too.

Man, I played all three of these as a kid. It was one of the few sagas that I followed through the years and was under the assumptions that all games got better with sequels, that made sense to me. Boy, was I in for a harsh realization. *PS: Screw that egg section*

legacy of goku II and buu's fury are master pieces.

My college professor created this game Dr.Dana Dominak

all i gotta say about legacy of goku that even i knew when i was 9 is up down left right b a start you're welcome


What's with the Sagas hate? I haven't played it since it came out, but I remember on its release there was so much hate for it but I thought it was amazing. One of my favorite DBZ games


I LOVED BUU'S FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I couldn't beat it...

It's 2018 and I still play my red Gameboy Advance with Buu's Fury and Dragon Ball GT Transformation in the cartridge.

I loved the Legacy of Goku series, to this day Buu's Fury is still my favorite DBZ game. Sorry Fighterz but the game was just awesome and we need more Dragon Ball Z games like that because the Tenkaichi Budokai games and Xenoverse kinda suck. They still haven't figured out a good flying mechanic and for some reason the proportions seem wrong. I mean if you have any of the Tenkaichi or Xenoverse games just take any character and stand next to a tree or a house. I'd love to see another game like Buu's fury but with modern graphics and just throw the flying mechanic out the window. I'm perfectly good playing a DBZ game where you can't fly at all if it means not dealing with awkward flying controls, losing track of your enemy because you're like 10,000 feet in the air and he's directly below you.

still have buus fury on my phone w gba4ios

15:55 I am actually one of those people that played it back in the day, up till some jack off stole all my GBA games while I was visiting my grandma.

I loved those games when i was growing up. I wish there were more because i expect them to improve as they make more, but maybe in the future a new true DBZ RPG is released.

15:10 and 15:11 is wrong Frieza saga was the best. Sayan saga literally built it up. and Android/Cell saga could have referenced a lot of Dragon ball and didn't. Opinons arelike aszholes.

4:35 obviously has never played Earthbound haha

2:05 I want that Saiyan Goku hair

Off topic: I'm gonna need a source for that Dark Magician Girl poster


I still haven't finished the first LoG to this day (I remember being stuck in the Namek maze as a kid), but Legacy of Goku 2... It's one of my favorite Dragon Ball games to this day. I never knew Buu's Fury existed until way later, but I played a bit of it a few years ago and loved it. Haven't finished it yet, but I'm thinking of starting again... I've said it for years, but I would seriously love for a reboot of this series—or at least something like it.

Legacy of Goku is garbage Elsword is fucking awesome

I don't think the grind was too bad in Legacy 2 and BFury as much as the video is making it out to be.Yes sometimes you just wanted to get on with it,but it was pretty easy and quick to do.Especially with weight gear on and the fact that attacks hit in an aoe cone ,so you just had to find a spot with a horde of mobs. Except for the lv50 achievements in Legacy 2 . Which wasn't necessary,but you could go for it if it was your thing .


Buu's Fury was one of my first GBA games and it's very nostalgic to me! It's one of my favorite DBZ games and I love it! Definitely the best in the trilogy!

DBZ Sagas is a real big piece of Shit. I was actually hyped for it 13 years ago. Geez. Im old.

i loved 2 and buus fury i still hope for a gt or super one :c

I don't care what anyone says legacy of goku was the shit when I was a kid and don't get me started on the soundtrack it's soooooooo good

As a kid I hated the first game but loved the other 2. The grinding wasn't really a problem to me because I was used to doing it in Pokemon, but as much as I loved these games I hated playing as great saiyaman

Please go ahead and make that new video for Dragon Ball GT

idk for it's time saga's was actually pretty decent an had some hidden potential that other games capitalized shortly after

Man, this takes me back. But I have to say that when it comes to 2D Dragonball games there was a string of Byond games that stand out for me. I believe it was Dragonball Finale/Phoenix. Good stuff depending on the server, eventually got buried due to copyright.

What the fuck is on your head?

Anyone remembers DBZ Taiketsu? I loved it at the time but I know I'd dread playing it now.

The way you feel about this game is the same way I feel about watching GT

i played the first 2 when i was a kid and i freaking loved them. I didnt know a third one came out until i was much older and tried it out. I quit pretty quick despite loving the buu saga

Idk tbh I loved the game. But it's one of those games that just aged BADLY. Kinda like RE1 and RE2 (the original ones)

I loved Buu's Fury so much

........... you have a real problem with grinding dont you?

I don't! It's just kinda jarring when it's forced behind doors with actual numbers listed on them. Doesn't really allow you to even try.

I loved Sagas as a kid...I’m afraid of replaying it

that sure was an ad

Legacy of Goku 1 was fucking awful! If you need a cheat code to actually progress through the game with no stress or hassle. Then that game is most likely trash! Also I think the Frieza Saga was the best saga because it was like the final showdown to a big climax as Goku finds out who he really is and what h'es truly capable of as she topples Frieza whom was seemed invincible and unbeatable. The Cell Saga was pretty good too because it showed more characters and brought some connection to the future and Goku's past villain Dr. Gero's hatred for Goku that he would create the universe's most powerful and "perfect" being to ever exist. More characters developed and became more stronger. PS: Autism isn't the same as being mentally slow or dumb...

Would you consider reviewing Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors for GBC?

You could say that he went Super soyan

When I was a kid I did not know there was healing items in the first game..... fml.

Elsword. The bitter memories of 'Rose' from DFO reminds me of Nexon's..... failings. Also, Buu's Fury was actually my first game in that trilogy. I enjoyed it a lot! Not the best, but was enjoyable. :)

Dbz sagas was the first game I ever owned and I fucking loved it. In retrospect I can see how it was janky as hell. But man I think I was 6 when I got it and boy did I love it at the time.

That FUCKING egg sidequest! >:[

HeY, dReAm ThEaTeR iS dOpE, mAn!

Lol I’m playing Buu’s Fury right now

Hey, I liked sagas

Zelda clone...? Combination of Beat en ups and Japanese RPG? What? Did this guy ever played an Action rpg in his life?

I think it was a mistake to drop the "legacy of Goku" name. I only bought it because it looked like "legacy of Goku".

I played Legacy of Goku and while it had its share of grinding, I did enjoy it as a kid. I was excited when LoG II came out and it was a really fun game but what stopped me from playing? 14:33! Fuck that quest!

A lot of your complaints about the Dragon Ball collection are incorrect I'm my opinion. In both cell saga and buu saga in the actual story the characters had to get the dragon balls! general tao was also part of the story. Also the inclusion of cooler broly and janemba was actually perfectly timed because that's when those movies came out during the show's running! I actually feel like both Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu's Fury are very true to the source material and provides some of the most wholesome story telling for dragon Ball z at the time of release! Plus the leveling system was DRASTICALLY better in Buus fury because leveling up was so much faster than LOG2! So Im gonna have to disagree with you there too! But overall a pretty good video!

Whats with everyone having big necks?

Play buus fury on emulator its great

The first game sucks. It is so confusing what to do and where to go. But I love Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu's fury.

From the looks of your opinion on the trilogy, it's a good thing I only play Buu's Fury. I never put that game down once when I start playing it. It was blast.

I loved Buu's Fruy but I was the only one I ever knew that played it... it was a lonely fandom

@14:30 ...brooooo

sagas was fun IF you had someone to play with you and you turned friendly fire on. Ohhhh the shenanigans of the ye ole days I got into.

I asked my brother, "Hey, remember carrying those eggs in Legacy of Goku 2?" He groaned right after.

in buu's fury, just equip the weights that give extra exp.

Nice put video. This reminds me how bad the first game was. Like wow... Do still enjoy Legacy 2 and Buu's Fury. I also love the padding on both games. I rather not breeze through an rpg-type of game.

I bought Legacy of Goku in whatever year it came out. It sucked, and I knew it. Completely turned me off to trying anymore of the series.


Legacy 1 was OK but I love 2 and buu is pretty good. They're my favorite dbz games. All we get now is fighting games.

Broly was awesome

Pretty cool to see this is recent with old games and such, heck to play the game all I use is a GBA4ios on my iphone. Good times.

The first Legacy of Goku is all about Goku and the second Legacy of Goku game is all about Gohan since well Gohan was to carry Goku's legacy, the third game wasn't call Legacy of Goku anymore cause Buu is there.

Buy saga low in substance? It was the longest arc in Dragonball

I gave the video a like because you needed it for finishing Legacy of Goku 1

Nahilo take off your nostalgia glasses. I tried playing it a month ago becuase I was like you, I defended the game to death and back.. then I played it.... it’s hot shit

DBZ sucks, the only good thing about this franchise are some games.

Congrats on your success

Damn, I played the 2nd one twice. Never knew there was a third one.

I loved the 2 last games of that trilogy, and it says a lot because I stopped liking dbz over 10 years ago

It's pretty easy doing the eggs with ssj vegeta, lure the enemies and then take the opening

Gokus thick neck is accurate I mean he does always work out so it makes sense

The best one is dbz fighters

You're honestly bitching about this trilogy for no reason. Like they were good especially buu's fury. You claim you love rpg's but you're crying about a core part of an rpg which is grinding. Just stay out the territory of rpg's. For you, I would recommend speaking on fortnite. Also I'm thumbing this down and flagging it


Fuck youtube's TOS lol idc about youtube's rules lol. All I'm saying you claim you love rpg's but bitch about grinding lol.

Look all I'm saying is that if this video gets flagged I know whose account to get permanently banned because that's how the TOS works.


Of course you try to insult someone's age lmao you're pitiful dude. I called you out because you know nothing about dragonball. If you're pissed tell your mom or your diary. P.s. you sound like the average age of a bitch. How the fuck are you gonna cry about grinding in an RPG? Get the actual fuck over yourself.

Ah yes, flagging a video because someone thinks a game has a bit too much grinding. You sound a bit closer to the average age of a fortnite player if you ask me.

There was one more game in the "legacy of goku" series that nobody ever talks about. Dragon Ball GT Transformations. It was an interesting but also kinda stupid game

i didn't know about transformation. sweet!

Legacy of Goku was ass. You could grind up enough to beat every boss except for Freeza with just one punch. The Level cap is the only reason you couldn't do it to Freeza. If you didn't grind or were underleveled, bosses would take hundreds of hits to kill. And we are talking a difference of like 3 levels... 1/10

Buu's Fury was again another step up, and expanded on game content, although it wasn't a huge step. Being able to distribute stat gains from levels was nice. 6/10

Legacy of Goku 2 was infinitely better than the first, even though Goku wasn't even playable for like 95% of the game. Actually a decent game that is worth checking out. Be careful though because there is a way to soft lock your game very late into it. 5.5/10

I liked Sagas

buus fury was the best one

More dragon ball please?

I got 5 ads on this video. Fuck you

Austin Eruption fuck you wasn't aimed at you it was aimed at the ads .

You shouldn't have!

You do make some really good points about the games. You were on the point with...well everything you said more or less. I played all of the games as a kid. Even the GT which wasn't too bad. Even though they have major flaws I'll still love them forever. Nice review though.

I remember as a kid when i first fought Raditz I flew and was hit by a blast of his and I became invincible, after discovering this glitch I used it to fight frieza cause I had a lot of trouble fighting him.

What's the game at 4:12 ?

Austin Eruption btw I'm not gonna flag your video for no reason lol. I do commend you for responding though. Let's me know you're alert to your comment section.

Man, I looooved Buu's Fury. It was the first entry of the series that I played, and I spent so many car rides and bathroom trips grinding my characters.

the animals near Goku’s house were no fucking joke

I had all 3 when I was a kid. Buu's Fury was my favorite. I personally didn't mind the grinding, but the first game was really hard, and required a lot of grinding throughout the game.

Y tf is Super Vegito fighting Super Android 13

"Tienshinhan" *facepalm*

you mean the best dbz games ever made, plus log 1.

i feel like the buu saga is the second best. frieza saga being the best one

my grandpa apparently found it on the floor on his morning walk, safe to say i played through it and really fucking enjoyed it good game

For anyone attempting the egg carrying mini game thing. Go super saiyan vegeta before picking up the egg. It'll make things much easier.

I got all the way to frieza when I found out there was a cheat for infinite health. It sucks to cheat but it was literally the only way to finish that game for 8 year old me.

Loved Buu's Fury as a kid, never managed to get into the other two

Dragon ball was a bit in Japan and Europe since de 80s so it was a cult hit around the world

I beat these games several times as a kid, thought they were great but then I didn't have much to compare them too. I'm glad I grew up in a time when a Game Boy was a must have.

I'm just happy that I'm not the only who who had a hell of a hard time playing the first game . . . I played all three as a KID and I swear to god the only reason I could even beat the bosses was by finding that little sweet spot where they are placed just perfectly so they won't attack you but you can still smack them.

The "s" at the end of Illinois is silent.

My gba gameshark made these games playable.

3 words 100 ton boots

DragonBall Z Sagas was NOT a bad game!! DAMN YOU! Why did YouTube autoplay this damn video for me?


I played buu fury

Ah but there is one thing you can do to mitigate the grind. That poor triceratops stuck behind the fence with the goku gate, you can beat its ass through the fence and it can maybe get one hit

1:50 Thank zeno we don't. 14:23 VINNIE!

buus fury was awesome. and grinding was fun yo

The first Legacy of Goku game was actually my VERY first video game, and I had all three of the games as a kid, and still do. Yeah, I'll admit the first game was pretty terrible looking back, but I was 8 when it came out and didn't know any better.

Saga had awesome gameplay

no its good

I won't call it a Zelda clone tho

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Trilogy should've been a Nintendo 64 series with controls like:

With a cooperative mode and a versus mode for 4-players.

DBZ:LOG2 IS SO GOOD! I have so many memories of playing this game!

Anyone replaying LoG2 having trouble with the brontosaurus egg segment: play as Vegeta, go super saiyan. You’re welcome

Buus fury was the best but personally legacy of goku 2 just had way more feels and flashbacks and reminds me a lot about my childhood

My fave dbz game was supersonic warriors

I only played the first Legacy of Goky Game but I do wish I did play the others now. I agree seeing Gohan going to School was fun I just felt the Buu Saga drag on too long since Toriyama-Sensei was force to make it after wanting the Cell Saga the final Season.

I hated the first one but the other two were a blast for me

I remember playing Legacy of Goku though I never played the sequels. I beat Frieza by punching him and walking around behind him and punching him again and repeating that constantly. I thought that was a ridiculous way to beat a final boss.

I used to play buus fury and still have the game. :)

6:45 "not that anyone has or would ever do that" I uhhh... The second game was the first time I'd ever heard of it

Honestly if Webfoot is going through the effort to make games they should go with their own original IP instead of making a remaster of a game they don't have the license for...

I remember finishing this game as a kid. Damn was I proud.

I had Buu's Fury as a kid because that was the one that was out at the time, and my brothers had told Mom that I liked DBZ and that was my favorite saga (she didn't know what "saga" meant, so she was like "Oooh-Kay."). While other girls were interested in princesses and stuff (I like princesses, tho), I was so into DBZ because my brothers and I would watch it on Toonami everyday after school. So, Buu's Fury was handpicked for me, and I LOVED it. Then someone stole my copy.

Hey fucko. DBZ wad famous everywhere in the world like a decade before the USA. You were super slow in getting the anime with the shittiest translation proper of anime translated to english. Balls.

Fuck you sagas is the fuckin Shittttttttttt hoeeeeeee

did he ever do the next game?

I could have sworn as a kid that one of the porn mags at the beginning was of Korin. Didn't even think it could have been Chi-chi lol

1:30 what game

elsword is still a thing?

"fuckin, cooler showing up out of nowhere." so you mean like he did in his movie?

Up Down Left Right B A.

I loved Legacy of Goku when I was a kid. I've been thinking about replaying it for a while, but, I am nowhere as near as into DBZ as I used to be (other than DBZ Abridged), so, I'm worried I might not like the game as much... Or, at all. I wish we could have a return of action-adventure or RPG DBZ games. Not everyone that likes DBZ is into fighting games, and, we get shafted. Maybe that's why I liked the Legacy of Goku games.

Please do a video about Dragon Ball advanced adventure and Dragon Ball revenge of king piccolo

The goddamn colored character doors killed me

The Legacy of Goku 2 is my favorite Zelda game.

Elsword should be far more advanced i gues? If only it had gamepad support :(

If you haven't then you should totally play Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans.

Your comment got repeated there.

*+Sorata Muan* Way to over-react over somebody's opinion.

I have to disagree about legacy of goku 2 and 3. I think they completely hit the Mark. I also don't hate 1 but it's still flawed.

I liked Buu's Fury. Legacy of Goku 2 was aight. Legacy of Goku was awful.

ironic... you only played dbz legacy of goku while I only played legacy 2 and buus fury


+megagutsman Developed by Monolith Soft, and, published by Namco Bandai. Sounds great, already. Maybe I'll check it out after I beat Red Dead Redemption II. I have been in the mood for an RPG, lately. Also, based on what wikipedia says, it seems I was wrong about there not being a lot of action-adventure and RPG DBZ games.

"doesnt tell me what game it is" if youre not gonna tell me fuck off dont reply anymore im blocking you

Didn't gave you any help? By sending my comment to every one of those comments you could localize them and erase them.

+megagutsman and you did the same thing and didnt give me any help congratulations youre just as bad as me

+megagutsman "no answers"

You bringing up that egg quest In Legacy of Goku 2 gave me some sort of ptsd trigger but I’d still say it was one of the best games on the GBA

Well actually dbz was very famous in latinameric lol

wish Nintendo would release more GBA games through the nintendo eshop

Also, you might've been bad. The trick to the egg thing is using Vegeta. Before you grab an egg, go Super Saiyan. You move MUCH faster.

I feel like I'm the only person who didn't mind Sagas.

You should have been ssj vegita in the egg part

The buus fury title was fantastic. Not perfect but it was actually quite a good RPG at the time.


I Loved these freaking games, they were my entire childhood

dude, do u have any knowledge of thie history of gt final bout???

14:20- 15:00 I got a fucking ptsd flashback.

Dragonball sagas was great if you weren't a loner.

First thing first if you play legacy of goku 2 do not slap your capsules into goku


what is that "japanese rpg" at 2:21?

I actually didn't mind the padding because otherwise the games would be extremely short. Buu's Fury was the first game I ever played to 100% completion and the reward was actually kind of worth it.

I'm always a little surprised that when ever someone talks about the first Legacy of Goku game that the konami code is never brought up, hell it was the only way 12 year old me could beat the first game.

Okay sorry but this guy is bullshit. het critcises the game for not being canon..? Its a fucking RPG, he expects every expanded mission, quest, etc to be canon? gtfo with that shit. this guy is just argueing for the sake of argueing.

Don’t hate on Sagas that much lol, you’ve probably never played it back in your day to know

Oh yes I did. Came out when I was like 14 of course I played it.

playing DBZ games will not catch you up for the dbs broly movie, the furthest any dragonball game goes is the zamasu arc

But I like Dragon ball saga

Oh those third impact road trips. Such memories.

It’s CALLED world building - TFS Mr. Perfect Cell

17:26 *_T h i c k N e c k_*

I grew up on Legacy 2 and it was the shit. It was THE reason I was interested in Dragon Ball at all. I couldn't help but smile when you started mentioning the dinosaur eggs; that gave me a lot of shit when I was a wee lad. The trick is to go Super Saiyan before making your run, that way you can move much faster. Being patient and memorizing enemy patterns is still necessary, but the whole ordeal is made much easier overall.

I don't think you give LoG2 and BF enough credit, plus "Fanservice like General Tao" "Why is Broly here"? Have you never seen the filler or movies? Everyone has their opinions, but I would still recommend at least the last two games. We can agree that LoG1 was kind of trash, though.

Fake Atari!!

You didn't beat Legacy of Goku for me. I beat the game when I was a kid. And this review is exactly the way I remember it. And it's amazing how much bullcrap as a kid you forgive. Idk. Maybe it was because I had already played Dragon Power on NES that I forgave Legacy of Goku at first. At first. Then Legacy of Goku 2 came in and took a dump on the first game.

i played all three before i turned 13 and i still love them i even tried them on the gamecube gameboy player

I beat legacy of goku 1 when I was like 10, it's not hard scrub. Get good lol.

I like dragon ball z shin budokai

Wow, so nobody remembers watching db and dbz on early sunday mornings in "96-97"!? Thats how i first saw it.

I loved these games

ill say the golden capsule side quest in legacy of goku 2 was pretty shit, but only hecause the reward was great but you couldnt get it til you were basically done with the game.

actually these are probably my favorite dragonball z games. i never really looked at alot of the filler stuff in the games as glaring flaws but the grinding problem is definitely there.

Legacy of Goku 2...man I never thought I'd see that again. When my buddy Vince moved back here in Texas he was working on that game as a sprite artist/animator. Vinnie's House might be a reference to him lol

Lol cap-soo-yule Corp, LOL

*random video pops on recommended. "Oh, he's cute" *subscribes ...I'm a simple guy.

I beat buus fury in like 3 days. I was a youngin and I was visiting my grandparents in NJ for a week and the first day there she took me to Walmart and let me buy a game. I got buus fury and digimon rumble arena. Good times

Did no one else find out that you become invulnerable after getting hit buy a projectile while flying?

these games are everything i live for, they're one of my most favorite game's ever and i have no idea why.

Buu's Fury also introduced blocking! Actually streamlined the combat system way more

Yes! That Dream Theater!

For the eggs, you're supposed to play as Vegeta and go Super Saiyan. You walk way faster that way.

Aww man, I played the shit out of TLoG2. I remember grinding the shit out of one area to level up Vegeta and fighting the secret cooler boss. Man that game was tough. AND THOSE GODDAMN EGGS

I grew up playing Sagas, and the legacy of Goku. I enjoyed them both, very much.

This made me try the series.

The best handheld DBZ game is Legendary Super Warriors hands down!

Buus fury was awesome

What timeline is this

I loved sagas! That game was awesome. How could u not like it

I love the legacy of goku games. and legacy of goku 1 has 1 redeeming quality.... its only like 3 hours long.

these where cool 10 years ago

No, the best saga is Frieza saga

I hated these as a kid. I really hated these. The combat felt so unnecessarily hard I just gave up on them. Edit: nevermind. I think I only played the first one.

Ad ends at 10:08, yw P.S.: i know it's your "side" income, but i hate inner video ads.

I finished the first game in 3 days..of which 1,5 was seeking the last orb on namek....because it's behind a fake wall, which is never hinted at

Did you replay all the games in original hardware? GBA SP AGS-101 would be the best option, or a DS Lite... I'm asking because I see you complain a lot about backgrounds and the sprites. I mean, if you emulate and have it in a MASSIVE screen compared to the original, OBVIOUSLY, It will look bad.

dragon ball z legacy 4 3ds

I really enjoyed this game as a kid. It was fun, but not a masterpiece. I wanted to replay it again, but you successfully convinced me it might not be worth it as an adult.

That was more than one in-video ad in a single post. *Instant Dislike.*

I never played any of the legacy of Goku games, but Buu's Fury was amazing to play when I was a kid. Nostalgia.

Came to see my favorite GBA game legacy of goku 2 get some much deserved love. Left satisfied.

Sagas is amazing you're tripping

Oooo buu fury uhhh played the whole series and buu fury was a masterpeice

I actually like Sagas...

i loved sagas

Did anybody else use the cheat code for immortality as a kid?

i spot a jotaro figure

I loved 2 and 3.

Grinding is not just a gameplay feature, its a story feature. If ANY game would and should include grinding, its a DBZ RPG. Frankly I felt it fit perfectly.

Theres a fucking menu with healing items??? Damnn

Thank you so much for making this :)

I love these games as a kid.

But i loved this game...

I never knew sagas was hated until recent years. I got it when it came out and had fun with it. It wasn't that great but I wouldn't consider it awful

HAHAHAHA the Dream Theater nod!

At 18:56 how did you get Goku to use Big Bang Attack?!

Dr.Gero's Character portrait used to give me nightmares as a kid lmao

Jeez. I actually remember so.e of these scenes. Lol what a blast from the past.

Legacy of Goku 1 was the game that jaded me against video games in general. From that day forward I always looked at reviews before I purchased a game. I Bought it new and GameStop only offered me like 6 bucks for the same day return (it was that bad). So that was also the day I would never again buy a brand new game unless I was 100% certain it was going to be good.

I remember playing tf outta Buu saga because i wanted to be Ssj3 goku

So, weird tangent, but... I played Elsword shortly after it came out, and enjoyed it, even if it wasn't really... amazing. I've always struggled with mmo's, too grindy, but that one at least felt... ok? sort of? And then I just never heard about it again. Like Wakfu. Seeing your ad made me kinda want to re-install it. Don't know if I'm GOING to, but I remember it was pretty fun. So... that's a thing. XD

This was my first gameboy advance game i wanted man it sucked and i loved dbz so much...thank god it was christmas and i also got zelda for it too.

I LOVED Buu's Fury as a kid. Never saw the other games but didn't care at the time. Never beat it either but did a lot of pointless flying around and blasting thugs and enjoyed it anyways.

I actually cried when trying to beat Frieza...

All I heard this video was a bunch of bitching and like 3 compliments Thumbs Down

Gohan goes to high school is my favorite thing in all of dbz

I really enjoyed Dragonball Z saga

I enjoyed this game. Forgot this even was a game. Pretty sure I still have it. (First one)

Yeah because any 2d game is apparently a zelda clone. Any platformer is a Mario clone. Zelda tards are the worst.

"Well, anyway. I've been Austin!" *Wh--who are you now...?*

BS huh.. Dragon Ball was popular around the world before it made a debut in the US

I don't care what anyone says, these are the best Dragon Ball games ever made. Ya, I said it.

Legacy of goku 1 was a grind fest. i remember punching squirrels a-lot in the beginning. Also Broley terrorizing a village was part of a DBZ movie where trunks, Gohan and Goten had to fight him.

The fact that they had to remove the original Budokai soundtrack from the HD re-release is one of the biggest bummers that the DBZ series has ever known. Almost every DBZ channel I come across still frequently uses those songs :C.

These games were awesome..

I had NO taste as a gamer when I was a little kid and these were coming out, and I don't even care. Original Legacy of Goku is nostalgic AF to me. Loved the self-insert factor of going around, saving non-canon "gee, thanks!" people, loved that they included the solar flare, so I could pretend I was strategic, loved finally finding the Ginyu Force after hours of looking and grinding and then tossing them aside, as though it were the totally-intended payoff to all that work (just like in the show), and I loved going through Frieza's forms, one by one. Legacy of Goku 2 was the one I replayed a lot more though, and in hindsight, yeah, that's because it was way better. I actually did buy Buu's Fury after that, and I liked it the best by far (it has EVERYTHING), though my recommendation with the stat points is to pretend they don't exist. If you don't use them, the boss fights are genuinely challenging, which is great, since you've probably mastered the play by then. If you use them, the entire game is WAY too easy, which is probably why it's reviews were mixed.

i am sorry you look like a nice guy and all but FUCK you man , buus saga is the best saga no doubt i mean come on every thing that screams dragonball is in it the acctual fuck man !!!!!

idk why saga got so much hate when its only lacking buu saga , it had small problems not so many but it actually had a good vibe , it was different than budokai and all other similar games like it , but saga's idea of a game is actually perfect

tfw Legacy of Goku 4 would've been GT...

Honestly even with all the problems you stated I love this series to death. Thanks Ima replay it again!

I could never get past the Namekian Temple...

Better than any new DBZ console game.

This trilogy is my heart soul and mind

Dope video

The hard part in log2 with the eggs is way easier when u go supersayian and then pick the egg, way faster that way. Then some certain tactics and ur through;p

Is that footage of a more recent legacy of Goku 1? I don't remember it looking so good

Dragon ball z sagas was a good game

It was huge everywhere except the U.S., so yes that description was accurate.

idgaf I love legacy of goku

so basically DBZ LoG 1 is like darksouls of "zelda like" rpgs?

Well, if it is your legacy, you do not have to necessarily play as the guy because your legacy could be your kids or people close to you that carry with your ideals. Like in Legacy of Kain it is more about Razier than Kain.

Of course the game is bad now, since we have much better mechanics and graphics in games. But back when the game came out when I was a kid, this game was the shit!

Hahaha bsck when i was a kid i loved final bout. I was blown out by the fact i could do a genkidama and figh ozaru Baby Vegeta.

About elsword: Word of warning, KoG are game abandoners. If they get bored they'll drop it entirely in favor of a new one.

Played the first one, didnt bother to buy the sequals. It was as bad as you described it to be, even as a kid and also db fan. This tells how much the game sucks

Legacy 2 was fuckin dope. I’m glad I didn’t play part 1

I owned buu's fury as a kid and my brother had legacy of goku 2. Both were great fun. Spent most of buu's fury just doing side stuff and not the main storyline.

The snake way arc is best arc

This is the only style of game i really enjoy playing.

I played the first two, but never got to play the Buu one. I remember playing the hell out of 2, though. I got so good at dodging that I'd purposefully not level Gohan after getting Piccolo. After all, you didn't have to use him in a fight until the end. I'd grind with Piccolo and Vegeta in the Red Ribbon army area before tackling the Androids/Cell 1, and after getting Trunks, I'd grind outside Gingertown, then on the islands where you fight Cell 2. Once Goku joined, first thing I'd do is go to the orange 35 barrier blocking off the dinosaur-infested area, clear the first bit with Goku, then immediately switch to my level 5ish Gohan and watch his levels skyrocket. Actually, I'm pretty sure that dino area is the best place to grind. I also remember struggling to get everyone to level 50 so I could get their statues, beat the Cell Games, and unlock Hercule. Then came the struggle to get Hercules to 50 just to see that stupid scene in the tv studio. xD Not to mention looking for the golden capsules. I remember going on my freaking dial-up internet and searching for capsule locations and how to shut down that one partying dude's generator lmao.

Streets of Rage 2 is my favorite of game of all time

Dude be nice what you actually thought Dragon Ball Z Sagas was actually good game it's basically just a 3D style Double Dragon beat them up

just a tip. DON'T. play GT transformation. it sucks. (I know this is late, but it is for everyone else checking out this video.)

I started off playing the legacy of Goku 2 and absolutely loved it, but when I look at the prequel God it'a awful.

I always thought the worst part of Legacy 2 was figuring out the lever combo to open the last generator to find Dr Gero. I legit could not figure it out for a year. Then a friend told me. He never told me how he figured it out

I hated the egg mission!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me wanna throw my Gameboy.

Don't forget the unlimited health cheat code lol. That was clutch.

Next time on Dragon ball z sagaaaaaaaaas!

Mmmmmm Suncoast!!! Memories!!

This product placement inside a product placement is atrocious !

Dbz buu's fury was the best one

God I knew I wasn't crazy when I was a kid! Legacy of Goku was fucking hard!!!! I never got past half of the game

4:32 so many Pokeballs wasted...

Dragonball had a popular cult following at the time of the games release. It wasn't as big and mainstream when it had it's YTV run but I remember it showing on Fox in the mornings and watching poor quality Japanese episodes with english subtitles in the early days of the internet.

I actually liked final bout....

looking at them now they are sub-par but as you mentioned. playing them as a child made them over 9000 times better


still a great game one of my favorite gba titles

Hilarious how the SNES DBZ Card Game that focuses on the Vegeta and Freeza Saga. Is 10K times better than all three games of the Goku Trilogy combined! *KAIO KEN*

Buu's Fury was the shit!

I actually still have buu's fury and I kick it's ass

As a 20 year old I still enjoy playing buu's fury from time to time and yes the grinding is always a pain on the ass

I forgot about the eggs

bro dbz is the best and most of the games were too. don’t hate on them. how are you gunna hate on something soooo damn old on a fucking gameboy. technology is 10X better now. just appreciate it lol

Fun fact: I never actually played these games

Buu saga: Objectively the worst part of Dragon Ball and yet Buu's fury: Objectively one of the best GBA games

OG DragonBall is better than Z

Grinding was kinda fun in these games cause you know how badass they're going to become



You made the grinding in bf seem a lot worse then it is

Thanks to you I found out that I played legacy of goku 2

It's an RPG you are supposed to grind

Vinnie is a fucking god, you will leave him be.

I've only beaten Legacy of Goku II and Buu's Fury... probably because I don't wanna play the crappy first game

How to easily beat the legacy of Goku series with a emulator: Activate turbo button Dat’s it

I can attest that, yes, Buu's Fury was absolutely amazing as a kid. Got it for Christmas and I'll never forget playing that game. Playing it as an adult in 2018, I doubt it ages as well as playing it as a kid circa 2006. I played the whole Legacy of Goku trilogy and you're right in saying the first one kinda sucked even at the time, although the janky mechanics were part of most games so it wasn't unplayable. Still beat the thing to full completion as a kid. The second game was MUCH better, and then Buu's Fury was one of those games you spend hundreds of hours on, max level all characters, get all the collectibles, get all the best stats and gear, and then are only disappointed when there's nothing left to do but beat up random enemies.

You should've gone super saiyan as Vegeta for that necessary speed boost in the egg carrying segment

I play buu's fury still in 2019. I'm actually working on my... maybe 30th playthrough. Buu's fury and dragonball advanced adventure are my favorite gba games.

Literally have these cartriges right next to me, epic games :D

Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury was my first DBZ game as a kid. I legitimately didn't even know a show existed until some some years ago when I ran into the "over 9000" meme. Eventually watched the first few episodes out of curiosity. Ended up bingeing the entirety of the series (except for GT. Don't wanna). Several times. I just recently played and beat Legacy of Goku I. Going from Buu's Fury that unbelievable pile of crap was, well, unbelievable. WHAT?! I wish saw this video first. Also, LGII looks promising.

a DB Super RPG on 3ds or switch would be...... VERY welcomed!

It's funny because I didn't play the first one I played legacy 2 and the. Buus fury and I love them

Going super saiyan during the egg transport helps you move a lot faster.

i think dbz buu's fury is the best one.

Sagas was pretty good compared to the other DBZ games at the time. The camera was trash and the voice acting but it was awesome.

The egg mission is pretty easy tbh. There is a pattern that only takes about 30 seconds to see. I'm terrible at games but I managed to beat it pretty easily when I was a kid.

I was fortunate I played legacy 2 and buu's fury as an early teen, long before playing legacy 1

I would love Legacy of Goku 4, but I hope its not based on "DB Super" because I refuse to watch that shit.

Legacy of Goku 2 is a legendary game. I love that game. Buu's Fury was a mighty fine game too, even those that part of the DBZ story was kinda wack and yes most people did lose interest or didnt find the Buu saga as interesting. I felt like Buu's Fury added way more non DBZ filler stuff (wierd mission locations etc.), which is fine, but kinda drags on too long and you not only forget whats is happening in the story line, but have a hard time keeping track of all the side missions for all the characters. GT Transformations was terrible. Taiketsu was a bad fighting game. I wasnt terrible, but it wasnt good.

This is pretty good review but that elshit sponsor makes me want to kill myself.

I had legacy of goku and oh well i abused the konami code. Funny thing: i thought the Code is a bug in that game or something because i found it by accident in the intro by mashing buttons, and afterwards trying combos to get the same result and written endless button combos down ;)

I remember playing Buu's Fury as a kid (still have the cart and play through it now and again) and my friend lent me the first one. It was so bad I thought it was from a different series.

Frieza saga is the best. Bite me.

This trilogy is responsible for my love of the DBZ series.

Loved these games, beat them multiple times with 2 being my favorite

I grew up with only the forst legacy od goku and buus fury.

Dragon Ball sagas is a fun game, Damitt!!!

I never got passed the snake way

Dragon ball z sagas was dope YOURE TRIPPING!!!

i remember these games. i replayed the hell out of them

Hercule's an unlockable

Funny Because i adore the fuck out of dragon ball z sagas

U complained about 2 being longer ? Its an rpg

What game is at 4:11

The best episodes of Dragonball Z is the time when Gohan goes to school, they could make an entire anime out of that alone and it would work

I have that same computer wallpaper as a poster in my room

I beat the game

Anyone remember hitting that punching bag repeatedly to get xp

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